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gdainsurance Phoenix, AZ @realDonaldTrump Twitter is crap and Frodo knows it.
Bayrob5 Miami, OK @bcox64 @realDonaldTrump No, I didn’t open this account just for but you answered to one of my tweets. Sure, 90% (or more) on Twitter is crap. To separate all this anger and put in a mental litterbug is mostly too strenuous. Identify clear mind is difficult. Are you? In the middle of life
Rockdrummer56 This assertion by Twitter is crap!!! There is more than ample evidence of widespread voter fraud across the country!!! Stop your childish propaganda and tell the truth!!!
AntonioSabatoJr These people are so disgusting and not to mention the disrespect toward my family and every single Jewish human being living on this planet. Please don’t fall for this crap is a communist socialist way to brainwash you don’t let it happen!!!! 🤙
adamhousley Everywhere So being a journalist and NOT taking a side and saying that either way this needs to be conspiracy? You are completely what’s wrong with the country right now and then to speculate with crap and bring my wife info should be ashamed. Emmy winning former Senior news Correspondent & former professional Baseball Player. Husband,Father, Food,Wine,Friends,Family. 50 countries 44 states
Meghan_Trainor Los Angeles, CA #WhiteChristmas with @SethMacFarlane is NUMBER ONE on the Holiday chart!!! You guys are the BEST! Thank you to my radio family who always show love! Y’all played the crap out of this record AND ITS ONLY NOV 😭🎄💝 ‘A Very Trainor Christmas’ out now!
BrettParker4KS Overland Park, KS @MattCalcara This is gross. The privacy and sexual orientation of another human are more important than your quest for Twitter attention. Delete this crap. Representative for KS House 29, Agenda Chair for the House Democrats, Ranking D on Elections. He/his. Paid for by Parker for Kansas. Sandy Geduldig, Treasurer
AcutePlastic UK @LizInACan You already make a difference, I really hope you're feeling better soon, feeling crap makes everything worse than it is. Have yourself some hugs and look after yourself D:BH gubbins and retweets | hankcon thirst on main but open to suggestions | 🔞 40 | she/her | BLM header by @VrtuelleReality pfp by @larscrappost
spencerwrighter @twistedcomputer @K_JeanPierre @DCwatch16 You’ve been pushing voter fraud and some software crap with anecdotal evidence and random tweets. Proof (without crazy levels of exaggeration), isn’t in your Twitter vocab. GA on Trump’s insistence is about to waste 5-6 rounds of Trump golf and tax-payer money on another recount. Proud American, small business owner, political centrist leaning to the left. We are all Americans so stop your divisiveness.
ennuiance Currently watching Home Alone 3 and holy crap is that Scarlett Johansson as not-Kevin's sister? Whoa it IS! Freelance manga letterer, amateur speedrunner, skateboarding game enthusiast. Wannabe lots of other things. Tomboys are best girls. I RT a lot of NSFW.
1GreatHUMAN1 المملكة العربية السعودية Calm down! 11 times in 1 day? Holy crap. @1GreatHUMAN1 is on a roll and he's not stopping. @INaNa60 Is our criminal..... Again..... Shame on you, to twitter jail you go! -@no_self_likes ‏‏‏‏‎‎اذا انت كيبوبي او نسوية توكل انسان ينزل في اليوتيوب
Bkitch1Bodie Central Indiana I have extra bedrooms if you folks need to get out of the crap hole. All you have to do is become boilermaker fans and denounce being gopher fans. @bjedwards3 @Citrowske_L @JeffBullerman Christian, Husband and Father. National Director of Agronomy @BiodyneMidwest owner of @next_ag
jandracs Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana If you weren't in love with her before this moment, after that breathtakingly, stunning, heart breaking monologue you definitely are, and all you want to do is protect her. (and beat the crap out of her brother) Messy but kind,lonely most of the time. Be true to yourself and follow your ❤️ I protect the things I love.#Switch #LolaIndigo 🔮#Warrier⚔️ #EARPER🥔#Rechista🌞
smith_jonesNY North Yorkshire @TrevorCoultMC @pritipatel Just so we're clear (because my boss is a woman and about 5"3 inches tall)... You're stating that, were she to abuse her authority and start bullying me, I should beat the crap out of her? I just want to be *absolutely* clear that this is your advice. Seriously... what the fork is going on? 🇪🇺 #FBPE #3.5%
Slypheria East Texas, USA If Trump is involved surely the organs are gotten illegally or some other crazy crap. Trump literally Hitler Nazi and all how could he do something like save lives🙄 This is what I dont get. He does great things for the US but the Media and Dems are like "HE"S EVIL!!!!!!!!!!" Race: Mixed Sex:♀️ Gender: Male Pronouns: She/Her Religion: Yes Orientation: ⚣
JohnMorocco2 @sanaonline__ @realDonaldTrump Time for Trump to stop talking and start walking. Start working on his Concession speech and packing because he is leaving. Oh and just because you felt the need to try and delegitimize President Obama with your Birther crap. I thought I would include his question.
