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Jonathan_S_Read A Thoroughly Abused Planet @smvijay_srk what are you talking's a boring biased, and limted interaction platform that lacks real spontaneity with no audit trial on conversations. Twitter is crap. TBH. as a software, it's like 2000 MUFC:Sanctuary🏟️ Life:Chillax🏝️ 🇮🇫🇧 🔁 #ThankTheLord4OleNotAngryFans #MUFCBackOnTopSoon👹🔙🔛🔝🔜🥳 #GetBehindOle🥊🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️🥇🏆🌈
saurabhraipure @sara_pirzadaa Ur presence on twitter is crap, spend some time with Ur tharki army generals and convince them not to do any misadventures during this hardest of the time for Ur economy. Don't just cry peace here on twitter. Singer , Lawn Tennis player .
DaveTho34460295 Twitter is crap and will not acknowledge why they have limited my account? Why???? Am I too outspoken for the leftie chumps? Lifelong Leeds United supporter. British born and bred and definitely not European! Supporter of our country's traditions and customs.
Ruxpin3995 #twitter is crap and run by idiots. Social Justice Warrior. Hater of all things Republican. Standing opposed to the the fascist fake president.
zeframmann (PS: in your browser, right-click on the pic and open in new tab, 'cause Twitter is crap and displays it at a resolution that ruins the grey tone patterns.) 😑 Part-time comic writer/artist. He/him/they/she/her-- honestly? Kinda not sure anymore. fork Gamergate and Comicsgate.
patrick35007014 Sydney, New South Wales Most of the content on Twitter is crap - if you let it enter you, you will drop your standards and soon be average like everyone else. You never ever “fit in” with mediocrity. Don’t worry about truth- no such thing exists - except in the moment. Our intelligence is more limited than we think it is.
epicciuto Holy crap, @Cigna. I've dealt with crappy insurance. This is the absolute worst. They have made an error that has been costing us more than $500 a month. And we just got a letter saying they will REFUSE TO CORRECT IT. AND WE CAN'T ASK AGAIN. Writer. Assoc. Ed. @arcdigi. Bylines: @thedailybeast, @latimes, @slate. Philosophy PhD. Rooted cosmopolitan. #3A!
gorskon United States This is the white nationalist scam. They'll provoke fights with antifa. If even just one antifa coumterprotestor takes the bait and throws a punch, they'll claim "self-defense" after beating the crap out of as many antifa as they can and then claim antifa is the violent group. Surgeon, scientist, skeptic promoting science and exposing quackery, and editor of Science-Based Medicine. My opinions do NOT represent those of my employers.
YRDeshmukh Always On The Move. Liberal principles like Voting against removal of 370? When are they going to realise that the policy of adhering to such crap is exactly what has taken the GOP to this royal tally in Parliament. I would be an alternative only if I survive. And survive by winning public trust... #BornBanarasi #ElectionNerd #BroadcastNeanderthal #SanghiNaxellite #DotingBabaOfPihuAndBabu.
cburnett1019 Melbourne Australia The immediate moment I log in to Twitter it’s all who’s slagging Kane, Sanchez is crap, don’t send me dick pics and women with cleavage shots! Jeez what happened to intelligent conversation??? Ex Brit now in Oz, mad Spurs fan!
RedRallye77 @UKVolkswagen my commute is generally a bit (lot) crap and as great a place to be as my golf is, I'd rather spend less time commuting! If could let me know when one of these will be available for the Golf Mk 7.5, I'd appreciate it 😂😂😂 I like old French cars. I should know better.
drjohnoregan London, Europe Delusional crap. Cross party support for Corbyn-led interim govt is not there. This is what comes of sitting on one’s hands and listening to likes of McCluskey. JC has had MANY months to position himself as dynamic opponent of #Brexit and did nothing. It’s a Brexit made in hell. Reader @IOE @UCL. All views my own. Critical Discourse Analyst tweeting mainly on #Brexit and other matters of interest. RTs not necessarily an endorsement.
