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SusanWiggleywoo Ireland @NTBreakfast principals and BOMs in this country are a law onto themselves, the way the school system is set up no one will be sacked or reprimanded at @Pres_Carlow At least the students have made a holy show of them, religion needs to be taken out of r schools to stop this crap Mom of 2, wife of @diegosol_ie co-owner of animation company Wiggleywoo. Our preschool series The Day Henry Met broadcast in 198 countries worldwide
guy_atwork @ieneubdufbf @Manesha76 @FrontalArmy No where in our religion Its allowed to kill anyone. We are the one who worship animals and tree. Thats ur filhty Aasmani kitab which says kill those who dont believe in is lam. Holy crap 😂😂 A Well Know Expert On Nothing. Foodie.
elshark81 United States @brgulker I didn't realize Trump was a Christian. His acts are more of a secular hedonist who avoids morality like the plague. The entire point of religion is for it to impact actions and practice in daily life, so miss me with this Trump is a Christian bull crap. supply chain professional with AT&T, attorney, University of Michigan alum, political scientist, history nerd and hardcore hoops aficionado🏀 #DetroitBasketball
Costheboss2 Montréal, Québec @MotherJones @NoahCRothman All people of all races and religion respect the police 👮‍♀️ and want them for protection so this DEFUNDING crap 💩 is deadly for many people so don’t be selfish cause the majority wants them I know about a lot but I specialize in nothing
ibrowse2099 @Reemul_B @inzyrashid It 'goes beyond religion' because it is when proscribed bank holidays fall to gather with family... I wonder why that came about? Christianity maybe? Diwali and to an extent Eid are also deeply cultural as well as religious festivals. Why are you trying to justify this crap? 28 y/o gay guy with lotta 'pinions I wish I could be transparent with my identity here, but I worry for my security and privacy, increasingly so here.
Malarkey_10 Johnstone, Scotland @SophieHarris16 @lilBiryani @TheKianaJanee @alicef1811 We were locked down over Easter the first time, EVERYONE is missing/has missed out on stuff this year, to bring one certain religious event in to it to make call it racist is total crap, as much as I can't stand Boris. EVERY RELIGION and atheists have missed so much Scottish🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - Glasgow Celtic🍀 - here for a good time not a long time -
grannypants20 Portland, OR @Mike_Pence @realDonaldTrump I hope your bottom goes to jail with’re as corrupt as the orange one and history will not be kind to you. What type of Christian does some of the things you did or kept silent about the crap he did? You’re a fake Christian. No wonder people think religion is a joke.
jijithhari88 @ArundhatiNagar @adolitics @drnarottammisra Like who guys ? I am also hindu ! Good like you mentioned everything has a place, Netflix is to watch on TV and enjoy show ! Jus do that don't bring religion and crap for no reason to something not relevant ! If you can watch kamasutra about Gods watch this too ! Enjoy Photography and outdoor. Current Affairs keep me occupied. View's are personal.
tpisani11 Elmhurst, IL @JennaEllisEsq You're as crazy as he is. The almighty $ and your misguided religion is what motivates this crap. Reread your Bible missy. Flight Attendant
mt_delaney @molmccann Another aspect is religion. Yes God loves us and wants us to get along with our neighbors, but He didn’t say we have to take crap from others and not fight for what we believe in. If we do it with truth, we are doing it right. Christians are not second class citizens. God is my refuge and my strength.
TheLeftFamily Canada @SylenceDJ Religion is the cause of most wars and most hatred. The younger generations are much more tolerant and less hateful. Explain that?! Not against religion, but don't teach crap like homosexuals are sinners and abortion is the devil. Time to adapt to today, not to 2000 years ago NDP member. Equality fighter. Exposing corrupt politicians. Fair representation requires electoral reform. Poverty is a business for the rich. UBI now! He/Him
Sam91445260 @UrbanXpat What is this crap discussion. How has eating habits except the forbiden things has anything to do with religion. Please dont waste your time and our time with these strange comments
tunkuadhikari @Mxyxnk__ @UtdEIIis That’s crap.. I am of Indian origin.. what’s religion got to do with it! 🤷🏽‍♂️ a players form is all that matters. whoever is in form and training well.. working hard sould be playing. .. the rest does not matter I am a Dad 1st. My boys will always be my greatest achievement. A Red all my life. Fashion lecturer #mufc🔴🇾🇪🔴
unwoketory World citizen @murpharoo total and utter fake and un founded science. Creating a new religion based on fake figures to scare the unwashed masses . climate change is real but It’s not a biggy. It’s Marxist and snowflake crap and it needs to be fought aggressively by the centre right Thatcherite. Republican. man of colour. ❤️ white people.I fight the woke, left, greens, EU & socialism. Bored with racism junkies.❤️the British Raj. MAGA
goatatunde Rent free in your head I'm an Indian and I love Pogba, Salah, Ozil as well. But if one is not performing like he should be then he will be called out irrespective of the religion. Just accept Pogba has been crap off late and move on instead of picking up ridiculous reasons to defend him. in a depressing relationship with Man Utd and RCB
adhura_sach @BDUTT @FareedZakaria @tatalitlive @themojo_in What crap you look like idiots and have been harping anti Modi nonsense for 6 years . Time to open your eyes and see that Indians live Modi and india can never be majoritarian Hindu religion per day is not divisive but yes india can be Hindu country which will be good for all Indian first , proud Hindu , Retweet’s do not mean endorsements.
