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MokeAnother1 Shadow banding on Twitter is crap. Pork didn't pass. - Join the conversation on ⁦@clouthub⁩ The early bird may get the worm, but its the 2nd mouse that gets the cheese!! #TRUMP2020 #MAGA #KAG #QANON #WWG1WGA AND THE SHNUBB'D CRIED "FREEDOM!"
Sinakhokhonke1 I hate these ppl that be like Twitter is crap and all that crap.Yes Twitter will roast you if u wrong💁‍♀️and wats the problem with being roasted when u wrong🤦‍♀️sorry the truth hurts💔buh dont forget Twitter will still like and embrace all the good crap you tweet😎 keeping glowing u a star ♡
RichardMordew East Midlands, England Can't see in the photo that well, as Twitter is crap at 64MP photo, but fire service in en route to put it out, like they need to deal with people's negligence and selfish minds 😠 Professional Retail Supervisor/Manager & E-Magazine publisher.
ximenesuk Isolated @ultrazool It’s great! It just that Twitter is crap and I miss so much these days. Mostly running, rolling, sliding and sweeping! Though now pretty much just running.
IdahoGunner Idaho @parscale @realDonaldTrump You need another venue, Twitter is crap, lots of lies. Scare tactics and fear mongering, not cool dude! Stay in your lane as Camp Mgr. Do it! Pistol & Rifle Marksmanship & Fundamentals, Gun Safety Rules. Hunter's Safety; learn it, preach it and practice it! Encouraging and inspiring daily.
AdamParkhomenko McLean, VA Peter Navarro is lying and the supply issues are a disaster that are resulting in more deaths. Cut the crap. Democratic Strategist, Consultant, Political Adviser. Dad. Ukrainian-American. Whatever order, son Cameron's my life. Free Daily Newsletter:
MarkDice MAGA Country Your arrogance is extra hilarious since all the major shows are shooting from home now but they're so behind the times their videos look and sound like crap cuz they don't know what the heck they're doing! Media Analyst. Bestselling author of "The Liberal Media Industrial Complex." Check out my YouTube channel (link below) & I'll see ya there!
AnooBhu New Delhi, Bangalore All this crap talk on being vegetarian is just Indian casteism and Islamophobia, just go away don't tweet to me on this :-/ Health reporter, now covering COVDI19. @TheWire_In, @OutlookIndia, @BBCWorld, @NPR. @SOAS alum. Overheard: "Journalists are Essential Services."
goldstocktrades Florida, USA CNN once again with fake news! Bill ackman was shorting and using panic to cover his short and didn’t disclose! They should’ve had short ban to prevent this crap! Where is @stevenmnuchin1 SEC? Oh I forgot they only go after little guys and protect the too big to fail guys!! Tweet about #gold #silver #juniorminers #palladium #lithium #batterymetals #activist #investor I do have sponsors and conflicts of interest. Do your own DD!
nchar17 am a yokel not gonna note how uk parliament was still running til yesterday in london which is the centre of the virus outbreak in this country ?? and how that’s the more likely reason he’s got it ? tbh we all know boris was just being a twat in this pressers clearly making crap up 😂 ynwa ❤️
_Gaayathrii_ Lockdown It is an old article you dumb fork ! We are in a grave situation right here and you want to forking bring in your crap ! How dumb ! You are creating rumors moron! I Lockdown day 3
RaaghavRam Abbe aise kaun bolta hai? Correct thing to do is organize a mob and have them ransack the said media house. What is this crap? All Systems Go.
bgkgirls Spartanburg, SC @blondie36013566 @the_resistor @RepAdamSchiff @realDonaldTrump I agree 100%!! CNN is fake and so far left that they could report the truth if it knock the crap out of them!
BeereJerry London, England @tds153 @cabformrsmutton Well, the crisis has led me back to Twitter which is probably a negative. But we have sourced 48 rolls of toilet paper from an eco/charity company called What the Crap and we're discovering, as a family, the joys of True Detective so I think we're doing OK. Increasingly vegetarian sad witness to the death of test cricket
PotaraSaiyaness "What are you saying?! I am the superior fusion! You Universe 7 Saiyans are pathetic and full of it! I mean,what even is that Ultra Instinct crap?!" The strongest Saiyan in the Multiverse!
lesleyanngreen Cheshire. UK / Scouser Exactly 👍and after this #coronavirus hopefully people will realise what is important #health #family #nature not expensive crap 💩 Let’s share the good news ! Not the bad. #positive #Psychologist BSc Psych MSc Clinical Science Counsellor/Psychotherapist
JosieBMcGregor I discovered this amongst some random crap I found whilst having a sort out and it is MAGICAL. My hands have been so raw but this has has sorted them right out. Bookworm, baker, intersectional feminist, she/her. #Data 4 #Research Snr Portfolio Mgr. #SocialPolicy #Criminology student. ExPrison Officer. Opinion=own 🇪🇺💚
jinghani Middle Oregon If he is doing this then he's got blood on his hands, and anybody connected to his disgusting crap. He's literally murdering people, arrest him. He's sickening. 63 yr. young free spirit & dog slave ☮️🌊🌊💜
Repressed86 Pennsylvania, USA Great thread on the pile of crap congress is pushing, and how they're lying their bottom off about why there can't be a debate. Haha, made you look. Call me Blue.
