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AmazingThailand Thailand Oh, the simple sweetest act of taking care of one another! 🥰🥰 Stay dreamy and tune in for PP & Billkin’s 5 new, cute, and amazing journeys LIVE this September 6 on Facebook: Amazing Thailand. #Stylecation #StylecationxPPBK #AmazingThailand #BKPP #ppkritt #bbillkin Official Twitter account for Tourism Authority of Thailand. Share stories & photos with hashtag #LoveThailand and we'll retweet
SethAbramson CONCLUSION/ Tips are 100% optional but accepted. My Venmo is [@]SethAbramsonTwitter and my PayPal link is at I guess the only other thing I'd say is that live-tweeting a Trump speech kills a piece of your soul. I believe that. A small piece—but a piece. NYT bestselling author. Attorney. Journalist. Trump biographer. Words @CNN @BBC @CBS @CBC @HBO @WashingtonPost, etc. More at
ZAbbasOfficial Just as one thought the fielding has been decent today..a very good total and Pak will need to utilise the PP well. Presented for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019,Sky Sports,Star Sports,PSL,T10,Cricingif,Ten Sports & Sony,occasional writer for Dawn. Worked with Dunya News
denkendermann 'Murica @bdavisauthor @ArmendarizDis16 @POTUS reeeeeeeeeeee no control over my body after I chose to take the D! now I must be allowed to have my baby's skull crushed and have her brains sucked out and her body parts sold by PP so I cannot be inconvenienced in my life for a choice i made... and moloch smiled. Live Free or Die, For Death is not the Worst of Evils. -Gen John Stark ...hmmm,
ActiveHoopers @NBA @ThrillHill5 @swishcultures_ @JalenGreen @Pp_doesit Crazy Potential for Orlando and Houston, these two could definitely be fighting for a few scoring titles in the future NBA content and conversations daily
horniloser_ @catboikoi Ur nips looking hella succable rn… and your pp too 😅 22M 🇺🇸 | 6’2” | occasionally buying but constantly horni
lasixverapamil Raleigh, NC @Thunderball155 @Q2turnQueen Welp, I am nearly 8 months PP, still breastfeeding, and it feels neverending. It started almost 3 months to the day after Olivia was born and has never slowed 😬 BSN, RN, OCN 👉🏻 chemo nurse, wife, new mom, @Canes fan, cross-stitcher 🧵 #TakeWarning “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” she/her
lifebloodau Australia @prashantmrao 28 blood donations would have gone to help up to 84 lives, bringing health to the recipients and happiness to their families. This makes you a #bloodylegend and a hero in our eyes. 😍 Thanks for sharing the great action shot and encouraging others to join you in this. – PP Lifeblood. Give Life. Give Blood. Call 13 14 95 or book online. #lifebloodau
ShaanHistoria Bhubaneshwar, India Many of us believe in this false claim without checking the facts. I would urge everyone to read S Gopal, Radhakrishnan: A Biography (OUP, 1989). Please just read pp. 115-19 and you will realise how we never cared to read a historian's truth on a controversy. #TeachersDay2022 PhD candidate in History @Ravenshaw150; Alumnus @JNU_official_50, @bhupro; #Twitterstorian
PP_Rubens 2/2 Papers, books, and candle on a table: an evening's assembly of things in 1630 by Lubin Baugin, whose day was today. All-around genius working for peace, beauty, and intelligent thought
Thunderball155 Columbus, OH @lasixverapamil @Q2turnQueen For me it always got so much worse when I stopped breastfeeding. I’d have the normal PP shed about 2-3 mos postpartum and then another one shortly after discontinuing breastfeeding 😭 I would say it really takes about 3-4 mos to get better. Mother, wife, daughter, friend, nurse practitioner, student (for life). The sweetest cherry in an apple pie. Please send poetry. Advocate for gun reform NOW.
