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amy_rice1 Central New York @greatgatsby8790 @SundLayInc @AdrianWapcapIet @kylegriffin1 Have a day, let me remind you that Hillary did delete emails after they were subpoenaed. That is breaking the law, that's a fact, and any one of us would have been jailed. God Bless America!! God Bless President Trump!! #KAG #Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸🙏☮
Judy5cents Wilmington NC @mharvey816 No one is disupting the fact that it was an accident, or that Americans forget that Brits drive on the left. The issue is her irresponsible actions caused a death and she used her privilege to avoid the consequences that any one of us would face. And that's just wrong. If you can't say anything nice about Pussy Grabber in Chief, sit right here by me. Writer, dog lover, political junkie. Like books? Follow me at @CheapThrillerz
EmperorOOMK Lagos, Nigeria I was going to go there & vent my anger, but then I thought to myself... Isn't that what any one of us would do ordinarily, if the table was turned around? It's the hustle!!! Except that for us, we win over & keep clients directly by offering higher quality and good relationship Man (+ all its flaws). Husband. Father. Co-Founder/CEO @essential_infra. MD/CEO @NfcNg. Contributor to @StartupGrind. @ManUtd fan. Avid Reader & Traveller
JanValego @DallasBarnett3 @JimmyHunter3 @JDAvatar @AmyMcGrathKY I’m not on any team...I want criminals to be treated the same way any one of us would be treated if we committed these crimes. I don’t believe anyone should be above the law. Trump seems to evade any consequences for his actions and this latest one is one will impact all of us. Love animals more than people these days. Never thought I would be witnessing a nation so divided, believer of addressing the elephant in the room.
thewriterme @asinna67 @silver_fox9 And Donna Brazil tried, to the point of leaking debate questions... oddly Fox still hired her. Any one of us would be thrown to the wolves... Leftist are above the law! This has to change @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton Published #writer. Loves horses and America too! #MixedMedia 🎶 #ProLife 🇺🇸 #KAG Let’s be #deplorable together! 👠lists=blocked
avelinewrites The real illegals are in the White House right now and they are being given privileges that NO poor person or person of color or frankly any one of us would be afforded. This cannot stand. A subpoena is not optional. bi ✩ progressive ✩ social democrat ✩ anti-corruption ✩ medicare for all ✩ green new deal ✩ fight for $15 ✩ non-interventionist ✩ human rights ✩ $avelinewrites
87SmithA @CecPetes @thechek182 Congrats on the Milly and change, Tre. Here’s hoping you do what any one of us would do with a win like that: buy and fire @ScottyDFS before you move to somewhere where clocks don’t exist and you can do what you love... making #lines
SuckNazis Iowa, USA $100/day? And jail after a week? fork THAT. Take this asshole now. Any one of us would have been taken into custody by now. They would have issued a warrant, broken down our door by a SWAT team with guns drawn. Why are these traitors special??? I'm seriously forking asking. 😡 Mother of 2 fighting for the less fortunate. #livingwage #Med4All #forkTrump #ImpeachNow
AbendrothEllen @guardian Ellen doesn't have to "defend herself" for being seated next to bush. Although not a bush fan, her message was clear. Anybody giving her crap is just looking for a reason to fight. And would any one of us would trade him a million times for the train wreck we have now. News History World News General News
PUACrixus @EmmaVigeland @MattLech @net_enforcer @_michaelbrooks @HeidiSloanForTX @esaagar @tmbsfm @DavidGriscom You guys do realize that she is a Bernie supporter, right? I may have harsher views about Warren than she does, but she is brilliant, ultra talented and incredible at what she does. I have no idea why any one of us would be lobbing attacks against her. Black Lefty Progressive Bernie Supporter
Lisa_ITMFA California, USA @TheRickWilson Why isn’t it done? Any one of us would be in contempt and put in jail. Everyone’s mother❤️ Lover of facts, compulsive fact checker. #TheResistance #stayunited #staystrong #staysmart No DMs or sales people, please. California
AMListi5 PA @BarbMcQuade @OverUnderClover @nytimes How many more examples of Obstruction do we need? Drop the hammer on these clowns and PERP WALK one of the big shots for contempt straight to DC lockup just like any one of us would be for ignoring subpoenas. Baby is Raquels' Shane, she's 3 and smart as a whip. Arm is Matts' with a tat for Steve; still Golden. Keith has a tat with MOM; that would be ME. 4 dogs!
starbuckshelp Just a sip away @realkaymle Okay! If you ever need anything going forward, you are welcome to reach out to us here and any one of us would be happy to help. I hope you have a great day! 💚☕ -Kristine Official @Starbucks Customer Care team supporting all US & Canada stores from 6:00am-8:00pm PT - 7 days a week!
