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iamcardib Mars, NYC Thank you guys soooo much .Me and Meg really appreciate all the love from fans ,celebs everybody that supported the song .Also thanks for voting .Ugh if I would have known all this was going down today I would of rescheduled my dentist so swollen 😩😂 The popular table
venicedelmo “Oh you have a jaw infections it’s definitely covid”. How are you nurses in the ICU and you’re acting like clowns right now. Like I need antibiotics from my dentist and y’all acting like absolute clowns queen of the clouds
_justinamariee Long Beach, CA @zsannreiii @es_pricey Omg my dentist mother would LEGIT keel over 😭😭😭 every time he uses mine I’ll let him keep it and grab a new one lmfaooo
DrDeepakKrishn1 Bangalore @PoojaPallavi9 My dentist has performed RCT and capping on two of my family members in last two years. I am yet to receive bill from him despite multiple requests from me. 🙏🏻 Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore
dirtporeminer Warren County, New Jersey @karen4urkids I've had the nasal swab test for access to my dentist, for a medical procedure and for my family doctor, but this last time it made me feel like I was about to sneeze. 15 seconds in each nostril seemed much longer. I tested negative again, so on Tuesday it's a cataract surgery. retired 'blue collar' worker, married, politically anti-Trump & his enablers/ left leaning moderate voter
phant0mdillon 19 my dentist never played this for me and that's when you know when they don't have taste if donkey from shrek had a twitter acc ~they/he~
reyynellyy Virginia, USA my gums still hurt wth, i feel like i’m about roll over and die, time to call my dentist 😙✌🏻 #Louis: “exactly we did it together”. (her/she) (fan account)
smt79 Minnesota My dentist charged me for PPE and the insurance company denied the claim saying it is not-allowed. FOH insurance companies. Sometimes I'm having the best time, but then I remember I'm going to die.
smartstatistic Jackson, MS @furdgecaKes @dgmcdowell They HAD to go. I could barely eat. I think I lied to my dentist about being pregnant but told my OB about the surgery and modified what I was given per his instructions. I just really suggest taking your pain meds and eating whatever soothes your mouth. Black Feminist Mama Doula Writer Speaker Future Midwife Co-founder @fundMSabortions ED @yellowfund Fat Queer NB Ratchet she/her/they/them #reprojustice
R6_Culture West Chester, PA The other day my dentist asked me to try and put in my retainer from when I had braces and lemme tell you, I felt I was getting struck by lightning in my mouth hole Chiropractic Assistant | Sub for @RaidFoxOfficial R6 Team
iamcardib Mars, NYC Thank you guys soooo much .Me and Meg really appreciate all the love from fans ,celebs everybody that supported the song .Also thanks for voting .Ugh if I would have known all this was going down today I would of rescheduled my dentist so swollen 😩😂 The popular table
ArtsyLilLamb My brain is being very wack right now, I think it's probably the lack of sunlight and PMS, but I have my dentist appointment tomorrow that I've literally had to reschedule like 5 times and I desperately don't want to go which makes me feel like a damn failure 🙃 A 20-Something Over-Sharer Who Posts Mediocre Art Sometimes. 🐽ACAB🐽 ✊BLM✊ 😡Abolish ICE😡 💃🏼(She/Her)💃🏼🏳️‍🌈
realrohanA Los Angeles, CA 👨‍⚕️ 🤝 👶🏿 🤝 👨‍💼 me shaking hands with my dentist and purdue pharmacies before getting a prescription opioid addiction 🇮🇳
Marypoppins68 Florida, USA @erythromancy I had my teeth cleaned in late May. My dentist wore a mask, shield and they took my temperature before entering. I felt very safe. See your dentist. Some Disney, some genealogy, some Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, some TV, movies, books and music. And a lot of Starbucks and cat pictures.
