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colsonwhitehead The Nickel Boys paperback comes out tomorrow - and I'll be doing some online events. Tune in, what the heck. Tuesday at Politics & Prose: Wednesday at Bank Street Books: Move as a team. Never move alone. Welcome to the Terrordome.
TimothyDSnyder Very proud to be able to discuss “Rigged," @davidashimer’s timely, judicious and powerful history of foreign electoral interference. Please join us for a conversation tonight, Monday, June 29th at 7:00. Levin Professor of History at Yale. Author of "The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America," "On Tyranny," "Black Earth," and "Bloodlands"
ajaishukla Delhi, India Read the difference between 1962 and today! Then Nehru ordered army to hold Galwan at all costs. The soldiers there fought to the end. Today, Modi’s 56-inch govt has agreed with the Chinese to pull out of the Galwan valley entirely. The only post there is a Chinese one at PP-14 Business Standard writer | defence, defence economy | strategic affairs | South Asia | Kashmir | Colonel | Cavalry forever | New Delhi |
ItsGouldon Nomad 🌍 @AkakiWarra TPLF, EPRDF, PP , OFC or whoever ..... Ethiopia still stands. I will bet tht it will still stand after the dust settles and we will still fill that dam. Now, let’s mourn our hero; the bravest among us. Traveling, Trading and having loads of Coffee along the way. #MUFC
DoRtChristians Springfield, IL @Luckynumber734 So I can assume that since you care about black lives, you'll start telling other Black Lives Matter advocates to distance themselves from, and expose Planned Parenthood! Being a BLM supporter agree or nay have involved eliminating 'racist white history'. PP is part of that ThB, ThM,PhD Calvary Christian College *IS3912 †Paralegal†Baptist† KJV †Married†Chumash Indian/Jew† MMA†EX-Anonymous Hacktivist†#MAGA= Make America Godly Again
BabcockinTO Downtown Toronto @BrandonMaki6 Amazing. Imagine Byfield, Brown and Tkachuk upfront on a PP or 6 on 5 goalie pull. Hahaha murder the other team's D ALWAYS BET ON BABCOCK!!!! Unemployed, millionaire fake coach with a Cup, 2 Olympic Golds, WJC Gold none of which with Leafs. Will be Habs bench boss by 2021.
Red_pp_boi ❤️🔻My nudes🔻❤️ @GoldvesterCos Idk but I got this cool sparkly Dimond and pink one I use on everything Do the gay. Now.
IntuzHQ San Francisco, CA Neo4j is a graphical-based database management system empowering applications like artificial intelligence, and recommendations Intuz has developed a pre-configured, ready-to-run #Neo4jstack on Amazon EC2 Features: SSL, WebUI & Scripts for backup #AWS Top software development company having In-depth domain expertise of Mobile | Cloud | IoT | Blockchain
TSEmmaQuinn @Michaboi *gets down on my knees and starts licking up and down your pp i'm a avid gamer, a sexy trans woman; poly; Demi;Tomboy ; they;she pronouns/ aspiring model/camgirl/owned and loved by @lewd_zero_😻😻😻💝 HRT 12/7/2017
sweetcales Santa Cruz, CA @jrlentini @AmerIndependent @CahnEmily Handel attacked PP and then got fired. She could care less about women's health. Life long Democrat, Mom, Grannie, soapmaker, Nasty Lady, cannabis chef, traveler, gardener, artist and herbalist. 👄
nicanderton @Dan_Schulman its WONDERFUL that PP you are committing 530 million dollars to black and minority owned businesses - but can you explain why your company has closed down my PP account + 1000's of others globally without explanation & is holding Millions illegally?
RichNHolmes Just donated to the #FlagForAndre GoFundMe page. Well done to @Kyleguest @South12Stander @JakeBarker1212 and anyone else who has been involved or donated. Great idea and a cracking flag design. Well done fellas. Look forward to seeing that displayed at PP 💪🏻🐏 #dcfc #dcfcfans 🐏 “We are Derby County. Formed in 1884, one hundred years before I was born.” - Jamie Thrasivoulou ‘WE ARE DERBY’.
