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WomanonW Seattle, WA Apple can forking bite me. I don't have a device other than this stupid MacBook, I have no idea what the forking password is because I never use Apple crap, and I can't update my operating system without for some insane reason. The account is years old so I know longer she/her | #amwriting #Fallout fanfic + original content not ready for prime time (but stay tuned!) | Cover art by #AO3 user Eufemia
Estheritas @SNYtv when is Gary Cohen back??? Without him, the broadcast is just the same boring monotone crap as everybody else. And Gary Apple say make too many dumb/useless comments. We want Cohen back STAT #LFGM
shanks_otm @StefanMolyneux Do you want your apple juice before your nap, sweetie? Holy crap, White people experience maybe two years of mild discomfort and it's like the sky is falling. Grow a pair, Susan. Forget a mile, you wouldn't last 20 feet in a minorities' shoes. 🤣 Rock and/or Roll
LBPHeretic A Place to Be Somebody This is what drives people to Apple! The lack of consistency or cohesion between apps. The fact that apps/features that worked well for years can suddenly (and unilaterally) be broken for no good reason. It instills no confidence in the user of your apps. Stop this crap, @Google! A husband, and father of three. I am interested in technology, software development, the mobile operating systems Android & Windows 10, cars and light aircraft.
reillygarrett2 God Gary Apple is just awful. That was the worst call I think I've ever heard. It's not his fault he was just thrown into it and doesn't get any practice, but holy crap Those that say they can, and those that say they can't are both usually right.
DaveColvin Cattai, NSW This story can be summed up with this. "but I prefer knobs and buttons". What crap. And it is Australian??? But talks about GAS power. More crap. My opinions are mine and off centre. Call me on '0411 COLVIN'
ConradiRobin Look behind you @DylanMcD8 Don’t. You don’t have to optimize it for SE but purposely dropping it because of some stupid reason just isn’t right. Not even Apple is doing that. Drop the 5S and 6. They’re crap anyway. Apple fan, collector and repairist| proud iOS, WatchOS & MacOS Beta Tester | #righttorepair | certified Germerican | buys way too many iPhone SE’s
salomey5 Montreal, Canuckistan @peter734260341 Apple blows chunks. Overrated, overhyped and overpriced crap. Microsoft and Android are definitely crooked too, but at least, their crap is affordable and doesn't need replacing every forking six to eight months because of mysterious slow-downs. Dysfunctional outspoken sarcastic bitch who doesn't give a fork. Half rock-chick, half geek-chic. Francophone. Anglophile. Survivor junkie. Jeopardy whore.
getthept Burney, CA I sobbed all the way through this story. So glad that so many people showed up to support Mr. Basco and sad that they had to. This is what makes us proud to be an American. Not that divisive crap too many people have been spouting lately.
Glayvorkia Ruthton, TN @Pearlwormpoop my friends make fun of me , because I say Mac is crap. Mac is crap Apple news is an extension of crap. Their views are crap Their way over priced CRAP Their leftist Chinese made junk is CRAP. MAC Apple and iTunes Take your CRAP and sit on it. Brought to you by Linux We came to America. All we found was AMERIKA. What have you crazy Earthlings done?
lshtls South Carolina Unbelievable! Read the latest CNN crap below 👇. If this is all people pay attention to, they are woefully misinformed. This is an attack on POTUS, Republicans and whites. This seems to be the newest liberal fad. The race card has expired, so now this #MAGA #ranaway sick of SJW’s #TermLimits No DMs No emails. Love my country and my family. Proud to be an American!
SheepDogSociety Colorado, USA @jimbowisley @DonGibs22787443 It's crap like this that helped me make a very big business decision. This is actually a business account that I started, but if BIG companies like Nike, Mercedes Benz, Amazon, and Apple (just to name a few) are going to push their agendas, then so will I. SheepDog Society is an organization of Great American Patriots. Become a member today!! Veteran Owned & Operated #KAG #TRUMP2020 #NRA #Veteran #Conservative
fmbillwatt San Francisco, CA The Hulu TV (Apple TV) interface continues to disappoint. Following shows means next to nothing as new seasons come and go for "my stuff" and deleting unwanted doesn't work. This is obv stuff meanwhile their suggested list is untargeted crap (Jodi Arias???) Lover of coffee and pop music. Wish I spent more time on horseback. Obviously comments are my own :-) Director, Product @ EY's AI Lab
ljss269 @Apple Apple phones are a puece of crap, they sold me the iphone 7 line the best phone ever, paid $700 for a piece of junk. I went to a store to ask why my phone is not working well and they told me that iphone 7 is the worst phone built ever. But Apple does not offer me to replace it.
