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j_mcelroy Vancouver, B.C. "You've been having a lot of sugary snacks and drinks lately," my dentist will likely say to me next time we meet. yeah, well your profession had a giant international conference in my city right as the #COVID19 crisis was starting, so let's call it even Municipal Affairs Reporter for CBC Vancouver. Strives to tell unique stories. Opinions expressed belong to, I don't know, Xenu.
__AGJA I went to the dentist 3 weeks ago and my dentist prescribed me this mouthwash and said “it’ll stain your teeth but it’s okay we’re doing a deep clean next appt” & now my appt is CANCELLED because of covid & I’m here STUCK W/ YELLOW TEETH. Life isn't easy, but you got this.
kate_kcollins1 Washington, DC my cat hasn’t been able to eat or swallow all week. My dentist swore it was tooth pain and charged me close to 400 for blood work, the exam and meds. Then wanted 900 to clean her perfect teeth. She just coughed up a piece of chicken that was stuck in her throat this whole time 🤬 Proud Deplorable 🇺🇸
hana1flower native @sehyoonsberry prolly doesn't break skin same way artificial nails don't. pretty sure they're made of the same stuff, I got a replacement for a broken tooth and my dentist said it was the same when I commented that the smell was the same at a nail salon. and that defeats the vampire agenda 😭😭 current vampire agenda status: Minki vampire agenda now open!!!
mentalityoftee I just need my dentist to reopen please and thank you wattpad: writtenbytee
prescribedhug — illustrator. bi. nd. 19+ My dentist kept telling me how pretty my teeth were for my entire life and then when the time came she was like ‘by the way, you definitely need braces’ and I— schrödinger’s introvert. # ye ever wanty just wrap yersel up in tin foil nice n cosy n then just fuking get right inty the microwave an blow yersel up tae fuk.
jamie_jaie22 Hiddenite, NC @mental_floss There was a book at my dentist’s office when I was a kid. I think it was about Casper. In the book, the living Casper and his parents were struck by lightning and it took him a very long time to figure out he was dead. He never quit acting like a little boy, though. A҉lways be yourself. Ȗṅʟєṡṡ you can be a u҉nicorn. 🦄 Ŧhen ѧʟẇѧʏṡ be a P҉r⃘їn⃘c⃘єs⃘s⃘. W⃘a⃘r⃘n⃘i⃘n⃘g⃘: I follow a⃘n⃘y⃘o⃘n⃘e⃘ with a cute pet as a profile pic.
anniejo621 @RevStu Received a voice call from my dentist to say appointment for 3 April now cancelled..was going to cancel anyway. The receptionist didn't reschedule. She sounded distraught and just broke off 🥺
Rbcachu92 West Hills, CA The #coronavirus pandemic has gotten even worse to the point that my dentist appointment had to be rescheduled AGAIN to June 9th! I AM SO F**ING ANGRY ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC! AND I'M EVEN ANGRIER AT THE GREEDY POACHERS FOR CONTINUING THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Hi! I'm Rebecca! I'm hooked on Pokémon.
leaton_kim @DanAndShayFan3 @DanAndShay I have had sores in my nose for years. Lots of nurses have MRSA. Dr Xu REFUSED to treat me claiming Bipolar Disorder. Faxed and took papers for Dr Xu to tell my Dentist I was clear of MRSA. DR XU REFUSED? I thought it was mental illness? Hmm?
clasticdetritus Blacksburg, VA got an email from my dentist about how they need to close (except for emergency procedures) for at least the next month and the message closed with this paragraph — I *love* the spirit of it, but couldn’t help notice the historical error 😬 Brian is a professor at Virginia Tech @vtgeosciences. He is interested in sedimentology, (paleo)climate, tectonics, sedimentary basins, and subsurface geology.
