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hesdroid Alabama, USA i’m scared to even post concert videos because i don’t want to get suspended. twitter is crap now. i posted my video i took at the supernatural nashville convention where jensen was singing sweet home alabama and they filed copyright against me 🀧 LIKE WHAT???? β€’ 18 β€’ saving people, hunting things // my main @neondiversion got suspended
sailorshipperr I also have an IG for my art. Please feel free to follow cause my twitter is crap and using Thai all the time. Lol κ°•λ‹€λ‹ˆμ—˜ 🐢 l κ°•λ™ν˜Έ 🐯 πŸ“š : l 🎨 : IG_sailorr.jpg
arbmcfcpab Chesterfield, England @danielharrod09 Cheers mate ,I’ll pop in dm and say hi now and then make sure alls ok.Tbh my Twitter is crap anyway, my mornings tweets are not really excepted lately and after lunch am put on mute by the looks, not on a @@@ so that’s a no no , I don’t gossip or criticise so am a bore but πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ˆ #CTID One Love One Life One CITY. followed by @ManCity @NYCFC ST forever block 219πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΌπŸ‘•πŸ’™dream as if you'll live for forever , live as if you'll die today
dominexlucy rockstar warehouse Twitter is crap for a 4 photo limit but @ChrisMotionless is amazing and that we should appreciate more than we already do. | blegh | kinda stan 2010 Ricky Olson | she/her | virgo sun, cancer moon | INFP | brown town bass? is that like anal sex? |
ajt202 Barnsley/Sheffield. @IncredibleKoosh Yes, me as well, but never as much as that screen shot. I Google'd it and none of the answers appeared realistic. If they have been deleted or taken down for checks, twitter is crap. Moaning git. Maybe a little pedantic, but not trying to be a dick. Reds fan. On the far left of the political spectrum. Irritated of late by changes to plans.
whoaitscool the site @Twitter is pretty cool because u post things in "The Context of Twitter" when u post on here and "The Context of Twitter" is crap that sucks cause the messages are short and everyone watches tv everybodys choosing which team theyre on + joining them!
soledadobrien New York Why do you guys put this crap on tv? Seriously it’s an insult to your viewers. And also absurd. Is there no one else in the whole world to book but this mediocre dude? Thank you, next.
JamilahLemieux Brooklyn, NY He is her FATHER. Why do y’all take pride in allowing these men a perpetual adolescence? And this supermom crap is part of the reason why so many Black women have high blood pressure and strokes and heart issues Writer/speaker/consultant. Communications Strategist-@GGENYC. Past: Cynthia for NY, Cassius, Ebony. Professional inquiries via website, not DM, please.
iCyclone Southern California USA Sounds like complete and utter crap. Prank shows can be awesomeβ€”playing tricks on folks looking for honest work is just mean. Hardcore hurricane chaser. Southern Californian through & through. And #HurricaneMan.
