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TheGayAgenda14 Maryland, USA @CitizenWMA @JamesMartinSJ I think all religion is crap, but I think phobias of “the other” are rooted in hate, and that isn’t an American value. I'm just a simple homosexual who loves a good debate.
teko_amolo world @SibongileAtieno @AkokoElly Making sense for your consumption is becoming difficult, I will still try though, Is slavery and all it constitutes wrong? HELL YEAH! Has the Bible been used to fuel this Agenda? UNFORTUNATELY YES! Does it, ther4, mean that Religion is crap? NO life is full of laughter and that is all I'm after... #pharmacy
AlausaIssaSanni City Under The Sea Playing the religious card every time. When they meet at the top, religion doesn't matter but then, it's a tool to keep the citizens divided. The gullible ones among the citizens fall for this crap and continue hating themselves. Nigeria is a sad case with many facets. Writer | Content Marketer | Personal development coach | Public speaker | Bibliophile | Contributor @Careermetis @Thrive.
TonyDLeonardi This is actually an overt assault on the freedom of religion. Believers of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and any others who hold traditional views of marriage because of their religion can be imprisoned for that belief. The election of Bolsonaro is a reaction to this crap. •UF •News Intern @dcexaminer • Contributor @gainesvillesun @jaxdotcom • Founder of @politicsoutside • • opinions my own
robbierocket7 Ringwood, Melbourne @TotalREProperty @Belinda_Chadd75 @LyleShelton @MrKRudd you expect us to respect lyle when he uses religion as an excuse to treat us like like crap? no thankyou. and you want aggressive behaviour. take a look at lyles tweet right here. that is aggressive behaviour religion is fake, dont force me to live by your fake beliefs
CW_Brown_ USA Science will give you the best answer it has at the time and is always improving. Religion is a crap shoot of answers that don't change and don't care if they're wrong. #atheist #gods Social Media Director, Atheist Alliance International
MehadMujtaba @Dilpretzal @Sadiisays Well guess what, India has one of the highest crime rates and guess what most of the crime is committed by Hindus, but is it there religion that has commited the crime or The people themselves? Sorry for your loss but your opinion is crap cz you know nothing about my religion
ShayMay24214471 @jordansfootball @jmakalac There is a difference between cultrue, traditions and religion. And again those who do that are the ones who don’t know their religion 100% so get ur head out of ur bottom and do ur own research then getting all this crap
KillerBrees09 Houston, TX @KevinRothWx If you are apologizing, you shouldn't. Man, all the work you guys do is enough. Anyone complaining needs more hobbies.....and please, no politics or religion....we have enough of that crap already. @Rotogrinders and the staff owe nobody any apologies for your tools/services. Building the hive for the swarm on the way....exciting things coming soon, so stay tuned...
KatiaR38574663 Toronto, Ontario @OxcartUav @TRCan66839023 @CndsVSTrudeau One thing is practice our crap of religion at home/mosque, another - force other to experience/suffer it. And there r many morecasew Proud LEGAL immigrant to 🇨🇦. Taxpayer. Agnostic. Hate Putin. Loath Trudeau & Libtards. Religion is NOT Faith. Love animals. p.s. yeah, white & beautiful
billshoemaker21 Dundalk Maryland USA Religion, end the ignorant crap! 4,500 religions on Earth why is yours right? The bible koran and torah are just books of fiction! Copied from Egyptology and Mythology! Crazy,Atheist, socialist,bipolar old man! Resister, wanting impeachment for trump. And now amputee. Like Herpetology, Anthropology, Animals especially Cats.
