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God People Are So Dumb

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Lumache4 @L_A_Baker @RepThomasMassie The pope said it is your duty to get vaccinated. Take your religious exemption and shove it. god people are so dumb. nothing to see here
scjoyul 🇧🇩 || she/her lmaaoo guys come here to look at this cj stan i am wheezing too much. my god why people are so funny and dumb at the same time nowadays 😂😂😂 #조유리: i am the best vocalist of 4th generation kpop and it's a fact ✨ iz*one is ot12 forever ♡
Vee_Mwafulirwa @RealCandaceO May God protect this man. I can't believe so many people believe The Great Reset is a conspiracy. No wonder they are taking over so easily. People are so dumb! "Give them Bread and circus" and we'll take over. It worked. Child of Thunder. Saved by Nothing but the Blood of the Crucified One.
honeybearishie @sushmathiv Which channel ?? Oh my god these people are so dumb and have zero knowledge abt bts or army found a home, in betweens . will dump my 3am thoughts here, also dont mind me rambling abt bts
LionSinOfPride3 @MatthewGames21 @ForsetiAE @IBAD_flipzy @GameSpot I don’t like god of war at all, But these people asking for it to go on Xbox are so dumb, I’m an Xbox player who doesn’t like any ps exclusive beside days gone but it’s not like I’m gonna go and ask for it to be on Xbox lol, that’s what exclusivity is Favorite anime character, The incarnation of invincibility Escanor
TheRebeluniter Uvalde, TX Okay I am litterally about to tear these stupid face masks off of someone if I 🙅get out of this stupid store these people are absolutely so dumb oh my god seriously geeze like it isn't like the 🦠virus is going to come up and bite you or something what the fork enough said I am a very happy person and please follow my back up account @TheGreatUniter9 and I want #TexitNow please no DMs unless your friends or family
obtusegoose Palm Springs, CA @RonFilipkowski Godly man? LOL! 😂😆😂 Oh god, these people are SO dumb… and racist. david (me) in the form of a candy bar / shouldn’t trump be in prison by now? / seriously… fork you florida and texas / i swear a lot • get used to it :o)
lkrinoe ♡stay.lkiscute im so dumb. we went outside today and i noticed that people are looking at me then i feel really pretty about it. AND I JUST REALIZED THAT I FORGOT MY MASK AT HOME OH MY GOD. glad my brother had an extra. THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING She They | 17 • minsung love bot ★
DalishDelight69 they/them + bi/ace @brietleguese oh my god compared to the dark ages of anime like...being able to just walk into a store and just BUY merch for your favorite show?? and finding a community who also enjoys the same shows? people are so dumb 31 | Artist | HQ Brainrot 24/7 | 🔞🔞🔞 | Problematic + Proship
mdzsed she/her • mdzs + tgcf + svsss lmaoooo are you forking dumb?? people have medical issues and some of them are forking untreatable and the only way to not be bed-bound for 7 days are pain meds so how about YOU stop being a chump by making people feel bad about taking pain meds. god, it must hurt to be this dumb writer. 20↑ + queer. i make A LOT of typos. backup acc: @subwwx
der_lucius Yharnam @JTQChillGamer @Forbes I dodged the network test because I knew I could not stop playing it for the love of God. I wait for this game so long now and I am scared what will happen to my social life when this game gets released. But back to dumb people. I think people are just spoiled these days! Hi, I am Luca aka Lucius, aka lokal angry, 23 years old german Artist, a total forking idiot and big tiddy lover. Oh and I take commission's
omo_agunlofi Ibadan Nigeria Some people are so dumb that they don't pray for Nigeria and even if someone prays, they refuse to say "Amen" forgetting that they live in the same country. "Sword is destroying it's shield, not knowing it would be naked in the end". May Nigeria be peaceful. God bless Nigeria. I Import and sell varieties of Car from USA, a fan of football & wrestling. A Core @ChelseaFC fan since 2005. A Friend to all.
MalachiHolder8 @HelzerLethias @joshordonezzz @h3h3productions God you people are so dumb. And Woke happened way b4 that. Try again
Lumache4 @L_A_Baker @RepThomasMassie The pope said it is your duty to get vaccinated. Take your religious exemption and shove it. god people are so dumb. nothing to see here
Jkr28CR @PlayStationSnap @DukeKOF @sjfostersound @SonySantaMonica @Steam My god with you buddy... It is A VIDEOGAME. Do not be so serious business with this. More people are enjoying this game and most likely that money will be invested in Ragnarok. Why are you so mad about it? People who think like you are dumb, period. Show time.
emsikcko I think karma and let God Handle it are both dumb because a lot of bad people get away with bad crap so get your revenge man Penis
NYAND0R in nandor's coffin rn x they/love ∞ mixed desi brit 🇵🇰 god white people are so forking dumb. this white girl talking about her tanning and she goes to me and my mum "omg im so jelly" talking about our skin colours. GIRL? I'M SORRY? nandor the relentless lovebot ♡ also i have a bunny rabbit and you will look at both of them
alexandraallred Dallas, Texas @JoyAnnReid The level of dumb on this thread is so discouraging. These people vote, operate heavy machinery & breed. Someone is actually asking why getting vaxxed makes a difference. This is why the world laughs at us. They are too dumb to exist and yet they do. God help us all. author; exercise therapist & trainer. Empowerment is everything. #BelieveWomen #VOTEforSANITY 🌊🌍 Fight for special needs inclusion.
