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felixhergood Philadelphia, Pa @hulu’s app UI on Apple TV is objectively crapty and really doesn’t help the user find something they are watching already efficiently. It’s easier to find advertisements for new crap. Produces the @Emergent_Gamer podcast. Mixer: Discord: #emergentgamer #thepizzaparty
ZT0wnsend Michigan, USA After switching back to iPhone after 8 years of Android, the biggest change I noticed is the increase in crap tweaks for $$. I just installed RealKeys (free tweak) by @JustinAlexP and dude, you should charge for it. Apple is gonna steal it, its that good. Pizza Connoisseur. Trying to age as well as Gwen Stafani. Brilliant idiot. Asshole Army. Stern fan. Carly Aquilino thinks I'm cute.
PsycheMax London, England @TheMaractusMan I used hw to refer to HardWare. N64 had a crapload of crap plastic addons - rumble pack, mem pack, 64DD. I love their games, but their business scheme is basically Apple applied to videogames: squeeze the customer. Good reputation, crap hw and abysmal business practice. Napolitan Londoner - some would call me an Italian. Liberal, Renting 🥑. Anti-Nazism, Anti-Fascism, Anti-Racism, Anti-Bigotry, Anti-Privileged-BS (Him)
stacyfaddoul Cleveland, OH #DeborahDugan #MeToo #Grammys2020 I hope all the artists at the Grammy’s speak out and stick up for Dugan. This is complete and utter crap and this sort of thing needs to stop! 😡 #SelfEmployed #TalentAgent #CSuite #ChangeAgent #Influencer #Negotiate #DealMaker #TrumpIsADoucheLord #Nullify2016 #NotABot #TwitterIsMyDailyCoffeeBreak
TimKough I saw Shaun Cassidy sing this song on an episode of the Hardy Boys when I was thirteen and I was hooked!! Holy crap he is such a sensitive artist! And his Adam’s apple, I always wanted Shaun Cassidy’s Adam’s apple. I used to secretly pull out the skin on my throat-like this-
nvader88 @tedlieu I've read the transcript, and as such, I know that you are full of total crap. You people are so scared, so desperate to remove the man that is upsetting your apple cart, your little secret club. You're going down Teddy....No pun intended. Vigilant defender of our Repulic, Anti-Globalist, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Non-Gmo, Proud Deplorable, Saved by Jesus. #MAGA. Q.
sickbl4d3z yes @yoyoha @Apple the touchbar was largely a failure but one upside of customizing it in sysprefs is you can remove all the crap so you just have volume and brightness. Also there’s a button you can add that locks your computer instantly, which I find helpful in shared workspaces, etc. lofi tweets to study and relax
treasounousdon @fitbit spend a little extra, and get the Apple Watch, this Versa 2 is crap!
_asfonseca Brasil WhatsApp sucks! All this crap maintained by Facebook is rubbish. Unfortunately, people insist on continuing to use that. PS: And Apple's image is increasingly compromised. Tim Cook's company should pay more attention to its products, instead of putting so much effort into mkt! Guess what!
SezerTokgz3 @J9Dalton @justinsuntron @Apple Nevermind of that poor hate people have tron is working for something and not talking crap like you if you dont understand the tweet stop replying my friend you waste our time and to hope for an answer to that question is like waiting for dollars rain over the rainbow... Cryptocurrency Mastermind
_asfonseca Brasil WhatsApp sucks! All this crap developed and maintained by Facebook is rubbish. Unfortunately, people insist on continuing to use that. PS: Apple needs to improve application isolation and security on iOS. Guess what!
NewsForLeft Andersonville, Chicago @AppleTV The country is collapsing into a fascist dictatorships day @Apple and @Tim_Cook are trying to sell us meaningless crap. 🌊 🌊 🌊 Host: News For Left | #Lefters | #BlackLivesMatter | Followed by @AdrienneLaw, @DevinCow 🐄 and @Funder | |
TheCommonSens15 Hey, my latest #podcast is FREE on iTunes! If you're bored with the impeachment crap, give a listen: I reveal which American generation I think was the best, and why. And those 5-Star reviews really help if you like it! 😃🇺🇸 A podcast where I say what needs to be said. Independent. Free Thinker. Find me on iTunes, Google Play, Sticher, Spotify, and Facebook.
