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LesStonehouse brisbane Should I be listening to the scientists and health experts or Alan Jones /Bolt and Co about this #CoronaOutbreak? Decisions decisions.. What are these RWNJs saying I wonder? .. If I find out the Greens had something to do with this I'm going to be so pissed off #auspol I have no idea why I have this many followers.. I'm not the Messiah ffs? I'm just a naughty boy.. Lefty bogan
MizziiBee Northumbria, UK @alan_jones Amazon prime is dangerous. Ive been off work poorly for a couple of weeks and it’s cost me a fortune 😳 Arty, crafty, animal, doll, wine, gin, music & cake lover. Cruelty-free. Liars & hypocrites need not apply. Thank you.
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales Bought this camera five years ago today. Still working like a dream and also looking not too bad for its adventures. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales Today’s major achievement... fitting a new pull switch and cord to the bathroom light. It may not seem a big deal but if you’d ever seen me up a step ladder 😄 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales @ElfynEvans @TGR_WRC Still a great start to the season, Elfyn and you’ll be getting that top podium very soon. Pob lwc! 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales In any case, it was nearly half the price of an Apple cable and comes with a three year guarantee. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
CaptainAdvance1 A southern Labor voting state @KirstyWebeck @robynmelbourne I am a lefty and see the hypocrisy. But I'll "stay high." I've lost a parent. How Alan Jones treated Gillard was appalling. Same with Shorten. There is no schadenfreude in cruelty. I know it @ScottMorrisonMP The Captain began as a parody of LNP Captain Getup. Not villainous. John is a teacher. #ClimateEmergency #NoCoalDonationsPledge
MammyRaging Wtaf?! Is this a joke? Or did the LNP cabinet in consultation with Alan Jones and Steve Price make this selection? #OnlyInAustralia 🤦🏼‍♀️ Perpetually perplexed by the absurdity and short-sightedness of it all
jakobnaumann Sydney @Patrickothewerf @4Qpolies @ScottMorrisonMP He won’t consume non-Murdoch media and not bright enough for Twitter. How do we make sure he sees it? Isn’t the Opera House projector available for a good deal through Alan Jones? 🤔 Martech/digital marketing/startups/product development. Seriously fed up with the blatant corruption and climate change denial in the Australian government.
DreamAudit @shaunmicallef @smh Indeed sir! I am however somewhat puzzled as to how Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt failed to be awarded AOs for their services to balanced media reporting. Hopefully they will receive knighthoods in due course.
balance_boi Perth, Western Australia @ItsBouquet The entire Coalition, Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, ACL, Margaret Court, Israel Folau and a whole raft of others must be all getting their “dishonour” gongs next round
DanielJBatt Melbourne @RDNS_TAI @MayneReport Just add Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt and you'd have a perfect Chaser article. Writer, editor, communications consultant
Madstar42 @RealMarkLatham You know we are completely going downhill when Mark is pleased with an award I’m sure Alan Jones will love her too !!! Oh and Pauline “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven'
bazakel Elwood @_Quiet_Aussie @MelodyM05174377 Two wrongs don't make a right. Alan Jones's comments about Julia Gillard and about Jacinda Ardern were disgraceful. Scott Morrison will be greiving for the loss of his father. As human beings we should be above this sort of stuff. Retired scientist and health & safety expert, a socialist in my youth who was converted into a lifelong conservative after experiencing communism.
