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SethDillon Jupiter, FL I wouldn't have apologized to my staff. I'd have told them they can leave if they don't like the fact that Rogan's on the platform. Then I'd donate $100M to causes the mob hates, with a promise to double it if they keep demanding apologies and censorship. CEO @thebabylonbee, the world's most trusted, factually accurate news source.
calm San Francisco, CA This February, we invite you to join us in disrupting the narrative of "go, go, go" by shedding light on the importance of rest within the Black community. In support, Calm pledges to donate $10,000 to @TheNapMinistry for taking a stand for mental health and Black rest 💙 Take a deep breath. We're the #1 app for sleep, relaxation and meditation. 😊💤
pulte Love In case you want to give WITH ME (power is in the #team, not me!)... Our Teammate Amber has a Brain Tumor which is causing her seizures. She's out of work and can't afford her electric bill this month. Want to help? Donate NOW: The Philanthropist. Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy. Giving Money, Food, and Rent to People In Need.
supportkings London Shout out to our lovely supporters at @HolidayExtras. They held a Charity quiz (and custard election😆) and raised an incredible £6,000 for @KingsCollegeNHS. Thank you all for fundraising in honor of Evie Dove. Donate👉We make the best care possible @KingsCollegeNHS by raising money for cutting edge equipment and facilities, innovative research and pioneering treatment.
esshimself Kuala Lumpur 2. On fundraising for Muda, she told The Star Media Group adviser Wong Chun Wai: “My father and my circle of friends won’t be asked to donate. We plan to use crowd-funding because we believe the people will support our cause.” journalist also writes The Malaysianist, a newsletter on money and power tips: dms open |
SarahBearchell Oxford, UK Ideal for #SciComm students! Donate some time via Zoom and learn methods which work for #inclusive science in special needs schools #SEN #SEND. Skills which you can incorporate into your own work 😊 @BIGchats @scicommsalford @SciCommsUWE @BlackInSciComm Award-winning children's science specialist 🏆 Science writer 📒✏️ Hands-on science 🧲🧪 She/her #Preschool #Primary #SEND #SciComm #WeTalkMakaton #WomenInSTEM
TheMilkBank Indianapolis, Indiana Thank you @WTHRcom and @LoganGayMMJ for letting the community know about the shortage of milk donations & for featuring a rockstar donor on what milk donation means to her. to answer the call! Human milk is medicine for the fragile infants we serve! Talk to us about supporting this lifesaving work.
StopHungerUSA Gaithersburg, Maryland We partnered with @MoveForHunger and @sodexo_live to transport over 3,500+ pounds of donated food to @FeedingAmerica Kentucky's Heartland in order to support local communities still reeling from the devastating tornadoes and ongoing food sourcing issues: Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation works to ensure that all children in the US grow up with dependable access to nutritious food. Join the #stophunger movement!
bandupiss 🔞🔞🔞 nico || he || 22 🔞🔞🔞 hi i hope its not inappropriate to post about this here but. me and my roommates just got evicted and currently have nowhere to go so if theres anything yall can donate i would rlly appreciate it!! i can also do commissions!!! dave and bambi brainrot acc :3c no minors.
ADisabledPerso2 @gatesfoundation @_AfricanUnion Plz donate some money for my treatment and my family thank you State bank of India 30215921527 Ifsc code sbin0000711 Branch code 000711 Swift code SBININBBXXX Hilal Iqbal post graduate
PatVicefanpage 22 About to donate plasma and i cant get that forking needle scene from euphoria out of my forking head. (^_*) PatVice ptvice \(`•`)/patvicegreenheart on ig
JReinhardTV Emergency Services Director Brian Gottschall said anyone who wants to donate, but does not want to use GoFundMe can send the Berks County Department of Emergency Services a check in Tim Fox's name, and their staff will pass it on to his family. @69News Reporter | @Centenary_NJ & @WarrenCountyCC Alum
AeonJarvis Washington, DC (frontlines) It only takes about 1 hour all together to donate WHOLE BLOOD, including checkin, and screening. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. 🏳️‍🌈 Rebel with a cause. I said I'm Christian, not perfect. I’m on the frontlines of spiritual warfare, the battle field.
codelation Fargo, ND INTERNET! It's almost @GivingHeartsDay and Erick is getting cold for a good cause! He is raising funds for @CCRIMoorhead so if you would like to see him get even colder then click the link and donate today: #CCRI #GivingHeartsDay #BeBoldGetColdChallenge We are obsessed with developing a better way to create and grow companies that matter through the intelligent use of technology.
gonenutsisay London, England @TVKev Thinking it would be far too easy to kick him out of the game. His club should fine him two weeks wages and donate it to the RSPCA. He should then be forced to work voluntarily during his spare time for an animal welfare organisation for a minimum of a year. Investigating what’s going wrong, and how it can be put right.
