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signofleo @AlfoqahaT @BeardedGenius And there Tala, in the inane responses like ‘terrorist supporter’ is very reason why Twitter is crap. The people who take time out to type their pathetic opposition will sit on the same hands as Palestinians die. Utterly shameful. They just can’t say they hate Palestine. Very sad
ridhi_karan Noida, India @elonmusk This is what went behind your back when you were asleep. @Twitter is crap, and @jack is crap. 👨‍🔧 I fix things.
Peachirisuu 24 - She/Her HRT - Demi - ADHD @BUNXXL God. I wish there was a better site to post art to since twitter is crap and DA/Tumblr are dead :/ A dumbass trans bitch called Rose who likes a billion different things. 🍑🌹 Icon by @BUNXXL 🐰
AnthroDood @moviejunkie90 @sarahbraasch1 @VP It's because you can say it. Hell. I don't know. And never beg, Sir. I'm not being ironic or sarcastic. Twitter is crap for conversations. Studied Anthropology, lived in Korea in 2007 and now work in a psych hospital
Stewhieee Family land - Indian Twitter is crap today. All good people are spending time with the family/ friends/wife/GF/BF and other loved ones... Thats Sunday.. I have to wait till 10 or 11 am.. Everyone here sleeps till that time. 😭😭 Early to rise.. Only worms.. 😭😭 Good Morning. Stand for what is right. 🙄 😭 2020 has taken my soul.
whoknowswhoser1 @peteclarence @ourrachblogs Was my response nasty tho Pete ?... I think Rachel talks some crap... sorry mate and so what IFIDO? so what ?..I’m not at a bar trying to bed her ... so I say it as I read it... I think 99% of Twitter is crap tbh, rachel is just a small part of the ‘crap’ it’s nothing personal!! stop being a tw@t and join in the natter FFS ;)-
Mike23115424 TWITTER IS CRAP !! my DMs don't open and i cant reply very often for those who have Facebook it works much better meet me there !! ABOUT SHIRTS !! for the others as much as i hate it here is my email True and proud CANADIAN PATRIOT !!! True North STRONG AND FREE !! Digital Soldier in 17's ARMY & The Children's ARMY ! #WWG1WGA !! #GreatAwakening !!
SoxisG @papasmokeee I just want to be sad over it. I am entitled to and no amount of improvement will work for me. Streamer Twitter is crap and well I dont pull in folks and we can all just say we agree with me. Like just seriously folks.
CarolBeabout Pennsylvania, USA @TwitterSafety What idiots. The left can threaten your life, but the right can't ask/call for true justice and Law and order. Twitter is crap
fred_guttenberg Parkland, FL Holy crap!!! They are all a bunch of liars. I can attest first hand to Kavanaugh as a liar. If this is vetted and in fact true, impeach him. I am confident @JoeBiden as President can do better. My daughter is Jaime Guttenberg. She was murdered in Parkland Florida on February 14, 2018. I will dedicate the rest of my life to the cause of gun safety.
Payal_Rohatgi India Ram Ram ji 🙏 Jobless and wannabe wanting my attention 🤪 U got it moron 😊 Obviously U will like #Bulbull as it makes fun of Hindu Gods & Goddess. Wish #AnushkaSharma has the courage to make fun of Gods in your religion 🙏 Now Get lost. @bombaytimes is PAID crap & u are crap too Indian Actor/Yogi/Topper/Comp Eng/ Former MissTourismWorld/ Opinionated Indian/Proud Hindu/Love #IndianMuslims who love India/Hate #IndianHindu who hate India
Payal_Rohatgi India Ram Ram ji 🙏 This useless piece of crap in India is fighting for a Chinese application 🤔 Think we should dump her on Indo-China border and let her face her #Karma 😹 She can take #SonamKapoor with her who will explain her #Karma 🙏 #IndiaPushesBackChina #PayalRohatgi Indian Actor/Yogi/Topper/Comp Eng/ Former MissTourismWorld/ Opinionated Indian/Proud Hindu/Love #IndianMuslims who love India/Hate #IndianHindu who hate India
MrsC_Runner Milton Keynes, England And we have a “new kid” on the block. Yet another naff delivery company. Some crap called Toyou. Asda use them or may own them but either way, they are rubbish. My parcel is now 4 days late, their tracking system is awful and i have no clue when my item will be ready. #toyou Starting my own garden services business, runner, weight lifter. NHS Survivor #ladiesthatlift #seniorfit #getfit2020
WhoopsOhMy California Ok, which one or ones is it. I'm confused. Well BLM confuses me for their agenda has little to do with Black Lives or any lives except their cash lives What I've found though is this BLM (no not Bureau of Land Mgmt) crap is that Ignorance can be threatened, then quiver and join He'll regret it to his dying day if he lives that long!. -Squire Donoher-
JamesDa40238647 Boston, MA Please, please, please STOP all this VERY DANGEROUS rumor perpetuating crap about Trump resigning...The Trump campaign is gloating that rumor to get gullible RESISTERS to keep repeating it and take their foot off the campaign petal...good GAWD! I'm back and strong as ever! Resistance forever! Commander-In-Chief Chickencrap's time to go has come! He's a bloody P-I-G!
