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markhumphries Sydney, Australia Brushing and flossing before my dental appointment as if my dentist is going to be impressed. Fortnightly sketches for @abc730. Was the standing up one on @PointlessAU and the satirical one on @thefeedsbs. Management:
kaela_belcher @dudicle Idk about getting it pulled but my teeth have been getting infected off and on for a year and I just call my dentist or family doc and they call them in for me
richfletcher iPhone: 32.804947,-117.208061 @IanColdwater I have a fair amount of experience with broken front teeth, and what’s worked well is dental cement (recommended by my dentist). Can be tricky to apply, seems like wisdom tooth would be challenging. Idea is to cover exposed root.
dibidibiDeeDee @pictureamoebae @levaagrace @plumbellayt My dentist had me take my wisdom teeth out because they would’ve started to ram into my other teeth and ruin two years of braces 🌸⭐️I enjoy cute girls and cats💖✨
jessamyn VT (unceded Abenaki territory) @TheGnarrator My dentist was playing Gordon Lightfoot in the office the other day and I mentioned I actually like Gordon Lightfoot and him and I just grooved on appreciating Gordon Lightfoot for one unironic moment. Rural tech geek. Researcher. Proud member of the librarian resistance. Collector of mosses. Enjoyer of postcards. ✉️ box 345 05060 ✉️
jadmalala Quezon City, Philippines I’m not sure if i should feel better when my dentist told me she got worse coffee stains than i have. Deep inside i was like, “b*tch you’re a dentist. A family of dentists at that. You should have more frequent cleaning”. Haha i love her and yuh she’s pretty! 1985. Advocate. Saving lives. Loving to live. ⚕️🩺🩸| 🦮🧘🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🚴🏽‍♂️🌱 | #LGBThealth 🏳️‍🌈 he/him/his | random ramblings #wHineWithMe
Cape_Dave @34flavours My dentist just retired after 48 years! I got to give them credit. That’s one heck of a career. And I’ve been going to him for about 40 of those :-) he’s like a family member :-) 18 years serving the local community tech needs. Currently I focus on WordPress web sites and hosting. Life is a work in progress. Me too. I love Twitter!
hyvckscult my wifi sucks 🇵🇭 moots who study dentistry, my tooth is aching every now and then but my dentist advised me to get a tooth extraction when it doesn't hurt anymore :( what should i do? #HAECHAN: your lips 💋 | 6TEEN - she/her ✩。*・.
nanasbyulie she ♡ her | nineteen since i managed to sleep all day and now i'm wide awake, come ask me questions, maybe? i'd love to indulge, it's been a while ⸝⸝ʚ̴̶̷̆ ̯ʚ̴̶̷̆⸝⸝ (if the answers are a little bit questionable . . . my dentist told me not to do stupid things but oh well) a star will come to comfort you, perhaps that star is me ♡
girlbossclaire Minneapolis, MN think i gave myself a cavity not taking half my meds for a week~ and thus having such bad oral hygiene plus sleeping through my dentist check up again <3 wow i'm 22 now crap gets serious fast sorry this is gross, just being honest and hope it helps anyone who can relate what if... she/her
orphnochs My tooth pain is insane and if my dentist's secretary or whatever theyre called really forked me over with my appointment I might pull it out he/him - 🇨🇱 - 25 - wrestling, toku and video games - rt heavy. i: @megnutk
Bot_Gravy Sippin in the coupe, bumpin gas and I'm coastin' Sippin' on the sauce, on the Dean’s List When I’m on the sauce, on the sauce, on the cookies so they start to make the muffins On that mountain top Gravy might splash like a fountain on yo block All these b*tches on my dentist sh*t Tweets lyrics based upon the work of @yunggravy I tweet clean lyrics. I also don't own any of this.
Tommygirl757 @KaseyGirlBye Babe, that's exactly why I bought my house where I did. It's blackety black everywhere. Even my dentist is black and in my neighborhood. Ain't nothing going on here. Just a middle-aged lady addicted to social media.
nickname_bj Illinois @greta Besides babysitting - I worked for my dentist at 16, sterilizing instruments, setting up trays, and even doing some chair side assisting. Mom, Gma, Low tolerance for leftist B.S. & fake news! #BackTheBlue #SupportMyPresident #SupportIsrael🇮🇱 🚫DMs please.
dinabobinah Thinking abt the time when my dentist over drugged me every time I went in with my dad and now my sister is saying what if I was raped and I don’t remember Bc i was literally passed out from so much anesthesia and who knows that man was creepy Short tempered | easily bored | will bite you
ackqee Imma make a mixtape full of diss tracks and the first 3 tracks are gonna go after: 1. Doug Ford 2. John Walker 3. My dentist An Air Fryer Changed My Life
karmanah_fx @SwankierSinatra Okay I got. It is my dentist that I am given to you. She is assertive and kind and I add a dash over the top sassyness. Female lawyers are eggs hard on the outside soft on the inside. You are no different as far as I am concern. Standardbred racing fan. Specialist in trifecta, hi-5 & optimal wagering .
