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HipHopThinker Land of Freedom Formerly U S A I love when Twitter legal neophytes recite what their preferred television talking heads have said, without a morsel of independent confirmation to determine if that analysis was accurate. The Jacobson case is the clearest and latest example of legal stupidity in these days. ANTI Mass Formation Psychosis #FreedomMusic advocate #TheAmishWereRight Member of the Vaccine Control Group * Find me on @GettrOfficial
HipHopThinker Land of Freedom Formerly U S A I love when Twitter legal neophytes recite what their preferred television talking heads have said, without a morsel of independent confirmation to determine if that analysis was accurate. The Jacobson case is the clearest and latest example of legal stupidity in these days. ANTI Mass Formation Psychosis #FreedomMusic advocate #TheAmishWereRight Member of the Vaccine Control Group * Find me on @GettrOfficial
HipHopThinker Land of Freedom Formerly U S A I love when Twitter legal neophytes recite what their preferred television talking heads have said, without a morsel of independent confirmation to determine if that analysis was accurate. The Jacobsen case is the clearest and latest example of legal stupidity in these days. ANTI Mass Formation Psychosis #FreedomMusic advocate #TheAmishWereRight Member of the Vaccine Control Group * Find me on @GettrOfficial
betterwith_feta There are times when I’d love to let rip at some of the forking gimps who ruin this platform by talking complete and utter bollocks. You know who you all are so give your heads a wobble ffs. Trainee of the Classics, survivor of a suicide attempt and constantly trying to be better. Would much rather read nowadays. 🇬🇷
comer2032 Memphis, Tn You know, I’m going to really love the egg on the faces of all these media members, pro bowl voters, and talking heads that keep ignoring the Titans when we “sneak up” and make a deep playoff run. One billion injuries and counting and still the number 2 seed right now. #Titans Titans, Cardinals, Grizzlies, and Memphis Tigers....enough said!
1777Roots Spruce Grove Lmao I just saw someone sighting Trump to take the jabs. I love watching people watch his interview and not understand what he’s saying. Just like talking to a child about something adult. Goes right over their heads. Man will they feel like fools when the truth comes out If you jab a child thats attempted murder. If that child dies thats murder. If you dont like this dont follow or prove me wrong. show me the 5,7&10 year studies
Naee_Weather__ ✊🏿✊🏿BLM I love how close me and my little sister have gotten, all growing up we couldn’t stand each other always bumping heads, but our life‘s changed when our mom died and our grandma and now we’re beyond close always with each other and always talking! And I LOVE IT!! R.I.P Momma & My Dma🌻Mom of 1♥️ Engaged 💍♥️ Nina of 1💙 $Naeeweather
GulBukhari None, Piemonte This is so shameful. The country is made lawless by its military intelligence agencies. I don’t know who heads MI therefore tagging @OfficialDGISPR to pass on to Gen Nadeem Anjum, the DG MI, and Gen Bajwa. This needs to change completely if Pakistan is to become normal. Not that I loved PPP less, but that I loved Rome more..
Samriddhi0809 Jaha news mil jae! We all should legit hang our heads in shame. I feel so so disgusted to see this as a woman, a citizen of this country and human being. And, it gets worse because I know the situation won't get any better from here. I am sorry @IsmatAraa . Journalist @hwnewsnetwork Words: @IndianExpress @TheLeaflet_in @thecaravanmagazine @newsclickin @VICEWorldnews ++ For story leads:
AuthorKimberley Washington, DC For that money, @GregAbbott_TX should be forced to strike down the Texas abortion law--including the barbaric bounty on the heads of people seeking abortions. This is about the folks of Texas and THEY deserve the funds. I hope Texans vote for @BetoORourke. He'll protect EVERYONE. Host of the #StartMeUp podcast. Books: Peyton's Choice & The Virgin Diaries. @HuffPost Sexy Liberal Podcast Network. My podcast:
jameske54144900 Utah, USA @MichaelDeutch @tmthurston @GeorgeTakei Then I can’t troll crap heads like you. Don’t worry in a year your president will lose the house and senate. Then you’ll lose in 2024. We can have a legit president and be energy independent with no inflation. #letsgobrandon off road riding addiction. America First 🇺🇸 Married to Moto Mama.
