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Primal1968 England, United Kingdom @elonmusk twitter is crap, you interact with something that you dislike, and twitter starts flooding your feed with more of the stuff, and the more you interact the more you get, till your feed is full with all the stuff you dispise, and nothing good sometime I just say it how it needs to be said
BatiWhite southbabwe @SaltyGodOdin No I am not angry. I just don’t like people coming here and telling me that I must go to threads because twitter is crap. (20) blocked 7 people, the mentally ill are addicted to me. All the left are disgusting. Trump forever. Putin forever. White is right and I love it. I swear.
BigCityAndrew Chicago @elonmusk @libsoftiktok New twitter is crap just like the old twitter. Still hasn't brought back my account suspended on 1/6 @SmallTownAndrew and this account sucks. I have barely any followers and get no traction. Elon was all talk Just a regular guy that talks to a lot of smart people. 🚨 First Responder🚨 co host AfterDark on IheartRadio America Out Loud 10PM EST 🎯Election Denier🎯
TheSilverbeets Hobart, Tasmania Well I did respond to this already but it seems twitter is crap (yep it is, and getting worse by the day) Can't remember exactly what I wrote before, the artistic flow has well passed Great Song Great Lyrics Great Art It was something along those lines An original band. Winning people over one fan at a time. Add us to your playlist
PamNeufeld Got suspended from Twitter for a week and now I am losing followers. Twitter is crap again! bring back tar and feathered.
imKRUMM Miami @FelmaxOfficial Bots there, you’ll see them commenting on big accounts . And Instagram/ Facebook letting people reach followers is a joke itself lol they literally charge so you can reach 100% of your followers . I’m sure the reach seems organic cause it’s 1 day old. Twitter is crap too so 🇨🇺 🇩🇴 Growing weed & Making beats for 16+ years. Your favorite growers favorite grower. OG 🫡
Ahlimon8 Twitter is crap why when u update I only getting 3 new tweet and 1 being an ad. It’s like post limits was added just with less updates. Ugh Fun Fact: Limon es agrio Youtuber, Tik Toker, Comediante, Opnionista, y medio wey ***Sígueme en mis redes!!
_thegrainbill @Justin_K000 There should be an option for twitter is crap AND fork Zuckerberg. I heat up fish in other people's office microwave.
diveron50 #Thorne @elonmusk Yo Elon convince me why I shouldn’t ditch ur platform for zukkers Threads Threads seems inviting and @Twitter is #crap outdated #controlled @BBCNews @SkyNews @CNN @AlJazeera @FoxNews Fighting for Social Justice Proud now retired GMB National Rep SCUBA Instructor & Marine Conservationist Thorne & Moorends Town Councillor Tweets r personal
johntierney73 Glasgow, Scotland Twitter is crap. Just went through a whole feed with not one person i follow. All celebs, folk i dont follow and ads. No wonder threads has rocketed this morning sth area 418 🍀 independence, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 . autism awareness
jester_samy Etats-Unis @VanillaFlanTea yeah, he bought twitter for 50 billion dollars and now twitter is crap i think 🌹being in love with a pretty girl he can reunite an incredible life with her🌹
Gimmly4 @MrTwoFooted I'll admit that I think twitter is crap but stuff like this makes me still have twitter. Never heard of the player so don't know if he is good or not but like when new names and talents appear In my football knowledge
hey_rando @leadlagreport Seems likely that Zuck might be behind it. FB is the only company with the user base to challenge twitter and displace it. Twitter is crap and has been for a while. At least fb has moderators, tech staff to fight bots (they wrote?) etc. Then maybe the FTC can trust bust them Nope
