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the_twitr_acc Your dads wiener this dude is on meth. i know what it looks like, i know what it sounds like. plus he is talking about religion and how religious he is. its meth. meth heads love religion i wasnt talking crap when i said that. its the truth master of high brow comedy super smart and smexy genius person certified good boy gay/Bi🏳️‍🌈 if twitter goes down will be on mastodon :( 21 yo
evhemphill St. Louis I need to have more trust in the fact that fam & friends love me and maybe even like being w/ me even if/when I'm a bit of a mess. P.S. I'm on vacation & need to enjoy it! And also clean a bit after some hectic weeks. Let's put on some Talking Heads & clog dance while we sweep2/2 Mostly car-free commuter. @STLBWorks staffer. Former @STLonAir producer. Always an overthinker, clog dancer and lover of Emily Dickinson. Trying to log off.
Marv89961222 Anywhere I need to be @jfa643 @NadineGNess I just love when academia puts their 2 cents in lol. Blow hards and talking heads period. Ironworker/Welder/Fitter/Patriot of a Free World
RealAbigailB I love it when people respond to the argument they wish you made instead of the argument you actually made. It just shows that they have the talking points cued up in their heads and are helpless without them. Writer. Zombie Virus Survivor. Read my blog at
johnsummit Chicago, IL if i ever sell out to the point where i show up 15 minutes late and open up with heads will roll please just kill me tour dates, tix & merch ⬇️
BeardedGenius I think I know who’ll miss twitter the most. Reply guys who live their lives to get offended by others getting offended. They’ll even invent you getting offended in their heads so they can get offended back. They’re the perfect mix of bored, angry and free for the rest of the day Writer. Some charities that need your support: @_bfriend @WoodSt_Mission @Coffee4Craig @SpoonsCharity @tyhafan @JosephsGoal
Headteacherchat United Kingdom Chatting to lots of heads and senior leaders recently. Especially ones who have had OFSTED. I have come to to the opinion; Unless you work in a school, you've no idea how difficult things are. 👋The Network for School Leaders. Hosted by Lucy & Jonathan Coy 📆Planners 📖 Edu Network 👨‍🏫 CoachingPlus School Leaders Conference DM to collab.
emzorbit Missouree @piper4missouri This. This is what I notice and wonder about. 2% Asian. 12% Black. 5% Hispanic or Latino. 3% mixed race. Yet 96% of Missouri House Committee heads are white. What’s the saying? If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the the menu. My child will never hold elected office because of this account. I cuss so my kid has made a killing on the swear jar market. (she/her)
Vol4Life03 @ZeroWith120 @rockytopology I 100% agree it it’s speed and technique.. we need a stud coach. Willie is same as he has always been! We need some ball hawks! Our guys don’t ever really get their heads around looking for the ball
Marniemyszrrdog SE VA Her #seizures are becoming continuous. Normally if it gets like this it will last the whole night. Tomorrow she heads back to school. Should I keep her home just one more day? or should I just go ahead and send her to school? if you vote no, explain why. #Epilepsy #EpilepsyMonth #seizure Response Dog (szrr) Helping hooman with 100s of seizures daily, here to tell my story of being a #servicedog on #dogsoftwitter. English Shepherd.
_prettyahlexis Dallas, TX African-American have one job and that's to watch them while I work so I keep a roof over their heads tf African-American I got real life bills you don't and his big nose bottom wanna complain about that
Dom819656 @AsimovSophie @radicalskadttle I work on oil rigs and I'm on constant stand by to go back out anytime with an hour heads up and they cut my wages so we all went on strike. Get everyone you work with to strike
jtwritergirl The Hellmouth @miririnmiri Could be. I also think the film can be a lot to digest at first, so maybe after some time after, they might connect more with the story after letting it marinate in their heads. It was definitely moving and heartbreaking. Freelance Writer. wild card. Sarcasm enthusiast. I write about pop culture and life. Need content written? Send Inquiries []
kr_hugh England/New York @TimRunsHisMouth The Orange 🍊 paid to recruit the mobs of thousands and the coop plus use the tax payers fork to pay for lawyers for them. I hope Jack Smith apply charges accordingly. Worm heads ..................... .........?
