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hotgothwriter New York, NY damn I always thought I died a million times in Japan and now I get to rock around in some sacai boots 😭🫶🏻 strategist and writer @hypebeast⁣ @wnba & more
notmuchelse Austin, TX I had the most forked up day because my stupid cat who always bolts out the door despite my efforts to keep him in went missing all night and I thought he was surely dead but after work I went looking in the woods and found him up a damn tree and spent an hour coaxing him down. talking to myself
TinaMcDowelle Los Angeles @FranKiffin @TMZ I thought the same damn thing. But I went to a Rastafarian party in Long Beach last month, and they ALL had the experimental poison. I asked them each was always for work, or to go to school, or to make money to take care of their Dad, etc But none of that matters if dead Artiste/Renaissance Woman
Disgusted_InTN TN @Tamavista Fortunately, or unfortunately that voice is always there for me. I thought that was true for everyone. How do they function? My animal friends respond to me and to occurrences around the both of us. This has always made me wonder if they have that "voice". 40%? Damn. Together we can prevail. Our good citizens outnumber those who would destroy us! East TN Dem. Guarding 308 ft of Mossy Creek. Guard our Constitution!
facetnine ᴘʀᴏꜱʜɪᴘ ᴅɴɪ 🫵🏾 @battybo0 @CRUXET I made a whole thread on Sega one time cuz I care about them and wanted them to reflect on something I thought was wrong of them to do, I’m pretty damn nuanced so what are you talking about? Don’t speak on me, I’m always willing to see other peoples sides, yall aren’t. ✦ ʙᴜɴɴʏ/ɴɪɴᴇ | ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ | ɴʙʏ (ᴛʜᴇʏ/ᴛʜᴇᴍ) ✦
msnlwebber New Orleans, LA I *always* thought airlines had something to do with this. Nothing else made sense. But air travel isn’t the most efficient/ cost effective and TSA and airlines get on my damn nerves. It’s past time for high speed rail travel! All Black everything. I block 🙅🏾‍♀️ racists and participants in the diaspora wars because y’all on the same team.
Ripley1Ellen My time machine! @PoliticoRyan @LMplusG Damn fine article. I'm so happy that you included Grandiose Narcissist Meghan Markle in the article. I've always thought that she is just like Donald Trump.. spreading lies and propaganda!! And, she is partial to a bit of fake tan. 😂 Our World is beautiful 🌍 The Universe is mysterious👽 I ❤ antiquity, space, sci-fi, UAPs, mysteries, photography, culture, travel, food ❤
_art_ish New Jersey, USA I always thought people were lying on their conversations with their toddlers until Kenzi was able to talk more and form I be like damn they really be saying and doing some crazy dope crap lmao She blow my mind every day lmao Mommy, Veteran,Black Af 🌬🍃 Novice Painter, Tattoo collector, and Owner of the Key Café Clothing
gn6sis 原神 ar60, 崩坏三 cl86, valorant it's always hard to keep track of which characters my mutuals hate cus i'll see a derogatory tweet against some character i thought they liked and i'll be like 🤔 damn i like all x childe except trtl so dnf if u do thanks
MelissaMbarki Edmonton, Alberta Had anyone driven by a reserve, looked at the third world conditions and thought, damn the government is doing a great job. I've always received my licence and registration on time. No complaints here. Analyst in the energy sector, researcher and writer. Niya Nehiyaw et Francais (I am Cree & French). #Treaty4 #Metis #WapscuhPeyesis #Politics #Policy
ADarkSkin_Guy New Orleans, LA I can always look back on 2022 and say “Damn I did so much I never thought I’ll never be able to” SELU 🦁 Alumnus “A little positivity can go a long way” Owner of @_distortedminds
x25princess Hell Street @LadyGothmare I used to wear wigs. They are always perfect and my hair naturally isn't. I was walking down the street and the wind gusted up and you could see that it was a wig. I overheard the two guys passing me on the sidewalk remark "damn, I thought that was a chick". SE and Red Team director, writer for 2600/phrack, phonemistress in a group of masters. Ex dominatrix and refuse to be shamed for it.
