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Shrewsfan123 England, United Kingdom @salopcast @LewisCox_star @RuytonShrew @B_and_A_Fanzine Twitter is crap when it suspends you for nothing Shrewsbury town fan⚽🥅⚽🥅 England fan ⚽🥅⚽🥅 #NoRoomForRacism #nhsblueheart
salopcast @LewisCox_star @RuytonShrew @B_and_A_Fanzine Twitter is crap when it hide replies Shrewsbury Town’s #1 Podcast - Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Soundcloud - Email:
AlAthaya1 Indonesia The political side of Twitter is crap, even for my own country's politics. I'll just debate the flat earthers and anti-vaxxers of Twitter. I will never debate about politics anywhere Follower of a religion, supporter of science. Space enthusiast.
marieca1982 England @SamParkerSenate Twitter is crap. Need a new platform, gab and parler are awful too Female. I no longer follow back, so please don’t follow if that’s the only reason you are.
Kfc63244576 @AJManuelWEW Werid then usually people who get suspended for that is cause of that reason but twitter is crap maybe someone has mass reported you for that reason hope you get it sorted mate but unfortunately there’s a long wait for Appels me and ged have both been waiting months now Was kfcislove but got bagged again Lincoln fan chilled out guy love life
john_johnsenior Yorkshire and The Humber People want you to think Twitter is crap but it’s the only place where you can get an unfiltered insight into the lives of people you’d never normally meet - enrich your own life by doing so - and come to a better understanding of the world around you.
hakirsch @Saggalion Discord and YouTube. I like telegram yet feel weird about it’s phone number reliance and how you can’t pay for it really; twitter is crap and I don’t know why I don’t delete my account again. Gay Male Furrotica author H A. Kirsch. | | Icon by @fehrywolfram | 🔞 no minors, often NSFW | he/him
GreenManEng @BritGroyp Definitely, I think it's needed. Twitter is crap for keeping info readily available. Blink and you'll miss it. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 Be normal. Go outside.
ChrisGPackham United Kingdom Why kill moths and ants ? Why ? It doesn’t make sense . Who makes this crap and why on Earth are they allowed to sell it ! For gods sake wake up - there is a biodiversity emergency - we’ve lost almost 70% of our wildlife since 1970 - we don’t need this nonsense now . Wildlife TV presenter & conservationist.
garyhgoodridge Barrie, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 Try hard to not be pulled into crap. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. That’s how life is. Pray to Allah and ask for understanding Bless and protect Fought in UFC, IVC, Pride K-1 Arm Wrestling World Champion Advocate for #Depression #CTE #TBI #EndHomelessness #MentalHealth #AfricanUnionMustFall #ReformOrFall
WillBlackWriter Cambridge, Europe Newspapers that talk about university "lessons" shouldn't be babbling about universities I was at university for 10 years and never went to a lesson. This crap is aimed at parents. Covid has made it more expensive to run universities, not less. Anthro-journalist and author of Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End..
RIBeastie Rhode Island #FoxKillsAmerica and Jim Jordan is an idiot! Americans want to be safe from Covid. We don't give a crap about freedom to assemble and who the f wants to go to washington to meet with Jim Jordan? What a douche. Huge Fan of Tom Brady, BB, the Patriots and CW's Beauty & the Beast. They are the reasons I twitter and I love that I can twitter with other fans!
Tanushka551 Hey #USA #Governor #Governors my updates on #COVID19 #CovidVaccine. You have been getting so much crap from the White House for year. Let me try to make things Clear what to expect and what is next work Covid. #Tatiana cc: #NationalGuard in all 50 States Just Tatiana
carnall_D_Hicks Boston, MA What a sh%ty day in #Boston I don't know why snow is on the ground I had to go to work and come home in this crap going to end the day how I started the day under the covers #HappyBirthday Average guy who might be concidered boring by some but i just like the simple things.
BigDumbNerds Regina, Saskatchewan @InfernoOmni That feeling when u where looking forward to Omni because it's the one highlight of your day but YouTube is being a piece of crap for no reason and Omni has to take it off
panny_antoniou He/Him This isn’t good, it’s just not as crap. Labour need to do something to slow this vaccine bounce and get ahead of the Tories before the local elections. For that we need decisive action and strong policies. Is LOTO up to the job? Labour Coop & Fabians | Co-Chair @openlabour Climate & @yfintnetwork 🌹| Co-founder & Chair @labourdoorstep_ | Views my own | RTs ≠ endorsements
CensorNow Can these people think? Oh crap got to run my gun popped out of my drawer and is flagging me...hate it even that happens...bad Sig Sauer Sit! No FEAR.