NolanDelaney Please take a moment to read this and if you can, donate. Good friend of mine and his family are just in need of a little help. Also please share! Thank you. Insta/Snapchat: Noland38
PPSEquipment Marchington / Grimsby / UK We had the pleasure of visiting @theglobefdn on their 4th birthday to donate some trays for use in their Zero Waste shop and Precious Plastics workshop. It was great to see their site and learn so much about their current & future sustainability projects in Uttoxeter and beyond! Award-winning supplier of Returnable Transit Packaging Services, including rental, pooling, washing and repair.
5ingh123 @DougofGabriola @gurby1 Ah because we are allowed to donate to protesters in other countries. It is not illegal. I donated to the Indian farmers protest that even Trudeau spoke out about and involved himself in previously. learning sikhi
Hendo_Vol Hendersonville, NC I've #justdonated to Children's Brain Tumour Research Fund campaign. Donate on @justgiving and support this great cause Just donated in memory of @Gidsentinel Please, if you can, make a small donation so we can end pediatric cancer in our lifetime. 🙏 Husband/Papa, LA/NC Att @ Law, #GB🍊, “A man who lies about beer makes enemies.” SK
marcyvq12 @IsleyNC Can I donate my body to science and can u be science Sometimes I tie people. Sometimes I get tied by people. Sometimes I tie myself. Lifelong student. she/her/it based in NYC
engenebogor Indonesia – 19th Growing of Miaw Today we donate ENGENEs donation to cats shelter and street feeding 😍🥰 Thank you to everyone who has joined this project 😊😘 OUR FEBRUARY LOVE JUNGWON #JUNGWONInAMillion #정원이가_꽃피운_열아홉번째_가든 #JUNGWON @ENHYPEN_members @ENHYPEN Hello This is Engene Bogor 😊 This account to share for ENHYPEN & ENGENE event in Bogor 🥰 You can tag or dm us for media partner 📩
xoxocrackedkid Any one wanna be nice and donate to cash app mine is star2009pay Looking for a pro trio eu I have 3 or I'm decent and active
marky_hyunsukie he/him @matenne @TreasureFunds ☺️if for genie,you can donate it on @TRSRGENIE ,if for yt and Spotify @TREASUREbllbrd 💜 ➪ a multi • but here mostly for treasure prod_hyunsuk A-1.
dreamofamelia Please help out if you can, even $1 would make a difference ! And if you can’t donate retweet the post, you don’t know who’ll end up seeing it if you share it i may or may not be a Camila Cabello stan. 24 - Palestinian - she/her
LastQuake based in Paris, works globally Take action and help us build an #earthquake-resilient society🙏 If you can, consider a donation to Thank you💟 Independent Scientific Organization and provider of real-time earthquake info. Share information with us through our app :
FehrSheri @Yourbes30052911 @thetruth2o17 @Teelix1 @KirtS77330775 Wait ✋️ stop right there! So it's OK to listen to a crackhead dad who was doing some very BAD stuff. How about trying to find all the millions that was donated to The New BLM. How much did you donate to B... burn, L.... loot and M...murder? I pray for my friends and family. I don't pray for myself no matter how sick I am. Lupus has taken my life. I want peace and all Hate to stop.
itsybitzzy @TracyLReece1 @Psybernetic @mscarliehope @kedss46 @FadeN2Yuu @ghoulsbian @VladDangerfield @MongTheMad @kellyf1231 @sailorsctaustin @PnictogenWing Sorry for asking help but can you please help me retweet/share my pinned and be able to donate even just a few amount?🥺😢 I am forever #Swiftie and #BTS fan 💞 #NoComradeLeftBehind #BlackLivesMatter
CinnamonAuntie In your heart I suppose they’ll donate the fuel to BLM so they can get back to burning and looting! Dog Mommin’ Wire Weavin’ Glass Meltin’ Food Cookin’ 🇺🇸Proud Trumplican 🇺🇸 I was Deplorable before it was cool!
