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shaneqsmith Colorado Says #forkTrump @realDonaldTrump - Stop your BS. You don't give a crap abut Easter. You're don't even believe in religion. The only reason you want to end the shutdown is for your own personal, greedy, selfish reasons. #WorstPresidentEver and #BloodOnTrumpsHands Loyal Liberal, Fierce Feminist, Angelic Atheist and an overall forking Delight #RESIST🌊 #LGBT🏳️‍🌈 #BLM #SaveThePlanet🌎 #GunControl #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
PACleanwater Coal Land and Bloody Water- PA @ArielleScarcell is it possible to create something that is more confusing and full of crap? Does this tell you more about the failed logic of the religion of intersectionality and less about what it means to be anything? Father, Husband, Christian, Citizen, Professional Geologist, Educator, Soils, groundwater, private wells, water treatment, mine water #water
Tamehnter Sonoma valley ,ca He’s such a conman . He could give a crap about EASTER. And the worst part is , ppl buy this craptt ... this Trump /religion crap he sells Tammy Hntr-Beasley -Autism mom - IF U still think it’s possible to follow Jesus & Trump ,then you haven’t read either of their books #NeverTrump #WokeRep #BIDEN
doloresquintana Los Angeles, CA @sleepy8280 @ABCWorldNews He said that it was more important that business be open and the stock market is okay than elderly people being protected. He said we should let them die to save the stock market. That's not hope. Then he talks about Easter like he gives a crap about religion. Actor: More faces than Lon Chaney @AloneExperience @NativeVoices @ScreenshotArt #horrormadehere Writer @Nightmar1sh Conjuring #forkTrump She/her/bitch
MichaelCarusi NYC - CT @H4N4W4LT Let's be real. Very few conservatives or MAGA cult members actually believe this "dying for the economy" crap. Now that the stock market they've essentially treated as a religion is imploding they need talking points to respond to criticism with and they'll parrot them regardless Web developer. Web host/server administrator. Sometimes writer. Occasional streamer. Always gamer. I use Twitter a lot. He/him
nader_haidar Lebanon @cnni so you want me to believe that a worm is my ancestor and not Adam and Eve, just to make Darwin happy? This is not science. This is crap. May be religion can't offer solid proof and resort to faith but at least it doesn't sound stupid. God's Mercy is everywhere. humans are born angels but die as satans except for those who choose a righteous path, God shall forgive them and bless them forever.
sheetalbalsana Subang Jaya Enough up with the Allah hantar virus crap. It’s getting old. This is a global pandemic, people are either sick/dying and you’re blaming it on people who don’t comply with the teachings of your religion? The world has enough going on. They don’t need this too. Shut up already. 🌸
CelinaSummers Tennessee, USA @hosienation This kind of crap right here is why I cannot abide any form of organized religion. Some of these fools read their own press and get convinced they are somehow on a mission from God. Pretty sure God can take care of this stuff all on His own. #1 bestselling author, award-winning editor, and according to @TheFluffyOne85 a rhetorical serial killer. #GBO #geekgurl #paranormal #CFB #TennesseeVolunteers
Letzte_Grenze Weltraum @HispanCeausescu @AstroImperial It is our earth to build and create and in many cases, Religion often subverts national unity however..... religion is an extension of culture and origin of a people, (not some globalist catholic missionary crap) and can be a massive benefit for people because it gives purpose When the rockets go up, Who cares where they come down?! That’s not my department!
SterlingDean7 @DiscoveryCSC Pseudo-religious bullcrap. The 'irreducible' complexity argument is often used for religion disguised as 'Intelligent Design', a wedge strategy to get religion into school. Behe has been promoting this crap for decades and it's just as wrong now as courts said then. Aspiring writer, social observer, occasionally radical commentator.
