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SwtBeat Los Angeles, CA @outstarwalker Oh crap I didn’t realize you asked for ftp 🫥 Switchcraft is ftp and it’s great! The other two are on Apple Arcade, not sure about other platforms tho “Progression over Perfection” - James Welsh
iHateApplee @AndroidEducator @reneritchie is the biggest Apple apologist and elitist, well.... apart from ijustine. He is an embarrassment and will defend Apple no matter how crap their products are. We hate iPads, iPhones, iMacs, and everything else Apple makes. So we find apple's slave-produced, over priced, sub standard crap highly offensive.
JPK1993 @rsgnl there will not be one.. their only purpose is gaming and apple is not into gaming. apples ar, vr and lidar crap already flopped
savoryaudio Pittsburgh @iamsomejerk And I know you are being facetious but the hardware isn’t the problem. It’s the programming is so half assed these days. Even the Apple stuff is a crap shoot whether it works or not. Producer of DNB. Owner of Savory Audio. DJ for 412DNB. Brewer by day. Learning jazz guitar.
GStrangest look behind you Yoda: Is a great Jedi warrior who has the skills of a trapeze artist in the Big Apple circus. Also Yoda: Completely forgets who R2-D2 is and beats the living crap out of the poor guy. idk this came to me and I'm thinking that somewhere when he landed on Dagobah he hit his head. what am i doing
Luna_022619 San Diego, CA @LuLuJuaR3z333 My husband tends to buy cookies, ice cream, apple pies, potato chips and all that junk food that is processed and bad for you… and having it in the house makes me crave it when I see him eat some and there I go too for that crap. And I know it’s bad for me. 🇵🇱 🇲🇽 /🇺🇸 Wife•Mom(2 boys)•I draw•Depression & anxiety are no fun•Staying positive•Wiccan #AngelsAndAirwaves #StarbucksJunkie #Paranormal #90DF #horror
joemartignetti Beat Central, USA #DonnaSummer More release crap. Geffen won't release this, Donna allegedly bolts. This is her biggest UK hit and her swan song for her main career. See my playlist for this thread .. Streaming Dreamy International BeatPop to your soul. I used to work for RomperRoom but, Rap broke my spirit.
ScholarMonk get basic daily things done. I mean why is God so harsh on me I don’t get it. Or why apple is forking a trillion dollar brand with crapty crap nonfunctional emojis and wallpaper developing brand. Ur brand should just be worth only 100 billions for ur emojis and wallpapers. We must make a better world!
WanderWan95729 @tsunamitommy3 @southendfloors @NeoRivera2 @SaitaKanOnline Not really true, try telling that to Google, amazon, apple, Microsoft, top car manufacturers, etc. Sure they have hiccups every now and then but that is rare and not the norm - saitama is different, everything fails and then sheeple like yourself come out with crap like you did Crypto
Jan_SaveAmerica California (escaped to) Arizona, USA @RonnyJacksonTX Two genders evidenced by science and God. I agree this crap has to stop. If someone has Gender Dysphoria then they should get medical help. All the rest is just ridiculous. We have to speak out to stop this nonsense. When Apple made a male pregnant emoji that was it for me.
orrkid1 @OfficialPCMR Microsoft has always supported the second or third best software. They either get kickbacks to promote them, or buy the company outright. So the whole platform is second rate. No surprise. Of course Apple supports apple crap, and google supports their stuff.
catovitch In vertigo you will be Thinking about how crap it is that my Apple watch notifies me of things I've already seen. Then reminded of conversations I had 20+ years ago about how roaming profiles and the registry was forked ideas, and it should really be a central database of settings that update realtime Metallica lyrics go here when drunk.
binauralfusion Berlin / London idk about anything else but I know I am never buying another pair of earphones from Apple ever again, my fourth pair of airpods is dying on me in the past three years, I can't anymore, this is madness and their mic is pretty crap please help meeeee game audio systems design & integration @studioZAUM / open water diver / anarcho-feminist. I thrive on croissants & poetry (she/her/"chaos energy unleashed")
LilliSawyer170 This guy is pure scum. Who decides not to meet and know their own offspring? Some may have a good reason but this guy does not. He is a totally irresponsible piece of crap. Khloé Kardashian Snubs Tristan Thompson On Father's Day - OK! No DM’s, please. God watches/recordsevery word. Staking my life on U Lord Jesus. 2 Tim3. If U don’t follow me, at least read me. In war, INF’s vital.
