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BORNONTHURSDAY9 UNDER MY QUEEN'S BED. My name is DJ Tony Stark I am from well that's not important the point is you people Earth have forgotten what it is to believe. Your religion is crap and always was so I'm going to be wise and I'll answer questions. Ladies I'm single guys I don't know why no dick pics thanks I am the Shadow Man, and I will never harm the person under whose bed I live. mɛfəˈstɑfəˌliz ) 1. a devil in medieval legend and later literary and operatic🔥🎃
PhoneNewsLive switzerland @sebas05000 @KushalD21 @ishanagarwal24 that samsung is crap but yall blended and try to spread that samsung is our fuccing god like its a religion fast, reliable and compact news about phones ✌️ usually retweet alot to give as much credit to the source as possible | samsung supporter are delusional🌝
SSJDonkeyKong Australia @Daley_Kong This is why I have such a big problem with religion, personally, I think the concept of god is 100% BS. Doesn't give me the right to discriminate and treat people like crap based on religious beliefs though. Jesus would treat people kindly, this guy clearly didn't get the memo.
Tox_Of_Oz 🇦🇺 @SocialNomadRach @ScribeUndead I think a lot of it has to do with the far left university indoctrination. Most of these women tend to be affluent and educated. It looks like they really believe the "Islam is the most feminist religion" and "White men cause all of the world's problems" crap universities push. Loving husband of @Jovineoo, drinks too much tea, comes from a land down under.
ashishpatel_12 @Shacrapharoor @AnupamPKher Anti-national or against the virtue of religion? Your false and obnoxious tactics will always undermine your political capabilities. Your ability is only limited to hunting crap vocabularies in dictionary. Can't find any difference between you and 'pappu'.
yogaforpeace691 Sylvania, OH @ABC Forget all the nicey, nicey, found religion and the light crap. It was ultimately Ted's senate chair or his impression against Donald Trump. The chair triumphed. The only thing required is the acknowledgement from FOX and Limbaugh. Jesus will follow suit. IT Engineer
shreyanbose Kolkata @laaleen @TheEconomist An Islamic nation such as yours do not even qualify to talk secularism.. First make your country a secular one.. Start your load of crap after that.. Islam is tolerance and look what fun you made of your religion.. An Indian Muslim woman has highest freedom unlike yours.. Automation Engineer @TCS & Frontman@Kabyakatha..
ickis5 @nowthisnews Religion in any form is a load of crap desinged to control people and has been the dominate reason for the biggest wars and conflicts in the world. hahahahahaha
Konrad31Gold @Bosniak1982 @abdbozkurt Islam is most Barbaric religion on earth. Ale kaidą ISIS bokó haram and rest of theSe crap is because of islam theology Nichollo Machiavelli nr 1 fan,islam enemy,Mahomet hater,free thinker,templars fan
WeirdFatman24 @CleoEverest @guardian This sort of crap is why i cant stand religion as a whole. I know there are some relgious people that dnt have this view but in my personal experiance, they are few and far between nothing special
bruntofitall California crap like this is why I hate religious crap, and why I'm thankful my mama never pushed religion on my brother and I. 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇮🇪🇲🇽 🙋| GenX | Vegan | Animal Lover | Potty Mouth | I'm not a princess, I don't need saving. I'm a queen, I got this crap handled. ~ Harriet Morgan
Arceus9509 @InshaHusain @Silentmonger @EvaAvni @Habisebestian Lmao it is the Abrahamic faiths who have stolen the idea of a god from dharmic faiths and have created a crapty version of it. Your religion don't religion. They're a crapload of crap. That's what they are. 7th acc◾ ॐ ◾ Your compassion is a weakness. Your enemies will not share.
