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celebrityhottub My dentist has free mountain dew in the waiting area and that feels like a preposterously obvious trap Hook is a family movie where an adult stabs a child in the heart. Compact Outlaw.
vcotedasilva Canada My dentist let me watch The Office while getting a filling and both he and my hygienist needed to stop at least 3 times to pull themselves together after hearing something funny. Needless to say, The Office gained two new viewers today red velvet
longIongIive Canada UHM MY DENTIST OFFICE ISNT MUSLIM BUT THEY HAVE A PRAYER ROOM AND A CUP IN THE BATHROOM TO CLEAN YOURSELF!!!! WE STAN!!!! 🎶Every time you smile, I smile And every time you shine, I shine for you🎶 Shining for miss Swift since 2011
lachrob Chicago, IL @b_cavello @brentknepper @histoftech My dentist has been Harold Krinsky at the Sauganash office with this group: I haven’t had dental insurance for ages and they’ve been great at considering that. Building the Edge | Founding Director | Artistic Direction / Curation @bitbashchicago | Game Design / Interactive Arts / Blood Type: O-
thottsberryfarm whaddup hometown (85086) who is up ((awake)) and tryna get this bread (((shop in scottsdale until my dentist appointment))) she/her
SmithsonLindsay My dentist was running late, so I had to kill some time today. I ended up wandering into Value Village and choosing a few more books to add to my classroom library. #IAlsoCantWaitToReadThese English teacher with DSBN
Lena_Shh New York, NY At my dentist’s appointment watching #theoffice and covering up my cavities. #selfcare Awkwardly figuring out what’s next
KPRIVEBENJ Good report cards from my dentist AND therapist this week #hotgirlsummer So pleased with ourselves for using so many verbs and nouns.
HGTomato @merica I think I have that. I have to meet people multiple times. And then, if I see them somewhere not expected, I don’t recognize them. I didn’t recognize my dentist when I saw her at a restaurant. She came to my table to chat and it wasn’t until I saw a dentist logo it clicked. Native Yinzer. Now Southwest FL Beach / Central WV River. Fresh. RT's = whatevs. I sometimes delete tweets.
aleale_ram My dentist had to go get her coffee fix before starting my procedure. I’ve been sitting unattended for about 30 minutes already. I mean yeah I hope you’re fully awake while working on my teeth but lady I just want to get this done and over with so I can go home 😴🙄 Trying this plant based lifestyle out 🌱 but I won’t say no when you invite me to go get tacos. Or ceviche.. lately that’s been a thing 🤗
sickofurcrapake message from my dentist: hi taylor i’m calling because we noticed that you haven’t been in for ....*long pause*... a while... bitch swerve. ya saw me in january. stop exaggerating. you know i owe y’all money and i’m skipping out 🙄 Free Yourself
bluetiedesigns lost in a lost world @hunters_hex I'm excited for it since Tommy will be there, but I'm basically going to have a 21 hour day with work and 2 fillings at my dentist as well. I'm only worried that my cold that I've almost kicked will come back. 😭 Also maybe my table will get delivered??? i sew too much. runs on diet coke. she/her. header photo by vontography. dog mom to welkin gunther the chowsky mutt.
YOLO_1994 The hot receptionist at my dentist office doesn’t work there anymore and now I’m sad :(
woofyhawke Independent New Vegas I saw that article at a bad time cause I’m on my way to get my cavity filled and now my dentist is going to have to listen to me rant about the weather Dragon Age, Mass Effect & Fallout • Phillies & Sixers • #TTP • Anders was right • Shepard is my battlemaster • Someone help Will Graham • 🐶 ⚾️ 🏀 & 🎮 = life
kathryndennett New York, USA I just got the most elaborate birthday email from my dentist, it included a GIF and a link to a YouTube video of an animated birthday cake playing piano and singing my Happy Birthday. It was cute I guess, but like, , you're my less Project Archivist at the Reversible Destiny Foundation. Pop culture obsessive. Flower fan. Unapologetically feminist. Find my poems at @poemsftpictures
kristin_hunt New York, NY Extremely distressing news: My dentist recorded a teeth-themed cover of “Shape of You” and I know this because it’s his hold music Words in @mental_floss, @vulture, @atlasobscura, @GQMagazine. I aspire to be Parade's most controversial reporter.
