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Damn I Always Thought I

What is the story with Damn I Always Thought I.

battyb0ys i feel like i always see people making harley into a shipper of various ships but i think she'd be way funnier as a huge hater like she takes one look at any romances the bats get into and is like "damn i thought /my/ relationships were bad..." 18+ no minors! - 23 - he/him - #1 timdami supporter - tumblr is the same username!
DavidCook1959 Wisconsin, USA @Richard83188919 @AZ_Brittney I always thought I hated Brussels sprouts. Then I found out you didn't have to boil them until they were well and truly dead like my mom did. I found out roasted they're damn fine. Half-assed guitarist, husband, cat dad, cyclist. Introvert invisibility is my superpower. (He/him)
JonNoakes London, England, UK. @muskQu0tes @elonmusk And, I always thought it was sweetcorn, damn 😆
AmaroneCapone i also thought just there how easy it is to post a comment thats just as dangerous as pulling a trigger on a gun, could always be life destroying but ya know how easy that is now. Just gotta make sure you do life right and you be the one pullin it off every damn time African-American. I am The King Also A Grime Jungelest Griddle Artiste-Im That Very Presidential And PublishProof Government Top Secret Agent-Archer. #Rihanna #Mads #TheInnTing
CurlySquare 19, she/her. transfem @moepiis Damn, I always try to make sure people avoid spoilers with dungeon meshi cause I went on tumblr and saw like 15 different massive spoilers and thought "man this seems like I shouldn't have seen that" and I'm mad cause the story beats I got spoiled on were the best ones Hi I'm Mars! Filipino-Chinese American 🇵🇭 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 WHITE PPL DNI UNLESS I FOLLOW OR INTERACT FIRST all my opinions reflect employer (⬅lying)
vaIedicere but why the f my favs always have side job as cheerleader tho? and i thought i'm used to it but NO and why they always spend time and support the people (fake friends) that their fan dont like DAMN 随兴如初
DarkStormX2 N 43° 45' 31.8888", W 70° 23' @rickyricksmusic Yeah, Mel was hilarious, Tommy was a little crap and Flo omg she was hysterical.. I never knew what to make of Vera but damn she needed to get laid.. I always thought Alice was going to take over the diner after the first season Staying in my own lane; One body occupied by the eternal wolf spirit. Call of the Wild 👨‍🍳📸📹 With ❤🇺🇦 Wolves are my Spirit Animal. #FlyEaglesFly
MatthewBurrr Portland, OR @nojumper On overnights too huh. Damn man I worked that shift for two years and always thought of how I would get out if something went down. Too many mentally Ill have guns these days. More of an Instagram person 📲 I design stuff sometimes ✏
Dinizulu5 @KNKhunou @I_Am_Saunders @Ntsikier I have been a victim of such women. We agree, then she comes to my house and see what they see, they raise the money in the morning. Abo "damn African-American, I thought..." I always have the I initial agreement recorded. Ibutho
tinakay9 Johannesburg, South Africa I thought to myself, it must be so damn nice to just live on the 'glass half full' side of life, like things are always closer to being good than they are to being bad lol and he was so chill that time as a result... Me? Chucked a deuce and left him there 🤷🏾‍♀️ Mama Bear 👶🏾👶🏾 Pro Makeup Artist 💄 IG: tinakay9/ tzonemua
Mythoral Azeroth @BookerClay4 Damn. I play on WRA ally and have thought about transferring but crazy crap like that has always kept me away Elf and Cat Enthusiast. 🐱 Tragic Gay. 🌈 Largely a WoW account but also memes. Sometimes NSFW so be 18+ please! (I am Kelthos & Mythorall on WrA)
MetaVersig The American Southwest @SeagullsEyeView @mathewballard @iGauravMishraa @theskindoctor13 @elonmusk Agree, there needs to be reasonable views. I'd prefer the left/right spatial metaphor were put aside and everyone thought outside this damn box. But yeah. The left was always supposed to be the side OF the blue collar workers, of the labor unions, not working against them! Crazy. SUSVEMBER. 11.XX. A true degen believer. Web3/blockchain gaming/metaverse are the future mass tech adoptions @PlayImpostors @SuperFarmDAO @TheSerToken @SMIPlay
