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Not sure about the 50s wasnt around back then but I think things get romanticized a bit Average houses were crappy and 1000sq feet back then 2400 sq feet today food was crappy and processed by Kelloggs People didnt travel or enjoy life nearly as much as they do today

MarekZee Sacramento, CA @TheEmulator23 Not sure about the 50s, wasn’t around back then but I think things get romanticized a bit. Average houses were crappy and 1000sq feet back then (2400 sq feet today), food was crappy and processed by Kellogg’s. People didn’t travel or enjoy life nearly as much as they do today. full-time trader / investor // portfolio in order of value: $SQ, $TWTR, $VXX, $NFLX, $LUV, $NVDA, $VIXY weekly calls sold against the $VXX and $VIXY
NarwhalsYT Washington, USA @_Omar_Shaheen @AnoxFigh @Pokemon That attitude (with all due respect) is part of the problem! If people continue to just submit to the crappy quality of the games then nothing will change! It’s important as the consumers to voice our opinions and make sure things change, not to silently accept whatever is given
NickPles The Jungle, Welcome To @ninjashoes This is why the world is in the crappy shape it's in. Instead of focusing on positive and constructive things people spend their time debating the shape of the planet. You want to prove it's flat, sail or fly to the end and film it. Please please film it People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point. Also I like my dog more than I like you
DebbiBach Illinois, USA @AlexaPhelece It really is crappy and I'm tired of it. What gives someone else to say shitty things to your face or post them on line. Can't people just be themselves anymore. Imagine if no one went outside? #Eldwenniac
AcisDraws @CountDankulaTV I'll also throw in: Working shit jobs makes people spend their few bits of cash on things that give them the slightest joy. Fast food, alchohol, movies, that type of deal. I've worked a few crappy jobs, and I can tell you, working a lower-pay but happier job ends up paying more.
SusieQ78572882 I know most policemen and women are decent people doing a crappy job. However, after today - after what they're expected to enforce...I'd resign in their shoes. Their masters treat them like shit, forcing them to do things that make the public hate them. Free Speech, Democracy, JUST Legal System (blind justice), Free Press. Equal treatment for ALL (no identity politics) Everything else will sort itself out.
robb_masters London, UK Positivity post! (Yeah, I know. A rarity from me!) No matter how crappy things get, I have to remember that not many people are lucky enough to have one of these on their desk at work. And, no, I don't mean the #charityfasttrack Mentors' Choice Award mug… Consultant at NEME. Producer & DJ (formerly @idiotech). Organiser of London @VeganMeetup. Looking for my fundraiser?
Cool_Indian4u Bharat /India/Hindustan @AmanKayamHai_ET @vasudha_ET @PatrakaarPopat Useless people like u dont even have a fraction of courage, resilience and fighting spirit that Kangana has. The same pathetic film journos who ask crappy things and get roughed up by bodyguards of Khans and Bhais will not dare to say anything against them. Proud Indian🇮🇳 , Hindu by Religion, TechLover, Believer of all men are born Equal, Full time Foodie - Part time Coder 😎
jagjeet_khalsa Vacaville, CA @DaConnor83 @PhillyD This was actually one of things I like about swiping culture originally because it felt more like meeting someone in person. If you have a dealbreaker you have it ask the person about it and get to know them. Though in practice people don’t which leads to crappy first dates. Portfolio: He/Him. Block early/block often.
Karinagarcia90 pasco washington Even when you are at your limit. You are a rare and beautiful person in a world of crappy people. I hope there is never a day that you decide to give up all of those wonderful things that everyone adores about you. Like I said. I am grateful to have you be a part of my life. 🙏🏽I am worthy. I am enough. I am forgiven. I am loved. I am lovable. I am good enough to God✌🏽️
pocojump @AndrewSshi People do respond hugely to shared memories of small things; hairstyles, social life, shoes, mannerisms. And maybe they have such a powerful hunger for actual lived history that even those crappy cheap versions are better than nothing.
BestJacobEver Arizona It feels so crappy to not be able to help everyone in life. When you’re juggle helping that person with other important things going on just to get a text saying “you should learn to help people, and it will unlock more in your life”. Skateboarding, Cars, Craft Beer, Gaming and late night Taco Bell.
nannernaan D(M)V•Buffalove•Huntington When people get upset and offended because you speak on the horrible decisions, disgusting actions and twisted things they’ve done? Like, ok. Lmao. I’m sorry you realized how crappy you are because someone else called you out. The reality of your dumb self is a B. make everyday our love season || f.y.e. || insta: hann_xtina || 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 +🤰🏼+ 🐶
holly From Nottingham, in London Excuse me, I share things like this to help people realise others' lives aren't all sunshine & rainbows, and to help others taking the same medication realise they're not alone. I do NOT share so you can give your crappy, uninformed opinion about my healthcare. Thanks. Tech journalist and soon-to-be-published author with @KoganPage. Woman of the Year '15, rescuer of 3 cats & many birds, founder of @Gadgette.

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