ineedanameyoyo Park City, Utah Heads up if you haven’t made it this far yet but I have counted 8 County Mounties, and county Mounties between Toquerville and Beaver
Fries_The_Child Any pronouns Hey yall so my mom took my phone for some dumb reason so i wont be active for a while (i never even got to finish my wips cries and sobs) Just wanted to give you guys a heads up! i like to art | 14 yrs old | agender | #davycult leader | davy confirmed dec 31st, 2021 | nsfw dni | do not use my art without permission
sethkushondeck Basedworld @Marcuddy @lastwolflord @RockstarGames Nah I feel you bro! Just giving a heads up. Personally I find the agency more fun. Its slower money. Do a dre mission, then a security contract then a payphone hit and repeat. Every 5 security contracts boosts your hourly agency safe total by 500$ per 48 min. Up 2 50k with 500 SC Pisces 🐟♓ GloGang 999 Trap Music Historian
SterlingSpector California, USA Acts 18:6 And when they opposed and reviled him, he shook out his garments and said to them, “Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent. From now on I will go to the Gentiles.” “Education doesn’t make us happy ... But education may be the means by which we realize we are happy ...” – Iris Murdoch (1919-1999)
WSUBish0413 Ohio, USA @AP When Trump is elected again, I can’t wait for him to pardon everyone and invite them to the White House. The media heads will 🤯 81 million people didn’t vote for a dementia patient.
reallybaduse @LostSkelly I stand by my beliefs! Man looks like he can crash heads and take a punch and then down a keg Donald Dork. 25. 18+. there will be typo. gay boogieman. Alt @MGoodusername pfp by @teddyisms
JoeThebarron @RedeemedGunner I agree Arsenal player great and went toe to toe with arguably the best team in the world at this moment - in fact we were the better team on the day! Tbh I didn't see any team bashing on twitter but would not be surprised it some knuckle heads did chat crape. Some fans be fickle
jebrenn23 Manahawkin, NJ @IamEliRacks I always watch the game and stick to the end but no more, the Giants are horrendous and heads need to roll NOW #resister #BidenHarris Patiently waiting for justice #NYGiants No Lists
JKDBoag Aberdeen, Scotland @olicoulsxn I’ve long held that at least in Scotland, the cops use football (and particularly Old Firm games) as an opportunity to bring out the riot gear and bash some heads, because “it was the football” is seen as a legitimate excuse Glaswegian, 21, #BwiththeT, CE, Dyspraxic, Friendly neighbourhood hack in your mentions; MA History and IR @aberdeenuni, President @UoA_Debater, They/Them
OlegFeldgajer Waterloo, Ontario 1/ In my post “REINVENTING XYZ” I emphasized the importance of not leaving the REINVENTION process in the hands of a single executive. And I said: “Whatever you do, remember: Like in PROCUREMENT, single-source seldom works”… As a 30-yr AI veteran, I am in the business of joining Advisory Boards to bring untapped revenue streams & boost ROIs - just as I did w/ Verizon 20-yrs ago...
BallBalloffire8 For those of you above a certain age who’ve seen a successful Everton I understand your feelings.For those abusive pricks who haven’t go and boil your heads
justbhavyaugh Bengaluru, India No I'm forking done with men trying to blame women and justify how normal and common it is for men to just be mindless horny chumps with no ethical or moral ground like the foremen of chumpery or something. Get your filthy dicks and heads out of the gutter and learn something god-complex activated every now and then, sorry she/her
Awilliams031999 Kentucky, USA Okay, so I got some of the rex heads done (still need to do the male ones). And the first one is sort of the base design while the rest of the head designs are meant to be used to add in the speific features of them for later. I'm just a fan of Godzilla, Dragon Ball, Transformers, Jurassic Park/Jurassic World, Marvel and a few other properties who loves to draw from time to time.
