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puffandruffle Germany I’m having toothache and just made an appointment with my dentist. But man I’m scared bc it’s that one tooth that’s so very sensitive to everything and will hurt like a motherfffff once she’s doing something to it 💀😰 just here crushing on middle aged actresses ✨ Amanda Tappings eyes give me life 💎 Sanctuary | Stargate SG-1 | Snowpiercer | Motherland Fort Salem | Xena | WoT
heartbeateau @BTStranslation_ i have two impacted tooth also and my dentist told me it needs to be removed by oral surgery. until now no update from them. im afraid it would hurt so much t.t • ot⁷ • not for multis and solos • human • 💜 💜 💜 B O R A H A E 💜 💜 💜
Yume_x_Hanabi I left too early for my dentist appointment and now I have to kill time for an hour 😭 How did I misjudge things so bad. It takes less than 10min to get there... She/her || 30's || Tales of Xillia is my life✨ Icon by @Toradhart and banner by @raindrop_waltz 💖 Spicy account @yume_x_kagura
mikrokosmyg 22 • bangtan lovebot • 🇵🇭 @BTStranslation_ it does depend if it’s impacted i think. my dentist didnt have to force mine out when he removed two of my upper wisdom teeth, so the pain + recovery wasn’t as bad as the lower impacted one. hoping for your fast and quick recovery!! fan acc • she/her • 아포방포 • learning KR (•ᴗ•)
LexMeRep @BTStranslation_ I only have one upper wisdom tooth, like that's the only one existing and my dentist wanted to keep it so I had to suffer through it coming out. Sometimes not just my lower jaw but half of my face hurt. 30. she/her. music lover. ot7 ARMY, carebear.
Patrick16539398 Justin Malloy. So, later that summer, around 1982, I got my dentist father to take me fishing and we went to King Harbor, Redondo Beach and went on a public fishing boat. My dad almost caught a keeper halibut but it was one inch short of the legal length of 22 in. We fished
LA_Knight89 Arizona Dental drilling as long as I have lidocaine or smth. My childhood dentist was such a fixture in my life that I invited her to my wedding *and she showed up.* Sometimes the only supportive person in my teen years was my dentist. I came out to her before coming out to my parents. SFF writer/reviewer; queer Black ♿ LDS autistic spoonie. Facet-fractured OSDD. Polyam w/ Husbear & 2 life-partners. Cat mom. Poor af. Cassgenderfaewtf; she/they
zozozolah Somewhere in a poppy field If there's one thing I am very grateful for in this life it's my dentist. She's also one of the only reasons why I don't want to move out of this country. Teeth are so important and because of the jargon & technicality most dentists don't explain what they are doing to your teeth 23. mufc & rmadrid. msc business economics, majoring in finance. interested in a lot of things, good in none. 😌
niccwheeler cheshire Waited 3 months for my Dentist appointment to have to cancel bc of 🦠🦠 and now waiting 5 months till I can go again 😭🥲
uhcotton the sexual tension between me and my dentist in plain clothes spreading whatever the opposite of 'wisdom' is
montague_alan @CarlBovisNature My dentist has Blue Planet on loop to take my mind off the drilling. Hope you manage to zone out and it isn’t too traumatic. Sandal-wearing, lentil-loving socialist. Enthusiast photographer (see website for portfolio).
2girls1cammels My dentist accidently brushed her thigh on my head and i tingled i am down bad bad bad coys coys coys coys coys coys 💙
Houruck Guildford, UK 🇬🇧 I don't know why my dentist thought treating 3 teeth all at once is a good idea. I am still suffering from the trauma and the knock-on effects a week after. Hungarian migrant in the UK. Homo ludens ludens, cat herder, hacker. Senior #GameDev Manager @splashdamage, ex-@SuperMGames, #VGA1K, #STEMambassador. He/him.