bradleycgibbs South Africa @LeePerdig @malo_j @IntelligentCan2 @hugh_bothwell @Sam_DeLoach @Denbar64 @StandBackUp2 @Lalanamour @commonsensejan @SlsStudios @th1rt3en_TM @donholtmac @Friendof_Darwin @robster16a @imkimaaron @JustSayingWhat1 @TertiusIII @sariel2005 @PeterHa28087897 @heart3626 @surgerysleeper @Swanswan0307 @rithcheng @11xcea @zalphaprime @HaircutSpock @michellmybell1 @2Cents69 @nico_manocchio @Mwforhr @AnthonyT2_Mufc @MLarsvogel @Janetb172 @Thagraysentinel @Canna420Uk @TedPerkins10 @geraldpayne25 @PaulDubuisson @LeannEAF @Simple_Shaman @HLebwohl @PittsburghTodd @tcunderdahl @LiveOnMBC @jackiebarbosa @StevenJTrevor @soulslide @COL314 @gimmesomeloki @MBashwood That meme is outrageously inappropriate. Not only is it just false, I'm not right leaning. Seriously, why are you inventing crap and deflecting to religion? Likes, retweets and follows aren't endorsements... Anti snowflake | Anti pronoun brigade | Prolife | Egalitarian | Anti-Feminist | PC Gaming | Memes | Tech....
Heavytimes1 @AussiePunter32 And freedom OF religion is equal to freedom FROM religion. You have a right to believe in your crap, but Don't push your crap on us. There's a cosmic web lining the space between your brain and your mind and If you look closely, you can see earth in the rings of Saturn.
ThrwLkngGlss @MichaELofYHWH That is heretical to our religion—and trying to convert Jews is anti Semitic as fork. So your view of the future is a complete destruction of our people. Get bent with that crap. Jewish and American. Ashkefied Sephardi. Zionist.
KhalidAnisAnsa1 India One has to realize that the critique of Hinduism offered by the Church or Islamists is outdated, orientalist crap. It feeds into the lack which propels the desire of Hinduism to become a great world religion. We need a new framework to evaluate and contest Hindutva. Pasmanda, Anti-Caste, Democratic Transformative Politics
Nicks592 Bangkok Noi, Bangkok Sir. The country didnt give him crap, he earned it. The country did not encourage his marriage, he and his present wife decided for it, the country in which all of that occurred, is not the same one we live in today. Today that very country wants to oppress a religion. Asst Marketing Manager at Dunkin Donuts 🍩 Thailand.
kirkdesoto Texas @PeterMcCormack Because it’s a bunch of crap meant to divide everyone and justify a global tax paid to scam artists, and yield zero impact on anything. And since Bitcoin is about liberty, and the climate change religion is the opposite of liberty, this is why Bitcoiners are right to condemn it. I'm me
BoSox_4150 Fenway Park @waxmonkey @AZJoshM nah it’s the fact that you people have no proof, no quote, nothing to prove he’s a racist. There are actual racist people out there and you want to focus all your anger on someone as great of a man as Curt is? Schilling doesn’t give a crap what race or religion someone is The 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox are my everything. DC Comics and Star Wars enthusiast. #DoDamage #DamageDone #119
WantNews3 @Timcast Translation: You can't trust the dumb citizens of the great United State of America to vote. Because middle America clings to their guns and religion. The whole fair election bull crap is just that - BULL CRAP
GarrettShorr Solidarity with @coffeespoonie. Complete crap that anyone is going after her. Nobody would be saying anything if a driver denied a ride to someone based on race or religion and was reported. ADA isn't just the law--it's a just law. #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs Climate Change is an Existential Threat. It's time we started acting like it. He/him.
SchwarzOla Rock|Soul|Reggae|Rap|Indie @BobNzelu @jtmanagers @austin_obama1 @FeralJack_ @gimbakakanda @iamajodbaba @MBuhari You are spewing crap, Saudi is the biggest promoter of terrorism, yet your lord kowtow to her rulers. This ban is all about race and religion as stated in the material fact of NAACP vs DOJ. Black movement, Civil rights movement, pan african, socialist, history, international politics, Islam sunni, Deutsche sprache, Thomas Sankara, Obafemi Awolowo.
StevenErick1976 Chicago, IL @RyanShead @graciegrace80 Pence is a farm boy so obviously he is full of crap. I do not care what he thinks. His religion is not our religion and it is certainly not our government. 🏳️‍🌈Political Nerd. MBA . Husband. Dad . LGBTQ Activist . Equality . Planet Saver . Dog Lover. 🌊
BamagirlinBR Baton Rouge, LA @SaraCarterDC @BernieSanders @JennieSTaer Who is Bernie trying to kid, he is an atheist. Any one who can sit there and says he "not involved in organized religion" yet claims to be Jewish is full of crap.
