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gavreilly Dublin, Ireland Taoiseach has told Fianna Fáil PP the B117 variant is “adding 0.5” to Ireland’s R #covid19ireland number, it “will be a long haul” to suppress the virus, and suggested schools and construction will be only sectors to have reopening on 5th March Political correspondent @virginmedianews • host of #OnTheRecordNT, @NewstalkFM Sundays 11-1 • columnist @meathchronicle • author ‘Enda the Road’ • opinions mine
PhilipRucker Washington, DC Can’t wait til Feb. 28, when @CarolLeonnig and I get to sit down (virtually!) with the one & only @AshleyRParker for Politics & Prose Live. We’ll talk all things Trump in updated paperback of A Very Stable Genius. Tickets and information available here: Senior Washington Correspondent at The Washington Post. Political Analyst for NBC News & MSNBC. Co-author of “A Very Stable Genius,” a No. 1 NYT Bestseller.
CarolLeonnig Washington, DC 📣🗓️ Mark you calendars! Sunday Feb 28 at 5 pm, you can hear @philiprucker and me talk about "A Very Stable Genius" live, as our *Updated Version* hits the stands. Bonus: VIP @AshleyRParker is asking the questions at this online @PoliticsProse event. Washington Post reporter, MSNBC contributor, finder of fact, co-author "A Very Stable Genius", #1 NYT Bestseller. Have a story tip?
Trapcubus 𝗡𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲: @GudaNurse @LittleLilixis Ya do that again and you'll be gettin' that big pp- 𝒀𝒆𝒕 𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒐𝒚𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒆𝒙𝒂𝒎𝒑𝒍𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒎: '𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆 𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒕.' 𝑴𝒂𝒕𝒆: @QteeQbee
the_goldenlotus Trinidad and Tobago I'm assumed to be a man at least 3 times a week on several discord servers with a visual artist role and on socials since my pp isn't my lovely face. 🙃 Her main point on IG stories was extremely relatable! It's okay bros, women can create too! 😎 ✵ Creative supporting creatives ✵ Photographer & Visual Artist ❃ @ArcadiumProject - Community Mgr ◈ Mental Health Support ❃ DM for commissions
djvanic Vancouver @BudzBeatz @itscarpe @aarononpc @3mmawa @rave444444 @SmokiTx @Eptic I haven’t played a show, I’ve survived doing lots of different things. It’s actually big PP energy standing up to an angry woke mob and standing my ground. I believe people should be free to pursue their lives (open schools, restaurants, shows, etc). Ur free to disagree 🤷🏼‍♂️ txt me 📱 +1-213-318-4237 Behind My Eyes remix this Friday 💥⬇️
HouseofKeiza @pp_daniella Yea between the growls and screams this is accurate lol A spooky girl who loves video games and witchcraft. Special thanks to @nekokoro9, I love my mom. I am a terrible #VTUBER 😝
LifeBiafra Lagos, Nigeria @OrientalTimes 🛒 PP Crowns Market 🛒 High Quality 💯 116Plus Smart Watch Colours available: Red, Green and Purple. Price:#5,000 Kindly DM for more. Whatsapp:🛒 PP Crowns Market 🛒 Your one stop E-Market We offer you amazing products, for an exciting and best price ever seen. The best choice
skipmichaels1 Michigan Born Michigan Bred 〽️ @FirecrackerKatt What has 4 I’s and can’t see! M I ss I ss I pp I Welder/ teacher, I like to work with my hands! I also like to dine at the Y!
MrJRichardson1 @KEV_Science @MissBAlderson @MissBird90 @ChatPhysics Using PHET and screen record on PowerPoint. You can then save the PP as an MP4 also for the students that struggle to get PP at home.
Orc_pp he gets prettier every single day n i’m so happy and honoured i get to watch him grow more confident :0) bunny girl in love with @tylerspenceryav2
bigben2413 United States @jahsai_ @aden9_ @honestbronfan @6ixIn6 Simply talking about players after each trios, Smart, Theis and PP are about equivalent to Green, Jordan and Harris...