SkatchedKol He/Him/They/Them My dumbass contemplating that I shouldn't join the army since I have an above avg. Pp and is somehow well built.... Like damn. eh.. tired of life in general.
offlineoz uk @SoundIife he really going tho? damn need to change my pp, literally and figured don't take me seriously
BreeseKQ After about a year and a month of on and off playing OSU I finally reached 1k+ pp. Feels good :) Currently Watching: Nagatoro Currently Playing: OSU, Ghost of Tsushima, Gacha Games
Toos_pooky Hexico @Diabladaz @WhaleChart Hedron didn't. PP isn't doing it either. Both free. Regardless that's besides the point. Value is only good if it's there when you want to sell. Plsd is losing holders every day and the known hex sharks selling hex and hedron for it ran out of gas providing exit liquidity. Head of Instigations in $PP. In Hecks at day 382. $hex $pls $plsx maxi. $cro $vvs minimalist. $25 Cro code: udbggecsnc
FreePasghetti @rumbosforall I really, really like him. I don’t think he’s ready for PM but it’d be great for him to have a role if PP wins. I respect what he says and how he says it almost every time he speaks. When freedom is outlawed only outlaws will be free. Proud Albertan living in Manitoba. LET THE EAST HAVE TRUDEAU. LET THE WEST HAVE FREEDOM.Awake, not woke.
AmazonHelp @pp_bray We're sorry to hear about the delivery wait! Delays can happen when unforeseen circumstances arise. Please keep us updated on this order and let us know if it doesn't arrive. -Tenisha We answer Amazon support questions in English / Deutsch / Español / Português / Français / Italiano / 日本語 / Türkçe / Nederlands / Polski / Čeština / Svenska
GabrielaCerra @LucyAppa @Heather4amazon @Juliaswart3 @united6059 @StudentsforLife Do you mean poor people shouldn't have kids? If PP is concerned about poor people, why don't they offer prenatal care instead of abortions? Poor and disabled aborted, pure eugenics Catholic woman, it is not about politics, it's about raising a voice for the voiceless. Every life is priceless #ChooseLife
yourdaddyonduty @JamshidKarte4 @Kopagen @MuzhganSmrq Check ur mom’s bedroom. He is ur mom’s todays customer u fkn Muhajer Landaghar. How is everything going on with the guy in ur pp who had a slo-mo life?Oh wait! his meat and bones are still stuck all over the walls of his old office 😂. Poor emigrants can’t have a single good day. No mercy on my enemies | Zero tolerance for lies and fake news | Zero tolerance for terrorists and Landaghars 😊
oceansidewebtv Parksville, BC @CalgaryRugbyDad @RedToryFan Did you watch the interview? She said very clearly that she only to took out a membership to thwart PP and then launched into a diatribe parroting Charest talking points. Former journalist and now publisher of tourism magazines.
AsamiAxi Florida, USA I'm dieing my dad just stood up and wiped out his pp- and said daughter "look at the statue of david* and I spit my beer out! I'm 23 and might be a catgirl. pretty sure that's it Just trying out Twitter to see if I like to post on it regularly 🔞 NSFW 🔞 💙 Transgirl 💜 She/her
comox7 Nanaimo, British Columbia @PierrePoilievre Geez gets lower and lower. I actually believe U have effed yourself! Retired
Zillidan1 Canadia Arctic Wonderland @WoL_Aurora Well, that classic trope about the ancient energy vampire who stays young by luring in young impressionable people and sucking out their youth to stay young, but instead its an ancient victorian lesbian energy vampire that willingly leeches the pp energy from willing women. 🇨🇦 🔞 🏳️‍⚧️ Personal Any Pronouns Zillidan is my name not my characters Wow/FF Art Buyer DM/(E)RP Open+Friendly Collabs meb Discord pref Ask
StonerJesus14 @libsoftiktok I mean, I see similar stuff at the Olympics, and on beaches. I’m confused, I don’t see any pp, so what’s the problem? My son, wouldn’t you love to sit and get high with Jesus for a while?
