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HezWagner Pennsylvania, USA So far today I received emails with my dogs name from Eric, Lara, and Donald Trump 4 times. They reek of desperation. I received 1 from #Biden2020 in my own name. How many more emails will my dog Cooper get from the Trumps today?? I went from no emails to several each day. Trying to help save America from Trump. #VoteBlue #TrumpVirus #TrumpKillsAmerica #Biden2020
JoeBiden Wilmington, DE Let me be clear: If vote-by-mail is good enough for Donald Trump and his administration, then it's good enough for all of us. Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak
SenDuckworth Remember how quickly Donald Trump spoke out & defended military bases named after Confederate traitors who took up arms against the Union? It's been 27 days and he still hasn't done anything publicly about Putin reportedly putting bounties on the heads of our troops. Official Twitter account for U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth. For more information, visit
KamalaHarris California Donald Trump is trying to incite fear and stir up violence ahead of Election Day. This week I called for an immediate hearing on the federal agents that have been sent to Portland to silence protestors. This disturbing violation of Americans’ civil rights must end. U.S. Senator. Wife, Momala, Auntie. Still fighting for the people. She/her.
Burtw07031968 Mos Eisley's, Planet Tatooine and then I will upload the video of a dumbass Redneck Country fork MAGA fork killing himself or herself by listening to Donald Trump I don't have sympathy for any Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump supporter and as Forest Gump says "Stupid is as stupid does!" #Liberal #Democrat #Christianity #YouTube #SFC #neverNRA #Missouri #IloveUnicorns🦄 I'm a YouTuber & a Type 1 Juvenile Insulin Dependent Diabetic from MO.
JoleneFederau the lower rainland @SpeakerPelosi President Donald J Trump was concerned about Coronavirus while you were trying to impeach him with zero grounds, and handing out gold pens. Remember that? We do. You said this virus was nothing. Fact check yourself. I'd say center-right but the left are so insane that they push me further and further right. 🤷‍♀ My 4am alarm says, 'Get up, sassy bitch.' Thought criminal.😉
MyNameIsMatt12 United States @DanCrenshawTX @chrislhayes Your history is now Donald trump. And that’s what the republican party will be known for throughout the next century. And that’s not a good thing. You, however, will be forgotten quickly. Dad to 4 Pups. Love the outdoors. Animal Advocate. Business Owner. If I’m tweeting, I’m probably in bed. Occasionally say something brilliant!
skl_esq @TheNewMrsG1 After he fleeces all Americans and sells us out to China. #usatoday #amazon #FoxNewsSunday God Bless our President Donald J Trump. #TrumpNowMoreThanEver @realDonaldTrump @RealClearNews Here is #bidendementia for you. #TheLincolnProject I'm an average American Citizen that believes in the Bill of Rights and America is a great country with liberty and justice for all. We Must Cross the Rubicon!
Gnosti_heretic NJ @realDonaldTrump You're Donald J Trump and your message isn't working because you're a complete failure responsible for thousands of deaths Save your money. The commercials are a waste of time #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor Arty Motherf*cker,Bette Davis fan,What's the Meaning of a Flower?
Ivannia19439732 How many more ads will #Facebook let Donald Trump run that are filled with false and vote-suppressing content? We can't wait to find out. Federal oversight bodies need to investigate — and act. @FTC @RepMGS @RepJerryNadler @DorisMatsui @FrankPallone Equality for everyone, peace on earth. No more war ever. Remember the Holocaust. Never again. History must never be repeated. Mother of three. Resisting
EmilyEldridge77 @colbertlateshow First one Donald Trump Second one Melania Trump and Last one Mike Pence. If you stand up for yourself, you won’t be seen as a victim. By Jamie Reagan AKA @willestes101
JusticeToAll Florida Ghislaine Maxwell Trump connection: Per SI Model “Donald was such a joke to all of the models back then—we all knew he was bankrupt and had no game...Jeffrey once saying he was going to be late to pick me up because he had to drop off food for Donald..” 😳 Military Wife & Mom - Pug Dolly RIP & Gracie, & Kitty Heidi - Buckeyes/Browns Fan - Retired Shuttle Employee 🚀Those were the days! ♊️ MBA 🌊 #Resist
luvmydogchewy Yorba Linda, CA Doesn’t this Marxist know the OBAMA/Biden/HILLARY admin is the reason Donald J. Trump won in 2016 and he will be re elected in Nov for The very same reason! Give it up Berry! Positive, love life and being with good friends and family. Love of country, support President Trump!
