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God People Are So Dumb

The things some people say about God People Are So Dumb.

JudgeMegapolis @Independent Tormentor? Jesus. Whoever wrote that title needs to look up publicly available data and how it is literally scraping a forking webiste. God. People are so dumb and use words so readily in the wrong context. *rolls eyes* Depresso espresso idiot. pickle/cool_pickle.
1RuthlessSlater Phoenix, Arizona, USA @AmericanRose33 @see_chelle_be @gadfly @BelliniEve @bcimhappy718 @georgehahn @Spotify She's a forking lying chump. In her statement she also claims the vaccine prevents severe illness and death, which is factually false. Soon these imbeciles will have to admit their lies and then our "conspiracies" will once again become facts. God people are so dumb. Happy Wife and Proud Mom | Book Lover 📚 | Anti Abortions | Pro 2A | I ❤ 🇺🇲 | Don't Blame Me I Voted For Trump 🧡
corona_trey Between Heaven and Hell, Mars @3Rememorador @MaximoMeridiogg @LOTRonPrime That's how you're framing it dumbass. If it isn't good I will say it isn't good. I'm just not a smooth brain who's seen 20 pictures of hands and is already reviewing it. God you people are so forking dumb I am the way and the light
resilientkas Why fat people feel so offended when people are losing weight and not wanting to be overweight? I’m sick of this dumb bottom idea y’all fatties are pushing. Thank God it’s only a thing on Twitter… ♒️ 🇯🇲
trashochist Oberon's centipede nest i draw all this dumb crappost as stress reliefer cause god... i hate my normal art so much so i just draw low effort meme to hide how bad my art skills are. and tbh if they make people happy no matter how cursed the are, then im happy too 🔞/NSFW sometimes/ i cannot shut up about Oberon. Trashy 💖 she/her 💖 crappost/art acc. i play FGO, Arknights, Twisted Wonderland
Lilly_is_gay in your attic @iBDWSSBM God yes please block people who are rude and dumb it is so liberating, there is literally no reason to ever suffer someones dumb thoughts on the internet dumb and/or gay
Adewale_Omot Lagos, Nigeria @cruisebaba @vickAlmondo @UnclePamilerin Omg! You are so dumb! In a MLM system, there is a ladder. You bring people who brings in people to push you up the ladder before you can earn. Affiliate marketing is not MLM, it's a simple pick and drop a buyer to a seller. God I have to resist the argue to keep replying you 6 figures Affiliate marketer | Digital marketer | Crypto enthusiast | Online Business Coach | Manchester United Fan
1Nine80 @BishVg @NextGenPlayer God people are so forking dumb, they didn’t it Bungie for the Destiny IP, they bought Bungie for their experience in making multiplayer games. Not every company needs to buy others work. Microsoft needs Bethesda and Activision IP because without them they have no games coming Gamer
katstan420 @420HAHAHA69 those kinds of people are the most hypocritical bottom people ever, as long as it doesn't affect them or as long as its what they want they don't care but oh no god forbid u have to wear a mask and get vaccinated they're so dumb 20 he/him KAT ライアン
CYM_K25 In HELL having my posts get likes from like,,,legit people at Rovio is so scary bc it makes me realize "oh god they see me" and 90% of what I post are these dumb memes rovio staff who experience what I post i am so sorry JHFDSKJG Cym + She/They + 20 + Digital Artist + Current Interest: Angry Birds + Character Design is My Passion / I RT UNREALITY /
BradKyle2030 @BooConley @Jim_Jordan So your one of the slow ones that thinks unvaxxed people are selfish and a threat to you ..even though the vaccine doesn't stop them from being a threat to you. God help us that there is actually people in society as dumb as that . Eyes wide open. No filter
hrryinparis sea @eleanorsdior oh my god how can you be so dumb it's hard to see i'm not the same person who offended people with disabilities?? Go charge her and not me. I don't call you a bitch to make me feel smarter, I call you a bitch because that's what you are. Meet Me In The Hallway (2017)
some_dumb_ho @cidonnelly1 @JennRooney1 @CiottiDawn @karynpalminteri @Barbara04668269 @True753483961 @KMac2009 @SoupandtheCity @andrewcuomo Oh my god. I am so sorry. It crystallizes the problem. People need to understand that false accusations happen. They are rare, but they happen. When they happen, people doubt real victims. It's sick and destructive in all ways! I'm so sorry you suffered so much! My aim is to expose trauma parasites. I do my very best to be as objective as possible with regard to them.
