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PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA The five closest races for Governor are five races you're probably not even hearing about. The national media is paying no attention to these races, but they are the five "toss-up" Governor races. We need to donate and volunteer from around the nation and put them over the top: Political analysis ahead of the curve.
WTA Tickets On Sale Now 🎟 ➡️ Pledging to donate her prize money to Polish non-profit organizations ahead of #WorldMentalHealthDay tomorrow 🧠 @iga_swiatek continuing to be an inspiration on and off the court 💜 #OstravaOpen Home of the Hologic WTA Tour | Social media policy: | The #WTAFinals are coming to Fort Worth, Texas 🇺🇸 October 31 - November 7 🗓
JohnFetterman Braddock, PA Good morning 😁 and a very Happy 1 month out from Election Day! Yeah, I know these posts are annoying 🙄 but the stakes are *literally* so high that I gotta ask: Will you please make a donation, of any amount, right now? Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Democratic Nominee, United States Senate 2022. Running to be that 51st Vote. 🇺🇸
HawkeyeFan1983 Arizona, USA @Cindy_Banyai_FL Please donate today! This is a critical FL seat! #VoteBlue because #DemsAct and the things that matter to you get done! #DemocratsDeliver co-founder @DemsForAction #DemsAct graphics at @MrPNutAZ; Follow us on FB, Insta & YouTube as DemsForAction. Science. Facts. Masks. Animals.
RiverTierra @SEIU The unions take from their members in order to donate to Democrats and support politicians. You’re a bunch of shakedown artists! Libertarian 🍊Trump supporter
peanut5man He/They #DailyHeadless I will rave about how cool Pls Donate is for an entire week, my profile will be a Pls Donate fan account for that time as well. I shall become one with Pls Donate and ascend to the heavenly home that houses the Donation Gods. Pls Donate is love, Pls Donate is life. 👋 Salutations! 🎮 Gamer & Aspiring Developer | 💭 Current Interests: Hollow Knight, Piggy, Doors, Splatoon | 🔗 Link has other socials
KeithJensonn @YaaraSaks I'll donate $100 to the charity of your choosing if you can actually elaborate on it being misogynist in a coherent and logical way.
ArtL7 Washington, D.C. Fun way tonight at 7 pm to see reunion of Veep and West Wing to raise money for @WisDems,including #MandelaBarnes @theotherMandela while also worth giving or volunteering directly to campaigns.@Lawrence Fyi @MrWalterShapiro @NormOrnstein Author, Mental Health, Inc.: How Corruption, Lax Oversight and Failed Reforms Endanger Our Most Vulnerable Citizens (Aug. 15, 2017)
clarabellesnake THEY/THEM Pronouns still haven't been reached please share and donate so I have transportation back home :) future librarian📚| cannabis🌿 & disability advocate | history aficionado | nonbinary trans-woman lesbian | chronically ill & tubie | @GESButtons @GreenEyeSnake
bensalinastx Austin, TX Disappointing move from the @DCCC, this race is winnable. This is why you should donate to candidates themselves. Donate and support @MichelleVforTX: ranked choice voting evangelist, political organizer, formerly: @berniesanders, @texassignal, @progresstx
methodrecruit Melbourne, Victoria After running the #melbmara, and time to recover, it was time to celebrate! 🥂 These 9 incredible people have raised a smashing $8315 for My Room Children’s Cancer Charity! Want to donate too? Get in before our page closes: #fundraiser #marathonrun #Technology, #Marketing, #Finance, #NFP and #Healthcare #Recruitment Solutions #Australiawide Vision - “Elevating the reputation of the recruitment industry”
WatersHD8 Colorado These problems need to be met with the courage to question the status quo! Learn more about my #campaign and donate today by following the link: #votewaters #turnthetide #denverelections #coloradoelections #denverco I am running to be your House District 8 State Representative in the great state of #Colorado. VOTE WATERS. TURN THE TIDE.
shaneluigi13 I'm flabbergasted every time I see an OnlyFans model who's a Republican. The dark money groups who donate to the GOP also donate to and harass porn sites. Heck, they basically shut down Pornhub. OnlyFans will be next. Cubs fan. Lions Fan. Make sure to like, follow, and obey.
mswcreations London ON Neno is a friend of mine. Please help if you are able. They are good ppl struggling hard. Pls share and if you can, donate. Hiy hiy, thank you! 🎤Medicine Song Woman. Indigenous Keynote Speaker, Singer, Mentor & Healer for women with grief, trauma or chronic pain. she/her #CORALUS #ldnont #CovidIsntOver
c895radio Seattle, WA Why does your donation matter? Let one of our veteran student DJs, J, tell you! Then you can click on over to our website at and make it happen! The longest running dance radio station on the 🌎! Seattle born & raised in ‘71, listener loved & supported public radio! #SupportC895 💓🔊
DrCrofton Walthamstow, London I'm fundraising for Play Action International. Check out my @JustGiving page and please donate if you can. Thank you! #JustGiving GP Partner / Trainer , Waltham Forest ICB Clinical Lead, Husband, Father and Owner of a Spanish Water Dog. All views my own
terry_piche Devon, Ontario I have decided to put all my life savings on black in Vegas… if it doesn’t work out please donate. Sound silly? If you live on any coast and enjoy the ocean view… it’s coming. I won’t be donating. Opinions are my own.