GodDanC @genxbaptist @AiG If she didn't know what good and evil were? Your trickster god set a trap and then punished them. Your entire book is crap. Your mythology is a joke. After all, you omniscient god knew they would eat the apple, yet he put the tree right in the center
chef_morgan1 Wisconsin, USA It’s more about understanding how the system works and giving someone a fair bite at the Apple from both sides. The rush to judgement was and is bullcrap. Calling a guy a rapist just over accusations was crap. Amber heard was believed too and that proved to be bullcrap.
DustinFinn Long Island, NY People give google crap for killing things which is regularly rightly so. But I don’t see any outrage over Apple killing the DarkSky weather app which had been solid in predictions and real time info until just recently. It’s not even in the apply weather app. Stinks. IoT & Network Security Tech Enthusiast. Photographer. Posts here are not an endorsement or views of anyone. and
seb_mc2 @OnlyTrueCoolest @OverclockedThe Crap? I told you is part of the System part of the Samsung Keyboard lmao. Like memoji is on the Apple messages. And you told me memoji isn't an app when it is and someone showed proof of that with a Jailbroken iPhone like I told you.
MisterDanielDe1 Arizona, USA A fellow Masshole and pure machine and green beret @nick_lavery_ is on @VigilanceElite podcast on YouTube and apple podcasts… when people say different breed of human, nicks photo should show up. Holy crap. I doodle… hope he digs it. Would not want to agitate that man. 😯 Outlaw Artist known as TiTs McMeatball. Fishing addict caught in a desert. I’m more than you could ever imagine. Carpenter. 3d design. animator. artist. more.
brogaaaaaaan @nffcalways1 I’m sick of Apple 😂 feel like very little changes and the battery is crap!! 24 | Nottingham Forest ⚽️❤️ Vamos!!!!
Dzhugashvili78 Philadelphia, PA @Bill_LessThan3 @Brian_Riedl The oil industry profits are about 9%. And rate-of-increase percentages are crap because going 1% to 2% is a 100% increase!! 3% to 9% is a 200% increase. Want obscene profit? Try Google and Apple for starters. I took my handle photo. That’s the dash on my Audi as I slowed through 187 kph down from 250! Autobahn forever
PaulKirvan @daringfireball Of course Apple willingly puts this crap on the App Store. Chinese controlled social media? Yes please! A DOS emulator used by a handful of people? Ban it! Apple is the company of ethics and integrity you see. Nothing Tim Cook cares about more than values. No siree. I exist
RobBalon Austin, TX, USA #iPhone Hey Apple. If you’re put news stories on my screen, let me read them without telling me I need a subscription to Apple news or the WSJ . This bait switch crap is nonsense. And what’s with the default to Fox News. Are you kidding? Master storyteller. Radio critic. New blog. Proud dad. 73 and still not taking crap from anybody.
