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God People Are So Dumb

The things some people say about God People Are So Dumb.

Buzztweets_ @AnOpenLetter001 Oh God.. people are so dumb and blind.. Hey.. || Movies & tv shows lover || Cricket|| crap posting|| update || breaking news
CharlesPOConnor @POttomeyer @RobertMaguire_ My God you people are so painfully dumb it’s beyond measure. After a 2 YEAR investigation, they found taxes owed on 1.7M in benefits. That’s about 300k owed. Nobody is going to jail, and Trump has more money than you all have dumb.
ALPIdiotSon Melbingrad, People's Republic @RitaPanahi This is a God damned clown show that has separated the masses into those with a brain and those without. The morons are even saying “but we never had border closures fir the flu so it MUST be bad”. People really are THAT DUMB.
Buzztweets_ @AnOpenLetter001 Oh God.. people are so dumb and blind.. Hey.. || Movies & tv shows lover || Cricket|| crap posting|| update || breaking news
NoelRamey7 Under Your Thumb, USA @CoriWood @ASlavitt It was masking and vaccines, most folks were working this entire time in person. It’s very simple. Look at countries who beat this without even vaccine access! My god. We could be fully open with masks and be fine. It’s so simple, and people are so forking dumb about it. Former middle school teacher, family bio that requires a 20 minute PPT presentation. Now just noise over the noise.
Vlet_Jeglr Infinity context is somebody tweeted about the irony of a biology teacher in a Christian school and Super Christian showed up and basically said people who follow science or whatever rather than god are dumb basically just another thursday He/Him | Minor | Black | Power CSM stan account | Haxorus is cool | Praise the Marm | Turn off my retweets for your own good | Banner by @ollifrog
FixingPodcast @TheGoodLiars God these people are sick, twisted and just so forking dumb. They don't have the slightest clue what they're so angry about; just that they've been commanded to be outraged and they're willing lemmings. "They're just angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lie they live." #WeAreAmerica
RibbonWolf Vancouver, WA Dumb people: haha. It's snowing so much. Climate change isn't real. Dumb people: 115 DEGREES MY PLANTS ARE DYIJG AND I CANNOF HO OUTSIDE WITHIUT SUFFOCATING HELP STOP CLOMATE CHANGE FOR THE LOCE OF GOD Dumb people: haha. It's snowing so mu he/him, 27, ghost boy 👻 NOT SPOILER FREE, BE CAREFUL
lyleleander Portland, Oregon @TheMaShiKai All these dudes are so forking dumb, I'm telling you. Some of them are good at mimicking the linguistic, dialogue habits that smart people talk like. And you can get tripped if you're also not the most intelligent person. But God damn, it's actually painful. I regularly deactivate my account to take a break from this place. Don't worry though, it's you, not me.
atherdoor ٣. ☹ she/they 333 like i swear to god some of yall are so forking dense about people with disabilities its actually sick have yall ever take a class of forking biology or read a single forking even wikipedia article like shut the fork up u sound so forking dumb and ableist bro 🔪🧠🌈🫀⛓cos om 7yaty⛓🫀🌈🧠🔪 22
Snake_Jaw Great Lakes and Southern Fl @gotdeepthoughts @CBSNews go watch again clown, her arm was all the way out and he hit that, god why are people so dumb. Snake Jaw LLC
god_ryder @FtwBroccoli @QTFurrylolxd @1kamiiii @G2Dezignful Imagine being so forking dumb that you think outright racism, homophobia and sexism directed at people are the same as a joke made about a general construct of the world we live in. Big brain stuff man, real proud of you. CRYPTOGOD DOGEFATHER
ksbtradio North Myrtle Beach SC Well fork. Why are Trumpers so forking stupid. Did God send down this dumb bottom dna on certain people just for craps and giggles? So forked up! #resist #Biden Wear Your Damn Mask! Legalize Cannabis
Gruselzirkus Berlin @Varcarus oh my god, i don't hope so! you are worth saving and i bet people would help!!! it was a dumb rp situation, irl, they'd all rush to save a real person's life illustrator🌜 comic artist ☽ working on an early baroque monster hunter comic 👁️ LARP 🌿⚔️ ace, she/her, lv 28👹 icon by ✨me✨
haru_kazze Germany, Stuttgart @themiramisu @KlLLFORJOON @alluringbuniboi God, these people are so dumb and insecure 😂 sorry for being sorry cause you told me not to be sorry but im sorry so im sorry.. for being sorry.