serentheory Oregon, USA I got my hair cut again. There is something emotionally freeing about cutting off hair. I've been going through some intense crap lately and while this in no way fixes or alleviates the crap in my life it still feels like something I can control to bring some joy. Queer, Awkward Overthinker, Crafter, Geekish, Chronic Migraineur, Polyam, She/they
monicasegura ATX This is a absolute cruelty and the justifications are crap xicanx + woman + queer. pronouns: she/her (Faves are bookmarks)
Average_S0ldier United Kingdom I don't usually do this crap, however, the individual below is "The_Ultimate_LE_Officer" considering how many LE's there are, this person must have done well. Not sure who this "Sharpe" fella is, or why he's wearing a green coat. Flog that man and put him Back in the ranks Challenge, Change, Grow. Views are my own. R/T is not an endorsement. Like = Tweet read #empowerment #Leadership #PME #Britisharmy #Milsocialmedia #UKPME
Crap_Portraits Belfast Northern Ireland usu Eschewing my normal obsession with proportions and likeness. Tonight's portrait is probably ungessable. Still.. It's Friday so ... Proportions aren't going to be the boss of Me. Not intentionally Crap, just talent-less portraits. Commissions considered, as presents for people you hate. Timeline of CrapPortraits ➡
Patricia350Z DeSantis is the BEST Governor in the country. He's personable and doesn't take crap from anyone!! Married, retired, believe in God , No DM's please. MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Allison_Lloyd18 Columbia, MO #VUrocks is a load of crap. This is why so many bars and restaurants in town do not like them. Gay Conservative. Think for yourself. Don’t fall for identity politics. I also love to travel.
akkocomic Meu quarto This is same eyelander but with reskin :( and i waste all my items to craft this crap Ela/Dela ٭ Trans/Pan🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ She/Her 15y.o ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ᴅᴇ ᴛᴜᴅᴏ ᴜᴍ ᴘᴏᴜᴄᴏ :) Tf2 player Coffee sommelier
CWWyche How can anyone be surprised that Hunter's book is a terrible failure? He is personally a terrible failure and the book is about his miserable life. People don't want to read that kind of crap. The Biden's don't care though because the book is just a money laundering scheme anyhow Father, grandfather, Retired Sr. Project Mgr, former lead guitar for The Sun Sets, frequent traveler to Seoul, Christian, Veteran, Still a Trump supporter.
geffiboy Canada Holy crap, idk if this is good but I guess it looks good :) if you're not already watching me give me a chance, and if you like my content then go ahead and follow me. Thanks! Musician | Art'est | Gamer Follow me at
MadamMary7 United States of America @CurtisHouck @tedcruz @RandPaul "It ends when we get our crap together, right?" Dont be stupid @ChrisCuomo it ENDS NOW! #WHO needs or wants a 💉 vaccine that's 99.97% curable and wear an FDA disclaimed 😷 that @NYGovCuomo knows is a masquerade of BULLcrap. @OANN @TuckerCarlson @dougducey God✝ Family👪 DemocRepublic US'A🇺🇸 #MAGA #KAG2020 Sarcasim I sprinkle that crap everywhere
AllyGeighter Still Same Place as Yesterday! Now this is a hero! Holy crap he picked that bobcat up and shot put it! 😂😂🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 And now he needs a rabies shot, because bobcats normally don’t go near people. Unless it could smell whatever was in that pet carrier? 😲 🎶 🤡 to the left of me, 🃏 to the right, here I am, Stuck in the middle with you.🎶 If I block you, you deserved it 😙👋🏻 pronouns:🙈🙉🙊
OrbitStudios Rockwood, ON Canada Speaking of criminal, this is the kind of crap Brian Lilley has been spewing for awhile. Dangerous, dangerous stuff. And he's essentially a member of the Ford government at this point. #onpoli Creative Director at Orbit Studios. Husband, dad, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, sports fan and musical theatre performer.
kingbizzlesbea In yo head This is what they do to child stars to keep milking them for everything then .... and y’all still expect me to believe they ain’t the ones posting crap in my girls socials ?!? #freebritney She/her POC 🍑
TheWasserman @Patbagley You retweeted the pedophiles known as Lincoln Project. You have 0 credibility, other than being a white man using his platform to attack a black man by using racism. All this crap does is continue to fan the flames of the division that currently exists. Shameful and disgusting Broncos, Lakers, Avs and Duke fan. Professional smart ass
Susineedsanap There are no bad apples. The entire bushel is full of white supremacist worms and crap. Time to plant a new tree! 5,077 miles from home, one adorable husband, 3 awesome adult kids, two smartass dogs, liberal atheist, selectively social, creepy, sarcastic, nocturnal🌊
MagicMikeXpert Oh crap, here I was touting my @Browns trading @bakermayfield @denzelward and pick 26 for players to reunite with @CoachUrbanMeyer and for my #Browns to get missing key to @SuperBowl @Trevorlawrencee is a generational talent..period! @mjmsportsline @MikeM_Playbook Now what to do Passionate about Family and Football. Expert and top ranked NFL sports entertainment analyst. Article contributor in Playbook. Enjoy parody and good humor.