fafaarab Dearborn, MI @Latina4freedom I'm an arab and I deal with the same crap. I tell somebody islam is not a feminist religion and I love the United States of America. So of course there's no way I'm an Arab who was born muslim. Impossible, right?! Lmao GOD Bless You! GOD Bless America! #ArabsForTrump2020 Americans, You've Forgotten The Face Of Your Father's. I Want To Stay Free. Proud To Be American. Not All Not All Not All, But Most. #MonkeySeeMonkeyDo
akira_akum1 Herp Derp Land @Brianthelion11 @MarinaIvanovsky Some guy here is making the case that this is only Shia, and not Sunni. They are so similar though, it's just crap. The exoteric religion of the deserts are just Christianity, it's less crap. ᾯ ↯ Transtemporal modeller of ethics and propaganda. ෴Internet Bard. Elentic foisting and Xenopoetics. ♁ Φύσις κρύπτεσθαι ὕψιστος φιλεῖ -- Πάντα ῥεῖ ♠️
thatwatcher @lonewolfrs1 @squintneon dude there is no religion or cult created by Savarkar unlike your Profit who just created a web of lies and ran a biggest fraud on humanity killed millions of people and reason for terrorism. go fix that crap No DM from girls will be entertained and proud HMP member🙏
hotbloodedeq Zone 7 @MikeWu36 I mean, mainly because our educational system is crap and often also has undertones of organized religion when it isn't supposed to. he's a great rectangle
BarryVictor5 @Geepmore70 @BillyDa80889887 There's a lot of both white and black preachers spreading gay is a sin crap. Their ignorance pisses me off, but I'm in sales. I bite my lip. I DON'T discuss my views on politics, sex or religion, but I will ask questions. I'm leary, and rarely state I'm a Jew. I too like Harris. Fly- fisherman, hockey fan #impeachtheMF #lockmnuchinup #RESIST #deleteFacebook #impeachtrump #impeachbarrandtrump
ScottTa51428280 @Zaica71 @ChristinaDronen Brainwashing kids with religion is a form of child abuse ! Brainwashing them into believing that there’s a big man in the sky watching their every move and scaring the crap out of them is child abuse ! No question about it !
localExpert6 Mumbai, India @TarekFatah He said he was executed and he is still alive. So here is the deal they slowly want Muslim majority in the world, then execute shariya and convert all. Still when terrorist attack and ppl say Islam is not the issue and terrorism has no religion then sorry but get ready for crap Just another Cricket Lover🤠MSD, CSK, Team India.
guahanguam671 @RealCandaceO why do we categorize people when we should just treat people with respect and dignity who gives a crap what religion color sex it shouldn't matter as long as they are a nice person and don't harm people. Life is easy smoke a joint and be happy because tomorrow we might be dead
cathycarrgcac @PamelaGeller @alphapunisher17 @nytimes You see the Muslims in their religion or nothing but pedophiles and the women support it this is awful and you want this for America bull crap they are pedophiles and as far as I’m concerned someone needs to shut him down
startrekker los angeles usa/melb australia @JATauthor @BillyDa80889887 No not on your nelly. Religion is the greatest evil perpetrated upon mankind. I would not give my life for that. crap man, I don't respect anyone's religion. It's crap and it turns people into stark raving mad idiots. Tell me something that religion hasn't turned into evil. australian, so I say what I think and mean what I say
Alexis_Starr23 Austin, TX @ChristinaDronen Ugh, don’t force them. I don’t believe in God anymore as a result of the crap I saw being forced to go to a place that doesn’t wholly support the religion it purports. A relationship with God is personal and doesn’t need a church to justify it. Erotic Romance Author of BBW Spanking. Under other pen names, I write steamy romance and urban fantasy. I like it all! #writingcommunity #amwriting
mohannad Salhiye , Damascus , Syria @sketchyrofa So what you’re saying is that this place looks like a normal cafe ? Man admit it .. it’s not by religion , we’re talking about the hype and calling this crap a Halal Bar
Capt_CongoJack Colorado, USA @ChristinaDronen Your religion can stay the hell away from me, my family, and my kids. If they want to go to church they can but have no say. Also there is no god(s). You all need to quit this bronze age crap. I am a husband & father. I am a political junkie. I am intolerant of intolerance.
TheGayAgenda14 Maryland, USA @CitizenWMA @JamesMartinSJ I think all religion is crap, but I think phobias of “the other” are rooted in hate, and that isn’t an American value. I'm just a simple homosexual who loves a good debate.
AlessaManuel my whole being is yearning for profound conversations. like tell me about your dreams, your thoughts, your feelings, your views in life, religion, philosopy and so on and so forth. small talks bore the crap out of me
unfilte35535653 Sad day in this country when religion usurps the rules of our military. You take an oath, swear allegiance and follow the rules. NOT 1 PERSON IS ABOVE THOSE LAWS. I'd be in the brig if I saw that on base, I'd beat the crap out of him #FoxNews PROUD Veteran. Calling out #asshats everyday.
TripTLFantastic i am where i am @ChildofGodSandy Prove that anything in the man-created psychopathy you're afflicted with is true. Men created the crap you believe. Religion is designed to keep you in line and from questioning anything around you. A couple thousand years later, the gullible are still an easy mark. If you want to engage, be civil, and please come prepared or I'll block you. Be the change you want to see in the world. #UntilEmpathyReigns
DavidRBoughton Michigan, USA The SJW crap I've seen from @LenovoBusiness and @IBM lately really makes me loathe enjoying their products. The obvious consumer pandering just disgusts me at this point. Not to mention the ubsurdity that is the DIE religion. Creator of: The Logos-Centric Podcast. Say no to information ghettos and censorship. RTs/Likes/Follows are not necessarily endorsements.
