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ANGELAWHITE Los Angeles, CA Got my teeth whitened today and my dentist told me I can only consume white substances for the next 48 hours 🫢 3 x AVN Female Performer of the Year 🏆 Brazzers Contract Star ⭐ Penthouse Pet 🔑 TikTok 👀 @ AngelaWhite 👉🏻 💕
LuxSnowLeopard if i ask my dentist to just remove all my teeth, with no like followup, just teeth gone and then i'm gone, uh... would they? Catsnake. ΘΔ. He/they/it. 23. 🔞 No minors. fascists, conservatives and transphobes go fork yourself
SineadCroft1 Junkertown @heartimecia One of mine had a hook at the bottom and took two hrs for my dentist to get out and I was in pain for two weeks and on strong painkillers but the second one was like three minutes and it was out with no pain so it really depends! I hope yours aren't too bad!! She/Her. 28. Bi. I love gaming, pop culture motorsport & books. Huge Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, Witcher & Resident Evil fan. Red Bull Racing supporter 🏁
D138Mohd Dearborn Heights, MI @SBarbie69 I can do the Growl face for hours And my dentist knows that And my cheek muscles don't get tired 21 yo | ♌ Leo ♌ | He/Him
hollieOnoel Dallas, TX @IShJR @JeanLucSeipke @awildjessichu @jraff_dot_net My dentist has TVs looping 4K YT like “aerial Croatia” or “Scottish wilds” and it’s sooo nice. Not mad, just disappointed. She/her
lexaimnida Hybe i had an oral surgery appointment with my dentist this morning and when i entered her clinic, we talked about the procedure. but there was a familiar voice in the background... I love the man with three different names and his six husbands
M4RYL1LY they/she | 18 | carrd byf one thing about me is that my autism makes it super hard for me to use an electric toothbrush so my teeth are never clean enough and i get a lot more cavities and i just get shamed by my dentist my blood is 80% apple cider and 20% pumpkin spice lattes
KayeMenner Sydney, Australia I NEED TO SEE MY #DENTIST #Bull #Photography Quality Prints and cards at: KAYE MENNER PHOTOGRAPHY - #GiftIdeas #FineArt #WallArt #Photography for sale: #Prints #Canvas #Framed #Metal #Acrylic #Products - reasonable prices
PoliticallyCen2 @GuelphmarketC @forklongcovid My dentist only wears a mask when he does work on my teeth. That hasn't happen in almost a decade. The hygienist does when they clean my teeth. The dentist comes in and talks to me afterwards without a mask. Politics is too extremist led. The followers of both the left and the right are told how to think and what to believe at the expense of logic and reason.
LBTross The world is your Paua ! @michaelwoodnz @scottnz411 @CdennehyChris @pv_reynolds well innovate and invent a fix that can ! my dentist can stick in a filling, buzz it for 10 seconds and its good to crunch on crayfish claws ! you really are sorry wonk Its only a rort if you are not involved. Shoot Low, They're Riding Chickens
snoozin19 California, USA @VOvegan How many people watch Tucker Carlson? That’s how many. It causes me a lot of anxiety since my dentist is one of them. I’ve already offended him and I don’t trust myself to keep my mouth shut when I go back. He has crowns for me that I’ve already paid. forked Is he in jail yet?
wazzuproo Japan My dentist told me to come to the clinic often.. like I have time? 😒 Theyve been fixing the same tooth again and again once per week like wtf. 😒 Its been 4 months over 1 tooth! I have 6 taken out in a day mf 😤 Fcuk what others think. You do you 🖤
sandyfukiu DC to MD to VA to KY to ? @dodgybint @FruitKace @SubCaptainGirl @Hrtlndprogressv We found that head size matters less than face size. I never knew until my dentist told me my face is tiny. She gave me a bunch of Auras to try and they fit me so well, where the N95 cup masks just do not seal. Son is opposite, but we both have huge heads. 🤓 Flaming liberal. I use very bad language. She/her/that asshole. Please be an organ donor.
