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L3g3nd13John @english_shamar Always been a fan of skip and I loved everything about watching this in real time. Love when athletes clap back at the talking heads, especially at ESPN.
GeeGolie I love how upset the hyper partisan left wing talking heads get when someone else with a voice cares enough to weigh in on the issues of the day. Dems running with pitchforks and torches: Off with his HEAD!!!!
damnnnnavi hou$ton I love when I be talking to some of the old heads at my job and they be like my wife this and my wife that I be like 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 awee in my own 🌍
louikellz I love sports bro, we can go at our heads talking sports but when it’s all said and done, it’s all love 🔥🤝🏽 “Ay I’m livin every 24 like Kobe did” 🙏🏽
TheMikeDante @spanishkitten76 @mysteriouskat @elonmusk @MarioNawfal I agree. They’re selective and often choose the same people, I’ve seen, those that have more facts get more time. Some are just talking heads, because they have experience in podcasts/blogging. I love seeing two brilliant minds showing sourced facts. That’s when knowledge pours. Mind your soul. Learn to swim. Best part of twitter are the real ones, few and far between.
Rae0lfe buried under paper work Irt- I love the look on the new intern faces when they find out I'm their boss. When after the fact they were talking all this -redacted- talk on the department heads, and some us, heads- heard the whole lot. Granted, I am highly professional when at my job. she/her/that ginger with a nerf gun/lab rat/snark welder/doggo mama/salt miner/spicy gamer/not the one/minors go away/DNI. 🔞 🇩🇪♋
jongavin021 @JulieLeighton20 @POompahloompah @azcardsgal78 @DineshDSouza I love the part when Dinesh leaves the group of RW talking heads. He acts like he is on a mission and goes away for weeks. When he comes back to them to show his findings they are all wearing the same clothes
Debi07338581 Forest Grove, OR @CollinRugg @StanMessineo The media has cut out the citizens in their reporting and have replaced them with talking heads who stick with the narrative the media wants. Twitter let’s the people speak on subjects. I love when media sources disagree. Repeat it’s misinformation. Media should be investigated My humor and I still believe in life being fair. Happily married 36 years, 3 sons, homemaker/ home-care worker, love music/concerts, movies, siamese cat, MAGA.
Tyson_Fury Jesus loves us all. #MentalHealthAwareness Hold your heads up lions. We Go Again @EnglandFootball Support Our Team Support Our Boys Support Our Team I’m Victory and In Defeat. "It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” #ENGFRA #WorldCup PRE-ORDER MY NEW BOOK, GLOVES OFF:
lavern_spicer Miami, FL I only praise Jesus Christ the lamb of God! He brings peace to the world and good will to all men! We recognize the King. The brightest star! HE’S THE KING OF KINGS! At the mention of His name we bow our heads in prayer! You are Lord of all & we praise thy POWERFUL name! Florida Woman. I've been fighting to better my community my entire life and I'll never stop!
IlvesToomas Estonia This ⬇️❗️ --from the former (and only liberal democratic) minister of foreign affairs Russia has ever had, @andreivkozyrev. I suspect he has a better understanding of Russia than the several EU heads of government banging on about "diplomatic solutions." Toomas Hendrik Ilves From Estonia. Where Digital is Native.
raevionb my world . i talk to my ex and im on him real bad , just had to give y’all a heads up 😂😂🤗
Braylomatic New Orleans, LA I put down a BabyTron lyric and the old heads givin me hell now Figuring it out.
talks_sass South of the Mason Dixon @Godsgirl77777 I have leukemia so I had to take the jab, otherwise if I had an immune system I would have ran like hell from it. My doctor mentioned that I was due for the forth and now I'm looking for a new practitioner. My oncologist supports my decision and was butting heads with him. Libertarian ! Looking to disrupt the narrative when possible. Not defined by PRONOUNS. Protected by the 1st, 2nd and French Bulldogs! Intellectual with a drawl.
