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GCVexed England, United Kingdom @MandiganA @AuntSally_ca @SamBarber1910 How do you query it? I've appealed over a month ago and they haven't bothered to give a response other than the automated one. Twitter is crap. I'm working on my letter to Parliament though given they're considering giving Twitter more censorship powers. Not up to the job. GC feminist. Conservative (just).
BeObtuse iPhone knows, USA @doublehelix @SmartWheelie @JohnLewisRetail Twitter is crap. You take some horrible example from a moron, foist it upon all of the people who though the ad was dumb, and downplay the number of people who thought it. All of a sudden it *is* about transgender for you, but positive so 👌. In here, you CAN have it both ways. I used to be nicer on Twitter but easily 85% of you are morons (or paid trolls). If you’re looking at my bio out of rage, lol at *you* for caring too much.
RebeccaTransUK1 Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets @DutchDykes @Lindyloo029 @edofmund @RavenclawMorgan @MCleaver @alexcruik @alexsobel No it’s more because Twitter is crap and doesn’t show me half my replies. Have now responded however. Politics Student @ London Met. Trans woman. Lib Dem. Bisexual. Feminist. She/Her. Devon Lass. ♀️#TransRightsAreHumanRights 🏳️‍⚧️
Laser2Therapy Connecticut, USA @FizixLover @lumberry Twitter is crap and not worth fixing; people who think it's worth saving should not be allowed access to the Internet. "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." ~ Wind in the Willows
DeviantTwinc Hastings @SteveMcRae_ @TheJimMajors @DeusBryant505 @TFADpod Sure, but Jim's belief does not affect the original proposition, and I think the inferred part of the OT is 'your conviction in the truth of proposition p has no affect on the truth or lack thereof of proposition p'. Or am I misunderstanding something? Twitter is crap for this One of God's own prototypes; a high powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production... too wierd to live, and too rare to die...
AureliusOsi Rural America Ok, I’m done. Twitter is crap. I read and listen to a lot of what I read here. 99% of people here get angry or condescending if you politely disagree with them. Or more likely just ignore you. So I think I’ll start another account to follow the -20 or so people… Retired twice. Still kicking. Fully vaccinated. The answer’s in the stars. Happily not married. Have an awesome SO. Dudeist priest. 🌴🌅🍺
bobbyllew earthling Europe This is a vital and inspirational first step, but we also need to question where all this crap is coming from, who profits from producing it and who pays to clean it up. It is not entirely OUR (the consumers) fault. Born at 314 ppm CO2. Presenter Fully Charged. Red Dwarf - Scrapheap Challenge etc. Just Some Old Bloke
rodger Washington State's kicker is named Dean Janikowski and holy crap this must be sooooooooooooooooooooo annoying Professional Internetsman at @ringer
MehreenFaruqi Sydney This week for Anti-Poverty Week, we need to acknowledge that $44 a day is crap. The Morrison Government needs to raise JobSeeker immediately and permanently to end the cycle of poverty in this country. Poverty is a political choice. #RaiseTheRateForGood #APW21 Greens Senator for NSW. Feminist, Engineer, Migrant ✊🏽
DrewMcKissick SC (God's country!) (THC is the #1 drug found in the bloodstream of teen suicide victims…legalizing this crap is insanity) Mom Loses Son, 19, to Suicide and Warns Others of High-Potency Marijuana Addiction Comprehensive conservative | @SCGOP Chairman | Elvis fan... Thankyavurmuch!