extremeXmetal Black Abyss @starkinly It is BS that we are held with a gun to our heads when it comes to cell service. I have to circle back to the no competition. It's Rogers and Bell. That's it. Look at the United States, They have choices Death Metal Black Metal Toronto Maple Leafs
Cre8tiveGenius2 Some Artists and Bands I ❤ David Bowie Television The Kinks The Jam Joy Division Talking Heads Nick Drake Led Zepplin The Beatles U2 The Rolling Stones Metallica Bob Dylan Fleetwood Mac Oasis Aretha Franklin Janis Joplin Amy Winehouse
ancient_fisher Elephant Island, Antartica @Onlytheyoung751 @Texas_Made956 1/ Yeah same here. I later did live fire exercises that were very intense. We had crew served weapons laying down suppressive fire over our heads while the maneuver elements assaulted. At night. Very realistic and was great prep for actual war. Anti-War, Anti-Maoist Dissident. Veteran. Bronze Star recipient. God, Country, Family.
TheScopeo @BillyM2k @Msannthrope57 So u want to remove people that are being a dickhead, only problem with that is: that would remove most of twitter users, i believe Elons purpose of twittee takeover was to let people say what they want even if its bad, it exposes those dick heads and its up to u to block them Player For @TheBaneUprising #BaneThatMfGang Ni/gga
xgimji tx just a heads up anyone who has me on OW/Battlenet my account was hck-d and looking at the history of people being affected by this it seems most times they don't get their account back so not sure what I'm going to do, keep playing or call it there for my ow career, so remove me 👻 Twitch Partner 👻 ❯ ❯ ❯ #gimjiart ❯ contact
Thorstensonjoh2 Minneapolis, MN @caffeinechick I don’t even care what they say anymore. If I disagree with them, I just expect to be called whatever vile nonsense they can think of. It’s a way to try to make us put our heads down, and shut up. It doesn’t work anymore. Happily Married. Here to talk politics, with a side of humor and entertainment. No DMs. Not looking for a date, and I don’t want to see your only fans.
stisctybot This morning, we put a Knit blanket over our heads, And on the couch, In our cotton tent, We stare eye to eye. 'I feel like we are an electromagnet.' 'I don't know what that is.' 'I don't either, but you make me feel like one.' Randomly generated tweets from Misha Collins' poetry book, Some Things I Still Can't Tell You A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!
YosefSonic “In an arrested silence… We plead to our insane Gods… And the voices in our heads.. Like the silence in the woods To stop appeasing man of economic global domination!!” @serjtankian #truth I will inspire everyone with your voice… I believe in you … I am your voice Inspring people I Using my personal testimonies to encourage those that seek for solutions
parkerandtheman Detroit/Las Vegas/LA Spartans SURVIVE #Portland which is a phrase I never thought I'd type. #Pilots go on a 13-2 run at the end of this #PKI finale and just come up short. All 5 starters double figs #MSU gets 2 wins and heads back east to take on Notre Dame Wednesday in South Bend #ACCBigTenChallenge Radio/TV dudes, podcasts, Rob Parker in LA on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports Radio. Mark Wilson in Las Vegas. Both formerly Detroit. WJBK Fox 2, WDIV, 97.1, WDFN
oddhyune she/her ▪️ black key word is humility. i want the stalkers to know exactly what I mean and not have to scratch their heads HYUNJIN FREEDOM PENDING
rockapeMC Planet Dave, yes i said it @BeefsGolfClub Well all I can say is, I’ve had enough of plugging my ball already. Man alive my bag towel is minging, my club heads look like they have only just survived the battle of the Somme. My trolly looks like it’s done the mongol rally, and as for water hazards WHY just WHY. Shot a 77🤦🏼 Veteran | Father to two amazing boys| Husband to an amazing women | THFC
FLXWERPRINCESS_ Admin 20//has adhd & autism //just a heads up. I did make Aurora a selective mute. Because admin is as well. SO! If she’s already interacted with your muse, no worries. But to anyone she hasn’t interacted with, she will be silent and either sign or have a pen and paper. “they call me crybaby”
jjlaspina Boca Raton, FL @MarkBski Those poor lettuce! Decapitated! How Vile! How violent! How can vegans eat a head of lettuce? I think I'll go to that section of the grocery store and smash all of the heads of lettuce, so I can make a point about those poor lettuce. Seed oils and excessive carbohydrates are addictive and detrimental. Eating ancestrally appropriate foods will optimize your body, mind & emotions.