JonnoL32552677 @SonofOmahu Specs so large it’s easy to visualise those “shrunken heads” I read about in the old children’s horror stories with pirates and tropical 🌴 islands and all. Amiable but not with liars
VladiFangs Hurghada exactly why I love sigma females. they go into a relationship knowing that it's about complementing their partners and vice versa. they're not in to compete and butt heads An 871-year-old vampire. After the unfortunate loss of my friend Petyr of Wellington, I decided to move to the Middle East in search 4 a new life.. parody acct
LewisCulhane Chilliwack, British Columbia @ThiKuBC No I appreciate Sterling had the week off and his heads been all over the place and probably shouldn’t of come on. That being said, he’s still a top player and came on for an injured Saka on the RW, Grealish never plays RW for city and Rashford plays on the LW far more than RW. 23 Year old Englishman living in Canada. Canada B Licence Coach In Training. Abbotsford Soccer Association Boys U18 Head Coach. All thoughts are my own.
Deactiv8dStylez Hell sorry yall, had to cut the stream short, it was already set as one but my heads killing me, gonna ibuprofen the crap outta it and get some sleep, i will see yall tomorrow sometime. thanks to everybody that popped in, i appreciate yall my world is in black and white. full of dad jokes, retro gaming legend, member of Team NVS, OTG, FAAFO.
hipnegoji I have been learning to play the piano and I just would like to ask your thoughts and prayers for my poor neighbors, who will have Hall of the Mountain King in their heads for all eternity after this week spychologist
veautifulvante ᴠᴀɴᴛᴀᴇ sᴛᴜᴅɪᴏ || 24 if all of them are there for j!n then i hope they all sl!p on their way home and h!t their heads a bit too hard on the concrete that they end up 6ft under idk idk ᴛʀᴜsᴛ ʙᴀɴɢᴛᴀɴ ᴀɴᴅ ᴏɴʟʏ ʙᴀɴɢᴛᴀɴ || ɪɴ ᴘʀᴏᴄᴇss ᴏғ ʟᴇᴀʀɴɪɴɢ sᴇʟғ ʟᴏᴠᴇ || ғᴀɴ ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ғᴏʀ @BTS_twt
OwenThefett @FlameDVD @Becky_28_x You think I give a crap about Twitter? I just come on her to annoy like fork nuggets like you because you're easy targets to upset. I don't want a high follower count, don't want to be hugely known. Because that crap goes to people's heads and they develop main character syndrome Back from the gulag again.
Jacquel49557758 @monicamoralestv @NYCommonPantry @Chrislejohnyc @Salamancajr80 Hello Monica Morales I was wondering if you heard about the possum,rats,skunk in the projects Bushwick Red hook,Williamsburg and I heard that one of the possum is on the roof in Bushwick swimming pool roof I am giving you a heads up I been in Bushwick project all my life traveling
rozzdill @pparsons @elonmusk @thevivafrei And a lot of non boos. Some people booed. Some people cheered. I think Dave Chapelle pretty much got it right when he said that so this arguing is pointless and we all know it in the back of our heads
kylenne NYC, USA @magickandmend honestly for me, most of it is just reviewing cutscenes, refreshing myself on as much of their personality and behaviors and backstory as I can. writing them is in many ways the act of connecting those dots to me. getting into their heads to really see what makes them tick. 40+ Black bi poly nonbinary femme (she/her). Fic/Gpose from an FF oldhead, Militant Elezen main. Aether DC | Kylenne @ AO3. 18+! Some NSFW. 🔞pfp by @sanquines
TravisSimms411 @MuellerSheWrote It’s funny, my wife and I talked about buying one a couple years ago and have been on the fence. We decided yesterday buy one for each of us. Watching woke heads, explode and people being able to voice opinions again has made musk a legend. He’s got my sale! 🤙🏼
FLuffyAdiT United States @kiyomiamizi Thanks for the heads up. I was about to get mad for a sec. I read before coming here, and many say they are a scammer. Some of them even got hacked. So, don’t click any of the links in this quoted tweet! "I'm no leader, nor follower; I just enjoy helping others." | ❤️’s Art including 🔞. | #1 DJ Lyka Main | Artist? | (B) M:20
_kingkennyy I love those old heads that be knowing you smacked, don’t judge and offer you mad food.. like yes doña deme un chin 😂😂
wtfparadise 🇬🇧 24 she/her i know in their heads they thought it was a good opportunity to see armys and to help their country. I love them for that because that’s just the kind of selfless people they are but what did they get in return? 💙💜tannies+fimmies💜💙
NWBSuits Dallas, TX @OhShizmItsPrism @cinnamontail BigZs Techno neoprene (not scuba neoprene) works really well, I use it for heads and handpaws, only that and lycra or spandex I’ve been able to feel the wind from fans through all the layers of fabric! 🏳️‍🌈 and woman-owned fursuit-making/digital art studio |See my digital art @NewtWolfdeer (18+)| commissions: CLOSED
stileslinskid I want to be understanding but I hate hearing my upstairs moving around. Like you get a pass if you’re pregnant or heavy set. If not stop walking around like a giant. And the bullcrap thing is they live on the top floor so they don’t ever have anyone above their heads!
