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johnpavlovitz Wake Forest, NC I'm angry but not at Trump. He was always a sociopath. He's been as advertised. I'm angry at you because I thought you knew better. I'm angry at myself because I thought I knew you better. I was wrong on both counts, and yeah that pisses me off. Author of 'A Bigger Table', 'Hope', and 'Low.' Unapologetically committed to equality, diversity, compassion, love, and justice.
alexismarquay_ Sandusky, OH And why mfs that moved away and hate Sandusky sooo damn much always keeping up with our latest news? I thought you was living your best life & ain’t fck with us. Get tf on. 🗣
Scott_Thought @brownbookworm Always. And I know how damn good The Belles is, Dhonielle. Didn’t realize what the advance was. Absolutely, unequivocally undervalued. I’m sorry friend. Author of Nyxia, Saving Fable, and Ashlords. Find my books here:
HEIR2HERE Earth @KwikWarren I always thought he was gay, and it didn't matter. It's the young pong lying no ethics or morals that is aggravating. I don't give a damn about his bedroom. 1-Speak Life 2-Use common sense 3-Get a receipt 4-Never become the evil you despised 5-Tell the truth to the best of your recollection 6-Live the Dream
paulstrovsky626 Marlborough, MA Went to my first protest today; the pathetic media distortion of righteous protests inspired me to also finally attempt a ‘tweet’. Damn I always thought of myself as tech savvy, but suddenly, I’m 41 and worse at Twitter than the horrible, old af pres. I don’t like stuff that sucks. Racism sucks. Endless wars suck. Inequality sucks. The 1% aren’t saviors, on the contrary, enslavers.
srivani_edu 💖💜💙 okay rosethorn is a baby and niko is not.... what. i always thought it was the other way around but niko is 53 and rosethorn is 33?????? wack. i thought she was at least 40 and niko seemed like a “fresh out of school but accomplished prodigy” type dude... damn #TPReadalong one day i’ll get in trouble for the things i tweet. today is not that day (she/her) {views are my own}
hongjongilashes Ateez' satanic club Damn I missed my cousins more than I thought nffjdh I love them :'(( We have talked so much about so many topics and I have laughed so much ❤️❤️ And I love how open-minded they've always been and how they speak up about everything is great and so comfortable to talk with them ★彡 Multifandom stan 彡★ (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Cass_Miller10 Rocky River, OH Some guy gave us shots, I really didn't want one so I stared at it and thought "Lane will do it", did it, and even Kenny said "damn!". LANE WILL ALWAYS DO IT. life is good:)
Lionhevrt Germany @eyyohbee Damn, I’ve always thought about it differently because I didn’t see the issue that I don’t have but other people might have. I just now realized that instead of being helpful to solve a problem I just completely failed to see and understand the problem in the first place 🤔 Hey hello 👋🏻
itsFlickaboo Los Angeles, CA @Inevitable_ET OMG! Is this where Q's "HELLO GEORGE" comes in? I always thought it is about @TheCollectiveQ GEORGE! Holy... If this is correct and he is the first arrest, damn that will shake people! I mean look what happened apparently because of his death! 😱 Entertainer & Content Creator for @QuantumGC | With A German Accent to boot | | Business Inquiries:
DollarBlazeClub United States @PMR420 @DAMN87534061 @popsablaze @ZenWillows @Un13ashedMind @pinkisAgapeluv @Dab5_at420 @TokeoJ @LegendaryEnergy @JonCBuckley1 @Hippie_of_Love @Michael87163152 @nani_booboo @RedBuds @TamraTimbrook @MR_BURNDATLOUD @LARRYIRBY6 You do! You are always thought provoking, and I love how you usually look at a 360° view on things, from all angles, not just your own. Plus, you're pretty damn funny! Unlike any box service out there. Useful, sensible, and high quality. You know what you need, #KeepItSimpleStoners DON'T SELL or BUY WEED
ChaseNotTheBank Jacksonville Damn Sasha i knew u for a short time . You was a hella dope person always cool af to be around . And never would i ever have thought this happened to you or to many people i know. All i can say is you are STRONG as hell for speaking up i respect the hell out of this ✊🏽 I can give you kids with curly hair... that’s about it...
