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Iphone is crap.

What is the story with Iphone is crap.

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BEARDtacus2014 Texas @DeAnna4Congress Just like this, every IPhone in the world now has THIS COVID-19 BULLcrap, and @apple made it to where you can’t DELETE THE HEALTH APP, which is the App they are using to TRACE COVID-19 crap, but they know already about the Covid-19 2.0 IT/Cyber Security📚• Texan • US Army Veteran • 🇺🇸MAGA/KAG2020 • Jer 29:11 • 🐉Dragon Energy News Network • Constitutional Libertarian🗽 WWG1WGA
aloksingh1107 Pune, India @ICICI_Direct why your app is behaving like crap today ? Not able to login in my iPhone, iPad and not even in my laptop. It logs in for few seconds and then kicks me out . Can you guys plz fix this. #ICICIBank #icicidirect Product Manager, analyst , data-driven mind set and social thinker
ENNBIIKEYY Accra/Cape Coast, Ghana @CJKnowsTECH And the more reason I see APPLE IPHONES to be CRAP. Only one manufacturer uses IOS and all APPLE does is to limit its users from so many things. Will always sell an IPHONE for ANDROID without thinking twice Life EVENTS are always UNPREDICTABLE. NEVER let your guard down. WINNERS NEVER QUIT👌
aeaeaeaeaae @TheRLeprechaun @EmmEinstein @AlexHow70729292 @TheRandomGuy94 @UniverseIce The camera module on any iPhone is smaller than the ones on the S20 lineup Samsung has such a huge module so they can fit the 100x marketing crap and it looks ugly And iPhone cameras are way better, that’s it a
JimmyJuare @MKBHD I love u and respect your opinion, but how do u think it's ok for iPhone to not give a charger in their next phone? I think it's nonsense because the new users will have to spend like 30 bucks for a new charger. The e waste stuff is crap to me, it's just another money grab fuk you and ur scoobysnacks
fishwicksol England, United Kingdom @engadget Can we have a year where people don't buy iPhones? The only reason Apple does this crap is that sales numbers show they can get away with anything. Sooner or later iPhone won't even include a screen, and it will be because consumers can't resist buying whatever crap is trendy. I'd call myself weird, but that's the first sign of being normal. Digital and traditional artist. Open for commissions, check my DA for info.
BigMamaCat27 @CROWRDREAM @LoyolaLawSchool @CalABLE_Board @TheCoelhoCenter @DisabilityCA @CalTreasurer I was looking for more up to date and couldn’t find it. This damned iPhone 8 is crap.
__Con_ Scotland The battery such as Siri and location but I’m shure it’s crap none the less. Moving on! iOS is more mature on iPhone than iPad 4 on 10.3. As an android user home screen is everything I have a clear screen and a second screen a twin to my android so bonus points for iOS 13.5.1 # Always # Online # Verified IGN employee, blog about life to date, Twitter blogger, Views my own.
IQ_Adventures Syracuse, NY @Winter Crap, I gotta ween my iPhone off Camel Lights. That phone of my smokes two packs a day, and that new job we got on a Christopher Nolan set is awesome! Point & click adventure games. Tweets by Steven Alexander On dialysis, need kidney transplant BLOOD TYPE A+
isumeet31 @MKBHD @backlon That Argument “almost eveyone has a charger” is crap. There are many who trade in their phone every year and with that they need to give back their charger too. And other point in box charger of iphone 8 is not fit for iphone 11 series model. So how can it be for iPhone 12 ? Currently in Quarantine | Two 0 Two 0 |
jbblawmd The Law Cave @MolotovFlicker Crap, all I even carry is an iPhone SE and an atm card. nothing I do is very important
stevelord Quarantine, Air Strip One This is one of many reasons iOS users should buy Even better still it's open source: I bought better on my iPhone a while ago and loved the speed boost from not downloading crap. is just... better. Curating the very best in Cyber, Electronics, Retro and Hax from The Dork Web. I do magic with crystals and poisoned sand at Raw Hex.
blankburn92 The Agency @EthanGuy20 @garbeldog @TwitchShween @Kit_Turner @FNBRHQ @MrBeastYT Y'know, you should remember that Android is an OS, not a phone. There are a lot of versions of Android, and the one icrap users call crap is Samsung. Like, my OnePlus far outperforms every current iPhone there is
leighwaterz Western Australia, Australia @whisper2tcb3 @btsworldwider @BTS_twt Here in Australia, it’s the same crap music everyday, we decided collectively at work not to turn it on anymore ages ago, we were all soooo bored, so I listen to my iPhone which is loaded with all of BTS discography and I am never ever bored @BTS_twt please don’t follow, +18 only
garg_archna #Apple - your iphone ios is crap and has bug.. Get this fixed asap.. everytime I enter wrong passcode for multiple times, iphone gets disabled for a minutes and it resets the phone.. CRAP... get it fixed or shut down the production if u cant keep the quality of the product.
thickernell Lakeview - Chicago, Illinois, And people assume @Apple is the evil party in controlling #iOS apps and the developers are angels, with this crap still going on? Industry analyst. CRM, collaboration, desktop productivity, e-mail, knowledge management. Natural rights defender. Pain patient advocate.
kevwright Opinions guys, battery case for iPhone 11, £20 cheapo. If I plug this in this black crap will scratch off and gum up the iPhone connector or plain just not work? Or both? This is the risk with cheap crap I guess. Follow this account for TTUK info.