GretchenIndi @CHEAZYPREDY1 @F0rtuneL0wT1er They all blame the Green Party because apparently they don't support backburning which was a fabrication from Alan Jones, Australia's answer to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Our farmers voted right wing and now whinge they are no water. Scott Morrison is the member for Cronulla
SaveOurForests_ 🌍 Gaea #WTF Ok then Alan Jones deserves an honour for gender equity too! I’m furious where is #AlanJones mention and award ??? Hey ??? #BettinaArndt #WTAF #MurdochPurchase Backlash over Bettina Arndt receiving services to gender equity Australia Day honour ✊🏼♥️🌍 all things living and non living. ✊🏼community ✊🏼humanity. ♥️ dogs music travelling art literature family friends. 🤬QuietAustralians 💩
AlanCowleyIOM Isle of man @RuncornLinnets Nice to see Alan Jones, haven't seen this man in years, stalwart of Runcorn fc/Runcorn fc halton and Runcorn linnets 👌 #topbloke I'm a proud father to Connie & Noah Cowley :) and married to the love of my life Sam! Die hard Man Utd fan #champ20ns
Michael56070941 You can’t produce evidence can you your as bad as Alan Jones and peta cridlin Electrical ,refrigeration and air conditioner contractor Est.1979 B&B owner Talbingo NSW
GascoyneRobert White House Very hot take: Aussie politics is much better than the UK/US combine. Who doesn't love to see PM's resigning and nail baiting elections? And of course, Alan Jones. Humanity's unluckiest gift. "It's not the questions that get us in trouble - it's the answers." History, Sports, and Politics. Liberal Conservative
Wandapioneer Australia , Sydney , @missrobinson @shaheem64 Always was and always will be a traitor to women, started off on the Mike Walsh Show , not much talent so decided to gather an audience of men, women could see right through her, also most men except those who listen to Alan Jones and watch Sky after dark. We want the award back. Progressive in a blue ribbon Liberal seat. Community Activist. #savehakeem @Johnwren1950
sport5105 Kingdom of Heaven @Inevitable_ET Thank you for sharing Mary Fanning and Alan Jones' work! WWG1WGA, ISAIAH 59, COVEFE
BackhandFrenzy Brisbane With Australia Day awards for George Pell, Amanda Vanstone, Campbell Newman and Bettina Arndt, you’d imagine Alan Jones feels pretty forking unappreciated right now. I’m not here much as this is my secondary account. generally here when my primary account is blocked.
BieglerTom Melbourne, Australia @parnellpalme Accepting the science (how atmospheric CO2 affects global heat balances) and agreeing on remedial actions are two entirely separate things. How many Coalition MPs actually reject textbook physics like They need educating. (PS. Alan Jones is not an MP.) Granddad, physical chemist, ex-#CSIRO #minerals & #energy research, now pursuing a rational data-based approach to clean energy and reducing emissions.
snowycats Likes wine, travel reading,. @EddyJokovich Queen's Birthday awards to go to Craig Kelly, Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt and Pauline Hanson for tireless work on science. Closet republican. Founder of Extreme Centre😌 Party. My religion is better than yours. Passionate about environment.
albertsjoberg Pale Blue Dot. This appears to be the defence strategy that Donald’s legal team have opted to try. Works for conspiracy theorists like Alan Jones and anti-evolution speakers. #ImpeachedForLife #ImpeachedForever Trying to figure out what life is about one day at a time.
Elaineschofiel9 Alan Jones will certainly dine out forever on this one. It's exactly what we have come to expect of Scott Morrison's government. The ghost of Abbott is alive and well, pushing Morrison's right wing agenda. Puke.
pwoiter Melbourne, Victoria @Senator_Patrick @WHO Surely Morrison will refer to Alan Jones, Rowan Dean and Craig Kelly first? #Scientists I’ve seen a few memes on Facebook so that makes me an expert on everything
sriwaynu Sydney Australia @staffo_sez I'll say it like Arnold in "Torch Song Trilogy", Alan Jones, "'re a boring, self-centered, insensitive old fool who wouldn't know love if it wore wings, a diaper, and shot heart-shaped arrows at your butt". I am sort of a lamington...with legs. Live part time in King Street Newcastle and work part time in King Street Sydney. Expect lots of both
Dom02696771 Victoria, Australia @elyasgarad Alan Jones and his supporters will never change their minds on climate change. I read this article this morning explaining why. Dad, Electrician, Pianist.... #resist #TheResistance. Any #Trump loving Christian is a hypocrite.#climatechange
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales @MaversSuzette I have all Supercar, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. The others are on the wish list. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
Martay04 New South Wales, Australia @Senator_Patrick @elyasgarad @ScottMorrisonMP I’m guessing @ScottMorrisonMP was advised by scientific experts and that is why he hesitated. He should have asked Craig Kelly, Alan Jones or the fossil fuel lobby if he should implement biological screening or stop flights from infected regions. Interests: Family, sport, politics, environment. Advocate for real climate change action.
herrmann_joy The Beautiful Southwest @RickUlr @ForrestA540 @BrentBozell Stick to Rush Limbaugh and Alan Jones. They never let the racist and ignorant down. Retired, traveler and Never Trumper.
