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alw3141 Please follow these and other good Atheists! Atheists, spread the word: “Religion is crap! Their are no gods!” Retired Engineer, News Junkie, Author, Atheist. Time is our most precious gift. You may get back your money, but you can't get back your time. Spend it wisely.
truthbearing England, United Kingdom @BitterTillEnd @FreedomsBritish What was your point? You are either saying all religion is crap so keep calm and carry on or you’re be being facetious by comparing a non violent with a violent one! Fight the New World Order to your last yelp!
lagunagv Maryland, USA @RoystonPotter Tucker has even said he’s a Kabbalist. You’re dated in some of your ways of thinking you’re not up to date on a lot of people you talk about and that’s fine but to block me lol same crap with Carrie madej.. she’s one too so is trump it’s their religion I pay no mind to those who have no mind #me
featherstone116 Texas, USA @DestroyerSammie @David_Leavitt Also, that’s not a biblical thing. That “life, liberty, and happiness,” crap is the American Dream. Nothing to do with religion of any sort. You’re wrong and idc what you say. It won’t change that you’re completely off base. Some ppl just can’t understand logic I guess
CodOruka @Carole_Batskin @TheDeenShow How are you going to say "Don't push religious crap on my country" when your country was and is still a Christian country? It may be because of religion. Nuns even wear a head covering because they're women on the basis of Christianity, same with other women back then
Jessg85 South Yorkshire @razzuria @kaylajohnsonatl @CheaLaFea @riseofmen @bebookled Every religion teaches how to be at one with god; there’s just a crap ton of them. Anyway, back to the main point. Your religion is like a penis; it’s perfectly fine to have one, but not ethical to get it out and force it on people. Deal with your own demons. ✌️ (muted)
VOLGARR Bothell, WA One of this nation's core beliefs and strengths is the separation of church and state. This crap needs to stop, even if YOU ARE religious, because the nation is also founded on the freedom of choice for your religion as well. This is nuts. #Indie #developer #artist #bizdev #veteran #dad #investor CEO Crazy Viking Studios (Volgarr) & SoulStone Tech. Renaissance Man @DigitalEclipse
movie_girl5 @LeticiaGuerra @notcapnamerica @omaida41 @BBAD_17 Really thank you for doing this because she is so indoctrinated in religion, and most Latinos will not budge from their stance. We are a hardheaded group, and I know this because my mother is spewing the same crap and I have to constantly argue with her about it. Artist, mother, animal lover, human rights, and movie reviewer. Follow @tinypricksproject to see amazing artists interpretations of Trump quotes.
macgregorjeff Miami, USA @farmingandJesus Lying to people isn’t an honorable thing to do. Your god is imaginary and your religion crap but carry on. RilionGracieJiuJitsu. Science saves. Religion and god belief are poison.
alw3141 Please follow these and other good Atheists! Atheists, spread the word: “Religion is crap! Their are no gods!” Retired Engineer, News Junkie, Author, Atheist. Time is our most precious gift. You may get back your money, but you can't get back your time. Spend it wisely.
robdgill London, City & Highgate In a terms of an exclusive this is up there with the Pope’s religion and toilet habits of bears 🤦🏽‍♂️ ‘We’ve got no plan ... Holy crap’: What Boris said after Brexit vote Managing Director @Alturafin. Board Adviser @CirclTweets. Entrepreneur. Investor. Mentor. #BMA2020 Winner. Husband, Father & Arsenal Fan
HunainHussain13 @myself_malaika They’ve been indoctrinated by the western narrative and think it’s okay to do disgusting things like that. So have the women. They haven’t learned to think for themselves. They don’t study their religion. The west is a failed society pushing their crap ideology on the ROTW. Bajcetic will be the greatest of all time.
cardsfreak6 @JennaEllisEsq no one is canceling Christianity- even Chrsitians dont think it should be shoved down everyone’s throats. Read the Bible…. no where in it does it state to do that. AND this country is founded on freedom- people can choose whatever religion they want! Stop making crap up. marketing, SEO, PPC, digital…STL CARDINALS, STL CITY SC, STL BLUES. i ❤️ animals. pro-choice. vote blue. Jesus loves me even tho i don’t deserve it.
