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Jakcett United States But i cant sleep bc my left jaw is forky from my dentist appointment and it is driving me absolutely insane. Like, it isn't even pain, it's this very dull uncomfortable twingy feeling that won't quit. So i am in hell. Jack | 22 | ♂️ | 🏳️‍🌈🔺️ | 18+ Only Please 🔞 | Cancer Survivor | Art Ed Major | 日本語🔰
winegramma I'll never forget when my dentist pulled out a chart to show my mom that lemonheads are more acidic than battery acid and then, with complete sincerity, asked my mom if she would let me drink battery acid ACAB
jesshessthebest @WrongHoleSir Taurus rising!! Definitely think I have a cute smile and my dentist loves my teeth 😅 not sure if it’s interesting but I’d like to think captivating
Tiffany60421236 meanwhile someone says "i fix teeth OR i know law" i immediately pull up a chair add in "I went to Temple" and I KNOW you're smart but humble. Temple is a good school. that's something to brag about. i get jealous...that guy...went to Temple...dan my dentist went to temple.
sherinekk my dentist removed one of my tooth and my family was all happy cuz i couldn’t talk after that smh 🦇🧛🏻‍♀️🎸
melbell_x Bracknell @Billiejeanna I asked my dentist about this actually, and she said “your teeth should not be touching if you’re not eating” so now I try and notice if my teeth are touching and separate them (turns out my teeth were always touching lol) Casual cosplayer. Procreate newbie. I love superheroes & play video games on easy. @FatalFerret's girlfriend. She/her.
Cliffa11 Sunderland, England @MrGeeman68 Apparently I have really narrow canals and they have to use the smallest diameter drill which is risky when under pressure, my dentist says he's snapped a handful of drills in his career 2 in my teeth 🤣 2 options extraction or seal them in and 🤞don't get infection! Cyclist, weight trainer, motorhomer and definitely not a bot! GB News and anti-woke
itsjnnhlei Metro Manila | Baguio ■ Went to the office to file liquidations and budget requests ■ Went to my dentist appointment early ■ Submitted the contact report and CommPlan from last week ■ Written and sent the social media copies for a project material for approval today — ❝please never stop loving and never stop loving yourself❞
MaryBloomberg4 @Teish_Massey @CryingCatMeow @iztore_co My dentist recommended these. I haven’t bought one as he’s always recommending things and I just ignore it.
kentishwizard Forest of Dean @Emma83_94 @FFigureFBust Thanks! Yes I have always done that and didn’t know people were different. The only ones that don’t have that pattern are businesses like my dentist. Husband of @SamYTFC, father of a wonderful little girl. I drive trains, I run e falo um pouco de português.
Siimplyliving Long Beach, California Just got my teeth cleaned and my dentist and I had a heart to heart about grandparents don’t forget to dream more
MarPerRodr @BertaJ15 @gletherby My dentist tried to fix a painful broken tooth I'd left for months with fillings, but in the end a root canal and crown were the only effective solution. fork the room.
QueerBr0wnVegan Some lady at my dentist’s appointment complimented my long untamed hair and the dentist said my teeth are really good twice… My society isn’t bad after all and shouldn’t be avoided 😍 Desi. (he/him)
LovelyLisey pdx watching an episode of frasier and Frasier gave Roz a loan and he’s like ‘I can’t believe she’s powering though this money so quickly!’ and the loan is for less than half of my dentist bill for this week friendly neighborhood bicon. host @pumpingupthepod. she/her.