Cyphermoney @ODELL @HonkHonkHodl Curious... Could you use to donate monero and convert it to BTC directly to the TallyCoin-generated BTC address if using a VPN? Or, use to donate BTC (main chain) to a lightning URL directly and break chain analytics this way? Cypherpunk money advocate. | Financial privacy & monetary liberation. | 99% of cryptocurrencies are garbage.
westcoastwoman7 Orange County, CA @Tinkerbellfern @scobie @CitizensUK @PACTSouthwark Sorry what? And when did MM ever donate millions? Water lover that finally escaped the desert!! Opinions are my own. Safe space 🏳️‍🌈.
HCC_Nevada Henderson, NV Become a helping hand in our community! See what local 501c3 organizations need in your area and donate today. Get involved: We provide businesses with legislative representation, marketing and networking opportunities, support resources and business development training.
UpFromTheCracks United States please donate and share, if you can! We’re raffling $100 gift cards for impacted families in Brownsville, Brooklyn at an #AbolishACS Town Hall. Our goal is $500. Got my education Pullman Porter Style. Always down to discuss @WeBeImagining #AI #Mycelium #Oromia #Abolish (Prisons, ACS, ICE, The State)
5ingh123 @nickyfnice @gurby1 Is it illegal to donate to a protest? I donated to the indian farmers protest especially after Trudeau spoke out about that. What's different now is you want to pick and choose which protest can be supported or not. learning sikhi
dogsdontliket @Godslightangel7 @MyChickenDinner @Vickie627 @TommySmaII_ @lolSafeSpace @ThereseOSulliv2 @ArmyRetiree56 @najjar_richard @fwe1991 @CMPMNNR @SuspendThis73 @Viper169a @MikeBetts43 @tallnblonde1 @TallybanJoe @ThePoorMan95 @BendersNuts @Liberalsoldier2 @BlackCa28867722 @WeaponsofMassD @ghost321 @Annie20554592 @browneaglewings @shrekthepunk @Vanessa76_1 @poopantsbiden @HappyHa01857609 @chrisg409ubc @izmks16 @therealBFizzzle @MusubiBrand @Alt_Rogue_ @StormyRose01 @JackWhoElse @OGCovid @_TrollKiller @pan_dejo_ @THEBLVCKNESS @john07014099 @pazsalamshaanti @yesisworld @TheCallieCat @4_joc1 @TJ2020landslide @SaItyBrunette @Michelleisback1 @patriot_1776US @dominionvoting @smartmatic So now you donate ? What ever happened to that living from pay check to pay check ?.. But major charities don't get you depressed and POed when you give and the people you give to don't do as you think they should .. #Sucker and #loser who served his country with dignity and honor swatting flies and swapping lives in Vietnam .
wasootch @SK8Wireless @paulisci @VoiceOfFranky That was incredibly wrong of her to do and she should be forced out. It’s immoral for foreigners to donate to political causes in another country regardless of which “side” you’re on. We design unique gifts and wedding & special occasion invitations and stationery - all easy to personalize.
alarminc East & Central Africa On February 1st, the security fence at IWE girls' secondary school fell down due to heavy rainfall. Without a security fence, the school, faculty, and students are left vulnerable to any potential security risks. Would you help us build a new fence? ALARM exists to mobilize, train, and build the capacity of religious, civic, and political leaders to create peaceful, reconciled, and flourishing communities.
blind_dumb @JustinTrudeau BTW…I donated to the Trucker GoFundMe fund. I will now donate again to their legal fund and new support fund. If you are going to designate me a funder of terrorism, then have at it. I’ll see you in court. New Federal State of China. CCP-virus is a bio-weapon. Vaccines Kill. GETTR is free speech. H-Coin & H-Pay @ Himalaya Exchange
theofficialGSim Irvine, Scotland Fine Kurt Zouma 2 weeks wages and donate it to the RSPCA and ban him from owning pets. The guys only sorry he was caught.
