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God People Are So Dumb

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Buttskis @Pale_Pocahontas How is it even possible that people still don’t understand pit bulls are only vicious if they have TERRIBLE OWNERS AND/OR HAVE BEEN ABUSED. Almost like the same reaction you would get from any dog breed that’s been mishandled??? My god people are so dumb. Borderline AC Stan account. I pretty much just retweet.
OfCourseImChoco Alabama, USA god people are so dumb " the handler spoke Yiddish so she is a jew and because she is controling the timeline and people its antisemtic" i know a good quote for this Bitch shut up shut the fork up -me (dejected) #gamerstrong proud mother of 4,gronk stan, not gay yet Ace Aro He/Him
Nicole80017 Denver, CO @tangelaekhoff God people are so dumb and exhausting Colorado girl loving life.
PraiseTitus1 I’m sick of having to deal with people making dumb comments so racists can turn and throw in my face. In case you didn’t know all black people are the same to them. Please please for the love of god stop giving them segways out of the actual issues by tweeting crap like this. UCD Architecture | 19 | 🇮🇪🇳🇬
SalmansGirl @ReallySwara And he has been called a hero people are so dumb and blund god its alarming @BeingSalmanKhan fangirl for life❤
PaulineAshbrid1 Stirling, Scotland @Zak_Bagans Honestly why are people being so god damn dumb. Karma might just get those who dont care about their own health or anyone else's either. Go for it Karma and give them the fright that they need. 😂🤣😂😲😯👻👻🤣😂🤣😂 Im a very happy mother of 2 gorgeous boys and granny to 2 grandsons😜❤ At the very young age of 44- Happy Days 😜✌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
DaisyTom5 Its Happening Here @Lizpowe08720708 @RecallKateBrown that's wrong. the GOP destroyed it by requiring 75 years of pension to be funded in advance. it's called "dirty tricks by UPS lobbyists." god you people are so damn dumb and brainwashed. They were careless people Tom&Daisy/Jared&Ivanka. #TaxTheChurches Confederate statues are monuments to child rapists🗽trump is the ENEMY of the people🌊 #Resist
Jeffersoncree Why are you people so dumb? Once more. SSAND MEDICARE ARE SEPARATE TAXES! POTUS is only talking about payroll taxes. Not touching SS or Medicare! Oh my God! And you people vote! God chose me to be born
sewageinc 🤔 @leftoverbrunch I think what’s necessary is to establish a dividing line between dumb ugly traditionalist people and cool smart hot people so that it’s more clear. jokes are only funny when cool hot smart people tell them and I decide who is cool because I Am God I’m running for president
TomN_318 @Rennie222222 @Azkikr1 @dagdaganlove @stephig32 @thejtlewis @realDonaldTrump My god you people are so pathetic and just dumb. Bit then again that's why Trump likes you, he did say he loves the poorly educated and you fit that perfectly If you like any of my tweets or comments give me a follow and get a follow back especially if you don't like Trump #DonnieDipcrap
maxsuno 🧟‍♂️《they/he| 16 |cd》🧟‍♂️ @Mithzan oh god.. i forgot people are still like, its not the breed its the owners, ive had pitbull mixes and so have my family. theyer the sweetest dogs ever and its so bad seeing how people treat them and think of them. i hope you guys can find a house still. that's so forking dumb 🪓》#MAX : hellooo! i overheard your plan!.. that sounds absolutely horrible. || icon by @zaxonvirus
saraatterson84 Michigan, USA @ABC7NY @realDonaldTrump About Time this such a terrible app they steal our information from our phones without knowing they are and they do god knows what with it. And facts such a thing like this app has been allowed for so long has made many people that much more dumb for usage of such crap
beedullie Ky @RealTargetTori This the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen that people were dumb enough to send money for. Yea praise the guy that helps dumbasses that don’t follow the damn rules and endanger themselves and others. God how can Americans be so freaking idiotic? Like for real where are your brains? just a place for me to blab lmao
God_2A_America Frisco, TX @KamVTV Then the people are putting the used masks on the table where they are about to eat!! So dumb!! I’ve noticed that most places have signs posted and employees are wearing them but I haven’t been asked to put one on just to walk to a table...and if I am I will be dining elsewhere! Louisiana gal living life in Texas!! Geaux Tigers!!
