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RPG_Lump Vindolanda @cha_neg @goatmansgoblet @EvlynMoreau @rosesonhergrave Nah, no worries, it was my choice to say something, and no one is piling on me, honestly pretty pleasant compared to other discussions. I think a lot of these things are based on misunderstandings of what people's positions are. Twitter is crap at aiding understanding for sure. Heathen/Dickhead/Dice Roller/Dog Worshipper/Freedom from English shackles/Omni/Grognard
peterlNprg @BarboraSmetano1 @Jakub63895881 should move to Gab or Gettr, Facebook and Twitter is crap (I'm aware of the irony) You can find me at Gettr or Gab, see Location/Website. Nokia▶MSFT▶Evil Corp. After years in Asia back in EU, now with two trilingual kids. Xennial
snoozydog Texas @DSmokter PV is not wrong on much🤷‍♂️And, while I don't necessarily care for when they ambush people for response interviews, they vet and break stories in ways no one else does. While openly-biased, they're actual investigative journalists. Also, twitter is crap ;) I make jokes...and fun of people...including myself. I identify as a quarter horse. Pronouns are schle/schlee/schlim/schler/schem, all at the same time.
JoeTalkShow San Antonio, TX race-baiters on twitter are comparing Novak Djokovic to Serena Williams for no reason. There is no context and no similar situation happening. @paraga welcomes this crap. Somehow racial strife keeps this dumb website going. Syndicated Talk Show Host🎙️📺🇺🇸 I live by MLK's Dream. You can't cancel me! Follow me or I won't see what you post #TCOT
_pallavighosh NOIDA Most pathetic service - all those gems ads of quick delivery is crap - has taken them 24 hours to deliver from sector 44 noida and it’s yet to arrive senior editor, cnn news18 . restless. life beyond news .... also on koo —as pallavi_ghosh... have a political buzz weekly show on YouTube .. CRUX ONE TAKE
Flapjack92 Calgary and Canmore Trudeau pissed off the wrong guys! A trucker revolution is coming. It involves the vax mandate, fuel prices. Waiting on low staffed shippers snd receivers and generally being treated like crap for the last two years. God bless our truckers 🙏🏼🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇@ReddawgHorizon @TruckinEh Radio, part-owner Bookers BBQ.Hall of Fame CAB and CMW. Order of Alberta medal, Queens Jubilee Award winner, 46 year media guy.
FernandoFerna20 @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev It's time. reboot the game. ditch whatever story ''is next''. Danuser has to go and get people that care about Azeroth and not some marvel copy trope shenanigan nonsense with multiverse crap. Sound engineer. fan of naps and gym time
MattyT_6 Parts Unknown Holy crap, this is an idiotic take. I'd expect it from some dude with a chinstrap beard in a Zeke jersey and jorts, but you're allegedly supposed to know things. I may not always be right, but I invite you to at least consider the possibility.
CrashingJustice McDonald’s is shooting themselves in the foot and doing many a favor, no one should be eating that cancer-causing crap anyway. Chef Jamie Oliver won a lawsuit stating it was not fit for human consumption fact look it up! @McDonaldsCorp 🤮 A voice!
TiltawhirlGurl NC This is complete and total crap.... If anyone believes this they need to seek help.... I'm just me!
EEMthethird Rockford Sooooooo many missiles in Asia is something I used to tweet before I lost my way and quit posting about a lot of crap that isn't non-pro, but I'm gonna start again. This used to be my tool to man my personal SE Asia and nuclear non-proliferation desk, but you people dragged me into this...
