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AliHumdani Dongguan China @Apple is crap specially iPhone 11 and 12. new iPhone same day have to send for repair and service is slow like hell. love to cross the limits. I am internationalist 😊 #DevotedBiryaniLover😌
Jaime_Rivera Holy COW!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯 The @Apple $999 M1 MacBook Air just exported @Pocketnow Daily in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. Not even my $5000 16-Inch MacBook Pro can do that!!! It’s a 10 minute video with chroma graphics up to its gills! Holy crap. This is a freaking paradigm shift 🤯🤯 Gadget lover, YouTuber, runner. Spinning and fitness amateur. CCO at Pocketnow. Opinions are my own.
R3dMotovilov manchester @_saddmitry @lilithfatale i can't use gummy headphones, they just feel uncomfortable for me and often don't stay in for whatever reason. but it's good to have at least a brand to look at lmao. i usually just get whatever crap apple imitation is available so i've not done this before don’t say “make it new”, say fork the police / transsexual communist woman / lesbian / occasional poems
angelfrouk Fryslân Every day I get more and more annoyed at this worthless piece of crap Apple calls a MacBook... Why anyone would even choose to work with these is completely beyond me. Life is a lemon and I want my money back! Frouk, blogger, nurse, idiot, bookcrosser, mad Sims2/3/4 player, creative, Ford Ka enthousiast
AlexMachine North Lake Tahoe @laurenthehough Crap. I need Apple TV? I can’t keep with all of the things. Also.. the video for ‘everybody wants to the rule the world’ is sorely lacking. The song is decades before it’s time. The video is not. I’ve screen captured this and will check out the show. Sturdy Analytical Machine. Newbie here and thankful for something different. Engineer by day. Progressive all of the time. Trans* and damn proud of it.
heliman_david South West, England And in whose pay are you to feed more crap into the system? How do you know that - where is your proof? I’m sure your ‘office’ has been accurate in the past - not !!
idle_prattle @calico_heart_ @nachosNdice4eva Do you eat sausage? Our Central Mkt has the best natural selections w no crap in them. Chicken Apple Gouda is a staple here. I grill it in bite size pieces in my iron skillet. For a treat I drizzle a lil maple syrup and serve with #TíoPelónSalsita the cremosa which is tomatillo🔥 #PreraphaeliteBeauty #smacktivist, #GertrudeJekyllDevotee, 100% Edwards Plateau, and Defender of the Acequia Madre.
AngieFuego Hong Kong @melngai416 Of course I remember Hillsborough, I was in England at the time, it was the biggest news story for days and days. Anyway, The Sun is always crape, and many Brits know that, but it's just like Apple Daily, there'll always be an readership for utter crap. Hmm .... where do I start? | A hybrid of Chinese, Brit, Canadian, Filipino, and Japanese | I'm not pro-China, just anti-yc and anti-bullying. | I do sarcasm.
PaulKirvan @gruber @robinbalen @MKBHD @cjonoski By default, a new Apple Watch user is reminded to breath, sleep, wash their hands, and stand. It’s an incredibly patronizing piece of crap out of the box. You don’t realize that if you’re a long-term user who has turned these things off gradually. I exist
nahvrofickbuy @SpotifyCares @ballinlikenetz Youre going to respond to the idiot. I would leaved him no reply he said he listens to forking a Walmart knock off spotify app called apple music. Let him listen music on that crap if he think apple music is better and not fix his problem If you ever talk bad about the king keemstar something is actually wrong with you honestly you need help.
WhittyPics Clover, SC @iCave_Dave I have 3 Nikon cameras. They make great still images. I wonder how one of my DSLRs would be with a LIDAR sensor on it. The company is on the ropes. Apple could buy them and ditch all the low end crap they sell and focus on the high end stuff that pros buy
manespace Manhattan, NY @hulu fkng deceptive. All we want to watch is A Christmas Story. Apple TV has the option for HULU. We subscribed, paid $12 and now you need a subscription for TNT. TOTAL BULLSH*T. I will never subscribe to HULU strictly based on this bait and switch crap. Cancelling now! ManeSpace is a NYC-based, chicly designed co-working salon. Offering hourly, daily, or monthly options for hair stylists and colorists
MajorsDominique ANY lawyers wanna make a case out of @Chime I think we all could get compensation. At this point they’re worse than Apple with this always needing to update crap ‼️ tomorrow is thanksgiving and peoples cards on are on hold and locked. Mrs. majors.
