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KevinWWall Columbus, OH @travismcpeak HP assumes anyone not using Windows (or MacOS perhaps, never had one to try it on) is a CS person. IHMO, their software is crap anyway. Mostly just good for reminding you to refill with HP paper and toner / cartridges. I've stopped bothering on Linux. A TL;DR AppSec / developer guy, trying to learn to be succinct. Also, knows how to exit vim.
KittiMinxASMR Your Bed @Mythicore Yeah I’m chugging my water lol Windows in the room don’t open though something forked up years ago and they got super stuck. Also there’s a ton of crap in the way ffff my house is a disaster #ASMR Voice Actor/ #VTuber || || 31yo - no kids 🔞✨ 🎁💖 see my website for content!
zUltra20 the earth haha I'm so funny @RaphaelDuran @digitalhomeboy @Techtopia01 WHY IS EVERYONE SO HUNG UP ON THIS CRAP?!?!?!?!?! MAC VS WINDOWS, IOS VS ANDROID!???!?!?!?!?! IT'S WHAT SUITS YOU AND HOW YOU USE YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! proud hater of all nfts • I like bees, chickens and ducks • Xiaomi fan
digitalhomeboy San Francisco, CA, Toronto, ON @Techtopia01 Why is everyone so hung up on this crap? Mac vs Windows, iOS vs Android? It's what suits you and how you use your phone! We are all but pixels dancing across each other's screens. - dhb • #tech • #design • #UI #UX #XD • #ideation • #AI • 🇺🇲 🇨🇦
Iron_84 @thurrott @Windows The Photos app was a piece of crap when it was introduced, and it still is
japanese_lunch 福岡 Good morning and greetings from my crap apartment where the living room is stupidly hot but if you go to the toilet you can see your breath in the air. Need to get my wife to explain again why opening windows in every room is good for air flow while sealing the living room shut. Started as: Japanese supermarket and convenience store-bought food reviews with a bit of social commentary. Has become: Wonder what I can complain about today.
CallMeJay360 Somewhere in Puerto Rico @PMS_Jordan it's so easy to just buy the game and refund if you didn't like it or what not. Downloading a cracked game takes long, specially if it's not being seeded, and also is unsafe, you could download some crap in it too and have to re-install windows. Majority of people are buying it. TWITCH AFFILIATE ~ Watch me on Twitch @CallMeJay360
kindascary345 Scotland Well the last line on the right is hysterical, its not ferry deals we want, just normal working ferries without painted on windows. This crap should be reported Nicola’s recently introduced misinformation group and to the electoral commission! Pro 🇬🇧. Dog loving semi-retired mum. Respect our armed forces & veterans. #GSTQ. Hate SNP nationalism, regularly block the woke and the 3.5%.
BeezinBeezer @MahapajapatiG @KenzieKristians The bigger problem is the weed she's always smoking. If I were her neighbor I would never stop complaining to management b/c if you're not a smoker you'll smell that crap seeping through the walls, the windows, and the doors. I wouldn't put up with it. Just here for the tea.
derberq Poland Is Google Meet such crap that they by default add GM meeting you every invite that I create in Google Calendar! Like seriously, isn't it actually a practice that can be fined by the law? 🤔 like it was with Windows pushing IE and Edge? Open source fanatic. I don't like Twitter. Hired by @getpostman to work for @AsyncAPISpec community ❤️🥑 👩👧👧👧🐶 he/him
Matthew33476360 @onedarkheart1 The one ancient Nebraska tradition that I thought curious that doesnt have more arrests , is women setting men's crap on fire and tossing it in freshly broken windows , [ dont forget the headlights] .Its an observation.Texas was like that too .I used to see broken hood bullhorns
trumppinochet New Hampshire, USA @Panda_Security Your anti víru is worth nothing, other than letting viruses enter my PC, at the time I went to uninstall this panda antivirus crap, my PC crashed and I was forced to, restore Windows 10 21h2. Garbage! Conservative, reserve account.
trumppinochet New Hampshire, USA @Panda_Security A crap antivirus, besides not protecting me, when I went uninstall it locked my pc and I was forced to do a restore, garbage! This my pe profile is small but I will post in others much larger. Much better Windows Defender! Conservative, reserve account.
Dave_Mooney Ireland @conna5423 @caseysean51 @dan_richard91 It will affect their spending plans across the following windows if they pay all transfers in full upfront. They can record a loss of 105mil over 3 years, which seems alot, but our commercial income is crap and expected sales from current squad is crap, so spreading fees helps. Pints, TT, MotoGP, Rugby & NUFC. In any order!
andrewbratten Belfast, Northern Ireland @Trevorlloyd92 @SAnderson78uk @JaiP72 What is all this piss about three or four windows that’s 3/4 years cause apparently January is too hard to get deals done but no doubt at the end of august it will be ‘deal was difficult to get done will revisit in January’ board continue and ally gold continues to talk crap
128kbps4 @ExileGrimm Today, I use a combination of programs, etc. to "customize" fresh Windows installs, and pretty much the first thing I do with new Android devices is Developer Mode>Third Party Installs>USB Debugging>ADB to disable a bunch of crap. Rants, crapposts, leaves.
