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Lince_Perdido @AppleSupport @PMW31 I tried Apple Arcade subscription and more than half of the games crashed or didn’t work at all in my new Mac M1. It’s ok that games are not the best, it’s ok that it’s all for having fun, but it’s not funny feeling like I have a crappy computer (Mac M1) and that Apple is crap. “And yet it moves” - Galileo Galilei to the Inquisition - “Y sin embargo se mueve”
PofInt2112 @waltmossberg @om “Apple will remain a company that is neat from a product and consumer standpoint but crap from an investor standpoint." ex Hoosier, ex bell labs, ex Microsoft. now consulting and patrolling the ski slopes.
bob1e Belfast Dear @Apple your iPods pro are missing feature is kinda crap! It KEEPS MISIDENTIFYING MY DEVICES ARE LEFT BEHIND AND FREAKING ME OUT!!!! They are expensive and pizza gets cold quickly 🤬 LFC Fan! YNWA Foodie Tendency to swearing I apologise in advance. Occasional opinions. Working in a psychiatry HTT.
AndroidEducator United States @OnlyTrueCoolest @chase6390 @iOS_Educator @TheGalox_ Steve couldn't have save Apple without Microsoft's money. Yes Steve absolutely is the reason Apple survived. He has the greatest sales man of all time. Apple has made crap and he made people believe they are cool for owning Apple's crap. Best salesman in all human history. I want to help people use their Android phones. They are capable of such amazing things. They are easy to use but people don't play with them so I want to help
guffawer Bengaluru South, India @DayaAbin @XiaomiIndia @manukumarjain Honestly contemplating moving to an iPhone. Atleast it has great resale value. Enough of Android crap. Atlesdt Apple is openly capitalist, atleast it works for 3 yrs+ and then we can trade in unlike this junk. Friendly Introvert,Animal Lover,Thinker, History Buff,Chronic Infoholic & an avid reader! Podcaster @TheOddCouple9
starvingholz Cw- 57kg Gw -53 kg Ugw -48 kg How many calories is in a small fries and junior chicken burger at Mc Donald’s ( basically a happy meal without the apple juice and crap ? ) And why do I keep forking up and wasting calories… why can’t I say no to my forking friend ? … I wanna Kms 21. pro recovery. relapsed.
Twitch_DeeTV New York, USA @Ryuji_SkulI It’s looks horrible tbh. Pubg mobile skins can never beat forts. Plus like you said. They are copying. And apple is just promoting that crap because of thier fued with Fortnite mobile || Twitch Affiliate || Streamer For @TeamBizzaro || Powered by @fadegrips & @roguegrips ||
_WitchyBusiness The bestest of the places @FarLeftKyle “I make a great crumb cake, and I also make a great apple crumb cake, but when I'm short on people I'm not able to make the apple crumb cake.' You'll get crumb cake, just not the apple crumb cake." Wtf that is the dumbest crap I’ve ever read 😂 who is writing this crap lol “Crocodiles are easy, they try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they try to be your friend first.”
sporto505 @AppleSupport : Caution your customers NOT to use CleanMyMac software. Company support/customer service is crap. No real effort to help me remove remnant of their software. Just snapshots and crap ones at that. #Apple #cleanmymac #Google
ManachainO @ciaranmcalynn @TBlaggert That is heart breaking🥲 They know what they done #RUC and no amount of this “bad apple” crap will change that😡 ❤️Dogs. sin é🐕‍🦺
rhymingmisfit North East, England @Truthseeker_58 Think their Ichain is hacked. Otherwise normally I should be able to save the new passwords in their But it's not letting me. Their staff are crap. I would never reccomend apple again. I got defrauded the other day by scammers and the person that did it, on my PayPal their name seriously hate this country and the people innit.
worldofwineguy Fort Lauderdale @Sen_JoeManchin It’s hard to tell who is on the side of the American people anymore. You certainly do NOT give a crap about anyone who can’t cast a vote for you. Hope you and Sinema enjoyed your 15 minutes in the spotlight. We don’t trust YOU! President, World of Wine Guide
djbradleyb Essex @waze on iOS and Apple car play is absolute crap 📍Essex, London 🎧 Multi Genre DJ Instagram @bradleybofficial Listen To All My Mixes ⬇️
lebidule77 DTC @avrhmt @hellocjw2 @hishnash @XPlaneOfficial The source of the benchmarks. 1st we can see M1 is good only for synthetic benchmark and crap in real use and 2nd, Borderland 3 and Shadow of Tomb Raider are both macos native. No wine here. (- Je trolle Tu trolles Il/elle trolle Nous trollons Vous trollez Ils/Elles trollent
ivoschindelholz Herbetswil, Switzerland Apple Music algorithms are crap. Why on earth is my playlist full of chillhop and electro? Vereine, Technik, Hip-Hop, Bier, Sport - manchmal auch Politik und Reisen.
