Crap stuff

I upgraded my and now I have !!

gonna the out of to make up for lost

Bell Pepper (Study #1)

Sorry, that Im pushing for more interactive widgets and the new opportunities that iPadOS/ iOS/watchOS offer, but after doing my daily and weekly GTD reviews in the App, I want to check as easy as possible with more interactive widgets.

If I keep making more of those weird I might need a :AlceaNotAmusedforreal:

Today's reading / retracing is: about things.

Code/Space, Kitchin & Dodge logjects blogjects, Bleecker Blobjects, Sterling, Spimes, Sterling. Also keep going back to a great paper from AMPS 2018, Mediatic Surfaces, by Bross. He gets me to Heidegger. Not bad.

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To you will :


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Stone #5

that never excited me:
Elvis, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Punk, Rockabilly, fan posters on wall, be fan of a specific sports team, so called "House music" from later 90's and on,
And other stuff.



Since 's a ...

we shall be : (... )

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Columba Feather

I love how people get offended by .

New one is .
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I think might've been the after all.

Talk so much.
Say so little
even less

Then again, being at is a way to spend a

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:boostrainbow: :boostrainbow:

I am

Not a fan. Mastodon feeds will look far more cluttered. Hashtags don't need separate callouts they're fine as-is at the bottom of a toot.

Better showcased on my phone:


is a ... Just like: and ...

I am

Spooks - Things I've Seen - Official Video HD

Danke fr die Info
Und nun noch ein kleiner Hint wann Version 4 erscheinen wird

same here. I was quite happy with using for all my Todos but now with and great daily and meeting notes, adding action items to them makes so much sense.

Years ago I loved both by and . But (1) is more featureful out of the box, and (2) task/project management and notes workflows are the quintessential customize-to-the-nth-decimal-place kinda deal. Where shines (provided you already have Emacs skills...).

I'm recently even using Org mode (with and export) gradually to replace for authoring class slides and notes handouts. I basically live in Org buffers.

Ich warte ja gespannt auf Version 4!
Wei gar nicht mehr wann Version 3 damals erschienen ist, aber ein ganzes Weilchen ist es schon her.

, , , ( 20-25 ) . , . . . .

Decades ago, I shared that ethical mindset, too.
And, to be honest, I still do share this point of view as an ideal approach to the world.

Meanwhile, life changed my mind (not really my attitude to these ).

If it's possible, it will be done - so: be prepared and not astonished.

Or, to say it with :
"Hoping for the best but expecting the worst"

Someone got a call back for a Hiring Interview

Masanao Hirayama ( via

so day six of returning to ballet after twenty odd years not doing ballet.
1) back and knee pain goes away as long as i do at half an hour of warm ups and combinations every day.
2) i can still do grande Plis, which was a surprise


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anyone have tips on finding trending/popular on In a way it's better not to have a list so people don't but on the other hand... hashtags are such a big part of discoverability here that I feel like I'm doing it wrong by just waiting to see the right one that I'm interested pop up. Like should I be following or or

did a ballet lesson for the first time ...this century..but my back and knee pain has gone.
even if the rest of my body is screaming

Things you see walking along the street.

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