TomN_318 @Rennie222222 @Azkikr1 @dagdaganlove @stephig32 @thejtlewis @realDonaldTrump What winning please tell me cause the country is basically in another recession cause of a Republican president. My god you cult followers are so f*cking dumb, brainwashed and pathetic. You people really think Trump is perfect and never did anything wrong, have your head examined If you like any of my tweets or comments give me a follow and get a follow back especially if you don't like Trump #DonnieDipcrap
SirsmokesGreen1 @lauferlaw Dear god the trolls/bot are doing everything they can to save Trump dumb ass. The nonsense right now voter ID so fewer people vote and and stop covering Trump because every second Trump in front of camera he is doing damage to himself I'm a Centrist and a dyslexic so please excuse my spelling and grammar. I like videogames,movies,documentary,music and
ImBradyP Rhode Island valorant deathmatch is so bad lmao the spawns are god awful. theres way too many people in one match for how small the maps are, and the permanent UAV is really dumb imo I like Jhin 《 22 | he/him | @jasxngorehees ♡ 》
bonniefelty05 Is any other red blooded American getting tired of Biden’s bouncers? The so called media? My God the man can make the most racist remarks. And people in the Fake News, Whites and blacks APOLOGIZE FOR HIM! And they think Trump supporters are dumb? ByGod at least Trump is out there I’m 63 years old & im blessed by One God to be alive
NotAnotherYLMZ Australia @Facebook what a dumb outlet you are! So many people post hate and harassment comments yet they are not against community standards but when you tell someone that you leave them to God, that's harassment! Pathetic #facecrooks BA in Political Science and Asian Studies; Postgrad in Accounting; Film Critic; Foodie; Coffee Connoisseur; Humanist... Amongst a hundred or so other things.
Aashiq_skm @ShekharGupta @jyotiyadaav you people are so dumb and asshole.. i pray to god and hope u will also face this situation in future.. when ur children will be killed and people will make fun of yours situation just like you are doing it now.. #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput
rabiespositive 21 | he/him | rogue of light my god there's a tweet with nearly 100k likes saying "i'm 26 and if i date a 21 yr old i should be sent to jail" like i'm 21 and my bf is 26 so apparently my bf is a pedo?? i. how are 100k people this forking dumb i'm-- 🔞 dead dove: do not eat | noncon, incest, and other problematique things in fiction | transmasc | minors, terfs & swerfs and pedos/MAPs block me & DNI 🔞
typhlosi0nn Scotland @rustytincan69 LMFAO god people are just so forking dumb you could make a post and as long as it gets semi popular people will believe it without any kind of proof 26 yo, he/him/they/them, minors dni, black lives forking matter
eveningpodcast Me: stupid dumb horoscopes not based in reality fake hocus pocus dumb haha who would take something so goofy seriou— Also me: Everyone born at the beginning of august is a leo and leos are warm, uplifting, fun people God bless them all. The Evening Podcast covers art and culture with a nihilist twist for the various nocturnal lifestyles. Maximum irreverence and very unapologetic... sorry tho
fgarvins2 GCC, formerly in Goshen, Ohio @tedcruz God damn you are dumb. And so must be all the people who voted for you. How sad for everyone. President of the Goshen Cultural Collective since 7-19. Semi-retired Male "Adult Entertainer". Allergic to stupid. Smarter than the President. You are too.
