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_niyahhj Muskegon Heights, MI I love when my mama cook, we jus be talking and she tell me about how y’all mamas pill heads & do powder 😭😭😭😭😭 add me on Snapchat @niyahboo231 💋
WPR Wisconsin "My proudest accomplishment is the fact that when I walk into the Stop & Shop supermarket and I hear 'Genius of Love' coming over the PA system, it still sounds hip. It sounds good," Chris Frantz of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club told @wprBETA. For 100+ years, WPR has served Wisconsin residents quality news, classical music and talk radio programming. A service of WPM, ECB, UW-Madison & CPB.
DouglasMGordon Madison, Wisconsin "My proudest accomplishment is the fact that when I walk into the Stop & Shop supermarket and I hear 'Genius of Love' coming over the PA system, it still sounds hip." @ChrisFrantzTTC #RemaininLove Host/Producer of @wprBETA on @WPR. Pop Culture Provocateur, and Creator of Get-Rich-Slow Schemes (which I hope to fast-track very soon).
RWatson95057627 Calgary, Alberta @Imamofpeace @WBrettWilson When you control the messengers, you control the message. Obviously this is a message “someone” would like us to believe. I love how earnestly the talking heads are selling this. Intellectual fraudsters, each and every one. Fiscal Con, Social realist & Libertarian curious. I like respectful and lively exchanges of ideas. If I’ve blocked u, it’s because I’ve identified you as a fool
slashno Tennessee You've gotta love it when a fellow student completely misses your point on a Canvas discussion board. Like okay, thanks for your comment, but I know Nine Inch Nails and Talking Heads are very different bands. The two didn't have to be connected in any way for the assignment. The trash goes out on a Tuesday now. You've got to make a note about that.
LisaKEast Brentwood, TN Check this out friends! 👇🏽 Same thing Eric reports happened when I tried to run an ad for Ron Wallace’s “ Sacred Ground” and It Must Be Love . Linking both in comments. You tell me....healing or no?! Yet “news” and “talking heads” are good for us? 🙄 At heart, I am the troubadour who discovered Love and wandered afar to share the news that we all embody Light. ❤️🌈🦅
miketheidealist Washington, DC I love all of these ridiculous conservative talking heads and members of Congress making fun of @JoeBiden's calls for unity when their guy Trump has NEVER ONCE EVER even tried to be unifying. Genocide & mass atrocities prevention advocate. Into peacebuilding & human rights. Practical idealist. Purveyor of logic and rational thought. #genprev
steve_k13 Boise, Idaho #NOvsTB I love all the talking heads, and their fascination with shiny objects. Last year...the Browns. This year...the Bucs. High school was as far as I went in football, and I know a bad team that pretends to be good when I see one. Bucs ain't that good. Excruciating white, anti-fascist, gelatinous human. Black Lives Matter.
Giupeppe65 rilevata da un satellite spia @Jtp2P @jazzbass1983 @ItsMeHenning Guys who LP: I remember how it was yesterday when I listened to it on the radio: the songs were brilliant, the performance was fantastic, my 18 year old son loves Talking heads and is in love with this LP Qualsiasi cosa io scriva su me stesso non corrisponderebbe a verità dunque meglio tacere
lizcallawayshow Myrtle Beach, South Carolina I love how these talking (knuckle)heads are acting like they are victims when they are the ones who have divided America with THEIR lies and endless attacks on a President working hard every day for peace and prosperity for everyone. Save your crocodile tears. Host of “The Liz Callaway Show” on TALK 94.5 FM WTKN. Host of “The Liz Callaway Show” on YouTube. Conway Ford Spokesperson.
ChiefKappa23 I love when all the talking heads pick against the Saints and we prove them all wrong! #Saints My life is a movie/ Private Figure/Aspiring National Park Ranger.
Siegelbomb Canada I love when Conservative talking heads can't defend their positions and throw a block instead. I wasn't even able to get to the NDP tech industry tax credits. Streamer, gamer, long-time investigator on right-wing grifters. .- -.-. .- -... they/him #yeg #ab
pamdixo46630308 @BillKristol Imagine Bill Kristol yearning for a Democratic Senate! For years I watched you pontificate on Fox News, you were one of the regular talking heads, a source of insight and true conservative credentials. When did god smack you upside the head and shone the light of love into you? Compulsive Artist: Painter, gardens. Baking. Photography and whatever comes to hand.