lwtsvelvet fan acc • 22 • multifandom people are like "im not showing any symptoms so i dont have it even though this person i was with has high fever" LIKE MF GASSES/PARTICLES DIFFUSE AND NOT EVERYONE SHOWS SYMPTOMS you could have the virus sitting in ur body and pass it to your family are u forking dumb oh my god just a jungkook thigh enthusiast tbh • btxt, day6 mostly • she/her
woodski6LL USA Nashville, Tennessee . . . There are better God Made Plants than this for our bodies. Now, the dumbo's will be controlling ditch weed . . . that is what this means. Monopolize weed. So they will make it so it is poi "sin" us and the dumb people will buy it. "Yeshua" #MAGA #Trump2020❤️🎚⚖️ Gab, WeGo @woodski6LL©; Instagram: Woodski6.LL© Take down human traffickers world wide. WorldWide Rally for freedom every day
IntlFirearmSfty Florida, USA @not_ur_country @julieannayoga @AdamKinzinger OH MY GOD Spoken like a true #Leftist : "230+ million people are too dumb to understand and make their own decisions so we must create a commission of educated elite to decide for them" @benshapiro @MZHemingway @ProfMJCleveland @mrddmia @realDailyWire @RealJamesWoods @FDRLST Facebook: InternationalFirearmSafety We're posting thousands of Docs about #Corruption Consulting attorney's on firearm cases. Criminal/Civil. State/Federal
hang10wannabe Oxnard, CA @jordanbpeterson God the comments in this thread are so dumb... Peterson... Stop conflating the two. Mandates and the soft lockdowns are not welding doors shut and beating people. Just take it down a notch.
asiopenmyeyez she/her |19 god people are so so dumb and horrible for ruining a day that should have been full of love and excitement. do you actually want louis’ name to come up in these horrifying scenarios you’ve created? the man has been waiting for this moment for 6 years stop ruining this for him no stunts
JaeBirdCreative Portland, OR @Liz_Wheeler Y’all gotta get off your knees and open a book so you can learn to actually insult people properly. No one cares about your false God Brandon/Brandeu. Y’all are the dumb kids in class that say you have your “own language” but really you just look like friggin idiots. A creative writer dabbling in entertainment, sports, fashion, screenplays, copywriting, and storytelling.
JudgeMegapolis @Independent Tormentor? Jesus. Whoever wrote that title needs to look up publicly available data and how it is literally scraping a forking webiste. God. People are so dumb and use words so readily in the wrong context. *rolls eyes* Depresso espresso idiot. pickle/cool_pickle.
SteeleChaz Texas @dgrtgooner People are being so god damn stupid about this. Now all the dumb reverse racist comments are making people so defensive they see this and basically say "you bitch, literally any black woman will do, we don't care about her beliefs"???
GoSaints8 @bender29962 @DodgersOnDeck88 @LangmanVince I know what identity politics are. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re literally implying in your tweet that black people are not smart enough to see through identity politics and make decisions they think are best for themselves. God you people are so forking dumb Football Burner
naranamu BTS LIVING LEGENDS some people’s brain are just so sick that only God can cure it. no medicine, no doctors can ever help, not even just a little. i just can’t believe what i just read on my tl. too sick. too dumb. i’ve reported and blocked them already because those people are sick! don’t expect anything from me. | BTS ONLY! OT7. that’s all.
