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kimwgl @buffymoonxo @wyclona Well I stand by my story that someone packed it out. Played with it. Recognized that apple is crap and searched for a Samsung. 😂 Do not choose the lesser life. Just dive right in.
kimwgl @buffymoonxo Somebody packed it out. Used it. Recognized that apple is crap. Packed it together again and searched for Samsung😂 Do not choose the lesser life. Just dive right in.
GabeAlvarez iPhone: 33.579384,-111.829117 @10jamesdunn @CoachKLav27 And cinnamon. The Apple is crap without cinnamon San Francisco Giants Baseball Operations ⚾️|USC Trojan✌🏼#FightOn
godface9 @brian_armstrong Apple is crap, they lost the computer race and soon phones thank goodness. People stop using there products
kimwgl @buffymoonxo @wyclona Well I stand by my story that someone packed it out. Played with it. Recognized that apple is crap and searched for a Samsung. 😂 Do not choose the lesser life. Just dive right in.
SunflowerSiren5 South Texas Kind of eh about #iOS14. My main complaints would be that I can’t organize the App Library/drawer the way I want it. The auto setting apps in folders bothers me. And the Apple Music widget is just crap honestly. Can’t control music from the widget, Why even have it? Minnesota born and raised ❄️ Honorary Texan ☀️ Dog mom 🐶 Married 💍 I also just quote @jewlzguise all the time. Enjoy.
RegGBlinker London, England @KateOflaherty LOVE the widgets and App Library. The Emoji search is totally crap though, and one of the features I was most looking forward to! Fruit, car, house, laughing, crying, etc... no results. “Apple” only brings up the watch and headphones, not the fruit 😒😒 Infosec geek, Oxford comma freak | Immigrant | she/her || Opinions and content reflects my personal views and not that of my employer. RTs != endorsements
a1phab3t Washington, DC This article is crap. 1. Trump told Woodward the virus was super deadly while publicly denying it. That’s the scandal. 2. Trump appointed those FDA and HHS officials you’re trying to scapegoat. This is the administration behaving how they were meant to. Mask-Wearin’, home-stayin’, liberal yard sign havin’ all-around cool dude ask anybody
PanickyPanda299 @baghashams @OnePlus_USA @CBP @CBPNewYorkCity Who cares? Dude it's a pandemic and that is childishly idiotic. I'm broke I would buy them over apple not to mention some people don't like feeding monopolies :) I don't give a crap if someone points them out. As far as I know that crap stopped in MidSchool. Fubar
Adamgaron686 North Lake Tahoe @SamsungMobile is strait the worst phone. @apple for the win. Been doing s10 and apple XS for like a year and the s10 is just a crap phone. Yippe for new phone set up tomorrow @sprint 🤓🤓👍👍 A hyper human - #unitedwestand #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll #TakeTheOath #dirtyskibum #trump2020
Garyvjb @verge What is with Apple and their continuum slow growth product crap. These high end IPads are absolutely useless in the professional fields as Apple fails to support professional SW products for them, or those used in PC tablets. Yea right, pay $1200+ to use in playing angry birds
1loriking Qc/BC Canadian @CKNW @steeletalk @jarmstrongbc @GlobalBC Right now could be good deals too since suppliers have stock and fewer clients. Need to look at through wide lens, is it waste or corrupt? Want a crap looking office of cheap furniture when Apple or investors come? Also good time with some staff still working at home & not in. I'm here for politics, art, books, & meeting new friends along the way. Media commentator. Beginning writer. RTs not endrs KingMediaWatch & loriking(dot)xyz
ronniemofficial London, Kent, Essex @waze your app is crap!!! Waze has done nothing but make me late every single day this last week, recommends the worst routes, doesn’t do what it claims to! Please avoid this app and use Apple maps! Far more relatable! Pile of crap!! #waze Trained Actor and performer. Instagram: ronniemofficial
iarephine Is @AriFleischer getting paid to be on Twitter 24/7 telling us how wonderful and peaceful Donald is....Donald Trump Jr. as well? It's like they want to convince people that a pile of crap is actually apple pie. Americans are not that stupid. IMHO, of course. VOTE DEMS or vote thems...just frickin VOTE!!!
TateStillwater East of Eden Holy crap. ⁦@literaticat⁩ just put historical fiction in context & I’m floored. How did I never realize that Woodstock & Vietnam War were only 8 years before I was born and WWII merely 30 years?😮 For today’s #kidlit readers, even Y2K is historical. I’m not authorized to discuss that at this time. ::: #MG #YA #amwriting #Hufflepuff #queer #scbwi ::: Black, Indigenous, Trans Lives Matter
kimwgl @buffymoonxo Somebody packed it out. Used it. Recognized that apple is crap. Packed it together again and searched for Samsung😂 Do not choose the lesser life. Just dive right in.