ZannyHyper @kendrawcandraw I actually have trouble flossing too! I have sensitive gums, so does my dentist so he suggested a water flosser on the lowest setting, it helps a lot and it might be something to look into? (I get mine for like £25 off amazon) Professional artist looking for work☄️My info Comms OPEN
HackedSb I'm bad at small talk. I went to my dentist and trying to small talk I asked, "So, what do you do for a living?"
mymidtwndentist ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- "Dr. Farber is the best dentist in NYC! She is quick and does the job amazingly! I really love having her as my dentist and trust her work and judgment 100%" - Thank you for the review A.K. #DrFarber #ContemporaryEstheticDentistry #PatientSatisfaction
nougatmachine 100 Holliday St # 400 Going to have a muffin and coffee after my dentist appointment, as is my god-given right I am the president of the Baltimore City Council.
BaritoneBeard My dentist gave me novocaine and then started working a little too early so it hurt. They gave me another shot of novacaine and now im double numb But people just call me Beard. \\ Computer Science/Mathematics Double Major \\ Fan of Positivity and Confidence
MatSciMatt Charlottesville, VA @LeighAnn21 I ended up dropping it this year, especially since I figure I'll only have it for one semester and my dentist will do a cleaning for ~$60. Materials scientist, #scipol amateur, physics dabbler, STEM sharer, wannabe cook, and easily distracted. Tweets and views are my own. 🏳️‍🌈 {he/him/his}
mbakes51 Rhode Island, USA @repmorgan I don't support gov medical.. however ive gone into Roger Williams for a cracked tooth with exposed nerve. I was in excruciating pain and it was a Saturday night my dentist was closed. I needed something to relieve the pain til I could get to the dentist advil did nothing. 26 years old. Entrepreneur/Investor. If you don't put in the hard work you don't deserve the trophy.
tospitemyface in a getaway car My dentist bill is so damn high and my teeth are a mess. Problem is I can't fix it until I pay. Love adulting. Dutch 🇳🇱 Cat enthusiast. Swiftie since 2009. Can also be found in moshpits or at raves. Runs of coffee but lives for tea. 🏳️‍🌈
Star_rose65 Mount Vernon, WA Rachael just left for an emergency trip to my dentist, she has an appointment in 4 days but last night a piece of her tooth broke off. I told her before she left that when I was pregnant with her I would grind my teeth at night, I'd never done it before, I mean ever, and after
trickyrichx2 Sedas i dnt even got insurance but i make sure my dentist appointments and dr’s appointments take place. u African-Americans dirty and teeth be forked up. ever took a chance and wonder who u took it from?
bburch__ Pittsburgh, PA My dentist just gave me a much needed back massage and I’d like to say he’s probably in the wrong profession. somewhere between proverbs 31 & Tupac there’s me
BiagioCapp50 I’m over here chalkin it up with the receptionist at my dentist, I’m about to ask her if she wants to get lunch sometime and she moves her hand from under the counter and she has a HUGE ring on her finger... can’t compete with that 💀😂 DLS 16' | OTB OTSA | OSU 20' | PI KAPP
victoriaying Los Angeles @halogalopagos My dentist has a 'twilight' cleaning option for people like us. You get prescribed two anti anxiety meds for the day and have to get someone to drive you home, but you come out of it remembering nothing! Cartoonist, Author, Illustrator. Film credits include Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Moana. She/her. Repped by @jenazantian
laanegratomasa Chicago just kidding. I really just wanna go see my dentist already and get this bitch out 🥵 me vale madres lo que digan todos ustedes
charissa0816 Kennewick, WA I've been dodging calls from my dentist for weeks about scheduling my cleaning cause my wisdom tooth popped through SIDEWAYS and I'm not ready to have it taken out 😭😭😭🙈 24 | Artsy | YouTube addict | Classy Smart bottom | There's a good chance I like your dog more than I like you.
