Crap stuff

Apple is crap.

What are people tweeting about Apple is crap.

JDominoFrost Everywhere I Wanna Be So #foxnews now wants to say the #protests and #riots are due to the country not opening and the death that started it all is because Dems in MN. Disgusting. Now this crap. Insurance will pay for this bar but 🚓 will still kill 🧑🏾‍🦱unless we stop it. Writer, Artist, Activist, and Humanitarian.
LarryJavis6 I'm sure Stephen Jackson is one ove the best dad's ever but why even throw his 6 year old daughter there and the crap that cop did in the mini apple is wrong very wrong God bless personality both
Dg_Teg @Apple what the hell is up with your phone line. My first was the 6 then went to the 6s line. I’ve had every phone since then and they all have been absolutely crap since the 6S line. Horrible! Brand new phone just got and nothing but problems with it! NEW account. It's all about gaming and blessing of the timelines!
ihateu4321 Houston, TX @SirWmWallace They didn't even come close to what that man was really like and all the crap he got away with because he was at Kennedy and his sons all three of them didn't fall far from that bad apple tree. Even late distant cousins accused of rape and murder the entire family is screwedup. #photography mother married #Rebel #Supergirl #comedy the easily butt hurt need not follow absolutely no🚫 DMs 21 and up only. not politically correct. #NRA
hayyythatsme Hoboken, NJ The devil is testing me this week y’all. Dealing with crap from Apple & UPS because they lost my Apple Watch. And now DoorDash never delivered our food 😹😭 I just want French fries damn it
thebestJoeSmith @realDonaldTrump Or people with an IQ of >51 who know that this is a total lie and backtrack. Just like the Tim Apple “word efficiency” bull crap
dnd4_kag North Carolina, USA @mtgillespie @BevH111 @charliekirk11 A rose is a rose 🌹 and crap is crap. Quit trying to divide us. Everyone knows what happened is wrong. Racism is a 2 way street. One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch. #MAGA 💯 #LTC #2A #CHRISTIAN🙏 💞HAPPILY MARRIED🚫DM’S. ♥️ #POTUS #BACK THE BLUE #PROLIFE #FREESPEECH
CarlosBAlonso2 @bellers03 I guess you will buy an Apple pie to someone who jumps violently on top of your vehicle?! Good that he got a bit of a bump. He is a piece of crap, and so is anyone who destroys personal property, Father of six sons, grandfather of 3, Roman Catholic, Conservative Republican, Pro LIfe, Pro Wall, love history, sports, and great cinema. Union Actor.
scooter8582 Texas, USA Twitter says Trump Minneapolis post broke rules, glorified violence - Hey Twitter what about fact checking the left and the crap they tweet? ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ is Making America Great! Why don’t you help!!! Christian, Conservative and Believer in America first! God, Country and Family!
stevesmaserati Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. @cnn this is a flat out bull crap lie if anyone stokes tensions and violence it’s #msm and networks like you not ⁦@POTUS⁩ . Spare me your self righteous crap
BruninDumesne Icloud drive is the worst crap @Apple made. I can't sync my account on my mac, I noticed @AppleSupport three months ago and they did nothing except billing me. What a bunch of rude incompetents. Who cares?
The_Red_Hood85 Maryland, USA @EmersenLee Haha we got free phones. Oh crap why is Apple and Verizon sending me a bill for $2000? America First and Always! DMV based Army MP. History, sports, and comic nerd! Amateur Paranormalist!