alexbentil Philippians 4 : 6 - 7 I haven't read such crap all my life before. Instead of encouraging it Seeing Former players Who know the club inside out at the helm it is rather being downplayed because it's Chelsea. What r u afraid of. That chelsea will be loved and admired? Obviously On the 19th day of may 2012. History was made by Chelsea in Munich! Phillipians 4 : 6 - 7
Tarkus14817821 United States This is Cartoon Network....they want more mediocrt cal-arts crap and not something more inventive and risk-taking. Funny that both Nickelodeon outside of SOME issues has been getting slightly better in animation. crapposter, Youtuber, political banterer and one of the few people to review Record of Ragnarok
justrolyn Seoul, Korea Taemin cant hide his feeling. This box is crap and even he knows it. @SMTOWNGLOBAL πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβž‘οΈπŸ‡°πŸ‡· λ‚˜μ€‘μ— κΌ­ 보자~ #μ€‘μ•™λŒ€ #μƒ€μ΄λ‹ˆ β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
makeup_sug Holy crap this foundation came out February 25th of this year and is already discontinued dumb idiot who has more makeup than god
cut_the_crap_ec USA, #Brexit Britain, #Israel LABOUR ANTISEMITISM BRITISH @UKLabour party is now a full-on HATE GROUP SAFE HAVEN for nastiness and repulsive views DESPICABLE mix of antisemitic Jew-hatred, socialism and pro-islamism LABOUR appears closer to Hitler than anything seen in Britain for 80 years SICKENING LOVE: Freedom, Democracy, Sense HATE: Tyrants, barbarians, hypocrites, idiots, PC, globalism, totalitarians, nazis/leftists, anti-Semites, islamic apologists
Alann13345388 Middlesbrough, England This is the kind of intellectually dishonest crap we atheists get from theists when asked for evidence, but they try and attack science instead. When asked for evidence that he stated refutes evolution, I got a page of a book wrote in mandarin, a language I don't read. Lmfao. Glass half full gay guy. I hate cruelty to animals with a passion. Living and laughing on this rock we call home one day at a time. Like reading and so on etc.
evoAntony UK Oh hey that reminds me. Drove a TVR for the first time recently as part of this month’s @evomagazine. Spent the first five minutes thinking β€œwhy do people buy these pieces of crap?” and the next five thinking β€œoh man this is fun”. Car geek | Staff writer @evomagazine
stugraham581 Appalling and shaming on so many levels. The incompetence and indifference displayed by a private rail company reinforces how crap the Tory mantra : β€˜Private Good; Public Bad’ really is. Don’t worry about people’s safety - think of the money. Retired teacher - enjoy wildlife watching and recording. Also a suffering sports fan - cricket, football and rugby.
safrossydney Sydney, New South Wales "I can control my behaviours, but I cannot control my chemical reactions". Who's teaching him this crap? Controlling your behaviours is exactly controlling your reactions, chemical and otherwise. Now on Safro's Sydney. Commenting on everything Sydney FC...+...
Rogue_Martin Illinois @realDonaldTrump Load of crap! And you cite this because you know you are both a criminal and traitor. You also know the proof to convict you is there. Like Many Creative Geniuses Before Me, I'm Quite Insane. Author, Poet, Lyricist, Philanthropist. Organizing A Unique Charity! Its Your Right To #Resist
datguy_4 Los Angeles, CA What is this "lineal champion" crap I keep seeing and hearing? πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ Find the positive in every negative and keep it moving! #PositiveVibez
JerseyToTexas USA Oh Please . What they do in that state is no ones business . Just work and mind your business . Everyone is in everyone’s business. I am really tired of hearing this crap. Get a life ! Married . Love my Dogs. Enjoy watching TV. .I hate hypocrites. Just a Middle Class American trying to make it in this crazy world.
Ryan_A_Turner Basingstoke, England Saying we’re as bad as each other is exactly why the two party system is being replaced with the Lib Dem’s and Brexit Party. Voters have had enough of this crap from the traditional two parties 3rd & Final Year Business Management with Enterprise & Innovation Student at The University of Winchester. Aspiring Teacher. Serial Commuter.
