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SenpaiieDankey The Metaverse Trans men could as well but twitter is crap and won't let me type more out. Marth main, BI. zoophiles, republicans, homophobes, pro lifers, and pedos DNI. twitter header made by @PPrimentis carrd
nikselodeon twenty two || she/they #genshintwt additionally: twitter is crap and i see more liked content of my following more than their actual tweets lmao so if we become moots you automatically get into my list ! ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ #YAEMIKO: even supernatural beings eventually pass away, including gods | ⍣ ೋ | check carrd pls
Sxfisticado (NOT LOID, Sorry!) || Please bump me for any replies u have pending, TL and DMs. We know Twitter is crap so it may have not even notified me 𝐀 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤? 𝐈 𝐜𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐚𝐟𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐰 #ocrp
noolivesthnx LDN @villainlovers As someone who is pro-block (and therefore pro being blocked) I say don't take it personally. Twitter is crap at keeping blocked people off your feed so you do end up having to block one or two "neutral" people to stop seeing the person you actually want blocked. Professional Amateur
PinkNews Global "I've been to prides before but I've never been proud." @Just_Me_Harry_1 had top surgery in November and this is his first pride since then. His TikTok is packed with support and advice for other #trans people - "random crap" & things that make people smile ☺️ #glasgowpride World’s most read & watched LGBTQ+ digital media publisher. Join @MyPinkNews to support our award winning, robust & meaningful LGBTQ+ media. Snapchat: PinkNews.
gregkellyusa MOPEY AND DOPEY "Judd Apatow" is REALLY losing his mind over this Roe V Wade decision. Saying it's "hell on earth" and that kind of stuff. This Chunky Monkey made the most awful CRUDE CRAP MOVIES and made a half billion dollars on it. And "now" he wants to "make a difference"? Anti-Fake News media phenomenon. Speaking engagements booked through Fall 2023. Getting Down "Verbally"-"Newsmax" TV SHOW: 10pm EDT, 7pm PDT-4pm in HAWAII
thetwerkinggirl The World Defunding the police doesn’t seem so stupid now does it? This is what they meant. Stop giving them money for crap like this and invest in communities instead. This is madness. Comedian: TV, Radio, Journalist, Mama, Lioness. Stalkee. Donate to my never ending legal fund here:
ElmsGlen Mount Tully, Kambuwal country. Mostly these are food choices, maybe better education or much better labelling. Or get rid of the big heap of crap in supermarkets and shops, which is my choice. Think for myself. Shy. Rather be a tree in a safe spot. Green are my leaves and my roots go deep.
h0mebythesea BC Coast @Twitter what is this new crap ‘for you’ feed that has nothing on there related to my interests and spamming me with people I don’t even follow crap! What a crappy stupid feed 🇨🇦 stand with 🇺🇦
chacolady @tedcruz Please, you are so full of crap. And the only reason I’m not tossing a capital letter F bomb at you is the all you fake Christians get pissy. And Twitter gets so bent. #voteblue #DemCastAZ #blacklivesmatter #oldpueblo #azvoter #GunReform #GunSense #ReproductiveRights
TheChuckof843 North Myrtle Beach, SC The Twatter is real ugly and political now. That said, sell everything crap thing you own and buy a boat. This is my floating oasis. And now for a political opinion… I left Michigan because it’s a craphole. My boat, “MICHIGONE”. Just a reggae loving dude that lives on a boat on the East Coast. I do mortgages to pay the bills. Combat Vet. Legalize it.
HeatingUpDFS Charlotte, NC First crack at the SF Puppy and I have no clue how to feel. Got a great W17 stack but I butchered my QB bye weeks and my TE spot is extremely weak. I feel like I rocked WR and RB is solid but the uncertainty of whether I will have a QB W10 scares the crap out of me. Thoughts? Daily Fantasy Content Creator! Free Articles, Projections and Discord!