snoop22t ÜT: 6.4472428,3.2600059 @ibukun I have an iPhone as my other phone only because I have an Apple Music account and it gives me access to good primary phone is a Samsung Note 9. Make them leave this bull crap iPhone superiority argument for gutter abeg ...phones that restrict a lot of things? Shior Inner peace is key #Godson #teamManchesterUnited #teamIsaacs #teamOdukomaiya #teamlovemywife
Palinspired GOD BLESS AMERICA! The white hand holds the iPhone that records the black man’s image and words. The white youth while holding the Apple phone, see and hears the black man BUT does not understand. Sad. #AllLivesMatter everything else is Marxists crap I moved.or or or or
gingerxbiscuit Avonlea I honestly forking hate this crap iPhone ever since I switched from Samsung to iPhone my settings and all this iCloud crap is a mess and it keeps signing me out it won’t let me download apps either I’ve had enough I’m going back to Samsung fork all this apple tech🖕🏻 Your hair is winter fire. January embers. My heart burns there, too.
decayxdancer warped tour // 16 // she:her @ROGUESWT I have an iphone and I don’t get one evey year?... I thought any smartphone was expensive. Maybe apple is a little more expensive but if you’re getting the latest version of a smartphone it’s gotta be a good amount. I’m sorry for any android users yall dont deserve crap #PETE: turn over a new leaf? fork it, turn over the whole tree ALT: @stcrlesscity
Jamesh17 By technology I obviously mean she probably doesn’t have an iPhone or Android so she doesn’t know that is what you’re suppose to use. Either way what crap is it to start recording when you could’ve just taken the same phone and told her she was suppose to use that Die Hard Atlanta Braves fan and Alabama Football.
delboyWeRtheppl Gtown @GersBear1872 @MarieKe44376334 Well me and the heid a the kooncil would just like to tell refugees.We've got a spare room going!tho WiFi is reportedly crap!😏Wonder if the cops will swap my old Nokia for his newly kooncil purchased iPhone😏second hand now but was just recently here so newish #geezarefugeegrant All round fun decent guy. British to the core🇬🇧 the cat amongst the pigeons 😊pc don't mean Jack🇬🇧easily melted join the other snowflakes🇬🇧
wordedskin montreal. @cherrypebsi KAHDKSJD IPHONE XR, but that text is from messengers cause my gf is in the states atm and her phone is crap 🥺 had you said the words , i would have left the jedi order . / logan , 21 . any pro. lesbian . @woobiesexual . 💓
StaiteIan Next to the village idiots @Bulldog665 @MissMim12386042 @SkyNews @GMB @BBCNews @DVATW @darcybbc No point coming all this way with an iPhone 11 and the wifi is fork off back from whence you came...👉 SURVIVING in a left wing,multicultural,P.C❄climate scam​ mare. Free speech, sarcasm👍,NUFC, golf,dogs,snakes,HiFi,Rush,Floyd,metal,military,airshows,Trump
mccolm_steven glasgow Final KDB free kickup &down # ❤️⚽️💯#rfc_youth week 13 . The support has been 💯 from the academy over the past 3 mths on the Insta webinars,masterclasses, gamemodels , if I’ve learned anything in lockdown time with your kids is precious and IPhone 6 cameras phones are crap 😀 Stevie Mccolm director co owner Box/Nicos bars in glasgow . loves football , music & smashing kids rocco , kieran & the wife cheryl , all views my own, C/Utd 🔥
frank_is_fun Texas, USA @DaninFortWorth @BrandonBibb_DBD @vanessarangers Security is what companies care about. You can argue with me all day about Android, but my job is literally to manage mobile devices and Android is crap. iPhone might not have some fancy feature you think you need, but they can be secured. I can hack an Android pretty easily.
philedsphil London, England @gilchristeng @sapphitweet @robvsnature @whatagainst @Miss_Snuffy I was pointing out in my usual manner that evil capitalism gave us the iPhone and Twitter, which people are happy to use to criticise capitalism. Looks like capitalism is also giving us more efficient devices. It’s the least crap system I reckon. Former physicist / laser optics dabbler. Works in finance IT for cash. Londoner. Idiot. Highly sarcasmic.
TheWerewolfMan Hairyland @jenaaai 11 pro is a serious camera. Anything below iPhone X and sorry your camera is just crap A rather hairy old chap
alexgsm02 none of your business @AnAppleFangirl Not only 6s and such it’s all iPhones. My iPhone X battery is also crap 😂 🦋 can you feel it?
Eddie107 East coast @sarahsweetgrass @Birchernater @Matthewbabybaby @realchoppedliva People are so dumb. Does a lion give a crap about an iphone? The world is being destroyed and we are living in a mass extinction, where this generation will see the last generation of millions of animals that filled us with awe as children. Everything is about forking people. Ex-conservative, Business owner, Artist, or at least attempts to be, gardener, and animal activist.
Brouxir Lake Geneva, Wisconsin @MintCollie With how pathetically my iPhone 7 broke, and how much I resent spending large sums of money on an object I find inferior for what it is, the iPhone 6 + I have now will be the last iOS phone I have. Smart phones have become insufferable crap but Androids are affordable at least. 🔞18+ Only 💀 34 👔 INTP 🌄 He/Him 🔧 Mechanic 💦 Shapeshifter 🍉 Pronounced "Rory" or "Bruiser" 🦌 Wolfdog/Ramcat
chaichowski Gidi @deekayobi I avnt had one single issue with all my apple devices, watch, mac, iphone, and it’s been years, the fact that I don’t have to worry about anti virus and all that crap alone is bliss heretic
lid_news @chanderule @_cvzv @macOScraig @BenGeskin And it does have power. Or am I wrong? The problem is that iPhone users think every Android device is a $50 crap phone. Content Creator - A Different Perspective on Tech - Tech Lid News
DeniseAkins9 @djfever215 @Apple I told y’all before that Apple is putting out junk products and leaving a string of pissed off customers with crap that cost too much for it to stop working, or break. Apple is washed up. Break up with Apple first chance, might break this iPhone 8 just to be done with Apple.