fullmetalpunk United States, California loving the animation holy crap- if there is a time the bratz series gets rebooted in this 3d style im all for it- 👀the details and shimmers is amazing even the hair too!! 🌸🍡Emmaline丨26 years old.丨Self Taught Artist | Scorpio🍡🌸 🌸🍡Commissions: Open. DM me for details! 🍡🌸 🌸🍡✋Do Not Repost my works ✋🍡🌸
HodlerAvenger guys, We all know it’s coming. bull market 📈 bear market.”what matters is what is in your bag right now?” 💎🙌🏻 so cut the crap and FUD, what i wanna ask is, your portfolio ready for the bullish market? or you still need bearish to bag more? $Shib #eth #btc #bnb @0xPolygon #news #ShibaHolder #AxieDriver #MakingHistory #Ggbets #Ggyots 💎🙌🏻 #ComputersNeverSleep #ItsVerified #ItsGuaranteed 💎🙌🏻
MehreenFaruqi Sydney This week for Anti-Poverty Week, we need to acknowledge that $44 a day is crap. The Morrison Government needs to raise JobSeeker immediately and permanently to end the cycle of poverty in this country. Poverty is a political choice. #RaiseTheRateForGood #APW21 Greens Senator for NSW. Feminist, Engineer, Migrant ✊🏽
iammatthines Austin, TX Except I was a mark they aren’t is what you’re saying. Except I was trying and they aren’t. Same crap that stigmatized dudes like Nash. Musician, Attorney, Bot-Net Whistleblower
minimumstats sean | they/them | white people inputting crap like "is it ok to sterilize poor people if it solves poverty"and getting a yes and waving it around. you included the impossible outcome where it solved poverty tho... existence haver. ffxiv @ Mateus (DM for name bc modded screenshots lol); genshin 604430729
Mikes_Charts Planet Alderaan $SPX $SPY Good heavens! My chart was so cool. This is bull crap!! Ying/Yang head and shoulders patterns meet Mostly swing stocks and a few options.Draw lines on stuff. Pattern Recognition. Just here to pick the top and pin it to my profile. No pro. Don’t follow.
maka1687 London, England What is this crap ? He’s 28 - practising long shots? Mate just coach the team to win and score goals Muslim ▪️Egyptian/English ▪️Pharmacist ▪️Fitness and Health
priscilagural You can’t exactly go introduce a bat 🦇 antibody because it will just kick the crap out of human antibodies and eat some part of a liver or throat cell or whatever... So no cute lab super germ, just a virus 🦠 that did a Chris Columbus & is wiping out locals of a new continent Agnostic. Resister. Trolls need not apply. fork Trump!!!
gelilil This is just crap. He sort of half-assed mentioned coaching better later, right only after saying it wasn't a scheme issue. This shows he isn't a true leader. He's put very little of the losses on himself and constantly throwing players under the bus. He needs to go. 🐕🐕 #Broncos Taking it one day at a time.
Mocha_Soul UK A socialism which is as sex, race and class blind is no such thing. I wonder how many black female academics in precarious contracts nod along to the crap you spout for fear for their livelihoods. This is how your bourgeois clique keeps us all on our toes while advancing misogyny Dinosaur living on the brink! On the editorial team of @Radical_Notion @Womans_Place_UK are the women at the forefront of UK's women's class politics!
LilMSunshine2 @GeorgeROlson Argh! WHY? This news is crap.@SurrealEstateTV @Surrealtors @GeorgeROlson @philaugiestan @DEsterhazy @Surrealtors I enjoyed #SurrealEstate SO much! Thank you and all the team for the fun Friday viewing. 🙏🏼Maybe Luke could find his mother in a 2nd season on @CTVSciFi or @CBC???????
DunganHeflin Here you've got a total of 8% how do you make a man a hero who spent most of his life in jail is he a hero to criminals must be he still died of a heart attack induced by drug use not by a policeman that got railroaded and the others did think he was victimized are full of crap Father, Grand Dad Donald Trump is still President
Eireknight @JoeManchinWV This twitter account is dead and screams "Joe Manchin doesn't give a crap about the people of this country and isn't listening to us." Why give a crap when you can accept GOP money and line your pockets?
scasper1344 Las Vegas, USA Wait, what? Aren't they the ones who cut off their junk waiting for spaceships to come get them? Or, the ones who drank Jim Jones kool-aid? Maybe they're the ones who used to hang around the airport singing and passing out literature? Please tell me F.B.I. is all over this crap! Per(con)cussion
ImHunterCage Corpus Christi, TX I'm just gonna say it. As hyped as I am for the movie and Paul Dano as Riddler, this look is terrible and is the type of crap superhero movies should be over with by now. Graduate research assistant (forensic anthropology), horror enthusiast, comic book nerd, and whatever else you make of me.
wardeerent Brooklyn, NY Trains and most train stations in NYC are hot garbage juice at best. Service is crap, yet they keep raising fares for...reasons. MTA = Might Take Awhile Host @ExtraBulla Thursdays 7p EST on YT | #IndieMedia #Palestine #GeneralStrike #M4A #Reparations | #Anticensorship | Question everything and everyone.