SueFrancisMook With the ones I love @BrandonBeckham_ @realDonaldTrump @RandPaul Please stop your Fake Christian Crap. You support a man who Lies and Cheats. You support Rand Paul who Put People in Danger. Whatever a religion you belong too is a joke and stop it as Faith is being honest,caring & helping others before yourself. Both men care about Themselves RETIRED TEACHER NEW CANAAN, CT. 💕 PENN STATE & THON 💙 LOVE HISTORY & HISTORICAL FICTION 💕 LOVE, PRAY, BE KIND, SERVE OTHERS 💕💕💕 WE ARE FOREVER A FAMILY 💙
Sleemie_9 Lagos, Nigeria @Horlar_Scott @whitenigerian @iambhymbo God bless you for this....just got out of an "tweet-gument" with someone that was even making it religion biased and for real it is bigger than all the crap people are making of it!!!!! . Muslim 🕌 . Sense of humour 💯 . Proud Nigerian 🇳🇬 . Instagram : @sleemie_
travelRNkelsey Arizona @ElsieBeckmann I love me some Hobby Lobby but will not step foot in their stores again after this. Load of crap what their CEO is doing and the exact reason I hate religion new travel RN || RN to BSN || future peds nurse || fur mom || @laofficialboutique on insta
DaphneDoGood1 The Land of Sky Blue Waters @Tsiser45 @LisaTalmadge Oh I agree. This is why I have such a problem with religion in general and *churches* in particular. They seem to be nothing but grifters hiding behind dogma. If they practiced what they preached a lot of crap would not exist. Like racism and bigotry. I am a good girl. I like long walks, chew toys that squeak and snuggling Nevertheless, she persisted
LanceBrill New York Khamenei insists that Iran can survive the coronavirus. However, so many there are disobeying restrictions, the country is likely to succumb. Does Khamenei think his religion will protect them? NOT! A bunch of made-up crap to manipulate and control people. Executive with deep expertise in the people matters of business; an avid gardener and dog lover.
beccaluau @JoyceWhiteVance @drmarkewilson What has his religion to do with anything? Why is this church and state crap being sent out by a state officer?
TroyWolfinAZ Phoenix, AZ @GeorgeTakei I'm 100% with you! And I will not tolerate any acts of this anti-asian crap, I will step in and defend them. I don't care what a fellow human's race, religion or Orientation is. I will defend anyone, anytime, any place. God bless you George. Live long and prosper! Brad too! White Christian Hetero Male tired of the Rich, White Fright, False Christian, Anti LGBT Politicians. Time for change!
LadyZaa Imperial Death Star Who can't respect a whole religion? @KevinMcLennanZA @krishensamuel who check if I ate sehri and make sure I can pray salaah if we're at an event together? Your only experience is online trolls and you say crap like this? Pls honey. Fashion and Beauty Girl in the City of Gold | Wifey 💍 | | 💌
drewyhtc England @pjgoitre Mosques should stay open. It's an opportunity to show that religion is a complete pile of crap and there is no God.
dontchaknow I'm the tomboy next door... @kendallybrown @KarenKilgariff @yashar @JordanUhl I absolutely HATE @HobbyLobby, and this is just appalling and even more proof of how disgusting the owner is. Using your religion to further your greed and agenda, while selling ugly overpriced crap. #langgang / Veteran 🇺🇸 / Defy Gravity! / My opinions are my own / Head in the clouds, enjoying the view / Candy Corn is good/ 🤖🚀🍕🍟
Ludiusvox Autryville, NC @WTOP I don't know why people sit there and take all these pictures, and even in Maryland. It scares the crap out of women and minorities and there is nothing wrong with people having guns, and it's against my religion it's literally "avoid the appearance of evil" in Christianity. Degrees in Automotive Systems, Computer Science (Minor Economics) Winston-Salem State University, Nanotechnology, Almost completed Nanoengineering thesis.
billshoemaker21 Dundalk Maryland USA @LuciferSonOfDad I get some water and poke holes in it! Most holy water has more fecal matter in it than a toilet! Religion is so full of crap! LMFAOTV Crazy,Atheist, socialist,bipolar old man! Resister, wanting impeachment for trump. And now amputee. Like Herpetology, Anthropology, Animals especially Cats.
Thalia_Nyx California, USA @paulweel29 @JStein_WaPo And why is it people calling themselves Christians that hate others based on where they were born? It makes me glad I turned my back on that religion because so many crap people in it The Democrats can't save us from the fascists running our country. We're going to have to save ourselves.
