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dpakman Boston, MA I just had a "perfect phone call" with my dentist, cleaning is scheduled and confirmed Host of @davidpakmanshow. IG:
ItsJustGeevan Brampton My dentist just told me I have 4 cavities from over brushing, apparently you’re suppose to brush all ur teeth for 2 minutes each morning and not each individual tooth. I’ve wasted a lot of time. ig: geevan_s
karenGilbert5 Kansas @marklevinshow If i was one of the Senators I would call my dentist and ask if there wasnt one of my teeth that needed a root canal today.
JulissaArjon Chihuahua, México Okay my dentist said I have really good teeth and they are in very good shape thank you God for this genes 🥺♥️ I love this complement lol chihuahua
sandrahall01 Derby @charbhardy My dentist sent me to hospital I he found a lump I went to see consultant yesterday xx just waiting for ultrasound and MRI scan xx Married 27th May 2017. Between us we have 7 fabulous children and 11 gorgeous grandchildren. Family is what life is about. Love our (bucket list) holidays.
Purphikt BC, Canada Super nervous for my dentist appointment today😣 can you guys come with me please? I'll stream it, we can chill and you guys can put me at ease (I wish) o7 Welcome to the land of innuendos, technical difficulties & quite often, video games.
JaneTea4 Right Side of History @Lincoln1710 @vankapro I also love to bag my own. Young workers don’t know how. I use baking soda on my teeth and my dentist noticed how clean they are. Foot Soldier Of The Resistance. Sister, Mother, Auntie, Grandma Extraordinar! Friend Forever/Forever Friend. #MADD
OwnJune Bahamas To my dentist: 1st off, I came in here for pretty teeth to pull African-Americans, not all this pain and elastic foolishness. artist person 🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸 🇧🇸
Rrmaaaaa 🇸🇦 @ur_sondosHM happy birthdaay my dentist 🦷❤️ Wish all your dreams come true My cutie and Lolo catty I love u so much🥰 🇸🇾| MBBS💉| Drawing 🎨
MoonAndStar25 Gay it was really wonderful to go to my dentist in the south part of my hometown and hear people talking about impeachment, about climate change, and about criminal justice reform. Talking about weed legalization - but the lack of restitution for black folks who’ve been incarcerated. Queer Appalachian, they/them. Singing in a gay choir because it brings me joy. Sociologically-minded, looking into PHD’s this winter. ❄️
spacetechatngas Orange park acres, ca. @cov_Gretchen I was doing this and my dentist told me to stop. Space tech in beautiful Southern Ca. not a crazy liberal🤪I’m a proud American and Trump supporter. #MAGA2020 #WWG1GWA
Shaaaleigh I know people always make fun of millennials for not being able to make phone calls and set up appointments and what not, but I just called both my dentist and eye doctor and it took me all the courage I could muster and now I'm on an adrenaline rush. #thestruggleisreal God leaves reminders everywhere of His tremendous love for us.
sparkle78862775 Anambra @ounceofwater @AtlBlerd @WaysForeign @OregonProgress I updated it on my WhatsApp status and my dentist friend replied Light skin queen 👸 your skin is my concern, your favorite physiotherapy, your favorite skincare doctor
INDRAK0MTRIKRU criminal minds • ouat • t100 My crown started to hurt really bad yesterday randomly and luckily I had my dentist appointment today and she said nothing is wrong with the crown but we gotta keep a watch out for it 👌🏼 do you wanna know why I want to save Marcus ? it's not because of the pills, it's because he's good, and true, and he deserves to live
MaddyStrong3 @Carpetfrawg @JackPosobiec My dentist convinced me to use nitrous and turned on the Beatles. That was nuts, but impeachment hearings on nitrous Catholic.
MikaaaBaybee Rancho Cordova, CA My dentist gave me a new flosser to use and let me tell you! Be a little more you, and a lot less them 💕
NobDeRiro Devon After getting my fourth gum infection the space of like 7 months my dentist has said I need a blood test as soon as possible, as I shouldn’t keep getting them and also my body reacts to it wrong, whatever that means Can do an OK Christopher Walken impression and make myself go cross eyed. I have a giant peni...cillin allergy. My dull Instagram
spacedwaitress Nashville, TN @johnpavlovitz And my teeth are great, just tremendous. My dentist says he’s never seen teeth so perfect. Never a single cavity, perfectly and naturally straight. Always. And my breath! Get a load of this! It’s just perfect. The best breath. It’s unbelievable, really. “FutureTrumpLies SPACE✈️WAITRESS, pen for hire, woke badass, does not speak math, sees Springsteen in everything, “I’d like you to do us a favor, though ...”
