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Karen60046275 @DavidShuster Love the work you do, David! Been watching you for years. Feel I'm in competent hands when you're reporting. I haven't watched MSNBC since 2016. If MSNBC was smart, it would get rid of the ill-qualified/bought of talking heads and bring back credible journalists and commentators Progressive political takeover and baseball baby! A warning to those who can't tolerate a mix of both politics and sports!
Antibullcrap12 @Equilibrium1984 @TashiChris @JChambo98 @Ozkok_A I love ur empty heads! im saying it is NOT wise for Turkey to get into a war with Syria and Russia NOW. What would be the ultimate goal of Turkey!? This is not their battle. U act like some 12 years old who r getting hard when they hear war, but have no idea what u talking about Nor life is that sweet or death that scary There is a fine line btw being a troll and calling out BS because U care
SimianFriday Pretty far left of center I love how she spins this as a *BAD* thing when that’s exactly what you want - an engaged and motivated electorate. These media talking heads need to wake up to the reality of what’s going on in this country. How can they possibly be so out of touch? Supporter of UBI, M4A, Green New Deal. Atheist. #BLM #Bernie2020 #NoMiddleGround -
thelieisacake Aperture Labs I love the sarcasm. The reality is that Mayor Pete is allowed to publicly attack the "establishment" and gets no media flak while the corporate media and talking heads scream bloody murder when Bernie Sanders does it. This is because they know Mayor Pete is staging an act. My opinions are my own. I make no apologies for the easily offended. Veteran internet junkie since the days of Usenet. PS - Cake is delicious when it's real.
CaseyFrigginRae I just Googled "does the show Love is Blind do talking heads with contestants when they're drunk?" and I found out that not only is the answer to that a firm "yah" but also that I should go ahead and go the fork to bed. #loveisblindnetflix #tfareyalldoin #cantlookaway they don't make em like me no more, man, i'm a dinosaur 🦕💣
GregoryZachBell Greeley, CO @TrumpStudents @mattgaetz I love when people with facts go in and eviscerate the talking heads who use emotion to rule their lives. GOD, family and country. Dad, leader of men, businessman, business analyst, adventurer, philosopher, and entrepreneur.
inluvwitdapack @nstycabron I found a first print of talking heads: 77 by the talking heads the same day bro I got mad lucky, and I love all of the first their project there’s some skips on there I’m ngl but I very much enjoy the music when I listened to all of it at the store with my woadie
enchatedfire infj • she/her thinking it out in their heads just before saying it out loud or settling on what it should be! and i love when it’s friends who refer to you while talking to other people or when they just call for you to get your attention I JUST LOVE IT IT FILLS MY HEART WITH JOY i just thought to myself, what would brian kinney do? • real life holden caulfield
shaunking Brooklyn, NY @BernieSanders @JoeBiden @AndrewGillum @PeteButtigieg @BarackObama The thing about @BernieSanders is this. Even when he's trending. Even when the pressure mounts. Even when all of the talking heads and other candidates are piling on him to denounce something that Bernie knows was truly principled. He won't buckle. I've seen it over & over. Founder @TheNorthStar & @RealJusticePAC & @FlipTheSenate & @TheActionPAC Host of @TheBreakdown Podcast. Husband. Father of 5. Surrogate for @BernieSanders.
EsperDoD Pentagon Today my South Korean counterpart, Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo, and I paid tribute to fallen heroes at the Korean War Veterans Memorial. With deepest respect, we bowed our heads in remembrance of the Korean War veterans and their families. Dr. Mark T. Esper, 27th Secretary of Defense.