QueTuck 504-254 to HOUSTON I ain't never trust nobody, I was checkin the door & if you spend a lil' bit mo', then your necklace a glow He see me textin her phone, and now he CHOKING da HOE But he keep talkin bout a gangster he provokin a HOE. I gave my dentist a 50 just for my trophies to show insta:dope_tuck 👌🏾🏄🏾 PVAMU Alumni
WhiskeytangoAD United States @LenKusov_AD @SoatokDhole find me the transmasc guy with enough growth my dentist asks why i have a big sore spot at the back of my mouth like last year 3 days after MFF. Personally I like masculine, the down below parts dont matter. But saying all actions are doable and the same is a false statement The AD account of a certain foxxo, the hustler of the other accounts playboy if you will :) 18+
tobronwith San francisco @ScottAdamsSays My dentist said two of his cousins are ER doctors, in their hospital they took patients who just died with other causes without any COVID symptoms to have a blood test for COVID, and the reports came back positive! Hospital gets the federal fund for COVID. 🤐
ReneeSoPopular Sydney @HMental00 Ouch. My dentist appt on Friday just gone was $367. Medical gap paid for $160 and cause it was my first time there they waived the rest 🙊 2 more appts coming up. 1 is wisdom extraction they'll get me there lol Travelling. Ireland 🇮🇪. Addicted to reading. Sydney Roosters #eaststowin Yankees. 49ers. Chelsea FC. INXS - MH #nevertearusapart. Chisel #flametrees. Diesel ❤
sadyoonii he/she/they| 4teen| bi| bro,,, okay so like a year or two ago i dont remember but i got in a fight and i got hit so bad that like half of one of my adult teeth broke and that part had to be removed and my dentist like used a filling to fill the half thats missing now its loose, maybe ill lose it at 14😭 TW ED, pro recovery, ugw48⠀ ⠀ backup @angryoonii⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀
AwkwardPasta004 Atlanta, GA I don’t have health insurance anymore. I lost it when I turned 26. However, I do have an issue with my jaw. It pops, clicks, cracks, and some times gets stuck. It gives me migraines and other aches, but when I talked to my dentist about getting it fixed he said that my... Artist, sex positive feminist, proud Sub, supports the Gay Agenda, mental health advocate #OperationGonøf (she, her) commissions: open
freakinreaka Freeburg, IL @thenadsquad if I like fully produce this and play it for my dentist do you think he’ll fill my cavities for free candy corn enthusiast she/her
camaradewill room with yellow wallpaper hiding from god and my dentist because i fear accountability and know i have a lot of rot in my life 🤠 praying for the downfall of the american empire
patridesabike Old Lost Land (Newfoundland) Hi @EdwardLRiche I’m heading west in the morning on a multi-use trail and wondered if you wanted to tag along. I know, I can hear you muttering under your breath about my dangerous lifestyle, but c’mon b’y, I got an appointment with my dentist and the trail brings me right there theatre artist hatching plans for Alert Levels 2-4
felizecamille New York, NY My dentist really said that i’ll just heal~ by myself. She didn’t even bother on stitching me up. And i’m here fighting off infections and bacteria with fever. Experimenting art with my students during the day 🌞I draw stuff at night 🌝 insta: @felizecamille 🍰
reylographer @CeliaAnd2 My dentist appt is tomorrow and I have to be maskless for 2.5 hours 😬😬😬 🔞 nsfw | she/her | drawing and bookbinding poorly
ifarshgar Wanderer I can't belive how much cigarettes and weeds are addictive. I confess I was falling for both. So, after an expensive but justifiable appointment with my dentist to whiten my teeth, I decided to quit and keep my teeth white and beautiful as they are 🙂 So far I am doing good... 😉 • On my own Galaxy!
thespianthot icky every morning my dentist’s assistant wakes up and chooses hate crime blm. lg🅱️tq+. basic human decency
universetempo exo ot9┆yifan┆xz┆yibo┆yuzu┆d&p I saw my dentist’s wsp status and I’m not sure if she should allow me to see them jajaja ①•⓿⓿ ☁️ mdzs/tgcf/svsss ‧ 蓝天白云🎋‧忘羡 ‧ 花怜 ‧ 冰秋
OKWINNlE /i’m honestly exhausted so i may pass out but i promise i’ll be on ro and winnie more tomorrow after i get that weird plastic stuff shoved down my throat by my dentist tomorrow ❤️ (if u see me on the tl before then this tweet never existed)
finelinehyo I’m gonna be at my dentist when the winners for the amas are announced so I hope gaga and harry wins all their nominations • harry | gaga | twice • (she/her) • fan account •
BroadwayVincenz 🇺🇸 I've been closer to my dentist without a mask on and no added plexiglass between us. Surely, we can offer SOME form of legitimacy to this whole process. How do people trust this system? I'll never understand it. Love conquers all. 🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏿
dr_gypsy A Campus Member Near You @DoctoralBarbie So sorry about the tooth! I will say my dentist had and continues to have way more safe guards in place to limit exposure than almost any other place I have had to go into since this all started. I would rather go to the dentist atm than the grocery store. Every few years it’s a new location, new classes, (maybe) better finances, but never feeling accepted and always seen as temporary.
Cass_Basss @cyntheezybeezy Thank you!!! 😍😍you do have really pretty white teeth! I was going back and forth for so long between paying more at my dentist or just trying the crest strips
AnnaSlyu New York My dentist’s assistant didn’t wear a mask properly, and when I expressed my concern, he told me that I shouldn’t worry, bc his assistant already had COVID in March and, therefore, will not get it again or transmit it to anyone. Is he right? #NewYorkCity #dentist #COVID19 Pursuing my dreams in New York City. Tech-savvy marketer, I also enjoy playing volleyball, building communities and reading.
mommadill1 @Elise_ekd I went to my dentist a couple of weeks ago. They went above and beyond to keep themselves and the patients safe. Total disinfection of the room, air exchangers, a 33 minute wait between patients. A questionnaire to start.
