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zzzendica bi/pan | WI | 32 | polyam | ∞ got called billie eilish last night by a gay guy who also told me i am a "wisconsin 10 but a new york 7" and i was like wow hot damn i always thought i was just an even 6 everywhere zen | mad scientist @Fandlemonium | ♎☼♌☾♍↑ | 🤖🛸💀🔪🧪⏳😸 | jjba, ze, dr, aa, umineko, aitsf | 💜@bananadumbledor | taking me too seriously was your fault | 🔞
nadircatt he/him||Sylkies dni @keitaglia I always laugh at this cause my first thought was "Damn they probably thought he was showing too much skin, cover that boy up" and I laugh every time ||AR 46|| desi,Afro,Hispanic+Latin~pan/ace/fluid/polyam~genshin, BNHA, MARVEL, TWD, Unordinary, MLP, OCs// @dumbasssoftiee girlfriend ⭐
_CallMeGabi Ya know. I always thought people were joking when they said when you are an adult, you get mad when they change the way your go to grocery store is laid out…. I went to Kroger and they had moved around like the first 6 aisles and I was ANGRY. It doesn’t even make any damn sense. I’m on my milf crap
chaotik_lord @jeffcannata God damn it! I am always 2-3 days behind on podcasts and so I thought yesterday was like Friday or Saturday. I missed ALL the football. Why wasn’t any on when I was flipping through channels for my dog to watch? I saw golf, basketball, cars…stuff I hate…no football. Thermonuclear kerfuffle
CastratrixX Rémire-Montjoly 🤔She really on to something, i never thought about this, i am so dumb, i think she damn right! effin hell, i swear people and their opportunism, always a new and other low🤦‍♀️ “I come in a world of make a world of gold” ― Dale Wasserman, Man of La Mancha
iGoByLC From the J 🎷to the CHI 🌃 I always think to myself like damn, what if I went with my 1st instinct and didn't go part time at the dispo, you don't want that thought process But I learned more about how business is NOT supposed to be handled. So no matter what you do there's always room to grow and learn | EVERYTHING OG |
yuhanalbirra a few days ago i surprised my friend cause i pass my days with stress. she always thought my life was good, enjoyed my medical school, and could travel anywhere. damn, my social media tricked you girl 😋 sierra
sarahpoxy I just watched episode 2x14 of #NewAmsterdam and the plot was about Racism. As always, I went on #TVTime and I honestly thought Helen would have been the favorite character. There are three of them before and not even Vijay and I loved them all, but damn, it felt so wrong. The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin
goldyflexx Columbus, OH I just thought bout some crap as African-Americans we be blind to the fact that the girl that’s encouraging us to stay involved in fast money ect. not the one it really be the female always tryna talk you out of it and I use to think like damn this bitch tryna stop my money |rip Abou rip bill$💉 | IG @goldy.flexx |Y330 made me/20yrs/ Left the trap to explore fashion ✌🏾
louiexalfaro Earth 33 I just found out Angelique Boyer was born in France and moved to Mexico when she was 2yrs old! Damn Teresa, I had no idea, no wonder she always seemed off to me but never thought about it. I'm not just a clown, I'm the whole circus
Imoteda Lagos, Nigeria I thought I was miserable this year but I just scrolled through my pictures and I always looked so damn happy. I remember moving to England and feeling so uncomfortable and lonely. Grateful to see I had plenty pockets of joy. Shop Rékojá. Handpoured 100% Soy candles in reusable ceramic jars
skylaakimball 💗💜💙 philosophy majors be like damn i got a thought due yeah i had a thought due but the crap i have to read to make that thought is literally always the most difficult thing to read and understand 🤒 inuk/iñupiaq ∘ 21 ∘ she/they
jgalloway14 @BaseballGuys @Jeff_Mans @SiriusXMFantasy That's what I thought and it's always a damn illegal shift it seems. Will be interesting to see what the final result is at the end of the season Love golf, fantasy football, fast cars, and anything 4x4. Gamble on everything. Entrepreneur (Real Estate & Supercars) Follow me on IG @galloway_atx
marrithetiger Philadelphia, PA @888ibn My dad always told me to never use that word and I thought he was just be a grumpy man but damn he was right Ghs’ Alumni🦌 i like bitches✨ Ask about my FREE oracle readings🤍
Shan92526340 Punjab, Pakistan @Sam_thesad I have experienced it,damn it's true. Let me tell u my story,she was in love wd me from past 6 years but she didn't tell cz she thought I am interested in some else, and she don't want to be rejected, still she cares alot,she laughs on my jokes, and always find ways to talk wd me Will meet In dreams ✨ Sunset Lover,, Proud Veterinarian,, Choosy but Soft hearted.
