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MaelVibe The flight goes through newark and then to panama with lufthansa, both flights were booked with United ACTING AS AN AGENCY and they say that they cant change the stupid mistake they made. That Lufthansa has to change it. orita no, joben.
wordsandsense @AMARKAREEM2 There's a lot of foundation and potential there I like. But I desperately wanted a writer who wasn't a flaming conservative to sit down & write Tim/Steph as an equal power dynamic where both characters got focus & agency. Something I didn't really get until Jon Lewis wrote them. Working Woman | Reader, writer, comics fan (Dick Grayson & Cass Cain fan) | Politics Nerd & Policy Wonk | MPP Grad: Foreign Policy and Human Rights Focus
SonyaUliana @DarkRainbowLoli @VTuberCringe "Graduation" currently also includes retiring from an agency, even if you keep your avatar. Miori Celesta for example graduated from both MyHoloTV and Tsunderia, despite the fact that it's the same identity with both, and she's still trucking as an indie.
Pughie13 In a daydream... probably We often have to get agency staff in at work and the powers that be have decided to get people in from the agency that I also work for. This means that, as a sort of manager, I find myself in the weird position of being both an employee AND a client for these guys. Some Welsh idiot. Staring into the abyss and drinking tea. Occasionally plays with swords. (She/Her)
squidcxndy He/Hiss, They/Them, Vey/Vex Cracking my little hipster akatsukiP knuckles alright Here we goooo: 1) The financial state of Akatsuki is no different from Ra*bits, and they both struggle to recieve funding. This is an agency wide issue 2) In fact, Akatsuki looks out for Ra*bits as a senior unit 《度し難い.》《🐉🐍🐉》《ENG》《AkatsukiP + YuzuIbaP》 •art only acc: @squidcandyart 18 artist/writer RT HEAVY pfp by @adosouism header by @neonmints
Albydelphia Philadelphia / Charleston, SC @HeyImPostinHere @AWeisman1ceSaid @SEPTA @NSSF Criticizing an ad that threatens consequences for those who abet criminals purchasing guns as "misleading" (how is it misleading?) and tagging both the advertiser and the agency placing it as a way to pressure both to censor the message. How's that? Political entrepreneur. Innovative campaigns 🤟🏻 Pro: Diverse GOP, pragmatism 👬✡️🐘 Bipartisan-curious
j86742835 @terrymbs2 @RafaelJ36451407 @AllenKi63716026 @bennyjohnson What evidence do you have exactly? Maybe you can let mueller know. All the report has is ad agencies they pass off as troll farms.. “both sides” is literally just an ad agency selling ads for profit. Not divide lol. And only 30k. Nice try.
kerryogrady5280 Denver, CO @jhelminski is a fierce warrior for truth, and a true standout both during his active employment and retirement from an agency ridden with nihilism. He stood as a beacon of truth then and does so now. His voice is needed more than ever. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge, retired, recovered. Anti-Trump activist. Womxn’s March Denver Leadership, legacy. Now focused on rewilding mother earth.
eileenm2018 Rochester, NY And the DOJ an FBI are NOT in the Constitution as they are not an arm of the gov't. We should just dissolve them both. We can always create a new security agency that is actually concerned about OUR security! Conservative. Christian. Proud supporter of Trump and the Conservatives. Support the military, Constitution and ALL the amendments. Dog lover. No DMs please
The_GreasyThumb There's an entire Wikipedia page for the ways G4S are terrible both as people and as a remotely competent security agency. He/him. Trying and failing to have fewer opinions. Example: There should be no left socks or right socks. Only socks. #OpposeSockChirality
pfthurley Kitchener, Ontario 5/ An interagency task force oversees operations of both the intelligence agency and Special Operations Forces branches of the underground, what is known as the Resistance Movement, or Rukh Oporu in Ukrainian. #Desmoid survivor | #ChronicPain | ex-Christian | metalhead🤘🏻 | He/Him | I often fail to proofread. Opps 🤷‍♂️ | At my 5k follow limit
rednecksailer Prairietopia @BretWeinstein Both are immoral. The suggestion is always about control over one's own body and how they personally identify. An infant male has no agency to refuse the surgery and certainly doesn't identify as anything but hungry or tired. 9 pages......
