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DavidLMcDowell1 @WriteInNatasha @MickeyDecurious @BarneyBlather @fromMA If you was replying to me, no I can't because religion is crap and I don't follow any of it. I'm an unfiltered truth teller. behold reality!!!!
edisn Eugene, Oregon @OccupyDemocrats @Varidienne lookat you guys trying to pat each other onthe back for your religious piety. Your constitution is crap, your religion is crap and thats why youlost abortion. Your always sorry afterwards but you alwats kill again rich graham parity account ⓘ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗮𝗰𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 #Resist Free Britney.
micougarsdmi1 San Diego, CA @June8th1967 @SoulofCreeD Oh! Organized Religion is crap! We are not practicing it anymore. But if I did, its not my role to throw stones and prevent other people from living their lives whether they are a prostitute, do drugs, or have an abortion. You do you, but don’t tell me what I can’t do. Nerdy Psychologist | Gay Black Man | Wine | Politics | Fun | Fashion
Azine5455 @bennyjohnson fork Christianity! Your religion is crap! GOD ISNT REAL! SCOTUS IS AN ABOMINATION! YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOUR FAITH AND BELIEF SYSTEM Human Being, Individual, Non-Subscriber, Musician, NFTs -
HollytWolf Toronto I can’t believe I have to say this.. but yes I am pro-choice. I’m also 100% for gay and trans rights, equality for all races, & think that free health care should be in every country. I think religion is a piece of crap, and often used as a scapegoat to torture and harm others Content Monster Playboy Playmate, Cosplayer, Gamer, Twitch Partner 💎📍Toronto, Canada
Shawnmorrisdc Washington, DC @CollinsforTX You claim you love God, yet you treat others like crap. Do you think Jesus would have sent this Tweet? You and people like you are the reason Christianity is on the decline. Who would want to follow a religion when it’s followers act like you and the rest of your cult? Fitness Professional, Alabama Football Fan, Country boy in the city, Human Rights warrior.
ms_bubble_son bradford @dh4onethingonly @JillybeanSpears he still drowned babies. give up your crap religion unless you enjoy hypocrisy. there is no such thing as a "nice" god or a "nice" jesus, they are dictators and killers - a threat to humans. god is not democratic. i'm an aging animator surviving another month thanks to my latest patron. artist writer musician father sculptor pornographer collector of stuff
DavidLMcDowell1 @WriteInNatasha @MickeyDecurious @BarneyBlather @fromMA If you was replying to me, no I can't because religion is crap and I don't follow any of it. I'm an unfiltered truth teller. behold reality!!!!
Murray6971 Los Angeles @ThomasDierson @WonderKing82 I appreciate your input. I'm interested in truth and accuracy. I did go down some conspiracy rabbitholes in my youth around religion and that crap is like cobwebs that need to be cleared out of the attic of the mind. :) There is no charge for this awesomeness. She/Her
Grace_Morphin Rocky mtn. adjacent. the morons who wade thru mud to listen to his relentless crap will not change. He is their religion now. Hopefully those with a working brain and a sense of right and wrong will change. I love snark & wit. Potter/painter. I am trying to be a better human, I do not recognize the USA anymore. Vote Blue, to save us. No DM's.
RealPatriotShaw @bdsmoke0212 @YaOnlyLivvOnce @BookCameo Fact is you bought the gaslight bullcrap most abortions are contraceptives. That's crap. They are life saving procedures. And even if they aren't, your religion isn't our law. We've been over this when your religion said it was right for blacks to be slaves and lgbqt people Liberal. I care about my family, my community, and my country. Deal with it, or don't.
IamBluPearl @FilmUpdates Sir it isn't about your religion cut the crap Tom cruise made a billion and he is connected to an extra church. People don't like Chris because of his actions those comments he made about his ex and more
Garig23 @Binu45820711 @CMShehbaz America is nuclear and they have men dressed as women, France drives crap cars, the English have bad teeth, India doesn’t have a solid religion or toilets. And Pakistan has a literacy rate 12% less than the US… it’s possible. Everyone has problems, don’t be ridiculous.
lyle1948 Phoenix, AZ @javerias I have a friend who lost his job because he defined a woman improperly. All of this phobia crap is a bunch of crap and I’m tired of it. Well you left us no matter where you come from what your religion is destroying our lives.