_rkgks not a minor friendly space I was invited to a party tonight and decided to go buy my teeth still hurt a lot from my dentist appointment 🫠 maybe I won’t be able to eat anything… I wanna drink tho main: @tohrkgk
V4LlUM 25yo. no fem pronouns. @Marswhxre 15??!!???!!! thats so early !!! my dentist did say im a late bloomer lol . my top ones r not gonna give any issues but my bottom left is completely horizontal and my right one is the infected one thats giving me hell rn AN, BIPOLAR, CPTSD. LW BMI 13. SINTI ROMA. ( previously CALORLEA/SCHIZOID. ) MINORS DNI.
jim_sinclairjr South Texas @AbbottCampaign RIIIGHT! My dentist got a bill for more than $9000 as a result of that winter storm. We get OUR power from renewables. OUR bill was normal. And BTW, I am in the power business. I KNOW the numbers. Ret. Navy CMC. Raised with 0 racial, ethnic, gender prejudice. Environmentalist. Pro-choice. #voteblue No DM's unless I know you, or publicly ask.
adipppp_ florida My dentist offered me to come over tonight, watch Gilmore girls & bake a cake with her & texted to check up on me after I missed work on Friday. I didn’t go in because I just needed a day to myself and she really made sure I was okay 🥹 lovin life🌴| sc/insta : adipppp | fur mama💙🐶 | FIANCÉ💍| positive vibes only✨🦋🪬
JD_corsah He/they had my monthly dental check-up today, and my dentist just added a literal chain around my lower teeth and braces. God it hurts,,,, ° 17 ° 💉3/3 Pfizer ° Med major ° ISFJ-T° Latine ° BLM ° Trans rights ° pfp by @Onin_but_alt ° Gay 🏳️‍🌈 ° 🇨🇴
dril_eaboo the only ones authorized to sneak peeks at my dick are 1) my doctor, 2) my dentist, and 3) my lawyer. as for the trolls? No Dice— Bub. dril tweets + anime pics inspiration: @NewYorkerEvaBot tweets: @dril and @drilgpt2archive younger sister: @drilbot_neo caps: qtpiecaps & crownedcaps & also ME
iamsaadoh London, England i’ll show u my teeth and gums like ur my dentist Let God Be True Quickly 🕊 | he/him
GeneKaninchen Fairmount, IN "Uhhhhh I'm talking to my dentist" [Wheezing and snickering like the last joke on earth was told] What in the country fried fork Hey it's Gene. I was a bad boy and got spanked. I make games and do art since I don't use my college degree.
AUtitude I don't recall That CBS reminded of next weeks match up….. has reminded me I need to call my Dentist and schedule that Root Canal Surgery Vaccinated.... 68 Pontiac Firebird and 70 GTO Judge
molldoll617 Texas, USA @cmclymer My dentist educated me on the ph balance needed in sparkling water to maintain ph balance in your mouth. Perier and LaCraux have the best ph, while Bubly is the worst.
instakilled i hope Jaehee Kang walks into my dentist's office and thumps a slipper beside my right foot, killing me instantly
GanguTeli20 @chutneylife @ChaiWithJai Obviously your patients agree with you. I am terrified of my dentist. I would agree with almost anything she says when I am on her chair and she has a drill in her hand. “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
djclulow North Hollywood, Los Angeles @trekkiebogle Saw my dentist on Monday and she said my gums are fine…so I’m gonna go forking nuts I’m DJ Clulow! Disney wonderground artist, marketing/ social media at Lucasfilm. Lots of cat photos. Account does not reflect the views of Disney or Lucasfilm
gggrlck Louisville, KY My dentist hung the bear flag outside and stopped taking my insurance. I'm not saying these things are related, I'm just saying the timing... being nice on the internet✌️🏳️‍🌈🤺💨🤡
Kitizenz Me : *going in for a root canal chilling in dental chair thing* Dentist: *walks in putting on white cloak* okay, this isn’t weird but smell my cloak. Me: *confused, smells coat* Dentist: so I ran out of tide and all they had is Gain and now I’m never going back! I love my dentist I'm just a small streamer screaming at my screen as I die in game. I go live about twice a week, I am smoll but I am mighty, check out my other socials as well!