amphobius Belfast, United Kingdom @MBTYuGiOh As a kid, I always wanted one of these. I thought they were so cool. These damn things must have destroyed so many cards that would be priceless today. I know for sure me and my brother destroyed cards because of these damn things. You couldn't even use sleeved cards, either! @HarumiMakoto is best waifu ♡ | Musician, 2D graphics artist, generally has bad opinions about motorsport & simracing. Sometimes called Bam Binton. | He/Him
CncrEarthAngel Beech Grove, IN Oh Geesh, he actually thought I bought his bull of having changed to be a good & compassionate person? Omg please. I ALWAYS give him enough rope to HANG himself, but I've had his # for damn near a year. And they sell drugs too?!! Just heard that- I did NOT know this dude at all. Divine Intuitive Empath on a Spuritual Journey embracing life with self-discipline, compassion and forgiveness toward others and unconditional love
canismajcr they/she/he | 23 | maybe nsfw what is it with my parents and always wanting to go for a damn walk i thought holidays were for being lazy barty crouch jr's personal defense attorney
cullend Cleveland @FlatEartherKitt Wait since Twitter is breaking can I just say I only realized Nasir was your dog like a week ago and always thought it was your boyfriend and always thought “Damn her BF feral” Find me on @cullen | Victorian Wabi-Sabi. Build 9 foot high fires. Ardent supporter of the strategic ambiguity party.
itsDeviC Johannesburg, South Africa @Matric_2004 @Thelumusa_Nkosi @keketso_P Damn I’m really shocked at this. I always thought they’re ballin’. They’re always in an expensive adidas tracksuit and sneakers, carrying the latest iPhone 🤔 damn, people sometimes Get your forking bottom up & work. 📧
haifen_eth Metaverse @mattbag3d I’ve always thought yours and @MonsterRafo added some humor to space (a big compliment to you guys), but got damn you’re always a very good wordsmith! 1/1 JPEGs · · HAIFEN pronounced as hyphen as the character. An hyphen is used for joining words as I do with lines and shapes.
Itsangeloomacc Chicago, IL I used to tell my one friend everything then I sat and thought damn he always telling me his friends business 😭😭😭 love you Charlie 20| Digital diary 🎈
coppnic ~mirsec-rostyc @aeriflame Twitter only uses 17% of that and I always thought thats too much 🙈 Damn we are blessed with the Twitter Stack I am Marv, a male Human born in Berlin, located in the Schengen Area. I tweet in German, English & Berlinerisch. I program codes & tinker with technology scrap.
PapaaMama_Bona Ze_Gunners of Ze_London @penelope_zinhle @destinyzee @SameDeon @BeritaAfroSoul @ChrisExcel102 I actually thought also just stumbled across the tweets now. And damn Chris always Wilding Stop following the masses.
OsirisHK335 @ybtoren Yeah I never thought it was quite as good as people said it was; but like damn. QT can say people in Marvel movies aren't actors, but if an actor is thankful that Marvel let an Asian man lead a blockbuster he's an bottom and the movie was always crap.
ArieBaNegev @iamatoofficial @Faith1first @FoxNews Here’s something novel the left doesn’t get:put the damn terrorists in a jail cell and stop excusing their actions.Just a thought!! As for me, I carry. The weapons I don’t carry stay comfortably at my house and - shocking - when I get back home, they’re always where I left them LEGAL US immigrant Israeli-JewRican Constitutionalist Pronouns: 🇺🇸 / ✡
BiPolaRneLLZ I used to hide my feelings , I thought it was weird that I always felt emotions. Now I embrace it , I’m so grateful to be aware and familiar with my emotions . So many people are just out her numb, soul less so damn sad . Visonary 👑 Owner of Stay ready Swim 👙 Shop #ForeverP #LongliveJaydin #ForeverLoucie👙✨🌻♐️
The_RoseSpeaks @prntgdcolonized I’ve always said this was needed. Especially in our community. I met mine doing community service and we discuss this concept often. I should have just built the damn site but I thought I was being silly. iWrite sometimes, Intimacy doula, and Protector of Blk babies.! Pleasure is your birthright babies. Get you some 🥰 🚨NOT a safe space for the uncoloreds 🚨
feeler_seth @StephenKing Damn, I always thought you were an old timey author who had already passed like Mark Twain. You got your own twitter and everything at 75. Look at you go!
