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RyanCMullally @Ereturn8 @anarchopac Personally I think its because he lets people talk, for better or worse. That can make the conversations feel honest (even if wrong), as compared to talking head sound bite type media which feels staged. Who is positioned to compete with him and present different views? Educator, Lawyer, Husband, Father Follow for a Follow - Opinions Own
man_winch Maid Marian Way @cr268_ I think its because he's such a Prat also F1 fans see it for what it is, Black and White !!! Music, F1, UTD #F1 & Motorsports #UTFR #Manutd #KeepFightingMichael #ForzaFerrari #essereFerrari Love a Quite Driver pwahahaha
anzile_ Johannesburg, South Africa🇿🇦 @SakhileReloaded I think its because he has a girlfriend, and they seem to be in a serious relationship. #BBMzansi is not for people who are in serious relationships 🤞🏼 U can’t be free, coz u will always think of ur partner. 👩‍🎓 BCom Hons Econometrics 👠👸🏽💼
bloomyarg Teyvat - Natlan @Taurhoes I think its because he work with international business, this why he wear a normal pants and not something more traditional from Inazuma, Also he have his blue jacket that he use to sleep when he go back to his home. I really liked his clothes and about he dont be just Blue+ 🌿Um garoto gay de 20 anos bem sonolento e magro de ruim🍃 Ele/Dele (He/Him)
LesPaul35274159 Salford/Manchester @pachamamakuy21 @StopNWO666 TBH, I really like the guy, he's a genius. However, I'm not sure that I would put him in category of being on our side. Why? I think its because he's one of the rich elite and is pals with some of the people we perceive as evil wrong doers in all this bollocks. For that reason I Everyone matters... Stop the culling Don't get jabbed, don't become a spreader, save yourself from being poisoned, wake up!! Resistance isn't futile!
hugeglassofmilk @Adam74091348 @Vicente8101 @Warcraft Why is @Rextroy3 so popular? I think its because he shows creative ways to play different specs and different builds with fun results, and I also think that is something players long for. I love kitties
SaintUnharmed 23 - he/him @ColiChampion I think its because he sees the rebel in her and can relate. Everyone also dismisses him for being a reckless mess, when all he wanted was to be seen and heard. Been puttin' the 'bomb' in bombastic since 2681 Icon by lovely @_jelart
Joao_Kuro @x3_xdd @Phantumix I think its because he knows Calli doesn't need his help. At least from what I've seen her tongue is a lot sharper than his and she can handle a couple of dumbasses on her own (that and the mods/Hololive will probably step in if it gets bad enough) 27
lambgvtz deez nuts [ it sleeps less atm lmao. literally wouldnt get out of bed before. i mean i think its because he wants to go out and take photos. makes him happy. cuteee. there were people here diary ran by periph (use he/they pronouns for me ty) i like ranfren, 80s stuff and writing
ArnelPoprenovi1 Bosnia and Herzegovina @DYukez @ivanlapanje I also loved his SS last yr, so I'm myb a liiiitleeee bit biased towards Kimmich, but honestly, he feels really good. I think its because he has 90+ agression and high agility/balance, thats why he is winning the ball so much •F1-BIH writer• •Nerazzurro sine '04• •Pazza Inter•
electricbeef @AssBoss80085 I think its because he's Georgian, and this is the second time this week I've seen people talking about how Georgians aren't white elliot he/him
balsafangs she/they || 15+ i think its because he has a full and decent noblesse set while itto has crazy good ones but very random pieces... @kurapikxs_hoe is nicock
H917Jacob Lubbock, TX @Annies_Oakleys @Jimmymcbucketss @TexasTechMBB @Big12Conference I think its because he is trying to get the call that they dont blow it for him, but I agree. Getting pushed to the ground and hip checked must not feel nice TTU
vince_whirlwind Even when Biden stays in D.C. for the 2 or 3 days a week he's there he stays at Blair House not the WH...I think its because he easily gets lost and his movements are easier to control in a smaller atmosphere. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Better to fight for something then live for nothing.