SoAni1919 United States @goldietaylor @MalcolmNance I don’t think that. I vote like a black woman. We all do better when we All do better. Ignore the talking heads and feel the love from the people who see you every day. Middle aged woman with pets. Favorite lesbian Aunt. Proud foster mom for queer teens. Everything trump touches really does die. She/Her
sarahschauer she/they telling people ahead of time you have trouble with object permanence cuz of ADHD and they take your not texting back as some signal to subtweet you... it’s like? i’m 26 and i physically could not remember, i’m too old for this and i gave you a heads up?? just double text?? Youtuber and former copywriter with two braincells. 🏳️‍🌈 Venmo: Sarah-Schauer.
larrouturou "Why vote on reports in Parliament if heads of state listen more to the banking lobby than to scientists and elected representatives?" To push on A. Merkel @RegSprecher and @EmmanuelMacron to be bold, I started a 3rd week of #HungerStrikeForClimate. Justice sociale & protection🌍 Député européen Rapporteur général Budget 2021 MEP 🇪🇺 Nouvelle Donne S&DGroup. General Rapporteur Budget 2021 #BlackLivesMatter
IAmSteveHarvey Los Angeles, CA I have twins, I'll tell you how cheap I was... I went to the school and asked for a discount, I'm bringing two kids! They said no, I flipped a coin.. heads, you go... tales you go.. They start crying. I SAID YOU IDENTICAL TWINS, you go to class one day... you go the next 😂😆🤣 Introducing Vault 365 — the first @VaultEmpowers monthly membership program for people who want to take their dreams to the next level. Link to join in the bio.
aiiivann Coachella, CA I’m just giving y’all a heads up.... I’m getting bomb, I’m glowing, and I gained 8 pounds 😌🍑
TsunekoCh Virtual Reality Just another heads up that I have an Apex Legends club + discord server for VTubers in the Asia-Pacific region (Singapore and Tokyo servers primarily). There is no skill requirement except it is capped at 30 members, so I'd prefer active players. Reply if interested :) VTuber | EN / 日本語 | AI Catgirl Twitch Streamer | BPD | Mon-Fri 11am JST | fanart #nekohype | Admin of @VTuberAcademy | 🇦🇺🇯🇵 | Collab: Always OK!
bakublastin she/they | NY | jpn-us oh additionally to this, wanna give a heads up: if I dont respond to ur reply, im probably not ignoring you. I just: 1) have my notifs off on my phone a lot rn 2) get so many notifs that I just cant sort it thru and my mentions just never properly update dont you EVER let anyone live rent-free in your own damn mind (unless its bakugou katsuki) || 21 || IG: @/kaede.wav
PatAn314 @AxiomMatrix @John_F_Kennnedy 📢📢 @BarackObama @HillaryClinton @joebiden and ALL THE REST OF YOU [DS] S C U M! CAN YOU FEEL IT, YOU M O T H E R F U C K E R S ? IT'S ALL COMING DOWN ON YOUR HEADS AND THERE IS N O T H I N G! YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! PAIN! NO DEALS! NO MERCY! Patriot Anon Human on earth
blakebriggsMD @embasic @DGlaucomflecken @MDaware @movinmeat @GoodishIntent @wonkyhealthcare @MidlevelCare @RayneKThomanRN @DrQuinn15 @FacerollerMD @PPA_USA @pppforpatients @JillianNegri @NoctorNews @NPMismanagement So absolutely shameful for them to be posting like this on social media as if it’s “just another day at the office until I get to be on my own”. These are people’s lives. They are in way over their heads and they don’t even realize it which is the scariest part EM Doc @SouthEmergency | Founder of @emboardbombs | Avid backpacker | Proud Wake Forest Alum | #FOAMed | Ars longa, vita brevis
hohoszn PARODY 21+ i had like 8 beers and my heads pounding what it do baybeee 🏄🏻‍♂️ #blacklivesmatter
Mattvin5 @ShariYoungbloo1 “Tell me who you associate with and I will tell you who you are”. Meth heads living in the woods I guess Pround husband, father and MS warrior
Gukkdas @realDonaldTrump I don't understand why the president of the world's best country posts such a message. A man in front of him hit others first, knocked them down, and fusnished their heads, then attacked several people. However, Trump has cleverly edited the part where his supporters are attacked