zhou_wells @AndroidEducator @iOS_Educator @chase6390 @TheGalox_ How is everything Apple crap, maybe you are such an Android Fanboy that you don't understand Apple makes one of the best products on the market, they have excellent chipsets to excellent sound quality to excellent batteries on iPhone and Macbooks, wonder how you not noticed that.
MrShubhamPandey @OverclockedThe 10 year old android user here Wanted software stability & trusted camera performance Wanted pixel, not available in India Cant trust samsung exynos for a longer run Oneplus oppo merger was a big no Miui is(and will be) crap so no xiaomi Only choice I had was apple I’m happy 𝗖𝗮𝗻 𝗧𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝗗𝗼 𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗣𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗲𝘆 𝗗𝗼ᵉˢ? #TeamTechwiser
Lince_Perdido @AppleSupport Worst quality ever in both hardware and software. Would you trust @Apple crap driving a car? Who is commanding a 3 Trillion starship fed by worms producing defective waste poisoning Africa while almost enslaving workers around Asia to cheat everyone to make California Rich? “And yet it moves” - Galileo Galilei to the Inquisition - “Y sin embargo se mueve”
BaByDoLL_MooN US of A @ShiinaBR Apple is going to lose their crap and cry like privileged little b abies. They'll try to do whatever they can to shut it down Sour f uckwads. The only thing more crap than an Iphone, is Apple as a company aka Amber Sweat Pea. 🦄 🎮 📍North Carolina, USA 💗💛💙 MUST READ: 💗💛💙
PrathibuA @hasanyahya04 It is laggy AF but not as bug filled and glitched out pathetic bullcrap crap like the MEME UI that is always a MEME and they COPIED APPLE SO atleast samsung did something UNQIUE with ONEUI and MEME UI garbage is MEMEUI GARBAGE Hello everyone I am a 15 year old boy from india who is interest in the technology world. I support my country and the brands here! Loves to debate! Be kind!
SlimSugar Who knows?, England @retroguy69 😹😹And that's why I hate cider...which is admittedly a bit crap living in the middle of a cider apple orchard! 🎸⚔🐈🎨👻⚡❤⚡ 🏏📚👽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥🇬🇧🇩🇪 Just make something up for me that you think's appropriate. #cats #books
rbrtlittle @bezzzles @MsMannIfYaNasty @leaks_legit Ah, ‘We all know’. I often hear that, yet what follows is nearly always contrary to what ‘everyone’ else knows to be true. Apple’s valuation has steadily risen to past $3,000,000,000.00, and Tesla’s are normally pre-ordered, yet ‘everyone knows they’re crap. Odd, that.
culsch New York, USA People check where your food and drinks are coming from‼️ We have the BEST Apples in America but MOTTS APPLE JUICE IS FROM CHINA👺 Ya might not want to drink that crap unless you do a lab test on it. Why the hell are they importing produce from China. We know why. DO RA ME$$
GerardKiely Mildura, Victoria, Australia @MonicaLewinsky that is a big butt and sometimes if you pop the boil on the butt of humanity .... you get covered in crap yep Apple , Samsung , big dick products ..... stop forking having seperate chargerz n adaptors n slots HAVE ONE TYPE FFS EVERYYEAR YOU CHANGE IT, WAT THE fork FOR Define the future, by the legacy you leave behind! Father,Nonc and on my own path in life
LUBOttom Bedriddenshire @wolfnsunflowers Bastards! We get the choice of 2 different ones here. I decided I just had to eat crap after a seizure the other day, but the phase was over when it got here, so one person got a burger, another got chips, another got a drink, and another an apple pie. Post-ictal me is weird. Probably all the things you hate, unless you're a really hardcore egalitarian.
okaydeckers she/her | 17 | a ♡ @maya_p04 it's okay!!! you are probably more than fine you know more about physics than anyone i know and he's actually a pile of crap shaped in the form of a human. so. do with that what you will i'm convinced his brain is made from apple honey jam. i believe in you bae you got this!! it’s me and you — @addielrues chloe decker's publicist
Burnsthebest @InnitSeejay @Syd_ney_108 @CozmicKit_ @dotColinn @Alpharad You aren't giving money to twitter, you are giving a slight transaction fee to twitter and the rest of the money goes to the creator/apple/Google. If you want to give all your money to twitter, there is more efficient methods like twitter blue. Which is actually crap. Male (He/Him), White, from the uk and bi, big fan of Persona 5 and Minecraft. I'm just your average twitter user. Also a bit sarcastic at times.