Im2Awesum Where the money reside @NoEuphemism I never thought he was the problem. Our O line was almost always awful and our run game has been non existent for damn near 20 years Former WrestleCircus Sideshow Champion!!!! @McPortia's spirit animal. For booking info don't contact me, you can't afford me
SickJay84 @TheFirstOkiro @lightsabrqueen Yeah, I've always thought that that was pretty damn awesome. They could have just gotten someone else to be in the suit, but they didn't and I think that's really cool. Excited to see Hayden in the suit again during the Obi-Wan series! Just me being my awesome self!
JohnAquoise I have a great psychological story in my head, but to write that down in details is always harder then i thought. Building the characters qnd environment is always so much fun but yet such a challenge. Love it but it's so damn hard. Send positive and motivated vibes SVP💙🔥🤗 Just a Simple Soul Planted on earth With a Destiny. ♓ Love To Create. Still in Search For my Style 💙 Phone and Soon Nikon D3300
ClericKnight @JackaryDraws Damn dude I remember this from ages ago and somehow never realized *you* did it! Always thought it was very good, you should definitely give it a shot again! Creating art through sheer force of will!
OnlyOneChanc Baltimore, MD @rayeapatra Exactlyyy. The food is good and it’s a dispensary damn near every 2 miles 😭 I always thought that’s the only way I’d keep a husky as a dog fr Baltimore | Graphic Design in Health IT | Helping brands build competitive businesses
I_Am_Edwards24 England @MattyWTF1 Always loved it as a setting, looks amazing on TV. Broke my damn heart this afternoon though - thought the boys and girls from Woking were getting the big step on the podium. Creator of PES football kits and CAWS for WWE games. Manchester United supporter. Married to @Lizziepops0. Father . UnitedStand member (as MikeM) - He/Him
daechvta 24 she/her jihoper omg i love you ok??? we’ve been following each other for quite some time now and i’ve always thought that ur so damn cool, i was actually kinda intimidated in the beginning lol 😭💗 we interact sometimes but i think we should do it even more bc ilyyyy #박지민: when i think of you the sun comes out
CarlyELehwald Total Lesbian USA - Don't like me? Cool move on. @DanPatrick OH DAMN, i thought you were referring to lesbian moms that have never been with men. Always good to honor our fallen heroes too and the loved ones they left behind. However, coming from from you it doesn't really carry much weight. Just saying. Christianity or bigotry? which is it? I am Anti ALL Religious Extremism including Christianity! NO religion should legislate rights of people!
nooiiiiiiooi any prns i didnt know the pole spinned and i thought it was the strippers themselves that spinned so i was always like damn theyre strong as hell and sexy do u pronounce it “biggest forking loser” or “shinji ikari”
BeckyEscalator San Diego, CA ANYWAY... I'm happy for Glass Animals & I never thought I'd be one of those "I liked them before they were popular" people I do not like but like... damn. Like I was always older than average at their shows but I see the fanbase now and it's like... Fueled by hype and spite. Low energy, zero chill. She. Retweets, rants, and the ever-blurring line between news & jokes. 🙃
adderall90mg @CryptoHellspawn I see those and I’m always like damn…I thought I lost a lot back when I lost $50k.
AriaYhW 澳门 Damn it, I always thought that the paper was written too badly and rejected, and I was even embarrassed to ask the teacher. Student of Big Data Science and Application
FGOABORG San Antonio, TX @KnifeDetective I always thought Pepsi and milk was a Laverne and Shirley joke that went viral but damn if I haven't met a couple people that legit like it. Ⓥ, WordPress, Sumo, Powerlifting. I miss OS/2, Google Plus, and Windows Phone. I'm a Swiss army chainsaw. FYI I'm hella sarcastic & normally a nice person.
Icantthibkofan1 She/her Damn I always knew the human race could be vile and out right horrific , but what I’m seeing on this app rn is a level of apathy I thought was reserved for a very few select individual. Turns out a lot of you motherforkers come straight from hell . this is simply a place for me to vent about wtv .
