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Brena_Bey46 @davidmweissman @tedcruz @marcorubio Rubio and Cruz are so far up Trumps as*, they don't know what day it is, they aren't conservatives anymore,they are Trump as* kissing cultists, and soon they will be "gone with the wind",of Donald Trumps hot air lying BS.
RealJamesWoods This President has singlehandedly dug America out of a swamp of corruption and crime beyond our wildest nightmares. Picture, if you will, the #Clintons with their sweaty hands on two trillion relief dollars. This is the verified Twitter account for James Woods. Any other social media accounts are imposters. If you get your knickers in a twist, I couldn’t care less.
rgoodlaw New York, NY This took guts to write. Current senior officer with Office of Director of National Intelligence, writing in his personal capacity. "President Donald Trump recently removed Michael Atkinson ... I worked closely with Michael." Former Special Counsel @DeptofDefense. Co-editor-in-chief @just_security. Chaired Professor NYU Law. Former Chaired Professor Harvard Law. Co-director @RCLS_NYU
PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA If Donald Trump and Joe Biden were both drowning and you only had time to save one of them, where would you and Joe Biden go for lunch together afterward? Political analysis ahead of the curve.
BenAtkinsonPhD Calgary, Alberta Axl Rosenberg: "Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown seems to have two goals in life: to actually receive praise from Donald Trump, and to have his bottom handed to him by Ice-T." PhD Economist
JamesKosur California This N95 Mask order for $55 million doesn't add up. The company has no employees, no experience making N95 masks, and the Feds are paying $5.50 per mask when they pay 3M just $0.65 each. Who wants to bet the owner is a Donald Trump associate? Liberal. Executive. Father. I tell way too many dad jokes.
EgwimStephen @realDonaldTrump WITH GOD BY YOUR SIDE MR DONALD J TRUMP America will come back stronger than ever before, and this is something that will jump start the success of GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS J TRUMP having God
KeavinDuffyJr Commonwealth of Massachussetts Congress is not doing their jobs anyway. ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ & ⁦@senatemajldr⁩ should get back to work instead of sitting in their hands at home. Worst congress in American history. — Donald Trump bids to close Congress so he can handout top jobs Husband, Father, Goldstar brother, Oregon Trail Gen, Opinions are subject to change, facts live on forever. #Endforeverwar #FlattenTheCurve
Patumeana Together, we will defeat Donald Trump~@JoeBiden To all Presidential Democratic contestants, to unify the party under ☔️"one umbrella" ☂️ come rain or shine for the final showdown and hopeful leadership change come November 2020 in the land of the free World. We welcome this truly A voice in Financial management, Proud Nigerian, Global citizen & Social critic. I am calm, compassionate & tactful! Retweet not = Endorsement
ezra_reis Kennedy Township, PA What had Trump's relations been like with Jewish people? The little I knew of Donald trump's relations with Jewish people was that his daughter and two sons had all married Jews, and that he was very pro-Israel. While I am a #Zionist. I am a labor zionist, not a fan of Netanyahu! I am a formerly #bluenomatterwho #Independent #Berniecrat; A left-winger for @RealdonaldTrump;#DemocratCorporation won't entertain OUR ideas; maybe Trump will?
grinnin_too Pensacola, FL @_TheBeautyBruja The only person who deserves the Rona is Donald Trump. He knew it was coming and did nothing to prepare. In fact, Trump has hindered the effort. It’s sad that so many are deluded or stupid, but, they don’t deserve the Rona. thinks 6 feet is too close.
HineLamont Donald Trump Unemployment in New York is not running smoothly. Going on three weeks now can not finalize claim. No answer , no call back. Contacted local representative, Senator, Governor . Still nothing.And there are people waiting longer than me that have no contact.Please help
TheFederal_in India President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner left their home in Washington DC, to visit one of the Trump family’s golf resorts in Bedminster, New Jersey, to mark the Jewish holiday, which began on April 8 & ended on April 16. The Federal is a digital platform which disseminates news, analysis & commentary. It looks at India from the perspective of the states.
jbauer1054 Hats off to Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump for his stellar management And response to the coronavirus #Trump #TrumpisaLeader #winning #maninTheMoment #BeatCOVID19 #leadership #BoldlyGo #PresidentTrump OFFICIAL TWITTER OF JAY BAUER. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @ JAY BAUER
TonyyFink This is completely sad. Imagine having to say goodbye to a loved one over FaceTime. And she’s right when she says at the end these people didn’t have to die, but bc Donald Trump waited and waited and denied, people died. Do you ever stop to think and forget to start again? 🏳️‍🌈 Love is Love
Jeffrey_Rollins Fort Pierce, Florida @jaketapper Jake: That’s great because it gives him ample time to convene a conference among the nation’s anti-Trump billionaires and devise a plan to remove Donald Trump from the presidency and engineer the defeat of McConnell and McCarthy. Highly skilled, resourceful plaintiff's personal injury litigator with 22 years proven track record of successful results in all cases tried or negotiated.
