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laurenrae83 Chicago, IL @kevinionas @repuvivaI @rozzybox I'm off today, got crap for sleep, and the weather is crap. I figured Twitter would be as good a place as any to take arrogant idiots down a peg or two. 😚 Manic Pixie Nightmare of bad ideas and worse solutions. Detroit ♥️, #Chicago soul. ♍☀️ ♏🌙 ♐⤴️
trailersubs Switzerland @GeeksGamersCom Switzerland 22:45 showing... including me 4 people.... weather is crap and I said well watch a crap movie... MIB Int won't be making any money...
theolovesalf @lyn5ey_ Weather is crap. Off this coming week as going to my son’s later in week and what crapty weather. Last summer we were all bathed in heat. Love family, animal welfare, breast cancer survivor.Neither right nor left, as not everything is just black or white. Love sheep but I am just not one of them!
lxghttwoods anime + blackpink @straightupmess I want to go to the beach hopefully around mid summer!! And yeah the weather is crap! It was raining a lot today + yw! 22 he/him full time binger vent acc
gabel4scotland @liveIndyScot Well chilled music for a Friday evening. Hoping for a fine weekend to catch up on gardening and outside jobs but, hey if the weather is crap, a good book, good music and a glass or two of wine is never going to disappoint.
RikShaw17 Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @justsassystace Hope you manage to avoid it then... The weather is crap at the minute. I was in Dewsbury this week, driving there and back was horrendous...🌧☔ 🔞 18+ only...NSFW...😳 Here to have fun, enjoy, view and share with like minded tweeters. DM to remove anything posted in error...Never intend to offend...😊
LadyxZero Road trip with @Rock_n_roler to @YetiConAtBlue soon! Weather is crap and I didn't sleep 24h, but can't wait to see all of youuuuu 💓 Intoner called LZ //Handmade cosplay made with my king - @kujaonii 💓 //*FF&NieR&DOD&Tales//
Alessandrarosex This weather is crap like why was out heatwave easter why cant it be sunny now, never felt more betrayed- break up for summer and its raining for 2 weeks :(:( #GCSEs2019 just your average bottom brit kid
TheArsenalNote The Islanders on Dominica That's what one does when the weather is crap in the UK during cricket season. Sir Lloyd and Sir Richards doing an Arsenal type quiz. Teheee #cricketlive #CricketWorldCup2019 The Glory is Coming to Arsenal Football Club... Just wait a while🇬🇧🇩🇲
gnomeheidi essex/london No car, weather is crap, I’ve been cold for days, and my hip and neck are killing me. But I’ve got a foxy rucksack so everything’s ok!!! #foxy #rehearsal #anactorslifeforme @ Essex cocktails, adventures, interesting people
Dublinoldschool Dublin City, Ireland The weather is crap, get home and watch #DublinOldschool on @NetflixUK NOW! #Netflix #DUBLINOLDSCHOOL HITS CINEMAS THIS SUMMER – JUNE 29th. Directed by @dave_tynan. Written by @EmmetKirwan & Dave Tynan
FlyinbySTi Should I do a day stream today? The weather is crap and I dont have anything going on. It is challenge day. I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time.
MathhBratt Connecticut, USA Crashing-burning over school being out. I can’t make myself hike to help my mood,cuz the weather is crap.I may just allow myself to cry this one out,but if I’m not back in a few hours,you should assume I’m wallowing and send reinforcements(kittens,otters,sloths) #TheBloggessTribe Life is both too long and too short to not be having fun. Empress of Doughnuts #TheBloggessTribe #BloggessTribe
TBlackpaw London, England Little warm-up while the weather is crap and my wrists aren't playing nice today. :D The Official Thrasher 'Main' Account. Will work this out eventually HAHA!
