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SkyNewsAust Sydney, Australia Sky News host Alan Jones says former prime minister @TurnbullMalcolm’s “disgraceful comments” about @HonTonyAbbott and @ScottMorrisonMP are bathed in envy and jealousy. Real news, honest views. Watch Sky News Australia on Foxtel, Sky News on WIN or listen live on iHeartRadio.
DanSilkstone Melbourne, Victoria Oh cool, is it the killing season again, already? Absolutely nobody is sick of this. Definitely not... Niche content...
WYS1WYG Sydney Australia Most of Sydney can’t stand Alan Jones. I say to them: that’s a good thing and you’re all a very good judge of character. You see this man and say “My god, we’ve got to get this misogynist off the air!” #MurdochGutterMedia #MurdochRoyalCommission #MurdochFreeAustralia #auspol
MarkRDuckett New South Wales, Australia JFC... The odd couple: behind Alan Jones and Tanya Plibersek's 20-year bond Drug Reform, Sociology, Media, Geo-politics, Politics, Social Policy & Social Theory. May post animal pics 🦎
nz_wesley Hamilton City, New Zealand @SkyNewsAust @rowandean @JoeBiden Just bugger off and have a beer with Alan Jones. You're 2 peas in a pod. You can tell each other rw wing conspiracy theories while the rest of the world gets on with things Retired Kiwi old fart on Twitter having a good stir
netz_melb Melbourne, Australia Broadcaster Alan Jones believes that Tanya Plibersek will lead federal Labor after its abysmal performance during the last 7 years under the leadership of the unlikable Bill Shorten and the lacklustre Anthony Albanese. #auspol #BringBackShorten I am interested in travel, transport, music, photography, politics, justice, technology, Essendon Bombers and most importantly... good food, beer and smokes!
LeonHar31721000 Leederville, Perth (WA) The odd couple: behind Alan Jones and Tanya Plibersek's 20-year bond Disgusting. ALP are trash. 63 year old retired Gay man, Marxist, Animal Liberationist and gardener, gym goer and movie lover.
ZamoaPro Australia COVID is not and 'has never been a pandemic': Alan Jones via @YouTube Travel Notes & Creative Writing
VitalSparkCapt Gold Coast, Queensland @DavidGr07837209 David Speers, is no longer entitled to the title journalist! He is simply an empty vehicle for the delivery of LNP and Rupert Murdoch retortic, policy, misinformation and lies. The quality of his verbal garbage, is ranked somewhere between Rowan Dean and Alan Jones! #auspol A GOM. l'll let you know if I agree, or not! Disrespector of lies and disinformation detrimental to humanity. Proud to be *Blocked by Abbott!* #resistanceinOz
Ya_aqov @bjdobson08 @FortyVictoria @mitsyarty Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust is one of the few willing to speak up. Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and many many more. Regardless of the topic, extremism, immigrants, environment, politics, covid19 , economics etc. they say what others will not. UK certainly has no MSM to compare.
writereviewref1 Sydney, New South Wales When Jones says she wins people over it’s probably just a few people in the electorate of Sydney. First rule of twitter: delete your account 🍞
michaelkoziol Sydney Alan Jones and Tanya Plibersek: the political odd couple who bond despite their differences Deputy editor of the SMH’s Sunday newspaper, The Sun-Herald | Redleaf Beach bureau chief |
WillPBuchanan Hers something for Tim Smith, Windscreens O’Brien, Soapy Elsworth, Alan Jones, Adumb Cretin, Murdoch’s Credlin, and Dogfukka Kenny!! #COVID19Vic #auspol Sweden COVID-19 approach failed: Lockdown as cases explode Cantankerous curmudgeon seeking justice for all. Survivor of child sexual abuse. Proud member of Richmond Football Club
DickShearman The odd couple: behind Alan Jones and Tanya Plibersek's 20-year bond Former history and economics teacher & state and federal education union official. Superannuation interest.