JustinBerkey Chambersburg, PA This is an opinion article. And it’s total crap. —> Opinion: Big Ten's decision to play football signals darkest day in conference's rich history - USA TODAY Father to the sweetest girls ever!, Husband, Drummer, Worship Leader, Steeler Fan, Descendant of American Soldiers: Revolution, Civil War, WWII.
follysurfangel1 Charleston, SC This is just a lie to North Carolinians What a crap reflection on the state leaders and its happening in all states. 😡 🇺🇸Married Love politics (get corrupt out) Im leaving better world behind 4-2 grands DJT 2020 #NRA #MAGA I follow my followers I NEVER PAY JOIN #NRA 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸
sbmeunier New York, USA @onepeloton @Apple If you think that the market in general (and Apple in particular) is “friendly“, I have some blockchain crap to sell you Business Transformation, #CyberSecurity, #Privacy & #Innovation in Finance | Debunking the hype around #Fintech #AI #Blockchain | #COO #FinTech #金融科技
JohnYourMate London, England Always thought Apple made crap headphones but I have had the Airpods Pro for over a week now and they are ace. Comfy, dont fall out, great noice cancelling and sound. I have some Bose QC35s which are also great but over the head and bulky. Not great for hot weather. That is all. John Your Mate is a London based musician, songwriter and full-time human being. Rocking and rolling with an independent spirit.
BLONDKOP Behind you D: @The_Gerrard_Era Apple - new crap product every year, corporate hell, all about the money Android - buy what phone you like, our platform is compatible Which one sounds like Pep and which one sounds like Klopp again??? 🤔 Crowd-surfed to Metallica on a deck chair. Need any more be said?
elaineprints @robertoblake @MKBHD So how do I continue my 2TB Icloud plan, which is $9.99, without spending $20 more for services I dont want, like Apple Music, News, Fitness and all that crap? None of this crap makes any sense. Forcing people into a higher cost subscription will not work.
elaineprints @MKBHD So how do I continue my 200GB Icloud plan, which is $9.99, without spending $20 more for services I dont want, like Apple Music, News, Fitness and all that crap? None of this crap makes any sense. Forcing people into a higher cost subscription will not work.
LauriLinnea Midwest @DShankar Meh. Guess what? If the Apple app works better, I’m using it. And I know it’ll work seamlessly with all my Apple stuff. And won’t CONSTANTLY ask me to buy in-app crap or make me look at ads. I’m ok with the system as it is. Ecomodernist•motiongraphics designer/operator•movie extra•world traveller•atheist•Apple-evangelist •former chemical engineer• Biden 2020
roxinekee_ Toronto, Ontario Why isn't anyone on my feed talking about this? @Apple is throwing down the gauntlet on consumer tech companies like... @whoop @ouraring (Apple Watch) @onepeloton (Fitness+) @Google @spotify (Apple One) and more... All in this one event. Holy crap. Growth @goConvictional | weekly newsletter:
aiwama @markgurman And, don’t forget: new watches, same crap batteries. It is not acceptable that Apple STILL is unable to give people at least a 6 or 7-day battery watch. If you follow me here, l'll reciprocate. l'm quite open-minded but have no time for extreme Trump or Brexit supporters.
vmarkov San Francisco, CA Ok, this is insane! $400 for the watch?? Which will last max 2 years? Price is reaching the original Apple iPhone release of $500! And the "cheap" model for $200? This crap is getting out of hands. Computer geek, from Silicon Valley, developing Technologies, essentially want World Peace. Unapologetically American, Francophone in my heart. Living in France
CovfefeDistant Planet Earth Apple Care is ATROCIOUS 10+ yrs, 4+ iPhones, 200GB iCloud, 70+ calls to support, everytime I get a 🟢light to upgrade & I LOSE DATA, IMAGES and other crap I wouldn't have to w/ a Samsung. This sucks and I am stuck. Apple Support / Apple Care - SHAME ON U #iPhone #iPhone11 I build gr8 digital experiences & eComm sites | Amature Climatologist🌺 | COVID quarantine life | SEO SEM Amazon 1P/3P | SEM | FREEBANDZ | Finely tuned sarcasm
SmartYox Now punk Cavuto is on Fox News and the topic is new Apple products before that it was a literal weatherman like your local news and idk some other useless crap...HOW IS THIS NEWS.👑
CANSDM @LauriLinnea @JuanMRhodes @macrumorslive I'm sitting in front of a MacBook Pro right now and I agree that I have never experienced any of what you're describing. This thing is an incredible piece of crap. Never again. "Apple people" completely sums it up. Congrats: great #SelfOwn
RobertJudd4 @chopstick_the @0_politics2 They caused all the deaths, destoyed world economies, but already their trade is back up to 7%, no sanctions, no compensation & still the West buys their crap! We must penalise them through stopping buying Apple stuff and the rest made there. Follower of the thin blue line. Sensible and balanced
hi__hassan پنڈی @BBDD_Alex @Antrunt @jon_prosser And Apple fans are gonna buy that crap as if it is gold. Ab jab aa he Gaye ho meri TL per toh follow bhi karlo shaabash.