lovely1kimberly 16 • she/her 🇸🇻 when I got my wisdom teeth out my dentist didn’t put a stitch on one part and now my gum is just cut in half with nothing on it and I’m not going to the dentist til next week ??? 😭 LOVE U TOO @dreamwastaken | d*ck grabbers and punz enthusiast ̀⁽ᵕ̈⁾ ́
stepiphanies 🌎 Remote I hate these sweet talking doctors. My dentist is so nice to me I already miss him and I want to ask him to adopt me 🥺❤️ Designer | Microcopy | MVP | ex- Ms Work-a-lot, current Ms Nap-a-lot
PowderOurNoses US-L.A./San Francisco, FR, UK @piptiegirl @rscook OMG that is terrifying to me! All that spray everywhere! With the picking, scraping, sonic and drills!?! Wow. That puts a lot of aerosol out in the air. I called my dentist office to see what their safety measures were and they were GREAT, & I still waited till I was vaxxed! Licensed Muse #BLM MATTER is the MINIMUM "Get in good trouble. Necessary Trouble!" Honorary doctorate from Schoolhouse Rock Quietly going mad #GoJoe
tanstoebeans Jiminie World I helped my parents do something that was very time consuming and very boring on my laptop and it took like 4 hours and my dad said he will buy me 3 albums at the kpop store this week when I am there after my dentist appointment. WORTH IT 😌 VMIN 🥲✨ just a trash princess. I am a 91’ liner multi stan who cries & rambles a lot. OT7 but Park Jimin owns my soul 💁🏼‍♀️ BE MY FRIEND 💜
Reeebzz_ my dentist likes making conversation w/ me so i told her how i’m going to a csu, moved out, & working. she complimented me saying i’m such an independent woman and lowkey never really realized that until today😭☺️ an aspiring educator📚 she/ her🤍 ♏︎ • ♌︎ • ♍︎✨ csulb 🌊💛🖤
peace_2u2 @ermedale @Phil7521 @Brendan54560988 @Mc40400451David @Tracy04458031 @BAZ__17 @SturgeonFan @Sparky77600125 @carmic3 @Anguscatlady @IanDePendence @J4cobite @William55gers @Artisans17 @steveja89368890 @downatheal @balls_hi @jake09gary @StrongbowsPub @mehercle @alisonmccaffer2 @Chunkyferryman @r0cketbaws @Jim1Jas @bobonumpty_ @dealatrip @Stephen83803374 @1053onthatlist @yescotland @ScotReal @2351onthelist @Canyeseeusnow @Nod641 @scotfax @GilbertMcRobbi1 @bellesareblue @DarkSideoDunoon @CollieTalking @ScotDeveloper @TiggerBaws @cajster3108 @SensibleScots @AndyMoore123 @ClansmanIsle @gonnaeee_no @Scotsmistt @CJuliaSM @jeanluk55982424 @Roadwarrior29 @Dee45490051 My dentist said he sees more people now barely able to read and write. Education standards have dropped so low. Back again after 11 year account suspended lost 6k followers 😭 RFC supporter ❤️🤍💙 Animal lover. 🐾 Pro UK. 🇬🇧 SNP Out 💩
bradboyqld @BConn39 I went to the dentist yesterday & again today at the hospital. My dentist is a fifth year dentistry student. Five years and she's still a student. People have no concept. They conflate education with class, as though it's a privilege. It's insecurity. MARIE DAWN CONNORS 17.4.1932 - 1.2.2019 My breath. My life. I love you with every fibre of my being.
Lydibug1304 Intercourse, PA (she/her) @MackLikesCheese @easygoingmom @StillH2Odad My dentist said that she would rather die than ever look at my mouth and that she hates me but my mouth is full of wet sloppy saliva 😭 I can't win 😭 nae nae I'm 16 😎 Howie mandel notice ×1
AggressiveKirby Atlanta, GA My dentist gave me a 3 day Zpack for my extraction and it makes me so sick 😷 an adult . she/her. ♑︎ ☉ . ♒︎ ☽. ♋︎ ↑ 🔞$MermaidLemonade
lcvemaze91 양정원 ♡ | 17 🇲🇽 my gums are still hurting from my dentist appointment and i just had a bagel and mango and it's hurting more now ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⌗ . . . seokjin lᜊvebot — she!¡they!¡he
mikesports1992 @phil_hellmuth I paid $1200 for a root canal in Toronto with my dentist. Worth every penny considering the pain I was in, but it’s unfortunate some people can’t afford to pay that kind of bill. And then I needed a crown on it 2 years later cost $900. Lol. Toronto Sports Fan
kidofcolour Malaysia @spicysiewmai like my family actually has especially long roots (which is rare) so i felt the pressure of the pulling more than usual and my dentist told me to let her know if it bothered me!! so if you think yours is infected (my sister’s was) then just let them know you want to numb it more loving as an action, living with intention (she/her)
AssyrianHero Phoenix, AZ @phil_hellmuth Why would you not go to the dentist during the pandemic? I went twice last year. My dentist took all the safety measurements. Temp checking everyone, mask and face shield. Only let one person in the lobby at a time. Always go to the dentist. Logic over feelings. My pronouns boop / bop / beep. #RESISTbiden #NoBiden #FraudBiden
jaylinelizabeth ct me today when my dentist asked me if i did anything exciting recently and i said no like i wasn’t in nashville being reckless luckiest girl in the world ♓️
lily32015182 Anyone captioning their tiktok “if your my dentist keep scrolling” …. First of all Dr. Warren is not on tiktok and second of all don’t eat a water bottle of frozen honey. Stfu ldizzle
red505 @jlpessnyc @MarkLevineNYC Yeah, I’ve never used mine! And even though my dentist requires you state your vax status, they take it on the honor system. 🤷🏽‍♀️
jen_lul Hyattsville, MD today my dentist put my head in between her legs and opened my mouth wide open, pretty sure she wanted me to eat her out
ONFxFuse @cinnagon omg same! we have high pain tolerance then? my dentist also asked me why I wasn't reacting since he bump a nerve and the anesthesia was wearing off already 😬 I was so close to telling him that I'm computing my expense cos rct is expensive 🤣 that Zirconia crown istg 춤춰 / UGLY DANCE (MV) ➡️ Beautiful Beautiful (MV) ➡️ 🔜 POPPING 🧊
justdavia DC My dentist told me I need a mouth guard. It's my first night and I feel like this... Therapist | Entrepreneur | Speaker | I create therapeutic programming for burnt out therapists + wellness-minded companies.