Shivas_Kenue J&K, NCR, India @OptionT02594842 @CalvinHobbesRT @runjhunmehrotra @invest_mutual They are not BHAKTS, They are superstitious and this crap blind faith is found in every religion I Chose to Choose Not to Choose Life. I Chose to Choose something else and the reasons, there are No Reasons.
IzzyIceThunder Richard Madden's sex dungeon Sis, please tell me you're not actually buying into this crazy man's crap. SCIENCE is important right now, not faith and religion! no hets allowed, this is gay country
loveyrina she/her • 16 ok lets recap: i do ship lu and samuel but i could be swayed, rebeca rights, omander is baby, nadia & guzman are cute ig ?? (but the whole freedom from religion crap in s2??), and yeahhhh rina rain kiss s5? 🥺
ShaneDocekal @talosfield @alsodanlowe @ConradCurze @la_chatte_verte @mtracey This is pleasantly acceptable racism. Thank you for staying within the color scheme for your bigotry.. for your next trick you’ll crap on Christianity and proclaim Islam as the religion of peace.
ASHISH52754135 @RanaAyyub Bloody hell!!Freedom of expressions&speech does not mean that your crap is accepting in everything!!U r curse and more important ur curse in the name your beloved religion!Why are u brainwashing other people!! Its disgusting.. be a good woman it will help others in positive way
aruneshverma1 @htTweets Writer's name is enough not to read this crap. And tell this to peaceful community that all religion are different path to reach on same destination. But they claim that their religion is supreme others are Kafir. My pride is my nation..jai hind jai bharat
use_your_loaf Boro formerly North Yorkshire @karenwales66 I can’t imagine ever being this inhuman towards a fellow human. Politics is crap at the best of times. Along with religion it is responsible for the majority of division that we see in the world. To try and score political points at this time is frankly inhuman. Stalking Artisan Bread & Cheese Makers. Marvel at their magic. Walks a bit. Loves cake so needs to walk more.
unorthodo African churches and religion are wasting their time preaching about how Jesus will come back to save us and all that other crap. The only solution to Africas problems is the Black Woman. If the black woman is protected, nurtured and empowered, it's guaranteed victory for us!!!
LiamSherborn Boston, MA @leflake1 @jcat_5150 @Phil_Johnson_ Nonsense. McCartney wrote all the pop crap. Lennon was the genius. And btw, Imagine is a beautiful song about a very arguable truth - that organized religion and right wing nationalism have been responsible for more misery in human history than any other human constructs. Executive Creative Director Passionate about politics, pancakes and pecans. p.s. I’d rather be in Austin, TX
Renee_Ackley Southern, USA @tressiemcphd I explain it like this: Capitalism is the American religion. Buying crap is what we do. We don’t shut that down for nothing! And some actually shut up & think about it. An intolerant foodie subsisting off of the coconut mono-culture of this tiny island nation.
greyrockem490 Connecticut, USA @datounn She is a typical ex muslim who left due to crap culture and not because she has any real knowledge of the religion. May Allah guide her. Muslim. Hanafi. Wife. Student. Cat Lover. Toxophilite. Anti-New Age Movement. Pro-Sharia.
john45320905 Bromley, London @MannersJack @z_chrissie Tower hamlets is an Islamic ghetto they wallow in there own crap think they are in Karachi or Islamabad they are not British, Londoners or loyal to this country but it’s we others who pay for them , the religion and culture has to go, kick it out ex soldier, company director, a Chelsea fan, a supporter of free speech, I defended your right to say it ?🇦🇺🇨🇦🇬🇧🇳🇿 Battle of Britain round2 is won !