nattylicious4 Johannesburg, South Africa @FlyMangoSA #GoMango I always refer my Dad to be my superhero the Spiderman ! Since I was a little girl I have always loved to have Super Powers . I love Spiderman he is a Patient man just like my father , he can go through all the crap and still be an upbeat superhero with morals . β€œThere is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
elkay14 Unbelievable #RahulGandhi d born idiot had paid Divya Spandana a Small time starlet Rs 8 crores just 2 tweet crap on #Twitter and foul mouth #Modi, she is untraceable till date Advisor, Venture Capital , crowdfunding, DIE hard fan of DevAnand, ,PM Modi JELLY BEAN RONALD REAGAN ,DonaldTrump President of America #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp
twittmanola NOLABRED Comparing them to Kobe/Shaq ?!?! XD Holy crap LosAngSC is reaching far and hard on this one lol. Dude doesnt even have his new jersey yet smh... *Louisianimal* Saints, Pelicans, LSU, and SF Giants fan. #FGL #CU
bbaeksonggg β™‘ baeksoo β™‘ professional egg β™‘ 😑😑😑 people like this are the reason why humanity is going to crap. so what if you are gay, that’s none of her business?? you are just applying make up on her and doing her hair. i cannot understand why she had to involve your sexuality when it has nothing to do w her own self βœ§Λ–Β°ο½₯*ο½₯Β°Λ–βœ§ π’Ύπ“‰β€™π“ˆ 𝓉𝒽𝑒 π“π‘œπ“‹π‘’ π“ˆπ’½π‘œπ“‰ βœ§Λ–Β°ο½₯*ο½₯βœ§Λ–Β° β™‘baekhyun is my universe & #pride monthβ™‘
ComradeSch Why should I let you know? Thanks to mods and an alternate start, I'm running a new game, and this time, without the baggage of the whole "Helgen dragon" crap, Skyrim is actually more fun and it recreates the sort of "Exploring the world and just immersing yourself in it" feeling I loved about it at first. Kane Schlichting wishes to fix our errors.
taymckenzienz New Zealand The media loves to claim that gaming is a disorder, addiction, causes violence and other crap, but just look at GTA 5, RDR2 and Detroit Become Human; all the motion capture artists are great friends and many people meet at E3 sharing the love and passion for the same projects! 28. PS4/PC Gamer. Don't let your dreams be memes. #RetailLife #RamFam 🐏
CharismaMolotov The Bear Flag Republic @Fight_Uni @aterkel Go away. The President of the United States needs to be a person of respect and integrity, not a huge, lying, bragging jerk. What the hell is the matter with him and anyone who supports this crap show ⁉️ It's catastrophic for the country we love. Minister Plenipotentiary of Twitter. Retired history teacher & AcaDeca coach. Volunteering in Dem campaigns. Organizing 🌊 #TheResistance #TeamPelosi
maybe_not_pat San Angelo, TX @MercOpsSec @AIITheWayln @BrokeRoca @LiamArb62325307 @Kyberjack @Ghostofvilla @Micah52921659 @MeAndYuAnts @immigrantdfndr @GhostOfTick @Demwit_Pugilist @Wild_Horses7781 @abeeskneecap @Saul_Silver_ @missjulialee @Tigertomjr @_BattleUnicorn_ @Sinner_WeKnow @DebsterActual @_MikeLit0ris_ @VortexVixen45 @HelloHumans9 @Girl_With__Guns @SinnerIS33You @Cole_Lager @6ROC4 @Sword33333 @PotTheHoney @AIITheWayIn @Briandite @SinnerlSeeYou @Ana_Ssassin47 @stevewhee11 @misscalliecat @SlimJimJohn1 @TrumpsTrucker @nels1791 @Steammpunker @MercOpsMi6 @RevAndoNC @lilmisssexysmi1 @rantstreamdave @mercopssec Reporting People for really petty crap is a very beta thing to do. I guess that solves that. We know where you stand. Aren’t you like 60 years old? At some point are you going to act like an adult and not be a tattletale? That was a rhetorical question, beta... Hello! 😘 My favorite thing to do is go camping- in all of your heads, rent free! I block crapheads. OG #marshmellopac Oat #toylifematters2 πŸ§ͺ#vilesec.
