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Lenthebastard and the Vatican is sitting on almost 15 billion in artwork that they could sell and feed the poor. just goes to show all religion is crap. right creflo? I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS. M4A Electrician. Bastard. Apostate. U.S.M.C. fork blueticks! hyperbole is a must. opinionated Asshole. 🇺🇦 #neverbidennevertrump
LovinyouSF San Francisco, CA @w_terrence I think this is just publicity seeking crap and I'm probably being taken in here, but there are good and bad people in every race, sexuality, religion, and gender, but don't underestimate the effect of supporting that actual, real, proper, scumbag :-( just a decent guy in SF.
mcmanistan New Jersey, USA @ezralbntseliot @jonrog1 Physical health? Right, all those fat choir ladies and the greasy food consumed weekly in fellowship. And civic minded? The religion own the civitas. By civic minded you mean powerful and power hungry. No different that today. Walk away from that crap bc that’s exactly what it is I'm not trying to say anything to you. If you don't get it, you really don't have to think about it 'cause it's not addressed to you
RobertD70535006 @whereshannuh @Maseg0Mphahlele @DaBabyDaBaby What molds the perception about sexual diversity is the experience regarding this topic, which in the case is mostly related with religion,and since the religion of black ppl is majority the same as the white ppl's,they both think alike. So white and black ppl are the same crap.
PatKell51882483 @ladyblue999 Religion sucks...and so do intolerant red-necks. I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot, Faux Nooz would sing a different tune. Who else is fed up of the far right crap? Historian, musician, teacher, and Rocky Mountain girl
prasys Kuala Lumpur @SiriuslyCold i dont understand why our society are still believing these crap and how it falls under religion...something is seriously flawed Techie #tech101 author | Comp Sci PhD Student - Natural Language Processing | 🇲🇾 in 🇳🇿 |
souka1306 @sIrpwr @Renny3727 @uglyboyshahz @nxraswrld Because muslims were acting this way lesser people took intrest and now were basically treated like crap, it's nlt on the rise anymore true their's more Muslims now, but it's doesn't mean that evryone is following the religion properly account💆🏻‍♀️, I will be reacting mostly kdramas and anime. 18🤒
Sarah_otk 🌊Grand Line🌊 @mikalovespurin Like how can you call yourself Muslim (in her bio) and post crap like this that is literally against your religion.. One Piece enthusiast 🌙 Pfp : @karakaze_a 🤍
fackudemiurge spheroid hellmouth @7homas777 Greta ist the astroturfed child prophetess of a sentimentalist secular religion; her obvious defect don't really matter for the people who eat this crap up and performatively bemoan how the world is gonna end in 12 years right after buying beachfron property this planet is a penal colony
BWulfskreiger @uwriyel_mag @TruthFreedom21 Get your religious crap out of here 😡 Religion is a cancer and must be eradicated. BLACKMETAL WAR AGAINST ANTIFA SCUM
DeepStateGypsy Infatroopen, MN Bigger story is that virtually every group moved right. The biggest correlation to believing in crazy crap like Q-Anon and Stop The Steal in this country is not race, or even political affiliation - it's religion. Despite the rankings, I still think Deep State is a way better school than University Of Deep
supremedreams99 Losing My forking Mind Even as an atheist I think religion is a very nice thing and doesn’t deserve half the crap it gets Everyone is pretty awful so I just try to be the best at that I guess | Just going through the motions| 2037 Economics Nobel Prize Winner | Houston Rockets 🚀
johnny68123969 London, England @BlackCa03082065 The religion has to go all we have done is imported crap about time we exported it by banning the religion and the ritual killing of animals it’s a no brainer if you are a true Brit X armed forces and company director, follow Chelsea and obviously a patriot. I and many others defended your right to vote and free speech, don’t waste it !
