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Inadarkwood Suffolk, England So my dentist no longer requires anyone to wear a mask. Because everyone there took covid precautions seriously, I could get the extensive dental work I needed safely. Being safe in a hospital or a dentist shouldn't be a luxury, and it's infuriating to see safety fall away. Queer autistic writer with ADHD and Cerebral Palsy. Currently building a database of disabled poets. He/Him 📸 @ThomBartley
Jim_Oberst Long Beach, CA @billmaher @FoxNews If you still need to be remind what movie this one - Just I get the joke & get I don't go to the hood because what I think the hood is, is not what it is. That is why I have my dentist in the hood and at time shop when there. If Ukraine people can take bombs and bullets can walk & not drive till Russian oil is replaced #PullOutOfRussia #ДобісаПутіна fork Putin #BlueVoices #BlueCrew
NdubitblyBrooky Statesville, NC @His_SmokingGun That ain't what my dentist told me. He said the cheapest toothpastes are the best as long as the key words "cavity protection" are displayed and mouthwashes are generally a scam. They don't really do anything. Imma believe him. B L A C K. L I V E S. M A T T E R. 🌈Lesbian. Stay At Home Comedian. Navy Veteran (HM). #VetsAgainstTrump
lilacknees edtwt ✤ 25 ✤ she/they @lanasbIackswan i consistently purged for half a year and told my dentist & she told me she didn't see it reflected on my teeth! relapsing
ShvamKun ur mom's home TIFU by listening to my dentist I had a badly decayed molar, and upon my dentist's recommendation, I agreed to a root canal and a crown since it could no longer be simply repaired. This cost about S$1000+.All seemed well, until I went overseas to visit my family. I have a ne… What you see are auto-generated tweets...
kominatwo_ @intodaya’s been careful of one of my braces that gets taken off (by me or some ungodly force) every month because i'm tired. it now hurts everytime my dentist shaves off left over cement holy crap so i think i did a good job and i hope we can get through this week bc next appt is sat 🥹 she/her • never give up, never cry. stand up, hero! • seventeen • baking • cats
msnhyunjae Network's 이재현. Nd. today my dentist put her fingers in my mouth and i moaned. i am so deprived of a woman's touch dudes with a 1.3 gpa be asking for head like bro, start using yours first 🤨💯
thesatyrboyXXX Maryland, USA @luxxnoirlondon Abso-forking-loutley get one, and ALSO get a water flosser; I did it and my dentist was like "Have you been doing something different? This is the cleanest they have been in 10 years" He/Him | Blessed and Moisturized | Graphic Artist | Gaymer | Critically Acclaimed Bottom (Top 8% Onlyfans)
BallsMortenson Plebistan My dentist called for a teeth cleaning and I was like I'm glad u finally called I lost my partial crown last year. It's done hopefully it don't fall out again Schizo satire humor jokes fr fr Purple Lodge
GuimondTy well great not only I'm I decaying on the inside but on the outside Aswell. sometime ago I went to see my dentist and noticed a tooth that was very rotted and along with potentially others. now I'm waiting for a root canal treatment. 4/1/2023: The Protest is over A Veteran Databrawl Player that is banned and waiting for said unban
HollyGrayle Under Your Bed 🛏️🧟 @3bsBruce Oh yeah, some dentists are root canal happy. If you're ever back in Aus and want work done, I'll give you the details of my dentist. He's fantastic. He's the only one I trust. 💚🤍💜 = 🦖✂️ ➕ ❤️💜💙 ♀️🚺🏳️‍🌈 - pronouns: 📢💬 fork/off. LGB✂️TQ 🇦🇺 Slytherin ➡️ supporter of ✡️ & 🇮🇱. My cat threw the first brick at Stonewall.
VoxDocVoxDei On my phone, duh Advice from my dentist: Plaque just needs to be wiped off. The trick is getting the brush bristles in the right position. "Hard" toothbrushes are unnecessary and potentially dangerous for your gums. Vox Doctora, Vox Dei 🌺 HDIC: La Doctora's Legion Headmistress, #ForgivingEagleAcademy
FLTOgolfguy Toronto, Ontario @Mystifeye Don't agree w/ J.Holt ($59,846 + $3,832/benefits). That is NOT much, and NOT A CEO's salary! The 24yo office manager at my dentist's office whose biggest job is answer phones + scheduling makes more than than. Attention-challenged golfer who prefers swinging in S.FL — & will sometimes digest 280 character blurbs . .. . *GF also posts here - she's sharp, look-out!
