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PTIofficial Pakistan Chairman PTI @ImranKhanPTI encouraged PP-168’s workers to campaign against lotas, who sold their souls and votes. #KaptaanInLahore Official twitter account of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf | YouTube:
MalikZaheerAK Lahore, Pakistan I want to thank the people of PP-170 for showing amazing support and managing to turn yesterday's worker convention into a full blown jalsa. Such a successful event wouldn't have been possible without you guys. PTI Zindabad! -ZA #PTI #PP170 Ex-MNA | Former Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal | Social Worker and serving for Pakistan. #PTI
PTIOfficialRWP Rawalpindi, Pakistan All 4 conventions of PTI in Lahore, were successful today but PP-167 was the massive with charged crowd. People were chanting slogans against imported government and lotas. Nazeer Chauhan is definitely going to lose this constituency. #KaptaanInLahore Official Twitter Account of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf District Rawalpindi
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SoybeanCoopman @Captaincoby00 And if they choose PP to be their next leader look out. Let me know when the next Grifter class begins.
Tacoma1776 Albuquerque, NM @GovMLG How much money in kick backs do you get from PP? Abortion is not health care. Oh and it has never been a constitutional right either. U.S. Army, Married NO DM's,#NM #Pro2A. #1A, Need to turn NM RED.
CTree1976 @tkofman @mcconnell_lesly Why, because he’s not a wannabee Liberal. Also, the CPC isn’t under PP right now, Candice Bergen is the leader, and she is a huge step up from the last time. Here to keep up with the big crazy world out there.
jmmeader @quite_coconut @JumpingBoson @willtech0324 @MadeInTheUSANJ @RepMTG Yes, Planned Parenthood received taxpayer money. What you FAILED to share is the Hyde Amendment bans use of federal money for abortions except in cases where mom’s life is in danger, rape, and incest. Tax money received by PP is used to provide well woman care & contraceptives Chiefs fan for LIFE!! MIZZOU born and raised. Bleed St. Louis Cardinals red. Only time I don’t cheer for Royals are when they’re playing the Redbirds!!!
TClift13 Los Angeles @Kobemanboy123 @madlibs19 @NickForVA In the fascist red states, PP has stopped performing abortions but remains open and continues to provide other services.
tlpirt @bazblackadder @rod49_j And per your DNC/PP talking point ‘rarely’ is a women’s life at risk during pregnancy & IF so she’s hospitalized to save her & baby🙄. Ectopic pregnancy’s require surgical removal of the Fallopian tube, full of blood vessels, so women doesn’t bleed to death🤪 America 1st wife/mom/grammy Independent conservative, 🖕🏼 & ur feelings, ProLife Liberty/Freedom/LEO/ICE/CBP #AllLivesMatter #1A #2A #FireFauci #FJB
pp_wali Pain thought about it some more, body positivity movements are helpful at their core but has been beaten to death at this point on social media and big corporations that it feels like its lost meaning in a personal sense somehow it gets worse
KaminskiCalahan @mcconnell_lesly sorry for my tweet about PP and the conservatives. Totally didn’t know who you are. On that note you’re a idiot
g6t @phenos send pp and record it bobs bhrgers
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jendialtoo San Antonio, TX @libsoftiktok She cray cray for sure…does she have white woman voodoo dolls? Doesn’t she realize PP killed more black and brown babies than white??? She looks like she just smoked some gangi andthen but the head off of a chicken. MAGA Patriot, 🇺🇸proud,happy WIFE, mom, grandma, enthusiastic entrepreneur/author. ❤️ my country, not necessarily the govt. NO dating DMs but order a book!
LanceHarrisson Ontario @PierrePoilievre Ha! You're junk, and so are you pathetic convoys. Just go away ragey little PP. Moderna trifecta Trolls, timewasters,and list-makers get blocked. Loves to call out stupid people doing stupid things. Don't be an asshole.
