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dangainor Reston, VA. My dentist does what I want and does it well. VP TechWatch, Business/Culture @newsbusters, author "Our Heroes Through Tomorrow." My views. Zionist. Never Again! #IOT opponent.
GingersSnapps 5 steps ahead of you Last night I had a dream that my boss was my dentist and he pulled all my teeth out. Then, I rode home on a school bus filled with the people I worked with 10 years ago. So...
imdannyhi My dentist is armed and dangerous Hi!
AmandaCorey12 Fratio Chipped my tooth and I need help coming up with a story that my dentist won’t judge me for :/ wazzu
fagnaros Azeroth @Pay_thePiper I know. :( my dentist only has an oral surgeon in once a week and he’s always booked months in advance. Fml ✌🏼☺️🏳️‍🌈 newbie streamer, queerio, photographer. adventurer, dreamer. menagerie mom. somehow wrangled @tr3ydunk into a thing 😻
wheelimm Canada @FestiGal77 I think you are probably too far west for this to help, but my dentist is St. Clair Dental Associates (65 St. Clair E) and they are brilliant. I still go to them despite moving downtown. PhD candidate in immunology, disabled dancer. she/her
clarig0ld Cleveland, OH @k0DWo @ultxmate No excuses!! My Dad & mom are separated! He has two other children and his new wife has 3 ! He knows ALL of our birthdays & my dentist/ location all of that!! eh.
bonaevolentatis Prague, August, 1968 @WanderNWoodsman @CrankyOldBats2 @OberstWKlink @WhatmeKate @marymjoneil @RRISC01 @ourGentleSins @BusStationDrift @texbrodave1 @WTEpaminondas @MinivanPunk @jeffsonstein @djinnxxi @DoctrBenway @lilbaracus @images_mc @seasidechic @Usmc0311F @get_it_maggie @AnneNewsJunkie @9toed_Viking @LuckysevenSOG @a7_FIN_SWE @aarostew @rlaattorney @Felix_Nuno @nonya_bidniss @JenSutt6971 @SOFFru1 @TheTreehouseMan “Love It Or list it” and HGTV is on constant repeat at my dentist’s office. It is an oddly hypnotic elixir. No, wait, let me say that it is an evil and hypnotic elixir.... Formerly a Groundpounder, Banker, and Government Man.
Sherrie_Amor 8♥️4 The only doctor my dad knows is my dentist and that’s cuz he’s one of his friends 😂😂😂😂 Knows when to cut up, knows when to shut da fork up, knows when to smile, knows when to act stuck up....
shayy_ox London My dad used to take me to my dentist appointments. We’ll schedule them in the middle of the day so he could pick me up from school early and we would go and have lunch after then go home. 💕 yo!
DeepTemerityCap Chicago, IL @i_know_n0thing @HardNacs2 @victoriouscake I wish my dentist worked 3-4 days a week... Monday and Wednesday all summer. Must be nice!
odirihle Pretoria The fillings in my teeth cracked & fell out bc I chew ice like it's candy and I'm kak scared to go tell this to my dentist A feminist law student who wears her passion for social and economic justice on her sleeves
TBSolicitors Tewkesbury, England 📽 WATCH! We answer the commonly asked question, "If my Dentist pulled out wrong tooth, can I claim compensation?" Watch Cheltenham-based Solicitor-Advocate and Thomson & Bancks' Head of Medical Negligence, Lucy Sherry in our video: Local high-street Solicitors with offices located in Pershore, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, and Stratford-upon-Avon
CrankyOldBats2 DC Swampburbs @MinivanPunk @probablyweird @OfficersIsland @DermotCosgrove @HudsonsHawk91 Those terrify me. Well, they all do. My dentist got Lyme disease and couldn't work at all for 6 months. Part time after that for another 6 months, then gave up and retired. #FP #NatSec. Politics/cats/jokes, not always in that order. No lists or FB. | Just RTing others? I'm not following back.| *Selling your stuff=block* | INTP 🏳️‍🌈
TeezyMash After long and hard thinking, I have decided that I am no longer opening beers and ciders for girls anymore! My dentist is complaining. Thanks, Management PROLIFIC. black by popular demand
LeqaaAlnaqi So my dentist checked my teeth n went “mashallah I don’t think I hav ever seen such a clean teeth hygiene like urs before, hav to let ur parents know” lol proud me✨💃🏻 I told her it might be the coconut oil pulling that I do and convinced her to try it ayy
TimothyEaton11 And was given very prescriptive instructions from my Dentist about what I should be eating. Osaphobe. Genophobe. Erotophobe. Egodystonic. Solosexual. Transvestite.