Madesonee_ here or there My dentist office refuses to answer the phone and it’s quite annoying I don’t have much to say. This might be a parody page, ngl ✨
GC080613 Clarington, ON🍁 he/him @styt101 once every morning, though my "dentist" says i should "brush four times a day" and "need braces" and a "tooth transplant" and "metal caps" 14 | bi🏳️‍🌈| 🇨🇦&🇮🇹 | Anti-Trudeau | pro CANZUK, NAFTA & NATO | social liberal | Gravity Falls and Frank Sinatra fan | priv: @ksci0608
abbakus_ Nowhere, Oregon I can’t stop thinking about my dentist 😋🥵😭🤣 why’d he have to go rubbing my ankle and resting his arm on my chest lmao I’m just here for the tea & cats.
i_am_nunya @angleenah @iykcony093 My dentist is from Spain. My GP is from Cuba. The quality of service I receive from them compared to their Ghanaian counterparts is day and night. Based💡
squirtmydad Mustard Zone My dentist said I should consider abandoning teeth altogether and focus on the important things in life Steve-O please follow us
KimHolciak Bitch I’m worldwide @luxxnoirlondon My dentist says so and it’s timed but I like the old fashioned way. Still use an electric one though 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 the latest entertainment news, gossip and shade. spilling tea on pop culture & real housewives. it’s Miss Kim “Hole” ciak 💋👙💘💄👠
goodolgravy the interior illusions lounge @luxxnoirlondon my dentist made me get one and now she’s always like “ur teeth are gorgeous” so honestly…yeah any pronouns 👴🏻
itsmochisworld she/her • 22 • biebtan zone I WANTED TO SENS JHOPE EDIT TO GIU AND I ACCIDENTALLY SENT IT TO MY DENTIST IM GONNA UNALIVE MYSELF in this household we stan legends only • ptd la day 3&4 • FAN ACCOUNT
Isslandchild Virginia, USA My dentist recommended the mouthwash and I love it !! Definitely will be trying the toothpaste ! You see the Material. DiamanteMalik💚 IG: realoneju
CHUNSWAEURU nicki follows @Perryod69 i’ve literally been doing that since yesterday jsiekekskddkdkd, i’m still using a container and in two weeks my dentist gonna take out the bottom ones finally, it’s feel so good frr #RedRubyDaSleeze, #PrincessDiana, #WTF and #Alone are OUT NOW. 🥢
Acc_Fastur @deepfates Yes, I meant that this is the parasocial equivalent of my relationship with my dentist. I know you about as well as I know my dentist, and you don't know me at all. House of Carcosa (Managing Partner, Head of M&A)
_blahitskita Atlanta, GA @cecemuny @His_SmokingGun This the kind i have. My dentist literally was telling me how strong and white my teeth are and asked me what i was doing and I’ve been using this brand for a few years now Not ashamed of my failures because they made me wiser today. IG: Markitasade.
Mosscreepyboi The Costant @orangeguy155 I too shoot my dentist to death whenever they tell me I need my teeth white and straight Dumbass 16 year old who mains Wendy in Don't Starve Together (which he should really play more)
i_am_camilo 94102 @seb90266 @xabitron1 My dentist has no masking, and they were postponing appointments due to staffing issues. I really don't want to see a dentist with brain fog. one thousand projects; complexity, maritime ideas, history, nonlinear dyn. FOSS but for URM. He/him.
elonsbuttcrack Mar-a-Lago, FL @Cathy2NotToday @BlueInFloriduh Just keep discussing, I met a lady from Massachusetts in my dentist office she has lived her 21 years & is so discouraged, I said don’t be most fair minded Americans support women being in charge of their own bodies, #LGBTQ rights and love Disney the largest employer in the state I support 1st Amendment Rights, #MAGA morons who want to end our Democracy #Freedumb
Asmiirin Chile My dentist told me on thursday to not drink coffee or tea or coke for 2 days at least so I went out 2 days in a row and couldn't get my cold coffee and I'm SAD Asmii · 28 · She/Her【松岡はな神推し】HKT48・fromis_9・Juice=Juice・FRUITS ZIPPER・She-Ra・The Owl House 🏳️‍🌈 Met Juice=Juice on 14/12/2017 ♡
EmpowerU42day United States of America @AttorneyCrump My doctor is black. My dentist is great and has POC working for him so we are good. live your best life. a risk taker is a history maker. create history
noiseician room 237 ran out of pseudo and my teeth are bugging me (which is actually a sinus condition according to my dentist) fork find me on mastodon!
WalkinRobinL Canada @SuzieqVayglo @Anti_SS_69 You will have to have the abscess resolve with antibiotics before anything else can happen. I had one ages ago and needed root canal. Had to get rid of the abscess before my dentist countdown anything else. You really should get to emergency or a good walk in clinic. #CandidateforPrimeMinisterofCanada Get yer goddam vax, and wear yer effing mask eh.
AndrewMeffan Nelson City, New Zealand @CharleyK @foo_4_thought Yes I got scarified by a visiting patient for doing proper gum disease treatment. 'My dentist has never done that before. Stop it, it's uncomfortable'. They got up and walked out. Kindness has its place but not when reality is being avoided. Prefer Vegemite. Will do Marmite if pushed. Frontline health provision 30years.