bedhoppersUK In the South of England Oh crap. Mrs H has a day off and is manning the chats. Lookout world! It’s us, Mr and Mrs H. bed hoppers is our podcast about our adventures in the swinging lifestyle. Email us at
Danny_Cent Wherever the wind takes me Fingers crossed. This squad is bloated with crap players. Sanchez and Rojo our 🤞 Tis gold I tell you! #MUFC
HeartOfGlass_1 Me going downstairs and see's a few packages delivered😊😊 Me opening said packages ( adult items) ... What the crap... I'm scared.... Don't remember this looking like this.... Exactly what is this thing?.... Questioning my decisions..... #TWD #Resist #LoveNotHate #Resistance #NotMyPresident #TWDFamily #AnimalLover #HumanRights #WeDidntHaveIPads #LGBTQ #METOO #TrumpRussia #MyBodyMyChoice #FBR
robbieburr Nevada, USA Cory Booker's store was crap early on. The biggest problem was he had multiple variations of his color scheme on different stickers and you had to buy them all as a lot, same with buttons. That is fixed now, and he even has a sticker that seems to poke fun at that earlier mistake Cohost of @reenactedpod #RUMP #rumper #stackhead Independent Conservative. Never Trump
MusaNhlapo02 Vaal, South Africa Absolutely... this juggling of the captaincy is reserved for Siya, this has never happened before that a person not even in the leadership group is playing his supposed last match for the team and is given the captaincy, it's absolutely crap Beardified, sports fanatic, @KaizerChiefs & @ChelseaFC @VaalNWU Graduate, Cancerian, Gym enthusiast
Detracter Katoomba NSW mob 0437163788 He is XY and cannot go to an XX prison no matter what gender he calls himself. We need some basic science in all this transgender crap. The same applies to all female sports, only XX can compete in them. Medical Doctor writer, runner, liberal party voter, opinions part of my huge media responsibilities DMs open girls.
queenela11 In Your Heart @mhysaunburnt @Anar72063023 this girl is delusional, anyone with common sense saw the horrible inconsistencies and the stupidity of the writing, just cause you put effort in it doesn’t mean it’s good, i could spend months writing a crap song & in the end it’ll still be crap if i fill it w/ sexism & nonsense "The price of freedom is high, it always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay. And if I'm the only one, then so be it. But I'm willing to bet I'm not."
theblairward Turtle Island 🇨🇦 (LdnOnt) I felt it in my condo @ Colborne and King. Scared the crap outta me. I hope everyone is ok Agent of Change. Activist. Humanist. Vice President SEIU2 Branch Local 1. "Kindness Is Magic" 🙌
MLCzone Northern California, USA What Crap. Chris Hayes has given Sanders hours of airtime, and he's been on numerous shows, repeatedly. This is Sanders playing the victim card. Ed Schultz has been gone for years. When we use our votes, we use our voices. Never back down. Never cooperate with injustice. VOTE EVERY TIME.
elizabethdarbe Los Angeles, CA My brother is here in less than 24 hours to help me move on Friday and I have 5 EMPTY BOXES AND A CRAP TON OF CLOTHES TO PACK SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW AND IT IS MIDNIGHt woman of many titles: insurance pro for the coolest agent ❤️, group leader for the coolest church ⛪️ , horrible mother for the house plants 🌱
OneBigCommunity London Thanks @adilray and @SeanFletcherTV for being woke and not falling for this racist rubbish. Like increased stop & Search this is more HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT crap. Try getting @JermainJackman on to give perspective next stunt these electioneering Tories dump on us!!! #Chickencrap Set up 2013 by @solafoundation For youth led solutions. @YouthViolenceUK from the outset. Collective care & collaboration is the key to change #YVCFinalReport
MarusaLaura Washington, USA He is! He sold Kentucky to Russia, for God sake! All for 300 million 💰 They can blackmail Kentucky, us, and Moscow Mitch open doors so Russia can send 💰 to 8 other states....We need to NIP THIS CRAP In the bud! Moscow Mitch biggest National Security RISK! Hates Trump🍄+GOP Democratic. Fighting for democracy, equality,pro choice,RESISTENCE Sharing TRUTH/FACTS Followed by Pelosi, Kochabar, + the BEST Followers Ever
cdubb559 @MichNazz @stonecold2050 maybe maybe not. lotta dumb conspiracy theories out there....but I bet a few of them are true or close to it. when this much $ and politics are involved anything is's not like they are saying we live in a computer simulation or some CRAP! Everything is a work, choose whom you employ.