Betsy_Manning Front Porch of Infinity @Autism40565152 @ChildofGodSandy Nah, Christians like her are helpings people wake up to the insanity of religion. She is why ppl like me rocketed out of religion and woke up. I'm glad evangelicals are spewing their vile, hateful crap. We can all see how detrimental it is. #EmptyThePews #Exvangelical Impeach. tRump. NOW! I Blocks MAGA traitors & other trolls!!! #RESIST #FBR New #vegetarian #EmptyThePews #athiest No DMs! #warren2020 #harris2020 #voteblue
ToddW29538160 @alc_anthro @CelticTiger357 @andyguy @Apollomoonman2 @atropineman1991 @Stroudarian @VLVerdi71 @remnantofisrae1 @UKchimp @lightofthecross @BootsRnecessarY @RlalbrechtTroy @StableGeniusRN @INTAtheist @MickAtheist @PeterWa33915152 @Notbuyingthisbs @DragonflyLadyA2 @HondaGuy4 @SecularDude2 @Mouse64Anony @cpv820 @escaped_ferret @Ashaman3000 @MrOzAtheist @viccallan @WitsThe @Tyrionscat @Miss_Sadie_V @MadSossy @DixonCox5 @petercumberland @Atheism_Tweets @Tennesseine @sianoresist @JulieAMcLean @Nicks2007mom @ScientistMel @604Atheist @concit1USA @religulous @pinkheretic @iamAtheistGirl @DoeAtheist @TVictorinus That's interesting there are many psychologists who know that you people are full of crap and I agree with them... are you telling me that PHD psychologists do not understand the psychology of religion a mental health? Phds on both sides proves this is a spiritual issue Loving God. Look at the dishonest tactics of atheists: "Gravity is a theory. If that’s true why aren’t the others?" "What does the word kind mean?"
NorthBelle4 Canada These religoids dont buy any crap they're spewing. Religion is all a cover for their bigoted, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic attitudes. THEY SUCK. PATRIOTIC CANADIAN🇨🇦🍁, SUPPORTER OF THE LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA. IMMIGRANT🇿🇦+SEMITE✡️, DAUGHTER OF JEWISH WW2 VETERAN OF HIS MAJESTY'S FORCES🇬🇧🇿🇦
checkinglies @ANI when cast and religion become more important for media, the result is the crap Blocked by Suhasni hyder Seema Mustufa,,Praveen swami@kanimozhi dracula katju Aurangzeb Darling and the Darl Vampire who still believes whites rule India🇮🇳
mdnightwildflwr Oregon, USA @elliswifts for those of us who legitimately believe and live by this religion. Paganism is a real belief system and because of stigmas (religious and not) a lot of people still feel the need to hide this. There’s enough crap we get without people like her being A Capricorn.
BadooshC Manchester @mumonamission5 True,true👏👏👏 In real life folks just get on,just look at who you interact with day in day out. Theres a strong agenda for divide and rule and the crap today is designed for this,Trump,Brexit,religion,football,postcodes Family 1st, here for my own entertainment, If you don't ask the question,you'll never know the answer RTs blah blah blah Banner courtesy of @mdpepperart
localExpert6 Mumbai, India @ReSajeda @Mark49526784 @KhaledBeydoun That's the most bizarre assumption one can make btw the dude is point his point of view which is making sense, u r blinded that ur religion does not have flaws, we have eyes and can see what's true and what's crap. Just another Cricket Lover🤠MSD, CSK, Team India.
ManyaModi @aravind1026 @AudreyTruschke @PoojaPrasanna4 Mr Aravind, The school of though you are working at, has a motto that Respect All (from your bio). And by using words like “crap” I think you are really disrespecting someone. She is stating facts. God does not discriminate anyone based on the religion they follow.
DorotaGonzalez Ireland @bsands81 @AccordNo @PadraigSagart Thankfully it’s 21st century and crap like this does not exists anymore, if anywhere Catholic Church is last for all the abuse, murders and horrrific things they did. Church does not define religion, I’m a believer but not in priests, nuns and the church institutions!!!!