GeoPHenderson New York City @BorisEP @JoeBiden I think Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for fanning these flames. That’s why #JoeBidenJob will be to restore unity and peace in this country Party Planner, Dandy, Man About Town, Former Dazzel Dancer done good!
buck4itt Northern California @AlexKaseberg We're all about heirs now. Donald Trump Jr. drank his way through college and there's serious 2024 buzz. Blocked by Donald Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr., Geraldo Rivera and Bill Mitchell. Patriot. Tweets featured on Under 18? Go away.
vincentc143 Houston @GMahilani @MangoldPhoebe @ResisterForever @lornajo1958 @ChezGGS @mdkulin @MarciaBunney @FormerRepubli11 @ILoveEccentrics @Lesscharf1 @NavyVetResister @AndyRowe8880 @rsrn2012 @MelindaCaskey @Dixiechicken16 @xoxoslc @Drewskie_41 @ResisterChic @nola0925 @bad_pooky @DJThurtsmybrain I mean we went from 8 years of Of President Obama to 4 years of whatever the fork Donald Trump is playing in this reality crap-show. At the expense of all Americans the Constitution and the Rule of Law. So I'll be . . . Voting straight-ticket blue, Biden blue baby !!! " Fortune favors the prepared mind " -Louis Pasteur " Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers " -Alfred Lord Tennyson  
HoneeDesigner President Donald J. Trump Is Working to Give Students and Parents Flexibility and Schools the Support They Need to Reopen This Fall Fashion/Industrial Designer
Harvard_4_Trump Today marks the official start of Harvard for Trump! We are Harvard students who proudly support the amazing Donald J Trump for president. Just a few more months until we the people decide to choose LAW and ORDER in our country by casting a vote for Trump to defeat sleepy Joe! We are Harvard for Trump. We are students from Harvard University who proudly support Trump for president for 2020 and every year after that!
grace_tyson17 a kid at work today called donald trump a “super-goon” today as opposed to a regular goon and i have not stopped thinking about it i like soup
DavidGr07837209 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Donald Trump pivots from coronavirus denial to law and order in a bid to catch Joe Biden in the polls Co-operator, co-operation, co-operative values and principles, democracy instead of plutocracy, equality and solidarity with trade unions, truth and facts.
TiberiusScitus @Yoong1987 @FuxZ3r0 @COsweda Since you’re keeping score there are now three people sending well wishes to accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell: Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump and Geraldo Rivera. explōdere
ArtsGirly @mtracey Yes exactly. Until someone important and it probably can't be Donald Trump tells these people who are obsessed with calling everyone a racist all day that they are nuts and need to shut up whatever color they are it's not going to get better.
pummer 🌐 @mtaibbi You are extrapolating a lot from people's specific and righteous hate of Donald Trump Product Guy // Ex @AgnesIntel @HiveGlobal @Ashoka @Changemakers // BA Econ/CS @NorthwesternU // Proud @BuffaloBills fan #BillsMafia
bikesalsa Pacific Northwest @ddale8 He's talking AGAIN? Is this time number 3 just for today? Will Donald Trump ever, ever be quiet and give our ears a damn rest. Workforce/economic development analyst. Former school psychologist. Moderate, independent.
cherylocean @SKihne This is a Faux news poll. Why are you guys believing it? They routinely poll registered voters, not likely voters and they stack it +10 D or +12 D to get the desired result. Faux news hates Donald Trump. Christian, #MAGA, happily married for decades
HelloCrandil Galaxy @SpeakerPelosi Donald Trump has been bigger scourge than Coronavirus for the American people.143000 needless while Trump plays golf on taxpayers money and then lies about the virus w.o. medical support team in the briefings which are really campaign press meet. Disgusting🦧 Mankind's biggest tragedy from ancient time: BAD LEADERSHIP results in misery horror for ordinary citizens during war and peace. Follow 3 days Expunge. Fair!
