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emmakjolly Adelaide, South Australia The algorithm for promoted posts on twitter is crap. I constantly get "lose belly fat!" ads. I'm 21 weeks pregnant. My belly is supposed to be fat. Other sites shows me strollers and maternity clothes (what I've actually been searching) so good to know they've worked it out. 🤦‍♀️
Late_Gatsby Right behind you! @katiesaysNOPE @PoliticusSarah Ugh. Twitter is CRAP. Someone replied to me, and I can't read what they said. Is it some crap young people slang I muted? Did they block me immediately after posting some angry retort? Or are people at the office just bungling their job again? A convention road warrior, poisoned by nostalgia. I hang with @pretear. Pic by @chibijenhen_art
UnderdogNobody East Coast A new piece. They aren’t all TOTALLY cries for help LOLOLOL. Mixed media, painting and photo collage. See more on IG because Twitter is crap for art. -Sad jobless urchin -illustration, design, video editing -I stream retro games because. -actual lesbian 🏳️‍🌈👀
Herewar66545077 @LozzaFox @JuliaHB1 @YouTube Very good, civil, thoughtful and even kind things said by you both here. Maybe this type of discussion should be turned into a series? It's obviously a lot more sustained in thought than tweets which are ultimately fairly inimical to serious dialogue because Twitter is crap...
Occam97576922 @Sticky_Llama Twitter is crap for discussion .. but here goes: "Capitalism" is a law of nature, it's gravity. Any time 1st grade kids trade items at lunch and each feels improved by the trade, this is the lowest, and most inevitable, form of capitalism. Racist against strawmen. Conservative libertarian. Student of philosophy, psychology & reader of primary sources. Mi españolcito no es bueno pero es suficiente
Zalman888 Lower Makefield, Pa. @SFLLCoach @cawolfgang @Muzixndmd @T2___________ @B4Pitch @YankeeReport28 @Kristen_MarieNY @Russian64584841 @Mountaingal456 @kikicrowley @iHeartTheNYYs @Cwilz99 @YankeeSopranooo @yankees_chat @NYYF0REVER @MarciaNicklas @LisaCha23011932 @TalkSportsNick @pjyankeeedved @alexabrown007 @alliec45 @ChrisBiv @brettborzelli @WilliamMarquar8 @TSebasRocks @Toga_Skibum @PitoWil @BaseballMark15 @tdiso01 @42HOF652SV @sandymanuelbue1 @Salvester14 @YankeesOhio @Its_Double_AA @Tauchman1 @YanksEnthusiast @pinstripepod @JonnyWuTang @Jami_1101 @yankees_nut @Joangyankee @JulianGuilarte1 @jtramazzo @JennyS7979 @DominicKNYSS @NYOH587 @NYY9927NYJ1433 @yankeesgirl99 @jimmysherlocl @Jimmy27BronxNY Get me two sources such was real - it's crap - and will believe it. That's what I need on every story. Twitter is crap. Staff Writer at New Jersey Jewish News @NJJN; Correspondent at @MLB. All opinions are my own.
CesarGnzalez1st Texas, USA @ShootyMcBeard You account will be cancelled. They did that to mine. Screenshot those you follow and that you want to reach in the future, with a new account. Sorry but, twitter is crap. You can't win against them. #MAGA2020 100% American. (Mess with America and someone else will raise your children)
ThePlumLineGS Now that the Senate GOP has voted for a coverup, reupping this. At some point, vulnerable GOP Senators will have to sell this crap sandwich to voters. And actually arging once and for all that Trump is innocent -- and that the charges didn't merit a real trial -- will be hard: A blog about politics, politics, and politics
jonleeanderson All in the past week in ##Brazil: Bolsonaro's then "culture minister" lovingly paraphrased #Goebbels; Bolsonaro lambasted Brazil's Oscar-nominated film "#EdgeofDemocracy" as "crap," and he is now trying to get @ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald thrown in prison. I'm a staff writer at The New Yorker.
JesseKellyDC Houston, TX Of all the industries infected with SJW crap, music is the one that disappoints me most. They’ve always been weirdos, but it’s the musicians who were always unafraid to buck the tide and be counter-culture. Today they’re all lemmings reciting the party line. Host of ‘I’m Right’ on Pluto TV, channel 248. Host of The Jesse Kelly Show on 950 KPRC in Houston. Senior Contributor to @FDRLST. Community college credits.
breezy__jnr This series is borderline crap and you can’t tell me anything else Born at a very young age. Here to avoid friends from facebook.
