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dummys4mmy @nephyrus my documents still say that im a girl, but my dentist looked at me and just said "what are your pronouns" and accepted the fact that im omnigender, BUT YESTERDAY I HAD AN APPOINTMENT WITH ANOTHER DENTIST AND SHE WAS BRUTALLY MISGENDERING ME- bruh-
appleeugene More than two years after I first broke a tooth in lockdown one and after 18 months of being passed from pillar to post and back, my dentist is to have a second attempt at rebuilding my tooth at 2.35 this afternoon. Wish us both well! looking after ‘limiting factors’. At times a passenger.
u_udui so I went to my dental appoinment yesterday and my dentist said I have ✨️aesthetically pleasing teeth✨️ so i was like oopp *puts hair behind ear and goes on to say that mean i have sensitive teeth and that i am prone to sensitivity.🥲 Just trying to survive.
katatouille93 England, United Kingdom I equalised my adulting today by doing a workout and then cancelling my dentist appointment because I'm not on the mood to spend £££ on a mouth guard 🙃 👻 Horror Streamer 😱 Screamer 🤪 All-Round Silly Sosig 🐝 @gravekeepers_ Member & Admin ♥️ @vs_evil Herald 🎉 Partnered with @ADVANCEDgg
barbiebeann 26 🇪🇺 she/her i hate getting the nervous craps days before my dentist appointment already, why did they have to traumatise me so bad as a kid and now i’m suffering every time 😍
MrBonMot Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @cupidstunt08 My Dad worked with a guy called Stan Lee This was long before The marvel Stan Lee. And I worked with a guy whose middle name was Wardrobe. Also my dentist was called Slack. My GP was called Thickness and my metalwork teacher Mr Steel. And finally my biology teacher Miss Plant.👍 Purveyor of Nonsense and Observations.Mainly Humour (Supposedly) Don't take my Tweets Seriously And always with a large pinch of salt.
GillianYoungBe1 Fourways @rudiernst @jmtros @TotsShelly I wasn’t talking about the dentist. The people in the building. Doh. And my dentist actually didn’t wear one. Advocate, single mommy of amazing boys, believer in human rights. Liverpool FC fanatic. PLEASE NO DM’s! Senate of ActionSA.
teexels TeexelsVerse gm fam ☕️ Did you know that 60% of people living in the city grit their teeth during their sleep due to anxiety. I told my dentist that I don't have any anxiety and I came back home with a drug treatment (2 meds) for lying to him!😳 Read below👇🏻 Documenting moments - I shoot RAW, I collect JPGs | |
spmetcalfe UK A local example of privatisation by stealth of our health systems? Due to a “cut in funding” my dentist has stopped seeing NHS patients, and is only accepting private patients. Head of Communications & Engagement at the Institute of Development Studies - @IDS_UK
BoredKimPanda Republic of Namjoon (Namkanda) My dentist told me to have a soft diet in the meantime. So far I had Adobong Squid, Turon, Ginataan Bilo-bilo and Shake Shack Burger. Please pray that my antibiotics will win the game. “Home is where I say it is.” - Kim Namjoon | @BTS_twt Views my own | #BTS OT7 ONLY 2019: SG, BKK Days 1 & 2, BBMAs, Rosebowl Days 1 & 2, Final Grounds, HOBSeoul
EvilLeftover I decided to pick up a novel I've left off for the past two years during my wait to meet my dentist before lunch and mf keeps describing food and I'm forking dying 💀💀💀 20 | 18+ only Minors dni. This is a priv acc Public acc: @SpicyF4U 🇹🇭🔥 x 🇹🇼 🍩 x 🇩🇪🍞
MissIgraine @Yieki1 5 mins is perfect according to my dentist. The trick is not to brush too hard, and to focus on each tooth/section. Hmmm I haven't succeeded in being mindful for the entire thing. I start but my attention drops away and I start thinking about other stuff that I need to do... Southern Hemisphere dwelling human. Intolerant of ignorance, misinformation and propaganda. Open to respectful discussion. Views are my own.
GabbieBrandt Minnesota, USA @batgirl955 My dentist gives out those lip balms after appointments, cause your lips are usually dry after. They’re so tiny and cute! your kid’s weird english teacher. she/her.
OnlyKingsSHINee She/Her | 17 I OVERSLEPT AND MISSED MY DENTIST😭😭😭 #JONGHYUN: Your existence itself has become my strength.