NairbOtto New York @CalebBrewster78 @Angelic1_Decree @aberdeen40b @FunnyFarmGA1 @Franklin_Graham . you constantly contradict yourself. My mother always told me, "Son, don't waste your time arguing with idiots and fanatics." You seem to be both and I've wasted enough time already. Good luck with rewriting both religion and history. But what you are doing is crap. Father, Teacher, Writer, New Yorker, Santa Claus Relative, more & more a curmudgeon, but GOP is likely to fund lynching schools, so I have to support the Dems
valar_morghul1 @_Cop_Cat U said u r against organised religion. I am sure this is just a ruse. You actually r a hardcore hindutva vadi. The narratives you keep spewing. Our rightly guided Ulema don't give crap fatwas like that. They r not your yati narsinghanands and all those hate-monger foul b@$t@₹D$
cnj85411 One of the reddest states @iamAtheistGirl They just cannot accept that their religion is not the end all, be all in determining what is right and wrong, moral or immoral, good and evil, or anything else that they try to shove their dualistic crap on. Open minded, free thinker.
TNjezebel Indiana, USA @a_wealthy_widow @Alphafox78 Of course you have Christian in your profile. The way y’all turn away from Christ’s teaching yet still claim Christianity is hilarious. And you wonder why no one takes your religion seriously? Most of you are full of vile crap. Mom, wife, fun loving friend! Loves Bravo! This is my bad girl account so I can comment on all the silly shows I watch without my real life friends judging me!
Ask1RightQ Far away from hatred. Holy crap. This duo is out to ruin the religion and the country. !!One right question can bring down the Emperor!! #Ask1RightQuestion | #Say1RightThing | #1WayForward | #ProvideJobsNotAds | #MyRealHeroes Together, we can!
Anshuma00036689 Kolkata, India @rupamurthy1 @DKShivakumar What crap silk is mentioned in vedas much before Tipu sultan and his religion was invented. WhatsApp university has done irreversible damage to people intellect. Male
LeonidasOneTime @mattunc2003 @BreitbartNews It is not unconstitutional. FFS, who's teaching you people this crap? And this is not imposing a religion on anyone, nobody is forcing students to become Christians. It's not establishing a church either. It's teaching Christian Values to ignorant a$$ Americans. They need it. "Everything before 1776 was a mistake" - Ron Swanson.
NitemarePrince1 @ScottF573 @Jakeholderman82 @EndWokeness Wrong. How are gay, bi, or lesbians perverse? Don’t use religion because protection of religions means your opinion is just an opinion. The gays have not a damn thing to do with the QIAlmnop crap. We do NOT support qia+ and especially do not associate with gays and trans. Nope Looks like it’s happening again…no matter how hard i try…keep pushing on. $44R0N if you wanna help out
Poker70235164 @junotjoyner @Shikiisanatiny @SameeraKhan @narendramodi Hey. This wasn't an option before. Now that it is pop, more people are converting to whatever they want. Straight up bull crap. It is just pop culture (pop=popular) It started with changing religion and now their gender. People would just do anything new that they know about. #Invest
Poker70235164 @Jaw10o @PoliticalDarjee @_SPORTHUSIAST_ @CryptoBdarija @EndWokeness And this is the only reason why I don't like Islam. Rest I think the values are unmatchable. But all that 'do this to make Allah happy do that to make Allah happy.'. 'kill the doer and it will make Allah happy' Bull crap! The actual meaning of the religion Islam is lost. #Invest
NickelSqueezer Chicagoland @ask_aubry @Britpoptarts And this is exactly why religion and the Bible are dangerous and terrible. No one with any sense at all supports this crap. Pays attention, votes early
left33024770 @BrentHorne20 @KonniBurton @TheTexanNews There is a place to learn religion. It's called "your church." It won't be long before Christians are fighting each other about 'the proper way to pray' and other ridiculous crap that has no place in a public school.
