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planet San Francisco, CA, Earth This pair of PlanetScope images, captured just one day apart on October 7 and 8, 2022, shows the damaged Kerch Strait Bridge following a major explosion today. This is the only bridge that connects the Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland. Over 200 earth observation satellites capturing daily change on our planet. Trading on the NYSE as a Public Benefit Corporation $PL
steve_hanke Baltimore & Paris Watch as a group of Hindu men enter and vandalise a mosque in India. That’s one reason why India has a terrible rank in the Cato Institute’s “Human Freedom Index”. India ranks 119th out of the 165 countries studied. Economist @JohnsHopkins | Senior Fellow @IndependentInst | @NRO | FX & Commodity Trader | Reagan White House | Views are my own
TearsofThemisEN Stellis HoYo FEST Themed Collab Café is coming! This event includes themed decorations, custom-made meals, limited merchandise flash sales, and many more live check-in activities! For more information, refer to the event website: #TearsOfThemis #HoYoFEST2022 #TearsOfThemis #HoYoverse ✦ Embark now on an adventure of romance and wits! ✦ Contact us: ✦
The_BBall_Index Wondering how a specific stat works that we've tweeted out? Check out our Glossary, which has write-ups on our metrics and has explainer videos for our most popular stats. NBA data that speaks basketball NBA Team & Agency Consulting | Playoff Tactical Consulting | @Tim_NBA & @Knarsu3 Subscribe to the BBall Index podcast!
HackerNewsTop10 Why 23.976 and not 24 FPS? Link: Comments: Hacker News bot that tweets any story that breaches the top 10. Includes title, link to article, and link to comments.
AnnWorkmanGirl Former Gov. Bill Richardson suggests Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan may be released by end of year Can't tolerate BS'ers...Love Peace and Righteousness...Here For The Fight For Democracy...Love and Happiness! NO DM'S
mrmarkel Eureka, CA USA Eureka,CA-WXEKA: 15:30; NO CURRENT ADVISORIES; Its Afternoon,Sunny and Clear/Dry and it feels Cool outside. The temperature has been falling for the last few hours. There is a Light Air from the North west; More weather at Current Weather Conditions for Eureka, CA.
SolanaFear Solana Fear and Greed Index is 34 ~ Fear Current price: $33 #solana
kriegsspuren Berlin, Deutschland I should add that even though I like computers I believe actual (analogue) folders would work better me - so that I can just add scraps of paper or index cards (notes) to them. I‘m also a fan of keeping things simple and in one place. I‘m thinking of buying one (or two) of these. Urban exploring (especially WWII & Cold War). Trying to make sense of what I see. No historian. My photos (mostly iPhone) unless stated otherwise.
UTSSocialImpact Sydney, New South Wales Visit Hannah Bronte's 'Neon Oracle' exhibition at UTS Art Gallery! The exhibition brings focus to Hannah's text-based work by situating the ‘word’ as an ‘image’ and explores the feminine experience and its intersections with queerness. Closes 11 Nov. Tweets from the University of Technology Sydney's Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion
dirt_kael @IAmClintMurphy This one I didn’t know … So much easier than vlookup or index and equiv … thanks ! Geek, fan de Stevie Wonder. Ingénieur consultant, chanteur, volleyeur, profite de la vie à pleine dents !
Annakches If you want to be great, be prepared for the ridicule, the jokes, and all the miscommunication that comes with it because small minds cannot comprehend huge spirits. Never be afraid to try anything new. #Cryptocurency #cryptonews #BITCOIN #NFTCommunity #family | Fashion | | Lifestyle | | Travel | | Lawyer | | Investor | | #NFTs| #BITCOIN #cryptocurrency @Bitblockai | Instagram : @annakches
Barrow228 @SenatorCollins @SenAngusKing raise the minimum wage and index it to max ceo pay he/him/his
MadHornyOffMain @AstraAurelia Tell you not to shoot like that. Use the tip of your index finger not in-between the knuckle and tip Mostly porn but a hint of memes and other crap I like. I can't read the captions of most the crap I retweet : ^) Obviously am dude
surrender_index LAR decided to punt to DAL from the LAR 42 on 4th & 22 with 2:46 remaining in the 3rd while losing 10 to 19. With a Surrender Index of 1.01, this punt ranks at the 47th percentile of cowardly punts of the 2022 season, and the 44th percentile of all punts since 1999. Determining just how cowardly every NFL punt is, quantitatively. A project by @shackoverflow. Based on an idea from @jon_bois.
