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strife_2099 @AxlGreenberg @shaun_vids Nah. All religion is crap and should be treated that way. Mecha Pilot
CologneGazette Köln, Deutschland If your religion demands a certain behaviour of me or of a third person, your religion is crap. Go and fork yourselves. Tom, Cologne 🇩🇪🇪🇺🇮🇱🇺🇳🏳️‍🌈
SisterlucyCindy @SithLord_Wayne @EllemMayo2 @RNCLatinos @DineshDSouza @MayraFlores2022 @monica4congress @CasandraLGarcia Yes, as always - telling people they are blind and aren’t smart will win them over to your side. Finally, saying their religion is crap is the hat trick winner. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt 😊 I love football, hockey, baseball and my country. BTW, Don’t tread on me.
Avram100116 Margate, England @EmmaLou93x And they wonder why people hate religion when crap like this is spouted! Though ponders the question if you go to confession is all forgiven?? Dad to two wonderful daughters, love of reading, Man Utd, Margate FC, F1, Darts, Cricket and Rugby. Harry Potter and Marvel Fan Gaming on both Xbox & Ps4
buggs1968 Chandler, AZ @FoxNews This is about human beings and communities, regardless of politics, religion or race. Shut off the noise about all the other crap, the fighting is unnecessary.
aaseana1 @RpsAgainstTrump Wonder how many of ur followers are actually Republicans Anyone seeing what Dems are doing to America and still talking crap about Trump has got a screw loose or is sworn to the new religion called 'Virtue Signaling' Matured & objective pple know Trump is way better than Biden Consolidation
BlackPotato444 Eating Your Daddy's bottom & Cash Andrew Tate was a psyop and some of you will try to deny it. Trump and Biden both equally suck. The Republican, Democrat, Left, Right, Communist, Capitalist, Socialist, and all the other crap are cults and used for further divide and conquer. Religion is psychological warfare. 20. No minors allowed!🔞 Vegan.🐰 Black.👑 Anti-natalist.💎 Researcher.🧠 Spiritual.🔮 Artist.🎨 Pronouns: He/Him, Your/Savior, Go/Vegan.🏳️‍🌈💜📿
MarinScreams Temecula, CA @Appleknocker18 @RonFilipkowski Yes, it should. But, mostly what I see is religious people playing “she’s not a true Christian.” Maybe we do need religious classes in schools. To teach about ALL religions and NO religion so people can make informed decisions instead of the crap show this country has become. Just a girl living through a pandemic as best she can. #Atheist #Resist #BLM #LoveIsLove #LBGBTQally #ProChoice #ProudDem 🌊
dephunder @khalidbinyaqub the so called opposition is crap too, not many intentions I would like to defend,and the big players are just frauds, and New Yorker writing Alinejad is in a FBI safehouse should make you think But it has some of the most hellish places on earth,no decent religion can excuse that
HThaker3 @Puneri_Gujju @buttkout Dude does not know the crap about Muslim religion ! Leg on leg is banned too ! See profile pic ! Dude does make good money though and send crispy tweets out ! Eternally a empty guy! Human
Merzdotz71 @SnarkyLorax @benshapiro Everyone gets is screwed up now and again. Also, JP has been trending toward extreme religion for some time now. I just disregard that crap, cuz he is mostly on point. working on it every day.
larris16 Your god, religion was created by TOXIC CONservative men, used to oppress women like you, corrupt, extort the vulnerable and ignorant using fear, bigotry and hate. How you believe this crap is beyond any form of intelligence, which means you are emotionally fractured & STUPID!! Social humanist, Atheist. Accepts the inquiry of science. Tweets are my own personal comments and observations. If you want facts to oppose me, you find them.
BestGrandpaDan @KathyBe67733804 @PepperOceanna @MarkRuffalo @MikeRezendes It's not the religion. Mormons oppose sexual assault in all instances, and there is no cover-up. This article is crap. Tattooed LDS ready to testify how much God loves you no matter where you are in life! Respect for all. Love while you can, no one makes it out alive.