thedr627 ...there is no real reason why “for real”grown folks can’t STILL be hellified, on point, and badass...ain’t that right, Janet?..those who can, dance like their life depended on it..those who can’t, sit around talking crap and hatin’ on those of us who can...which one are you? GOD IS......praying peace into all lives....DO YOU!!
FilozofA "Framework" and "communities" are bullcrap terms that can only generate nonsense, but Western academia is full of such crap! Nolens volens.
LiaTaylor1985 Been in the university library all night and this is the crap they serve from the machine 🤢 Knitter, crocheter, beader, crafter and mammy.
ppounder Hucknall, Nottingham Just can’t get my head round the world today. Greta is trying to focus an issue we all know is real. Why do these adults feel threatened by her, then try and be funny (failing) to their uneducated followers? Why do I have to see their crap on my timeline? Absolute oxygen thief’s! Senior Web Developer married to Clair and children Livvy and Will. #dcfc STH #NERevs. Kilimanjaro 08/2015 London Marathon 04/2016
HiddlesFashion Washington, DC I was trying to finish my Betrayal review tonight but the hotel WiFi is crap and it’s 2:30am so... Lead Hiddlestonian. Tom Hiddleston's fashion, #TodayInHiddleHistory, charity raffles + more. Studying at the @hadleyinstitute 📖
AdamSchaffer15 Washington, DC Stupid crap like this is the reason why everyone hates 🚴‍♀️🚵‍♂️. There’s no reason for it. Put your foot on the ground and wait. #Jackass #QuietStorm #SafeStreets Documenting the abuses of the three-headed monster that is the lying bike lobby, the 👹 urbanists who profit from it, & the limp media that supports them both.
taylormorona NEVER again. I’m soo thankful that I’m in a HEALTHY, and loving relationship. God really blessed me with an angel.😭 No relationship is perfect of course, but I’d never put myself through that toxic crap, everrrrr. Also, that is NOT love. 𝑀𝑜𝓂 𝓉𝑜 𝒥𝒶𝓍𝑜𝓃 + 2 bonus babies. 🌹
LadySta48110705 United Kingdom I'm veggie so, sure. Most of the Quorn and seitan is nicer than meat these days considering all the crap put into actual meat. Writer, designer, spiritual skies, traveller, Fantasy, Freedom, Rainbow Warrior
ShermansMarch2 Lancaster, OH @jaynordlinger Why are Republicans doing it Jay? Is it just because they love Trump with all their heart and thus are willing to crap on their principles from a few years ago? Do they fear him? Did they ever actually have those principles? Neo-Confederates, their allies & apologists are traitors and should be dealt with accordingly. Let's finish the job William Tecumseh Sherman started.
SarahRHatch Melbourne 🇦🇺 (she / her) I’m currently reading THE SURPRISING POWER OF A GOOD DUMPLING and I’m loving it so much 🥰 This is definitely one of my favourite books of 2019 so far! 🙌🏼 Holy crap, it’s just INCREDIBLE 😭💖 If you haven’t picked up this gorgeous new #LoveOzYA novel yet, please do so! 📖 Blogger, writer, wanderer 📝 Queer 🏳️‍🌈 ENTJ Slytherin 💚 Co-creator of @TheYARoom_MELB and @TheYAPage • 📚
LordGuyis Platinum End Vol 6-9 People say this series is crap and I can't understand why that is. It's no masterpiece but it's still great. Exactly what I expect from this team doing a battle series. Feels natural given what they said in Bakuman. Plus, this is Obata's BEST art hands down. Aspiring Manga/Comic Artist | Manga Collector | Drawing Since September 2014
Absorbiren @PBandJaeJae @maximilian_ 7 hours!?! Holy crap, glad it's out. I hope the recovery will be full and swift. But still, 7 hours? You're quite a champ, because that's still a lot of time. I don't know how the US system is, but as a Swedish person, that sounds like a dangerous amount of wait. Student, Artist, Music lover, film enthusiast, gamer and goofball.