aimeelilibeth Chicago My dentist is on paternity leave and I’m forking dying 😭😭😩 why If life is as short as me... we've got to make the most of it
yungbiryanii NY today my dentist just put this black pink documentary on and left me there for like 40 mins 🍯
Bellabbyyy_ Missed my dentist appointment today and I feel like I broke a bracket 😩
ChickenGate Ontario, Canada Well I don’t know who this asshole is but to be perfectly honest I want my dentist to be unvaccinated and so now I’m trying to find one Proud Canadian Patriot 🇨🇦. Advocate for vaping & optimal thyroid care. No vaccine passports. Compliance no more.
ButterflyMcGrew North Florida @johnpavlovitz I'd count my dentist among them, and I would ask him, but he's always got half his fingers and two dental instruments in my mouth.
the_americangrl @deninandsons A little. He urged us to use fluoride. Same with my dentist. Haven’t used fluoride in years and I decline all X-rays until they threaten to kick me out of their practice. Despite having literally perfect teeth they still fret over me making these choices. I’m like… doesn’t this unrattled. 🇺🇸🌵
WellPuckYouToo Barnesville, OH @audreygrayce19 I went and got three of them out and then my dentist said to wait a year to get the 4th one and I’ve waited 7 do you think that’s enough??? Wheeling Nailers (ECHL) Fan. Just -- No. Changed my bio cuz I got called out on the radio. Never again. she/her, bi. going through some things✌️
catholicbabe44 21 || philly || they/them I have this one tooth that hurts a lot and for like 2 years my dentist has been telling me there’s nothing wrong w it and I want to pull it out so badly i have killed thousands of children
BaaasicMichael Chicago, IL Day 498: Received multiple phone calls for my dentist appointment tomorrow😫 I panicked and then realized I ain’t book no appointment He/Him
nasaheaux 🐝🌻 today my dentist asked what I thought about cancel culture and critical race theory while his hands were in my mouth BLACK LIVES MATTER || I’m the daddy in this situation || she/they
rae_greenie @MACKANDCHES Well I don’t think it’s cavity’s since my dentist didn’t see anything and it wouldn’t be in multiple spots so we think it’s my wisdom teeth growing in ethier way I have to get them check out for surgery anyways so. #LucidSMP -Singlet- Lv.15- she/they- All is welcome here!! Totemtwt ❤️
AmyNoMiddleNam3 Durham, NC @Rizabellepow @ModerateCa I’m about to do it. Gotta get my crap together and get a referral from my dentist and all that. I just need it for my bottom teeth… I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. 😬 “The Moost Happi.” Shrill feminist killjoy. I’m a pro-choice midwife, let’s rumble. She/her, TERFs be gone.
JoWalsh03748900 Burlington, Ontario @ColinDMello I told my dentist today that I will cancel my appointments if she asks for proof of vaccination. Simple and effective. Retired banker turned Artist
remousapelli Ps we’ve gone here my entire life so I assure you parents have no idea it’s LGBT anything despite the fact that we’re sitting behind the Purple Parrot and my dentist and his life partner vacation here Mousi, she/her, 30+. Multi-fandom mainly KH, BNHA, JJK, SK8 atm. Ao3: mousapelli. Over 18, please. Header art and icon by @theFauxsynder
kebinupdates just got banned from the dentist cus my dentist put her fingers in my mouth and I started sucking on them 😭😭🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 4x Mickey Mouse Champion | 2021 Player Hater of the Year
mikelechter South Florida @LiaBoBia Those nickel fillings. If they’re not breaking the molar they’re causing issues. Had to have all of mine replaced. Per my dentist, “I’ve outlived their useful service life and they’re obsolete.” Fun getting old. I love my wife & daughters, all gadgets, dogs, photography, cereal & long road trips. I work in technology: anything with a lithium battery gets my attention.
YoannaB5 Had to get a tooth drilled and filled today, my dentist was not this funny...thank goodness 😁I'm a dreamer, a wisher; who doesn't like liars (like tRump) A hoper, a singer, a magic-bean-buyer 🙋🏻‍♀️☮️❤️🌺😺🎶 Come sit by my fire🔥bring marshmallows 🚫DM

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