H4ROUN_ Somewhere I could go on and on and on about this thread, i really hope his 2 sons don’t see another morning. 1- for being dickheads to a helpless 84 years old father 2- for the conspiracy crap they have in their heads. I’m forking fed up with people. كُن مع الحق، حتى لو كلّفك ذلك أن تكون صديقاً لجدران غرفتِك فقط. || "و إن الرّاحل إليك قرِيب المَسافة.."
holdmyfork Intermountain West We are small and the world is mighty. I’m going to miss this guy when he heads back home tomorrow. #getoutside Mountain Time is the best time // moves wherever the Company Man’s job takes us // hikes, bikes, runs (swims when req’d) // digital & film photography // no DMs
NomadicBrits Currently in the UK Gold Coast Ice Cream at Gelateria Dolce Follia - So we made a quick stop at Burleigh Heads, in Queensland. I say quickly; it was just a quick swim in the sea and a stop off for some... Australia, Australia Good Food Guide #travelblogger online magazine, written by travellers, for travellers. Currently over 400 articles and counting
SungJinn94 Just a heads up, I'll be streaming Thursday night (valorant stream), maybe Wednesday during the day (valorant stream), and Friday night (charity music stream) This Never Happened | DDD | Sometimes Things Get Complicated
JinTexas2 @GeraldoRivera @JoeBiden I thought you and Trump were buds.. guess not.. or maybe you have some assistant handling your twitter?. Biden will go down as the worst president in my lifetime. I thought it would be Carter, but Biden is winning. He and Harris are in over their heads and we will all pay
StudioCanuck Heads up, I will be returning to my normal streaming schedule on January 4, 2022. My stream schedule is as follows: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 11:00PM EST/8:00PM PST. There will be a bonus stream tomorrow, January 3 at the same time. Twitch Affiliate. A flight simulator streamer on Twitch. @ArtesianBuilds Ambassador. Business email: canuckmusician (at)
fitter55 Bath, UK @BCFerries @TheQdotFM Having suffered cancellations on this route due to alleged high winds, I remain bewildered why you don't chain down the big vehicles, clear the loose furniture and hose down the heads regularly, if the crossings are actually rough. Fair weather sailors? Gillingham born Man of Kent, living in Bath, UK. Spectator at the Gills, Bath Rugby, Kent CCC, Victoria Royals and F1. Union member. Once fettled submarines.
ZeepEleven @FaithRubPol @Michael19539 What DOESN'T provoke them to violence? I'm sick of decent and normal people of all political affiliations being held hostage by these freaks. No more coddling. That's what allowed them to putrify in the dark while allowing qanon to fill their heads with poison. We 2 have guns. I can almost touch my toes
efbdt41 EST/CET @GoogieBaba i’ve been wondering how they handle the rape in this story and was kinda hoping it was….off screen. you’re the first person i’ve seen give a heads up. thank you. an immigrant getting the job done. EU law+policy type. MApoli, hockey, baseball, bostonian, always. transmasc, they/them.
flgatorking87 Title Town I don't understand how R's don't see twitter banning crap heads like MTG as a net positive...she's bat fork crazy and now moderates no longer see her bat fork crazy thoughts while we still see the AOCs bat fork crazy thoughts
moulivishu jaha jaha tu waha waha my i trust women are sharp they have one head and they use it so well. and then there is men,have two heads and be dumb live
RoomTemp_Soda She had harsh rules on parenting before giving birth and then the kids came and one was different, Ía.n. Bellz was born difficult. Some mornings she can even have 8 heads and she’ll talk to you like she gave birth to you. It didn’t help that I told her she was named after mum and … sitting, observing, enjoying the scenery…
LopDug Illinois @Hoover5454 @SuperMutant2099 @laurenboebert I love watching their heads melt when present ed with actual facts... they are so predictable you can count on and bet on their twisted responses! Oh his Youtube channel, needs A LOT of work - like his Twitter, nothing to see lmao! Guess who's back? See pinned Tweet & replies
Annngel_B in your perception literally ULTRAISM - Extreme philosophy, belief or action, example: Praying mantis courtship can be a dangerous affair; females have been well-documented biting off the heads and eating other body parts of the males that they mate with. I am fine now😌🤞🏾 Who gives a damn about bios..just follow me 🤞🏾
CryptoGrills Retired at 27 This is basically what @swing_xyz is building. The team has been working heads down for a long time ensuring that they'll deliver an incredible platform. They're extremely capable and it's one of the upcoming launches that I am most excited about. $SWING #DeFi #DEX Fundamental Analysooor. Unemployable-DeFiDegenerate-YieldFarmer. If I invest in it, I believe in it. Not Financial Advice. #Fraximalist
rBryer23 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Imagine the pain for #bitcoin maximalists if $BTC heads into a multi year bear market while DeFi projects yield 10,000% again this year and the following - I suppose that's the price they'll pay for not wanting to learn about smart contracts and the future of the world. ₿itcoin Since 2009 (before a single maximalist) - Website: Confidential (fungible) TXs, Interoperability, 4IR. Called the 2021 $BTC top in April 2019.
