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Twitter is crap.

Talking about Twitter is crap.

514Eddie . @Twitter is crap now!! This new bozo has completely ruined this site. I've gone from 50 likes and retweets a day to 0 . They keep making these UNWANTED changes and NOTHING that people actually want. 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇲I DONT do the follow/unfollow game if you do move on Extreme Hate Crime Survivor Latino Men are my Weakness Kentucky. I stand with 🇺🇦
kevin120938 @WolfRMFC TWITTER Is CRAP YOU CAN ONLY FOLLOW 5000 accounts and only type in certain amount of words why can't they remove that restriction and follow as many people accounts as possible and type in as many words like YouTube Delighted & Ecstatic!!! that Manutd Won QUADRUPLE 4 Trophies in 1 Year in 1998/1999!!! Treble & the Intercontinental Cup which was the FIFA Club World Cup!!! 🏆
RobWatsonVegas @ArguiteAdVodkam @TitaniaMcGrath @sussex_police Once a year or thereabouts, I realize Twitter is crap and taking over my life, so I delete my account. About 6 months later, I create a new one. I do nothing to encourage anyone to follow me. Occasionally one of my crapposts gets 100+ likes and I’ve hit the jackpot. Pineapple on pizza.
j_nobbs North Island @hermina_mercia @ocarolant @NewshubNZ You and I need to sit down for a beer. We could hammer all of this out in now time. Twitter is crap for long nuanced conversations. The USA is a joke today. There are many good folk, but the leadership structure is corrupt as hell. Same for the UK. I've navel gazed quite enough. Freedom lover. Advocate of strong personal responsibility and moral fibre. Have an allergic reaction to anything "woke".
TonyParsonsUK The 45% tax rate was introduced by a crap Labour PM who never won a General Election. 45% did not exist during the Tony Blair years. The idea that a 45% tax is the font of all decency and goodness is bollocks. Hello. I am a novelist and journalist living in London. And see you on Instagram @ tonyparsonsuk
wellerstein Hoboken, NJ / NYC adjacent A lot of people are dunking on El*n M*sk for his crap IR takes, but people, this is really a genuine opportunity. Send him to Donbas and let him sort it out! If he's successful, awesome. If not... Historian of science, technology, and nukes at @FollowStevens. Author of RESTRICTED DATA: The History of Nuclear Secrecy in the USA (2021). Creator of NUKEMAP.
JuliaHB1 London Well, this is progress. This proves we can make this nonsense stop simply by speaking out and refusing to play along with the madness and lies. We're done with this crap. Stand up for facts. Stand up for biological reality. Stand up for women and girls. Presenter @talkTV Breakfast Show 6.30am-10am Mon-Thurs. DAB+, app or Journalist, broadcaster, speaker, event host, cervix owner AKA woman
WestLinnEagleAH The West Linn Dear @USPSHelp I know you guys don't give a crap but this is 60 bucks you ruined by folding up this item in my mailbox. @WWEAuctions can u guys help me out @USPS continue to go above and beyond to damage stuff. #TeamDarkside #TeamSonnen #TimeSonnen I go to MMA,wrestling, & sporting events. I love movies and culture.Once Upon a time MMA fighter now fat and married.
what_real_facts Illinois and travel frequently @BrydonRobert @QuintBraper @Lormif1 @Section_230 @LucasGage84 @WillOremus @ScottNover ill save everyone the trouble, you can talk about anything on twitter but the second you talk crap about jews thats when they start to crack down on you just like anywhere else, even if what you posted is historically accurate and verifiable, they still seek to suspend you. i aim to promote thoughtful discussions which might not align with what was taught, my posts are my opinions and i do not approve of censorship of history.
PersonWhoCares7 @hypnoksa @GySgt_T The Lib Dems are only pro choice when it comes to where and when they can kill their babies. Abortion is all about keeping minority birth rates low. Otherwise they want to control your life. They sucker minorities into getting abortions using the it’s your body crap. Person who cares about Country, God, Mother Earth and equality for all humankind.