TheChefsGardens Currently in IN Finally some good news! As more American families struggle with food insecurity and start buying lower quality food companies that sell lower quality food see big profits! God bless America 🇺🇸 Usual content paused until we get leadership that values life more than capitalism for now imma just point out the insanity
LSPPlease New Jersey @Cat_Index I dunno my favorite is how it just stops working and you have to restart online mode and leave in the middle of a long set. Fighting gamer. Web dev rage tweets. @scoobybrookes ♥️ guess I'm a goldlewis player too
bombastic_bob San Diego California USA Earth @RNCResearch Bidas forgot to index to inflation again, didn't he? The inflation that HE (and his puppetmasters) CAUSED... Inflation is like a TAX INCREASE on the poor. Over 10% of our wages, our savings, and so on were CONFISCATED by BIDEN-FLATION. Think about it. Software and Electronics Engineer, musician, hacker, and independent thinker (NOT "feeler"). Human race. Hyper-male. Pronoun nonsense is nonsense. Freedom.
JapanPress_wky Tokyo Shii and Koike attend South Korea's National Foundation Day reception providing information of progressive, democratic movements in Japan
surrender_index ARI decided to punt to PHI from the ARI 35 on 4th & 22 with 4:44 remaining in the 3rd while losing 10 to 17. With a Surrender Index of 0.99, this punt ranks at the 45th percentile of cowardly punts of the 2022 season, and the 42nd percentile of all punts since 1999. Determining just how cowardly every NFL punt is, quantitatively. A project by @shackoverflow. Based on an idea from @jon_bois.
ManralHF So many scenic locations in Westmarch in #DiabloImmortal, but have you heard all the music that goes with them? Stay awhile and listen I make #Diablo soundtrack supercuts on YouTube, music to listen to while grinding #DiabloImmortal
wayne_effect Newberry, MI "The coherent superposition of the two decay channels provides an entangled state between the spin of the atom and the polarization of the emitted photon." I am an OMS/NAC Shaman and Pagan Cleric who enjoys various sciences and academia; I am also a Technology Contractor, Web Consultant, and Ethnobotanist.
cyanied17 @NotJosieGrossy This is me every time i’m asked to “fix” a phone i’m not familiar with. I’ll be squinting eyes, using the index finger and everything😭. Imma get one of those flip phones someday tho 21/+221🇸🇳/Muslim/✨i do believe your galaxy✨
AlbertPrins8 @WaskoDr @CaulfieldTim @FullFact @snopes How about you explain how each of these is completely natural and normal? And how each of the researchers who found them, is just a conspiracy theorist. I'll wait ... Transvaccinated. Pronouns: As per the English language. Blocked by Mike Carlton and PRGuy17, who tolerate no disagreement. Proudly living on Australian land.