TheVintageReylo @cellar_eerie So then someone else says that they posted a pro slavery fic and then someone else says they're an old person that always causes fandom drama and then someone else says pp bully them...I don't see any of it in real time, tho. She/her. Vintage Millennial. Magdalane on ao3. Grew up on SW, ST, Who. Failed Reylo. Sylkie. Human rights are not slogans, but remember MMIW BLM and ACAB. ☀ HOH
micr0biz @iatssfihbbtetrf no don’t worry i like seeing other points of view and you are right, those ppl mostly don’t care and don’t see a problem with their behavior but maybe if they knew that the band does not tolerate that crap they would disappear or at least they wouldn’t dare to publicly harass pp blood and red hair matt bellamy enthusiast❗️vegan 🌱 he/him.
dragonflyknot @kayaker007 @marybschneider Dobbs pp 193-194: ‘Only a dozen years before Roe, the Court described women as “the center of home and family life,” with “special responsibilities” that precluded their full legal status under the Constitution. Hoyt v. Florida, 368 U. S. 57, 62 (1961).’
TheVintageReylo @cellar_eerie I saw *1* post where someone said "thank God" Roe was overturned. I saw another implying that pp shouldn't say anything to that person because... reasons? I actually started a reply and then decided that I didn't want to engage and when I came back their account was gone. She/her. Vintage Millennial. Magdalane on ao3. Grew up on SW, ST, Who. Failed Reylo. Sylkie. Human rights are not slogans, but remember MMIW BLM and ACAB. ☀ HOH
CrazyBeagles12 @ProducerDrew_ @SteveStaeger A little review of the series. Game 1 went to overtime. Makar flopped and got one of the worst tripping calls I've ever seen. Without the PP goal the score is 3-2 Game 4 is obvious, yes, that was to many men on the ice Game 5, got a free goal off a terrible icing call I love Dogs, Sports are nice too, currently rage filled hope to go back to normal soon
SmN_EU København, Danmark @NepentheZ Did 5, Got some 82, 84 and a immobile I only do Them when i get duplicates in league sbc, but They are not worth it. 85+ pp is overpriced aswell With totw, and tots being out of packs, They need to change the requirements. I have spammer the 81+ totw packs 22 years Old / Copenhagen🔥/ trying to figure out life / PSN: SmN-NG / Godly FIFA menu grinder / Average FIFA player
mbj106SD South Dakota, USA @LeeWise1 @ChuckCallesto Not anymore. Pelosi & Schumer can't stick the millions of taxpayer $ in their bills for PP anymore. PP is not a place for young women to go anymore. The family centers dems are vandalizing are the best to help any young woman and each individual state runs their own. No DM's Retired bartender, office manager, retired Red Cross super/Fire! I support our Troops and our LEO's God Bless America!! 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸💙
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AbelRamirezII Dallas, TX @Done_with_BS_ @NickForVA 1. So you're suggesting what? That Planned Parenthood completely changed their business model and began performing MORE abortions than the last 10 years? Explains the recent tick in abortions if so. 2. Ask PP why they haven't been more transparent & offered up more reports than 1 2A, Nuanced, Right Leaning, 2nd gen American made... from Mexican parts.
MrsFrannyFrey @Dean02600306 @madlibs19 @NickForVA These PP clinics ended or paused abortion services ONLY. They did not close and continue to provide other healthcare services. The headline is deceptive. Teaching kids to use their heads, their minds...and their brains, too. :)
rindarella1 Yup. If I’m not mistaken the Dems and PP kept telling us abortions only make up 3% of their business. That healthcare, cancer screening was so important to woman. Guess someone lied. It was never about helping women. It was always about the money they made from selling baby parts
pp_wali Pain mjust to be clear im not mad that people are embracing their bodies in public and posting for themselves. im mad that people embrace the title of being a body positivity icon. siena may had no right to do so and had no right to profit off of it with her merch. somehow it gets worse
_Dcheese7 Northside of Albany Ga @PropPlayz @Keenn_24 Probably don’t😂😂 PP need to get right and sponsor you Fr 😭 364-226-27 is my @PrizePicks record on posted player props started (3-23-22) #NBA #WNBA #NFL #NHL
jwhollis Memphis @asgvisalaw @MGImmigration I’m now to the point of sending emails on back to back days listing off how long it’s been since they issued an RFE in a supposedly PP case and I haven’t received it. Come for the US immigration law musings, stay for the Everton chat, complaints about running in the heat, and dog pictures.
yankeeebaby ÜT: 40.858912,-73.857273 @wonkadog @curbappealreo @Pink This is not fun to me at all. The numbers came from the annual reports of PP, pre-pandemic. But, here is a recent, and conservative source, that shows similar numbers (70% Christian)
PP_PERKINS1619 United States @DrJayRichards Democrats have always loved using it, and now they think they have a reason. Once slave owners, always slave owners? Dad, libertarian, likes biking, i love metal music.
