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CNN Lady Gaga announced that she will fully fund classroom project needs in Dayton, Ohio; El Paso, Texas; and Gilroy, California, after the recent mass shootings in the cities It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app ?
DivyaSoti India Some friends have started one of its kind Gurukulam(charges nothing from students) to prepare Vedic scholars who can counter the propaganda against Hindu Dharma being spread by Indologists, leftists & missionaries. Kindly Read, Share and Donate. 🙏🙏🙏 Strategic Affairs Analyst, Columnist, Lawyer. Trying to figure out solutions: National Security, Geo-Strategy, Law, History
harrisonjaime South Carolina Lindsey Graham may have Trump and wealthy donors, but we have ALL OF YOU.✨ Help fund this grassroots movement! ⬇️ DONATE NOW ⬇️ Son of a single mom. Born and raised in Orangeburg, SC. Fighting for working people. Running for US Senate to #SendLindseyHome. Text JOIN to 43100 to join us.
Kazanjy San Francisco @Tech4Campaigns @Hustle @intercom @Drift So if you think this is rad (& if you're into progressive impacts & a member of the tech industry, I would argue you ought), get involved by joining @Tech4Campaigns' community of skilled tech industry volunteers and/or contributing to TFC, financially: Sales, HR Tech, & SaaS. Author @foundingsales, founder Modern Sales (@tech4campaigns, & @talentbinhiring (acq. by Monster).
RealChrisCal If you dig this vid consider checking out the good work @RAINN does as the Nation's largest anti-sexual violence org. Check out their website and donate to them as well if you can spare it. Comedian from Brooklyn. Featured in Funny or Die, Paste Magazine, and GMA Day
schneems Austin @PepperGii @mcpli @EricaGrieder Only if we organize, block walk, register voters and donate. I donated to MJ and pledge to block walk for GOTV how about you? Creator of the best way to get started with Open Source. Day job at @heroku. Eagle Scout. #blacklivesmatter he/him
KwirkyKitty @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump He released PUBLIC information and that's not doxxing. He owes no apologies. If folks don't want other people to know they donated to Trump - THEY SHOULDN'T DONATE. Slightly crazed cat rescuer, girl geek, vintage clothing dealer. Self-proclaimed Azrothian hero.
Dylshyy Glasgow, Scotland some one just come and donate me a fork ton i mean what xd 17
Loli_Cop_ FBI @eshear @Ninja what a bunch of bullcrap. you and your company are a forking joke. anyone who can read this: cancel your twitch subs and stop buying bits. donate to paypal or patreon. stop supporting such a dysfunctional company.
cocalola California, USA I just donated to help immigrant kids and families in Mississippi via @actblue Interested in Asian American communities, Chinese diaspora, and historical archaeology. Anthropology PhD candidate at Stanford University.
ABADiversity Chicago, IL Many thanks to Dyanna Quizón, 2007 LOSF recipient, for reminding the Minority Caucus to “lift as we climb” and sharing her story to inspire giving to the Legal Opportunity Scholarship fund (supported by @ABAPipeline ) Learn more below or by going to Home to the principal ABA entities charged with advancing diversity and inclusion in the Association and legal profession.
Group01Verk09 Iceland People in Orlando in Florida have lost their sense of smell. Please donate candles and raise awareness. Disclaimer: none of the information posted by this account is accurate Raising awareness of the circumstances of Mother Nature in Florida.
RoyJord61262533 @hudsonandrex hey guys,im from newfoundland and a few family friends had there 3 year old diagnosed with lukemia so i baught this and getting it signed by actors and musicians to donate to their silent auction,would you sign it for me to help raise money?!
GUCoachKovacs Washington, DC We’re almost there. We’re a few days away from our first ever summer foreign tour to Costa Rica. Any donations will be greatly helpful and appreciated by our team. Go 2 this link and donate! Every small or big donation gets us closer to our goal. Thanks!! The official Twitter account for #Gallaudet University men's basketball head coach Kevin Kovacs. #GUBison
TeresaMeyer2016 If you believe in people power it's time to get involved. Door knock and donate to #BernieSanders2020 Campaign! Wife, Mom and Grandmother. Register Nurse Graduate of Hawkeye Community College, Attended UNI Board Member at Hawkeye Community College
TrinityGirlsBB Big time props to Coach O'Toole for being thoughtful enough to remember the Troy Difranco fundraiser and collect $2,000 from the Greater Cleveland HS Coaches. Proud to donate and feel great that area coaches did their part to help! Nice work! @CoachSeanOToole
igkolev UK @theother_95 Ah, it's a difficult cause... I'd like to donate Uncle Tom's Cabin, but it"s all about Negros - those teachers might be at risk reading them to pupils. And what about Little Women - the gender advocates might sue the poor school for having it. Engineer. Project Manager. Nuclear professional. Contrary to mounting evidence, still considers humans to be rational.
