Crap stuff

Apple is crap.

The things some people say about Apple is crap.

DoozyMcFloozy ギャビン ヌソムの🔥🔥💩💩 山州、気の毒に… Get a watch, pair it with your Android and let the haptic feature do its job. I sleep thru alarms too. But not getting my wrist tapped. Apple is crap but they have a dedicated sleep feature with “wind down” and “wake up” so likely Android does too. Drunken_Economist. Mindtaker blog is mine but defunct. まぁよいか。DMs open. 英語と日本語、両方駄目何です。 Internet rodeo clown. Living rent free in @japanrojo’s 1LDK head.
twithoff US @morganlynn1992 @Simon818 @Instacart It’s done. Dropped renewal. Enough is enough of this unreliable app crap. Amazon you are on the block soon too given your current disaster unfolding. Apple TV, you’ve become useless and better get unuseless danmed soon. views my own: space software accessibility humor climate sci-fi not a terrorist not a liberal etc.
roderick_davie Tayport, Scotland @Apple your new iOS update is crap phone locked up wouldn’t switch off and dialled emergency services itself , Amazon music can’t see on my car screen now your fine
eideard Santa Fe Easiest way is to stop publishing COLD WAR crap articles like this. Stop encouraging ignorant Americans to feel threatened! What will your party-line be if and when Taiwan voters choose to rejoin a more traditional place within China's governance? One of the older cranks in the American Left.
KalamateeNick @shahidkamal That's not the reality I experience with Android/iOS devices. My Xiaomi is silky smooth and things work as you would expect them to - cannot say the same about the apple crap I got rid of. AROS developer/contributor. Opinions are my own.
lapcatsoftware Madison, Wisconsin The tech media has a *lot* fewer software reviews now compared to before the crap store era. Why? Consumers trust Apple "curation". They trust crowdsourced ratings and reviews. Which is a huge mistake, because those aren't trustworthy. Nonetheless, demand for reviews dropped. Mac & iOS developer. StopTheMadness, Tweaks for Twitter, etc. You may remember me from the Mac OCSP appocalypse.
MichaelDOShea Oxfordshire, London, County Antrim UK, and Zürich Switzerland @elohohel I'm not trying to be provocative but..the response from Apple confirms two things 1) the #AppStore is policed to ensure it doesn't get full of crap, and 2) it is policed by an individual not AI or some machine learning bs. Both are thumbs up from me. Lodge an appeal & report back A Software Developer, closet Synthetic Organic Chemist, Dalek builder, proud Kiwi, migraineur, and maybe I'm Batman too? Guinea pigs are cute.
ogpremg @kote_kipiani @OverclockedThe I respect your preference but , the Microsoft device is pretty crap and at this point you I am getting a feeling like you are a weird kid (apple) who is jealous that his younger brother(Samsung ) is doing better . Food lord and Tech enthusiast
antfarmer Sydney Trying to watch the Velvet Underground doco on #appleTV and plagued by tech woes. Couldn’t cast from iPhone, now playing it direct from our Apple TV box but it keeps crashing. Dunno if @AppleTV is forked or my NBN from @vodafone is crap 😡 News producer. Likes politics honest, sport tribal. Views own etc. Double vaxxed of course.
RealMaat New Orleans Louisiana @Apple Big things? Na its more like a big takeover by big brother! Apple is done as a trusted reliable company, everyone knows you run slave/death camps in China, and you support tyranny in America by allowing big brother to surveil people through their iphones. Only sheep buy this crap Patriotic freedom fighter. MAGA girl, conservative Trump supporter. live on YouTube every Monday & Friday 6pm EST. #MAGA #Patriot #ProLife #Conservatism
HarlariousT @Interbrand @stevewoz @Apple @Larry @ge I worked at IBNY on BGB and your methodology is crap. BGB is You trying to make clients think they are getting actual value for your unearned fees. Do you really think Tim Cook is saying, “OMG! We made BGB again!” He’s not. No one is. Dogs are proof God exists. People are proof the devil does, too.