AntoshkaBarbosa London, England @AlgoFella @Hebetronic @OzKaterji @SpaghettiKozak You have donate and are now donating time. Welcome and thanks 😊 Using the force in support of Ukraine. I am a young Jedi old(ish) human… can’t stand stupidity and real life orcs. #ArmUkraineNow #RussiaIsATerroristState
Robbiemeep @RebeccaGalanti Actblue is a fund for democrat pacs and democrat politicians. When you donate to BLM, it goes to act blue. Very little of it went to BLM. Same thing will happen with LGBTQIA. Biden is a dictator
MeidasTouch If you want to directly support Mark Kelly’s campaign and simultaneously help our grassroots efforts at MeidasTouch, consider chipping in tonight! Every contribution is immediately and automatically split between Mark Kelly and MeidasTouch! Producing the most influential and impactful pro-democracy content in the world. Meidas Media Network. MeidasTouch PAC. Meidas Merch. Because TRUTH is golden.
ATiredRN Covidland @DanielleCandela Jeeze I would love a crocheted blanket! So hard to find nice blankets. So many people are so entitled and rude, without manners. And if he didn’t want it, he could at least donate it to a shelter. Don’t get the kid any gifts for any other big events… RN, BSN 👩🏼‍⚕😷💉#BLM Masks Save Lives🌈ally💙climate activist 💚Mental health advocate ❤Alcohol Free💛
lorrainevking Sacramento CA area I just donated to @commondreams. Can you join me and donate today? Let's build this progressive movement together! Independent media depends on reader support, show yours today ProDemocracy, ProVoting, ProMotherEarth. Loves dogs and good humans. #Voterizer #PledgeToVote #EDCDems
ShadowQuoteBot I donate all MY gold rings to those in need. Check out Global Givings, St. Jude and Extra Life for some great places to send your gold rings too. Shadow the Hedgehog Quote Bot | check pinned | random quote every hour | unsupervised bot whose code may be broken rn | fork NFTs | SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT |
Acrylic_Golden Las Vegas, NV I will be matching your guys donations up to $100 total this month. So donate and raise some money for a cure to Breast Cancer! 17 / Co-Owner of @AcrylicHQ / part-time Youtuber & Freelance COD Caster / CBO @EulogySE / #MadDog 3/16/05 - 3/26/22 / Business Email:
QondiNtini Washington, DC @ossoff @ReverendWarnock It’s been a wonderful and joyful day at #AtlantaPride 🏳️‍🌈 Keep Rev in the Senate Chip in 💵 ➡️ Mom, immigrant🇿🇼🇿🇦, Biden-Harris Democrat, former consultant, Penn alum. Creator: @StickQondi @SenatorMyBoo Link in bio: Donate to Senator Warnock
aNb_VanHook226 @ItsAmmon It's not cross trading tho. They allow other people to buy gamepasses, and use please donate. You're not getting anything in return, so it's not a cross trade. It's gifting robux, which is not in the ToS. Also,I believe in letting people choose for themselves. It's just a game.
Sad_Bast the future the past never now @stuartsemple Donate it to @ukhomeoffice, maybe it will prompt them all to pack up and get constructive jobs? book lovers into swallows and amazons
cathipatpersist Texas...thankfully a blue part Join me today and help the @DSCC support Democrats >> Love facts but can escape into a good book. Educator/Master's Degree...I know how to research. Don't try to feed me bullcrap. #vaccinated #VoteBlue
suzanne_tabor Join me in supporting Split a contribution between Raphael Warnock and Common Good via @actblue
DNWomenNYC On Monday night, join a zoom with @HillaryClinton in support of two GREAT NY Congressional Candidates: @JoshuaUE99 and @PatRyanUC We need these Dems in congress and who doesn't want to get a pep talk form #HRC #voteBlue2022 #voteBlueNY We organize, write, call, text, march & raise $$ in our Giving Circle. We promote progressive values & defend our Democracy.
thanosthemagad1 Titan @GOPChairwoman in 2014 the GOP house REFUSED to take up a BIPARTISAN bill on immigration that the Senate had passed. THE GOP REFUSED TO SECURE THE BORDER. DONATE TO CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO if you like Democracy and LOVE AMERICA Proud Father to Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, the Zehoberei Gamora, and the Luphomoid Nebula
ZachMiller1221 Las Vegas, NV Hey everybody! Please help spread the word and donate if you can, anything helps! Thank you all!
LivefromSoArco @DanielleCandela That was incredibly rude. She should have just said thanks and stuffed it in a box to donate.
