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IceAndrews Cincinnati, OH @Dropbox @DropboxSupport The new explorer is just a worse version of windows explorer. Why would you make that the default? Dropbox is such crap now. Limited devices and terrible interface. Dad, Geek, Liverpool Fan, FC Cincinnati Fan, Data Models, XML, XSLT, XSD, MarkLogic
HMNIDes Malaysia fork the people who decide chucking a massive cloud of vape in an enclosed room without any proper air flow a good idea. Best part is when they tell you not to open the door or windows for fresh air and to suffocate in that crap fully. Freeman. Currently on permanent vacation enjoying life.
chemendonca New York, NY Blame every single piece of text with double spacing on the absolute crap that is the Apple butterfly keyboard. No wonder Windows is winning: it does Linux better than the Mac and its laptop keyboards don't suck. Computer Engineer from 🇧🇷. Product Manager @ Google AI living in NYC. Microsoft, Facebook and Dartmouth/Tuck alum. I take pictures of the stars.
TheUnholy6 Mars @ThyMarcusVII @ChurchofSatan @THR Ok I need a really big cup of coffee after reading this. Like whaaaaaaat the crap. My brain just went 🤯. He must be apart of TST. Cause that made no sense what so ever. What drugs are you on? Do you lick windows? And who the fork is taking pants off? Amature Pornstar😈 ,Producer, Vocalist(Looking for a band!!), ♈💯, Roman🇮🇹 NC home, Satanist(not a member) loyal to Church of Satan
_steven_93 Edinburgh, Scotland @Baw187 What's brutal is we've got a squad full of crap players, defence is clearly a major issue, midfield not great and selling Europe's best young player. Funny how hibs always do so poor during January transfer windows. Recruitment is nonexistent at hibs. 26 😁 HIBS 🇳🇬 Liverpool 🇦🇹 ⚽ SNP
iv_coffee_stat Wellington City, New Zealand My neighbour has her back windows open (as she does every warm summer day) & the radio is blaring some commercial crap, so I’m being forced to listen to advertising jingles and music I haven’t chosen myself 😩 The downside of summer in the city. RN in General Practice and Youth Health. #NurseTwitter Independent Vaccinator. Atheist. Lover of good coffee and good grammar. Not averse to swearing.
Jutty76 North Wales So all the crap about we need time and transfer windows, when we're 20 plus days in and still nothing !!! The state of our beloved club is a joke and it's only going to get worse. @ManUtd All about the football ⚽️ #MUFC 🔴⚪⚫
vern_sutcliffe Colorado, USA @fighturright @mirror_miranda @PrisonPlanet The windows have narrowed only on an annual basis, not a cumulative one as Al and Greta would have us believe, meaning that this crap could be prevented/severely reduced if action is taken early enough each year, before changing conditions prevent it. Conservative, father to a wonderful daughter, and staunch Trump supporter.
thejonnyross Northern Ireland @99redmanmike @BoxyBate @RossL2638 Mate it's nearly a year and his 3rd transfer window. It shouldn't take 2 to 3 windows to beat teams like Burnley. Ole is also crap. Manchester Utd supporter for 37 years • Married with 3 daughters • #GAWA #GoFins🦈 #GlazersOut #SackWoodward
JOSH_ReVd Mount olympus Windows is just full of crap... how will you be working and the graphics card will suddenly uninstall/crash... 🌚🌚 I’m not even understanding Art is Life sc. fr3ak007 🇹🇬🇹🇷
lukeweston Melbourne, Australia @unexpectedmaker @timonsku @theolodian @technolomaniac One notable point about Eagle is that it has always worked flawlessly and officially supported on Linux, MacOS and Windows. (KiCAD on Mac? “Oh well that’s not teh FREEDOM so you shouldn’t use that crap!”) Electronic engineering, physics, medtech, biofabrication, plasmonics, using nanotechnology to manipulate light. My favourite programming language is solder.