MattWil47816110 If @POTUS truly supports family reunification, he needs to support ALL family reunification from separated families at the border to bi-national couple's. We ALL deserve to have our visas processed and to see our families. End PP 10014. #EndPP10014 #ResumeK1Visa #LoveIsNotTourism German born 🇩🇪 Scottish bred 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Crazy in love with an 🇺🇸 #LoveIsNotTourism #LiftTheTravelBan
mujiusa NEW YORK, NY Bathroom cabinet storage made modular and stackable. Keep your skincare where and when you need it within reach in PP Make Boxes. With a convenient handle and semi-transparent frosted body, make morning and nighttime skincare routines a breeze. #muji #mujiusa #organization No Brand Quality Goods
the_dailygoat Have you listened to the new episode of @PP_Picks yet? Go and stream it if you haven't already! 🏈 Recapping the Matthew Stafford trade ⚾️ Recapping the Nolan Arenado trade ⚾️ Dustin Pedroia’s retirement 🏈 Super Bowl LV pick, props, & MVP #TheDailyGoat Your “Goat-To” Place For Sports & Entertainment News 🐐
Orc_pp i miss my baby and i’m on the phone with him rn bunny girl in love with @tylerspenceryav2
planetbkpp she/they almost always thinking about the fact that pp has so many fanboys and that he’s super touchy with a lot of his friends yet he leaves billkin (his supposed closest and bestest friend) touch-starved itsay / bkpp enthusiast but make it multi (23)
questionablegay @serotocin38 jj i don't know what this means and i don't want to but if long toed cwn and/or making your friends suffer in a way that is supportive and generates joy bigs ur pp i am in support of you call me v, grown adult DNF if under 18. MXTX, 2ha, books; always looking for niche crap to write
McConnellDaniel Irish Parliament, Oireachtas Pressure mounting on Green leader @EamonRyan from his own Government colleagues on Clare to Limerick road. Dominated @fiannafailparty pp last night and now minister @NiallCollinsTD piling in Political Editor, Irish Examiner, National News Analyst of the year, Trainee pilot, Seen on TV, heard on radio
dort_pp We will be releasing eligible films for consideration and categories for voting in the next hour!! #ThedOrts pAt Dort, here.
dort_pp Voting: Voting is easy, once all of the categories are created and nominations have been announced, I will then be releasing the polls (here on twitter) in which YOU, the viewer, can voted on your favorites. pAt Dort, here.
dort_pp Nominations: Films, in order to be considered for nomination, must pass a baseline test. Nominators, i.e. me, will look back at the catalogue of films and sort films out based on whether or not they meet the criteria. Nominating criteria is as follows: - Have I seen it? Y/N pAt Dort, here.
dort_pp How we will be structuring the 2020 dOrts. In years past, we've never held this type of show. Until this year when all of that changed and we decided to hold the dOrts. In this thread, I want to cover 2 main things; how nominations will work and how voting will work. pAt Dort, here.
MoxReuby Essentially, every player’s PP/GP/SP/CP would be in poker chips in front of them at all times, and players would “bag up” at the end of a session like in multiday poker tournaments. Thoughts, @PA_Megacorp? VO He/Him Host @magicmicscast DM #TalesFromTetheria DM #TheBrokenPactRPG Claw on #DiceExMachina
Ethan_155 @AdamLos75 @dantelives13 @vzmercogliano @NYRangerFanclub @WeBleedBlueNYC @4EverBlueshirts @GardenFaithful @BlueSeatBlogs Nothing wrong with panarin and zib on the pp 90% however Laf and kakko should be on unit 1 over krieder imo.
HE4VENLYCALS he/they/xe/fawn ☆ how many times do i have to twt kys and pp until i get sused PLS IM SO BORED NAMJOON DILF ‼️ | tw // ed | 12 | poc | backup: @neodietz
GovindaFanpage Allah knows I hate when pp don’t understand my jokes and take me srs lol like im LITERaly never srs hello it’s me anonmisss... u dk me but God knows 🤫 #SunniGenocide #FreePalestine #UyghrGenocide #AhlusSunnahWalJamaah 💯💁🏽‍♀️
mglovesfun Yorkshire The section PP. 135-43 discusses Fox's 'retractions' and how they were not from Dobbs, Pirro or Bartiromo themselves. Except is from p. 141. Betting cashier, French-English interpreter, medieval French enthusiast. Former juggler and hula hooper. Former tournament Scrabble player and Countdown winner.
lydia_roseK Midwest @dan52036 @joindontdie This isn’t about abortion You keep referencing opioids and PP to dodge the forking issue of “should the government (made up by people who aren’t necessarily even doctors) get to decide what private individuals, their doctors, & theyre families do I’m done with you lmao queer, catholic, leftist, they/them, 19
TheWatchers1456 @kevin_kubi @fox5dc I understand that there is value in both but you do have to admit that one is a luxury and the other is an (near) necessity. Would you value a PP&J sandwich the same as a stake dinner at a fancy restaurant since eating is fundamental to survival? I am the thorn in your paw the mouse can not dislodge I am the crick in your neck evading the masseur. (x t+1=kx t(1-x t)) = YOU Find your starting point!
