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randommaracucho @leaks_infinite Will we get anything that is not cosmetics and other crap that does matter New maps Fun modes Utter destruction of sbmm on social playlist Servers that don't run off windows 3.1 and can manage actual loads Am so tired of every damn season all they talk is cosmetics
CoastalLab Italy "Windows is slow, clunky and unreliable" How can you say that with a straight face, i love Unix/Linux based systems, but if i had to choose one thing that Windows does best, is handling (and scheduling) resources. All those "modified Windows" are crap ICT Consultant | Tech Enthusiast | I crappost quite a lot | simracer | I roast hardware on a daily basis | Dev Page: #StandUpForUcraine
pacer142 Milton Keynes @Owler_Nook @Microlambert The main thing that looks crap is white windows on deep red brick buildings. They just stick out like a sore thumb. Look at this row of well maintained houses and tell me which ones look substantially worse... IT consultant, Scout Leader, climber and traveller (or something like that...)
beastusa From Earth AIM ASSIST (AIMBOT for the not so skilled) and crap Winblows 11. Multiplayer is already glitchy whenever a Windows 11 player joins. Hands on With Asus' ROG Ally: Can This Win 11 Gaming Handheld Top the Steam Deck? #PCMag LEGAL GUN OWNER, patriot, computer geek, computer gaming, all things geek. On the computer reading things always! NO TV :) PORN & Snapchat = BLOCKED!
NinaPilgrim1 Rome, GA @DritaDavanzo Hey I killed 2 snakes this month, a snake is a snake. I don’t give a crap, they were rat snakes and hanging in my freaking windows!! 🐍🐍
MikeFrett Earth It's f'ed up when you have to download potential malware just to get rid of the ADs and other crap built into your OS. If you haven't figured it out, Windows IS the virus. Linux. I've been using Xubuntu since 2012. Anti-crypto.
Propfirmcoupon @Quantower_app it keeps opening windows for market profile and I can’t stop it, I’m in a trade this is crap
TheRufusJackson British Columbia, Canada @Bulldog78932701 West coast of Canada is the same. Open drug use, tents on the sidewalks, human and dog crap on the sidewalks, too many businesses with smashed windows to even count. same genital attracted adult human male, alt account so I don’t get blacklisted from my woke industry
jkriggins London, England @sevikarakulak I’m sorry! Open the windows to help get that air in. And don’t assume anything is normal. If you feel like crap call your doctor. Tho I hope you heal soon! culture side of tech storyteller | pro writer since 2003 | she/her | 6yo mommy | ‘inimitable’ ‘force of nature’ ‘a little bit sweary’
UK_Daniel_Card London, Vauxhall ok tweeps read this... if this is not distrubting windows materials then I don't know what is.. but hey let's say that doesn't break the EULA etc. (there's another MS doc we would need to check, but i'm old and my memory is crap...) let's get this downloading! 真理的揭露者 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes fella in cyberspace #nafo undercover #FVEY Lovely Horse #fella #meme #farm #appreciator #cyber #specialist 🇬🇧🇺🇦
GaryWA9 WA State @mrgreen AI does have that capability but Bill Gates's version of AI, ChatGTP, is garbage psycho-babble. Don't go near his crap. And DUMP Windows and go Linux powered Desktops or Bill will force feed his AI to your machines on the next forced Update whether you want it or not. RON eNotary Signing Agent, Dweller of the Web3 Blockchain and Follower of Logic and Open Source Linux. Early adopter Web1.
AaronAintFunny Two people car windows got shattered in my neighborhood and I honestly can’t wait to leave. This community is going to crap I’m in the DJ booth taking pictures with the DJ
ValksyLG The forgotten place That explosion broke windows and rained crap onto schools and people's homes The STAGGERING incompetence of it all is going to have a real impact And it wont matter because the State sucks the popsicle of wealth and has been handing him contracts without due oversight Junk shop mind - The contents are mostly random, broken, filthy or have bits missing. Occasionally there is something of value. She/her.
theruckuz Newcastle upon Tyne. UK. forking alarms going off outside. I love city centre living but I wish social housing wasn't so crap. With decent windows and some actual insulation, this stuff wouldn't be as bad. Earplugs and brown noise it is... DJ Writer Event organiser 🔞 (I'm told I should come with a trigger warning.) Music, culture, comedy, smut, politics, mental health, neurodivergence, cannabis.