nanotechexec Switzerland and Czech Republic see if you can view it Keith, Patty. This is what comes up due to some "privacy claim by a third party" and discloses that Maatje Benassi is USA Patient 0 on unleashing this COVID-19 crap at WUHAN. Managing Director, CEO
Tiger_an_Kitten Reality @ScottMorrisonMP @BorisJohnson Bugger off - you do not represent either of us. Boris is just as crap as Trump and you. Happy couple get their life groove on with 2 or 4 wheels. And doing brunch. Plus other stuff. Views are through our helmet visors
STPHYD Holy crap how is it legal to be this dumb and to be in a position to make big forking decisions Urban city native living in a small fantasy land they call NZ.
laintrepida Republic of Namjoon I don’t condone fanwar and junk but it is good to know our history. I hope baby army don’t fall for crap 💜 Stay informed 💜 [OT7] proud US ARMY 🥰 you and I will win in the end. naturally, just like that ~Joon 😎✨ {95%stan5%personal} @CarolasLibrary @CarolasGallery
Cynical_Crap आर्यव्रत- भारत- जम्बूद्वीप @nishat_kh @QuamrH @ndtv tell me a "single" good thing Darul Deoband has done in this state of Corona emergency and I WILL SHUT UP. Here is RSS working in Kashmir and other places. Cynical- Taunts with Bitter Truth- Nationalist- Staunch Hindu-Support Baluchistan Freedom Struggle-Fan of Israel
Real_DanMad Tulsa, Oklahoma @greta This is my dog. When I am home, he bugs the crap out of me. Been sitting with my mom in palliative care and I am kinda missing the pooch. Conservative. I post Parler from Laura Loomer. Democrats hate the President more than they love this country. Will follow you back. @DanMaddux on Parler
TownsvillePie Townsville Seriously??? I mean, really, seriously? This is totally irresponsible … and utter crap. Free as a bird, ready to deliver from on high.
ShaticX @Smug_Legend @Zlectricute This is sad because i once knew someone who draw furry porn and he didn't like using twitter because of stuff like this. He just wanted to draw and post his art on Twitter but because of this crap he barely use Twitter and eventually quit Twitter. 🔞Hi I'm an artist with the goal to make a website and draw lewd art.🔞
EHijacked Former Kipper @DouglasCarswell spouting crap as usual, this time on Roman hisory, while touting his crappy book. Fortunately, a real historian and classicist, the incomparable @wmarybeard, is on hand to help him get his facts straight. My contempt for this Tory coup is unfathomable. They may have taken Little Britain out of the EU, but they’ll never take the EU out of us! #VeroVero777 as was.
NC_994 Incredible replies, a man has a severe virus and all people want is either him dead or a political war. PEOPLES LIVES ARE AT RISK!! Save your crap of a debate for another time, this is serious!! 25. Rangers, I’m like the Specky version of marmite you love me or you hate me. Founder of the notorious Specky Bastard RSC 🇬🇧
HeidsWilds England, United Kingdom Is he still going on? This excerpt proves how much of a caring (bleep) he is, still trying to get the last word in, fluff his feathers and regurgitate utter crap. Why is @BBCPolitics even giving this man air time? What definite reason do they have for posting this? Politics Ponderer 🤔|| Proud member of the Conservative Party 💙|| Student 🏩 || Mental Health Advocate 🤸🏼‍♂️
comps66 @Alana_Urie_CX @BBCBreaking This just goes to show the hatd lefts real colours. @BorisJohnson has an almost impossible task. His fiance is in an at risk group and now must be sick with worry. And all you can do is tweet this vile crap. Do us all a favour and stay off twitter.
ParodySaiko Mushroom Kingdom Normally when I see fan art, it’s R34 or some fetish crap. But stuff like this is actually adorable, and I love it. (THIS IS A PARODY ACCOUNT, RUN BY @ToyFreddyFanYT, NOT SMG4.) Konichiwa! Saiko here! I use my phone to talk to people. (ONLY NSFW IN PRIVATE MESSAGES)
rustytappet Interesting how Chinese civilization have become the bottom most of humans by eating crap that is eaten by birds small inscects and by the Chinese?? #ChineseVirus19 #ChinaLiesPeopleDie #ChinaLiedPeopleDied #ChinaCoronaVirus #ChinaMustPay #chinaVirusMadeInChina loner, thinker, leh lover, biker
legaleagle48 Scottsdale, AZ, USA And THIS, Stupid "Woke" Voters, is why you blew it big time by not backing Pete because it was more important to you to own the rich and to put a woman in the White House than to have someone who could actually rise above this sort of crap to unite and heal our nation. Happy now? I'm a nice guy, a bit shy, but I love to tweet and connect with other nice guys, especially if they're around my age (59). :)
Thedaves2 United Kingdom @SportsTrader_AU How they can say that your a fraud is beyond me , @SportsTrader_AU started a webinar for £5 a month, and i have made just £45 in hr, IF YOUR GOING TO SHAME ANYONE, TRY THE OTHER CRAP GROUPS, THAT ARE AROUND Betfair trader
pecan_al @SteveGordo39 @Sassypaws @Acosta Are you just dumb is there rocks in your head, I told you to shut up and take your Trump crap somewhere else. Own a Pecan farm in Iowa !