ScottDu12500063 @BrianBrenberg @TwinsAlmanac Brian, just checking, I haven’t seen a tweet from you in a while and I suspect Twitter is up to some shenanigans. You been active or taking a break? If the former, this site is doing the sort of crap we suspect them of. If the latter, disregard. Professional golfer, cinephile, jazz and blues guy, oh, and swing from the right
corruptcovid19 The timing of this announcement is suspicious & they aren’t fooling me with this crap This is meant to make it APPEAR like we are moving forward in society by giving people the right to be who they want to be In reality our freedom and rights are slowly being taken away Charting our own pandemic & infecting as many people as possible while maintaining plausible deniability
allyallpaul ATX @EdFuller_PSU @JackPosobiec @MADDOnline You think a child not wearing a mask is the same thing as someone driving drunk? Holy crap that is lunacy. Also, a man your age and breast size should now wear this even when biking. I go by PAWWWWWWL. one letter from being the center square. Gladly call out BS on both sides.
kacie_hogan Mississippi I hate this became a thing at all. Stop throwing crap at players and coaches at football games! This isn't cute. This is a crappy look for fanbases. Ole miss '19 and taking it one day at a time
phenix2626 DFW Texas @SaitaVader @cz_binance Total speculation! When are we going to start hearing facts instead of uneducated assumptions? Im a Saitama holder since June and get really tired of reading all this crap. This is a problem for our new investors! I hope your right,but this is the problem with false Twitter posts Proud dad and husband. God, Guns, and Family. I believe in facts and what’s morally right. Blunt and honest, you can’t change my mind! Lets GO CRYPTO!
DDSBACH Gilead @piranhabrianna @NPR Where did I say that was my belief? You don’t know anything about me or what I believe except that this is extremely irresponsible by saying most people recover. Those studies are crap and one was from years ago. Sorry if this hurts your feelings. Ex Expat- China & Germany #BLACKLIVESMATTER #Resist, ❤️Nature, Meditation, Music & Films, M4A 🌊🌊
mashmore98 Chasing checks... Wrong is wrong — and this is wrong, don’t ever do crap like this — but this is clearly directed at the officiating crew. MOM ❤️❤️. @SOMPatriots beat writer 2003-21. Cover NFL, NHL, NCAA+more. 20 yrs exp. for @trentonian, @ftrstarsseries, @flohockey etc 👰🏻 = @pirachsm 🐶 = Bailey
andyhoward7 Canada @jamie_blom This is how mind controlled the vast majority of the population are. Look on twitter. Many complaining about the state of things and posting stupid crap but given a direction still will not get involved. 99% keyboard warriors , reality cowards behind a screen If you see what I see, Feel what I feel. Then I ask you stand with me this 5th of November at parliament in masks and end the tyranny if not stopped NOW
GabrielQuinne16 we are not eagles and giants fans, we should know better. that is some crap they would do. bama grad, cowboys,lakers and braves fan big mouth liberal
LukeKennyy Ireland @Jcj1995 So you sat there, typed that out, looked at it and thought it was fine to post your comment. If you have racist thoughts keep them to yourself because 1)Nobody asked, 2) Nobody gives a crap, 3)Nobody is gonna laugh at your comment which I know is what you wanted.Grow up Hi
hakxiao AR57 WL8 EU This show is absolute crap and it's only purpose is to milk every last drop out of the franchise. in my opinion pure fanfiction and not canon. Also the forced hetero relationships made me really uncomfortable. Yeah, Ino straight, ofc she is. And so is Sai. Hahahahaha. I'm Renge, 23. I play Genshin and like Anime 🌵 | Main @chawonu |
jfboers Atlanta, Georgia, USA Yes, math correct but sorry, we have to honest. All the crap we can afford at $25 today is another crap load bigger than the same value would have delivered in 1960. We have to get at or above $15, but tech, productivity and efficiency did deliver. Spread more equally! International Business Expert, Partnership Development and international management consulting services.
Rookie2326 FK UJack4deletingme @PremierScottMoe 🛑 this Moe - Give up your bull crape narrative ! We the People of Canada aren’t buying this crap any longer. Justice is coming and many involved in the scamdemic will not like it!! 🇨🇦Conservative, Christian, FreedomFighter, Patriot, hunting, fishing, family, friends and pets. Trump won ! LETS GO BRANDON 😂 Unmasked! Unvaxed! Unafraid!
canadian_diva new westminster bc, canada. @PurpleGarbage84 umm, did you mean to change your twitter name to purple garbage? I had gotten away from for years cuz streaming! but holy crap my collection is bomb and it works with or without the internet. and my sterrio is epic. I'm a singer, writer, avid reader, reborn doll mommy. I stan Nsync, India.Arie, Aretha, Whitney and Tori Kelly. I am who I am.