JB_August Fair Lawn,NJ Maybe Gary Apple gets a lot of crap but he just said "Noah is down Oh and Two on Phillips." The count was 2-0. He can't even read counts. Josh is given name. August is not surname.Heather 6.1.13 Forever. NYM, NYR, NYG, ND Football. Hartford Hoops. I'm going to tweet a lot about sports. Yay sports!
NikkiWeedy #SmartDoesntDiscriminate @realDonaldTrump Why? They took INFOWARS app off their app store. And when you have your iphone settings to save space, they delete the app and you cannot redownload it. 5G sucks Apple is overpriced crap and making China a lot of money. We want better. TC ruined Apple. Why dine w/goblins? 🤦‍♀️ VisualArtist🎨Love💕Glow✨1A•FreeAlexJones•🚫GMOs•Pharmakillology•Allergy Awareness•EnergyHealing•VisualArtist• LoveAVet•2A•ProLife✝️💯🇺🇸💪#NewsWars #KAG2020
USA_my_BFF New York Area @DefconOneNews @realDonaldTrump Yes sir you are right It’s actually @tim_cook And it’s filled like I said with useless social crap plus ONE tech post on AR I never thought I’d be disappointed in Apple but man the luster is gone thanks to Tim. Conservative American Patriot from India | Legal Immigrant 🕉 | Proud Dad | Grateful 4 Vets, Police, FBI, Intel Community, #2A, Vegetarian. #MAGA ❤️🇺🇸🇮🇳🇮🇱
totalrehash @realDonaldTrump To bad Apple has lost it's touch and will go down in flames anyway. Just to expensive designer crap. World markets can't afford to buy it even less so if made in USA as that will crank up the price more, but hey might not if robotics is used extensively, but not so many jobs then Aggregating Political and other topics. As MAGA goes so does the World. Links= Read Expanded Articles. Jesus Follower ✝ Spread the info retweet, educate others!
t0nyyates London @M_PaulMcNamara @MayfairCynic @kentindell Cycling nerd recommended komoot to me. But I haven't tried it. Except on an apple watch, and that was crap. [Because anything on the apple watch is crap]. Economist. Ex Birmingham Prof and BoE staffer. 'Pompous, patronizing twat', @afneil. Redistribution subject to feasibility constraints.
EWErickson Atlanta, GA Dear news orgs & @Apple, that so many news websites do not have good print templates and Apple does not allow one to print from Apple News is really stupid. I don’t want to print 15 pages of crap, so get a print template. And Apple, I shouldn’t have to leave News to print. Romans 1:16. Writer @Resurgent. Talker @WSBRadio. Speaker (Working on my PhD in Theology.
mind0verflow Italy @ped232 @Pwn20wnd the problem is the judges don't either and apple will most likely win the case (that is honestly full of crap/misleading information) because of that. Java, .NET and C# Developer. EDM Producer. Pianist. Web Designer. Photographer.
zahnatom @Xypod13 @Ke_Toft @MartynasBaloo @LinusTech Yeah their support only is to change your stuff, delete your data and charge you a crap ton of money. I'm happy to see them go down and happy to see people realize that apple is just hot garbage. Java Dev, begeistert vom Technik.