Tataehyungieeee Can someone donate their old flash drive to me?? I left mine at the tailor's and now they say they don't have it 😬😬😬 you can't stop me loving myself bangtan brought me here
dakota12357 @ExDemLatina @Suzannesoped @RBReich God bless you, Laura Loomer is running for Congress FL-21 Even Democrats think she is awesome. Follow her on Parler and donate. We need Conservatives I follow Laura Loomer in Parler. Twitter shadow banns. I hate socialist/Marxist. (Demonrats). Love playing Blues Harmonica
pjturtle1994 3 weeks or 26 days out from 2019 and 53 weeks from 2020 Boston Komen 3 Day walk to fight breast cancer. Learn more. and follow at @KomenNewEng @The3Day @ValleyPatriot @EagleTrib @NAndoverPatch @christina4rep @DianaDiZoglio @TeamTram
amitvikram108 EVERYWHERE @sadzgal @suchitrak Do your brothers preach peace by yelling Ola-Hu-Uber every now and then? Why can't you donate chadars to the needy instead of some effing mazars? ~नाहम् कर्ता, हरि कर्ता, हरि कर्ता ही केवलम~ The best defence against evil men are good men who are skilled at violence! RTs for information only
Notsafeforcons I'm really trying to introduce more toys in my sets because it's what people usually request when I ask for ideas #anal #glassdildo #feet #pussy #petplay #nudestuck #jadeharley #nsfwcosplay #cosplayporn don't forget to donate if you like what you see and want more! 🔞NSFW cosplayer I don't sell pictures, post everything for free, Tip me on venmo as Rezi Todd or cashapp $ReziT, sweethearts only no drama ❣ NOT a hook up page
TupeckParrot The #BirdieHood is worldwide! @JasonBudgie And I always know when our friend @TheeParrotGuy gf is in town, the humans be making toys for my bday & to donate! 😜✊🏾... she was just here & left a bunch of stuff, so I’m pretty sure Momager got some neat stuff for us. She had to do it cheap this yr!! Tupeck the Rapping Parrot, celebirdie/rapstar! DM for Booking/Inquires ONLY. #AskTupeck advice. #TupecksCelebirdieFlock w/Fly Honey & Lil Homie #ZSHQ
JulesDash12 @pulte Will you match me? My daughter was diagnosed w/ Ectodermal dysplasia. In her case, she has no adult teeth and will need full implants. That = $$$$... but is still a few years off. I have $51 in my Venmo. I will donate that to anyone who suffers same. Let's go team!
jatosha Adelaide, South Australia Love to start off a new week with saving some lives. For my next trick, this week I will finish off all but the last two chapters, get a walk in each day, and get to bed at a reasonable time. The life saving was much easier. Donate blood if you can 💉💕 Mum of 3 • Psychology & Games Researcher • PhD loading ⣿⣿⣿⣦⣀ • @DiGRAAustralia Board • she/her • should be writing ✍️
wallytioga Austin, TX @mentack Strickland has got to go! I just moved to NM, but lived in Texas for 45 years. Worst legislator we ever had! Hoping someone will stand up and defeat this trouble maker! I will donate from here! Maj.,USAR (Ret) Manager Training and Org Development, TX Instruments (Ret); Lockeed Martin (Dallas,TX) (Ret)
TLT16 Karen Jensen The Teen recently saw a list of restaurants whose CEOs donate to Trump who she is morally opposed to because she supports LGBtQIA+ rights and women and immigrants so now she refuses to eat at any of those places and I think our eating out days are done. I’m gonna learn to cook. MG/YA Book reviews. Teen Programs. Discussions. This is Karen Jensen, YA Librarian. TLT is a SLJ networked blog but these tweets are my opinion & mine alone
multitasker333 California, USA Anyone stupid enough to actually donate here and believe the money will go to "charity" deserves to lose their money. BTW, there are some homeless Vets in your town (everywhere America) that could use a helping hand. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 100% #KAG! Empty-nest mom, animal lover, full-time student & glass 1/2 full optimist. RT's aren't endorsement; you got my attention. Conservative in CA - yikes!
ABADiversity Chicago, IL Learn more about the LOSF and how to participate in the 50k matching challenge by going to Home to the principal ABA entities charged with advancing diversity and inclusion in the Association and legal profession.
maria_windham Oxford, MS @pulte Let's create a Purpose Fund for those in need. I would buy a tshirt and donate to the cause.
CaptStobie United States Just reply to this Tweet, donate $25 or more to the charity selected by the actor whose signed 4x6" you'd like (corresponding charities listed in my first Tweet) via that charity's official website, and DM me the donation receipt. (Bo Yeon & Erika drawing by @Larkistin89) Views mine. Freelance writer. Bylines at official @SW_Insider & @StarTrekMag and on official @StarTrek & @StarWars websites. #StarWars #StarTrek
Spaniard8888888 @realDonaldTrump You are toast @realDonaldTrump My lifelong donating Republican father who voted for you had announced he will vote for the Democrat who opposes you - and will donate generously. Your base isn't growing, it's shrinking.