BrianMabe1 Besides the obvious there is reason I love this pic. 2 hands going for a rebound! Fundamentals are such a lost art in basketball. Take this over that head taping crap anyday. And by the way he is a perimeter player not a post player Dad of 2 great ballers, Jordan(2025) and Skeeter (2027).
yoyobaba Oregon, the BLUE part Perhaps then we will be going back and forth on this for the next couple of generations? Meaning as long as CU is in force all the anti-American jerks will get richer & richer each cycle? crap Zelenskyy:“The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride. They try to bury us, but do not know we are seeds ..." RESIST
SamNita4 Throw ye not crap at #Safemoon cause sometimes that crap is a boomerang and it may just come back around and hit you in the face.... ya know? find me on YouTube @ safemoon I am just positive #safemoon videos
Anahit2626 This is basically regular shirt and pants cut up 😆😆😆 Who the hell buys this crap?! ❤️💙🧡
onlynapping Pleasantville, USA Obama was wrong. And who cares what color he is, so stop with that crap. It was wrongly decided then and was corrected yesterday. It should not have lasted this long and RBG knew it. Now you have loons who truly do not understand why or for what they are protesting. Back to work #conservative #Buildhighwalls #ConstitutionFirst #DrainTheSwamp #Patriot #ProLife #SCOTUS #StopIndoctrination. Blocking is the cowards way out. I follow back.
stwilli United States @PenguinClass @DrIbram @getnicced @ALALibrary What is wrong with people … hate is taught and its obvious @DrIbram advocates for teaching hate. Has anyone who posts his racist CRAP, read his “antiracist” book? Pg 19, he Kendi, advocates FOR racial discrimination … wake up sheople Unapologetic Disseminator of Information - Don't Believe Anything Because Someone Else Said It - Find Your Own Truth and Own It
LedferdraRobert Riverside California I would think that these young men and women are already committed to their beliefs and that CRT training is not going to change their world view.. with this being said the Congress and Senate need to make a law banning this crap!! SgtMajor (USMC Ret) Leadership Consultant. LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE
hairofmedus blockchain I need less headaches and more motivation. I'm tired of trying to look happy in a time when everything is so bad. I am sorry. everything is pretty crap. #cryptoart #nftart #NFTs #NFTCommunity #NFT
Mtn40A Alberta, Canada Wow, just can’t make this crap up. #FreeDumbConvoy Anyone who supports these idiots has to know this is only about right wing nut job white male freedoms and women lose rights. Top of Kilimanjaro @ sunrise the world was split, half night, half day & the clouds far below. Mindfulness, gratitude, health, compassion, joy & animal welfare
untimelygamer I love how a guy who is literally paid to “think” can only come up with the most basic, hackneyed, and patriarchal crap you can imagine. He/him. Video games: Films: and Tip me at
McCurdy316 London, England @Christo57644179 @RealPaigeWWE You are a disgusting simpleton who is a massive part of the problem. You know the devil knows you and you should be ashamed tweeting that crap. For instance what you got to say about this? (Seek help scumbag) Reviewing that is popular: the loose putting down of opinions as though they were facts, and the treating of facts as though they were opinions - Mr Vidal
rantandtruth Holy crap this is incredible. It took me a long time to understand the genius of Hendrix. But I grew up with the Beatles and @PaulMcCartney gave me my music degree. Listen to this. The bitter truth you need to hear.
okoemole @Sir_KB Thank you for wasting my time and 37990k people. Just come and say you are doing PR for Jagaban. This is silly …. No wonder you couldn’t address the Obi extremist commments ? This is so fvck up and you played on peoples intelligence? This crap
JohnLop83886836 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico I’m tired of experimenting! Now’s the right time to trade Florial! This up and down crap with Florial is sickening! He will not make a difference! Benintendi would! 101st Airborne Division and Parachute Rigger
CanineConsult Fort Collins, CO Happy Scare the Crap Out of Your Dog🐶 Day! The fourth of July is quickly approaching and it can be a very scary day for our canine companions, as well as many other animals and humans. Check out these tips ... #noise #phobia #dog #july4th - At Canine Companion Consulting, we train dogs one human at a time using positive researched based methods.