nubianbabe3 United States @SCOTUS;We need Chief Justice Roberts to ENFORCE THE RULES'Repubs are the one braking them cause they "Can'tStandTheTruth"!And NO APPLE WATCHES EITHER;I am sure that Justice Roberts will fix this crap tomorrow when he is told about it!Fine these Repub Fools-They are following DJT retired h s teacher& USAF Veteran
dmichellewrites Bay Area, CA My homemade pies still look like crap. They taste good, But I’m glad the strawberry hand pies in place of apple is still hubby approved and love. Also approved by me cuz the baker should be happy with his/her work. 🍓🥧😋🥰 It looks like I have my crap together, but my love, assistant, coffee, & gin help with that. All it takes is a little Aunt D magic. #DisabledAndCute 👩🏻‍🦼🌷📝
HitherToFore Washington, DC But they're apple products, and I don't want to bother learning new ui and software crap. I won't use them. But... ripping ofd Mike Bloomberg is a moral act which conforms to the teachings of Buddha... Eh.
gud_tre @gematsucom I don’t mind it being mobile as long as it’s a premium game...this microtransaction crap is what ruined mobile gaming. Apple Arcade showed what it could have been like if games weren’t designed with microtransactions and they’re a lot more fun Just another dino. Business. Graphic designer. Console & PC gamer. Background profile pic from an awesome artist @AlishapExxy. 来てくれてありがとう
RichardiOS275 East Java, Indonesia @SoulVinne gotta say the Apple hate thingy has gone too far, people will bully iPhone users because they thingy the person is spending too much money on that crap and mainly because of toxic apple users who says android users are cheap this to me has gone too far and needs to stop I like cookies, I live in Southeast Asia, I can't speak Chinese and I play a ROBLOX game called Flood Escape 2
iiFir3z Iran ive been drafted @tihmstar i swear if this is a apple watch tv 3rd gen jailbreak im gonna find you and kiss the crap outt u UX Developer For questions please DM me. Current Project: stormdra1n. (My best friends @mcintyre_orin @RogieJaxson @Ge0Spartan @Chr0nicT @BrandonD3V @AllGummy)
Ha3lium Amsterdam, NL, from Dublin, IE @cedivad @Apple The best way to get info on software is not to ask, but to say it's crap and let people provide info to prove you wrong ;) Metalhead, Golang Dev, I also do functional programming for the fun in it. I like cracking boxes and binaries, talk assembly to me.
TiffaniSulliva3 crazytown THIS SHOULD NOT BE A CRIME!! What is wrong with everyone? If you are dumb enough to believe in this psychic crap then don’t play victim when they scam you. This is ridiculous that you can sue and get arrested for being a “psychic.” #News #spiritual 💕I just wana troll💕 #Libertarian (sometimes)💕Socialism is Communism. 💕Black Binder Secrets💕Babes let's talk about the #Universe💕
MissBrookelynB Sydney, New South Wales @sunnyritchie4 @ScarletBlue9 @PunterPlanet @AvailableAngels @EscortifyAUS Me neither! I bought it so I could run with Apple Music and AirPods (no earphones wire) butttt besides that - it was crap! Fitbit is much better 💪🏼 London lady turned Sydney seductress💋💓 Australia 🇦🇺 | Asia 🇸🇬 🇭🇰 | London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | FMTY ✈️ +61452456686
fyitsrafik Kota Kinabalu, Sabah You're good in bragging about being real but the truth is, you're just a rotten apple and bunch of crap What's up G?
morganlynn1992 California @luzdelsol7 Honestly I prefer Spotify a lot more to Apple Music, and there is a Spotify app for Apple Watch but like I said there’s no way to remove the stupid music app from the watch and having it just sit there bugs the crap out of me LOL. + Hookah and Vape enthusiast 🔥⚡️ Coffee lover ☕️ Amateur photographer 📸 Fan of cartoons both modern and classic ☺️
cyotesparadise Newfoundland, Canada @GretaThunberg I agree that CO2 is really bad, but not as bad as chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, apple juice from concentrate, Cold Play, Bruce Willis movies, audio books, Pixal 1,2,3 or 4, selfies, selfie sticks, really narrow toilet paper, non-alcoholic beer, crap dope and loud mouth kids.