H0RIZONMV multi ✿ she/her im waiting for my dentist appointment and it was meant to be at 5:30 it's now 5:50 hello ??? i literally left town for this ?????? #SAN: cos i'm your home !! 🌃✨🌊
bcrryvsp so it’s almost 7pm my dentist appointment is at 8:30 and i haven’t studied anything yet and i have a test tomorrow send actual help i am becoming a twitter stan.
willymaysHAYNES This is dentist propaganda. My teeth quite literally the same after my dentist said that if I didn’t get a roof expanded and rubber bands ASAP that I’d have a crocodile looking lower jaw. Stay woke you can’t make an tomlette without breaking a few greg’s
peterajackson Nottingham, U. K. @kingstonwrites @GeekBoyMusic I asked my dentist that and he said don’t bother using mouthwash, but if you must do it first and brush after. I'm Peter Jackson. Not that one. (lawyer|investor|reader|sometime writer|school governor|left footer|drinker|idler|father of three)
SpiderGweny My dentist cut out the gum that had the infection for me while fixing an old filling and all hoping it doesn’t come back I can actually use my money towards cosplay and not feel bad Kota | 23 | Professional Dumbass |
watercolorwidow stan acc | she/her went to a new dentists office and my dentist is so hot i’m,,, i got a lil cavity tho i hope i didn’t disappoint him 😔 professional florence pugh hand holder ♡‧₊˚
crisp_ones waterworld - I reach for my phone to see how long until my alarm goes off, and at that moment my alarm goes off - I make an “ain’t I a stinker” face to no one - I go back to sleep smug, missing my dentist appointment cold
lawyermermaid Stress dream took a weird turn I was bragging to my dentist about how I floss almost every day and use my electric brush in the morning Which is what I do and is all true....just weird I was dreaming about bragging about it Footie. OCR's. Law. In that order. Also loves otters, kayaking and anything that gets me near the ocean. Sometimes I'm a lawyer.
brianthehuman the great northleft people give insurance companies a lot of crap but i really have to hand it to mine. they’ve got some amazing dentists over there who were able to determine that i actually *don’t* need the dental work *my* dentist says i do. and without ever even seeing me! incredibly talented! @archlobbypdx / @Arch_Lobby
faithful_weapon // so i have a little of free time while waiting for my dentist appointment so like this and I'll try and doodle your muse on paper 👌 — some of us were just meant to live under a shadow.
fluffykins_ 👑 queen city My dentist tried to give me head gear in seventh grade. I told my mom I would rip it off. She asked the dentist for other options and the dentist couldn’t believe she didn’t fight with me about it. She just told him: “She doesn’t bluff. She will rip it off”. fluffykins laflare ☁️ VLMJ. DRB. ☁️ I’m growing but somethings don’t change.
loudmouthman Horsham The practice manager of my Dentist has written to me about th after seeing my post about the Tablet Thing is .. ive not shared my Social Media Details with them; Im asking them for the narrative that resulted in them contacting me that way and not over here on Social Media. An unsubtle collection of memes. One of those STEM ambassadors. I build monsters and code where others fear to tread.
BartlettChrisJ Japan @kingstonwrites My dentist once said that it was best to leave #toothpaste in your mouth, if not deliberately ingest it. I tried it and doing so caused me serious hypos and fainting for two weeks. A couple of months later my dentist (who was not old) died of, I believe, cancer. NOT recommended. Writer, Futurist. AI, Medicine, Robotics, H+, CompSci. Civil liberties, Poverty, UBI. Neo Modernist and Centrist. Truth seeker. Aspiring rationalist.
