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VishuSi01332320 India @Profdilipmandal You speak bucket load of lies and continue calling yourself professor. This all would have gone unquestioned but not anymore, your hate for Brahmins who sacrificed their lives for Indian independence and protected the religion is sickening. You are a hypocrite and third rate crap Special Agent
Jenny_Oliphant1 South Africa @bonmalux_ I would. As long as their religion is about positivity and divinity. I won't be switching to some voodoo crap 🤗🤗🤗
JMills29394666 @Franklin_Graham @newtgingrich Religion and politics cross paths wether we love it or hate it. People, this country, I say is the shining city on a hill. (Reagan) What other country in this world people dropping 3 year olds over a 14 foot fence cause their parent paid for it. This crap real? Sad but ya!!
unspokenheardd Nairobi, Kenya @ItsMutai Bull crap.... Religion is for the inane, hopeless and those who embrace false hope. Living life lively.... Never expecting some guy riding a horse on the cloud to come rescuing me.
DwindlingGravy @YodelOnline What is this crap? Female is not a gender, it is a sex and it does not include transwomen who are the opposite sex (male). Where is the option to say "I don't follow this religion"? My life has been shaped by being female. I do not believe it’s hateful to say so. #IStandWithJKRowling HBOTSCTCTLGTR Don't cis me.
RageQuit46 @kkaystronger @sprct4 @eaglesdad89 @cmw582 @MikeBruscella @HealthInsider You are avoiding my question. Show me data from a data driven, reputable site, that shows the color of a person and/or religion of a person is exactly the same as someone with a contagious virus. I'll continue waiting. (or admit it is a crap argument) Just living every day over and over again outside of Pittsburg....
Niothwenn Virginia, USA @Dera_Godaforka What if atheists are wrong? There are a crap load of religious people wrong too, and they actually hurt people in his name. ALL people of good-will will meet God in the end. Religion is a double edged sword. It causes as much hate as it does true spiritual connection with God. #TheResistance #WearADamnMask #BidenHarris Reader, writer, gardener, USAF Vet, Democrat, environmentalist 🏳️‍🌈 ☧ #EqualityForAll #BlackLivesMatter
AbdulHai23 London United Kingdom @ekeree44 @YasMohammedxx That is insulting to people and that is why religion is dying as it is a lot of crap. Proud to be British and proud to be an alumni @LondonMetUni
therealtimjoad Ger Allabanach "The science is settled" is perhaps the most annoying, misinformed crap statement I've ever seen. Science, like the organisms that are the subject of multiple disciplines, evolves as our KnowledgeBase expands, and is a discipline, not a religion artist, activist, miscreant following in the footsteps of Tom Joad, hope delivery system
Mahesh31615582 @JPulasaria @Muralik79739498 And educate your kids that "All religions are equal" is crap bullcrap. It is the biggest hindrance to Hindus having pride in Hindu religion. That is why u see many Hindus easily converting to the other religions to marry a non-Hindu they like. Proud Hindu, Long time BJP Supporter. Will support BJP until there is a better alternative for Hindus.
starxman76 Leicester @thedailybeast @kalihollowayftw This is an extremely biased opinion article that paints all white Christians as racist. You should be ashamed of yourself using religion and Christianity to spread your crap opinions that constantly paint an entire group of people a particular way. Sounds like you're a racist! Don't drag me down with you. I'm an unoppressed black man that can think for myself without the fairytale crowd mentality. -Leicester, England & Charlotte, NC
MtnsVerdes Vermont, USA @AndreaKruse5 @JackPosobiec @RoystonPotter Oh Horse Crap!! Religion is personal and should remain as such! It has no place regarding our politics or culture! We have sacred documents for that. They are the Declaration, Constitution and its Bill of Rights! I’m alive and living the good life!
Wizz21516880 @vDIAVOLOS @imnotolga @LightfootProd @m4uve1 @carolgronowski @LilNasX Every Abraham's religion is crap and senseless and illogical Can't believe people still believe in Such medieval crap he/they
teeheeheemcfee @QuancyClayborne Scientists first and only. I don't believe in religion and the #CorruptGQP is full of crap. Liberal, love Obama, HRC, Warren, Harris, Science, Still conservative?You must be dumb, evil, both #uniteblue #BLM #MeToo #BidenHarris #Resist #Indivisible #FBR
nottstrekor1 Nottingham, UK @Samfire882 @ChristineODowd1 @numanofficial The proof is obvious - 9/11, the holocaust, ww1/2 - what benevolent "god" would allow that to happen to the creatures who worship it - open your eyes and look around - religion is a load of bollocks with all this my god is better than your god crap!
