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FriedgeHNIC With DJ Smith’s move to OTT and expectation that Jim Hiller will be going elsewhere too, there are openings on the TOR bench. One is expected to be filled by Paul McFarland. He coached the Panthers No. 2-ranked PP last season Trust the Weirdness, and You Are Not Alone -- “If you are going through hell, keep going” — Winston Churchill
kannbwx Fort Collins, CO Here's a history of U.S. prevented planting acres. The most PP acres for #corn was 3.62 million in 2013, and the most for #soybeans 2.23 million in 2015. #plant19 Global Agriculture Columnist at Thomson Reuters. Meteorologist by training, gymnast for life. Views expressed are my own.
MattWalshBlog What's more, Planned Parenthood's OWN investigation into the videos also concluded that there is no, and I quote, "widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation." So stop claiming otherwise, you damned liars. The videos are real. PP is a criminal organization. Writer, speaker, husband, father of three, theocratic fascist. For speaking engagements email me here:
insidewrite1957 Ramsbottom @PeterPrickett @Tengushee @ground_guru @CoachEllisRiley @Salisburyrovers @salasocceruk @MerryGuido @GAZT7 @markproskills @kieranproskills @ContactCounts @Daviddale05 @davidpreece12 @flyingwingback @MyFootballCoach @10Simmer10 @Tad690 @jmoore_96 @power_ray Happy Friday PP Happy Friday all Play off weekend Nowt like it And the skies are blue to go with it Enjoy 👍😊⚽️ Board member of Lancashire FA Vice Chairman ELFA FA Respect League of the YEAR 2013/4 2014/5 Freelance writer for Manchester's top advertising & event agencies.
pp_academy1 🤫Morning coffee chill after a hard workout and a busy morning Coaching #mindsetiseverything #fatloss #goals #protein #costacoffee
keec_20 D next level.... @Tshyka Come and be sending me PP na. Uncle, I use to normally can do video 🤷🏾‍♂️ Co-founder @WeMoveCo . Business . Thinker/Communicator/Strategist
giuseppe_kemp Sandton @AdvBMkhwebane Dear PP we're yet to hear anything about Pravin and his deadline cause it seems like he's disappeared while he was very vocal about people need to respect chapter 9 institutions, albeit seems like he's the one disrespecting. Any clarification on the above Business Person and Analyst. Cause Business and Politics affect livelihood direct or indirect.
Poulson_ Leamington Spa, England So Drakes changed his pp and little does he know that she’s wearing a villa shirt... looks like derby are going up! #BCFC all views are my own ⚽️
jewelz_blu The Moon Let me show you what I got baby 💦 OR 60$ for @mama_nip @salemxbanks and my LIFETIME Snapchats via c*sh*pp. DM TO BUY ✨ blue haired mermaid slut 18+ ~ see pinned tweet💙Book ➡️ @motleymodels #NSFW #sexpositive #vegan #camgirl
necrolytic priv @josefumis @chip1tweets the full citation: Feng, Jin. “The Proliferating Genre: Web‐Based Time‐Travel Fiction and the New Media in Contemporary China.” A Companion to Modern Chinese Literature, 2015, pp. 379–394 要將憂鬱苦痛洗去 柔情蜜意我願記取 ¦ 18+, jjba — 英語 / 粤语 / 中文 / (簡単な)日本語OK
OttoLontra Everett, WA @tamryncheetah @ThatLioxyMaid Addendum: according to FA staff, because the Shiny system is tipping the artist, and not giving them money in exchange for a specific adult piece of art, it doesn't violate their terms of service. They say they worked closely with a PP rep. I still want receipts. Otter fetish artist, frequently NSFW. Developing a more positive outlook on life through adorable critters doing really weird crap. He/him, 18+ only.
elforkinggene Hi-5 stapled my pp to the floor around 5 days ago and he says it’s funny but it’s not anymore it’s just annoying smh. Remove this staple right now you fat bastard. just an emoji living his life.