sweetcales Santa Cruz, CA @AmerIndependent @CahnEmily Remember when this hag tried to cut PP out of funding from Breast Cancer? She got fired and now wants to take Lucy's job. Vote for Lucy McBath who is a very good US Rep. Karen Handel could care less about women and their health. Life long Democrat, Mom, Grannie, soapmaker, Nasty Lady, cannabis chef, traveler, gardener, artist and herbalist. 👄
DeletedFlight London @StylesPheno You really are a small PP kid- jk. You are really friendly, and an underdog just like styles. STEPHEN IS MY BESTESS FRIEND IN THE ROBLOX C0MM0NITY
Sprayberrybot Marietta GA 🚨🍦🚨 Beer Collaboration alert 🚨🍦🚨 . @Sprayberrybot / scofflawbeer Neapolitan Absentium Imperial Stout aged in vanilla bourbon barrels with strawberries 🍓 and chocolate 🍫 13.9%. . 🍦 2 bottles PP MAX 🍦 Available…
romaanntwt The Rig @Pualoll @PuaOnJah @AtlasSZN @TikoFn Def not mad. You don't see me begging for an invite back LMFAO. Also, you clearly don't know that almost everyone in that group knew I said it and I apologized before pp cord was even a thing. If @TikoFn didn't want me in then he would tell me but he invited me with open arms. 👉🏼 15 l F/A
chick_right United States @HillaryClinton BLM??? MURDERER CLINTON LOVES RACIST SANGER AND PROMOTES PP RACIST HISTORY AND THE KILLING OF BLACK BABIES. Where’s the cries to DEFUND??!!!??? hypocrite baby killers. constitutional conservative - political researcher and writer-
hornykidatthep1 20 someone who doesn’t know I exist 21 I would try it 22 love to use them on my partner 23 yes I have 24 no he’s not my type 25 smoke and aftercare 26 touching my thighs or sitting on my lap 27 yes 28 thighs or eyes 29 pp or eyes 30 all the time. Unfortunately I’m horny
Manikipi @vngalwana How I wish we had a PP that understands and the applicable law to it. The public is exposed, no protection tu Only entitled to my African being. In love with justice and fear no man but God. An activist from the ghettos. Salute!
bogtrottr Dartmouth, Nova Scotia @DonMarcellus7 They need a 1 center. A top pairing d man, a PP qb , bottom 6 help, a backup goalie and a new GM,maybe then they can compete with the so called big boys. The trade has had zero impact on the teams winning games. Retired Military member and political junkie and life long Habs fan.
Dj_oblivion_ Seattle, WA @emilielangjahr I remember my freshman year for a PP senior showcase my work study worked so hard and cleaned so much and it still did little to nothing. We can only hope Sassy Mom Friend 🖤 Pansexual Cancer/ 🌙Aries/ ⬆️Taurus 🌽Corn School ‘22 🖤She/Her Pronouns #BlackLivesMatter
HopesDidi United States 🇺🇸🕊 @MZHemingway Evil and vile! Infuriating our tax dollars go to barbaric murder of babies at PP! @realDonaldTrump @tedcruz @GOPLeader @GOP why haven’t you fixed this? God blesses us with freedom-it’s our job to protect it! 🕊UNITED WE ARE STRONG! Now is the time to tear down is time for REVIVAL!🇺🇸
Pualoll 🤨 @romaanntwt @PuaOnJah @AtlasSZN @TikoFn 1. Not hating jus clearing things up 2. You’re still mad that you’re kicked form PP ☹️ 3. Stop hiding behind a screen and do something with your life. alt acc
Celeste_SPT London, England @_ljwalk @SciFiNerd @isthatgina @izzykxte And yet that cladding was already banned in Germany when RBKC approved planning application PP/12/04097. Leaked emails explicitly show ACM cladding was chosen for its cost & meetings focused on the cladding’s appearance. Was that all the EU’s fault too? Mum/GF/widow|@CurlettesCurler creator|#Grenfell evacuee turned professional #GrenfellTower Fact Checker|4 gens in #W11|UCL Philosophy|LSE Political Theory.
matthew_barlowe New York, New York @IneffectiveMath @EvolvingWild my favorite one of these is Derrick Turcotte who playe 16 seconds of PP time scored a goal and never saw the ice again. Application Developer @NHL Site Creator @the7thmansite Maintainer of nba_scraper for python He/Him/Él
Black_Jeezus 🥺 if only my man would’ve got them ankle surgeries instead of tryna play wit old bottom kg and PP... he would’ve been worth that paper... a Handsome visionary...
SuperMorioka Chicago, IL @JustMrBurns Yes! You could manually track it in your notes and before notes were allowed, some options were to count in your head, use a finger count, or count your PP used Competitive Pokémon Video Game Player. VGC Historian. Host of the VGC talk show, @TheHyperVoice
mrg4512 @MZHemingway Pure EVIL. Keep in mind, Democrats FULLY support PP. If u still vote Democrat, you need to seek out some much needed morals and ethics.
huiIuv she/her; 16 @ofhoshi you: pp lol carats and co fandoms: crap HAHA THAT WAS A GOOD ONE DO IT AGAIN #⃞정한: carat? shut the fork up. 💎
kimitari2 Some1 sent me a vid on snap and I told them I can’t watch it bc I’m at my apt and they said it was their pp so I was like “bro it better not be or you’ll be blocked” and he was like rly? You’d block me?? And I was like YES WE R FRIENDS if you can’t respect my boundaries then yes 22┊she/her︙always learning to grow | $kimitari @zalachenk0
Abdulghaleiw Manchester, England I’m still worried about us breaking teams down. Ole has been great at recruiting so far, but tactically over the course of the season I’d like to see more. However, you get Sancho and it just doesn’t matter how we even setup. Sancho, PP, MR and Bruno would unlock most teams. Manchester | social media & research @statmanscouts @statmandave, work ft. on @manutd, @bbcsport and others | views are my own.