DwRemmie @MyfUrban @Triplejay58 Nope Arndt is equal year it will be Alan Jones at this rate for his services to hatred and bigotry 🤬🤬🤬 Leftie, climate adjustment realist, hater of racists, misogynists, climate deniers and anyone else who seeks to harm those that can’t defend themselves.
maximeadows @Kurz_Gesagt Scientists don't know what they are talking about. The said it was global warming and now they say it's climate change. It's just the weather. Alan Jones is always right. Etcetera etcetera lover of good books
dfblokes in Antwerp having elbows done @Triplejay58 When they gave Alan Jones one we knew the whole thing was cooked. Now the red-pilled quiet australians are happy. Jeeze, and after Plibbers and the whole pledge thing, it's really feeling like Straya Day 😳 We're an Aussie & a Yank (Craig/Tim) and our 3 legged dog, Sir Bruiser. All typos: the Yank's #TheResistance
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales I shouldn’t be left alone with an Amazon Prime account. Actually, these were in my “saved for later” list and were a real bargain. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales Just watched episode one of #StarTrekPicard on @primevideouk. Superb and gripping. Good story, beautifully filmed and a marvellous performance from @SirPatStew but then, weren’t they always? #Picard 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales @stevenberger484 And Instagram. 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
Page_888 @alan_jones Indeed. I guess it's the only way. Just looked to see what I'm missing on TV, not much as ITV4 aren't showing the final "Police Academy" film. "Smokey and the Bandit II" tonight instead, they were really clutching at straws with the plot there. Live subtitling mistakes.
Page_888 @alan_jones Thank you. In life, there are some things you can change and some things you cannot. When you cannot, it's coping with the emotional side. Live subtitling mistakes.
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales @Page_888 Yes thank you, Matthew and you? 65 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
EsportsWomen Australia @GrogsGamut Alan Jones and his race baiting, violence-inciting, evil rants forked it up in 2005 at Cronulla. This unforgettable, exact-match, category defining Domain Name is now available FOR SALE or LEASE. Learn | Adapt | Persevere | Overcome
NickMarchand London Australia’s annual Hottest 100 has a new rival. The Coldest 100 is something to behold - Alan Jones clearly deserves top billing - but I actually can’t believe Jordan and Peter Andre only make 74th on that list with their effort. Head of International Programmes @V_and_A Views are my own.
jerrykmII @FifteenJugglers @OzKitsch I’ve just scrolled through the whole ghastly list and Clive james isn’t on there. Do you mean Alan Jones or have I missed something? I follow everyone interesting. My main hobby is unsubscribing.
innovfest Swindon @RenaultF1Team @danielricciardo @OconEsteban Daniel, assume you look up to Alan Jones and follow his approach? Innovation Festival for 2014. Created by Andrew - 2015 - share innovation stories
Fongy_Cardies South-East Asia @BullsNationOZ @newscomauHQ Absolutely Mike. I detest Scotty's politics and hope his time will prove to be a gaseous footnote. But he is also a grieving human being. We should be conscious of the man's humanity and not go hard on him for having a shaky voice. Irrelevant what Alan Jones and co. get up to. Hoping we all make it to 2030. Unlike most, becoming more of a pinkoe as I get older. Go hiking in NZ if you get the chance. Go Cats.
bigchefjay Oz @emmahusarmp That bitch Alan Jones, the sheep @2GB873 along with those other Murdoch media haters will just love punching down on another young woman. She was brave, and I hope we can collectively have her back! Not the real @bigchefjay! A parody account! Wars fought, uprisings quelled. Wankpuffins' smited. I also reserve the right to reply with eat a dick!
Australiancrown Newcastle State political reporter’s new media role with Premier Constance has been outstanding as other politicians have done what the bureaucrats told them!!! should be riveting radio when Alan Jones and Constance Broadcasting from Bega Retired and active in community activities.
McgarvieGreg @PhillipAdams_1 Like to see that Phillip you sidling up with Chris Kenny, Alan Jones and the others of the same cloth except can’t remember who they are!
bigchefjay Oz @Virginia_Hauss @northway_debbie Wait until Alan Jones, Murdoch media and all those other mysognistic, CC denying haters get a hold of this. They love picking on young women! @slpng_giants_oz @BethanyinCBR @RonniSalt @thespecialbka Not the real @bigchefjay! A parody account! Wars fought, uprisings quelled. Wankpuffins' smited. I also reserve the right to reply with eat a dick!