effinghadit New York @kellygray192 @GregBak25494372 @hvmiller1964 @AnneRiceAuthor You guys are always on the HUNT FOR "FAKE" NEWS FRAUD DECEPTION and ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE US TURN AWAY FROM THE TRUMP WRECK that is all of the above. Cut the crap. Don't talk Hunter you sound like a cuckoo 👇🏿you must be one of those women or one who wants to be🙄 what is happening🤨
1GreatHUMAN1 المملكة العربية السعودية Calm down! 10 times in 1 day? Holy crap. @1GreatHUMAN1 is on a roll and he's not stopping. @INaNa60 Is our criminal..... Again..... Shame on you, to twitter jail you go! -@no_self_likes ‏‏‏‏‎‎اذا انت كيبوبي او نسوية توكل انسان ينزل في اليوتيوب
rettali8 omaha Trump absolutely SMOKED Biden by <30 million votes, this is exactly what they did. They had to stop counting at their oh crap moment and have millions of ballots single marked for Biden delivered. Then the banning of poll watchers happened. It's not hard. Well, it is for some. US Marine
causalitybrunch Toronto, ON “creating sloppy conditions” The dog here somehow always knows when the weather outside is crap. It’s 10am and she’s still in bed. #dlws #dogs #gsmd GenX urbanite who, sadly, doesn't have a cat. No personal/family tweets. (Except my dog & my house that's falling apart.) PSA: compulsive re-Tweeter
Manus_169 cringeville "so, you're telling me you think feel good Inc - gorillaz is overrated and crap, and that low roar and mc virgins makes banger tracks?" "yes, and I'm tired of pretending otherwise" im trying to make crapty reviews for the internet
YouRAMoron3 Taking dump on Q’s head @NavyLB1 @Johnheretohelp No it is not. You know how many scientists have moved here? Yes. Some of the same scientists who are working on COVID-19 vaccines. Scientists who work for military. Scientists who work for NIH/NCI. We voted for Jan Gardener. We voted for truth and science instead of the crap. The sole purpose of this account is to point out how stupid you are. To everyone. If u support the traitor and con artist president, you are a moron & complicit
tim_jud The way to live a normal life is to stop the crap mass testing and get SAGE to say it's over, after all where is the data that tells us we are in an epidemic? This is nothing to do with a virus.