m_youniversee @MysTaeriousV That's my religion, Whoever says crap about it can't be spared. IT'S MY RELIGION AND THAT N*S IS AN ASSHOLE. Nobody forgiving that crap // when jin brought 400$ ring, jimin brought my heartuu// OT7 slut~
ChrisKubiak3 @HawaiiFootball The guy is a conman and a grifter. I feel sorry for you guys and always rooted for Hawaii. You’ll learn to hate Graham as his “speed, speed, hammer down” crap and faux religion is laughable. My condolences from a Pitt fan. Carbon based lifeform
richnear Historic Joanna Furnace @GOP @realDonaldTrump Crock of crap! The obstruction has been the Republican mantra for years. The Do Nothing title is owned by the Republicans. The partisanship is the Republican mantra, religion, doctrine, and bible. Learning and sharing archaeology and local history, participating in a non-profit historic preservation organization, and training my dogs fill my life.
Sparky7632 Your Hippocampus @clairlemon I coached my kid for years without having to endure this crap. I think that he and his teammates are just fine. Now is older I was thinking about getting back into coaching to help out. Not if I have go through this make believe gender religion crap though. You know I am right. If you really really think about it, I am right.
newsedict @savitha_rao @MajiDevDutta @ippatel @RituRathaur @arunv2808 @NCWIndia And educate Hindu parents to stop becoming pseudo seculars, inculcate in daughters love for Hindu faith from childhood and brutal truth about certain quam. Else cry later. This ‘all religion is same’ crap by pseudo secular Hindus is a killer because all religions aren’t same. Love to devour, analyze hot current/historical topics. Political correctness is harmful, hides truth, protects the bad. Actively tweeting since Sept 2019.
SeedMelanin @ringothebaptist @mynameisjerm As a black woman I really don’t give two craps about your personal religion or otherwise informed personal biases. My money is good as anyone’s and the law protects me. If business owners can’t put their biases aside they can pack up and go to the ME where they tolerate that crap Black | Woman| Feminist| Ally. Pronouns are she/her. The patriarchy’s nightmare 💀
fumefox Milky Way Poor, poor girl.....jihad.... what crap, those men paid him to pimp out his lovely little girl, what a monster he is....she's only 13. They commit those crimes in the name of their god and convince themselves it's ok, religion is evil, what a huge irony. A human being who feeds the beautiful urban foxes. Love Glasgow Rangers, voted for leave and democracy, definitely not a fascist, love you all x
budda_monk himalayas @dhir_sumeet @Shashan7318 @Creationlessss @rohini_sgh Seculars are funny people call out their hypocrisy and they will pull out the hindutvaadi crap in 3,2,1. I don’t beleive in religions, fork every religion, they all are stupid fairy tales & this is kinda boring 🥱 No one
ridgeisback North West, England @EnglishNationa1 @Liamblack1986 @MailOnline Just ban all religion. Every single one is just made up bullcrap. Why are we living our lives by the rules of this fictitious crap in this day and age ? It beggars belief Boxing. Denver Broncos. British Independence Prepared to fight for democracy & Brexit.
Sharex1 Nirvana @bigredwavenow @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @SecretService Sorry Floyd... This kabalarian bull crap is yet just another man made up philosophy...some guy says hey I think life is like this! Then it becomes just another "religion"..why do humans need to believe and blindly follow another humans thinking? Do good & think for yourselves! Nothing special here folks..nothing to look at..move along..Im just an ol American baby boomer..Greatest Generation EVER!
BORNONTHURSDAY9 UNDER MY QUEEN'S BED. My name is DJ Tony Stark I am from well that's not important the point is you people Earth have forgotten what it is to believe. Your religion is crap and always was so I'm going to be wise and I'll answer questions. Ladies I'm single guys I don't know why no dick pics thanks I am the Shadow Man, and I will never harm the person under whose bed I live. mɛfəˈstɑfəˌliz ) 1. a devil in medieval legend and later literary and operatic🔥🎃
JesperBirk5 Satan says left is right. [the lie] God says right is right. (the truth) You can ONLY serve one master. Chose wisely. Atheism is a crapty religion and a crap .ism. But some atheists R pretty good people 👊🍻 I MEME - therefore I am. Be who you came here to be! Do what you came here to do! God! Truth! MAGA!