BreeMinneapolis Minneapolis, MN @lucys_diamond @IlhanMN I got around it by having my GP prescribe the DME, paid for it to be done at my dentist, and then submitted the reimbursement with the "prescription" to my FSA. Not a spokesperson for anything or anyone. USPS stan. #SaveTheUSPS Zamboni loyalist. Of course I'm against fascism. #MaskUpMPLS #MaskUpMN She/her/hers
fifukuda She / her 🧸 Because of quarantine , i cant go to my dentist appointment and Im suffering ✨ having daddy issues with Levi 🤜🏻😀 || currently failing school || 🇲🇾 || 16 👾
RoseTRuth1 Essex @MikeGre28421400 @Cookie454545 @BellaWallerstei I've been waiting 5 months on a phone call from my dentist and my doctor won't see me in person. Let's not pretend COVID isn't having a huge negative impact on our lives Love soap, hate soaps
prismcarey maluma's butt hole @Ahmoo__ omg i feel so sorry for u 😭 i started bc my dentist said i had dry lips like 3 years ago and since then i cant stoo applying it and sucking ny own lips its so good 😭 i carry my lip balm everywhere with me 😭 i stan all pop girls and thirst over men with beard and muscles
1lenore Sunnyvale, CA @KWF I once ran into my dentist at Smart and Final when I was carrying a case of Skittles. I have been called "the ultimate reference librarian for matters maker, scientific, and technical." (she/her) See also @EMSL.
XCassandraCainX Vegas I go to my dentist appt tomorrow and I already have anxiety. Back up @batgirlassassin Available to produce content: Chicana, Super Geek, Adult entertainer, Fetish model, CamGirl, Smutt peddler
TheHackologist [medical] my dentist spends a lot of fun to write – and grounded in personal experience
Scubadog_ Riga, Latvia fr my dentist was like you're literally chewing through your front teeth and in my head i was like haha you have no idea 😬 a depressed pensioner with the skillset of a 12 year old
HumansDebris @xoxogilmoregirl @vortck @CodyMoty @doinkpatrol You are a tech or don't do patient care then. Because my dentist wears more protection than you doing patient care on a covid ward in the ICU.... Most medical professionals doing patient care are wearing n95s minimum and wearing face shields. Cast adrift in the cosmos. Exploring my subconscious and the collective unconscious. If I delete a tweet it was a spelling issue ... I have big fingers.
sexgeekAZ Toronto, Canada - she/he/they So I saw my dentist, who told me to see my osteopath, who didn't have any space til January. Fortunately a cancellation came through this week so I went for treatment with allll the safety precautions in place. She confirmed I'm a hot mess and booked me for several more sessions. Queer polyamorous gender-fluid Leatherperv. Writer, scholar, translator, editor, speaker. Cancer & chronic pain survivor. Night 🦇. 💚: 📚👠🚲🍫🍵🧀🍷✒️📽️📷🧠
Spitfire_Wold London @BlueArmyFaction Yep, my dentist could only offer me a private app and not at nhs prices! International Man of the year.
spencrossA Barrow-in-Furness @femalegenitals6 Right been outside my dentist and no help. It goes on about social distancing etc and if want dentures fixed. No do’s and do nots. May try tommorow see if open and ask. So I am no help either. 👎 Likes spooky things,tech,Lasers,90's,Nightclubs.Hates animal cruelty/Ofcom/BBFC/MPA with a passion. Will we ever get equal genital nudity on TV/Film?
ioutforseleneer fork im literally forking crying having braces is a forking nightmare i literally can't eat crap and when i do eat the crapty bottom food stays in between them craps and im so pissed at my dentist cause ive had these mfs for 5 years and they aint even off yet #Barbz #killme Add a bio to your profile
EwaMazierska North West, England @bluenobby And to add to that - in professional situations people should be assessed according to how they perform their job. I don't care about my dentist's religion, sexual orientation or which Party s/he supports; I just want her to put a filling in my tooth well. historian of film and popular music, amateur fiction writer, vegan, free speech supporter, own views #WritingCommunity #KBF
westrebekka @SherlockFBNL I feel you. I chose living alone, & usually I'm fine with it. But 10 months without even a hug from family and friends is hard - the only human contact I had in the last months was my dentist. Take a long shower/a warm bath, wrap yourself in a huge blanket, & binge watch stuff 💛 Proud member of the CumberCollective | tweets atm 97% Cumberbatch, 3% Ella 🐹 | gif maker | cross-stitching Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston

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