Haunea Amy @cvlebxo i thought that all pp scores that got changed would display tbh 29 doesn’t seem a ton for it and the acc i got nervous and missed a fork ton cus i was fcing lol 18 | @futiIee |
Somaliethiopia Arkansas, USA I thank always Dr Abiye for arresting and putting jail this extremist guy Jawar Mohammed was very dangerous to the unity of Somali Ethiopians. He was supporter of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF). Which is only one clan party. I am glad he is in prison now. Thanks PP. Born town of Gorgor heartland of HABARYONIS clan in Hawd & Reserve Ethiopia.M.A African studies specialized Horn of Africa.Proud H.Y Ethiopia and Phd candidate
ValriaRei @kiryuin some pp ig just dont know how to build him? hes p easy to build and on my team rn almost maxed out...bc paired w/albedo and benny he does rly good heavy dmg Borby || 23 F || || Support me on Ko-fi! SHB spoilers here ;w;a || Icon by @yakumoswife || NYC ❤
Fotofilmic Vancouver/Bowen Island, Canada Spreads © Gabriella Báez, pp.4-7, JRNL 7 Winter 2021 Issue. All images from the series "Horny and Depressed", 2019. Order your JRNL 7 print copy now at: #analogphotography #instantfilm #polaroid #print #publication #journal #jrnl #filmcommunity Next Winter Masterclasses: Mikhael Subotzky, Feb.28-April 11; Jocelyn Lee, March 3-April 14; MESH Retreat with @tate & @lacma Curators, March 5-7+12-14. Apply👇
derbycountyblog @harrycanderson @GingerSpiiiiice I'm dreading this weekend, to be honest. Barnsley are a much better team than Rotherham and they've made us look inadequate over the 180 minutes. And of course Barnsley beat us fair and square at PP. 'The biggest crime in football is to give the ball to the opposition.' All posts by Ollie Wright 🐏
PatrickOB15 Just wait til Kemba is back healthy, Smart and PP are coming off bench and Thompson and Williams finally find themselves and then the Celtics fan won’t be mad anymore. Algonquin 2022
sarah_cone NYC @_pp_tm_ Truly! I didn’t want to be running this company—the CEO we had recruited in had to step down and thus I had to step up. But I’m having the time of my life doing it. Founder & Managing Partner, Social Impact Capital. Seed stage, looks for VC returns and social impact. Mommy capitalist and a lover of policy, not politics.
channelmarkbrew 95 Rantoul Street, Beverly, MA CAN RELEASE: FRIDAY 2/5, 4-8 PM. COASTAL FRONT - 8.2% DIPA ft. Citra, Rakau and Idaho Gem. VOYAGE 11 - 8.2% exploratory Double IPA ft. Galaxy, Mosaic and Sabro. Lim 8 cans pp on both of these beers, plus 4 cans pp of Propeller Blue Raspberry. Brewery + Taproom at The Porter Mill
Haunea Amy @goofbaw dude i fixed my acc by so much got way more combo n score and literally lost pp 18 | @futiIee |
EdenFitsum1 Sydney, New South Wales You are a #PP cadre if you tirelessly spread lies and are too chickened out to allow replies! Look around, you can easily spot them! PhD candidate, Arts and Media,UNSW Sydney
LOJZAAAA screaming in agony @gejprojezise AND THEI'R ORLOJ? SIR THAT'S PP FROM GROUND NOT ORLOJ😬 || he/him || eng/cz || pfp by @crossedAimless || DMs are open || read pinned tweet || NOT ANCAP I JUST GIVE OFF ANCAP VIBES AND HE'S MY FAV CHARACTER THE END ||
belllsolo she/her - 22 - mx finally ppl talking about t*m br*dy being a tr*mp s*pp*rter and holding him accountable #BUBBLES: good. @anxib1tchology - bellamy, ben and dean deserved better
IThink_imDaniel Somewhere in Ireland "Gonta pp get long and hard" He/Him / 16 / NeeHeeHee / Stans Ibuki Mioda and most Persona 5 characters / Knew Junko was the big bad so i'm basically the ultimate detective now
doomw123 isreal @RoiLeve @IGN And here is the original just in case i have it as a print too #GodzillaVsKong official store ● print on sale #ArtStationHQ #Displate ● boss @RoiLeve
cabelloque the world I hope they make many clips about pp and G just to leave the girls alone #rosmello Miedo
DanielGiammarco @ihockeyNHL @FlutoShinzawa A lot of the details behind those numbers are the philosophy the Bruins use at 5v5 and on PP. Bruins put a lot of pucks on or at the net in order to collapse defenses and use their ability to retrieve rebounds/loose pucks to create offense. They win a lot of net front battles. Family, Friends & Faith. Husband, Father of 3, Bruins and Cowboys fan.
TigraiExit Abiy and PP soldiers systematically raped women in Tigray. Abiy's daughters may face the same fate in future !! #AllowAccessToTigray #TigrayGenoicde
DuxburyHockey The Bog And now Hingham a penalty as well. Duxbury on pp Official Twitter Account of Duxbury High School Boys Hockey
boomertang Astoria, New York @Onthewarpathbuf @ntrider825 They are on the same PP and they definitely get shifts together. Technically not on the same line though. But Draisaitl likely also benefits from playing away from McD so he gets easier matchups. How good would Jack be playing against second D pair? Play hockey. Watch hockey. Taste food. Repeat.
cogment @meffals @BorgorJ1 Market socialism (MS) with worker coops (WCs) actually doesn’t abolish private property (PP). WCs can lease capital from third parties, so WCs are compatible with PP. One of the arguments for MS is based on PP and the principle behind it, getting the fruits of your labour.

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