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NorthernSaint72 Scotland Twitter is crap place to make a point, especially when many are blinkered and see the world in black and white and not colour. Northern geezer living in Scotland. NHS Porter. Unite the trade union. St Mirren supporter. #SG4GS
TaisterTots Somewhere in the void @eIektradeviIs And none of them drop proof my GOD twitter is crap HTTYD CEO, My grand plan is that I will be remembered, Resident Jason, “you never cease to amaze me bud, thank you” any pronouns, 21
stujak74 @JohnAlbertChar1 Twitter is crap now. Used to be a nice friendly place, and at times it is but those times are few and far between. I kinda just dip in and out now. #LFC #RedDwarf Too little freedom is captivity, too much freedom is Chaos. Retweets are not necessarily an endorsement.
squeakygrump Manchester, UK 🇪🇺 @NWlady28 Twitter is crap and doesn't remember. Try muting the conversation She/her 🏳️‍🌈 Feminist, queer, ND. Lover of biscuits. Owned by 2 cats. ACNH, criminal justice reform, mental health, random musings.
WalshFreedom Chicago No one should be surprised. No one should be shocked. There are no more “holy crap” moments with Trump. He is who he’s always been: a corrupt, lawless authoritarian who tried to overturn an American election. And the Republican Party owns every corrupt, un-American thing he does. Former Candidate for President. Former Congressman. Author, “F*ck Silence.” Patriot, Husband, Father, Brother, Son. #BeBrave
herdyshepherd1 Lake District, England It’s crap like this that is putting the focus on cows and not fossil fuels These corporate scumbags are gaming us - climate change media is literally about everything except the primary cause @theshepherdswife at the controls - he has finally gone to write his next book. All enquiries to
davidharsanyi Wrong Side of History This is tantamount to beating the crap out of someone with a baseball bat, taking them to the hospital, and bragging that you brought them back to health. Senior writer, @NRO. Author of EUROTRASH: Why America Must Reject the Failed Ideas of a Dying Continent - PREORDER -
VesFavs For anyone who doubts Sasha Calle as Supergirl, or says “Mel is the only Supergirl” just know that they interviewed over 400 people for DCEU Supergirl and that Melissa Benoist supports the casting. Besides, didn’t we already do this crap with the Flash comparison? I talk about things I enjoy anonymously so I can feel fine expressing my feelings. Orphan Black, MCU, Arrowverse sometimes.
heIIamega @waterparks @idobiradio This video quality is so crap I'm sorry but I have lots of cool glasses and an important question for you I made this account to fuel my concert addiction lol. 🎟️
Pia_Lemonade On my way to see Little River Band. As much crap as I give people who like soft rock, the Deer Valley ampitheatre allows you to bring food and drink and the weather is perfect. Will be at the bottom of the ski hill on the left. (I crashed and burned racing coasters on the right) Very busy being a royal Pia. Top candidate for Twitter expulsion due to spelling and grammatical errors. I will post your DM, Mister.
ChurchOfGame @DeclaringPond @leslee_annsh the first two. are the same person. the third is the story breaking and four is your bull. you Riot crap lord. Riot games has been ground zero... for sexual harassment... even with all the wokeness. especially with it. Lover of Humanity. Hater of sanitization and crybullies and jacktivists. founding my own religion. only bigots disagree /s He/they/it/that bastard/that chump
memphis253 @davidnack2 @BitchyLiberty I didn't think they would try the exact same tactic they did the first time, but then again the average American is pretty dim and those below average like eat tide pods so it'll probably work this time too 🙄 Maybe by round 15 of this crap those average & below will catch on 😑 Meh, Bio stuff, or whatever
Roscoe782 Lenexa, KS Holy crap! I know it's bots, but halo mp is such a breath of fun and fresh air. Enjoying myself immensely in mp for the first time in a long time. Just don't feel it in Destiny anymore. Can't wait for this game to come out! #HaloInfinite #Halo #Xbox #XboxSeriesX #xboxshare
BobbyR35591027 USA Here is a list of the senators that voted for cloture on the 1T infrastructure bill today.All are rhinos and need voted out of politics. This could open the door in reconciliation for amnesty for all illegals, a fed voting rule changes and green new deal crap to name a few. #Maga#Patriot
Toadcialism 🐸💋 It just hit me that this crap birthday month was the Jewish wedding trope in action: all this horrible crap is happening NOW, so it means getting my lease, packing, and getting my bottom to LA is gonna be smooth sailing Toad Lady, founder of Sonic Toad Media #gamedev #writer biz consultant to #indiedev Loud socialist frog slut Mom warned you about🌹#BasicIncome advocate She/Her
Radar_Wilton @jaguar39756562 @JMichaelsonUT @SkyDog_59 @KanChristo @Talal_Writes @flerfsareidiots @Huttvalleycraz1 @Umbongo18 @AustralisPiper @MisterSock4 @manchestermelly @D_helmet1 @LaikaAndYuri @earthisaglobe @WadesUnderworld @mrssimp33413365 @BleuChimay @TheFlatEartherr @Twitter @jack There is only one thing you've beaten in the last few days, and that isn't something that should be shown in public. As for us, nah, you have ignored anything you didn't want to see or answer and continued to spout fairy tale crap ... then claim it was evidence.
