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budi_nasron Putrajaya & Kuala Lumpur @rahah_ghazali @DrRaisYatim @hannahyeoh You're the one who says other religion is crap, he didn't. He is very intelectual in his argument about others. All are allowed to criticize his points too. And have a dialogue with him. Professional with working & living experience in Malaysia, Australia, Oman and USA. UT Austin, MRSM Taiping, High School Muar & Parit Setongkat Alumni.
thiqabi Cuba/Getting flogged Organised religion is crap I went on a whole Umrah and prayed for clear skin yet here I am with cystic acne @madebyzaina. @skinwithzai. RT ≠ endorsement. 🏳️‍🌈
theoneonthemoon my 8 year old cousin called me and we chatted for an hour, he explained to me a lot of football terms and how Jesus never really existed and that religion is crap. "kindness, tears and brutal realism"
ArizonaGoldenG Arizona, USA @BetoORourke Also, screw you and the bullcrap holiday you rode in on! Eid Al-Ass is not an American holiday and their religion is crap. #BanIslam #BanIlhan #BanBeto You will never be our President but I welcome you to continue wasting daddy’s money trying👍🏻 Loser 🤘🏻Left-Handed-Right-Winged #BinaryWoman #Trump2020 #BuildTheWall #GodBlessAmerica #BearArms #MAGA #BabyLivesMatter #AmericaFirst #ICE #InGodWeTrust 711 🇺🇸
hjbhatt I'm so proud that these terrorists can march in britain but can't even raise their eyes on India. Britain is going to become new jihadistan with sharia law. All that multiculturalism crap is going to turn into one and only religion of peace culture. A Teacher, A Periodontist, Cricket-Crazy, Chess-Geek. Obsessed with Cards n Cubes and Philosopher when alone. Super SALTY Gamer. Good at pretending. Atheist.
Luna13230020 Russia Moscow @leingh @sally_hashtag @janafisher47 @paramedicgrl89 @LiloAuntie You do not friends think I love turkey 🦃 just because I’m muslin.Yes,I don’t eat pork.They always try to squeeze religion into every this is a matter of principle.I hate chauvinism,fascism and all this crap. “A single rose can be my garden..a single friend my world.”Leo Buscaglia.This is about Stana Katic,MiDo,Squirrel,Robin,Monica,Caro,Terry..❤️
Voldywithnose1 Paris, France @ChrisDespard He everything you wrote. A disgusting piece of crap but if she used her grandmother to fuel her propoganda then she is no better. She is known to have anti Israel views and her religion is influencing it. I would expect better from POTUS and I would expect better from a democrat No idea what I am doing in this life. MUFC, GSW, Yankees, Pittsburgh Penguins, Cuck, Submissive, naturist, nudist
ShadowWilliam13 Benton, AR @Proggie76 @harisansari258 @IlhanMN Read it before. Some crap about because of her nationality and religion and can’t take personal responsibility and must hate Jewish people. Why is she labeled ‘hateful’ for criticizing policies of one nation, but every can use her religion to attack her? A fan of anime, cartoon, movies, and good entertainment in general. Also a #antiantiSJW that has some strong political opinions I like to share. #BringbackApu
mann_roi Denver - Las Vegas - Toronto @RomeoAlpha68 @ashhleyyrc Piss might brighten up her life. She has been surrounded by too much out house Bible reading. The crap smell is fogging her capacity to think clearly. Don't mix religion with politics and with learning. That's what you have Sunday School for. Stay out of the social fabric. Family of Writers (Heinrich & Thomas Mann), Humanitarian, World Traveler, Environmentalist, Art of Cooking. Best Chili Recipe in the World. 🇨🇦🦂
BillHarman6548 Westerville, OH Religion is nothing but myth and superstition designed to control. If you believe that’s ok but you get into deep crap with this kind of statement. A seasoned traveler who runs with scissors, colors outside the lines and knows every connection is an opportunity to solve a problem, enhance a life or both.
Barleymasher Houston @mitchellvii This tweet is too funny. A great example of why religion is such a joke and morons like this guy will bend and twist it to fit their idiotic agendas. This Particular crap has been repeating ad nauseum for 2000 years. Architect
elageorge5 AZ @psychdr100 See, the god you’re talking about is your god. You have no right to foist that crap on schools either. There are lots of religions that are celebrated in this country and the world. Yours is no more the “right” religion than any other. I’m so sick of hearing these people. human, veteran
CaramelCookiie The City @D_786_ That’s India and Pakistan though no? Not religion. I hate all that targeting crap... like that pic. It’s not the religion that is the problem it is the people. A war has two ‘fighting’ sides not one. Perfectly imperfect ..