RannyB1987 @GovRicketts What about everybody else’s religious freedom??? Do they not count? There should never be any mixing of religion and politics .. this is the crap you get!!! Just love to have fun!
mandlebrot890 California, PA @Kernel_kurnool @indiainpixels Why this useless study of people based on religion caste color and language? Please educate people. Focus on literacy. All this crap is not good for anybody. 🏍🍺💻🍑🏃🚵‍♀️
JackLuber2 Lover of freedom Take your religion and shove it up your ass. Every religion. They're all made up BS. 900+ religions in the world. But only yours is right 🙄. Lunatics! Every one of you that buys into that religious crap. You're mentally deranged.
afewpoints Durham @LeftBehindPoet @PaddyM10128237 @David19531501 @Claesson_Kate @BorderJasper @Begentle50 @1ainTro11sBots @BeowulfSchaefer @cathyby @etxberria55 @brianbloop2 @Chr1s_not_a_bot @Obohobofromnobo @wobski421 @bazcarter15 @CredaCreda @wanderer_bolton @Charlie_Orignal @JohnRya13591294 @resiguru @ShegorTheReador @987_charles @Rayjudd7 @ChrisEv06631592 @CharlieCarlsbad @oureurope2 @zafron98 @Peter14306722 @GeoffBarton9 @Davidmetroland @GeoffreyKeey @UndercoverDane @EuOutta @Roblev0 @stilllearning90 @Martin020455 @EliasHoshea @andrewsibley15 @of_flocks @Musc1esbri2 @SetCondiment @mindedmusically @Christinauk53 @Ciolfilicious1 @Gazza41 @Dav1dJacksonuk @LouiseColledge4 @Jonatha40608198 @Shayna620 @ConraddKonnrad That is up to the parents and children to decide. Maybe it not their religion. All they need to be taught now is, everyone is equal. Also teaching them about a many different idiotic genders is not gonna help them. It's gonna fill their heads with crap instead of history and math To insanity & beyond. Cynic. Expect Irony, Sarcasm & Dark HUMOUR. This contains hurty feely material and free speech.
Mum_of_dogs @Baddiel I'm not an atheist and I'm not saying I don't believe in something, but I will not ever follow a set religion, I don't believe if there is a "god" up there, that they would agree with the religious crap that is spewed, to me it's a way of getting people to conform. The kids all flew the coop so I'm now a doggie mummy, and take in stray cats also. Also like to draw, crochet, watch my fav shows and drink wine lol.
joybakr USA @MussoRochette @consuelaspledge @halleberry Take your judgmental crap and shove it where the sun don’t shine. This is why I have started rethinking my attitude towards not only my religion but others as well. So sick of the Bible thumping hypocrites. The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. —Alice Walker
EPrellberg @Mrsjbeam14 Aman kneeling in prayer and forcing the kids to do the same is shoving religion up your throat. Bet if it was a Satanic worshiper you would crap in your pants. Chicago Bear, Cubs & Hawks fan. Starting over 4th Allies, Gaetz barstool, and 3 others. Trumps a criminal.
tim39941098 Earth Between Mexico & Canada with all due respect colin is a hero and shouldn't even really be in this unconstitutional crap of Christianity being paid for by our tax dollars it insults ever other religion or agnostic, let alone the delusional atheists lol they think they know no god exists lol. #TheView Agent for Xanthos Rosa Only authorized contacts 4 The Pragmatic Party©™ #prag247
shollins77 Canada @CrystalCusses Because they can’t be happy per their religion. Everyone is a sinner and all that crap. Canadian, atheist, news junkie, traveller, animal lover. Liberal. Vaccinated. #GH #YR
rajivmishra online @Kittunoo When one does a karma not aligned with right such thinking is possible And it’s not like contract in abrahmic religion. All the rituals phera are part of life. Wonder what your parents must be thinking of your crap. Europe & America family conditions are good study for you Rajiv ke tweet ka pitara citizens of earth , enjoy , learn , unlearn & love nature & humanity. RT are not endorsement (until being paid) 😎 pun intended
ACanadianinUSA Georgetown, TX @BrianEskow I don’t want Christians who are pushy following me. They usually preach, bless me, tell me it’s “Gods will” and other crap. Religion is like a penis, it’s fine you have it but don’t take it out and wave it in my face. Resister,retired library clerk. Mother of 2 daughters, and 5 grandchildren and a Staunch democrat surviving in Tx. Atheist and Aidan Turner “enthusiast” No DM’s