amcboricua Fremont, CA @bridgetbaseball Crazy! He would be getting a 4 yr contract if he did that lol! I’ve always thought injuries caused him to be more inconsistent. He would start to hit well and the he would get hurt. Then he’d struggle when he came back from injury. Every damn year. New account, Previously @amc_boriqua510 Mami, Wifey, Sports Fanatic, Beauty Junkie 🇵🇷 #DubNation #SFGiants #RaiderNation #SJSharks
DragonKoi9877 Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama damn its kinda surreal to realize that i started school 11 years ago and i'm in 11th and that the kids i always thought were like 20 grades above me were only 1 grade ahead and that those kids are gonna be gone next year... god i feel old somehow yakuza fan xbox gamertag- ScoringPilot (dm me urs before u add) 16 ichiban stan PLAYING LOST JUDGMENT check pinned before u follow
kaylorprincess BlissfulNation Lol I actually think, I developed hard to love syndrome after my last relationship 😂😩 There is someone trying to tell me I am beautiful and my first thought was damn African-Americans are always tryna get it!! But no that wasn’t the case I just had to say thank you oops 😅 International law student 👩‍🎓❤️ Certified TEFL/TESOL English Second Language Teacher 👩‍🏫💕Passionate for the fight of truth, equality and educating others
lylim3l Tacoma, WA The poetic justice of me never sendin those letters to my sis bc I thought she would t like them And when I finally sent them she said they were Boring 😭🤣 SEE I WAS RIGHT 🤣🤣 And damn why she always gotta have a fekin Attitude?! just ignore me for now
risingsoullove @fvckrender Damn I thought I was already following you haha. I guess your just popular and was always in my twitter feed. Am I too late to the party? Following! Visual artist specializing in 3D imagery, motion graphics, and NFTs. Visit my collection at
gretavanmeat michigania @cowboylikejake i also feel kind of bad because i always thought she was playing both jake and josh but damn was i wrong bahahah 21 | she/her | ♉︎ | 18+
PHlL0S0PHER Not Spoiler free 『Any prns』 n watch that crap taste like foil n pennies😭 I didn't even read what u said first and while I was watching I thought "Wtf did steak always look that damn nasty?" I like anime and manga a lot, I share it all here. Im blacc. Trap enthusiast music and anime-wise ALT: @Lilcracka1 ⚠️ 𝙄 𝙁𝙊𝙇𝙇𝙊𝙒 𝙉𝙎𝙁𝙒 𝙋𝙋𝙇⚠️
howfink Brooklyn, NY When Ben Simmons would post about playing #PUBG I always thought it meant Pick-Up Basketball Game and was like “Damn that dude’s putting in work.” Creative Director at FIG. Formerly @WiedenKennedy. Improviser at the Magnet Theater. Three words that describe me: Not good with numbers.
thegongfugeek Texas, USA @JustGinaMMA They bought us a pair at work for use in the lab. I had always thought they were stupid till we started using them. These things are comfy and damn convenient. I, too, am now a member of the croc cult. A 50/50 blend of martial arts and comic books. He/Him
bamt8ri they love 14 desi whenever my mom listens to a bollywood song i like and i sing along she always looks at me in surprise like "damn i guess you weren't as whitewashed as i thought you were 😕" my name is finch
OmegaRedd520 Broken Home You what crazy when I was a kid I always thought damn I’ll be married in my 20’s I’d have my own home and car and a good job I have one thing and that’s my car lmao my love life is trash my job is a joke where I get no money yep I think I’m going the right direction Impossible is Nothing. #Respect90 Rally Racing fan Cubs Bears Bulls Xbox GT: OM3GA R3DD89
afkefrain Stage 8: Aliens Lair I always thought i hated shopping, turns out i just hate shopping with other people. I need time to go alone without being rushed, pressured or followed around the entire store 😭 Like damn let me browse the clearance section for like 45 minutes without judgement. Pick up and put a real master of none || queer asf || dont put me in a box || lesbean
illalwaysluvu__ I always thought we was meant to be. You’re the only girl I miss and i’ve tried my best for and yet you throw me over like this? Damn. k
cosmicdumpsauce @JoeLongBalls Until I started dating, I always thought being reserved and slow to open up WAS normal behaviour. But damn, most women I meet will divulge insanely personal things to me (physical and sexual trauma, past relationships, family issues, etc) on like the first or second date. the future's in your lap, so keep it warm
nuestsynergy she/her i always thought taeil did 99% the adlibs and thata like most of the second half but damn 👏🏼👄 ren is the moment | love miyane byulharang 10vely czennie shawol superm heize hidden kard blink | uk 🌍
Talim_ffxiv @lilyemberxiv Damn I need to start to take notes. I don't want to offend people. I say "you", but I always mean their character because this is what is shown at that moment and I never thought when someone said "You are so badass" or whatever about me because they commented it on my char. ♥ Preset Creator ♥ #TalimsTahee on Gshade ♥ Support / Commissions: ♥ Join my Discord for New Presets & Poses Link below
CrustClinic ME, talking to my friend: Yeah man it's weird how times change. At first when I knew i had a more submissive side I always said I wouldn't be down to get pegged. But just the other night I thought about it and was like, damn, I still haven't hit the lottery! FRIEND: who are you How come you're laughing at my veins?
UberAutomaton Space, Outer i just thought i was making a new friend who was also a dweeb like me who liked cool old games and stuff. damn why do i always have bad luck Sadge trying and failing
SAGIBBY_ 5d Earth You ever be a good person in a world full of bad people? (I’m talking to people who know their heart and intentions are always pure) It doesn’t surprise me when I get snaked but it’s like damn I thought you were really one of the good guys. Sad case. #SuchIsLife Sag ☀️ Earth Angel 🧝🏽‍♀️ Boy Mom 💙
biden_so @nypost I never thought this audit crap was worth a damn. Now, the righties who had their hopes up are saying the data was forked with before the audit. Who cares? The audit results wouldn't have led to action anyway. The DNC and establishment criminals will go unpunished as always. My pronouns are Kiss/My/Ass

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