blissful_blue Chennai, India @Tejran52224449 @hardiks68981311 @iamkamyapunjabi @ColorsTV Oh my God.. I already knw ki teja k fans teja type hi sharing this u u even know for what @priyankachopra said this and for what u using her this wonderful a days people are so dumb that they don't understand about real cause #PratikSehajpaI @philanthropist
LouisPlayzYT1 Australia @Abigail49197964 @dantdm Bruh stop being nosy and crap homie. Once you put something on the internet it’s there forever. Dan wants his son safe and secure, not a bunch of u low iq’d people doing what ur doing. Understand, be mature and respect it. God damn u people are so uneducated and dumb. Content Creator | Fortnite, F1, R6S, GTA| All at
chuuuissad He thinks that people who cut are losers and dumb... God if he just knew how hard I am trying to stop myself from doing so, even think about it. I wish I could wake up and be happy with my boyfriend. I'm so heartless I hate myself so much.. -Vent account- Just another messed up loser :)
picwhoff North Carolina, USA All those people who are looking to get tested for the coronavirus test every week and are missing work and are standing in hour long lines. You are so dumb stupid idiots just get the God damn shot get the f****** shot get all three of them and then you won't have to worry idiot. I'm JC 1996-97 June/June JC announces he's running for president 2016 Aired New Year's Eve 2015 done in May97 Be4 TrumpJuly bid 2016"NO HOAX" I'M BRINKLEY also
imalreadydone2 @ClarenceBeeksJr @disclosetv .... read the damn tag line next time... its at the EMBASSY there. This isnt at some military base, its a literal diplomatic embassy, ie: the literal government of the place gave and allowed us that space because it wanted us there. People are so forking dumb I swear to god
StaubLiam Gettysburg, PA @Leftist412 My god, how dumb can these people be. Their the sole reason why so many people are scared of leftism, due to constant lies and fear mongering I like elections, making maps, writing about politics and memes. I am a classical social democrat; pro workers, pro democracy, and pro climate resolution
SirGrump_alot @ANGIEBROOKS11 @robertscott661 You are a forking moron. Vaccinated people can also get and transfer covid. Why are you so dumb God I really get mad with you morons Grumpy Hetro dude tired of all the butthurt snowflakes.
realK9i Cape Town, South Africa So... Theme of these God's being created is all over Hollywood... But another theme all over Hollywood... Whaaaaaat "the people" are doing... Remember the slow zombies.. The dumb monsters... Today... Zombies are faster... Smarter and more organized... Earth is a Prison👮🏼‍♂️. Time is a lie. The PLANET is a Net. The INTERNET is a Net within a Net. The Game is Fixed, RIGGED, Skip the VR experiment.🇿🇦
BalkyHillMama Washington, USA It’s so satisfying to see rubes like Nate get ratioed. God these people are dumb and totally lack nuance. “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” #TeamReality
DeanJoh55250036 @HartfordPhoenix It's like they didn't even try. Boot leg CGI😂😂 but people are so forking dumb so it's going to work. And god help us when it does. I'll be on my roof drinking and smoking while the neighborhood panics🤷🏼‍♀️ Question nothing. take me away...I don't belong here 👽
Grayhound51 @Ms_Raine @delriz4 @ACTBrigitte Pillow fights in the aisles trying to grab all of his items! Mayhem over my pillow items closed many stores! Really are people just this stupid or have we just ignored it for so long and we finally realized how dumb people really are? My god I can’t stand people! Retired fire captain/Incident Safety Officer, Edmonton Oilers fan, Christian! No D/M’s won’t answer you!
yololoey @sehunwanted @Nina_Mozley @polskaver @taesmixt God you people really are dumb. Bro if you hate jisoo or blackpink why do you have to criticise her drama for no reason? You sound immature asf. Seriously comparing ratings? Snowdrop is one of the best kdramas so far and no one who’s watched it can deny that:) 💜
blix_hanz @NatetheLawyer But the covid vaccine mandate is so different, if your kid comes home from school with one of those diseases god forbid, you are going to be devastated and blame the vax, kid comes home with covid people will say how lucky that they had the covid vax, it’s so dumb
KrulTep87937011 @Raiden_Shogun22 "I meant cuddle attacking...I didn't even wanted to fight you...god these gods are always so stubborn and dumb... they never listen or let people finish..." She sighs and sits down on a chair The Queen of Vampires. Fighting against the Humans. Pronouns She/her 22 year old writer. character is an adult and over 1200+ yrs. sec acc @ShinoaH33865690
Anthonypeptx WUHAN FLU Republic of China @DanRather So you're one of those old white racists who thinks black people are too dumb to get a cell phone and know how to use it, too stupid to get identification, too lazy to go vote. Thank God old white racists who think like you and Joe Biden are slowly fading away. IMPEACH THE HUMAN SKID MARK OcrapSAIN 44 AND MR DEMENTIA CHINA JOE PEDO 46. 🇺🇲yes 🖕🇨🇳 michelle aka Big Mike has ⚫🍆⚫ Barry Soetoro is a bottom bitch
CH4EHYVNG they/them 🗡 lesbian reading gay book and honestly gay people are so dumb just tell her u like her my god. u literally both like eachother don’t be so dumb ??? it’s so obvious too like. y’all must be forking BLIND hello zuko here!