HeavenUnaware Southern California @penski23 @heather_wynalda @Carissa1177 No that’s what the LACK of religion in people like you is trying to do to our country. All the demented and twisted crap going on in the USA right now is coming from the Godless left. My So-Called Twitter: Cali born & raised. CEO | Entertainment Manager | Sponsor | Promoter | Executive Producer with EMG 🎶🎤🎧🎬 🇺🇸🇩🇿
MeloDotty Below the CIT ruins, Boston If you need religion to give you strength, to push you forward, to get up in the morning? That's valid, and I support you. Everything needs something to aspire to. Judging people based on crap you made up however, is stupid. Know it. Fascism requires you to be ignorant. Twitch Streamer! "Transformers: Super 8" weirdo LG(B)(T) - She/Her
AndreVanOsberg USA @VP You Demonrats loaded up your falsely named Inflation Creation Act with all this elitist, globalist, religion of climate crap! It needs to be rolled back so that inflation and stealing of America’s funds and resources is stopped! Me? Awww… Ya know… It ain’t easy bein’ me.
DrFunkhauser @paulfrommpls @DeRushaJ No he’s says he’s shopping condos now and he won’t buy one where you can hear it. My question is- what’s wrong with me not wanting to hear that crap? I don’t want any broadcasting of religion over speakers anywhere. And no, I’m not Muslim and to me, I don’t believe a single… Got Rich on Mega Maga Trickle Down
JerryCann1 It's nice to share. Love, J+A @CBSSunday @tomnbev 💃🏻 Anna here, teacher. Klanned Karenhood is funded by christofascists who want to shove their religion down everyone's throats under the guise of "parent's rights". This hack segment omits that. Between this and 60 Min., CBS is promoting right wing crap--not watching anymore. Artist and math teacher; we dig science, nature, music; we're civilians who advocate for Vets. B+H = good trouble 🌊🇺🇸 Anna's tweets start w/💃🏻mine don't.
JFA13041967 Vancouver, BC/Phoenix, Arizona @Acyn . But we don't want that religious crap in #America (especially not in our schools)... Religion is exactly the root to all evilness in America and the world... WAKE UP FOR FU... SAKE!!! Religion is a private matter, and should be kept private within people's homes. NO DM🙏 NO CRYPTO🚫 100% 💙 100% 🇺🇦 @Lufthansa/@Lufthansa_Cargo B777/787🧑‍✈️ 👉🇨🇦🇩🇰Happily engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world🇨🇦🇩🇰👈
ShayWoulahan Ireland @HannahBerrelli The “Amazing” atheist is a good example of why you shouldn’t centre your life around short term pleasure. If religion gives people purpose in life that’s a million times better than thinking life is just about watching porn, having weird sex and eating crap. Feminist, Socialist, Lesbian, Femme, 26, 🇮🇪. Writer for @reduxxmag 💖 Coordinator @AllianceLGB. Follows and likes not an endorsement. Views my own.
KLynn930 @krassenstein Saying this country was religion free is a lie, this country was built on God. “One nation. Under God.” But in America you have free will to believe what you want. Y’all really just make up crap as you go to fit your agenda. One word of God and all the evil gets to squirming. Lol I like animals more than people | #35 | 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
bubbastrong85 Just signed up with Hulu for at least a free month, and just found (this is for fellow ‘80s kids, likely boys, but not excluding, calm down), the original ‘THUNDERCATS’ cartoons! (Yes, sick of all the politics and religion best-me-down crap 😶) ex West Point OLB, broken back and RA took me out, Honor’s College at UofH, verifiable but ran into toxic relationships 🤷🏼‍♂️ not my real name 😁
JivatmaTheo Ithaca, NY / Raleigh, NC @kristy_clueless @TitansVision It's even scarier to realize the insecurity that drives the need to believe this crap. However, the scariest part is the atrocities on women that this delusional crap has men committing on a daily, hourly, nigh constant basis. Thanks religion and toxic masculinity! Stardust. Just like you
prettyplease_58 Read the seventh point u piece of crap have u got ur answer now he is trying everything to create this false narrative against sikhs man change your religion first u don’t deserve sikhi and if u r doing this for money remember u have to face god’s judgement at the end
RTGinNJ @Franklin_Graham You know what doesn’t have a place in proper public education Frankie? F*cking teaching about religion. This is a secular nation. You know what does have a proper place in education. Teaching actual history and not whitewashed bullcrap. There’s a reason Alabama education is crap Jersey born | Living in PNW | Blocked by Hanan Qahwaji and KKKari Fake #BlueCrew2024 #VoteBlue 🌊🌊💙☀️🌲🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦
I_Am_CK_ Hindusthan For their religion, it is always separate for men and women and respect them etc... but for other religions, they come up with all such crap... If you're not paying for the product, you are the product.
