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Michael30323853 ARIZONA USA @jcd823 @serjtankian @BumpinUglies @tompetty @soundgarden I Always liked Tom Petty , just never thought his albums were solid enough all the way through to rate them as all time great LP's . Damn the Torpedos comes the closest for me , and then probably Full Moon Fever and Hypnotic Eye . Former NYC/Movies All Kinds/Music RUSH and ZEP and BEATLES and Everything Else...Except What I don't Like . Oh , And ZAPPA . R . I . P . FZ and Neil Peart .
lathdin Canada @Bolverk15 I did that in elementary school. with my med stuff cuz I am always so pale and my hands are always cold (like damn near blue fingertips cold and I always wore black. one of the kids in my class was creeped out and said they thought I was a vampire 馃檭 Weeb 路 Comic & Book Nerd 路 Gamer 路 VN Addict 路 Nature Admirer 路 Meme Lover! Sustained by soda, and salt! 18+
ErnieGiovannoni Las Vegas @_KyraDavis I think I look at it as a privilege but, even more so a right. So, if I have to pick, I鈥檇 say it鈥檚 a right I have. I have always thought it is something that we must be made availability to all that are eligible. It should be easy to vote. And damn, fix the counting. Retired Air Force with a combined 40 years, 21 active and 19 civil service. Living in Las Vegas with my wife. A SF Giants & 49ers fan! I'm From Half Moon Bay
inkopolis new york | banner: @dkground this might sound dumb considering i know nothing about the process of making music but as a child and even now i always have this lingering thought like 鈥渄amn what if we run out of songs to make鈥. theres only so many notes we can do you know? what if we run out of combinations i鈥檓 lone and i like a rugged and handsome protag鈹 21 鈹 she/her 鈹 drakenier/aitsf/vocaloid lover 鈹 moderator for @WeaponStoryZine鈹 鉂わ笍@rice_deity鉂わ笍
tetestrawbeary BTS universe @kimbaptae95 I really thought it was just a staff coz theres always some staff in front of him like the last time but damn it really was kk he sounds so beautiful :((( AND IF HE CAME TO THE CAMERA THEN WHATTTTT 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 "ah ah, annyeong" mi casa @BTS_twt 鈥 鈥99 liner 鈥 she/her
maiscestpasmoi 馃様. 3 yrs ago, I thought she would go on to becoming an extremely powerful #Charmed witch in the future and now she's gone. Well we'll always adore her and damn I'll miss Macy so much. I console myself thinking that atleast now she can meet Marisol and rest with Dexter as well.馃挃 mais ce n'etait pas moi...
ProjektVay0 OC/LA | he/him they/them Damn. I always thought where this concept of "code of honor" came from. I just went ahead and answered it myself. Egoist Antifascist social-ecology hedonistic-sustainability cybernetics crappost-left Jr Data Scientist dms open, 馃敒, lvl 25
Forchy @redlianak I personally Like the show ,it鈥檚 cool. I can understand how people saw the original trailer and thought 鈥渄amn, this is going to be the He-Man show I always dreamed of鈥, and then it was something different. Same thing happened with Raiden in MGS, people aren鈥檛 good with curveballs #BLM Super nerd, I love gaming, movies and tv! Tinker tanker thinker, Nerd, artist, writer, Cancer survivor. Loves games not platforms.