DigitalStefan Shropshire, England @PeterCarruther7 @cybergibbons Our bedroom oil filled heater is cheap and does a crap duty cycle, but takes enough of the chill out of the room to be mostly useful. Three exterior walls and 4 single-pane sash windows. If it managed an average of 600W, I'd be surprised. If it drops below -5C outside it sucks. Love retro computers. Mostly these days I ‘do’ Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics with a keen eye on consent platform integration. Views are my own.
smokestak UK @yorkshiremonkey Can’t say I enjoy it. My mums fear of it was partly a reason, but without her I am actually fine. More pissed off with crap small windows and crap views. Much prefer trains as you can engage with the ground you’re covering. Airport hanging about is abhorrent. Trying to adult for years now. Rubbish at it. Photographerist, Cycler @wfcrc, Railways & Random Stuff #Wolves ay we.
ChrisShadows4 Florida State of weird "news" @strange_pear @Rolo_man Its a windshield...crap what is the Euro wording for that that...screen? crape...I'll let you interpret it 😂Basically its windshield wiper fluid but the chemicals add to the window so condensation and ice etc...don't accumulate easily on your windows. Works for up to -37C Mod on Twitch for @ItsRusherr @Tiki_Cope @xEaZyJT & @DaronAndOnly_make sure to give them a look and follow you won't regret it
pr_rasta Tampa, FL @FinoAllaFine282 Bro all these transfer rumor merchants are full of crap and just serve to either be a mouthpiece of the club or incite fanbases for their benefit. Every year Pogba is coming back, Dybala getting sold, De Ligt getting sold, b4 that Khedira. Transfer windows are the worst
CharlieElm11 Software, including Windows OS's, get sometimes daily updates for "latest and greatest" that absolutely break things. Launches are crap, content is lacking, it's been getting worse for years. Scientist, over-thinker-under-achiever, day-dreaming pragmatist, uncompromising anti-authoritarian/anti-capitalist Games, music, art, I like it all. FOSS & etc
TGUZ72 Suburbia, Melbourne, Australia @ShmickBackup Up to 35 is fine. Getting up to 40 is getting unpleasant. Over 40 is crap. And I used to do regular summers over 40 without ducted aircon! And open windows on school buses..🥵 Hawthorn football club with some Essendon sympathy. Horses and music. Scientist, so don’t bullcrap me. You have been warned.
Rated_Jay7 Texas, USA @CybernettX Its because of Windows. They think just because Microsoft windows is on 90% of PCs they think PC is Xbox but they forget about Steam, GoG, Epic and they other things that sale games on PC that have no part of Microsoft or Xbox. Its to push console war crap for fanboy clowns I am a Twitch affiliate who plays games poorly for your enjoyment. Check me out here at
utopian_red @beverleyturner @devisridhar @GMB When you see the crap Bill Gates pulled when developing Windows and his crape attempts at protecting users from computer viruses, trust me, you wouldn't want him anywhere near what goes into your body. He did make me love Linux though (via his incompetence). There is that/ I am allegedly a "Normalcy Cultist" "The whole point of your denialism is to avoid the anxiety of living in a crisis." I mean that seems fair enough.
BusinessAnthro Global @cryptomanran Today is an opportunity and a gift: that’s why we call it the “present.” Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, if, when… all this is crap. Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee. Wrap the #BTC, get a weekly dividend & know that investing in #BTC is like buying 20 year old Microsoft Windows. Anthony Galima has applied cultural anthropology in the corporate realm for 20 yrs. Advisory Board Member of the International Journal of #BusinessAnthropology.