JimmiH15 Ohio, USA @jaden_eth i think its because he will be taxes on the Whole 750K and since bitcoin when down he doesnt have the full 750k Living Life one day at a time. Wanna be NFT collector🙏 AKC ❤️ MTG🔥
mmend024 @sammwichh @StuYeWest1 He did something similar the previous season vs the Bucs. He gets stuck on Adams and I think its because he probably never really developed trust in the other guys which sucks cause he does that from time to time People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.– A. A. Milne
kitsingfinity home ( kristsingto / peraya ) @i think its because he got her to be spayed? or the vaccine that prevented cats from getting pregnant and/or pluto got sterilized hehe iloveyou always, in all ways @stjinx_maya @kristtps 🤎 proud to be a samoonjaopha, yuyu and peraya.
5lave_oo7 @EmmaWatson why didn't you tell Rupert you loved him back? I think its because he has always had a crush on you and hasn't gotten over it. he has moved on in his own way and accepted that by telling you he loved you. I assume you two had a rough time at some point but come on! I am glad to be here today. I hate unpatriotic people.
1967lrjones Cardiff, Wales @WholeLotARosie @YourWullie I think its because he was so huge at that time and an American that the photos of him in the most ordinary settings in the UK look so extraordinary. Buyer of records and the hobby grew...and grew. Batcave Dweller! Collector of trivia. Grampy to the Fab Four. Did someone say obscure Teardrop Explodes B-side.
CryptoGeorgist Oregon, USA @lymmy54 @finishline97 @Baby_hitler_ded @sharbelsong @40ATLAS @lay_man_ I think its because he's persuasive to people who go outside, and a byproduct of this is he is insufferable to terminally online people. Crypto georgists, good. Crypto fascists, bad. Crypto currency is a casino. Progress good, poverty bad. Usually an urbanism account, sometimes dinosaurs.
Calmy66 @jordanmynatt_ I think its because he's too big and strong for DB's. #WFTFan #HTT? #LakersFan #LakeShow #DCSportsFan #MSWarrior #AutismAwareness
Frostback4 Somewhere in the frozen north. @Bird5Ca @TheTorontoSun Well, we can slag Trudeau all day and night. The question is - why to Canadians keep voting him back in? I think its because he always shows a holier-than-thou attitude and many Canadians think themselves to be morally superior and smarter than anyone in the world. Former techniker and crass materialist. Misery loves precision... Reality wins - but only every time. Why follow the science if the science follows the money?
brendasbook (they/she) one thing i know ill never achieve is all the physical rigor, exercise and workout my nearly 70 yr old grandpa has done his entire life and still continues to do (i think its because he used to be a professional boxer but i digress) 🇲🇽 | w’24
xxtrustnonee w / yo dadddy . 😘 My son said he saw a ghost . 🤔 I think its time to try to explain to him who it was .. Remind yall he’s about to be 4 and he’s very smart but I didn’t think he knew what a “ghost” is just yet because I never mentioned it to him 😬 .. but ik his dad won’t hurt me nor him ❤️‍🩹 01.01 🎉♑️ | MoM👩‍👦😍| 09.04 💍 | CMAA, CCMA🩺| Teacher 📝 | Joshua 1:9 🙏🏾💋| Im Very D.T.E 🤞🏾
ClRCLEROOMTALK dtkq main, foolish, tina, punz dream puts himself into situations emotions first brain later and i can understand that because i do the same but i just hope he will take time to think a bit, and understand that even when we're upset and disappointed we still love and support him. its just a big forking mess. #DREAM: im awesome, im super cool, im so amazing. 20. they/she/he.
