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BrownSquirrel in a tree @_littlecreature I wouldnt know - I dont usually look for that and its nighttime so I couldnt see with naked eye 🙂 All I checked for was where it was going and coming from because we're only on the flight path of any big plane if the weather is crap on the mainland Always smile & stay true to yourself If my tweets offend Im sorry its not on purpose RTs NOT endorsements Celebrated 10 years on twitter
Private_Rachael England, United Kingdom Would have drive to the beach today and spent the day there...... But the weather is crap, plus got too much things to do at home. I love you Lauren ♥ will always be here for Frankie, Demi, Selena, Nick, Joe and Kevin 🌹I love you all like Family
explicitbronny es hi we’re in hunstanton and the weather is # crap ‹ “see you soon, love you” ›
bettybwino United Kingdom @mikemartin46 Weather is crap here too lol 😂, we are just chilling out and doing nothing 😂 xx Fun inked girl, loves a good laugh! in love, married @lggledders, NO DM’s, fur baby dogs 🐶& horse #mentathealthmatters #bipolarsufferer #timetotalk
McCormicksGogg1 Peterborough, England @iMartyn1984 Got my chimney swept today and that's not s euphemism! Can't do much gardening today as the weather is crap . The official Twotter account for the McCormick #Gogglebox family. For media enquiries contact us via DM here or : @McCormickisaac1 @goggle_beard Tweets by G.
BiteYourBrum Birmingham, England When you’ve completed your whole week’s work to do list (and then some) but the weather is crap - Deliveroo in some tasty wings from @CentralCY. To me, You’re welcome. Love me. Media bod by day, rowdy food blogger by night. Food Blog of the Year MFDH19. Often found eating cheese. Frequently ridiculous. E: Laura
MarisMaris132 United Kingdom Me and bid dog chillin while weather is crap 🐶 😁WAWAW
James_BG London @Martha_Gill It's partly cos it's August and the Brexit phoney war is rumbling on and the weather is crap, but there is no doubt the green culture war is heating up. This week alone we've had big rows over farming, hunting, blackouts, and Greta all along the same lines... Editor of - tweeting in a personal capacity, check out @BusinessGreen for the official feed
AlisonJWade Clevedon @AlresfordBear Sorry you’re having a rough day. Find some good music and take it easy indoors. Weather is crap anyway. Biologist, layabout, optimist.
RoperKirsten Highland Perthshire En route to @edintfest to see @lokiscottishrap and @LostVoiceGuy, the weather is crap but still looking forward to a cracking day out! Christian. Socialist. Pan. Politics undergrad. St Johnstone/Fife Flyers fan. Music lover. Labour member. Proud owner of Sheldon the Stoma. Sepsis survivor.
thiqabi Cuba/Getting flogged Weather is crap and I feel like crap and don't wanna go in 😭 @madebyzaina. @skinwithzai. RT ≠ endorsement. 🏳️‍🌈
Fee_1986 Cheshire Doing literally anything to avoid doing your actual job! 🙄 absolute 🤡 And why solely focus on the negative aspects? Why not a black history museum? Your attempts to gain approval from the virtue signallers is as clear as the weather is crap in England right now A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. I merely want the best possible future for my child #ourchoices
Slayyna Minneapolis, MN supposed to go to nyc and i swear if the weather is crap ill throw fits 🇵🇰/🇺🇸 • umn 2020 • haq Ali
RoySavage1 @chewyuk My wife’s trying very hard to catch up. She only started last week but we’ve only got 9 episodes to go. But there again we are retired and the weather is crap. I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching them again can’t wait for number 5.
JinkirinGaming Colorado, USA I feel miserable today. Weather is crap, back is killing me again, and I just want to go back to bed...only 6 1/2 more hours of work to get through 😭 Poster child for Anxiety -- @WatchMixer Streamer -- Sometimes I upload to @YouTube --
lewisdevon71 Dawlish @amyclare_95 On a day when the weather is crap and my job looks dodgy, seeing this brightened up my day!! Thanks Saints fan, married to Juliette and Dad to three great lads. Come to as many home games as I can afford to. All views are my own
WSAGcort Off on a three day hike across eastern Kent, starting today. Weather is crap, and first leg is an 11 mile hike through boggy drizzle to Canterbury. Meh. Evertonian exiled in south east London. Prog rock. Humanism. Ardent Remainer / Remoaner. He/him.