MrDash109 Ontario Canada Can you believe this crap and the hypocrisy? A fanatical group using religion as a tool to make us frightened of our own shadows is the very same thing as leaders of Canada's Conservative Reform Party appealing to irrational, angry people who loathe anything intelligent. #cdnpoli Commentary on political hustlers. No lists.
jcthemd Montevideo, Uruguay I am a practical man. I don’t give a *crap* about your: Ethnicity Skin tone Gender Sexuality Preferred politician Religion Body weight Height Ancestry I care if you’re a decent and fair human being. The rest is just noise. Physician and published researcher interested in preventing health disasters through lifestyle interventions. Tweets not medical advice, obviously. #Bitcoin
HopalaD "and you can take your mirror binding trap, and wrap yourselves up, like your books; Full of Crap! Fore that is religion to me. A house full of lies, whom need saving fore they choose not to see!" DMH GOD
jamesCo20281627 @ThisStraya @JacinthaGeia21 I hate religion it’s such a load of crap, but religion carries so much weight in politics and other walks of life.. how corrupt is the Vatican so corrupt..!!! Please.. Love for the day
Kininiabigael Kenya Sex shame and the guilt implored by religion denies us of so much. I'm just happy we're learning all that crap and owning out autonomy!! This is so beautiful, love this for them Good job @Karenkazlucas 🧡✨ Self Taught Fashion Designer @kininicreations | IG @kininicreations | Exponential Potential ❣️
PonAdhavan Hyderabad, India @Anaamikaa9999 @TheRealHindust2 @Xray70747620 @Tradhindu998 @carolkrish Language crap? Language is the reason you speak and earn money... Language plays a much bigger role in your life than Religion plays... Religion will be extinct, not language... Tamil Nationalist, Indian Union.
Silentgaurdiian India @bruh_mantri @StringReveals Even krishna didn't intend to make a new religion. But it is now. Hare krishna people are not far from splitting from Hinduism bcz Hindus eat meat, don't pray or chant. Ppl make religions. Religions are bull Crap. God made dharma and its one and eternal. Just someone interested in justice. Dharma ☸ is greatest of all.
MDayne Illinois @SecularOutpost If there is anything that atheists are not happy with it is the way religion is woven into our culture and government and given all kinds of breaks under the guise of freedom of religion while they piously interfere with the freedom of those who don’t buy into their crap. Questions answered, problems solved, promises kept. Social and Political Commentary and Discourse, Wannabe pirate. 🏴‍☠️ Argh....
DavidPh31778811 @SilverNBlack871 @NotPepeinVegas Religion, outside of politics, is one of the most divisive issues and should not be allowed at work. Del Rio screwed up the 2017 season with his Trump in the locker room crap--while Carr and Downing were determining looks for WRs based on prayer group attendance. Philosopher (Materialist), Scholar, Retired Deputy, Pro Labor Democrat, Army Veteran (MP), Teacher, Daoist (Green), Epicure-Stoic.
quila2013 United States @CantikaV3 @sugaasofly @jtoni_n @bts_bighit Ramadan is weird. To this day fasting seems really odd and unhealthy to not even drink water . I tried for 1 day when I was in uae. Worst day of my life. I felt like crap. So next day I ate in secret. I dont like how a religion tells u what u can and can't doFreedom is better ☹
lysesix Stuck Between Parody & Satire @Drexl_Raz Muslims who are new to that religion and want a taste of beer. Problem is: apparently, they're crap (the 0-alcohol beer) We live in a world where facts are anti-Semitic/Sinophobic bigotry & oppression is free speech. I also satirize dumb takes/human idiocy/politics/religion
clearspira @ForumAtheist Well... Roman documents prove that there was a guy who did start a religion and was executed for it. The rest of it is just crap though.
