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albertaisproud Big win! Congrats to Edmontonian Pritpal Chahal ... I think any one of us would be "confused and in disbelief" over that one! #lotto649 #yeg There is something special about this province 🏞️⛰️🌾
ejholstein Seattle, WA @gtconway3d When will someone stop him? The country is exhausted and fed up. He needs to be held responsible, just as any one of us would be with even one TS or SCI document found in our study or bedroom. Retired University of Washington instructor, former Department of State FSO, PNW x-country skier and Malinois/Belgian Shepherd lover
LadyReverbs @sbrezniak @BongBong @DemonBob_Badman @petestrzok @AshaRangappa_ @CBSNews Honestly, I don’t know why people want to make excuses for this from either Hillary or Trump. Any one of us would be sitting in jail if we had done what either one of them had done, and would get a very long prison sentence. Artist, Activist, Marxist, Anti Fascist, Anti-Doctrinaire. M4A/NotMeUs/FoodNotBombs/IWW/DefundThePolice/Landback
woman_debbie United States Any one of us would have been gathered up in the night and NO ONE would ever know what happened to us. 😡🤬 Overeducated, retired, grandmother 🌊 🌊 activist
kimbell1117 @Shannonstar19 @tribelaw Regardless they should of arrested him and let him post a 5 million dollar Bond. Also, take away his Passport because he has a way to get the hell out of Dodge. He needs to be treated like any one of us would of been treated and stop this pussy footing around ! Damn I am tired! I am just me! No one else.
ImmaBlueDot Pennsylvania @Davidlaz @Libe1997 Yup! All of that, not to mention a long list of other cruelty & corruption trump has gotten away with. And yet he still roams free, inciting more division & violence, & raking in $millions. Any one of us would've been perp-walked long ago. Not a 'raise your hand, RT if, follow me' kind of Tweeter. #GunSafety #VotingRights matter. Atheist. Thankful for dogs,cats,science. Vaxxedx4. #AdoptDontShop
CmastersB Maine, USA @glennkirschner2 Is this just going to all get kerfuffled into a 50 year battle, that trump is famous for drawing out, and then dropped? Any one of us would be in jail by now. Mom,Artist, AEMT, Community Paramedicine, dogs. No lists, please. STAY LOUD! #AllBlueIn2022 #ERANow #GoodTrouble
diannemando Florida, USA @Chewythewookie1 @FBI @DOJCrimDiv He’s telling his base to kill Joe Biden. Because he’s been caught committing espionage. His treachery has to be stopped and this dangerous madman needs handcuffs and bars. Any one of us would be arrested for this. Pro-human rights. Curious. Greed is the worst. NO LISTS, NO DMs.
defeatfascists Las Vegas, NV @itsJeffTiedrich It’s absolutely incredible, frustrating, insane! I served in the Air Force for 30 years and if any one of us would have lost or taken a single document at the lowest level of classifications we would be in prison! The slow sense of urgency is baffling. There’s no defense! Conservatives will be the death of Democracy. We won’t let them. Republicans are a clear and present danger ⛔️
JeffBus40074774 @glennkirschner2 It's a travesty that Trump gets to tee off on top of his ex wife and copies of the secret documents. I'm so tired of this elite privilege. Any one of us would be in a jail cell right now awaiting trial.
carol_cmaffia New Jersey, USA @FrankFigliuzzi1 When are we going to say “ we’re not gonna take it anymore” Freaking arrest him and throw his bottom in jail already. It’s ridiculous now. Any one of us would have been in jail months ago!! referral code A4BCF700
FKNSickOfMS California @BillyBaldwin He should have been arrested by now. Any one of us would have been. Why they keep letting him get away with it is why we are where we are right now. He was a crook long before he ever ran for President and no one did anything about it Disabled vet with way too much time on his hands these days thanks to multiple sclerosis. Can't see you if your email and phone number aren't confirmed #forkMS
UmbertoCiccole1 @TheJusticeDept . This has to be true. Any one of us would be handcuffed and take to prison. This is not equal justice for all. SHAME ON YOU! Vote Blue in 22
keithgoode Round Rock, Texas, USA Sadly, he can joke about the affidavit because we do have a legal system in this country that favors the wealthy. While any one of us would've been whisked away to a black ops site and would be water-boarded for what he did, he can joke about it without fear of reprisal. I'm a SEO Product Director for Cox Automotive, co-host of the @AustinOtaku Podcast, speaker, allogenes, gnostikos, literatus, otaku, & all-around okay guy.