2wenty4s leo | gemini | cancer Right. Booked my dentist appointment for tomorrow and booked my Invisalign free consultation also. Time to start the journey 🙏🏾 27 | She/Her | Jamaican 📍
steppinlazer singapore; forever LA @winnersusedrugs knowing i miss his TV, my dentist (who now works in a hospital) gave me a long speech during my procedure about the hospital’s cheap bad-taste polishing paste and gave me a “black market” henry shine bubblegum flavor that he and some others pooled together to buy and snuck in freelance word hermit 🌭 she/her
AT0BE 跡部王国 💙 My tooth has a forkibg hole in it and my dentist didnt even forking suggest to fill it in instead she says 'do u want braces' literally kill me no 跡部 no life 💙 20↑ icon by @/gaisvelt EN↔JP Translation commission: NEW👉①
R0TT1NGPUMPK1N Switzerland Not me and my forked up brain mentally planning the day around my dentist appointment to only realize it’s actually in two days so now I have nothing to do today and I LOVE THAT you know the relief lmao she/her - animal crossing - lucifan - makeup - spooky crap - @SHARON_NEEDLES 🖤 - @alaska5000 ❤️ - @trixiemattel 💕
TrainlikeDime Miami, FL @kldepq I have no idea. I have 6 on top and at this point I think my dentist the only one who got the assignment right 🤣🤣 I can not relate to these horror stories. Loc’d sista | Telehealth Nurse Leader | Doctoral Student | Fitness Queen | Spiritual | #StopFitPhobia
little_chibs Under My Blanket AHHHHH MY DENTIST APPOINTMENT IS AT 8AM AND ITS ALMOST 2AM NOW || Local Catgirl Cries News at 5 || 24 || 日本語を勉強しています。||
Inglewood4Real My dentist dead bottom told me bro…… are you gone start wearing them rubber bands or not??? It’s been 8 months and you still on the same pattern 😂😂😂😂 “To be stoic is not to be emotionless, but to remain unaffected by your emotions.”-A nonchalant greek African-American
panhiinhii Tbh jaw botox was the best thing that happened to me and i got it bc Mariam told me I needed it. 💀 well my dentist said so too but Mariam rlly convinced me. Thanks girly for the rec!!! Idk what I’m talking about but I luv the LA Rams
sincosnaj 37.5MHz ☀ otw to my dentist yall wish me luck 😭 let's fix my even more disastrous than before teeth and restore my confidence uh oh, she's gone off on a tangent again
zefzoro any pronouns. 16-19 eng/日本/tr IM,SO,forkING EMMMBARRASED I ACCIDENTALLY LICKED MY DENTIST HAND . AND HE JUST WIPED IT AND GAVE ME A DISCUSTING LOOK dream supremacy. なにふぁむ mcyttwt / tmrtwt / kpoptwt / anitwt
P_Dominiquee Minding mine Got my dentist appt in the morning, get my buttons off my teeth and my@last set of aligners ! 2 more weeks left 31 | Sag ♐️ | Chi✈️Az | Foodie | ✊🏾| Nursing student💉
JUNGK00KS_GF ♡she/her♡ 20 ♡ my dentist and me typa thing 😭 jikook’s gf ♥︎
pipmcg Sydney @YvesRees Fwiw my dentist says that bruxism isn’t about stress but reflects the simple fact that we are mammals and we chew 🤷🏻‍♀️ Long-time publisher@newsouthbook Now full-time writer. Always big-time reader. THE YEAR EVERYTHING CHANGED-2001 @PenguinBooksAus 2018
DonnaPo24392090 Joplin, Missouri @RikinaJewett Left side. My dentist has nagged me for years I need to switch sides, but I can't help it. The food always migrates to the left and I don't really know why. I'm married with three boys. I am a pianist who is about to publish my debut novel. I love reading, movies, musicals, traveling when I can, and writing.
HamiltonAudioGA Lawrenceville, GA @Bc2Gb @brithume My Dentist an MD are conservative politically. I’m sure they supported Trump. I came down with Covid a year ago. MD prescribed Invermectin (before the horse med uproar) and it knocked the COVID symptoms on their butt in one day! Every individual has value.
bettyisthename Earth @ForensicMHSA @DavidJNiedzwie1 I remember before a root canal, I was in so much pain. My dentist said, "Sorry, but the laws have changed and we don't give out pain medicine like we did before." I was told to use clove oil. It is ludicrous that anyone should suffer simply because some people have addictions.
HamiltonAudioGA Lawrenceville, GA @RpsAgainstTrump My dentist and family MD are politically conservative and I’m sure supported Trump. When I got COVID ( a year ago) my MD prescribed Invermectin for me and it knocked my COVID symptoms on their butt.
punkingirl138 Lost a filling, and now I can’t eat, drink or breathe through my mouth. I really hope that my dentist is open tomorrow! 😩 BLACK LIVES MATTER • she/her • Louisville Cardinals • Minnesota Vikings • Chicago Cubs • I swear I have more interests than sports
dahoodsie Parts Unknown @PhoenixJustice Imma hang firmly onto "GETTING THERE" and bite the haters on this particular front (there's only so much biting one can do, I inquired w my dentist). (Clarity: not filing YOU there, and think we could have a convo too long for the twits on the joshi as well!) Snotty-nosed punk chick with opinions; not particularly interested in playing 'my opinions can beat up your opinions'. #ProstateClub4Lyfe
TorCSis @MessianicJew2 @Tom_Neverwinter @Billenjoylife @wiguy45 @AngryFleas @SusanLordBiz @MAGA__Patriot @suckitjackbootz @sherrylynnww1 @scottp33 @NealRey50128337 @octopus_teach @Mattallica17 @f_kyburz @EricR42 @kellyesorelle @HuggyKitty @DevinNunesMulet @RedStateJimy @AgainTt45 @StanPennington8 @YearRooster @PNGEtrades @Can_ada @777_Shredder @David4677484957 @angry_mema @jyurgealitis @InfoGuru16 @janeyK_KAG @itsaboutdamnti1 @jeffcon12 @Anvndarnamn5 @AudreysAmerica @KD2NFC @malo_j @WontBeSilent2 @PreviousDem @DangerousRyles @constit14834912 @Nitro1A @silverstang59 @Angel_13_Rising @EarthOne_13 @crazyjo43424351 @teamphil @MadMikeAndrew @ClemSkelton @PamelaEdwards @TheCenterStripe When I went to see my dentist last summer I had a cloth mask on and they made me take it off and put in a little paper one. American Bred American Proud Gettr - Telegram - GAB -
skeletonsurvey just woke up from the accidental nap…;,,, the little girl was chasing me at the book store and my lip ring cracked my tooth so i made my mom call my dentist Lacking Content
parkerm1c One time my dentist said my cleaning was the easiest she’d done all week and I’ll never receive a higher compliment
StimmyHendrixx Boise, ID @KosiThyKing @tahdollasign @ItalianFiesta What?? 😂😂 no. My dentist just actually went to school for dentistry. He specialized in the field, therefore he is qualified to diagnose and ready let’s talk hoops. let me beat you in 2k, dm for gamer tag. Brooklyn in 🤚🏾.