MapleWaterRock Toronto 🇨🇦 @alvarozendejas Spot on. He hasn't changed, but maybe its the fact he has spent years hiding his pro-wealth, anti-regulation side. I originally became a fan of his because I'm an atheist and think we need more rational thought, I don't sign onto this other nonsense. Rationalist, egalitarian, #EVfan; Love humor, travel, beaches, electro music. Pro-diversity & anti-identity politics. #NOFEAR Build a Foundation of Love! 🏳️‍🌈
mainlydrm she ic luminous_slime the only time dream tweets like its no big deal is when he knows its a big forking deal and its childish and i think we all know hes not actually going to stream unless it gets even worse (and even then he probably wont because chat exists) IM DISAPPOINTED. smiletwts princess
IllOnlyReadOne He/They Unless he was doxxed which is a CRIME. What im saying whether its all true or not, think about the impacts of normalizing this behavior. Because its not ok. Its really forking dangerous. I dont know what you expect from this dude, he just got a platform and doesn't know how to ''And the universe said I love you.....'' || DT + Punz enjoyer :) sb to unfollow
RyanCMullally @Ereturn8 @anarchopac Personally I think its because he lets people talk, for better or worse. That can make the conversations feel honest (even if wrong), as compared to talking head sound bite type media which feels staged. Who is positioned to compete with him and present different views? Educator, Lawyer, Husband, Father Follow for a Follow - Opinions Own
SCuumer @OrwellNGoode He should let her, not because its the "right thing to do" its not, but because the pain will make it easier to let go and move on, which I think may be the reason she asked that, so that he can move on and be happier. Do you feel the fickle winds roll upon your scorched face?
wilburshugs she/they/star @luvfordrm i think its because this is a serious situation and dream just unfollowed one person and now followed another its like he doesn't really care about whats happening? — 🌿 dt meetup on february 18th truther | writer!!
ItsYeyo95 San Francisco, CA @_JohnCardenas I don’t think anything that guy tweeted is true. How would he know that lol. But my thing would be his workload because the Patriots rotate their RBs a lot and its always hard to know who will be the main RB in a game. I think McDaniels does that here. Raiders/Giants/Warriors/Knights/Oregon (Backup @BazookaBack95 🇲🇽
RydoTheBawBag United Kingdom @Davidatha_10 @_kaijeffrey i dont evem think he knows english because is interview wasnt in english and its pretty obvious his twitter is managed by someone else
figarogarcias caspian 18 any prns + neos what are some funny interactions figaro would have w mitile in a modern au i want to think mitile makes figaro try a vr horror game and figaro starts screaming his head off because he forgets every three seconds after ruchi michi remind him its just vr #フィガロ ! @chloecoIlins 🐎
moonlystuff @honeymooncntrl @woofsdrm @pIutostarr @manatreed I dont watch him or follow him or something but I dont get how ppl can judge someone just because they said he did it.. the same happened to bbh and it wasnt true. theres no prove that he did it and no prove that he didnt but I dont think its fair from ppl to say that- 𝗌𝗁𝖾/𝗁𝖾𝗋 || 𝟣𝟪 || 🤍
iHeartKrl she they xe guys just because manatreed said he isnt one doesnt mean that u should believe him. if someone has literal proof, i think u should probably believe them. he showed no proof that he isnt and that it was fake. but its best to not take sides and just stay away from the situation. /hug dtkqp + camilo madrigal . . . || alt @iHrtCamilo_
Warrazapha Anchorage, AK Sometimes I think they don't want to believe these people still exist because it indicts them. We have a nazi in the legislature in Alaska, and he's not an outlier, there are nazis in Anchorage and the valley and all across the state. White supremacy and all its variants thrive. Warrior, Hunter of Men, He/Him sometimes We/Them. ♏︎☉ ♍︎ ☽ ♉︎ ↑ Come, crash on these rocky shores.