golddustsam Melbourne, Victoria literally planned my dentist appointment for after work tuesday but now he wants me to take tuesday off so i am boo boo the fool and will be sitting waiting for 4:45 to roll around prison break, oh wonder and cats | ig: samanthaforster
shirazshihab7 i had two doses of anesthesia in my dentist appointment today and i don’t think anyone would want to see me smile 🇩🇪🇵🇸
onlyforpark Waffle, Belgium i just ate a sugar glazed donut and sugar pastries after visiting my dentist after she told me to tone my sweet tooth down lmfao im getting my bottom whooped in the next visit #YOONGI: i love all hoseoks and not-hoseoks equally
199Shookymin Seoul, South Korea Okay...I've never been this mad so in my heat of rage I forgot to bring the rubber that I put in my mouth and my dentist will probs kick my bottom for it.. 사랑해요 방탄소년단
pumpkinnewt NHS's boobies I get new retainers and my dentist had the balls to tell me they fit perfectly fine but i can just Feel the back for the top retainer being loose >:( ill sleep now, but angrily Misu ☆ they/them ☆ idk i draw? ☆ sometimes 🔞 ☆ stan nie huaisang+qirong ☆ sangcheng blackmarket ☆ i guess i do jjba now too! || OC acc: @tira_MISO
bgatica3 UCSB 🌸✨ 6 months away from 20 and i still got my dad to make my dentist appointment for me hehe im baby no pasa nada oiga
standardfujoshi fandom hell Anyway thanks to my dentist I'm wearing my retainer again and the headache from the jaw and neck muscle pain is worse than ever 20yo fujocrap from Germany who just wants to read BL everyday. 🔞 Lots of personal crap. Weak for fluff. ⚠️crappost warning⚠️ My DMs are open 24/7 I'm lonely
problylamecrap Conroe, TX My jaw keeps popping out of place and it reminded me of that one time my dentist tried to set me up with her son who I actually kind of knew Like she was trying to show me pictures of him 😂 Home is where the cactus
SoniaStrummFan California This beauty was parked right outside my dentist’s office. :) I think they only made these Thunderbirds for couple of years, and they’re beautiful looking cars. :) Oddly enough, I actually see these Thunderbirds a lot in that particular parking lot. Just your average anime and manga artist. I'm also known as SoniaStrummFan and/or SoniaStrummFan217 online. :) Feel free to tweet or follow me. :)
SoniaStrummFan California Just to prove that I take pictures of cars besides VW Bugs (LOL), here’s a really nice Porsche I saw parked in the same lot as my dentist’s office. I love these classic Porsches, and this one was gorgeous. You can tell this is a well loved car just by looking at it. :) Just your average anime and manga artist. I'm also known as SoniaStrummFan and/or SoniaStrummFan217 online. :) Feel free to tweet or follow me. :)
mryjnyb PH🇵🇭 Can’t wait to visit my dentist and have my teeth clean God
botqingyuan Cang Qiong mt me: you know when you just love someone so much you would let them commit all the crimes ever even the crimes against you and hurt you and yet forgive them everything and wait for them to forgive you my dentist, through tears: i s-said stop talking Cang Qiong sect leader, full time Xiao Jiu apologist // tweets queued and manual
uhEbs Another week til my dentist appointment. Like I'm finna gone ahead and do my walk in cause this tooth is killing. No orajel, Tylenol is working Kingston Armani's mother. 04.03.2018. 22 & chasing dreams 😴
Cookey_Monkey singapore Ugh got scolded by my language teacher and my Dentist. It’s a Sunday lemme chill y’all 😤 Cradle to the Grave.
bheadenxo csprings asked my dentist if they had a laughing gas option for wisdom teeth removal and she straight up told me “no people usually just take a valium the night before and one or two the morning of” uccs psychology & sociology double major
Davis_404 Chicago, Incorporated Started staying home a lot and watching Svengoolie four years back when I was recovering from suprise dental surgery. Today my dentist tells me a new technique may solve all the issues I quietly stunned. So much stressing for so many years. I was born, probably. Scientician, drew stuff, futurist, neophile, comic book guy, generalist to the point of madness. Last of the Golden Age SF fans. Wizzard.
