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brianleong0308 So my uni just decided to remove students from Microsoft Teams and barring them from taking exams until they pay the fees in full and paying in installments are not allowed. F*ck you la, not everyone can pay for the tuition fees at this period since the economy is so crap. Having countless headaches with dumb people around
f_glanzmann Aargau, Switzerland I do not care one second if your mobile app considers opening and closing a file as an „update“ and sets a new last changed date!!! What matters is the content. Your „merge“ is actually just an „oberwrite“ local file with file from cloud, no matter what“. Total crap! @Microsoft
MidnightDesignr Cincinnati, OH Dear @microsoft. Quit screwing up my audio setup with your crap windows updates. My entire VAC system is fubar and my recording/streaming PC is wrecked. Won't let me change default audio source. If rolling back doesn't fix it, I'm keying your car. Partnered Twitch streamer who balances being a husband, father, attorney, and gamer. So... a creature of myth. Founding member of the Broken Ankle stream team.
casino_goolag Canada @notS0LUS @Microsoft what the hell is this crap? I just want to turn on my computer and use it quickly, I don't need you making massive changes twice a day. don't touch your soap, wash your nose and eyes, face your hands, take others home and stay at distance
ganja_game @The_CrapGamer So crap where is twisted metal, resistance, socom, bloodborne 2, ape escape, jack 4, sly Cooper? Sony fans want sequel for these games but Sony refuse. Now Microsoft giving us perfect dark and fable is automatically hate. God damnit
Eye_Rollz Ohio, USA @ashmure @realDonaldTrump @PressSec Ignorant comment. Explain how Fauci knew there was going to be a “surprise outbreak” for Trump. This is after Obama and Gates ran a “pandemic simulation” right before Gates silently left Microsoft and wants microchips in the vaccines? You need to research instead of MSM crap. Wife, mother, Nona, #MAGA, 1A, 2A, WWG1WGA, Trump 2020, “democratic” only describes our REPUBLIC #BanIslam #Tommy Robinson #No muslim in the Senate for Ohio
LoneWolfLi Canada @Microsoft So when you told me to bring my One X in to your stores when they reopen to see why it's running like crap a year and a half after purchase otherwise it would be hundreds to mail it in to SEE what the problem is, you were just forking with me?👌 Just a guy who like his Mozambique, and occasionally speaks his mind.
BarefootVeggie Brussels, Belgium @kutti_no_1 @SachaBaronCohen @slpng_giants @ProcterGamble @Walmart @Microsoft @Target @amazon @HomeDepot @Diageo_News @nytimes @dominos @BestBuy Right. I'm so tired of the "listening" and "learning" crap. Now is the time to act. Actions matter. So please, corporations, just shut up and do the right thing. Eat, hike, and observe the weirdness that it is to be human. 🇨🇦 in 🇧🇪
TakJFolf Southern, CA @CodyBoopers It is a bit sad, because they were very good back in the old days, but now of days Microsoft hasn't really been good, after Xbox 360 and after Windows 8. It's crap. I am chill, gay/single, age 28, sports & gamer bum, car lover, loves the outdoors and all about Positivity. 🔞+ No minors❗ Visit my FA, for more info about me.
pooh123king North Carolina, USA @GutterTier @PhoSoupee @pcgamer Mixer cant and will never beat twitch and you tube for streaming but as window 10 increasing Microsoft wont be losing any kind of money anytime soon. Plus They have consoles sales too. It like saying Window is better than mac (and it will always be better) ;D sorry English crap Just a Fallout gamer and a YouTube/Twitch streamer and I play RPG games, 21 year old, Gaming enthusiast, Twitch affiliate and YouT
variablygeeky New York (Not the City) Holy crap. What is going on over there at Microsoft? First Mixer and now Microsoft Stores? I didn't see this coming really even though it's not surprising CNN: Microsoft is closing all of its stores. via @GoogleNews Tech-Enthusiast | Gamer | Variety Streamer, Positivity & Happiness - #PositiveMentalAttitude
GodTally Undercity, Azeroth @microsoft why is it with every new version of Windows, the Operating system runs worse. Perhaps lay off the bells and whistles and the whole hold you by the hand an dnag you user interface and see what made Windows 95 and xp run so well. Win 10 runs like crap. I was the first Rogue, you know, hated most above all others. Alliance by Birth, Forsaken by Will of The Dark Lady #teamsylvanas
gramsaran Earth, Milky Way With the exception of Chrome, that has been the best thing for the internet since Napster and is forcing companies to move to a modern user experience without legacy crap like Flash, Google needs to look at what @microsoft is doing in their space and do some reflections. There will be porn.