Spaceman_Boogie Ontario @RVPearce @rich1trotter @PierrePoilievre God, you people are so forking dumb. Anything bad? False flag! Lol, just own it: you’re a piece of crap and so is everyone else taking part in this nonsense poverty lawyer, communist, musician, anti-colonialist treaty-bound settler living on Anishinaabe land, ACAB, arm the homeless
Donna_Thorp_ Innisfil, Ontario @JCharronCTV @CP24 @ctvottawa @CTVNews My god, people here really think they understand the Charter but they are so uninformed. Just because you heard about it in high school doesn’t make you an expert. Stop trying to justify your dumb bottom protest and stop using the 🇨🇦in your Twitter profiles. You aren’t Canadian Toronto sports fan. TYRANT! Proud Canadian health care worker.
Benji_Pablo2 Dayton, OH I hope when I’m at heavens gates God can look passed the things I say to and about people on the road. Listen God I didn’t ask to have to drive and be a functioning human in society. People are so dumb. old account got deleted at 30k ha
Fernand1Barbara @Sp00ch @OG_LoboJoe @Keikakuguy @dimension_dice @RollingStone So? That proves nothing! Oh my God you’re brainwashed, crazy and dumb! You have no ability to reason or use logic. And, fyi, most things on the internet are false. That’s why you people fall for anything you see. American patriot who despises Trump the traitor &his enablers. Trying out this Twitter thing for the first time. Hispanic immigrant, US citizen
Bri_Elyse1 @notcapnamerica I'm convinced that between the ages of 13 and 19, teenagers are just dumb. Just stupid people. Most of this isn't even basic life skills. That child didn't even look on the porch! I see now why my mother was so irritated with me. My god 🤦🏾‍♀️
charitypop1978 Chicago, IL @robertjmonson How is online different from TBN or CBN? So it’s ok to attend your TV church, but not your online church? Ugggghhhhh…these people are dumb as a box of rocks and it’s exhausting. Seriously. God gave you a brain, you should at least attempt to use it.
asiopenmyeyez she/her |19 god people on this app get so pressed over so stupid things. like yeah you might find some things dumb, i do too but people are just saying some thoughts they have without being dead serious about them and yall are so quick to tell people to fork off, chill its not that important no stunts
arcadianmeadow neverland ✏️Dear God, camp is okay so far. in capture the flag they put me on a team with elon mush and joe romaine. they both suck at capture the flag but at least they are dumb people. i miss you and daddy mac, will write soon~ luv ur sun, eden 🌿🔮🌈🍑🗡✨ waited out here in the rain just to get thrown some buuurnt forkin loaves of bread -XVII {fern OG}
MrOntario3 Greater Sudbury @votingnurse @CBCKatie @JimWatsonOttawa @OttawaPolice I watched a minute of this and my God the comments on the live feed. These people are so dumb. "Apparently a lot of Americans are coming tomorrow" lol....they've been saying that since last week. Idiots. I'm a just another left wing redneck. Manager of Creative Accounting at Antifa.
1RuthlessSlater Phoenix, Arizona, USA @AmericanRose33 @see_chelle_be @gadfly @BelliniEve @bcimhappy718 @georgehahn @Spotify She's a forking lying chump. In her statement she also claims the vaccine prevents severe illness and death, which is factually false. Soon these imbeciles will have to admit their lies and then our "conspiracies" will once again become facts. God people are so dumb. Happy Wife and Proud Mom | Book Lover 📚 | Anti Abortions | Pro 2A | I ❤ 🇺🇲 | Don't Blame Me I Voted For Trump 🧡
GoSaints8 @2Sox3Pawz @hegonbealright @BritniDWrites Oh my god, you people are so dumb. First, no buddy, we wouldn’t. The entire Republican platform is based on whataboutism. And also, WHOEVER Biden nominates will be extremely qualified. Why do you think being qualified and being a black woman are mutually exclusive? Football Burner
THA_god_MC Lagos, Nigeria (unfortunately) This is particularly dumb because the self development books are written, endorsed and Used by successful people all around the world But you judge the value by the seller and deem it worthless Just look at how intelligent you are for doing so Your boos mean nothing to me .. I’ve seen what makes you cheer ..
