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Hmm nobody wants to work the dangerous shitty jobs and everyone wants to do creative fulfilling jobs What if we give the people doing the crappy jobs some extra incentives Maybe we could use tokens to keep track of things We ll need someone to count the tokens

KirkGraff @TrueSlazac "Hmm, nobody wants to work the dangerous shitty jobs, and everyone wants to do creative fulfilling jobs. What if we give the people doing the crappy jobs some extra incentives? Maybe we could use tokens to keep track of things. We'll need someone to count the tokens..." I enjoy taking naps and drinking Coca Cola.
VarcoBrerengor Man there’s been so many unnecessary mean people and crappy things going on in this fandom lately. I think it’s awesome that your friend let you borrow their suit and it looks like you had a blast!🔥🔥 31 || Norway || He/him || Poly || Taken || HellHound || NSFW🔞|| @toastedshmallow💙
Mariadelonce Santiago, Chile @shawtyastrology Taurus Mars and food waste. As in people who don’t finish what they order when going out, like not even getting a doggy bag. Also money waste, as in getting cheap clothes, things that WILL break down or crappy quality. I reckon being wasteful pisses me off bad 🙃 Lawful good • socialmente incómoda y comediante frustrada #AuDHD✨ Nortina 🦙 Dalmatinka 🇭🇷
Jae_TheFlash SS LivMorgan 🛳 If you don’t want to be exposed for being a crappy person stop doing crappy things. It’s so much easier to mind your business and keep people’s names out of your mouth. Jae. 36. She/They. Queer🏳‍🌈 Women’s Wrestling Fan. Liv Morgan & Mercedes Moné Stan. Met Liv x4 🥰 Liv Followed 4/2/2023 ✌🏼Liv Broke My Notifs x18💀
stallyn83 @StephenKing Even if people aren't doing that.....if people speak their minds and tell the truth bout things...they still come after you. They cancel you ban you from social media again TRUMP WAS RIGHT. Don't you have another crappy book to worry about??? 39 years old. proud AMERICAN and Republican. 2A supporter, free thinker (no brain washing here). murder is murder, EVEN abortions. Support of police, military.
tucsongirl1 Tucson, AZ @David07501253 @angelacrazygirl @jerrieskid @TonyHussein4 "Love how you group people based on their affiliation." What in the heck do you think you're doing? Say crappy things all you want, but don't play high and mighty, and don't be a hypocrite. Blog: Lifelong #ArizonaWildcats fan #BearDown. I love anything sports. World traveler. #MusicIsTheDr #RaiderNation #ProudDemocrat
FStruart @Bornakang TikTok is a poison to the US and probably most countries, they post only crappy shit for us to see, meanwhile in China they post all sorts of "great things that their people are doing", graduations, good Samaritans, but they send all bullshit to us, STOP USING or watching TIKTOK
lizae28 Washington, DC @yumcoconutmilk The replies on that thread blew me away. It's really okay to love and appreciate your parents while also acknowledging that they did some crappy things. People are complicated, it's part of the human condition. Understanding that is part of being a grownup
thelivingtribu2 @ComicPunkGuy None of those are valid criticisms. There crappy attempts to shit on things cause some people like them and to fuel theur dumb hate boners. opinions and views are my own. a fellow comic book fan/geek/nerd/gamer/film lover/human being. i welcome new friends and followers and i banish trolls.
blissfullyloz Melbourne, Victoria @bratat22 I’ll tell but any couch sitter that gives me more grief, instant block, bc I’m sick of attacks from people that read things from eg rumble & bitchute and grab various crappy journal articles and don’t understand shit. Vaccine science and various construction, there u go. Medical scientist, specialise in structural biology, protein chemistry, cell signalling and immunology. OK belly dancer. Piano books ❤️ Many hobbies. The end 😛
LoveBugsNasty One of the crappy things about the internet is people think they can just post stupid shit and it'll automatically go viral. I'm sure it happens but like .0000001% of the time Your new favorite musician | Dolla Dolla out now | Art is my 🖤 | Pain is my 🔥 | Hₒw 𝚗ₐ𝘴𝚝y ₐᵣₑ yₒᵤ?