veecsandoval During the weekend, my cousin and her boyfriend were hit by a drunk driver while riding on his motorcycle in México. My cousin is suffering from most of the injuries and is still unresponsive. So please donate or share, anything & everything helps. 🤍
PremierGospel London, England Karen understands very well how important her and your support is for Premier Gospel. Your radio is not only a place for great music and inspiration. It is not only multicultural and diverse. Your station is a lifeline! Help your Premier Gospel today: The UK's #1 gospel music radio station 📻 . Playing your favourite Gospel | R&B | Jazz | Reggae | Latin | African | House from around the 🌍 ⬇️ More ⬇️
MrkzIbnMubarak South London O Brothers, Sisters, and Business Owners of Ahlussunna! Who of you will give your wealth as an investment in which you will never lose? Please continue to Spread & Donate: #charity #southlondon Official account for the Salafi Dawah in South London. Est. 2013.
prairielive #MN President Biden authorized a transfer of $15 million from the Democratic National Committee @harrisonjaime to bolster our party’s House and Senate campaign committees. #donate Thank You @POTUS BFA🎨 MLA📚 MFA ✍🏻 #Protect🐯#Resist #FReadom #BLM #LGBTQ 🌈 #Science🌎#BBB🌉 #Mask😷 #vaxx💉 #Immigration👪 #Climate🌳 #Reform 🔫 #SCOTUS #FBR 🚫DMS 🚫Lists
gonenutsisay London, England @SkyNews What next - curiosity got the better of him. Fine him two weeks wages and donate it to the RSPCA & send him out to work with animal welfare organisations. I think kicking him out of the game would be too easy for him. Investigating what’s going wrong, and how it can be put right.
running_trends Barnstaple, North Devon I'm fundraising for The Veterans Charity. Check out my @JustGiving page and please donate if you can. Thank you! #JustGiving Running Innovation & Development / instagram @running_trends created by @robstarbuck
annehawkinson Florida, USA @AcCargill @ALALibrary I simply brought the books to the library and told them I wanted to donate them to the library’s collection. They were appreciative and glad to accept. ❣️📚 I'm an author, blogger, and photographer who travels with a notebook in one hand and a camera in the other.
iBrews Manhattan, NY have been trying to donate a payment from a university back to them so they can buy VR equipment, and after a very long chain of emails I was sent the message: "thank you for declining payment!" I said "will the funds be used for VR equipment?" and the response was this: Architect turned #XR-chitect. CEO @HeavenueXR: cloud-streaming platform for live performers. Creative Director @AgileLens: cutting-edge creative studio. He/Him.
MarkRioReyes2 National Capital Region, Repub @jerryNFTs Cryptographical solutions might with great propriety be introduced into academies as the means of giving tone to the most important of the powers of the mind. @KittyDinger #kittydinger #schrodinger @DingerKitty #billmc @BHAFSL $Schrod Buy, Donate, Purchased and Please Invest! Medic 206 God Fearing Family Oriented Loyal Faithful Kind hearted person Jolly Brave&confident Lovable Approachable Simple & Humble Thoughtful & a Good Listener
itsybitzzy @silverface_ @TheHorrorOf97 @TheLastUprisin1 @AnoniMaedel @LiviISStrong @sakuspvce @berriejinnie @FlamePanda87 @micasamyg @niloceleets @kirijaz @under_just Sorry for asking help but can you please help me retweet/share my pinned and be able to donate even just a few amount?🥺😢 I am forever #Swiftie and #BTS fan 💞 #NoComradeLeftBehind #BlackLivesMatter
DonateRecycleIT Canada @FreedomCentreca exists to walk alongside people who are broken and hurting, to offer healing and hope in their journey towards Freedom. You can help them too, please visit #DonateIT #Recycle #Reuse #Ewaste #HelpingOthers #GivingBack A non-profit dedicated to reducing the adverse effects of e-waste through reuse, recycling and the donation of refurbished equipment to Canadian charities.
Riveraw1Wilson Lord PLEASE hear my prayers help me save her please don't take her many times. I Cnt bear to watch her go thru & never knowing wether your going to take her fr. Please share my tweets, please donate please quote. See this read one and my wife pages Im trying to show her pain 🙏🏾😰 Make our love a moment @LiviISStrong. believe in yourself. Despite your circumstances you are powerful. He/Him Black and Married into Taino✊🏾You can do it.

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