thankyou_nurses Ava, Missouri @annasummer @3xR_team @ChunguskaEvent Got my work mostly done. A double row of wood for the furnace plus a dozen banana boxes of wood for my little wood stove. A little later I will start filling vases with water to prepare for Monday. Monday I take flowers to a hospital, a clinic, and my dentist's office. Fun. NO DMs. Vaxxed to theMAX. Old guy lives in the woods and grows flowers for nurses. Not looking for romance. #IStandWithUkraine. NO DMs. #wtpBLUE ☮️
LunaQueenCB Cashapp $OGLunaQueen i had a weird eye opening moment while I was sitting in my seat, mouth wide open and my dentist's fingers in my mouth . I'm quiet comfortable with people's hands in my mouth LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 || All my links || || TOP .05% Wishlist :
CancerFinalGirl Los Angeles, CA @hydroponics420 It was my dentist that gave me the steriod cream but I'm open to suggestions about who I should talk to & what to do. The cream did help reduce the problem but it won't go away completely and I don't think I should be using steriod cream every day forever? 3 time primary #cancer haver. #braintumor #astrocytoma #braincancer #Melanoma #adenocarcinoma. The killer is inside the house.
BettrCallSowell @macks2112 @PavlosProkopeas @ninaturner I think we should have and recognize functional degrees, where you only have to do major related coursework. Why do I care if my dentist has read the classics? And maybe we could forgo taxing working students while in college, as an example Your friendly neighborhood Stochastic Terrorist
LauraON72679105 @Wallpass_sama @KCV16 @virtmountain @BuckAngel And it’s ridiculous to say that my physio counts as my doctor. He has a moustache and spent his twenties galloping around tracks. My dentist is also quite different, and aware of my parity. Tongue wrangler.
jadedwisteria In the Woods So, a rant about my dentist appointment this morning: standard cleaning. They insisted on it. Fine. It was the most painful and barbaric experience I've ever had at the dentist's office. Not here for your pile on
Tamjammyy *dentist sends check up letter to my house in bc *calls to let them know I'm out of province for awhile "Ooooh? Where are you this time? Back in Edmonton or new Brunswick?" GIRL U KNOW ME SO WELL. aw, i love my dentist and his team What angels. 26. New Brunswick. West Coast First Nations. open minded crap poster*
hitchmanbea @AmandaForceIt gum guards. I’m serious. In my first semester my dentist took one look at my teeth and said ‘you an early career teacher? I can tell from the tooth-grinding. You all do it.’ ALL OF YOU EVERY SINGLE ONE (2021); PETITE MORT (2013), Serpent's Tail. @L_Macdougall. Senior Lecturer, Brighton University.
TsukihimeDemake NYC Forgot my mouth guard in texas and my dentist isn’t open until Tuesday Thinking about Gunbuster 28 Mutuals ask about my plex server/discord avi @hazeflood banner @kiee_owo @horngal's 2022 twitter valentine (real) (not clickbait)
_prettieboi_ My ex: i hurt u the most My dentist: no, i hurt you the most *Me who watched Lelouch curse Euphemia and had to witness his suffering throughout the series* [scoffs* What pain is more hurtful than seeing the one you love hurt] Pop Punk aint dead ☆ 🖤🌱
walkie__talkie_ just saw paddington 2 is playing in theaters this weekend and feeling huge amounts of regret not asking my dentist if she wanted to go with me
farleykj @saraschaefer1 Wow, Sara, I'm imagining you covet the equipment of jewelers, dentists, and oddly enough, fly fishermen. Some of those fiberoptic light equipped dentist magnification glasses would be sweet. I asked my dentist and she said they're crazy expensive, though. If I could find somewhere to work that doesn't have the moronic open office setup, would it forestall my descent into madness?