OldGamerzNvrDie VA @YODAzWIFE Yes, skip to FO4. FO3 is a great game, but if you are playing it on PC, you will likely have issues unless you purchase it from GOG. Steam and Windows versions are buggy as crap. Took forever for me to just get it to run again when I did a FO3 stream last year. Whether you're an Online Gamer, Original Gangsta or just an Old Geezer like me, join the OG's on YouTube for video game tutorials, live streams, and let's play!
suezzdr @MdBreathe Because you are making all the right people mad. Be careful what you click because windows is a piece of crap made by Billie gates and a baby could plant crap on your computer if you click the wrong thing.
xg_stephen 20 @ItsMwamOffi We tried messing around with premium cache stuff but sucks that all that crap is encrypted, at least the main structure is viewable We're all pretty lucky that they released this with better file access & modification compared to normal bedrock and other windows store games 20 yo | he/him 🎹 XG Stephen on Spotify 💖 My music Discord: ☕ Want to support?:
shaydokenz United Kingdom This has to be one the stupidest feature which can’t be disabled. @Apple @tim_cook Remove this crap. Imagine buying a house and there is restriction, you can’t open windows due to sound from outside damaging hearing. PlayStation | Nintendo | PC
oldbutteR @whiotv please, if it is knocked down, let people buy salvage out of it (with waivers to release any culpability of injury) - new builds are usually crap - but not these old beauties -- so sad (how much for the windows and weights, floor boards, planks, HARDWARE) don't throw in landfill B -dolls, books, walking trails in state park, gardening, thinking deep thoughts about stuff - 'these are a few of my favorite things'. (don't own that, it is f
AmyAmycrouse Basehor, KS @thebosashop I’ve never understood this. Let’s feed the cute little birds who crap on everything and fly into your windows and commit suicide but let’s be mean to the cute little squirrels who are also hungry and don’t understand the feed is not for them? So stupid. Library Media Specialist
NullWerewolf New England @TheSandwichYote @DominoTheGShep @4thmatchflame Not the way that it’s generally deployed and maintained. “Linux” has become just as bloated and broken as Windows, even in the “embedded” space. One issue is using hardware that depends on non-free crap drivers and being married to a specific kernel. Many who build these devices… 31 | A jack of all trades; a master of NULL | Sometimes I play a programmer on television | Expect Furry, VRChat, “Retro” hardware and other random stuff.
xl772 Burlington, VT @MathTeach_BEW It definitely does happen that people don’t transmit COVID within the house. It’s such a crap shoot. We kept the windows open and a CR box going constantly and had no transmission within the house. Rooting for you, and so sorry this is happening :( Math, cryptography, justice. My pronouns are she/her. Self ID: cis het white woman, québécoise, Canadian American
InfamousPlatano NYC @Ic3Le0pard Nah u tripping. Iinux is cool and all. But you have to admit even with all the crap windows has it has the best optimization and compatibility for pc gaming in general. Not enough games run on Linux for it to be worth It for a hardcore gamer. “What is a man but the sum of his memories? We are the stories we live! The tales we tell ourselves!”
taydobukka17227 @kirawontmiss WTF he uses an entire second monitor just to look at Spotify, I mean that's what the Windows Xbox Game Bar is for, he just needs to push the big white button on his Windows Xbox controller to do that. And BTW the monitor he's gaming on is crap.