nehav2695 @Agamya66 @SomeshTilara @Monsur18841717 @krishna3691 Your only point is that you are blinded by hatred because I to begin with am not he am her and I have faced physical abuses by people of your so called religion too. So cut the crap and the way you people behave tells it’s all about ego and nobody’s safety
Skavin63 Lost Angeles-ish @TheyCallMeTomO1 The only thing government does well is divide us. By politics, race, religion, income, and now, by vax status. I saw this coming too, and it's the main reason I got the shots. How unAmerican this crap is... ex military - Christian - family man - patriot - Kings fan - Cheesehead - electrician - rock n roll junkie - hound lover - libertarianish - #sheepdogsfight
goofytiger2 Orlando, FL @Trump_won_20 @FreedumFyghter @Ipiphiniz1 And yet you can’t see all the crap Trump has done. It is a religion at this point too. I got the answer I was looking for. Have a good one. Just a dude living his life.
PeterMuchuku Religion is poison dished out via Indoctrination. Sadly someone will buy this crap and blow up their penis in a suicide. Son, dad, teacher, student,... know thyself.
fachos_les Sisimiut @Bob_cart124 You are the religious fanatic. Religion has nothing to do with politics. You talk about lying crap. Charlie Hebdo is non-religious and non-political. You better shut up It is the aggressor who is a backward orthodox religious fanatic ⛔LFI EELV RN PATRIOTES⛔ 🇨🇵 #Regis-Le_Coz *BZH* #Laic #PrintempsRep #Mila #Vacciné& j'emmerdelemonde #35RAP #soutien👩‍🚒👮👮‍♀️ #BABYMETAL💜💚🌺🌼🦊🤘🎶🎸
freegazaorg International @ScoCJo @medeabenjamin Palestine is on ancient Persian maps. Israel is a man. As a state, it never existed until 1948. Who gives a crap about religion and how long any of them lasted. Human rights group successfully sailed 5 times into the port of Gaza.
Lexialex Someone in my mentions decided to talk crap but accidentally cc’d a historian who specializes in religion and let me tell you…the popcorn is already popping in the microwave
jferrarovegas @Angelicasmamma @DDorgle @GeekCorner_uk @unknownuseriam @sajirussell @Pink I don’t care if a woman cover up for religious beliefs what I do care about is those same women who cover-up for religious beliefs get caught stealing crap underneath all of that and use it for other reasons other then religion all I want to do is train dogs
MephistoVidar Londinium @YugaBlues @TheFreds What a load of crap. Without science you wouldn't be conversing over internet, you'd still be living in a cave or a mud hut. The alternative to science (measuring the world through research and evidenced data) is religion and superstition. Lucky rabbits feet and a horse shoe. Passionate about politics, science, nature, coding, cooking, preserving mankind - want to see the creation of a fairer society. Hate Brexit. Hate Tories.
Caboman9 @BishopBarron Your "Imagine" opinion piece in that rag, The Post; such a load of crap. You misinterpret what Lennon said. Religion, in particular Catholicism is responsible for so much hurt and pain in the world. Imagine that hurt and pain no longer being imposed by religions
johnny68123969 London, England @ebd0a4a6bbc9471 @kwilliam111 @LondonMirelle @MayorofLondon What a load of crap this religion should be banned from the U.K. it is medieval, incompatible with our way of life and has too much nasty murderous baggage X armed forces and company director, follow Chelsea and obviously a patriot. I and many others defended your right to vote and free speech, don’t waste it !
PaulTho08950694 @TonyMoo14815590 @sreeecon @tiffgenders @9NewsSyd I have a wonderful life, void of the crap I had to endure for the first 19 years of my life. In fact removing religion from my life was unbelievably fulfilling and empowering. It enabled me to be myself and not beholden to something that is beating someone’s else’s drum. I see nothing as Black or White, nor Left or Right.There is a solution to almost everything.Always consider the 6 and 9 perspective. hate pretenders and sheeple
roseannebyrne Coastal NSW. Yuin land. @Crankymack52 @Peter_Fitz Yes the message in itself is good. Just like every other religion. It’s about humanity at its essence. The stuff that makes us different. Beyond that it’s crap and power. if we all got what we wanted from government there’d be no change for 1000 years. Vote LABOR! Vote for better.