Dana_ArtsyChick NY I just want to sit here and enjoy this tasty apple 🍎 in peace, but my dad, who's a retired dentist, keeps pestering me. So that crap about apples and doctors is bullcrap, and I believe nothing anymore. I am no one to be trifled with. That is all you ever need know of me. -The Man in Black (not Johnny Cash)
denocobb Clearwater, FL @1TimothyA @RexChapman the problem with policing in america is NOT the 'bad apple' or .1% its a broken system that is faaar to militaristic and insular. this whole 'us vs them' crap has gone waay too far. the system creates these tragedies. but that doesn't excuse the criminal cop behavior No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot. - Mark Twain
sarhhaaa My insta and my Apple Music is out to get me... get outta here with that lovey dovey crap TLU🌞 MORE ISSUES THAN VOGUE 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 Mathew 6:21 | ΔΚΝ 🤟🏻
vmainard Victoria, Australia @jonnyroly They are not better or more powerful that a top end PC. They are dearer and they can't get viruses argument is a load of crap. I wouldn't touch anything apple. My phone and tablet are both Samsung. I'm a sports and cat loving 46 year old who other interests are computers, politics and having a good laugh. I am conservative that like to piss off the left.
alessbordogna Nottingham Ok I now understand how Apple Music is crap and Spotify is the superior app
rafinews @kcdkxXD @Apple And that warranty sucks. I didn’t pay $1,200 for a brand new phone only to have it swapped for a refurbished less than 30 days later. What type of crap 💩 warranty is that? The phone’s less than 30 days old and Apple you give me a refund or replace it with a brand new phone.
apple_iJUNK @therecount Of course he says that since piece of crap FB is based on BS Lies and misinformation. I can't stand FB just cuz so many people LIE and try to pass on misinformation. I'm proud of Twitter for doing Fact Checking.
mandyfnace Philadelphia, PA @kristenkurtis @wxpnfm I'm loving Katie Pruitt's album, particularly "Always Been You," Phoebe Bridgers' "I See You," and Fiona Apple's "Cosmonauts. And Waxahatchee's new one. 2020 is a such crap year, but at least we have lots of great women putting out good tunes. Oxford comma believer. Communications pro. Proud mom. Advocate for justice. Music lover. Opinions are my own.
MaddieLauderda1 Dayton, TX Isn't it bad when a teacher compares us to a bunch of apples. Like I hate when they say one bad apple spoils the bunch. So I see you everyday and I don't let you define my day. That saying is such crap! I am 17 and a graduate from Premier High School of Dayton. I’m currently finished with my first semester of college at Lone Star. Also will be attending again.
xkorpiiio United States @MacRumors @eslivka @Apple is forking crazy for doing this every software update brings more garbage and sluggishness to the Mac OS. Funny how @Microsoft was sued for doing this but here is Apple shoving TV+, Music, News, iCloud crap down our throats. How about the ability to delete these crap?
jay_wilson202 Oregon, USA The crap is so layered it’s like an onion, and I wonder if Barr is going to have enough able US Attorneys to handle the load. Grandpa to Be and excited about it. You kids can have fun on my lawn, just don’t hurt each other.
Mharri88 @ameerali_ouarda @NickH80567787 @Eonara4 @UniverseIce @jon_prosser When you say something that's award winning in particular areas as "crap" that is a sure sign you're a apple fanboy. I can credit apple in some areas which they do really good at. Samsung does really good at displays and you call them crap? 🤔😅 Alberton Proud 1870
amsacramone Delaware, USA w/those stupid butterfly keys and had taken forever to update the iMacs. Even now, the laptops STILL have previous-gen WiFi cards and crap webcams. I'm tired of paying the Apple tax for tech that used to be cutting edge but is now struggling to keep up.) Managing editor @ModAgeJournal. Copy chief @CBSWatch. Editor @TrueCoachco. Extremely minor playwright/humorist. Britcom enthusiast. Votes "None of the Above."
JackHankins12 North Carolina, USA @MollyGrigg3 @_ReaalAmerican_ @realDonaldTrump You don’t know crap from apple butter. Trump is among the stupidest and most ignorant people living today.