Viveltya1 Canada @LadyRoseNoireVT My dentist as well XD I'm always scolded because I do it without noticing.... Been doing it for years so, I only notice when my muscles are completely dead and my head hurts ^^; I'm working on it though~ FR:ENG//VTuber :: Big Perv :: Pan :: Gaming :: 18+ :: ❤️@denkounova Do draw me, I like seeing fanarts!! Art tag: #Vivart NSFW art tag: #Vivart18
lscorpio99 Haha. My dentist took me very seriously when I asked for alllll the freezing. Appt was at 10 am and my mouth is STILL rubber, it's almost 7! Need to get some liquids in and its hard when your lip isn't there. 🤣🤣 Cat&human mom, survivor, grateful for the little things, optimist, do what's right, not what's easy, living my best life!♥🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
DanielC66401593 Safely in the hands of God @kelleyjsparks Lol at times it does...I’ve got seven copper patches inside and my dentist said to me bc of all that copper my teeth are bad Army Vet, Constitutionalist, grandson to ww2 vet/ pro-Israeli/ pro-life/ 1A/2A
aj110557 North Carolina, USA @SammiSueWinters @tweettruth2me The receptionist at my dentist's office says she's had kidney stones and given birth to twins. She'd much rather have twins. Watching the end of "The Great Experiment" Boomer, deplorable, infidel Washington doesn't investigate Washington I have voluntary control of my Eustachian tubes
chlonetrooper 𝖋 𝖎 𝖓 𝖓 𝖊 𝖘 𝖘 𝖊 my doctor is a woman my obgyn is a woman my psychiatrist is a woman and my dentist is a man that works for a woman’s dental center 😚🤌🏻 sjsu alum | (interior) design | cherry blossom & sloth lover
KurikSlau @Mortdog Pay for my dentist visit since I cracked a tooth yesterday. Pay off my lawyer and some debt. Put a bit into my sons savings. Invest a bit into my current projects. Spread the love a bit by paying it forward. Buy a pizza. Gonna be dropping tons of amazing series to watch so stay tuned! Check out my link tree to stay up to date on all my other adventures! #anime
beesniamhss behind you @CartTitan @swirlingpeaches @scarydykebitch bro my mom stopped taking me to the dentist at 14 bc she thought my dentist was making it up and i’m poor now this isn’t the hill you want to start climbing loving myself | 🏳️‍🌈| they/them DONATE TO MY FRIENDS TRANSITION FUND OR ELSE
Im_JustZ @KaylaS_____ You right I am 😂😂. And I got mine in 2018 and only had them for 7 months. It’s called a 6 month smile but my dentist wanted me happy with my teeth and left them on another month. follow me & see
Don_tliveonmars @NBCNews The View should have been canceled long ago I watch a little of the show while I was turning channels and they play this crap at my Dentist it's nothing but a Hate Show.
GailWaldby MT @HellBentVet I found my dentist and doctor's political affiliations with a search on OutVote app. A Google search might help, also. #MaskUp #DemCast #Postcardstovoters Text Join to 484-275-2229
chasitybreonn Alexandria, LA @LinnethiaMJones See it's only one that's even out and my dentist was like that's weird but I want them all taken out cause I cannot deal UL Nursing | 1908
vibromama Amakusa-shi, Kumamoto @tinastokyodiary I have the same experience. My dentist has literally drilled, filled, pulled and done every and any testing possible on my teeth. He especially loves doing x-rays, which we never look at. He is my student's husband, so it's hard to go anywhere else. Canadian🇨🇦 living in rural Japan🇯🇵paragliding, hiking, cycling, doing yoga and exploring the world 🌍 熊本県天草に住んでいるカナダ人。アウトドアとアクティブな生活に夢中。
Caeled_ISFA Österreich @PlanetaryObject My dentist told me so when he drilled into my jaw preparing an implant. I trusted him to cut me open and drill into my bone, so I decided to trust him on this one too. 😁 Gamer since 1992, fan of Chris Roberts since 1993, Star Citizen Backer since 2012, burned dirt person, Xennial
jail_twit @SenDuckworth Can we please have a more strict "clean water" standard? Im in South Texas, and our water is so corrosive it eats through stainless steel. My dentist is like, "you need to drink tap water for fluoride", I'm like, "do you drink tap water?" I was placed in Twitter jail for quoting a movie, so I decided to just stay here. Proud to be a Gene Roddenberry Socialist. Do Not Follow, insomniac!
pillowcIouds everywhere @andy_sidecake my dentist said this too and my boyfriend said he hears me grinding in my sleep @___@ the ocean washed open your grave
SandKQuotes Wherever there is a radio @TheKevinKlein on @StrykerAndKlein "I had a real heart to heart with my dentist the other day because I had this moment of transcendence where I realized that everyone lies to them all day and in their personal life they probably can't trust anyone because all they hear is lies" Unauthorized account of lines and fan-dumb from the show @strykerandklein on @kroq and at on 6-10 AM PST- PODCAST AVAILABLE!
