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anshul1045 🇬🇧🇮🇳 @PHNitheesh @_darren_huang_ Oh I am serious lol There was this guy with Einstein Pfp who use to say that Apple is crap and A14 is the next Exynos 990 and always said that Samsung makes the best phone tech motorsport cars he/him what else shall I write....
kwilczynski @cfriedt A positive ending to this story - a friend of mine paid for my Mac repair and purchased Apple Care for two years atop of it as - per the feedback from the authorised service - the 16" (don't buy) is crap and something else is bound to break, so better to have cover. Site Reliability Engineer and Open Source developer I work on the PCI sub-system in the Linux kernel under the supervision of a great mentor @BjornHelgaas.
lottiecgross Oxfordshire, England I need a new laptop, #tech Twitter. What should I buy? (I don't do Apple and need a machine that can run Photoshop. Current piece of crap is a Lenovo Ideapad.) #asktwitter Travel writer | England Editor @ Essentialist | words: Telegraph, Independent, woman&home, Nat Geo Traveller, DK, Radio 4. Young Travel Writer of the Year 2020
vaibhavkaushal_ Vasudha #OriginalByDesign My @$$ Still copying #Apple! Still shipping that broken furniture OS with it. @system76 is what is original by design (those are bulky but lovely!); Not this crap. And who uses surface laptops anyway!? Tweets are personal and have nothing to do with my employer (current or previous).
MichaelGreen77 NOLA, Who Dat!! Since the virus is fading, we need a new crisis to demand submission and compliance! Who comes to help? TIME MAGAZINE! Still doing it’s part to keep the BS agenda stirring. American media is a crap sham. So sad. Lovin' The Word, Linda, Tyler, Geoffrey, Rachel, and Four Part Gospel Harmony! Does Voiceovers! On Parler, too! @MichaelGreen77
itsmegughan India @theMrMobile I would be willing to buy this if they launch in India. I've had enough of these Chinese mass market crap phones they are selling here. All we had were Apple, Samsung, Asus and LG. And now the 3.5mm jack company is gone. Indian/Engineer/Basketball player
gwylgi @phasmoplasm Apple puts you in as far as customization goes. I had a lady delete her keyboard on her Android once lol. If you were to get an Android, Samsung is the only way to go. LG and Motorola put out crap that’s priced like they’re a flagship phone but won’t last and won’t retain its 3/ art + personal twtr of @dontminethemoon fluid void but f to make it easy demisexual 25 y/o
VincentOchavo @brewzerotops @TonyTone73 @scottaweiss @DanPriceSeattle What are you talking about? Apple only talks about one thing: buy our overpriced crap, even if everything else out there is better. I'd rather take a statement focused on how successful businesses can still provide quality service, and oh our employees are treated decently, too.
Logan_ofthecorn considerable pain Of hardware companies, Apple is seriously the worst. They do planned obsolescence more aggressively than any other company, and they are trying to (or did already) make it illegal for third parties to fix their broken crap. Please stop buying their crap. An American Socialist that can't rely on old world systems. #WorkersUnite Lefty gun guy Pan
WendySparrow Washington State What started as, "Oh crap, I can't eat peanut butter in front of you" is now them staring me down for their afternoon peanut butter. They also sit at the gate drooling while I'm cutting my apple and I can see the accusation in their eyes that I'm taking forever. HAPPILY married author with Entangled and others. Mom. #Autism / #OCD advocate. LDS. Mtn Dew is my patronus. #EDS #Spoonie My YA pseudonym is @WendyLaineYA
NotSaundersTech PROOF when Apple made bootcamp they saw the Windows logo in and called it a day. BootCamp is such a joke holy crap 2 seconds into booting and this I run a couple of YouTube channels. Anything TutuBox related ask @usetutubox.
baba12 Pre: 40.8063232,-73.962755 @dhh if it is a shady program and you believe in capitalism why not boycott the trade-in program & or boycott Apple as well & get others to do so. I feel that we have lost any consumer resistance & put up with crap. Energy,Personal Sustainable Mobility,Innovation in idle capacity and Politics —Things that keep my mind occupied.
gtangjr California, USA A close corollary (not a new thought) is my experience with Apple. Ever increasing instances of software and hardware issues makes me feel like a perpetual beta tester, increased services push means more crap, the forking Siri Remote, equally obnoxious fanboys and haters, etc. It's an economic miracle!