TheGiftedPet Massachusetts, USA @StevenBeschloss I was thinking the same thing and I truly believe there are more documents stashed somewhere. Why isn't he in jail? Any one of us would already be under the jail.🤬 Just a gal & her furkids trying to do good by offering cool stuff for pets & their peeps! Proceeds benefit animal rescue, so please ~ support small business!!
LostinAusten27 United States @ToFertileChurch I hope she gets the help she needs. Her response is concerning. Child loss and infertility are terrible things (as you all well know) and I don't think any one of us would want to pile on that pain. Christ follower, Mom & Wife, Black Lives Matter/anti-racist, independent voter, safe space. Psalms 82:3-4 BA in CJUS/ENG and MFA in Writing
lf092313 United States @TheJusticeDept Why are you going out of your way to make this EASY on Trump. He had 18 mos to give the Documents back. And, Now he still remains FREE. The American people DEMAND that he is treated like any one of US would be. There is more than enough EVIDENCE to CHARGE him now. Veteran BlueCrew Resist Vote Blue ProChoice Democracy RightMatters BanAssaultRifles SaveOurChildren TruthMatters ProtectAnimals ReligiousFreedom
voice_russian @PattyArquette To have TS/SCI docs just lie around outside of a SCIF is completely insane. Literally any one of us would already be asking our spouses to reup the commissary and trying to raise our kids through glass. He's a civilian, lock him the fork up already.
myaiexpert1 United States @TheJusticeDept indict and arrest #TraitorTrump already. Enough with the delays. Any one of us would already have been arrested, arraigned and sent straight to prison already. Clear treason espionage and many other crimes have been committed by the mobster. Arrest. Now!!! #BuildBackBetter Facts & Democratized Tools 💎 🙌 🚀🌙 No DMs
ItWasACoup @FPWellman Yet, he’s free. Any one of us would have a knee in our neck and hauled off to God knows where underneath hot lights and God knows what. Former Republican-Mother- Political News Junkie-Sober-Fitness-Lock up the Trump Crime Family Anti Fascist RT doesn’t mean endorse
WildPasts_ Stellenbosch, South Africa Richard Ford. vs. Alice Hoffman. She published a critical review of his 1986 novel in the New York Times. So he did what any one of us would do, right? He went to his backyard with a gun and shot a hole through one of *her* novels and posted it to her in shreds. “The home of lost causes and forsaken beliefs”. Rogue primate and the Professor of History at Stellenbosch University.
mrbradleycarver Hopkinsville, KY @donwinslow Any one of us would be arrested or dead for having just one page of top secret document♡ Trump had over 700 pages of compartmentalized materials of this, that, and the other♡ I'll settle for obstruction and fraud charges and convictions♡♡♡ 21 January 2021, today is the day we begin to fix all the damage done since November 2016♡♡
Jazz75887355 Arizona @LindseyGrahamSC There are bigger things on our minds right now. Testify truthfully and fully. Like any one of us would have to do. Happy Arizonan; animal lover; paralegal. All good. :)
myaiexpert1 United States @TimFullerton @Barbie892 @FBI @TheJusticeDept @POTUS when is it ok to threaten a federal government employee and not have any consequences anymore? This nazi white supremacy domestic terrorist @GovRonDeSantis must face arrest immediately. Any one of us would be arrested!!! #BuildBackBetter Facts & Democratized Tools 💎 🙌 🚀🌙 No DMs
BiggerPictureMN @SmnWeekly It's time to issue a warrant for his arrest Fani. He's playing fast and loose with the law and he needs to be brought in like any common person. He has been given way too much deference. He is stalling. Any one of us would have been immediately arrested. @FaniWillisForDA Does your vote really matter? When an army of lobbyists are synonymous with legalized bribery? Progressive liberal. *I Vet & Follow back.
cldaigle Kihei, HI @AP Bad enough to lose your husband and father of your children along with a child, but to then have the "trusted public servants" distribute pictures of his burned and dismembered body is just way over the line. I wonder how any one of us would feel in that situation? Awful people!