punkaste Broomfield, CO @Tentanda_Incog @SavetheChildren Peace sells but who is buying? We have billions invested in a piece of crap of a vaccine. Billions in gold in stupid thrones, churches, and royal family crap... but we can't afford to live in peace and help each other. CEOs of all kinds, from Religion to Google, are the disease. Conspiracy theorist! Author of Punkaste a conspiracy of one. Musician @rockitology. #punkaste #rockitology #golukewygand
TaraIsSquatter LiberalAF 🇨🇦 ❄ @henryrodgersdc @RepMTG Hubbies face is going to be on there next month. But I'll give him credit,he hung around after you commited ADULTERY, ✌️times...or more.🤷‍♀️..and who knows what other horrible crap he had to deal with at home? Doesn't your religion frown on all of the above?🤔 BLM LGBTQ ally 🌈😎 PROCHOICE 💯 😷💉💉💉 NO DMS🚫 NO LISTS🚫 I post inappropriate stuff often😏🤭 #SAYGAY #Laughter #animals 🇺🇦🌻 Radical left🙄🤪😂
loadnabox Continental US @LaurenWK @mattxiv @satanic_temple_ Except, TST doesn't worship Satan. It's basically an atheist group. How does it make sense to serve "hand maids tail" like crap to an atheist? In what universe is an atheist liable to pay $150 to embrace Abrahamic religion and patriarchal sexism simultaneously? Long time IT geek looking to transition into INFOSEC.
HGulmarjan @Afgmerican I don’t understand where you come up with ur BS, how is hijab not a symbol of Islam? Love honesty and all this crap is in every religion and culture. polygamy should be allowed for all the Muslims in the west. long live Islam and IEA. Nrf are murthads their followers are monafiqs
Aleks92914482 @EPMEDIACA @ravail2022 @miakhalifa Muslim religion isn’t crap. Maybe educate yourself on it before you come on here looking stupid af. Christianity is the nastiest religion. And no one even follows it , that’s how you know it’s bullcrap. But dont come on her crapting on other ones when you fail to learn about it come have some fun with me 😘 Top 5% on OnlyFans 🦋 Custom videos/pictures
DavidBrownstei4 @blooorbs @Logical15369147 @DebraSteward15 You did answer that I admit, you did state that it shouldn't dictate my love, happiness, and enjoyment thus I've chosen the path of "I don't give a crap what any God or Christianity based religion says, I'm happy and my family is happy, no one is getting hurt."
themeglopolitan @ridin_niner @_skyler_austin_ There you go again making things up about my beliefs and then calling them crazy. The crap you say is crazy. Why don’t you just leave LDS people alone like every other religion? American mom. Diplomat. Co-Founder of @feds4medicalfreedom. #teamreality
ChrisFirewall @YoungMAGABackup @DefiantLs California is awesome. This thing where you folks hate “Blue” states is crap. It is another effort by the Trumpy types to dvide and you folks fall for it. Divide by state, by party, by gender, race, religion, and on and on. We are supposed to all just be Americans.
Rhys671 @death2parasites @Viking_Chuck @EygesJeffrey @CGattey @ChrisN9y8dp9bpx @AxeBloodySpray @danielt10439873 Holy crap YOU are SO wrong! It's obvious you live a sheltered life and have no idea how science actually works. 15% is INCORRECT AND FALSE, did your Bible tell you that? Wait until you find out who the REAL predators are.....check YOUR religion!
AbigailEsman 🌊✒️ @Muslim_Jewish No. Top target of religion-based hate crimes in America is Jews. And it is often Muslims who are responsible. Stop with the victim crap. Award-winning essayist, journalist,author. Humanist. New: RAGE: Narcissism, Patriarchy, & the Culture of Terrorism. Words: NYT, WaPo,1stDibs,Forbes,Artnet,etc.
JasonTh46858503 Semaphore South, Adelaide @PastorAlexLove Well those ladies are real Jesus God and the Bible is fake religion God and all that crap is the biggest human lie in history nothing but suffering has come from religion love my dog Matilda Metallica and Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs fan always treat people the way you want to be treated never take life for granted
RivenTriss I'm pissing on the Moon! @C0obalt @Nanakoko71 @shonenleaks Modern religion has taught me what happens when we let morons pretend fiction is real. I'm so glad the Japanese don't give a crap about the morality police from countries run by war and sex criminals, like the US and Europe. Ya'll want to arrest people over fairy tales, SMH All of life is a stage. Burn the script you were given, and create your own story.
formerlyhendo @mariewalsh18 @magicpoet01 Still using, "it's the religious nut jobs who forked the world", crap. The majority of wars are about aquisition, not religion, both ww1 and ww2 were about aquisition, and the 1 starting now is too, and all the weapons they use are based on science, most scientists are atheists. Dyslexic Bi-Polar. Love grammar-correcting apps. Anti-war pro diplomacy through commerce. Anti Anglo Fascist Empire. The US is using Ukraine.