Erin84293781 @Liberty8Justice @emilykefinch @dbongino @MailOnline I don’t hate anyone. But seeing as though I don’t believe in god and to be frank think god/religion is a crock of crap so I don’t give a crap about what you think about me/Jesus
NihonSaram @iskandrah God I am so forking tired of this victim equivalent crap esp. when they're White. I'm sorry but there's not an Anti-Semite lurking around every corner. Since Blinken is MALE and WHITE he will be more likely to be judged on his merits not his religion unlike a Black man cont. Wouldn't YOU like to know? 🇰🇷🇯🇵🇫🇮
leys_7 Brussel, België @Els_rechts @thierrybaudet Els darling Catholics and Moslims don't have the knowledge to crap on the face from the ninth,we gonna reforme this station worldwide without hesitation and justified,the ninth is really tired from this earthly religion crap between the Vatican and Mecca,no more enough is enough the time is about right to start your rehearsal for your never lasting journey in time to please space,greeting yours.
BoffyMartial @MaythaAlhassen @KarenAttiah French laïcité does not recognise a religion or a cult as a basis for a legal argument. Your short sighed view, and cap locks do not help, is self centered and ignorant. Attiah is not a victim of racial profiling, she tweeted a line of crap and barely acknowledged it. No
OscarsWild1 The Outer Rim @craigthomler @ClimatePatriot @JamesRider3 @Jaisans @Andrewemcameron @TruthStorm17 @ZombiePiano @IngersolRobert @SpurglyD @ItsTheAtmospher @4TimesAYear @Jamz129 @DerrickBrunton2 @Climatehope2 @FChecker76 @LordHiver @MelodyMac51 @LionStrike5 @Mark_A_Lunn @aussie000050 @cjwcjw @glinch72 @BradVictor6 @geko214 @ElectroPig @equi_noctis @JBalsich @JoeTheAtheist @HtServadac @ricksheatcool @RustyAway @AanthanurDC @ataraxisfinch @ILuvCO2 @AMilitantAgnost @doom37455413 @sart26409389 @_42________ @Ozwino @Article3S @Bitakarma @DisorderDipolar @BlknWhtKat @janineyve @follz1 @dhaessel0 @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden And what. pray tell, are your beliefs? Because it is most certainly not in science nor religion and you do not give a flying crap about animals or the environment, I have proved that over and over #Herpetologist #Ichthyologist #Batrachologist #Orchidaceae Anti-PC #BrexitBetrayal #Photography #Brexit #MBGA #MAGA #Astrophysics #1400Campaign
amphaze_12 @FearlessHindu3 @Subhajit_37 my parents are rajputs and they gave me every knowledge about indian culture and sanatan. I respect our culture not the religion. Religion is man made crap and culture diverse knowledge passed by our ancestor thats what i believe Religious and political views - none!!(cause both are not worth wasting your time) Aspiring Animator I'm an otaku. love soccer.
GrimRea56003622 @BBCWorld This is what happens when mix religion with bollocktics and bollockticians and terrorism, a humongous mixed bowl of crap that brings missrable consequences to the most vulnerable in any conflict, the defenceless all ways will be harmed Happerly divorced ex British army, disabled veteran live on the rock of Gibraltar born on Gibraltar, have a home in East riding Yorkshire, one daughter
WeAreWoldWide I don't buy his crap about he his humanitarian and supporting for free religion and so on. Everything is a illusion and fake I am herre to see the end off satanic dominance
MrRCain2 @LionOfUlster @BenLowry2 Means feck all squared buddy boy. The only thing us modern people care about are real issues like jobs, health and education. The whole religion crap is lost of me i don't believe in it. The same with many others hence i don't see myself as Catholic or Protestant. I am Irish Irishman and political commentator. The people of NI/North of Ireland come first. Will call people out and debate current matters. #Think32.