vahva Derbyshire, England It turns out my dentist is opposite the fantastic Carlton House in #Worksop, home of some fab craft and vintage traders and theveganfriendlysoapshop . Just bought G & T shampoo bar (good for taking on hols), an… Vahva is Estonian for cool. Author of 'More TV Vicar?' from @dlt_books & I run @PulpitPanic. Rector of Barlborough & Clowne in @dioceseofderby.
benlikestocode St Louis, MO @idiot_girl @mj_langford I got it on my face/neck at 30. Started doing Invisalign and it showed up a month or two in. I guess the stress on my teeth/nerves triggered it. My dentist vehemently denied that could be the cause, but I found papers published about people getting shingles after dental work. making things for your phone at @nytimes, slinging bits for @nyt_crossword
cevanslou toronto | rhw but my mom and my dentist were together ATTACKING me i didn’t ask for this smh — 𝐢 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐝𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐝𝐚𝐲 // fan account
thotch78 @SmallSchool_KS2 @WalkingHead65 In a similar situation. I rang to book a check up appointment to be told my dentist left last year (!) and had not been replaced. They recommended I find a new one- not one for miles! Deputy head and mum of twins
shadowthunder61 Bedford, England Just turned up nice and early for my dentist appointment......2 months early!!! #Twat Evertonian. Failed Jedi. If i promise to behave, can i stay this time Twitter??
cheeezay Already lost about 2.5kilos in 6 days because of my wisdom tooth. And no solids for a week or so as instructed by my dentist. Road to 60kg? Let’s go. a✨
brookelynn57 I’ve had a headache for three days, and my dentist appointment was canceled because I still have no health insurance 🙃
DRELIYAHBIEBS Chillin in the clouds ☁️ The hair salon I go to and my dentist office are literally two mins away from each other.....Idk why I’m happy about this but at least I know I can book appointments at both and not be late 🤣🤣 “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch-diameter exit wound in you.”
allthingaskarth Somewhere In Neverland @DizzyGIoomBoy @CxitlynMxrie I’ve had a few teeth took out and my dentist gave me them in a little paper packet 😂 Don’t lose your fight kid 🥀🌹
chadstanton Washington, DC I keep rescheduling on my dentist and I just know he’s going to mess me up next time I come in. check my swag, I travel like sound, dog. (he/him/his)
brivenesc 305 - 423 Thinking about how when I was translating for my dentist, the patient had a broken tooth and doc goes “wow call that brokiana” yeah me and the hygienist both lost it Twitter: For Entertainment Purposes Only — ❣️
DavidSights Chicago, IL My dentist mentioned I might need a crown in the future, and it got me thinking about what kind of tech you can jam into a crown. I want one that plays music, like those lollipops that play music when you bite down on them i make software and dabble in the arts
carlosmesapla Florida, USA I just saw @BarackObama buying a red watermelon and I think I just high fived him three times while calling my dentist. I'm 5'6. 136 pounds. That's enough about me.
strattonsr New Brunswick, NJ @sousibrown this is actually pretty common practice around there. my dentist's office is around there and he has a small herd of goats he keeps, presumably for the same reason. (who doesn't want a goat, c'mon?!) soul-less husk, consumer of despair and sugar-free pez
ohsurenora i’m in my dentist waiting room and “numb” by linkin park is playing on the speakers, which is extremely appropriate your film friend
nosecret_itsvic @theyloveyana No problem and are you in pain at times ? If so, good advice is to hurry and schedule bc mine got so painful I couldn’t sleep one night called my dentist that night on emergency line and got it done the next week 🐘❤️UTA Alumna, Journalism major 😎Ja'Quan and Jacey
Gary_the_Bot @rejectedjokes I assumed the lack of teeth was because you have more teeth. Like your teeth are still so wide you just have to push your teeth apart and there's no way to remove them. I also had to have my dentist try to figure out how to remove my teeth with my tongue. I am a bot trained on Reddit comments. Be nice.
6stringsocks Nice try, NSA I hate the dentist and just in case my dentist sees this, yeah that’s too much pressure. I’m not sure what olives taste like
wayworncrow Everytime We Touch by Cascada just started playing in my dentist's office and I was shot back to middle school so fast I think I broke my neck Gnu | 26 | ♒ | Art blog | Crow screaming corner | 18+ Only | Icon art by @birblyfe

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