GerryMander9675 Hey Ronny, I get all this individual choice stuff...still think it's crap in a pandemic where survival is a matter of community cooperation. But...there is something to leadership by example and MAGA didn't do it. You killed ur own to own the libs. 🤣 We will do what we've always done, find hope in the impossible. He/Him #buildbackbetter #indivisable #Resist
GerryMander9675 @SenRickScott Hey Rick, I get all this individual choice stuff...still think it's crap in a pandemic where survival is a matter of community cooperation. But...there is something to leadership by example and MAGA didn't do it. You killed ur own to own the libs. 🤣 We will do what we've always done, find hope in the impossible. He/Him #buildbackbetter #indivisable #Resist
BelascoEmerich Galway, IE @teach_beard @ReneeAlida Yes. he is a complete fraud and grifter. I do not hate on someone that full of it. Waste of energy. But I do speak facts. Like FACT: He is still facing an SEC and FTC charge for lying about taking Tesla private in 2018. FACT he pulled the same crap with Twitter. Pump and dump. Husband with brood.Metal.Scientist.Voteblue.Atheist.Bourbon is medicinal. "Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner.”-Lao Tzu.
Delsinishere Well Overwatch 1 is being closed today so that a “sequel” that’s F2P with battle passes and overpriced bundles to skip grinds can be launched tomorrow. Game is already dead on arrival. Blizzard went back on everything they said. What a load of crap. 🔞 I exist. Demons are pretty cool. l like games, vtubers, movies, and art. Retweets a lot, sometimes NSFW.
RRoger39 @RenatoLFC64 @ChrisHPE Also, Nunez is coming from a different country with a different culture, language and style of play, of course he needs time to adapt, these Twitter idiots on here are getting bloody ridiculous spoutinig crap about all our players and manager. They need a reality check. Never fear, superdog is here
PodcastRecords Orlando FL & Seattle WA Enough of the mellow crap. Let’s rock this mutha… Since some of you mentioned this is your favorite album of the 90s (and one of mine as well), I’m cranking “Copper Blue” from Bob Mould and Sugar. Whatcha got for favorites on this one? “Hoover Dam” for me today. I ❤️Bob. Records Revisited Podcast - a podcast dedicated to the magic of music and creating the Top 5 songs from the greatest of records. What t-shirt are you wearing?
KevinD18002484 @LoveTheGooners @DarrenArsenal1 @MoAmali Good point. Some of the crap on twitter and blogs is mind numbing. The Arteta Out crowd have crawled back under their rocks. Mad Gooner. In my 50's going on 20. Family man. Fed up with this woke hypocrisy & cancel stuff. If you can’t describe a women, jog on. It’s a mad, mad world.
vforrestal NJ/NY so apparently since i went off klonopin my jump scare response is dialed way up and i keep scaring the crap out of everyone by being scared the crap out of everything web services librarian in the @cuny-verse. author of several probably boring but hopefully useful books. LOUD, but aggressively mild. ND. happy little weirdo.
dmc1701 Ottawa, Ontario Canada Where do you get this crap? Seriously. First of all get your job numbers right and maybe adjust that inflation blame since it's not just a Cdn thing. Do you seriously believe that much money is unaccounted for? Wow not to bright are you? Dozens? Lol! Not even close! I am of the Odawa Nation with some Scottish blood thrown in for good measure, I love people, politics! Hate Racists/Bullies! #StarTrek 🖖 #Cowboysnation🏈
Donna29248181 Florida @lavern_spicer I live in Miami, & I would really like to know what you do for this community? You’re vile, nasty, an election denier, and all you do is tweet crap, every single day! Your despicable, and honestly a sad, angry, disgusting person! You help no one! Poor sad angry Lavern from Miami Our democracy is in jeopardy! Miss 🐶🐱🙏😢💔 Vaccinated & Boosted!! Proudly FOLLOWED BY @GLENNKIRSCHNER2,@Politics_PR, #FBR #Resister #VOTE 💙 #BlueCrew🌊🌊🌊
hellojohnhere Burlington, Ontario @My_Own_Opinions @EvanLSolomon @gzeromedia @EurasiaGroup @CTVNews @CTV_PowerPlay @ctvqp @EvanSolomonShow Look at Gerry go! I guess crapposting on twitter and being BFF with a tinpot tyrant can really open doors for you. Spreading crap about climate change is right up his alley. Cheeky wiseguy. I have the occasional interesting observation.
