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Strange Tweets about Pp.

ReaganBattalion United States Here is what @SenSchumer and @SpeakerPelosi are blocking: $1,200-PP, $2,400-Couple, $500-Child $250 Billion-Unemployment Insurance $350 B-Small Business Loan Program $100 B-Hospitals $11 B-Vaccines $4.5 B-CDC $20 B-Veterans Healthcare $12 B-K12 Education $5 B-FEMA $10 B-Airports Your source for news, information, and commentary, from a conservative perspective.
Sanjay_Dixit Jaipur What a white-faced liar! Now listen to th names and mug them up before you get slapped again: Govt Advocate: C.H. Carden Noad; Public Prosecutor: Khan Saheb Kalandar Khan; 2nd PP: Gopal Lal You are/were pathetic. That you are not even grateful to those who made you MP is typical. IAS//DMET//BITS// Author, Krishna Gopeshvara, Krishna Yogeshvara// Fighter of bigger battles// Chmn Jaipur Dialogues//Ex-Prez, RCA//Election & Culture Expert
painesplough London Writers! We're hosting 2 zooms this Fri 27 March at 10.30am & 4.30pm. Want to hear how you are, understand what you're facing and consider how PP can help. Please share contact details and ideas for discussion here: Love and solidarity, Charlotte & Katie The national theatre of new plays. We tour nationally and internationally, are we coming to you?
leemamass @Nook_isThe_Name Yea and someone on mine as well and pays same amount . Minimum is 30 pp with this gym sweet&SOUR
brettski514 Quebec @RonChrist1954 @CountFloyd2020 PP thinks that if he keeps repeating it that is factual. What is factual is that the CONS showed what they really are, power hungry and will do anything in their quest. They don't care about Canadians, just themselves. PT gay superhero PT gardener FT human Idiots will be ignored
EllePasserine Chicago, IL $25 for 30 minute FemDomme sessions today. Humiliation Feet and shoes CEI Tasks Pet play TPE Pegging Drains and Findom More! CA, PP or Amazon GC Nurturing and strict Fin & FemDomme; Earth Mother with a mean streak. Pegging specialist. ♓BDay 3/14♓
NekoSora12 Alright my followers are filled with female rps and nudist, and lots of femboys who love posting pps (which i like) I need more gay rping boyos because im bisexual and would love some pp
FeistyMonk Florida @Ilhan Here is what Radical @IlhanMN and the squad will be voting against: $1,200-PP, $2,400-Couple, $500-Child $250 Billion-Unemployment Insurance $350 B-Small Business Loan Program $100 B-Hospitals $11 B-Vaccines $4.5 B-CDC $20 B-Veterans Healthcare $12 B-K12 Education $5 B-FEMA Female US Navy Veteran 1980-84. Independent voter "Facts Not Fear Mongering" "Capitalism makes, Socialism steals away"
geohpman Minnesota, USA @IminHisbook Pretty sure it’s the left that is using the coronavirus to try and find PP and keep abortion clinics going. Nice way to twist this but not buying her BS! motorcycle enthusiast, football fanatic, huge fan of Green Bay Packers, WI Badgers, and Harley Davidson!
goldeneartech HQ: Owings Mills, MD SOUNDBAR SPOTLIGHT ✨ "Nearly flawless; buy it now…it's both an engineering triumph, and even more importantly, one of those rare products that turns an entire category on its head." – Bryan Gardiner, Wired Shop online, comfortably at home: Award winning #homeaudio loudspeakers for music & movies; delivering sonic superiority, with unparalleled performance.
