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KetanJ0 Oslo, Norway (via Australia) Again, my hypothesis that Alan Jones could literally cause the death of human beings and still retain his contract continues to be demonstrated in real time Climate, clean tech and science communicator - currently writing a book on energy justice, policy and tech in Aus, w/ @newsouthbook I like: 🐕🌌🚀💻📊🎥📺📸
Scottludlam yuin country is this what two weeks of total incoherence from morrison and leaving alan jones on air looks like. war replaced with free everything || date of birth: 325.2 ppm CO2 || he/him
Coolfin5 UK, Asia, Africa, Ireland @Iromg @EcoSenseNow @SocialM85897394 @SkyNews @BBCNewsnight Mike when you are talking to Prof Patrick Moore or your education slot, do everyone especially the staff in Sky UK and get Alan Jones to deliver a lecture on Climate propaganda. World traveller, If I know I'll tell you, otherwise it's wisdom & common sense. Ask the right questions and measure answers with knowledge not consensus.
ThPnyx Canberra, Australian Capital T And lets take a minimum 20% of your veteran pension payments & 20% of everybody else receiving a regular income in the private sectors. Of course you can kiss the economy goodbye after that. Let me guess, you're an avid Alan jones listener #auspol We can design a political system that does not make us choose others to decide for us but we do the deciding ourselves. Only #DirectDemocracy is #Democracy.
pceebee23 Australia seems our govt is listening to someone ... but not health experts ... business? religious mates (all those private schools) ??? who ... afraid to upset Alan Jones? and 2GB? and look at Sydney airport ..utter failure of Dutton and his dept! average aussie .. film and tv buff... can bore for oz about the history of TV technology.. military history buff .. and all the crazy views are mine alone
RealFakeLiberal @dubbsy @MikeCarlton01 @Peter_Fitz @JaneCaro Gerry Harvey and Alan Jones are racehorse owners. Just saying... Was only 3 or 4 weeks ago and Palaszczuk was at the track and presenting a trophy after telling the nearby Gerry that he was a great Australian.
DarkMatterzine Ngunnawal Country Aka Canberra One third of Australians seem to believe there’s been an overreaction to the #coronavirus, which explains ppl not wearing masks, not distancing and generally jeopardising everyone. The fault lies with LNP who refused to isolate, act too slowly, and media like Alan Jones. Pop culture magazine run by Nalini Haynes with Annabelle Lee and Emma Streeton (two kick-ass social workers) reviewing books for themselves and with their kids.
gregrparker NSW @CosTassie @RobOakeshott1 @JaneCaro You need to listen to more of your Pink Floyd collection and less of Alan Jones. You'd learn more facts and start directing your anger a bit more on target just waiting for the band to play...
duncan_mcgann Melbourne, Victoria @charles_haig01 @CUhlmann @9NewsAUS And the likes of Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt have chosen to put people in danger by denying there is any need to take precautions at all. A recently (and gratefully) retired secondary teacher. I love a rant and walking around Portugal muttering to myself. Bonsai is a new obsession.
kary_cee Australia @FrankLeemy @slpng_giants_oz @GladysB @2GB873 That's an interesting point. Are you saying Alan Jones is trying to instill a nonchalant attitude in his listeners so they go out, get #COVID, get sick and have a 1 in 8 chance of dying if over 80, so that he has less listeners and less clout and then @2GB873 sack him? Not clever I have a keen interest in politics, the environment, climate change and building a better fairer world. 🌱 Oh and sharing the joyful oddity that is Chiijohn. 🤔
Andrew_James73 Gold Coast @TTwible @Peter_Fitz There are two people that give Peter a massive inferiority complex - Greg Norman and Alan Jones. He's jealously obsessed with both of them. I have been a grumpy old man for as long as I can remember.
OLook_AnEagle @Aaron_Dodd2 I am beginning to suspect that Hollie may be the love child of Prue MacSween and Alan Jones - it would explain a lot ..... #auspol
GeeJayGill1 @OZzSue4 @mjrowland68 And who would you prefer giving you your ‘news’ ... Alan Jones ... Prune McSween ... Chris Kenny ... Mark Latham ... Andrew Bolt Come on ... really???? Italian Cane Corso - faithful protector of Serenaz the Suspended … Woof!
captain_says Australia @FionaOLoughlin_ Any 'news' programs that regularly have Pauline Hanson, Mark Latham and Alan Jones on should seriously be banished from TV forever I says things
jerrabomb @TheKonyReport @CUhlmann @Monster_Dome @9NewsAUS You need to stop listening to Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt. Retired ATC, lucky husband of a beautiful talented wife, father of two gorgeous daughters, grandfather to a handsome grandson & three beautiful granddaughters.