kk_kawena @zpieee_ I hardly even know bros but always thought he was a weirdo. Vibes hella off 😂😂 and yeah girl byeee idc if that’s your damn brother, he an abuser. And yeah 3 yrs, so all the girls who known him longer are the liars? Gtfo one of the bros but with a vag 🇼🇸 🇵🇭
iamtyboogie Deadass , I want friends like me but they always wait for that one moment to strike 👀😢 And I looking like damn ... I thought we was really friends 🤦🏽‍♂️ IG:// Just.Tyrell $ImJustTyrell 😇
morgensternlied Somewhere over the rainbow @BenPatrickWill As an educator I never thought of this before. I am and has always been happy with basic personalized learning offered by LMS but it would be worrying if this escalated somewhere else. #Damn #RedPill. Hooman being. Porn♥️. #MetalHead. #Linux user: #Ubuntu. A pissed citizen of the world. #AOR music & #Synthwave ♥️
ss4Vegeta95823 Sacramento, California @icecube Its a damn shame that idiot was elected into power and now he is acting even more like a dictator. I always thought Trump was a dick but crap guess its always guys like him trying to act big and tough and be dictators to overcompensate for their micropenis. wanna know about me ask me
_JerryIsDead At Your Son’s House 😜 Omg it’s Micah from Queen Sugar!!! Wow this just made my heart so happy #QueerBlackLove 🌈 but at the same time, damn I’m salty asf cuz I always thought Micah was fine and now he’s off the market 💀🤣🤣 If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success. #BlackExcellence ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
46n2Ahead The dumbest possible timeline @homemadeguitars Lots of people just don’t want to do the work. But what I always thought was kinda funny was we work these modern jobs and some people still do garden and hunt... for fun! Almost like we’re actually wired to enjoy working with nature and not sitting at a desk all damn day... 🤔 😳 ☹️
blerdofthemtns Crystal Tokyo @HiltonPosts Ok so it’s not just me?!! Our pickup service is always booked 3 days out and the last couple of times I went to the store I thought “there’s too many damn people here!!!” Then I realized a lot of people are at home and quarantine munchies go fast!! 🤣 certified hood classic. she/her. pan. nature lover. #Blacklivesmatter anime whore. gaymer. ENFP. fat grrl. I tweet w/my chest. stoner. softy. ♊️ ☀️ ♈️ ↗️ ♉️ 🌙
DarkTall_Mats Pretoria, South Africa Yoh I thought it was my mom alone.. Damn she'll be calling all the name's before getting to mine. And when shes calling my sisters she starts with mine and all others.. 😂😂😂 Such a sweet thing to happen. It soothes my mind always Muvenda mutswu. I don't tweet, my crazy mind does. Above all: Jehova ndi Khosi.