creatywitty वसुधैव: कुटुंबकम् @idkwhypplarepr1 @IAmKaylaMarieee @fioneapple @goIdenightmare @natasiac_ LoL, @IAmKaylaMarieee is so outraged, she didn't even see the context and tweeted crap. Ancestral Bihari, born Gujarati, schooled Delhiite, domiciled Bangali, employed Marathi, married a Gorkhali. Kaun jaat ho? RTs are endorsements.
mary28615090 New York, USA This is bull crap!!! Before you know it our country will have no history 😡next it will be the White House !!! This has to stop before it’s too late! I don’t want the end of my life to see my country destroyed and wiped away
MatthewRHess Wheeling, IL That time Susan Collins tweets out a letter to the editor and tried to make it look like an endorsement. What a piece of crap she is. #TraitorGOP #BlueWave Estates and Trusts Lawyer; Bourbon Novice; Baseball Purist; Pit Master; Horse Racing Handicapper; Former Republican; Cat Dad; Chi Psi Lodger; Burrito Hater.
LauraWelli Leeds originally Swansea A City of Culture? #LeedsCouncil This is really crap - not a lot else to say 🤬 @facesoffarsley I’m so sorry all your hard work and quest for more community spirit has been cleaned away 🤯 @LeedsCC_Help @LeedsCC_News Place Maker, Creative Thinker, Positive Disruptor & Doer. Co-Founder @dukestudioleeds @sheafst, Advocate for for Indie, creative, digital & tech in Leeds 💪🏼
Sondrasmiles42 United States He is a vile and dispicable piece of crap. Sounds like he wanted to or was having sex with his own daughter. Disgusting!!
Misskate3839 IL,CO,TX,NC,FL @TheDemocrats - enough is enough!!!! We Americans are sick of your crap! You pull all this rioting and looting every damn election year!!!! Grow a forking pair and be Adults for once! my heart is in Colorado but I am somewhere else
NAJAEWRLD # 小行星__ ☆ ! just woke up and im feeling like crap but renra is 🖖🏻👍🏻 #재민: ˊᗜˋ
grumpy2481 Missouri, USA Matt, where in Gods name do you come up with this crap? It’s untrue, it’s stupid and it’s so easily debunked. BLM was founded by black women to stop police violence on black lives. My question is why don’t you support it? #MattGaetzIsATool I have come to believe that fighting for my country is more important than ever. I am tired of people trying to divide this country. NO DMs #resistance #FBR
agabus98 South Carolina @Aggies4T Twitter is again taking followers away in overtime mode, the threat to them is balancing money lost and country turning bat crap liberal. I for almost a year have gotten 8-10 followers daily, BUT they have taken 15-20 daily. Stay strong!! Independent, teach and live Bible, Stupid blocked! No profanity! I post to think. and I follow real Patriots, vets, unless you brag on sin. #Jesus #CCOT #KAG 🇺🇸
LongTai45161322 @Unathi_Kwaza Why is he complaining? This is what the ANC-COSATU-SACP brought about. Totally dysfunctional medical system. He was such a big pusher of NHI. I dont give a crap about him and his type. Brain dead morons.
theresagiudice New York, USA @acnavb @hig68 @small1ldy1 Agreed! He is a turd and her job as a senator was to do her homework... she knew who he was but she confirmed him anyway and now she needs to pack up her crap and leave! #ByeByeSusan #VoteGOPOut #FlipTheSenateBlue Brooklyn Girl 11211 Proud to be a resister! Born and Bred Brooklyn ❤️#NYYankee #votebluetosaveAmeica NYer and Never Trumper!