coachelgee Eastvale, CA THIS IS A SCAM! I’m trying to find out if anyone else who bought the tremendously overhyped iPad Pro M1, is tired of this crap. Bottom line, this very expensive piece of kit isn’t much of an improvement on the last model AT ALL! For photo and video Father to Marcus & Michael; Teacher; Retired Cop; Coach, Huskies Youth Basketball;
lemmebwhtim @harsimrans307 @Dilsedesh She has lost her mental balance clearly. Since morning she has been uttering crap without thinking twice . For one bad apple she is bringing out demons of past and even insulted the Granth sahib never back down
TexPika Texas, USA Damn I have to go through a lot of crap to get my free 6 months with Apple Music since my service is with Verizon. So much back and forth and finally it worked lol. Fix your crap apple 25/bi/demi/right lib. big dummy pikaboi, proud Texan. i like anime, military, guns, cutesy things. alt @punishedtexpika boiwifey: @Lukas01er
BlompfJunior Weimart Neoliberal Clown Hell @getongab I'm no fan of Apple, but the reason the CCP is doing this is because the CIA uses religion and SJW crap to subvert other countries, they have a long history of doing it. Are you going to live in 🤡 world for the rest of your life? 🇨🇳🇵🇸🇸🇾🇮🇷 joke/art, parody account. Non-violence.
DoozyMcFloozy ギャビン ヌソムの🔥🔥💩💩 山州、気の毒に… Get a watch, pair it with your Android and let the haptic feature do its job. I sleep thru alarms too. But not getting my wrist tapped. Apple is crap but they have a dedicated sleep feature with “wind down” and “wake up” so likely Android does too. Drunken_Economist. Mindtaker blog is mine but defunct. まぁよいか。DMs open. 英語と日本語、両方駄目何です。 Internet rodeo clown. Living rent free in @japanrojo’s 1LDK head.
LunchBoxCan @StephenPunwasi Over priced crap is what Apple is. Look up the YouTube channel Louis Rossmann. He repairs their junk in New York City and has been fighting Apple for right to repair legislation over Apple's corrupt "Just replace it" attitude. They are an evil company if people dig a little! Angry and frustrated at how stupid general society and government is.
Shellbee1989 Carmarthen, Wales WHY??? Is so many people wanting to change Britain so it is NOT Britain anymore. It’s getting out of hand all this offensive crap. It has been that name for a long time and it’s only NOW a big deal because people have to see everything as RACIAL it isn’t.
jimmyH1968 @ZollerTrades @Zurik69420 @Tyler94519182 @RjeyTech I would also rather have a more sturdy product not lightweight plastic that is crap. And if you have apple products the I tergration is insane. Nothing Sony can do.
PhillipReid17 Ottawa, Ontario @Novaflash_ this is crap I need them to back in my issue @TwitchSupport @Twitch please fix it I’m using an apple iPhone and an @icloud email address please fix this this has gon unresolved for close to a month smarten up or I will post a video about this real bad experience trans women
dominocollege Indiana, USA More Crap from the ⁦@verge⁩. The tech enthusiast with no enthusiasm website. MagSafe is awesome. I Use it to dock my phone in the car and on my desk. The only time I ever connect a lightning cable is for CarPlay. Which is also awesome BTW. Rational thoughts on Apple, Inc. Critiquing technology and its critics. Centrist. Immune to algorithms.
HpNightmares @hansvestberg Hans, did you know that when you have a certain plan with Verizon you get Apple Music free? I know! The problem is that Apple has no idea about it, and your Verizon reps can't make it work. Oh, and Disney too. And Hulu. Your company stinks like crap on ice. The site of all nightmares VERIZON
expatina Here and There @Apple I hope you will explain why dictation is crap and why on Maps, it says “SAW-JER-TEES” instead of south.” Is Siri drunk? Or just App updaters? Writer. US/Europe. Blocked by @maggIeNYT @davidsirota @ggreenwald, @seanhannity.
topologic_apple @RakijaFin I'm figuratively sick of covid, we are way past time to move on imo... hate masks, distancing, measures and all that crap. Covid is going nowhere, ppl have to accept life has risks. Scientist, investor, perpetual learner, risk taker, health and psychedelic explorer, family provider. Allergic to beliefs.
WhiteSpir1t New Jersey @Apple Macs. Good hardware but software is crap. Which is why I’m running Windows 8.1 on my MacBook Air for everyday needs. No forced updates and no broken binaries. #WalkedAway #TDS is REAL🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸THE #GREAT #PURGE #DrainTheSwamp #SocialismSucks #AmericaFIRST
LittleR43225510 Midwest, USA @TheOthe94154515 Research the doctors who were fired for curing their patients, 1 was in Italy, can't remember the name. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar with the Mother in it (regular is crap). Research before treatment even a biopsy. An extremely intelligent, highly intuitive empath, whose favorite hobbies are learning and making a difference on a grand scale.(Thanks Whoever!)