Biendara @ApostateProphet Why is it simpler? People are not dumb, they would even understand five creators. And I don’t think that a God would make his religion out of simplicity, but that is what humans would do. So here we have another possible hint that Islam was invented by (crazy) men. Freedom is the most important of all. Love and appreciate the west. Ex-Muslim. Pro Israel.
maddog_buford Pine Valley, CA @Melkorka12 @NewPatchMomma @1MikeMorris That's dumb.. when they say the left can't meme.. they were bullcrapting.. god you people are so pathetic and corny.. 🤣🤣🤣🤡 Wanted for Murder, Robbery of the Pine City Stage, and other acts against the peace and dignity of the U.S.
damndude22 Midwest Suburban Hell new attack on Titan is so god damn good and now I'm realizing all the manga readers are really dumb and completely are misunderstanding this story, especially the way people like to distill it to a singular political ideology. Really silly this is a complete story. 🇵🇸 anti-imperialist lefty unemployed tweeting 24/7
SP00KTRE Policing media is so bad like how do people not get it’s the same as conservatives in schools banning books because of the topics? Are you dumb? Take a step back and just think for the love of god tana/spookie ⚜️ 20+ ⚜️ he/him ⚜️ warning for RT spam ⚜️ douma did nothing wrong
TanmayaKothari @iamjaat_786 @ankitphoenix @blahnaaari God i love it here when people are so goddamn dumb. Arre bhai maine kab kaha ye. Kapil sharma has dumb jokes. Aib and other stand up comics have intelligent jokes “Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater. THIGHS!”🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼
Morris6A Massachusetts, USA @AndrewYang If only others felt the same,but they unfortunately do not. There used to be discussion,and even"agree to disagree".Now if you don't agree,people want you doxxed,cancelled,fired & made a pariah.thats not progress, that's bullying,and so many dumb people are ok with it.God help us I'm nobody special.average everyday guy.
thunderbirdals 20 / F / Near-Manitoulin Why is it bad for Black and Indigenous people to exist anywhere in society but actual supremacists are okay? Neo n*zis? It's fine and the Conservative government supports them? Ew. Worse even, they're actually so dumb they fall for QA and other troll sites. God damn Métis & Nish (Algonquin) 2S ♀ I yap a lot. Artist ⛤ Taking jewelry customs! DEPOP 15-20% OFF!
NJames555 @scarver195829 @LisaMarieBoothe You are about the dumbest person I've met on this internet!! If you really believe this vaccine works i have some antique Roman Feces to sell you for a couple million bucks. God you people are so easily controlled by the government. And flat out dumb.
LFCJaake 20 God people are so forking dumb. We have a Tory government who MASSIVLEY under pay NHS staff and you decide to go for footballers who do way more charity work for the NHS than you do. Idiot. @LFC | @Lakers | Sir @LewisHamilton | LM10 🇦🇷
gharshenin @PeterSweden7 @SmartMetersSuck God - how are this small minority people so dumb. They don't represent Canadians and never will. Nazi dreams are dead and those holding onto them are idiots. We're held together by love and torn apart by hate. Opinions are my own, and may be yours too. Show that you love/respect others by wearing a mask in public.
kissyskep she/they | cbyf @HUGSTlNA people think he’s discrediting sapnap and george 💀💀💀 it’s so dumb bc he’s not? they’ve helped him too it’s not his “god complex” idk people are just weird alex quackity’s fav beaner
mottstmenagerie It's so ridiculous to pick a region to do a war where people are at arms about like, the proper broth for a borscht like this is already a generations long beef (mushroom? 😅) I say cancel everyone, go to bed early and no starting wars, apologize to God for being dumb as rocks Mt. Niagara Collective & no future press owns nothing but my own sloppiness press thread:
Sarklor More or less Galway Good god these "50 people died this week so I could have pints and I'm fine with that" people are dumb as crap. Hugo Awards Attendee. TTRPGs, videosgame & sci-fi/fantasy writing || He/Him || || || #TERFsOut
Ashly84825889 @bluntvikas2 God you are such a Dog 🐶who barks💩 24/7 a week . You seriously needs 🤐. You are so dumb and people who agree with your Bull 💩 are dumber. Looser make sure to use ur 🧠 next time if you have any. discount