ShoNuffKay37 any/all @xelor_official The pup in my header was of a dog I had that died like a year ago. There fat heads are so cute and pet-able and they always look like they're smiling. I forking love these forkers so much. Creative Writer, Poet. The Shogun of Harlem.
fbhparlay Tennessee, USA @ForeverBuff1997 Like I said before. The point is STILL going over y’all heads... CU is a school that comes from money, still has money and will forever have national prowess (good or bad). He turned an HBCU into a school that’s getting national recognition! I get CU wants the same but.. computer geek, graphic designer & sports enthusiast
The18146363 @kennyjustdoit10 @coco_atarashi @LAxFLAME self is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Drake's genius unfolds itself on their headphones. What fools... how I pity them. 😂 And yes by
xelor_official Indiana @ShoNuffKay37 I love pit bulls and their big rubbable fire hydrant heads, I used to have an Ori-Pei I was really partial to and he kinda looked like a pit bull so I gravitate hard towards these guys born 2 simp 4 jaiden animations
dareus114 @abikhalil_t In Babylon, when they became high priests, learned black magik and spells etc. I believe these are now called zionists. Which, as always, doesn’t include all but their heads are satanic, or luciferean. They doubt God exists “What shall we say to these things? if God be for us, who be against us?”
jimpas50 @NativeGeronimo @SybilT2 Remember when Preparation Rush's listeners were called "Ditto heads"? Rush would spout a lie and his followers would repeat "ditto." One of Rush's favorite phrases was, "I read the news so you don't have to." That's so he could twist facts around before telling them to followers.
ifeelgood1771 @miles_commodore I wished the Indians would have used the faux outrage and subsequent name change for one announcement: The new name of Cleveland baseball is the Cleveland Caucasians! Let it ride MSM for 24 hrs so heads explode then say GOTCHA! JK!! Then announce their new stupid name. Advance the narrative people...everyday; in all you do! No DMs. No fake Asian girl bots. Stuff your pronouns and blind support for totalitarianism.
PopeyeBarrnumb near Chico, CA, USA @katiekleinbooks @Reveal_House There's little worse than "Talking Heads" 'Blob' Writing. I'm going to expand this to include dialogue and some other things: Immersive Description In Fiction Writing: I am Popeye Theophilus Barrnumb – The God of Skinny Punks – The God of Ants — I Gots Moxie! — How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure. #NSFW
annateresa79 Rural PA @SarcasticWee @WWBD17 @caju072 @DkBell0 @cjones47 @GabiMccauley @jimidork @Laurinde @AKBrews @LaRoeDesign @goobermunch @estockbridge @esp1371 @joshuaicore @Equivo_Kate @Hell_Kitty @WhosePolitics @paix120 @there_nor @Wompanafrank @somethinsomethi @BeecherDenys @AchillesLastWar @JulieMFaenza @Jahana @ClayHale7 @TweetOfSteiner @midwitdeleuze @kturn99825720 @KathrynTewson @LuluAndToes @jdsanctioned @AntiNickname @tznkai @AquaVelvaBoy @sirenmonorail @AlvaroIM77 @Katerationopia @Unlearned_Hand @riScorpian @JurisDudence @lawprofblawg @clayhal @bettkink @Pullingaclaudia @MyFavMurder My brother‘s 9 years older than I. I adored him so much, when he went away to college, I slept in his room. When I was younger, though, he took heads off my dolls to use them for mini-basketballs. This was pre-Nerf-basketball sets; he cut a hole in a box and taped it over a door. Language, logic, legal topics Science, history, literature Photography, plants, pets, books
snungod @Solidrev1 I just watched some gameplay on YouTube and I don't know these enemies are looking real sponge bullet-y. It's taking some enemies more than a dozen shots to go down and heads hots don't seem to matter. That's why I'll always prefer TloU combat what
devoutpete 24 || ꜱʜᴇ/ᴛʜᴇʏ || ᴊᴀʏ’ꜱ ᴡɪꜰᴇ I’m so excited for when BBB series is announced because in that moment, we will realize any hints and teasing that went over our heads 🥹 🤍🫧 All about 𝐁𝐁𝐁 & 𝐕𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐬𝐏𝐞𝐭𝐞 ♡ —ᴀʀᴛ•ᴇᴅɪᴛꜱ•ꜰɪᴄꜱ 🔞🤍
rlsoderstrom Lincoln, NE Nehemiah 4:4 (NLT) Then I prayed, “Hear us, our God, for we are being mocked. May their scoffing fall back on their own heads, and may they themselves become captives in a foreign land! God is shacking the world up - to wake us up - to look up! Jesus is coming! Are you ready?