americanshomer Donald Trump: Nancy Pelosi ‘Weak and Pathetic Puppet’ for the Radical Left Israel advocate, forensic psych, NRA/pro-lifer, identifying risks to Jewish homeland & Jewish people. Israel MediaBias Watchdog veteran. #JEXIT Founder. MAGA
Muhamma86994502 Fairport, NY @soledadobrien They should have been saying this to the public Donald Trump constitutionally does not have the authority. To force Congress and the Senate to adjourn. He also constitutionally does not have the authority to take money away from The WHO Born In Rochester General Hospital : Rochester N.Y.
AlcadeCade @MoleKirks @TheRightMelissa @parscale @alx @TPUSA @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden @parler_app Not that Barack Obama never got any hatred. But it was not at the level of Donald Trump. And I don't wish violence/death on either side.
cfthepodcast @Milmore @billscher It is amazing to me that when his opponent is Donald Trump, people are focusing on Biden forgetting a fact or stumbling for a second. Have you watched Trump? He’s an ignoramus. Why is everyone gaslighting and pretending Trump is some great statesman and orator? Roger King, host of Cluster**cked- a podcast about liberal clustering & how Democrats can win in red states. “A liberal host with red state guests.”
Bridgebrat Mississippi “Anybody who studies him and studies the nature of power and propaganda when melded together should understand that this is not going to be easy,” Donald Trump’s Greatest Escape - POLITICO *Loyal to a fault*
gadfly "The scion of a multigenerational criminal enterprise, the parameters of which we are only now beginning to comprehend. A vessel for all the worst elements of the American condition. And a cheap, soulless bully besides." I feel a desperate need to be irritating and reform society.
Georges43172743 Brussel, België Trump threatens to invoke never-used constitutional authority to adjourn Congress and push nominees through 🤠... PRO BIBLE-TORAH AND BUSH-FAMILY 🇮🇱🇺🇸🛡& CONSERVATIVE 🇺🇸🛡, PRO US—ISRAËL 🇮🇱🛡, 💯 % ANTI-ISLAM & ANTI-TRUMP 🕋🦠 & CO !
ProudMama014 @thebradfordfile The American People and our President, President Donald J. Trump, deserve Justice. Faith, Family, Love and Laughter ✝️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️🇺🇸😎 Text TRUMP to 88022
Marcusfari Cairns, Australia @realDonaldTrump And based on Your Statements many more deaths occurred...... ? ? ? Crazy Donald Trump looks like a weak President for America right now..... and hence feeling pressure so yeah blame everyone else before elections.
SandraBrueckner Australia @QandA @smh And soon he will be called I the ranks like Donald Trump and Hitler!!!Just saying if he forces it. Go where the wild things are
ChinaAmerican Santa Cruz, CA @newtgingrich @TubertiniLora Newt, there was a time that I didn't like you. However, since President Donald Trump convinced me that I am a worthy American and that my country is greater than my quarrels, I have reconsidered. Now it's time for you old guys to give Born Black Americans their right of passage. Professor, Philosopher, Playwright, and Proud American! My Tweets have been acknowledged by President Donald J Trump over 300 times. I am Born in the USA!
KingLutherV Los Angeles, CA @AuschwitzMuseum Survived a holocaust and killed by Donald Trump virus. Wow Fred Trump doing the long game My bones glow in the dark.
Rgparkos Minneapolis, MN @Egregious_P @_Mars_F @heckyessica @MelanieDBR Yes, I had quit voting for life in '08 so I sat out in 16.. Donald Trump is the greatest president not just of my life and I will be voting in November. Red-Pilled capital L Libertarian, rock n roll bass slinger from Erotic City #MAGA #skol #cult45
hilltophereford Texas Donald Trump’s new press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is crashing and burning already via @PalmerReport
WandaTa40700085 Virginia, USA @karenamyatt And the loser is, (drumroll please), DONALD J trump!!!