The_MOE_Dome Between the 2-D & 3-D world @RichardS_1987 @BurnettRM @Nerdrotics I'm tapping out...YOU'RE BORING Captain WOKE. ALL you wanna do is blather your 'SJW talking points' and waste our time. Robert was WAAAY nicer, instructive, & diplomatic than I am. You see Gary don't give a crap. Enjoy your "Woke Treasures" while they last boyo. You're MUTED!!! Where Asian cuteness battles Anime Moe culture for the otaku soul of mankind
StaciRooWho Dreaming of the Stars It's hot as crap and this mofo is being epic levels of clingy today #TheMeowtyThor She/Her | 30+ | Excitable Electrical Engineer | Currently working in a Library | PFP by @shiroganejpg | Human of @MeowtyThor
ImanHallam Atlanta, GA I already think this is going to happen. Conversations like, what if I get pregnant, you don’t have a condom, oh crap it broke, etc, imagine the panic of these young college kids who just got out of Covid jail - and you want them to know how to be adults?! All things #books & politics. Read banned books. #VoteBlue #AbortionRights A&M MA Ed. UH English Lit BA. #BanGuns My tweets don’t represent my employer
Biotransgurl Zzyzx, California LGBTQ+center The petition donation sham will do nothing for Roe. Dems don't care about Roe. It is money in their coffers for trans crap surrogacy and crt Afabulous trans woman (gurl) Trans educated. PhD in quantum mechanics and Gender Studies from Harvard bio-skoliosexual: Trans House of Lords member (Lordy)
ASynthesist Washington state, USA Holy Crap! Abortion law is huge. Will impact Electoral College and solidify minority ruling majority. @tribelaw @StevenBeschloss @SteveSchmidtSES @BarbMcQuade @PattyArquette @BetteMidler @Oprah Org Consultant/Internatl Development- uplift those without basics or a voice. Adventurer. Independent; ADHD tweeter. Left of center.
CyberBlade22 I have an adult's wallet already irl, but with only $1 in it for a very long time. Pawn Shop will not accept me selling crap to him cause most my stuff is outdated. We need trade posts and bargain markets again where you can trade objects not cash cause paper ain't worth crap. Alright so we have finally begun my main content on my new Twitter account! #anime #videogames #retrogaming
Geroldo1234 @realDailyWire Oh you thought you could force your crap down peoples throat forever. Nope,this is america and a Republic where states rights are protected as well as other viewpoints. Take your pedophile promoting bs and leave.
kenthompsonNT @DrainoDc And just like that there was never any confusion to anyone about biological gender. That is just more crap spewed from your twitter hole. Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats,
RoseBJackson The NSW Govt is so crap that towns in rural NSW don’t have consistent access to clean drinking water. Decades of underinvestment in essential regional infrastructure and residents in Wilcannia have to boil water to drink 😡 NSW Labor MP and Shadow Minister for Water, Housing + Homelessness. Occasionally tweet about my cute kiddies. Lots of opinions, all of which are my own.
ThastarIAH United States Why was everyone afraid of or having issues with some oracle attacks? I found the programming written to run auto attacks from multiple machines so called people etc and it's tied into GitHub Cassandra opensource project. I never did any of this crap wtf is yalla fkin problem 🧲Hasta Thasta Corvus Rave IN! SOURCE, OF, CREATION‼️🧲 @Kubabaratana not SOUGHT ON /UH @kubabaratana1 nia in aye layt the stoney threshold of space
butterpop22 soo she’s still super weak and fell and gashed her head open. glued together and IV fluids given. i’m still sick as crap and surprise! now so is the little sister. 😭😭😭😭 grew up with Taylor Swift & she’s a doctor now. 🥲 girl mom. dog mom. Rep stan. TNx1 (&I’m still crying about it)
dezray1978 USA @tedcruz You moronic, disgusting, fake “christian” bottom dumpster fire piece of crap! It is not your decision on what to with my body Teddy. How about we regulate your penis? Would that be ok? You took away our rights and you will hear about it from me, everyday. 🇺🇦🇺🇦Rainbows sunshine and all that…Happily married! No DM’s #BLM #supportLGBTQ #FBR If you are a Trump supporter and follow me, I will block you 🌈🌊🌊💕
loaded_bladder All I signed up for is food,space,nature,and writers. So this political bull crap can shut the fork up. These political opinions will will not change my mind and the smartest people on here don't show a political view. Time is endless. There was never a beginning and will never be a end. No DM or PM. Unless I know you.