frunkuie @mandylorian I used to believe, but then I didn’t. Now I’m not sure. The thought of innocent people being wrongfully executed is always a real downer. Sometimes. Depending. I guess. Damn. I cry over the evil people. Why can’t you? We all have good and evil in us.
SearatNybbas Vancouver, WA @ThatEricAlper White Flag by Dido, “I will go down with this ship…” I always thought it was “I will god down with this crap” and was like “damn D! Getting all hard on us and crap.” Writer. I figure the best way to silence the voices in my head is to to put them onto paper, give them a name, and then murder them. Querying for my first novel
CuzzinJae Virginia, USA @jaskizzal757 I always like Brown Sugar album more when I was younger but Voodoo is surpassing it these days and rightfully so. (Damn never really thought about my fav r&b album of all time🤯🤯) Black Creative + Entrepreneur + Designer #AngelsAndAmmoClothing 👼🏿 FOLLOW MY BRAND @AngelsAndAmmo_ ⚡ #TitanUp⚔️ #MavsNation🐴
maryloushy @MarketingBeatz @8BallBangers A lot of us love Paul -and thought he did a great job ….he lost, but he walked out of there with his head held high and did a damn good job. He will always will be my favorite and I would LOVE to see him play again. Hands down the most entertaining house guest ever !!! Reality TV addict- Rebel Teacher- Mother of 2 -Grandma of One - who dances in the water. Big Brother Live Feeds is life…and I’m here for it. #bb24
thesamesunrise Richmond, VA @KODA_VT damn was it? always thought it was official with it being listed under the actual composer’s name and all. normally that doesn’t happen whenever i find unauthorized rips of game soundtracks on there. 18 | any pronouns •【=◈︿◈=】 ❮ ◆ ❯ • producer & dj sometimes • edm/vr/coaster enjoyer • 💖@itsYAERU💖 • discord: atham#5642
t_wenger96 Wisconsin, USA I always thought I would have been already raising my kids by my mid 20’s. Yet here I am damn near 26, balls deep in a Pixar marathon gasping at Wall-e getting clapped by that bitch bottom auto-pilot. Moral of the story. Don’t drink and Disney plus people..
beankeen3 I always remember that video of that big bottom dude that was beating the crap out that lil dude cause he said sumn to his girl and I always wonder if she thought to herself damn maybe if I ain’t dress like this he wouldn’t even be in this position rn 😂 UNCC Alumni #YangGang #Dogefam Insta: da_bean3
lareinanegraaa Uggs were tacky? I thought the main complaint was that the original boots were ugly 😭 damn Convos around fashion and consumption within the community are always interesting to see and remind me how I don’t listen to folks 💀 cosplaying as a writer from M-F 🧚🏾‍♀️ spiraling mentally on days that end in Y 🤸🏾‍♀️ blending away my problems with makeup 💋 Scorpio 🦂 she/her
MonsterRehabber Orland Park, IL I'm almost positive there won't be a damn thing that turns out o be wrong about Trump's tax returns and he's just been trolling the Democrats/Media (one in the same) this whole time like he always does. I honestly thought there was no way he would be re-nominated, nor did I want
appleaoii 12/30lbs to gw1 : ugw 115lbs not my therapist telling me my emotional intelligence and understanding is high, but life wise i’m at the level of a high schooler. 💀 now i see why everyone always calls me kiddo and my past bosses genuinely thought i was 15 😃 i knew abuse could stunt development but damn 🥲 23 - fatphobes dni + blkedtwt + mixed + high res ❄️ single auntie vibes, #tw i post random dating advice and experiences/vents
nosnhojjj El Paso, TX Ive always thought this and he’s the only reason I’d watch the damn show Lmao ⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓⛓ Cashapp $DickJohnson7