rincult she/her I was watching haikyu (like always) and nekoma appeared and I told my mom that they where my favorite team and she said it probably was cuz I thought he (pointing at kuroo) was a cutie and like damn how can this woman read me like that....? #blacklivesmatter || 🎈02 || cw: Bleach s4, fruits basket s2, Haikyuu s3 (my dead kpop account is @hhyukjaesus)
fanywheeinie sonemoo + baby luvie so I’m watching Lucifer and I’ve always thought that maybe Maze should get a girlfriend and omg ??? I can’t believe I’m getting crumbs???? I mean it’s heartbreaking to see her pine over Eve but damn it I love the idea of them together STREAM HAPPY 🥰🥰🥰
libra10584 The City Of Angels, Cali @Jessica65481190 Not a SINGLE thought about the next ALWAYS, it’s about the money. I’ma go ahead and sit this crap out like I’ve been doing; I was inconvenienced for 3 damn months...what’s a little bit longer? Writer/Dreamer/Lover/Son/Brother/Friend/Co-Worker/Professional Wino... Snapchat: libra10584
bex_honeys @baettokki How? Plastic surgery and make my face be like her? Lol. Oh damn i'm sorry- i always thought you are 2 years older than me 😅 yeah i completely back, but still not too active. Have no friends- bias? banyak
Shalom60194341 @sharmaAvl Was just curious how much did she pay to get nails painted😒 I mean I'm not bringing this up just bcoz she's talking about money and mandir but I always thought y do u want to pay so much for getting your damn nails painted??? Dharma samsthapanardhaya sambhavami yuge yuge
ayyjlmao venus i always thought there was sum weird illuminati crap going on in the govt and the industry but damn this crap is real life & kids are being sacrificed n tortured n molested bruh this crap needs to stop someone kill that bitch @HillaryClinton right NOW
__irielove From VA to CO I really got married at 21. I ALWAYS said that’s what I wanted. Guys I dated thought I was crazy. But alas, what was for me came to pass and I’m happy and loving my life. Not where I want to be but I damn sure ain’t where I was so 🙌🏽 @djpattyice_’s wife; Mother of a Stillborn - 08/05/19 & Thor is my furbaby 🐶 I don’t tweet for anybody but myself. I don’t debate strangers on the internet.
yunikex 🤍 she/her @namusugh I always thought like this cause I was afraid of tampons.. but later I tried them and since then I never used pads again cause damn they are so comfy 🕛 181016 - 190802
Farcai Denmark @EhsanH06 Damn, looks nice! But it's okay, just keep it bro. Usually I always play multiplayer, like 4+ people and we always bring our own playmats! I don't think I'd get to use it. But I appreciate the thought dude 😊🐘 Co-Founder and Main Organizer of @FGCAarhus 🐘 Electrical engineering student 🐘 @DivineMusesFGC 🐘 Feng Wei / Squigly / Wario / Ken 🐘
FireBladeYT I'm right here on ur phone @OptimalVenus @melonfoxx I don't remember ever being homophobic I was always like "damn I'd go gay if *male cartoon character* was real" because I thought "I'm happy being hetero so it's ok to make these jokes". and that's how I became what I am today 15. he him. drawer. Croatia's pride and joy. Ambassador of the furry fandom in 🇭🇷. Officially cute (diagnosed).
blonded808 @ChonkyfireAQ @inRaixbows damn fr? idk why but i always thought people dated all throughout hs and stuff and lost their virginities before college Frank Ocean, Lorde, Jai Paul, Mr. Robot & Uncut Gems stan | Community is the best show of all time | stream Instant Crush by Daft Punk | #blacklivesmatter
RadishSaiyan Earth or in my Spacepod @sbz80 @EarlJacobs @MatoiRisu @GotFlick I always thought that look could be for two reasons one I guess some people don't change two damn I didn't hit him hard enough and he will keep causing trouble The Absolute Raditz
nefxriouss_ so... they’re trying to pass the earn it bill now which would make every social media and digital post have to be authorized by the government before its posted... damn and i thought you all cared about freedom of speech since you always bring it up in political arguments #BLACKLIVESMATTER
MadisonSFM_Artz 💚💜❤️💙 But it feels weird to be almost absolutely silent all the time (I'm sure y'all know who I'm basically pointing this to). I've always thought myself to have kept all my emotions bottled up inside because of doubts and insecurities.. But damn, it really is feeling like that rn In the process of planning a buncha stuff for the future! Can't wait for em to take full effect
Juicy4612 IL Am I the only that watched this and thought man,@chrissyteigen looks amazing in that photo? Damn girl...also, thanks for standing up always. Married to the worlds most amazing woman, father to a mud loving Golden Retriever, and four crazy little kids.
