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n0viembre_16 Pe.Erre 🇵🇷 @AdamJMatlock My 3 months old iPhone 13 has battery issues already. Is overheating and has 99% of battery health. Apple is crap lately. From Aibonito, PR 🌺 In the diáspora 🏝. Scorpio ♍️. Libre expresión. 🗣
crostradomus The Milky Way I am an Apple maximalist. I will always use their hardware and software. That said, there isn’t any original content on Apple TV+ that doesn’t rise to the level of total uninspiring crap. Apple is terrible at entertainment. Period. /rant #Apple #StreamingNow Plimsolls designer for acrobatic paper ghosts. #CRONOS #VVS #TECTONIC #SCARECRO IT’S UP TO US ➜ WAGMI ➜
eatuna247 Ohio @KungFuGadgetsu Apple watch 8 and 7 need a review....this is crap! Review products.... nuff said Tech unboxings, reviews, and nerding out! check out my YouTube channel, and a website will be forthcoming!
LoreeJSmitty Pdx & Rural Clark County WA @FredGiuffrida @TimRunsHisMouth Watch the Apple movie “five days at Memorial,” and then try to tell me that America is a fair and equitable place. It’s astonishingly bad, enough to make a person sick, if they care about other people at all. (but some of y’all don’t give a crap for anybody but yourself). *(cops can’t interfere with interstate commerce, take a “business trip”). Inequality is killing us. Proud to be liberal, PRO•CHOICE. Animal & people lover.
richard939wis @TheNewsBox1 @Apple I forgot what a miserable piece of crap he is. And that’s an insult to crap. Dad, Grandpa, Brother, Former Husband, Moderate Democrat for Biden/Harris. Don’t dig extremism on either end of the spectrum. Repulsed by GOP seditionists.
rottenpen Mumbai/Calcutta/Ahmedabad @Apple @AppleSupport you need to get your #stupid #airplay work! Just can’t fast forward or rewind through streaming! When paused, everything resumes from beginning! What #crap is it? #apple is sinking to new #low with its products and services! Hard to stay loyal fanboy! Staunch Nationalist! Vocal about everything that’s wrong around me!
LivingInHM @TheGalox_ Microsoft gave up trying to be a "hardware" first party Apple style OEM from Ballmer legacy. It's just reference hardware for OEMs to copy and build better product designs from the beginning to prevent cannibalising the Windows market. Surface is crap now in 2022. Huawei FTW. I live with HarmonyOS every day and I create apps for it, and I can teach you how to develop for the platform via DevEco Studio IDE.
FiveOhFour New Orleans, LA Apple News app is going to be silent on my phone more since they only push this crap and I’m not paying left my acct. deactivated too long & lost it like a dummy so I reserved my @ name again but too lazy to go re-follow 2,000 ppl
politicjunkyard Earth @SEGamingReport @keith_dorschner @WSJ @WSJopinion How full do you feel after an apple? Also have you seen what apples look like in a coroner store versus a grocery store? The moral failing is not on the individual but on a society that supports the crap reality a person is forced to live in and then blames them for it. Facts not fascists. Black Lives Matter. Too left for the centrist. Too centrist for the left. I’m Politically homeless. Find me on Instagram: @politicaljunkyard
rcdoc I have found the info system in my cars is always crap. I use my IPhone in my car for everything.
n0viembre_16 Pe.Erre 🇵🇷 @AdamJMatlock My 3 months old iPhone 13 has battery issues already. Is overheating and has 99% of battery health. Apple is crap lately. From Aibonito, PR 🌺 In the diáspora 🏝. Scorpio ♍️. Libre expresión. 🗣
darkenedtones You know, this weeks been kinda crap, but at least it's Apple Cider season, and I have a slice of chocolate cheesecake to enjoy while I panic edit, so not all is sad I've been trying to get out there more! Come and hang out, watch my Lp's! Current Active LP's are ACNH and Skyrim!
apple_iJUNK @BetoMedia @grantstern That Criminal LYING Abbott is full of crap and should be ashamed of himself.... #Resist #Resistance 🌊🌊 💙💙Don-SUX. LOVE 😍ALL brands,except CrApple & will NEVER use their overrated,yrs BEHIND,..prods even if they were last comp on earth.