gusherbug chicago @ceubic i tweeted that cuz i saw more than one tweet going "yeah arcee is trans in idw look she has a wife they're so cute!!" and people going "omg i need to read this for her!" and there was a glaring lack of heads up for the elephant in the room 🌸JANE | 21 | she/they | girlthing nb | internet animal | artist + writer + pngtuber | i: @toonbutch | PUBLIC COMMS CLOSED |⭐@vilepark⭐| 💖 @SkittyScanlines💖
meeenks Amaurot As a heads up, my carrd will be wonky for the next few days, and most things on it will NOT work! I'm updating it♥ ghosty goirl ✨Twitch affiliate✨ Ref sheet: @artofkoi Art!: #meenks 🔞: #meenksuwu 👻Veetoubour👻
LatinQueen254 MIXING THE BEST CHAMOY CANDY😋 Karma strikes again and I love it! 😂 She killed two chicken heads with one swing this time! 🦾🙌🏼 💪JEFA MOM 👸🏽QUEENTREPRENEUR 🧁 MIMIS MUNCHIES 🇨🇱 WACO TEXAS
soccer_usa_ @chai_asc @scuffedpod @MattSHartman @amcalabrese12 Haha I voted for yours tbf. Yea Tessmann would’ve slotted in well for Morris on yours. And Duke for burton or Medina. Duke gonna turn heads this year imo. yanks abroad and MLS—— i watch more soccer.
LxveHound 💢Heads up: on Friday, I’ll be leaving for about a week and a half. Going on a cruise ^^ 𝘏𝘦𝘳 𝘣𝘦𝘢𝘶𝘵𝘪𝘧𝘶𝘭 𝘸𝘪𝘧𝘦, @FreeUseMatoi ♡
choechaser91 @RealDealGator Sure I get that but I'm not from South Florida and last I checked Broward county was Miami. Yall counties might bump heads but it's all Miami bruh😂 (Swurv) Self made and self reliant. I make em dance..🐊🐊🐊 Gators🐊 Jags🐆 Braves, Spurs, Barca/Jam ⚽️ 🥊
UriGuriVtuber United States There may be things that are inappropriate in these that do not reflect my opinion (espicially the older ones). I did not go through the 200+ psas and I plan to just play them straight through. Just a heads up Broccoli hair Retro vTuber who likes weird games and film Creator: @GmarX31926045 Profile pic: @_Azuuruu Art Tag: #UriGuriArt Live Tag: #UriGuriLive
Ange_de_la_Mort Q.uarrytwt is all "T.ed is super tran.sphobic and r.acist and the entire cast hates him and now they start shunning S.iobhan bc she insists on being friends w him, source trust me bro :(" and I don't know what kind of fanfic y'all are writing in your heads, but it's very weird. gamer, writer, reader // no forks left to give (they/them) // 18+ only, ship friendly // DNI: minors, MAPs, anti-shippers // ❤ @Vausome ❤ 無言フォロー失礼します.
