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The Peace of Wild Things: Wendell Berrys Poetic Antidote to Despair, Animated

"In another half-century, Wendell Berry (b. August 5, 1934) one of the great poets and wisest elders of our time arrived at this elemental truth, a truth we so easily lose sight of in those times of despair when we most need it."


Mein , Ausgabe 5 (2023-35). Diesmal mit und , Accessibility Shortcuts, gegen Hauklotz, und , , , , natrlich dem der Woche und .


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translated in en/ru: Take a nap/ via

Blind Arch

Poor Things director Yorgos Lanthimos witnessed the appreciation coming his way as the Emma Stone film was screened at Venice Film Festival.

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Oh man, remember that guy who did that thing in that movie

That was awesome.

Boost if you remember things.

I can't say enough about the for and . If you haven't tried it yet - I would highly encourage you to do so!

I'm thrilled to continue supporting this - thanks !

Here Are 5 Things You Didnt Know About Erika Jayne  Billboard

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Its not yet 6:30 am and I already need this day to be over.

Here Are 5 Things You Didnt Know About Killer Mike  Billboard

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3 things about Steve Barrons ELECTRIC DREAMS 1984

1. Champagne + circuit board = sentience.
2. A version of San Francisco devoid of gay people.
3. Melodic beeper.



I was thinking that this page has had enough of weird animals, weird plants and everything weird in nature, I shared a post on weird , yet the weird in still gets more likes & attention.

but you are working on Version 4

Back using Things 3

Ive dabbled with physical notebooks and Apple Reminders but always come back to Things. Just a basic setup for now What keeps me coming back Today view with integrated Calendar Upcoming view that includes my tasks and calendar What still frustrates me Small font and no adherence to system settings Takes too many taps to create a repeating reminder with a time attached

Jung Kook & Jennie Model for Calvin Klein, New Music From Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj Coming Soon & More Billboard News

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I upgraded my and now I have !!

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Bell Pepper (Study #1)

Sorry, that Im pushing for more interactive widgets and the new opportunities that iPadOS/ iOS/watchOS offer, but after doing my daily and weekly GTD reviews in the App, I want to check as easy as possible with more interactive widgets.

If I keep making more of those weird I might need a :AlceaNotAmusedforreal:

Today's reading / retracing is: about things.

Code/Space, Kitchin & Dodge logjects blogjects, Bleecker Blobjects, Sterling, Spimes, Sterling. Also keep going back to a great paper from AMPS 2018, Mediatic Surfaces, by Bross. He gets me to Heidegger. Not bad.

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Stone #5

that never excited me:
Elvis, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Punk, Rockabilly, fan posters on wall, be fan of a specific sports team, so called "House music" from later 90's and on,
And other stuff.



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Columba Feather

Windows is crap