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justincase_no_n @AnaKasparian non-apple: each new one gave new extra performance/abilities Apple: is crap and you're a sucker for ever owning their devices. They change cords the way Brita changes their filter shapes torrent 228d838ea9d3e453f91c481291dea71a221a9e20 #stopsterrorism #lawfulguns
AustinDane2012 Joplin, MO Well I am saying this it’s sad Apple would not put 7000 series aluminum and make the newest iPad Pro very strong looks like everything Apple pro is showing you all that be warned you’ll need a case I won’t buy this it’s crap @tim_cook @Apple FIX THIS PLEASE MAKE IT STRONGER 🤬 lemons 🍋
CMoney4Ever Well this is why ⁦@GoogleStadia⁩ ⁦@NVIDIAGeForce⁩ Now and ⁦@Xbox⁩ xcloud are not on the App Store. ⁦@Apple⁩ cut the crap and let this happen. This is dumb. Apple’s App Store Rules Limit Rival Gaming Services While Arcade Runs Free Husband. Father. Gamer. I play on every system but I'm @Xbox 4 Life! #TheNewBeastIsUnleashed Holiday 2020!! Gamertag:CMoney 4 Life PSN:CMoney4ever
pshill2010 Wimberley, Texas Reiner is pathetic piece of crap he’s a racist, a hater, and jackass! Reiner will be one that causes people to die! Born in Jonesboro, Arkansas-God, Family, Country,Christian,CONSERVATIVE, Wife, Mom of 2 sons- 30 years / 21 years old - a certified MLT(Medical Lab Tech)
h_ebertlima Sao Paulo, Brazil after 2 months using @AppleMusic, holly crap, excuse me @Apple, but your music streaming service and Itunes is a shame, it always crashes, the music stops for no reason and it doesn't have all the songs I listen to on @Spotify, this is the last month 😪 Developer | Freelancer 🖥 ☕️
marygeorge1234 Oh crap,TRUMP and his dam loyalty! Who in gods name does he think he is? King Pharaoh🤮🤮🤮
TheAgentBurgos No One Knows And now my iPhone is dropping calls due to the model made in China or some crap like that. Cmon @AppleSupport @Apple @tim_cook can’t afford a new phone when I know I might be laid off because of the pandemic. One man Wolfpack. Comics, Hot Toys Figures. ADIDAS ONLY Ultraboost Size 13 NMD 12.5 #BadLuckBurgos Blood Type: L 📬 #GifGOD
PatrickCrough Manhattan, NY @AsurionCares Every time I get phone from @Asurion, it’s “remanufactured” and stops working. The last one didn’t even turn on Day 1. This will be my third iPhone X from u.. my fourth if you incl my original iPhone X: side button malfunction. @Apple this phone is crap. @Android, sup sexy? 😏 a boy from Kansas 🌻 makin it happen in the best city in the world, NYC🗽
System2048 uwuhan @TheNoahParty @AnAppleFangirl i prefer it tbh. don't get me wrong though it's just because macos is really nice with a trackpad and apple makes good ones. everything else is pretty crap in comparison lmao Luckiest person in the world. KFA member. Professional procrastinator. MS and 1+ fan. #CoronaCrew2020🦇
hsgenerator W)(Y W)(Y T)(-E S)(IT IS WHEN I checked, more APPLE JUICE into your stupid sexy science crap from DAVE: and sassy. i generate tweets based on the extended homestuck search archive at @larnbrozoi is my mom
WarPwnie United States @Apple your iPhones have gone from the best in the world, to utter crap in the last few years. Gestures are constantly broken, keyboards pull over conversations, and other random and obvious glitches that go unresolved for YEARS. What gives? Where is your leadership? InfoSecs from the "Deep South" or so they tell me. Cyber defense for the small timers - or anyone else who thinks they can't afford it.
realkitchenzink Donald Trump is BANNED from bailout funds for his businesses as Democrats crow that his family and Jared Kushner are specifically excluded from $2 trillion aid package  via What is this crap?? 😡 @realDonaldTrump Christian/Conservative/Breast Cancer Survivor
JamalyanMikayel Copenhagen, Denmark @isyedibad @TheRolen @UniverseIce I have sent you many screen recordings on how iOS is smoother and that iPhones don’t age like total crap it’s a reason for why iOS is better from me personally combined with Mac Apple Watch and privacy makes it better for me personally, I don’t care about changing an icon pack:) 🇦🇲/🇩🇰 🎃 #pumpklicious if you know you know
JasonCarrTV Michigan So let me see if I've got this straight. After two decades Apple/Google still can't tell who you are? Me: I forgot my password. Big Tech: go to and tell us everything you entered in 2011 and immediately forgot. Who else thinks this is crap? Anchor/Reporter/Host, husband to Taryn, father to Gianna, MSU grad, devourer of bacon and other fine dining, spouter of useless trivia. Go Tigers!