Confederate265 Massachusetts, USA IIhan Omar’s own religion condones throwing gays off of rooftops, and is anti Semitic. She is a complete hypocrite who once married her own brother to obtain citizenship, yet criticizes President Trump for not flying the gay flag at our embassies aboard! What a crock of crap!!! I am a middle class God fearing Christian male. I am open, honest, and believe that voter ID and monitored elections will insure a both fair and honest result.
Albertarocksit Alberta, Canada What if you found out chemtrails have nothing to do with the new religion known as global warming? Insect populations around the globe are vanishing, especially bees. And they pretend they don't know why that is happening. 🤬 That crap comes down in strands like spider webs. The Trudeau/Soros/globalist agenda is to break Canada apart at all costs. Albertans are being aggravated to separate. We won't fall for it. #UnitedCanada.
mehorshiboo The Upper Left Coast @pinkheretic I only answered "raised with religion" because no one is truly raised without it. In my case, it was only first & second grade in parochial school, the occasional "Sunday school as free daycare" and having to look at the same religious crap along the road as everyone else. My bio is here:
adamsinsuat Cotabato City @the1andonlyceko I dunno man. It depends whether you actually buy the whole "the Father became the Son" crap. I ain't falling for an obviously stupid lie. I'm not Christian, mind you. That's why I ain't no sheep. My religion allows me to think for myself and being ignorant is a sin. + Loves anime but can be picky at times. Also, I like cats. By the way, my face is that guy on the right. Just saying.
PowerOfChrist7 United States That figures- Does everyone notice that no matter how Islam is presented there is an atmosphere of discontent, anger, contempt and downright hate. Muslims promote this crap right from the get go. Disgusting and Islam is NOT A RELIGION- it is a VIOLENT POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. A true follower of Jesus 'the CHRIST', husband, father, 42 yr retired law enforcement c o., martial artist, musician, writer. pro-life, MAGA
PalladiumAngel Hi @jingoisticpig @AbacusMike @TheSoychild @CDKatGDD @vielned @ada44277 @SgtBats @EthanVanSciver Mike is good people though and WC needs to stop giving him crap over a misunderstanding. Mike has already made it clear that his comics themselves will by apolitical and fairly center on religion; he just refuses to not speak up on faith on social media.. which is perfectly fine #WARCAMPAIGN #W40k #KAG #CenterOnEverything but #ProLife #ComicsGate #LGBTRights 👼🌈🐸
fonder_keri North Dakota, USA @IlhanMN American flag only which represents ALL Americans. You'd know that if you were a true American who loved their country. This is America, land of the free and home of the brave regardless of race, Creed, religion, sexual orientation or any of the other PC correct crap you promote. Mother 👩‍👧‍👦, grandmother, business teacher 👩‍🏫, conservative independent, prolife 👶, patriot 🇺🇸 and proud American🇺🇸, Democracy, border security.
oregonresister Pacific NW, USA @oklahomaexposu1 A high number of atheists are ex-religious people who have actually read & studied their book of faith, reaching the spot on conclusion that it's a load of crap. Religion is about power and control. Nothing else. God is simply a projection of who you are. Nothing else. Inclusive vibes, not divisive tribes. Proud of my brave Trans son & Army Sgt. son - extraordinary young men! She/her. I curse. #BLM #LGBTQAlly #Resist
Nitijav @Arash_ka1361 @AmbJohnBolton @MRHamzepour1 You are as stupid as your father.Of course Islam is not your faith, it is shiaism or some other paganism crap or whatever crap you believe in, terrorism and killing is your real religion. Your whole existence is like a bi**h eager to sleep with anyone for money and status.
DorotaGonzalez Ireland @bsands81 @AccordNo @PadraigSagart Thankfully it’s 21st century and crap like this does not exists anymore, if anywhere Catholic Church is last for all the abuse, murders and horrrific things they did. Church does not define religion, I’m a believer but not in priests, nuns and stupid institutions at such
kckearns6656 CSH @Trump454545 @carolina4POTUS There animals they should be treated as such locked up and treated they way they treat others. Why does the UK put up with this crap a show of force is needed teach them@a lesson!! It’s not a religion it’s a cult!!!!! 54 retired and a car enthusiast.......
TheMahdiMonster @AfroAutPunk I get crap for being Catholic and bi. I know it is extremely hard to hear heterosexual atheists making molestation jokes while I still have faith and reducing my entire religion to straight, rude, white people.🙄 Do you have any supportive Christian friends? #resist. Your local racial justice activist and #ActuallyAutistic college student based in Illinois. SIUE '21. Support trans people. #metoo ENFJ #FBR

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