MarkTechArc72 Clacton-on-Sea, England @MikeHenson @bazzacollins @Microsoft Linux Mint is a much more robust and manageable solution. It’s free, it runs on hardware 10 years old, and generally is rock solid. No tweaking, no scanning, no malware crap (or very little). It updates intelligently. Recovery is easy. Life long IT Professional, volunteer RNLI crew member and technology lover. my views are my own, and only my own and do not reflect those of my employer/family!
MateMalice Ngunnawal Country, Australia @noneuclideangrl @BRKeogh Welcome to DevOps. I don't mind as long as feedback is taken on board and crap new features are dumped like they're meant to be (e.g. @Microsoft needs to get rid of the auto group by date in Win10 folders, which is very annoying & nearly impossible to change in some views). Developer, architect, cybersec & DFIR guy. Views expressed are my own. Retweets do not automatically imply endorsement.
BlackbirdFrost M'uhrica @MHecubus I think Sony realized how much traction Microsoft was getting with that and thought, "Oh crap...we'd better do that to or we're in trouble!" This is why competition in the industry is a good thing! IT Professional | Amateur Artist | Lifelong Gamer - Love Indy & Retro | I can cook | PigeonFish on Twitch
thebrandindex San Diego, Lake Tahoe Sold yesterday too. I’ve used both products and see no real differentiation and when Microsoft is bundling it it’s super easy to just opt for MSFT. They need to charge for basic version. This free crap drives me crazy NOT ADVICE- Mega Brands Fund Mgr,Mentoring underprivileged kids, trying to do my part for a better America.
LlcBillionaire New York, USA @onfirestocks1 And lasted in all that crap to still be On the NASDAQ .. moral of the story is being a long u deal with a lot but it’s worth it lol Microsoft had 8 splits on 1980 and look at it now Longs deal with a lot 10,000 FOLLOWERS on 9 WEB SITES. EMAIL ME AT for THE HOTTEST TOP 10 DAILY STOCK PICK LIST 💰💰💰 Disclaimer !! talks NOT advice.
LindaMCameron @paulo1141 @1on21569371 @LukeMor19529310 Be logical. He STEPPED down from position at Microsoft to push his big mouth and influence FURTHER! Billions on his campaigns of crap creating more Covid fear which in turn satisfies his goal of world vaccination, tracking and depopulation. Listen to WHO IS GATES, Corbett report Freedom of speech. Liberty. Right to choose own path. My body my choice. Health research NOT Google censorship. Love nature, animals and some humans.
DeadfireProduc1 @TheDreadfulLord @KasumiProfessor @kiralighty001 @GameSpotDeals @GameSpot @Microsoft @WatchMixer Holy crap she’s stupid. I’m black myself so I hope she won’t call me racist. This is really dumb and people like this are either trolls or can’t take it when someone insults them. This is just too funny. Official Backup Twitter for Deadfire Productions Current Project: Call of The Longhorn -made: June 25 2020
MzMugzzi Sedona, AZ Microsoft anything is crap. It was created so that it can be hacked and Bill Gates has all the 6500 back doors. He has the keys. All My Views On Government, Health, & Healing; are based on my religious views and protected under the Constitution. It is also God's Law, or Common Law.
anagsllisarvens You are not up to date on Linux and please how much time is wasted on Microsoft crap? You must make a living off maintaining Microcrap or delusional. Lambast everyone,🙄What parties are not corporate bought? hired thugs, stealing from you everyway they can.
mmaballer13_ @JohnBraunnn @melvintehpro @saiferoth @NeuroHatter @rocco_botte The game is a masterpiece! Deal with it xbot Nothing you say can change anything ! Stay made because Microsoft puts out nothing but crap games which all get 60s and 70s on metacritic Halo infinite gonna flop haha!
mssunlimited Airports, Deserts, Jungles, Studios & Racetracks! @kirstytuthill @hughwhitaker I’ve not been able to get the slide designer to work for 3 days now on PowerPoint which is hugely annoying as it’s so good when it works. Have tried everything and just wont work. If only apple made software instead of us using adopted Microsoft crap. MD of @mss_safety. Tweets involve ✈️ the 🌎 supporting 🏎, 🎥 & 📺 production, driving my #XR2, #M3 track car & #McLaren720S!