dkmehta1381 @gov_fails @GavinNewsom Serious? I don’t pay anything to Google, Mets or Apple when I fill my gas tank. Their profits don’t affect me directly. A gallon of gas with correct regulation does affect me. So this is solid policy. Tax the crap out of them and force them to lower their prices.
blusquad812 USA @Alixxa David Goggins - "Motivation is crap, has ups and downs like a roller coaster, being driven is what gets you through the journey " not always applicable, but some days you need that and other days we just need pine apple pizza 🍍🍕 Phase King | CODE: BSQ812 #ad Energy supplier @DubbyEnergy|
HarpSilver Edinburgh, Scotland @RjeyTech Because it's Apple the golden rule is Apple can do no wrong and get away with any crap Tgeek🤓 GPixel/🍏 Polyam, Wiccan, Demi 2partners 🦊 & DS, Fully Vaxxed - Do Not DM.
jaballs23 El Paso, TX @EilonKnighton Maybe try a mini? Or a used iPad? Only thing about a used one is the battery life since apple uses crap batteries. All you gotta do though for that is buy a replacement and get someone to replace it. Much cheaper to do that than have apple fix it I’m a dude
wickerwaka Los Angeles, CA @Apple is pretty crap when it comes to "mea culpa customer service". They gave me a refund after shipping me a dead laptop. I am out a $150 gift card and several hours of my time. No offer to expedite the processing of my order, or to even setup the new order for me. Technology Fellow at Treyarch. Father of two small humans, somehow. He/Him.
avisualtinkle The child is wearing jeans and a long cardigan, reclining on the couch, eating an apple and reading a book and holy crap she looks like a teenager. She’s only 9. Where did the little girl go?!?! I'm extra sweet but it may only be because my BG is high.Type 1 diabetic looking on the bright side. Living the nightshift labor and delivery nurse/zombie life
Phantomscribler UK @boxmontessori Apple News is crap, but all the same, despite recollections varying, were they not the ones who turned their backs on their respective families & bad-mouthed and lied about them for sake of fame, & money? They are no longer working, loyal members of either of their familys. An unstoppable life form and Life poet. Scribbling Ghost Writer, and Rtd. Camo Saw Bones.
Califredhead_57 @darden_dallas @CostaCrew2LSU @Recon65b @WSJ He’s not out of inciting the insurrection and all the crap he pulled before that & since. The DOJ is getting the case ready to get convictions, not indictments. I will wait until it’s ready for just that. We have only one bite at the apple, so it has to be perfect. It will be.
ReeeeeAllie7 I was already terrified of having to go to the hospital because I’m unvaccinated. This testimonial scares the forking crap out of me. How this crap happened in our country BLOWS MY MIND. This is an absolutely MUST LISTEN and you must share far and wide you’ll figure me out PDQ
g_sawczak Głogów, Polska @MrAshfaqk2 @tim_cook @Apple @aplusk @theapplehub You might go and ask your government officials why do they impose such taxes on imported goods and why your currency is crap presently. Other than that.. nothing changed, prices were untouched and remained on the same level. It’s just $1100 for a phone.
Marco36039911 @RobMKendall The Repub. Party is an 8 day rotten apple and the Dems are like a 10 day rotten apple.Neither 1 is worth a crap to eat. There are good 1’s in the rep party but they get run out of office by the GOP ( see jacob and nisly) it’s all about their power.They don’t give a rip about you
TheMobRules73 Manchester Progressive Rock Gideons Mob music is #safeandeffective against the dulldrums, boredom, and apathy you may expereince from listening to the same old pop crap. Consult your physician and pickup all 3 albums at Itunes apple amazon spotify cdbaby bandcamp and on cd at ebay. Lead guitarist for Prog rock band Gideons Mob. Find our 3 albums on itunes amazon applemusic spotify cdbaby bandcamp on CD at amazon+ebay! Star Wars Junkie!
weathergraph Jihlava, Czech Republic @9to5mac @joseadorno Crap! The only iOS ⌨️ that - has gesture writing for countries ignored by Apple - has dual language support - and I trusted to not sell my data for ad targetting Fellow indie developers, I'm busy building @weathergraph, but today is the time - I can't wait to give you my money. Beautiful and privacy-conscious indie weather forecast app for iPhone and Apple Watch, with widgets & complications. Made by @keff85 in 🇨🇿.