HeruHer15410868 Ta~Re (earth-sun) Here’s the joke; Apple still looks and functions like crap, Now the punchline; it’s still made in China, the same place the US alleges the Chinese GOV has control of tech; using it to spy on Americans, and the idiots believed Apple is excluded; Holy Sh!+! E Medu Netru: No one can claim to be free, when they’re still bound to the chains of their colonizers: by name, religion, or sociological economic.
starbrite62 Fayetteville, NC @Apple I have a pair. They sound wonderful but the battery isn’t worth crap. The standby time is even terrible. If you have them in your ears and not using them the battery drains a ridiculous amount of time
skreid365 Upper West Side, Manhattan A “proud boy” describing the group as just a bunch of man-childs playing Rambo. What a bunch of crap. Running around spreading hate and hurting people is not a game. Advocate for diversity, inclusion and belonging. Read to live and live to read. Avid DIYer. Believe deeply in “treating others as you want to be treated”
Scrapper929 Beaconsfield, Québec @cdnnavylady @Comd_RCN @Twitter @Apple Best I can tell, when you type captain, you get a pilot emoji?! 👨‍✈️🧑‍✈️👩‍✈️(might as well make it a bus driver one!). Driving a warship is WAY cooler & deserves one of its own. Let’s see if we can hashtag the crap out of this and make it happen #warship #warshipemoji #captainemoji Air traffic controller, retired naval officer, dad, husband, son, brother, uncle, political critic, aviation enthusiast, in no particular order.
200pipss Canada @Apple When are we going to see a flip like Samsung or is it always going to be the same crap over and over again??? i like to comment on markets
PaulKirvan @Charbax @baritone @gruber @vladmarchenko @SquawkAlley @JoannaStern @CNBC @carlquintanilla @jonfortt @JBoorstin The M1 is the fastest thing around single core and among the fastest dual core. If you want an underpowered piece of crap from four years ago, by all means, but Apple won’t be making that. I exist
kaysey17 United States @ldrinkh20 Then explain why Post Malone's autotuned to hell and back's crap is on here. Fiona Apple has more talent in her farts than he does in his "commercially crafted" tunes. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. If your handle has a string of numbers, move along. RT ≠ endorsements.
BradCTucker I'm a New Yorker Let's just state some facts. Fiona Apple had the best album, and @pamelaadlon had the best TV series this year. Awards mean crap. The longevity of their art is the only thing that matters. #FetchTheBoltCutters @BetterthingsFX Just a dude from New York City who walks around in a "#forkTrump" T-shirt.
DestinSusan The Weeknd, Fiona Apple, Harry Styles, Bob Dylan, BTS: Biggest snubs and surprises of the 2021 Grammy nominations via @Yahoo what's shocking is the rap crap they consider music.... I don't watch these joke & pathetic BS shows with fatties 1/2 nude!
Debsam1760 Boston, MA Finally broke down and as a gift to myself bought Apple AirPods (prior had cheaper ones bought on Amazon two years ago.) Holy crap - the sound is AMAZING. (And they don’t fall out of my ears.) Former Dem now #RubioRepublican in opposition territory. I ❤️ Red Sox, Celtics, cats, 🍺, cute animal vids. Que sera sera.
SterpDawg Cleveland, OH @brian_a_peters @Apple Lol dude is such a sheep. Apple rushes out these phones yearly and yall keep complaining but yall are sheep. SHEEP that keep following and buying the same crap. So shhhhh partnered with Empowered Gaming
Heyball Motown @Apple @AppleSupport my kids go remote. Have a perfectly immaculate ipad 2 and cant update it now??? Garbage! Im supposed to go buy a new one? It is crap costomer support that led me to buy a galaxy phone last time. Im up again and was considering going bsck but not now...