BatinaSasha @franktmorgan No care about race, religion, political views, sexual orientation and all the other crap we throw at them later on, just like someone was once throwing it at us....They just want everything to be their way. ALWAYS. That's it. Is that too much to ask for?? 😁
johnny68123969 London, England @AMZ99988861 @mbga_uk You don’t need to convince me l have worked around some of the crap we have imported the big threat is the Islamic religion ban it and they will follow it out the door X armed forces and company director, follow Chelsea and obviously a patriot. I and many others defended your right to vote and free speech, don’t waste it !
NewsPanda2 @TheSamirAbbas @RajeevKSachan This is how they all have branded Ola hu Uber.. and then there os no religion for terror.. crap.
almagnani Danville, CA @humxnwrites @Smith_Surge Not just nonsense and not real.Utter crap.The idea that if someone disagrees with the utter crap, you have to recognize, interrupt, and repair, rather than accept that you might be wrong and should discuss, debate, and test hypotheses? How is that ok? That is religion and a cult. Just noticed I haven't really done anything with this in about 9 years... I suppose I should try to maintain this and clean up accidental retweets and likes...
ThePup70 the road less traveled @BazzaCC @steve_bos_88 Religion is so dangerous and complete horsecrap. I don't know what's scarier, the actual religions and their "Holy books" or the deeply brainwashed people who actually believe this crap?!?!? It's all dangerous brainwashing cults.... We are all in a post hypnotic trance induced in early infancy. We awaken from this trauma induced trance thru Inner Child work, science & leaving the matrix.
sheepthatter Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada @adoretheunicorn You really can't know until your soul departs your body. Up until then, it's a crap shoot. But, my rule of thumb is, if your religion practices Love, peace, charity, inclusiveness and humility, then you're probably on the right track. Canadian Fangirl in love with her British Manband. #BarlowBabe #BAOW #GBGSG #NovaScotiaStrong
XDarkwolfyX Mist outside your door. @lainazanael I mostly just want to point out to them, them preaching about their religion pretty much sends them to their hell. And got restarted a few dozen times. Why their stuff is crap. 🇺🇲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Shortness can be surprising, so watch out. ♂️He/him/the creature, age in the billions. NSFW 🔞 #vtuber #engvtuber not oc age 30
CallTime4 @Martina Well we kinda need to stop certain presidents treating it like thier personal court. Never has a court been so abused as it is now. And cut down this frivolous crap as every right-wing nut needs to bring it to the supreme court every time they play the religion card. Scumbags For: Truth, Equality and accountability in politics, law and government. Also Dogs Against: lies, misdirection, tax-dodgers,dark money,oligarchs, whataboutism
Bandit10251 U.S.A The DimOcrats THINK THEIR POLITICS is THEIR Religion! We NEED #TeamAmerica NOT RACIST CRT and the BRAINWASHING OF OUR CHILDREN. 3 R'S American History. The OLD fashioned WAY. THE truth Not theories. FANTASY CRAP #MAGA #NRA #AmericaFirst #BuildTheWall #EndSantuaryStates #Vietnam Combat #Veteran. 1st Hue Pu Bai Tet Offensive. 67-68. Airborne Scuba. MARRIED #Trump2020
ftblym Montréal, Québec @mw_leslie @Gadzooooooks @nypost Oh stop with your “ooh antisemitism 🥺” crap 🙄 you know this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with humanity and speaking up against a racist supremacist terrorist ideology which is zion*sm 🌱 Montréal | ○Techno, HipHop♧● | MUFC👹, Lakers, Boxing/MMA ✟RIP.MUM✟ || Fllwd by NicoleMoudaber, LouMacari, JaredGordon, Hus KingPin. #forkCancer
ftblym Montréal, Québec @uknightwishfan @DIDDLYONE @KevGeo2011 @MrBrown1981 @SkyNews They’re so quick to spew the “ooh antisemitism” crap 🙄 this was never about religion but about standing against the racist, supremacist, terrorist and anti-semitic ideology known as zionism (arabs are semites, genocide on palestinians is antisemitic) 🌱 Montréal | ○Techno, HipHop♧● | MUFC👹, Lakers, Boxing/MMA ✟RIP.MUM✟ || Fllwd by NicoleMoudaber, LouMacari, JaredGordon, Hus KingPin. #forkCancer
JamesBazan Charlotte, NC @AnitaM86 The only "masks" the Catechism w The Catholic Church discusses masks four times, and none of them are tis crap. This is the makeshift religion of political ideologues. A U.S. citizen w/the radical belief that we are supposed to welcome the stranger and to love our neighbors as ourselves.