NolanBrook Mickleton Gloucestershire @awright4645 I once felt sorry for my Cotswold ewes one winter and put an old trailer with loads of straw in it for them. They would eat the straw and sleep outside. A good hedge or wall and big trees is what they really want. I agree it’s easy to feel sorry for them when the weather is crap Producer of pedigree grass-fed Cotswold hogget & proud supplier to amazing places like @thechefsdozen, @salt_dining & @FilletandBone. Passion for rare breeds
V_W_Boutique Leeds, England Fresh for the...Erm Summer?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ ok it’s raining and dull, but your jewellery can STILL be fabulous even if the weather is crap. This brand spanking new sterling silver and turquoise range has just hit the shelves… Award winning bridal accessory & jewellery designer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
CallumSAwale This UK weather is crap man nothing to do here mannnn in Jamaica there was like a show on every other day and plus weather was bangingggg man I'm moving over there man Football Fanatic ... Call me The Fat Ronaldo Official @Nikesoccer sponsored Official @virginrecords sponsored Business Enquiries:
Eliza_Rosex Had a scan today at 39 weeks and baby isn't breech! Yay :) c'mon little fella! I know the weather is crap but we want you in our arms!! 💙💙💙 be kind always. 🤰❤️ Registered Nurse 👩‍⚕️ instagram: beffy.g
AlanLillington England, United Kingdom Meet and greet currently in progress the weather is crap tho so far so good paris my name is Alan Im 21 years old main channel: zombie channel:
blue_laur11 Holyhead, Wales Weather is crap ! Can’t wait to get in lcjndoor and chill again n that order 😂 family &friends mean a lot to me obsessed with leopards & tigers ! love Sam Reece & Professor Green and Matthew Lapinskas ❤️ instagram la.uren6167
Nigelstewart76 Rosewell, Scotland, Edinburgh Me trying to hide from the British summer weather today yes that is my jacket and thermal hat 😲 weather is crap wet windy and chilly lol 😂 I am my wife's carer. Love wildlife, nature and my dog. Like taking photos with my bridge camera when I can. I have severe anxiety.
Carrie815 What is it with people when the weather is crap in June who say “ it’s good for the garden”? Well bad summer weather damages the economy, crops and general wellbeing of the population but as long as your forking hedge is growing I guess that’s all that matters, Dave! I was feeling epic
moppet_miss Pickfair Manor The weather is crap and I left my Miffy umbrella at home. Sad now. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.
madlnn_ Adelaide/Melbourne This weather is crap it’s making me upset and it’s definitely killing independent Maddy
Palaeoboy London @JF41180 @GavGordonToGo @Givemeabiscuit I also suspect they didn't sell that many over here either. We were poor in the 50s and the weather is crap anyway so not much of a market. You see many more 70s cabs. nothing interesting
Joanne_Conway Essex Everyone moaning the weather is crap and last year everyone moaned it was too hot 🤷🏻‍♀️You’ll never hear me moaning about the sun xx Live in Chingford, love all girly things, love a holiday, nails, clothes, friends, gym, wine, food, life and my boyfriend 💅🏽💐💞❤️😘💘👗👠👙☀️😎xx
FulltotheBrum Birmingham UK Yes I am having pizza two nights in a row. But the weather is crap and there is no food in my flat (that’s a lie). I used to write a food & drinks blog. Now I'm not so sure. Likes email Also @lauracreaven, sometimes @brumbloggers.
suttyx Hull - City of Culture 2017 Brid’ you’re not doing it for me today! Everything’s either closed, shut or to let and the weather is crap! I feel I’m in a bygone age and you need to up your game. Soz!!☹️#Bridlington @bbcburnsy #rain #seaside #eastcoast #ghostown gardening, fairies, westies, scotties Enid Blyton. Mum of Sapphire, Scarlet and Violet. Mummy to Joe, Richard & Laurence Nonna to Jasper, Teddy & Alexander
lewiscraik Coventry @WestMidsChris I’m really hoping it improves! I’ll still go with the eldest, but not too sure that wife and baby will join us if the weather is crap! Hopefully the ground gets time to dry up a bit too. Don’t fancy my BMW’s chances in a muddy field. Petrolhead - Automotive Software Developer - Mountain Biker - Photographer - Geek - Dad
merimaat Isle of Man dear peeps it is another day where in ukland the tory party of screwing you for sake personal ambition oh and your weather is crap. so don't look at the news or weather & be happy or #VisitIsleofMan and be happy as we are slave to Isiskitty.Totally in love with my wife Aly & Holy Mothers & Holy Fathers of Holy Kemet Grumpy old man & M.E. sufferer - kind & caring towards all.
Stephan90523217 Belfast @Bytor14 It was beautiful here yesterday and but dull today. Work not so bad when weather is crap. Though to be somewhere hot and sunny... ❤️ my kids. Bit of a slabber. Can't stand attention seekers. 🇮🇪🇵🇸☘️
musasuchus Space: The Final Frontier i wanna work on flatbottom but the weather is crap and i don't want my desktop computer to die on me...... milo // 25 // they/them ONLY // ich kann ein bisschen deutsch sprechen // art account: @twostickney
nic_j_goodman London, England New Killing Eve, Handmaids Tale and Big Little Lies, topped off with Love Island. It’s almost great that the weather is crap right? Faux Londoner, authentic northerner | Fan of big hair | PR Director for Boots @OgilvyUK | @KetchumUK alumni | Often found bragging about my 1998 Top 40 single!
