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Im Sorry That You Keep

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NeshiabelARMY United Kingdom @sugarcho We wont ever know how he truly felt after seeing those awful comments😞 im so sorry jin we can't protect you and keep you away from horrible people. How can one do to that extent just to show his hatred. 😞😞😞😓 they are hopeless Saw BTS at 🇬🇧💜 I miss them already😭#BTSLoveMyself #ARMY since2015 OT7 BTS+ARMY+BigHit=Family. FAN ACCOUNT. 💜😎 Real Artist&Musicians💜insta: neshiabel_army
leaknielsen London / Denmark there's a famous guy sitting across from me in the cafe im at right now and it's annoying me so much that i can't remember where i've seen him before so im sorry for staring intently at your face but it's gonna keep me up at night if i don't clock you soon viking. bubblegum icecream stan. can quote all of tangled by heart. real life rachel green.
AuzzieValentyne @melissaslimmer 😂😂😂😂 WELL YOU NEED SOME SLEEP AND IM GONNA KEEP REPEATING THEIR NAMES TO YOU, JUST KIDDING IM NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO DO THAT BUT IL SORRY YOUR DAY WASNT THAT GREAT 🏳️‍🌈 -fan account- mostly positivity from this account- you are valid and beautiful, remember that always- 20 and still indecisive- swirler-
mwlawley @Robinet_Joe hey mate, love your vids. Sorry about Scout, hope he is getting better. Where did you get his collar from? I have a German shepherd aswell and that collar is BA. Im from Australia. Keep up the good work mate. You new house and family seem wonderful.
oncrackbangtan 🇵🇭 watch me comment “thank u, next” on the newest tweets of my future unfollowers they probs think theyre slick but sorry to break ur delulu head but i see u and im not helping you keep that skinny bottom ratio 😔🤙🏼 let’s GET IT
yoonminfocus my dad took my phone and i wont get it back in a long time im really sorry i hope that you guys dont leave me and forget me ): ill miss you all so much please keep chasing your dreams and ambitions im always here for all of you even when im far away 💌- - - #슈가 + #지민
archmiemel Belgrade, Serbia @rootedwithsoul You dont need to be sorry i should keep my mouth shut im scaring people not intentionally but even after u r twice resurrected there is still pain for unascended i remained here and Explained THE GENESIS PROCESS SCIENTIFICALLY that will ocurre in future everything is from future. Electronic music DJ, Producer, Remixer
tyeIrrjoesph 178 bree (@cutmyliplive) hewwo... we've been off and on the last few days, but i hope we can keep going strong. i miss talking to you and doing that one emoji over and over again. im sorry im stupid and ruined everything, you deserve the entire world. mwuah. ily +
lailynaz_ you know that everything just changed and there's nothing such a "back to normal" hahak even though ppl keep telling me to appreciate what i have but im sorry. i kinda realllyyyyy miss the old us :( im not lying girl, i miss us. aiming straight A's for pt3 :* but only study twitter
2muchfundip like im forking sorry I literally had a psychotic break and tried to rip my veins out with a screwdriver like you kind of can't keep a job when you're like that laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh. 🌞 🌸Instagram🌸: smokin_panda_ 🌹Snapchat🌹: mirandamariiie
MYNCT0612 NCT ‎♡ one of the people that i luuuvvvv, im sorry for the lack of affection. but thank you for always listening to my rant,, i beg you to not expose me... pls keep telling me about your faves and how youre always waiting for your bus. its very interesting 🤠 ‘wanna be - apink’ #도영 ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆ #재현
no1buckeyegurl @briancommeans @spinnershells @Bucknuts247 @EastonTownCtr @Shelley Im sorry that people keep asking about 2019. It's sad... I wish people would just let it go. You, Urban and the whole Meyer family has been amazing for this University!! I just wish everyone had the same respect and decency.
roestertaube he/him @ignaize this is so awful im so sorry corvo ;____; hes a massive waste of space and an asshole and i wish you mother would start to. Think. i really hope youll be able to keep him at a distance.....THIS IS SO crapTY you should be able to be around your family without that disgusting ass antonis | 22 | very sleepy | *presses @higureanghel's hand feebly* | icon by
Stacey83015261 @SharonScrase Oh sorry 😢shame that everyone has now kept their distance. Just shows how much they really cared cause if they did they would of stuck around. You are one amazing woman, wife and mother. Keep it up 😊 mother of two with one with #autism.