iAmMeThatsWho Deez Nuts @KilledKaren Oh jeez. I'm not a fan but my dentist is good and gives me an awesome discount. I think the school dentists wrecked my dental experience Professional bench wiper. I'm a mum and a wife. I make typos often.
VorpalDerringer @MichelleMuzyk @Chris_Grosse My dentist as a kid has this one and a standup Mario Bros machine.--*not Super*--just Mario Bros. Ultra-capitalist, ultra-liberal--in the classical sense. Warhammer 40K nerd, HITMAN fan, D&D GM.
MissTigz74 Glasgow @lynnem18 Weird thing is my dentist referred me to that dentist, as they are private and have all the fancy equipment, but they never said in advance that it would be costing me anything 😆 so that was a surprise. Never even did anything with my teeth 😬 maybe just as well lol! I had to get a new screen name due to me not getting onto my Tigz05 one grrr. I love The Clan Ice Hockey Team, piano music,Having Fun! I dare ya to Follow me...
awstennoteeth 🇨🇦• non binary pretty sure i've tweeted about this before, but my dentist has another patient with the exact first and last name as me and it's weird like what are the chances 20 • she/they • NOT impersonating • fan account • co runs @thinkerawsten
ellameno Seattle, WA @cadysu Please, cause I do what my dentist says and they don't believe me because there's no improvement and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong lol tommy. ace xicanx. pan dulce. ⚧♿♉ artist, writer, & cosplayer. ellameno @ ao3. i like vidya games & old hollywood. sfw (pronouns: any) #BlackDisabledLivesMatter
steppinlazer singapore; forever LA me before falling back asleep and nearly missing my dentist appointment: the alarm snooze feature was a mistake. after years of training i am now impervious to its siren song. i am invincible freelance word hermit 🌭 she/her
elliestark14 UK So i had lots of seizures the day after my dentist appointment. Snapped my "fixed" tooth completely. It's ok though cos he medically temp killed the nerves so not feeling anything and have appointment next week. 1 day was crying in real life even though was sleeping! was so bad! I have FND, PTSD and a dissociative disorder. I try to stay positive everyday. I love gaming, especially anything cute encouraging happiness!
kvngney beach Thinking abt how my Dentist asked when I wanted her to charge me and I said February 30th…. 💀 thoughts?
sapphspo she/they/it theres a hole??? in my tooth??? and my dentist has just been saying that its fine this whole time????? arent u supposed to burn if ur a star?
rocza Merrimack Valley, MA @gingerest Exactly! My dentist gave my my teeth when he had to pull a few during reconstruction, too. (And the implants he had to replace.) He even offered to put me in touch with a jeweler who makes teeth jewelry! (Yes, I have an awesome dentist.) ♿️🕉♀ Bioethicist; co-founder @RogueBioethics. Public & global health ethics; biorisk/security. Married to @neva9257. I had a marvelous time ruining everything.
momjeansmami TORONTO @washed_papi Shout-out to last summer me that scheduled my dentist appointment for Tuesday and tomorrow 🤣 HORNY FOR SCIENCE 🥵🔬🧪🧫💉
Rayfromport @ezralevant @TorontoPolice My dentist and I have a better relationship than this. He lets me have my mouth wide open for cleaning and fixing filling standing right over me. Bottom line he need my $. Climate Change Survivor
ArtistAffame @chromecastings @potcalling I will for sure!. My dentist told me most people don’t realise that it takes a lot of time and practice to use them so end up giving up. I’m determined though like it’s going to be amazing to smile with confidence Art is life. Left leaning.portrait artist dm for commission proud prole
toophattoofly Austin, TX That was a question for my dog and possibly my dentist. ronn¡e. jazz personality. 🎷analog woman/digital homegirl. crazy 🤪 sexy 💃🏾 cool 😎. raised by a 📺. even fly girls get the blues. 💙🖤DMs closed.🚫

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