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Ztx294 UK - England @viv_cooper @Hobbehod1 @BonnieBlackmor7 @Ciolfilicious1 @Roblev0 @SamanthaFoxy1 @BeowulfSchaefer @LeftBehindPoet @brianbloop2 @mat_rosey @David19531501 @GeorReader @susan04071 @Davidmetroland @Swen_2017 @The_Leaver @LeeroyBrown322 @afewpoints @ShaneJa16905901 @Mac_Paddy54 @Gazza41 @CarlsbadCharlie @Europhile507 @Mindedmusically @ConraddKonnrad @thegrimbarian @fan_vor @resiguru @cathyby @AndrewGarside3 @EuOutta @gil0607 @ShegorReader @CheeseNBranston @Begentle50 @HWick_Chris @giles7452 @condimentset @JRTomlinAuthor @Tip_of_spear @Jim_Cornelius @Blunami2020 @BrunoTheBridge @Matt_GS @JohnRya13591294 @schnoogsl @CREWTIGER @BlamesJinds @EdemaRuh9 @eveningperson Viv I thought we were aligned on religion, other things not so much but that yes. Your posts would seen to give succor to that flappy made up stuff. Ease tell me on this I'm wrong and we agree all religion is crap 👍 actually that's my opinion happy to debate it .... Not a lefty #brexit armed forces veteran, no fbpe please, possibly offensive. Post my pic, lose my job. Isn't Britain great! #notwoke
ahcrap7 Any pronouns My mom watching a show where one of the kids starts questioning religion and crap wahaha they all act the same when someone starts telling them they’re religion is wrong Miura Ayme’s smile is number one!!💜🖤
WendyBruening @pinkheretic @_CROPES_ I'm guessing they missed the part of science class about how continental plates crash into each other and form mountains. Science is so much cooler than any of the boring crap religion comes up with. logic and compassion; science; dogs; environment; you can always panic later
BlompfJunior Weimart Neoliberal Clown Hell @getongab I'm no fan of Apple, but the reason the CCP is doing this is because the CIA uses religion and SJW crap to subvert other countries, they have a long history of doing it. Are you going to live in 🤡 world for the rest of your life? 🇨🇳🇵🇸🇸🇾🇮🇷 joke/art, parody account. Non-violence.
Robin1964 Bristol England @colourbloke @psmar479 @GBNEWS Your ignorance of the victims religion being respected by others shows that the old adage of “It is better the world think you a fool than type utter crap on Twitter and remove any doubt” is so appropriate in your case Lorry Driver, West Ham Utd Fan, intermittent cyclist, If you don't like my opinions then ignore them, just don't get upset when I do the same to yours,
DJjeffVITA New York, USA You can say all the prayers and Jesus will help you crap till you’re blue in the f*cking face but I’m still broke as sh*t and my mother is still in agony and pain everyday and we’re good people and we don’t get rewarded for anything out of life. F*ck religion in the ass! Hiya! Names Jeff! | 34 | He/Him | kind, caring person, a little shy. | Love making friends so don’t hesitate to DM me!
Hammerjack777 Latitude peace, longitude hope Democrats religion is victim hood. Disqualified from life so they try to take ours. Umm, have you tried “forgiveness??” Oh, crap, those therapy sessions and medications would be over in a heartbeat. Dumb asses.. Really loved and finally happy no matter what happens in this world. Cult 45 mom wife no DM no Trains please. Rather be wrong than a traitor. Save America.
77snr77siete77 Santa Clara, CA/Sevilla, ES @dwnews So church bells ringing loudly Sunday mornings are ok? But not a call to prayer on a Friday? This isn't about religion. It is once again a fear and hatred of Islam. You hypocrites kill me. This is why I'm no longer a Christian. Because of hypocritical hype crap like this Fútbol. café. shisha. cigarros. Sevilla. ❤️🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 amistad y paz defender a los que no pueden por sí mismos. Una cosa muy sevillana es respetar.
richardpauptit Macclesfield, England @cassiemonoo Of course it is. Force feed kids with crap they can’t understand and when they get the courage to ask it turns out the parents don’t understand it either. What is that except perverted mental abuse Hey kids, we killed thousands in the name of religion. Come on, it’s great stuff just-divorced, cook, dad, waiting to become wise, retired protein crystallographer, failed rock star, now cryptic crossword compiler.