KenFairbrother Missouri Valley, IA @kae_done @SenMikeLee If you stick with their plan for parenthood (per their name) this is what you ended up with in 2013 (PP's numbers): abortion procedures (327,653), prenatal services (18,684) and adoption referrals (1,880). That equals 94% Born in India (missionary kid). Live in Iowa. A Nebraskan at heart. I've had a good life. -- Conservative by nature, that might come through on a post or 2.
antman_mesac @blueman_ale Tjalling C. Koopmans. "Measurement Without Theory". The Review of Economics and Statistics. Vol. 29, No. 3 (Aug., 1947), pp. 161-172. Economista | UNAM || Futuro Maestro en Economía por la DEPFE.
iprashantpillai PP Speaks about the next 21 days | Q&A, AMA and more | Day 01 Music Director #Jallikattu, #EeMaYau, #AngamalyDiaries, #Shaitan.
iprashantpillai PP Speaks about the next 21 days | Q&A, AMA and more | Day 01 Music Director #Jallikattu, #EeMaYau, #AngamalyDiaries, #Shaitan.
BeeDeplorable2 United States America Better Wake Up and Smell the Corruption! #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin Americans Do Not want Our Tax Dollars going to a place that Kills Babies ! It’s not planned parenthood it’s Premeditated Murder ! Dems & PP #MoneyLaundering @POTUS @VP @senatemajldr @GOP Wife/Mom/Nana #Trump2020 🇺🇸 #KAG BannedMyAcct@5800 Followers 🤨 #Truth&FactsMatter #FreedomOfSpeech 🇺🇸 #Florida4Trump #SinceDayOne #MAGA 🇺🇸
airgunner823 Lemmon Valley, NV @trodriguez77 @BULLYNOT2U @SenMikeLee @mschlapp They’re a medical facility and minor injury clinic - I realize the you may think PP does abortion only, but their primary and majority services are as general care clinics. A bigger concern is why a politician is trying to close a care center to push religious views dad to twin sons with autism. #nevertrump fork that guy
mrstownloner @oOISSYOo He’s type casted and I wish he would branch out like in his earlier days. I swear PNWBMF and OSN were the same drama/character just a different setting and this new one is the same. He’s too talented to box himself in. Give us another PP like character.
GoddessSunny_ My World So early in the morning and I’m already annoyed by some subs 🙄 I need to go back to sleep. The perfect lullaby is cash*pp notifications. • Findom finD • FinDomme - Foot Goddess - OF & AVN Verified - Tribute To Get My Attention - Unblock Fee: $60
usa_first2016 1) you and being clear in the same sentence is an oxymoron. 2) the economy is the lifeblood of our nation's ability to take care of people. 3) Pelosi is killing people by withholding funds to hospitals for the sake of NPR, the JFK performing Arts Center, and PP baby killers. Still Proudly #Deplorable. Support limited government and individual sovereignty. #MAGA #Constitution #KAG #Patriot
Maskyboi3 hell If anyone wants to animate masky's object show dm me and if you don't pp semi NSFW. I am a vape from mos man
Tracyjwp @EvanMcMullin And yet Democrats would hold relief for American people by sinking a bipartisan bill because they want money for PP, expanded voter rights, money for the Kennedy Center, green new deal crap, all of which have nothing to do with pandemic relief, all to serve their political agenda Praying for a cure for dementia. Hoping this country regains it’s sanity.
Doctor_Abiy @PMEthiopia @AbiyAhmedAli Thanks for the call. This is truly something that all ET-ians should mobilize for. It is literally a matter of life and death. I hope you can raise more than you did for PP and that you yourself will set an example by chipping in some amount from your Nobel purse. Member of my community, citizen of the world and guest of the universe.
tybet13 @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump PP has 45 million to blow on the 2020 election but somehow needs additional funding according to dipcraps Nancy and Chuck if u click to see how many followers i have , It was never about the numbers cause I don't pay for followers or pimp out causes it is for the entertainment
Elaine57873252 SeaTac, WA Democratic "money laundering". Demos give tax $s to PP who gives it back to Democrat election campaigns. Money not spent on election, then goes into the Democrat's pocket after the election. And you wonder why congresspersons get so rich? Why do you vote them in? Think! .