BigSliceGaming Champaign, IL I鈥檓 introducing my girlfriend to family in a couple weeks and I鈥檓 genuinely excited? I always thought that was something that鈥檚 nerve wracking and scary. But I鈥檓 just so damn proud to have her and excited to show her off. QA @DSVolition | Full Sail Alum | Twitch Affiliate | BI: | He/Him |
_rirodump Horny Jail @fujo_lee @princessharumi_ I've thought about this so many times. He always has that perfect smiling face in public and to his family but damn he----jfjzhfbdbf; it makes me love him even more 馃ズ馃挊 such a complex beautiful character honestly fan/shipping acc // fictional kink friendly 馃敒+ ONLY // main ship aitada but other ship friendly // ENG, TLG馃嚨馃嚟 , 鏃ユ湰瑾 OK // fanart I draw in link 猬囷笍
DeSeingalt I have always been a go with the flow-type and will continue to be so but anyways i lost my train of thought but i hope that when ppl see me its like damn just bc ur older doesnt mean ur life is ending like u can still have fun and buy anime merch and crap and 20+
BasballMvp @ScUbA_StEvE1315 @Dawn9469 @pondtowndogs Here's a dumb question, but I've always wondered. Would there be any benefit of having a 1/1 card graded, since it's the only one, period? I don't see where it would, and would be damn scared to ship it off, but was just curious. Thought I'd ask the professionals. Proud American. NASCAR - William Byron & Kevin Harvick. Booze - Busch Beer & Jack Daniels. Professional Memberships - #BlueCrew 馃憤馃嚭馃嚫
BiGGMiKe1031 Milwaukee, WI @visorboy1974 Damn. It鈥檚 a felony?!?!? Always wanted to do it, thought if someone paid my fines and court fees I would so do it but for a felony. fork that. I am a WI sports fan, love the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, and Badgers!!! Also an avid fantasy football & baseball player!! America First! USA! #girldad
D_Elms @ddmocca Yup. I was on the highway last week and thought, isn't it nice I never have to worry about a period staring at some damn inconvenient time like this? (Mind you, that's long gone, but unless I get very old, it will always have been more more than half my life!!) "Free at last!" Deborah had a few careers/small businesses. Now retired & focused on *ALL* Americans having full civil rights!! (& #meditation 馃馃徏鈥嶁檧锔忦煂 & #writing) OC, CA 馃崐
ThisIsBenSilver New York, NY @courtlynlouise Nothing new鈥 I just responded to a message with 鈥淎lways鈥 and then I thought 鈥渄amn I hope they don鈥檛 think I like Harry Potter now鈥 Art toucher, earnest trier, compulsive hydrator and one day I'm gonna lick the moon.
Tip215 Prettydelphia, Pa @CleoNeptune So true! My lil sister is a Leo and she would copy everything I do. And if i said i was planning to do something she would try to run and do it first. I thought it was a lil sister thing but I understand now. She a damn Leo! They always try to copy Aquarius lol IG:@Tip215 U eva met a girl dat was everything u wanted? Well DATS NOT ME! lol..but I'm real & thorough that鈥檚 enuff. Bad bishes don鈥檛 beef we merge馃拑馃徑 鈾掞笍GANG
Cut33ssay I actually thought it will be Manny and XiangTai or JiaShang & Suyi that will have baby first because Damn they are wild and always on eachother . But the calm couple ZhangHe&XiYang got baby first oh well the wild couples were protecting themself well #thesecretoflove am me..I Love Kpop.. Obsessed with everything Korea Asian.. @peaceitems
CoachTrout10 Atlanta, GA I wasn鈥檛 the closest to BG but dude had a damn good heart man. Great father and provider. Every time he seen me he showed love. Always asked what I thought of lil Broderick and his skill set and what he could do to get better. Sometimes life just isn鈥檛 fair馃槩 Sports Performance Coach馃張鈿撅笍馃弸馃徑鈥嶁檪锔忦煆凁煆解嶁檪锔 Quarterback Developer Livingstone College Alum #ELITE3馃敽7v7
weirdkidzroc Dallas, TX I be reading emails and my first thought is always 鈥渁ll y鈥檃ll getting on my damn nerves!鈥
RedRobinHoodSF @xC0nner It's a nice thought. But I think I'm too far gone. You've seen what I do when my mental health spirals. I push people away, I try and fight anyone who even looks at me and I always end up back on the damn roof's edge just wondering if the that last step is worth it. Second Robin, soon to be Red Hood. NSFW 18+. Warning for mentions of disturbing past events
OPPmma Norton Shores, MI @Bease11 @bcuban Here's hoping you get cut. I always thought they did you dirty in Dallas but you're a straight up clown with all of this anti-vax nonsense. Peoples lives are at stake and you could give a damn. Delete your account. Father, friend, DJ, animal advocate and activist, die hard wrestling fan and aspiring sports announcer.