heather_mo Saskatoon, Canada My front tooth I had fixed a month ago is about to break off again. Called my dentist and it can’t be fixed until this crisis is over. So good news! My post-apocalypse look is like 90% complete! Theatre Artist Fitness Coach Occasional host on @cbcsaskatoon Treaty 6 & the Homeland of the Métis She/Her
mildlyangelic My dentist jumped the gun and sent an email that says happy birthday. It wasn’t even tooth related, 0/10, would not recommend 23🌟Sex Worker🌟Agender🌟They/Them🌟See Pinned Post🌟18+ ONLY🌟Ask about my photo sets!🌟Big Time Switch
mahiemanasas Las Vegas, NV I told my brother i’d get him Starbucks if he drove me to my dentist appt and when i asked him what he wanted he said “nothing. i don’t really like SB”. He really drove me just because🥺
cathinator Here @metteharrison Did you have all four? My sister only had two, and I had none. According to my dentist I am "highly evolved" 😂 A hot dog, but the bun is two churros. And it's tied together with a Slim Jim. $cathinator
metteharrison USA Want to hear a weird, true story? When I was in my 20s, I went to get my wisdom teeth out. I ended up going into convulsions and fainting, so the dentist refused to do anymore. Twenty years later, my dentist says I only have 1 left. The others were reabsorbed or something? Award-winning, national best selling author of The Bishop’s Wife, independent Mormon, The Mormon Sabbatical Podcast, fiction editor Exponent II, autist, she/her
NotExactlyDee eastern NC I only plan to go out to get any paper mail, to the grocery store as needed, and my dentist’s appointment. Yes, I’m somewhat terrified about my checkup ebonyhaithstaringdirectlyintocamera.jpg | she/her
preciousnice Earth Honey and Lemonsito juice instead of coffee because I’m braving to see my dentist later today. It wasn’t a coincidence. It was fate. ❤️Grace under pressure. Talk less and Act more. 👩🏻‍💻
cIarityjisoo somewhere over the rainbow 🌈 so my dentist called my dad telling him that they want to break off the treatment with my braces because I wasn't there in a while (because nothing changes and I'm sick of getting yelled at being accused of not doing what she says when I clearly do) the wikipedia of groups you don't stan 🧠 그댄 내 전부니까 💌 Dinosaur K-Pop stan 🦖🦕
zumbanatalieuk Cheltenham, UK Had a filling replaced and still have toothache. Probably need root canal but scared to visit my dentist because they were unable to numb me sufficiently last time. Most dentists closed because of Corona. Can anyone advise? 😭 trainee counsellor & guinea pig mama ♥️✨
LedelayMargreet All over the world! And.... how many people did I infect. My old in law’s 🥵 my dentist? I told her not to help my because of my soar throat.... global/art/artist/ceramics/art education/international/I create 4you art lovers! Create to innovate! fine art |
RednKnotty Montgomery County @FireNdesire1 Lol my dentist was on the same crap. We had to wait in our cars and be called in. Uganda Forever 🇺🇬 Music & Lifestyle Vlogger for LITBeyondDMV #UGStandUp #DMVStandUp #TheMarathonContinues
BuzzkillJilll Hamilton Ontario, Canada @thesoydivision I wish you were there for the conversation I had about selling them with my dentist. Him and the nurse were like. Damn what are we doing? We should be selling teeth???? mouth breather with exertion
IAmAlexScar @justsomecnote I tried being funny around my dentist recently, regretted it, and promptly deleted whatever it was I said from my memory. Don’t do it lol Podcast Producer at @gasdigital
RevStu Greater Scotland My dentist just rang and rescheduled my late-April appointments until late July. Here is my entire philosophy: same rules for everyone. For Scottish politics/football/Bullseye chat go to @WingsScotland, except you can't as Twitter banned it.
haeped Atlanta, GA I just got a text for a cancellation of my April appointment and I was scared it was for my tattoo, turns out it’s just for my dentist appointment 😊 I’m really into deep fried dough 🍩🇰🇪
pinktastic615 Nashville, TN @Doctor_Spidey Comics are essential! So are teefs. My dentist is still open. Well he was my dentist, I hated his work and will have to have it all redone. I don't have an orthodontist, obvi. We only closed because we were slow, and we're medical sales. Engage my mind. You're going to get mostly comics and liberty rants here, but I'm pretty funny, so there might be something else. Idk...
pup_trix Chicago, IL Haven't been able to open my mouth wide for three weeks (ie suck dick) and my dentist is finally forking seeing me queer pup // deadass running away with the circus in May // 📍Chicago
durancevile Santa Monica, CA We were taught about NA by seeing their items in the museum we didn't know they were living a few miles away; on top of that I was of their blood so I feel resentful about this! My dentist asked if I was NA and I had no idea you got something called shovel teeth they were pretty! Born & bred heart of University of Wisconsin campus, came to LA in 1975, regretted it ever after! Old enough to know better; Unitarian, Progressive Dem
JulysChoosenOne Buffalo, NY And I just talked to my dentist yesterday telling them it was okay to schedule me a month out because of this corona crap but im not gone be able to take this pain tf Snap ninaninobrown 🖤 Fb BrianaBriana
dodielyricsbot I have a hole in my tooth and my dentist is closed tweeting @doddleoddle lyrics every hour
CharlieZvible New York, NY - Pro “bailout”...except the cruises. Govt pandemic insurance makes sense. Planning cash for 6 month dead stop every 100 years does not. Happy my dentist bought the latest equipment vs hoarding cash - and happy to give him his insurance now. Hedge Funds last 10 years. Looking to build businesses next 10. Angel investing at Fab 5 Ventures
Alexandreaa New York @giselessecret @donnascalise @JoeDoggers @anitakearney65 I do that all the time!!! I read that a long time ago and asked my dentist about it!!! Huge Y&R, TWD fan! Absolutely an animal lover! My BF is the light of my life! I have the very best Twitter friends!