PhenomenalCWL Long Island City, Queens I have a team pass for Miami to3 lf2 ICR MAIN MAIN MADDOX specialist recon and tempest can travel can be active 18+ do scrims and pp dm me if interested need to be willing to put the time to train @SGH_RTs @CoDRT24_7 @CoDFreeAgentss @CODFreeAgentsRT @ShawnAbner @ScrimFinder 18💤.. Unfused Gaming - Duo ? - Soon To Be Pro @bessell__
guibja New York, USA Log Home Manufacturing and construction company ( 195 Watch Count ) music sports news travel photography shopping
LDeelse 1 (ONE) ADULT DISNEY WORLD 10-DAY W/ PARK HOPPER AND WATER PARK TICKET ORLANDO ( 59 Watch Count ) music sports news travel photography shopping
lvrgrrls overrated & played out i rly wanted to call them “pp sacks” and he didnt let me my name is maddie and i am in a constant state of panic
HBloodedHeroine in my bed bottoms be like: cute and pretty uwu 🎀 gets to smell like roses 💞 always an optimist! 🤗 small pp aesthetics~ 💫✨ tops be like: big and hairy OwO🐻 hahaha stinkyy lol a pessimist 😣 wtf thats way too big hey get thatthingawayfrommehelpppdhckrjfkejfjrjfnfkfkfntjfjrjgcjckrnfjkf Silently living trought these endless nights | priv: @hbloodedheroin 🌹@saldado_
_PP_Ltd UK ⭐️Friday Feedback!⭐️ We recently made some printed car mats for Jack's Peugeot and received these pictures & kind words from him😁We love hearing from customers and seeing our products being put to test. Want to get featured? Get in touch! 📷 British based company manufacturing tailored Car Mats, Seat Covers, Boot Liners and Pet Travel Accessories. Offering a personalised service including embroidery
Berlin_PP Berlin Morning! "Tackling Crime: how one police unit and prosecutor use Scrum to eat into their backlog of cases" @GervenMichiel (via @Medium) Wir unterstützen Unternehmen auf ihrem Weg zur Agilität. Siehe auch @AgeOfProduct & @StefanW.
a_tschantz Brighton, England @LukeMillerNeuro True, although I don't know of any approaches which include precision terms and which do not have a statistical interpretation (although I could be wrong), and precision weighted PEs are central to a lot of the empirical stories behind PP PhD student with the Sackler Center for Consciousness Science.
zxMetal Shredding on guitar. @CH0KINGHAZARD Square up and I’ll cut your pp skin -me to your friend SnapChat: legendarymetal, Insta: xpct_metal GT:LegendaryMetal. Founder/director of @XpcTNation
LuckGod84 UK @PartyFoulWMH I think its perfect. PP is a nerd who has no clue what is actually cool so when he tries to be suave and cool it is cringey as hell because hes clueless. The biggest Cygnar blogger in the world!
ACLupescu currently a #FloridaMan @peritutvivat @johncarlosbaez @LilaGraceRose @AOC I've read that report. It states plainly that a the biggest problem is people in health care fields not being able to recognize signs of human trafficking or sexual abuse, and the need for better training. This is no reason to attack PP with accusations of a cover up. If we are heading into a dystopian future, there better at least be good music and street food.
rubiconforder Australia @jerbsod @Triplejay58 @dottigee Your wrong there, the older pp who were spooked by LNP lies, are in their 80’s or older, I have a sister who is 12 years older than me. She is another generation, always been very conservative and so were/are her friends. Born,bred and educated in South Australia wandered, but eventually came back. Retired,mother, grandmother, feminist and left winger.
VoodooTwitchz Some one please accept the pp match and report score so I can get my daily 15 and get to bed! @ScrimFinder 18. Professional Cod is my DREAM @VintageGamingvT Competing at Anaheim
Celebration_PP Staffordshire, England Another #bankholidayweekend!? May could well be our favourite month! We hope you have a good one, spending time with family and friends and of course surrounded by delicious food and drink! #friyay #designandprint Providing high quality paper, plastic & Enviroware® catering disposables to the Foodservice, Travel & Hospitality sectors since 1983.