sanatani_atul @bhaaratpati I know jains have huge respect for Krishna. I'm not sure if you recognize Ram. Similarities are there definitely but jainism originated from this land only and saying that there was no religion prior to it is absolutely crap. Sanatan has persisted from time immemorial. A disciplined Ghora, an arrogant IITian and a proud Kashi_wasi BHARATIYA... Har ghar Modi
sanatani_atul @bhaaratpati @maulanafaisu Is it a crap? Please enlighten Who was your first tirthankar and what was his religion at the time of his birth. Who were his parents. From where are their names derived. A disciplined Ghora, an arrogant IITian and a proud Kashi_wasi BHARATIYA... Har ghar Modi
melaningoddexx Africa @nnawuiheee This situation of virus made me realize religion in this part of the world is bulls crap and 79% of the so called men of God re nothing to write home about,the only thing they care abut is cashing out Political Scientist, Fashion Entrepreneur
ChandruMuthu10 Chennai, Tamil Nadu @ganny1984 @sumanthraman Lol 😂. Modi ji knows only to build statues and plays fool around with people in the name of religion. It’s doesn’t matter to be a PM, how much you do to people matters. Demonitization, CAA, NRC everything is crap. He spent more than 200 crore for trump visit and not for corona. சாமனிய மனிதன். இசை ஆர்வலர்.
Satyawadi5 @khaleeqx @krishHRD @RanaAyyub Heard plenty of crap that terrorism has no religion.instead of pretending that terrorism has no religion,time to call spade a spade.Whom are we trying to fool,when all the terrorism this country has seen and is wounds is from Islamist terrorism. No one called Kashmiri idiot. senior citizen
DawudSuleiman10 @shahhhhahmed @maliklendell People of other religions will claim their religion is the truth. It's the same crap. Why don't you convert to those religions? They have the same mentality as you and use the same arguments. What's the difference between you and a Christian. None.
tre_isme New York City 🍎 @kunj_sur_sayam @_SShah @sairmir Only ignorant people like you assume and generalize. This is why you’re a hidden crap because you’re not an intellectual, blinded by your hatred. Surely, your religion didn’t teach you to be a hate monger! Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice.
alice87707758 @SuriusVsVodka Who is this piece of crap I am a proud trump supporter and my parents raised us to treat everyone equally regardless of their race religion or color
NirajAryal12 @adh_bi @DonNowraj @theyatriji Who is saying our culture or tradition is crap.Idea that my religion is best of all and others are not is crap.This is not what our Sanatan tradition teaches us.Have you interacted with people from other religion?Dont you think for a devout Muslim, Islam is his way of life? Free
MichaelBlowfie2 @Janewhitt5 @w1mav @MailOnline @patel4witham Unbelievable, all of the grandstanding pontificating in Westminster and nothing happens. This bleeding heart liberal pc crap has to stop. The country is suppose to be on lock down! except for men of a certain race and religion. Old enough to know better.Sick of deceitful, duplicitous politicians lies.Angry doesn't cover it.
kominsens @PhillipsTane @simonjbridges Tane that is crap and Socialist fake news We are very confident of who and what we are and religion if any brand is at the bottom of the list
SunnySidhu_LA @Reelhousewife1 @Gerhard_kreuz @demolecularized @Kayface77 @MikeMcC5680 @AryaKicksButt @MsActiviss @NoBS_Parenting @LouGarza86 @alliesavvy @heiman_lisa After that Buddha went to sleep, that lady and I figured we can start a new religion and take it to Orient, because Indians being crooked already and all will never buy our bull crap. We were very successful, all of eastern and north eastern Asia is budhist and not India. I miss kinder gentler and honest America. If you are a MAGA or Republican, we cannot be friends.
BrassAddict93 Detroit, MI Maybe I’m weird but i find the concept of a bunch of elitists singing about a world without heaven, hell, religion, and borders unsettling. What kind of One World Order anthem of the apocalypse crap is this? Bunch of weirdos. #Conservative | #Pro2A | #ProLife | #ProudBlackAmerican | #MAGA
Radio_Rabbit_ she/her my religion teacher posted this to my class this morning holy crap she's amazing! (and yes, religion is a mandatory subject in ireland sadly for this atheist 😔👊) {Hopeless Geek} {Fander} {Ravenclaw} {Irish} {Tea & Coffee} {Musical Addict} {#𝐎𝐟𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐬} #Aleishaisincredible

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