Terrible_Dr The crazy thing is is that the people killed in the jeep were under age and they were simply trying to escape that forking crapty hell hole. And the two people who were shot in the jeep or black… Kind of goes against all the crap that we’ve been hearing about Chaz and chop The Original Dr. Terrible. I do satire & roasts. — Streamer, Video/Audio Editor & VO Work upon Request. — -- SW-4734-9911-5500
CobbCyndi North Myrtle Beach, SC You’re an idiot and I can’t believe you distilled the issue to this crap. This is a big deal and it’s time for him to resign or be impeached. @realDonaldTrump is no friend to America. Certified International Tour Manager leading worldwide tours; former Royal Caribbean Sales Director & Country Inn owner. I pray for an honest POTUS
signofleo @AlfoqahaT @BeardedGenius And there Tala, in the inane responses like ‘terrorist supporter’ is very reason why Twitter is crap. The people who take time out to type their pathetic opposition will sit on the same hands as Palestinians die. Utterly shameful. They just can’t say they hate Palestine. Very sad
kpearson1971 Earth Well said Sir... Why are a lot of people believing the victimhood crap. Its the most racist narrative at all...and not what the country is about... Bravo for calling it out! FB Patriots. Married. 🚫Confirmation Bias/🚫BS mask mentality Pro Military/Police/1A/2A/Q/ Views are mine. No DMs #KAG #DigitalSoldier #WWG1WGA
shaydoken United Kingdom @XboxP3 @aarongreenberg is this done on purpose? Region specific 🤔 Why do UK gamers get treated like crap? Entire Xbox server and update procedure needs a major rework. Azure? 🤣 3️⃣3️⃣ // 🕹️ PSN/Xbox = shaydoken // Achievements & Platinum 🏆 Hunter // Gamer Since SEGA Master System II
XSlanders @pinglinda0 @chris_beall55 @EricTrump It's disgusting no matter what side it's on. The sad thing is, the DNC moderates usually pull this crap to get the candidates they want. That usually splits the party up and we end up with a President like this.
Clarkeeeyy1 So after almost a month of fluctuating between being ok and feeling like crap... Today is the first day i feel ok and when my headache seems to have eased too... So ive a smile on my face...and put on a dress that matches my hair 🤣😁💚💙 You were born to do great things, so believe in yourself ❤️ 'Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself'...Coco Chanel ❣️
inglis_julie Forres Its not rocket science for testers to keep count of how many people they see and someone to collate all the totals is it? Funny how it became impossible when we found out they were counting 2 swabs on 1 person as 2 tests. They won't provide accurate data cos they know its crap! Love my son & my 3 dogs. Medically retired. Hate injustice of any kind. If you can’t say anything nice, scroll on! #lovenothate #BeKind #Liveandletlive
Godlesswh_re Arizona Exactly. He is pretending to be an ally. He's not. He is defending my stalkers and harassers. He doesn't know me and he talks crap about me to them. He insulted me in this post and said that it was messed up that I was defending myself. Dem. I believe in facts, gun-control, science, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, equality, education pro-choice, BLM, & healthcare for everyone. she/her
ThatUmbrella Under Da Sea Mags Vissagio targets Sean Gordon Murphy in another chapter of "Progressives WILL cancel you!" Funny thing - the accusations are about "being used," AKA "my career is crap and its HIS FAULT!" Honestly, this is so absurd its hard to believe its real HEY THERE.... Were this the apocalypse, I'd wanna be a horseman. War! T.U.G. of WAR! HEED THE CALL!