TechGregs England @hl2_linux @linux_flower Gnome is more newbie friendly, but both Ubuntu and Fedora support and offer KDE ISOs. So newbies can have the old W95 user experience of a start bar and desktop icon if they need that crap, after all Linux isn't Windows. Only Windows I ever liked was 8.1, 8 wasn't finished right. tech guy that works fixing life and not big tech.
kuimary1 Nyeri, Kenya #dci we will never buy that crap that Jeff killed himself,then pushed himself and let his ghost close the windows after falling..that crap is so crappy.we want justice for this young guy. #JusticeForJeff #djfatso #ouryouthourresponsibilities
msgrumpybunny Sit’n On a Dock by the Bay, CA @Xeranx @TravisPage01 @SherylCrow Spare the “violence is worse in blue cities” crap. It’s happening everywhere. Regardless if it’s “more” or “less”. Doesn’t change the number of children learning how to be silent while they cover the windows, lock and block the door and hide in a closet because someone might try… Humor/Art/Music/Science necessary. Curse like a sailor. Ranch/AG girl- ❤︎ adore animals more than people. #LGTBQ+ & #BLM ally.
sonnyfuture My next video is done and ready to be scheduled… perfect time for my computer to crap out. Windows just freaked out and stopped working. And now… well. My computer tried to “shut down” but is currently still on and not displaying anything to my monitors! youtuber.
TheMaBrennan San Antonio, TX @ksatnews Except, @Lennar builds crap. You are welcome to visit my less-than-two-year-old home by #lennar to see how poorly built their homes are and their terrible craftsmanship—leaky saggy roof, doorways, and windows. My floor is apart. I wouldn't recommend Lennar to my worst enemy. US Army OIF I Veteran. #MABrennan $MABrennan
Tea_witdre Fairy Tale This is precisely why I don’t believe in fresh air. I opened my windows in the apartment because it’s a nice day, I hear Yumi cutting up, I go to the living room and this big bottom bird is stuck in the window. Scared the crap out of me. I grabbed Yumi and we are heading to home… Mariah Carey,Taylor Swift, Iron Man,Ariana/Harry Potter/Real Housewives, anime & Pokémon nerd. Smooth brain advocate #SpacesHost . I’m a man ...🇯🇲 🇪🇹🏳️‍🌈
Tea94852859 I speak finnish @january_myth @mk_outi If they get inside and oanic, then to get them put is to close/blind all the other windows/door than the one you want them in. They can crap inside if in panic. Nainen,ihminen 🇫🇮Persoonapronominini ovat minä,sinä,hän,me,te,he. bio will not translate right, finnish doesn't have gendered pronouns, everybody is HÄN
violetblue Spent the day documenting broken sink, broken washer/dryer, broken cupboards, rusted fridge, broken windows (storm damage), holes in walls, crap to haul, etc. On the other hand, this place is gorgeous and I think you can see why I said okay to a thrashed "fixer upper." @Engadget @PopSci @WithoutConsent @MHhorrordoc; five @ippyawards. Legacy. Shaped like the hole in your heart.
BillJuftes North Carolina, USA @LawSelfDefense In NC, Castle Doctrine extends to vehicles and its arguable that striking the windows (let alone opening a door) is attempted forcible entry and thus grounds for protective force. BUT....this crap happens in big cities which are almost always Dem good luck Just another old vet who has no patience for B.S. Get off my lawn
catovitch In vertigo you will be @Arcon_ No, that "Source code files (Monaco)" viewer handles .txt and a million other text formats, and is a steaming pile of crap, even compared to the old Windows txt preview handler which also sucks (but at least works and loads quickly). Metallica lyrics go here when drunk. Tweeting on the wrath of man.
Doggoenism Lawrence, KS i stg y'all my stupid programming class is basically windows only i have to look up half the crap that's wrong with my stuff because it's different than the text book and the prof is a dinosaur :-1 Andy / Agender / Ace / Aro / ACAB / ADHD He/They Childless, Fatherless, Penniless Sci-Fi Horror Stories by Me:
egreen4325 Richmond, VA @ESPNCleveland @TheRealTRizzo @TheOGPAW Don't fall for the Windows Update crap in the middle of the show. It's a trap 😂 Microsoft Windows is 7 and 9 bull bleep! Host of @goingnuclearCLE Play-by-play for @RMCWBB
TheHeatherNic Welp….a good business person would never start a business in Portland. This is out of hand. Are people really that mind controlled that they keep voting for more awful policy and politicians who allow this crap happen? #portland #keepportlandinportland Christian wife and mom. Trying to be a light in the world with honest and entertaining content.