GoblinZoomer 2020 "Listen here Kim Dokja you bastard, you have to realize the danger you're putting yourself in with each of these expeditions. You know damn well I and the others won't always be around to protect you. Can you even imagine-" Kim Dokja. So that was his name, YJH thought. he/him but they/them is fine too 19/ace/165 cm chaotic goblin with mental issues who's pretty much accepted the fact that romance just ain't his thing
reesegoldx Atlanta, GA I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they said “I know we ain’t always been on good terms” … I was like damn, when the hell were we on bad terms? I thought we always been cool 😭😭 mfs really be having imaginary beef cs what? VIRGO 💎
ayylamaokappa @violetheart08 Damn I always thought it’d be him and Kurena tbh Ayylamao
RichNgoldy Orange Park, FL @RedIzaK Funny enough this was the one movie I thought was something I’d never find again.. As sad as it goes? We shoulda gotten a sequel or show to give us on what the ends happens. I always wanted to know more and more but it’s still a damn great holiday movie! 🐾((26)) !!THE DOCTOR!! Making loads of Art designs~🎨🎨 //☕️Coffee Enthusiast☕️-The German Shepherd/Add me, let’s talk! Certified Doctor in Virology!
Bukharre Atlanta, GA I had to stop by my ex’s mom’s house today and I thought to myself “damn, I remember when I first met this woman and convinced myself she’d be my mother-in-law”. The tables are always turning A photographer & mental health clinician —FAMU & ASU ALUM— talking crap and sharing art. sometimes I RT stuff that I find amusing. ultimately spreading kindness
merk0525 Arlington, TX @davidmweissman @ksorbs Never, they are and always will be money chasers and liars. But I don’t blame them, I blame the ediots that keep them living the life of the rich and famous while the same idiots are barely getting by…I wish I had thought about this scheme. Damn.
danninibear New York City @ericaluvsjoon I always thought he only got criticism for being “cringy”😀 damn I was starting to like him bc my twice angels seem to respect and care for him a lot😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 I'm Danni lol. Multi stan but Exo 4 lyfe 🤩🥴💕 Exol~Once~Blink
coloredseung she/her I always thought it was corny when former idols would make YouTube channels to expose the “dark side” of kpop and would say crap like “EVERYONE is dating” okay damn i wanted to know real crap like about sponsors and if idols fight each other like ? 😭 crystal clear & weki meki
HavanaRama she/her It's always something 😩 Thought my battery needed a jump but it actually needs replacing AND it eroded so badly it burned through my positive terminal so I also need a whole damn tow and some minor work done. Estimating at least $250 😵‍💫 🎮 @Twitch Partner | 🎲 GM, RPer & Producer | @StrixHigherEd |🎙 VO | 🎉 Host | @EmporiumTwitch Lead | Divine Fiend | ✉
jazzanchovy miami Sometimes people on here are so mad at some other people on here and I’m always like damn that’s crazy I thought everyone was friends quien te manda
mmoney26 Kalamazoo, MI I always keep it real with people that was fake with me. You said its food for thought and brought this whole damn plate with me 269 baby !! ROLL WITH OR GET ROLLED ON!! 💯 snap: Young champagne 🍾 ✊🏽
nudeberrybun @FurrrLed omg fr lol? and i always thought you use like your own edited pencil brush so your art looks that damn good x3 19/im to lazy to write something, fortnut player and NSFW artist and also trying make blender stuff. main account: @PolishBonnie
ChiChiGetDaYao Oregon Jack Creek 5 Those damn kids said they can’t afford me for Christmas 💀💀💀💀💀.. so they all each bought me $100-$200 playstation gift cards 😭😭😭😭😭. Except Billie. Billie got me a Versace dress and slippers. I love all the munchkins. I’m always about the thought that counts……. Let it BURN like Usher… 🙃
AmnaNaseemShei1 Karachi, Pakistan @nidishkiyaon Damn i always thought messi was arrogant to his fans and others, but he’s even arrogant with his own kid lol Journalist to be📝 Avid reader, An artist by heart.
loups_bane pfp by @nanaqwi @Chitsiii Everyone makes Macaque the closed off one as if SWK isnt trying to get away from him like damn 😭😭 the difference between the soft “ :) always the comedian” vs “and here i thought it was someone important :|” crippling adult now ig | Nicaraguan | Hobby Writer | 💙🤍💛🧡 | He/they | SWK apologist | !!! NSFW AND PROSHIP DNFI !!!!
