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joepike Westminster, UK NEW: Former Home Office Permanent Secretary Sir Philip Rutnam weighs in: -Patel was advised she must not shout and swear at staff. -He advised PP on a number of occasions to treat staff with respect. -He was not asked to contribute to Alex Allan investigation. Political Correspondent @SkyNews | Author of 'Project Fear' - Books of the Year, The Guardian & The Independent | #CureMND | Tip/stories?
ntvkenya Nairobi UPDATE: All schools to reopen fully on January 4, 2021: - All four year olds to join PP1 in July 2021; - PP 1&2, Grade 1, 2 and 3, Class 5, 6 and 7 and Form 1, 2 and 3 to start their second term on January 4, and end on March 19 - CS Magoha LIVE STREAM: ____________________________________________ Follow @NTVnewsroom for breaking news, @NTVSasa for Kiswahili updates.
EFFSouthAfrica ZA [LIVE NOW]: Commissar @YolzYako argues that the Office of the PP is one of the most important cogs for holding our democracy intact, and for giving citizens recourse against abuse & maladministration by those elected. And affords citizens’ rights to challenge government excesses. The official platform for Economic Freedom Fighters to champion radical economic policies in South Africa. It's for Fearless Fighters. SA Government in Waiting!
chrissieburgess Chichester @mouthwaite I’ve read all the glowing affirmations from the snivelling Tory sycophants and tried to keep an open mind. But I took one look at PP and thought,’re a bully. Bishop Otter College 1970-1973. University of Chichester BA Fine Art (2019- )
mpineapple76 Walgreens parking lot When you’re young, you’re taught poopy is crap babie. Well, except for what pissPoop is doing with “baby poo poo shart” - that’s a whole ‘nother pee pee 😬. If PP cared about your cum, they’d give you DEDICATED low- and mid- toilet piss cups like @tmobile does. erp me on discord @AMpineapple#4596 I have an eternal erection and am bordering on my 1 millionth coom for the week
Hairyloon @DrVxD @JamesPocknee98 @SusanPrice4 @BrexitBuster @nickreeves9876 Who was the executer of his will? They are given various powers to act on behalf of the deceased: who is to say that this is not on of them? Get them to sign it per procurationem (pp) and see if anyone troubles to challenge it. I have a keen mind, a strong back and my own tools. Open to negotiations on all manner of contracts.
Underfox3 Referred work: T. Krishna, C.-H. O. Chen, W. C. Kwon, and L.-S. Peh, “Breaking the on-chip latency barrier using SMART,” in 2013 IEEE 19th International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA). IEEE, 2013, pp. 378–389. Physicist, Telecom Engineering lover, HPC Enthusiast. Prog Rock/Metal fan.
NomadKeith Salisbury, England @Roadstories @kate_frankie @Algonquin_PP #pttravel It would, too. Unfortunately, we were there in June, so no lights and no snow! Supposed to be retired; wondering how I ever found time to go to work.
drmom5 #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike @ChooseWhoPA We just call our reliable provider, PP&L and ask who's bidding the lowest this year. We got .068/KWh this year. Immunodeficient, vaccine injured. Equal opportunity political critic. I'll call out anyone's crap. She or they.
2nsemble 🍵🍧's 🌅 hua cheng and pp being so powerful with no bottom is the reason I feel powerful even with no ass #SARAWATINE : two bros chilling at a scrubb concert 0 feet apart cause they're not straight | she/her | 20+
headfuIofhyena Cologne, Germany i just stumbled over my grammar/pp english exam script and got war flashbacks she/her. bi 🏳️‍🌈 japanology student. @bmthofficial & moshpit stan. probably dying in tokyo. ケルン大学日本学科の三年生だ.guess my fairytale has a few plot holes
anonymous_osu based opinion but WubWoofWolf is one of the best players, if not the best player of all time. The dude has been around since the early days, even being number 1 in the world back then, and my man even still setting crazy scores, even if they aren’t high in PP. Submissiom Form In Pin
Din0vator Just A Tweet Away @Allan36429099 @UnitedStandMUFC Eriksen would join Donny and PP on the bench if that deal took place. They can take Mata for Eriksen, much cheaper and would suit Serie A. But I'd rather we get Brozovic or Barella. Lead Me, Follow Me; Don't get in my way e-mail:
mah__d__n___h Planet Earth You created a movement PP! Going by all your posts on reddit, I think you have strong evidence as to how they are swindling unsuspecting parents and ruining childhoods. I hope this will be the final take-down of the scammers at Byjus Just here to stalk Elon Musk.