AndryGiles Here @thespecialbka @Tony__Heller @chuzbucket @Michael_D_Crow @3GHtweets @fortiain @GlennCarr6 @RegimeChangeBC @rln_nelson @smarzeli @CymaticWave @VeronicaTalbot9 @GillesnFio @sarenc @maves_megan @DawnTJ90 @MATTP1949 @janick_klossner @mark_melbin @antechinus1 @chimera414 @NikolovScience @ClimatePoet @spintowin13 @StormSignalSA @lhougland53 @JanTamarka @Ike_Kiefer @d_e_mol @EthonRaptor @RaevenNZ @sales_un @dunvirkin @redforged42 @dvibrationz @mjmissy @badmoonrising11 @Surfing_Yeti @LynnFynn3 @ElectroMoho @Leigh252425 @EtterWerner @DaveOx13 @DonWils13730132 @Bananenrijperij @WolfieSmith5 @Willard1951 @D16584667 @Debeka314 @Tangomitteckel So when there is no wind and insufficient sun what do we do then ? Ev's are crap in the cold and hills and there is not enough infrastructure or lithium Tractors Trucks ships ? There are many reasons we can't replace FF How are we gunna heat homes Filling the windows with #CO2 ? Not warmed by co2 Pragmatic thinker Anti authoritarian Historian Researcher Writer Poet Speaker Conservationist Anti-pollution and Anti Quarry campaigner
Ned_Bad @utdxtra They're selling this crap (The board with Woodward) now for two transfer windows. Is there a fool on this earth that actually believes in this crape anymore. Bloody parasites sell the club and leave #GlazersOut #woodwardOut #MUFC
shaydoken England, United Kingdom @EPICPH1LL @satyanadella @windowsinsider @Windows CEO talks about how Windows 10 is great and evolving. It’s bag of crap. Microsoft need to disable that awful FORCED update on Windows 10. Breaks more than it protects against security risks. [L33] Gamer 🎮 I Know Secrets 🤫 #Instagram #PlayStation: shaydoken
GPF_Error @WithinRafael Anyway, doesn't matter, I stopped using Windows. I switched to macOS, because you kept changing the UI so much .... it becomes annoying not knowing where everything is! You had a decent GUI with Windows 7 and Office 2010, quite well designed. Now you make this crap!
sayomgwtf Yoshi's Island 🍄 Windows reminds me every day that Win7 is ded as heck and I should update to Win10. I will, Microsoft. I promise. Just stop scaring the living crap out of me with that big blue screen right in the middle of work, lol. I doodle and color things ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡ *:・。 Imma business dork doing the #gamedev #indiedev thing! @SilverwareGames Derpy Wasabi✨ @POstudios Community Birb🐦
wilierljm @SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP Take a long walk off a short pier @TimWilsonMP you flog! Your party is up to its eyeballs in crap and your peddling this crap?! Look inside your own party. You should throw stones - someone might smash the new glass windows at your local rorting sports club! Doctor in training. RT's not endorsements, opinions my own (I think)
flukejones New Zealand @lkmad Ugh... I still have to use Windows occasionally and wow what a mess. Modern UI over decades old UI. The settings app is the most abhorrent unintuitive unfriendly crap I've seen, especially display settings. Advertising as part of the OS! Software engineer. SJW. #rustlang #rustgamedev. He/Him.
BigWhale Europe, Slovenia It's 2000's all over ... I had to shutdown Linux and boot to Windows to watch a video without hassle. The other option was to install Ubuntu. KIO is crap. I work with computers. I'm also into equestrianism. I used to have a web page and I play computer games. Developer of Kazam Screencaster for Linux.
Raw_Rai रांची, भारत Windows OS I loved is Win XP and Win 7, expect these every other OS is a CRAP straight out of some Developer's DUSTBIN. Windows developers are like ULTRON & IRON MAN they don't know any difference between Construction and Destruction. @Windows @Microsoft Holding Tight, Everything gonna be alright😊😊
77Bybee @realDonaldTrump Schumer is more corrupt than a free windows 10 download... and schiff leaks worse than dollar store pampers. The american people are done with their crap. American by birth, Patriot by choice.
groandad North Face of the AGA @peter_dunkley @GlosLiveOnline At every single junction you will find litter chucked out of car windows. A bit of CCTV and zero tolerance is needed. Then when a few are prosecuted with attendant publicity the others might think twice and take their crap.home. it's not rocket science! I like rugby, beer freedom and fair play.