FEVAL0S he/they the glue that attached the wire to my teeth kept breaking off and i got so annoyed with it i just ripped the wire off but i saved it in a tin and then my dentist was like i cant put it back now and putting a new one on is expensive so let's just leave it like this 25 • white queer • this place is not a place of honor
cowsarus And... Pretty glad my dentist office doesn't use this! Don't actually follow me if I personally know you. I'll T-block you. Seriously. (
dizzyducktape 662/Mississippi/205Alabama Was at work last night and this older cat probably in his late 50's from Florida, was like can you get some bud? I said no sir I don't I'm retired we joked around and he was like back home you know where I get my bud from? I said who. He said my dentist I just started laughing. A African-American praying up to God just hoping that he hear a African-American!!! Greenleigh the only blessing that matters to me!!!
JaredDapena Halifax @JasonCraigBrown @mileslunn Yeah, that's what my dentist said. He thinks its pretty silly that we're still masking in the waiting area and unmasking the minute we hit his chair. Saints/Habs/Real Madrid fan, world traveler, 23 yrs experience in wealth management and finance, politically homeless! Views are my own.
lo0selucy she/her•21•🇺🇸 my dentist is gonna hate me but i think i have to go back in and have my new crown shaved down in the back because my bottom teeth keep hitting it John Mayer, Andrew Garfield & Joe Keery enjoyer | Deadhead | Slightly unhinged | I also tweet about various other things.
mose Victoria BC Canada @lailabiali Oh yeah!!! Forgot about that! What the heist reminded me of was my dentist and a crown I got. +For the price of a small car, you too can get dental work!" Pete Mosley 🇨🇦 Proprietor - @onedegree | @cluetrain
PrGrindrod Springfield OH He never did but talked about being on the show a lot and sometimes did a magic trick to entertain the class. My mom found my dentist when he was a guest on Oopsy. I have had some interesting moments with Detroit television growing up. Full-service Music PR for Independent artists, bands, and labels. The Grindrod PR podcast
pennyhymas Alberta, Canada @Taylor_Bowes @LukaszukAB I spent close to $20k last year on dental care. My dentist and I are now joined at the hip 🤦‍♀️ NE Patriots, Red Sox, Flames, Bruins. Gryffindor. she/her. tweets are mine
kaylascorner 24. Any/All pronouns My crown fell out again. This is number 6. I’m going to wait to tell my dentist though because I was trying to put it back in my mouth and now it seems secure again. And because I don’t know when I’m free again. ✡️ Pigeon parental. Professional streamer and mod gremlin nerd who makes internet shenanigans. ASD. pfp by @YAKULTDRAWS windows broken-2x
spookyxmama #blacklivesmatter I am 25 with a good income and children and my mom still pays for my dentist appointments bc she wants to 😀 ♡rip eli♡
HentaiAndBoba she/her after my dentist appointment, the assistant and i just exchanged photos for hair products/dyes and dental products 😂😂 watching hentai, drinking milk tea & reducing my carbon footprint // #BlackLivesMatter // kakao ryan maniac 🦁
hate_umbrellas omg planned parenthood AND my dentist wished me a happy birthday!!!!!😍😍😍😍 pure corinthian whore meat
JasDas Toronto Canada @WePluggedInn I soooooo know what you mean with a tooth ache. My dentist is asking to do a root canal for 1300 and I was fork no, just pull it out, but want 250 👀👀 Warehouse Operational Manager @Ontarieau Love film editing and photography, Star Wars all day! 80’s Toys and Arcade collectibles. Fan of all sports
Camacaroon1 And that 2nd one might be the biggest reason. I'm not the pinnacle of health, sure. But every Dr's visit, my biggest issue is high blood pressure which is from stress and/or genetic. And my dentist tells me I got great teeth, no cavities ever. So I'm good Twitch streamer|| Member of Hard Boiled Media || Aspiring amatuer content creator Profile pic by @BigWolfAura, give credit where it's due Posts my own thoughts
Micro_Mama Vancouver, BC @as_per_danielle I am so fortunate that my dentist is amazing and I trust him fully. He would never recommend work I do not need. Mama to a fighter. Passionate. Opinionated. Volunteer. Saver of dogs. Sexual abuse survivor. Angry woman. advocate. she/her 🏳‍🌈
comscot glasgow @HumzaYousaf I have nothing but good to say about our snhs but I am annoyed my dentist has dumped NHS work and wants me to sign up for a useless plan I WANT an NHS dentist any suggestions? .not pc correct but I don't care laughter is free
Juanjoh43858493 North Carolina, USA @dumbface5000 My dentist was the only one to remember mine, 5 days ago. I'm either going to boycott Arby's, or Dine and dash. So very

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