PoisonIvy7776 T 24 #AbbuKoWishNahiKaroge !! This is getting out of hand. Pakistani twitter and Indian twitter should not be allowed to interact 😂😂 also waiting for #PKMKB to surge by afternoon to cut the crap 😂 #IndependenceDayIndia #IndiaIndependenceDay #VandeMataram #JaiHind #15August2019 Not a bootlicker. Hate doing absurd tweets for increasing followers. genuine followers, original tweets, sarcastic sprit, loyal friend.
patrickmacinnes United Kingdom @Laura_Scott @GoZwift Driving to Amsterdam is piss-easy, actually quite enjoyable and it means you can take all sorts of crap with you Follow me, I know a short cut....
givememymeds_ my personal hell I literally sang AND RAPPED for 20 minutes of that full hour. My throat is literally killing me and we agreed to listen to another hour. We have no life. @FireBreathMan this is the crap that happens in your discord now. tomorrow's your lucky day
knifeshoeloves You’re one of the like 7 people that make me want to hold onto my twitter for just a bit longer💕 your posts bring… — holy crap???? okay first off i'm so so sorry i didn't see this until now and secondly this is probably one of the… he/him, sad gay flower boy | fs and marvel, also star wars, seventeen, tolkien, blackpink and spn | sebastian stan and jason brown are my ults
JewdyGold NYC Here are the facts - a guy with a gun shot 6 officers. There were 2 mass shootings less than 2 weeks ago. Common sense gun laws are created by politicians. Any shooting is a political issue. So take your assault weapons and your bullcrap politicize crap and shove it up your ass. Where the f*@k are my keys? Listen to my podcast, #KillMeNow!
GujjuVujju DM #AbbuKoWishNahiKaroge !! This is getting out of hand. Pakistani twitter and Indian twitter should not be allowed to interact 😂😂😂 also waiting for #PKMKB to surge by afternoon to cut the crap 😂 #IndependenceDayIndia Bharat Mata ki Jai Shri Ram
Wizardling Tauranga, New Zealand @AlanJones You're not very bright, are you mate? Getting conned by loony conspiracy crap that climate change is unaffected by humanity's massive changes to the Earth. Or do you know it's bullcrap and you just want the world to burn? Computer, book and videogame geek.
selectedhearing They take one look at you @JohnCornyn and they know crap is going to flow people watcher
KevinWilsonROC Rochester, NY Sometimes I wonder how we ended up with such a bizzare timeline in 2019, then I see crap like this and start to connect the dots. Amazing. Also, seeing tankies mad about this is very funny to me. Chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party. #roc #libertarian All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employers.
Caxe_Finley @cruiservonward @Sammieheals @DianeToucan Chart is garbage, not real and it's in percentages. Obama only did 149 total in his 8 years, so from the get go this is crap.
realfakepodcast New podcast is up! Go take a listen at #summerslam weekend review and #wwe #kingofthering preview! Talk crap about our bets and just joke around on this show! Don't let the name fool you. Offering our take on breaking NFL news as well as NFL fantasy information. Wrestling talk as well! Not fake but scripted
FalconTG Finland A good promoted tweet by an account that is undoubtedly fake and will probably fill with racist crap soon (She/Her) Emilia | Functionally gay | ❤️ Aikatsu | 'Aniblogger' | General sports enthusiast | Amateur photographer | Professional scientist | @falcontgpvt

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