gatinarachel sheher15 this is clearly an art piece like what 😭😭 it says “when you change or to and nobody believes you” which is accurate to many bisexuals and the reaction to their coming out like what is there not to understand god people are just so dumb happy birthday you boring old shrew
doomalert19 San Diego, CA #Christ warns "Some of our people are SO DUMB that God #MasterFardMuhammad Himself can't help them. That's right, They are SO DUMB to the knowledge of self that they don't accept God, because they don't know God, and they consider God just something of… Light 🔦 To Help Us Through This Intense Darkness: If this page helps 🙏🏿 Plz Make A Donation at $DOOMALERT
doomalert19 San Diego, CA #poweroutage #heatwave #wildfire #Christ warns "Some of our people are SO DUMB that God #MasterFardMuhammad Himself can't help them. That's right, They are SO DUMB to the knowledge of self that they don't accept God, because they don't know God, and th… Light 🔦 To Help Us Through This Intense Darkness: If this page helps 🙏🏿 Plz Make A Donation at $DOOMALERT
chilumines ✨💧 || ☀️🎨 & ☀️👹 GOD YOU PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB AND HOPELESS IDK ANYMORE WHERE DID U EVEN GET SHES 16 22, they/she || talks abt chilumi, xiaoaether & albeaether || @iibertia ‘s side acc || icon by @sami_jen
Cinnamochiii 𝑀𝑜𝑐ℎ𝑖 𝑏𝑎𝑏🍰 @GoldenExuvia Probably because the person who had the screenshots went priv and people are like "You're lying, they went priv so how can u see the tweets" but the post was created BEFORE they went private. I swear to god these kids are dumb as rocks and blindly defend anything ╔═════ °• 🌸 •° ═════╗ Soft bab. 🤍 ♡𝐂𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐝 𝐂𝐚𝐭𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥♡ I just post whatever I want 💮 🌹Age 20+🌹 🍒ғᴏƖƖᴏω ωɪᴛʜ ᴄαяє🍒 ╚═════ °• 🌸 •° ═════╝
Guidoxx Catch me, if you can. @otago ...So what if you drink 100 milshakes? Not only this device is a dumb idea. You're reducing the whole psychological and physical human being wellness to... a muzzle for people. Are you forking crazy? Is that a true university Twitter account for God's sake?! Web Marketing + Eventi + Tecnologia ~ “You can escape competition through authenticity, when you realize that no one can compete with you on being you.”
jeonzrose s!her @dearoutro literally so many issues going on rn why y'all always being like this god and why would i report black people are u dumb or smth when will men realize they're not as hot as park jimin and park jongseong
luxulterior_ph Paris, France @RetwaA @HonAhmedHussen @cathmckenna @AlanCane604 @Natalia01Mateo @Bird5Ca @Franktmcveety @MrStache9 @LeonardRoxon @CanAditude God damn.. you people are so dumb... It's like you LOVE to swallow this rebel trash.. you are being used and lied to, you goober. Who runs Barther Town? 🇨🇦🇫🇷🇯🇵 Not a fake profile, 👺back from Twitter jail! Montreal native, engineer, photographer.