JohnLScott Seattle, WA @kathy_markovich Strength in numbers! I have no doubt you will come out the other side of this, healthier, stronger, and happier! That said (here it comes) - please know that any one of us would pick up if you called. Period. Get well HippieChick - we love your artwork!!
LucyTrims Somerset UK @danidotx Wow I just looked through the accurate hashtag and it looks as though it’s going to be incredible! Good luck with the treatment programme, hopefully you’ll be free of this very soon. I doubt any one of us would say we even knew you suffered, soon you won’t need to care any more! Conservative Councillor for Bruton, Maths HLTA, Mother, Wife. Have a cat & dog and a menagerie of books. RN Aircraft Engineer once upon a time.
ZaidSheikh95 @1ravisingh @SKS_Shivhare @Sheenagupta_ And do u think that any one of us would support cheap acts done by any muslim, well for your kind knowledge that's the last thing we'd do, intact people like these will be really sorry for there acts if it were to be really up to us
DeepakRamdas1 @mybroadband Bet any one of us would do a better job for that amount of money. People see money and lose focus of bringing quality to the service they are charged with. Really sad
PerkinsJanie @Jersey_Craig The Democrats need to play hardball. If someone breaks the law, they should suffer the consequences just like any one of us would be required to do. This pussyfooting around on behalf of the Democrats is making a mockery of our laws. Act accordingly and hold them accountable. Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. #TheResistance #FBR #BlueWave #ImpeachtheMF
VoteBlue4Me Livin on the edge @TheRynheart @senatemajldr Failure to comply and cooperate should be grounds for termination, at the very least. Any one of us would be fired if we refused to cooperate w a work related investigation. Grateful for what I have. I refuse to be an #ArmChairDemocrat. Not voting is abdicating. Together we are fierce !
KevinWr35514785 Texas This is my point @seanhannity and every spineless Republican. We know they're crooked. Any one of us would be in jail. #emptythreats #KAG2020 Western sports junkie. And firearms #maga
redwhiskeypete Indiana, USA Any one of us would be sitting in jail if we went up to a cop and asked if it was ok to shoot an unarmed person below the waist. His aids roll their eyes and say "No sir" when he asks if we could do this. They don't report this!!!! #MAGA this is what we are fighting Traveler, Former Marine. Was a life long Republican now a registered Democratic because of Trump and the complicit GOP
marklthatcher13 Honolulu. Hawaii Any one of us would have collapsed under the barrage of nonsense that this man has taken and we would have tucked our tail and ran Just another opinion, but an educated one none the less.
Cammons7 Cullowhee, NC @tedcruz @SenKamalaHarris @realDonaldTrump He has broken the rules of Twitter OVER AND OVER again. He SHOULD be banned. Just like any one of us would, had we tweeted anything like it. He isn't KING, Ted. He's a man. A fallible man who has PROVEN he is unfit to hold office. WAKE UP!!!!!!!! I believe in equality for all. Period. Love life. Love nature. Love to laugh. Mom to 2 amazing kids and married to the love of my life since 2001.
midwesternskirt in a city of rust i loved when any one of us would get up and read a poem about someone else in the group. very flirty and dramatic days. WORDS @moonchildmag @blackboughpoems @detritusonline @memoirmixtapes @writersdigest PHOTOS @nightandsparrow @mentalpapercuts @barrenmagazine & MORE // she/her/k
jeanne_jth @yesnicksearcy Does he think any one of us would have gotten this surgery so quickly, and with probably the best doctor in Nevada? I'm glad he's ok and never wish illon anyone but it's too bad they didn't fix his brain.