BP_speak Right from bhai to the vile content and negativity.... this is some serious crap. I’m shocked that people watch this. India First. Politically incorrect. Diplomatically absent.
TheMichaelAmell NCR, Philippines and Toronto The only I enjoyed was Rey vs. Andrade match, the opening segment, and Drew promo.. Lesnar segment with Ricochet promo is mostly a letdown. Lastly, also another SNL skits with Street Profits was complete waste of time and I was having meltdown every time I seen this crap. #RAW Huge WWE and AEW fan, anime fan, NFL fan, Huge LeBron Fan, NBA fan and WWE PPV location includes WWE Big 4 event analyst and anti-fake wrestling sources hater.
AStrongerOZ Perth, Western Australia What repulsive arrogant & disgusting crap from @monaeltahawy that she outright accuses someone like Panahi for being "bootlickers of white supremacy" because she dared to disagree with her militant (and insane) hardleft views. This is repulsively revolting to read. #auspo. Young Conservative| Monarchist| Writer| Opera, History & Temple enthusiast| Thatcherite| WCE Fan| Dog lover| @LiberalAus Supporter| Proud @TheIPA Member.
marrjaosaare Shehnaaz has been targetted, character assassinated, provoked, instigated and what not in the show. But she has stood her ground frm the start She is entertaining the audience despite all the hardships thrown at her @BiggBoss pls put a end to all this crap #StayStrongShehnaaz I'M A FLIPPER..I FLIPPED. #ShehnaazGill FTW PS: NO MORE #SidNaaz🔪
ChrisConnor93 No because Masuaku is a crap left back and should be pushed forward. So keep him make him a winger and then get danny rose which won't because its spurs
Theangelesbri ENFJ⚜️Surviving Twin⚜️Gemini #earthquake #laearthquake #ImAwake all native Californians are the hippo in this gif and everyone else is all the monkeys with their earthquake crap Warning: This is an online JOURNAL so if you don't occasionally want to hear about my problems, don't follow. Also, I don't follow back. I talk about periods
rickynixontoot Australia Which is total and utter crap just to make headlines as usual just as they did to Bomber Thompson Founder of Kicking for Cancer + Vital Health Checks early detection & prevention we come to your worksite
dc4halonz_ Waianae But all in all, whoever’s reading this useless twitter crap post. Is that never ever take a minute of your time for granted, because the moment you do, is the moment you’ll look back and say “should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve”. The 3 most common words of regret. pain 1993🎭
Leo_JamesLeves New Brunswick, Canada Effective teaching cannot be delivered by a machine even if certain politicians would like you to believe that it is possible. Don’t believe all the crap. Decisions need to be based on research not on anecdotes and mega trends. We know better, let’s do better. Assistant Professor, St. Thomas University, FSL Methodology Specialist and Coordinator of Field Placements - School of Education - views are my own
GeorgeB26790452 WTF is this crap ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Sweden is rapidly descending in to a third world crap hole and this lot come up with this while their country is being raped and pillaged 😳😳 Bi Polar, I identify as half Penguin/half Polar Bear ...#MGBGA ,Democracy ,#BREXIT ,Hate the EU,Islam,Snowflakes,forkwits,PC Crap, British Judiciary sucks !! ..
poornhonest We fools are absolutely disgusted by the utter drivel you regurgitate Miranda in that disgraceful rag owned by the world's public enemy number one. The world is in the dire straights it is due to him and his kind. I don't know how YOU, aiding & abetting his crap, sleep at night! We got it all wrong but it needn't be too late. Injustice & a world driven by possessions, consumption and greed is unsustainable. Acknowledge Guringai land/ppl
kathy_levy Palm Desert, CA CJ Roberts sat like a disinterested spectator while in front of him the crap spewing WH legal team spit all over the Constitution and the rule of law. Such a shame that a CJ of the Supreme Court is also a Trump patsy. retired Rn
NEdwards1592 Bristol, England I don’t understand this “interested” or “willing” crap that is coming from sources at Old Trafford. If you are interested or willing get it done? Bid for them? It’s like their are just trying to show willingness and activity to appease fans. #mufc #BrunoFernandes #sackedwoodward Sports, Politics & Funny Stuff. Always trying to spread positivity but will criticise where it’s due.