TheodoreG1414 Pittsburgh, PA @techaftmidnight @Apple Nobody is saying you need to pay more for what YOU need. Unfortunately I need to use Office on occasion and will never own another crap Windows machine. My new $900 M1 MBA is lightning fast with two-day batter life and the ability to run both iWork and Office, a no-brainier. I block ignorant MAGAt's like a pro. Puckhead #Pens #NHL #Resist #TrumpIsALoser F the GQP and NRA #BlueWave 🌊 🌊 A lover of Psaki bombs.
apple_iJUNK @playfuldroid Besides BOTH phns being 5 yrs AHEAD of overrated iJUNK 13 crap and BOTH phns are well-made and beautiful, I have to pick Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G, between the phn, which is not an easy decision, as BOTH phns are great. #Resist #Resistance 🌊🌊 💙💙Don-SUX. LOVE 😍ALL brands,except CrApple & will NEVER use their overrated,yrs BEHIND,..prods even if they were last comp on earth.
canmd1971 @ilionblaze @ColinDMello @fluffytiel unsurprisingly its a crap system. can't upload to apple health unless you have ios 15. can't add to apple wallet. so we save a PDF somewhere in our phone and hope we can find it when the time comes. the apple wallet version is way better.
BLGteen @Apple my husband loves your products, as does my daughter; however I hate them. Absolutely hate my phone and service is atrocious. I also hate the amount of money my husband wasted buying this piece of worthless crap. Never again. Hate phone
fpl_kazza @apple_bonkers he gets escape goateed a lot by utd fans its not his fault a lot of the times the system is built to his strengths ppl forget Pep wanted fred b4 they got rodri and we saw rodri have crap first season until pep changed system to suit rodri unfortunately utd and OSG doesnt do that 'It can't rain all the time...' remember that especially for FPL 4xtop 10k finishes, 20/21=12k #FPL, Football, Cricket, Justice RTs, likes ≠ endorsement
Rule_of_Thu US @stevanzetti Dealt with Crap like this years ago because some a-hole tried to traffic kids in the lolita tag which is primarily used by Lolita Fashion / Japanese Fashion. Short version: we mass reported until the FBI got involved, then Apple found out and Tumblr nuked all porn from the site. "我没有 lose my horse 我在 lose my mind!" Politics and bunny pics. 10/10 will regret following. Trespassers will be buried in academic literature.
GIRsdoomsong Norwalk CA. @LokiWasAdopted @The_Itch @Apple And unfortunately, Windoze is crap, and I'll NEVER go Chrome. #NeverGoogle I'm still a big blue resistor!
parvonia Him @tim_cook sorry but your @Apple Watch 7 colors are crap, this black one is a joke, canceling my order on 7 and keep my 5, next time Apple launch proper colors I will think about upgrade. @pschiller @cue o público protestou contra a caricatura, provavelmente porque se viu nela …
agentfiftyseven Detroit, MI @Profess0rP @juanbuis It's a little bit cause US tech infrastructure is crap and a little bit cause Apple doesn't have to compete in a country where it's a monopoly, but y'know. A latest tweets girl in a top tweets world. Providing UX hot takes, existential breakdowns, and just a little bit of Midwest dad energy. 💙💜💖
MayNelson52 @nz_marvin @Apple Not Me i got the wireless charger and EarPods that's it. The port on the phone is crap apparently when I took it back there was plastic in it. Not what we'd expect with the cost of a iPhone 11. Autistic, Politics, Cats, Socialism. ClimateChange. No FPBE, Bitcoin or Sellers. Trolls & Bots=Block on Sight. accidental activist. Maria
mpanowicz123 @junesrealdad @FieldView We have problems every year too. And we are connected through a Gen 3 precision monitor using their module. Big thing is Apple. Get rid of the damn apple crap and make it available for Android. ipads are a joke. When is Android supported? Farmer- Husband- Father- Farmer
UbervillesD the Shire @blueberryhush Apple cider vinegar helps. Remove all wheat, dairy, alcohol, sugar and processed foods for a while. Make bone broth yourself (the crap in stores is crap). Also, intermittent fasting helps simply by forcing your body to create new cells. Watch Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube Just happy to be here.