pharmaalex94 Midlands By this logic, anyone who has voted Labour should never participate in Remembrance Day Memorials. Now is not the time for politics. If you have nothing productive to add, shut up. Insteaed of tweeting crap, go and sign up to be a volunteer. 25, NHS Pharmacist, Realist. Views are my own. GPhC, RPS, Dementia Friend, Antimicrobial Steward. Pompey Fan
ThrashMikki Lost in a laboratory! Last see I know, @Alyssa_Milano, but, sometimes the truth hurts. Like him or not, @POTUS is not wrong here. Remember the words of Rahm Emmanuel, (and Alinsky...and Stalin): "Never let a crisis go to waste." The Dems haven't. Just look at the crap they insisted upon in the stimulus... Lethargic Scientist, Disillusioned Educator, Failed Rock Star and Common Sense Conservationist.....among other things.
mozEIGHT Day 7 in the Big Mozzi House and Daddy Mozz is thinking he is the all conquering hero after he made enough money trading crap shares to pay for a 7 day free trial of Disney. Mini mozzis and missus mozz might not be so happy in 8 days when Pooh and Tigger get TERMINATED!! Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with a guitar, Peaches the Cat and 50,000 rolls of Andrex.
FiveShotEleven Maryland, USA And this is why I hate when men bother me cuz its exactly like this!!!!!! I don't have the time nor patience for this crap! ♓▫️Gypsy Soul▫️Rebel▫️ SC: Whiskeyy.Tales #BlackLivesMatter #FreeKeithDavisJr I speak on all topics so don't be offended, we're all adults.
paradooprime pigeon ponds Vic Australia Crap set of yards near our containment areas with my old prattely weigh crate which I bought in 1995 for $1050 from NZ. New floor and sides and 3 monitors and weigh bars later. Discipline and an old weigh crate is all you need to hit targets and be consistently on the money. passionate about improving all things in Ag. Respect those that walk the talk.
Still_Khaleesi Minding my business @_Ndelimona 🤣🤣🤣 If you have money to sue over some twitter banter, why not buy a ventilator and donate to the state hospital? Now is the time to really shine, not just writing crap here for some retweets. | Living my best life | 🇦🇴🇳🇦
drnikkistamp Australia Holy crap. In this climate, the fact that any front line staff - doctors, nurses, support staff, allied health and so on, being out of a job is horrific for them and for the community at large. Heart & lung transplant surgeon | Author | TV Presenter | PhD Candidate | Feminist #ILookLikeASurgeon
krisj12345 Because our current government is doing such a useless job. Brexit and now this Coronavirus situation. Need to look at yourself properly and support them other than dish out unwanted crap. Boris Johnson is acting with the Nations heart on his sleeve - support him or fork off. IMPS 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
Grouchy_Git @realDonaldTrump There is a fair media. Your issue is that you don’t like fair media, because it doesn’t lie about the complete crapshow that is you and the @gop. @foxnews however, will spew the batcrap crazy crap that you spout. Mind your own
kagemiimi she/her | ger/eng/viet ⚠️ bnha chapter 266 spoilers! . . . . . . . . . . . there was so much going on in this chapter i wasn't able to pay attention to hawks with a scar + without his jacket like holY crap HE LOOKS SO GOOD THANK U DABI and is it just me or does it look like he only has one wing left- kageyama & hawks are best boysヾ(・ω・o) i want hawks to step on me not dabi to step on him | mainly haikyuu & bnha 🏐👊🏼 not spoiler free! (bnha)
lucifer1970 Karachi, Pakistan My dearest we all know the actual and factual position and we also know that we have arrived at that point where we are upto our necks in crap. All we can do now is wait like Italy and dig deep deep holes while we can. Hussaini | Pakistani | Social Media & Political Activist | Educationalist | Never succumbed to pressure | RTs are not endorsement just reference
Samir__Ag India @rknshah @harshmadhusudan Absolutely crap..first on telecom and now with SC judge sudn’t be allowed to wreck everything ..he is absolutely clueless Economy , politics and sports
billrice999 And obviously can't afford clothes. Spoiled rich kid with no talent. When your dad is part of the Cabal, you can get away with crap like this. #QAnon #Illuminati #MAGA #1A #2a Software Engineer, Singer, Sailor, Veteran, American Citizen
simonharries3 Ely, England Calling it an admin error is pitiful: the offer was public and on the table. To say they didn't get the email is to treat us all like idiots. This is the problem the Tories will have. They were a little less crap than we expected them to be and they get a bounce from that 3/ African by birth, internationalist by nature. Lover of diversity in nature and culture.

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