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales Was lovely to see people coming to their front doors and joining together (figuratively!) to #clapforNHS tonight. #StayHomeSaveLives #staysafe #SocialDistancing 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
AmDessex ÜT: 51.377575,0.159314 @wearetherace Gilles Villeneuve, Alan Jones Jones and Frank Williams. This was my 5th attempt as kept changing my mind!! Works with cars and races with people @AmD_Tuning. Passion for motorsport and @btcc Team Principal @MBMotorsport_ Views are my own but open to sensible debate!
INDEPENDENT_MG A bit yonderly. @MJowen174 Apparently Alan Jones and Tony Cordle want to FaceTime in to that. They’ve got a Watney’s Red Barrell Party 7 and a tin opener at theirs. Green cycling vegan. Ex nurse/lecturer, current swearer/drinker. Keen on truth and kindness, better at the former. #DementiaFriend #mntwins #lccc #hcafc
news_watcher1 South East Queensland Aust @2GB873 I hope that someone within the Prime Minister's office acts re what Peta has said and well spoken words from Alan Jones. Federal Politics a special area of interest as it affects everyone. Other interests, Communications, what's breaking on the Weather&News front.. .
richaso42 Daily Mail: Alan Jones blasts Qantas and CEO Alan Joyce for not stopping the planes to China earlier. via @GoogleNews
nonewsagwdenial @Aussie_Dreaming @LordHiverK Ffs. The right need tabloids (comics) and Alan Jones because they are incapable of independent thought.
richaso42 Daily Mail: Alan Jones blasts Qantas and CEO Alan Joyce for not stopping the planes to China earlier. via @GoogleNews
jerrykmII @simonahac Extremely influential idiots like Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt downplayed the risk at critical points in the messaging. I follow everyone interesting. My main hobby is unsubscribing.
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales @Fredsmoustache Take care, mate and look forward to that beer! 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales Just realised, I’ve not watched episode 9 of Star Trek: Picard. I might wait until the weekend, then watch it and the season finale, back to back. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales @Page_888 I can even allow myself a wry smile, Matthew. All human life is there and some doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny! 😉 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
Page_888 @alan_jones The presenter asked people buying them to give one to someone who is ill and to think of the channel when they're doing that. Does the broadcaster not follow advice?! Not sure how a jewellery channel is an essential service either! Live subtitling mistakes.
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales @Page_888 Yes and therein lies the problem. Anyway, if you need a face mask, you’re too damn close to people. As you said, medical staff need them. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales Good afternoon. I hope you are all keeping well and indeed, relatively cheerful, at this worrying time. Be sensible, stay safe and be kind. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
Page_888 @alan_jones The disappointing thing was, they were not only advising people to buy these - but the presenter didn't know how to put the face mask on correctly and was corrected by an 'expert'. They sold out of everything and went back to selling some jewellery! Live subtitling mistakes.
AYi51887990 Alan Jones has the ear of the PM and health minister? Is Alan Jones also on the recently announced #covid19australia coordination commission? crap we are really in trouble now! #auspol
23stretch23 New South Wales, Australia Omg people need to understand when they can be tested. Listen to Danielle Anderson from the Duke uni in singapore on alan jones this morning explains it clearly and her knowledge was brilliant. Get the knowledge peeps conservative little tolerance for hypocrisy can’t believe the hysteria
BigAl_Savage @slpng_giants_oz If Alan Jones has the ear of the Prime Minister, who has his brain, and can they please give it back?
Page_888 @alan_jones Was flicking rough the TV channels last night and saw a jewellery channel selling hand santiser for £6 & packs of disposable face masks for £6 (£3 p&p). At a time like this surely hospitals & those in care homes need these supplies urgently? Live subtitling mistakes.
spowers_au Earth @Karonleahely @PercyKaren @vanbadham @wendy_harmer @mickrad @abcsydney It's not as black and white as you may believe. But one thing is for sure, you will believe what you want to believe. FB polls aren't reliable but see my page for Alan Jones' FB poll, totally unreliable but still interesting 🤔 enjoying everything in politics, science, and technology.
