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Buffalo95847 California @Windows Your latest update took hours to download, and 45 minutes to reload-start my computer. And Automatic Updates are turned on. Windows is crap.
PoguarSmoke12 America @mrspeel8979 @DoctorTrann @GabrielSterling Sure was a CRAP TON of "human error". And why the cloak and dagger, and hiding to count votes?? Not everyone is as dim as they are. I mean the cover ups are so 2nd grade. I mean, cardboard covering windows? 🤪 Business & Finance. Hate most Lawyers & Politicians. Hate lazy most of all! No one on earth OWES u ANYTHING. Love baseball, racquetball and my family.
gersart Calgary, Alberta ...every single apple device is dropping the internet connection tonight. The windows machines? No problem. macOS, iPadOS and ios are all crap. creatively coded curiosity. MSc Computing Science, MFA with multiple media artwork. fabrication, coding, recording, scanning. currently job hungry artist
no_compute Texas @default_friend When you have 20 browser windows each with tabs maxed out and you feel a hard reset is necessary to restore some level of system performance and you hope the option to restore tabs doesn't crap out after reboot. Excuse my newb.
jwcounts Houston, TX Running chckdsk on all of the storage (the 5TB Storage Space is going to take a minute), uninstalling a bunch of crap I don’t need or use. Might bite the bullet and use that “Refresh Windows” function. Fun times. A dramatic, sweeping epic of a young man going from rags to slightly more stylish rags. (Views are my own & you can't have them...wait). He/him/his.
The_Darkburst @Eisberg_Wolf @JimmyBobWayne @TimSweeneyEpic @spiritedattygrl @3Plantey2 @Trix32x @9to5mac @benlovejoy What does any of this crap has to with apple though? There are Android and Windows platforms running along Apple. Where is the so called "Monopoly"?
TheAngryInvest1 @The_Razorr @Walmart @Microsoft This is super dumb... I'm doing a Network Reset to reinstall all my network adapters... no wonder people leave Microsoft in droves @tim_cook @LinusTech all because Windows broke my computer's usability in a single update... what if I had a job and this crap happened? @Microsoft Angry/Investor
Quatuux France @richgel999 Are you sure Gates is an expert coder? As far as I know, he's an expert businessman. He asked Tim Paterson to adapt the QDOS & rename it MSDOS (I'm not sure if Gates directly helped), and Windows is known for being crap in terms of security & stability. I dev games on my free time. Talking politics is not a good way to make friends but here we go!
jgnoelle Vancouver/Coast Salish Terr. @karen_heenan Holy crap! Yes living in a small - and well-insulated space - is an important factor. My apartment has crappy electric heat and single-paned windows. If it was better constructed it would retain heat better and I wouldn't *have* to be constantly nudging up the thermostat. Historical fiction writer, wanderer, workhorse. Left-brained, left wing, right-handed, wrong direction. East Coast meets West. @HFChitChat co-host. She/her.
JPManga West Hollywood, CA Purchased a new MacBook Air w/ Apple's M1 chip. Holy crap. Everything is WICKED fast. Windows and prompts pop up instantly. Slowdown NEVER happens — even w/ numerous apps going. Evernote, always a resources hog for me, is now a non-issue. Huge props, Apple. 👍 Freelance writer ✍️ Peloton cult member 🚴 Dog lover 🐶 Wannabe sartorialist 👔
325_BluFlcn_Inf Madisonville, KY @heretosaveday07 @MissILmom Rejecting claims is one thing. Video and photographic proof of shi-stuff like the boxes on windows and interfering with the watchers' duty is more than enough evidence. They don't want to run with it as it would blow this crap open.. A Texan import to Kentucky. Been called narcissistic, vain, bipolar, and a sociopath. It's not true, I've never been bipolar, unipolar, or any polar...
chiefstonefox Anishinaabe Territory @CBCSudbury One of the more dangerous things of driving on the roads in the winter is the salt it is like hitting a water puddle it pulls your vehicle all over the place you cannot see out your windows or your mirrors and you are blind every time a truck passes you from this crap use sand
Rickiwot Aus. @ChampChong What's better is subjective, I was primarily a PC gamer and that windows 8 crap irked me too much then I saw it on their console platform too and I was done, it's not really much different just touched up it's still boxes and I don't like it still 🤷 yeah nah nah yeah but nah yeah yeah nah.
Buffalo95847 California @Windows Your latest update took hours to download, and 45 minutes to reload-start my computer. And Automatic Updates are turned on. Windows is crap.
JusDucky27 USA @My5Butterflies @TheRealHoarse And kill millions more to giftwrap up a bunch of crap that's gonna get returned on 12/26. This is why I hate Christmas. Call me Scrooge. I don't care. Although I have to admit I am putting lights in my windows this year. First time in about 15 years. If you make me mad, still support 45 or send me ANY creepy DM's, you're going straight to the cornfield-instant BLOCK. Just stop. NO LISTS! #TheResistance
Kthughes93 Glasgow, Scotland Not been sleeping well due to the wind howling and our windows being crap, so I’m staying in the spare room which is a double bed! How do people share such a small bed!?! It’s really not much bigger than single 😵 I find a king struggle! My two priorities - being a wife and dog mumma ❤️ with a splash of blogging on the side!
WolfieSmiffed Hampshire, UK & Mars Windows 10 is doing a version upgrade so I'm forced to use the Android app and fork me I'd forgotten what a piece of crap it's become. I DON'T WANT OR NEED YOUR SUGGESTIONS TWITTER! Mars, citizen science, 3D, coding, photography, debunking, and SPAAACCE* *Tweets may reference the current politics
Adrian_Gooner Cape Town, South Africa Can't believe I pay Spotify R60 pm for access to 50 million songs and countless podcasts. Having said that, their Windows app is still crap. BComm Economics, Spreadsheets, Gamer, Arsenal FC. He/Haw.