Triphos Austin, TX I'm dumb and didn't check the calendar so I couldn't be at Heidi's kickoff, but I could give her money and you can too! Faster than a laser bullet, louder than an atom bomb.
BaconSalomi @MrBeastYT Send $10,000 to MaximilanMus, He's live right now on youtube, and I will become a sponser on your youtube and will donate to all your live streams, I'm a really big fan of yours and max, so please think about it, you would really make all of our day I play Games like any other person
Vets4AP @RDavisJ1 @FreckledLiberty Here's my problem. They get 500 mil in federal dollars and then turn around and donate millions back to politicians. That's just corrupt as hell. I like long walks on the beach and freedom. Don't hurt people and don't take their stuff. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
erikhalvorsen18 Wisconsin, USA @Brendajurgens3 @Indi_Tx27_4Beto @BetoORourke Please consider an event in Milwaukee! In the meantime, how about a shout out for the good folks at @blocbyblocMKE, doing the hard work door by door to register voters and inspire turnout! Love my family, country, sports and (yes, it's a cliche) cheese. #GoPackers #BlueWave #PostcardsToVoters
andres_base San Francisco, CA Best music, download and donate! Dir Consumer Privacy Engineering @EFF Tweets are my own. I've seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. Signal: +1 567 246 2007
thesingingearp Anywhere but here Yay for puppies who outgrow their smol things and hoarder moms who keep them until Kate effing Drummond gives you a reason to donate them to puppies in need Not happening. @deputyydipcrap👮🏼‍♀️🥕👻 And then I danced around naked while eating a goo omelet. Delish. #E4L #StartTheWave #Win4Wynonna
VRDrunkenMonkey NY Few things give me joy other than giving to a worthy cause and helping people around the world. Currently I donate monthly to TheGoodWorks Foundation out of the Dominican Republic You can help make someones life better too. EnjoyGood Food and Virtual Reality
kfor Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Donors visited Bob Moore Ford on Saturday afternoon to donate blood and get a chance to win a brand new car.​ Oklahoma City NBC affiliate. The news leader in the Sooner State.
GlaunerLisa Twin Falls, ID @pulte Help me find them a charity or home in Colorado pay it fwd I won them and would like to donate to the #TwitterPhilanthropy $lisa8675309
Preinstalledus1 United States @BernieSanders Bernie sell all your mansions donate all the money from your book sales to the people you’re trying to help then and only then will anyone ever take you seriously Life long Hispanic Democratic from Texas. Entitlement is no substitute for hard work & integrity
MangarooChateau Savannah, GA Get up and dance!! #girlsontheruncga @ 45 Bistro
BTC_LTC_ Ohio, USA @pulte If you pick me, you can keep 75% of it and donate it for me to cancer research. BTC adress: 14aV6P6U5vbHPdnK5wQz2Jpc1RcuuofUvu
Sharklad93 Queensbury, NY Facebook is trying to make me do a birthday fundraiser. Instead, I'd love to see anyone who sees this Donate $5 to a charity/research group you're passionate about. And then just DM me telling me what you donated to and why. I'm v excited to hear from you #charity #fundraising Aquatic Streamer, come chill in stream! IT Professional, with brain quirk. Feel free to DM me any questions!
CANCERWhoAL Philadelphia, PA BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS!!!! Thank you to the @theshaderoom for the repost and the LOVE!!! Since the start of the month we started SUPPORTING 50 more ppl so if it’s not to much can you guys DONATE at least $1 for us to… All about Team OverTime and CANCER Who? TOT & CW? is a Non Profit organization who takes care of people with CANCER. Help us as we take the next step.
portersplug png ♡ @donnovenn’s new youtube video was so incredibly emotional and i could honestly relate to a lot of it. please go watch it and donate any money you can! i promise it’s for a good cause anthony reeves said i smell good
rofold Austin, TX Heidi is running for Congress and she needs our support. “casual misandrist”
alaskawater Alaska I appreciate 💖❣️💕support from my Twitter family. Alaska is at forefront #ClimateChange. Our state house @akleg needs to stand in breach against federal overreach that damages are earth, water, wildlife, and future. That’s why I’m running. Donate at Tina,Angela,Steven,& Alison's Mom; Alycia, Max & G’s Gran #Resist #RuleOfLaw #LoveIsLove Paralegal BSN Pub.Hlth #facts Former Candidate AK Sen M #StillIPersist
vanpdemars Oh crap!!! It's 8:30 at night and I just realized that I forgot Emily's birthday was today. Please donate to her fundraiser to let her know how important she is to our mission and our animals. She's trying to collect enough money to do dentals on... President of the SPCA of Indian River County, Florida

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