AMZG_23 Paris, France @Richard37909999 @BieSteph Yeah so you're admitting that you're blind, you believe everything your government tells you even if it's crap. Whatever you say about demography, they are French whatever their religion is, and that is something a Chinese will never understand. AmazinG
modern_goat High desert of New Mexico USA @KatelynTweeter @auntiesam_usa Short like your sightedness with women’s health and the organization of @PPact 🙄 Instead of being spoon fed by a patriarchal based religion- do some research backed by science. Your entire timeline is crap filled ignorant tweets. Mixed media artist, curator & art consultant based in the high desert of New Mexico. I tweet about art, animals, politics, and sometimes I swear.
veroandroman London @BlueKnight1878 @TracyAnnO @neetneet4710 @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour They had no minds to start with. EU is like a religion to them, they must agree with everything the EU does and say.... no matter what crap it comes out with. If it told everyone to commit suicide to save Earth, I'm pretty sure most of the remainers would. Ex stunt double; played 🏉 a bit; intransigent since birth; like/retweet=save, NOT endorsement; MVAMO™
tanniss4 Thousand Oaks, CA @IlhanMN moron Israel does not have to allow muslims into their congress they are a jewish state and as such you muslims aree not welcome for the simple fact islam is a crap religion that calls for the extermination of jews and christians now you are dismissed for being too stupid I am a content creator on yt I am a father to fantastic kids and husband to a very patient wife lol I am a disabled American vet who loves his country
ExposingFakene4 California, USA @IlhanMN Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance... Who is trying to sell us that load of crap? Now my eyes are open and I am Exposing the lies of the Leftists.#RedPill #FourMoreYears @NRA #MAGA @POTUS #Trump #WalkAway #Blexit
TyneshiaH Dallas, Tx. @badboyforlife74 @catsarebetterrr @TowandaTOWANDA9 Exactly! I’m in the process of unlearning a lot of crap! I definitely believe religion is use to control a group of ppl and sin is man-made concept designed to invoke fear. It’s mind control and sadly, many ppl live their lives according to false teaching 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Mom of 1 great son #UNT Alumni #MusicLover #PopCulture enthusiast #Love meeting interesting people and always searching for #MyTruth #Praise GOD \o/ \o/
koo__net 🌈🌱 +810 💢 (she/her) :pp ★ @nayeonsmother someone getting attacked for their religion is wrong and isnt a fanwar crap. also theres something called self growth and thankfully they have done that. ofc we cant change their past and as much as they wish they couldve they cant and continue to grow from their mistakes ! :] ★#HOBI: (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ) i say this in the nicest way possible ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)jungkook wtf are you doing.
amanag90 New Delhi, India @GAUAHAR_KHAN You wanna go next on the BAN list? Kashmiris dont even have cinema halls to watch your crap..we pay for it! Kashmir is an integral part of India through this hardline only terrorism can be washed out! Dont blaber crap and..dont play ur religion card 🙏 A CPSU employee. HR Professional. A proud Indian by birth and heart. Youtuber. Cricket, Football & Music lover. MUFC Fan. Traveler. BJP Supporter. Modian
DdaannHhaanniiu @wrongwaylbj The bible. My mom was a jesus freak and would beat the crap out of us kids while reciting passages. Sometimes she'd beat us with the bible. I learned the bible & religion is a load of bullcrap & people use it to con others, justify their own personal desires & hide behind. sorry. trolls like to use bios to attack... #resistance
nanajanet1954 Allentown, PA I do not know any good religion who would preach crap like this. First of all, combining religion and government, according to our constitution, is illegal. Road to Broadway mini dance competition.
RoonKolos Hartfound @WLuv3r @Fire_God_K4NTI @tbprising3 Isnt it weird how most civilized countries tend to look down on that? Crossing all forms of religion and beliefs? How places where the bible isnt commonplace also consider boinking your dog is an illegal act? How even most furries look down on that crap? Weird Art by @DeputyRust. It's literally me||Dying Light & Paladins Fan||Im T||Literally Autistic||Distracted by Flashlights||Now as Free DLC
Jeffery14386981 Texas @RashidaTlaib I figure you could have gone with the rest of the congressional delegation, but you didn't. You're anti-israeli, an anti-semite, a liar, and a despicable pile of crap. All of that has nothing to do with your race, your sex or your religion. It is merely YOU baring YOUR soul
petsgalorex2 This is disgusting. Our country is so f'd up for letting people like this get by with such crap and claim it's because of religion. This has got to stop. Retired healthcare worker, luv animals more than most people, have a basset & a rescued cat, political junky, impeach tRump, kick out McConnell & Graham.