DejaScene Canada Roger Corman and Dick Miller have starred in 6 movies together Official Twitter account for DejaScene where you can you see how many movies actors have starred in together -
mydensitymatter Greater Chicago Area YES!: ID'ing women eligible for CT lung cancer screening when they go 4 #breastcancer screening could up lung cancer detection rates and improve patient outcomes, Stanford researchers have found. We envision a world where breast density no longer hinders the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Until then, we empower women to find out their breast density.
vikashprakash Suva, Fiji @JoJoFromJerz Sounds like Maxine Waters, her followers, and the rest of the party are Republicans LEGAL Immigrant🇺🇲 Iraq Veteran🇺🇲 Afghanistan Veteran🇺🇲 Self-reliant🇺🇲 Deplorable🇺🇲 #MAGA🇺🇲
Icalloutdevil @JohnSmi18616580 @5_th0ughtfu1 @PTIofficial and then u have this ..corruption index?? now whts wrong with this picture...YES I KNOW I KNOW....World bank, trading economics and macrotrends were bought by nawaz sharif...tell me did he buy UN as well? 🤣🤣 Im sad...i keep dismantling the stupid logics of youthias and imrandos and they keep blocking me. Their stupidity is high value entertainment which i cant lose
KinSpin in Yon Cubby, Sleeping :Þ GWAS studies: González-Peñas et al. "reported that the risk of schizophrenia, ADHD, and major depressive disorder is transmitted from parents to children with Asperger syndrome, but that this does not occur in the other ASD subtypes." Enneagram Type 5 earning a discerning learning Nutrition ⇆ Epigenomics; not-neurotypical; demisexual; gender apathetic
AmericanVet1776 @RepThomasMassie Look up any Hospital or University and you will see that money purchased a narrative. *Then look up which doctor works at these facilities and it all makes sense. Veteran, Nurse, I love this country. I know Science, don't toy with me. My words are like a razor, I have been told. Multi-racial family. All Lives Matter.
Seyi_Egbewande Ilorin, Nigeria New Research Publication Alert 🎉🥳 "The active involvement of community pharmacists in the care and management of cancer will significantly contribute to screening and risk assessment, early detection, treatment and eradication of cancer." Read here: A PharmD student and an early career researcher
BrianHaugli Boston area The fact that a "leading" cyber online magazine can't index who's the legitimate CISO in their list of Fortune 500 CISOs, should be all you need to know in trusting their writing. Cybercrime Magazine has a history of pay-to-play coverage and awards. I t…Managing Partner, @SideChannelSec | Founder, @RealCISO | YouTube Host of #CISOlife | Contributing Author, Cybersecurity Risk Management (out now via Wiley)
KLOEforLIFE The 6ix @NBA_University @The_BBall_Index I think team factors into this a lot. Cade has all this gravity because defense see him as the ONLY threat on the Pistons. Fred VanVleet might be an elite shooter but you can give him the kinda attention you want because Pascal is right there and OG or Gary might spot up. Kyle Lowry Over Everything
RatClinic_ 📍🏳 I cut the skin between my index and middle finger with a piece of plastic packaging earlier so I chose violence tonight Resident Evil, DMC, Metal Gear painter | cover: Darcy | certified Yoji Shinkawa wannabe | EN/FR/日本語OK | art spam & WIPs: @MouseAsylum
VernsTavern @wordssetinstony Sometimes I just feel the need to have a lit cigarette between my index and middle fingers while I wearily rub my forehead with the thumb on that same hand and sigh Assume positive intent 🌺 - Supernatural, Sherlock, Good Omens, Star Wars, The Witcher - she/her - 30s - queer - I stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦
DataDrivenFP "A pharmacist may use professional judgment and experience with common practice to make reasonable inferences of the patient’s best interest in allowing a person, other that the patient, to pick up a prescription." Bad judgement is everywhere, sadly.
UsaJaun Josh Cavallo slams Iker Casillas and Carles Puyol as "disrespectful" for 'I'm gay' tweet
Biorealism @honkhonk3400 The Wuhan Institute of Virology was also part a study to "target the SL-CoV strains which use ACE2 as receptor and investigate the binding ability between the S-RBD and ACE2 of different origins.."