BTSjjang_ Indonesia It must be hard for being the older. We all know your effort since beginning. I hope you know that your voices are pain healing for me. Im sorry i cant show my love towards you but deeply inside, my hearts goes for you and always for you. Keep shining Seokjin✨☀️ #OurEpiphanyJin Bestfriendnya Bangtan
mmoldresources @Aerie2013 Im so sorry you've had to face that. Ignorance of this condition and of similar conditions makes people mistreat and erroneously judge those who are very sick. That's why we have to keep sharing and educating others. ❤ Making families aware of the health effects caused by mold, chemicals, VOCs & toxins in food, water, everyday products & sick buildings. Real Food Advocate.
triviagidle bts idle nct ateez @Lilium41544730 @G_I_DLE aw im sorry about that, and yeah i hope we keep peace between our fandoms! but you shouldn’t not stan a group because of another fandom! #재현 | armyland 1st win 12.01.18 💒
larrysglitter 06.25.14 × 05.20.15 × 06.13.15 Im sorry but how can you hate eleanor look at how cute she is and shes supporting louis like back off the fact that after all these years they're again and still together shows that she's not going anywhere anytime soon I think they're cute together keep your opinions to yourself love never dies, it just gives up
annurshahiraa KT, MY i see your efforts. i appreciate that. but i’m sorry that it’s not easy to keep up with me. i know sometimes it’s like im welcoming you and then it’s like im pushing you away. but you’re still there. im confused about my own feelings and thats why i dont want to rush. im scared😔 Laters, baby🧸
ANT38G I think the preparations are completely finished. Im sorry that you've prepared so much for me and kept waiting, but Im very grateful. I'll keep this short as there's plenty to talk after this. The performance will start soon. This was Matsui Jurina. #松井珠理奈 #松井珠理奈生誕祭 松井珠理奈神推し・#10周年SKE48・ant@stage48/OneHallyu・IZ*ONE Discord Mod
skullmaster86 Antarctica @urmaker69 Hey dude im sorry about your baby girl. But always remember she’s with you and alive and well as long as you keep her in your heart. Death leaves a scar and no one can heal. Loves leaves memories that no one can steal....
dearlymin love @aritaestic im sorry u r going through tough stuff too. the fact that you keep up even if it feels like that is admirable in itself, imo? its such a.. destroying and pressuring feeling but its important to keep up. just exist even when thats hard. so i’m proud of u ❤️ of us. let’s keep going 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲.
Guitarshredde16 Fort Lauderdale, FL @TammyJo19267312 @WTF_GOP_CUCKS @PhillipBoldt @ErieMom @JAGscarred @Whackytees2 @NationalistOf @Benzkat1313 @realBKW @WatchingWhatYou @Al_Solzhenitsyn @SimpleWonders82 @John_Conne @milar_t @yorksterbad @IBda14U @N2WIN @SgtDocBurk @icantbefaded1 @randallpink17 @Sim427 @TrollDestroyer4 @aMBeInGsTaLkEd @AMluvinit2 @athynz1 @RaquelM12586096 @stauken @JamesBondNNZ @AgentIceBlue @wascally0wabbit @clydetucker328 @CosFot @cirras_bane @JReynol88287361 @tatto0ed67 @shessherrie @Bobs177 @MarrshalStax @Kapp4774 @idoitfortheluln @handymayhem @MichelleHillie7 @scottmtkd @TullochWolfBane @JayC4tler @timmy_nadge @AFSarge63 @lc1and1 @alexvet2017 Wow,im sorry that growing up wasnt good,i had the best life,thats what makes it hard now that im in hell and dont know how much longer i can take this crap,but if you havea good life now,dont be consumed by anything to ruin where your at now,keep on keeping on,Love those Baby'sUp 💖#MAGA,USA,FLAG,FAMILY HEAVYMETAL-METALCORE 100%TRUMP SUPPORTER ITALIAN IRISH AMERICAN, DEMS&LIBS GET THE FINGER GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVE&HAVE SERVED #FoH
tinymintywolf @_sarawawa that's devastating, im so sorry... i'll keep you and your family in my prayers. take care of yourself ❤️ Christian, artist, i like movies and superheroes ☆ for business inquiries contact:
JewelsSteves Allendale, NJ Guys I curse a lot bc im under stress rn and I keep forgetting my little cousin follows me so im sorry that you have to see all this LMAKSKS I’m a put on a show kind of girl 💋