LevensonLaura Blackhawk, CA @FrankNeitzert @realDonaldTrump Got lost in the Idiot Google and Apple $9 Engineer idiots! Worrd correct is Flat flippin wrong! This new iPhone is a POS waste of time Aple Crap wont type @Apple plurals are all wrong you idiots! @realTrumpForce @RealGreyrider @marklevinshow @AnchormanUSA Maps fail too! /Trump SeniorAdvisor 2016 -2060 HDFactory SheetRocker,,All Trades, Custom Homes ,Resorts,Mansions,little Suzy Home-wrecker DemolitionDerby , remeddling
TheDalyAlly Skerries, Dublin @Colmooh Apple has a nice interface but once I went Android, I didn't look back. Now I couldn't be without a One Plus 😅 so so good, and don't come with any crap pre-installed which is amazing! 😍 Reporter for @IrishMirror, reviewer for @GoldenPlec. 🐶+🎸+🎮+🎲 . #Colts fan. All views my own. ✌Got a story? ➡️ 🖋
f30_suicide Washington, USA @iFixit Software is licensed, copyrighted material, of course you can't pirate it. Hardware may be patented, but that only prevents it from being copied for sale, it has nothing to do with repair and replacement. Also, if Apple wants to just rent their crap devices and give free. photographer, adventurer, entrepreneur Instagram @trustmediaphotos Facilitys for Quise101
Willpc91 @realhansard @stuarthammond14 @BoJoHaram I wasn't really talking about local produce, I think the mass produced crap is by and large better here, though that's prob again down to a smaller market, with more local input. Anyway, you should try goose stuffed with potatoes, apple and thyme, it's a regional dish that's😋 Semi-Thoughtful Bro
BigZaphod Look behind you... The receipt file had a new renewal record in it already with dates FROM THE FUTURE. Holy crap. Apple is clearly pre-processing the payments and applying them ahead of time - likely to avoid any need for the grace periods we had mistakenly assumed were necessary! Software engineer at the Iconfactory. Twitterrific. President of the galaxy. I'm just this guy, you know?
BigDaddyChops78 Wichita Falls, TX @ASUSUSA This just looks like someone took Apple's pointless TouchBar, turned it into a rectangle, doubled it as a trackpad, and tried to convince someone it was worth a crap. C'mon ASUS this is not only ineffective, but also ugly as hell. Dodgers Baseball is the first five things in life that matter. The next five are all beautiful women. President/CEO of Arcadium Solutions, LLC
Si_G Chesterfield Streaming music is crap. Apple Music don’t have Mercury Rev’s Boces. Spotify don’t have any Spacemen 3. Nobody has Catherine Wheel’s Black Metallic. I’m going back to physical media so I can sit and sulk in 1993. Also: Bluetooth can gum my plums. “It's like he's immortal, but crap” - @NotoriousRev
graydaygamer Idaho Holy crap this person has linebackers shoulders and a huge Adam’s apple. There’s no way the % of transgenders is like 1.4% of the population. Hollywood, politics and media are like 80%. We have been lied to. The system is poisonous to humans. Get out of cities. Grow your own food. Reconnect with other humans. Fight AI.
truetomharley @LeCreusetFiend The person at BestBuy did not agree with my contention that it was crap. It is superambitious, which means it can send up red herrings when you do simple stuff. And (this was re computers, not Office) MSoft has lower-cost entry points. Apple does not offer anything not pricey. Author of TrueTom vs the Apostates, Dear Mr. Putin - Jehovah’s Witnesses Write Russia, No Fake News but Plenty of Hogwash,’ & ‘Tom Irregardless and Me’
Abel_says East Coast #Trump is clearly scared about the economy — and he’s already picked his fall guy: The Washington Post. Why not, point to the Fed Reserve Chair, after all the current administration didn’t pick him - oh crap #DonaldTrump did the nomination 🤦🏽‍♂️ Curious about healthcare & technology. Avid outdoorsman. PS- All opinions/comments are of my own.
CristianBonetto Oz, Europe, USA & SE Asia The ‘bottom end’ of Lygon St offers a better product, reflecting Melbourne’s culinary and cultural evolution. The city-end is a forlorn combo of cynical hawkers and crap food. Period. #Melbourne #LygonSt Travel writer for @LonelyPlanet @TelegraphTravel @HardieGrant and others. Glutton and general bon vivant. All views my own. Instagram: rexcat75
peteroll70 ⁦@GolfClashGame⁩ What the heck is this??? I should get trophies and coins back for this crap!
katie_dunleyxx Manchester, England🐝 Scary how I was saying to Beca last night about how crap apple is and then I ended up having to get my phone fixed this morning like I fully jinxed myself 19|’not bumping into eachother on the train today’ 38&40 ✿♥︎
marsman2020 Los Angeles Area, CA Daily reminder that @apple products are overpriced crap and the company itself is anti-consumer and anti-repair. Building space things and retro/vintage computer projects. Computers are too important to be locked up and proprietary - FOSS is rad!
iow_richard isle of wight auto update ..start menu disabled ,explorer.exe file ? plenty of you tube about it .. don’t bother i’m going to apple pro now sick of of the issues with windows and microsoft updates .. the whole OS is crap since XP Grumpy ridiculous piece of humanity in deep crap usually , All opinions are mine ,offence is optional , autism spectrum, i’m not nero typical i’m smarter
SnazzyQ Salt Lake City, Utah @John011235 @reneritchie I'm saying the exact opposite. What I'm saying is that even Apple's own Authorized Service centers often do shotty repairs and so flagging an "unauthorized repair" (as if they had any dominion over a device they don't own) is a crock of crap. Anti-repair and anti-environmental. I own Snazzy Labs and make killer videos about tech. iOS user. Android user. Mac user. Windows user. Arch user. I’m weird—I know.