blacksloveanime @SuperSaiyanBlu9 Ima go with Light because Light is more relatable and more on this earth than Lelouch. Despite Light failing, any one of us would have. In reality you can’t factor everything when you have plans like Lights. But he had a great run. Just my 2 cents. I love anime
WellLivedLife North Carolina @PerryWT64 @StewardshipAmer @realDonaldTrump Allen, spot on. Perry, not only are YOU the brainwashed one, you’re also extremely rude. I’m sure any one of us would be happy to debate policy with you if you can refrain from name-calling and histrionics. Promoting a healthier/more fulfilling lifestyle for people worldwide,happily sharing healthy tips from the web. Now Politics too!🇺🇸No DMs #SocialismDestroys
WepaFuego NY @CHIZMAGA ...And i'm sure he got better urgent/emergency care than any one of us would have. Ya know, the whole VIP thing! Aren't they so lucky! Animal lover; Comedy, esp dry sarcastic humor Dislikes- PC; People that demand tolerance, but themselves r intolerant. 🛇DM's ~Retweets R NOT Endorsements~
Ryan_Sickles @SkyWilliams @drewisgooden Idk, to me it just doesn't feel genuine. No working class person can relate to these people, because money and survival are real, everyday struggles for a ton of us. To have someone who any one of us would trade places with come into our world and act like it's exotic is annoying 26. Kingston. Electrician. Adjectives. Inspirational Quote. Opinions are my own.
novrain78 Covina, CA @HotepWithit I don’t think it was the parents. I think the parents believed her, as they should have, and then and looked for help and then it was politicized. Any one of us would have jumped too had our kids came home and said something like this. Mommy to 3 beautifully kind little humans and one fur baby. God has blessed me with love and that is all I need❤️
fostermedia USA When I was in the military I served with people of many different races and nationalities. Any one of us would have happily given our lives for anyone else. I refuse to give in to this administrations attempts to tear our country apart. #RacistInChief US Navy veteran. Husband. Dad. Uncle. Independent who recognizes the need for checks and balances in government. #Resist
starbuckshelp Just a sip away @senilegurl Hi! Thank you for letting us know. If you ever have any questions or concerns going forward, please don't hesitate to reach back out and any one of us would be happy to help. -Kristine Official @Starbucks Customer Care team supporting all US & Canada stores from 6:00am-8:00pm PT - 7 days a week!
ING_Economics London The long-term impact of any kind of currency agreement between the US and China (if there is one) would just make it difficult for countries to build FX reserves to avoid currency appreciation in the future Follow us to stay a step ahead as our economists and strategists try to make sense of the world.
Legend0fLucky Norwalk, CA My girlfriend found out one of her cats has cancer and it's been heartbreaking news to handle. We set up a gofundme for her for now and any help or support we can get would mean the world to us. Even just a retweet would go a long way if possible <3 Professional Smash Bros player for @dignitas and ranked 17th on the MIOM 2017 Top 100
TUSK81 San Francisco, CA One of the top-ranked boulderers in the US: “I absolutely have not heard of anyone testing sections of border wall. It would even be hard to find any of us willing to do anything to help Trump and his efforts in any way.” Staff writer, @DailyKos. Formerly @AmericasVoice. Bylines: Univision, PRI, WaPo. Immigrant rights, LGBT+ rights. Cancer survivor. Catlady. Views here my own.