MyThoughts900 Toronto, Ontario @devvintruth @reugeorge @ippatel So a man who spent 15 years is wishing extremely good things for me & my family. Since when religion started preaching all this mate ? And talking about hindu journalists or journalists in general..pls switch on the tv…almost every journalist is talking crap about other religion
JosephAdex5 Houston, TX @JackieK10125838 @WendyRogersAZ People like you are full of crap. You don't know God but are quick to brag about God, your heart is full of hates based of other's skin color, religion, nation, and sexual orientation. Keep using your little twitter platform to promote lies, manipulation,propaganda & falsehood I'm a purveyor of truth. unbothered and unapologetic, walking the path towards a world where there will be justified justice for the injustices
LouGree87932125 @SweetSinnndy Sindy, I think the reactions to all of this forced religion crap will be the largest turnout of dem voters in our history, even in strong blue areas, the people are angry and their only voice is thru voting. Enough of guns, god and lower taxes for the wealthy! intelligence is knowing
cozysolipsism The underground The world is literally burning and dying under our forking asses and yet we are concerned with dictating what people should do with their own forking bodies and nationalistic bullcrap and motherforking faerytale religion crap. Happy barbeceu motherforkers. Don’t @ me… The soul of a bumper car trapped in the body of a wedding dj. Affiliate streamer: - playing EBM, Synth, Goth, Italo and Techno. #adhdj
myridea @AdamHingley @Nigel_Farage Same thing. The religion of peace is just a steaming heap of crap that brings hatred, misery, misogyny, violence, homophobia, terrorism, intolerance, oppression and slums wherever it touches. UK is the world’s greatest country. Liars, Leftwaffe & Wokeists (who are usually all 3) must be challenged. #teamboris #backboris
LaDonnaKebabe @rossmanofwar @SandraHan62 @millihill @HJoyceGender I'm saying at no point did joyce mention "Jewish conspiracy" or even talk about the religion of donors. And the fact you have to make up this crap to attack a very well received bestseller just shows how well researched and written it is. You have nothing substantive to say. You want sauce with that? Will block furries on sight.
jojothelion @taylorchampagne @alba17 @racharena @dlk245 @mjs_DC What crap. I don't hate religion it's people like you forcing your views on others that is the problem. Even past conservative judges ruled against this kind of crap. Cause it's a clear violation of separation of church and state. Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware I needed followers to point out stupid crap.
Unclerico9806 Los Angeles, CA @holyshirt93 @JamesSm09850309 @LubinJan @mmpadellan Is that the case here, because that isn’t what I read? I’m an agnostic. I really don’t give a crap if a coach and players freely decided to pray on the 50 yard line in any religion. Constitutionalist-libertarian-conservative-agnostic-religious liberty History Aficionado-World Traveler-GBR!-love my family
AMANOCT @KaalaBhartiya @DavinderVirdi16 Haha At least Sikhism is recent and real religion. If Sikhs didn't help and sacrifice for you , you would have been a slave in some mugal family.. and don't Give me my Bharat crap,,,you ppl hide when it's time to fight for country...go watch ur soap opera .. #standwithfarmerschallenge Support Farmers💪🌿🪓⛏🔗
DarkWolff68 @IlhanMN Yeah! This crap from someone whose own religion chops off heads of nonbelievers, attacks and burns down churches! Defend and protect the Constitution, the first amendment states “Or the FREE excessive there of”. What is it that YOU don’t not understand! 😑🇺🇸 Military retired (M. P. ) and pure American
Paul_ProjectIPA Idaho, USA @BrianEskow Easy, organized religion is lying crap used by man to control other men. If I say Atheist, the christ-fascists leave me alone. What I really believe is between me and my higher power, no one else. Photographer, Artist, Resister, Rule of Law, BLM, Constitutionalist, Technologist, Anti-tRumpist, Truth, Justice, Right, USA, UK & Canadian Friends, Anti-GOP!
BrownsGuy1 Philadelphia, PA @JBnyc99 @eyeflyfish2 @RTMannJr No. You're absolutely wrong. As soon as Satanism or some other religion that the right objects to is preached, the right will have a damn fit. Yes, you fight fire with fire. That's where we are. I'm an atheist and know all this crap is made up. There is no more high road. Dangerously handsome, self-proclaimed genius, atheist, and expert on everything. All around good guy.
