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vb2b Hong Kong New FT ad campaign calls for capitalism reset The campaign, inexplicably called "platform", "foregrounds FT journalism" and will feature "a series of provocations" (?) Fiftysomething student of politics, finance and media. Desk editor @ifrtweets. Ex @Reuters @AFP Own views here. French btw.
MsPhelps Utrecht, The Netherlands @seis_matters @BMittermaier @Stephen_Curry @i4oc_org @ACSPublications @SciFinder @IEEEorg @GiselaFrauke @OASPA @CrossrefOrg (oh, and correction: IEEE Xplore itself is free to access as far as I can check, access to the full text materials is not) Utrecht University Library, 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication, @force11rescomm board opinions mine.
kgeriksson London The @FT is calling for a better form of capitalism with its new brand platform, The New Agenda, launching today Find out more at and explore a free to read on 18 September. #ftopenday FT comms director, mum, wife, yogi, Swede in London. Follow @ftpressoffice for latest about the FT.
solarsigma PWD, Expressway, Islamabad. #aboutus Solar Sigma Ltd. is part of SSG International #malaysia. The company had been established in 2015 by the share holders from #qatar, #uk and #Pakistan with shared vision. #solarsigma #info #services #world #multinational #products #knowus #solarpanels We deliver cost effective, reliable and innovative Solar Energy projects and products. Our projects are internationally recognized.
jeffstephenmill Clearwater Fl USA @cdema @USAID This actually looks like the copyrightholder or original equipment manufacturer of the paper cartons for handout lunch and the dinner portions for relief. smart serv product and fold pak are the very popular lines. Reading up on Hurricane Dorian. Learn Center for International Disaster Information Give
Soulcentralmag London Soul Central Magazine can help you! Mission To bring everyday stories to light, to tell the untold stories of everyday people and to feature Celebs and Indies from music, fashion, the food industry, clothing... Welcome to Soul Central Magazine, (Go Global or Stay Local) For Feature`s or to Advertise Contact @Soulcentraltv / @MarkRoweSCM
GoGlobalOSL London Soul Central Magazine can help you! Mission To bring everyday stories to light, to tell the untold stories of everyday people and to feature Celebs and Indies from music, fashion, the food industry, clothing... GO GLOBAL OR STAY LOCAL With 1 of the Hottest independant Media networks across the Globe.
gfinn We have teamed up with blind associations to pilot LEGO® Braille Bricks LEGO Master Educator, Raspberry Pi Certified & GTE coordinator in Illinois - using PBL, STEAM, simulation, collaboration, and tech to challenge students.
naofallfolahan Halifax, Nova Scotia A very great defensive pratice this AM. Guys are buying in into our new system starting at the top with our returners. Every college coaches will love the way our players move on and off the ball . #AboutUs #HP Head coach of the one and only prep school in halifax @halifaxprep | Proud husband and father of 2
thebigotbasher @FGrifter @charliekirk11 @TPUSA They are just employees, there's a raft of millionaires and billionaires who are the ones extracting the money from the rubes. Just a look at the Directors shows what TPUSA really is. Anglo/American politics done badly Anti Trump Anti Brexit. Bigoted against bigots. PS as spotted I'm Aspie. If I offend I perhaps dont know I did.
KootenaiEC Feeling HOT? This toast is, thanks to hydropower! What do toast and hydropower have in common? They are both products of transformed energy and provide fuel to get you through the day. #HydroFlowsHere #BackToSchool A member-owned electric cooperative in Hayden, Idaho.
AmericanEfird Asia to Europe to the Americas A&E has been in the textile industry for more than 125 yrs and remains one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of industrial #sewing #thread, #embroidery thread and technical #textiles. #whoweare #aboutus Eco-friendly sewing thread & industrial yarn with the highest #sustainability compliance in the world. Go to for more stories and info.
flyPAL @iamcrlne Hi, Caroline. Modifying your booking will depend on your fare rules and ticket restrictions. You may call our hotline or visit the nearest PAL ticket office for further assistance. Contact us: This is the OFFICIAL twitter site of Philippine Airlines.
WCProvParl Cape Town, South Africa #AboutUs Freedom of speech is one of the most cherished privileges of Members but should be used in such a manner that the dignity and honour of Parliament are upheld and protected at all times The WCPP is constitutionally mandated to pass laws, provide a forum for public debate, involve the public in the law-making process, and oversee the executive.
MunDong5 @WSJ Please be reminded that the #MTRC has been 'kowtow' to #CCP of #chinazi and take a look on where you live on the below list:- You may be betrayed as HKers! No humanitarian disaster in Hong Kong.
WCProvParl Cape Town, South Africa #AboutUs The Speaker is the principal office-bearer in the Provincial Parliament, the spokesperson of the House, and chairs its meetings and is its “Minister” with regard to its support services The WCPP is constitutionally mandated to pass laws, provide a forum for public debate, involve the public in the law-making process, and oversee the executive.