pp_plantt . @Daimion99R In the context of tekken it is not fair, I dislike rage arts and meter as well. It confuses me that you are rewarded for losing. This is made much worse with meter characters since they explode. The geese death combo isn't fair either. Eliza can be dumb as well sometimes neutral 🅱️ 平和な死
RaymondVU7 @CNNPolitics Why Mr Joe and OTHER DEMOCRATS PROMOTES THE MASKS ALL THE TIME They want to sell MASKS .PP Had Virus their cover faces When they breath out -in . VIRUS CAME BACK into BODY. They died rightaway Why don’t teach People keep their hands clean no same surfaces
ShatanBogat2 France @washingtonpost "Democracy dies in darkness". This is what you write under your PP. So you should have a closer look at what your journalist Karen Attiah writes in your columns. And you should fire her. She is a disgrace to journalism and a huge embarrassment for you. Anti FI FN CGT SUD Bobios chaines infos. J'insulte les cons, ça me fait du bien.
pbaijaa she/her idk there’s just something about pp’s walk that demands your attention and then you realise you can’t look away win metawin said: be kind.
PP_robin @thehill what an idiot he is and loser and he has no brains
SkaReall India | (she/her) @morana510 Krist is a big Billkin fanboy, he was waiting for Billkin's stage and was so excited to meet him since yesterday 😂 he is following Bilkin in IG for long and finally today Billkin followed him back in IG but I doubt P'Sing and PP's reaction to their interactions😂 Peraya for Life❤
AyaVandenbussch United Kingdom @Lokster71 Proust and Pertwee, PP (sorry I couldn't resist... Feel free to groan) Writer, researcher, reader of books, watcher of theatre films and TV, consumer of culture and voicer of opinions. I sometimes make up words.
PP_robin @realDonaldTrump you have no case you should just resign and go golfing everyday which you want to do inept dellusional liar we are tried of your lies lazy
sitheforkerra Calgary, Alberta I WANTED TO CHSNGE MY FB PP TO THIS NICE VIDEO OF ME AND I - my only personality trait is having an abstract personality | they/them pls
atiiiiisundari Bangalore Hey @Putani_Papa what is this behavior putting similar PP and all go sleep... #YogaTrainer, #happytraveller, #handmadejewellaryartist #entrepreneur #spirituallyinclined, #passionatelover #dreamer #princess
hezziejames @ajcdeane Accept since ignore is not one of the listed options. I mostly think you present a balanced point of view, but not over DC and PP, unfortunately your Tory bias is obvious. I'm sure there was a lot of scheming to out them both around #brexit, but they have still done wrong. Leader of a new political party. Founder of a wildlife charity. Derbyshire born & bred. Vegetarian. UK Republican #accountability #probrexit.
TikTokMF Texas, USA @PP_Tape @CKscullycat Yep. That was my life. That and, "I wish you were never born". Mother never gave me goodnight kisses, hugs, nothing. When I turned 16, she did get me set up in a government funded apartment, because she moved my future step dad into the house. used to wear cool clothes proud Texas Democrat
BRlANRALPH ✿ she/her | BLM | minor jensen, misha and jared all managed to find a way to mention mark pp in their panels multifandom but currently mourning over castiel and dean a lot
kings_gaylem @scottmukri @TheBlacksheep70 @rajfn_ @realDonaldTrump Biden mocks all babies when he supports abortion and PP
MarkParalovos Ontario @jamft @747_s @DivergeMedia_ @MichelleRempel Lol, Michelle Rempel is totally a globalist. Look at her record on free speech (voted no) and on Morgan Ogre. Michelle is a globalist and PP is a paper tiger. Father. Canadian. Creator. CanadaPoli. Retweets aren't endorsements. I retweet for many reasons.
PP_robin @PalmerReport what a d bag and sore loser he is
LexBaba London @WestminsterWAG Hiya, re ur Priti Patel piece. Why wld the Left (or anybody else for that matter) bother 2 stick up 4 and defend a person (PP) who generally denies there is systemic or structural racism?? This is an example of what Malcom X called "Chickens coming home 2 roost" An ineffable Afro-Saxon actor/strategic consultant/life coach based in the UK.
MatthewDaubney Evesham, England @nicktolhurst @redalphababe Ah, this approach, would be nice if any on them had the balls to speak out against PP and the Tory wagons circling around her don’t follow me, I’ve got no idea where I’m going!!
pbaijaa she/her i honestly think god spent all his time on pp’s visuals and forgot about everyone else’s look win metawin said: be kind.
NomadKeith Salisbury, England @Roadstories @kate_frankie @Algonquin_PP #pttravel The way the dogs enjoyed it really surprised me! And, when we wandered round the kennels afterwards, they were so friendly. Supposed to be retired; wondering how I ever found time to go to work.