gregorykingjr Here! @JoeyOcho305 @wfjr2020 @montaga Classic meme and I need to stop. This "Christianity" hustle wears me down! Lol Literally, the first two Bible stories: 1. Eve ate the apple. 2. Cain killed Abel. The crazy part is black men cherish fatherhood. We NEVER crap on a brother head if his kids aren't 'perfect'! I believe in Canes Football & Truth. If you're against either I'm not sure we can be friends! 🤣 Just jokes, I love urrbody! Carpe Diem!
thecarpenter187 New York, USA @JeffordDaniel @bhatsameer @notouchingme @Frankst97652835 @GEORGE_SPEC_13 @safemoon @Apple Meme crap 🤣🤣what is doge 🤣🤣 jeffy . U are the biggest idiot of crypto Look up #safemoon and see if it's a meme token tight now. I guess u haven't gone to coinmarketcap and find out for yourself. Do your research buddy before saying stupid crap. U looking more dumb by the day #SAFEMOONARMY Since April 10th 2021 Long-term holder DIAMOND HANDS 💎💎
JeffordDaniel @bhatsameer @notouchingme @thecarpenter187 @Frankst97652835 @GEORGE_SPEC_13 @safemoon @Apple Dude you are literally invested in a crap coin and your entire feed is meme crap. You wouldn't know crypto if it but you on the nuts
JonFordWarks Warwickshire And the "apple a day" is covered in the book and how calcium content of apples has reduced by half because of crap soil Horticulture on large estates, gundogs, wildlife, art, L3 Canine Studies
Dabblybabblymum 😂🙄I hate this community not schools crap. Schools are community you donuts! Only with the youngest and more vulnerable all in one place! ⁦@SafeEdForAll_UK⁩ Virus is rarely spread in our schools, say education chiefs, yeah ok 🤡 Mum 👩‍👧‍👦wife 👩‍❤️‍👨 spoonie,🥄 wannabe artist 👩🏻‍🎨, home educator 👩‍🏫. Supports Asd awareness 🧩, safe schools 🦠 cv families against fines ⚖️
apple_iJUNK @hana___anah Not really. I want to be in space for a day or at least 1/2 of a day orbiting the earth for a while, before coming back to earth. 11 min is crap. How do you possibly experience the actual being in the space in 11 min going up and coming right back down????? #Resist #Resistance 🌊🌊 💙💙Don-SUX. LOVE 😍ALL brands,except CrApple & will NEVER use their overrated,yrs BEHIND,..prods even if they were last comp on earth.
BobLocomotive Copperhead Road MissouriOzarks Too bad this young lady had a piece of crap for a boyfriend but bidens Afghanistan is being overshadowed by this story and I’m still wondering about hillary and Benghazi. MSM sucks. Just where in the hell is hunter? 🖕🏼This🐵💩administration Trump won the 2020 election. All in all we’re just another brick in the wall🏢phauci is a fony👉🏼lets go brandon BuckFiden👈🏻
itshqyley she/they | aussie oh crap pebble brain is out for me rn but i can’t even listen to it cause 1 i’m going to school and 2 it’s only on apple music 🥲 full time george enjoyer ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @sapscrouches; the dream to my george
Nerfgun The Other Side @BenjaminHendy my complaint with airpods is that they are crap for longevity and easy to lose, but all that is also true for the BT single-ear things, & I have to admit in retrospect, the Apple ones look less alien than the stuff Jabra et. al was putting out at the time. and I had one of those
_Rena_Chan_ Where the rain never stops What’s all that fuzz about the start menu in #Windows11 ? Idk maybe it’s me, but I just hit start, begin to type what I’m looking for and hit enter blindly (funny how Microsoft overtook Apple in search reliability, spotlight is crap). Don’t even look at it or its placement.
angelaleeuk Europe @AmandaKendal @Apple Also, dear Apple, why is not possible to disable music before I plug my phone into the car socket and get an earful of whatever crap you choose to throw at me. Unless of course, I enable your nosy screen time, in order to disable the car play. Ever felt bamboozled? Plongeur at Schumphorpe Bus Station Cafe. Reporter, social worker, manager. Bee keeper. City & Guilds trained veg grower. Life Member GMB.
Real_Deko Hartz 4 Höhle @LinusTech @Ugreen_Official My first (and last) apple device was an iphone 12 pro Sent it back 1 day later iOS is crap IT-Technikerin welche gerne hilft | linksgrünversifft | she/her | 18 | pan / asexuell | | Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Nutzerin