TitusFlaviusII Rome You need to understand one thing : If religion would stay EXACTLY where it belongs...that your homes and places of worship, then I wouldn't give a crap. But more and more, it's crept it's way into government and it's really pissing me off. 'Holy crap you people bought the whole op like it was on sale at Walmart.' "Backwards words say to used I. Again go I there. crap, oh."-Carlin #Atheist
Corleone_Roller Victoria @overit_miss what is more disgusting is when young girls in this crap religion get forced into marriage with creepy and sleazy men... you never hear the left dingbats calling out this crap - why? Opinionated.. Conservative.. MAustGA.. PC Free... Passion runs through my veins. Don Corleone (Roller) is my first cousin. Just call Covid19 the Chynnaa virus.
curtman67358036 South hell @LeafandThistle No crap just like any dictator!what did Hitler do?took away there guns..first but yet this virus of a man imports half the world the Muslim world because it will be the one world religion this creep is a globalist and you read what I’ve said!watch and see if all doesn’t come true Nothing makes me special!i treat others like I’d like being treated..I tell it like it is..the animals..and the woods
unmzldcnsrvatv @kevinmac_27 @laurenboebert Yes, you Alinsky public school educated moron. Suppression of the free exercise of Christian religion is exactly why the Pilgrims, the Hutterites, and many others came to America. Want more? Read some REAL history-not the PC crap you get in school.
Andybaldridge71 @MareeB11 @Bladerunnerjul1 @chels562000 @powertoimpeach @realDonaldTrump As for those other countries, they all have a Central Bank controlled by the same folks. War is business and they fund both sides. They get their profits while we kill each other over crap that they perpetuate to divide us all. Color, religion, sexuality, politics they create. Believer of Galactic Superwave Theory. Lover of Megan. Sucker for old sayings. THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS....
blue7skies @deii9m @lxaalx in our religion everything is obvious so cut the crap and walk away if you don't know crap spare, lonely, precariously balanced on a hill of my own isolation
ApathyOver @TonyCowin @tooronlists Yeah, and they form these societies, within their church, then vote for ppl like Trump, thereby dragging us ALL in on it. Coney Barrett, she has her religion, fine, but her religion is going to crap all over my life. That's what I mean. Therefore, I wish it would all disappear. Dog Mom/Feminist/Proud Lib/Married to the BEST person on Earth/#Resist 🌊 #AnimalRights #BLM #WearTheMask 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸
wifeofdalehenry United States @KLoeffler Shame on you!Shame!ShameShame! Waving religion to dupe people is abhorrent and so are you! You try and smear a man if hid who preaches against violence and war snd then you post crap like this!?! Can you get any more despicable?!? Working stiff, just trying to keep up!
PunditMister @dahankzter @ggreenwald @MazMHussain Good point. You can't really be a Muslim anywhere in the world, not just in the West, if people have to live by their rules. Maz is just making up crap and calling it journalism. Many Muslim journoulists are as ignorant about their religion as Christian journoulists are of theirs Ex-Muslim. Brown. Sam Harris Blows #BLM
Kothai_Tweets Singapore @arjunmahato4480 @csramesha who gave you that entitlement? owner of the whole land. i dnt have a religion crap thing attached. it is my choice. i have a culture and worship to follow. i never tag that to inhuman sanatan. neither me or people who i know கற்றது கையளவு! காலம் யாருக்கும் காத்திருப்பதில்லை... கடந்த நொடியும் வரலாற்றில் பதிவேறியது!
IndianAtheist12 @godisone22 @ThakurSharmeen @DesiKalam @neerajvodafone @ZeeNewsEnglish When it comes to most regressive Religion, it is Sanatan Dharma. Karma and Varna system are most oppressive and regressive system on earth, that someone is poor because of his past deeds or that people are divided into 4 Varnas. It's all crap. Most Hindus are good people bcz they Anti-Fanatics
siddharthgunny Gurgaon, India The problem is BJP stooges such as this fellow who gives their own definition to culture and religion. They are leeches who do nothing but incite and divide. Stop with the communal crap! #boycottstupidity Let’s make this world a better, cleaner and more tolerant place.