FilesCrime @Ayreh_Feek @Nairb_76 Hoooooly crap. The level of dumb you are. He's posted a selfie on his feed multiple times so go forkin find it. Also, we are in a pandemic where most people have lost their jobs and can't go anywhere. Take your God complex and shove it right up your ass. Enthusiast for all things macabre. I bring you the depravity you've never heard of. Avatar created by Optic Decay
avdolkisser ✿ 𐐪𐑂 ⚘ ❦ ☀︎ @CH1ZUMI It's because they want to gatekeep anime.. they see it as an underground thing. They also see non anime fans as "normies" and dumb people. They are so forking annoying oh my god. ... he/him & she/her // ele/dele & ela/dela - EXCLUSIONISTS ARE NOT WELCOME!
KBright1234 @mickydicky1280 @Marcel_LJ 1) never asked you bud 2) keep making assumptions of things you know nothing about. And seriously god you people are so dumb you literally are judging right now get a life bro
TontoManto @realDonaldTrump Trump you are so forking dumb I swear to god, how about you give a fork about everyone in this country and lock this crap down so we can forking heal instead of still wimpering unlike other countries that actually care about they’re people ❤️
Odile45155384 USA Central Time @Cocolettii That is consistent with what conservatives say about human actions having little effect, so the whole thing is a ploy to tax people and get them to worship the environment over God. Also a point for the lockdowns- are -dumb crowd. 🇺🇸 Prolife Traditional Catholic-in-training 👏🏼Team Taylor Marshall👏🏼 Wife and mother of 7
Bee_kay89 Atlanta So they're willing to risk getting the virus, ruining their health, and possibly suffer lifelong heart and lung problems but "OH WELL! IT IS WHAT IT IS!" Sounds just like something their disgraceful dear leader Chump would say. God, how dumb are you people, really?? a girl in the whirl of the world #RecallKemp #forkTrump
boswell_edward Riverview, MO Yesterday you brought God into your campaign equation. So here are a consensus of what God, Jesus and most American people think of your dumb, incompetent, incontinent, petulant, imbecilic, fatass Liberal Democrat logical sometimes , love good food and humor, sarcasm, equal rights for everyone, attempt common sense solutions. Trump must go!!!
Awaredian1 @Farhan68020698 @inunison1 @GTK40 @YasMohammedxx So Allah destined the deaf, dumb and blind to burn in hell for ever? Very nice God. I prefer real life then, at least handicaps are treated well and people understand it's a handicap. Awareyim | Sonsuz Meraklı
CholesTroll Arteries of Carnists @LuisHerbnandezz @vague010 @4AnimalJustice There are also billions of people who do not worship your version of God, so by your own dumb logic your scripture is just a fictional novel & not even with illustrations. And what 'philosophical narratives' are you talking about? In modern times, those are called threats. The Good CholesTroll
cherrisungie she/her - 16 - french people are so dumb god there is this hashtag trending asking for superm disb*nd and the people who are complaining about the hashtag are tweeting with it???!???? do you realize how stupid it is:( if you don’t want it to trend don’t tweet about it!! it’s that simple.. #JISUNG : 나는 됐어 안 어울려 𝙗𝙖𝙙 𝙗𝙤𝙮 !
matty_craddy Minneapolis, MN 45 knows how dumb the people are who follow him so all he has to say is “Biden is against god” and his sheep automatically think “45 is for god” 😭😂 I cannot with the ignorant!!! loving my best and living the most awkward life! come join!
kkuIjoonie s/h • btxt @partaetae he’s so kind and warm and he loves us so much and always makes it known how he wants to be with bts and armys for the rest of his life but oh god he didn’t smile in a two second video clip he must hate the world. people are just so dumb my biggest love, bts ♡
kristyday1 United States @charliekirk11 God why are people so dumb if Trump was a democrat he would be the greatest thing to them and media it’s so ridiculous
Buttskis @Pale_Pocahontas How is it even possible that people still don’t understand pit bulls are only vicious if they have TERRIBLE OWNERS AND/OR HAVE BEEN ABUSED. Almost like the same reaction you would get from any dog breed that’s been mishandled??? My god people are so dumb. Borderline AC Stan account. I pretty much just retweet.
billslayton1217 @Ilhan You dumb b i t c h your people was out rioting and destroying the city so yeah there is a great increase in covid 19 they are getting what they deserve from God .
nanikaaaaaa_ maybe im just too dumb to think that im no good but the people around me who accept and love me for who i am are already enough to know that God has blessed me in so many ways .