robinleeburch carthage mo @Algerwins @57Delmar Okay damn it. I'm only 4' 9". Get in and out of these freaking rabbit holes is just killing me. Just when I thought I figured out I got to go back down in. Always something made circuit bds, lighters for cars, drove school bus, made cheese. retired, tired and disabled. what a book my life would make.
seokseas she/they fukc i just finished rewatching gravity falls and i can’t stop forkifng cryingggg this show will always have a very special place in my heart :(((( watching it when i was 12-14 probably had a bigger impact on me than i previously thought tbh bc damn that lesbian who loves sea & holding yoongi’s hand
portchd South East, England @SpacedockHQ Thank you!! It took me so Damn long to find that stupid place! I thought it was just me being a Prat and terrible at navigation like always. A slowly learning new Butcher. Twitch Streamer Friendly and Approachable. Business Email:
always_vote CANADA @StephanieCarvin heard you on the @cbcradio recently talking about poli and security and thought how damn smart you are. I also heard you say "anyways" [not 'anyway'] and my 🇨🇦 heart sang :) Engagement is key. Vigilance is vital. We VOTED and We booted Harper \0/ Then We VOTED & booted Prem. Christy Clark #bcpoli \0/. Hold YOUR government to account
sylinose_linzi Malawi She thought it was best we slowed down! Damn. Here she was telling me to man up and give us, her and me, a chance, and having done so she slams the door in my face! Akuti because I was always gonna have my ex hovering in my mind. True be it, but then what did she expected? Accountant|Financial Analyst|Sales Analyst|Poet|Dreamer
yesicat_8 He would send me creepy crap often knowing damn well I was/am in a relationship. I was always got such a eery feeling about him and thought it was just in my head. Like I said I'm so glad so many women are strong enough to step forth and expose him.
joey71074 Richmond Heights, FL @C_Stroop Damn that looks good And im not a "chili" person. Never thought to use pasta. Always been rice. I clearly haven't lived! I am a 42 y/o Black female. Passions are the performing arts, film, visual arts. I am a proud woman who happens to be allergic to bullcrap! BLACK LIVES MATTER!
superstan24 NOLA @kaypeaux Damn I never even thought of that. I find his accounts really entertaining and I chime in, but I've always found he has a holier than thou attitude and has different standards for certain people that he likes and those he doesn't.
CasssieNovaa Every single night I like to sit and reflect on my day and my most reoccurring thought is always “damn... I shoulda got sushi today.” it’s a cruel world but it’s cool
johnnywasblue1 Arlington, VA @Shai_xie @bubbleonatide @thelindsayellis HOOOOOLY crap. I always thought he was gay, and I've never liked the guy, but damn I kinda feel sorry for him. R.I.P. to all the black people killed by this racist system we're forced to live in. I love you all brothers and sisters ❤️.
feddecks davekat wedding i always thought to myself like "damn writing a 10k+ fanfic? that sounds real hard..." and yet here i am Vrissy/fed ⋆ sylph of heart prospit ⋆ 17 he/him isfp⋆ bIm!!! acab!!! ⋆
trumpskisux99 Minnesota, USA @LaurieRosenbau3 Lex Luthor! Damn, he was good in that SM series and I've seen him in a few other things too. I always thought he stole the scenes when he was on camera in Superman. My @Trumpskisux account got hosed😡 This is my new account as of 5/26/20 I still despise Trump, just getting by one snark at a time😏 #GoJoe #FBR #USAF #BLM
BrendaH89560916 @WalshFreedom This is bullcrap. Cops should have some damn common sense and forking self control. I always thought their job was to de escalate the situation, not make it worse. So forking angry over this crap. Wife, mother, grandmother. Proud freethinker. Retired healthcare pro.Sick and tired of Republican bullcrap.
John_49inf Pahrump, NV @danabrams @deannamarsh751 Damn, I was looking forward to it, too! I’ve always seen the deputies on this show treat citizens honest and straight, no bull and not violating civil liberties. Thought an episode might help shed some light on the good ones doing this job ❤️ Detention Deputy Sheriff for Nye County Sheriff’s Office