dolphan1317 Vancouver, Washington @SerialSync @Dani_Guffey @Giovanni131255 @lummyday The guy who claimed the so called "Code" calls for horizontally mounted plugs is just talking out his ass. It always makes me laugh when people act like they know what they're talking about and then go radio silent when they're called on their crap. I'm just a normal guy that speaks his mind
ADudones NE Ohio, but everywhere really A pardon for what? This is the kind of crap that those who would fail an entry-level civics course latch onto and internalize. Notice how the left is all about exacting punishment for those who do not agree with them. Is that part of our norms? MBA | Football, Hockey, Golf, Undercover Baseball Arbiter, Self-Proclaimed Renaissance Man. | GM @DBatNorth | Always be outcome independent
SilversStar17 This Beautiful World 🌎 My friend: ..and it’s unfair what the govt is doing..and the science is all BS and inaccurate..and our freedoms have been trampled on.. Me: You’re completely right. Hey, have you heard of QAno... My friend: Yeah that’s all crap started by some guy in my NY office. Me: Let’s try this again, shall we Jack 🇺🇸 WWG🔔WGA 🇺🇸 PatriQt 🇺🇸 Trump2020 🇺🇸 This IS The Great Awakening. Be Prepared 🇺🇸#DonaldTrumpHasChangedWashington
Discordia48 @JohnCornyn What if she wasn't? In other words senator Harris's position is irrelevant in the active sedition taking place in the Republikkkan party, which you are a part of. Now get off your bottom and go to work for Texans instead of the Republikkkan party you miserable sack of crap. #Resist New account because MAGAts can't handle the truth. Never will stop getting into good trouble.
housecatmol1 Not #Cat related but had to share this .My Hoomam opened this tub of choccies they got from Grandparents and was greated to whatever crap is in here, dirty paper opened wrappers🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
TheVirgilEffect Why do Chelsea fans turn into vloggers, on Twitter of all places, when one of their players is crap and someone calls them out for it? Strange behaviour. @LFC • Champions of England • Champions of the World • Allez Les Rouges •🏆🔴
SuzanneBradish Galway, Ireland It's pretty hilarious in fairness. Would personally love one or similar for getting out of the sea in cold, misty Galway rainy days. If it helps people get out and about when the weather is crap, I'm all for it. Would be far better if they weren't so expensive though. It's mostly cats these days if I'm completely honest. Celebrant of the ridiculous.
UKmmfiji DMV 👀⬇️ This a great thread. It explains how things could've been handled. And don't give me that my rights crap and privacy. You have credit cards, social media, technology... Your privacy is long gone. Representing Kentucky the best I can, die hard UK fan, SF Giants, & lover of teaching group ex! Working in rural but views here do not represent anyone but me!
clairesharp0921 This! 👌🏻 The adult bit is exactly what last year was for me! And reason why as crap as 2020 is, For me nothing will ever be worse than what I went through in 2019! ✌🏻 Periodically, Im in my element. Executive Director at Nooky Ltd.
NickB09121299 Vero Beach, FL Kelly Loeffler is a phony piece of crap. Not qualified, incompetent, and a greedy SOB. She is a lying corrupt who bought her way in, and continues to care only about herself. VOTE KELLY LOEFFLER OUT NOW! Retired twice 25+ years CBS News 1963 to 1988. Director of Planning & Devlp, Torwest 1991 to 2012. Likes: Traveling Swimming, Golf, Veteran: US Army '66-'68
norm_tyler Saw @JohnCleese trending..."Oh crap! Dead?" Nope - He just said threatening murder for disagreeing was wrong (apparently that's crazytalk). So I followed him. Just one guy - from England. My feed is now all "Brexit", "Tories" and "Labour". #AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent Dad, husband, smartass
spideyarvinr she/ her ✡︎ Holy crap I log off for a few hours and I come back to see that this have over 4k views?!?! What is happening here?? A Noise is just a man unfiltered, and a man unfiltered, is just chaos walking
southsi41770496 What a load of unadulterated crap. I don’t see a connection between Floyd and the Holocaust.This is exactly why the youth of today have NO clue. Whilst its a disgrace that Floyd was murdered by idiot so called cops there is NO comparison and it’s nothing to do with the Holocaust Judean to the core!
no_self_likes Calm down! 9 times in 1 day? Holy crap. @1GreatHUMAN1 is on a roll and he's not stopping. @INaNa60 Is our criminal..... Again..... Shame on you, to twitter jail you go! make sure you @ me when you see someone who likes their own tweets or comments so I can arrest them.
