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LithiumCa Ontario @Sheldon_Walker_ @TakeThatCDC @troydee @krebiozen @FrankDElia7 @WendyOrent @MeddlinMegs @KatLaRue7 @StopVaxxedLies @cacoethes_carpe @badzoot7 @JaneEOpie @Monstercoyliar @skyMadison5 @GrumFromNorwich @SmutClyde @ChrisJohnsonMD @BGLTHMND @silversynergy @mcfunny @ianfmusgrave @immunotoxPhD @_mamadeb @SMcwoof @kfunk937 @TheFrankmanMN @chaoticsx2 @lizzysawrusrex @fiski70 @AlumiLynn @_CWN @misinfofox @Awithonelison @BeckyJohnson222 @VaccineCourse @Plasticdoe @TinFoilAwards @chronicleflask @TakeThatChem @Boxmenot @Rosewind2007 @nicriopeele @BlueLionBlog @jkellyca @katiebarthedoo1 @doritmi @DrMamaKai @TioChango_ @MAhealthforkids @ObamaNoMessiah As everyone expected, your knowledge of race and religion is crap too. At least your excel game is tight. Another Brown Socialist MLM CDN. Anti-imperialist, focusing on health equity policy and Labour. Critiques on Asian American Boba Liberals for fun!
CeriCat Tamworth, Australia @veemez @QandA Why do the religious have the authority to speak for the irreligious? Don't start crap with me, I'm tired of dogma being protected and encouraged while my right to not practice a religion is ignored. Depressed PC Technician
gajera_nimesh Gujarat, India @PREETJO04478948 Yes, India is made up of different religion people but i think majority will support UCC. And for the better growth of country India should stand up from religion crap. Building the Future #civilengineer
drakkenmensch The land of maple syrup and cariboos @Lehi08427389 @RightWingWatch That's it. I asked you to stop trying, but noooooo you HAD to keep TRYING. Now I'm not just annoyed, I'm pissed off and I will TRASH your undead carpenter's name to whoever I can and CRAP over your religion any chance I get. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? BECAUSE IT'S WHAT YOU GET. Vice is the spice of life. Gender fluid canadian mage, summoner of demon moose.
BrandonH_1995 South Carolina @thegoodgodabove As a Christian, I feel I must say that the obvious answer is THE THIRD ONE. Seriously, read the damn Constitution. It clearly states that there is NO ESTABLISHED RELIGION. And GOP/MAGA “Christians,” the rest of us know you’re full of crap. Y’all aren’t clever. 😑😑😑 Nerdy Hippie - Straight as a Circle - Progressive - Feminist - Gaymer - Bookworm - Obsessed with the Art of Storytelling - He/Him
wwarfel71 Indianapolis, IN @tracy_forner @jakequery @roncallihigh The principal is a moron. Was not impressed when we met him when my eldest was a freshman and went there for one year. Church over education. Sis was uncomfortable because she knew I thought all the religion crap was bullcrap, but a better education chance. We didn't need them. Boilermaker, Yankees, kidney donor, asshole, mediocre golfer, CFC. Lesser but taller half of Wanamaker's Power Couple.
PolzellaShiloh @DFAaction @IlhanMN Then maybe she shouldn’t have condemned America and Isreal? We started criticizing and condemning this piece of crap because of who she is and what she stands for. Not because of her race or religion! So do us a favor and STFU!!! Everything makes me special. Especially when I know I’m better than most 😈
tool32386 @BabyYodaBaby I would imagine that baby Yoda would be smart enough to know that religion is a crock of crap. Plus Jedi is a form of religion and so is Mandalorian so I'm pretty sure be smart enough to not believe in Christianity as any sane person is. I like to party
trueamerican741 @FRCdc The United States is a Christian nation and freedom of religion only extends to Christianity. This wall of separation that liberals made up in their head is crap.
BannanaToast Retired to Plunder @SayHeyRocco (3)And not to mention, being a gay male in a place where gay males are most often frowned down upon is nerve wracking. I've been shamed and treated like crap because "its against [insert religion] to be gay". Gays and Trans and everyone seen as "not normal" are forced to struggle Twitter vigilante and scammer-crusher.