MagakingSmith Melbourne, Victoria, Australia @FixatedUnits Okay. Abolish 'Welcome to country' and 'Acknowledgement of country.' That divisive crap is a new religion (or cult). Adjectives: Handsome/Brilliant Unvaxxed Unmasked Unafraid
Youcangougeaway Canadia @soonerman_mike1 @SaraGonzalesTX @NoCheckmarkHere @SCOTUSblog You aren't very good at this. You think I was saying worshipping Satan was going to happen? To be clear I don't give a crap if that does happen. Satan is a construct of the same religion that just got the right to indoctrinate children. And no - parents can't stop any of it. LEFTY! Canuck 🇨🇦🇺🇸 #BLM, Ally to LGBTQ+ He/Him FYI: White Supremacists, MAGAts, NeoNazis and racists get blocked, but QAnon gets mocked.
nanana96607916 Ontario, Canada @erinmhk religion, only to arrive to this crap. Looks like there is no choice for us here just like back in my home country. Religion is forced over people for power. And unfortunately, so many easily fall for it. I’ve seen what tragedy it brings, I’m sad it’s happening here too…
JerryJacobs_SZN @prophetoffett2 If we're gonna take shots at each other's religion now you told me your an atheist so why not go hang out with trees since that's what they believe they reincarnate as. I mean all I tried to say is instead of saying crap on Twitter go out and make a change fan of Detroit
Clay4949 New Mexico, USA @alex_kirshner What crap! The coach more likely will look askance at the player and mentally note he’s not a team player. And the rest of the team will subtly push him to the outside. Religion is only ever used to gain power over others. Liberal, atheist, believe in letting folks live their own lives but not willing to stand by and watch corruption destroy all. #TaxChurches #TaxTheRich
Jeffd735 Reston, VA @DiscoForevs @ObserverTx @DougJBalloon In the end I agree. All religion is bad. We'd be better off without it. I think it's made up bs to control people and make them do f'd up crap. Recently retired Police K9 Officer, former Republican
Mxhrad @PurpleBaptist @CTmagazine Yeah, the crap hospital and the low tier university. Pretty much every high-level acadmic hospital and university is secular. It's funny watching you flounder trying to make your religion seem superior. I'm muting. This stuff doesn't work outside your bubble. I want to get back to ignoring politics, but it doesn't look like I ever will.
LyibovPop @learningto_read @Logo_Daedalus And I doubt you’re getting your religiosity from Gutierrez and Boff. Yes, religion is generally a way to enforce ruling class morality. Like your anti-abortion crap. Early 20th Century Art Socialism Rootless cosmopolitan
theGhostWolfe Brisbane, Australia @Bailey1050 @P_dknight @mjs_DC How am I burying my head in the sand? I don’t agree that it’s an either/or situation. There is a middle ground between pretending religion doesn’t exist and doing whatever crap you guys have going on over there. RT @ThePaleBlue ANGELL IS SERIOUS BUSINESS :-[
Phillip05181419 @Reuters And they should. That's another horse crap law. There is nothing in the Constitution that says religion should be banned in government institutions. Once again it states the government can not set a state or national religion.
NateoftheNorth Salcha, Alaska @RudolphHoward13 @ElKeithS @GovDunleavy Religion should be kept in the churches, and has no place in education or schooling. If 35% of America wants this crap in their schools, they can go to private schools. This is bullcrap, and you know it. I’m sick of these fascist shoving this crap down our throats. Hiding from ticks in AK while fighting chronic Lyme, living the simple life in a cabin down by a river. advocate Medicaid4All, GeoEnthusiast, Glacier Guy-NO DMs
JamesFBrown24 @Infinite___b1 @PeterGreen1966 @LoveFabInc @disclosetv You're full of crap. They're religious, so what? They made a ruling based totally on the Constitution. Religion had nothing to do with it. Period, end of story. Anybody who continues to make that claim is a complete and total liar and nobody should believe anything they post.
_ZomPaul @CubanAmerican22 @Iraqveteran8888 That 'guru' is the biggest pile of 'give up to corruption' crap. Distorts his own religion's teachings and indoctrinates maxists into being bigger tools then calls it wisdom. All his points are contradictions like this meme to portray futility. "Even if you know the way.. Ask one more time" "Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self"