jacob_rod01 Odessa, TX im sorry that im letting you down. its getting to the point where i can no longer keep myself up. the more it gets worst and the promise i made is breaking. i cry ever night that the next day i will do better but it always turns out worse.😞 don’t jump to conclusions 🤷🏽‍♂️
KateTobin18 Clonroche wexford I’m sorry for bothering you but I’m in so much debt and I cannot afford to stay alive and now I cannot wonder if it’s worth it tomorrow’s Bank charges aren’t worth the pain im now suffering I keep praying that someone will help me to live through Christmas 🎄 HELP PLEASE I have been a nun for 10 years and when i left i was given no cash to help me find a place to live I became a cancer nurse S specialist and
Darkthunder1992 @sixfoot3235 @neshenti @ZeroFoxFK @Fallout So far my favourite was the reactivation of a secret mining operation of the hornwrights, learning the sad storry of the family and their rivality the garrahans. Im sorry for you that a game has to bombard you with content and has to keep you in cutscenes so can enjoy the storry
ChandlerSerrat1 @McPizzilicious and... I'd love to just... Talk to a beautiful girl like you time to time until I get murdered or die. Im sorry im a horny lil virgin... I'm a loverboi to... 💜 ur the only girl i flirt with. Period. And ima keep it like that. Bc ur fkn beautiful and u told me ily
Treetop300 1776 @_Fat_Nixon @dc_maxx @BeanNellerBean @MLCornett @sherrynron @mannreagan @VPNightshade @Bean9198 @TamiFriedman @DoingRight1 @GarBear4Trump @briantopping66 @JulieReichwein1 @RobHighfill82 @cali_curmudgeon @JamesDeLong4G @GW1stPOTUS @MollyV178 @AnnThacker2 This turned out worse than I expected. Bless your little heart, go in peace, you are really smart and well informed. Im sorry about your "time" that you keep volunteering. The Clintons are in line for saint hood for all their special works. Stay strong little resistor 👊 I am a Red Pill Pharmacist I swear that I will support and defend the Constitution... Old grumpy MSgt #MAGA #KAG #DrainTheSwamp
panmantt Trinidad and Tobago @JustChantelle 😰 im sorry to have read all that, I hope your grandfather is as okay as can be .. and on top of that you have to study.. but keep strong and don’t allow these challenges to break your spirit.. you only lose when you start giving up.. so dont! Islander •868 🇹🇹 • +47 🇩🇪 🍺 .. • creative mind • vybz • entertainment and kix• straight island living... “waz d scene”
mmarmybear You keep telling me to focus on finishing the semester strong and when i try that, suddenly im too busy for u. I'm trying to make u proud of me and see me the way i see u. I'm so proud of u and ur accomplishments. And im so forking sorry u feel ignored. Im trying my best here. I live in a constant state of hunger. Hunger of what? Depends/It's ñ not n
IPArtworks Weston, WI Sorry to keep disappearing on you this year and that Im not getting a lot of content produced. There's so much that goes on that eats up any time for production. I know a lot of you dont really "understand" that/cant "see it for yourself". Seamstress, illustrator, costume designer - I have many skills, not just one 😂 Like my stuff? High Five me on Ko-fi! It comes with perks 💕
Anna_b_23 Wheeling, WV youno i’m not even trying to be petty rn bc im done w that crap but just one more time. i’m sorry but why do you keep blocking me and then follow me back again after again. okay now i’m done. 11.01.10💜••wphs••👻: annabhickman23•• Dylan Adam 7/12/18🦋❤️
diaidems i: vvisti @ tumblr sorry i keep buzzing today about the boy but you must understand that im thinking about him all the time and the most recent episode hurt me in a way that i cant describe you’re all.... like family to me. // marie @ tetra / weiss @ isola / tba @ eido
ariissaaaa Malaysia @BTS_twt im not sure if u will read this, but if u do, you need to know that you did it well! im so proud of you more than myself ') you know, you always make my day brighter and im so grateful that i dont have boyfriend so that i can keep my eyes on you 👀😂😂 im sorry but goodnite 💖💖 A big hello from me! Common, i need more mutuals!