BrianNazarenus Merseyside @ahrehead @AndrewRChapman @CALUSA18 @dqschmitt15 @Badams820 @LionLiberty @BassistOld @43Cyoa @slayingsaying @Ihonestlydont19 @EMNODAERTTONOD @SapienWoman @Vickie627 @OzzieMalone1 @VinceGottalotta @missled2u @WondersNorbit @lastword4me2a @therrienv @michellewither6 @PaulStetson13 @kim_because @MistressRedWasp @Bumpalump99 @HeathenWombat @ScienceQriosity @bryan_johnsen @SaturnEyeof @TheColonel8275 @MichelleinAZ602 @Godfly__ @Krispi_Largo @themucusonkel @NyahEmpress @BabeTruth2 @skeeduu @Soldier_Cynic @jkoff609 @_CapitalOffense @Cerulea78083156 @asjah8 @ArtWellesley @ShaneZampire @RobfromMO @DebbiePalm2 @Huckleberry1023 @oldendirt @OnlyaMoment3 @RICHLS8 @orna_verum Also. Please send me that graph of yours again. I want someone to look at it. Twitter is crap and can’t find it There’s a mess here, but no Messiah
Queenofdroness NSFW•$25 tribute•18+ Since Twitter is crap I’ll be mainly active on these sites. Come and find me 😘 Hive queenofthedrone Insta queenofthedrones Reddit LoyalFans Findom•Femdom•paypig•finsub•sph•BNWO•cashchump•cashcow•ebonydomme•slave•simp FinDom•You will address me as 'Mistress' or 'Goddess.' Disobedience will not be tolerated.•$25 to talk•$100 to unblock
BitBenderBrink Vancouver, BC's almost like games need to be... What is that word again? Fun? Nah, that can't be it. I was assured fun didn't matter by that one Axie dude. Try @Last_Expedition and get your face eaten by a ravager while screaming your head off. THAT is fun. Barbarian: Path of the Berserker at @GoGalaGames (President of Blockchain in boringspeak for those who must have a title) Views expressed are my own.
polishprincessh Texas, USA Disgusting. Shame on those parents taking children to these sexualised events u disgust me. Don't give me this "love is love" crap and try to defend this. If you try to defend this action, I'm going to assume, you like many people at this parade, also daydream of sexual… Alone we are strong. Together we are STRONGER! Proud wife of US Marine. 🇺🇸 #MilitaryFamily #GodBlessOurMilitary #MomOfBoys
cvpayne New Jersey & New York Despicable (and do give me that whataboutism crap) This is just so uncool and unnecessary Trying to make sense of this world while becoming the man my mother raised- I give a damn, love my family and country...and making people $$$$
Sexyblaziken1 holy crap, this is already taking shape, and there are still a lot of things to assemble Hi, I'm Lola Blazy, I hope you enjoy my super hot images suport me in Paypal:
amansingh3175 @KrishakRana Bete List A cricket also includes ODIs. While Gill is representing our country it's obvious that average drops a bit. And when Gill was playing only domestic matches like Rutuat moment, he used to average high. Get your fact checked, you crap. Shubman Gill || Virat Kohli 🐐 || Sunil Chettri 🐐
tippitytoptweet now this is real rap . None of that mumble crap garbage Lil uzi and gayboi carti
Shawn_McCune @MangiMi2 Yeah man, you gotta ditch this crap at PSA and BGS…YOU GOTTA! Look, $14 at @TAGgrading no upcharges, and they show you EXACTLY what is wrong with the card. I’m getting ABOVE PSA comps on my TAG slabs. Plus the 1000pt scale differentiates one 10, 9, 8, etc from another. The say, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Well, neither can food stamps.
martinsakodo 10 Downing Street I don't believe this crap. Everything is perfectly timed to happen the way it did at every stage in ur life. Realizing what should have been done better in the past is a significance of growth. One way or the other, "opportunities" come again. And yes! Leave ur comfort zone you have to think deep to understand my tweets. Contributor @joinNomadi. Investment Banking.
astropictures19 He/Him I literally can’t express how much this man has become a disappointment in terms of content and behaviour. I used to love him and I supported him during the Pablo Hadalgo crap, but this is just sad and really depressing to see. You fell off, hard. 20 / Australia / SPN Finale is not canon / HTTYD 3 is my favourite of the trilogy...yes, you read that correctly :)💖💜💙
SerenaR1969 Canada @PierrePoilievre and @ABDanielleSmith I respect you both but having pride in being the givers of life (straight people) is better then this crap?? Grown bottom men with their penises flopping in the breeze. Whats prideful about this ??? But a green t-shirt need a memo written! SMH I have an opinion, but so does everyone else ❤. conservative by birth, BC girl, and freedom lover. if you're a BOT = block..