jamftsmp he/they @dtbrainrott I dont think that people would be mad at him for that reason, but more so because of the fact we warned him. He added some random guy to the smp and anything could've happened. If its true then manatreeds fame and negative impact is almost all at fault of Dream karl: 'fork u honks'
boundmountain1 @latstetter @JohnFetterman Its a shame because theyre both good people & could possibly be a huge help to Pennsylvania and the country as well. I feel bad for Lamb,hes a great candidate unfortunately he just cant get a majority in PA. I think he may actually be TOO NICE & its costing him vs aggressive foes did you ever just feel F%¿king Exhausted with EVERYTHING. Im struggling to care anymore. whatever I can do is never enough. just sayn.
godyzed @sniperfoxyyt @DbDMobile I know this guy i found him so many times in solo and is bad to play killer i always escaped, i think its bad and he download cheats because is frustrated. And i speak like a main killer bad to play surv
hart_mari i think its yekta who paid to kill engin, because he has most to loose along with neva, but unlike neva he craves the respect and status in society based on who he is so i am leaning towards yekta but i think it will be difficult to prove #İçimizdenBiri
catlady_cez Wales @BabanCat1 Its really only happened since just before Christmas, I think because he has a development delay he is now slowly catching up and is at like an 18 month old development age. He is certainly taking it all in. No swear words allowed now 😬 Mum to 4 year old Ollie. Married. 3 cats. Learning to live life a little bit differently #autismawareness
Danny_EFC6 @JDGEFC @BrainyBrands I don’t think he’ll be as bad as that fella’s Dunc quote But think we even had a convo at the time of its not good business to sell Digne and replace him with someone who won’t get anywhere near that level even in terms of potential Just because he’s 22 doesn’t mean it’s good EFC
DoodWBA @WBAcambolia There was somthing if we dropped out the top 6 but I don't think that come into play this season. Its been a nightmare because the players and him himself no he's going. But the whole 4 year deal has been a big mistake. 💙 WBA 💙 FOOTBALL LOVER ⚽️
NalterCards Minneapolis, MN @SkylerH282 @LeonhartYT A LOT goes into big events like this and it was the first one of its kind + Leonhart’s first large-scale event, so I think he deserves some grace knowing his intent was pure. I’m sure his team learned a lot from this event & all future events will be even better because of it. Pokémon Content Creator on YouTube! Streaming the 2nd Best Pokémon Show on Earth Tu/Fri/Su at 7p CST. Buy packs for streams here:
SonicBlueRanger South MS. @Elizondo8Marco I think its because the absolute worst and most noteworthy thing he did is the slap and even then people blame Ken for it or make up insane bullcrap about Jon Gray doing it because he hated Sally. Power Rangers and Sonic Fanboy|He/Him|31|Can be NSFW at times|Minors will be blocked|don't follow if not 18+
LongHairedLefty Iowa, USA Lmao a solid half of this video is @JoshStrifeHayes crapting on edge-lord red pillers (because the main character of the game is one) and its made me realize I NEED a Josh Strife politics channel. I think he's on our side guys 🤣 Professional crapposter Socialist, Humanist, Atheist, Demiguy 26, Married, He/They
GenoManager @emanningwrites I like him as a player because I think he's a good one and effective. But I think its impossible to play fast with him on the ice and i'd rather the team identity finally be that Proud #GoHabsGo fan. Bergevin is gone
strawbebysprite They/Them pronouns @Chibimiie RIGHT. Does he though? does he really? because if he did i dont think he wouldve left in the first place. its so frustrating bc Ed was in the right and justified, but people kept invalidating him just cause its his ~dad~. im gonna say it, i was very happy to see him punch his dad Maeve! 25! Queer. graphic design is my nightmare // pfp: @tomomochi_ talk to me about HM/SoS/RF
stardoopy read rentry BYF @leoeli_brainrot Im looking through the sparknotes rn since like i said i didnt get far at all with the book ( i hate summer reading + i was unmedicated ) and I think I wouldnt be able to relate at ALL to Holden just because ive never gone through the same stuff he did (+ its a different time),+ Doop || The xyx / She / They - 18 - aroace - white || i like guys with dark hair and glasses || #themistwit || Art only: @stardooples

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