KPJalenStan Houston, TX @GorillaGripKuch @NBA @ThrillHill5 @swishcultures_ @JalenGreen @Pp_doesit No I don’t, just that Paolo looks like a sure fire superstar. Hopefully Jabari will show up and prove me wrong, but Paolo’s gonna be a crazy player Part of #RocketsTwitter/ I do Rockets and NBA Takes
LisaB4babies Tennessee, USA @DonLew87 Fast and furious, Benghazi , 13 Marines killed in Afghanistan comes to mind for me. You do know Biden has no use for black and brown ppl. The Dem party has been using you for decades. Giving your ppl dribble in exchange for your vote all while fighting for PP in your communities! Educated,suburban, mom, grandma, MAGA
Bajaj_Finserv India @clinton_pp Hi, we have made a note of your query and shall revert to you with an update in 2 working days. Appreciate your patience in the interim. Regards, Team BFL Welcome. Follow us for all brand & business updates. For service queries, tweet @Bajaj_Finance. Download our app:
mwhale2000 West Virginia, USA @mikepompeo So, the anti-choice nut jobs "Didn't kill doctors and launch bombs and terrorist attacks on PP clinics where people were exercising their Constitutional rights"? So, Pro-choice patients bombed and murdered their own caregivers who were assisting them with legal healthcare? Resister
indielovedarlin @duck_deans What do I do? Take out my pp AND my camera. 👁🐽👁 Love this angle babe! Great work as always. 🔞MATURE CONTENT WARNING. SENSITIVE CONTENT WITHIN. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. 🔞 neophyte artist—professional 腐女子
Bajaj_Finance India @clinton_pp Hi, we have made a note of your query and shall revert to you with an update in 2 working days. Appreciate your patience in the interim. Regards, Team BFL Welcome to the official customer care Twitter handle of Bajaj Finance Limited. Tweet us if you have any queries and service requests and we’d be happy to help.
BradTookThis @Mikeggibbs I think you are actually mad because you are a liberal and you know that PP is going to crush JT in the next election.
GabrielaCerra @LucyAppa @Juliaswart3 @Heather4amazon @united6059 @StudentsforLife Yep, just look at PP and its founder "There is overwhelming evidence for Sanger’s deep belief in eugenic ideology," "...our legacy and acknowledge Planned Parenthood’s contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color,” PP's official site. Catholic woman, it is not about politics, it's about raising a voice for the voiceless. Every life is priceless #ChooseLife
PP_Rubens Wine and wafers, delicately arranged by Lubin Baugin in the 1630s. Today was his day. All-around genius working for peace, beauty, and intelligent thought
BHA16U Cambrigde MA 16's tied RI Saints/Mount this afternoon 3-3 in Woonsocket, RI. Stehle with 2 goals and an assist, Kirchner nets a PP and Testa added an assist. Seasholtz solid between the pipes. Enjoy Labor Day! Tier 1 AAA Full Season Hockey Academy - Boston, MA EXPOSURE - DEVELOPMENT - ADVANCEMENT
AVAcado_32 Ur moms bed No one believes me when I say I have a big pp and that’s forked Up WHO KNOWS HOW TO DANCE MERENGUE
pp_bray Wellington, New Zealand Man this is why I never bother with Amazon. Ordered that leap motion thing on the 13th and around the 16th there's just no more tracking data and it's just telling me that it's late and if it doesn't arrive today I can just get a refund. That option is looking very tempting. / Variety streamer from 🇳🇿 who's bad at video games but plays them anyway / Twitch Affiliate / Married to @bd_vibes / Pfp: @Blitzyarts / #ENVtuber
lylelongridge British Columbia Thinking about selling your home? Get your seller guide today and learn about the process of home selling! Lyle Longridge Partner, Managing Broker The Partners Real Estate 2430 Marine Drive, West... RealEstateInvestor,Musician,Artist became a real estate agent cause I love the benefits of home ownership & ensuring my clients are protected & well represented
