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Karma_Kaali Inside Ur Head 😎 @Farhan68020698 @DoshHar @Vidyagauri @SanataniMan @TheJaggi @realManishKumar @gopugoswami @RatanSharda55 @RakeshSinha01 @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @prafullaketkar Don't talk crap ,ur religion is crap and trust me adopting any other ideology apart from yours is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy better . Please don't be cheap and subscribe to more news channels momin Spock Ki Jay !!!🖖🖖 Firm Supporter of the Indian Army & Common sense. Karm hi mera ekmatr dharm hai !! Lover of BRAHMOS 😍 Gareeb Adhaar Card Owner 😎
Fangirl31 United States This! You know it's really weird when a church wants everyone to be completely open-minded to their way of thinking and then all of a sudden when it comes to race they can't be bothered to care. That's why I vacillate between believing and thinking that religion is crap. #resistance #MeToo
Popcornium1 @RantsandR I mean, we're not the people who take up a full 30 days of a year and show our pride for our religion. I'm not christian but at least in my religion, we don't do that crap. Pride month is just unnecessary and not deserved. Literally anything else deserves a month but this
__shizzybaby Outside🚀 @unotimmy If you actually calm down and think deep then you'll realise everything you believe in nothing but a myth. A religion that stifles critical thinking is crap, a religion that terms knowledge as evil is crap. Read about your history, check out the evidence of the big bang theory NAUGHTY BY NATURE || RONALDO FC || MADRIDSTA🏳️ ||OUTSIDER🦍|| ATHEIST
MziwamadodaMfa2 Beside God and religions politics are also load of crap. Religion, politics, gender equality, christianity, human rights, democracy, economy, WHO all constitute an illussion. Everything you see today in Western world is an illusion. Their culture is fake, fraud, and lie. So you son of man, I have made Watchman for world of Christianity. Whenever you hear confession of sins from me tell the world-Ezekiel
SurajS21377440 @therealnaomib What crap is this.. If you dont know, dont tweet on religion and caste.. Come to India, will feed your bottom to stray dogs
Denise62410685 none @julie_kelly2 Are u helping @NormEisen because I read his Evil book he is Communist Socialist and planning a coup and committing Treason! There are people in our Government who hate our country and Religion and our Freedom to gather! This crap is only happening in the Democrat States woman, mother ,,Nuna to 6 grankids and 1 great,,
Carolin50718637 @amybpotter @patton6966 Honestly I don’t hate you or your god. I just don’t care or respect organized religion or anything about it. But you can’t convince me about your view of god, and if you try to with god is love or that crap it only serves to PISS me off! Book worm Athletic Foodie Introvert Environmental conservative
StephenCoda This sort of crap is why I stopped buying pop (pseudo) science rags like SA years ago. They're purveyors of scientism, a discredited religion, and the publication is the equivalent of pamphlets distributed by cultists. All about spoons.
NoQuarter2000 North East of Once Proud Land I hope my progressive Jewish sisters and brothers don’t fall for this crap, no matter the religion NOR the history - Netanyahu is a fascist just like wanna-be Drumpf STRIKE! Ex-Democrat self-radicalized by waiting decades for incremental change. Still waiting.
lifelessmachine Antarctica @Black07172774 @JordanSumbu @Ofentse_Fenty I'm sick of this black immunity crap, murder is senseless, ESPECIALLY IN AFRICA, religion is the most stupid reason to kill someone and yet Muslims are having their fun when it comes to murder, it's absolutely appauling, this world is disgusting. I know that some people who've done evil will get into deep crap like a dung beetle.