JCPinCumbria North West, England 🌳 Trees and Woodlands Officer @lakedistrictnpa in #Kendal, LakeDistrict See: 🏞️ #CountrysideJobs #CumbriaJobs Sharing jobs, events & job search / careers advice for Cumbria from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week Mon-Sun. Live & social Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
EWWIngcambu “Africa needs to breed more entrepreneurs in order to kick out poverty from the continent and the best start for this initiative is good education and mentorship programs”. Says Oliver Chikodzore Business Strategist Expert &... Connecting the World to Africa
usa_micro Los Angeles, CA Our products are subjected to strict production guidelines, so that purity, consistency and quality nutrients are ensured. MICRO MINERALS USA We are proud to carry these high-quality products to assist you in maintaining optimum health. Catalyzed Nutrients with High Bio-Availability
CQ_Center Grand Rapids, MI We have the privilege of working with 100s of companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities across the globe. Visit our website to see some of the organizations that are prioritizing #CulturalIntelligence. The Cultural Intelligence Center is a growing, innovative institute that is changing the way people are approaching diversity and global engagement.
MotiveFncl Edmonton, Alberta Taking the train could be your one-way track to affording a new car! 🚌🚈 The newest Motive blog looks at four things to think about when you're saving for a new vehicle. Give it a read and let us know how you're working towards your next #SavingsGoal. Motive Financial is an online bank that serves clients from coast to coast. Your money will go further and grow faster with Motive! #MeetMotive
PinkRibbonRoad Seattle, WA 75% of funds raised for walks go to education and screening. 25% goes to other projects, which includes some research. They aren't spending your money on finding a cure. Tweeting from my breast cancer blog site.
MountAlumnae Mount Saint Vincent University Check out @MSVU_Halifax's Message from the President (and request for input about MSVU's next strategic plan.) More information, and a link to a feedback form, are available here: #MSVU #ThisIsMSVU Connecting, engaging & celebrating alumnae & friends of Mount Saint Vincent University. Share your stories with us! Like us on Facebook:
PurdueAeroAstro West Lafayette, IN IN ONE WEEK: The Amelia Earhart Aerospace Summit will showcase Kathleen Howell, Sammie Morris, Beth Moses & Sue Payton as keynote speakers plus two loaded panels on space and aviation. More: The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University
CarrieMarshall1 Prince Edward Island If these practices bother you, here is the list of companies and products owned by Nestle. I admit I may miss some of the candy, but when I do, I will be reminded that companies need to be held accountable for their actions. #nestle #boycottnestle Life observer. Kindergarten teacher. #kinderchat co-moderator. B.A. B.Ed M.Ed. Runner. Sometime blogger. Maritimer. Midwesterner. Play Enthusiast, Cubs Fan. #me
shivaiyer2017 Malaysia @manoj_rautela02 @Bittu_Pal1981 @ANI Instead of wasting coffee and lunch breaks discussing how to get free money without working, ppl should discuss important things also. //Work is worship.
flyPAL @Samanth14994063 We're sorry about this, Samantha. Kindly provide us the booking reference, email address, and the error prompt via DM. Before providing your personal information, please read PAL Data Privacy Policy: This is the OFFICIAL twitter site of Philippine Airlines.
EurocraftYYC Calgary, Alberta Why Look Anywhere Else? Our service rates are very competitive and we work on both foreign and domestic vehicles. We have the experience and know how to get the job done right the first time: We are a locally owned, family oriented auto body business that specializes in collision repair and refinishing of all foreign and domestic vehicles.
rgbeaumont England @Cassia3Miller @ms_duckworth @OwenPaterson The UK has been participating since inception, we, like every member state have a veto over any activity. Have a read of And Ps it's done quite a good job of coordinating investment in capability development and tech sharing Views are my own... disagreement, debate, discussion and agreement are the bedrock of democracy. There is no place for insults....
LitraQuest London, England #BOTD Sydney J. Hall Author and syndicated columnist whose work appeared in more than 200 daily newspapers He was also a drama critic, teacher and lecturer #Quote #Inspiration #Insight #Teachers #Education #Reading #Writing #Sharing #LITRASAURUS Privately funded endeavour to encourage imagination, creativity, and empathy in young, and young at heart, through reading, writing, and sharing stories & poems
flyPAL @TayabenJude Hi, Jude! You can contact our reservations or ticket offices to add prepaid baggage. Note that it can only be bought once per passenger, per flight segment and up to 4 hours prior flight departure. Rates: Contact us: This is the OFFICIAL twitter site of Philippine Airlines.