BrandonMittman Tucson, Az @Johnsonian27 @DigestAndroid @RonAmadeo Call it what you want, they're upset that apple isn't playing nicely with them by providing a superior chat experience in the apple ecosystem and disregarding the crap Google is pushing. I'm so awesome.
cherallen1 Martinsville, IN @Apple wow what a piece of crap that Apple IPad is. No wonder on her death bed my mother was saying she didn't want it. It's getting ready to be smashed simply because I can't shut the icloud off and my sister stole enough of my mother's possessions to give it back to her. Disclaimer; I often use google microphone to dictate my messages, while doing other things. It does not always quote me verbatim, explaining garbled messages.
AaronMAC30 @AFSienko @barbtheboss @pkej @MonicaLewinsky I tried switching to Samsung - everything was just so much more disorganised. Texting was a pain, constant bloatware, Ads infesting any app I used. Even though Apple phones don’t have latest tech and crap batteries their iOS is superb and simple Thailand. Bangkok. Liverpool FC.
Cryptsyleaks The Basement💧 @ektepenger @vitto_737 @TheBubbleBubble Warren buffet it a lot smarter than him and has never said this crap once. Either u think bubble boy is smarter than buffet while missing 100 billion dollar moves in apple like buffet so buffet is just lucky & this guy is the genius or ur a little smarter than a fifth grader 🙃 Part Time Pumper Full time Plumber Nomics #1 Student 👨‍🎓🛠
Calm_downall Pratik gave Devo the rotten apple in task. Devo is continuing to support him in tasks and talking with him in LF like old times sake . Where are the feminists, bolo zara- "Devo have some self respect" It's a woman's choice, so cut your forkin crap, celebs. #tejran
Lince_Perdido @AppleSupport It seems now I ALSO NEED a watch to be able to UNLOCK my iPhone in order to play some music in SPOTIFY while I am in the toilet wearing my AirPods Max. YOU HAVE BECOME AN HORRIBLE BRAND @Apple, borderline evil, and #Siri is not worth my time because it’s pure crap everytime. “And yet it moves” - Galileo Galilei to the Inquisition - “Y sin embargo se mueve”
Brawler2k21 O'Fallon, IL A woman wearing more Jewelery than Kays, designer clothes from head to toe, and is talking on some apple pods told her kids their eating noodles. Why do people prioritize crap that covers their body more than their health? 💎💎🙌GME 🙌💎💎 °B.S. Business° °Arthritis Killer° °Nutritionist° °Yoga Instructor° °Real Estate Investor° °WWE Fan° Life's an adventure, not a race.
JeffChausse Outside Boston @verge I mean, “Boo hoo Google”, but it is lame of Apple to ruin the experience of every iPhone user on a group chat just because one person is on Android. Do all the fancy iMessage things for the iPhone people and fall back to basic text for the Android people. Stop the “Liked” crap. Boston-area UX / Interaction Designer, currently with @quickbase. My feed is roughly 25% design nerd stuff, 25% progressive politics, and 50% random silliness.