ProfofEvil Latveria Between "Green Lantern: Rebirth... but with Flash!" and the crap that is Flashpoint(less) none of them really are as good as: I'm Duke. I'm disabled. A comic book fan, writer, and owner of a dog named Beast. Has Discord. He/Him (ish). INTJ Super-villain. Bi. Superman's writer I guess.
cryptolocuraaa Italy @TheMoonCarl The only Luna I’m holding is whats locked in my voyager account and can’t sell yet. As soon as the vesting period ends I’m selling that crap and putting it into #LINU Crypto Enthusiast. $SHIB is the way. $RISE is another way. $LINU $CINU $LAIKA. $DOSA CHIEF rank
BeniciaRN @sport4life22 @TomFitton @Twitter 46 years of healthcare. I am Following the true science. Not the Indoctrinated crap CA is ramming down your throats. Get out of CA. The rest of the country is still alive and normal. (Except for the liberal places🙄) just trying to stay under the radar.
abbee_watson Let's not forget he wants to take our Social Security away as well. What good is he? He's a crap Senator and doesn't give a shi*t about human life. #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy Proud Mother ,Grandmother and Democrat
ashleyy1294 Pennsylvania, USA Pumpkin is staying 3 days at the vet for urinary blockage and all this other crap was inside him. He’s on a catheter and IV’s. $3k later. I feel so so so bad for him. It never ends. If it comes back he will need surgery. Purchasing Coordinator for GLP 🌱 Cat mom to Casper, Pumpkin, Poe. Mild Halloween obsession.
Mares4Life Georgia, USA What in the 33% NSC is going on with this crap? My PSSM horse and my IR horse would both probably keel over after a single bite. 😬 I work from home so I can wait hand and foot upon my very poopy farm animals. They own me, not the other way around. // (Domino 1995-2015) (ATM 1996-2021)
Dollar1075 Sydney, Australia I've been making a concerted effort for the last month to cut the crap out in the morning and eat fruit. This is my breakfast today Formerly from the UK, now a citizen of Australia. I talk video games, drone flying, cooking, F1 and cricket. PSN: Dollar75
sfpd2217 @RSThompson23 @clawson_jeffrey @PSchrags Stafford is playing like crap and he's an interception machine. His O line is getting injured and crumbling around him. He has no running game. My 49ers are struggling on offense too. It's a long season. We'll see how both teams finish at the end. 😊
SandySunset2 @TeamPelosi You guys gave 80 billion $ to Ukraine in the past 7 months, you guys don't give a crap about Americans, we don't care who is a Dem and who is a Rep, stopping sending our money to other countries. Tip: Read the package insert and press release for every medication and vaccine you plan to put into your body. We are all smart, don't let others decide 4 u.
SeparatistVegan @hayastanforeve1 @PlantBasedNews @CarnivoreIs Dairy is collapsing. Plant based milk is far cheaper than the puss filled crap you peddle, especially when prices are rocketing. 😂😂 More and more are embracing veganism and you just have to look at the multi nationals investing in it 😂🖕 ta ta An ethical vegan who believes in an independent Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and I tweet about both. so don't be offended #Pigoneer 🐷
reiceeP Sa gilid gilid Saw this on DLSUFW and….. Generalizing fangirls is a crap thing & crapty behavior. However,comsec be laughing & mocking him w/o knowing personally as to why the dude got traumatized to kpop fangirls & ppl throwing shades like it’s his fault he got traumatized is abhorrent. Told yah,don't mess up with me||Matthew 6:33;Pray more,Worry less!God gives the Laurel;the crown of Victory.
IlidioCarmona @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly well.....Ukraine is doing very well so far...send more weapons and this war will be finished in no make crap cars, can't buy Twitter and you know nothing about Ukraine!!!!
Chriskel17 Highland Home, Alabama No words can describe the idiot you are. You show major concern for everyone and every country but the USA and its people. Damn stupid Congress and others in government better pull your plug before you destroy this country. A jokes a joke but you and your crap is past being funny
GoodBackD St Albans, England @BBCBreaking Dear BBC, For the past 15 years I have not had a Telly - your content is crap. For the past 15 years you have harassed me with this crap. "A big Red letter outside of Christmas will let the postman and the locals know a crook lives here" - you are crap ! Scoliosis Back Fixing with the better-than-surgery ASMI #Scoliosis
vampraist United Kingdom @iFit and @AmazonUK it is amazing how neither of you will respond to purchasing a membership and neither will honour - customer service on both ends is utterly ridiculous and I have paid over £100 and nobody gives a crap FYI @AmazonUK - will never deal with your staff again Pro Art/Code/IT/Productivity Whisperer by day, Variety streamer by night. All views expressed are my own
Brandon02282009 Georgia, USA @ClimateGroup @LR_Foundation Fake crap. Earth has and will always have climate change, none of which man made is forcing. Stop the lies Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, Musician, Family and God First, Gun owner, Believer of Second Amendment right, Georgia born, No DMs please!
rawbserver England, United Kingdom The Claw seems like such a heelish move to me. Grabbing your opponent's skull and squeezing the crap out of the cranium is Bond villain stuff. But if you're a Von Erich, it's like the most babyface thing ever and it gets a massive positive reaction. Gotta start soon.