BanEvaderSezmoi Tampa, FL @guardiantech Yeah Apple is a bastion of ethics and morality all right. When we gonna let that crap company die? Evading the Bans for the sake of freedom and anarchy.
feline_cannon Laniakea Supercluster @owillis This guy is full of crap on the merits. Searching for crumbs to cry about. Wall Street is out of the loop. No Apple or Google execs. Facebook was working like hell to get Trump re-elected. And the people elevated so far are professional civil servants. “There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something... but it is not always quite the something you were after.”
OFFICIALSTEENK @NashSevereWx The apple crap app says it’s possible to snow on next week on Monday and Thursday, is there any truth to that or is it really just always garbage? Issa banger
smythe1221 Scottsdale, AZ @hayday I am still crashing and it was fine last night. Older Apple IPad running 9.36os. This is a mess! This should have been done in background and tested way before you went live. You people are adding too much crap. It was fun, now after all these’s just work!!
lvald13 @Serge29948835 @BullLogic @digitalspurs1 That's why we are full of swing guys come around and all they discuss is share buyback, apple, amazon..bla bla bla...a week later they realize that's all crap and they sell...who needs that? It is about looking at what we have, the products, contracts, value. $opti It is always prudent to respect the wishes of the three most significant “M’s” in your life: Mother Nature, Mother-in-law and Market Makers
AverageJoeMike Kansas City, MO @h_thoreson @TheOnion I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, which over half of them would taste like crap and/or be poisonous without modification. I don’t think people realize that. Give them a TRUE non-gmo Apple (the size of a half dollar and bitter as hell) and see how strong their stance is after Sr. Net Admin for a VERY large Library System. 3D Printing junky. Man of science, Man of Faith. Overall just this guy who knows where his towel is. #42
wizzyfanboy @xukxeed @WinnieHART01 @Jvstblvck @Pog_llins @Zsauceboi This is bull crap.. ABT is rapidly falling on iTunes, Apple Music and other platforms and you think he is doing numbers you even know the amount of units he sold first (streaming +pure sales ) Music nerd #MadeinLagos stream the latest album from wizkid..I post memes also
bobmcdonald Island of Misfit Toys We need to cut it out with this "History won't be kind" and "We must remember..." takes. First, what history are you referring to? If it's the teaspoon-shallow crap they teach in K-12, then prepare to be disappointed. And selective amnesia is as American as apple pie. @angelofmusic27's hubby. @HorizoneRT co-host. Fountain of active disdain. Follow at your own risk.
xlove_delilahx apple always says no. But i know a big reason why they are saying that is because they won’t offer it not that they can’t. Because they do that for more recent models. Which I think is crap but I don’t wanna go somewhere random and lose everything I have AllBLM|she/they🌈| Black lives STILL matter ⬇️
Rastech919 Wales . @ChromiumDev Given up on Google due to lack of Security, which includes Chrome ( a Chromebook gone too, dumped along with Apple Crap), and de Googling all Android devices. Good luck, the entire World is waking up to the dangers of Big Tech having gone Full Retard. Researched Constitutional Philosophy for over 30 years. Nothing else matters. I Block everyone that adds me to lists. Hungarian Vizsla fan
ColdCathodeMan Proximacentauri @DrewHolden360 It's not about Trump and Trump winning. It's about a clearly broken voting system that's been allowed to run for far too long without any pushback, because we're afraid to upset the apple cart. Our election system is crap. If this helps bring it to the public's attention, good. I've done a lot of things and been a lot of places. Love to travel, shoot photography, and bullcrap on the internet. Former teacher, lifelong student.
ketchup71 Germany, Dresden What is this iOS News widget good for? I cannot configure the topics, sources, anything. And it’s just pushing spam news crap at me. Why does @Apple ship such a pointless... demo? To myself: Why did I delete it just today, not months ago, as I should have? I'm still alive. Which is mostly routine here, so it's really nothing to brag about. Also, I like my routines. That's what I am: pretty boring.