gigtripper86 North West, UK Seb is me most Monday to Friday's when my alarm goes off at 5am or pretty much everyone having to put up with the chaos and crap of this year. 34 year old journalist, content writer for @PopWrapped and @GodIsInTheTV. For media related/coverage queries, email
losingmyFOM South East, England If we are in full brexit from jan we should be able to chose a new gov. Johnson is bringing the army out and controlling people with freedon passes ready for the crap that is going to hit the fan in january. He is a dictator who needs to go. Torys are enemies of state and people. 🔶️🚑 SAVE OUR NHS🔶️. Opinions my own. Johnson has no where else left to hide and no one else left to blame.
omid chauffeuring around @thegunner Here is the problem, there are zero consequences for someone just fabricating nonsense, lying through their teeth, and presenting zero evidence for their claims. If her ability to practice law, or some personal financial risk was at play, she wouldn’t be doing this crap. human embracing the pain that makes life worth living; love naps, prefer animals to most humans :P; do not care about your labels! It’s ok to change your mind.
HumanJustHuman0 Cimmeria @VanityFair be deeply ashamed for this load of crap "Respect people" is nothing but the usual strawman and an excuse to berate whoever doesn't conform - if you like "respect" so much, start respecting her, her stances, and views you don't like in general @ginacarano RT Not Endorsement - Pronouns : beep / bop / boop - Manspreader in Chief
lucifer89374168 crap!! My heart is aching becoz of their love. Crap even the tears of happiness rips my hearts and melts it away..I LOVE THEM SO MUCH😭😭😭 #UDTakesMewGulfonaDate MEWLION forever ~~waanjai~~
barrowgirl12 England Well that evidence is not there and you shouldn’t be asking for it they should be bringing their own it’s not hard to gather and to give them another opportunity to bs is as bad This tells me they going to accept this crap Every me should be publicly disavowing these traitors now English patriot “The world won’t get any better if we just let it be”🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙏🇺🇸🙏🇬🇧🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙏🇺🇸🙏🇬🇧
msangiemoon The 70s How dare working people want something from their government like I don't know... healthcare? the troops to come home? monthly stimulus cheques? debt cancellation? rent and mortgage forgiveness? Is there poop under that eyepatch? You're full of crap. Vegan, Left Libertarian, Ex Jew, Atheist since 2004, Classic Rock Lover, Eyeshadow Enthusiast, Moon the Leftist Loon. 🇻🇪
StephaneImbert North Carolina @blood_medusa I am apparently a lady in leather armor (author unknown), equipped with a magic rifle (credit Stéphanie Cousté) and riding a ... HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? (credit Stéphane Wootha Richard) Making games, drawing stuff, painting Warhammer. Co-founder of @KatsuGames (Warhammer: Doomwheel, SausageBomber, Hello Kitty, NASCAR, Boulder Dash)
johnbiggs Brooklyn, NY @pcperini That’s a lot of stuff put together. In terms of one to many comms 4chan and all the homegrown q crap sites is far more dangerous than Twitter. He’ll even YouTube is a bigger danger and it’s one to many. Many to many platforms like Facebook and Twitter amplify it a bit maybe EIC | check out | | | | Telegram: @johnbiggs
burstaffinity aaah crap and she'd definitely be in alcamoth when alvis makes his great return too. this is bad 🅑 TWEET HEAVY (it's the ADHD) 🅑 that person who hates zanza 🅑 i like shalvis 🅑 pfp @NikitaHina
pkirkham Grand Rapids, MI, USA Chatfield is full of crap and too much champagne Ex-pat Brit, S/W tester now with added political rants #FBR #Resist #Z27
ReadmanFGC Freenix, Arizona this is so neat and the PDF included is SO helpful holy crap Capcom FGs | Jazz fanatic | She/Her 💜@VickiViperZabel💜 HRT since 8/4/20
J_Stew_Mobley Southern California @GeorgeP03657877 @brithume Trump floods the zone with lies and he has since middle school. You can cry foul all you like but Twitter is right more often then not. Any other citizen who posted as much dangerous crap as Trump would have been removed from the platform years ago. “if you have a critique for the resistance then you better have an established record of critique for our oppression” Jesse Williams