BabrooWahen New Delhi, India @Sifaoui This little girl is being covered by her (assuming) own mother for the fear that she may arouse men in her own house I have no words to express the insecurity and fear that lives in the house . And there are people who justify this crap in the name of Religion of Piece? The World is immersed in Cosmic Intelligence. Every being is connected to the Supreme. It's a question of experiencing and getting rewarded.
mickdobson Germany, Nordrhein Westfahlen ... NRW @realDonaldTrump @ainsleyearhardt @foxandfriends The Racist Twitter Twit is at it again! Anti Female Anti Religion Anti Everything Every time You Open Your MOUTH Nothing but Crap and Racist Comments come out. Born and Bred in England. Dual National Of Great Britian and Germany.
logictalk1 it doest matters if you belong to a certain religion, gender if you talk crap you get your bottom whipped. so logictalk is for talks with sense and logic, not just to make foolish, false allegations. An average Joe
The_PSR @hcalven19 @angel28kc oooh Lisa, you filthy homphobic judgemental hypocrit, your name is in lights! May you find peace knowing your middle eastern religion had apostles named Mark, John, Mathhew and Luke as you try to cling to your outdated plagiarised crap. Feel free to nominate people for our wonderful list!
itznergis London, England @realionaireee I don’t care what religion it is, until a certain age your parents have rights upon you. After that you’re a free person. Full stop. This is some backwards and ignorant mindset and I’m sick of seeing this crap on the tl. Kurdî & Turk ♥️
Susie92391791 @thehill Is he Israeli?? I had no clue. Crap, I thought he was an American who was all about free speech, religion and crap.
FortMoa @SenSanders You earn respect, dumbass hippie socialist. No one is entitled to anything especially respect and definitely not these two based on their antisemitic rhetoric. Don't crap on a religion and pretend it is raining Skittles. #KAGA2020 #IStandWithIsrael Conservative Christian, USAF Veteran, 🇺🇸#KAGA2020🇺🇸 #2A🇺🇸 #MAGA🇺🇸
AnonSnark New York, NY @RevDrDickMove @ida_skibenes that old bullcrap is fading tho. the key is to refer to them as israel's right wing. who is like our right wing. religion has nothing to do with their bad behavior and oversized influence on our gov. religion are weeds to them. nobody gives a crap who people pray to. Follow me if ur fed up with ANOTHER lawless admin (bush 2.0) and the feckless leadership unwilling to learn from the past and serve consequence. I follow back.
SLeoud R'lyeh @Suluclac @BernieSanders @RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN @realDonaldTrump So, your entire family is brain damaged? And "this crap" isnt what is costing you your religion. God abandoned you as soon as you voted for an adulterous, racist sheister like Trumpster Fire. If you support Donnie, you're not a christian, you're a hypocrite The official page of SmokeyMcLeoud, Great Old One, and game streamer
gwennelsonuk @adamrocketblack @treesmaofficial @mrbaen8 @ChurchofSatan @gwensnyderPHL @noisecrime13 The stereotypical image of gay men being camp, effeminate and/or sissy is one that some Satanists like and some don't, and most of us don't really give a crap one way or the other. Satanism itself as a religion+philosophy doesn't say much of anything about these stereotypes. The transwoman formerly known as @garethnelson, transgendered transhumanist cyborg
LauraBreathing Indiana, USA @MaureenShaw @cvspharmacy Anyone who thinks this is about religion doesn't see the big picture. They can't exactly come out and say they want to force women to increase the number of white babies, because whites might become a minority. White women need to quit being the votes they need to pull this crap. It's time to fix what we have all broken, and "easy" over "right" isn't going to cut it. Reports impersonators.
NebiajMario @beatpoxer @MaaretRahkonen @manningtweet @zarakayk It's crap in all sense, women who couldn't swim is a human right issue in the first place. It's crap because they have less right that western world where a women decides what to wear and not some old misogynist man and some old book. When a religion values a piece of fabric more
manamiangry United Kingdom @joedftfd @BallDropped @Wil_Welvaerdt @maxsec @CptnCrutch5373 @TTownJoe @devinmind_ @forthemasses @dtjaayne @try_thinking @Kompromat9 @e_wile @imkimaaron @FightFlat @debiacharya1969 @sonoftruth_ @NonsenseFlat @Mctoon27 @DoubleDworks @RagicalTweets @FLAT__EARTH @RiderOfDinosaur @BelieveInBlopp @pashton65 @mozz44 @rocketragnar @DavidDDavidso16 @phiroc @Jaydenbull3 @facebones777 @_Gravity_Man @ioustinian @Royal_Time @FLATHORIZON @EmptyGreenPants @BadlyDrawnFloyd @Beeeelzebub888 @hunt9941 @p_golinski @sabreaxe @jlinnation @rokro111 @Earth_is_FLAT_ @AitorCM2018 @BleuChimay @novahollandiae @AustralisPiper @LogicalReterg @Mattlan12 @earthisaglobe Oh FFS. It shows you what a load crap the Bible and religion is. About time people grew up and stopped believing In garbage like deities because it gives them a sense of hope after death. My therapist said I needed a way to vent my anger, so I created this Twitter account. Proud to be a remoaner, beats believing a deceiver.