AbnormalAbner @LauraPh27961838 No chance.. google and Apple won’t touch it with a barge pole.. it is a data collecting piece of crap from the Cummings stable..who knows where that data will end up.. Retired, to Fort Adenuff. Starmer has saved me a few quid every month, labour membership abandoned. No intention of ever voting for Starmer’s Tory B Team
KaraLG84 Bury, Greater Manchester, UK Further thoughts on Homepod: I bought it purely for the sound and Siri’s Apple Music support. I know how crap Siri is otherwise, but still it’s shocking how little HomePod Siri can do compared to the version on my phone. Disabled lesbian trans woman (pronouns she/her). Married to the beautiful @louiseag79. I'm a musician, audio editor and a certified NVDA expert. I'm an SJW.
pjparkjd Texas @ThomasBiancho @NickJFuentes @AnnCoulter I understand. Chromebooks came out of gov't action against Microsoft. Perhaps similar action is necessary against legacy tech--Apple, Google, and big social media. OTOH, the alternatives are worse versions of the same crap. I feel like this is a huge opportunity for innovation. I laugh at funny things. Attorney. Author of Train Your Iguana - Think Past the Emotional Barriers to Success in Family Law. I've seen stuff. Now I write stuff.
pjparkjd Texas @NickJFuentes @AnnCoulter I'm not taking sides because I don't know the answer, but the Apple-Microsoft story is telling. The right type of innovation and marketing was key in securing Apple's dominance. Alternative sites don't fail due to monopoly. They fail due to putting out the same crap only worse. I laugh at funny things. Attorney. Author of Train Your Iguana - Think Past the Emotional Barriers to Success in Family Law. I've seen stuff. Now I write stuff.
robdaemon Kenmore, WA @AndyDoubleYoo @WaltDeWalt Ugh that crap is irritating. I have an Apple TV, an Android TV and a Roku. Because not everything works on all devices. It’s bullcrap. Some random neurodivergent nerdy daddy into gaming, retro computing, FPGAs and radios - KE6FTH. he/him #LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 fork. Cancer.
WalterMyersIII Tustin, CA @RickinCanadia @NASAKennedy @AstroBehnken @Astro_Doug @Space_Station @SpaceX @Commercial_Crew @Thom_Hartmann @MalcolmNance @StephMillerShow @DevinCow First of all, that is absolutely FALSE. Second, can you refrain from making everything political? Stop being a crap apple and showing people how petty a manner in which you think. Cloud architect and philosopher of Science & Religion.
VectorSunrise15 New York, USA @Apple It's value is crap to begin with. iPhones and their sub 2017 specs (except for the processor) can stay out of my pocket. Been playing Pokemon and other games since I was very young. Halo, COD, and my fair share of Pokemon.
GeoffGrimwood Funkotron/New York @connorratliff @hbomax Oh crap I was going to get a Roku -for- h'bomicks since our 3rd(?) gen Apple TV can't play it, and a newer Apple TV is way too expensive just for that. Crap, man! He/him. I'ma love um an kiss um an name um george (actor, director, writer, teacher, improviser, NYC) See my @FakeChurchShow and @XPlusOne1940 in NYC!
bernardshuford The truth is that I’ve bought a lot of things for my kids that are absolutely useless. Total junk. Another truth is that Apple Lightning connectors are total crap. Apple totally did not design for the fact that phones for teens endure MILLIONS of plug/unplug and “pull” issues. I play 🏌🏻‍♂️and 🎾. Mi hijo plays 🏈 and was a ⚾️ stud until COVID stole so much. Mi hija plays 🏀 and 🎾. Mi esposa teaches middle school, so she’s 🦸‍♀️.