ActivistHat 👇ok. Get it through your heads people.. They seem laughable.. THEY BELIEVE THEIR PROGRAMMING. How stupid it appears is IRRELEVANT. Ok.. AND. We have several overlapping "types" of this insane "religion". First is the original. the cabal nwo deep state crap mixed with hate Honest to a fault. Blm. I hate: 45, Qlaid cult, lies. Science, Ethics, blathering. I do not betray Retweeter of stuff that seems important. She/her
Roxanne61961459 @DrPhil Yep. Its so sad that this crap still is going on! Beliefs that hurt others in any way is not About God. Humans make all sorts of crap up to think they are above others and really its just a dam shame. Religion is a cult. A cult is a cult. God Has No Part Of Either. caring and honest
CRek6 @FuROCK_Radio Christians were no longer bound by Jewish law, and that they live by faith in Jesus, not by Leviticus. But obviously, she’s to stupid to do her research. This prejudice piece of crap is just a blind follower and uses her religion to justify her inner hate. Proficient in Microsoft Excel | Rek Media Collective🎥 | Guitarist @NeonGravesMusic | Husband to @Cailey_H and father to a sweet little baby girl❤️
EARTHRi01775320 @Cico_j @smarter37571226 @dorthealynn @waltshaub And you are a fraud, Cico! All that crap you wrote is straight out of the white nationalist playbook, not out of any religion. The only "god" you serve is Satan, your father! Lying #hypocrite!
Max_Bakers Small town, Virginia @RobBirdwell @WoodysWife14 @messwithjess3 Your appeal to law is inane because people are getting tired of this crap. "Because We have no Government armed with Power capable of contending with human Passions unbridled by morality and Religion. Avarice, Ambition, Revenge or Galantry, would break..." 1/ 'T-I-double-GUH-ER. That Spells Tigger!' Constitutionalist. Mathew 25 is good advice. Your Life Matters (YLM). 'Never personal. Always principles.' ~ J. Dunne.
PCPPConserv Carlsbad, CA @McAllisterDen I was raised orthodox. The laws were made by men who thought they knew god's intentions. the kosher laws were made to bind people to a religion. it's not god mandated and is a bunch of crap. ProChoice, ProPot Conservative, pro gay marriage, over 50, dancing bubbie.@fransesti on parler
shivanibhatnage @tousifazamsk @_Sanity_V @namitabhandare @swati_gs And dont give me this crap blaming whole religion BS. It is one of the duties of a momin. Converting Kaffirs Proud Sanatani and Bhakt.
FirstStationMan United States of America @CNN Forestry and Forest Mgt is a SCIENCE. If the Leftist loons of CaliMex understand that and made it a priority rather some bizarre made up religion of "climate change" today's fires would be more controllable and minimal. Forestry is a proven science more that climate change crap. @realDonaldTrump IS Making America Safer, Stronger & more Prosperous For All! #MAGA #TRUMP2020 #AmericaFirst #Capitalism #RememberTheAlamo #SEC
Synqal Chapter 2 Season 4 Also small disclaimer: I’m not doing this as a disrespect to my religion, I just want to show him up cause he says a lot of stupid crap and all. If you are a Christian or any other religion, your view of god is just as good as mine. Im just here to vibe
RodEngelsman @DucksForDuckGod But it's not really if you subtract out the "white evangelicals". I have plenty of friends who are white and Christian who totally reject the Trumpian white nationalist crap. For some folks Christian is an identity first, religion second. I know something about almost everything and not much about anything in particular.
Ephesians2_9 @TheantiantiZio1 @ProlifeJewCAMi They never wanted tolerance. They want acceptance. Tolerance is: respecting your neighbors horrible taste in food, music, paint color, religion etc Acceptance is: bringing that crap in my house and partaking. I will tolerate, I dont have to accept. Child of God. Wife, mom, nonna,sister, aunt. God, family, country. I love the Holy Bible and the constitution. Unapologetically pro life. No DM
ignored_the Here, now. @DrFrankTurek What a load of crap. People from every religion and none have been able to do science, whether they're xian or not. Remember Doubting Thomas? Xianity is a worldview where it's leader told someone that it's better to believe something without being shown it first. Believe what you want. It makes no difference to me. It's how you act on your beliefs that is the concern. Sympathetic Canadian.