Caius Salop Two finger swipe to change input works much better than I thought it would from reviews. Touch Bar is useful, not just a gimmick. Speaker is crap, but I didn’t expect it to be great so I’m ok with that. Design and packaging definitely inspired by Apple. Overall happy. Occasional Adult • Always Geek • Sometimes Beer'd • Usually Beard • Captured Hacker • @caroleheidi's inamorato • 💉💉💉🎉
dave_stewart London, UK Holy crap, finding and cancelling a subscription on the Apple Store is forking journey. How can they make it this bad? Web Developer + Indie Maker Working on @controlspace / Posts about TS, JS, Vue, Node, Open Source, Tooling (+ random stuff)
mindertek @GarrettCumber @MaxWinebach @ParkerOrtolani Rcs is not owned by carriers. Apple completely shutting down a cohesive communication with billions and billions of people and not making any efforts to close that gap is worse for Apple than for Android. How someone defends this crap is beyond. I love technology, mobile phones and stuff
Ginger33504445 @XisThatKid @jrgibson90 @WWERollins Roman is going to beat Seth they've screwed Seth up bad starting with when they put him with Murphy and Apple and started that Monday night messiah crap to the drip whatever this crap is now can't take him seriously
dawid_wiktor Tallinn, Estonia The main problem of Apple's solutions is that #Apple develops crap with lock-in by design principle. That's why we need open standards. And as communications is crucial part of human life, we need open standards, not #iMessage, here too. Fortunately, we have #Signal. #opensource CEO of @MediaScopeGroup & @Launchpad_ee | advisor | former CEO of Inspire | former editor and journalist | he/him
TKoch8 Indianapolis, IN @josemorgado This man has always been a tool. From his days of not shutting up when Djokovic was playing Federer (for instance in Monte Carlo) to this crap he’s spewing. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. And he acts like Novak is “our champion.” He’s not. Only his minority of fans like him “The Doctor” •Ball State 2015 Alum •Family means everything •Straight Edge •Cardinals, Lakers, Seahawks, & Roger Federer fan •2x @ORWBL MVP •1 Peter 5:8
Stanculturehero @Apple really need to do better with the lack of security with these Air Tags. They should be able to trace the original owners of the tags because this stalking crap is getting out of hand. Anyone can place a tag on me and I won’t know up to 24 hours!!! Pisces. She. Black. Lez. Book and hood smart. My thoughts on music,movies,tv,sports & politics. Please send all inquiries to 👩🏾‍💻🌈
welloldstem @BisphamGreen Yes and no. Except apple, rest of big tech is down almost 10 to 15 from respective ath. Agreed re dreams and hopes category, aka crap “Only accidents, crimes, wars, will still kill us. Unfortunately, crimes, wars, will multiply. I love football. Thank you.”
S_Ferrusco Wisconsin, USA @Apple Account Recovery is crap, I’ve been trying to reset my password for 3 months and nothings has worked. Even though I have the the correct information to verify. YESTERDAY IS HISTORY TOMORROW IS A MYSTERY TODAY IS A GIFT THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT THE PRESENT 🙂
Lince_Perdido @AppleSupport @PMW31 I tried Apple Arcade subscription and more than half of the games crashed or didn’t work at all in my new Mac M1. It’s ok that games are not the best, it’s ok that it’s all for having fun, but it’s not funny feeling like I have a crappy computer (Mac M1) and that Apple is crap. “And yet it moves” - Galileo Galilei to the Inquisition - “Y sin embargo se mueve”
Sincitydave69 The Desert @JakeGagain Android is way better phone than iPhone more user friendly and not limited to only apple crap just a simple hardworking deplorable loving life and enjoying time TRUMP FOREVER BEST PRESIDENT EVER !!! MAGA KAG
dickie3417 Westland, Mi @BallySportsDET your Apple TV app is friggin horrible. Only app on my device that doesn’t produce sound. Deleted and reinstalled. Restarted device. Nothing. Such crap. Everything about your quality is garbage.
dreamspace2 Hampton, NH @justin_horn @edmunds You have it backward. Tesla = the innovator who had a huge lead but then blew it to the older company. Apple was Ford: an old company who was crap but waited for technology to catch up to their vision. Toyota and Honda are doing the same thing. Tesla is currently RIM. Finance, business, heavy metal, bourbon, 603, 618, Cubs, Bears, Salukis, The U, freedom, UNH MBA, husband, business owner, retired musician. #livefreeordie
timcappalli Boston @jasonviera @BradinTN @linakhanFTC don't disagree, but that's not the topic at hand. But if we're going there, this type of social coercion and manipulation that Apple pulls is exactly the crap that Facebook pulls as well. digital identity @microsoft | tech stuff and @nhlbruins | #UrbanMobility • #BroadbandForAll • user choice • fix the money. fix the world. • 🟢
shadowmac57 United States If @Apple places #Truth(HA)Social for dl on their store, Im not going to be purchasing products from them like I used too. This app is going to promote NOTHING BUT MORE HATE AND DIVISION across this country. Let Miller-Nunes and the DEFEATED FORMER GUY promote they’re crap inCH I have a Kool-aid free mind I tend to use it! Born a RESISTOR🌊3x vacxer. If your not may the god you worship have pity on those you infect.

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