BradMossEsq Washington, DC I'm not a Warren supporter but Ann almost made me one with this tweet. I wouldn't mind a president who had actual detailed plans, and asked people to work, rather than just spouting off garbage on twitter as he live-tweets Hannity and then heads to his resorts to golf. “The most active national security lawyer on Twitter.” - Above the Law "Noted smart law person" - Wonkette
Maddie_Lissette @pulte We have lived with so many people and now we live in a two bedroom apartment with four people and two pets. All I ever wanted was enough money to buy my mother a home or a condo so she can take the stress off her shoulders of being the only one to pay for a roof over our heads instagram - Madeline.Lissette
1LINKndCHAIN United States Oh thou, that, with surpassing glory crowned, Lookest from thy sole dominion like the God Of this new world; at whose sight all the stars Hide their diminished heads; to thee I call, But with no friendly voice, and add thy name, Of Sun, to tell thee how I hate thy beams, "I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in darkness" -Jesus of Nazareth True revolutions restore more than they destroy.
codyishere01 Geralt: what's in the pot? Troll: elf heads and onions, want some? Geralt: thanks, I dont like onions....... fell from space to this place
CapriceHammett @EyesOnQ @ChristinePolon1 I'm so sick and tired of watching Pu$$y men thinking they are women and ruining sports for all real women. Get your heads together and make a transgender association for you to compete in.. Wife, mother, PATRIOT, birdhouse artist...GOD WINS, GO TRUMP
Trace77364343 Workin Since Tik Tok wants to be popsicle heads and take it down... here it is! Y’all really don’t understand how much I love this dude! 🤞🏼 My sons cooler than you. 😎 snap: Tbraden50
xTATTOOMAKERSx Yokohama-shi Minami, Kanagawa @frosademiere "I wanna bring them to metal band concerts. Head-banging our heads together like crazy, screaming on top of our lungs and growling like beast." ♱ Oʀɪɢɪɴᴀʟ Cʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ Rᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ﹕ Mᴀsᴀᴍᴜɴᴇ Sᴇʀʏᴏᴜ ♱ Tᴀᴛᴛᴏᴏ Aʀᴛɪsᴛ ﹠ Fʀᴇᴇʟᴀɴᴄᴇ Mᴏᴅᴇʟ ♱ @frosademiere ♱ Hᴜᴍᴀɴ α﹙ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ﹚ ♱ #OmegaverseRP
gospeloftrinity @Jyoshua Personally, I think regular working class people such as you and I and everyone we know ought to crash one of these “debates”. Have a sit in? A flash mob? We can all do the thriller dance down the aisle while status quo talking heads don’t let Bernie respond.
CamelToad Los Angeles I spent 19 jew years not knowing what Ash Wednesday was and then when into manhattan on one, and saw people with dirt on their heads and was REAL forkING CONFUSED ABOUT MANHATTANITES for a while I write movies. I used to be on podcasts. I have a puppy named Abe. #HellmuttForever
mpopov1229 Washington, DC @shellysteward I DID read. In floor consideration, the influence of the gig companies and their money will drive change to comm bill. The governor can't be counted upon to veto changes that on balance adversely affect the gains won through adoption of AB5. Gig money holding gun to legies heads Joined Aspen EOP's to launch the Good Companies/Good Jobs Initiative in December 2016 after a dozen years at Hitachi Foundation. All views are my own.
Moquero_ Bangkok, Thailand Today a Yoruba man (people i respect as my friends from here are great) subtly insulted me, my degrees, my tribe and demeanor because i went looking for a job at an establishment he heads. Said an Hausa man has a better chance at a job with my nuisance degree than i, igbo, does. Entrepreneur | Ceo QuerosTees | loneWolf | Pisces | FamilyOverAll | Web developer | BScIT | Distinction👨‍🎓| MAIR | ITGuy | 📍Bangkok
handi_craaft tune into talking heads. next week. this week cohost and i are bonding @LillieJacob 😎 😎 first name ever, last name greatest 😎 🥵
MadeOnEarthFou1 @ExploreSpaceKSC @SpaceX I really hate to miss this one, I wanted to see the last OG dragon fly. I'm VP of a local caving club and we're hosting a caving convention all next weekend starting friday. I wish it would have delayed further. Thanks for the heads up though. My head is always out in space
CarlosOruna2 Cañada, España @mcclure111 @matthewamiller @JackDeTate Yup. Incubation is longer than 14 days. Quarantine comes from the latin for 40 days..just a heads up. And yup I'm flying to europe in june. Life, knowledge, liberty. please excuse my mixup of 3 languages.