Karma_Kaali Inside Ur Head 😎 @Farhan68020698 @DoshHar @Vidyagauri @SanataniMan @TheJaggi @realManishKumar @gopugoswami @RatanSharda55 @RakeshSinha01 @ShefVaidya @rvaidya2000 @prafullaketkar Don't talk crap ,ur religion is crap and trust me adopting any other ideology apart from yours is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy better . Please don't be cheap and subscribe to more news channels momin Spock Ki Jay !!!🖖🖖 Firm Supporter of the Indian Army & Common sense. Karm hi mera ekmatr dharm hai !! Lover of BRAHMOS 😍 Gareeb Adhaar Card Owner 😎
pinakapaaNi Irrelevant “Hinduism is a secular religion “ Such dumbfork crap I hear. And slapped the bastard for saying that.... असाध्य साधक स्वामिन असाध्य तव किंवद राम दूत कृपा सिंधो मत्कार्यं साधयप्रभो |
NieL_1485 politicians are the root cause of all trash the country is going through right now. no one is doodh ka dhula hua be it rightist or leftist . all are just plain crap outdated and just hateful. religion & nationalism is just a cover for them. #YesHomoVivah its tuff to be an EXOL. journey is ruff but the moments with the boys is sweet. OT9 & Junmyeon's man servant. fan account.
Akhenat61669751 Sweden @mohammed_hijab Seven Earths and seven Heavens😁what a backward looking bottom religion is islam😁are there still people who believe in this crap in the modern age where science and technology is propelling us to new heights where humanity belongs bro😁😀 🇸🇴
TabsiraArchives @Afgeezy97 And yet, they will say the integration of women into society is evidence of their lack of religious education/imaan and that men are the true carriers of religion while saying stupid, illiterate crap like this (in the works)
Berlinnaeus Lovely Leitrim Watched "The Social Dilemma". Apparently, we are prey to unfiltered, lunatic ideas and manipulated by unscrupulous charlatans. Where did we get the notion that this is new? The medium may be different but humans have been feeding each other crap forever. Religion, anyone? Nottan Institute #FeckOffIona Back Away Bishops #SeparateChurchAndState Part of @LeitrimARC #FreeSafeLegalLocal
enoughalready93 @MarieSmith74 @BuzzFeedNews You don’t know crap about Q obviously. Q is no fan of the Catholic Church first of all. Second it doesn’t matter at all WHO the abusers of kids are, all are the enemy of Q. It’s not left or right, not this religion vs that’s good vs evil. And some evil is in every group
krithikasivasw Bharata Varshe, Bharata Kande @arundomain Absolutely no need for your posters on some general western crap on religion n science. Ppl know what to follow and what they believe in. The general mass here is very much contented with a pooja and a doc visit in parallel. a Hindu,Tamil,Indian Entrepreneur from Chennai! Carnatic music,Bharatanatyam,wildlife conservation,sanskrit,heritage. Well, honoured to be followed by Modiji 😁
WarWithMyWordz Canadian, Italian, Estonian @QueenEs67528257 You're full of crap and racist by saying whiteness is AntiChrist. You're no Christian. Doesn't matter if the statues of Christ are idols, BLM is attacking Christianity and religion. Your precious BLM does not believe in God or Christ because BLM communism hate Christians. Discusses History, War, Politicians, Religion, Philosophy, Medicine, Psychology, Creationism, etc.,
ebphoto Laguna Beach, CA @Kevin_Shipp OMG now I’ve seen it all. L Ron Hubbard was a nut job and his “religion” Scientology is based on Aliens or some such BS being their saviors! Complete bunch of crap! Sure explains a lot! US Coast Guard Disabled Veteran & Conservative. God, Family, Country! Dog Lover...
ana_gedda Goiânia, Brasil @AEsir_ceres I’m part of LGBT+ community too myself(without a label, as I don’t like one, but still am), and I can tell. That crap over there is not a religious crap. It’s worse. It’s an EXTREMIST crap. Those people aren’t religious, they are EXTREMISTS. Religion does not compactuate with+ #MAZE: “Chloe left me. Why? Why would she? Why would she do that to me?” // 20, ela/dela//she/her.
neovram @sunandavashisht @uchealth Why in earth religion is being asked for a doc appointment??! I thought this crap was in India only. Asking for caste and religion in every application.
jaden_boland "I believe homosexuality is disgusting and worthy of punishment." "Whoa, your beliefs are wrong and terrible." "Nuh-uh, it's a part of my religion." "Oh crap, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect your beliefs. I apologize for being intolerant." *Everyone agrees somehow* I use the word “people” too much.