MeggieMochi United States Oh, crap. What did I do? I invited my friends over for game night at my house next weekend…My apartment is still…Um…craaaaaaap. I’m gonna be a busy, busy girl. Plus I have to help set up my friend’s TWO new classrooms and my own. (LYSY 5-11, 12) ⟭⟬ Teacher. Coffee Fiend. Cozy Enthusiast. Just a Basic B*sh on Dark Mode.
MrsKhandiCoated HidingFromResponsibility My 4yr old: MOMMY COME AND GET BROTHER OUT THE BATHROOM I’M TRYNNA TAKE A CRAP!!! Me: NO!! YOU DO IT TO ME AO NOW HE IS DOING IT TO YOU!! 4yr old: I DIDN’T ASK YOU THAT! NEVER MIND! Y’all how about she dragged my son out the bathroom n slammed the door then yelled “FIXED IT!” Mother to my #3PeasInAPod....Eagles fan...NavyVet....I sing Melodies From Heaven when I fight... Seth Rogen spoke to me so YOU talk to me nice
weirdoveganimal Alberta, Canada This is some racist crap and, like, did the person who shared this mean to show their whole ass? Armchair Pundit Productions - @ArmchairPundi10 #canpoli #cdnpoli #LandBack DM for video work/collabs Please consider donating #1492LBL
Coconut_enjoyer Lil monke land or hell @TapeCassetteGuy Greg Greg will beat the ever love crap he is a imortal being he will destroy the Earth and the universe one thing tho... He is dumb Monke/ape (friends with timb turtle😳🥶) edit:I now got times 😳🥶🥵 dm me the wrod tomato or I take your thought privileges
AnnaLibertad9 THIS is what we can accomplish when WE, THE PEOPLE, EXERCISE PRESSURE WITH OUR RESISTANCE AND OUR DECISION TO STAND UP AND NOT TAKE ANY CRAP FROM THE BULLIES AT THE TOP!!!!! #together Truth-teller, mind-reader, advisor, and pioneer. Can't fool me, so best not to try. No apoyo a NINGÚN partido político - el sistema entero está corrupto.
LisaArmstead1 United States They must know it is TRUMP’S vaccine and we don’t give a crap! God loving! American! God Loving!!
manakinmom The supposed science has ZERO documentation to back up their propaganda....and it changes every 3 days.....NO ONE is buying this crap anymore On the right side....Conservative who believes in God, the Constitution, Patriotism, and Good Old American Values
59dallas Dallas "Positive Energy" is here! The Wuhan "corpse disposal shelter" is here, and a batch of corpses can be processed in a few seconds after the corpses are vaporized. The people of Henan and Zhengzhou "thank you"! Holy crap. Texas. Dallas. Married 27 years. Happy. Poor in material wealth. Rich in life. Realist. Social Media Redistribution Agent #6879433 🦂🌞🌈🖖♎ 🦨 (2🩹)
dbwrite4u USA This workweek is officially over. I struggled w/ a lot of personal crap & frustrating obstacles. But it's my awesome bro-in-law's birthday. Gonna have a yummy BBQ dinner & my daughter is making his favorite: Boston cream pie. A Kilt Lifter and my ballgame later. For hire: Magazine | Ghostwriter | Book Editor. Veteran issues. Writing book on PTS. SFSU '90. SF Giants fan. Mom. Celebrate every day. Happy to serve.