HeirofTogami Not Spoiler Free —universe or whatever the Hell idiotic excuse they're trying to make up, almost all the heads of each Division have not returned and so there are a lot of empty slots... I don't like to beg but we're not going to get any work done in ensuring the worlds safety and spreading— ⠀ Do not hesitate without my permission ⠀ K; 0 | D; 1
themadharra Melbourne, Victoria @meredithmgm but i am truely happy coz i believe in sumin and i stand for it, and mer if you ever tryna fork just give me the heads up so i can plan for it 🍃stil blazin🌱stil blazin ☘️stil blazin 🌿the ganja power so amazing #zeus #ohb #fsb #rocnation #dispensarydon #freshprinceofwurundjeri straight mthrfkn ballin
MisterMIRACLE17 United Kingdom @Theevilfly123 @CherryCrisp2 @whatname2016 @RequiemNocturn @Cutwillriseayer @DiscussingFilm Hello, Depp Heads complaining about people defending Amber when Depp literally defended a child rapist? And that video is out of context and possibly fake. I'll accept it when a judge does. DC Comics Stan
trash_syra trash bin D ko nakita agad sorry aken gahgdh~ I'm not saying to not hold the leaders accountable. I'm just saying to calm down and don't let y'all temper get to your heads and say things you'll regret (like ung mga magpahinga n daw cla implying death). Calming down make better results. 🇵🇭 15 | part-time angst hq au writer ✨
PhelixRose @mrsmadelindley the nice thing about it is that you buy the $15-20 razor once, then every month or so (depending on how often you shave), you can buy another 3 pack of heads for it for like $8-10 and it’s brand new again. i go through 3 in 6-8 weeks usually. more if it’s summer. future paramedic
JDrofgum @LeaveEUOfficial They are lucky to have a roof over their heads ! I would feed them dog food and get them digging latrines ! They are ILLEGAL immigrants and should be deported immediately !
Zmarti3s101 St Louis, MO If counting heads and drawing lines is what everyone is doing, (knowingly or unknowingly) then we aren't turning back. The heat is rising. The dam is about to burst. Like ripping off a band-aid. It needs to be done. But when? I think now. Get it over with. Remember David Dorn. Remember Bernell Tremmell. fyi this page is completely random, and so am I. #2020 #NewDecade
racheldweissman San Francisco, CA This past week I’ve been heads-down on refining content for the @design_tobe Self-Aware series. It’s been incredible to see the vulnerability and growth from each participant. And, I’m super excited for our final events on Monday evening! #designtobe Designer @Google • Founder @Design_ToBe • Meditation & Yoga Teacher • Helping you form a deeper connection with yourself, your career & the world.
MrJamesDavidJa1 As i see it..the ones you call (RAG) heads are coming over here to be owner operators in the trucking industry. All the 7-11s are owned and operated by middle east foreigners. Also many Chevrons and shells. In my truck driving i hardly e very deal with a WHITE person!..continue
ArafatUsf Mbale, Uganda I knew this That these heads of NUP in Mbale 'Fab k and Abdallah' won't survive arrest today.. And thve been arrested even before Bobi reaches Mbale at5pm But thyr innocent #FreeOurBoys
zCorevel Legit I don’t understand what’s going through their heads, legit they do such stupid Stupid things and I’m getting spit on
_JustJav ÜT: 40.744473,-73.987721 @davereaboi @davidfrum Uhmmm. . . I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say. . . Nazis should have their heads busted. 🤷‍♂️ Indigenous New Yorker. Last of a dying breed. Dominican #Hemp Farmer. 99%'er Wall Street Occupier. #occupywallstNYC #OccupyAmerica
ChicagoMureeds Take a wild guess... @Truther66 @DW921 @BinhamidAli I have cousins who are DNC delegates and a lot of youth were very, very upset that the DNC elite basically thrust these two - who were quite unpopular with the younger crowd - over the heads of everyone. There were going to be protests at the convention, but it went online. Info and facts on Islamic-related watering down. If you try to troll me and I determine you not to be worth my time; you will be muted/blocked.