DurvidImel somewhere Felt the need to post this because I got a lot of DM's after my Apple party tweet yesterday that were effectively "Haha tell them how crap their phone is and watch them cry!" Guys, the only thing that matters in life is love and compassion. We don't have time for crap like this. Traveling Journalist / Senior Producer @androidauth . Previously @intel. Amateur photographer like everyone else. Obsessed with color.
Lord_Ganondarth @negasun My advice is after you get it fixed, get a cheap android tablet and use it as a backup storage device. You don't have the Apple bull crap, just plug it into your pc and all your data is there. I play games and swear a lot.
whiteyda3rd Missoula, MT @realDonaldTrump KEEP ON WITH THE #tarrifs! #AmericansHelpingAmericans #HireAmericanBuyAmerican #Farmers are standing strong, don’t give @Apple and #China off the hook! Christmas is certainly NOT about buying crap from China right? Don’t play politics sir it doesn’t fit you well! This isn’t me, it just looks that way. If your triggered, I won’t take it personal but know I tweet back. Raised by Democrats, living Libertarian. Save the kids
AndrewJRitchie Manchester, England @TheAnthonyMark There are no better couriers. In my experience they’re all utter crap at doing the one thing they do. Seller is Apple and a lot of the problems seem to be with them in this instance (according to DPD anyway) Bisexual/Queer Steampunk, Writer by night, office worker by day, slightly odd 24/7. Son of @shortbat. Pronouns: He/Him/His (generally)
jumpupandshout Zootopia Hey @Sling how is possible that you made the Apple TV app worse? It was already crap and you’ve somehow made into crap GG. This isn’t where I parked my car
southtippbobby South Tipperary, Ireland @FCTwenteBenson crape .... read that wrong ... thought you said ‘dessert’ ... I was excited 😩 so the world is turning to crap AND no apple tart ... 42😱yr old husband of 1 & father of 4. enthusiastic American Footballer, just not very good 😪 - big on ideas, small on application..
apple_got London, England @ssach7 @Whateve84397055 @IntyPython @realDonaldTrump It's a fairly new tactic to fake support. The give away is date the account is created and the number of followers or none in this person's case. Unlike a bot there is a person behind it. They create multiple accounts and keeps posting the same crap. 🤗
salvoobx @DonaldJTrumpJr I guess the rest of the country is not familiar with the Cuomo’s. I remember the father well and none of this crap surprises me in the least. As they say the apple or in this case apples do not fall far from the tree. That family has ruined a State.
BetaRish London Shout out for the latest episode of @isthis_working with @tiffphilippou and @annacod; lots of good stuff about what is *really* driving people towards going freelance. Answer: often, it's your crap working culture: Words @BrandPie | Consulting ed @RialtoPoetry | @TCWPOETS fellow | Chair @STWevents | FRSA | new pamphlet 'the break of a wave' from @OffordRoadBooks out 30/8
ncrow Seattle Tech companies should make home automation crap work together. Amazon is the clear leader but Apple has iPhones and Google has Gmail + Android phones. balls!
heylineweight Durham, NC The current Apple remote is one of the most awful, mistake encouraging, confusion inducing, which-direction-is-it-pointing, no I didn't want to scrub, crap I hit the wrong button, try and explain it to non-techies user interfaces on the planet. #ux #design #apple Practical web and mobile application design firm in the bull city, Durham, NC. Musings about design, UX, entrepreneurship, startups, and North Carolina.
india_stallsmit United States @psychesq @NoelJTom There are enough REAL problems that just making up sh-t seems lazy to me. And I really don't like 'lazy'. Politics have always been bad, but I feel like we are in a horrible new place. Is all this crap because Trump upset the political apple cart, here and worldwide? 70 yr. old Dem converted to Rep,avid reader, grandmother, love animals🇺🇸💜Trump supporter. #walkedaway in April.💥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💜💜PROUD OCCUPANT OF TWIT JAIL

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