Anne5319 Virgina @AdamKinzinger Did you not learn a damn thing in office. That order for the National Guard HAD TO COME FROM NANCY PELOSI. It’s her responsibility as Speaker!! Trump requested the Guard and SHE REFUSED. So either you’re lying to us or you’re as freaking dumb as I have always thought. Go home Conservative Christian, pro-life, MAGA voter and I love my country. Happily married and identify as transparent.🤣😂
dade_otis @CremeDeLaKriss @GOTCITYTEA Instead of ownership and accountability. Damn y’all I messed up, I thought he was not guilty, she rather lie and deflect .. this is sad and millions are watching @theestallion @TMZ @taiylersimone @RepMaxineWaters has always supported her New new to Twitter and already pissed off re bigotry. Wife,Mom,Government over 35 years, fragrance, candle lover, sick of bigots and miserable pathetic people
EventHorizon05 ... Darkness and Silence @BaconApocalypze Oh, damn... I always thought it was a clever reference to it's hiatus and that the reason we had this new silver crown starting point was something to do with Nexon still owning the rights to some DFO content or other... What remains after...?
Projektblakacid Wait. TVs usually have imput lag and monitors usually don't? I always thought the difference was just visual. Damn. I'm a dumbass Twitta baybyie
hotgothwriter New York, NY damn I always thought I died a million times in Japan and now I get to rock around in some sacai boots 😭🫶🏻 strategist and writer @hypebeast⁣ @wnba & more
MichaelandSimmo @bigplay24slay @GenoSmith3 Damn Slay I thought you could’ve thrown and caught the ball better today but there’s always next week! Still waiting on them Rec yards
OceanicArtGal she/her 19, white, autistic Damn I missed drawing her,,,,😭 So I basically wanted to draw Stephie using that one elf girl from Spongebob as reference bc I always thought they looked similar. And I also wanted to post some last-minute art before the year ends- #CupheadOC Just an awkward gal who likes drawing and posts art n' shiz PROSHIPPERS/BIGOTS/NSFW DNI
eastbayronin007 Denver, CO @TansuYegen Damn! And I always thought dry Cap’n Crunch would be the worst thing for the roof of your mouth. Musician, cook, writer, martial artist, fishing nut, outdoorsy-type, comedy fan. Curious world citizen, interested in a ton of stuff.
midnitemoonIite Core of the Sun I could always make my life easier and just make a two-parter, but it just won't be the same if I can't condense it into a single tweet! I pride myself on the excessive amounts of thought I put into formatting joke posts, damn it (He/him) Artist allergic to anti-aliasing, forever-sleeping flower, lava pit connoisseur. Spread your wings! Art account: @sunrysky Profile picture: @Starfey94
SQXIIICloud Chicago, IL All you people taking sides in a criminal hearing and taking the side of the guilty party look dumb af... Black Women,for all the Men callin Meg a liar,i completely see y Black Women dont feel safe.... I always saw, but damn, never thought id see ppl ignore evidence Grunge Hop with a Grudge/Artist/Producer/Streamer...Leader of Squadron XIII/ Twitch Affiliate 🎮: SQ13Cloud
whoisjessicawu NY, NY @sadarlo1 holy crap I googled buccal fat removal and it is the stuff of nightmares. I always had protruding cheekbones and never thought someone would purposefully want that?! I even looked up Korean cheekbone surgery as a teen before coming to senses. Damn ppl are messed up :’( Writer, Journalist, Native NYer, NYU Tisch alum. Asian American and proud #StopAsianHate #BlackLivesMatter
lexiabug they / she ୨୧ forced rec (FBT) @sour6oyy EXACTLY the same exact crap happened to me and i thought it was funny ppl always love to assume stuff. let csa victims cope in their own ways damn 17 ˚⋆ ° edtwt ୨୧ ugw: 55lbs ₊ ˚. ୭̥ cardio addict