rudydotca Toronto @Catelli2Oh @TorontoStar my new Windows 10 PC is twice as powerful but way more sluggish than my old Windows 7 PC, and i blame crap like this Semi-retired old guy, #WalkTO, #LoveTheRavines, #BikeTO, #TOhistory, #discgolf
eric_hawkins9 Wimborne, Dorset, UK @RobinWhitlock66 It does not matter how many trillions of MW China builds, the issue is that over the past 4 yrs, millions of high rise buildings up to 24 floors high, all installed with split heat pumps, have zero insulation and crap windows, made of concrete. Started in renewable energy system designs in 1991, with the development of a Thermal Store. Now seeking partners to establish my PVT solar panels in the UK
Kristapor Kaer Morhen @consolegamr @Bhaal_Spawn @DarkBlueMonkey Working from home, and the UK "standard" for windows is... how can I say it... Crap ! French from Armenia, working in IT, loving (retro)videogames, photos, drawing, football (OM fan), rugby (Toulouse fan), enjoying family around wines & cheeses!
ActionTaker_ Bruno's Private Jet @RiZzyUTD ed is the problem. not the glazers. eds had 750m to spend in the last 7 summer windows, and he's bought crap players, while appointing terrible manager and he's finished in the top 4 like once. spurs have spent 100m, and they've finished top 4 5 times, and got to a ucl final. Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen Man Utd are so crap!
DScooda @CNN STELLAR REPORTING, CNN! "The white balls of ice were large enough to smash car windows and injure birds"? Yeah, YOU THINK? (And to think someone is GETTING PAID to write and post this crap? But it's what we've come to expect, from CNN.) ANOTHER Jim Acosta "report"! #ShineMyShoes NOT here for "followers"! That's YOUR choice! All posts are MY OPINION ONLY. DM's are NOT accepted! Proud MALE American, Veteran, and Parent! #OathKeeperForLife
Timscottmanutd @360Sources What a pathetic tweet ole is having to put right all the crap the other managers have done since fergie left, we are in a transition period and I for one hope the crap owners give him the time to get it right #OleIn he hasn’t got the players and can’t do it in 2 windows !
Cognisant2000 Malaga #Microsoft #edge is available for #Windows10 & #macOS Thanks to its new Chromium underpinnings, Microsoft's new Edge browser can now handle Chrome extensions on Windows 10 & MacOS. Now everyone can have a crap #browser !! Experienced Business Leader escaped from large multinationals to run own businesses (Yes 3 of them!). Small is beautiful!
MaplesonF Upside down @EilidhPinkChic @drewseybaby Yep. And none of that little crap you get in the UK, this hail is literally golf ball sized (and bigger) and destroys cars, windows and roofs... (there’s a specific “hail damage” clause in my car insurance) Purveyor of fine volatiles & quality inotropes. Intermittent fitness freak, before lapsing into Ben & Jerry’s. Trained in 🇬🇧, work in 🇦🇺.
NationalAssemb1 Fairbanks, AK @HPE @Enterprisenxt Risky? What is risky and worse is using Windows period! Switch to Linux Mint and be rid of the NSA designed Windows OS that is full of back doors and has executable environment for viruses and other crap! Linus is virus proof and no back doors for anyone to spy on you! Tip of the spear teaching 50 states to re-seat their de jure republican form of constitutional governments. Issued 21 Requisitions December 2011 Donald Trump!
sgigot Wisconsin @johnmoe Snow muffles the noise and everyone's windows should be closed, so go for it any time. The worst thing about hearing a snowblower early in the morning is thinking, "Crap, I should go do that too so I'm not the only one who didn't. " Level 5 beer nerd; Level 6 pedant.
billytheyido Was always consident of getting top 4 cos everyone is dropping points, but we are just crap, become an average side and that is it. Jose won't change a thing to this side and I don't care if he has windows or players it won't change. Love my wife, love my family, love my club.
HappyOtter9 Diaspar @JoshTrevisiol It is amazing how with each newer and "better" version of windows we have to deal with more and more crap, like privacy issues, sometimes reduced functionality, broken features, a lot of junk etc... Science geek, bookworm, writer, digital sculptor. Currently creating original characters for Pin-Ups and Adult Graphic Novel with artistic sexual scenes🔞