Randall87454048 Sydney, Australia @vanOnselenP @SkyNewsAust @RitaPanahi @SharriMarkson How embarrassing for Sky that rattled on about the benefits of the Swedish strategy.Can you all admit now wrong you were?Pass this on to Alan Jones,Bolt,Credlin who disgraced herself in Vic,the obnoxious curly dude and the porky Trump lover Thinker, concerned about democracy,social justice, environmental restoration. Digesting 2020 and all its ramifications.
alan_jones Deeside, North Wales Amazing how much washing I can amass in just twelve days. All done now and ready to head back to the hills on Monday. I had considered tomorrow but it's looking to be a tad chilly Monday morning. 66 year old geek, amateur photographer, motorsport & music fan and generally friendly bloke
norbi1414 @piersmorgan Yep Piers, because it was started with Bush,. You're the equivalent of Alan Jones in Australia, and lets just say you guys are better at hanging around at the toilets. Outsource our Pollies and get a proper job done.
moogoo68 @vanOnselenP But Murdoch’s Paul Murray Alan Jones and the Professor of Everything Andrew Bolt pushed that particular example hard. Clowns to the left Jokers to the right
smh Sydney, Australia When broadcaster Alan Jones takes issue with someone, he doesn't hold back. Likewise, when he's a fan - as he is of Tanya Plibersek - he generally lets it show | @michaelkoziol Australia's leading news source. Independent. Always.
moscowsaigon Silver Spring, MD. USA @9_Moley Until he lost the election, the Liar in Chief said incessantly that Covid was under control. In October he said we’ve turned the corner. The truth is the infection rate is skyrocketing in the US. Ignore Trump propaganda on Murdoch’s Sky News Australia, and despicable Alan Jones. Historian, political scientist and active opponent of totalitarian regimes and movements in all their manifestations. #PutinTrump2020, #CovidTrump2020,
judah_111 committee, and always a sexual alan jones he know. I must bust them all. He always always always is a true Pentecostal, but always is truly honest one about that in these things and will be a real baby boosie in time if he tries
lynlinking Australia Scott Morrison says Australia cannot shut down to contain second wave of Covid-19 Morrison insisted suppression was the correct strategy, and he delivered a mild rebuke to former radio shock jock and now Sky News personality Alan Jones, cc @WgarNews Interested in Politics, Tweeting journalist's news articles, Sharing & re-tweeting Politics 🌻
Pier_Paolo_28 Reading, England How to Scrape Dynamic Web pages with Selenium and Beautiful Soup by: Alan Jones on Towards Data Science. #DataScience #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #BigData #Robotics SAS Data Scientist | MSc Artificial Intelligence. TDS Associate Editor, Freelancer and Microsoft Student Partner.
MaliaKay5 Australia Nine is not what it was. Even 2GB is not what it was since Nine Entertainment Co took over. The departure of Alan Jones & George and Paul marked a noticeable nudge to the Left. While the others aren't "bad," I think Chris Smith might be the only real conservative left there. Christian | Married | ProLife | Family | Justice | Laughter | Hopeful | Grateful | Loves Australia | #TRUMP2020 | No Lists or DMs | IFBP | Parler: Malia Kay
tvitin @FOLLOW_DA_BUCKS @WhenTurn @dynamat @1Hendorable1 So power is in these hands And media in these God would help (but he doesn't interfere with politics)
SueBatz1 COVID is not and 'has never been a pandemic': Alan Jones via @YouTube
gator68xrp COVID is not and 'has never been a pandemic': Alan Jones via @YouTube I been thru it!
PNG_News_Today Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea ALAN JONES: Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘persistent attacks’ on Morrison and Abbo... via @YouTube | Sky News host Alan Jones says former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s “disgraceful comments” about Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison are bathed in envy and jealousy. Take Back PNG News discusses and posts Important New Headlines for Today of Current news and happenings in and around PNG to TAKE PNG BACK from Corruption etc..
SirJonoRose Israel @TundraTabloids @brianoflondon @yvebou2012 @RitaPanahi Seeing Alan Jones win the world championship as a kid hooked me into F1 and I’ve been a fan ever since, particularly when there has been an Australian driver. Daniel Ricciardo is not a pillock like Lewis Hamilton Australian/Israeli Gen Xer, Movie & music buff, Atheist Non-Practicing Orthodox Jew, Gush Dan Separatist
SammySwanson17 @vanOnselenP Add to that Alan Jones @2GB873 @SkyNewsAust all laughing stocks. entities and programs built on BS who have duped millions of gullibles Before Tweeting...DO YOUR RESEARCH!