jbaby29 nsfw You’re the only reason I was brave enough to keep a nsfw account and now that you’re leaving I don’t know what I’m goin… — Im sorry ): i support you keeping one if it's good for you
SyllArtemis Hartford, CT Gotta say, nothing I dislike more is working on a commission thats taken me 2-3 weeks to do when I know I can nail that crap in 2-3 days :' ) If you commission me and I have to keep sending you updates on why I I'm making slow progress, *Im really sorry* Commission Status: 1 OPEN // Sometimes NSFW Art. (17+) // icon by tumblr user pencilecomic
hish_hish_snake crystal snow and let go @BTS_twt This is my daily reminder that i love you all, your musics keep me going in life, you all inspire me and please have some rest. Be happy. Be healthy. ALWAYS. @BTS_twt  ☄ (im sorry i keep on forgetting, supposed to be 11.30.18)
RosieLoops In your heart AYYYYYT IM SORRY IM SPAMMING THE BOYZ SO MUCH RN BUT CONGRAAATSTSTGSHSH @WE_THE_BOYZ YOU DESERVED THAT AWARD AND U DESERVE SO MUCH MORE, KEEP IT UPPP, WE’RE HERE FOR U BOYZ SIJAJAJJAMHAHA 💖💝💓💞💞💖✨💝💞💞💖 #THEBOYZ #MMA2018 ✨✨✨ ♥ || ACTUALLY LEGAL HAH || Draws sht || Sin? What’s that? OwO? || Idiotic 24/7 tbh || 169% made of pure material 👌🏼|| This is not a retweet page i swear- || ♥
fufbanana sa bahay ni ariana "if you avoid conflicts to keep peace, then you have a war inside of you" and that's me and im sorry for that ;i love you
daznnn i love my friends. sorry if i havent been keeping up with you. im barely keeping up with myself. but im trying my best. i just want to keep reminding you all that i still love you and i appreciate you all so much for standing by me. thanks for understanding. from crapposting on tumblr 2011 to crapposting on twitter 2018. i repost funny things and rant sometimes ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
StephyBeast @vivncvm Aww 😔, Im sorry my love. Everything will be okay. Eres una chulada and things that are meant for you always have a way of working themselves out. Keep your head up always baby 💞!
splatspin 🇮🇪 北アイルランド why is shoma getting so many hate lately? it just makes me sad and i keep encountering them :'( — i haven't seen anything lately anon but that's awful, im sorry you're running into it :( probably bc it's gpf and nats… ⛸️ Team Japan 🇯🇵 ENG/日本語 ( 少し! ) 💕 Adult figure skater ☕ Eyes on Oberstdorf 2019🥇 ✨
SlightlySalty24 Trying to Matter I just want to take the time to thank seriously every single person that has EVER stopped in my streams. I can never give you that time back, and I’m eternally grateful for it. Im sorry I can’t return the same time always, but I’m thankful you guys understand. Keep it up.👍🏻 Father| Hyper Energetic INFLUENCER on Twitch| “Professional” Photoshopper| | My friends call me Salt Bae| Humble, Passionate, Kind, Motivated, Determined|
itslumarie to the maintenance man that's seemingly always mopping the dorm lobby floors im sorry i keep having to walk over it all in my snowy shoes many times a day you're doing great and i appreciate you i'm a barça fan first & a person second
stark_intern sc: thorandpoptarts @taylorndean Sorry it's pretty late at night and maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to say, Sorry! I love you and all your animals and im very mad at people trying to stir up crap. Keep your head up and know that you are doing your best for your pets and that's all that matters 💕 do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Wade Wilson? ••• (20 yrs old, she/they, LGBT+)
vesscll ⊬ • bandito tour: 150 days i keep coming here just to say that i love and miss tyler im so sorry but thats all the content i can give you right now I'm a professional fantasizer.
MickeyTheFluffy Kingdom Hearts Update I got about 10 more done, and Im gonna keep doing them in patterns. Sorry if that's a disappointment, I just lose interest in editing really quickly 😓. Thank you for your patience and understanding! IGN: Flüffy / SW-5267-2831-6218 / Discord: MickeyTheFlüffy ;3#0316 / Clips: @MickeyRecorder / Free Agent / Mooshu 5/30/18 💜

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