HeathenResister Hell and back!👿 @Apple When a crime is committed like murder, than you protect the murderer. iPhones are a piece of crap. Generic and cost way too much. Children in factories die because they assemble this crap. 🙋‍♀️🌊💙🇺🇸Resister Forever! Hate #MAGATS Gamma of 2 beautiful Granddaughters 8 rescue kittys. Love all animals. 🐈🐕🦝🐷🐭🐸
WTimonen Trollhättan, Sverige Have gone through the phone gallery and I feel like this is the perfect Archon. He is a winner with an Apple in his hands sputing crap about how he is completely right, just as a ball thrown from behind is about to knock him down a peg or two. Im just an ordinary Magos. *text* means translated from binary crap languages. *Vodka production on hiatus* *Happy Sanguinala! Be royally pissed.
BenthebodyMoore London @dancleaves @MartinSLewis @SonosSupport @Sonos Mine is same. Bloody great to start with and now crap!!!! Just like Apple really with there updates that if you don’t do screw phone up and if you do eventually screw phone up. Talk about environmental. They say I'm wild and I'm reckless, I should be acting my age I'm an impressionable child in a tumultuous world And they say I'm at a difficult stage...
lbutlr Soviet States of Trumpanistan This is the sort of “journalism” garbage that keeps Slate firmly in the “bad joke” club. What a worthless hit piece of lies, misinformation, and crap. They should be ashamed, but they’re not capable of it. "A real Biff" — @gte. Junior Professor of Indefinite Studies & Kitchen Staff Supervisor
boxjobbjb @united__UK Hay juan I did my homework Q==crap guessing. The earth is a globe and not flat. Turn Q upside down. A as in apple. Q is a caricature on star trek.
TheRLeprechaun North Tipperary, Ireland @Paarth1999 @loganspurgeon @BenGeskin And it's come to a huge cost for apple. As their betas and os are buggy, apple maps is Higley undercut, their apple service repair program is crap because they ask you for billions of logs and have issues,i could go on and on. Main point. Sacrifice information for better experie Just giving my =Personal= Opinion on topics. Try to stay as unbaised as possible.
banglaz @MauriQHD @EthanUnlocked @AppleSWUpdates @BenGeskin Wtf does that have to do with apple? How is the exynos 990 crap? Apple chip have a higher CPU and gpu score over the SD chip, does that make it crap? I am bless.
CryptoIdolic21 San Francisco Bay @JeffKirdeikis @PeterSchiff @blockchain @crypto @CNBC And we’re being rude. This is the kind of crap I get working in IT for 15 years. You guys blame the techs bc you are so ignorant about the tech your using. Microsoft and Apple’s OS’s have made me as a tech loon like crap at one point. But is it the IT guys fault? IT Sys Admin surviving the SF Bay Area. Aspiring to be a Blockchain Whale 😉 $BTC 💯 #Bitcoin & #Crypto is the future. 📲💻
badgerbadger531 Glasgow And, while we’re at it, the vast majority of #Netflix and #Apple is crap. Yes, there are one or two nuggets on them, but vast majority is years old crap! The #BBC produces quality tv and radio. If that’s for me, I’m not in!
DuanePuritan Wisconsin Rapids, WI @JeffBezos Why don't you fix your music app? Apple is leaps and bounds better than your crap app. Judeo-Christian theologian. US Army Veteran (100% Service-connected). Also known as digitalpuritan. Former AOL name is Eldalon and LionofJudeai. #KAG2020
JustinList London @CaseyNewton The chest strap is crap though and apple watch doesnt suport Ant + so got one of these bad boys to monitor my heart rate Head of EMEA Humio . Christian . Sci-Fi author . All posts are my own (sadly ). Coffee is my water
MLBHomeRunKing @FMSthe3 @keepsit1000 @Domsirianni25 @skriptum3 @TroopLoverPauly @PFF My take is players are scheme to their strength and if it’s according to their body type n system fit then just leave it be , u can’t say Apple is to oranges when it’s two different fruit. Eras n rules n approaches determine a lot . The damn telegram vs iPhone kinda crap DONT HATE ME. HATE YOURSELF.