nickztlc Before I get all crap about scams I am not stupid and even rang the ombudsman as well as going into a branch .Is anyone else getting a message from their bank to update their details.I went to update my details and they want to know things like what work I do,what industry is it gettr @nickpeterstlc telegram FB nick peters
QueenBritney04 They know there is a glitch I hatched a titanic right before servers reset and they said there is sadly nothing they can do NO logs to prove it and that it’s “being looked into” but I’m just screwed out of my titanic #biggames #Preston is scammers this is some bull crap Adult gamer playing RoPets and adopt me
CharmaineLook3 Surely by now the people are realizing these are not just conspiracies. There is no immortality. Peopke eventually get real sick and die . They feel good for awhile invigorated until coming off the crap they cant think and even gave slurred speech. Life is Good
MagaNutWatch Too close to Ron Johnson Trump is on Truth Social tonight, lying about the wall again. He only built 15 miles of new wall and his wall was made of crap materials. Just pathetic. (@)KarmaTrain on Post and Tribel. Trump and other #GOPTraitors are being held accountable! #ExGOP #NeverTrumper #BLM #LGBTQ ally. Follow 4 follow!
pdxsax Oregon, USA #NowPlaying Phenomena (1985, dir. Dario Argento) At 15min in, it was obvious: this is a terrible movie. A pair of mating ladybugs and a chimp absolutely deliver the film's best performances. Yet... I can't turn it off. Argento knows how to make entertaining crap for sure. There's nothin' you can do that can't be done • Nothin' you can sing that can't be sung • Nothin' you can say but you can learn how to play the game • It's easy
Mtphantom1 @JudiciaryGOP Wray repeatedly states 20 different ways of saying. “I can’t answer to what is under investigation”. GOP rants for video clips they can use in their campaigns. And the DNC just make crap up to feed the media and their base. Couple hours later everyone walks away knowing that…
areadirtbag Chicago IL @coconutlime The distance is right but the time doesn’t make sense unless it was before the motorways and/or crap traffic? 147% supercritical farts, dirtbag left; guy/buddy/pal; public yin to @drawnandironed yang; /
GarythatNaham San Francisco @MetaKrypto @EricDal39202971 @itsJeffTiedrich Trump is the postmodern American Holy Trinity in a single body: Trump is whore, pimp, and bordello rolled into one lump of orange crap. #PutinPedo slams his search results. Vector's Virus Lab exploded 9.16.2019. All the glass destroyed, incl all the windows. Covid-19's origin?
Zeonic_gunpla The Office Hours are Over! Thank you all so much! Holy Crap STANG! really is the most Sour soda I've ever had. Thank you to all the raiders and Subscribers that hit the STANG! and giveaway sub goals! Next goal is just 3 subs away! Sent the party on over to @jose_mochii , later! Vtuber/Gunpla streamer. Anime, Batman, JJBA & Kamen Rider fan. Yu-Gi-Oh player. sucks at video games. (He/Him) Let's all have fun! #PNGtuber #Vtuber
ShellyMkf Marion County, IA @huskybags @jonathanvswan What a bunch of crap. Do you see what is highest in center? That was conveniently cropped out by disinformation sources. And children aren't being sacrificed. No DM'S!!
tobybowling1 Don't be stupid, this crap about what words you use matters, is nonsense. Even if you change a word, the meaning remains the same, and everyone knows it. And any word you use can mean several different things just by changing the inflection in your voice.
kakar_harsha Lucknow, India This thread is the truth. While Chinese mouthpieces @globaltimesnews @SpokespersonCHN @HuXijin_GT @XHNews @ChinaDaily will talk crap and mention India, they will never question this logic, solely because it is correct Retired Maj Gen. Writes for multiple portals. Balanced & mature views. Security expert on TV. Josh Talks & TED x. Motivational and national security speaker.
feelintheazheat North Carolina, USA @mitchellvii My whole family is voting for Trump and we are a huge family. Unfortunately, I'm the only idiot that's on Twitter that gets pissed off daily. Moral of the story you ask: They don't read a 1/3 of the crap I do and they still see it. Now what Bill? Huge Trump supporter!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 Love freedom, love god, love my family and love my fellow Americans! God bless the USA!