Higgo74 Melbourne Happy Birthday @danilic A gentlemen, creative genius, and The best Alan Jones I know. Radio announcer. Music lover. Interviewer. MC. Headphone enthusiast. For business contact
BeachGirlJan Gold Coast, Queensland @MrQLD Alan Jones and this bloke make a good pair. Two of a kind. A happy Gold Coaster. Adore my beautiful family, all animals and my Carlton Footy Club 💙 Life is a gift. It's short..use it wisely. No dms thanks. #RA
CJHarvey56 Grenfell, New South Wales Could we add Stan Grant, Alan Jones, in fact all of Sky AfterDark, George Christensen and the table of racist old retired popsicleies at Isabel's Coffee Shop in Forbes NSW that I sat near ten days ago. South-West Slopes grazier, passionate about the Merino industry, concerned with the debasement of politics and Australia's lack of climate change policy
diarmuidmccoy Geelong Victoria Australia Effect of Hydroxychloroquine in Hospitalized Patients with Covid-19 | NEJM @CraigKellyMP and Alan Jones. This is science. Real science not Facebook science.I know you don’t know much of it. Worth a read. Specialist Pain Medicine Physician, Husband, Dad, migrant, Celt, skeptic, inelegant cyclist & fountain pen fan.
FreeBird0007 @kela9123 Djokovic' PR is the most incompetent team ever. Look how Fed's PR handled Alan Jones and Credit Suisse fiasco and then look at this.. Trolling the trolls
TechnicalBloke Victoria, Australia @SkyNewsAust @realDonaldTrump So, why is Trump behaving as though he's staging a coup, which would be totally unnecessary if Alan Jones is right and the election results are about to reverse? Getting technical 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 🎵 🎸 🚉 🍺 🍛
HenriMcAlister Queensland, Australia @GDixon1977 @jaquix173 @RonniSalt That indoctrination is still with us. Takes generations for people to start thinking for themselves again. Murdoch and Alan Jones haven’t helped 🙄 Addicted to all the good things in life: democracy, fair go, equality. Dedicated to getting more of that for more us. Following those that see it’s enemies.
junjuny2k USA @CristinaNcl I would like to know how many ITWA members wrote about the Alan Jones story. Did they give Federer a pass; did they think Fed didn't know him before making the video and he was just being Fed (=nice) to anybody who's old and entering retirement? Love tennis 🎾🎾
Smackenziekerr Bali, Indonesia However, his case was “reported” on in 2017 by two writers named Alan Jones and Mary Fanning, who, like Montgomery, reseeded this story in 2020 to focus on election fraud. science sans conscience n’est que ruine de l’âme #DOL #zincisthebullet #hcqthegun
billbowtell Sydney, New South Wales .⁦@SkyNewsAust⁩ host Alan Jones and commentators repeat US election conspiracy claims by Trumpist Sidney Powell that are too far-fetched even for ⁦@TuckerCarlson⁩ Enough is enough. Adjunct Professor UNSW Strategic Health Policy Consultant especially related to global health and development, HIV/Aids prevention and public health.
RedShane1 Victoria, Australia @noplaceforsheep Shush your mouth Dr. Sheep. 🤨 As if a liberal government would make a mistake. Havent you heard the praise from the PM, the minister for health, Andrew Bolt, Peta Cretin and Alan Jones.🤔😷 Middle aged, white male from good working class stock. Reliable sources say I am the best grandad ever (who am I to argue).
WilsonAudio Provo, UT United States You can now audition Wilson Audio loudspeakers at our newest dealer in the southeast, @HiFiBuys in Atlanta. We’re proud to welcome Alan Jones and his team to the HiFiFamily. Please go check them out and “Get the Experience.” It will be well worth the trip. Wilson Audio's official Twitter page. Manufacturer of Sonic and Industrial Art.
SonJ4Real New York, NY, United States Watch "'Australians must know the truth - this virus is not a pandemic': Alan Jones" on YouTube Coronavirus reappears right when #Trump questions the #2020 #Election . And this was two months ago. Son J Ent Radio/TV/Records. Former Atlantic Recording Artist. Writer of Fever Records, The Gucci Man by MC Holiday IG: @sonjent Son J Ent
WizePenguin AUSTRALIA Tasmania Sky News and the case of the disappearing audience SOME OF THEIR HOSTS (whatever)? I can BARK and I like Monster Movies with Spider Webs! I'm an Analyst in Economics/Statistics. Of Greek, Armenian & Italian Descent. WOOF! WOOF!
Mickant77 Newcastle, New South Wales @demsteruk701 Australian journalists except Peta Credlin, Paul Murray and Alan Jones are sheep and a disgrace ⚽️ Everton FC, Newcastle Jets 🏉 Newcastle Knights ♒️