SwerveStarEx Fanterra @PatMSeymourVA I pick and choose a few from different characters. Sonic: Hahah, hah, ONE! (anytime there is one of a thing) Eggman: OWWWWW MY BOOOOONES! (when I take a big hit in a game) Tails: Can you NOT have relationship issues while I'm on the phone with my dentist? (when people are angry) FT Data Entry Clerk, College Graduate, RPer, 29 y/o, "he/him," aromantic but gynosexual, male bodied, memelord, tries to help people smile, finally updated this
william_scherle Eugene, OR @autumnobile my dentist hit my gums with a saw and told me i had to brush my teeth more. dawg you literally just sliced me you’re in her dms, I’m in her walls, we are not the same
GlNANDTONlC 🫶🏻 on friday my dentist canceled my appt and now i’m in excruciating pain 👍🏻 and he can’t see me for a month 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
RobPalmerIRL @Multijo1 Yes...and he's an MD for Christ's sake. Seriously, I wouldn't want him near me as a doctor, or Gossar as my Dentist either. News, views, and current events. Retweets does not necessarily mean endorsement. anime and games go to @newstarcadefan
Yeester15 The dog house @just10sloths My dentist is so nice too. Its also the Vid fear, we've gone so long and my flatmates higher risk. I think I need a lot done at this point to so that fears putting me off too but making it all worse. Own worst enemy Angry nature lover Misogynists block me Children don't belong on twitter.
OutofContextBe3 My dentist. Same. When he says lie back and open wide. Done for. He looks like a young James Garner. ‘A woman is someone whose rights can be removed by men’ - changing my bio in support of women across the spectrum around the world
aashima_arora_ Global @sohilgupta Haha my dentist told me when I was 15, and I thought that was late! Investments @0xPolygon Ventures by day, angel investor by night • Learnt tradfi @citi • Bunked econ classes @LSRDU • Always learning & hustling • Views personal
PamPage87213261 @jhaskinscabrera I'm in Florida and my DENTIST keeps demanding a mask. The last time I was in I told him I wouldn't be back until the mask mandate was dropped. Got a call this morning. Masks are no longer required. happy
Divenhi05 Houston,TX Being told by my dentist that I should try and limit my iced coffee consumption to 1 a week in order to avoid staining my teeth hurt me but at least they said my teeth are great 🥹 | H-Town Born🤘🏻CO Made ❄️ | SC 👻: ces_riv11 | IG 📸: divenhi_5 | Embroidery IG 📸: riveras_embroidery 🧵| Baseball is back, Let’s Gooooo ⚾️
_decemburrr underland before i left my dentist today she was like “lemme know if your bite is too big” and i has no idea wtf she was taking about but once the novacane wore off and i could feel my mouth again, I knew exactly wtf she was taking about. ᴵ ᴹᴬᵞ ᴴᴬᵛᴱ ᴿᵁᴵᴺᴱᴰ ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ᴸᴵᶠᴱ ᴮᵁᵀ ᴮᴵᵀᶜᴴ ᵞᴼᵁ ᴴᴬᴰ ᴬ ᴳᴼᴼᴰ ᵀᴵᴹᴱ ᴰᴵᴰᴺ’ᵀ ᵞᴼᵁ?
happyhexer @crippastor I took my air cleaner to my dentist's office. And wore a nose mask, as seen here:
anticumber RAD WEEKEND • she/her i told my dentist today that my boyfriend and i watch a movie every day, and i'm so extremely grateful that she didn't ask what movie we were watching tonight. enjoyer
astral_grace she/they grad school doesn’t start for two months and today my dentist said i am so stressed i am grinding my teeth down and need to wear a mouth guard 🙃 i can’t wait to see what comes next ! astro at udel • uconn astro/wgss ‘22 • lover of goats, loser of gallbladder • 🏳️‍🌈 • occupied Lənape Haki-np land
SHawkling Mexico Wait there’s more drama going on in the community? Literally had my dentist appointment and chilled the rest of the day She/Her| 21 yrs| Espanglish| Procrastinating artist| Artist for @GBSyndicate and @GlobalBreakout | Filthy Casual 2 Speed Queen Nai main 🐍| Commissions Open
manjongdo soft bed my dentist rlly took one look at my cavities and sighed she/her || 25 y/o and icky || idk man, your guess is as good as mine (pfp by @vampiroarto)
20_20foresite The Boston in Massachusetts @ericswalwell I’m going to call my dentist and ask if he can squeeze me in for a couple of unneeded root canals. So no, I will not be watching the Democrats latest dog and pony show. Idiots. Conservative Patriot who has had his fill of all things Blue. No DMs. I will not respond.