NotSure10423 @DBuddhapanda @VeVeVault I liked what i have seen. #VEVEVerse I thought first "Damn... if it is s*** than its over! OVER!", but glad it was not bad. Not at all. And the features looking very promising. I always thought ECOMI can only make drop drops drops, but seems there are people working ^^ #ECOMI got their crap together! I am awake! #VEVE: NotSure #QUIDD: NotSure10423 #HRO: NotSure
Greckothe1 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland @isaacthequach @0Unbecoming1 Damn guys pls stop to hype me up hahaha .. I always thought my whole work my whole hustle is like average thrash .. I really need to focus I know multiple 20k months are forking possible and so closeeee but also so far away at the same time, love y’all man ❤️🫰🏽 24 🇹🇷/🇬🇷 | Funded trader/scalper • 1x FTMO 2x MFF 4x TFT 🏅🏅
signori_black @Factsonfilm I've heard so many ppl talk about this flick and always thought to myself... hmmm fork that movie. This clip.... Damn!!!! Gotta watch it tonite Bajan Brilliance BU Terrier
D0MXNXQU3 @IV_Eyes For real. I was always gonna watch bc that's my type of carrying on 💀 but African-Americans calling it a scam and all types of stupid crap. "I tHouGhT iT waS gon bE on MTV!" African-American WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WATCHED SOME DAMN MTV? LMAO Yep. I'm back. I love the Steelers, KU Hoops, sneakers, battle rap, comics, novels, gaming & I collect Funko Pops & all kinds of other nerdy crap. 🖤💛
flowerrscent she/her | 19 | multifandom @lvtzuwii ok that’s honestly really relieving hdhdhhd cuz like she’s so sweet??? And I love the main two but my thought was always like “damn I hope my idol girly won’t get hurt and sad”💀💀 chaeyoung’s girlfriend (real)
alex_G_dove London, UK @AFCBAMBOS I would always have thought this...but then actually tried some and it's damn nice! Ideal for a lazy bastard such as myself too. Occasionally opinionated. Long suffering gooner. Clock End season ticket holder
_kymei snapchat - mikeylovelle @LordBsizzle Well damn lmao. I heard on the broadcast yesterday they were favored to win it all (obviously I didn’t know about this win streak) and thought that was confusing. I picture them as like the nuggets. Always gives you a run for your money but will ultimately give it away at the end • mostly miami sports propaganda • probably making a song I’ll never release • let’s laugh •
RogueAkari DMs 5/5 || And tbh, even with non-OCs, when I read about headcanons, how they deviate from the source material and all of that crap I always feel fuzzy inside. Like damn you guys thought them out well! Anyways that's just a small rant cuz I am hungry and have nothing better to do haha. 𝓛𝓮𝓽 𝓶𝔂 𝓰𝓵𝓸𝓻𝔂 𝓵𝓪𝓼𝓽 𝓯𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻 (N)SFW Parody Acc | 18+ MDNI | NO ART IS MINE
madyorizm east blue damn I always thought that I was big so I am really insecure of taking a whole body photo then dang did a candid photo of me and surprisingly, I am not that "laki mo" haha pips with their criticism :))) When Mayari is not full, she's wounded by Apolaki
seraphfem i thought this singer from the scooby doo movie was ethan hawke for a long time and i just always thought “damn he’s versatile”
DLTrent_dos Memphis, TN Always much stronger than you and than what I actually thought I was. You helped me become an even stronger mfer by damn near breaking me and leaving me to put the pieces of myself back together alone with God, and a person who does that ends up way stronger than people
RCtheTrashMan Bristol, TN Man Im so damn sad watching stuff about Jason David Frank. He seemed like such a cool guy and was always so proud of what he represented to fans like me. I thought he was the most badass person alive in elementary school. I hope he finds peace
theyloveecece_ Home Lmfao wow I always say me and Candice don’t look like Alike but omg she posted a picture I damn near thought it was me wtf.

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