BDEEEEEEEEEEE //tw: religion --- Uhm Chile anyways so-- Idc what your religion is and all just please don't say bs like this crap thanks. A dumbass beyblade burst fan. Turbo 4? yeah anyways these badass bitches 🥺✨
Yhitsmax In Your Head Rent Free @chukaobi It's you Christians that turned your religion into a meme and a joke. Not that long ago you christians had a whole tweet like a story from the bible crap. But then you cry when Netflix start mocking it? This is all on you guys So What? You Gone Cry? 2 cups of bleach if you get mad!
visundari @retheeshraj10 Bhakths come in many octaves and colors and Hinduism is a sex positive religion. It's nice to see the regressive misogynistic crap espoused here by the so called woke. Tho conservative re sexuality, mohan bhagwatji and RSS is moving forward re women. Hindu Civilizational Nationalist. #nolongerleftist
MartinHallett3 United States @MrEd315 @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump The only party that is racist is the Democrats, their history is one of division and hate. They divide by color, sex, income, religion and any thing else they think will gain them votes. They have no policies for all Americans, go away with your racist crap. Multiple patents in Hydrodynamics, Regional Network Implementation manager, A Great Dad, Grandpa, and veteran. Conservative. #KAG, 💯 Trump!
Shoddy92 @gauistina @Vocare88 @PeytonRoyceWWE @netflix Omg!! Someone who actually watched the film.!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 this is what I mean. If you actually watch the film and study up on the religion and culture. The movie is in a different light. This is not dance moms or crap like that. There’s a whole meaning behind the film. Preparedness meets opportunity - Trish Stratus, #actor #BLACK #bluntsandbops on YouTube
Hoopers4rt1985 Worcester, England This is what we need to see more off !! Not BLM or religion crap or negative crap. This !!! 💙 kids beating cancer. People surviving Covid-19. Stuff to make us smile and laugh not frown and hate !! 35 Male Uk🇬🇧 💍 to @HayHayFrancis89 Deviantart : YouTube :
potent_prophett The relentless disgusting takes I've seen from Pakistanis in the past week is worrying. How the entire hell can you write this crap and think you're protecting your religion? Amazing. RIP @potent_prophet 😩
medic2216 Peoria, AZ @iaatheists @godless_mom Hate/fan mail. Received this in the mail today. I’m assuming it is a result of a thread on religion and atheism on the Next Door app. Why do believers feel the need to shove their crap down my throat?! #harassment Battalion Chief-RMFD-Scottsdale, AZ. Cancer survivor. Navy vet. Author. You may see me struggle; you’ll never see me quit. #sicknotweak #oneAthiest
chiragpatel2907 @adhirrcinc Bengalee brahmin? Ab state ke hisabse brahmin hoge, why Congress is doing this? Why are they separating us based on our caste and religion? We all are Indian first and we bl**dy proud of it and we don't want crap from the politicians who don't deserve to be called an Indian.
AVCrow @ThePubliusUSA There is a huge overlap between trumpets and the sort of “religion” which sucks in magical thinking, irrational sheep in need of a big daddy to tell them what to think. Throw in crap education, greed and racism, and there you are.
MeatMechSuit Good reporting here. Re: consp theories, I find that believing in some form of religion or spirituality and feeling marginalised because of it is the strongest primer for consp theory crap. YT and FB have only amplified an extant phenomenon. Anti-patriarchy, Atheist, Bi, Enby, Feminist, GreyAce, Humanist, Science-lover. xe/they No lists or DMs please.
AlexDav54535882 @EWErickson Religion is the ultimate fake news .Over 200 denominations of Christanity in The U.S alone. Why doesn't God come down here right now and settle this crap once and for all? I just want to know which denomination is right?..I'm so confused..Lol
Arvin_ANJ FL @jsonholt Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue that happens more often in Iran than you’d think. The people are downright sick and tired of living under those officials who make everyone’s lives hell and spew crap about religion 24/7 and if you speak against it, well, you see