24RamblerX Bronx, NY A perfect tie lol. My answer is No. Every life event and lover has something to teach you. I wouldn't want to meet and dismiss someone cuz he isn't "the one". Or, put up with extra crap from some1 else cuz he is. I want to ride the wave of each day for a fulfilling experience. It's impossible said pride, it's risky said experience, it's pointless said reason, but give it a try, whispered the heart. #CodeIsLife #OUU
Catalina2746 The rate at which this country is absolutely descending into madness has picked up speed, and we have a clueless jitbag at the helm who RTs racist crap. Instead of hitting the brakes on this crap, trump hits the accelerator. It's no wonder racists are so forking emboldened!!!!🤬 All my friends call me Lovey. I don't give a crap what my foes call me! #BlackLivesMatter #ByeDon2020 #GoJoe
Binnyr77 Mumbai, India Pm Modi as it is poverty along with this current situation is a tension for us. And on top u come up with ur big talks is more frustrating. It’s a request- IF YOU CAN’T HELP ITS OK BUT KINDLY STOP FOOLING US, had enough of ur crap. #StopBhaashanTakeAction A strong believer in INC ideology. Into real estate and construction business and staying in Mumbai
gisdumb @fintechris @CooperDogDad @Fame21Moore @DiscoLazarus Holy crap a real reply on Twitter! While what you state is true, it relies on the belief silver will snap back. I see silver as an industrial metal and less a currency. This isn’t to say I don’t have stacks of it. I like Silver but I believe gold to be more liquid. I have both
AMS0035 @MZHemingway I can’t take this crap anymore. I really can’t. @DNC is a corrupt organization and needs to be exposed! They attack OUR PRESIDENT daily! THE 4TH IF JULY IS INDEPENDENCE DAY! The Democrats are ruining our country! We need to VOTE THEM OUT! #MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 WOMEN FOR TRUMP 2020! Protecting our 2A rights in Virginia! Die hard Pittsburgh Penguins Fan🐧 🥰 Sidney Crosby #87 🥰
AlienGamer79 Being ignorant of how often actual gun owners train and how many times per year lives are saved because of guns, doesn't help when you spew crap like this either. Requiring training and licensing is unconstitutional and frankly not needed. Playing whatever I feel like on my days off. Have a huge backlog to get through but will be streaming more often. PSN-Jeff257
StKaison Toronto, Ontario literally every season is online and you dont even have to look that hard, this #AirNinjago crap is stupid 🇨🇦🇯🇲, INFJ-T, 15, ♂️ animation (mostly CN), livetweet certain shows and occasionally dabble in live-action. Currently watching TTG, ROTTMNT, COTC, etc
DyingMich Ok u gotta watch’s funny...has nothing to do with BLM or any of the crap going on .....this girl is DUMB well and I bet my left arm, a Democrat and Biden Voter 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Conservative Woman in Liberal Michigan. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. If you are a Liberal, you are now a threat to my life. MARRIED 🚫DM
Max_reflect Planet Corona Why does this smell so much like yet another bogus claim and a distraction. Let me guess you are going to try to impeach @realDonaldTrump yet again in an attempt to grab a few more votes and distract voters before the election. Anyone that can't see through this crap is an idiot 🇬🇧🇺🇸 🇮🇪 🇿🇼 👊🏿🎅🏿 Anti Socialist/Marxist madness! ISLAM = ideology of violence! #MAGA #MBGA I will NOT take a knee! Parler see website link
CherHerman Seeing a lot of similar tweets, as COVID crap,so called ‘facts,’change day by day, as the economy starts growing again, it’s becoming obvious we are being played, controlled. Fear is now their weapon. We have every right to question these tests and who’s pulling our strings! Love my God, my family, and the USA! MAGA!
AsEasyAsRiding @CarolineRussell @Bobpark19443563 @CultOfCyclists @JamesGilesRBK @ContactKingston It definitely looks like a marked bay on the footway, so it is legal (albeit crap and obstructive!) Blogging mostly about transport cycling in London and the South East, and about how fantastic it is in the Netherlands. Chair of @GBCycleEmbassy
kpetrollini Toronto, Ontario I don’t know what’s worse: how tonedeaf bragging about this is during a pandemic and economic recession where millions of people are out of a job? Or the millions of their fans eating this crap up? 👩🏻‍💻: brands | culture | sports | politics & society always: 🤍 ✌🏻✨| 💼 @teamcanada, @scotiabankarena, @campooch | currently @deloittecanada 💚
djmer1 Melbourne, Victoria (Boon wurrung) I can't even fathom what we are facing and I don't think anyone can. Worst-case could be something like 50% unemployment I would think. Plus debt that.. will take over 20 years to repay. Inflation that.. is as bad as we've ever seen. Lots of crap that few alive now comprehend Born at 318ppm CO2, Climate, Science, Chemistry, Renewables, Energy, SDGs, Law, Governance, US and AU headlines, OpenData, Hugh Masakela, Vale Chris Polden
davidbrear Norwich "The worst is yet to come and girl wont that be crap" The not so famous Frank Sinatra verse... Always falling forwards. CEO at the award winning @11FS changing the fabric of financial services. Host of @FinTechInsiders & #FinOnAir, @NorwichCityFC Fan 💛💚