turk_mason New Zealand The iCloud file share is crap- only works if it’s from Apple to Apple - won’t work on any other OS..DropBox and One drive light years ahead Not my Circus....Not my Monkeys
jamiemunro3 Highlands Ranch, Colorado Podcast with @tyxanders talking about a lot of “ins and outs, lots of what have you’s, and if you wills” as it relates to recruiting and all the other crap that is happening. JM3 Sports, Founder 3d Lacrosse, DC Atlanta Blaze '17, Analyst ESPNU, HC Mt. Vista, AC TRHS Girls, HC Denver U, Boston Blazers '93, Wolfpack, Brown Lacrosse HOF
ArtTeacherPaul Saginaw, TX And this is exactly why it is inappropriate for our President to be spouting off whatever he thinks he knows about treating or preventing any diseases. Not blaming him 100%, but this kinda crap needs to stop coming over the presidential “pulpit”. Stay at home dad of 7 trying to make sense of a continually changing world 🌈
MissAyePea @shortkattt @hotspurjp @FINALLEVEL You can help your community you call your neighbors especially the elderly and ask them what do they need done and you do it at a distance if it is possible to make your money and I know you got that cell phone so you can do that on Apple wallet or PayPal crap or whatever keeping some things to myself lover of football animals water dolphins chocolate The show big brother men flowers peace stability laughing and THE OSU Buckeyes
Rick2712Graham Jacksonville Beach, FL Are you freaking kidding? This bill was done Sunday and should have been passed, signed and implemented Monday morning. It is now Tuesday afternoon, and you are still holding this bill hostage for your partisan crap? Shame on ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ !!!! Surfing the music world, in search of creative works
Patrick37083141 Any company out there if they can’t make it, why should we the people bail them out for their failures? Microsoft company is rich as hell they over charge for there crap. They got video games with XBOX and we bail them out! Apple to 700-2000 iPhone come on really.
os_boris @emmanuel_litela Truth? This isn't no where near the's just like saying iPhone is better than Samsung and that Samsung's best phone is Apple's worst phone...he's not being wise. He just posted this crap for likes I like what i like very much, you can call it an obsession Idc. Solid Chelsea fan💙 #ktbffh
fantailmedia Minneapolis @cyclistmatt For the record, cloud is “backup”; don’t trust anyone with your original files. I’ve had two Apple Time Machines just die; get good separate drives and keep rotating/buying. Mine are full of crap, but nobody cares but me. I don’t worry about “client files”, since it’s not my job. #livemusicphotographer. +1 of the Cookie Lady. Dad. Dog is my co-pilot. @MCAD alumnus. Sober. @fantailmedia on Instagram, too.
karen31968079 BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus bailout stalls AGAIN in deadlocked Senate as Republicans and Democrats collapse into partisan bickering and Nancy Pelosi unveils her own rival House bill  via It is time to stop this crap!!
Ramsamgab utah, US of A ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ ⁦@SenSchumer⁩ shame on you. I can’t work, my son has cancer and we are protecting him. My oldest son is about to lose his job. Cut the crap and help the people. #CoronavirusPandemic #democrats #kag keep America great 🙌🏽book hoarder shabby art girl at heart, give me all the books and let me think for myself and i am happy
GraceSpencGreen This episode is about how disabled people can be valuable in this time of isolation, and we’ve got some really special guests joining us: @sophmorgTV @Nik_Hartley @TheRuthEarley Medical student, climber, disability podcaster
ExpatBanana Kansas, USA @carrie_solari @Apple @amazon Don't want to die and don't want the poors to attack them when we realize how they are selfish a-holes who don't give a crap. The most *any* wealthy person has given is $18 million during this. It's incredibly disgusting. They literally made more than that by shorting the market. Born in Kansas. Farm boy and #author who loves to write. #poetry. #politics #BernieSanders #Election2020
josh_asplund Urbana, IL I can’t tell you how untrue this is. So I’ll just get up from my desk with 2 extra monitors and a custom Apple keyboard to tell my wife, who’s down on the couch writing notes and drinking tea. Crap. I’m a stereotype Computer scientist
GlenMah Calgary, Canada @SweetGeorgia_77 @CJW_101 @yegsheens @Wingnut9793 I've never been an Apple guy. Android for me. I used to use Samsung stuff, but I've been using Google Pixel phones for them past 4 years. They don't have all the extra crap that Samsung phones have, and the Pixel's camera is amazing.