alamalbert Dallas, TX @DouchePeachy @Tsihanouskaya That’s kinda the point, everyone both opposition and outside observers agree, she won elections. That’s why she has an agency and she recognized as a legitimate winner of the elections worldwide. No one arguing that Putin won all elections. Russian choose him. Bills came due. Mgmt. Consulting👨‍💻 Southern 🇺🇸 Smoked 🍗 Tacos 🌮 Topo-Chico 🥛 I post fmr. USSR 🥰 🇺🇦🇰🇬🇰🇿🇺🇿😒🇷🇺🇧🇾🇹🇲🇹🇯& Balkans 😍🇽🇰🇦🇱🇲🇰 Dallasite 🌞
AgentJoLiz London, England @TheTabbyLamb He was an utter gent Tabby. I’d barely known him any time when he offered me and a pal (at his then agency) his apartment for the evening as it was close to the National TV Awards venue and we both lived miles away. He wasn’t there, no shady agenda. Former Agent, @CvGG & ITG + a few others. Mama & Small Business Owner. Industry Liaison Associate for @LAMDAdrama. BLM. Trans Lives Matter. she/her
TroyBrady2 They are as corrupt as it is possible for an agency to be!!! In many respects they are worse than the communists! They know Trump will clean out both the @DOJ and @FBI and hopefully @CDC if he takes office. Fairness is getting what you deserve or getting the same based on equal circumstance, but not just getting what everyone else gets for no good reason
BaranwalTeam Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh Putting in more effort equals earning more money. As an Insurance Advisor, you can become a member of a reputable insurance agency. Work part-time or full-time. Open to both male and female Join our team! Contact: 9425608460, 8109038355 I Have Helped Many Families By Providing Them Financial Security..
Daylenbonner Lawrence, KS @SlowwCo In some sense and in another sense it shows the exact opposite. Any model of an agent must take both into account (variance and invariance). Otherwise, where is choise made? By a God that puts ghosts in machines? Maybe, but agency can be easily imagined as decentralized. No thing verastructing some thing.
GenXSoothSayer Political refugee camp As mad as Hillary was about James Comey’s timing—and yes they both screwed up—something she NEVER did is belittle the FBI as an institution or try to discredit its reputation as an agency. Remember that!!!! #FBILivesMatter Twitter isn’t RL & other musings. 🌍 👍, humans 🫤 | M.S. Econ. | Economic growth works w/ #greenenergy. #NEVERTRUMPISM #neoneoliberal #progrowth #globalization
Abhi03304793 Winterthur, Switzerland @SUBHRA_SBS @ASHIRBADBEHURA2 @SanjitPradhan1 You can go through UN res 80 which superceded res 47. As per this resolution, both countries had to withdraw simultaneously from Kashmir valley in order to favor an impartial plebiscite. You can choose to go through any international agency and it shows JK as a disputed region. Freethinking girl, true liberal, atheist/agnostic, feminist & rationalist. Retweets =/= endorsements. #MenDoNotBeTrash
TylerRayMatters Mention of KGB is banned by a congregational act of powers. By our own security agency. As they can't mention a forwarded agency of power. It brings upon both and destroys existing. The interests of another security. It's an old Soviet Union security agency. It's a scam to point. Revolutionary UAC (University Of America Coming) 101 HR RHRE 1.0 RHRE 0
BaranwalTeam Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh This Independence Day secure your dreams by joining our team as an Insurance Advisor, part-time or full-time. Anyone who wants to grow can join our agency! Open to both male and female Join our team! Contact: 9425608460, 8109038355 I Have Helped Many Families By Providing Them Financial Security..
ReverendBart @RealJoshGaines Chasm of difference between worship and merely observing that an action of the FBI is purely political. Ruby Ridge. Waco. COINTELPRO. People on both teams forget how corrupt this agency is so long as they're bottom raping the OTHER team... Strength coach, gun rights advocate, and controversialist ruckus-causer...