lrsanint En el mundo material @GeorgePapa19 Of course, they have. No one buys the lunatic claim that Putin and other US contenders would prefer to confront Trump over Hillary or any other democrat. All of them (Putin, Castro, Chavez, Rouhani...) did very well when the Obama/Hillary/Kerry team was in power. El agro es vida - Democracia Proactiva ⚽️
TeamYouTube San Bruno, CA @sylvanushd We'll need to look into this further, send the video URL and screenshots our way. Also, any chance you have a YouTube Channel URL for one of your subs who didn't get the notification? A specific example would be really helpful to investigate. Let us know! Updates and answers from the team that brings you YouTube. Here to help in: English, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Pусский, 日本語, Bahasa
lisa_m_228 So we have someone who wants this little one but he would have to be tagged by a rescue and transported to CT. This little guy needs pledges to help us get him to safety. If any of you could please help this little one you will never ever be sorry you did. Thank you ❤️ I am NOT the tolerant left. I say stuff, I curse, anti-fascist, I'm not sorry and you liking it is the least of my concerns 🇨🇦🇨🇦😜
Druttercup @PoliticalBrah @Leilakaytanner @CigaretteCalpol Nice little strawman there. There's a huge difference between putting up the shutters and allowing anyone to come for any reason. In between lives a sane and sensible immigration policy. One that made use of the tools available to us as EU members would have been a bloody start. Roleplayer, streamer, freelancer, scary lady. She/Her. Member of @HIntPlays. Actual and Let's Plays on
GarricPrime Earth @girrl_friday In today's climate we're unlikely to have m/any paragons of justice looking out for us, but an improved screening process and better support structures would definitely be a start. The city being willing to start an investigation into the force would be a better one. Heir to the Evenstar; Survivor of Cataclysms; Prince of all Venutians; Captain on the Astral Seas; Gamer, Designer & Mad Polymath. Screaming into the void.
TheScifibrarian (she/her) Hey @USPS, one of your drivers destroyed my mailbox (that damage is not from the box "falling off"), said he would fix it and never did, and has not been delivering any mail to us all week. This is unacceptable in all levels. #badcustomerservice I'm Danielle. Writer, .NET developer, MFA candidate in fiction at UNR, animal guardian. Published in LCRW, Bodies of Words, and @VitniReview
ScottBurkhardt5 @MatthewJshow @realDonaldTrump Are you fu**ing serious, thousands of our allies(the Kurds) are being executed today and u congratulate him for his leadership, you do know if we ever need a multi-country coalition for anything, we will not be able to get one now, why would any country align themselves with us? I’m real, and I love to laugh
movem2017 Mole Valley, Surrey, U.K. @NickBoles I can't read it - does it protect our FoM? Have you any idea how important that is to the majority of the people of this country? People's lifestyles and livelihoods depend on it! No one ever told us it would be taken away without consent! Please don't remove our rights! 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 The Mole Valley (Surrey) branch of the European Movement.
tripzone80 Stop paying attention for even one day and come back to a list of fresh heinous news. Yet the media still refuses to talk to us HRC voters about any of it... just more coverage of how Nazis feel. Our PTSD would show up on brain scans across the nation boho afghan throw blanket
BillyOw53223642 @shomaristone @nbc6 So, dude should of phoned in and tried to work out his problem with the court instead of just ignoring it. If that had been any one of us mere morals we would of got penalized and not such a media frenzy and aint no one would of gave a hoot. Move on dude!
MUFC_JAKE_DARTS @_Rob_B Every single one is out of reach, because we won't be anywhere near the CL, and more than likely not even in the Europa League. So why would any of them join us? Manchester United Darts @GaryAnderson180 @Nathanaspi F1 - Snooker @ronnieo147 - @cworiginals @Lucifernetflix
moilovesb United States @REALITYofJNJ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump To the ones unaffected but able to help us, WHAT IF THIS WAS YOU or one of YOUR LOVED ONES? How fast would it be a thing of the past? What would you do? Just suffer?! Not a chance! Im a wife,mother, grandma, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. Why do our lives matter any less?! I don't know whether to laugh, cry or scream! 😶
LewsaderMike they think they can just do whatever they want they think they can if any one of us did this here in the US and left that country we would have been sent back to that country to face our crime. But not them they have diplomatic immunity.
ThomasOdin3 California, USA @LandersHarry @RepTomGarrett Let’s maybe not pretend that one administration would cleanse us of our allies - should we even need them - for any major crisis or issue. They need us more than we need them should anything go south, and that being said a nation is not defined by its executive alone. Conservative, love football, throwing my opinion out there. DM if you want to have a convo about issues I tweet about.
bluebazefc North Wales @THT1878 @trouserwarrior9 agreed. Jose has been brilliant at raising the profile of any club he has been at - my only resistance to the idea of him as senior coach would be his absolute knack of making the press hate him and his team. One thing would be sure his '3' years with us would be a rollercoaster!

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