WSheeeeet San Fransisco @AkaFbr @Hotien78460478 @buffalo1986 @AndrewPollackFL @realDonaldTrump With an average lifespan of 2 years and the shoddiest solder points you'll ever see it absolutely is crap. Gunna be hilarious when Apple can't get more phones because China's dealing with a routine virus. This platform and it's denizens are literally the worst thing. The internet was a mistake. Pronouns are Lizard/Lizself
MAT53_ Scotland Just did Chap Door Runaway at my Mums. Left her Mother’s Day gift bag & roast pork, apple sauce dinner on the door step. Spoke to her briefly from the garden gate. And told her to wash her hands after touching the things I’d left. This is all such utter crap. 😥 Live for Love..... music & good food
SbuMV ÜT: The Apple TV + app is crap. U pay for a monthly subscription and then u pay for each movie or series u wanna watch. I’ll rather stick to Netflix and Showmax. Entrepreneur. Television Producer & Director. Show Runner. Creator. Motivational Speaker. SAFTA Winner. 2019 M&G 200 Young. 2019 Accenture Rising Star Finalist
SteveOpined Ethernet As a 63 YO diabetic this question scares the crap out of me because I’ve run scenarios my mind and I lose almost all the time. The only winning hand is not to get sick. 😷 I work that plan everyday. Social distancing and hand washing. Old, Retired Army, loves 7&7s, vodka and anything, and rare steak. Pay it forward. Let go and let God. Remember, Hope is not an option, but have hope anyway.
DBaptistaSilva Lisbon, Portugal @Frank57821953 @UniverseIce Except Android itself doesn't handle that much RAM. It's future proofed? Sure. But that's it. "Almost no one". Except Sony, LG, Asus, every single mid-range and low end phone etc. Just because Apple doesn't have it doesn't make its absence acceptable. US fps is crap & less secure Desacordista. I don't have to justify myself to people on Twitter. Into tech and politics. This isn't a 'safe space' for SJWs. You've been warned.
Forgie_Arts Estevan, Saskatchewan @thesilentwolfrt YUP Apple are crap my ipad i use for art is a few years old and is already nearly unusable and i cant download the newer updates for my art program cus "this device doesnt support these features" like fork off im not buying a new one cus I CANT AFFORD IT Personal account of @ForgieArts all round trash and TF enthusiast, occasionally NSFW, They/Them/It ☭ Engaged to @Kaipock 💚
RealPro4Real Las Vegas, Nevada @MPA1972AG @LlnuxBot @microsoft_ch I like the Fedora Linux Operating System & I prefer @OpenZFSonLinux as a file system b/c it beats Windows NTFS and Apple APFS easily! We run Fedora on the web & mail server. However, Linux on the Desktop can be quite a pain if the opposing side only knows Windows! NTFS is crap!