VVVStockAnalyst Chennai, India AGI Greenpac - Long way to go imo due to energy crisis in Europe Classic Cup and Handle breakout with PP volumes in Cup Right side and also 5 WTC IIT Madras | Speculator | Growth Investing | NISM Certified Research Analyst | #StockMarket #Investing #Trading | Not SEBI Reg
Chshisi @rainbow__clouds @ohmpawatt @mynameisnanon @backaof @Drake_Laedeke @jimmyyjp_ @loverrukk @panlyyy Right, pp and bbs are back.😭😭 너무 좋아요 💚❤️💙🧡
ThoughtsNations Unceded BC, #TurtleIsland @CocoChewy1 MAGA Candy is quick to block people. Little PP #PierrePoilievreIsAFascist isn’t. But keep an eye and screenshots! We aren’t heading back to the polls for a federal election until 2025. He’s going to lie like no other KKKon has ever done. He’s a snake oil salesman.🪶😡 #60ScoopSurvivor Treaty 7 #MMIWG💔 #TRC🧡#LandBack🪶🇨🇦🇺🇸CLIMATE CRISIS #TheHip🇨🇦#ISTANDWITHTRUDEAU #horses #BLM #ARRESTTRUMPNOW #RBG 🙌🏽🇺🇸💙
sayyo_a @AbrarSuleiman Have you seen a leader who engulfed his entire country with fire in less than 4 years except Abiy Ahmed and his visionless PP? A blind supporter like you enabled him destroy Ethiopia. come out of your box and think if a unity of a country can always be kept with guns. be free
SaraTierno3 Thinking about selling your home? Get your seller guide today and learn about the process of home selling! Sara Tierno Realtor, Residential CIPS®: Certified International Property Specialist Keller Williams Realty Palo ... Good listener, Good communicator, Honest, Hardworker and a kind person! My 3 P's are Passion, Preseverance, Professionalism!
TabiJozwick Illinois @KristanHawkins Here is the question for the pro-aborts: Do you know that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month AND Endometrial Cancer Awareness Month? If you are UNAWARE, it is because PP is NOT promoting it. The ONLY thing they are promoting is ABORTION. Sharing my life and thoughts. #AutisticLife #EndometrialCancerSurvivor #HistoryNerd #ProLife
JOSHLERRNATION ptgc ☽ •|i|• guys i promise you play this and then add the background sound rain it will change your life + ψ fly with no hope, no fear | she/they/any ✧
Derrick75906306 I'll Grab That Pretty Pp, And Play With It Till It Explode I'm a King that you should WORSHIP!!! #BlackAlphaSissyOwner #FemboyOwner
kyrathecat228 @Katzunuwu This Is My Cat Takara! She Is Super Playful And Very Lovely! Her Name Means "Treasure" From Japanese. I Mostly Take Pictures Of Her When She's Asleep :PP I Don't Have Much To Tell About Her xDD Furry Wolf Therian. 14 Years Old. Pan\Asexual. She\They\Wolf. Stuck In 2012. Heart Taken By @b4dbl33dy (33
PaulTho52405262 Ontario, Canada @FrostGroup1 @Mikeggibbs And that’s exactly what will happen if PP wins the CPC leadership. 27+ RCAF, Proud Grandfather, Proud Canadian
RedrumAlice Under Amanita muscaria My friend told me she dreamt about Ekko's pp, and it was funny bc it bounced as he dived in the pool with Jinx... ...why do I attract weird friends... 🍄Inconsistency is consistent in this account🍄 | 21🇵🇭(unfortunately)|💙💛 ‼️DO NOT REPOST MY WORK ON ANY PLATFORM‼️ ✨IG handle link below ⬇️
Durlandson Somewhere @Toronto99News @PierrePoilievre I’m a big PP supporter but there’s a time and a place.
ninadaruwalla Cupertino, CA Thinking about selling your home? Get your seller guide today and learn about the process of home selling! Nina Daruwalla - Bay Area Realtor, Coldwell Banker 408.219.5743; Silicon Valley Bay Area Realtor-Business By Referral-Taking Care of People and all their Real Estate Needs! Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Altos/Hills, Palo Alto.

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