Hilltop__Leader The Hilltop @RyanShead Seeing the evil and hate this "person" is displaying? Has me feeling blessed that I turned my back on organized religion a long time ago. Who needs that crap? Who wants it? I dare anyone to invade my personal space like that. I'd need bail $$ Much respect he kept his cool. #Parody #BlueOnceMore24 #ProudDemocrat #Resister #KindnessMatters ❤ I VET! 🚫 MAGA! 🚫 I'LL PUT YOU ON BLAST! Rps 18+ NSFW #DeadCity 6/2023 🇺🇦
Jam3sKalli @amuse This is ridiculous. Stand up America, no one should be forced to hear that crap. Keep your religion private and to yourselves or in your institutions
JfkWhitlam Australia @GigaS3XY @elonmusk @jnsfrd Yep Straight up Taliban are disgusting Just my opinion. If your country is so poor that you need to sell your daughters, you have the wrong religion, or you are doing your religion very wrong. And your government is crap. "We choose to go there, not because it is easy, but because it is hard." Poverty is an international disgrace, We are all diminished by it.
Ace_2029 @EdKrassen @JuliusAidelebe Because religion helps give purpose and a sense of morality. Something you know nothing about. Nothing wrong with the 10 commandments when Islam crap is already in schools. Our country was founded based on Christianity and its principles.
JeffHil95551698 Rochester, IL @NeoEdmund1 @CNN But for you or liberals are ok for transgender crap? Actually in the religion is in 1st amendment as well and thank God for sure!👏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸
CosmicTruths New York, USA @realmitchlittle @cjtackett Goddamn it’s so cool subverting the constitution! /s… What’s awesome is the more y’all push your crap religion down people’s throats, the more people walk away from religion, so thank you for being bigots and groomers. Question everything and keep an open mind.
ClutchPatterson @men_odins I don't get it, they are making a religion out of this trans crap, or is it already a religion to them, I have never saw anything like this insanity. Billionaires telling people what they are and aren't allowed to say... You're allowed to follow me folks, I am not begging but this is how we build an unstoppable force.
GallihughDeb @itsgoodvsevil @marlene4719 @TiredOfTrump73 This is your party so stop claiming to care about religion and kids. Your Parties actions tell a whole different story. Just because we don’t follow your hateful Mega religion doesn’t mean several of us don’t follow the real teachings.This crap doesn’t look very religious at all. Don’t knock on doors,use others driveways, go to wrong cars,malls,theaters, concerts,etc, and u might just survive the maga’s 3rd world living of lunacy.
Newtolife3 Pa, USA @homechic76 @InfiDale3476 @Margare51775614 @Asensii20 @RealJamesWoods Through the past 1000's of years religion has been a blight on the world. It gives cover to evil crap. Today the evil crap is Trans people in years past It was people of different races and religion. It is all the same It pushes hate and division. Simple as that. If religion wants a voice in government let them pay for it like everyone else. 4% of their Real-estate would end hunger in the US.
_Educatedfool I dont believe in Church, God and anything that comes with is such a crap and waste of time Work hard until they can't recognise u 👌.
JohnGus13 In the Lone Star state @SawyerHackett So.....Texas politicians pick ONE, and only ONE, religion to shove down kids throats at a public schools. America honors ALL religions, not just the grumpy old man white MAGA Christianity crap. Honor all, or none (none is the only correct answer for schools). Hoping America recovers