Marco_Salama Western Sydney @ABCmediawatch #Auspol With almost evry1 here laughing #CoronavirusLockdown off I say 2U:THIS IS NOT A DRILL THIS IS WAR with an invisible enemy!When we start hearing that Alan Jones and the likes have passed away then Bolters and Diviners will take notice shame Shame! I'm Coptic Christian.Naturalized Australian in 1995 at Bowman's Hall Blacktown.Luv dance music luv @rageabc @MTVDANCEAU @theloopau @eurokdj
DaemonHeath New South Wales, Australia @SaltyPete1 @coasty_j @newscomauHQ conspiracy land? - nope i just need to read his craphouse newspaper and tune into Alan Jones. implying i'm a conspiracy theorist.... news-corp employs Alan Jones.... I need not say more. I just critique the worst media empire to currently exist. Communization and ETH Machine. KarL........
DaemonHeath New South Wales, Australia @SaltyPete1 @coasty_j @newscomauHQ yes they are valid however i don't call people idiots and then block them when they respond calling out their obvious biased garbage. newscorp does elect leaders - it also. pushes pedophilia denial - Alan bolt. and also employs Alan Jones (do i really have to explain?) Communization and ETH Machine. KarL........
platykitten Melton, Victoria No, in Spud and ScottyFromMarketing's Q'land bunker. Failing that, Alan Jones' NSW bunker!
ScuderiaMax SV5 SP11 CL16 NH27 CS55 RK88 Carlos Reutemann (1972-1982) This man beat Gilles Villeneuve as teammates. Yet one of them is remembered as a legend and one of them is forgotten. One of the best never to win a title, he was soon found his way to Williams where he outperformed double world champion Alan Jones. looks like i'm a perez and heidfeld propaganda account now
petemanger Canberra @sarahvmac @abcsydney Tough on borders during elections and Alan Jones interviews. Occasional tweeter, mostly follower.
TweetingRoo Sydney Australia Nine Radio's Tom Malone on Alan Jones, the importance of localism and the 2020 content lineup - MuMbrella Aussie Matters & Issues from around Australia. Politics, Business, Finance & other news items as they happen.
FOXNRL Australia Blocker Roach explains what it was like to be coached by Warren Ryan and Alan Jones Channel dedicated to Rugby League 📺 #FoxLeague 502 📱Download the Fox League app👇
jaquix173 Gold Coast, Queensland @sammonford @UnQuietAust @ScottMorrisonMP @andrewprobyn Read Katharine Murphy's article about Stuart Robert MP performance over Centrelink. And his chat to "Alan". (Jones).
HampsonJustine Nsw @Andre21653405 TAKE ALAN JONES AND THE LIKE OFF THE AIR!!! believe in abolishing prisons, pro immigration, mother of adult special needs son, loathe and despise Trump and MAGA, Huge Bonnie Raitt and Star Trek fanatic
GBoroughGrowler Greensborough @Pollytics Alan Jones and 999 others will die from Corona Virus makes a good headline. The Greensborough Growler growls and lives in Greensborough.
oroubos Canberra 🇦🇺 Oz Well Alan Jones doesn’t need any PPE gear sitting at home on his exclusive property broadcasting dangerous propaganda like “Tokyo Rose” to the masses .. what an evil and indulged piece of work he is ! #auspol #coronavirusaustralia Political and social observer with an interest in new media. Advocate and activist within the labour movement ...
BrainwaveCortex Brisbane, Australia @KoparaFallsKid @Madi__au All of the above plus Alan Jones and Sky News told them it was ok. #actuallyautistic #scientist building #neurofeedback #therapy #devices for people with #brain #disorders #adhd #autism #stroke #tbi (opinions are my own)
FrancisFlanner3 Still not buying from this person of such low morals who happily supports the Woman Hating Alan Jones. They have preyed on the poorest for years and now are telling us what they think of their customers. I am not for LNP. I am not for ALP. I am not for the Greens. I'm for us. When a Dictatorship becomes fact...Rebellion is our duty.