scotland_mma 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @MMAassault1 💥 Because there's a garden here with a nice bench where the sun traps and its handy for relaxing, got pear tree apple tree, tho their crap, and the best of all a plum tree it's the things I'll miss the most about here, god knows now what the plan is, we'll see bruda 👊💥 ALL THINGS COMBAT BOTTOM LINE !!! #TeamMMA4Life #TeamBoxing4Life
SpecialAgentCS United States @samschneider @DeanObeidallah @realDonaldTrump Trump knew in December and refused to do anything except tell his admin to keep it quiet. The only apple/orange comparison is trump to someone capable of giving a crap about someone besides themself! #STFUImpeachedIdiot Mother, grandmother, lover of Earth & animals. Sometimes ungrateful empath. Wishes everyone possessed reading comprehension. WV Mountaineer transplanted in FL
why_two_wit Houston, TX This is exactly the kind of BS Donnie Darklord & his minions will pull during this challenging time. No matter how CRAZY it may seem, we need to push back HARD every time this administration tries this utter and complete crap! #OneVoice1 #ComeTogether #OneVoice1 #SnarkTankMemes #Supermajority - We have lots of work to do in local, state and federal elections between now and 2020 - #GOTV2020 #Z1
Belodo Toronto The school year is doomed and cancelled. Ford hasn’t fessed up yet. Stop reporting crap please. eLearning doesn’t happen overnight @sflecce @fordnation it takes qualified professionals to make it work. Make right by teachers already. @metromorning strategist / technology / finance / sales / marketing / advertising
JennaFoxface Murica Liblouis Braille translation tables are crap at anything beyond basic algebra and run screaming if you try and use Nemeth code. Apple's translation tables can't even handle fractions. I guess LaTeX could work but maths in python is a bit cleaner lesbian computer nerd who can't see and swears a lot. She/her
dski4596_proud ⁦@USATODAY⁩ you suck even worse now! ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ is and will always be the best president America has had. Even through a crisis like this! I smell DemonRats behind this crap being spilled out by #FakeNewsMedia Not so special. A VET that loves this country to its fullest. I don't like racism, but I do stand for the CHRISTIAN way! #TRUMP2020 #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #NODACA
TexasEEOLaw Houston, TX ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ “I accept no responsibility at all” “but let me, ⁦@FoxNews⁩, ⁦@brithume⁩, ⁦@OANN⁩ and ⁦@newsmax⁩ tell you whose fault it really is ... ⁦@BarackObama⁩.” It’s a shame people believe this crap Employment lawyer. Represent employers and employees. 30 years ago, my mentor told me to seek the truth as a lawyer. Still do that. Tweets are not legal advice.
JoNosuchinsky NYC Grease is the word, apparently. But it’s also a crap film. Hear my argument on this episode of @guttingthe with @KevinGootee and @kevinisrael_nj. I still love you John Travolta. Actress -- Compound Media's "Mornin'" Co-Host -- Miss NY USA 2013 -- Libra
JohnsRocknRoll Memphis, TN Unfortunately I think we have to blame ourselves a little bit we’ve opted for cheap stuff even though I’m talking on a $700 iPhone looking at a 50 inch Chinese made TV set and Apple Computer and Klipsch sound bar everything is made in China and most of it’s cheap crap Here for politics The “right“ way. @potus #maga #kaga2020, #Qanon, Backup Qtruth6, #WWG1WGA 2020 The decade end of political correctness. IFBAP
sublime_skeptic ⁦@CNNPolitics⁩ truly who gives a crap! The country is crippled, its economy is destroyed, and folks are dying you stupid f”ck$ ⁦@CNN⁩ continue w “orange man bad” crap freakin insufferable douche bags.
nigrugthug @Haggisontoast @Takru5 @KingBobIIV @Steven_Swinford @DavidHenigUK @vonderleyen This is total utter crap ! Who are the biggest profit making entities in world !!!? Amazon Google Apple etc !!! And where are they based idiot !? EU tax havens ! We are talking 100 $billions of tax avoidance !!! You clearly are a #remainer !!! I knew in 1972 that EURO would be disaster for EUROPE
lapcatsoftware Madison, Wisconsin The updates are literally FREE, and yet many users still reject them. Users are turning down free software. That's how bad it is. We're fed up with Apple's crap. No more! Mac and iOS developer, available for hire. Formerly Rogue Amoeba, Vienna RSS, ClickToFlash, Knox, etc.
DMsWorkshop Waterdeep, Faerûn @thenewstarship It kind of looks like Apple became sentient and assimilated all of humanity. And yet it's somehow still better than Enterprise. But one thing is completely unforgiveable... Moving saucers. What the actual crap? How does that even work from an engineering perspective?? D&D Dungeon Master | Best-Selling DMs Guild Writer | Freelance Writer/Editor | He/Him | #DnD
kindcutesteve Las Vegas, NV Here is the snake oil Trump has been touting as a cure for the virus without any testing or approval. Can you imagine this was the 19th century, what kind of crap would he be selling and how many ppl he conned. Progressive, Former Policy Analyst for two NYC Mayors; Consultant; Retired Professor & Sr. Exec; Published writer; ASCAP Songwriter; Dog lover; Proud NYU Alum.
jhernanper Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid On this week's #EquityPod, dannycrichton makes the case that it will instill confidence in your company. Then nmasc_ calls it a ‘hot take’ and alex says 'crap.' Also, mananm says UnshackledVC is ready to keep making deals. Full episode here: pic.twit… Digital Consultant. Growth Hacking 'High-Value Service' Scaleups Globally. #digital #marketing #profit #scaleup #growthhacking

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