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daxmelbourne Melbourne, Victoria @robdaemon @TheChrissmas True, they are packages.. everything is a package these days. And Windows sucks at that. Powershell galleries? crap.. Choco fills in a lot, but I spend so much f*ing time cross-compiling basic tools I need in Linux for Windows :P no.. no more.. Mac. I was foolish to leave them 30 something bearded queer in Melbourne. angsty humanitarian. Star Trek, beer, technology, cigars, food, leather. they/dax preferred. beer, did I say that?
MedNugs @AnthonyCardano @wakitipu1979 @heavymetaltcryp If you're in it for the Tech then you would have to admit on some level he is correct. You can have a great project and be working on it and then still end up with crap at the end. Look at Windows... Real people, Real medicine.
Sebasti66855537 @HardwareUnboxed Yeah this 1000%. It is completely unacceptable and totally unfathomable that a company of NVIDIA's resources still produces a graphics control panel straight from the Windows XP days. And don't get me started about its responsiveness. Get your crap together @NVIDIA @Jensen
LauraStitch1466 So installed new graphics card and psu, then I had idea of installing windows 11 🙈 guess my pc is nice a clean from crap now 🤣 but the graphics card is amazing, been great to keep busy from everything that's going on with baby at min 😔 31 year old Mum of 1 and i love to play Games 🎮| Streamer | Twitch Affiliate |
thebookofdoodle Earth My first two days with my new #surface laptop studio = HOLY CRAP this thing is fast. Lots of restarts to get up and running (all automated, but comical - like 6), I can do more than one Teams thing at a time!, Xbox App doesn't work :(, Windows 11 Home on this is silly! Principal Program Manager, Azure Patterns and Practices. Opinions = me, not company.
computertoucher Tjøme, Norway @adityamahapatra @lovelacecoding Mine is also relatively ancient, being a Haswell-based thing, but the SATA SSD makes even Windows boot in < 5 seconds. Trick is to turn of all the autostart apps and crap. Middle-aged oldsk00l nerd. Curmudgeon. Outspoken antiracist and antifascist. Legalisation proponent. Burgeoning misanthrope. Claircognant musician.
Wisaeria666 South Australia, Australia Bill Gates, this bastard has more than 700 billion dollars and yet he wants you to pay money to get microsoft crap! Yet his windows 10 crap is not compatable with early cp games! Pisses me off! So spend some of that forking money and make things compatable!!! I am 54, green eyes, dark brown hair, athletic body, i love girls and shemales and anal sex. I like mysticism, ancient history, cp games, cats, movies, science
lyntoamariyo London And Windows is now reinstalled, so any remnants of crap on my PC will be gone, thank fork. NSFW 🔞 (No minors) 🇬🇧 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈 ♠️ FFXIV - WHM Main 日本語できる
ThankYouTaker30 every where @network_waiting I would recommend waiting a month or two before updating to windows 11 their are a lot of bugs atm and gaming performance is crap I lost hella lot of performance I’ve downgraded back to windows 10
edmundsnick West Midlands All this “insulate Britain” movement is crap, when I was a kid we used to wake up with ice on the inside of the windows, and drafty houses were considered important to keep healthy. We were the healthiest generation, you don’t need to live in a sealed box with no air flow📦 Londoner and Hammers fan,currency trader. Hate extremism, love a good argument,opinion. will follow back 👍Anti Lockdown campaigner and German Shepherd owner🌸
NancyKimball3 @DineshDSouza Portland is a chithole! We went to Portland when this crap first started. Windows broken out of most business. Trash everywhere! People shooting heroin in their neck on the sidewalk. We also got lucky enough to see a man drop his pants and 💩 in the street and walk off. God, Family & Country!
kevinjhall Shoreham Beach @almurray Ccleaner is a free app that's very good at deleting the crap windows and browsers generate. Disable hibernation, delete restore points (both create large files). Father of two, husband of one. Flight simulation software engineer, owner Simprove Ltd.