Ems2daryEnglish Yorkshire and The Humber, Engl @LindseyUren @87History Send me your email and I'll send you the PP tomorrow xx Lead Practitioner for English with a focus on Curriculum and Literacy. Gin enthusiast. Starting an MA in Educational Leadership #WomenEd #10percentbraver
itssmicah United States @justjennyttv Yeah I think it was supposed to be? Like “haha girls have to cut off their pp and it causes a period” 20 | they/them | queer enby | sold my soul to nintendo | occasional streamer and broadway garbage
DaorJemas @LanternElectric @Kristin42039785 @darkkent85 @CharriseLane I'm a nurse. I worked in OB/GYN and L&D for years. I've seen it all. I don't fight for PP, I fight for the right to choose. Slick? Abortion makes up about 4% of their services. Go learn something. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the greedy.
R3DEMPTEDlegacy My Idea is to bring back the pocket movement stick from madden 15 and tie it to the PP stat and flicking the right stick at the correct time could cause a low aware defender to over pursue and miss the sack like IRL . Where as the OP stat would just be a scaled version of escapeA Madden Community College come join the community
ExstacyGG Virginia @NotRazorX i dont even remember falling asleep. i do remember them putting an iv in my arm that made my pp and bottom itchy. Own @HyperionGGs★| Manager For @OfficialEODClan ☢︎︎ | @Wtfplaybois | 230+ Subs | Content Creator |
R3DEMPTEDlegacy For QBs behind the line we need a pocket presence stat (PP) and it affects movement inside the pocket ,and a (OP) Outside Pocket stat which would affect behind the line running speed and accel . (1/2) @ClintOldenburg Madden Community College come join the community
MixieBren Minneapolis, MN @milaficent @maggiekb1 Sure it might be a poster child type case for a group like that, and it does seem similar to the PP sting ops we saw, and given the recorded conversation alone, it needs more looking into. Warren Democrat. Doggo & Kitty mama. My love, commitment & sacrifice for them Always comes first. Currently 💸🏡🍎insecure. But we got kibble & love 💕🐾💕
MortAuxTyrans Midwest USA @ThePenguinsBack @mjs_DC @lib_crusher No one is making Christians “support” Planned Parenthood you hyperbolic dope. And using a portion of general tax revenue to fund PP is not against Christian religious beliefs. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and US currency (taxes), being created by the state, is Caesar’s. no enemies to the left
weathersetrain minor; he/him ponk and punz mcu team had so much potential they could've named themselves "punk" or something.... not ... pp squad ..... rain or nicolas | im new to dttwt, sleepytwt + mcyttwt basically | i like to draw! QRT is okay! | rainiico on twitch
loonfnam Hà Nội, Việt Nam @GlamLifeGuru does she need to provide "proofs" that are illegal just to make you "believe" her? no. she explained for herself n apologized what she'd done, she spoke her own truth and pp still mad about this?
TheeParrotGuy Washington State @pulsepoint my friend while mowing his yard got a cpr in progress notification from PP. He was able to go 2 houses down and help with cpr unil the FD arrived. Patient had a heart attack but is home and recovering well. PulsePoint is definitely a life saving tool! Lover of parrots and supporter of parrot rescue.
KirkbyDesign London, UK Pattern and Materiality Dutch designer kavel84 works on a sophisticated scheme with our PICCADILLY geometric patterned velvet at the centre 💛 #kirkbydesign #underground #london #blue #contemporary #modern… Contemporary, creative textile brand for interior furnishings. Part of the @romo_fabrics group. Insta: kirkbydesign
GreekGodTrading Oakton, Virginia HALO:!P_ATH+PP. New ATH+PP. Prev @ $26.33 and new ATH=$27.22. 6/30/2020 2:41:39 PM Public echo of alerts and all trades. Trader of CSPs, CCs, and leading stocks - all day, every day. Join daily discussion by following the link below.
loonfnam Hà Nội, Việt Nam @GlamLifeGuru whats wrong w pp? 5 days ago YOU wanted her to clear the statement and speak the truth. and now you all disappointed cus she speaks for herself? SHE cleared in the video that she said everything legally which means the lawyers must have seen the scrift that she read duh?
DerekGiles11 🤘🤘 For whatever reason Big KRIT is never is that convo when pp talk about Drake Cole and Kendrick.
doughverIoad she/her, 23, BLM ✿ #dontforgetfederle spreading more of this art bc!!! they made points. small pp energy if you still support josh and tim 🤩 i’m not sending her emojis! @bingeramen
_daliavaldivia I’m so ready to work out but I’m not even 6weeks PP & I kinda wanna say fork it and start but I don’t want to risk it 😭 @23_luii 💓
chandan91642280 @thygr8blue @James54984420 @Frank_Supercell Lol max is 10 cuz mega box worth 10 boxes. nothing is unlimited in brawl any reward also coins and pp too.
VaMaFraVi Texas, USA Hey, #ProLife people! "CMP released a 2nd. video today featuring unsealed video clips from PP and abortion industry officials' sworn deposition testimony, with disturbing descriptions of infants born alive and either harvested for organs or left to die inside abortion clinics." I don't believe in promises of wellbeing which exclude God or treat Him like a wildcard. My compass Mt.7:21-27. #MAGA #Hispana🇨🇴 #AmoA🇪🇸 #Conservative