SerenSaphJaz @NellaSanchz Holy crap!! I think I have already said it a dozen times. This picture is cool and badass. ❤️❤️❤️ Skyla and Kamuy Aki. I need more pictures of them!! Like I said, awesome parents have awesome kids. Noria Aki (Left) Skyrin Aki (Right) Tails fan|game music lover|Love sharing others FC's and fanart Commission Enthusiast 💍@MinoriBran Banner @artbygiois Icon @lunaerim NSFW account @enaki_t
prochoice4lyfe @weatherchannel WTF. Why is your info always so incorrect. And look at this crap. Interior Rockingham or Stratford? Pick one. i like food and beer. and people who make me laugh. also, #defundthepolice #forkracism
helmetpads I'm damn near 60 and I've been a life long Eagles fan and I've never seen no crap like this. We may boo our team but would never disrespect them like this. If this is how you treat your team YOU DON'T DESERVE TO WIN!!!! Loving husband and grandfather
yodoug San Jose, Ca, USA I stopped. Also stopped face the Nation and Margaret Brennan was one of my favorites for. A. Long. Time. CBS Evening News is next if they dont stop with the 'both sides'" crap and start telling it lime it is. Business Intelligence and Process Improvement Professional
SilverDragon2K1 United States @JohnMcEnroe you sound like a fool right now. Djokovic is not and has not been playing by the rules. Stop it. Don't be stupid...stop pushing 'I want to see a record possibly broken' crap. 👎 Purveyor of Disc Spinning 🎚💿🎛💿🎚🎧. Powered by ☕! #Vatreni #Darwinism
Kelly502Inf Fortress Monastery @ Baal #GamesWorkshop this is crap but my permanent marker and I fixed it. Let’s not do this anymore, numbers good, shapes… NO! A hobbiest dabbling in wargaming, thanks to an Uncle who loved miniatures. Army Infantryman, Copper, pro-freedom, connoisseur of all pokey and shooty objects.
colmonteith @snelsonmandela2 @NBA_Math 16 points in his debut with the lakers, 42 points in G league debut (which you said he cant score). All you care about is efficiency and that takes away from the game. Just assuming everyone who shoots like crap should stop right? No, especially when their job is to KEEP SHOOTING
AliciaC415 @pinkranger_cp I will always love my Boyz but we looked like crap today. You never know which team is showing up. Oh well, move on and try again next year. Seems like I’ve been saying that for many years, oh wait, I have. 🥲 Texas born and proud. Patriot 🇺🇸. Die hard Cowboys fan. Female, woman & mother.
xRobxDawgx United States Can’t stand skip. But he’s right. Talk crap about people bringing up the refs all you want, don’t really care. Games shouldn’t ALWAYS end with the refs deciding the game for Dallas. And it ALWAYS is.
ReallyWeirdMeep Royale High My Twitter timeline is so annoying like I just wanna see Royale High, Miraculous, and art. But noOooOoooOo I keep getting random crap from TV shows & movies I've never watched and tweets about nfts when I liked ONE TWEET and suddenly that's just my timeline now lol She/her | 🏰RHTC🏰 🐞MLB Fan!🐱 | Level 2,030+ in RH | INTJ | 💞@XxGhostlyArt is my loveuu💞 ❤Art by the talents of @Cutest_Bear (pfp) & @stariicat (banner)❤
MzNatalie24 NY #PorshaFamilyMatters she treats her family like crap and they let her … why Is her cousin crying ??? Londie is big talk during confessionals ,but sheepish face to face … @Andy @BravoWWHL A witty woman is a treasure; A witty Beauty is POWER📚📚 🧘🏽‍♀️
connorharvey322 Virginia, USA I mean this is slightly better but 7 of 11 one-and-done’s isn’t great when you look at all the crap Marvin and Mike Brown had to deal with for their playoff woes. (Especially when you factor in that it’s the Cowboys and the league does plenty to help them.) VT14 Pamplin Graduate, Hokies/Bengals/Cubs
rdpollard Portland/Vancouver I have a bad habit of throwing meat into the freezer and forgetting about it. Fortunately Stacey is an organizational genius. She sorted the absolute crap out of the thing. We even have a list of what's in there so we can cross things off as we use them. 13th gen American welcoming all immigrants & refugees. anti-fascist, pro-love-your-neighbor. doting father丨product manager丨designer丨drummer | #Cascadian