iAlen global This THREAD on How Private Hospitals are treating Kenyans like commodity instead of Patients is true but very miserable. The Mafia has us and #WajingaNyinyi are doing nothing to stop this! Let's refuse this crap! Pesa ni yako, so take it where you are valued! Thank you @Owaahh Think It, Become It | #ManchesterUnited | pro William Ruto
hzrhhmd i went out yesterday to sogo, and went to popular. then i saw x1 album, crap hahahaha it is rm116.90?????? i bought it at only rm60 zzz i came for x1, and i will not leave
PaulDelve London, England Odd socks. Is this a thing? I wear them all the time because I'm crap at laundry and it annoys my friends Pro Artist, photographer, Photoshop geek and writer living in London. How does he find the time? Tall order but I do my best. #WritingCommunity #LGBTQ #pride
davidmcguire84 Kirkintilloch, Scotland Holy crap , the reason any Scottish kid started watching F1 in the 90’s just like my tweet aaaaaaahhhhh buzzing , today is a good day and it’s only 8:24 ! Thank you @therealdcf1 F1/McLaren fan, Glasgow Rangers supporter and proud Scotsman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
GrantTDM Bellevue, WA Roberts is getting crap for this, but he has been consistent with this message from day 1 on the SCOTUS. Be civil and take your role seriously. Advice probably 98% of Congress needs to hear. Immigration and Human Rights Attorney, aspiring writer, sports fan, and dreamer. Marist H.S. '01; Seattle U. School of Law '09
earthma23 Whadjuk region, WA @KateEmerson88 @Hattusilis_III @Karlcastan @Frank61pc @OnceWasBlocked @DubLeffler @Josieamycashman Just to clarify, are you saying, for example, that if I were to claim that grass is green because someone paints it every day, (I studied Horticulture so I know stuff), and I posts *akshual* proof, as I have below, that I might still be talking crap Kate? Well I never! 💧🌱Westcoast Twitterati. for dragons 🐲 #FrackfreeKimberley Conservation. Ethical & Transparent Govt. #FrackfreeWA #KNAG🌻 Stop DV ~ #EndVAWG 🧡 Bad Grandma 😎
BarbaraNadel 'Submitting' to her husband?? Jesus! So we're just expected to get back to the sink and know our 'place'? What is this crap? Never. You hear me? Never. Crime novelist, author of Cetin Ikmen Turkish books and Hakim and Arnold London based series. Londoner, cat lover, ruin fancier, have metal plates in my leg
CLPSarasija1 SRVigneshNaamikShravanSaravanan @namik_paul To Bloody Ankita Dutta Dubey, You, Your Husband Gaurav Bloody rogue sitting in Google doing all bloody crap with Prashanti Bloody Fraudster Fakster sitting in Google and doing all crap is not acceptable. Do not misuse/manipulate/misinterpret wrongly or take any of this information without permission. It is for wellbeing of People and GoodEnvironment/Good Nature.
shamsi90 South Africa Wow there is someone here on Twitter that is absolutely grating me and a few other guys for sooooo long now.... save your data and your reputation, STOP TWEETING your crap everywhere lol #DudeStop #DontTrySoHard #YouAreOverDoingIt #ThisIsTiring #YouAreMakingAFoolOfYourself 🙄 Living my childhood dream🏏 DONT LET THE FEAR OF LOSING B GREATER THAN THE EXCITEMENT OF WINNING 👊 Managed by @Insignia_Sports
Diana_is_Short @RicepirateMick HOLY CRAP CONGRATS ON VOICING ABBA ON JJBA. JUST HEARD IT AND *chefs kiss* To whoever is still following this twitter, I’m just using it to crap on Onision. So might as well unfollow.