rabanasta99 British Columbia, Canada @aveganrebel @abandonedladder @jannarden Typical vegan logic. Your type is just as bad if not worst than those who use religion to try and suppress others beliefs and rights to choose. You wanna be vegan fine but don't crap on the rest who don't believe as you do Canucks die hard!!! pet lover,DrWho fan bowled 2 300 games in10 pin. please no DM unless requested🇨🇦🇨🇦
aorgat Boston @Paletta2022 You are delusional. Nobody is going after your religion and guns. Cut the crap. Mom, Industrial Engineer/Computer Science, civil rights and environmental activist, love all animals, proud liberal, RESIST, Trump Virus Survivor ☮️🇺🇸
Moughalzindabad @RightWinger4U @Onewhoknows11 @Hardworkconquer @zoo_bear @amitmalviya @TwitterBusiness @Policy Fatty Everybody knows that ambedkar burnt manusmriti ...a crap book despite he being hindu So crap is there in your book and religion भुत भक्तों कि .... कि ....
brownsfanatic21 @StephenJarman1 @Franklin_Graham That is a crap interpretation. Which of course is the main problem with religion. Any one can interpret the Bible any way they like and pretend they're right. 🤷‍♂️ BROWNS FOOTBALL FAN FOR LIFE
TheFirstGretel @BretG It depends. That fire and brimstone crap is indoctrination by fear. Almost every religion and practice teaches lessons in goodness to your fellow humans unless it’s pushed down your throat. Well educated but trashy. Lover of large military aircraft. Vaccinated! Incline pic by Dave DiCello Photography.
JessicaOutLoud Texas, USA @AATXNow Stop with the religious crap. The Bible, god and Judaism was/is pro choice. Israel is the most progressive pro abortion country in the world, because they know is not against god. INDEPENDENT VOTER, From Baytown, TX 🌊 I am pro-Quality of life and pro-choice.
KwamzDaBilf @DaktaJay And don't come and give me crap on religion and nature. If science hadn't come in, there would not have been any labels on what gender is. We would have lived as natural as it is intended. A dash of controversy doesn't kill... It riles.
MaccaTheFourth East Lancashire All I want is to live in a high-tech, religion-free, socialist society. But no. It's just God, capitalism, and crap Internet. Powerlifter and MMA wannabe. A Yarddog and a Tim. Professional writer and political pugilist. Rhebel with a cause. Official barman of the MFC.
Hilarygjones WV, y’all...late of Chicago @Jim_Jordan Omfg wtf is wrong with you??? Also yes, they were. Also stop this crap, bc guess what? The US has no official religion, we are free to worship or not worship, and not everyone is follows your religion, whatever the hell it is, the kind that covers up sexual abuse of kids? 🦋 We the Peeps. #BidenHarris. Still smarting over 2000 and especially 2016. Binge watcher extraordinaire. Please DON’T add me to lists or boosts/trains, thx!
no1rwest utah @heathensquirrel @DigitalMapsAW My money is on religion. Anyone who can make crap up and sell it to people who aren't so good at making stuff up will never have to work. Average joe of all trades but specializes in painting into corners. Old enough to know it's all been done before and usually better. DMs for adding = blocked
rajafaisal09 London, England @Patrick_McCorry It's started in 2016 nothing new but Conor is cheap piece of crap he has nothing against Man but attacking wife's religion country we can forkkk Ireland so hard but Ireland and Irish people are beautiful and respectful show me 1 khabib fan's tweet about Conors wife Huge khabib dustin and justin fan trolling is hobby
Terrible_asingh Earth @sambitswaraj Hello Sambit desh Ka ghanta baja diya tera party ne ab bhi har din Muslim Hindu? Stop these cropped video crap. From @priyankagandhi 's rally stage there was chants/prayer for every religion. This for harmony and togetherness which is beyond your terrorist party imagination Human, against RW hate politics and discrimination in any form.
exoticrajeev Bengaluru, India @VJjha What absolute crap and open subversion of law of the land! Religion is a very personal affair an prayer is one's communication with his/her maker! Making a spectacle of it like this just reeks of showmanship Citizen with no political affiliations but good governance and national good. Ex NDA with 30 years in service of nation with Indian Army...Motivational speaker.