colleen_805 California, USA @mrctv Hey Anne what if you’re mom decided to rip you out and toss you in the garbage if PP were killing puppies Hollywood would have already shut them down
IndWorldThinker KweleNgabade Dear @Magashule_Ace and @MYANC Please tell us if Paraffin Gordan is above the law. Why the ANC have not issued out a statement about the way Paraffin is undermining the PP investigation. Is the ANC scared of disciplining this WMC servant. Sthule nje siyabuka We are thinkers. Let's think independently and answer independently. Your views and my views will differ because we are different
kristinamcaruso Ohio @Yenwod6 PP receives $500 million from the federal government every year. The # 1 procedure that they perform is abortion. They try and mask it in the numbers by counting every interaction e.g. consult, taking vitals, giving meds, abortion prep etc. Where are these mammograms? truth seeker with a calibrated bs detector, animal lover and dog rescuer. all with one arm and leg "tied" behind my back
c_kumalo Sowetho @errolbsk Yes pp don't like Pravin Eff/Juju worried his tender and tax scandel he thought buried, will resurface. Pravin has been investigated for the same thing so many times So yes PP must go with her agenda and stupid narrative. MAYBE SHE WILL ALSO BE ONE TO RETIRE FINANCIALLY SOON BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER
Pp_aa_uu_ll Ibadan @MeikaTheSensei A very classy and over standard kind of lounge for a first date will be perfect, Nothing official or formal and i want to make something clear there is lounge and there is longe choose wisely 😂😂
DHYGardenTools Foshan, Guangdong, China plastic garden sprayer nozzle+ spray gun set+PP and ABS +easy adjustable 2 watering pattern jet trigger pistol+EG-802A should be your first choice! #Waternozzle #Hosespraynozzle DHY Garden Tools Co., Ltd. moved into gardening tools selling and plastic products producing field in 2000.
adman1957 Fragile Paradise @gmalau32 @YMaqalekane @EazyLabs @PublicProtector He is quite correct! PP was captured by JZ and now she is going after PG, who purported CR. CIC supports PP because PG knows too much about VSB. Therefore PP must GO!! My opinions are probably someone else’s, blame them first!
ipharaelikhulu Streets of Twitter @MathewsNtanzi @CKlatey Chiefs just killed 18 pp players career's this month alone imagine if Sundowns had done the same thing how the media fraternity and pirates and chiefs supporters would come out and say Sundowns kills careers. As I walk through the valley of Twitter I will fear no evil for Black Twitter will protect me. You anoint my timeline with retweets and likes.
BondHP Mahesana, India Realme 3 Pro has the Flagship Speed Experience with Snapdragon 710 AIE and VOOC Flash Charge 3.0. Click to discover more 1 Available (6GB + 128GB) Carbon Grey. Drop the message to reserve that… Tech Blog | Technology Page | Web Development Company | Former Computer Business | Email: | #BondHighPlus | #BondHP | #BHPStore | Click ⬇️
ramblanista Girona, Catalunya @LaVidaTranca @ColonelAgile @thepig993 @EuropeElects For the most part, Vox simply took existing far right votes from the PP, the Franquistas and the fascists were already there. And considering how hyped Vox was by certain sectors of the press and media, it did underperform. Writer, Deep Topographer, queer theologian, PhD student @UniofExeter. Volcano obsessive, ‘honorary latinoamericana’. I am the land, the land is me. EU citizen.
classickittyx United Kingdom Morning payday piggies If you can’t resist looking you’re in debt to $end I want silent tributes as I lay luxuriously in bed. Now be a good boy and do what I say. ⭕️ & pp: #findom #BBR #efdp #walletrinse @loneleyguy69xxx @DirkHooper @touchRTP #paypig 🇬🇧 Findom Brat who deserves to be spoilt. I require the finer things in life. Circle, Cashapp, paypal and amazon GC. Kik: classickittyx | No skype/ meet
madlyyousocool @goe_mie Not a coincidence literally 90% pp preaching that are b*s stans... and the double standard just unbelievable... unbelievable LOONA / Eng / Kor / i want olivia hye to step on me but know she wouldn’t because she is the sweetest babie in the world
stiivkirk Durham, UK Hood, S. (2004). ‘Managing attitude in undergraduate academic writing: a focus on the introductions to research reports’. In L. Ravelli and R. A. Ellis (Eds) Analysing Academic Writing: contextualised frameworks. Pp. 24-44. Assoc Prof (Teaching) at @EducByDesign. Benevolent Misfit. Keen surfer of semantic waves. #LCTheory #tleap #highered. Also Coordinating the @LCTukgroup
shtickpost The Annoying Orange Kitchen Succ on my big pp and juice my tits like a cow from canada — okay then uwu epic crapposts 😎 | i hate woody woodpecker | 💖 mewtwo's thighs 💖 | ❗️ All of my tweets and replies are jokes unless they are in proper grammar! ❗️
sunda_m Chennai @KarikadaiBoy Hahaha...I didn't see the PP part and when I realised I thought I deleted the tweet ..but.... Theera visaripadhey mei!! Acham Thavir!