TechAware7 iPad pro is always crashing 😑 Sick of this crap 😏 There were times when I was doing important work and iPad just turned off and I lose all my work I can't do a software update over WiFi #ios13 #ios135 #iPad #macbook #awful #apple #tablets #timetochange #android Trying to review and compare latest gadgets 🤔
RayZorback Little Rock, AR Holy crap. One of the best shorts I’ve ever seen is Season 1 Episode 5 of #MythicQuest on @AppleTV Jake Johnson & Cristin Milioti KILLED it!! Wow! And sadly neither of them see on Twitter for me to mention it to them. Can someone at @Apple pass the message along? #DarkQuietDeath I’m a model who happens to be a top real estate agent. Here is the other stuff I do: 🍽🍷🍰🕹👾♟🎲🍺🏋🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🥋🚙🔨📖🏕🏖🦄 @PixelProperties founder 🚀
Anirudha81Singh @SunilSubudhi2 @Apple @agnihotry Have u seen mi 10 ?? Check it out on Amazon. Had SE been redesigned and had retained this form factor keeping the cost below 40K I wud have bought it. Currently it's just rebranding/repackaging unsold iphone 7/8. Yes 108mp is enuf to tackle this 12mp peice of crap. views are personal
alexanderbittan Miami Beach, FL @tim_cook does @Apple care at all about having decent cameras in their macs?? Reviewing conferencing with the built in camera is crap - please live up to the brand and fix this @pschiller @cue Serial Entrepreneur, Long Term Investor, and Tech Enthusiast. Private investments in Impossible Foods, Unity Technology, Palantir, Cafe X, 23andMe and more.
Svevan Portland @redhaagenti Highly recommend never connecting a smart tv to the internet; usually their ui is crap anyway, and fertile ground for hackers looking for vulnerabilities. An all-in-one streaming box like Roku or Apple TV are my big recommendations. I’m an Apple user so I have my preference queen of the late night tweet, corona beer truther, proud marxoid, cochair Portland DSA, he/they
FreeNorfolk Norfolk Public opinion hardens against Dominic Cummings - The Times and The Sunday Times. ⁦@thetimesIE⁩ ⁦@thesundaytimes⁩ What utter crap! Not in my circle of contacts the only hardening of opinion is against #ScumMedia Brexiteer content that our government under Boris Johnson, Dominic Rabb, Priti Patel with excellent special advisors ensure UK success outside EU
stayinusajerks Canada ⁦@CBCNews⁩ YOU ARE SO FULL OF CRAP. Communist China...“launched” it. You are compl icit in the whole caper. When all is said and over, YOU ARE forkIN DE-FUNDED! ⁦@RebelNewsOnline⁩ ⁦@TrueNorthCentre⁩ and independents tell real truth. ⁦ Political News Junkie. Not politically correct!Owner of over regulated small business. Non believer in Big Brother. Patriot. ❤️ military. One of Gods soldiers!
sianetta Proud Clevelander/Naples-ite This is the fear mongering crap that the media continues to spew that ppl buy into and it is truly despicable This virus will prob be gone or close to it by Fall but they will be rooting like hell for a second wave that’s a given at this point 🇮🇹🇺🇸Constitutional Conservative/WIDOW OF VIETVET💔🇺🇸 🚫LISTS PORN 🚫PERSONALDMS=BLOCK👊🏻WINDIANS⚾️BROWNS🏈Pete’s💍❤️TEAMTRUMP PROLIFE✝️ 2A👍🏻NRA No🚩
darryls75888475 So the one logical question gets pop pooed by an egg head and the other two stupid questions get printed. I think this is just more crap to push the lock down Former police officer, avid sports shooter and firearms collector. Excited member of the new people party of Canada. Old school PC builder and gamer
Toadflax69 Pennsylvania, USA @AnnCoulter Ann Coulter spouting crap because she's always been a hack and is trying to sell a book. Please go away, you are embarrassing yourself. Do something about that adams apple too dude. 🖕🥱🖕🥱🖕🥱🖕 #WWG1WGA - #Deplorable - #Constitutionalist - #2A - #Freedom - #USA - #MAGA - #KAG - Proud Pennsylvanian - Parler @Toadflax69 -
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Andromeda2027 This is sick and sad. She puts on a show once she calls the police, meanwhile choking her own dog out. Knock this crap off!
codeslubber Los Angeles, CA I think Apple has made it all the way to the horror that was Windoze now, there is no amount of computing resources you can purchase to run Catalina, it will consume them all and do crazy crap like stop scrolling and not even keep up with typing… Lemme find some positive things Probabilistic Lean coder of Java, Kotlin, Scala, and Swift..
_texasmade85_ @Apple Anyone that buys this crap is volunteering to be legally tracked and monitored, under the disguise of safety.