drmatthewhardy London @SeanEdwardParry 62 here, they key is active travel, sell the car now and walk/jog/cycle to work, or at least to the bus/train etc. That way there’s no way to wimp out if the weather is crap. The alternative is seizing up as others have said! Sustainable urban cyclist, senior lecturer, recovering architect, Gooner. EUrophile, own views. Head says #Green, heart says #Labour. #RevokeArticle50 #FBPE
LincolnFillSta Snellville Georgia The #weather is crap lately! Come watch a #movie and #drink a #beer! Life is easier that way! Also there will be #pizza! Every #Tuesday, at the #LincolnFillStation, in #Snellville, at 6pm! Proudly Serving Beer and Cigars in the City of Snellville!
jacobsrealnanny Southend-on-Sea, East @jonlis1 @talkRADIO Sorry Jon, the sun's out today and will therefore save my depression for tomorrow when the weather is crap. Jacob's wet nurse by day. Automotive Engineering by night. Stop brexcrap
CigarSenorita @vfinch It's a small island (see Wikipedia details below). The weather is crap pretty much all year round. Cold and grim. Don't go there. 😣 Area  • Total68,401 km² (7th) 26,410 sq mi • Land67,031 km² 25,881 sq mi • Water1,370.42 km² (2%) 529 sq mi 💃
pipharra Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @leicestermark Oh crap. The weather is crap at the moment anyway. Hope you feel better soon. Try and get out to do something/see people even if it's an effort. X Teacher. Socialist.Writer - see book link. Love my job, passionate about politics, social justice, animals & NUFC
flit_707 West Midlands, England @BritishGas @BritishGasHelp my friends boiler has broken today, they have a 1 year old with asthma and no other form of heating. The weather is crap and the earliest you can come out is Monday! Is there no emergency service over the weekend?? #pathetic Wrestling, Football, Music, Singing
jenties87 Dublin City, Ireland Day 2 of Manchester and I'm knocked for six with a head cold and downing the Lemsip. We've a gorgeous hotel, we're really liking the city but the weather is crap but sure that's life. Any recommendations from any Manchester folk would be appreciated 😊 HE/HIM. Gamer. Politico. I like and retweet thirst traps and nonsense. I own @seandhenry - tiresome work. Views expressed: 100% my own or stolen from others
jorjalana uk @neilk1 @LeeAnneLocken @stephhollman @traceys294 @wosaurus @collinsp1960 @tina_tmjohns520 @WedPlannerSteve Same to you Neil x weather is crap but will try and have a good one lol 🌧🌧🌧 big hugs everyone xxxxx Live life 2 the full n be happy with who u r :) never give up on your dreams working mum/singer/dancer/acter/from South wales uk. now lives in buxton derbyshire
AndrewC41837796 Australia @Cronulla_Sharks Great win tonight and wade looked very sharp. Can’t wait for you to come to Canberra on Thursday make sure you rug up the weather is crap. The bed wetter
James_C_Reeves Reading If you’ve got nothing planned tonight (and the weather is crap) come and see Crazy Diamond in Guildford! Still some tickets available so jump on it. Would be great to see you there. Link below. Pianist, singer and saxophonist.
pipswimmum Sorry everyone. My fault the weather is crap..... I bought sunscreen and clearly jinxed it. 😬
TheRedNamy When I am on call for the whole weekend, the weather is absolutely amazing with summer vibes, sun. When I am free and I eve have the long weekend, the weather is crap. Fml. ITA&ENG▪︎Cath Lab Nurse▪︎△◯✕▢▪︎Gamer & Streamer▪︎Mother of Nerds, first of my name●🏳️‍🌈▪︎DC&Marvel▪︎
MonsterYarn Oxford Coach: 60 km moderate bike into an 6 km run. For the run, think this is end of your race. Be positive and believe. Me: The weather is crap this weekend. Do I have to do this session? I know you'll say yes, but I feel I ought to at least ask... Swim & bike loving triathlete. Learning to run. Sometimes knitter. ISTP. Happy Clappy Christian type. Brain fart tweets include mental health & politics.
middleaged_mom York, UK @Birdie_9 I really don’t mind. Get time to catch up on all my programmes whilst ironing and the weather is crap. 👍🏻 Wife, mother, and pleb. every day I'm shuffling!
DorklordCanada Edmonton AB Treaty Six @TheOperaGeek @MystyVander @Aras_Sivad I'm Canadian, and a big guy, so I generally handle cold okay. But I still love to curl up in a sweater and socks when the weather is crap, because baggy sweaters and floofy socks are super comfortable. Social Justice Cleric, TTRPG blogger at and Patreon at

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