Salimp2009Salim istanbul, turkey and this is awesome MuniHac 2022 ; Game On 👏👍 Friday, October 7 - Gabriella Gonzalez: Minmaxing Slay the Spire with Haskell - YouTube Self Learning Programmer, love Haskell, Rust , Elixir, C++20, Racket, Linux, also learning CategoryTheories(in moderation), vim, Emacs, Types, some nix y 🙈
LamboBuyTheDip Belgium @MrBigWhaleCEO Good morning I will be buying more $YLA. As provision of liquidity in $YLA index hedges against impermanent loss by earning both on stable coin and $CVP boost of up to 35% APR. Current: #Invest in prod Former poker player, entrepreneur, and fintech investor #Defi #BTC #ETH
riks_umar Ring Road Eastern Bye Pass @The_Gator1 @ManGoneCrypto1 @investor_zef @MaxTec10 @Taofieeqyusuf1 @MetaBeatOffl FANomance Index FANomance Index is a customized index uniquely designed by MetaBeat, based on key criteria of artists and fan community performance. #MetaBeat #METABEATNFT #MAMAMOO #ONEUS #KPOP @MetaBeatOffl Remain Inbound and Keep Striving{RIKS}
VonRosenchild New York, NY @BrookingsInst @jessbrandt @vwirtschafter 🚨 Corrupt Foreign Government Operatives and Organizations are Spreading Misinformation about the 2022 U.S. 🇺🇸 Midterm Elections 🚨 PROPAGANDA FROM: Russia 🇷🇺 China 🇨🇳 North Korea 🇰🇵 Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Iran 🇮🇷 🖥️ @CNNPolitics @FBI @TheJusticeDept @CISAgov @HubBucket Inc CEO | @USNavy Cryptology Veteran | @WHOSTP @StateCDP @ODNIgov @NSAGov @NSACyber @CIA @DHSgov @FBI @CISAgov @DefenseIntel @NatReconOfc @USDISA
VinIchijiCode Grand Line #MoboReader My family was on the poverty line and had no Road to North Blue 🐌
CopleyFR London, UK Active #emergingmarkets managers outperformed in Q3, with 59.3% of funds outperforming the MSCI EM Index.  Underweights in #China /Overweights in #Brazil, #Argentina and #Mexico were the key drivers. Specialists in Global, GEM, Asia Ex-Japan, China, USA and UK active fund positioning. Subscribe to our newsletter here
HNTweets Why 23.976 and not 24 FPS: Comments: Tweets the stories on the front page of Hacker News. Maintained by @d4nt and in no way affiliated with Y Combinator.
shadowconn Indianapolis, IN Tips on Performing Your Final Book Edit Before Formatting and Publication #editing #proofreading #suspense #vampire #crime #paranormal #author #writingcommunity #Amazon #writingtips #authortricks #blog
TylerJamesBaeDN Des Moines, IA I just raised $35.00 USD for my local children’s hospital through #EXTRALIFE. Donate today and help me reach my goal: He/Him | Find me drinking beers and talking games @drunknerdspod | If I were a man, I’d be The Man.
ADLWeatherBot Adelaide The UV index is currently 1 in #Adelaide. It's currently Partly Cloudy and 14° outside. I'm a robot! I tweet Adelaide's weather. Header photo: Doug Barber Profile pics: pixabay/raphaelsilva
AbhipraGroup Delhi, India #Visa $V Last 36 months Daily #StockMovement Line #Chart Max downward movement was -13.55% Max upward movement was 13.84% Stock majorly moved between -1.51% and 1.57% Start #investing in #GlobalStocks at #Investor Abhipra, a one-stop Financial Solution Hub. We provide services in Stock Broking, DEMAT, Insurance, Global Stocks, MF, Gold Bonds and a lot more.
LisaChristiePhD San Francisco, CA Cells can self-organize outside of the organism that typically guides their development, and they are also able to reproduce as a collective entity. Intelligence permeates the natural world. Spiritual eco-feminist teacher, author Reality Unbound. Psychic experiences, new science, Gaia, priestesses, shamans, healers, etc. Adjunct Professor @CIIS_SF

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