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Apple is crap.

The things some people say about Apple is crap.

DianaVonRigg Staffordshire, United Kingdom @medboyUK Bloody love Alienware. Apple is crap and their software is absolutely crape unless you're a creator of some kind. Paying for the name completely Professional British Domina • Based in South Staffordshire, UK • • #DOMINATRIX #FEMDOM #MISTRESS 🔞 GLASGOW | Aug 24 25
KongoBuana @technology @bopinion Who cares where this waste is made. We care how this waste destroys our people and environment! @apple sucks, overpriced faulty e-waste. Written on an ipad mini 2 one of the last products this crap company released! Working Hard, does NOT mean working long!
Alien_Army Centurion,South Africa @AdriaanBasson @News24 @Fin24 Please! I stopped reading News24 as 90% of any page opened is just ads and crap! Became a tabloid. Does not go for the whole brand though, Wheels24 still had some proper educated journalists. Don't get me started in the 'tech' section though...just Apple everything! Husband, father and a bit of sports nut. The Sharks! Leeds United! #MOT #LUFC
luckymummy1001 UK Not that English cuisine is very subtle, but I absolutely agree with every item in the Crap Tier, except steak and kidney pudding - that should be at the top! All the British Foods That Should Have Been Ranked by YouGov - VICE UK Writing a novel, lots of useless degrees, autie mum, global citizen. All spelling mistakes are my own. LGBTQ Ally #BLM #FBPE #Resist #WritingCommunity 🚫DMs
nigelwUK London Just me, or is iCloud and the keychain a buggy pile of crap? So many days it just refuses to sign in properly on my Mac. #apple #icloud Will write for money, shag for beer. BLUF webmaster. Lefty fag. Follow @BLUFclub for leather stuff, @GoneDigitalTV for my blog feed
Irezicle Winnipeg, Manitoba Omigod I cant believe the poor journalism that is Diane Francis. My favourite part is where she says JWR quit caucus, refused to quit the caucus and was kicked out all in one sentence. Financial Post is crap. Sound + Installation artist; Composer, Sound Designer, non-profit consultant. Executive Director of Video Pool Media Arts Centre @videopool
Patta47cake Darien, CT We all know that this Administration is lawless, but the buck has to stop somewhere. No one is above the law, and @KellyannePolls continues to act as if she doesn’t give a crap about our laws. She MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. New York Mets⚾️, Arsenal⚽️, Barcelona⚽️, New York Giant🏈, Boston Celtic☘️🏀, Hate liars🤥, West Indies 🏏, JamAmerican 🇯🇲🇺🇸 🎼🎶
serichards Staffordshire Garmin connect app being tiresomely crap again. Steps not updating. It’s missing other data. Fed up of how ropey it is. Shame the apple watch is so expensive and has such dreadful battery life. Non bio
thejoelafferty Pittsburgh, PA @SteelerChickPGH @Dejan_Kovacevic I do and this is a good deal. If you want good info you can pay for it or get crap info for free. Like buying an Apple pie @GiantEagle or picking crab apples off the ground. Speaker & Author of #JustinTime Cancer,Diabetes,Embolism,Sight Loss,Valve Replacement,Organ Transplant,Death vs Me with GOD & @upmcnews = UNSTOPPABLE
jamestheowilson Chicago, IL My daughter is still only a toddler and I already have heard crap like this said about enrages me every time I hear it. She has already shown that she will be quite capable of taking care of herself when it’s her time to go out into the world. I went home and became a family man. I also play bass. Cubs, Blackhawks, Notre Dame fan..descended from Clan Gunn. IT professional, background pony.
mikemcdonnell 9/11 Responders Warn McConnell, Graham: 'Not Going to Take Your Crap' — “If the US has someone whom historians will look back on as the gravedigger of American democracy, it is Mitch McConnell.” — Vote Him Out! Just passin' thru...