Arditi_Wil 🇦🇷 @Baghatur_ When a person abandons a religion it creates a void, and such void is filled with any crap. Wil | 🥋🥊🏋️‍♂️ | Hispanic with Italian blood mixed in | Ramblings, scacchi and crapposting. ⬛🟧 SACRO FVRORE 🔥 Roman Catholic 🇻🇦✝️ (a bad one)
Elaine665Laura @mistergeezy @coopers_mom5 Holy crap. I live in an area that is highly middle-eastern. I don’t agree with ANY religion, but I’ll tell you Muslim neighbors have been better neighbors than some of the so-called “Christians.” They share delicious food with my family AND we watch out for one another “Anger is an energy.” —Rise #Finally Breathing after 4 Nightmarish Years (DM’s will be deleted. Don’t waste your/my time). NO LISTS
TheTad92 Belfast I think I am still a Christian is due to Marilynne Robinson and Nietzsche. The first one showed me what a thoughtful, wise faith might look like. The second one is the best critic of crap religion I've ever read. Community theologian; Dr of books; Buffy fan; facilitator; writer. 'Theologian of the Ordinary' out with Bloomsbury. Director of @LeftSideUpNI
SeedhiBaatKaro Where is doubt in it. Only Hindus doubt their gods, scriptures. Ask any Abrahamic religion follower and despite having craploads of crap in their scriptures they never doubt it. Proud Sanghi, RSS in blood. Modi, Shah, Yogi Bhakt. Seculars & leftists kripya dur rahein, nahi to le li jayegi.
jaibharatam @Muktini7 @KkArora82 @KanganaTeam @ishafoundation U r right. I don't follow Hinduism becoz it does not exist a a religion. I follow it becoz it is a religion. Another crap tht is going on is this "Sanatan Dharma". I know that Hinduism is my religion and anybody blabberring against my GODs is crappy individual.
MikeBeglinJr @TEDX2000 @NPR @MattGoldstein26 The religious zealots would freak out about it, because they claim sex is only to have kids. That abstinence only crap has led to a ton of unplanned and surprise babies, but that's what happens when you mix religion and politics. The religious want control of others' genitals. I am a true Bengals fan.
MondolProf @BTCTILLIDIE1 I get it. First claim: Muhammad Ali was known as a social reformer and not a boxer Second claim : Islam made him that way even though his converting was an act of rebellion Last : ...... Please cut the crap, your religion has nothing is value to offer. It was entirely political. Successful businessman, philanthropist, social worker, motivational speaker, devout Hindu, follower of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Mahatma Narendra Modi.
AyatollahW @oppenheimera @MiamiHerald @TheAtlantic @GallupNews Good riddance. And the argument that religion is some form of moral compass is complete crap. Está too malo
kneupper San Antonio, TX @billmaher its funny that you think you had nothing to do with this crap.... For years you made fun of capitalism and religion. Now the woke are removing those ideas and this is what you get. Open borders, blowing out the budget, 2nd amend gone and a moron in happy now?
A_Pantomath Lagos, Nigeria @preshdeyforyou @pussytivittty Nothing person no go see A sexologist... A sex educator telling people to stop masturbation and start praying Religion and ignorance r ur problems and I am sure u didn't research on this bfor coming on twitter to say crap Please how is Masturbation wrong?? I dey wait for ur reply Atheist// Egalitarian// Ambivert// Information & Knowledge Junkie// Anime lover// Book lover// Local volunteer at AIESEC.
SandiegosurfCA Oceanside, CA @kfrank0603 My Mom is 86 was always Republican because it was the progressive party. I was Republican for same reason. But I caught on to the scam in 80’s / 90’s with the religious right crap and Rush the ass, my Mom has seen the light post Trump. Abolish all parties. No religion in politics Surfing Lessons For Everyone 7-70
col_chenji Bangalore @KanganaTeam By all means we will support him for the good work he does. But at times he gets too carried away with his own theories and talks crap. It is time ppl call him. He should stick to religion and spirituality. He has done good job uniting Hindus but should be careful with words. A war veteran,Studied at NDA, I run aThink Tank (visit website), Military Historian,Sanskrit Scholar, Writer,Globetrotter, Skydiver, Cycling,treks , Music ...
Arun_Chowdhury Liverpool, England @Sasha34813804 @Joe_Singh_ @BadGa1Kiki @samsecular1 @curioussinghs @89MaNdEePp @sukhisukhii @Nick13947057 @LyllpuriaDeep1 @Karanveer_135 @TweetGhotra @Shujah29407033 @cjwerleman Also only time I see anyone speak badly or post obscure things regarding Hinduism is because they’ve reached their level due to things been said to them and stuff posted about their religion. Mostly been in response to the crap they deal with on threads like these. I love Liverpool FC, I have interest in most sports. I love listening to music and do enjoy reading in my spare time! I like to have a beer and meet new people.