ainekoskitten UK @Lebeaucarnews That bodes well for both then since since hedge funds in general have a crap record. Quite a few seem to have shorted Apple about a year ago. That didnt work well LOL. And we all know how Mr Chanos is doing 🔥 Currently worshipping Loki. One God a week. Much better odds than Pascal's Wager.
ravavyr Atlanta GA @Apple @GoDaddy I try speaking sense to this guy and finally i'm like "So because it's shared hosting you won't make any changes, so i'll talk to my client to move them to a dedicated server" He agrees and my next call is to the client to forking move away from godaddy because this is crap. 5/? Experienced Web Dev. Learning Game Dev. Always glad to help. - - - - -
CoralineAda Chicago Normally I like Apple’s approach to UI, but this Music shuffle and repeat nonsense is crap. There is literally no indication in the UI that shuffle or repeat modes are active, and no way to turn it off. The only thing I can figure out is going to the Controls menu item. Developer/speaker/writer/podcaster. Creator of Contributor Covenant. Ruby Hero. OSS troublemaker. Walked barefoot through the UN. She.
linneydel Trump's Senate trial defense: Abuse of power is not impeachable - CNN Politics. ⁦@SenateGOP⁩ You buy into this crap and let the most corrupt man to ever hold the presidential office continue to commit crimes, you will pay a price at the polls. #ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNow. When in doubt, tell the truth. - Mark Twain #MPC2019 Peaker! No DMs please.
amy1111adams Savannah, GA Shame on CNN for putting such a load of crap out there. While they are correct that MSG is found in plenty of foods other than Chinese food, they are 100% FLAT-OUT WRONG that it doesn’t make thousands and thousands of us very, very... Amy Adams is a poet/writer who wishes to serve Humanity by authentically expressing what it has come to mean to her to be Divinely Human and Humanly Divine.
Msmere7Parker United States Sully Sullenberger Defends Vice President Biden as Trump and Ivanka make fun of his slight stutter he overcame,Biden is sincere,humble and smart, he scares the crap out Tyrant Trump Horrified that Traitorous LIAR has not been brought to justice.He is an attack on our democracy and wannabe dictator like his Boss Putin #RESIST#IMPEACH#PRISON
susannemoore Sydney Australia Bloody hell! This is #child abuse! I know it’s made up marketing crap but too many parents ask their little ones what they want to eat and there is no need. Just feed them properly. No child starved when food was available. #vegimite opinionated person, Consultant, observer, takes no bullcrap, looking at alternative solutions
gainesm I think ⁦@GregAbbott_TX⁩ is a pretty decent Governor. I’d say great, even, if he wasn’t stooping to this GOPutin kind of crap. Texans don’t like it, it’s pissing us off, and we’d REALLY appreciate it if the Governor would stop it. Writer, musician, philosopher, mythical female gaming sci-fi/fantasy-loving all-around nerd. Oh, yeah, and I help make films happen. #PrinciplesFirst #Centrist
moondust_agency Belgique @thatbberg yeah I'm not too pleased about Fitbit being sold to Google, plus my current one (purchased in September) is CRAP and support isn't helpful. Will go to Garmin next, as you can't track sleep AND charge an Apple Watch at night. I run and own Moondust, a multilingual #socialmedia and #contentmarketing agency working with national and international #B2C #B2B2C brands.
loneboomer Another reason to ditch Apple products. Expensive, non-upgradable, sweat-shop produced crap! And now Siri is a bigot! Life is short - Make it good - The clock is ticking
IllawarraFlame New South Wales, Australia. 😡🤬Anyone who does this crap is a thoroughly sick and twisted individual who needs a cell not a gun. Passionate about all things equine and the printed word. Love thoroughbreds and horseracing. Love to read. Love my home, Australia, and my second home, Canada.
BernieCyrus New Orleans If this is true we need a Congressional investigation not this impeachment BS. When Trump falls if he does it won't be for such trivial crap . The Ukraine had never. Even treated better and Russia is proclaiming much condemnation... Pure New Orleans! Times Picayune New Orleans' Own Benny Hill, Billboard, Hottest Local TV ! Gambit Midday New Orleans WGSO 990am Host ...Singer/Musician,
regio67 Dallas, Texas How is this surprising? Rape, Incest - Daily life in these religions, the mormons and mennonites are the same crap! A liberal democrat who lives in Dallas, TX and loves to play tennis :-)

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