Wondering_71M3 @scorbunnydream I got both of my upper and lower molar teeths 🦷 taken out and basically couldn’t eat anything besides soup and drinking water for weeks. My dentist put on 6 needles 💉 in my left part of my mouth yet painful that got me nerve rackin. But after a couple of weeks I feeling better - Loves • FLUME • music. - Loves and seeing many beautiful places. - I definitely love’s seeing beautiful crystals. 💎 🏝🎏🏞 ~ Loves Australia 🇦🇺 🦘Lol
DFortais Kelowna, BC, Canada @DavidJoffe64 @fitterhappierAJ I was at my dentist yesterday and he confirmed I have bone necrosis (peridontitis) not there on June x-ray, two teeth fairly severe, chronic facial pain also. He has a friend with the same as me, my ears bled also, his friend's ear perforated. I am vaxxed and boosted 2/ Medical transcriptionist. I love everything medical, nature and the outdoors. Centrist Party member. Blocking JT cultists.
wettcatfood the urge to learn pashto is even stronger now because I gotta know wtf my dentist and his assistant be talkin about while doing my thing hello kitty & roblox man face enthusiast
catsatwarpspeed @Artemisapphire Oh wow. My dentist has an emergency service for weekends. Costs an arm and a leg and a sacrifice of kittens but they are there... poor you. Toothache is right up there with ear infection John 3:16. οὕτως γὰρ ἠγάπησεν ὁ θεὸς τὸν κόσμον, ὥστε τὸν υἱὸν τὸν μονογενῆ ἔδωκεν, ἵνα πᾶς ὁ πιστεύων εἰς αὐτὸν μὴ ἀπόληται ἀλλ’ ἔχῃ ζωὴν αἰώνιον.
bagelprinxe California okay looks like i have to go to urgent care today because the infection got worse and i guess tuesday i have to call my dentist about getting the tooth removed because i'm tired of this aurey/rey | 25 | they/he | queer | abinary monster | digital artist | gore/guro 16+ recommended | dont qrt art
tsukkipon somewhere in canada my dentist forking gave me a heart attack and called me while i was still in bed jesus chriat i thoufht i was late for my appointment ⚠️this is my personal twitter. feel free to mute/unfollow if necessary. ⚠️
SarJD123 Treaty 6 Territory @Hannah_Stone902 You can do it. Just be upfront about how terrified you are. Dentists are more then used to treating grown adults like toddlers (source.. my dentist does this for me 😂) and make sure to tell them why.. for me it's all sensory. Explain the problems exactly and they'll mitigate. Cofounder @holdmyhandab• ND Mom of ND kids• Disabled kids in AB lack basic human rights• Tweets 80% rage & 20% spelling mistakes & I'm not sorry• BLM• 💉💉 💉
TaffyDacks Maryland @ChuckWendig I had to explain to my dentist why I always schedule my appointments at 2:30 and she flatly did not get it. ISO a new dentist now Peace was never an option. Politics, Sex, & Science Fiction. She/Her.
KristiLike2Rock Texas 2) I had 3 #steelydan ish albums fall back to back on my listening schedule, and if I remember correctly, I actually listened to The Nightfly first. I remember #IGY from my dentist office days but thought it was Steely Dan, because stations were horrible about announcing song She's only rock 'n roll. 1/4 Mexican. I take pictures. Former band nerd. Listening to 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
blackmetalbrews Queens, NY It is illegal that my dentist scheduled our appointment on a day when it is raining and when I have a forked up back. They should do house calls or let me reschedule musician | writer | abomination | chaotic-good | any pronouns | ben

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