BPobjoy California, USA I’m in Granada Hills and I felt it but it wasn’t too strong if this is the epicenter? Just hope that was it. Not ready for more of this crap after the damn fires!
sensationalblue 말레이시아 Holy crap i saw this on my tl and thought this is a recent news lmao i miss you guys so much danharu! @SF9official #에스에프나인 "it's not the end, it's a new beginning" (Jung Yonghwa, 2019)
machonejack louisville ky It’s a joke it tells Americans that our gov really is crooked and corrupt & nobody gives a crap about following the court of law 👍 the FBI is joke free & fare elections are gone why vote so are we now lawless grab your guns & pray no one comes to take your crap Aircraft Maintenance Controller, a Teamster, & US Navy Vet. Love Mustangs & garage time repairs/welding, basically an ole greasy jet mechanic missing the 80's.
unknownmurrigal Australia Is this the kind of crap that is produced by a supposedly qualified and well paid journalist? I wonder if she ever relied on any time financial assistance in her life ..prob not..dont worry you wont lose your white privilege and supremacy any time soon
davidjo99414991 The New Arab of course has to go with this line- which is crap. Under Sisi tourism has returned to Egypt and economy much stronger than when under Muslim brotherhood president. A fool would deny this!
tanyaradzwa__ Durban,KZN,South Africa this is passive aggressive crap. The joke is that most SA women (victims of this country) can’t leave this hell hole and SA men (terrorists of note) are standing on the other side laughing Enemy of group think and the Thought Police. PR & Comms. Free markets. Barca Fanatic!
DalbidEU Lancashire and Europe Your deceit has won you YOUR minority Brexit. You can cut the crap about ‘taking back control’ and a ‘golden future’. As can your MSM. Get on with it! The harder the better! The sooner the UK is battered, and it will be, the sooner we can #Rejoin and we will. Passion: International Bid + Communications Strategy & Writing - Likes: Sport (Man U, Cork GAA, Lancs CCC), Reading (Paulo Coelho) Music (Runrig)
princeadem5 دماغي Actually am not into the crap stuff like miss using pics and so But this one is very very humiliating and now i know why he left 🤔🤔🤔 انا مش داخل اشقط و لا اتشقط انا داخل اهيس "الجنة مبتتزحمش و النار مبتتمليش فمتشغلوش بالكم مين رايح فين !" ايوة ده الحساب التاني و انا مراته الجديدة 😂
smhamo Melbourne This is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Don’t send robodebt after me coz I’ll just ignore it and refuse to pay Send me to jail fork you morrison Construction worker working his guts out
IndigoRave Tdot 😡 who gives a crap about the scope of the agreement - a crime is a crime and there needs to be justice!! Cree Métis Healer~Counsellor~Inner Child Specialist~Published Poet~Big Drum Keeper~Writer~Intergen Indian Rez School/Human Traffick./Torture Survivor #MMIWG2ST♥
aubiedb Birmingham, AL If you retweet this ignorant crap into my timeline, I’m blocking you. Opinions are one thing but to have zero understanding of how the law works and tweeting this garbage is another. #wde
AsadaGawd Hawthorne, CA/Philly, PA Police: “Do NOT attack this guy! Here is his picture crap sheet, and general location. Once again, do NOT get THIS guy” Married to the game at the alter wasted. Depressed @Dodgers fan. Optimistic @Eagles fan.
Hercule47309833 London, England @datarade I'm afraid I'm crap at maths and science, is this good or bad ?
IAMBOOFINCH @bogusbutradical @Mrtimrock @realDonaldTrump @Davos ? Nope. Michelle is clearly a woman. Unlike that he-beast with a chiseled jaw and 5 o clock shadow, Man-Lania. He must used a crap ton of tape when tucking that package. Bet donalds the bottom. Republicans: Liberals are snowflakes. Also Republicans: can’t handle your insults. block. One snowflake may not be a problem. Storm of snowflakes - an avalanche
TheLazarusman2 DFW, Tx Someone wake me when this impeachment crap 💩 is over with. It’s taken over my tv 📺 and my Twitter! 3rd gen Czech, 4th gen ScottsIrish/Welsh. AA in Aviation Mgmt, BA in Christian Ministries/Pastoral Studies. Add’l Counseling studies. 31yr aviation career
blueluv4697 New York The Fairway in Red Hook is closing and I don't give a crap because my first real job was working at Fairway and they treat their workers like crap and they don't care about them. They also put out old food. Good riddance.

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