tallgeekychap Earth @MaryRegW @po8crg @stealthmunchkin @WJBarter Yeah, I don't think these two are really in competition. What we need to do is get out of putting out press releases that say the Tories are crap, or that we would like more motherhood and apple pie. Radical liberal. I wrote The Generous Society to explain what that means to me. More art than science. Enthusiastically musical. I work in political risk.
ghaidar0 London, England It's pretty crap that you cannot place an order for a PS5 @PlayStation and have it sent whenever there is stock. It would stop scalpers from snatching up units and reselling them for crazy prices. It should really be as streamlined as ordering an @Apple device on launch day. The 's' is silent. Confused and programming. Opinions are my own. He / Him
Dublinactor Newcastle, New South Wales One of my all time top albums is ‘See You In The Morning’ by Mint Royale. But my scratched CD had been abused by a series of crap car stereos and terrible headphones. I just listened to it on my new Apple Air Pod Pros with the noise cancellation on... An Irish Actor & Photographer. TV & film roles include Ripper Street, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Love/Hate, The Frankenstein Chronicles & Penny Dreadful.
AynavaramGopal Nether Regions @vinayaravind @almostinfamous @spottedhyacinth I feel like in the jobs era we would’ve gotten a lot of shade and call outs and naming and shaming. Tim Apple is not like that. He stands next to trump for his photo ops and bragging. Plus they can’t really name crap when 90% of their lineup is still intel macs. Hence this crap cringe connoisseur
nkumar736 Bangalore Here’s an idea. Take the web version of @AppleMusic and make an #electron version of it. I bet it could beat the hell out of the crap apple is pushing out in the form of its catalyst app 😐 Co-founder of @MusicwhimHQ
PixelJanosz Rorikstead @katearthsis Doesn't everybody have dozens of USB leads nowadays? I know I do. Outside of Apple all that crap is standardised now so the same cable charges my bike headlamp, my phone, my power bank, my Kindle, my vape and my cordless driver. Tosspot. Gamer. Indie Dev Mid-Development. Nerd. Straight White Guy and therefore probably the Antichrist. Silly bugger. It's pronounced Yanosh.
CarynLonz South Carolina, USA @MahirZeynalov @justinhendrix This is crap @Apple, and you know it. “For it is an observation, as true as it is trite, that there is nothing men differ so readily about as the payment of money.” Federalist No 7 She/her
erithacus_ @IanCutress When you see awful crap like this, it makes the direction apple is going in seem ever more sensible. And the direction others are heading? Clunky, inefficient solutions Tweets from an erithacus
feed_md Scotland & Gibraltar. @jmcomms X86 is crap but its 90% of the world so….now if apple and Microsoft do a dead…intel is dead over night….. Technology Entrepreneur, VC Investments, Telecoms/IT/Cloud, Mobiles & Harleys (Formerly weird_hk)
twobaskets beautiful earth America we should be tired of trump crap enough of this mess he lost get over it and take his behind and his criminal family and friends back home. He is trying to drag this out pass certification day enough is enough! We 👀the💩. lover of GOD and human and enjoy spreading the love not hate on this
_AnotherOne_1 Bitch I don't know This is why I stay away from Apple crap. Same crap phone and people buy this crap and act like its the best thing ever! 12 is just few weeks into market and 13 is about to be released DREAMER!..You get to decide what kind of a person you're going to be. .Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. @ManUtd . Raggie music 🎶
Nomad72413865 What a #Load of #Crap @Apple @AppleSupport after running a #diagnostic on my phone I have a #hardware issue that’s wasn’t there prior to the #iosUpdate. So is that the #BS you’re giving everyone with this issue with #BlueTooth and the #SpinningWheel? #Apple you’re a #Joke! #Mets #Knicks #Giants #Rangers #SelecciónColombia #AEW #OldSchoolWrestling #First48 #BarStoolBigCat #StoolPresidente #StuartFeiner #KeithHernandez #MikePiazza
corkjar Minnesota The reason he gets by with this crap is because these Governors stand alone. The gutless, cowardly Republican Representatives and Senators are not saying anything to support the governors. Vote them out along with our idiot President. Hard worker, honest person, loves family, lives life to the fullest.

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