NathanLee Sydney, Australia Holy crap the twitter ad to tweets ratio is absurd today. No joke: multiple ads in a row, then 1 tweet, then 2-3 or more ads and so on. Hard to spot the tweets. I might be done if this is what is required to use twitter. Democracy, politics, fairness, rights, education, tech. Rants=own views.
Chantafreak Mordor!! @GamersNexus all thermal paste..err sorry, thermal GREASE, a cancer and reproductive hazzard or just the cheap crap?
MiltonMonnin This is how you make a great movie about Sicilians, Italians tired of stupid gangster filth, and it's all crap except the Godfather &thing to do in Denver when your dead. That's why I like you Miss Cher your a quality person that only does beautiful things, in a world of crap ! New Orleans born and raised, French. Disabled American T.B.I brain injury and epilepsy retired 16 years, infamous Tattoo Artist aka: (Tommy Two Thumbs)
scotianselkie out of my skin Hey, @goodreads, WTAF? This toxic review is an utter lie designed to put the author in danger. How are authors supposed to defend themselves against this crap if you won't address it? Get to it and fix this now! Words MATTER! personne sans conséquence la plus jeune fille de brume et de tristesse je n'existe pas. avi:annie stegg header:madelineellis
us_stl Kansas, USA Well crap. /450 is way off so disregard. Not a good comparison. One is a parallel and one is a card from a much smaller insert set. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Here for the sports. This page to dedicated to sports and collecting things.
emagee67 @moynihan_alan @BobbyDazzler747 @CraigKellyMP Wow. This is a serious level of vile. Zero understanding of science, complete devoid of facts, can’t prove any of your crap and no empathy for the enormous loss of life. Stay home. Education is the answer. Facts beat opinions. Public health first. Zero tolerance for anti vaxxers, anti maskers and fake protestors. 🐶🥂☕️🎤🎭 💉
Cheryl_Swore Canada The furniture store just called and said my new sofa is in 3 weeks ahead of time. Yay and crap! Guess who's weekend just went from "I'll get to it sooner or later" to ripping the living room apart? Watching history being made IRT. Cheering on humanity. Forever a student of the human condition. If you're going to be stupid, you'd better be tough. 🇨🇦
BronxtheBearFU Red State TX @amhxson33 @blondjewels @Pittsburgbitch @GoneAye @GA4DJT @America19652017 @AmarisPixie @AngryFleas @ADouble777 @Angel_13_Rising @MomoBlossomYuki @RedStateYankee @cathyjo26199086 @fawkesmk @nofeardreams @ShawnHarder1 @empathicpolitic @The_Good_Jared2 @ContraAffair @janeyK_KAG @MAGA_Girl_Shel @MikeKenner13 @SaneSeeker @numbers_truth @PRider1980 @StaceytheGhost @HPPM4EVER @alucard1116 @neal_cowboy @IowaGhost5150 @buddyholly1969 @77BlueJays @mustsayno @genderplasma1 @WPicnot @Kinneas @Murphyrulesok @neville1776 @gratis_cattus @HELLBOYISHERE1 @Agelaius15 @FricknChikn @TickiRicky @Fastlookin @GOPMoralBankrpt @EricHuseby4 @jokerbear12 @StevieMarkovich @VesMarinova @IBLeTruth Right... We can see it a mile away from the cheap seats, it has been bad for you on here. Maybe Twitter isn't your thing, it is ok..go try Fortnite instead..they might come away impressed and ignore all the incorrect crap you spew. #ResistABear- Eat 💩 Twatter Gestapo. Pedophiles make tasty treats! Proud Patriot Party! Metal 🤘❤ Happily Taken by my 👰 @blondjewels ❤ 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤠💎🇺🇸🇺🇸
jamila13us Southern California And what about all of the bad crap that are in the masks themselves?? All that is being exposed in the water, and everything living in it - that's just great news! I love God & my children. Independent. Married. #Trump2020 #PositiveThinker #Conservative #KAG2020 #MAGA #ProLife #ConventionOfStates
woodysharks @Bob_Wachter Wow 74% fully vaccinated. Nice fear porn. This is made possible by the lack of data collection on recovered people and the crap science of classifying them with unvaxed. Their natural immunity throws of the % Champion of the sun, Master of karate Amateur Proctologist specializing in cranial extractions Dude/bro/bro haus (formal)
itsdougg seeyouinhell @Smythums Take Twitter away and this is the same crap. I waited four years for infrastructure and now I'm waiting four more. Biden is much less funny though. Nacho Fries are 10/10