JustKeep_sMILEN dmv @ResistanceSean Never had it lol I’ve always been a social butterfly and I still am at times, but being around people gives me so much anxiety now. Just the thought alone of having to go around people makes me have a panic attack damn near. 😩 I’m black, loud, & ghetto with a few degrees… & working on a PhD, so save that drama for ya grannie & mammie ✨ insta: JamesDean._
WaterlilySan Michigan USA Dumb Dumb Ferit really thought he could get away with anything because Seyran didn't want to go back to her dad and Seyran said "no b*tch I'll take care of my damn self in my father's house like I always have I don't need you..." Perhaps I stan harder. See Pinned Tweet for other places to find me in case Twitter Blows Up... Watching #GH and waiting for diziland/lakornland to give me a reason to tune in again
clevan72 Fredericktown, OH @rubymay1993 Damn Ruby! I’ve always thought that you are so beautiful and sexy my confident friend 😍 Supporter of 🏳️‍🌈. Treat people like you want to be treated. Spread ❤️, not hate. Mental health is important.
Yaboi23917146 @lilbatbabyx Also because he said he always checks and he originally decided on a pepporoni and I thought to eat one. Opened the damn box and it's a plain cheese...said o hell no. Hours later I now just grabbed me a monster ultra 👍 EDTWT❤️ Height: 5'2''🖤 SW: 250🖤 CW: 157.6🖤 GW: 100🖤 UGW: 70lbs🖤 SHTWT❤️ cutting since 6yrs.ol. forking major BPD
WhiteGoodMan00 @Lilquake0726 @Nawashi3332 @ONLYinDADE Well you're an idiot if that's your thought process and part of the reason our country is being run into trash can. Nobody painted her as a bad mom. She painted herself that way It's always everyone else's fault! I'm the victim! How bout watch your damn kids in a forking airport! I'm not special but Jesus thinks I am!
srgarland UK @RetroGamer_Mag I should have taken the plunge and got an Amiga, ST or Archimedes back in the day. Always thought I had time - damn PC. 🇺🇦☮️
michaeljr1234 Tennessee, USA @MattHanvey Well I be damn I forgot ridge has siblings you would have thought ridge was an only child the way he's always front and center let's not forget about Rj his son lol Hip-Hop/Rap R&B/Soul Entertainment Celebrity Television Style
Frank_ValBoni @BltzZ7 Damn man... both of those games were great! Dragoon was awesome and I always thought that was a franchise worth expanding, and Xenogears was the greatest incomplete game ever, cause that second disk was a hot mess #DumpsterFire
KeeneStew Gilbert, AZ @JoanShe39382808 @GeraldoRivera I have always thought that our so called leaders were some part of the human trafficking and drug cartel money. Honestly, how do they get so damn rich while supposedly serving Americans for OUR benefit and best interest. if I can do only one thing for you while your following me, it’s to make you laugh. God, Family, Country I Successfully Sell Real Estate in and Around Phoenix.
fukomii_ somewhere. who cares 🤷🏻‍♀️ @so_aguarela Ok but like... I always thought your other nsfw version of him would be him holding his megaton monster 🍌*cough* ~~cock~~ ...instead of the present 🥲 but then I think my mind is just too damn perverted and beyond saving 🤌🏻 I art 🌱 Shounen Ai & BL | 26 | ❌ do not repost | CW: 🔞 | 🇬🇧🇵🇹
EnderKisera fandom hell why are leo kinnie call-out posts so damn accurate what is this, i get targeted everytime I log on and it's always with something i thought I was hiding well why does risetwt know me get out of my house she/they |17| tryna balance my ROTTMNT brainrot with my owl tears rn, life is tough| t-cest/proship/neutrals DNI| Oh, and I am very very gay🌈

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