carolynhill100 Manhattan, KS Thinking about selling your home? Get your seller guide today and learn about the process of home selling! Carolyn J. Hill REALTOR 785-532-9870 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Advisors 2630 Claflin... I've been a Realtor for 31 years, and was a military wife for 20 years. I love arts and crafts, sewing, cake decorating, and country dancing.
hcouch22 Texas @KarlyRican_ @francescatututu So before you block me, here’s the premise. Feds open a building on fed land. Provide abortions for rape/incest victims and for life of woman in medical distress. Allowed under Hyde. Partner with Planned parenthood for all others. PP pays rent, etc. Lawyers need to resolve Just a guy in deep red East Texas. Steeler/Tull fan. Widower. I make tremendous pecan rolls. 👍 #TurnTexasBlue.
mbj106SD South Dakota, USA @ChuckCallesto 🤣🤣 no they aren't! Taxpayer dollars have been funding abortions and selling baby parts since B Hussein Obama showed up. The dems are furious bcuz they received a lot of money from PP in turn Dems stuck PP into every one of their spending bills. No DM's Retired bartender, office manager, retired Red Cross super/Fire! I support our Troops and our LEO's God Bless America!! 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸💙
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PP_PERKINS1619 United States @ArtValley818_ Once when I pull up, once when I see premium prices, once when inserting my card, once when I hit the regular button, once when I see the total, and one final one when I pull away. Dad, libertarian, likes biking, i love metal music.
qilxu_dilbi On Nov. 3, 2020, on the eve of the war on Tigray, Abiy and PP massacred innocent people in Guliso, Oromia and accused the TPLF and OLA. This is no different. @npr @Reuters @AP @nytimes #OromoVoice #WeSupportOLA Qawwen gabromnee qawween bilisomnaa!!
million_miles77 Ayo the have KBO @azndfs on PP… I’m gonna need to talk to you and @kordfs!
Elisociety @TheMcKenziest @VPS_Reports these craps have been bombing PP clinics and killing doctors. pro-life my ass Wanna see someone talk to themselves? Well you’re in the right place ✌🏻💗🏳️‍🌈 #prochoice
DavisPlayzz New Zealand We are back tonight, and with a bang! • Player Picks • 92+ Moments Icon PP • RTG Day 4 Live at 10pm NZT / 11am UKT Twitch Affiliate & FIFA 22 YouTuber - Chris Wood Enthusiast | @Arsenal | @WgtnPhoenixFC | |
pp_shepherd Paying for that course and learning digital marketing Musician
BrianWr14792020 @EricFaceplant @invisiblecauld @Dennis04385071 @mye36347147 'My argument is that racism has always been a fundamental aspect of American policing, to the point it is a counterproductive and irredeemable institution. So, yes. Let's get rid of them.' Your quote. Can also be applied to PP. So we should get rid of theml, right? Just trying to make a name
AbeAndrew87 @melissamgm @wfzv6nbfbv @mcconnell_lesly The more I look the more I like PP and the Conservative party. I was hoping for someone like yourself who is saying that this is a mistake and a bad idea to point out to me why. Is there anything in particular I should look into? 🇨🇦
helenyanch @jodsmith08 @RodKahx And pray tell what’s one good thing Trudeau has done for Canadians? PP hasn’t been Pm yet and you’re expecting him to have done something for you. He is in opposition not the government side.
LemonsPrivacy In my bed @RileyBabyBoi I completely missed that the bottoms have an opening and for a split second I was like "ay yo who glued the pp on the pants??" 🔞 A place for my more explicit thoughts. | He/Him | Bi | Age: 21 | minors not welcome.
t_ftop Sunshine State @ProfessorFleX1 @MAJTOURE Inner city abortion is a supply chain. They traffic the fetal parts for cash from most vulnerable. Government funds the research to pay for it, and the traffickers (PP) funnel the money back to the politicians. Because it’s all about empowering women 🙄 Longing for a government that can fit inside the Constitution. Exhaler of life (CO2) not pollution
HVeritch Surf City U.S.A @C1985Bears @charliekirk11 If a pregnant woman is killed in a vehicle accident and the other driver is found negligent or intoxicated it's double homicide. Even if she was on her way to PP. Constitutionalist.
milestone_pp United States he’s so expressive and this is my favorite one 😭 love for Mile & Apo and for the rest of The Kinnporsche The Series family. 🇵🇭|🇺🇸

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