WhiteSpir1t New Jersey @Apple Macs. Good hardware but software is crap. Which is why I’m running Windows 8.1 on my MacBook Air for everyday needs. No forced updates and no broken binaries. #WalkedAway #TDS is REAL🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸45🇺🇸THE #GREAT #PURGE #DrainTheSwamp #SocialismSucks #AmericaFIRST
DrJKhokhar Guelph, Ontario @McreynoldsJayme @craigtwerner Most of our equipment is used! Got 8 coulbourn operant chambers and 8 shuttle boxes for $7K, but that is running on Windows XP and might crap out any day! When life hands you a $135k startup, you have to make lemonade! Neuropsychopharmacology; co-occurring addiction/mental illness. @queensu/@UofT/@Dartmouth product. Assistant Professor @UofG @OntVetCollege. PI: @JKhokharLab
AyLilGiraffe California I messed up. Updated Windows and OBS without thinking and now my bitrate went to crap 🤦‍♀️ Tryin to fix asap. Tech help is apperciated! it's not my internet. It started After I updated both programs and internet tests are solid. Disabled. ADHD. Bisexual 🏳️‍🌈 Science Nerd. Veteran. Focused on mental health,self growth,learning compassion and anti-discrimination
leighm911 Rocket City My daughter and her roommates were victims of a hate crime. Someone threw concrete blocks through their windows. We can only surmise it was because of the bi and trans flags that could be seen in the windows. Seriously people, it's 2021 and this crap is still going on? Be kind! 911 Calltaker/mom/LGBTQ+ supporter/💙💚
RelUnrelated Innsmouth, Massachusetts I completely removed "snap" from my machine. [Who the fork thinks Firefox on Linux should run in a snap container? New windows have no network connection, and Gnome shell integration is broken, among several issues.] Now to change some of this crap. Humanist agnostic atheist geek in Oceania or Eastasia; Hodgkins lymphoma survivor; Social Justice Warrior; Cultural Marxist™; #antifa #BlackLivesMatter — He/Him
AnimalNorse Here. @GSmokesweed1 I have a fever, feel like crap, and the power company had an outage that is making life hell...opening windows and putting bowls of ice out to try to help our cats. Animal Rights Activist 50 years,Martial Arts/Self Defense 49 yrs. Musician,writer. Scandinavian/German,Native American,Jewish. Axe & knife thrower. Videographer
TheodoreG1414 Pittsburgh, PA @techaftmidnight @Apple Nobody is saying you need to pay more for what YOU need. Unfortunately I need to use Office on occasion and will never own another crap Windows machine. My new $900 M1 MBA is lightning fast with two-day batter life and the ability to run both iWork and Office, a no-brainier. The hockey rink is my second home. Puckhead #Pens #NHL #Resist #GymJordanShouldBeInJail F the GQP and NRA #BlueWave 🌊 🌊 A lover of Psaki bombs.
Jennyannsine Colombia/Québec This is a long shot, but does anyone know what style this handle is or what it's called? Don't care if it's crap or not original I kind of like it. They are on the french door style windows and 4 out of 5 have them - I just need 1 🤔
brusselshatesp1 I guess not surprising judging by the sounds outside our windows in the evening: speeding and screeching up to the traffic lights (not mentioning the crap music which is invariably full blast) Love the city, hate how unfriendly it is for pedestrians 🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♀️insta: brusselshatespedestrians
cpuGoogle California, USA The context here is that GreenBorder had a strong, comprehensive solution but required 3 drivers and patching the crap out of the Windows kernel. Then came Windows Vista preview 1. Fuchsia kernel developer. Held hostage in the bay area. They make me manage people. Help. He/him.
SelenaW07337942 @fwtoney She can’t! She a liar ! Only God can! What a line of crap she’s pushing! Where is the common sense of these people! Went out the windows and doors! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 #proudDem🌊🌊#equality for all races matter#BLM #ArmyBrat🤬love to swear 😂😭🍷my friends on Twitter my friends in EU#End trump lies😤#end corruption#GOP
eyedesyn Denver, CO Ok windows people wtf is this highlight thing and how can I turn this crap off?? @SchoolofMotion Creative Director • #Cinema4D #3D Educator • Pug Dad • Craft Beer Nerd • • #NFT
SasamiRari Zalera, Eorzea @VeryLameTweets @nerdcity Only thing ive ever seen from NFT is some bullcrap pixel art avatars that people try to sell for thousands, when all people can do is the ol' right click and save or snipper tool from windows... I dont get the crap and just seems like a scam to get money in most cases. Im Sasami Rari on Crystal DC, Zalera! Check my YT & Tw stream: ! Ex-Game Dev for a big company, I do VO’s!! Content Creation & gaming!
QSmeats Earth @POTUS Right so this was a failure of the private sector and has nothing to do with the recent policies and that regulations make it so ports can operate in certain windows and that there is a ton of red tape to become a truck driver. Is anyone buying this crap anymore?! I’m just a regular Joe with a regular job I'm your average white, suburbanite slob I like football and porno and books about war...