Stacey24281809 Lets go Holyfield Shannon Moro Edwards Clark lets hold our heads up and bounce back on Saturday y’all got this I believe in y’all I am a mom of 3 boys and Love Jesus with all my heart
SPOOKYKlWl Venmo/Cashapp: SpookyKiwi I am a simple domme, I see cats. I want to love, hug, and worship them. Also, I want to step on subs heads. Legend says I appeared in the findom burn book. Afro-Latina Findom/FemDom. 🦇18+🦇👻No Meetups👻
JB217_ 217 • 309 @OTG_AK @MobcrapAj Man if African-Americans making all star games for charges and getting in mfs heads then the league more forked up then I thought lmao. He a good player bruh but he ain’t deserve them last 2 all star lmao never everrr 22 years young... 🎥💫💰🏧 | Illinois State University | Blessed | ΩΨΦ 🐶⚡️| IG: @JB217_ | 👻: Fathead.3
mothman_lewds behind you sometimes I wonder if I seem unapproachable bc of the combo of my anxiety and overall appearance and then I remembered I don't care bc it's not my fault people make up crap about me in their heads kelp🌻 any pronouns 🌻 yoshi main 🌻 professional family disappointment 🌻
uberbratwurst South Africa & Germany @prvtinstigator @MmusiMaimane Yep. I recalled another story about my errant cuz: he sat in Albert Park Dbn, took LSD, & told me all the flowers’ heads wilted down at once. He felt sorry for them, put water on them, and they all went back up and said thank you simultaneously. Wonder if he’s alive, been 30 yrs+ Capitalist Persiflagian, Brilliant Composer, Titan of the Ages. Detests stupidity, socialists, Commies & mediocrity. Logician. Lady-killer. Modest.
Janet_Williams North Carolina, USA @PaulGuinnessy @_Astro_Nerd_ @astro_jcm Thanks for the heads up, Paul. Hope you don't mind if I "squoze" together as much info as possible and re-tweeted. Looks like a lovely play! Strategy implementation specialist for Fortune 50s & non-profits, classical musician, space nut, nature freak. Knows the future.
jonfinney1 Brandon,FL @marcorubio Johnny McEntee heads a sweeping White House effort to purge the civil service and install loyalists. This is an article on the Guardian's site. Are you ok with this? They are getting rid of people that are doing their jobs. I hope you do something. This is not right.
forevermaggiee New Jersey, USA “I hate Asians” wtf did we do to anyone? Asians are probably the quietest people. We keep our heads low, do our crap right, make money and get richer. This crap makes me so forking mad.
t_pandabear @bstpeach Ngl I hope it gets handed out under control. Before some sick heads take all of that and tries to make their own money with it 🙃 is it bad that I have no trust in ppl? I'm a shortie | GFriend | Got7 | Sweettalk to me babe, it's magical. Sweet Lullaby~ bam bam bame bamhaneureul nara~ 💕 🐼🌻 🇻🇳🇩🇪
kushbrainzzz Zayn Malik’s yk ... and I don’t turn heads when I walk the the douhor unsolved mystery oh so badly
jeffgarnett30 Dunston. Gateshead @Lascelles16 I think its about time the captain of the club started knocking a few heads together on the pitch.Its the serious part of the season and the performances have been woefully bad. Proud dad to three beautiful kids.. & Toon fan!!!! snap chat. ..jeffas40
Missgnews @UnleashTheGoy @jawad18246343 @cinnammongir1 And who said I was liberal?? 😔You far rights air heads are incapable of engaging in argument with some someone with opposing opinions without bitching that they’re liberals. As if that validates your point or is even relevant. But that’s typical for sexist incels. 🥺👎🏻😫 I hate you African-Americans. 😔👎🏻
frickingphil Los Angeles, CA @TheManicGeek @Caballero_Rene i mean i've never hid the fact that i'm an apple fanboy lmao, crap i got a still-working 1985 Macintosh SE FDHD it's entertaining seeing other ppl not be able to wrap their heads around the fact that i am also a PC gaming and hardware fanboy simultaneously pixel pusher at @jayztwocents. fanboy of: fancy apple design bullcrap, VR, custom PCs, 4-wheeled money pits. [opinions posted here are my own]
jj_virgil United States @AspLovePolitics @PJLM @KirkBrown_AIM Biden beats Trump in more head-to-heads than Bernie. And I'm fine with Republicans voting for Biden. It will help in the swing states and Senate races. Enough. Guards, remove that man.