minIixology they them what did we expect with 41⁰C of heat like of course and people is so dumb that they do light dry grass on fire what the fork are they on oh y god 💯💢💥💫💦💨💣💬🗯💭💤👋🤚 ex eboyminchan
EllenLa21107618 @SenTedCruz What a bunch of evil people. Anything to win. That are very stupid. God help USA and let them see who is in charge. They are not bipartisan. So sad. Biden incompetent, nancy old and stupid, harris evil, schumer needs to retire. AOC totally dumb. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Wife, mother, grandmother, friend, devout Catholic
Timmagill12 New York, USA @JaniceB00213207 @ProjectLincoln Never in my life did I think there were so many dumb and ignorant sheep in the US until I met some of the Trump cult. My god are those people lost. Professional Happily Retired
bakerhadleysfc she/they | 21 sylly week is nice bc its nit really work but god it makes me mad bc some people are so goddamn stupid and just truly let it know that they didnt read the syllabus like literally every dumb question you have asked was on canvas stay stay stay truther first, hater second
NeedWaayMoreSun @Hero_of_Legend1 @shoe0nhead Wooow you are so cool and bad bottom for laughing at people literally suffering and dying, sure they were dumb but they didn’t deserve it! What an edgelord god 23F bi 💛 a gal just tryna have fun 💛
wonderwitched she/her, black this + it’s really weird to me that people are like “they ruined Loki’s character!!” did they? or did u only love him bc he was a “villain”? Loki is the god of mischief, not evil, and he’s SO complex!! people thinking he’d be the same person over a multi episode arc is dumb lol mcu. dceu. sw. w(nba). one chicago. new amsterdam. || we do, and you can. @tgodofthvnder
starkpassenger America 2 @ukwondering @AnimalJustice6 how are you this forking dense? how do you not realize that your snotty elitist attitude is turning people away from veganism and towards animal agriculture and having the opposite effect? god you people are so forking DUMB pain and suffering 🔪
clancparker • spider-man stan • black • no but like these takes are so forking dumb like literally WHO ARE U to sit here and tweet about someone else’s sexuality…ik people don’t like seeing dream as a actual person but god damn momo GROW UP peter parker n matt murdock
k8andbake Denver, CO @David_Michael03 Right meaning a ton of completely healthy people can be hospitalized and die if they get covid too and the unvaxxed are keeping us in this god forsaken pandemic so we have to keep having dumb forking conversations like this 🇨🇺 305 ➡️ 303 🏔 FSU Alum ⚖️ Master of none.
mountofgod1 Maryland, USA @SkinsDraft @The_JeffButler @PeteHaileyNBCS That’s so dumb! As if God loves you more than Dan Synder! God blesses who He blesses when He wants…it not according to people’s opinions. The people with opinion are operating on the same Grace and Mercy! That man hires a coach/gm steps back and still…. Fitness & Wellness NFL NBA Parenting Amazing Movies History DIY & Home Politics Health
TonyRog916 Brooklyn, NY @Hoppalill2000 @mmpadellan God you’re dumb. Majority of people with omicron are fully vaccinated and some boosted and yet you’re so brainwashed you blame “anti-vaxxers”? Jeez wake up. Father | Day/Swing Trader OTC, Crypto | Real Estate | Carnivore | Intermittent Fasting | MMA | $BTC, $ETH , $ADA #PUREBLOOD #LetsGoBrandon | Pronouns: Yo/Momma
TheUpadhyay26 India So I called a classmate "love" when I was texting with her on WhatsApp, as I often do on twitter, and I think it made stuff awkward cause she doesn't know "love" basically means a beloved friend to me, not "Oh my god, I am so in love with you" Some people are thoroughly dumb You searched for me. And I am searching for Adele!
DanielM4USA Illinois, USA @ozervation @ChildreeCobert @PJ_Matlock @POTUS God, you people are so dumb. That was last year before it was removed from any trials as ineffective and stupid new account, political hobbyist.
Apt104 inner Florida @realTuckFrumper oh my god, I saw a tweet about this and thought it was a joke. People are so goddamn dumb. "it's a peaceful life"
popotohime @toxophilala THAT’S SO COOL 😭 (and people are so dumb, god) i remember the one garlean soldier who was like “damn tataru cute” and loved that so much makotoh matoh • danger hamster 🐹 • DoH @ elemental • ENG/日本語OK • no rp/erp • no minors 🔞 • i suck at this game ⚠️

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