EnergiaPublica Vancouver/ Calgary, Canada @Lizquidity I’m partial to the idea that data and modelling are more useful than “conventional wisdom” talking heads. But fivethirtyeight’s analysis doesn’t seem much better at predicting outcomes than your average political pundit. So what’s the point? (also someone who reads it) ESG risk: Climate, Energy, Sustainability, Social License. Governance, Strategy, Reporting & Risk Control Systems. Recently, COVID19 too. #Spurs fan.
ShariYoungbloo1 @Mattvin5 @krwwbwb33 @Al__________ex_ @buttonslives @realDonaldTrump @nypost Wow. Apparently your education is worse than my red states ranking and we are one of the last for education in the nation!! Lol Half the Trump supporters I know are meth heads who had their kids taken away living in tents in the woods. And that is 100% accurate. Lol Everything is awesome.
tayklover they/them!! 18 if i owned a boom box i would go outsides emma’s house and play talking heads black lives matter
fuulzgg Syracuse, NY As a heads up there’s a poll on my discord revolving around the poll that I posted on here. Join up and react in the recent announcement. Votes will be counted up between the two. Another thing is, I have already chosen what I would like to do. Invite: 18 🇺🇸 | Discord Manager for @OfficialAresGGs | Community Manager for @Acenld | Discord Legend
it_brewing spiral I just noticed this split-second image in ep.3 of Madoka, and laughed my bottom off at seeing all those bodies with their heads chopped off as blatant foreshadowing. (1/2) Always curious. My alt: @BalloonTea
JRedchan United States Hey so just a heads up: Monday I'm gonna put out a comfort thread that I'm kinda writing therapeauticly because that's my dad's birthday and he passed earlier this year. I'll give you another heads up when I put it out, but it might be a little sad and heavy. Still comfort tho. 24// she/her// Writer// Editor// Bi// KiriBaku Trash// I follow, rt, and potentially write NSFW
JonSmit18449570 @MarnieLive They wouldn’t even hire her to clean toilets, I wouldn’t let her 1000 feet near me and I would boycott any business her or liar liar plateface @SarahHuckabee rear their ugly heads.
Mike__Sheriff Northern Ireland, United Kingd #Antifa are scum. Pure and simple. They are authoritarian bullies and they are feral thugs. I sincerely hope that the full force of the law is brought down upon their heads. All reasonable people need to condemn these violent cretins. #AntifaTerrorists Atheist Neocon. The kind of right-winger a liberal wouldn't be embarrassed to have over for popsicletails.
PumaBare Milkyway, SOL, Earth. I guess on the plus side, since only a small number(around 12000) turned up for the #MillionMAGAMarch, it did not turn into all out war on the streets, now we can just hope that cooler heads prevail and the troublemakers on both sides go home. Be aware, I have a loaded #Google, and not afraid to use it. Pronouns:him/her/she/he/aunt/uncle. #FreeRaif No DMs
Law_someLady Phoenix, AZ She started out by posting a COVID conspiracy video and threatening to quit “if you don’t get your heads straight.” Since she’s conspiracy-ranted before, I told her to provide a peer-reviewed scientific study published in a reputable medical journal or STFU about it already. /2 Elder law professional. Wizard of ALTCS. Student of VA SC Comp. Sassy mom. Foul-mouthed AF. Atheist. Lifelong independent voter. Long-time Trump Hater.
BridgetKalma Kampala, Uganda Someone come take away my husband🤣😩😩..... This early morning his mocking and laughing at me how I carried Roksie matter on top of their heads 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😩😩 Roksie wat did u do..🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Not him telling me that I told to support DC😩😩😩 Sweet girl Princess..
avery_cato Lone star kin, I’m actually like serious and international thug that knows cartel heads as a pokeball to throw at a neighborhood then split like cells, play strategy at any other mf, tighten them up and put hoes around to make them split and fall out, stretch them to make the hit Abusive Piru African-American, however you’d do me with an advantage, Student, business minder, tons of fun; good time turn uper, 🤬