TheInstituteHS #AboutUs | We focus on the #knowledgesharing and #knowledgetransfer of methods and tools around the development and #sustainability of #humansecurity. As a connector between specialists and locally based actors, we aim to support, encourage and equip. #IIHS #TheInsitute #SDGs Official account of the International Institute for Human Security
baptistfcu Little Rock, AR Apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit and Receive Rates as Low as 3.99% APR for the First 6 Months and Pay No Closing Costs! Apply at Offering checking accounts, loans, and financial services with competitive savings and flexible rates! Like us on Facebook
worldways Newport, RI Sustainable packaging and toy materials is a goal for this popular children's toy company. We bring disruptive innovation to the marketing of social brands, social beliefs & social behaviors. #BTheChange
JohnAmbra Dallas, Texas Send an email to and provide your name, church and contact info or simply click here: Director of Development at GuideStone. Hubs to @TeresaAmbra1. Dad to Jared & Laura, Jordan & Candice. Poppy to Eliana, Canaan, Delia and Lochlan.
WAUTC Lacey, WA Refunds recommended for Avista electric and natural gas customers after rate case appeal The UTC regulates the rates and services of investor-owned utility and transportation companies. We ensure services are fairly priced, reliable and safe.
harrycovert16 @barthol36370431 @Uptotherewithit @Drury7Drury “Member States contribute to the Agency’s annual budget and approve its work.Through the Agency’s “à la carte” approach, Member States can decide whether or not to participate in Agency projects according to national needs” “Approve” “à la carte” “decide”
certnexus CertNexus is expanding1 We are looking for individuals who enjoy a high-growth, fast-paced startup environment. People who want to lead through action and great teamwork. More information: #skillsshortage #startuplifestyle #emergingtech CertNexus is the global purveyor of vendor-neutral, emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for IT, Business and Security professionals.
sendfriendinc New Jersey, USA Interested in seeing the faces behind #SendFriend? Pay a visit to our About page and browse the “Meet the Team” section: #team #meettheteam #aboutus #sendfriendinc #teamwork The smartest way to send money to the Philippines. Claim your free transactions today.
wt_news Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - USA T-minus 3 weeks until Reunion! You don’t want to miss our fun Saturday events: Play against currents students with fellow alums at the Field Hockey and Soccer Games, enjoy some BBQ at the Bears Family BBQ, and experience City as Our Campus. Register now: Winchester Thurston School is a PK-12 nationally recognized private, independent, coed, college preparatory school with two campuses in Pittsburgh, PA.
AMETEK_Rotron Kent, OH From our creation in 1915, as a small industrial supplier to its role today as a world leader in electric motor technology, we have continually set standards for engineering, design, testing, and production excellence. Learn more about us - AMETEK ROTRON® offers a complete line of blowers, motors, fans and pumps available in many configurations designed to meet specific & harsh applications.
GRSAdjusters USA Meet our Administrative Assistant, Serena Finnick! She is detail oriented and a wonderful member of the #GRS Team. Thank you for all you do, Serena! Learn more about our team: #peopleprocesstechnology #GRSadjusters #fridayfeeling #featurefriday #GRSteam Independent Adjusting Firm - Delivering People, Process, and Technology. #GlobalRiskSolutions #PeopleProcessTechnology #GRSAdjusters
worldways Newport, RI This popular children's toy company is looking to make a positive impact on the world. They are looking ahead and making play products for children using sustainable materials. We bring disruptive innovation to the marketing of social brands, social beliefs & social behaviors. #BTheChange
DynamiteYoga San Antonio, TX #Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who u are: Dynamite Yoga offers an inspiring and fun environment for #yogis who want to feel happier and healthier. #healthy #joy #attitude #yogagirl #yogalife #mindfulness: Yoga… #YogaStudio #Yogi #Yoga #fitness #meditation #love #gym #workout #motivation #yogi #health #yogalife #fit #namaste #yogainspiration #pilates #yogaeverydamnday
teddmathis Pueblo, Colorado @MichelleDLesley @LifeWay @BenMandrell @jdgreear @founders LifeWay reinvests all income above its operating expenses back into the organization and to support mission work and other ministries around the world. Pastor, Pueblo West Baptist Church
ArnoldLawAL pell c We promise to guide and support you, #PellCity. #AttorneyAtLaw We love the St. Clair and Talladega County communities and have dedicated our energies and talents to serving you as a friend and neighbor.
RealKevinPalmer Dublin & London Time to preview Man Utd v Leicester, Liverpool v Newcastle and lots more ahead of a big weekend in the Premier League with @hughcahill7 @GameOn2FM. Listen in here - #MUFC #LFC Writer with Ireland's @sundayworld and @herald_ie newspapers, @indosport, @Goal and @T365Official. Recurring role @GameOn2FM
FordPensacola Pensacola, FL No matter the time--day or night--World Ford is here to deliver a 5-star experience! A huge shout-out to our awesome customer for choosing us to help him bring home his new, stunning and powerful #FordRaptor! Thank you again and enjoy it! Find yours: Hello #pensacola, how can we help you today? You can also reach us at - (850) 476-9050 -
StageDigitalAdv Miami, FL We have qualified and experienced staff to guide you on how to improve your existing systems to efficiently convert them into more functional systems. #AboutUs Stage Digital Advisors is a company specialized in technology systems integration such as audio, video, lighting, HVAC and security for home and office.

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