CatfishFishy @wallz78 @AndrewP47809396 @garlinghousesn1 @TheRipplerIAm @boyd_oakes @Ripple @bgarlinghouse LOL @ xrp bag holders making plans for their "future wealth." If what is already known isn't enough to convince you that you're holding trash, then nothing can change your mind. Garlinghouse could crap in a jar and you would call it "artisanal apple butter." Seal Team Six
roryprior Yorkshire, UK @lapcatsoftware I just think that’s a needlessly negative spin, Apple’s documentation has been crap since I first got into making Mac software in the early 00’s and this is very early days for a new API. UK based indie Mac+iOS dev and designer. Available for contract work! See my photo stuff on 🇬🇧🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈 he/him
Kanieh57 ⁦@Newsweek⁩ This is total crap and you know it. ⁦@newtgingrich⁩ continues his book licking fodder and for Newsweek this is reckless and divisive. ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ is anything but presidential. Ista to 4 children, writer, painter, photographer and more.
MAGATammy United States @aprilbrown99 @MilaJonesOK @qanon76 Mine too, this crap starts at the top and she is as involved as the rest, including many in congress. They should all be jailed, including Michelle Adam's Apple Keep America Great! Legal Law Abiding Citizen.
L_Wareing Southport, Merseyside @Bunkerkid Don't do it, its crap compared to the samsung, I have the new iPhone as a work phone and its crape. Everything is more complicated and costs more and you can't screen mirror unless you have apple tv. #JFT96 Ivy-Mai Wareing Jones 💜
iam_balajig Chennai, Tamil Nadu as if he is quitting Google and joining Apple. Crap ! Software Engineer @dellemc | Data Center Networking | Routing protocols | Linux kernel | Free & Open Source Software Contributor.Views are personal
karel_3d Ho Chi Minh City Hm Google Photos is so much better than Apple Photos in almost all respects Only think that irks me is that Live Photos from iPhone looks like crap on there, and they don’t let you change the key photo. That sucks skateboarding is a crime engineer at @grabvn
encantoman Arizona, USA Part 5 - @AppleSupport @Apple @iTunes Now iTunes is giving me crap about refunding the charge. The tech people at iTunes were rude and refused to put me through to the next level. It took 3 days for the charge to go thru and now they want 30 days to refund it. Vietnam Veteran, Consumer Advocate, reporting any bad business behavior, VA Sucks, Get rid 2 party system, Extremely Conservative, Retired, 2A, 1A.
osxreverser A fundamental book if you want to understand the current rotten apple of European Union, Hungary. Shocking! A roadmap to near dictatorship and wide corruption and graft. Amazing that this crap is allowed inside European Union and nothing is really done about it. A cyberpsycopath who loves to torture binaries for pleasure and money. Know a thing or two about Economics! Love 911s, manual, no PDK or Turbo crap.
drbarnard San Marcos, Texas @Jon889 @stroughtonsmith Apple created the enterprise app program very early in the App Store (2009 maybe?) to allow businesses to release apps to everyone in the company without having to go through the App Store. But developers were using it for spyware and other crap, so Apple is tightening rules. Founder @Contrast (née @AppCubby). Building apps that stand out since 2008. Former recording engineer. @Weather_Up_ @LaunchCenterPro @Timer
fundandtechy The Dow Is Climbing and Sometimes the Market Just Doesn’t Need a Reason to Rise - Barron's—I miss the pragmatic and pessimistic Barrons... this Les Sez Fare crap knocks them down in respect points Financial Markets participant w/ typical limitations of those in this career. Respect fundies, techies, quants, and homework doers.
ITDiscounted United States @norareggie640 @thehill I AM FINE WITH DODGE BALL!!! Watch the video and save this poor me victim crap of the left!! What is your real beef with Republicans.. Male envy? You want an excuse why you are not the CEO of HP oh wait that is a woman APPLE oh that is a gay man a... President oh that was Obama Logic / Capitalism / Freedom at Home / Every Country Should Have Opportunity for its People. Help the Poor, Elderly, Sick Everyone else grab a shovel and help!