CheleNoel77 @asskickerofyou @mattgaetz Oh you are a rotten Apple there Tim. So full of crap just like CNN!! You spew BS. You have ZERO facts and even less credibility. What you claimed is a damn lie. (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥ Christian. Patriot. Dog 🐾 Horse 🐴 mom. Business owner. Trump supporter. ☜☆☞ USA
siristone ‘Walking on a wave’s chicane’ Wisconsin teachers resign in wake of slavery question - ABC News <WTH is wrong with MN, WI &MI? Have all lost their minds? Getting a lesson plan for $4 and pretending that it’s not offensive racist crap is just mind boggling. #ShameOnSunPrairie it’s 2021! Animals-Art-Books-Earth-Feminist-Film-History-Music-Philosophy-Science-Travel. Happy people don’t hate. Proudly from an anti-fascist family. #ERA #BLM 🇺🇸🇸🇪
thisiswhythepod NYC New episode! This week is called Hitting a Covid Wall with Your Partner. We talk about tips to keep the spark alive and not bore the crap out of each other when you see each other alllll of the time 😐 Comedy & bff advice podcast! Book from Adams Media/Simon & Schuster!📚 Former sketch show!😂 By @lauralane & @speradactyl👯
MrBrianPMartin Wickliffe, OH @codeydraws @CordCuttersNews I prefer the dedicated app housing everything in just one app is frustrating to navigate. You basically made your simple app into a complex OS. I’m an “Apple Sheep” admittedly, but they did this crap with the TV app and it’s tough to look at let alone use.
chris_a_tye Bedale, England So let me get this right. Affinity suite is giving 3 months free, and 50% off, and all 3 apps are optimised for Apple Silicon. Adobe charges a bloody fortune and only Photoshop and Lightroom are currently M1 optimised. That's pretty crap, Adobe. “Some Old Guy"; likes the 80's and Hull FC. Occasional art on @chrisatyeart. Blocked by Jim Davidson before it was fashionable. All views my own.
SMFulton3 Indianapolis @harrymccracken Now that I realize it... The Apple ad shows a graph that I saw in window demos at the time. But I think the TRS-80 is a Level I where someone just typed crap into command lines and pressed Enter. Each time, it responded, WHAT? > Celebrating 37 years as an author, editor, and journalist at the intersection of technology, history, and society. Solely responsible for his content. (cis M)
isaac_andy97 Australia Is it just me or is @disneyplus crap on Apple TV? Like it lags so much, shows and movies don’t load and or grainy (I own a 4K tv) it’s just garbage! I’ve deleted and reinstalled app and it’s still trash. All my other devices it works perfectly I love technology! 😍
SilverMoon_Orig @verge Hah 😂 glad I'm using android and I srsly think that apple is going down by doing this like tumblr 🤦 srsly what do they think of themselves. they don't seem to allow people the freedom they deserve while on the phone. Apple needs to restrict every single crap they can think of. 22 yo Dood, in a relationship with me, myself and I (My 2nd OC Silver Moon (In Profile pic)) Might contain NSFW🔞 stuff from time to time
_TooniX_ @Zergio26842748 @Snutonius @DigitalSunGames @GOGcom Yeah i honestly don't think it'll happen anymore, since they released it for iOS first. and such is tradition, Apple users get the dub for getting incredible ports in mobile, while Android gets stuck with the crap Google Playstore pushes at the front page of their store. This side is purely PG... most of the time. check out my insta.
directhex /dev/urandom Apple can't document to save their lives, their tooling is intentionally hard to drive, and internally contradictory all the dang time. It's just meaningless crap. Standing to brandish the star. He/him
THEMrMurray Nigeratti Manor (conglomerate) If I tell you the apple tree is poisoned, you wouldn’t lecture me about the necessity of eating apples. You’d say “Aw crap”, help me dig the bad tree out and plant a new one that doesn’t grow piss apples. The tree is poisoned and it’s killing people. We need a new tree. Bearer of Christ, Leader of Men | CU Alumni | 1906 | Audio Engineer | Spur of the moment Educator
Mirax3163 @goatluminati we all know apple is already a piece of crap that overcharges for crap products and is terrible for the environment, might as well add this to the pile too 🔞 they/them/28. minors dni. sheith/multi rugged top keith + bottom/trans shiro!!! dark/squick/kink acct is @shirogetseggs. commissions open! see pinned tweet.