NashSurfin Uruguay @nancysantanello @lloyd4man @fatima_italia So you are saying that you are a truth holder? Fact, I brush my teeth twice a day only, with minimum toothpaste, zero cavities and congratulations from my dentist each time I visit her. Also got a taste for not holding anything that any government or lobby states as truth... Seguime y te sigo, si no te gusta lo que digo no me sigas!/Follow me and will follow back, if u don't like what I say, unfollow
mamecastle NorCal I cracked a tooth on Monday night, I haven't had anything but soup and smoothies since then. My dentist can't see me until the 30th, but he made room today to take X-rays.... Is it too early for popsicletails? My birthstone is a wine cork. Prone to hyperbole. #subtweeter #sniperfromtheside
1sthappysodme Behind a computer screen @Janeopot @henriettak @capiegirl @drinkdevil40 @Adrienne65 @mansellmum @owlbird It's fine I brush my teeth at least 4 times day and my dentist said my teeth where perfect I said for what you charge they bloody should be Hard working,husband to @LYdoubleNnoE ,Dad to 2 sons ,Always up for a chat & a good laugh fan of Hobnobs .motorbikes. skydiving and big sunday dinners
judoflipped As someone who'd braces for 2 years and started out as what my dentist called a third grade case I appreciate this a lot she/her; tension seeker goal digger | educate, agitate, organize.
kmaepetrin St Louis, MO @skytramps My dentist measured my jaw at some point and apparently it's like medically noticeably smaller than an adult jaw opening is supposed to be 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ they told me that means I have to get regularly tested for joint problems in my jaw. Digital reporter @stlpublicradio. Data & public records. Secretary @stlspj. SFF reader. 📧
mxcx__ London, England I haven’t whitened my teeth in about a year and felt odd as they were at the darkest they had ever been. I was so shock to hear my dentist tell me they’re a B1 which is the lightest naturally occurring shade. WE LOVE TO HEAR IT! They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds. 🌱✨
lunchlady6669 ~~€:::::3 trying to convince my dentist to chuck the porcelain crowns and lay my crap out w gold you like it ? its very generous
hyaacs Dubai - Fuj @okaysorryy My dentist was an idiot and I’m left with ugly teeth with an overbite busy reviving my social life brb | cs will always be in my heart 💞 | pls don’t follow me if you’re religious 🤗
NunyaBlah NY AHHHHHHH MY DENTIST HAS A THERAPY DOG AND SHE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!! She/her gamrgorl. FE is cool, Overwatch too I guess
dekaybaby my dentist and doctors appointment on the same day 🤦🏽‍♀️ something different 👑
jenni_inabottle My dentist hygienist told me 5min in that “my front tooth will just get wiggly and fall out, but the dentist will explain more” okayyyyyy thanks for making me have a complete anxiety attack for the rest of the appt 👌🏼 I live my life simply 🌲
MySmilingSoul Czech Republic I´m at home, it seems my dentist enjoys BSDM practices and I´m such a tender soul 🤣 Thanks god for a local anesthesia or I wouldn´t survive :-)))) Harmony is a great balance between mind, body&soul measured in tender peaceful moments. I♥my family, positive people, animals&pleasures that life brings,NO DMs!
KyRamblr Kentucky, USA My dentist humming along with a Luke Bryan song playing on the radio (as they drill my tooth) is the worst form of cruel and unusual punishment. Speaker of sarcasm, listener of REAL country music, & drinker of shower beers.
bi_cph Copenhagen, Denmark @scatterthewords I was in a pre-op appointment last week and fainted into my dentist's lap from pure terror. I'm a triple threat: bisexual, bipolar & bilingual.
KayleeGromoll Niagara Falls, NY @Skizzyofficial_ It's my front tooth, we will not be pulling or replacing that one. Can't do heavier medication if no one prescribes me anything. My dentist is trash and brought me in to their office for no reason knowing I would've had to go to a forking specialist. and didnt' give me anything I play video games | M W TH 7pm SAT 12pm EST. | Use Code BananaSplit in the Fortnite Item Shop ❣️ #ad
SiftMicro Gonna wind up costing 150 just to get into my dentist and get the x-ray. I don't have that at all so just Not really sure what to do right now. Feels bad, man 🔞 This twitter contains size fetish material. Please be warned in advance. Not really open to RP. Most art done by @knj_ex
yujusmaid [she/her]❤@shiningjaem @foreverseouls mine kind of hurt bc i can like feel a point of the tooth and it just wont come out but its been like that for weeks sigh,, maybe ill tell my dentist since i have an appointment in 2 days anyway,,, hope ur jaw tension gets better tho sounds p bad :( yuju hasn't paid me since april.........miss yuju can i PLEASE get my paycheck..           @shiningjaem: eric: *does something* cátia: ùwú
NoorasNora Somewhere I don't want to be It's been hours and I'm still mad at my dentist for calling me the wrong name Matteo is my mood
unlovedcomps My dentist is so funny we were picking out what color my fake tooth is gonna be and he was like we should do a fun color like blue, or a gradient, oh! a rainbow! Not a Fanyu

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