charleslucas_83 Cullman, AL @charliekirk110 @charliekirk11 There is no argument that you can make, no service that PP could provide, that would justify murdering babies. They are the most defenseless and voiceless and you think it’s ok to kill them. If we found life on Mars, you would consider it just that, life. But an unborn baby is... Christian, husband, father, #Trump2020, Auburn Tigers fan, Unborn lives Matter
Billchaddock55 Golden State @songlibah @tedcruz @i_wonder1349 One of my BIGGEST, disgusting annoyances, with PP, is that they get taxpayer money and then use it to Donate to Politicians and to Lobby for Killing Babies!!! PP should NOT be able to use OUR TAX money to “pay off” legislators!!! ChristFollower/Constitutionalist/Happily Married/GF of 12/School Bd/ Bus Owner #TedCruzConservative Pres Trump=Most Consrvtv Pres in 30 years! / NO Lists!!!
QDwyerOnFire Valley Forge Asked, asked again and NEVER answered. The @DNC has the 🇺🇸 people exactly where they want them - they have successfully conflated PP with women’s rights. We need to shout loud that you can be pro choice and anti PP. And PP 💯 does not need funding. Clearly. Writer, Mom, Stationery Retailer, Graphic Designer, information junkie & occasional smart-ass.
Hontorstones @charliekirk11 #ImpeachNancyPelosi @SpeakerPelosi this is true quid pro quo ... give $ to PP who then gives it to the dims to bring down America ... got to give you credit for trying ... seditious and impeachable per your standards ... when does Shiff start the hearings
nick_anspach York, PA If your students are anything like mine, they have a million questions. I put together a PP that examines #COVID19 in an American Govt context. Feel free to download and adapt the slides for your own use. You'll have to narrate them yourself. Assistant Professor of Political Science @YorkCollegePA. Temple PhD. Last place Jeopardy finisher.
amdorgan Rhode Island, USA @Marsha250 If PP needs money, give them a loan and make them pay it back. No donations to Demoncrats until loan is repaid. #MAGA #KAG #POTUS
TrumpsAmerica7 @charliekirk11 Exactly look at how much the CEO gets paid etc.. PP is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme for democrats! Fed gov gives PP $$ and PP donates to democrats.. How can this be ethical?
RayIn204 Winnipeg @BryanJohnston18 the discussion on 1290 this morning was on Ehlers and how he is "only" a ~60 pt player and was wondering what his ceiling is. A 60 pt player without PP1 Usage, with 2nd line usage and away from a 1C is actually quite impressive. He's top 10 at 5v5 scoring - note pp toi/pp points University of Manitoba
PP_Patiala Patiala, India @TejiSays @PunjabPoliceInd No sir, Kindly be patient and stay at home... Relaxation timings will be revealed when decided Official Twitter Account of Patiala Police!! To Report any complaint call 181 and in case of any Emergency call 100, 112. Retweets do not imply endorsement.
janicesghost Salt Lake City, UT I'm getting v angry about the *insane* lies circulating in conservative groups regarding abortion. They actually believe that a nurse would go on the internet, so sad and stressed because she can't make the 900 abortion quota she was given to fill by PP. #WednesdayThoughts Your friendly neighborhood nurse. She/her. Bugghul 4 Eva. I support trans people. BLM. I am still very tired. Immunocompromised a little.
PP_Patiala Patiala, India @Soham_K934 @capt_amarinder Thank for your appreciation sir, Whenever the relaxation timing of curfew revealed, You will be notified Sir, Kindly be patient and stay home for good. Thank You ! Official Twitter Account of Patiala Police!! To Report any complaint call 181 and in case of any Emergency call 100, 112. Retweets do not imply endorsement.