ADWTUO California, USA Can we now discuss this “religion of peace”? And @Ilhan role on the foreign relations committee .. because this open border crap she says and this terror she invites by condemning the “ban” is how things like this happens! HOLD HER ACCOUNTABLE! #LABELMEHUMAN and THINK FREELY! HELPING OTHERS LEAVE THE #RAINBOWPLANTATION 🇺🇸🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🚶🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🌈🏳️‍🌈🚶🏽‍♀️#THEADORABLEDEPLORABLE
Dianne_Emerson @wisermann @Tlcusa1 @sweposten @wherepond @USGOVIgnorance @FreakieF @inabster @40_Ronda @cjwerleman @jncatron @KlirPaul @IfNotNowOrg @Ruthanasia @BoycottIsraelUK @MoonRos @UN @BoycottIsrael9 @parallelpond @Ericson_ubbhult @AuthenticRabbis @Filomen03258997 @unikgirl11 @t_d_h_nair @LesterHoltNBC @TulsiGabbard @PatrickBuchanan For some crazy reason people actually believe there is a separate between church and state. I think the Prayer Club crap they do is just for Christians, right? Like they are the only one if they are going to sneak in a religion on us, ffs. Psychopath In Your Life YT - Podcast - Psychopath In Your Life Author-Psychopaths In Our Lives: My Interviews Book:
Judy02562547 Why is she always on TV did anyone vote for the hag. She even stops programming so she can say the same crap, she is becoming the most hated woman in America, and using religion makes me sick, someone tell her to call herself a catholic is blasphemy you dont support killing babys I want to help Americans save America, I want American's to know why they feel danger when they hear dems and liberals in our gut we know they want our kids
JuneLover70 Canada @thehill @sfpelosi What's with all the Bible talk lady?!?! You're in government first! This is what's wrong with the US. God this and God that uttered by politicians! Your voted in by folks that don't want religion in politics and all you're doing lately is spewing this crap. Get to work!! loves include : Maggie and all things food and wine ✌🌿😎🐶😍🌈
21Underhill Baxter Springs, KS She is so full of crap. You and your crazy’s have been hating our president since day one. Don’t throw out the religion card bc you’ve lost your mind. 😡 Follower of Christ, happily married, proud father, and a huge sports fan! #RockChalk #ChiefsKingdom #STLCards
Henry86216569 @aplastic_planet @HuffPost When I was kid..(here we go) Christmas was an exciting time. Now I’ve learnt that all that plastic crap is in the ocean, and the pagan belief system has no relevance on indigenous land encased on a single planet harbouring 4200 sects of religion in a barren MVEMJSUNP. Tax however nothing is nothing we’ll never know, if discovered... wouldn’t that be something...©️ WHITE ROOM 🎼
__Random1__1 purple skies🔮 @HailSatannn @loveableyoongii I don't see how him wearing a cross is a problem, I mean I wear one and I don't follow any religion or anything and no ones ever given me crap about it #YOONGI: What a relief we are seven
VENKAT2009 USA Oh! Please! Hide behind your religion? All this impeachment crap is because these democrats hate Trump and so taking American progress as hostage while playing the impeachment drama! On people,places,politics,culture,Health & Govt.American Telugu, love to have tweet contact from 197 countries.
GodofH3ll @cspan @SpeakerPelosi What an angry old witch. She is a Trump hater and hides behind a religion she does not give a crap about. If she cared about religion, she would have defended those that were being prosecuted for their religious believes. Anyone remembers the nuns being dragged through the courts What I say is my opinion. If you do not like it, that is your fault. We can have discussions just don't be a hater.
paulrob38805849 United States @TheLeadCNN Are you actually buying her crap? I doubt it. But you are a hypocrite! Vicious hateful and deranged woman. Trump will mop the floor with the House Dems in November. Her reference to religion and Catholicism is BLASPHEMOUS! Late term abortion queen..@TeamPelosi #KarlanMocksChrist BEAGLES RULE! MORE TRUSTWORTHY THAN DEMS! 😂Happily married, mother of two angels. Architect-Marketing. ❤️🇺🇸#TRUMPETTE! 🇺🇸#MAGA #KAG 🇺🇸
KellyCreollady2 @CNN She is so full of crap her and her wicked cold heart. How dare she say that about millions of people. We don’t just throw religion around we actually live it. We REALLY pray! We serve God! We love what @POTUS is doing, actually for America not against us! Jesus is Lord & Savior Animal Rescue Saints & LSU Fan! HAPPILY MARRIED Warrior for truth & justice Small Bus Owner #AmericaFirst BLOCK TROLLS #NRA #MAGA 🇺🇸
kimBR_549 @lindaz333 @Det9651 @preising @davidmweissman @FLOTUS Christians separate their ideology from their religion. Democrats’ ideology IS their Religion. You actually think the planet is dying from global warming and we have 10 yrs before we what? Spontaneously Combust? Better warm up. Its cold as crap. Climate Chaos to get ur $$$$$$ #MAGA #Trump2020 Lover of All things American; #Constitution says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t say__AS #patriot #Flotus #wherearethechildren
Stellarjay2 The Gem State Idaho @misbxn @oldbooknerd @Stonekettle It truly is mind control via propaganda. And as you mentioned some markets that’s all anyone can get. We first became aware of this problem driving across Oregon to Idaho. Nothing on the radio but right wing crap and religion.