distxrtixn_ Buttfork nowhere Never... This is the same crap like when 100T picked up the ex-Immortals. Also don't think C9 will return to CS. Also remember they didn't drop their OWL team when that Esports is pretty much dead with very little viewership and diminishing player base. C9 are a joke... Hacked US elections in 2016
kiapet814 I am so very sorry you have to deal with this disgusting lump of crap every day! Shame is on him and even if you had an abortion it’s no ones business!! Dirty pig
kchernecky Florida Pootie is pisssssed his boo is no longer the #illegitimatePresident and that we have an actual @POTUS that isn't about to put up with his crap HUMANITARIAN #NeverForgetJanuary6 I said Somebody should do something about that. Then I realized I am somebody. #WhereAreTheChildren
DanielWDick Texas, USA As a proud descendant of Baron De La Ware, Governor of Jamestown and Jews that fled Tzarist progroms in Lithuania this is some Bill the Butcher "Know Nothing" crap that has zero place in our body politics and should be called out for the racism it barely attempts to mask OEF Air Defense Artillery Vet, Methodist, Blue Dog/New Dem, @TAMU '09, @bushschool EMPSA '20, Texan. Tweets are my own.
HazelnutSupreme @satina_ Nullira! A part Drow who is the wife to one of my other DnD characters in a campaign. She is spunky, takes no crap but will quite literally sacrifice her own life for you. She treasures her family and friends. She’s beauty, She’s Grace, She will punch you in the face! Aspiring Voice Actor. 22 years of life. I just want to art good.
dinafiam98 Hell @Epigenetics2014 Go pump and pretend you believe 100% of the crap that comes out of this Twitter account. Like I said why do you care. Nice thing about social media is that you can scroll on by. You don’t have to read my replies. Better yet just block me and then you don’t have to see them. lol
KaffirBaba Not yet decided😂 @Ankita_Shah8 It's our temple and we Hindus donated for that. Your crooked literate crap is 🍑👅 and giving salary to thookullahs from our Hindu tax payer's money. Shut your mouth and sit down. Bio doesn't speak but your tweets. Here for fun, Patriots will get FB 💯, Anti-Nationals will get asskick if fiddle or poke. 🇮🇳Bharat Mata Ki Jai🇮🇳
Jeremyn099 United Kingdom Just imagining the boardroom conversation at Greensil. A: "It's cool, we have got Cameron on the case" B: "But isn't he an arse?" A: "He was PM" B: "Yes, he was a crap PM because he is an arse" A: "Well yes, but he is an ace lobbyist because he has access and can pull in favours Digital Strategist
mhawk1220 @LeaderMcConnell @GOP @GOPLeader. You call yourselves leaders well now is the time to step up and stand with @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats @SenSchumer @SenateDems and the @WhiteHouse to get a handle on this crap. The second amendment doesn't give anyone carte blanche to kill “In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.” Karl Popper
s0ftjake Taranto, Puglia "I guess my response is ... rot in hell, crap-face! Also, I love you, and I treasure you, and ya bore me." "God, you're being so mean. Do it more." anna, she/they and bi. ceo of ermal meta and aesthetics.💛💙 my kins are jake peralta, bucky barnes, aizawa shōta, toshinori yagi and din djarin.
RockRage8962 I'm not doxing myself. I normally don't bring attention to these kinds of things, but this crap is inexcusable. It's one thing to dislike something, but when you actively go out of your way to shame and harass someone for liking something you don't is really scummy. Your residential insomniac and SMG4 Shipposter.
ReflexSnD Everywhere @JasonSamfield @CthulhuPrez @TheDailyShow Thanks for your approval? Loudest voices? Don’t give me that crap, conservative Twitter in the US is full of absolute crap at the moment and has been for a while. It’s simple, either cops stop killing people or be held fully to account when they do. Nothing complex about it. #BlackLivesMatter Active on Twitter to witness revolution. Shutting down any “Radical or Hurtful” opinions I see using logic and reason. Block me, I Win. 😷👍
marklamster Dallas - Cambridge - New York i don't give a crap what it's called. i do care about the absolutely hideous addition that fronts flora and pearl. the bar should put its money where its name is and redress its awful design history. Architecture critic of the Dallas Morning News. UTA Professor. Harvard Loeb Fellow. Author of The Man in the Glass House
JohnnyTopside20 Ok, I gotta say, this bugs the crap out of me. 90% of Skyrim porn and mods are anime looking characters with boobs bigger than their heads. Call me old fashioned, I like to be able to tell who the character actually is. Can you not get this generic crap anywhere else? Adult fanfic writer/shipper Also on adult fanfic
JeremySilburt At the rate Ontario is vaccinating, it would take 13 days to use up the vaccines in storage, and that’s assuming no more are delivered in the next two weeks. The rollout of vaccines has been crap.
kingerylhotmail denver, CO @ShhhhDontTalk @washingtonpost Tucker didn't say it. Bobolinks did and that stupid declaration that Russia did something is a joke because Mueller, and not a partisan entity, already debunked this crap. This is made up bs. lol You're betraying your whole life if you don't say what you think - and you don't say it honestly and bluntly. Charles Krauthammer
murrayjohnsonjr @Mediaite I love that Gym is ignoring Maxine telling him to shut his mouth and is being a #whinybitch cuz Fauci didn't take his crap... #VoteGOPOutofExistence

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