kcannarozzi @real_nige Victims are never to blame. She responded as she did because his abuse was making her feel crazy and out of control. I’m sure any one of us would react the same way in her position
SamSanderson123 @harrylitman WHY hasn't he been charged with stealing the documents. No matter what his intent, he stole them. Trump needs to be arrested and charged. WTF. Any one of us would be. #ThoughtsofanEverydayHandmaid Christian Democrat who sometimes curses NO LISTS
designfuree 5 days. Any one of us would be locked away for a lot longer. One set of laws for us and one for them. Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul is sentenced to 5 days in jail for a DUI : NPR The spy who is so angry he cannot move. He cannot eat. He cannot sleep. He can just barely speak. So he Tweets Instead.
PFlan17 @daviddunn177 Any one of us would be getting ready to be strapped to the table and needles put in our arms. Proud dad of two wonderful sons, landscape designer, proud Ohioan except for Dbag Jim Jordan who can go to hell.
KarensComebacks Mile High State @Angry_Staffer @ginadeal Trumps whole life consists of criminal activity that any one of us would be rotting behind bars for eternity if we were caught. Tax evasion and insurance fraud would have been enough to get him all the way back in the 90s. But here he is still living free. Voting is the most powerful non violent tool we citizens have to make things change. Advocate for Mail in Ballots to remove the election manipulators.
RockytheR Kentucky, USA Is anyone else totally fed up with the special treatment that law enforcement is giving the former President? Just arrest him and charge him with the crimes that he has blatantly committed. Treat him like any one of us would be treated if we did a fraction of the 💩he’s done😡😡 Lover of democracy, avid sports fan, father to 3 wonderful girls.
viewsfordays @Stonekettle The fact this criminal as well as Bannon are not in jail, should tell us that there is no will on behalf of the feds to really prosecute them. They’ve admitted to many of these crimes and still are free. Any one of us would already be in jail Mother of 2 scientists. Bay Area native. Retired technology communications professional. #PRU # ClimateChangeIsReal #Science #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy
AnnevanLeur Lake Michigan @nazuzuwin @MaryBlyeKramer Like everyone else, I have many, many acquaintances, but I only have a small group of FRIENDS that are treasures on so many levels -- and the best part is any one of us would throw ourselves under a bus for the other. So, yea, I was hurt when I was younger but I learned from it. Ansje van Leur Existentialist. Biocentrism. Thalassophile. U of MI alum Happiness is wind direction & water under the bridge. Followed by Hakeem Oluseyi
danamoore070 Shelburne, VT This is what happened. It would be like you or me taking home classified and refusing to return it. President Shmesident. Any one of us would be going to jail. Indict the sumbitch now and we can live and let live. @TheJusticeDept Retired Teacher, veteran - USAF, land surveyor, guitarist and bagpiper, recording artist, father...Renaissance Man. Independent voter. Boomer.
Phloorlicker When you take a step back, some of the stuff happening on this app is absolutely vile and any one of us would RUN AWAY if we saw this in real life 😂 🌹
CaantsYon Ayr, Scotland @bitchystichy We've got a good wee street any one of us would do the same thing if the tables were turned. Poor guys lost everything it's only right to get him back on his feet. Just glad he was out at the time and he's ok. I think it was just the shock tbh. #Mmemberville #indyref2 #ScottishIndependence
chayarivka Jerusalem, Israel People who have suffered *so much* to get to Eretz Yisroel won't just go "Oh well we tried" and go back to Eritrea or Ukraine. They will do what they need to do to survive as any one of us would for our families. Am Echad Lev Echad🇮🇱✨ 'Those who love Him are like the rising of the sun in its strength.'
fly17187 @cnsrvtvhntress @MichelleKeefe15 @NaomiRHelm dont matter, they were holding him down 3 of them, and 2 out of 3 were punching him in the back, face and head, these pigs should be charged and arrested like any one of us would if we decided to take 3 of our friends and we beat the fork out of 1 person. FREEEEEEDOMMMMM!!!!!!!! Get Truth Social as back up! @MikeFlagg
LiberSnowflake @lindyli They gave him over a year to return this documents. He didn't. They retrieved some. They subpoenaed him for them. He didn't. Lawyers lied and said they had them all. Not. Lawful warrant was last resort. Any one of us would have been serving time by now.

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