CHEManager_EU Weinheim, Germany .@McDermott_News’s Lummus Tech division will provide the license, basic #engineering design and proprietary Novolen catalyst for a 475,000 t/y PP plant at #Nagapattinam, Tamil Nau to be operated by @chennaipetro, a group company of @IndianOilcl Wiley’s leading media brand providing first-hand information on the global chemical, life science and process industries.
shrewsmuseum Shrewsbury, Shropshire Join Charlie ADLARD for a one hour workshop Saturday 1st June 11am-12pm and learn to draw your own Zombie head ! tickets available on £10 pp (ticket includes entry to museum and Drawn of the Dead exhibition).@CharlieAdlard @CSalopia #comics #comicbooks Drawn of the Dead, open 1 June - 3 November 2019 featuring work by @CharlieAdlard
msbmcneil Melbourne, Victoria @mcguiganedu @PositiveSchools @MartinEPSeligma His PERMA model for wellbeing and flourishing also includes the element of meaning from something bigger than the self. PP is obviously focused on the self, but a flourishing self can result from looking beyond the self ❤️ 3/3 PYP educator, WSL and SVTM @ib_asiapacific. #edcamp and @TEDx organiser. All views my own. Retweets are not endorsements. "All I know is that I know nothing."
Cty2CtyLyle Tennessee, USA @mrctv Abortion and PP is due to complicity of Liberal Hollywood and MSM. God, Family, & Country. Amen. Respect Authority, our Troops and the Flag of the USA. #MAGA Give your worries to God - only he controls the future. #Huskers #GBR
msbmcneil Melbourne, Victoria @mcguiganedu @PositiveSchools @MartinEPSeligma ... He researched the concept of wellbeing and virtues across cultures and throughout time, which gave rise to #CharacterStrengths, including transcendence, that can help us apply principles of PP... /2 PYP educator, WSL and SVTM @ib_asiapacific. #edcamp and @TEDx organiser. All views my own. Retweets are not endorsements. "All I know is that I know nothing."
ACLupescu currently a #FloridaMan @peritutvivat @johncarlosbaez @LilaGraceRose @AOC And here we are. The crimes aren't even committed at PP. The employees never witnessed anything, they only suspect crimes. So tell me again how Planned Parenthood is responsible for crimes that aren't committed on their property that they don't even know about? If we are heading into a dystopian future, there better at least be good music and street food.
blurryface_pp India @HarcrapRk1 @r4jjesh_ But as of now, creating a divide between North an South India will be amplified by the separatists and #urbanNaxals. We need to stay calm. Not left, right or liberal. Strongly believe Rahul Gandhi should be a world leader. Respect all religions. A Cow Vigilante. Proud Sanathani. #MainBhiChowkidar
patrickkoi6 Nantes @ChrisJKaram @davemeltzerWON The wwe used the PPV system for years and created the network because they have a heavy archives. The nwa is NOT aew and they will not put together a ppv with such a production in such an arena, 49 is the normal price for a pp, stop bitching people! Étudiant Droit, L2
trifactolife Kansas City @PDeniseGray1 @BigAndjSchwartz @BernieSanders You would shocked to find out how many Republicans and conservatives donate to and support PP. They have saved many a life and many a dollar regardless of political affiliation. PP provides low cost healthcare. Griblin Breeder

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