kandidan Birthplace of Television ' ... it is both wrong and highly offensive to talk about “high-functioning” and “low-functioning” autistic people. Portraying an autistic person as high-functioning leads to ignoring their needs. Portraying an autistic person as low-functioning leads to ignoring their agency.' Faddy daddy: Ready, fire, aim! Classically trained actor, lyric baritone. Bad puns and dad jokes thrown in free. He/him. #BLM #LGBTQally
SleeperHeadD he/him Goals as a #Vtuber - Gain a community of both fans, and vtubers alike🦋 - Become a well known Vtuber🦋 - Maybe join an agency🦋 - Make new friends along the way!🦋 #VTuberUprising #VCarePackage #ENVtuber Upcoming #ENVtuber /
rickkeen USA @NickAdamsinUSA Complete BS. The President cannot prove any such double-secret orders. And it goes both ways. Garland, as an agency head, obviously re-declared the information Top Secret again when he sent the Subpoena demanding the materials be returned. Tech Engineering Leader by Day. Fighting Lies & Propaganda by Night.
Melinda15858273 @Shem_Infinite Garbage! #MerrickGarlandIsNotPolitical Reps and Dems both know. Under Biden @TheJusticeDept is an independent agency unlike under Trump Sessions/Barr operated as his corrupt attorneys. If you would look at the warrant you would know it wS "no fishing exhibition." You are trying Politics Government & Politics Science History Gov Officials & Agencies US News Science News 🇺🇦🇺🇦
BTC_hat @bank_reg you mean really really really interesting as it finally addresses whether the Fed is an agency under the APA or a private can't be both...and I doubt SCOTUS will treat it as a private entity #Bitcoin Attorney. Like popehat but crypto. opinions are my own. not your lawyer.
sunookiu 🕊 jyayuan, iveannyujin ‹𝟹 ix. can i not choose both.. but, i choose jake hyung because he‘s my favorite hyung 🤓 and why do you guys want to fight so much. x. as attached. xi. i ever accidentally replied to an oomf post but they actually tweet for their agency mates.. :D xii. as attached. ipc ⊹ a tiny foxy who might sneak into your room to snatch mint-choco snacks from the drawer 😋 crucial fact: he‘s five inches‼
Nathanael_Baker P town represent @AKACoachBman Its really simple - the whole system needs reform - and an inquiry needs to be had on the abuses of power by both National and Labour - headed by someone say from an agency such as the Salvation Army. Also be generous - we don't need sanctions - they don't help anyone I see the world in vivid covers, it is never grey. I live and fight to see the world a better place. Therapist, Neurodiverse. He/Him.
arusridhar Bangalore @TheSafecityApp @elsamariedsilva @supreetksingh @Babitha_PS A2. I think of being young as being in transition - between childhood and adulthood. As an stage of both opportunity and impetus. But also a stage where ageism marginalises and invalidates experience and agency. I have a (tennis) slam to slam presence on here
AlexLlullTW @bbourque Been on both sides of the equation and you are so right! The best results happen when these two sides understand each other and are able to work together. You need to see an agency as a partner, not as something you can just use. Actionable content creation insights for creators & freelancers so they can grow their audience and business | Freelance content writer | DMs open!
LachlanTheSane Australian Capital Territory @cat240359 @NacMacFleegle @Jensta20 @michellebeavis1 1. They are people who work for an immoral agency. 2. They are paid better than I am, so when we both get upset by each other, they're still better off. 3. The rules are unjust and they should fight them as hard as I do. 4. What the fork do you think the AUWU is trying to do? I am Lachlan. Fear me if you dare. | Non-fiction editing | YouTube series (hiatus): @fantasy_cart | Vaguely involved with @AusUnemployment | He/him or they/them
ARanganathan72 What kind of irrational, schizophrenic hypocrite stands in solidarity with Rushdie but not with Nupur? The scared and spineless kind. My views on @TimesNow, on why both Muslims and non-Muslims are too scared to call out Islamist intolerance and bigotry. Author: Land of the Wilted Rose (Rupa); Love & Honour (Bloomsbury); Rat Eater (Bloomsbury). Consulting Editor & Columnist: Swarajya. RTs, Likes ≠ Endorsements.