Caranina01 U.S. Well, there goes Plan B that SO many women count on. We're back to the Dark Ages. Sucks. This is what happens when you mix RELIGION and POLITICS: Sharia law! Just the kind of crap the founder's feared... Political activist, artist, blogger, writer, poet, athlete, gardener, Vegetarian, mother, & just an ordinary person trying to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, like you! :)
JoeTew Meridian, MS @Nedsfeed @BernieSanders U do realize that if enough people stop buying NFL crap that they could not pay those people all of that money? That 💰doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. But, alas, there are people who believe football is a religion and must pay their tithes every season to be able to worship “I still hate commies even though they changed their name to democrats”
MikeH_MapleGrov USA @RebeccaWarnefo1 @CharlesDarwinTX @PAlterBoy1 @Mcschweety @Carbongate @MAdjusted @RustyAway @ILuvCO2 @ZombiePiano @PolAnimalAus @IngersolRobert @Ozwino @MatthewHavicon @baltch @JamesRider3 @HVACPerformance @Andrewemcameron @mrlogic1234 @1000Frolly @sueytonius @horrdorr @craigthomler @KCTaz @TAGOS22 @George_Peppard @doom37455413 @RoyPentland @FChecker76 @Sou_HotWhopper @AtomsksSanakan @ElectroPig @AltUS_ARC @VHuwhite @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @ProfBrianCox @readfearn @BillNye @neiltyson @uwanews @nstokesvic @RichardAMuller @hausfath @TheDemocrats Absolute Crap statement. One. Science is based on evidence, religion is based on belief and has preachers - supporting AGW theory isn’t worship. Two. Ppl that accept AGW theory don’t do it for glory, but for necessity. We r warning ppl, not looking for praise. #climatebrawl Catholic, Vet, College Grad, Software Developer, Licensed Pilot, Political Moderate, Avid Reader, Space and Science fanatic
AngryBaneling Anor Londo, Lordran @JaredBrickey @Alkaizer1987 @PhillipBroz @Blain20_ @EthanVanSciver @NickRekieta Not really. The idea is very simple: Identity politics and preachy religion don't sell books. -Don't insult fans with your politics. -Don't insult fans with your religious crap. Nope. Nothing to see here.
AngryBaneling Anor Londo, Lordran @JaredBrickey @Alkaizer1987 @PhillipBroz @Blain20_ @EthanVanSciver @NickRekieta He doesn't get to play the victim card after he insinuated that Ethan and CG are "anti-christian" just because Ethan told Mike to stop trolling people with religious crap. CG is anti-identity politics and religion. Doug and Mike don't get a free pass for hiding behind religion. Nope. Nothing to see here.
ntdgrlnxtdoor India There are more than 50 countries in this world that are officially named Islamic countries then there are idiots who say crap religions doesn't matter and humanity is the best religion lmao fools. Main stree hoon kuch bhi karsakti hoon. Mountains shoes books 🖤 look towards extreme right and you'll find me :)
jarun_1980 @savukku @surbalu @RohitvNiranjan @dhanyarajendran @sumanthraman @Ahmedshabbir20 @rajinikanth Adeei Savukku... first of all he meant disgrace (and not disguise) !! Secondly #Thalaivar is true spritual person and has no bias based on religion. So stop your crap !!
Kirill54 Norwich, England @angel28kc This is why anyone must avoid religion. It replaces brain with pile of dog crap. Religious means uneducated, evil, stupid and violent. car engineer
trumpsuce1 Steve King basically said that human men are at the core of their being rapers and pillagers ....he should have thrown in killers.........and it would explain the history of America and the world and that religion is a bunch of crap. Independent, agnostic and a Trump Hater because he's a narcissistic, White racist who's a lying ignorant stupid blow-hard who doesn't respect OUR Constitution.
candacemickey1 USA @BidawiFawzi That is crap and you know it. Religion does not belong in politics. Proud resister,#bluewave🌊🌊 Mom of 2, TWD, Oscar Rodriguez fan, His art rocks.Lover of nature, animal lover. Activist.😎

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