DragonHawk1959 @PeteButtigieg @theresec55 Trump never was much of a thinker. The late William Kelley, who taught Trump at UPenn said, “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had.”, The ghostwriter of “The Art of the Deal,” says Trump had “a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance.”
Omeuen The fact that Donald Trump losing doesn't feel like an inevitability even after all he's done to hurt this country is a testimate to how royally misguided and forked we are as a nation if we keep this up. I’m not here
Quin4Trump Los Angeles, CA @Big_crusher1000 @theAkmed @Lynda63986855 @randall_bobb @karmaal2010 @jester_60 @Tigertomjr @BrokeRoca @Becca2631 @lisakitchens8 @neilmcculley @Jeanetteisback @keith32541 @MSPOA @CtonneTonne @_JEWEL_C @RalphS24381648 @swedishchief1 @ss31704_s @mac31972 @Jimmygkey @davidf4444 @Douglash55 @AwulKimberly @prepper1776 @BarbaraAnneCra2 @Streetsurvivor7 @DeathByLnbkers @bodysouls @kim_kspain593 @ChrisBarber13F @_getsome2 @Lo_Gannicus @robin_ked @fedagentmark @Consofcooking1 @HauthFlorije @MarilynLavala @ilovecardinals4 @MetalGal @OjaiParanormal @BethMosher5 @JerryArk @homerjarvis11 @JayStJames2 @StarEHope @Situation_Aware @GracieLovesUSA @KarlAda46240558 Donald Trump is so powerful. The left surrender its personal powers to him, he drives Pelosi insane, and he causes Rinos to stampede. Jesus is Lord. Son of legal immigrants. Pray for Jerusalem. #MAGA #Patriot #Conservative /No Trump haters/porn/dating . Also @
Really_Dudez The United States of America @ChloeLuv_PSO @CDT83126114 @Americanus4 @Cernovich I'm just trying to understand your logic here. So does this mean Don lemon for example, supports Donald Trump since he spreads Donald's quotes and shares them with his audience? I'm sorry, it just makes no sense. Half black conservative American, Taken💜, I'm pretty boring but it's alright. Viewer discretion is advised (you're obviously here if I pissed you off)
nickatnite15 @robreiner Just FYI I am in Minnesota and 64% of the people want the schools to open so it’s just not Donald Trump
So_Cal_Janet Lake Arrowhead, California @chillitabob @cathyob1 @BLONDIE_007_ Elitist in Chief: Donald J Trump (Of person or class of persons) considered superior by others or by themselves, as in intellect, talent, power, wealth, or position in society: elitist country clubbers who have theirs and don't care about anybody else. 🌲Hugger, Animal Advocate #Adoptdontshop Animal rescue mom🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱🐱☘️🌎CSUF Grad😎 Vegetarian🥑 No MAGATS🤪 No🚫DMS! #RESIST #BLM #FBR 🌊🌊🌊🌊
CharlesLamarre1 Montreal @brandi_love @realDonaldTrump I'm Donald J.Trump and i approve this message! Lolllll Gestionnaire d'immeuble
quaaworldd Y’all could give me the fattest bottom in the world and I’ll still slap tf outta Donald Trump . NO BUCKETS ‘22 🏀
Shane72415680 @realDonaldTrump I'm getting ready to go to bed and I felt I had to remind you of how stupid, simple minded,slow and voted out you are and will be.. have a good one Dick Stain Donald Trump! i work hard and always tell the truth
tomfeddor Printers Row/South Loop - Chicago, IL - U.S.A Donald Trump has failed our country. In November we must get out and vote. #TrumpFailedAmerica #VOTE #Biden2020 🐥 Treat People With Kindness 🐓
RightWingQuotes Right Coast USA "The cost of appearing w a bloviating ignoramus is obvious, it seems to me. Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics." — George Will #TCOT Sad to say but I am NOT a parody account. #TCOT #CCOT #Election2020 #Trump #Trump2020 #TrumpPence #GOP #MAGA #KAG
Exhausted_dad Melbourne @Saltycowqirl @kimguilfoyle @DonaldJTrumpJr "The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus.... This is their new hoax." Donald Trump ... 28 February 2020. That was your President starting to politicise the virus when everyone else around the world was just trying to fight it. And sorry to hear you have a sore ass... Comms & Community Relations Mgr @fultonhogan Ex Comms/Mktg @B_nook_College @AthsAust @BasketballAus, @NBL @NBA. Dad of 2 tiring kids. Likes Politics Views mine!