JesperBirk5 @rickygervais @TheTweetOfGod Satan says left is right. [the lie] God says right is right. (the truth) You can ONLY serve one master. Chose wisely. Atheism is a crapty religion and a crap .ism. But some atheists R pretty good people 👊🍻 I MEME - therefore I am. Be who you came here to be! Do what you came here to do! God! Truth! MAGA!
justttnai Long Beach, CA My mom wants me to be Christian but organized religion is a bunch of bullcrap to me like I believe in god but not all that other crap idk how to tell her cause she like wants me to go to church with her and I don’t want to be a hypocrite future pornstar
mecchi5858 Bengaluru, India @GlobalHindu2020 @ShefVaidya @TwitterIndia @rsprasad @Twitter @jack @PMOIndia @DoT_India @HMOIndia Entrepreneur🔔 🤔🤔 Share your LinkedIn account please And don't play religion card and you are not the only one who is concerned about religion and country . Stop your crap on the name of country and religion You Can't Fix Stupid, But You Can Vote It Out !
Adam_Majk Earth 1.3178754637 @business Iran didn't spark up enough crap, so. Back to Venezuela. Iran is pretty driven to the ground anyway. Venezuela still could get back up and do stuff. They are not 100% insane radicalized yet. So we need this guy. Let's see what kind of sicko religion he has for us. ⚡️#antislaverymilitia ⚡️#frequencydeniers ⚡️Believe your eyes and react.
Dagster43442931 Moon's Outer Mars @TeaPainUSA @MalcolmNance This is so funny, Karma has zeroed in and had a direct hit where it deserves it most! If according to Religion we are all God's creations, aren't these Pastors working against God with their crap?
damono2 Auckland The elephant in the room is this ‘God’ crap. Religion is to blame. Theocracy is ludicrous in the 21st Century. ‘God’ isn’t real. Stop it. Just stop with this irrational ‘faith’. Abrahamic nonsense, ‘miracles’ (haha) and bronze age laws are laughable. Tax them, seize their assets. Lives in Auckland NZ, married with 2 sons.
Cokroach Sri Lanka @ManoGanesan What? Never heard of a #SriLankanIdentity. Identity needs common culture wiz language/religion. Whats Sri Lankan culture? #SriLanka has 3 cultural identities; Sinhala Buddhist, Tamil Hindu and Muslim. Diversity is not division. Stand for inclusivity/equality. Stop talking crap. Journalist. Political Commentator. Fulltime Freelancer in English & Sinhala Language Media. Would creep where most don't, for new information, knowledge,
ruliharahap People's Republic of Pineland @miund RIGHT??!!?? How can her dad NOT go to her school and beat the ever living crap of the religion teacher is beyond me. This is forkED UP! I am, at best, an amused onlooker.
TheBigMRanch Sheridan WY @davidhogg111 You know why you lost your poster-boy status? Crap like this. Now, I know you're probably pissed that the new teenie bopper idol is Greeda Sweden, but the climate religion has seen its best days as well, and she'll be bumped to 2nd class soon enough because she's also an idiot. I'm a former personal chef, current graphic designer and crafter. No, not really a cowboy. Don't ride, shoot, or own a cowboy hat. Not that I wouldn't.
GuptaKinshuk2 Lucknow, India @hussainhaidry The problem is Islam, that is not a religion but crap and your holy book is a terror manual.. A spade is a spade not a club
Nugget19841 @tan123 I’ve two teenagers and I’m absolute forking livid at this climate change crap that is causing them to think that their future is anything other than bright. Seek some other religion to cling on to you pathetic catastrophists. #notmyclimatechange pronouns : f***/ you
soujourn Mossley @harwood_su The Irish priest could have used that excuse but no one would have believed them so doing it in the name of religion is bullcrap and I hope they don't fall for the crap. I'm for an independent country not to beheld by a behemoth monster called the EU. I'll always take ny own country over a foreign power.
keon_aureii Mexico 🇲🇽 Man, I don't give a crap about the definition of atheism. My life is not around the idea that I don't believe in deities, and I'm glad that my atheism is just a descriptor of what I think about gods, not necessarily religion and religiousity. Atheism does not guide my life. Animator and science enthusiast. Youtuber. Bisexual.
uukuulele @Lost_Poet_ no way its by birth. its just you love someone or like something and religions are fundamentally crap and lies so they don't matter in well reasoned persons life.even if it is mental illness which it isn't, religion is way worse mental illness than homosexuality ever will be science bitch,🕶️

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