Crap stuff

Windows is crap.

The things some people say about Windows is crap.

function_1st Hell i.e. Microsoft Windows⊞ Ever since Windows Vista, everything is half-baked, half-finished & half-done. Microsoft monsters and dimwits have no concept of FINISHING A JOB. They used to finish it in Windows XP but no longer. It's all about how they can force DIFFERENT but half-baked crap on gullible users. Geek since Win95💻PCs≫📱Tech=progress but hate form-over-function. Tech should've great UI, UX, usability, compatibility. Lost 50kg once. LGBT. Dumber than AI😄
coventryfox West-Midlands @clarkjames70 Windows 10 is all fun.. not.. mine crashes & gets the blue sad faced screen "we're gathering data and will restart your computer, crap when your near end of processing a picture, crashes daily & at first was putting it down to a year old dell lappy Astrophotographer , Life long Leicester City fan.. F1 fan, Morons hiding behind No Names will be ignored, if you don't like my point of view ferk cough
Kylern_58 @Mariners If this is all Jerry has fire him. So damn tired of hearing about contention windows and other crap. The team is competitive now but the competition is making real moves. Match the Yankees or die trying. Supporter of the Seattle Mariners and Miami Marlins = the worlds saddest baseball fan. PSG and Liverpool.
Roxxy_N_Roll Michigan, USA @anthroflower So sorry your day was crap 😕 That is one sure fire way to brighten my spirits! Even when I’m in a good mood, I always blast my music and roll my windows down…because I like to share 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣💜 🎸The Fox of Rock!🦊🤘🏻 👱🏻‍♀️She/Her👩🏼31/@LLMcostumes Suiter/✏️Artist/ MARRIED 12/31/19 🐺💜🦊 / @bozziefox is my TWIN Sister IRL👭/
TottenhamTitan Hate transfer windows with Tottenham Alwayd guaranteed to be an anti climax Zero ambition. Dont even bother trying to @ me telling me to be patient and all this other crap As long as Levy and ENIC run us, this club is going NOWHERE Tottenham fan | Gamer | Content creator | The Game is about Glory | #TTID #COYS
redbartesla Kitchener, Ontario @Manulife why is it I am having to listen yet again to this crap year after year and be trapped in my home windows closed? Noise pollution is stress! Red Bartesla driving the EV future. RUSH fan, recording studio owner, renewable energy enthusiast, Leafs Fan! My Tesla referral code is
_Mithang_ Germany @Lebenet_ @BParthu @Microsoft @satyanadella @Windows Android is chaotic and looks like youth science. Against Windows Phone it is crap. But most of the „techies“ defines a smartphone on cameras and gaming. We need secure business phones - windows phone was the best! ✌🏻🤙🏻 Kids, Dog, Jeep, Xbox
hoff1209 @delina4az @mmrssub Is he saying that when peaceful visitors come to his home they come in through the windows they busted out and crap all over his walls? #Resister - Gmom of 6, GGMom of 5. Dog lover, #VoteBlueToSave U.S. #TeamJustice. Biden/Harris 2020! #FBR #ProjectLincoln. NO DM's!
ryancrawcour Auckland, New Zealand @aotearoa_ben that would be the modified bank version you're on. i work for a large corp, larger than yours, that takes security very seriously, and for very good reason and my experience with Windows is nothing like yours. There is no over reaching lockdown crap here. Ex saffa, adopted kiwi. Software Engineer @ Microsoft doing Azure stuff. Thoughts / Tweets / Rants are my own & don't reflect those of my employer. he/him.
JeremyW06263639 @GoldenCheezie @vaporlols @BestBuy Chromebooks are at best are as capable as f'cking cell phone. Honeslty your phone has far more app compatibility and stats lol and do not require you to stream the OS smh. Chromebook OS is crap. Use an emulator on a Windows or Linux pc instead Detroit native
MiBLT Uckermark-Brandenburg @agentK I have the C920 or C922, not sure, used it in Windows, Linux and Mac all these time. No issues, except the Logi software on Mac is useless :) Linux has been just plug and play. The only annoying thing is that it has a built in mic that is crap, so don't use it by mistake. AKA Miquel (he) Tweets in ES, EN, DE
alanjojy Darsait, Muscat, Oman @FireCubeStudios windows 10 store reviews, i think so it doest even exist... the fact that the store is filled with crap/ripoff filled with ads on all sides, and extra popup ads, an app is a ads machine, right now in windows 10, the store is the pointless app Loves Music Plays Music Passion Music
darrell26529253 @LisaBBack2009 @SpeakerPelosi @GOPLeader @January6thCmte There is a crap ton of video showing police opening doors and waving people in. Video of people walking around inside talking to police while taking pictures. And non Trump supporters dressed in all black that are breaking windows. Use common sense.