Otakuninja9000 My guy, that's EXACTLY what the intention is, to kill animation! As of now, I'm boycotting them. I ain't watching crap new that drops and when I go back home, I'm pirating. #BoycottHollywood #SaveAnimation
blueoil23 Delta, British Columbia And losing a crap load hence the bribe offer to stay - SPS is a sinking ship…..
mascaradegata El mejor país de Chile @poisonfruitdev1 They’re really, really insecure on Rukia’s worth as a character so they need to crap on Orihime to make her look better. Which is needless and stupid because Rukia is cute and fun in her own terms. Rukia deserves better fans that love her for the chara she is. Se habla 🇪🇸y🇬🇧. +18 Y 🔞. Póngale “turn off retweets”. Tb. uso MUCHOS gifs y memes. 😸. Retuit =/= apoyo total.
GaiusGuy Canada forking lol And that, zoomers and alpha, is a rather extreme reason why you don't post personal info online. For normal peeps, it can mean personal info used to break-in to your various accounts and steal your money and crap, take loans out in your name, or more malicious crap -Maker of things -Connoisseur of bad movies -They/He, Gay disaster -18+! Here be serious adult things! -Always Punch Fascists
J_Money_Boss Who says crap like this?!?!? That is sad and disgusting for studios to say Actor, Producer, Director, Entertainment Journalist 🎧😎🔥
RB39647501 Colorado, USA @Travis_in_Flint Holy crap. Can you read!? Read the forking article you flat earther. Or is it over your head. Meanwhile quit spreading horse crap. Thank god Australia banned Trump Jr from entering to spread this utter crap. And Australia will be banning Twitter misinformation soon. 🤡 Educated Vet. EVERYTHING YOU DISLIKE IS NOT A CONSPIRACY! Magats are traitors! But keep sending TRUMP your $
stayhoooi in the world | she/her (ace) and what do we see? Is RR still doing a terrible job? Yes! you could have at least made two different posts for two different artists, but you decided to act like crap. well, the dead must stay dead 💓 skz & (g)i-dle | bias leeknow and changbin 💓 seungmin wrecker bc what the hell is going on with seungmin?!
TheSlav59 Melbourne, Victoria @JoanPesutto @Heavy_Weight1 Ok I’m going to intervene here. Point 2 is complete crap. I met up with him in January of THIS YEAR after he firstly accused me of stalking him (with BS photos of a car) and then posting photos and details of my partner - on Twitter. Here for fun
by_proxy_ This is why you're so full of crap and I am being hostile. I am not telegraphing anything. Fen and his circle do nothing but this, but then you just bleat it back to me because you are obedient. You can't be reached, fork off.
ob5id1an_d3v1L Queen Creek, AZ @Figensport The intention is to have that child not be ignorant of weapons and to understand how they work and how to safely handle them. This is an old video, just came up from under your rock? Or are you just trying to stir crap up?
ItsSimplyKayla PGH If I knew the k-drama people I would say more but based on Khadijah and Kelli will say you are hilarious, don’t take no crap from nobody, creative, and care about your friends which is all true. 🩵 i'm tired and black. a constant work in progress.
ethicsfirst3 @enadams44 @AngelStudiosInc And sickos like you are DESPERATELY looking for ANYTHING on ANY member of the cast or crew to cancel the film; UNLESS You have a conviction, you're meaningless kid, we're sick of your guilt by association crap, you fascist sicko. Justice is coming for you. 40 year Dem; spent the last 20 fighting their growing idiocy. Gave up. Three chances to debate then blocked. I serve my followers! MAGA! Just ask for it.

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