DYouHigh Sacramento, CA 2020 is out here dissappinting more African-Americans then a pushup bra from victoria secret and more women then Donald J Trump. if im insensitive or rude its probably a hangover, I apologize in advance
ButchBrobst15 Reading, PA Facebook has repeatedly refused to hold Donald Trump to any sort of standard on its platform. It's time for federal regulators to investigate #Facebook and act! @FTC @RepDebDingell @RKSlaughterFTC @RepMcNerney @RepRaskin I am very outspoken and I say exactly what I think.😎My contacts all know me but not each other that way they can branch out and cover more area`s🇺🇸
PeacefulAnguish New England @RestfulHam @OffDclock @Breaking911 Why is that Donald Trump and a majority of his administration trusted sending their vote in by mail numerous times but now he doesn’t agree with it? 24 year old smart ass. My college diploma reminds me I’m intelligent, sometimes. USW Union. Democrat. Vote Biden in November.
darbycircleone East Coast @Moniorti @MikeScarcella Noone? Donald Trump knows about suffering of good people at the hands of Marxists and how they work. The Marxists playbook is to infiltrate the media. Lover of dogs, East Coaster, love peanut butter chocolates, Dr Pepper and classic pick up trucks.
page88 Bad Wildbad, Deutschland Stephen Miller has a sane uncle and Donald Trump has a sane niece and it seems that's gotta be enough for today. opinion columnist @latimesopinion / host @realTrumpcast / contributing editor @WIRED / tv @MSNBC / MAGIC + LOSS / ph.d. fwiw
BandeleGaniyu @Post_note @riverslq @M1zasterP1ece @JesseLehrich OH PLEASE JUST STOP IT. He has racist neoNazis in his cabinet. He's an overt raging racist and has been for decades.
Nicoletta08 Tempe,az At least he could hold a coherent conversation here . But just as much of a chauvinist and ignorant as ever! Watch "Donald Trump: 'Putting a Wife to Work Is a Very Dangerous Thing' [FULL 1994 INTERVIEW]" on YouTube Student and lover of life.Hater of #trump,om of 5 precious furbabies PLEASE STAY HOME #blacklivesmatter #endpolicebrutality#voteblue #trumpisanationaldisgrace
FarahSovereign @thehill If he “didn’t grab you by the p...”, then you’re lucky sister because that’s what this MAGA mob are taught & preached by the evangelical churches and their leader Donald Trump. Ignore these misogynistic men & their women suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.
TsuNami47605328 @lnunezjr @kayleighmcenany Thank God Donald Trump was in office. Hillary would have blamed it on a video, destroyed the evidence and lied about it and there would be millions dead.
kanimarial_n Be it whenever,not biden,not obama,not rice,not rhodes,ain't no one anointed enough to beat DONALD JOHN TRUMP,THE MOST UNFAIRLY TREATED MAN AND POTUS IN US HISTORY. And to think the bullying comes from the order of historic so called good black former potus! Love Jesus
screwtrumpswall fork Donald J Trump and every damn one of his supporter’s! I hate the real Donald Trump
t_VogueInspire Lagos, Nigeria President Donald Trump’s Daughter, Tiffany Trump, Marla Maples and Kimberly Guilfoyle at fashion week Vogue Inspire Magazine is the trendiest blogazine with trendy stories on fashion, health, lifestyle, music, sports and other things you like...

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