fantom4 Peoples Republic of Chingland @Apple Also you have put iOS updates on older device's so they run like crap, but when new are nice and nippy, which in turn makes a user feel like they have to buy a new phone/tablet, even when the older one is fully working. One big money making scam. Just forking over the little guy Autistic Aries ♈️ Trying to Save the Human Race, One tweet at a time, Plus some Random crap. Drone Footage 2
DevSnowDogX @colorofsakura @Apple @discord Tumblr used to be huge, then it pulled this “let’s ban p0rn/NSWF” crap and now Tumblr is irrelevant and I don’t even remember my username let alone my password since I haven’t used it in years. Blue snow wolf
floffice Cape Coral FL Analysis: Joe Biden doesn't tweet enough wild stuff for this Republican - CNN Politics John Cornyn, obvious the the president is working and doesn’t have the time to tweet worthless crap like trump did. You don’t recognize work when you see it! Architect and developer
azacharystein Germany Heights, Germany Since my iPhone 7 Plus auto-updated to iOS 14.4.2 my phone has been basically broken. Camera doesn't work. Apps like Google and Spotify are laggy and unresponsive. Typing is miserable. Apple broke my phone. Between this and my crap 2017 MacBook Pro, I'm absolutely done with Apple Dad, Husband, Teammate, Video Game Sommelier, Guitar Twanger. Did radio and internet things in my past life. Zebras freak me out.
DisgruntledYou2 @tim_cook Since you took over, innovation is no longer your business. Apparently bullying and criminal activity is. Forcing market share by removing things that make people’s technology work more efficiently to force people to only use Apple when your quality is going to crap? Life has no meaning therefore go forth, live a life that makes you happy so long as you aren’t ruining things for others. Kindness is forking free.
SueElle43703894 United States @AngelGotti5 Damn and the ignorant in our party that believed #TheBigLie Just lap his crap up. Is it possible i see your elevator does not go all the way up lady 😱😂🥸. #foxnews must fire @TuckerCarlson racist to the extreme horses 🐎 photography 📷 travel 🌏
MadReplicant California, USA @washingtonpost Apple is so full of crap. They’re fine with using slave labor in China. And Will Smith is apparently OK accepting money from a corporation that uses slave labor. Healthcare researcher, psychometrician, statistician, statistical programmer. M.A. clinical psychology. RT/follow are not endorsements.
MrJoeGomez Los Angeles, CA Why does Lincoln Financial Group’s iOS app suck so much??? A 1.5 star rating in the Apple App Store for a company that has billions invested in it is hilarious. Spend some money and update this crap please!!! @lincolnfingroup Your tears, your L. Quit crying about it.
Zoom808 North West, England Holy Crap Apple Arcade is killing it. Clap Hanz Golf and now Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat is on my phone. Rhythm action works so well on touch screens. Just look at it! VR addict
HamgretSnerden Oklahoma City, OK Apple Cider Vinegar is so vile why the hell is it supposedly so good for so many things? 🤢 I just put it in a face mask and I want to puke, how do people actually drink this crap?? Just wants to write books and keep bees • She/Her • 🎶Just a Soul Whose Intentions Are Good 🎶
SeoirseDuffy_ Essex / LDN "I don't pay my TV licence, the telly's crap. I just get all my media via Apple TV and BBC Iplayer" My guy 😭 is this a confession Aspire to be Meretricious | (he/him) 🏳️‍🌈 | Pronounced Shore-shugh | شورشاه المرساة | Social Media Manager
jwgreer2020 I cannot even stand mint bubblegum these days but for some reason the classic Bubble Yum breeze flavor is still great. Grape, green apple, and watermelon are good as well but not that 5 gun crap. Got plenty of it and enough to kick alien a$$. Who needs bios?