lillianna_rose_ My dentist once told me I had a wild tongue, and for that, I can never forgive God Shia Labeouf fan page.
tcboyle Santa Barbara, CA I love the sound it makes. My dentist made me a loop recording of the high speed drill grinding my teeth and I play it over and over before I drift off to sleep every night. The official Twitter account of the American novelist and short story writer.
ahtnamas_x just take me somewhere my dentist called and canceled my appointment for wednesday. haha guess ill just keep having these migraines and my teeth will keep shifting hahahahahahaha she/her. way into music for my own good. 🖤 find me on instagram: officiallysamantha
Xrazy My dentist is only taking emergency cases and still wants me to come in for fillings to prevent a possible root canal later. I'm torn, to be honest. Video Games and the inevitable evaporation of the earth after the sun explodes. Life is short, enjoy what you can.
EstrellathePoet California, USA @damsAllison I would crush an Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen, mix it with a bit of water so it forms a paste, and massage it on the gum of the aching tooth. This helped me get some sleep at night until I could see my dentist. ✌🏼 Writer. Reader. Lover. Eater. 🏴‍☠️ Raider Nation 🏈
mvgal92691 Mission Viejo, CA @RedTRaccoon My dentist told me to put Vaseline on the crown and put the crown back on. It does work ( I ended up putting the crown back on every day or so- the better seal the better it stays on) I feel for you- I had kidney stone surgery on Monday out here in Orange County Ca. She/her. Library cataloguer, costumer, bookworm, member of AFT Local 4794, member of Village diaries over at Daily Kos, firm believer in sanity being over rated
richrdkuklinski Planet Earth. Area 51 @The_Poolshark The VA called and rescheduled my dentist appointment for just an annual cleaning. They said they are rescheduling due to coronavirus, so I gotta say I’m glad they are taking safe precautions. Just a heads up your appointment might get set back again due to the virus🤷🏽‍♂️ I'm still above ground. I can't complain! I’m from Cedar Rapids, IA. Reside in WNY🤦🏽‍♂️ Go Hawkeyes!🖤💛🖤💛
KayJac97 @newbesyd When my dentist looked at my x rays in December he didn’t have any concerns. I’m due for x rays again the next time I see him and I’m hoping to get more feedback. I wish this one would just erupt already. I’ve been described by friends as the Hormone Monstress and “Baby Blue” by Action Bronson 🤷🏻‍♀️
__xsamonee 409 beaumont, tx. want to cry bro. this wisdom tooth got to go asap and my dentist office is closed. 22. | #LLGB 7/19/18 | #LLLB 3/23/19 💛
mikekirschner1 @BlackRoseGrad98 @johnnystir @CoachMalone1 @AverySr12 @WBDGIndy @Mo_ti__v8 @jr_mimms @JohnnyBAdamsSR1 @MarQueisG @U_CME11 @beneasters11 Car Rico is my dentist and we talk about playing against each other swears he got the INT’s because no one would throw at Wilbur Head Football and Strength Coach Mt. Vernon Marauders - 2019 Regional Champions - 2019 Final Four
jbraziii Add your location @cyrinafiallo Same! Both my dentist and eye doctor are on my ass. DO NOT TOUCH MY FACE! Add your bio
cyrinafiallo Los Angeles My dentist is trying to get me to come in for a cleaning right now and I’m like LOL #actress #writer #creator #healthseeker
EunyeonIsLife Take A Hike fudge my jaw is acting up again, and i cant meet my dentist coz of the recent happenings. it's so hard to open my mouth again mama halp 0729/0808 ~~ [fan-account]
chasjnghosts 999 @pulte $bryannajanel13 i have been out of work and can’t afford any of my dentist bills, phone bill, etc. my boyfriend has health issues and has been out of work since february with no income, please we need a blessing 😔 21. south fl. aaron 💘 #blacklivesmatter #Bernie2020
hilarialexander Oklahoma City, OK @Mikel_Jollett Well, it is true, but you can still choose to take precautions. Instead, when I went out for groceries yesterday in Oklahoma City, the only people wearing a mask were me and my dentist. And yesterday alone there was a 46% increase of covid related cases in the state. Romance Writer. World Traveler. Music Addict. Author of The Art of Us, Lost in Scotland and FU Cancer. #Resist #NeverAgain #REYLO #BTS
La_Wise And the bad part is... My dentist is closed! Somewhere in Va....
hross121 @WVGovernor Is this safe with the virus out there? Is this essential? I respect you governor but I’m very confused by what you see as essential and nonessential. I need my dentist to be allowed to open! *MAGA* Christian*Make Up Lover*Animal Lover*Lover of many shows* Friends&Family*The Beach is my happy place*

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