tippietoes22 Australia @pwwingman @davidbewart @BrianBrownUCA Worse than that. We have a PM who's religion preaches hateful crap. The poor need to stay poor..the rich to be richer and he will ensure that happens. We see him as corrupt, not being open to accountability. What kind of religion is that? Get it and him the hell out of our PH. Proud left of centre. We MUST use our people power and rebel against this corrupt LNP government ! Revolution ! Living on Gubbi Gubbi land #BLM #FederalICAC
MusicHarbourCat Victoria, British Columbia @HSDMega502 @mitchlafon @brenthatley @cwotd What total crap! If you support removing this primciple/teacher "YOU" are the problem and what is wrong with our society. Grow up and join reality, religion is fiction and myth. There is no god, devil or jesus. I love music, watching hockey, collecting records & CD's.
dcompanybookie The world is inhabited by different delusions. Climate change, religion, this woke crap etc. Normally it doesn't matter as they are relatively mild and don't interfere with your life. But when covid delusion hit, that all changed. Few still see its potential danger. Fixing Cricket Matches
burymccochenner @DanielleTrotta @SiriusXMNASCAR Matty D can choke on his request. NASCAR does nothing but pump that crap all day. Religion is fake and patriotism doesn’t mean you fly 13 flags when a few soldiers die and it hits Twitter. Give me a break. #yourgodisdead 1st place World Wide Dirt Kart Champion
confused_atypic Don't give me the crap like "Oh, we are going to to train peer counselors". Cause a 2 days course is not going to be enough training to do no harm And stop bringing up religion in press cons as a way to increase awareness when it comes to suicide. Cause I am tired, genuinely A confused person who takes solace in movies, series and Korean variety shows
MarkRah3 @Joan_of_Snarc @SF_Conquistador @GStandingready You have repeatedly dodged the point about CRT praxis and will continue to do so, a proven track record of deflection is all you’re capable of. Good luck with your stupid bottom Woke religion and mob mentality. By the way chuckles, we’ve been laughing at this crazy crap all along
MarkRah3 @Joan_of_Snarc @SF_Conquistador @GStandingready Your efforts to subordinate children to stupid Woke religion and CRT enforcement methods will fail priestess. Your Woke CRT garbage is a religion which has no place in school. You don’t speak in facts, everything is unquestionable dogma. No one wants to learn this Marxist crap
BlueDotSeaOfRed Virgo Supercluster @Art1Vegan @pinkristen I just get so tired of the crap and that includes the ignorance I see in my own family. I don't care what someone's ethnic background is, what their religion is, what their skin color is. As far as I am concerned, an American is an American regardless of our diversity. 🌊 😷 ♊ Friends don't let friends date Republicans. #BidenHarris #BLM #StopAsianHate
Stevethh I had the sickest dream yrs ago about the new 1 world religion. There was a school of kids learning how 2 have sex with any1 and every1 or anything(animals). The pope was on a screen the size of a wall teaching them. The church won’t repent today? And this crap👆is what’s coming See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. Revelation 5:5
lisacoop11 @Upschittscreek1 As a catholic. I just have to say this Archbishop is full of BS as well as any catholic that uses their religion to get out of taking the vaccine. Because of crap like this and other things, they wonder why we leave. LGBTQ Ally, Democrat, married to my high school sweetheart 37 years. 3 adult children. kindness matters. love music and romance books, art.
Nainaa58 @MehboobaMufti What a load of crap! So @iamsrk is now a bechara darahua mussalman and his son an angel in disguise...all because of their religion? Frustrated troublemaking liar! Do not support the left/amoral/immoral or suffer twits & the pretentious!Respect most life forms..except popsicleroaches! Retweets aren't endorsements.