SugarpuffMinge Your mind rent free ☺️ @omegatheta @Your_aro_mom @cringeassnayna1 @SadMilkTV @OzMediaOfficial @0HB0YN0TAGAIN @Broken_Queer @Yo295E @The_SinOfGreed @Outcast20004 @iilluminaughtii @ItsMeLilyQT Do you all use the same ridiculously idiotic unfunny memes? It’s like you’ve all collected them off a website made by some weirdo in a basement still using windows 98 and clip art. What is that even meant to be? Are you not embarrassed to post this crap? I identify as a super straight, gender fluid, non binary, transgender, translender, poc. vegan🌱👊 UFC fighter 👊lack toes intolerant 🥛 Respect my authoritaah
CanonNews_com @every_daydad Is that Windows or the OEM's though? OEM's tend to install a lot of crap. I would always delete the install and re-install the rare times I would get a machine from an OEM. - providing news, rumors and other information on all things Canon.
karlyann23_26 The World Of course our AC went out when the air quality is crap and it’s a bad idea to open the windows. Because why not Family is everything❤️ TASP~7.26.15~💍 LNMP~2.19.19~🌼 MRAP ~4.17.21~🦕Fur mama 🐾🐾🐾🐾
love2readlots Pitt Meadows, British Columbia @TheLeoTerrell So sad😢 ~ if a dog is in a car with windows rolled up in hot weather ~ people go crazy to try and save the animal and owner gets charged with animal abuse. Homeless in the streets, crap all over the place; oh well . .
Omnifarious0 Seattle, WA @mshaynerush @xrlq @TheAbridgedZach While I think many negative things about Bill Gates (he's been someone I've pretty much despised since the early 90s because Windows was and is a pile of crap that he somehow convinced people they had to use) I do not think he's promoting the vaccines because he wants to ... Politics, Software, Security, DevOps. If you're curious, go visit my homepage. :-) I'm not your tribe member. I'm in neither the blue church nor the red one.
psnow1521 Canada Crap, is this skunk season? My sisters little dog got sprayed in his face this evening and I've got one outside my window. No spray yet but windows are all closed down. Geesh. And 2 guys just passed by and nothing. Thank gawd lmao. #IStandWithTrudeau DMs OK -love people 15 yrs enforcement, NOW can't afford to get a loaf of bread bcuz Covid and Celiac Go Figure
DrawnActor Canada interesting that windows 11 BSOD is going to be black - I imagine in 20 years people are going to be like "aw crap my pc blue screened" and its just going to be one of those things you say that doesn't make much sense if you stop to think about it Professional VA, streamer! Returning in Nov. Stream: | Community: | Voice:
DTourneau @Brookes_40 IF you're running Windows and Google Chrome, try going to "settings", then, delete your cookies, and other crap, from the last 24 hours. Go back to Twitter Log-in, and see if the problem is clear. Tourneau Democratic Socialist ; Academic ; Physician
crap_bay seller did confirm it is 352x288 and supports windows 98 as well as XP i think you wanted to buy that 140p webcam
itsKK22 Somewhere on a backroad In AR Had a flat this morning on my way to work, get to work and have a crap ton of paper work to get done, then I roll my windows down cause black exterior with black leather interior don’t mix with heat and it decides to come a monsoon.. happy Monday is it 5 yet?🙄 22 ~ Phlebotomist💉/ Clinical Lab Coordinator ~ ARKY🐗~
Longplay_Games @MichaelAllar @nvidia This is the thing I've had the most trouble adapting to with windows. In linux, if a control panel or applet is crap, someone makes a better one. With Windows, you just end up with 1800 vendor specific craplets and can't do anything about them if you need them. Like HP Omen audio Longplay Games UE4 indiedev making Smugglers of Cygnus, proj 2022. Tweets about indie game dev and labor rights. Do not auto-DM.
BioTurboNick Boston, MA Windows needs to differentiate between "random crap various programs want to save" and "documents I have deliberately created". The "Documents" folder is a mess as a result. Molecular, cellular, and computational biologist. Tech and politics nerd. Promoter of rationality. Progressive.
JulianKJarboe Salem, MA 🎃 forked up but true: my best cognitive hours seem to be ~7-11am followed by ~7-11pm which were almost always the windows of time lost to commuting and other mindless crap and this is giving me new info on old problems. Writer, best "known" for a theology tweet people keep poaching: EVERYONE ON THE MOON IS ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL:
timsegers Antwerpen, Belgium @Microsoft Same thing happened again tonight. Insomnia, feeling like crap, decided to play some games to tire myself out. Got booted out at 2AM for updates and lost all my progress. Got back to Windows only to be greeted by WIDGETS in the taskbar?! What year is it? Infuriating. Web developer @multimedium. Passionate about everything web related, music, food, digital art, gaming and all kinds of shiny geeky stuff.