TonyLepore7 Pawtucket, RI @SerendipityDizl @ItoniLl @ComMd This is super B. S. Water Gate is Apple & Oranges. There a president did something wrong. Here our President was civilian and did nothing wrong. You are spending the people money for crap! I say double crap!!! VietnamVet, RetiredPoliceOfficer, LEOSA, Entertainer Stage Actor, Married. If I follow, U must follow me. Luv ✝️, MAGA fb: Tony The Dancing Cop Fan Page.
samanthatang0 up to our reality and to stop fearing because we are real and they are just actors on tv and movies. a lease?? at least.. define words people. matters. apple crap there is no such thing as bad word and good work silly ikkikiikkiikki ggtgtgtgtgt dededededede aaaqaqs swswswswsw dededeed fork duck suck puck crew crapty slutty mother forkxxx idiot fools loser winner retarded 7777777 the news are fake and movies are made to scare us keep us operating on low vibration mode this is how we are controlled.. the solution is to help everyone wake
teririch Vancouver @mtnbvan @RMDStudio_Ca I mean, look at people and produce. People are less apt to buy a bruised apple over one that is not. So not all corporations. With that said, Amazon uses a crap load of boxing/packing to ship the smallest of items. Not to mention transportation costs. May the bridges I burn light the way.
thecurioushuman Bainbridge Island, WA @andizeisler Have you seen Libby? My library uses it; an app that easily rivals audible for audiobooks and kindle for ebooks. And it’s FREE! Plus Librarians are worth their weight in gold. Apple store is crap in comparison. Outsideaholic, wanderlusty nature photog. Childfree. Science & enviro writer: @NatGeo @Slate @CNN @PacificStand @medium @NASA @earth3r @mental_floss
WillInsanity @getongab how is this surprising? honestly their logo is an apple with a bite out of it. They have literal child slaves in china assembling their phones and they just put out a 1000$ monitor stand, they are evil vile pieces of garbage, why anyone uses their crap is beyond me Justinzedong haha ready to make u comminust, I eat aww the fings! you eat nofing!
DamienPetrilli Lyon, France Apple isn't listening, Apple is reacting to pain points and the bad PR they generate for doing crap. That's a totally different mindset. Listening means changing according to feedbacks. Reacting to pain points means changing when you have no choice. I do iOS stuff amongst other things.
bryanbroussard9 Lafayette, LA Amen, I'm a techie. And tech, especially overpriced crap, like apple's, is not a replacement for buildings... IT Instructor
HighinGet Boise, ID Holy crap! These bands Apple Music is recommending if you like Getting High in Dubai. Every band I am not worthy of being compared to like Husker Du. I think this is because I was in an 80 s and 90s alt supergroup...but not worthy. Trying to get happy with music. Unsaved out now.
nancy180 Brighton Ontario How Alberta ranchers are on the front line of preserving hills, wetlands and wildlife - The Star What BS is this? If it wasn’t for ranchers our environment would thrive. 👎👎👎Total crap. ⁦@CBC⁩ ⁦@Protect_Wldlife⁩
rbector Austin, TX @alexiskold @Apple @tim_cook @googlephotos UX in the app is truly amazing. But - their desktop sync and backup tools are crap and confusing as hell entrepreneur, dad, camera buff, nomad, founder & ceo @
Boturd Washington, USA @MonsieurSabs This is just a guess based off a vaguely similar past experience, but check the fan, there might be a crap ton of dust built up in there. You can also always just take it to an Apple store and have them open it up and fix it for you because this is definitely a hardware issue. Video games, rock music, here and there, serious stuttering issues. I'll love Weezer forever. Euphoria from lack of sleep influences makes me tweet dumb things.
TarantulaTweets Austin Texas Don’t be fooled! EOS is crap. It’s all about pumping up their cryptocurrency nothing more. The software sucks and trying to build apps on it is a nightmare! Austin's First Blockchain Authority | Consultants | Private Equity | Asset Securitization | SVP / SIV | ICO | STO | Tokenization
jasonkneen Faberstown, Wiltshire, UK I'll be glad when Apple do a @TheTileApp replacement -- walking around our property being told one is nearby and no sound. another was silent and had to shake the keys for it to start making a noise. crap! Cross-Platform Native App Developer @bouncingfish • Speaker/Author • Host @thecheckedshirt & @titaniumtalkfm • @Tardisloo • Dad of 5, Rosie with T21 • Silent K
1961_Paul The Forbidden Zone. Tory leadership contest: Michael Gove 'would scrap VAT' - BBC News. Doesn’t say what he’ll replace it with, and BoJo saying he won’t pay the £39billion until AFTER a Deal has been reached is crap. Don’t pay it at all. Member of the 52% #Brexit & #LFC brigade. Deplorable. Despise #Brexit saboteurs, Labour, liberals, snowflakes & animal abusers. #YNWA ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️🇬🇧🇬🇧
Magentium @______m4t______ @nixcraft How is it a regression? Apple are just stupid and now have to deal with their crap. Atheist - Support of true Equality - Developer. #ThoughtsAreMyOwn I follow so many people on here I don't even know who I follow anymore.