thisiskatcooper Los Angeles, CA this desktop is crap. and somehow a $2,700+ macbook pro "died" 13 months after purchase- also paid in full. ur policies online (state that this is resolvable. y r u being so rude about this over and over? u wrote ur policies. keyboard + mouse suck 2... ☮️💗☯️ Los Angeles 🌍🖖🏽💫 ASC 🧠 Savant 🙊🧩🎨 📸 @thisiskatcooper ✨ 🌍 🌏 🌎 ✨ ꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒷꒦꒷
std__mpa Baku @telegram you constantly crap talk about how apple is bad and all that crap and then you ship the most significant change to your app to the "evil" IOS first. This is some forked up hypocrisy over there. fork your premium IOS-first crap я/мы мпа
JimNasiumX @RichardRPotato @RBReich Apple’s net profit margin is about 26% and hasn’t been below 20% for 10 years. But Exxon’s net profit margin of 8% is obscene? Reich and his ilk spout this crap because he knows the Dem masses are ignorant. Cynic, Libertarian
wedsenXD Wedsen’s #1 fan @_clnnam0n_ In SMILE HD Pinkie punches the living crap out of Apple Jack and finishing her off with her kill meter beam, basically that is how Banjex killed Yambo LOLZ I’m something else || i love you @mettatonsbf ❤️ || PFP: @Yukka_fnf
Kory_is_anxious @Google pls let me properly have access to my Google account, I regret having 2 step verification on. I'll send you proof I promise. If you don't let me I'm gonna switch to apple and talk crap about your service.I'm not being Karen I promise, it's just I use it for everything. just a random person on Twitter.
Roofusthefeline @carmatta @spock627corfu @jennathebroke @DineshDSouza @elonmusk Yeah ok, I’m sure you read both sides, and I love how you assume so much about me, I, too, read both sides. I read what is put forth, but I don’t follow any new org, so I read the crap from the Apple news feed, things I look up and things I encounter on SM. Unvaccinated death is only C-19. Vaccinated death is only comorbidities. The numbers are BS.
Deano13131373 @ForestFanBase I trust forest to know value of their players..looks like he showing his true colours as being a bad apple airing stuff on twitter..his ego is bigger than his ability..good riddance insay let's upgrade and move on bored of this samba crap now..thanks for your effort enjoy france Had to rejoin lost my followers after getting permanent ban for calling Harry maguire something you ride on on skeg beach with 4legs fan and banter
rancid_apple @FinancialTimes Blah blah blah, typical politician, the other guy is bad and we need the next election....crap! Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.... dude/bro/man
Carephree @Apple Y’all need to do better !!!!! This phone is to expensive to be over heating at the drop of a dime!!!!! And stop with all the updates ok!!! It’s too much !!! And you know we are not able to read all that crap !!!! I’m going back to Android soon y’all are annoying 🦋🦂
HelionPrime8 @MrMovies13 @9lekt Not an apple fan boi but this is the type of crap apple users needn’t worry about. Can you guys (Samsung and Google) have a big corporate meeting behind closed doors and just get this issue resolved already?? I mean really, it’s the most basic function of a phone!
usacomp2k3 Orlando, FL @EGLLSpotter @Windows @Apple If it’s a “forced” then then the first step is acceptance and at least start with a neutral perspective not going in assuming everything is crap. Engineer, amateur photographer, husband, father, NASASocial Alum, UF alum, bookworm, overall nerd, seeker of knowledge, striving to be better every day
VictouriousMonk @MDistelhurst @cmenardmusic @LinusTech U should be dumb huh ?? Its not abt material its abt "proprietary connecter"if razor used that they would have to pay apple extra and would cost more its basically crap compared to type c which have better data transfer and durability and is cheaper lol
Neil_Sarg Plymouth, England I guess at least #Samsung gives you three lenses on their phones I should imagine the reason why Apple and Google only give you two lenses is the fact that they want people to buy the pro versions. So if you want a telephoto you have to buy a pro phone. Pretty crap really lol😏 Tech Enthusiast 📱- Android & iOS - Photographer 📸 @PurposelyPixel - Insta 📷 Official_NeilSarg
Still_a_UE_fan @culverfan Me and a friend were talking about the Apple TV crap and the NHL on ESPN+ We already pay for our providers so we can see these games then the bastards wanna take games off and squeeze even more money out of us to see them. Greed is outta hand. Craig. US Navy Vet. Sports fan. Wrestling fan. Header is the USS Enterprise of World War 2
Lon248291 Houston, TX @Chandler_Rome The Apple TV crap is why behind and what the hell is the pink hair chick doing Retired Sgt Baytown PD. Go astros. Past President-TMPA, I support the thin blue line. I’m ok if that offends you
marz05 London, UK @BakerFPL343 @Dandave1989 I can’t even have double Apple anymore, it’s like when you go out first time and get excited by crap music and have cheap drinks! Fun until you realise there is so much better A proud Palestinian British Muslim. Passion for Football,travel,different cultures and languages LFC,YNWA. #FPL podder @3AmigosFPL
AntixPress Pick a coast. @AJSchumacherart Yikes. I've never had an apple crap out like that. Do you have everything updated? Apps and such. It might be a hardware issue which means call Apple ASAP. I know that's a big pain in the ass, but something is not right. The guy responsible for Portrait of an Editor #PortraitofanEditor. Patreon: Also, sometimes I write.