Nic_Younger London, England Nobody prepares you for how draining working in an office with crap lighting and no windows is especially when your manager and director are sat their arguing with each other, throwing crap at each other. 19 ✨ Straight vibing and not dying rn
brincat_j @Ed_Westby My car is so crap that nobody will ever try to steal it. I can park it with windows rolled down and doors wide open and thieves will just look in the glove comparment to see if I have any CDs. I love classic cars, bikes and animals. Not a fan of humanity as such.
prasantadu07 @VyangyaPuraan This technique disables windows updates and even deletes all the UWP crap including that snooping Cortana. The only downside is that it deletes windows search too but you can use third-party apps. Main to yehi use kar raha hu. Long process but worth it. Self-proclaimed National Secretary of #TeamBaan Pubg Ltd.
hookedmermaid They/She @nastygirllenny @DanielAndrewsMP The windows won’t accommodate a window aircon (looked into it a couple of years ago), otherwise I’d have one. The wiring is also crap and my bills are ridiculously high even when nothing is running. If I could afford to move, I would. Atm it’s just blacking out windows and fans. Game Dev | Writer | Gamer. Disabled and exhausted.
nyambol Naugatuck, CT USA What use is chocolatey? It provides an unnecessary layer between myself and my software. Don't I have enough crap to deal with in Windows, without adding more - just because? 🙄 Grumpy Grampa, Leftist, Xtian, IWW, Books, Chess §In the workforce 55 yrs, sick of it §Mail c/o The Hospice of the Mind §obBook 9781643131283
Akzel94 so overall pros of WMR: 1) Inexpensive option to get started with VR cons: 1) WMR portal is unnecessary crap on top of SteamVR, and so is tied to Windows to work at all 2) controllers feel cheap and uncomfortable in longer sessions 3) headset has to clamp your head to stay put tweets a lot about anime stuff | occasionally writes code and talks Linux | exaggerates all the things | never enough coffee
SwissTeslaphile Tesla Model S Bull crap. There is no match for Windows Phone. Android, no matter who's making the device, is inferior and annoying as he'll. C# / .Net / UWP Dev - Founder of @interware_ch - Opinions are my own - Tesla referral:
SherringGeoff London @KarolineAnukhet Windows XP wad the most stable operating system from Windows. I agree I just have to get rid of the crap. I mean I keep getting endless notifications and the office is in the cloud who has access to that information. I do have a second laptop thankfully.
strangenocturne Michigan Holy crap I think I managed to fix my problem! My friend @BabieBatz is a saint, he found a portion of the livestream with better audio but the video quality wasn't great so I slapped the audio over my video and I somehow synched it together in Windows Movie Maker! Thank you again Katie | 28 | she/her | Your goth aunt | ASD | Artist | YouTube, dA, and Twitch @StrangeNocturne | My tip jar @ |
jam_waffles Cambridge, UK I am VERY excited and VERY ready for the pain of moving off x64 to ARM in the Windows/Linux space too. Intel's heap of patent encumbered CISC crap is way past its sell by date. Programming, electronics and CNC. @rustlang evangelist, looking to work in @rustembedded fulltime. Please hire me! He/him.
mentalgirlbooks I'm right here Darn it. I think my neighbor is doing the manure today. It's warm out and I opened all the windows. Crap. Pun intended. I'm Rebecca - a.k.a. Mental Girl. Here to share & Self care advocate. Also here for giggles and get silly with ya.
TaraPurpleRain Taylorsville, KY Today is the perfect day in @KentuckyTourism to sanitize and air out your house/building people!!! Open those windows, use a little disinfectant spray on those high traffic areas (doorknobs, kitchens, bathrooms) and get that CRAP out of your house. @Lysol @Clorox #freshair Dr. PRN & FF fan! BUT FIRST a wife to Troy, a mother to the AMAZING Dan, Matt, Sav, Sam and Ringo. OH yeah, and a 🏀 mom in progress - it’s rough out there 😉.
Arcnaver Idaho I think-its brown here. @jmkingacting @realDonaldTrump Well, some of it has been, like the boarded-up windows. Remember, the media is in on this crap and refuse to show evidence of anything. Biden still may have won, but I'd like to know he did so legitimately. Getting some!
coalBUCKETLIST Somewhere Out There🌎 @barbarastarrcnn @MSNBC @usairforce These #B1Bombers flew over our home in central OH this afternoon and scared the crap out of us. So loud the windows rattled. 😱😱😱 What is going on? #Buckeye #Badger #B1G 🏟️#ModLiberal 🌊#beagles🐾🐾 #choosekind #adoptdontshop🐶🐱🐎 Cure #Alzheimers Cure #Cancer #NavyStrong #volunteer #ScienceJunkie
BubbleyBrain Greater Vancouver #WritingCommunity #writers Welcome to the hell of Office 365 and the cloud. Crap like this is why I still haven't 'upgraded' to Windows 10 and 365. @Microsoft @Office365 Where thoughts bubble. Blub blub blub! 100% random guaranteed! *Author/artist reveal loading... 25%*
Paulloe17 Behind the bike shed @Microsoft Please Microsoft just fork off and let people easily use programs and apps that are so much better than your twat offerings. use your crap Windows operating system because you force me to, not because it is good - it is crap. 70% coffee and Old Vines Grenache
abc12385c @almostjingo This article is 13 years old, and I'm sure it will have been updated since then. Are you still running on Windows XP or are you on Windows 98?. I claim your computer to be crap because the software was crap 20 years ago. There is no proof of any of the above accusations..

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