gheewiddit i hate it when old heads look down on the street life . like yall want us to feel at “home” in a home that dont even give af abt us. b judgin us and shytt. like what if the street life is all we got ? if yeen got nobody, you live for nothin .. #iH0LDMy0wN📍 • 3A5T$ 44 tak 📍♦️ || • LLC 🕊️💙 || • LLL ❤️ || • rest ez pops 🙏🏾❤️ || • free tre, free money
JennyWTB For my indecisive friends out there, my bf and I have been using a method of decision making to help us out: narrow down to two options and say, “hey Siri, flip a coin.” Make sure you assign heads or tails first obviously, but it’s a life saver. #indecisive #sirisavestheday Live long and prosper. 🖖🏻 She/Her
IhyMarx @destowed Facts Twin I miss this but yk the old heads and infinity ward don’t like seeing the com win 🤧 17 | F/A| CoD Content Creator
slacknhash /dev/null/ Poll's closed. And with a fifty-fifty split of the vote, I'm going to have to flip a coin to see which 'bot to draw next. Heads it's Bumblebee, tails it's Shockwave. Heads it is. Middle-aged unemployable piece of crap cosplaying (badly) as a human being.
GrindaViking heads up for everyone who sent in an ink slot, while I'm only taking 2 today, there's a lot of fun options I wanna take and since the household currently has some Financial Difficulties I'm not going to talk about publicly, I'm open to taking the others over the rest of the week 27 year old kink artist/she-they/🇮🇸 Commissions Closed SFW @Gluggavedur1
Blacks2015145 They say in their heads oh you can't have your wife if we can't have your wife and I'm just really tired of it you know you're not sticking your dick in my wife that's pedophilia that's incest f*** off Official account of the Chief Officer Of Offices and owner of the USA, King Davir, Zion, natural hybrid of God and king.
SaintZeekTV Florida I am home from a very busy, but great, trip to Pittsburgh. I’ll be streaming tomorrow morning with @W2GamesandToys doing Challenge head to heads in Monster Train, possibly Slay the Spire, and maybe some competitive Pokemon. PNGTuber | Twitch Streamer | TCGs and Game Design | Patron Saint of Dank memes and sub-optimal plays | Co-Owner of Epic Loot LLC | Art: @goddessSyrinaVT
Necrotext Bed, OH Just as a heads up y'all tomorrow I'm going to be seeking taking my last slot of the year. Finishing it up with stream time on thursday with Mabel, and then calling it vacation time. So if youre looking for something from me keep an eye out Local cow, delphox, sometimes part dragon, and maybe a toy - furry/fuzzy critter artist. Trans, kin, She/Her; often nsfw 🔞18+ only🔞 - @Serpentsaurus💜
Blacks2015145 And then over here in Ogle county they have this two dick fantasy in their heads I read their minds all the time there dumb as f***they don't understand that the two dicks is me not someone else and me I'm really tired of all this b******* Official account of the Chief Officer Of Offices and owner of the USA, King Davir, Zion, natural hybrid of God and king.
RomanoCoraggio ☀️Southern Clownifornia🌴 @Vinjenza @dovesandletters @olivertraldi @77_steeze You're a fool, Gennifer Anne I don't suffer fools who have their heads in the sand about human nature, world history and the evil that is #Wokeness muting ☘️Crash stunt pilot💀 Euro🇺🇸 mutt: 🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Armstrong clan🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 // Hrvatski🇭🇷 Italiano al cuore🏛️ forza🇮🇹
BMurdolo 10 minutes from anywhere @SensCentral @plal @dumoulin_nick We give up 5 goals to these ducks and I’m calling for heads NY | LA I Thorough Enjoyer of the Ottawa Senators
SouthernGemGal Mercury + Venus My mother gave me attention, but she wasn’t at all my games in school. I played volleyball. But she was there for many other things and events. She was very involved young; the same as my (step)father. We bumped heads w/age. We still talk and love her. 🙏🏾❤️ 18th c. Bluestocking Mistress | Full Blooded Ardent Woman | Wonderer | Wanderer | Living in Your Head 🦚🧠⚡️❤️💋

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