ArthurQueens JD Vance likes to put on the Hillbilly shtick when he’s on Fox. Meanwhile this Ivy Leaguer is buying luxury goods and living it up like a real pro. He’s full of crap, just like that book he wrote. Try reading it, written like a true blue blood. @GOP @OhioStAthletics Patriot, NYC, NYPD, US Navy
LilyDFleur UK I used to think "Yes", though it seems more likely that art will offend ANYONE and you have no control how how people actually respond to it. Hell, the crap SJWs make that they think is controversial is only offensive for how BLAND it all is. Metalhead. Free-thinking creative. Proud Apostate. Art can go up to 🔞. Views are my own, take it or leave it. #TeamComics #OutlawComics #FreeSpeech
Innomen I dispute that figure. When 90% of that crap is marked up to orbit expressly because it's non-negotiable legalized extortion, "canceling" it would cost power nothing. Our cash is backed by rifles anyway. They could easily point them and say "No. Deal with it." Minimize pain, Maximize lifespan, Increase pleasure, In that order. MMII
BernfriedI Valhalla, NY This is it, constant freezing and shutting down on twatter's app, input lags and god knows what else... When I get my new phone next week, I'm going to utterly murder my crapty, crap cellphone in a video. Didn't decide if I use a hammer, explosives or good old gravity, yet. When you think 'Gina Carano is a transphobic racist' you need to change your life. 🍌Vanilla Gorilla🦍 #WeLoveGinaCarano #superstraight #OwlmanIsMyBatman
BearGap1 Bear Gap, NC The major problem that I have with Twitter is all the attached crap. There are other apps that vgreatly improve on th experience, such as Plume on android and Tweetcaster on IOS. I use both. Thanks for all you do. Blood runneth orange and white. 4x4 PU. CHL holder, Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy member. Deplorable Clinger.
ryan_montalbano If @GovRicketts didn’t drop ” you people” in a meeting this would be the dumbest crap this family ever said right after “there is no money” and “you won’t be booing in a year”…. #CLANGA and #RollWave Alumnus. Sometimes I tweet about finance. Other times I complain about sports, but I’m truly here to troll @wxevan
gueraporaza Denver, CO @mvs51234 @RealKnallan @Quicktake There's absolutely no study saying that after you have covid you have a long-term immunity. People have had covid over and over again so obviously not. He is making it up. Don't get your news from random people on twitter like him. He's feeding a big line of crap. I am a small business owner. I am an Accountant. I am a Mom , a Nana, a Daughter, an employer. I am a progressive liberal. An immigrant rights activist.
kdogni @Darinstrauss The virus is no worse that any other if treated properly and early. It's the legions of sheep who worship at the alter of incompetence that scare the crap out me. Polymath at large. Mechanical engineer, Information Systems Manager, Investor, and former State Investigator. Gab:
GOTS3DVR Santa Rosa, CA @amygrant promos saved to finish 25 years of storage. 99% of my cherished Crap made it safe. 100s of bins destroyed (3families together) and I made it out with 7 or 8 fresh bins of my most treasured stuff. Only question is What The fork is in the bins I thought I had? Creator/Writer Guardians of the SpellBounD:3DVR Teaser-1 "WEIRD BABY" - Episode 1 "One More Day" Owner: - Adobe Applications Specialist
site_alpha New Mexico Backtracking and pissing people off is not helping nor is pushing out this crap like spam. It's not a citizens job to trust any government. All masked up & pissed off. RT≠Endorsement. My opinions should never be construed as legal advice.
aleja26berrio Not the ortos saying moos stream in melon illegally when the whole company of their girls is not the best in that crap... stream their faves and help them to pay that crap 💩
MotherofTitan way past time. Biden's desire to continue corporate handouts and "business as usual" is now killing people almost as badly as spanky was doing. He should have nipped this crap in the bud right off the bat! Formerly @heretical_1, still appealing that suspension. Created format we use today for #fbr parties. Fish farmer (aquaponics), brewer. Earth First!
jaxinn Nawlins Holy CRAP! I am almost at 20,000 followers. How the hell did that happen? Thank you ALL! But damn there are interesting people out there. All I do is melt Mardi Gras beads and watch the news in disgust. But whatever it is I will continue.🙏 ⚜️WHODAT! RESIST! HAPPILY married! ⚜️❄️❄️❄️I Follow Back!