PPNOVA_FBall Tysons Corner, VA Thank you to every athlete and coach that came out to the PP NOVA Football College Prospect Combine & Skills Showcase yesterday! We had a great turnout and some great competition! The area leader in complete football athlete development, Perfect Performance provides focused programs for all football players.
flipkartsupport India @BasemKaunain Sorry to hear that. As per our records, we see that the team has addressed your concern over the call and the information has been shared. Thank you for your understanding. ^PP Social media support for Flipkart
KathyRoss13 NOVA||Woodbridge @IlhanMN to see if it would settle. it didn't and i stopped taking it after 2 months. i went completely off birth control, dealing with cramps, hormone-induced migraines, and heavy flows for 6 months until i went to PP to talk about an IUD/ an implant. they gave me a ton of great info 3/ She/Her 24 Forever screaming into the void
kamtheleo DMV eryah She and the father married soon thereafter, and had 2 more children. Her husband, sadly, passed away in 2012. The baby that PP helped them with... is now a doctor. Another child is an ER nurse. Formerly AGirlHasNoPresident, #AlsoKamala, Proud, married to @CarlaLSW1, #LGBTQ, & family #gaytriarch. #AuntieTwitter
kamtheleo DMV eryah They told them to come up with a specific amount of money, and they did. From there, PP took care of ALL her prenatal care, sending her to some of the best doctors. She said they even helped her with getting items for the baby, when she was born. Formerly AGirlHasNoPresident, #AlsoKamala, Proud, married to @CarlaLSW1, #LGBTQ, & family #gaytriarch. #AuntieTwitter
kamtheleo DMV eryah My friend, who I've known since I was four, got pregnant in college. She had no health insurance at the time and didn't know what to do. She and her boyfriend went to PP, not seeking an abortion, but asking for help. Formerly AGirlHasNoPresident, #AlsoKamala, Proud, married to @CarlaLSW1, #LGBTQ, & family #gaytriarch. #AuntieTwitter
Daimion99R Fontana, CA @pp_plantt How is it saying that isn't fair? In the same game, Rage arts is now a thing lol. By that same token, you would have to say Eliza is not fair cause she also has a meter and can do Akuma like crap Like many fighting games having meter you can spend on a optimal combo is worth (I post Fighting Game stuff/whatever I find cool. (💖@CoolkidVEVO) best friend @TinyAngryOni Warning don't go in my Likes 🔞
Roadstories CANADA @NomadKeith @kate_frankie We dogsled in @Algonquin_PP, #Ontario, Canada. It is unlike anything else we've experienced. Silent, winter wonderland, stupendous scenery and the dogs loved to run. #PTTravel Entertaining stories about Canada's People, Places and Things.
LilBoo1230 THE WAY PP SAID "PP KUB" IN TINY FONT AND THE WHOLE ROOM ERRUPTED!! 😭😭🙌🏻🙌🏻 He told them both to sit down at the end when he got the loudest screams 😂👏🏻 #FANTOPIAxBKPPday2 I Told Sunset About You: Get on our level 🏆
my_pp_smol I hate it here todays rapers be like: "oh god my life hurts and everything is bad" *starts raping about sexually asulting a women* the sun will rise and we will try again dms are open or something
tmr9996 kind of Vancian except you use pp instead of slots and workings are foretold by ethereal desires but it costs something equivalent
xxdoun ㅇㄷㄱ Post the last photo of your gallery and tag 4 people to make them do the same @marinir_pp @EkasetiaMd6 @galacticanebula @babydow00n foto bayikkk😂😂😂 dowoonaaaaaa
IH8ITH3R3 she/they | bisexy @pogkaiden i made a tweet wondering if people with pp's could spin it around like a helicopter and some fetish account liked it, i don't know or didn't even know it was a thing until like 2 seconds ago🤭 nd intp 5w6 w/ jojo brain rot | byf check my caard
AlhawariSls @deplorableinnc @POTUS why were there shooters on the ground in the crowds and shooting from helicopters and lots of shooting in several casinos from one end of the strip to the other.. I have watched many many videos of pp held in parking garages/banquet halls/kitchens etc.. there is more we dont know 2nd Account Finally UN-Suspended
budlitelimecore They/them ok ok ok I’ll make the bday plug, a little... tip, for the birthday, to funnel into @ButchVsGore, cottage school materials, and cat bills. I hate how nice you are. L0l0mcg is my Venmo, PP is thx I hate this part 😩 a very pretty frat boy / wrestlequeer with @butchvsgore / neither tender nor wholesome / Chicago/DC / apologies in advance
Spider_Goat_ Sewer Drawing the first two doodles for the PP-advent-thingy and godDAMNIT I love these watercolor-pencils T_________T I'm definitly gonna pull through the 24 days, this is too much fun Grottenlurch that cries about cute headcanons, videogames and sometimes draws stupid crap 🖤Personal Paradise🖤 (she/her) Cry-account: @SadGrottenlurch

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