CatrinaBrown4 @SharylAttkisson I think she is full of crap and uses her religion when it benefits her. What is her stance on abortion? (as a “Catholic”)🙄 Love God, Family, Football, and Wine ;) Go Skins & Buckeyes!!! Autism mom, volunteer, work in SPED and big Ejami fan!
NavtaV @Rangoli_A This is crap even for your poor standards. 4 men rape a defenceless woman and all you see is the religion of one? Not the craptiness of the 4 men as a whole and their disgusting attitude towards women that let them do this. Religion doesn't even make the cut in this discussion. snapchat: navta1984
_MarcusGuy Tzfat, Israel @MurkyButtah @naftali00055309 @jjz1600 This dude's got no idea what he's talking about... I am currently in Israel and there is absolutely ZERO intolerance for religion of any sort. This Murky guy is full of crap 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐛𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐆𝐨 𝐘𝐚𝐫𝐝. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky. NEVER be afraid to take the shot! Go Yankees!
wishthebest be kind-it all disappears @morethanmySLE @CherylShuman @SpeakerPelosi Speaker Pelosi, I DO NOT LIKE YOU BRINGING RELIGION INTO POLITICS. IS THAT NOT A FAUX? SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS IN CONSTITUTION. MAYBE YOU SHOULD BRUSH UP ON YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL ADMENDMENTS. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH A BULLcrapTER LIKE YOU. EVERY WORD OUT OFYOU MOUTH IS CRAP. 1.fighter for God, humans and animals. 2. Artist. 3. Always in your face, kindly!
Jarron21 Rockwall, TX @McconneyMichael @ChurchNewsroom Let’s put religion aside, the facts are that the “pay gap” is a load of crap. And if you put a man and a woman in the same job at the same time and they performed the same they make the same. Many multi varied analysis have shown this. “Time to Nut up or Shut Up” -Tallahassee
TasteSonomaWine @CongPalazzo @GOPLeader @SpeakerPelosi praying my ASS. My religion does not condone crap. And this is crap. 2 1/2 years of this political game play for political gain. From the day @realDonaldTrump you BASTARDS started this crap. Thinking we are stupid Americans, not gonna fly.
ckrom01 @ABC Nancy is so deep in crap and her crazy words is now trying to use her religion to try to make her look human! Sorry Nancy it isn’t working, you better start reading the Bible!
Seggitorial St Germain En Laye, France @Istanbultelaviv @canokar @CinarKiper @byzantinologue Preschool is the cutoff after that it gets all military, nationalistic, scary crap with some religion chucked in and my pet peeve, learning that everything is ‘ayip ‘. But if you’re not Turkish it’s different than if half-Turkish or Turkish. (Oh and Turkish parents are a ‘mare.) marketing/innovation prof / EMBA Director @ESSEC, ex @ozyeginuni, @bilkentuniv, part-owner @Morton_FC, innovation; football; marketing;
Kashmir16704132 Izmir, Turkey @Ibne_Sena @MehboobaMufti Hahaha forefathers of Hindus were Buddhists also forefathers of Afghans we’re Buddhist so should China now take over Afghanistan. This is crap india is feeding you. We can have any religion and change it whenever we want it doesn’t make us Indians Doktora (All previous accounts suspended by @twitter to chock my dissent)
UnpopularIn India @VijayPainoli @SrinivasaChava @tavleen_singh @BDUTT So ? I don't give 2 crap about a religion. Persecution of a human is the persecution of humanity. Dividing and using it for your political power is abhorrent. Atheist, ex-Muslim, always trying to be unbiased. Always ask questions. It's the first step to progress.
martinj65590818 Winchester, England @ghartless @AVFC_Religion Last season means nothing.Wesley is not good enough. We need wins and quickly. Saints have started winning and Everton are not going to be crap all season.