LoveForAll24 Earth According to a new BOMBSHELL report, Donald Trump all but hid the impending coronavirus pandemic from the American public for the sake of his own agenda, yet warned both Israel and NATO in NOVEMBER 2019. Nobody asked 2b here, so let’s work together 2make it better 4everyone. #Humanity #Truth #HumanRights #AnimalRights #ClimateCrisis #GaslitNation #Imagine🌎
notevenyet New England You Have to love the REAL news showing the Administrations sinceThe 1990's kissing up to China! We would All Be Dead if President Donald J Trump was not Our President! That's a fact JOE N Blondie BLOW go back and look you fools!! Tired Ten years gone
love_n_peaceboy Love, United States REAL COOL. Donny boy (Donald trump) should recieve AND GIVE forgiveness. #gogreenplz give me peace. Millennial with big ideas.
leboomleboom NYC / DC @stillgray Haha Donald Trump is a sassy old man who has done the same, verbally bragged about it, all the while calling for the immediate execution of 5 young (oooops, they just happen to be black) boys who were falsely accused of a heinous crime. AND THEN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT. Moderately snarky unapologetic Moderate Proud owner of unpopular opinions I like funny people Chivalry doesn't deserve to die The hustle never stops.
rudyberto25 Cuba @marcorubio Oh, no,no ,no ,The damage to the international reputation of Donald Trump is irreparable. And you are his partner,you are guilty too. Lic. en Imagenologia. MRI Technician. 100 % Cubano.
Dallashooker Would Donald Trump have any idea about compassion and emphathy or just interested in winning and revenge#covid19 Nurse in acute area, footy, doggies supporter, car racing, humanities but most of all people who dont take themselves too seriously
pawyai1 A coronavirus leadership manual for Trump: It's clear, direct and takes an hour to read via @USATODAY I don't consider myself a democrat as much as an informed citizen.
FeylisFey Oregon Coast Trump threatens to invoke never-used constitutional authority to adjourn Congress and push nominees through Medical Housekeeper in Drug/ Alcohol Rehab Facility.
kaykay86597723 @RepAdamSchiff Donald Trump is the best president we have ever had. You are a liar and crooked politician! Love my president
limbaugh2020 Murfreesboro, TN Post Edited: So now Steve Hilton, Laura Ingraham, the GOP, FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, Rep Troy Hollingsworth, the Lt Governor of Texas, Dr. Drew, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Marco Rubio are the reason Donald Trump may end up getting ME or #NotRushorHisBrotherDavid NOT Rush's Brother David Limbaugh (we have been friends since email was invented) 30+ years of Customer Support and 6 years Teaching
jmill712 Donald Trump’s Greatest Escape via @politico Profile of a carnival barker and uber con man. All he needs to succeed are the poor suckers who believe his con. He moves from one disaster to the next, profiting all the while. Kinda like a virus.
RandyBrush1 Ohio, USA Give Donald Trump A Radio Show And Maybe He'll Stop Holding These Marathon Coronavirus Briefings via @YouTube Disabled Activist -
AntonyHeath7 South Leicestershire @Mariebe10098426 @Majeh19 I always think that Michael Fabricant, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump should get together and have a silly hair styles party. Just kidding, big fan of all three.
FaithNaff North Carolina, USA There's a pandemic going on, Donald Trump is president, and the news is getting advice from Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. It's like the world is ending and someone tried to assemble the Trash TV Super Friends. Fantasy and thriller author. Feminist and queer activist. Bisexual, transgender, polyamorous. Pronouns: she/her. Read my books:
diestooshie there is an alt timeline in my head where melania trump didn’t marry donald and instead won eurovision for slovenia Is: Skittish/Scottish. Has: brown hair, glasses, opinions. Into: pop, politics, podcasts, cycling, Eurovision. Pronouns 🤷🏻‍♂️ atm. Views = mine.
TWOsonsTOOmany the WORLD over 🇮🇪🇨🇷🇺🇸 Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ??? Enjoy! Maybe it meant COVID 17 ??? brexit delays and other global mess said hold off a while, perhaps Author, Public Speaker. #memoir TWO sons TOO many. Page turning #truth, Happy to #RT & #FB To LOVE, LIVE & LOSE. Get #Inspired
1gayguypodcast Boston, MA @Acyn @DrPhil is not an infectious disease specialist he’s a tv show clown and Donald Trump sycophant- hey Phil, car deaths, pool deaths and cigarette deaths ARE NOT COMMUNICABLE PANDEMICS SPREAD BY DROPLETS - omg 🌈🧕🏼👱🏽‍♀️👷🏼‍♂️👨🏾👩🏼‍🌾 RESPECT each other’s differences, bodies, minds, views! VOTE 🗳 BLUE NO MATTER WHO IN 2020
MadMaxMalone THANK GOD AND DONALD TRUMP AND OUR NATIONS TRUCK DRIVERS FOR KEEPING STORES SUPPLIED AND AMERICA ROLLING The 4gotten man pic ☝️Road Warroior. Loving GOD and Country (Disabled U.S .Army Veteran, and retired Nationwide Truck Driver) PATRIOT for US..
DeeDoiron The Redwoods NorCal @realDonaldTrump @seanhannity Crazy “Donald Trump” you are a weak person. You are a poor leader. You are the reason America hates narcissistic politicians, like yourself.” @seanhannity He is totally incompetent & controlled by the Radical Right, a weak and fake person. Do your frickin’ job!

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