allenholub Berkeley, CA @Apple. The palm rejection on the Macbook pro is crap. I'm sick to death of typing something, and then having all my work discarded because I accidentally put my palm down. Fix that. I shouldn't have to do this 👇 I help you build software better & build better software. DM is open. Mailing list for classes &c.
KanekiBoruto_ Cumberland,RI @Varr26146150 @frythief00 @theramalmedia Apple copied night mode, Apple copied triple cameras, Apple copied frosted back, and Apple copied the new lockscreen wallpaper animations from Chinese crap. So I guess the crap here is Apple. And for your little brain P6P stands for pixel 6 pro. xenophobe. 20yo
VegasDuffy Las Vegas, NV Episode 3 of #CrapVegas is now live! We talk about all the adventures we had on our recent #Vegas trip. And I announce little contest! Special thanks to @TravelZork @TheBettorLife @VegasIntrovert Fan of all things Vegas, craps, and gambling related. No matter where I am, I’d rather be in Vegas. Co-host of the Crap Vegas podcast.
FionaVernal My new dell latitude of 9 month is protesting humidity and my E , D and S keys are peeling. Meanwhile my old Apple from 1995 is still kicking and the keyboard is fine . Just saying — Dell. And Samsung piece of crap tablet/ laptop died after 18 months. Even the HP was better. Historian
lalenoraaa @growbbyalbright I use Apple Music and tbh I’ve been obsessed with Harry’s House for like 2 weeks 😅 but I agree most new music is crap she/her ✨ libra ☀️ gemini 🌙
mattbeedham The Netherlands Apple's CarPlay update is a MASSIVE move for carmakers. They simply can't give away their popsiclepits. And tbh, I don't want them to. Some cars will be crap, some cars are crap and we love them for it. Last thing I want is for every car to be the same as the next because of CarPlay. Writer/journalist/thinky word person. Editorial lead @tomtom / Former editor @Shift_tnw @thenextweb / Writes about mobility, maps, transport. Views are my own.
EntMindmaze Eagan MN @iamtheroc Oofta..Nows a bad time too chip shortages and supply shortages. May I recomend Asus! I have one and its great. Alienware Overheat and warp. HP omen are Crap and Apple is only good if you get a macbook pro. Check out the Asus GX 531G ✔️ much love bro!! 🎧 Producer DJ Beatmaker Beatstars Pub. Mindmaze Beats
rafaelkitesurf Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil @Apple why is the macbook air M1 so crappy? That crap freezes every day and I'm not the only one with this issue. Where have you lost your product quality? Tech
alg_alison Silver Spring, MD @eliglazier @DrTaraGoddard Do you have an iPhone? I think this is a weird glitch that they put in to get you to use Apple Maps which IS CRAP. That has always been my assumption— that they hate me using Google maps and they f*cl with it on purpose l love bees, trees and riding bikes. Let's make cities walkable, green and livable for as many people as possible. She/her 🚲 🐝 🌳
anmolcsk29 @Candice_is_back The video reminded me once again of this, no matter if you have no apple device - the general society also kind of locks you inside this iMessage and apple superior crap. It's VERY MESSED UP if true Tech geek #TeamCODMobile - RUS , AS VAL👑 Post Photos sometimes :) #MobilityFAM

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