KrasmenkoK @Friarslims @therealrukshan My Christian religion is couple millennium old, and what ever you believe, this extremist far left, comunist crap is recent invention. Love for nature and flyfishing
Carsnboats East Harwich, MA @BarryRudd @comfy_goat Climate change is just a bad religion preached by controlled funded academics to tax air and enrich global elite. I try to fight pollution and won’t be distracted by that climate crap. Father/Husband/Grandad/Christian/ love America 🇺🇸
For_Frodo_ Uganda @TanataniDrama @nibs242008 @thakkar_sameet I am not your ally in this. My point is that in hindu mythology none is perfect and there is some yin in yan and yan in yin in everyone. It doesnt sell you crap like abrahamic religion about their gods being perfect, follow them or rot. That’s why hinduism has stood the tallest. A lazy guy with a dream of conquering the world, but too lazy to attempt it.
w1nder_woman NYC @JayinHumboldtt @1otterlaughing @peasant_nuance @BrightonBoatWor @Awakening_On3 @RepMTG Shut up. Stop with the right wing grooming BS. All you Patriots talk about the same BS. Science is based on fact. It's not a religion. If you are religious and tmdo not want to learn about evolution then go to a religious school. Cut the crap. I am 1 woman that can only do so much
VancouverHills @SayangRe @PaulaFletcherTO Clearly renaissance didn't work for Imperialist whites, where every religion but Islam is treated specially, simply because it's not Christianity. Using a pride flag username when celebrating Islamism and Religious crap? Neo-imperialism is just as bad as saffron extremism and Islamofascism. Pro-Human Rights 🏳️‍🌈 Vancouver BC 🇨🇦🍁
lovelivingMAGA @jamie_blom @unjailme80 @DonDavies I think this trans crap should be in the same category is religion-Left to the parents and the tax payers shouldn't be forced to pay for it. Its a way of life, a system of beliefs - just like a religion. Independent,Catholic, Pro life, Covid Vaccine Dissident, On here to mess with the left.
claramjAnnaTorv Warren,Michigan USA Hey Kev what about the Radical CHRISTIAN you play everyday? Why is it alright for Christians to be RADICAL, but no one else? You are a crap actor and I doubt STRONGLY, that Netflix would bother to call your ugly bottom for ANYTHING! What's positive about your religion anyway? I love Anna Torv, Fringe, The Sims 4, is my fave game, Gallery name: claramj, non religious, Lesbian, LIBERAL, Love animals, She/Her, Vaccinated/still masked
yes_to_choice @MarshaBlackburn This is a disgusting quote. Your God is not my God. Stop trying to slam your religion down. Everybody's damn throat. This is why your party is going to lose Forced motherhood and forced to deal with your far right Christian crap. This is a group devoted to women having complete autonomy over their bodies. My body, my choice, MY HUMAN RIGHTS. Let's VOTE.
Librumtinia The Region, IN, USA @1Schoolhouse Same, though I WILL admit, there is one episode that annoys me to this day - the one where they talk about St. Patrick, they said the Druids worshipped moss and pond scum and twigs. Like, I get they're not a Christian religion, but holy crap, that's so derogatory. 35/F. I call peeps bruh/dude; I won't if you ask me not to. Unsolicited dik-dik pics are welcomed. Unsolicited dick pics are not. Neurospicy af.
petespiliakos Cluster B disorders. Not a joke. Any framework where you get to crap on people for their race, religion, sex, gender and ethnicity (sometimes all of those simultaneously) is going to draw histrionic and highly conflictual people who will cause trouble because that amused them. Former First Things columnist, used to blog at Postmodern Conservative bylines @NRO
rroberthon Florida, USA @Mind_War2022 Nor am I. But i respect how I was raised, the religion of my family, and former in-laws. I will never try to pitch them the stardust crap. Also not my job. It is all laughable. Audit•Accounting•Compliance•Behaviorism Psychology•NeuroLinguistics•Education•M.A. Exceptional Student Education 2018•B.S. Accounting 1995
strife_2099 @AxlGreenberg @shaun_vids Nah. All religion is crap and should be treated that way. Mecha Pilot
ScottSm2112 Hell, TN @spiritself2 @CasualBlasphemy @Franklin_Graham No one takes this crap seriously. Religion is the opiate of the masses and your idiotic cult is no better than any other idiotic cult. Eagles fan in the land of Titans, Rush fan in the home of country music. Liberal in both my beliefs and my blocking.