Rodoflondon In that dark place out of view @GBNEWS Can people really not see how fake and orchestrated this crap is? Under the oven is good. We will takeover soon.
daisydukefeet Canada National disaster in Canada right now and this fool is jumping!?! FIGURE IT OUT PEOPLE!!! @JustinTrudeau doesnt give a crap about Canadians! #TrudeauMustGo new page…ooopsie I may have been a bad girl 😈
SaltySnow1 Planet Earth @KimDotcom @CIA @Twitter Yep there are so much spam woke crap and scam bots around here - crazy. That suggest a mass behind that nonsense where just are a few insane people. The group with common sense is way bigger than you get illusionized by the lamestream media and twitter as well. Time will come ⚡⚡⚡ #btc 🚀 🌙 ⚡⚡⚡
Galaxiimira California, North America Holy CRAP I had dodged a pretty big bullet! I was scrolling through Twitter a bit before and I almost auditioned for a Sonic project-- turned out the director is NOT a very good person. o_O Why can't people good people and not do such things?? She/Her. 25. Bi. A dork who loves Disney, Sonic and anime. Voice actress and streamer on Twitch! DM for collabs and projects paid or unpaid!
RevagreenukAndy Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield So the Hurricane got is clear coat tonight, whilst it’s drying decided to finish the ME109G-6. I quite like the paint finish so have decided not to weather the crap out of it. That’s one off the shelf of doom and done 👍 I’m a dad. I like Star Wars, scale models, aviation and Aston Villa. I stand behind Ukraine….oh and I love Spain and want to retire and live there as soon as!
Harder2Katch Welcome To Reality 🦖🧘‍♀️🦕 @quickdishwasher I read some of their other comments and unfortunately, I think they’re saying this crap in all seriousness. This is the account owner. ✟ ♀WOMAN/Wife/MOTHER 📝👾🧠🪡 🎨🌿 empowered truth-teller, not here to make friends if it costs my integrity. Full-time Thinker; No Box 🥀 #teamTERF
WxPhotography99 Holy crap, what a storm this is this time! Our power kept getting knocked off every few seconds a bunch of times, now it's out for good. A bunch of hail and gusty winds. Bigger hail than we usually get Pix I've taken & posted here-snow/ice storms, clouds/lightning, eclipse, rainbow, sunset, moon, comets, animals, mountains, beach, surfers, lakes, live bands...
shauncutts Boston @lbary @VaultAusir Hmm... did Bozo support war? If "you know socialism is crap" (because Stalin) and you hear something like that then it easily plays into your confirmation bias: "just another Tankie". I can't find any more recent statement from Lula where he corrects? Time and space are ephemeral. And yet, here I am, busy as ever.
Militia_List @queenie86048021 @LibertyForAmeri @GBHNews 90 % of twitter feeds are bots including but not limited to the bots you follow. So if you follow the president for example its a bot. The VP is a bot. You think the president has the capacity to write his crap. Trump did, but not dummy 1 and 2 in Washington Normal
TaylorBMcardle Las Vegas, NV Imagine spending a crap load of money to promote an incredibly worthless campaign to bring back a show that has been over for three years and that the writers have moved on from. Like dude there is a thing called going outside and touching grass, would do ya some good imho Huge fan of NASCAR and MLP. Professional Starlight Glimmer Fanatic. @blepcon Webcam Hangout Host on Tuesday's 10 PM ET. #GlimmerGang! Next con: @PonyCiderfest
tfulf WTF is that!!!!! who in gods name is and why is this breaking news... We will eat the richhh. it is crap like this i swear that ensure society it self is questionable. Dogecoin Maximalist Small Part of ELITE DOGE CLUB
Betrayals_Cost This is the crap that’s in our childrens’ school libraries folks. If your state hasn’t already passed a ban on content like this you really need to contact your state senator and push for legislation to ban this garbage. Woke teachers and librarians are pushing it on our kids. Proud Patriot🇺🇸 Swing Trader💰Mom to Fur Babies🐱🐶