hhas02 @zmknox @gruber @stroughtonsmith @brentsimmons What iOS and Shortcuts lack is IPC infrastructure. Ad-hoc RPC tunnelling via URL abuse is a security and usability atrocity and needs to stop. Bringing that yahoo crap to the Mac would be a bad joke. What Apple should do is bring the Mac’s IPC to iOS and get Shortcuts using that. Temporary account.
devinprater 34.723923,-85.971433 @zbenton And Google is the AI company. I mean, think about that! The AI company can't even give us the time of day to implement AI into their screen reader, and Apple has *done* it! This is what Android evangelists don't get, Google doesn't give a crap! Certified Assistive technology instructor, with certifications in JAWS, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint.
silverpjs Finland @FarandWidecom The sausage in Finland is crap, it is called makkara, it tastes like dough, like flour and some hot dogs mixed. Awful. I buy specialty sausages here that are real meat and varied spices and tastes. Nothing like a South African Boerewors, or a pork and apple sausage. Just myself, hockey, floorball, cats, and collecting nail lacquer!
skliwmi @RCrossbows Tumblr had a lot of sick things on the site. People would sell themselves on the site and if you think thots here are bad then you have no idea. What's worse is. Underage kids were doing it too. Tumblr only did the purge for Apple. They don't give a crap about anything. Δ
meekorouse Berkeley, CA FYI @apple your newer 2017 MacBook Pro cable is crap. It keeps coming unplugged from the laptop.. doesn't have a magsafe connector and doesn't have a 3 prong connector at the end. Annoying and subpar! HIST/Books/Art//Photos/NATURE; BA in HIST/ Minor in GEOG: MA/MLIS student. Avid reader, & cat mom to @alexanderbunny
iamsailaja_454 @ZahirAli @phoneboi89 @jamesvmm @sixohtew_ @realHamzaAmin @Amooshroom @sisir360 @MKBHD Coz,you don't have the brain in you to choose what is better not only relating to money but also features and everythin......U only want a logo of an already eaten apple on everything which would cost u tons of dollars...... But if u still want it,just keep buying that crap🐩🐩🐩
noosa4sale Noosa @Apple Yes well I’d like to trade it free because the 8 is crap. This is after I upgraded from the 6s due to constant battery failure. The 8 instead keeps freezing, playing silly buggers when trying to text and turning itself off. Really disappointed @Apple Winner Most Recommended #Noosa #realestate Agent 2015. #Noosarealestate #Sales #holiday #rentals #residential #property Ph 0412 635 274. Creator @KoalaTracker
pavlobaron (0, 1) well, they gotta make a better decision what they complain about: that apple kicks their bottom out of business, or that good parental control is impossible on an iphone. I only care about the latter, and yeah, apple’s “solution” is utter crap: Unlimited mind with limited lifetime. Harmonic dissonance. Rhythmic syncopation. Founder and CTO @InstanaHQ. I speak what I think.
Henway1957 Virginia, USA @PhillyTalk @TeamCavuto Do you have a smart phone? What about the Justice Department going after Apple and the other big tech companies? Is that just the Donalds 3-D chess? Or is it socialist crap that’s going to send us into a depression?
whatshesayin Luton, England How dim do you have to be to give a crap about this show and someone eating fruit? Why is this even a thing?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Lucie snacking on a banana and apple at the same time has people confused 🤔 Just the everyday ramblings of a sane human in an insane world! Dislikes political correctness, the overtly left wing and the word ‘offended’. #iamtommy
chocoouyu no men allowed only hyungwon i tried to use apple music for less than a week and yeah no idk who designed this crap... the app is CRAP like actually crapty it looks crapty it feels crapty just pure crap
ViratForLife mumbai. @Apple That is so much crap. I bought the XR almost 2 months back and the battery is behaving ridiculous. Multi-Fandom|| Ranbir-Deepika.❤️ ShreyaGhoshal.||Varia

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