Sabrina_Huck London The situation with the rain will not be helped by the fact that so much of our housing infrastructure in London is just crap, the windows etc won't withhold a lot of rain and it'll leak into flats sooner than it needs to, if landlords upkept property sufficiently #londonflooding Freelance writer & consultant - dm for commissions/work, pro bono options for 3rd sector. I cover immigration, left politics & Germany.
SrS_sUs @jupy314 This crap is why I wanna get a house designed by an Amish contractor. Their homes somehow always have a nicr breeze in them. They somehow know where to put the doors and the windows to get CONSTANT airflow. Love it! Probably a Simp at this point. I cook sometimes.
littlemumof4 @DueyDecimals Wow! That is crazy! Not cool. And holy crap is that you or them with 23 windows open?. Lol Mom, not built for the cold, prefers sunshine and beaches.
kdimes00 United States @beaniemaxi @OnRallyRd @Matthew4765 @fractional_art I have been using Rally for a while. Problem with @OnRallyRd is their trading windows mechanism is terrible! Absolute crap. Lowest ask is the only thing that gets accepted even though people are bidding for higher. And trading window once every 90 days or so. It’s poor mechanism. Johns Hopkins
IYamWhatIYam5 New York, USA @RandyGr97564879 @fwtoney Welp, I'm pretty sure they have. Look I don't agree with breaking retailer windows, but constructing gallows at the capitol building and taking a crap on the floor is a special kinda stupid. I'm here to learn and laugh. Long suffering NY sports fan. Proud liberal. No MAGAs. Period. #chocolatelabs ⛱️🌃🥃
ellyw72 Burnsville, MN @holdingcourt7 @Gdsfre8 @JaromeBellVA @MichaelDeLauzon Oh please, this is a little bit of video from the very first part of the insurrection. There are dozens of violent videos out there of people being the crap out of cops breaking windows and causing havoc. Healthcare worker who wears a mask because I care and I'm not a selfish asshole.
mooglebear Canada We just got our windows cleaned and holy crap the view is so clear. We keep thinking that we opened the window. Programmer/technical analyst, baking enthusiast, hobby photographer, giant geek, mild gamer, occasional crafter, procrastinator extraordinaire. She/her
jpdfive Birmingham, England this hotel is crap. there’s no wi-fi, no plug sockets next to the beds, the tv has 8 channels and they’re all bbc, bbc radio and teleshopping, the windows don’t open, there is no cafe, the lifts are all broken, and half of the lights don’t work… quality… Don’t like me? That’s not my problem - Tweets often but inconsistent - Gayass - 🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧 - Trans Ally 🏳️‍⚧️
JoeyGBos Massachusetts, USA @JediFett NHL draft is a crap shoot. And the bruins have the worst draft record in recent years. I hope they swing a deal for someone that can help them now instead. Windows closing #Bruins #Patriots #Celtics #RedSox Boston Sports, Wrestling, small amount of politics
UltimaWasTaken 16 @CrazyVibes07 @RealJoseph123 @I_PlanYT @Bloxy_News @HelooZeee This was an argument between Windows and Apple My Uncle Loves the crap out of Linux and Android because how open it is, I just wanna know how the performance is on Linux. Or if you can even game on Linux. Digital Artist(2D and 3D) - 16 - Learning CTF2.5 and UE4 - Game Dev - FNaF 3A 2022?
therealitzleg1t the youtube homepage This scam destroyer right here is about to hit 300k, I've been watching him since 2015 ever since he uploaded the Windows Crap Edition series to YouTube. I highly highly recommend you check out Computer Clan's YouTube channel, he posts the best and funny tech content I've seen. professional dumbass. pfp art by the amazing zqnex.s💯
PervertedPleas1 In Your Darkest Thoughts @ih8prncssdoll The earlier ones were crap, which is why I waited until Christmas 2019 to get mine. Once I found out that there is a fatal crash inside Windows 10 that Microsoft knows about and has no fix for, I washed my hands of Windows. NSFW 18+ ONLY! Dom BDSM Daddy exposing his dark side for the 1st time. I like sex but prefer the extremely rough side of it. Let me show you. Content isn't Mine
UltimaWasTaken 16 @blox_typical @Tropical_Ashley @flamehunter3000 My uncle loves the crap out of Linux and Android, I like windows more but I agree. Linux is VERY OPEN. Digital Artist(2D and 3D) - 16 - Learning CTF2.5 and UE4 - Game Dev - FNaF 3A 2022?
ZiggityBoomer Michigan For those who won't get rid of their adblocker for mlive - it's the Detour Reef Light and it's not that remote - you can see it from shore. What's daunting is getting the 876 windows clean. The spiders are crap at window washing. Michigan writer artist, fresh water activist, feminist, primary carer, nimble problem solver, film nerd, constant reader
claudevandog Michigan, USA Dear businesses: stop putting that “up to $__ an hour” crap in your windows. Nobody’s falling for that “up to” bs, just be upfront and tell me what the starting pay is MUSIC FOR NOBODY album OUT NOW! Click the link to hear it!