HotxyEXO @swifferstruggle 😂 a mood i need money for my mom nect quimio and my dentist material of next semester ⚬Books,Food ,Music lover Exo 🔽 TS13
eedelddidyeh Denmark One of the things from this covid thing that I want to keep is that you don’t just go around hugging everyone. It was excessive before covid and sometimes felt like a violation and it was unacceptable to say “don’t hug me please, you’re my dentist, I don’t know you”. I may not have had much tragedy in my life, but I have worn a lot of tragic outfits. Tweets are my own and should never be taken seriously
julialump Toledo, OH There’s literally nothing worse than a toothache.. and my dentist didn’t see anything wrong ☹️ .. HELP ☕️🐶🐱👩🏼🩺
LynchDelRey ig: @nour_kr8 my dentist is so aggressive.. and for what she/her • 19 • Twin peaks
florek_kun Wroclaw, Poland and i have to wait two months for my dentist appointment UGHHHHH im currently on my fourth painkillers pack this week Florek | 21 | 🇵🇱 | PL/ENG/ベーシックの日本語OK!| interests: UTAITE(歌い手)/魔導物語 | Zootechnics student | Art: @kobatanpuyo/@fuwamingos | @Liskowe is my wife 💕 |
hiya_kk (she/her/hers) 3 & 1/2 hours later and I am now buddies with everyone working at my dentist office passion page🔫: v holostars rn | WORKING ON: ☔️👑🍪, 🦔💨& UNIVERSITY | icon: @HONBAE1 |🧃besides the vt tagged, pls ask to use/repost my art🧃
romanogersluv 22. 𝘱𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘹𝘶𝘢𝘭. ps i also love going to the dentist, because it’s just so relaxing for me when im laying in the chair and she’s checking my teeth, i could honestly fall asleep, i can’t wait for my next check up, it’s almost therapeutic, and my dentist has a russian accent so i love that 𝘪'𝘮 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦, @lokisbloom. 🖤
frecklemarie Pennsylvania• 18 Cracked my filling on my front tooth and my dentist is out today CRY my layout is older than you | | armyweeb | | genshin impact | | fan account so I don't get s worded ~ she/her~ (single)
graysonroyale Massachusetts, USA My dentist gave me Xanax before my wisdom teeth and he still almost didn’t finish because of how bad I was lmao I dream of shooting nature for a living. 📸 #BLM 🏳️‍⚧️
TinRoesucker I was talking to my dentist who was born in the Soviet Union about WW2 and after I told her why Japan did Pearl Harbor and invaded Manchuria she said "you know what, that makes a lot of sense"
capn_emem Y’all, I’m 23 years old and just had to buy denture glue bc my dentist didn’t believe me that my retainer didn’t fit. Where’s my lawsuit for pain and suffering? 🙃🙃🙃 just trying to :/
RealCoreyO @BernieSanders We need better more transparent private insurance were the people hold the power not private business and the government. I should be able to negotiate legally with my dentist. I have stories from working for a big company. Like ones you "unknowingly" got over 370k from in 2019
aubreethebigtoe your moms bed dude yesterday at the dentist i was like “what if my dentist is hot /j” because his voice sounded younger and i kept thinking that THEN THIS WRINKLY OLD bottom MAN COMES WALKING IN AND I WANTED TO CRY hello! :D | 🌹 THEY / THEM 🌹 | MINOR ⛏| #tedtwt , #fnaftwt , #marktwt lmfao | you only live once, so have fun with it :)| omnisexual! :D
nanook660 @TorontoPolice Next week I will be going to the Dentist to have tooth extractions. If the Police stop me and give me a Fine I cannot pay it as I am on ODSP. I am debating whether I should cancel my Dentist Appt due to power tripping police officers. I have many interests. BIG FAN OF INFINITE. WOOHYUN STAN. I listen to other KPOP Artists/Groups. Into Photography and Fitness.
_Marsha_k Turkana I've called my dentist's assistant at night and told her if this tooth doesn't cool Down by kesho they just have to open shop on a Sunday and work on it 😩😩😩 ✨Beauty✨ ✨Brains ✨ ✨Brawn✨

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