SocialTwurker Suburban NJ My husband teaches in Brooklyn on this 18 degree day. His windows are open for ventilation so everyone is in their coats and some students are complaining but the options are cold or Covid because the NYC DOE air purifiers are crap so all teachers have are windows and doors server of the people, lover of the least of these, liberation theology, Technite, FAMU, Rutgers, MSW, OG NYer, she/her 🙎🏽‍♀️ 🐍#blacklivesmatter
Stefar77 Zaandam - The Netherlands Those Radeon services seem to like writing stuff to C:. Probably important to have a realtime log of the FPS of the desktop I guess. #JustSaying Still Windows likes to write crap to c: but that's mostly svchost and that is just pure evil, I don't mess with pure evil. Working in ICT |-| Programming [PHP, C, C++, VBS, JS, ASM, ...], Music [Metal, Gothic, ...], Sci-Fi [Stargate, Star trek, ...] |-| FreeBSD, Android, KDE
kingbizzlesbea She/they. Black @fairyoddpenis @meIanchoIyghost Windows is full of crap and be switching my damn passwords around ♔ Prince Of Pop ♔, ᵀᵉᵃᵐ ᴰʳᶦᶻᶻʸ ⁶𓅓
donnadoodle22 Yorkshire and The Humber, Engl @GinslingerLeeds My windows look like it’s pi**ing it down outside 🤣 he really is utterly crap at his job but I feel so sorry for him. He’s smaller than me and cleans them with some kind of long pole with a brush on the end. So I guess he does put a bit of effort in! Wife, mother to two grown up children, two retired Greyhounds & one adopted Chinese Crested and Auntie to 26 retired greyhounds waiting for their forever homes
JosueBall Sherburn In Elmet, England @EpiGamer4 @CrazyJuan77 @tomwarren I completely appreciate what you’re saying here and tbh I do agree but Xbox does allow you to turn off crossplay and stick to only Xbox Live players. You still compete against PC if they’ve got the windows game. You have to go through a few settings too which is crap Twitch Affiliate | Xbox Ambassador | Detroit Lions 🏈 | Co-Founder of @KiNGz_x_Gaming | I stream FPS games on Twitch and Pokemon on YouTube 🎮
BigPawedBear in my den UK @lisybabe what you have listed is far more than you'll need for basic computing, office related stuff. i bet your processor is good too. your pc, given good ventilation and regular clearing out of old crap from upgrades, and wow does ms leave a lot of crape behind after windows tbc hi, i love non human creatures, especially big cats, bears & horses, high five to all the human and non human beings on the net. paws up! *smile*
n3c8 Bolton, England @davidareader @KarlAustin I had nothing at home before covid. Now I'm remote 100% my living room is full of crap. 2xlaptops (mac and Windows workhorse), 1xlinux desktop for data munging, 1xproxmox server for playtime. Horrible. Cto Talk Straight Group, Chairman LINX Manchester SC Tweets in various confusing capacities. My opinions are my own, I wouldn't suggest agreeing with them.
mikeev Boston, MA @Erie We got CO2 monitors in the house, and it’s fascinating how often I say “I feel like crap”, so I check the CO2 levels, and they happen to be spiking. Cracking the windows open for a little while all but immediately solves it. Problem is, this conflicts heavily with saving energy. Making fast GPUs, from fs to ms (now: @AMD)/ Fmr: AuthenTec (Digital HW), @NASA, @GeorgiaTech_ECE grad. Massive fan of @F1. Views & statements are 100% mine.
zippy1981 Cranford, NJ @agoX My home domain is AAD, so really it's "when I get a new personal machine or wipe my current one, I put in a hard to type password before setting a pin, and windows gets access to the azure tenant of crap I forget to turn off" but that also means windows store stuff saved. " He/Him/His. Karateka. Landlord. Programmer. Husband, Dad. Today is a good day to die!
KingCarvery Everywhere @helgztech @jeffblankenburg @shanselman Initial ones were crap. I had a Motorola MPX200.👎 Them an Orange Windows phone with the slide out keyboard & stylus. 👌 Then I got an Android phone and managed to get Windows 95 to boot up on it.🤗 I still have the 1st 2 phones if anyone is interested? I like fungi, octopuses and old skool computer games.🍄 🐙 🎮 Half-decent cook, so my wife says.🥩🌮🍕 Supplement with black cumin, vitamin C, D3, K2 & Zinc👍
NerdShinobi @SwiftOnSecurity It's a tough sell for me to say Windows is mostly clean and efficient if it weren't for the 3rd party stuff. They sure as heck don't help, and Windows runs just fine after a fresh install, but in my opinion it could do more by doing a lot less. Crap tons of network sockets... 😒 I talk about computers and security on Twitter. SOMETIMES I WILL BE WRONG! PLEASE contribute to my continuing education by disagreeing with me. I am serious.
Brian_NUFC North East England If the transfer windows wasn’t open I’d take a Twitter break because some of the crap I’m reading is actually depressing. Some new players would help mind. Keep it real and stay classy #nufc Licensed Radio Amateur QRP operator M7BCN. #nufc fan. I like having my say and interacting with people.
PXAbstraction Almonte (Ottawa), Canada Windows Defender that comes built in to Windows 10 and 11 is a very capable anti-virus. If you're a home user and not stupid with how you use the Internet, you don't need anything else. Don't use these tools. Their relevance is waning, which is why they're doing this crap. Gamer, variety Twitch streamer and YouTuber, podcaster, pet parent, IT ninja and much more. Opinions are mine, duh! Business e-mail:
merch4mannyneps @heartecheeks Dualbooting Windows has been crap for a while now, btw. The only viable solution is Parallels or some other virtualization software, and that’s not rrally ideal. I hope you don’t have to run any native Windows programs. Merch account of @mannyneps. He/him, not a minor. ONCE, Moomoo, ARMY. I can only afford to collect TWICE merch, but I collect everything. OT9 collector.

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