r_alikhamov This whole 100% carbon neutral by 2030 is.. full of crap. Many devices are "thrown out" and "recycled" just because there's 1 corroded chip that needs a reflow w/ a hot air. It won't go away. Liquid damage = motherboard replacement from Apple's point of view. Such a waste. iOS/Mac/tvOS Developer, husband, father. I respect @mikeash and @justkwin A LOT. I like ObjC more than Swift. Author of @visualdataconv and @balderdash_mac
gelteesh 📍 JP 🇯🇵 you idiots at #CNBC. Knock this crap off with #Apple. It is a Chinese Company. Not American. They will use their #iPhone and #iWatch as a trojan horse and bring down #America. And murder millions more of us. 彼氏がいないセクシーな女性で、あなただけを探している フォーしたら、写真を送ってあげる~ まってるよ! 💘👙🍓
lvald13 @JBigloo @RealXxCharlie And you had to go to a dictionary to come with that crap? We all know what it means but you must be so ignorant you can't understand what I meant...I said nobody is complaining about apple dealing with optec, everyone would be happy, we are bothered by creating fake news It is always prudent to respect the wishes of the three most significant “M’s” in your life: Mother Nature, Mother-in-law and Market Makers
bigmoneysucks This hellhole we call the USA First up is the new watch, which can monitor your blood oxygen and handwashing GREAT another piece of disposable crap that no one needs. Capitalism sucks. I will never vote for a Democrat again. #NeverBidenOrTrump #ItsAnOligarchy. 🌹 🗡
AndrewPerpetua Imagine living in a world where the manufacturer of a product is required to pay for the end of life recycling of the crap they make. Business models like the one Apple uses would be forced to flip on their head. It would be great for the economy, the environment, and consumers Creator of Was once a consultant with the Mets.
MGT07660155 @CNN @ChrisCuomo corporation and sports teams and the overpaid coddled athletes who are too afraid to speak up and say this is BS. The NBA and NFL are the worst of it along with corps like Amazon, Apple and Bank of NY to name few. Its time to be an American and stop the crap because regardless
allenwallace Columbia, SC U2 took a lot of crap when they and Apple decided people would own this album whether they wanted it or not, but regardless, this is a great, great song. As a wise man once said, "Joey Ramone invented punk rock music, but first came Hebrew school." @Bifocalphotos owner. Former journalist. Chaotic good. @allenwallace72 on Insta, content there is less snarky. #Braves and #Arsenal fan.
paisleyboxers Seattle, Washington 15 minutes until i found out the my apple watch 5 is a piece of crap and that i'm a piece of crap for not owning the not yet released 6 #Appleevent2020 Systems programmer - X-IBMer seeking long term job / Turn-ons: rust, c, bash/zsh, tls/aes, low-level, linux kernel
ali_zarwan Lahore, Pakistan @MehrTarar Apple and Oranges. Arrest rapists make them go through proper trial than do public punishment and yes that will reduce rapes. Stop giving western crap. Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Islam demand public punishment for these kind of monsters. Member of Love Islam and Pakistan and food. Also love to read books. Proud Muslim !!!!!
sstinman United States @RaheemKassam @JackPosobiec How about we all stop buying "Made in China" crap and help the Chinese people replace the CCP from within? So if the product is priced at +$40 or more and is Made in China find an alternate product to buy. So simple and so easy. Except for you Apple fan boys, so sorry!
araahtan she/her my bf is beta testing out ios 14 and holy crap how has it taken apple this long to give us widgets??/!!/ like what im not convinced i know how to read i've just memorised a lot of words
Pjas77 @Half_and_Half39 @tim_cook Apple’s entire business model is based on planned obsolescence and rehashing the same crap each year, just in a more polished appearance. All sizzle no steak, and the prime example of what’s wrong with our economy and society.
CryptoTony__ United Kingdom @RookieXBT $SUSHI is crap and can’t be used for anything tangible. Apple has a very real working product and millions of users. Very clear difference #Bitcoin - Forex / Crypto / Commodity trader / Only my opinions are shown here and nothing is financial advice.
greenreflection Trump give one contractor 3 billion in contracts and his work is crap. WTF Going Green while Saving Green
cwbinsd @jaketapper @NBA @Disney @realDonaldTrump Jake do you just read this? Who makes up all these crap at CNN? I agree with Disney and the NBA portion, but to smear the president is a lie. Maybe you should include Apple and Facebook... now it makes sense. A Fun Guy
EdmundMP Massachusetts Got a new thinkpad for work and was able to transfer everything from my old one via the cloud in three minutes. In that moment I realized Apple is a crap brand (currently in hour two of trying to move a few hundred pictures). Liberty before everything. Sports, Politics, History and space stuff. Boston. Insta: @edmundmp
Curlygirlymanda Pearland, TX I remember when Apple launch day in high school is what everyone was looking forward to, y’all would watch in class and get so excited all talking about it. Now y’all grown and have to use your own money and I barely see the launch day crap on my tl 😂😂😂 •Short & Sweet•
1stLadyGilch Bedford, TX It's official @SamsungMobile just beat the living crap out of that apple company with this galaxy note 20 ultra 🥰😍🥰 super fast phone, sick pixels and this camera OMG this camera is simply amazing #GalaxyNote20 #Samsung When God is first in your life everything else will fall in place....I am blessed because I know God is not done with me yet

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