keff85 Crap. This was the only keyboard with gesture typing (for countries ignored by Apple) and two languages at once, that I also trusted to not sell whatever I'm typing. Hey, indie developers, now is the time - thanks! Product designer ex LMC/, now indie with @weathergraph. Plus write-only politics crapposting, you shouldn't be reading that part :).
anonymause77 Earth @DeathMetalV You know she’s into some weird crap. Like yapping all day about virtue America, apple pie, and all that crap but at night is blowing meth of male prostitutes dicks a la @TedHaggard Husband, father, vet, xennial, and radical moderate living in the middle-aged waste land.
Name__Expired Most people I see react to this are way too optimistic in terms of holding apple shares. If any other market forces were stated I'd agree but a drop in demand is as fundamental as it gets where they'd rather hide behind technical crap and historical rise of the company There is nothing you need to know about me bad enough to read this, that you think it can determine anything says more about you anway. Pref Pronoun: fork You
RawBooty2 USA @RodAlzmann My concern with this market is we see everything rally while mega cap like apple sell off. they've been propping up aapl and others to mask the selling of the other crap. "Raw" adj. un-refined "Booty" n. Spoils of war & how bad trades feel Retired hedgefund manager FoF, CME, equities L/S
Heaven2aGoddess ➡️ @Apple what gives? No cellular data due to iOS update and then the device is stuck on the updating loading screen :/ . Every time a new device launches this crap happens with the software and data coverage. ⚜️ Thee Humiliatrix of the Carolinas || 27 ||Fetish Fantasy Fanatic ||𝙈𝙔 𝙏𝙞𝙢𝙚 = 𝙔𝙊𝙐𝙍 𝘿𝙞𝙢𝙚 ⚜️ Invest in the Best, ⤵️ Tribute fee $50
AadiKand My Apple Pencil Tip got broken off and the piece is stuck in there.. Crap. Well, I’m gonna try to get it fix and figure out for now, until further notice, I won’t be posting Digital Arts and will be doing hand drawn and sketches. Sorry guys.. 18 / Straight / Male / He/Him / Cartoonist / Artist / Writer / Cartoon/Anime Fan / Gamer / Megaten Fan / Helluva/Hazbin Fan / Kingdom Hearts Fan
ProffessorJayy South Africa Android users is there any good brand that offers excellent flagship smartphones without major red flags? Samsung (rumour has it batteries are crap and they puff out) Huawei (I'm yet to trust their new OS) Please Don't push your Apple agenda, I'm not folding. Wholesome 🎧🎞️🎬🍳📉 UL Alumni 🇿🇦 Grootman Spec Advocate 🤌🏾 They also call me MR @onemotion4 (checkout my car page please 🤲🏾) {Insert Brand} Stan Account
yoeman68 Out of Appalachia @royermattw A he is a he. A she is a she. Don't wave other crap descriptions and expect to change the way my kids think and talk. An apple is not an elephant. Did the jobs "Americans won't do. Three degrees while soldiering. Moved into management and 6 figures. No excuses.
rambo__93 Salaam azizam, if you know of any loved ones living in Iran to download. Its on both Google and Apple and is great because it can operate on crap Internet speed Chelsea until I die
VeronicaSam13 Chicago burbs @idesignecourses Tomorrow is cardio at home with Jenny McClendon on YouTube. I can look like crap and do it when I want. I have apple cider donuts and chocolate chip cookies in the freezer. I hope they escape and run away. 😂😂 Sunny Born 4/25/21🐾 Married! I ❤️ Cairns #ProChoice #TeamPelosi #MarchforTruth #MarchfortheVote #MarchForOurLives #BLM 🚫Lists! 🇮🇹🇩🇪🇮🇪🇨🇿
MD_born En ruta de mi próximo viaje @Apple Fix the battery drain issue!! This phone is utter crap…stop rushing to push 💩 out and ACTUALLY make some significant changes/improvements to your devices! #iphone14ProMax #sucks Don’t buy it! #wasteofmoney #TimCookHasToGo 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 eyes & a nose
Grmpyii LaPorte, Indiana @Apple I need my phone to male call and text, the rest is all extraneous crap that lowers the intelligence of people and causes they to dissociate with each other. Very Happily Married To the best Chef on earth Kelly, I Eat like a KING, Navy Veteran, Stanch Resister and NEVER Trumper!
trance_nut Delhi @aarkay_14 @jon_prosser No you are completely & utterly wrong. U have no idea of wht it takes to engineer a reliable OS which work deterministically, basically just works, never slows down and is privacy focussed. I havent even come to Apple Silicon which is 2 yrs ahead of whatever crap you are used to.