Westpoi24838951 North West I knew she would be up to something, she really is the lowest of the low and the most treacherous woman on the planet, she has cost this country billions and billions, signed up to every crap treaty she could get her hands on and she is still fekkin crap! at everything! Proud Dad and Granda, Brit,I hate the EU with a passion,now I support the Brexit Party,I want my country backπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Ocala_MattMan @NotUnderdog @RoseDC11 Too much with the Transvestites and what ever else they toss in. This crap is ruining everything, so quit watching and don't support. Quick, Simple, Effective Fix. What's the big deal with this competitive sports sh(t anyway. You got that much energy, come mow my lawn. #TRUMP #Trump2020 #MILITARY #MAGA #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue #ProLife #PATRIOT #CAPITALISM #NRA #LTC #NotPC A Clinton-phobe πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
M4tet Coleford, England @OasisPodcast From what I read on twitter, Oasis reunion wouldn’t attract any support because Noel’s songs are over produced disco crap and Liam uses writers and his voice is gone. πŸ˜‚They would need to keep the fans apart like in a Milkwall West Ham cup tie Forest of Dean based A.F.C Bournemouth supporting food lover.
jamesrochestr South East, England @KTHopkins the nasty hateful crap that spews from you has made you famous but has financially ruined you and your kids' futures. And as for the orange moron @realDonaldTrump, take a look at your own country before attacking @SadiqKhan purely because he is Muslim. Husband, father and Labour Party member - but not always in that order.
WinterDays6 Southern Girl @realDonaldTrump The #FakeNews @CNN and @MSNBC are worthless liars. No body with any common sense or intelligence at all watches that crap. All they do is lie and hate on our awesome president #Trump bless their lying fake news hearts. We love our country and our president #KAG #Trump Happy housewife. I love nothing more than taking care of my hubby . Pro America. #copslivesmatter πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ love my country! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Rocks πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
CheshireKitty0 Wonderland Ahhhh, crap! it's almost summer? After summer it's Autumn, Autumn is breeding season for the Cardinals and Tegenaria giganteas.. I hate those forking things! πŸ”žLocal catboy -- A self-taught artist, science enthusiast, tech enthusiast, a mixed martial artist, and a typical nerd in general.. --
TheCrazyBree Covina, CA I am Brianne, God of the time and I am not the only one who is coming. Holy crap... Am I a Time Lord!!!?? Is this why I have not aged at all really since 2005?? Cosplayer, Gamer, Performer. Trying to survive in this mess of a hand I was dealt in this lifetime. IG: breehartshorn
RussJW79 North Shields @alancampbellmp can you promise as my MP, you will fight tooth and nail against crap like this in @NTyneCCG What comes next is people like me have to start paying for live sustaining Type 1 diabetic care! #SaveTheNHS Married to @Teenielou78. Groundhopper & social media buff for @theofficialnl Work in Data Protection for @carequalitycomm Views my own! Type 1 diabetic
zainab3200 ok and why isn't anyone talking about this?? this is so awful and disgusting... WHY does this keep on happening? these poor kids will grow up traumatized! I'm really shocked that this crap is still happening! end racism, sexism, homophobia, and ALL hate......... LOVE ALWAYS!!!!
deadwinter Seattle, WA Holy crap the Caviar website is straight up lying to me. Never mind that the food started traveling at 10:11 and will be stone cold when it gets here. Heavy metal, science fiction and chicken wings. Not exactly in that order.
dominiccampbell πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Large systems integrator is crap and ridiculously expensive. Who knew? CEO @FutureGov | MD Health and Public Services @the_panoply | Designing Health and Public Services for the Digital Age | @Boro | #Hackney | Brummie | πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί
PaulNiland This is right... What May got was an outline of what it looks like to be a 3rd country to the EU. It's not her fault that's crap, and a disadvantageous position for the UK. Read πŸ‘‡ common sense πŸ‘‡ I saw some brilliant, brave, but very ordinary people, young & old, do an extraordinary thing. They defeated a cruel and corrupt dictator. Kyiv, Ukraine.
soupy_smash_bro twin city minnesota I’m all for free discussion and discourse but here on my Personal Twitter Account I like to cultivate a nice cozy spot for ~me~ cuz the outside world is stressful and scary and I already have other crap to worry about. keep ur random instigatory nonsense outa my zone. olly/soupy β€’ he/him β€’ 24
Michael_Javert The Internet Installed the Twitter Application onto Windows because my browser would not upload photos. @TwitterSupport was useless and unresponsive. Cannot use the application because it is cluttered with CRAP that is like a dumpster fire, making Twitter unusable, but at least I fixed it. Writer, poet, philanthropist, activist, gay equality & environment. Green party. Not liberal nor conservative. Love dogs, cats. Own dog. Or does he own me ?