Muffin_cos @Spacey_Parker @RanbooStan_ @beetols02 @BodieBrr Well in my honest opinion I like to mix my apple juice and orange juice just to annoy the crap outta people who fight over which one is better mcyt✨-15-They/Them-Cosplayer
BuKarpiel @chadly_taha @AdrianVdal @UniverseIce Usefully for what you chumpflap? Even zooming on Sammycrap is impossible without using two fingers and the way the lenses differentiate from each other looks like crap. That is why apple is not doing it you blind Korean fan. 11x mistrz Polski we Freeskiingu INSTAGRAM: @karpielbulecka
dmom2124 @CaptJack36 @thebutterknife I had to learn how to drink beer. I started with some thing called a snakebite which is half apple/cider beer and Half lager. It taste like an alcoholic apple juice. But I like dark beers like Shiner Bock not crap like Bud Light. I’d rather not drink Opinionated and unedited. No, I mean it. The typos are horrendous.
LauriLinnea Midwest @IAgreeWithYou_ @seerutkchawla Oh, believe me. I’ve been an Apple nut since the 80s so it’s nuts I’m so pro Gates now 😂 You’re right about the freedom of retirement wealth. And I love what SpaceEx is doing. Also think proprietary Tesla charging stations are a crap way to promote EV adoption Ecomodernist•motiongraphics designer/operator•movie extra•world traveller•atheist•Apple-evangelist•former chemical engineer
DubMnE That’s true. But what they excel in is improving the user experience on an existing product. Any product before they became apple-ized were crap and hard to use. I mean they perfected the Apple eco-system. #DubNation #ResilientSF #NBATwitter #NFLTwitter
TimetoBSPodcast Long Island, NY So because Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts doesn’t upload all of our logos (Spotify only does which is dumb). We have this crap. Don’t worry we’re still part of the Unhinged Network. Just for organizing purposes the studio logo exists. Stupid. We know A @networkunhinged Podcast! Listen to us every Friday at 8pm and start your weekend with us with your host @stanielsmooth! #TimetoBSPodcast #ChurchofJoshAllen
harp_ta 40.026135, -75.030084 @yesokwaitmaybe @PershJohn I literally have no clue what music is popular now. Since Spotify and Apple Music (Pandora too), I’ve basically curated my own radio stations and have no use for that banal, over produced, crap for the masses. Talk so hip but you’re twistin’ my melon, man. #blacklivesmatter
enderraintwt - any/all pronouns @Lunaatics Then a few hours later she asked me if I wanted some apple juice. I was like, maybe 5 or 6 but I knew enough to think 'hoooly crap is this woman offering me alcohol?' so I said no and ran home and started crying. Welcome to the start of my alcohol phobia ''But I'm not dead yet so I guess I'll be alright'' |●| NO PQRTS! |●| beetwt main |●|
justdazzling2 Is anything that doesn’t fit the narrative “misinformation”? And who are the people writing this crap, what qualifications do they have and what analysis/studies have they conducted? Who pays them is the better question! #DefundTheBBC ⚖️ 💍
austin3771 the ville @wwe is crap, you guys knew about going to @peacockTV months ago and I cant get peacock on my @Apple tablet, firestick or my Android phone.
Jon_the_Apple @JoyceWhiteVance @MalcolmNance This is just a disgrace. How much longer do we allow this fascist bull$#¡+ to go on? And btw - when will the “good cops” start coming out against this crap? Why do they continue to allow themselves to be lumped in with these dirtbags? Pathetic. just a dude with a ‘tude...
stevekombolis @dananessel @AppleSupport @FBI @GovWhitmer @MIAttyGen @washingtonpost @WashTimes @FoxNews @SenGaryPeters @RepLawrence @FCC @FTC @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @MichStatePolice @MichiganLEO @FBIDetroit @freep @detroitnews @FOX2News @KamalaHarris @Apple @TwitterSupport @briantylercohen @tim_cook @nytimes @AnaKasparian @cenkuygur @TYT @BernieSanders @MISupremeCourt @TomCottonAR @RepRaskin @RepKinzinger The time of mine she wasted with her corrupt nonsense is absurd. I sent the the rest to the AG DM because i can't get into it here but it's some of the most blatant, corrupt crap i've seen and that's saying something given what I have seen. Is anybody is MI not on the take? No offense to blocked followers, I block everyone now. Have a bit of a stalker issue, (look at profile pic) they even cloned a Senator's account to follow me 😑
_avtl @MrsLFlower @maternityCPD @Emma_Turner75 This series of podcasts is amazing!! I love her ethos and she’s respectful/gentle yet firm Year 5/6 Teacher; English Lead and History enthusiast. Lover of creativity in the classroom. Mum to 4-yr-old whirlwind Free Will Registry