Jessica_D_Clark in Superhero Headquarters I regret putting all of my CDs into digital format. I loved my iPod because it held most of my music. Then Apple started doing stupid crap & I moved to Google Music. Then they changed to YouTube Music = more stupid crap. And now music *I bought & paid for* is a hostage. Trainer. Facilitator. People Services Leader. Utility Player. Baseball Aficionado. Advancer. Bonus Mom. Rubber Chicken Owner.
DerodreasM Tennessee/kentucky Anyone else’s iPhone 14 pro screen flickering? This is the 2nd phone the 1st 14 pro I had there was a camera issue so I traded it and now this 1 there’s a screen flicker …. Did @apple not test these models before sending them out to the public the crap tagging @iupdate
WGvozdich @KellyMRosalez1 @BezhikZagidiwin @DickesonKathy Nope sorry. We’re talking about your pathetic president sleepy Joe Biden and his disgusting son. But the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree because so is he. You guys should be so proud of that piece of crap you voted for I’m a person who loves America, less government intrusion and believe in FREE SPEECH FOR ALL!!! NO DMS PLEASE!!
Apple_Whore_ Gdansk, Poland @PhilDL616 @KG_Cocidius @WilliamRBR If it is, it'll be short term gain and back to crap booking in 6 months (WWE will never go full Bray). If it isn't, the Bray fans won't forgive WWE and leave. Been someone else for long enough. Coast should be clear now.
JohnBizios1 New Hampshire, USA @ReallyActivist Apple is 20 minutes of updating ID'S and passwords,being advised to listen to crap they are promoting and selling. Spotify has introduced me to so much great music I didn't even know about that's perfectly suited to me. Hiker, runner, cyclist,mountain biker and paddler. Baseball and Hockey fan, craft beer enthusiast blues lover and general reprobate.
NerdsRants @Siuuu_101 @SimplySimon808 @Apple My phone is the only thing using that crap instead of USB-C. I have to carry a special cable just for that crap. If I go on holiday I need to pack that special cable just for the phone. If I’m working and realise my phone needs a charging I can’t just use my MBP cable. It’s crape I like technology, games, funny things and ranting.
Saitama_Tim Part of the 4% I swear @Apple IPhones there quality has went to crap. My phone is in a Outter Box and has a screen protector on it. Drop it and now the front and back is cracked now. And Apple charges outrageous prices for these phones #FosterDad @IRacing $Saitama $ImpactXp $BTC $ETH $Shiba hoping one day to turn crypto investing into my day job
Big_Mosley The "Dynamic island" is just an eyesore, why would someone want that crap in the middle of the screen all the time? Please stop acting like everything Apple releases is the best thing since sliced bread. This is why we don't get charging bricks and Sim Card slots anymore.
Joshua620D Prosper, TX @jmwilt21 Nope and Never said you were biased against apple. I just said you were biased against different approaches to AOD and how you think there is only 1 way it should work. All the other crap you and others are making up in your heads. A Nerd Talking Tech 📱 Stuff mixed in with sports, entertainment, and gaming. Also an aspiring Coffee ☕️ Connoisseur. #John316
TeslaBrah @Factschaser @Joscocok @buzzyal @garyblack00 You’re an idiot. Tesla, Apple, and every other stock is crashing because the Fed’s response to inflation of raising interest rates and selling Treasuries. You lost any possible credibility by saying dumb crap. Just on Twitter…
ArmstrongKarla2 People’s Republic of Canada @pkcanada1 @smittenwithclay You can’t assume that excess deaths is explained by covid especially now with miracle vax. If they don’t provide a breakdown by month, age and cause of mortality, it’s crap data. Have an open mind and listen: Awake not woke

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