MichaelRedline3 Colorado, USA So when you think about #Streaming on #Mixer but find out that #Microsoft is killing it. Not a fan of #Facebook and #YouTube ask for to much to do anything. Sooo crap Licenced Massage Therapist, and Gamer, if I'm not massaging I'm gaming.
Genixthesaiyan false ip here @Garou_Densetsu @AblazaLuis Yep, saying that minecraft is superior dude to Microsoft, yet Microsoft made minecraft full of paided crap and updates take like 6 months to come out The Nemesis who likes action games , my profile picture is my custom made nemesis . Favourites games Bloodborne and Fable and #dreamsps4 creator #madeindreams
goPOSTALman atlanta @Xbox If there is mandatory facebook login crap i will NEVER use this. Facebook is garbage and a primary cause of the crap we're going through in the world. I do not have a fb account and will never make one. I've always been a Microsoft/Xbox fan, but i cannot abide on this.
elessar1191 Derbyshire, UK @ShayON_FGC @man_compute @Salt1estGaming @XboxGamePass @Microsoft @Xbox @WatchMixer I couldn't give a crap about GOTY noms. Or unreliable Metacritic scores from media that get paid to leave top scores, and users who troll games they don't like, decreasing the rating. I've played games that aren't even on the radar of GOTY that are better. GOTY is overrated. 27 Gamer (Xbox), film lover, bookworm. All round geek & bit of freak 😉😉
Pixelmusement Canada And now, with the latest 2020 update... it crashes super-easily. If you ever wanted a glimpse as to how badly @Microsoft is handling Windows 10, just look at how Sticky Notes went from perfect to crap, devolving with each major Win10 update, and there you go. :/ Creator of PixelShips and host of the web shows: Ancient DOS Games and Shovelware Diggers.
BrillDrill When Microsoft done it 10 years ago, it was ugly and crap. But when Apple does it 10 years later, it's the best. Silicon Valley hypocrisy in a nutshell. MS brand is tarnished due to the vilification of Bill Gates/Ballmer era, stuck on old 90s era The best box
ItsMailani Los Angeles, CA I got so much crap from peers because I’m at Apple and not at Microsoft. Honestly #WWDC20 is flexing for me 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🔧 I’m still proud SELF HIGH FIVE (may-law-nee) |  | computer engineer and science major USC | | Header @Monoduchess | CLICK
NowTheEndBegins St Augustine, FL @Microsoft You people should be ASHAMED of yourselves, the new Windows 10 update is terrible. How can you release a piece of crap like that???? Be less concerned with Black Lives Matter and hire people who can code. You people stink. NTEB is an end times witness for Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world in the last days before the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church. #Prophecy #EndTimes
MLGJeanmarc Dallas/Fort Worth @MACx3D @Microsoft Microsoft and google are experts at this. Not letting anyone know is pretty crap. Now a lot of content creators are lost not knowing where to go. iOS Developer. CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME EXCEPT WHEN OTHER ASSETS PROVIDE HIGHER RISK ADJUSTED YIELDS CONTROLLING FOR LIQUIDITY PREFERENCES.
ImpactGameStat Impact Game Station Holy crap! For the FIRST TIME EVER in an official Nintendo Broadcast, we have seen Game Consoles from Sony AND Microsoft! That is NUTS! #Sakurai #SuperSmashBros #SuperARMSBros #ARMS Hi! Barry Dunne here :) 7.5K Subs - YouTube, Instagram, Twitter - Actor/Voice Actor/Singer/Game Dev - Irish Gaming Channel - Podcast Show - Unboxings & More!
Gavarnos Purley, Surrey, UK @berniespofforth £425 for a business grade machine that can be administered remotely while connecting to 365/teams/google drive is cheap. Chromebooks are cheap but flimsy and can run Microsoft apps and retail laptops from Curry’s etc can’t be managed remote and built like crap frankly! IT Guy for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux. Problem solving my forte - DM open. Baldy. Rational. Scientific. Dad of 3 superb kids. #SAFC fan haway
Nighthawk15WI Waukesha, WI Just so you know @AaronNagler lived for years off his wife's Microsoft salary for years.....and loves to talk leftist crap. He will block me, but I know the truth. @TheGameMKE He is a lousy phony. @czabe @ericgitter #moocher #keptman #cuck
DraconasRayne "just dual boot and use windows for games" so... still use windows? your solution is beyond retarded bro. this was his solution to "I kinda need hotmail for microsoft's crap" 29/male. professional belly balloon! inflate before use. follows are NOT endorsements. apolitical. part time android

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