T45acp @messiahprophet @QAnon_Report Like really dumb. So dumb you can’t spot a poorly done CGI rendering and you’re going full retard believe the cabal is blowing up Lebanon! Smh god people are dumb Twitch affiliate trying to show you how NOT to play games @Texas_45acp
harshworldmedia @DefundBBC So much ignorance in one place, this was a grade school explanation for kids, and yet racist dumb forks still don't understand it...I hope to God you people are not home schooling your kids right now. Life is harsh, it's a harsh world after all. Learn to deal with it.
Mark_ziadeh Lebanon @HadiHassan22 @Universaly_ @miakhalifa are you forking dumb?? put aside what they did to lebanon, do you not see what the fork they're doing to palestinians????? are you so hearltess to turn your back on an enture culture and its people getting ethnically cleansed in the name of a jewish god???? again, are u dumb???? Tool, Gojira, Lamb Of God, Pantera and Meshuggah basically. I like anime. كسخت الدولة الطائفية.
uwuraura she / her and this one? i swear to god, these people are so dumb, why the hell would she need to act? they’re not kids anymore BAHAHSJBAJS–😭 ;we were too close to the stαrs i never knew somebody like you 🌌
Nathan4567890 People always described Aliens as some sorta god like species, far superior to man. Smarter, stronger, so advanced our small minds couldn't comprehend the crap they have invented, but what if they're really dumb? What if we stubble upon Aliens and they are just really stupid? I just be talking
PUN__auti Disappointment Nagar @Mahimehehehe Lol I think this generation thinks they are the smartest person in the room.they have selective empathy and outrage. God these People are so dumb.having no logic whatsoever Have a decent debate who is interested to solve your doubts,surely not your friends Sabse Pyara Desh Humara Hai 🇮🇳
cutelilpangal A mess @Dizzy_Goatz @calmdownadri GOD youre so dumb. no guy would wears a short bottom dress like that. Femboys are cute and people just havent noticed them enough. Simple. They/him (also fine with she/her) Val, overwatch and apex pro 😎 Wives: @KAY__nuh & @teyhanajackson Baby 🥺💜 @StigzTheRaccoon Future commentator babe
OfCourseImChoco Alabama, USA god people are so dumb " the handler spoke Yiddish so she is a jew and because she is controling the timeline and people its antisemtic" i know a good quote for this Bitch shut up shut the fork up -me (dejected) #gamerstrong proud mother of 4,gronk stan, not gay yet Ace Aro He/Him
mnemopic Washington, DC i just looked at my mentions and saw hes STILL REPLYING TO THE THREADS I MUTED oh my god why are they so dumb? how do i even find these people? how do i consistently keep them wagging their tail like a nervous puppy its so hilarious. get a life you are beyond pathetic its so sad elon musk can lick the rotten yeast out of my ass, pls get crucified w a pogo stick and flown into the sun w every other billionaire bag of pig crap thanks
abu_aiza somewhere on earth @Lynn42718062 @MahmudNoor5 @jihadwatchRS @mohammed_hijab @ApostateProphet Your intelligence has led you to call a man god and cheerlead for an atheist against a people who affirm Jesus a.s. as a great messenger. LOL That's why you weren't able to answer my questions, because you are so dumb. Muslim, non scholar but enthusiastic alhamdullillah, mistakes are my own, hanafi, ahlul sunnah wal jama ah, learning and dawah. Peaceful but not pacifist : )