chrismu60101677 @joanna92874072 @slangtro @CTVNews Pagan is not with no religion, that's just a thousand years of brainwashing by the abrahamic religions. Myself and family are bound to a different set of beliefs that don't allows to inject our bodies with this crap.
devenbottiaux @ShapDanny @FACTUAL______ @TJLang70 Wait... people ACTUALLY like this tweet?? How depraved and Godless is our society. This is all political religion crap here. Has nothing to do with actual morals and valuing life. It's about pushing an agenda and winning. You people are disgusting. Individual. Saved by Grace. My family is everything.
galactic_Emilio @AmericanMiklo @HoundHumanist @DrFrankTurek We don’t speak Latin you dingus. A fetus is not a person. The most ironic part is that when there is an actual baby being born y’all stop giving a crap. Ergo your outrage over fetuses and not children killed by religion. Also the nazis used religion in their favor, just an FYI. Professional Graphic Designer and game developer student. Love movies, music, and Videogames.
mikanmir 16 | she/her | edtwt/suicidal Some people are so disrespectful towards atheists? Like not every atheist is this edgelord who will tell you that god definitely doesn't exist and that your religion is basically crap. Most atheists ik including me are very respectful about religions you will be missed, I am sorry yves
wtfjashan Punjab, India @dhruv_rathee You were right he is godi youtuber and he promotes hate speech and is funded by bjp to do all this, he uses his religion card whenever he gets into any trouble and calls himself nationalist all his videoes are illogical crap he manipulates people he is a hypocrite Toxic brown girl🖤
AntsuMDE @MikeTyson Go farm in @Ethereum network, pay more fees than you earn. Stake @Ethereum 2.0 and hope some day it will be ready (if ever). ETH is pure gamble. Centralized, always needs to be updated, full of crap -religion. Everything in it is based on "IF" or "AFTER WE ..." Sports since - 87. Crypto since - 16. Active in Twitter since - 21 #Bitcoin #Aqua #BnB #Cake
MariaCostelloe And it is not okay to all label people as withces and then taint their food with lead or other crap, again forkign ridiculous.....witchcraft, religion and else fine, as long as your not hurting people..... I love to see and understand what they mean....
Lenthebastard and the Vatican is sitting on almost 15 billion in artwork that they could sell and feed the poor. just goes to show all religion is crap. right creflo? I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS. M4A Electrician. Bastard. Apostate. U.S.M.C. fork blueticks! hyperbole is a must. opinionated Asshole. 🇺🇦 #neverbidennevertrump
Ram28517026 @nytimes do your research before publishing such crap. you will find out many women were tricked into such relations. there is a pattern. the boys pretend to be nonmuslim but then after marriage,he shows his true religion and forces the girl to convert. creating awareness is not a crime.
OUhot Oklahoma, USA So y is there still great shows on tv and some great shows that got kicked off tv because of it offends idiots with history and racism and religion? Then they are trying to cram crap in our faces that's against religion! As well cram crap on tv that keeps racism GOING?!!!
memecannot Non Binary, HRT: 5/8/21 If I ever get more crap about not shaving my legs and armpits, what do you think my best option is? 1) Oooh, you’re going to have so many more problems when you find out I’m a man! 2) Shaving is against my religion (my religion being: doing whatever the hell I want, biach). 18 (they/them) student, atheist, #ActuallyAutistic. I like: bees🐝 cats, violin, boxing🥊 lifting🏋🏻 @FemboySherlock #TransLiberationNow! LTR 💍