Bewarejustice7 @Raymond29150928 @JustVent6 @mtgreenee What the hell is DOX? You kids are so easily scared by this crap. You're acting like he wants you to. He's trying to get you all worked up and look at you. "I die for mines" "I gots more arsenals" This is the guy you shut your lights out and looking out your windows for.
pcguardianangel mew/purr/it/whatever you want smart ppl crap aside win 7 is my fav windows version because it has a pretty aero glass theme and is the only version of windows that has pre installed purble place in it #kerorotwt just having fun,nothing more nothing less.matching w @alrtixx
BurnesDave12 @ZaleskiLuke @CollinRugg This is the most rediculous bunch of crap ever. Now put your helmit on and start licking the windows on the short bus. Seek help - the boogeyman is coming. Former LEO. Dad of RN. Grandad of active duty sailor in submarine service. Irish Catholic. Proud of family's call to serve. Back the Blue.
dantootill Shropshire, United Kingdom @GregzVR @JazRignall @RMCRetro @RDKLInc Those tools used to be aimed at stripping all of the bloat left by the hardware vendor. You used to just format at new PC, install vanilla Windows and you were fine. Now all that crap is embedded it's not an OS any more, it's a front end for trying to sell you more stuff. Linux guy, retro-computing and electronics enthusiast, occasional writer / artist / musician. Trying to be a better person. Views are from my bedroom window.
anywayaround EUrope @ProtonVPN Why is your VPN client on Linux consuming 600 MB of memory? I've reported this and absolutely nothing has changed for over a year. So I've switched to NordVPN. Windows users would have accepted this level of crap but I and hopefully many other Linux users won't ! Writing about random stuff, economy, blockchain, tech, and the coming inevitable singularity. Unfortunately too much into neo-religious and geopolitical topics.
henriziolkowski Nashville, TN @sibersong When we were kids we hung out car windows and jumped off the barn. Wtf is this crap? They should do a challenge where they see who can work the most hours at their part time jobs. Nurse et cet. It’s a scarf - don’t make yourself look foolish. I block socks. #VoteBlue
anywayaround EUrope @ProtonMail @torproject @ProtonVPN Why is your VPN client on Linux consuming 600 MB of memory? I've reported and did not change anything for over a year. So I've switched to NordVPN. Windows users would have accepted this level of crap but I and hopefully many other Linux users won't ! Writing about random stuff, economy, blockchain, tech, and the coming inevitable singularity. Unfortunately too much into neo-religious and geopolitical topics.
yuwucyttv The weather is so nice, I have the windows open, it's super chill in my home office and I want to just play genshin and vibe but... I have to work 😭 Why do trips always suck bc you get in a good mood and then when you're back, it all just turns to crap again? 💖 goofy casual @Twitch streamer 💖 | 30 - they/she - LG(B)TQ(A)+ | @itgetsbetter affiliate | Header @dr4gonnov4 | Profpic @frigonimy | #1 Rhys simp
koduflower2000 @pixequil This is kinda relatable actually! Thank God, I moved to Linux! I really didn't wanna deal with that crap all the time. The moment I clicked "Update and restart", the overall Windows updates took so long, like LITERALLY 5 hours, that I REGRETTED IT and decided to switch to Linux. "It's time to think outside the box." 17+, He/Him, They/Them (you can use any of these two), straight, a smart dude but a child at heart, supports LGBTQ+
JIM_THE_BOSS_ @linuxopsys I don't hear so much from Microsofties about how FOSS is crap. The ease of use and power of LibreOffice compared to Office 365 has pretty well made the shills shut up. And the garbage Windows 11 interface has made some of them look longingly at my MATE setup. Insert bio here
jelesuis123 san francisco @maxdubler I love SF, but the housing is crap. I jumped on my current apartment when I noticed the windows were double-paned - yup that is what sold me. After the drafty slumlord-owned Victorian and a brief stint in a stucco building with cheap windows I knew what is important! Overeducated idiot