mmcclure88 Nashville, TN @ngtcollectibles Thanks for the heads up. I'll send what they got from me and then that's it.
john_vahey Boston, MA @twilight_zone17 @dumb_wolfdog @0mag__ @AVindman Says they guy in a cult who’s leader said there were very fine ppl on both sides and one of those sides was literally nazis but sure I’m the bigot. You’re all the heroes in your own heads when in reality you’re trash humans
mhajjar78 Maryland, USA @MCPS would appreciate a heads up on a school closing call tomorrow (i.e. will be countywide or school by school) and how will parents be notified. Thank you! Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. Seek out argument and disputation for their own sake; the grave will supply plenty of time for silence.
DekaneyG Coach Khan - Glad I made the trip, those men left it all out in the field. Don’t let the outcome bring you down, keep your heads up!! Major accomplishment and everyone involved should be proud! @Dekaneywildcat @ajacinto3 @SpringISD @BTG4youth @Dekaney_Band @DekaneyC Come play golf!
eddy_d0ll @kennaxoxx @ChrisMotionless Crowd surfers have some of the WORST concert etiquette 😭😭 the time I went to trinity of terror this one chick kept crowd surfing and bashing our heads in 😭😭 by the end of eternally yours everyone around me just let her crash to the ground 🤷‍♀️ she/her
Larry_Fried East Coast USA @BillBainbridge5 I never got to see King Crimson live myself. For some reason it never came together 4 me. I'm familiar with Fripp and Wetton' work though. I did get to see the Group U.K. here in Philly. Amazing, Awe Inspiring -mostly went over the audience's heads. Bruford ultimate technician Musician, Electronic Technician, Recording-Mastering- Transfer Engineer. Many great Years at RCA Records. Member Musical Theater Pit Orchestra Alumni.
cplf19 @Buccaneers I invest more time and energy into this damn dumpster fire than these guys do. Heads need to roll from this game after coming out of a bye. Leftwich is so inept it’s unbelievable how he’s kept his job. Fire them all and coax BA out of retirement. Hell, bring Gruden back. Dad, Husband, Teacher, Head Coach of Wolcott Eagles Baseball...Be patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get the best.
bohzii the blocc chain @Lunch77Beatz this 💯 yeah it’s like wayyyy too many mf’s just wanna use each other’s heads as stair steps and then gatekeep as soon as they get any type of traction that’s why it’s been refreshing to see what i’ve seen in this community with the mfs in crashdummy for example musician x producer | building in web3 | @cetsoncreck Virtuoso 🤍 | @hedgefundbabys Babysitter 💸
bonewitchbot My brother leaned forward and wrapped me in a fierce hug. "We need someone in our heads to tell us whenever we’re being idiotic. It’s the Pahlavi way." I returned his embrace. "But we don’t need to be in each other’s heads all the time." excerpts from the bone witch trilogy by @rinchupeco every three hours.
6ixgodlaurent Brooklyn, NY defining your chapter of independence/ finding your way through turbulence in life is not about being chaotic & reckless. and I wish everyone could get that out of their heads. for fun? sure. to put yourself in unreasonable situations? never. 22🍒

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