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hayes_ryan Dallas, TX @TheJaraad @Wario64 Microsoft is crap... they told me 2-3 business days (should be by the 14th of NOVEMBER) turned around and sent me this, offered $50 confirmation then took it back because of THIS email... said it was a glitch in the system... Scored from 🎯 and cancelling this Philippians 4:13 💪🏾🙏🏾🏋🏾‍♂️ North Carolina ✈️ Dallas 📍
UFOphoenixlight Where ever YOUR not... @realDonaldTrump microsoft edge took over our browsers and wont let google work on computers what kind of crap is this? I gave microsoft zero permission to change our computers in this manner. pure crap we hate using microsoft crap THE MINUTEMAN FILES INVESTIGATIONS : Welcome to the Unexplained investigating the facts what they claim does not exist. #TRUMP2020 #Stop "ZODIAC KILL MAP"
ManiacalV Cleveland, OH Yes, @Microsoft for all the crap I give you the @surface is really nice to draw on and has a gorgeous screen. Open Source WordPress Plugin Dev Artist/Musician Photographer Drone Enthusiast he/him/his
Taylor78513585 @BrandonStraka @LovethUSA Start with this piece of crap and show people who he is. Who stole Microsoft for Steve jobs. Enforcement that cares for the people! Library & Justice
RatanLavavanshi Ahmadabad City, India @voxya_ @Lenovo @Lenovo_in @LenovoLegion Same happened with me. Within 13 months it's screen is dead. I got it repaired by paying. Now it's totally dead. This Chinese crap is liar. I don't know why @Microsoft @intel and @NVIDIAGeForce are with this cheap product.
schestowitz North Pole Both can be true at the same time: #trump lost the election and the real fraud is #microsoft mole being in charge of #election 'security' (Krebs), to effectively keep a back-doored piece of crap on voting machines Write-only account; follow/reply to me in Federation: Or Diaspora:
TheAngryInvest1 @The_Razorr @Walmart @Microsoft This is super dumb... I'm doing a Network Reset to reinstall all my network adapters... no wonder people leave Microsoft in droves @tim_cook @LinusTech all because Windows broke my computer's usability in a single update... what if I had a job and this crap happened? @Microsoft Angry/Investor
EthanTD2 @OhKayBet Creating a live streaming service is incredibly difficult and expensive to make/maintain. Sorry to crap on your idea but it is a MASSIVE undertaking even Microsoft couldn’t do. $ethanjw4
itsbeardog San Francisco, CA As a matter of fact, I’m pretty annoyed with both @Sony and @Microsoft @Xbox @PlayStation as well. This is the kinda crap y’all let customers go through. You know the demand. Make sure you can fit it. By this I mean, quit giving free consoles to famous people. I used to not be super serious, but now I am. End hate. Living life one day at a time. He/Him/His. I love my dog 🐶 Bay Area Livin 😎 Psalms 56: 3-4 🙏🏼
lee_southall That's we're you got praise from another company that talks out there bottom in Microsoft all they do is talk crap as well just like you they should quit as well why they can both of you and Phil Spencer you've never seen so much poo come out of one's mouth when talking carbage
mikenaturalice Mishawaka, IN #Microsoft Not refunding a digital purchase that never delivered is crap! You need to review your policies. Rented movie "The New Mutants" but apparently it was mistakenly (?) up for rent. Charged my debit, but movie won't play, and #Microsoft won't issue a refund! Retweet Please
aaronsgiles Issaquah, WA The fact that Apple, Android, and Microsoft each have their own meta for specifying web page icons—on top of all the browser-specific crap—is just 100% bullcrap. I don't even care that I work for one of those companies; they all deserve to burn for the pain they've inflicted. Vocational programmer & emulation expert. Avocational singer & lutenist.
BIGHOUSE30 Home Hey @Microsoft @Xbox @CallofDuty your system and your game are trash. Spent $500 on a series X and another $60 for cold War just to have my xbox power off during every single game. The game play is garbage. Cant wait to return this crap for a @PlayStation #superpissed may the best of your today's, be the worst of your tomorrows
ChessExplained Dinslaken, Germany Anyone around with experience of Microsoft Onedrive? I installed that bloody crap and now it has all my files in this folder, screwing up all shortcuts. Is there a way to reverse this nonsense? I just want all my files back where they originally were. IM and Chess content creator for various platforms. Check out my courses on Chessable:
spiritualdesi South East, England And Microsoft 365 email product. This would mean that I will have no website presence or I pay them £250 to have one. What a crap from Godaddy. I have been a loyal customer to Godaddy since 10 years but now it appears that Godaddy is becoming a corrupt company which promises || ॐ नमो नारायण ||
hayes_ryan Dallas, TX @TheJaraad @Wario64 Microsoft is crap... they told me 2-3 business days (should be by the 14th of NOVEMBER) turned around and sent me this, offered $50 confirmation then took it back because of THIS email... said it was a glitch in the system... Scored from 🎯 and cancelling this Philippians 4:13 💪🏾🙏🏾🏋🏾‍♂️ North Carolina ✈️ Dallas 📍
naoey20 some parts of microsoft feel like they've changed for the better but then there are these other parts that are as infuriating as ever such as installing a bunch of unsolicited crap with every update. what the hell is "meet now" and why is it here? Expert circle misser
NickGiva Bahamas I have not used my laptop since Septemeber. That is about 60 days. I have had it on for over an hour now and it is doing nothing but downloading and installing updates. And it's a fast laptop!! Is this crap really necessary, Microsoft? Speaking yield to financial prejudice. Tweets are what I believe to be the truth. And there is no point in arguing with the truth.