StregaMystica Middletown, PA, USA @JJettas_Burner @LilNasX Gurl, the whole "zombie Jeezus is praying for you" crap is is the absurd thing, not #CMBYN... If your god really is Love, then sit the fuq down, shut up and stay in your lane. @LilNasX doesn't need to "act". He's more real than your religion. Full-stop. Social Justice Activist | Author | GenderQueer Mystic | Witch | Fattucchiero | Rootworker | BLM | Polyamorist | He/Him/Them | $StregaMystica (cashapp)
ReiStephens Melbourne, Victoria @sdtuc2 @QandA I'm anti-all religion and all religious doctrine. If the pope is not able seperate thought from religious thought then he should be ignored in matters of politics. I have no problem with people preaching their own crap to their congregation but it should in no way effect me. I'm just a person who cares about fairness, sustainability, truth and football. I'm also transgender.
Shelby477 Brunswick Ga @GovKemp Lay off the Christian crap. A general holiday wish is fine and not offensive to the people you represent who are not Christians. You are aware of your role as governor precludes you endorsing any religion? Nevermind, you aren't even aware of your duties as A US citizen. 🌊 Happy, very happy blue girl in a formerly red state. Go Stacy! Georgia rules! 🌊
odktiger Somewhere in Virginia @LeannEAF @michellmybell1 @myhighhills @DeanoMartino1 @PatricktheB @JaTapps @TheWestonMike @tklforgiven @wpcguy @brough_joshua @HaircutSpock @Cern_lXXl @tarbosaur @TakeThatDarwin @Friendof_Darwin @NaturalBAtheist @Atheist_1978 @umfpt @Megavolt1 @ABranesample @Terrenc58307664 @impeachqueen @lindaz333 @commonsensejan @malo_j @Canna420Uk @SmokeyStafford @NelsonMKerr @PaulDubuisson @geraldpayne25 @RJDownard @InfinitelyManic @kaden_harris @htownsmitty @HazyPeter @nadsshoes @ScientiaPercept @surgerysleeper @PeterFi98279139 @imkimaaron @GeorgeGoulet4 @jools6691 @Ah_Science @wendzedin @robster16a @AViRaLAssassin @Thedukeistheman Change Lord and God to “Zeus” or “Odin” and tell me how much stock you’d put in that crap, Leann. 🙄 Remind is why you’re an atheist when it comes to the gods beliefs of every other religion except for the you were indoctrinated into? 🤔 Husband, parent, writer, musician. #VoteOutTheGQP Avid Trump Resister! #FBR #VoteThemAllOut2022 #TrumpForPrison2021 #BidenHarris2020 #BlueWave2022
jim20259219 @DennisButic @jtr_don1 you moronic piece of scum, we are talking about the OT and the view of the PRIESTLY writers. the ot to me is SCREWED corrupted crap. otoh, its IN YOUR bible and part of your religion. and your god said that MEATS are separated by HOLY AND UNHOLY. he created it like that from ot
_phenomonaut_ Houston, TX @travisdon1981 @Godlessgubment @Eaglejet23 @doofgeek4011 @DoulosChristou7 @RobertK22245756 @Lionheart213072 @BrassVon @AngelArmageddon @WriterJohnBuck @LSpartan8 @perseus1977 Hitchens was a brilliant speaker but was a lousy historian. Even in Mesopotamia, the priests and scholars were the same social order. The whole “sky daddy religion is made up/its all a bunch of made up dumb crap” malarkey cannot continue to be accepted. Naturalist, writer, aspiring psychologist currently studying videography. Catholic. + Ave Maria Regina, Ave Christus Rex +
x_corne NOT give him that power anymore. He should have never had it. All he does is hurt people that are only honestly interested in enriching their lives and spirit with whatever religion they choose. I wish my phone were opened to World Leaders. They would have figured this crap out Just have fun with it.
TonyCips @Yanky_Pollak Just because your religion thinks it’s a magical and important place, doesn’t mean anything. Separation of church and state. End of story. Yes, the covid crap is total crap. But the fact it’s a religious institution does not change the m.o. of law “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.” -Unknown
HerbTaylor19 @ksorbs Pisses me off. Wheres all this "equal justice" crap they rioted, looted, burned, murdered and destroyed innocent individuals property over. Oh its pick and choose depending on your religion and skin color. White christians get NO justice. I see how it is. Justice WILL be served!!

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