UselessSpy Republic of Island @AsaWinstanley @simonmaginn I'm Irish. We have little interest in this crap. This is neither UK nor US. She doesn't want an Israeli publishing house to do the translation. That's all. She doesn't care about the race or religion of the translator, and is happy to have it translated into Hebrew. Sin é. Take Risks Be Bold You can win as well as lose
DGilesPhd Logos And no, I'm not anti-Christian. Christianity is great when it's grounded in people's search for the divine. It's the sectarian domination crap where religion goes wrong. Professor of social/political philosophy. Not afraid to dig deeper. I deal with causes not symptoms. We need intelligent dialogue not partisan cliquishness.
pcdillard High Desert, USA this crap is out. of. control. it is white male chauvinist identity politics masquerading as “religion” noble theological principles. utter garbage and I am tired of it after 30 years. affiliation: dog // discussing ecological stuff, politics, markets, soccer, music.
Vivek_Gaur Somewhere in the Matrix @sun_usind Ironically is so called muslim journalists/feminist kind of Arfa and Rana keep mum on it This whole religion or whatever is interpreted of it, is filth and idiots and ONLY idiots can fall for such crap My pronoun is "Patriot". The light bulb in this oven is ridiculously bright so do not preach. | RTs & Likes ≠ Endorsements |
luxulterior_ph Paris, France @rittermaxw @Cernovich That is the dumbest load of crap I've read in a while. Wow. Humanism is a precedent of any religion; it is the basis of empathy and you have no idea what "culture" is. God damn. Who runs Barther Town? 🇨🇦🇫🇷🇯🇵 Not a fake profile, 👺back from Twitter jail! Montreal native, engineer, photographer.
joosuhmyggon She/her, 22 @JOELDELE0N You are so insufferable. That’s disrespectful and you need to respect others ppl beliefs cause you wouldn’t like it if someone called your religion or whatever thst is, crap …. :* carrd needs to be update but is still accurate so read it#
sissykat18 United States @ChrisProteus @CNN Thats weird because we dont give a crap about your political beliefs. This is about religion and saving peoples' souls. If you dont like it find another damn country. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I hear isreal is doing great with mandates. why not try there? If you came here for content to "Own me" youve just been owned. Give it up. Pureblood 😘
Tonism Augusta, Georgia @PettyLupone @Tsiser45 @IAmSophiaNelson Amen! You are NOT the only one. Sick of them and their using religion to subjugate people to their will and way of life! Crap... is this what FREE country looks like? Afro-Latina and fully Vaxxed! Mimi to my grandbabies, Mom to my fur babies. Blue-voting Resister. There can be no Trust where there is no Truth! NO DMs #RESIST
lonelyone_000 Twitter Purgatory... @benshapiro Yup, you are treated like a goddamn criminal if you dare mispronounce a tranny's name...Yet Gays are getting hung out to dry in Islamic countries and what do you hear from the Left: "STFU Islamophobe" "It is only the activists that do that crap" "Islam is a religion of peace" An old school conservative...Searching for a home...Amidst the chaos all around me...
LewdieBrie My Bed @ssbhala @NotMuchFunToday @tzzzt123 @robertcaruso @queerBengali Fun fact, us Jews were prohibited to learn Russian until Lenin’s era and we were massacred for our culture and religion until Lenin. We saw prosperity under the USSR, but now that country is just poor and nationalists treat people like crap, and most Jews became Israelis. Horniposting Hours. Hi my name is Brie, I’m 22, lewd and crude. Marxist-Leninist|Mao enjoyer| Only R&R I know is Roasting Racists|Used to do porn
thirsty_mcgirt o @TonyDungy Typical tony dungy,full of crap as usual. He picks and chooses when to break out his holiness. Then people wonder why religion is dying. Way to many hypocrites associated with religion.
ali_zarwan Lahore, Pakistan @HarounRashid2 Separating religion from state is one thing which brought all sorts of crap from them. Secondly west is not GOD that we take everything from them. We take good things and we have our own path. Separating religion from state has never worked for Muslims and never will Proud Muslim. Love Islam, Pakistan and food. Also love to read books. Member of
rchenley11 @Jonsmit90110967 @cw3092 @Reality23687815 @laurenboebert God did not give any right to guns at all much less military grade for everyone. This is also a secular nation with freedom of and freedom FROM religion. I’m a Christian but this argument is crap
Christo48340668 Tucson, AZ @RHelfenbein Vaccination is an opinion why would you talk crap about something like people who bare the name of Christ. Are you that much of a loser to be denied by him. Religion and vaccinations are personal choices which people all have the right to proceed the way which they choose. Loser Funny