75Opposite 6. Nobara feels complete. She can die and Gege doesn’t need to show her full potential. While Kishimoto let her do something and SHE STILL DOESN’T DO CRAP. Sakura is boring asf and Nobara is gone. Means Sakura is better right, WRONG. Nobara my Bestie ❤️🥰
MisstahJoe California This is bullcrap, all she did was play a harmless flash game and she's been nice n stuff. Either they need to be actually upfront with her or they NEED to work better with this false flagging bullcrap cuz someone may be targeting her. Fix your crap @TwitchSupport @Twitch 🔞 Some mid 20-something hoping to be a reviewer/VO and has a bunch of cute OCs. GO WATCH TRAPPED IN A DATING SIM!!!! Alt: @mrjesparza2
Allie61015069 @ananavarro @Twitter Your point was understood. Agree, one person truly is a has-been trying to remain relevant. I think this selective outrage and word twisting is more about you never tolerating their crap when you had to engage with them previously. It was so evident they got triggered by you.
Tatiacha and we were led to believe the non-draft version would at least clean up that worthless crap but they didn't even bother! That is where we are at Unaffiliated Independent Voter, Healer, Photographer, Poet, Writer, Composer, Grid Worker, Friend of the Earth.
debivino1961 Sacramento, CA This crap from a HOF genius manager, are you kidding me? Jerry shoved him down our throats and he’s destroyed this team! No one is playing and no one is leading this team! They are lost and this is what we get from him! What a joke🤬 business owner
odysx2 @enjoyoor there is a diferent thing doing a fun art and a diferent thing presenting it as original art . Banksy IMO is way overestimated from the fat cats game of the galleries and pseudoANTIauthoritarian anarchist theme . also from technical quality perspective is CRAP . GN! 2d/3d Arts Toys & prints ..We just love what we Do and do what we love!! Master degree in fine arts .
aesports Monkstown, Ireland 2022 Im sad for you @JoeBiden , that this is the crap you have to deal with as President. You are a good man, and you deserve better. We all deserve better. @POTUS @CNN #RoeVsWade #RoeVWade #USSupremeCourt #RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica @nytimes @ABCWorldNews @sfchronicle #Oprah Mental Performance Consultant
brantjaysfan49 Yes Kikuchi sucked forky balls, but holy crap what a job by Thornton and Maximo Castillo!!!! Not a run on the board allowed the Jays a shot to get back into it. Nice try to comeback but this is Darth Hader. But turned out to be a decent game! #NextLevel Huge Jays fan with a view to the optimistic side. Rebuilding suspended 1300 follower account.
Sita_suave Èire @Benn_X1 @Harrisynn And unfortunately I actually have freedom of speech ,, unlike you and most Nigerians Twitter is a leveller will always be a Nigerian statement and it’s still crap . ☢||Skeptic||@ChelseaFc💙|| Be kind to one another
HMCMret2001 The hypocrisy of the left is never-ending. When anything goes their way they shout from the rooftops - when it doesn't they make crap up, incite a riot and shout from the ground. Retired Navy Master Chief Hospital Corpsman (Surface & Air Warfare). Constitutional Independent. Public servants must honor their oath. Proud Patriot.

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