ScottDuncanWX London Unimaginable heat in China 🇨🇳 The longevity and intensity of the heatwave is hard to comprehend. Too many heat records to count, both day and night. Beibei hit 45°C for two consecutive and some places not falling below 34°C at night. The heat is ongoing... Meteorologist from Scotland based in London | weather & climate graphics | opinions & typos are my own | media enquiry ✉️
FabrizioRomano Milano, Italia Mallorca have opened talks to sign Mykola Matvijenko. Not an easy deal for the Ukrainian centre back as he’s key player for Shakhtar, but talks are ongoing. 🚨🇺🇦 #transfers Mallorca are working on both clubs and player side. Here we go! ©
EbnHussein1424 United Kingdom - 040 No complicated conditions, in fact only one: 1. Both interlocutors reserve the right to record the discussion and upload it on their preferred social media accounts. 𝕴𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖒 𝕴𝖘 𝕾𝖚𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖗 • Teacher BA (Hons) • Polyglot (4) • Masters (Quburiology) • Peace activist (Peace and Bliss through Tawhid)
nevapoppin Forbidden West Suns and Wings both frustrate me #blackstonerlivesmatter , lost my account for calling Terry Crews a coon. Port Mafia. Spurs. 49ers. Aces. Dallas Wings. A’s.
mera_katt Dallas,Tx *this is not a complaint, I just think it's funny how we both agreed to not rush to get me back on the road but he can't sit still for too long and is already ready to let the motor drop and replace it my momma said no
gardentoms 20 ! lesbian ! est ! white ! no pqrts ! he / sun / void / she + any & all ! pfp @cartwheelapple @jejunelyness @musicmurderr c!tommy and c!guqqie both built and jumped from towers do you ever think about how forked up the bee movie was? because i do. | no. 1 enemy of sunshipduo | creator of gh!tommy
phildag23 @Acyn In order to give them back he needed to take them, Trump and his lawyers acknowledge as much. Both he and his lawyers were also aware of the Presidential Records Act, so taking documents would be willful ignorance of the law, you should know better. Willful ignorance on your part
Alswindow20 @LincolnPoliceUK @LincsPolice And the next tweet is a dispersal order 🤷‍♂️ you can’t have it both ways … zero respect , zero authority. CJS commentator, Supports military & ALL Blue light services. love dogs 🐕 ,walking and nature. All views are my own.🇬🇧 #conservative #backboris
itstisha_7 Sad to see two deserving finalists are in elimination stunt and they both are like sisters to each other 😭 Kanika is so evil 😕 #SritiJha #JannatZubair #KKK12
JamieL_99 @mmmcintyre @GhostofVeraC @PatrickPixie007 @TheRHPolls @LisaVanderpump @TeddiMellencamp @BravoTV @Andy She said she didn’t know LVP had a brother and then said they weren’t close. This is proof that besides those being contradictory statements, she lied about both. (she/her) 💙VOTE BLUE💙 - Mom - Academic Interventionist - Bravoholic - Unapologetic #Bennifer stan
cool__tshirt Kentucky Ja Rule is playing and both of my kids are twerking in their chairs. At a sushi restaurant. i never let a statue tell me how nice i am
MehadiHasan070 Florida Recent report by Red Raindrop Team and Operation Monsoon shows some similarities. It may be a high chances that both run by similar threat group. @JaromirHorejsi #IndianCyberPlayers #OperationMonsoon #APT All things must be examined, debated, and investigated without exception and without regard for anyone's feelings.
TriggerElon @GulledgeKurt @WholeMarsBlog 4 your average run of the mill basic internet insults are both innefective and outdated Trying To Trigger Tesla's Top Troll
hitokilling jade and floyd are often reduced to the "hot one" and the "cute one", but the big brain scholars know they are both 🐚寮 (双子多) / it's easy, just always crit and always dodge
davin_davids Schererville, IN @flea333 Watched you guys in Chicago and you haven't lost a step. You guys put on an amazing show. I've watched you live twice in my life and both were mindblowing. Thank you. Even got emotional during "I could have lied" lol "Any man with a microphone can tell you what he loves the most"
rxsehathomir she/her | 24 | bi | 🇸🇪 oh god max and kieron are both so hot im deceased #ROSE: «and I thought the whole point of my education was that violence IS the answer.» | (fan account, multifan) | vampire academy president
HauertCindy Switzerland @TaylorShone @CWitvrouwen @News24 I don’t know about “no harm.” The animal has to be tranquilized, which is not without risk, both to the animal and the people carrying out the procedure. But at least the horn would remain. Former US citizen, now just Swiss, interested in African wildlife, languages. Leftist on just about any issue. Atheist.

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