taysrsly the only people that texted me today were meghan and my dentist’s office to confirm my appointment a comedy without laughs | USM ‘21🦅 | ΑΔΠ🦁
_carlytemple Michigan, USA Just saw my dentist at the strip club and he said I had beautiful eyes who needs a bio
Konoruck New York, USA @JonathanStevey1 @CynChamplin I hear music from my youth in elevators, my dentist office and "hits from the past" radio I'm a generally nice guy, occasion asshole, old (er) fat guy and always sarcastic. That should help with the low brow gotchas, step it up. not a teddy bear
KefirahE @ChuckWendig @scalzi @KameronHurley They play HGTV at my dentist and their only mistake is the TV isn't on the ceiling!! Tripping the 'verse. Going where none have gone before. The 21st Century is where it all changes. Allons-y Alonso! SHIELD WALL!! The Metal Mamaleh rides again!
babydinozach 🇵🇭🇺🇸 currently at a funeral and my dentist’s husband passed away and she still has young kids and i just suddenly remember the pain i felt when i was around their age (10-11) and it was truly heavy in the heart fork crap ◡̈
AnneONe63600565 Kingdom of Lichtenstein be subjected to some butcher of a mere dental intern, spent $7k from my share of the sale of my parents' house to send him to my dentist...although he could never get used to the dentires, and hoped for implants, which Inwisjed I had got for him as well Tired of Twitter? Sign up with open source-based Mastodon Social!
mbarrymiddleton Mesa, AZ SOS! Dental Gingival Retraction Cord Left in Mouth and on Vacation via /r/Dentistry Hey guys, looking for advice as a patient. I went in one day last week to get a temporary crown while waiting for my permanent one. In the process, my dentist and her assistant used this cor… Happily living in #mesaarizona. Enjoying cycling and marketing. Sales and distributing in the healthcare industry.
Tuh_ReeRii Bahamas It’s REDICK I do everything in Nassau pertaining to my body & skin - my gyne , my dentist both in Nassau I do all my facials and skincare in Nassau ;; God . Family .Determination. Hustle . Ambition . Drive . - iiF Yu Want More Yu Have To Require More From YourSelf !!
josiesteen_ WV My dad, who knows I’m at work, was blowing up my phone which he only does for emergencies & he texts me and says “call me” so I rush to the break room and this man really says “who’s your dentist” like why does it matter who my dentist is at 10pm and I’m at work 💵
MonicaDPhoto Wherever life takes me Thank you so much @MishaHead ! Please retweet and help the lass if you can. Having just come through 2 major dental things and feeling like I’m paying for my dentist’s next holiday I can understand the financial pain 🙃🙂 Old enough to remember disco, young enough not to readily admit. Nerd, geek and occasional photographer (of sorts).
Sleepy_egger looking my dentist in the eye and telling her that I floss 4 times a week, while she stands there with her gloves covered in blood from my gums scrape dont rinse
uwufaerie they/them My dentist was saying crap about my teeth in dentist talk and the whole time i was thinking “I know they talking mad crap about my teeth, better become a dentist so I can see wtf they gotta say about me” not my chair not my problem that’s what I always say || Pokémon & Animal Crossing enthusiast ♏️ 🦂 ✨
shhbrii Pasadena/Los Angeles,CA I also didn’t go to my dentist cause my bottom was jet lagged and real tired 😩 🇲🇽
sonnyhumble Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I was eating a curry puff and something white came out of my mouth. Thought it's broken tooth, but no... it's a plaque knocked loose. My dentist is going to laugh-cry at this. Ah, who cares? 🤷‍♂️
abipolarwoman Southern California @billyeichner My dentist has various signed and framed football jerseys on the wall of his offices. One of then is OJs. He's a good dentist, but I question his judgement on this. Retired Mac Wizard, Amateur Scientist, Person-who-thinks-she's funny, Person who-didn't-mean-it-THAT-way, I want good things for every last one of you, truely
noheemmii Houston, TX I’m just hoping and wishing my dentist doesn’t say I actually need a power chain all around 😔
PinkRangerPR Columbus, Ohio So Thursday my mouth started gradually hurting again.. This time my upper right side... My dentist can’t get me in until Monday evening.. I have been putting great head on the tooth and my gums and it has been a… Cat mom, Aunt, Housekeeper, PR Consultant, Pink Ranger #bluecrew #teammasto

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