JenniferLuff6 Wednesfield, England We are going to happen, even if weather is crap!!! 0ease come along and support us! Xxxxxxx Mother of 4 beautiful kids. Married to Steve from Sheffield (for my sins!) Raised in Eynsham. HATE FOOTBALLLLLL............LOVE SEWING and SAMCRO & Chibs. xx
K_33BRO Manchester U.K The weather in this country is so depressing. No wonder kids are Obese. IM lucky i can spend money to take my daughter to indoor play areas and all stuff like that. But some folk cant afford that when the weather is crap like this! Dull & Horrible. Cant wait for my retirement hme Manchester -Married to my Soul Mate. Mummy to Alyxandra. Enjoys: @ManUtd @talkSPORTdrive • @NASA UFO & 👽Stuff • Health & Fitness • Kind People
Becca5492 Manchester, England @HannahO19799585 I'm guessing the weather is crap in Manny! Lovely and sunny in kent today! 😎 Student MH nurse at the University of Manchester. Lived experience of anorexia nervosa, depression, anxiety and OCD. Wounded healer! 🏳️‍🌈
RLeBonTennant East Kilbride, Scotland Ugh, my mum is giving me a hard time for not going out much with my carers lately. It's been a bit hard to do so, what with me being skint this past week, and anytime I do plan to go out, the weather is crap and it gets postponed as a result. 🙄😑😔 'Life is beautiful, but you don't have a clue.' 22 year old autistic girl. Loves music, Animal Crossing, Disney & sleeping. Driven by Neil Tennant. 😃😍❤️😘🌈
LinziReadsBooks @maryamongbooks I live here! Make sure you bring a rain coat and an umbrella weather is crap here 😂 Lindsey • 22 • Griffyndor • Scotland 🇬🇧 Just a girl who loves to read books! 📖💜 GRC 81/52
CrazyCubsGuy @ESPNChiCubs Tweeted earlier: 3 weekend Home series in April when weather is crap. Only ONE in June; 2 each in May, July, August. And 3 in September. Cause, of course!
c255666a459a495 EVERYWHERE @Rachael_Swindon @CorbynASAP And the weather is crap ANIMAL RIGHTS #OpWhales #OpKillingBay #OpSeaWorld #OpFunKill
SenaitSara Because the weather is crap and I’m “working from home” I have started binge watching power and now I’m nearly done with season 4 Insta - Niemas__World
EnnoFarm North Carolina @huntter243 On the other hand, it’s less likely she’ll fall in love with the place and not come back if the weather is crap so I 🤐. Raising reg. Shetland and Leicester Longwool sheep, laying hens on a small farm. A little organic chemistry to pay the bills & get kids through college.
malc91 Northumberland Well the weather is crap and I’m back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off and the toon lost. Nothing else for it, Wine & Sunday Dinner NUFC supporter, my wife & children are my world. Proud Northumbrian whole loves the great outdoors & all thing Puerto Pollença related
Fellj01 London / Priv: @turbulentparxx I usually love Bristol but the weather is crap today and I'm just sitting in a bus stop shelter Probably at a gig / Life's what you make it, so lets make it rock / 19.01.18 Misery Business with @paramore / NEXT: @GunnersvilleLDN
mansel_strwart Llandudno, Wales Can't believe the weather is crap again but off to Birmingham tomorrow to see some good friends and family
BurgonCatherine Happy Place Well my washing basket is over flowing and the washer is in melt down ,the weather is crap what is a washer woman to do lol !!! 🤣🤣 Wife , mum ,till tart and hobby baker
sando88 Brisbane Region, Queensland @cscviews @1_workersvoice @MorpheusBeing Brexit or not, UK is a clapped out country. You will see the greatest inequality there, a few rich and many poor. Also, the weather is crap, rains most days, worse than Melbourne! Ex AU Air Force officer, 25 yrs service, project manager, procurement manager/trainer, 3 x small business owner, Love nature & fairness in society. Jeep owner.
Cosmictiger74 England @HEATHEREIGN76 Have fun 😉 The weather is crap here so I'm gonna put my feet up and watch my Highlander DVDs Manchester United, WWE, Def Leppard, BFMV, and Welsh Rugby are the things that make me happy.
Maart2704 Royton Rivera.( Lancashire.) Watching widnes v Toulouse on our league site cause there naff all else on and the weather is crap. Grumpy bastard. Swear too much. Leigh Centurions Fan.#LTID & LFC fan #YNWA 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
madgeordiegirl ÜT: 55.1452088,-1.5261933 A day with my mam quality time at its best seeing as the weather is crap again so meal plan food shopping and tv im me mother of 1 love @officialleeryan @mrduncanjames @antonycosta @simonwebbe1 💙💙💙💙 beauty therapist and all round fab friend
duckythesailor Earth When you get home and introduce the family to ”ruth” before taking ”her” up 3 mountains starting Monday (weather is crap at the minute so making the most of the 3 day starting window)… Killick Weapon engineer in the RN Living the dream ! Part time charity fundraiser £8922.50 to date for RNRMC, Candlelighters trust & RBLI 2019 goal of £15,000
revell7 weymouth Weather is crap nice chilled Saturday watching football and chilling at home with the boyfriend #LazySaturday then off to old Trafford tomorrow to watch the mighty reds cannot wait!! Buzzing for it! ⚽️⚽️ @NickDenningMUFC i love football support @manutd season ticket holder at stretford end ❤️ United, Hated Adored Never Ignored. 👌
ravioli_boi_ guess who's (hopefully) back Also the weather is crap, it's sunny and cloudy at the same time plus it's windy Stressed™ • She/her • Ally • Really hate social media sometimes yknow
estateagent455 Sandbach, England Happy Saturday all you twitters and twiteresses. Have a great day weather is crap here but hey ho life must go on. Been a dedicated Man Utd fan for over 40 years, supporting them through the good times and bad times. Red til I'm dead.
fatrunnerman West Midlands, England My backs aching, had no sleep, weather is crap, hungover, and off to the football in 1hr, but like any drug, parkrun is addictive so at the start and ready to smash it! #parkrun #loveparkrun an overweight bloke trying desperately to get in shape. love the buzz..can't keep motivated though

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