chainer2111 Cincinnati,Ohio @DayDreamThis @jmoxfan Why are fans trying hard to get wrestlers cancelled so forking much lately! Digging into people's instagram likes and past tweets.... What the fork is wrong with the modern wrestling fan ? God its so dumb and speaks to a bigger issue among fans Zack Synder Justice League over Avengers Endgame
Pranati2306 My Own World @SEXJE0NS So god damn true . Our civilization is literally the oldest and people have the audacity to limit our culture to such irrelevant stuff . Its like I say "America is all about fat dumb people who are ignorant and are in need of education" Ummmmm...... I can't think of anything cool rn 🙂
logansrunner113 @Bleh2BS Most people are vaccinated you forking moron. God damn you're so forking dumb. Vaccines were never perfect and never claimed to be. They just cut down transmission and reduce the number of people getting critically ill. Don't vaxx so I can buy your house cheap. Fan of tech, literature and art. Rabid supporter of the scientific method. Bring your A game.
realbrianmorse Maryland, USA @2much2loos @DanCrenshawTX I didn’t mention mortality. It’s definitely hitting young adults and teenagers far more than the original strain which they were mainly immune from serious outcomes. So facts. God you people are so dumb. You probably think trump won
Natalia_Ele @ThriceAsTall @RealSnowlove My God, how are people this dumb? Erica said they're in the same group chat, so he can simply say all those crap he was saying on his interviews, but this time, to her. And suddenly, she's now 'crying about being ignored on a group chat'. Really? Get a grip on yourself dude. Research Addict. Absolutely love trying new things. Just being me.
darksky258 @Trumpgirl19632 Can somone PLZ tell me WHY are white people so into CRT .. do they hate what God and there parents gave them at birth.. DON'T like your white skin.. go get a body tattoo and cover it.. dumb bitch Not special but believe in our country and Mr Donald Trump MAGA 2020 Our Leader Always.. President Trump
ThoughtCrimeEst Earth (Roundish one) @K2020Cat @Angelsfeartogo @Neil_J_Ryder You have no idea how insulting you are by using that term so stupidly and flippantly. Just log off, go to a library and my god start reading... it's pathetic and hurtful to the memory of ww2 and the people who paid the price so you can sit there and this painfully dumb. #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain, Thoughts out of your control, done being polite about it 🖕🤨🖕:: United Britain 🇬🇧 find each other, follow and support ❤ #Dogs
CherStrong0 @RepStefanik You are so dumb and the people that actually believe you, god help them.
teboy_ England @theeyes001 @Freedom36611334 @CFC_Rych @bibekpokhrel11 @ConnCFC You are dumb and a fool for saying so,where did u derive your logic from From mere street people who doesn't even know the owner of chelsea, who doesn't know chelsea plays in the premier league Guy i have been watching football since the Barclay premier league era,fear God Manchester United World❤
luxulterior_ph Paris, France @PeteyR13 @Fletchtweety @TheTorontoSun God , you people are so dumb. You don't even understand that is a 10 year budget amount. Oh and Who runs Barther Town? 🇨🇦🇫🇷🇯🇵 Not a fake profile, 👺back from Twitter jail! Montreal native, engineer, photographer.
tskha1rband hdjshshs I’m so bored thank god there are people who are dumb enough to provoke army on Twitter and keep me entertained
pmanderfx Ontario, CANADA @WG_Gervais makes me sick, how the fork are people so god dame dumb and not see what this is? Jesus christ!
yudothispledis she|her '96 because saying someone can't sing is equal to revealing somebody's personal information..god y'all are so forking dumb and don't give a crap about how black people feel kang gyeongwon and wen junhui supremacy
sarahthelamb Y’all are so damn annoying lol no one wants to join your god damn dumb bottom team to learn crap they can learn for free on YouTube or discord’s that don’t charge an arm and a leg stop calling people 5 times i don’t know if half my tweets are jokes either #Bitcoin #Libertarian
zhrrdin Batang Padang, Perak With you thinking any people who worship their god is anti semitism? But when zionist chanting “death to arab” and humiliate their own prophets it is called religious? Why are you so dumb? Your propaganda doesnt work anymore. #IsraelApartheid 21 | Doakan saya berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat.