samrahhumayun Picked up a book called the art of mind reading. Mostly because I'm relocating and will need to get into potential employers' heads. 1/3 of the way through - so far I know more than this guy. Come on now, tell me the secret already! How do I get a job and more money?!! Animal lover. Libertarian. Not-an-actor. Want-to-be-a-writer. Always on the lookout for interesting.
cmachlan Hawai'i/Sailing the Caribbean @realcheepadvice @hello__caitlin If you're not under arrest, cops don't have to read you any rights at all. There is such a thing as personal responsibility and actually listening to others about not talking. Some people just think they're the smartest around and talk their heads off. I would never talk. Happy husband. Political Consultant. Retired from politics, fire fighting/EMT, police and a couple of business ventures. #Resist
PamTdawg Los Angeles I love how the GOP talking heads are trying to “both sides” the #Jan6th #insurrection and the public’s distrust of fair elections. @ThisWeekABC Scientist turned screenwriter/producer, bringing the wonders of nature to the masses via the big screen. Science is my religion. PS40 #OntheMountainFilm
JohnBor67329746 Glastonbury, CT @LeftyFromCT Aggressive base running gets into the heads of the entire infield! The more base runners being aggressive the more stress on the opposing infield and the more likely it’ll cause mistakes to capitalize on! 💪 I love it!! Living and loving life!
h0erambe 999 f93 heads have the best style and wow were just so HOT. i fell in love too many times at this event 💫🖤 ig:hoerambe
Tezza64206972 @RobertM12997643 @JujuliaGrace I second that. There are an array of forces lined up against anyone who is brave enough to put their heads above the parapet in defence of the NHS. The big guns are going to be dragged out in 2022. So we've got your back Julia, and we see them for what they are.
sankyudx she/he/they @P_ee_po I threw a ball and it bounced off of 3 nerds’ heads but it didn’t count cause at my school headshots dud not count as an out but we still aimed at the head fushigi | fork gender I got swag | 19 | ESTP | Guitarist | Bald people DNI | sankyu#1212 | 🇵🇭🇮🇪| pfp @/homuchisas
SonOfGraceSoG @windosima @JattoGodween @OfficialOla19 @ridiistedii @NSG If his tweet was harmless then tell me whats harmful with mine...not that i said F**k Ghanaian Artists..Not that i said Ghanaian Artists are ungrateful....Y'all should learn to use your heads and not make stupid excuses for your failure it pathetic i say....pheeeew Real SoG(SonOfGrace)❤| IFB ASAP|| ManUTD Fan|| Lover of Yansh || STAND for Truth Always...🇳🇬
danielkellybook I’ve noticed announcers liking to talk over people’s heads. I’m not sure everyone knows what a single high safety, orbit motion, RPO and a jet sweep is? One of the things I loved about #Madden is he didn’t do that. He was a great teacher of the game. #NFL He explained things. FORMER NY JETS SCOUT, ASPIRING GM, REDSKINS FAN, WRITER SI LIONS, SI JETS, DRAFT DIAMONDS & AUTHOR OF THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL BOOK IN SPORTS "WHATEVER IT TAKES.”
mikecompetition @lolwestinghouse And the heads of coop and Asda for their work on the supply chain during covid. I’m convinced this is code for ‘staying in line and blaming shortages on covid and not brexit’