_ashleyxox houston tx i was w my bio dad and grandma and she asked if i was bipolar like him bc i guess he got diagnosed and i was like damn i鈥檝e always thought so. and she told him 鈥渦gh look what you passed down to your kids, such a shame鈥 ice castle magic
justmonty Washington, DC I thought it would be the straights (and they still do) that would damn near lose it over lil nas x pushing the bounds, but to my surprise, it鈥檚 almost always the gays that come for his neck. Chile if you cannot tell me what to do, then you canNOT tell me what to do.
ace_senpaiii @EmpressUsagi Probably the best revelation I've had is I've always wondered why every kid in middle and high school would put ketchup on their cafeteria pizza. I always thought it was strange, only to then realize recently that ketchup and pizza sauce are made from tomatoes.. damn. 22 M ~Call me Ace ~Your below average Senpai ~Kawakami lover 馃挒 ~tweets random crap but mainly Kawakami if anything 馃槼 ~Message me whenever you'd like ^^
EndeavorsAnims I always thought that lossless bitrate = highest quality but damn I guess im stupid then lossless and 20mbs /s I'm 18.. From Thailand.. Artist/Animator.. ...Male. NSFW account :
jackinlondon @nickcammarata Damn that's a good video! I've never tried jhanas but was always good at the 'thoughtless' meditation, just stopping thought to be present with e.g. breath. The hint to approach the object with positivity and look for pleasure in it was almost enough. Trying to figure out when to reply.
Myerayera Karachi, Pakistan And again I can't speak for all women but when I was asked questions that pertained to "why did u trust this man" or "why did you go with this man" my first thought was always damn..why DID I. Even though he was my friend I should have known. featherless biped
FormerCarnie Minneapolis MN @korlamasters I've always thought that if you don't want your pickle at a restaurant the server should put it on a small plate instead and offer it around to the nearest tables until someone takes it. I want that pickle damn it! She/her #howdoitwitter? #alldadjokesallday
librarian_gamer BLM & Indigenous Lives Matter @goIdenstarrs okay i thought it was just one very vocal group of women but damn my brain always tells me his name is kylo and her name is ren but i know it's not true kahshdjsk it's something with an R though y'all ever heard of 鉁╣rowth鉁 | reading 24/7 | deancas canon | 25 | queer | she/her | maggie |
MontyHD Keller, TX @SteelersfaninMO @Angry_Staffer And so many weak minded to follow. I always thought if I was a little more of a sociopath, I could make $millons and control thousands. Sigh. Damn you conscious. Father, accountant, photographer, massive Chiefs fan! I'm not right, I'm not left. I'd like to think I'm down the middle - at least I'd like to be.
matthew_mckown Tulsa, OK I thought to myself today damn I may not have enough to pay my bills looked at the last 100$ in my acc. said I鈥檓 gonna do the right thing invested it all into MILLION TOKEN bc one I鈥檓 never F-iing Selling and 2. I鈥檓 always F-ing adding $$$ #MillionToken #Million #Cryptocurency
nicperrins Liverpool. Derbyshire Dales. @istheauthor Ooooh, now I'm intrigued and conflicted. Always hated Robson Green (mainly because of Unchained Melody), but I have a huge crush on Jim Bob so all is not lost 馃ぃ馃ぃ Oh no, hang on...I thought you meant John-Boy. Damn. Freelance #proofreader, copy-editor, copywriter, obsessive reader. CIEP member. Presenter @TheRadCaroline. Lover of animals, music, coffee & all things Scandie.
zOmegaa I had a teacher who would always speak about these things in class when I was in 7th grade and we all thought she was crazy.. well hot diggity damn she was right, that was over a decade ago Hedonistic馃尀 ig: Sancheznatalyyy
groovypothead damn looking in the mirror and my first thought is always 鈥渄amn I鈥檓 hot鈥 blast in a glass 鈥 he/him 鈥 18+
ka_y1a here @romandolyn I鈥檓 a Taurus sun and i always get my moon and rising confused so I鈥檓 # 22 but i thought i was # 144 for a second as in LAST PLACEE and i was like damn black lives matter she/her 馃嚙馃嚠
CSurvivor9 NO LISTS/Blocks Tweegr Users @doodle0048 @petehasabeard @muchado33 @oneokboomer @EricGrogu @KariTacoma @SelfIsolation9 @UpBeatSkeletor @grace0715 They sold them way back when because my great aunt had a few pairs. I was too old for them, but damn my sister had to always have them. I think because they had that little heel and she thought she was wearing high heels. 馃檮 Cursing Crude Comedic Carnivorous Vaxxed Atheist 馃彸锔忊嶐煂堭煄垛湇锔 #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo Will defend ALL sexual assault victims!馃毇Snitch Taggers Blocked馃毇NO LISTS
WodensSkadi California, USA I always great my immediate co-workers with Hola and a few folks from other departments that I vibe with over the phone. Mike from engineering thought he could impress me with Japanese like I was a damn weeb growing up Can be NSFW * Name:Skadi * Race:Jotunn * Occupation:Fanfic Author * Fandom:Roadrat/Overwatch * Battle Tag for Cross Play: WodensSkadi#182 Icon by @Armatage_S
newestwarriors robin | 24 | they/them and when they meet their Cool Guy selves theyre always like "i always had dreams of having powers and going on fantastic adventures. but i thought they were just that, dreams" damn. sucks for u dude we need to talk about glass tubes holding people hostage
pthe_u @TheLiberalPoet A that has already been done. DAMN, and here I thought I was on to something. My ideas are always a day late and a dollar short. Okay, turn it into a veterans shelter. Tweets R my own personal opinions; bots/deza blocked. NO MERCY FOR TRAITORS/People who abuse animals & children (PEDOs). They shld receive what they dish out.