ToddBeagle Centennial CO @KLoeffler @ossoff @ReverendWarnock You are the poster child for the use of the C-word. I won’t go there, but your wrapping yourself in religion while casting nonsensical stones and, oh yeah, stealing, cuz that’s what insider trading is, makes you a special kind of evil. You are a despicable piece of crap! Littleton raised, Love Tennis, Baseball, Bball and Vball... fast becoming the "Titanium Man"! Avs, Broncos, Nugs and Rocks, it's in my blood. And GO CREEK!!!
aljanaza313 Planet Earth @mexter_dexter @TheDoctor3396 @Ilhan You sound like Trump. You even repeat almost the same words, crap hole, crap hole countries, crappy religion and you and only you is the best of the best. Congratulations 🎈🍾🎊 Are you happy 😂 2 times War Survivor, Victim of torture and political persecution, 5 yrs in concentration camp. English isn’t my fist language. Free of capitalism intoxication.
Graezex @vtaylor9188 @Sfgiants3xwsc @MatGaetzCokeDlr @BettyBowers @lawindsor @LeeChatfield @RepJimLillyMI So, "the unerring word of god" has to be rolled out in a two-pronged marketing campaign? Jesus said not one word of the law is changed and he came not to change but to fulfill the prophecy. The christian religion is a study in hypocrisy. No whitewashing that crap. Anonymous? What I look like is unimportant; my words are not. They/he/any pronouns.
tOtherWNews @JennaEllisEsq Nobody is cancelling any religion. Religious freedom is in the constitution. All religions. So you all stop trying to cancel other religions. Since religion and state has been separated as well, being American does not equal being Christian. Cut that crap. #wirchhunt #Swiss #NeverTrumper #SmartAss no maggots please. Not the actor in the picture. Not Q.
SmitaM18 @nav_neet71 @BrutIndia I'm not sure how you brought in "religion" here ?? I was talking about the bull crap " Bharat Mata ki jai is not written in constitution, so I won't say it ". Owaisi and his followers are bigots. They don't love India .. they just want to "rule" India. Hopeless fan girl of Maa Bharati ! Maa, you have my heart !
aqibbhatti2412 around the corner @AndrewBLeh @LadyVelvet_HFQ *Yawn* Islam is CURRENTLY the fastest growing religion in Europe and America. Even with extremists within and outside of Islam. So let me know when you see a Muslim army brandishing their swords on horse backs in Europe/USA. Same old hate crap from non Muslim extremists. Spending way too much time on twitter.
hornymarwadan she/her lol all these writing pages want different content and then will post the same love crap, refuse to be political kyuki followers important, not post about religion or burning affairs, their brain is too small to understand stories having open ends and a bit of technical gyaan. check karlo if you don't believe
gxldenvxid she/her | 🐊 | 15 @Louis_Tomlinson @JennSelby (Mendel) Stop! This is so much crap, Throw a simple party! Religion?s just a trap That ensnares the weak and the dumb. Stop with the prayers. (Trina) How can you ?stop with the prayers? at a bar mitzvah? (Mendel) The whole thing?s voodoo, And I know more than you do! ‧₊˚✩彡. — clandestine meetings & longing stares
The916H @Ch_JesusChrist @NelsonRussellM Give thanks for what we’re having a president that is a piece of crap and putting your faith in in religion That tries to tell people what to do with their lives. You should be thankful that people give you their money so you can survive instead of getting a real job
Orby100 Holmer Green, S.Bucks. UK. @lathamphil1 @JacobYoungMP @pritipatel Utter crap. She signed up to a ministerial code of conduct, then she broke it, big style. You bringing her gender and religion into it is absolutely desperate, and you know it. Beetles. Beer. Boobs. Bikes. Barnsley. Biscuits. Not always in that order. Transmission Controller, Arqiva. Blocked by David Baddiel!
Milena52769243 England, United Kingdom @Suse_Susie I'm an immigrant and I agree 100% with you. Enter legally, work hard, pay tax, follow the law(expect lockdowns, well that is just a made up scam), respect the culture, religion, learn the lang, reject: #BLMIsATerroristOrganization #ExtinctionRebellion and all that crap I ❤ UK Half Col/Venezu Escaped Democratic Socialism from Venezuela & now the UK is turning socialist, why? American/British. #SocialismKills #JesusSaves
VileGrim A beautiful and free America @MarcLegarreta Because it's mainstream to be a cynical dork who needs to crap all over traditions, values, and religion. As if, for some reason, wanting to live free, be happy, and be a good person is somehow bad. Promoting diversity of immutable traits, but demanding conformity of thought. If something is censored, it's likely true. Only authoritarians censor opposition. Media/BigTech = enemies of the people. Do your research. You're a cutie.

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