NekoSora12 So who else wishes they could afford butt toys and live in a bigger house not with your parents... cuz i do and it sucks thats why i wont be posting pp pics >^< but ill gladly post rp stuff
ogawa_tter => [ Ondemand Webinar ] "Compute Express Link (CXL): Exploring Coherent Memory and Innovative Use Cases", Mar 12, 2020 PPTX (10 MB) CXL 1.1, Mar 20, 2020 Introduction to CXL, Dec 2019 Twilog:
tmj_stl_health Saint Louis, MO Want to land a job like "Staff Nurse - 6200 Acute Medicine - Full Time Nights - 72 Hours / pp" at Barnes-Jewish Hospital? Applicant tracking systems look for specific keywords. Use the right keywords and get your resume in front of the hiring manager. #Nursing #StLouis, MO Follow this account for geo-targeted Healthcare job tweets in Saint Louis, MO. Need help? Tweet us at @CareerArc!
LeftyCosta Earth @charliekirk11 Its Political money laundering. Nancy gives taxpayer $$$ to Planned Parenthood and PP returns it to Dems in form of campaign donations. USN Sub Vet, Wolfpack fan, Campbell Univ grad. 'Govt view: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it' - Reagan
Truth_Thunder United States @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr We want to see the bill and if PP is in it you have really PO Americans! So the @SenateGOP kisses Pelosis bottom again! I BLOCK BOTS! PRO TRUMP💯🇺🇸#MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #KAG
Li__JOE United States 𝔾𝕆𝔻'𝕊 ℙ𝔼𝕆ℙ𝕃𝔼 𝕆𝔽 𝔸𝕃𝕃ℕ𝔸𝕋𝕀𝕆ℕ𝕊 ♪♫*•♪☘🌷ლ(´ڡ`ლ)☘🌷♪♫*•♪ @Praise and #Worship #Song "God's #People of All Nations Express Their Feelings as One" Thank God's Love 🙏I am a Christian, my life is to follow God's goal love God💗Mother💗company💗director #Jesus #christians #AlmightyGod
nsfwaliceee if anyone wanted to know, i play the bass drums and guitar :pp 16 / sub / female ✨just me, her, and the moon✨
horsepunt hyena's intestine @FlyersPuckSauce Got a high ceiling so I gotta have the tv loud. Volume set to 53 and always hoping for a ghost bomb on the PP! pee pee
brettski514 Quebec @shernotcher @GigiHogerson @PierrePoilievre Don't waste your time with trying to give FACTS to PP. He is nothing but a CON shrill eternally clutching his pearls and shrieking about Trudeau. All the @CPC_HQ cares about is power. They DON'T care about Canadians. PT gay superhero PT gardener FT human Idiots will be ignored
ZMBP_Tuebingen Tübingen, Deutschland News from the Timmermans Lab: PscB- A Browser to Explore Plant Single Cell RNA-Sequencing Datasets publication: and link to the browser: The Center for Plant Molecular Biology. Original research in basic plant sciences.
yorkieluv26 Oatsome™ Oat Milk is Deliciously Drinkable, Fantastically Frothable, Beautifully Bakeable, and Super Sustainable! I am enjoying the endless options and unforgettable taste of this #OatsomeOatMilk #ad
PP_Patiala Patiala, India @Deeppawar16 Dear Sir, you will be updated with relaxation timings of curfew to buy these items, Till then kindly be patient and stay home Official Twitter Account of Patiala Police!! To Report any complaint call 181 and in case of any Emergency call 100, 112. Retweets do not imply endorsement.
briana77480298 I’m 7 months PP and yet to lose my baby weight but it’s taking more time I don’t usually post myself because I don’t feel confident about my body but I know I got this ❤️ 20 years old and single mom to a beautiful daughter Follow on Instagram Bri91499 or Ashlynn_mommy2019
3lbPeaceMaker @RMConservative What about PP funding? And all the voter fraud stuff Nancy had in there? Is that all gone? God, family, country, freedom, devoted husband, proud father, originalist. I love my country. Politically incorrect.
RayIn204 Winnipeg i don't think ppl realize how much PP1 toi/pts adds to a players totals. For Ehlers to being "only" a 60 pt player while being void of 1st unit PP and top-line mins/teammates, is actually impressive. He's 10th in 5v5 pts across the NHL, but note the PP TOI/ Points University of Manitoba

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