Amy4Truth Holy Crap! This is Beyond brutality, it’s sickening! It’s Evil and straight up devil worship stuff. Oh he’s a Muslim cleric (Religion of Peace) Don’t seem peaceful to me. Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free
indianbyheart76 @NasreenKhan Nepal is paying the price of becoming Secular.. so cut crap about Nepal becoming Secular.. Why is that were Mulsims go, they try to assert their religion and want Shariah . .. Europe is paying the price now..
rob65664730 @EliotShorrParks @BaldyNFL People keep supporting Wentz while all he does is make you wince with his inaccuracy, fumbles and taking bad sacks. He has regressed that he is not a starting qb in this league. 1st he needs to take his religion crap and stfu. software geek
nbnt3_ LA|AD @sheikhhw @theHaalaG It’s a means NOTHING. I always wondered what kind of Muslims spread the 2012 world was ending propaganda and it’s super clear it’s these kind of Muslims..this is against the religion stop believing this crap. You are the type of people dajaal will fool الحمدالله🇦🇪🇺🇸
kentmadd Sydney, Australia @strebormt @simonahac My religion makes me ask questions all the time. My religion is Love. I am an Anglican in Sydney - I know about crap religion. I just ask that we find the real culprit here - the use of religion and politics to gain money, power and prestige amongst the weak Opera Singer, Husband, Father, Golfer, Food and Wine lover, philosopher, Anglican
sonofomenuko Abuja, Nigeria @richie_kegz @Mackobra1 @funshographix This is pure crap! The colonizers religion holds no good for me but his education holds good for you? His clothes, his technology, his language all hold good for you? Abeg, come out plainly and say what your real bias is. Committed to the ouster of incompetent and irresponsible governance in Nigeria.#NigeriaMourns #OurLivesMatter #GiveUsBackOurCountry #SayNoToBadGovernance
transpo01 Oneonta, NY @sandyslove123 @1Romans58 @di_plora @gatewaypundit @PPact @PPFA TRUMP is doing 98% Right! the 2% the Religion and Pro-Life Crap is where he's Totally WRONG! Will More than Likely Vote for him again and we'll Fix this Mistake after 2025! Democrat/Liberal NON-Progressive Transportoligist
kutinnaku @Peter_Fitz @smh for centuries now thousands have stood up called this for what it is and died horrible deaths,its time to stand up again and end this absolute crap of religion with its mythical gods its talking snakes its farcical miracles its magic water, crying statues its pedophilia etc
antiqueman65 Mount Victory, OH @JosephSakran Terrible. Mix religion and government, this kind of crap is what we get. Retiring for health reasons. My main job is to care for Peggy.
MichaelOrwell7 Pluto @gcLaborista @MorpheusBeing Because people are Christian does not make them crap, or if they are Muslim or Buddhist. My personal view on religion is in evolutionary psychology- evolved for social group preservation. My view on God is tied up with Quantum Theory and Relativity Midvale Lunatic Assylum
TmlFan10 @AaronWherry All lies lies lies this climate religion . This climate crap is being pushed by the Evil UN and you know it . This is a front for herding us into cities so they can keep an eye on is better . Enforcing climate religion and if we dont comply the UN military will enforce and punish music hockey soccer christian
silvermultitude .@demonhunterband Are you expecting to convert your idols to your "holy" lie? Your "religion" is the same crap they know and it wouldn't make any difference in their lives. Actually, they would get worse, inspired by more darkness. For you're only an irrational fanatic fool. Silver or brass?
TIANSEBS Madrid, Spain @IslamiSized @Dewey8Dewey @taniajoya7 @TheMaskedArab Yes.I mean like the Spanih inquisition,only you are doing it in this very day an age. I have no problem calling the christian religion the irrational violent misogynistic garbage that it is. So is islam and it's all incoherent crap to live by which is why it's enforced with fear I love music, films, advertising, books and good conversations.
prcabulrid @realDonaldTrump i'd never sell America down the river the way Biden and Pelosi tried to. I don't give a crap what race or religion someone is AMERICANS are the ONLY priority of America!!
giveusatune France & London @americanzionism @KateEppers @francesweetman Article dated Sep 2018. Yep - let's get the Tory Zionist vote out in force shall we and dump the crap on Corbyn. Talk about prejudice - this is unedifying in its blatancy. I back no political Party and when religion is brought into the debate in this way I quite understand why. Musician, Composer & Talent Manager
GuyKube @sharkdiveruk @emkwrites @RachelRileyRR But its all bullcrap, as is christianity, as is every other man made nonsense religion. Can all just stand back and stop bullcrapting about made up crap to justify being horrible bastards to each other.

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