Umachica The Pine Barrens @TheBillie70 Mine was flooded plenty! but also two things: More and more pics will come as people get home and settle in again Remember that this site is pretty crappy right now. Algorithms can't be depended on anymore. Writer/Actor for The Purgatory Report Genderqueer sapphic nerd, hobbyist, storyteller, amateur naturalist Latinx/White. My dinos are trans ❤️ They/He, 37, Leo
SuziFabLane @reallbrooke Some people have eczema, some people have psoriasis, some ppl have adhd that makes them clumsy, things outside their control, multiple reasons 🤷🏿‍♀️but go ahead and instil another standard for someone else to feel crappy about themselves ☺️ This Lane is Fab )~(
findyoursilvers Cleveland, OH @CtyGrlPhoto When I lived in Texas, people would say all kinds of crappy things about Cleveland to me. Not a single one of those people had ever visited here. Now that I've moved back and post pictures of the stuff we do here, they are changing their tune. Nurse 💉, Wife 💍 , Mom 👩‍👦, Grandma 🧑‍🦳, Dog/Cat mom🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱 I'm liberal. I believe in vaccines and science. I don't tolerate racism or fascism.
RazzCorgi @bubblegumbark That is horrible, I'm so sorry about that. It's really crappy that people do these things instead of supporting the creators and making their own avatars. Instead they rather steal The Candy Corgi🍬🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈 (He/They/22) Married/Living with @IanFluuf Have a candy! 🍭 💙 SFW 💙 Commission info ⬇️ Status
Troy03410439 East Texas @Damaan4u33 @Kimlittlejohn11 I see plenty of ignorance bubbling up from the ground on both sides of the fence and I also see a lot of good and caring people on both sides of the fence, it is a crying shame that so many always see the negative regardless of the positives in others, no wonder things are crappy just human and a heavy metal fanatic that loves to cruise, learn to appreciate all that you have because those greedy fuckers want it! #THECATDADDY🐈‍⬛ 27cats✌️
ClarkySpur @THFCHarvey18 @Lilywhite_Rose Horrible when people say crappy things to and about you isn’t it? Lost my previous account so trying to find all old followers and followees! #COYS | #THFC | #TTID
filmandtheatre Egypt @boobks and with the whole cancel culture etc these days it just feels like people are too fast to blow things out of proportion when something can just be dealt with personally or he could realise he's being a crappy bf and improve like he doesn't deserve to be shunned yk what I mean? here's to the fools who dream ☆
EzioTim Ohio, USA @PopCrave I’ve noticed a 1:1 correlation between crappy music and the artist getting something thrown at them. Also, stop throwing things at people. An endless stream of endless streams that stream endlessly, I also have a dog that's cute.
LadyIndia1776 @thoughts_w_Kate @_Mama_Mia10 What's aggravating is people who are crappy parents saying it's ok for children to damage and destroy property that's paid for by the tax payers. It's aggravating to see entitled witches attack people for being single or childless, which aren't bad things. Vandalism is bad. Crabby Catholic. Proud American. Anglophile. Megxiteer. 💙QEII. Conservative. Teacher. Pepino.
jessyroos @thepursuinglife Also, I came out to the leadership team/board of my church while I was a member. A couple people were supportive, mostly they were quiet. And then I sat through two years of hearing other denominational leaders saying crappy things about queer people and no one spoke up for me. “Jessy is both very nice and not evil ❤️” ➡️ mental health without barriers @growthelife + LEGO lending club @borrowandbrick 🏳️‍🌈
RejiLowEnd Nowhere but everywhere at once @mintraio @OptimusKevTron1 @Mitchymay90 ☝🏾 the updates Meaning, crappy one liners trying to imitate RH, emojis and smiley faces, or vague updates from some random moderator. People aren’t imagining things. Sculptor/Artist/ Musician. Very weird (pretty sure that’s autism). Curses a lot.

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