JWilks1955 Arizona, USA @Out5p0ken Oh my god these people are so incredibly gullible and mind-numbing dumb!!! 🙄🙄🙄 Opinionated senior. Retired from MT👉AZ. Happily married. I swear too much. I 🚫MAGAS Prosecute the Seditionists! Protect the vote! #BLM #FBR 🍺🌮🎶🌊🌊🌼🌊🌊
notatoasty yee-haw state @Millaz2001 @TECHNOBl_ADE But he never said anything anti-semetic, and as im jewish i would think i would know if something he said was anti-semetic. Mentioning nazi germany and saying hitler does not make you anti-semitic and saying them is not anti-semetic god some people are so forking dumb im a toast godtier gamer | qToasty#4224 (add me) | profesional jewish person | incredibly skilled at hollow knight 😩😩 | Sub to my youtube to boost my ego
QOTE_Elias somewhere in Sweden @realCovfefur People are so dumb and inconsiderate, I swear to God :/ Gay foxxo that gets sad • 🔞 • autistic • he/they • pfp by @Littleestamie
BrianDHaas73 @AOC God, this country will be so much better off when you aren’t part of the people trying to run it. You are literally one of the most stupid politicians I’ve ever witnessed. Dumb as a forking box of rocks. And unAmerican…
ArtistShaf @GovHowardDean Oh my god Honestly can’t believe I supported you briefly. You are everything I hate about the political scene in the US. Oligarchs and their toy politicians. Luckily you are considered trash now so the people are not all dumb
Dakotawiley13 Texas, USA @cobacoux Girl-💀💀💀 Straight people get so upset over fictional characters oh my god. The movie is a literal metaphor for being LGBTQIA+. How and why are you so dumb I go by he/him,they/them and my name (duck/kodi) 17 I mainly rt art I barely post This account is a safe place for LGBTQIA+ and POC💖 do not repost my art:)
paulmbrr stuttgart @k1tt3ngutzz oh my god are you forking dumb that is so forking racist there are black german and french people too i think you live in your forking room in front of you computer
Lifelibertyguy Western USA @anitachabria God i hate these people. You know when Newsom wins they will be so emboldened to sell their voter fraud bs 24/7. We are spending 100s of millions on this dumb recall. If they hate him so much, run better candidates who aren't Trump clones and care about CA and not ideology. Investor and entrepreneur. Opinions my own. Proud independent who cares about our country. If you peddle outrage or troll, you get blocked.
callmebycassy holy ground my god. almost 3k people liked this tweet? are you all even human? you're all so forking dumb like why would you joke about something that serious? he had a 30% forking chance of survival and you think it's funny? bye i can't i bet, sometimes you wonder 'bout me | she/her | @thearchers1989 🏹 | rcbyf!👇🏼
risenemmeryn Djanan Qhat @dollforkers GOD people are so forking DUMB i’ll just shout it for you Also??? Miranda??? how do you feel about clones of your KID being subjected to this??? what on EARTH Kinda wonder how she ended up “sane” and in ethans pocket frozen wonderland though Disney bring back Onion you cowards. Emmeryn came home in FEH. She/Her. Risen Emmeryn on🌵Server. Onion isn’t Elsa don’t yell at me.
GayeCli91683418 @rhett411 @KevinMKruse I don’t understand how people are so dumb they think this is anything to do with God and he has millions donated by them.Unbelievable🤪
PlayMyEvent Los Angeles, CA @nytimes @AOC Dear Fragile White people, If you hate what he said … TRUMP APPOINTED HIM….. you MAGA folks are so dumb it’s sad. Remember when Trump blasphemed against God and used the Bible as a prop TURNED UPSIDE DOWN IN SYMBOLIC SATANIC fashion? He was there with him. Idiots 🤪 YUMMY BLACK CHIC | LA GAL

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