Child_of_sense Lagos, Nigeria @ltarsenal I don't know why people hate LACAZETTE so much. A lot of people have failed to see his work ethics and the genuine passion he has.... But y'all dumb heads still rate firminho who hasn't scored in 11 months at anfield high because 'work rate" but laca is a liability. Y'all are mad most gentle person on earth...
Child_of_sense Lagos, Nigeria I don't know why people hate LACAZETTE so much. A lot of people have failed to see his work ethics and the genuine passion he has.... But y'all dumb heads still rate firminho who hasn't scored in 11 months at anfield high because 'work rate" but laca is a liability. Y'all are mad most gentle person on earth...
ivohenriques4 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal "She want me to check her like the forking doctor And she give me the heads up when her dude is at work Try to keep my bread up, it don't settle with her It don't really matter, I got plenty more girls" 2500🔥 west side my African-Americans are savage an ruthless
KatiePeverley Newcastle Upon Tyne, England @irismusic @robinlarsen And I love you with all my heart 💓 🥰 wooo thanks. Hopefully security won’t be poop heads about it Animal lover. Drawing. Nature Lover.
lolliquebeaute Sacramento, California USA @TimMurtaugh What a bunch of childish jerks!! I wonder if that’s how they would act and talk over as president while negotiating trade deals with heads of over countries? Lollique skin care products are original & uniquely handcrafted in small batches with ethical, natural ingredients, love & integrity.
RoseSims_ England, United Kingdom @realjessamica92 @TheKitKatSimmer Hey just a heads up, I love my switch so much and play it loads. The other week I got My Time At Portia and it is really buggy, seems the creator doesn’t really update the console version and console players feel abandoned. Haven’t played it since because of the bugs:( I spend a lot of time on YouTube and playing The Sims. Oh and I also stream now as a Twitch Affiliate:) | 19
DeJai24 TX,GA,NM,FLA,LA @SheLove2See_T Fam same I got mfs up at my job shook...Ultimately I think it’s because they see the strength in us being young black men with our heads on straight and for some reason that bothers people... I take photos📸...and listen to music🎧
lllearner697377 @bern_identity Honestly, they should let high school students run these debates. Mainstream media and the talking heads that work there are just-not-up-to-it. It's a forking circus. I've only watched clips because I can't stand to sit through the crap.
ItsOnlyDoug I'm Right here... @ccarvelwrites I've been reading to my kids since they could hold their heads up. Now, they are both ferocious readers at 10 & 7...I read Potter when the initial wave hit, so now this is my 2nd time through reading it. This time as a parent and seeing it in their eyes is something else. I used to run...I like TV...movies...books...but only the good ones. Still trying to forget season 3 of Lost.
Crowther2001 Leeds, England Girls ignore red flags over and over then act shocked when their heads all forked. I am girls x
ava_eldred London, UK. I've slept about 4 hours in the last 36 and had a truly crap day, so very much appreciated the heads up that I might want to watch this weeks Schitts Creek on my own, 'cause my god... hysterical is an understatement. I'm a complete hilarious mess. Writer. YA Fiction and tweets, sometimes theatre. Rep: @lucyirvine93/@PFDAgents
CAGreyson Our story continues! I'm startled awake by a loud clang. I sit up and rub at my eyes trying to make heads or tails of my surroundings. I realize that we are all shoved into a small space with bars closing us in. Tillie is awake, hugging her knees to her chest. #dnd #dnd5e 1/? Writer/Podcaster/DnD Online campaigns! Creator of Grey Space & When East Meets West podcast. Storyteller of many things.