CatDuckChu England, United Kingdom Everyone go check out this cutie as she does a 24 hour stream for her 1 year stream anniversary. And donate to the Alzheimer’s disease research foundation which is the chosen charity for the stream❤️ #Vampire #Vtuber🧛#Undead😈#ENVtuber🥺 UK 🇬🇧 🔞❤️| Twitch Affiliate | Emote/Sub badge Comms Open | I’m 23 btw👾🎨#TaremArt
GOC_Wrestling I have backpedaled on nothing but MJF did actually backpedal and literally did nothing. So I’m assuming you’re going to donate? 🧐 The Queen of all Shrimps 🍤 Chat with me in @discord + see all of my wrestling videos, exclusively on @patreon 💗 Click My Link ⭐️
Nate301020 @AllTheWayBoys @3SidecarsPlz @DemGirafee @TimRyan @TheDemocrats @CharlieCrist I’d donate every last cent I had if it ensured even a fighting chance that Rand Paul would lose his Senate seat. It’s just an added benefit that Charles Booker has good politics and is a decent human being. Yankees
SieNoel PSN: SieNoel | AZ, USA, Terra @TheAgentOfDoom @WLF359 Part of me just died inside reading this tweet. DM me your cashtag or venmo and I will happily donate $1 towards helping you to experientially learn the answer to this question. | She/Any | Horizon/Aloy/adjacent story & myth | TTRPG | Music🎸🎚🥁 | AuDHD | 🏳️‍🌈 | celebration of the absurd | Climate/Pandemic | curiosity | Art | 🎮VP |
Carolyn86689035 I'm raising money for Fire Damage Fund for Jack and Patsy Hull. Click to Donate: #GoFundMe
BengowskiReiner @MehreenFaruqi You are a female version of a wanker and further more, you have no clue!! In your eyes scrapping the tax cuts will leave some funds to donate to the Pakistan Flood disaster😜 WTF are you still doing here anyhow? P••S off back to where you were conceived.
MarySambolich California, USA @OGrady_Texas @wyonaf YW. My husband and I vote in every election. 💙💙💙💙💙🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 We try to donate to out of state candidates when we can. Retired LASC clerk. pro choice, love dogs.....I've NEVER voted for rethuglicans. I'm a resister since Jimmy Carter. 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦💙🌊 VOTE blue in the midterms.
mollysour United States @timmieshq wait no u should grow it out and then donate it that would be funny she/her | 05/03/22 | 15 | fan account | not affiliated with any celebrity | lhq x1 💗💗💗
SourNugsThe2nd Chicago, IL @Guildedthought @ProudPatriot247 @MollyJongFast Only President to donate his entire pay to charities. Try again. Biden sold the WhiteHouse as VP and is doing it again. Read a bit before you start with the “BUT DrUmPh!!!”. You don’t see Trump’s kids being molested in the shower and smoking crack and selling influence. #BeatIt Northern Mexican … AKA Muthaforkin CHITOWN CUUUZIN! Breakfast Taco. #FJB #LGB 🇺🇸 ! UofM Alum GO BLUE!!!!
Synergy1Radio Chicago, IL #Ad: Finally a proccess that works to cure cancer! But this technology needs YOU and ME - Time for something new proven to work donate at - - Station owner & Program Director for Advertise, Market & Promote your business!
Shiner82480499 @Peter_Fitz Now to truly test whether people care about paying their 'fair share'. Poll the 88% that said rescind and ask if the cuts remain and they are over $45k income will they donate their tax cut back to the government since they don't agree with it.
Iceman90364297 @GOPChairwoman @davescar1 I will not donate another penny to GOP until you and your Rino uncle are banished far, far away. 🙏🇺🇸👲🏽
ireland_lass62 State of Reality @DanielleCandela Please donate to MS society or a Chemo ward. Those folks will be so grateful. I have received handmade blankets and I treasure them. “We live in a country where you can’t be forced to wear a mask but a women can be forced to carry a pregnancy.” @JoyceWhiteVance Impeach SC today.
cathipatpersist Texas...thankfully a blue part Chip in to the DGA and help us elect Democratic governors across the country! Love facts but can escape into a good book. Educator/Master's Degree...I know how to research. Don't try to feed me bullcrap. #vaccinated #VoteBlue
NiaRadioNetwork Winston Salem, North Carolina #RadioAd Finally a proccess that works to cure cancer! But this technology needs YOU and ME - Time for something new proven to work donate at BDS monitored: (NIAR) Online gospel radio station that plays established as well as new and up coming gospel artist. SUBMIT HERE
LimbKind Oceanside, NY More pics today from the @LimbKind team presently in Ethiopia providing free prostheses for forty children ... Still want to show YOUR support? Donate here (Lindsay, Ty, and Matt are submitting their donations this month): #BeKindLimbKind @CUREEthiopia Improving lives of children with limb loss both domestic & international by strengthening the amputee community & providing pediatric prosthetic care to all.
TylerJamesBaeDN Des Moines, IA I just raised $35.00 USD for my local children’s hospital through #EXTRALIFE. Donate today and help me reach my goal: He/Him | Find me drinking beers and talking games @drunknerdspod | If I were a man, I’d be The Man.

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