_dowoonism 馃嚨馃嚟 never thought I'd be this emotional so early in the morning, while in-class, and listening to an adult's words of wisdom damn i'll always support you @eaJPark, whatever path your heart takes you to dowoon noot noot 馃槜鈥 she/her 鈥 '01 multi 鈥 day6 main
DaKneeCap @FugoBalls Damn I always thought it was just Bastian and the extra a was just to add sum flavour Local dumbass, I have committed multiple acts of gang violence //He/Him//
LaurenB58831849 @comicswatch @djemsostylist @SkW85368672 @RuhumYildizim I always thought a good finish would be that she tried to bulldoze her way into their lives by way of the shares and Serkan decides to just give Eda his shares in the damn holding. He still had AL after all. How many times did he say the holding meant nothing without Eda?
LEXIL0ND0N Anyone else remember that damn squirrel and moose cartoon? Bullwinkle and something? I remember laughing every time cause I was young and always thought... Ballswrinkle 馃ぃ 饾惛饾懀饾憱饾憴 饾憱饾憼 饾憦饾憭饾憥饾憿饾憽饾憱饾憮饾憿饾憴 饾憱饾憶 饾憽饾拤饾憭 饾憫饾憥饾憻饾憳饾憭饾憼饾憽 饾懁饾憥饾懄饾憼嗫 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 Strictly IC 鈥⑸磗岽 鈥⑨磵岽準熱礇瑟岽犪磭蕗s岽 鈥25+ooc 馃敒MINORS DNI馃敒
BraxJad @bokigoat damn always thought he was chill I knew he was somewhat of an xbox fanboy but never saw him insult someone and be this toxic what a chump lol dont follow im too big funni to you
frogsarenice28 I never really thought about myself, it was always the other for me, but then Liam came into my life and I realized that you can love others if you do the same for yourself. I'm not quite ready to say I love myself, but thanks to Liam Payne, I'm on the damn good path. she/her Fe/ab pieces : )
__Thirst22 When folks see me they always say i look better in person or ain鈥檛 know i was this tall. Damn ya thought i was ugly and short? 15th account. fork a bio.
MyWifeIsEggs Great state of depression The thought of suicide by hanging was always scary, but as I get more depressed due to getting more depressed, crap like that doesn't seem so bad. Damn these meds and not curing me! Damn you! Damn you all to hell! Well, well, look who's in hell again. Mentally unstable, clearly unwell again.
sheppworld Austin, TX @byr777n I always thought skipping meant you went to school but just skipped your classes and hung out in bathrooms or the hallway Now I鈥檓 like damn...I skipped so many days of school but mainly because of my bff depression. Was labeled truant and everything Always curious
crueIbabe she/her idk why i never believe i can be liked and thought about lmao my greatest downfall like damn bitch u ever think maybe they DO think about you and not of someone else??? then i wonder why i always feel sad and lonely 馃嚫馃嚮 ny. 21. 鈾嬶笌 鈾夛笌 鈾庯笌
BKellySTL St Louis, MO @mrsbrady @publiceyestl I鈥檓 also a minion and they loooove me lol I always thought I was a mean girl but god damn they鈥檙e mean just 24/7 for no reason sometime. My views are my views and nobody else鈥檚.

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