HootervillePub Hooterville, USA @bestsongiheard @amazon @Microsoft @Facebook @Apple For me the Ipod, got 480 gigs of records I take everywhere on 3 of these Amazon is a lifesaver getting shoes in a 17 so I don't have to walk around looking like a hobo Have never used Facebook and every windows I've ever had turns to crap after a few years Bogart and Bacall,Walter Kirn, McQueen, Bronson/Rolling Stones, AC/DC, UFO, MSG /Packers, Boilers,Cubs,PGA, LPGA/American Indian history/ vinyl and bootlegs /
JasonC5288 @Razer @intel @Windows @seagategaming @TwinklyLED Where's my package containing my Orochi v2? Why isn't this crap stocked in local stores because @FedEx is being terribly useless and lazy. I can't spend 4 days waiting at home in hopes I can catch the guy who can't be bothered in ringing the bell or knocking on the door Adventurer, motorcyclist, martial artist and a techie
JasonHy30840687 @DailyMailUK Its because everyone opened their windows and let Covid outside 🤣🤣🤣 ohhhh you couldn't make this crap up, if you think fresh air is gonna kill you, we might have to move forward without you 🤣🤣🤣 Just a person who see's through the lies
mdreinders Elm Grove, WI @bdsams Yes, Windows Hello is stupid fast. I mean, I barely notice the white light on and I'm instantly back to my desktop. Holy crap! Plus, after using it (for only a few hours...I know), the trackpad does seem nice. I can attest that it is growing on me. You have days, I have hours. I'm an awake forty-something practicing gratitude, excitement and living in the present moment. 😉♥️😊
mikecodemonkey Olympia, WA @killyourfm I installed it this weekend too. and yes it’s looks much better. (Cough… is plasma). But I was still offended by how much crap there was to navigate, and how heavy it is. Windows still just feels like XP with 20 years of paint on it. :/ Co-Founder and CTO of MemberVault. Grumpy old PHP developer with an unhealthy obsession with coding, dad jokes, and Linux.
BenArfmann Los Angeles, CA @TriMakesGames Tooootally. My biggest frustration is short timing windows. I’m just not a speedy dude, and hate that experience (which I have a lot in boss fights) of “what move is that? Oh the purple sweep ok I gotta dodge then jump annnnnd crap he already connected with my skull I’m dead” DICE Award Winning, BAFTA/WGA Nominated, SxSW/GDC Alum Mission Director, Spider-Man 2 // Lead Writer, Spider-Man: Miles Morales // Writer, Spider-Man
tiredmom23 Ok so maybe I shouldn’t have talked crap and said small storm because there is another going on and my house is shaking and the windows are rattling because the wind is so bad. Gotta love Midwest storms Wife, mom and basically the most boring person on the planet!
srkizer 🗣🇰🇷🇺🇸🇯🇵 windows 10 is a piece of crap lol. and this is from someone had absolutely no problem with vista or 8/8.1. robots dragons armors / FFXIV: @SoundFalcon
scolioreset Québec, Canada @Majin_Jerome @meme_gamer_bad @ChrisMcL16 @Nick_Marseil I would love to play The Outer Worlds... But The Medium is crap. I finished it and it made me extremely mad because of how much gatekeeping there was and how the puzzles were as sophisticated than a Sierra point-and-click adventure game on CD-ROM from Windows 95. Étudiant CLG. Tweet EN/FR. Il/Lui. He/Him. / Hadar sen Olmen!
griffinkate Cardiff, Wales Scratch an "air conditioning is better than openable windows aaaaaactually" self-appointed expert on cooling systems and you'll find a Covid denier quicker than you can clean the crap out from under your fingernails. Life is short; plant a garden.
brannonb Seattle, WA @SeamusBlackley @DevinCow What I remember is driving down to Millennium every day in the middle of nowhere, and news articles all saying we were doomed to fail against Sony & Nintendo. My office had no windows, so when somone left a crap standing lamp in the hall one day I grabbed it. I still have it. Writer & Game Designer of tabletop and digital games, including Halo, The Matrix Online, Stargate SG-1, FarmVille, and lots more.
SecretlyToku So my controller issues are due to Windows' crap bluetooth but my drawing tablet saved the day again: It's cord is a usb-2 -with adapters for C and Apple- and so using that to play wired. Thanks Ugee! FINALLY a Glimesh Variety Streamer, Music Lover, Shiny Polish is My Thing. She/Her 🥳 Opinions mine Affiliated with SOVEREIxN gear, TOKUCORP at checkout.
kovmate111 @linusgsebastian @kdecommunity @valvesoftware @SteamDeckPC Btw a quick hint: you have mentioned Windows Search being crap a couple times. Try KDE's built-in search (Alt+Space). It is super intuitive, really fast, and does everything you can think of, except stealing your data. It is more advanced than Spotlight. And further extensible. Open source fan, studying Engineering @ Budapest University of Technology & Economics, future DIY youtuber, Christian, Hungarian.
pressreset Brooklyn, NY @AnthonyJohns yeap. it’s a total cluster, and instead of fixing/organizing/refactoring they just keep stacking crap on. what’s happening is what happened to windows. 🤷 if i’m not around, email me.
melvin_zill Germany 🇩🇪 @johnleiperr Well let’s see. I’m personally a macOS person but at my dads office they have to use windows and have 3 clients, one of them is now getting 11 for testing… If it’s fine I’ll probably upgrade the other too (this one was fresh installed as I think it had tons of crap on it) RIP Pebbles April 2014 - March 2021 You will forever be loved Hello Dora, shall the journey continue… Hi Wolke, lets write a new chapter of my life