jo_nathan_miler -money back. It gave me the $50 Microsoft store credit back but i never knew why so of course I spent it. I never got my $40 back. I played Cold War the entire first week it came out and I had to go through support to find out it was declined. What kind of crap is that???
stijnhommes Netherlands @MicrosoftEdge Why do you insist on ruining the icons we know and love just like @windowsdev? Do what users really want. Give us the choice to stick with what we want. New is not always better. Invest in user icon customization instead of this crap. QA specialist food · geocacher · video gamer · author · amateur magician
PS5_News_Leaks @TruGiffers I literally changed my mind after the first @astaranx post I saw, he is the worst Xbot, and they all deserve every little bit of crap that Microsoft is giving to them #PS5 Day one
hoyty Sammamish,WA Ok so this will be bonkers but hear me out. Apple lets Microsoft use M1 in a new Surface Pro X and it runs WoA only like REALLY fast. Imagine a world where Microsoft also drops Intel (or AMD). Maybe the problem with Pro X is the crap CPU from Qualcom not the OS? @getwired video game and home theater nerd, OneNote / Tablet PC believer and supporter since 2004
The__Barbarian somewhere @Zedd @Xbox @Microsoft It would possibly be one of the best if not the best thing that happens this year (if I win that is), this year has been crap tbh for all of us, even if i don’t win, at least someone will, and that is awesome from you, thanks for the chance and good luck everyone☘️❤️ •Gamer and Streamer • OG Call of Duty Player •
13RufusReble Roma, Lazio @SkylineSte1 @MicrosoftUK @Xbox @Microsoft The S series is a pile of crap, get half way through one game on black ops and the pile of crape just shuts off. Don’t waste your money Husband, Dad, rock n roll, rugby, Hull Kr, rum.. works @LUSH likes to draw 😏 been banned once from twitter johnnykr@Instagram
schestowitz North Pole #microsoft #ProprietarySoftware spam and #surveillance crap in Planet #fedora today. This is how you kill #freesw and piss off people who actually care about GNU/Linux... user editorial discretion. (Also, it's in Arabic, so few people will get it) Write-only account; follow/reply to me in Federation: Or Diaspora:
donkey97952483 With a company who doesn’t have their crap together. I men when apple launches a product I preorder I get it. I have even not ordered an apple product and gotten it within the first week. What is wrong with Microsoft. Why can’t they launch a product without drama. I’m a huge bottom just like our leader
dan0wnz @Donnie51900 @Microsoft @satyanadella I can blame the employees if they support what their bosses tell them, pretty sure Menke is the boss in this situation, ,he's in charge of the matchmaking lol. Me improving is the problem, it ruins my "mmr" and results in this bull crap, there is no justifying this crap. Halo 3 50 - TS Halo Reach Inheritor Halo 4 - Most CSR 50's in the world MCC - 50 in Halo 3 Team Slayer and Halo Reach Invasion. LASO Master
CulinaryQuattro Lakewood, OH @AstraSanctus @InsideGaming @nnesaga @ZombaeKillz If representation shouldn’t be based on proportion size compared to population than by what merit? At the end of the day this whole videos TLDR is I want free crap because racism/sexism and don’t won’t to put in the work that other male POCs did to peddle Sony/Microsoft’s crap Dad, husband, chef, gamer
Headie_38881 Bournemouth, England Microsoft locked my son out of account given them all the information twice and they now say tried too many times . I have had crap service all week as well from Microsoft . What the is going on with @Microsoft shambles
Sapiensbane Orlando, FL @MukrizPlayz @BethesdaStudios Which is why it was bought by Microsoft. I'm a fan. Was a fan (since FO4 and loved the idea of an "MMORPG" except it's unique unto itself). Microsoft buying them and rebuilding that outdated crap engine (starting from scratch) makes me more of a fan. Today is a brighter day. Because that's what it says on my arm I used a makeshift scalpel to carve into. KIDDING. but only physically.
BubbleyBrain Greater Vancouver #WritingCommunity #writers Welcome to the hell of Office 365 and the cloud. Crap like this is why I still haven't 'upgraded' to Windows 10 and 365. @Microsoft @Office365 Where thoughts bubble. Blub blub blub! 100% random guaranteed! *Author/artist reveal loading... 25%*
marcorotta Blumenau, Brasil @Microsoft And it's just sad that the current version of the game on Microsoft app store is such a crap... A sinceridade em pessoa...
Paulloe17 Behind the bike shed @Microsoft Please Microsoft just fork off and let people easily use programs and apps that are so much better than your twat offerings. use your crap Windows operating system because you force me to, not because it is good - it is crap. 70% coffee and Old Vines Grenache
schestowitz North Pole Grep Is Dead And Ripgrep Is Here To Replace It - YouTube ☞ •●• replacing #freesw with #microsoft #github crap will become a threat. #deletegithub Write-only account; follow/reply to me in Federation: Or Diaspora:
BubblezFTW @jameswe81795877 @MrKrisSteel Xbox clowns desperately trying to defend a piece of crap like halo infinite which is supposed to be the showpiece for the ‘worlds most powerful console’ , and then Microsoft themselves admitting it’s crap and delaying it? That’s a scam 😁 I give out useful advice about useless things
gabitzahtc Romania #Microsoft would do future #Bathesda games exclusive for #XboxSeriesX and PC. This would be for all the crap #sony pulled with their 1year timed exclusives. #Activision is in this too. #XboxSeriesX ftw this gen Trying to stay centrist in an unbalanced world || Love gaming || Hate politics || Asking questions || Logic is the answer || 👉Follow if you want👈

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