GavinFailson Circle 7 Watched this crap for the hell of it cause I’ve been ignoring all vice stuff for a few years. Guess what, they briefly mention that the opposition is comprised of (racist) jihadis and never mention it again. Not a single representative of the “government” is even on camera Not like the other guys
MeganmanZX CEO of Niche Media THE FACT THERES PEOPLE WHO DONT KNOW NFTS ARE HARMFUL IS CONCERNING AND LETTING COMPANIES GET AWAY WITH THIS CRAP PLEASE SPREAD MORE AWARENESS All I talk about is video games, that’s it. Mega Man Lore Rambler. Ryoma Getter Robo brain worms. Occasional fic writer and artist. 17. Them/They.
mscook277 @MythinformedMKE That’s the dumbest crap I have ever seen on Twitter. Do you know how stupid Twitter can be? That’s the dumbest crap I have ever seen on Twitter and second is a looooo g way down.
LisetteBrodey Los Angeles You don't start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it's good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That's why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence. ✍️ Octavia E. Butler 🦉 I am a multi-genre author of ten books. 📚 Latest book: THE SUM OF OUR SORROWS. Find my books on Amazon * Member, SAG-AFTRA
ricardoanaya98 Guadalajara, Jalisco Madonna can’t actually be cancelled. She’s above cancel culture, cultural appropriation, woke people and all that crap. No one should be cancelled but Madonna just can’t be, ever. Her legacy alone is more relevant than all her hater’s lives combined Kylie & Madonna die hard stan ❤️👸🏼👸🏼. Also stan Mariah / Cher / ABBA / Paulina / Britney / Dannii / Sophie / Gwen / Jane Fonda & more. #FreeBritney ✊🏼
LeeJRico1 U.S.A. @brownsfanatic21 @CNN Is this crap? Not to mention 13 deade service people, 10 innocent people and 7 kids all by Joes great decision making which has resulted not in a crisis but CRICES! A crices ridden 9 months and remember the buck stops with him. “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled" -Mark Twain
SaintSustenance BMI: 16.6 I know this is wasteful , if I thought it was normal I wouldn’t be sharing it on mental illness Twitter . I also don’t think any shelters accept opened bags of crap food . They (rightfully) have standards and can’t risk the chance that someone poisoned the opened food . • They / Him • Anorexia Nervosa • 23 Years •
Brodigerbuzz Tujunga, Los Angeles The good thing is my Twitter account did not get hacked at all I protected it I’m just angry about my Instagram and Facebook and all that crap I’m sick of dealing with people who wake me up for money and try to get my account back fork it video game music video games 🎮 friendship battles fun Japan 🇯🇵 South Korea 🇰🇷 Anime music theme parks movies tv Godzilla BTS kpop classical
sue_pfh CBDCs aren't money they are "currencies" i.e. worthless pieces of crap like every fiat currency. A C of E/ex-banker knows the difference between currency and money, so yet another lie to add to the list. It was J.P. Morgan who once said “Gold is money everything else is credit”.
zeemahobe @HoPeZ108 You are high level idiot, you have a problem with me saying he is your manager and you posting such utter crap? A manager of the month award was enough for you to post such crap?? Who is a flip flop now. Who the fork you think will hire him after Arsenal?🤣 Arsenal Through and Through!!
orange_starry @TomWoolman6 @GovPritzker @POTUS Sure, ya got yer blood clots and cardiac crap from... ...'the clot shot' (which is not a vaccine... ...'chock full' of graphene sorcery.) Hear Singing Party rally (between 6 and 12 o'clock (4x daily) (Please... on time and in tune (432Hz makes very nice 'A'/'La')))
DougHand8 Galveston, TX @SpiritAirlines and @BankofAmerica . Their "Free Spirit Mastercard" promotion is BS. Applied online, got approved. They claim you can use it instantly to book the flight and get $100 credit. Total false advertising as you have to wait 7 days to get your card - total crap. Handmade computers
genereaux2019 @ocregister @sfchronicle Just because they offer you money does not mean you have to publish this crap!!! This is Pravda level propaganda and you know it!! Shame on you! We are fighting for the soul of our nation. Time for patriots to suit up & show up. #DefendDemocracy #RuleOfLaw 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
GrittyCitySndr Puyallup/Tacoma, WA @SenBillCassidy I'm so sick and tired of your bull crap. Not just your bull crap, but the entire GOP. You must think so little of me that I can't understand a global pandemic is causing prices to rise and you want to blame it on the other party. Tired, effin' bull crap. Hit the road, Senator. Sounders/Defiance supporter. Occasionally political and scientific. I'm intolerant of intolerance. Renegade of Funk.