hopeecadkins the gordon hill circle k Me: goes to a routine dentist appointment after 23 years of having PERFECT teeth and no cavities 😁 My dentist: um… you have 16 cavities 😬 Thankfully I was able to have them all filled, but goodness gracious, why does no one talk about how diabetes affects teeth?? she/her ~ 24 ~ T1D ~ danny devito fan club president ~ $hopeecadkins
CatPlark I got a call today from a number I didn’t have saved and thought my new car was ready to be picked up, but it was my dentist reminding me I’m a terrible person and will probably burn in hell bc sometimes I forget to floss. No appointment reminder, just the hell thing. Also no car
hlewyy Utah I’m 25 and my mom just made my dentist appointment Nothing cool yet
BbyLucifer_ thinking about how I was awake for my first wisdom tooth extraction and my dentist played Greys Anatomy for me to watch during to “keep my mind off the surgery” sir- please don’t speak to me •
MiniMeints Oklahoma @XplodingUnicorn At least some have coupon codes! My dentist and optometrist email me, too, but no discounts. 🙃 Mississippi-born | BA Comm @msstate | MS Ed Leadership (Higher Ed) @okstate in progress
MichelleRNCHPN @oldivory I've had two physicians retire AND my dentist. My new primary care physician is younger than my son. She is lovely, smart and listens to what I have to say. NO FOLLOW BACK LISTS! Nurse for 43 years. I block rude people. No DMs. Afunnywoman2 #COVIDKILLS #VoteBlue
joonxxx1000 far @oliviaayyy i watched it today with my dentist he said it was lit and gave me a fist bump after he/him - 20 letterboxd: c$chu
LyRHOcal I had a root canal today and my dentist called personally to ask how I was feeling. Only experienced that one other time with my oncologist after treatments. He’s got a patient for life!
laurape07944782 @covie_93 I rescheduled my Dentist appointment - so I can be front and center - lol
elchivo1112 Jersey City, NJ My dentist chinese and he just married a Mexican woman. They finna have the hardest working children ever
derekjuhl @makeitmythic Sorry to read that. My dentist was doing a procedure and it started to hurt, despite the novacaine. I told him, and he said people with red(dish) hair often need more anæsthesia.
battlefaerie faerieland the receptionist at my dentist is super sweet and i feel bad i have to call her like 3 times a week bc my insurance is clowning me IT'S LIZA TIME she/her
TaylorOrchard11 My dentist said brushing your teeth and not flossing is like washing your hands and not getting between your fingers. It really put things in perspective
ungarino Brooklyn, NY It's not someone you expect to feel so strongly about, but my dentist, Dr. Rosenkranz, passed away suddenly and his many longtime patients in and near Park Slope and across New York are mourning. He was really the kind of local doctor you wish could care for everyone you love senior finance reporter @businessinsider covering money managers, proud @insiderunion member, @mindsmatternyc advisor, @baruchcollege alum, lifelong new yorker
Kaizured Wisconsin, USA Made it back safely, and got my dentist appointment set up. The plane ride was a bit of a struggle, why my teeth got to hurt so much lol? Professional @Tekken Player for @EasternMediaGG • Tekken Enjoyer • Trucky Chloe • @TryMetafy Coach • Twitch Streamer Business Email EN/日本語 OK
UrsulaV North Carolina, USA Ran into my dentist and a local Digger fan. (Hi, Rachel!) Big range of ages, from fierce young people to aging hippies muttering about how they got through this before and they’ll do it again. I write & garden. Strong feelings about bugs, plants & heirloom vegetables. Wrote some books, won some awards. T. Kingfisher is my secret identity. She/Her
nu_mindframe Told my dentist I’m a psychology YouTuber and he said “like those channels about gaslighting and narcissists? I love those!” lmao he was so excited ➤Psychology channel: ➤Tarot channel: ➤
cgierkey Fort Worth, TX @BuzzFoster No thank you. My dentist tried 3-4 times on one and finally sent me to a specialist who was amazing. No pain and he called me after. LPC-S, UNT Alum, U2 Fan, cat owner, animal lover, proud aunt
K2theKar11 @AmerDentalAssn I’m coming to believe that “deep cleaning” is a scam. My dentist kept bugging and I kept declining. Went to a new dentist who said I didn’t need it….this time 😡 SCAM? Resister. Trying to fix a few broken moral compasses, sometimes it’s my own.
josh_rhoton Salem, Oregon Hung up to call the office and nobody answerd. I left a message and Tim just called with more lies saying I "Cancelled" my appointment when I hung up on Chris earlier. How can I cancel something that was late on your part by 2 hours?? I had to cancel my dentist appointment!!! Paralyzed at T-7 with complete sever of spine but still able to drive and live life!

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