al_bahrani_ Seattle @hana___anah NOT all Muslims. Orthodox Jews also cover their hair. It is a modesty thing for normal people. Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi take it to whole new level of BS that is total and complete crap that is about control pretending to be religion. Proud squirrel sniffer Beagle with a liberal mom who is exhausted by all of the crazy, angry, ignorant Republicans.
jin_riya Earth @NegiDeekshaa What is this crap from? As a journalist you're not even adding a source. P.S. Akbar's own mom was a hindu & he even brought a new religion Din I illahi to get rid of other religions. And fact check, every kings be it hindu,muslim or others massacre everyone even their siblings! Passionate about science 🛰️ and history 🌍 | Foodie 🌮 | Seeker of world peace 🕊️ | Die hard romantic 💗 | Alright that's enough of my info 😁
KapilaRK Peterborough, UK @WalshFreedom @HarryHarryshud Flynn is "mad" after all. People stick a badge on - politics, religion, sport. Then do nutty stuff and say made delusional crap. Yet the supporters of that badge will go through all sorts of mental and ethical gymnastics to support them. It isn't healthy. Educated St. Mary's, Emanuel, Leicester. Chained at Emap, UPN and IFR. Father of two, pretty content, work from home, free. Still curious what is life about.
realknapik Mount Pleasant, MI @CarmineSabia @TonyKhan The best part about your religion is you can be a piece of crap the whole way and ask for forgiveness in the 4th quarter and boom. All good. @FL3MSHADY obviously and I don’t subscribe to your invisible man XX, 2K sports, wrasslin, skate rat, lifting. Keep your mouth shut and ears open. #bestintheworld #2heel4u
the_stle @takasugii3 So religion is why the US turned Syria and Libya to what they are today?? So religion is why Hitler did all he did?? Calling religion THE issue is just what you actually want to convey and not any objective crap of "there are issues"
BrettRapley Greater Manchester UK @KRTN_Will I don't care what started this crap off. We don't need this BS, start acting like the adults you are supposed to be, not the children you are being. I suppose this is to do with religion ? No i'm not being racist, I am sick and tired of all the crap in this world. Hello, Mid 50's guy, nudist/naturist, mostly at home, but also outside when possible, love giving massages, clothed or naked. If you want to know more, ask !
lisa_matye @SHM_Colorado Agree about some responses..uck!! Bigoted is a huge problem at times, sometimes women don't even know the red flags of, including myself many yrs. ago, and was passed down generational without the religion, talk about mind twisted crap! 😵‍💫 Democrat🇺🇲Vote Nov.8th 22'!🌊🌊Lover of animals, nature, eclectic, music, humor, diversity, standing up for what's just! 🦀💕😷
MeJuGenesis Beautiful Bayern Please read this and demand that this piece of crap is given his marching orders. Just when you think people can't sink lower, this comes along. How bloody dare he speak about older people like this? If he was talking about race, religion or gender he could be dragged to court! European/Global citizen 🇪🇺 Brit abroad in Bavaria. Animal/nature lover🐕‍🦺 . Conservatives must GO. Terry Pratchett, Jodi Taylor. Priscilla, Rocky Horror 👄
horselady4tn @dax_leone1 @PastorJohnHagee You people need help bad. Posting all this demeaning vile crap on a pastor and his congregation is so wrong. If you don't like religion or God stay off this page. You are sick people that need help and God in your life. Please take your trash talk elsewhere. I fight for horses rights to live. I am their voice! #horseslaughter #horses #married #followme #stopthehate #freedom #stoptheabuse #TheSouthIsGoingToDoItAgain
horselady4tn @PastorJohnHagee You people need help bad. Posting all this demeaning vile crap on a pastor and his congregation is so wrong. If you don't like religion or God stay off this page. You are sick people that need help and God in your life. Please take your trash talk elsewhere. I fight for horses rights to live. I am their voice! #horseslaughter #horses #married #followme #stopthehate #freedom #stoptheabuse #TheSouthIsGoingToDoItAgain
METQQplus @LordJHartness @ThomasDeVore76 The concept of right & wrong is Not dependent on an age past majority in fact it is well developed by age 5. What is better socially suited is improved parental and morale influences like found in religion. If you are raised in a crap environment you tend to make crap decisions. This is who I am when you aren't looking ( : I was a casualty from the January 7th 2021 Political Twitter purge.

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