Carru4Peregrine I already posted these because a JBP stan was malding about Ethan and Haz Piker challenging him and about how deep his ideas are. I'm sick of the "you don't understand how profound he is" crap. Low Energy. Big Sad. Sometimes Ultra bottom Mad
mileybug Wherever there are birds I hate FB but enjoy Twitter some. There are days I don’t use since I get so angry because TFG is featured so damned much. FB requires a bunch of steps to get rid of. I don’t use but ppl on FB send me crap and I am constantly deleting. ALL comments I write are IMO
social_digit The Royal Family believes they have a 'Mandate From God' to rule. Probably where all this worn out and tired 'vaXXX mandate' crap got started. Prince Harry is Meghan Markel's bitch; his brother is a snob; their father an adulterer; and, their uncle is a pedophile. Great family Ordinary $oul w/ Extraordinary Gifts
FLOWInvesting United States Don't get married to a stock like Stupidateer did $HPIL. You'll convince people to put their life savings into buying the endless dip and now they're down 90%. He's a #believer which is a crap trading strategy dreamed up by idiots. Temp SB 2 Jail. Consultant/Activist Investor OTC. Not a stock picker. Tweets = opinion, I sometimes get lucky. $SFOR $FLES $STGZ $PSWW $TPII $AGGL $GTLL $AHIX
mashedpotatoes United States #CBJ Bob is so full of crap right now. He would say the same thing if he played at the North Pole in front of 2 polar bears and an Eskimo if somebody still paid him $10 mil per yr. He’s sucked for FLA until Zito hired Q to teach the team how to play defense in front of him. GTFO #CBJ Hockey Fan, Golf Enthusiast, Beer Snob, Nature Lover, Aspiring Traveler, BOINC Volunteer
ArmyStanding @ceevinny2 @tekstone @anthonyzenkus Oh Black people need your concern trolling. And of course, you have to mention Black people bc she's Black. She's VP for all but clearly only the fact that she's black matters. Black ppl see through this crap, which is why bitter ppl like you lose all the time & whine on Twitter.
FancyBeast69 @FATALnDIVINE @TLC @MommySaysBdWrds and I tagged the crap out of them on Instagram and I will post again during the show and tag them again on Twitter. This is so bad. They better fire her. Randy Marsh is my hero 🖤 Posting whatever I’m into at the moment… usually Shenanigans, some 90 Day Memes & laughing about morons on the internet.
wilkravitz In this chair, with my laptop, Do you know why the world is in such bad shape? Because too many of us treat it and most of the people in it like crap. What? It’s not obvious? SERIAL FICTION click & hit free SUBSCRIBE for all posts. Proud member of the #TwitterCartel
BritneyTheStan One of Britney’s ex boyfriends is speaking out against Jamie Lynn: “Jamie Spears controlled the money and Jamie Lynn blew through a lot of hers, so they both always pro the conservatorship. Jamie Lynn is just saying all this crap to sell her book and make money.” #FreeBritney A fan community for Britney, but not affiliated with Britney Spears or her team. ☺️ #FreeBritney
tangledblondii Somewhere inside my ADHD brain -hugs even more- this covid crap is real 😭😭 and it’s for the birds! my own thoughts ||Some may hurt feelings|| Christ follower || Asst teacher|| disney lover|| keto Gal || former Disney cast member ✨|| preschool life 🍎👩‍🏫 ||
LeahLonebear They need to cut the crap and call it what it is, ILLICT PRESSED PILL FENTANYL ACLSP- Manipulated Rebel-CPP Advocate- Trench Christian Warrior Kings fight for nations. Heroes fight for everyone. Director at Texas,
torotimes150 Houston, TX No he is right wing based on his current statements and positions. I wouldn’t say far right wing and he does have left positions but broadly he is now just into culture war crap.

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