Bladerocko NEO, Ohio First of all, nothing sucks more than cancer. But this COVID crap is really putting a damper on things. I’m tired of the effects this is having on my family as well as society. And the politics-FU… I analyze a lot. Music lover. Craft beer drinker. Tired. CLE Browns. More but who cares...
random_snakes Las Vegas, Nevada Mel Gibson will play a washed up, wrinkly old bigot named Cormac in the 'John Wick' origin series. Therefore, this stupid crap is snaked TF out before we lose braincells. 🐍🤪🚫🧠🙄🤬🖕 Fact- Gray banded kingsnakes are non-venomous and found in the USA and Mexico. I snake stupidity TF out. 🤪🚫🧠🙄🤬☕🐍 #SnakeTheWorldSmarter #ScienceFacts #Comedy #Coffee #Politics 🌊🌈 #HashtagGames Pics not mine. Snake haters BLOCKED!🚫
KymGrosso United States @ABC7 This crap is all over beaches in San Diego now. I took these yesterday at North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad. No one is closing beaches. Yesterday there were families and toddlers walking on oil soaked rocks while the workers cleaned it. It's horrible. NYTs & USA Today bestselling author. 📚 Autism mom. Advocate. PA 🦅 to CA 😎 🌊
KymGrosso United States @EndangeredOcean @CenterForBioDiv @SenDaveMin @Janefonda @KassieSiegel Good! This crap is all over beaches in San Diego. I took these yesterday at North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad. No one is closing beaches. Yesterday there were families and toddlers walking on oil soaked rocks while the workers cleaned it. @carlsbadcagov is leaving beaches open! NYTs & USA Today bestselling author. 📚 Autism mom. Advocate. PA 🦅 to CA 😎 🌊
Chicagomattp1g1 Chicago Here's the real truth @Jim_Jordan Biden economy kicking ass All that remains is getting rid of the GOP govs promoting covid infections,, and trump Era crap thats still holding back the rest of it #BlackLivesMatter #reformthePolice #resist #VoteBlue #Resisters Cancer survivor VAXXED BABY!!
amnr1 London, LA, NY This is what we need to do with all H and Ms cult members. Then we have no need to ever read their crap or engage in their rubbish again. stand up for what’s right. never easy, uncovering lies of the very rich and exposing them ALL.
random_snakes Las Vegas, Nevada Conservative radio host Dennis Prager has Covid, after hugging people to get Covid and preaching anti-vaxxer crap. He is stupid and needs science facts. So, this crap is snaked TF out and I hope he gets well soon and gets vaccinated! Fact- Cobras/cakes are smart, unlike Dennis! I snake stupidity TF out. 🤪🚫🧠🙄🤬☕🐍 #SnakeTheWorldSmarter #ScienceFacts #Comedy #Coffee #Politics 🌊🌈 #HashtagGames Pics not mine. Snake haters BLOCKED!🚫
SuJai0 Tir Chonaill Look at how big that thing is, how is that a fairy?! Seriously. And there are 2 giant ones that will beat the crap out of you. They're all babies too! #Alchemiastory I like rebirthing to 10, riding through town on my unicorn and jousting. I also randomly give candy to other kids. I'm on a forced hiatus now.
InvisablePixie This is what should be on the front covers and on those crap radio discussion programmes and top of every govt agenda. This is what #ToryCovidCatastrophe does not even try to understand. It’s what #SavidJavid makes no effort to understand #JohnsonHasFailedTheNation Passionate about doing the right thing and holding people to account
shah_jagdeep Mumbai, India I am with you and pray that Saheb @narendramodi realises sooner than later what Indians want, not the crap that Ajay @myogiadityanath and his likes are giving us 🤦‍♂️😠 the politics is crap 💩 high time you correct or prepare for brickbats 😠 Indians are not fools My Views My Opinion👍