SOIRayleigh @KTHopkins You don't half post (and talk) a load of crap. Violent crime happens pretty much everywhere, not all of it gets national media attention - you seem to take most of that air time! Blatantly apparent your style is ANY attention is better than none; truly an attention seeker! Common sense is far from common πŸ€ͺ
jgross922 Agree. Really tired of the pomp and circumstance. Nantz is good but just report what you see. Don’t need the sentimental crap over and over again. Golf lover
Nav_Rob77 @PigglyAGoGoMAGA @redsrevenge36 @Sword33333 @QueenForTrump @souprahfly @Marauder654 @Micah52921659 @HelloHumans9 @CatchingScams @LaurieBriggs11 @S4mij0Y0 @6ROC4 @Barbann76 @TexasNomad1 @AIITheWayIn @thewarnemesis @D0655Z @TeedIsMe @Snakeeater36 @The2ndA Ole sword thinks he is in the battle of life playing on Twitter as we speak and now he is going get meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You can't make this ignorant crap up. Never seen such a wimpy keyboard warrior. Lordy Old grumpy Navy Vet. Here to support Donald Trump and rid Twitter of BotSentinel. Harming Conservatives is not cool. #ACLJ #MAGAπŸ’₯
TheWeedBeat Everett, WA OJ Cancle your account. They will find a way to screw you over. Stop that get even crap unless you have Full Valid Evidence to prove who really Killed Them people. To be Totally honest Just Living well and Make money is the Best Get Even you can Get!! Remember They don't MATTER! Lover of all that is Weed! Smoke Weed And Enjoy Life. We Need a Peoples of Color National Political Party. to Protect our Rights! It's Above me Now!
Nursekymo72 Canada @Whiskey100Proof @solarblaster1 @NRA_4ME @DeanErw61036456 @History27361891 @JuliePosey11 @s_pboyd @WhimsicalMeToo @jaxucks2 @TedDBexar @PrymSyphe @Angel1350852961 @45BestPotusEvr @UnusSupra32 @Mike17_D @Darrinbillingsl @Custis19 @davidf4444 @RealTraceyT @CatFertitta @ACNamlik @nuzombie4 @34FryingpanA22 @Jeanniespeaches @fightobefree @mondolopez2 @HeatherMHarlow @jimbo_always @My_Puppy_Stuff @UnitedSaintsAm @Sim427 @MickeyD06347993 @rebrokerjoe @7fdnMdc @Ben11486471 @edrose4769 @NoahStricklan19 @sassy88s @Patricks_Ghost @Artmoves1 @Jdubsteg @OriginalPatrio1 @BrokeGi2017 @joepol711 @Bullring2 @KarlLeachFMJ @donttreadonus2 Yup, but I like to call it righteousness anger WG What we allow will continue and nobody is treating me like crap either. Seriously, good for you! ♏️SCORPIO, CHRISTIAN, MOTHER OF 2, a 22 YO son and a 2 year old son, a NURSE of 19 years and love it! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
babyLkink 5teen bby β™‘ like crap i knew i was a sub and a little bitch of a dom but now my dom side is coming out FULL FORCE AND I CANT STOP IT subby~ 𝒾 𝓁𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝒾𝓃 π“Œπ“Šπ“ˆπ“ˆπ“Žπ“π’Άπ“ƒπ’Ή 𝒢𝓃𝒹 π‘”π‘œπ“‰ π’Ύπ“‡π‘œπ“ƒπ“‚π’Άπ“ƒ 𝒹𝒾𝒸𝒸

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