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Twitchofthewest Redlands DEADASS yall keep dating these misogynists and then cry when push comes to shove they dont treat you as equals in the relationship. You feed into his misogyny thinking youre not like other girls im SO sorry sweaty but that internal hatred isnt gonna make you any different to him LBGT🏳️‍🌈??? You mean Liquor 🍻 Bacon 🐷 Guns 💀 Tits 👀 Jk Im part of the BLT😤💙💖💜
Daniel95911273 Monster High @Pattinsons_Army ok im so sorry for my rude comments! i will keep that to myself! i really enjoy your page and the pics you share of rob and i dont want to be negative! We’re gonna party like monstars
deviantpiper theo & igby's treats jar @BlueOwlzMedic so sorry to hear that Blue, know that you got a whole army of beautiful people here with and for you and you're not alone. your art is SO good and im more than sure that she'd love it. loss is difficult to handle but as long as we keep them in our hearts, they'll never leave💙🦉 that dude and his wife with their cat own my uwus and heart 💫
cesmode84 @quinrex I think I speak for most of chat when I say Im sorry for your rip. There are those of us that aren't toxic 24/7 However, you keep placing these self imposed restrictions on your builds otherwise an awakener kill is "pointless" and then you are depressed when you RIP. Unsophisticated gamer.
oddeofreq Central PA @paulhardware @JayzTwoCents im sorry. i meant it as a joke. i do find your videos very informative and your builds top notch. my only real criticism of your videos is that you come off too stoic for my preferences. thats not a bad thing. its just a personal preference. Both of you, keep doing what you do Sad Spotted Snowcat
denkichuwu he/him | minor ppl keep telling me that i cant always say im gay when im actually bi and should pick one im so sorry to offend you i just like men a lot more than women ☆°• ,°cha chas real smooth off a cliff°, • .•☆ | @icyhotshot
Malateez_VmiN multi ♡ Jan. 12. 2020 I swear i keep forgetting to do this and im sorry im a forgetful person. You all do so well, your performance, vocals,rap,dance everything is amazing. You all are unique and talented individuals and i want and hope you all know that. You all will make it some day💝 #San: Can't be a Mountain without my Forest, now can i? || fan account
MisfitsHighGirl Slendermans Forest And Im Really Sorry If I Walk Away From You After Saying (HI) Its For The Same Reason I Don't Wanna Say Anything Or Do Anything Stupid To Lose Another Friend So I Became More #AntiSocial Kind Of Person And Im Scared You'll Judge Me For Being #Goth That's Why I Keep My Distance 😢 "Hi Im @LexyRosaylnWoods666 From #Roblox 9 Years Experience In #RobloxRoleplay And #Artist At Taste In Style And Clothing On #Roblox"
TabithaSurita Singapore To #thelovethatisneveronmyphonescreen HAPPYY BIRTHDAYY BUBS! 🥳 May this year be the year that shapes you, me and us! Im reeeallyy sorry I keep working on your birthday..I know, I would have smacked you😬😬… Ill be the eccentric rainbow, in your clouds
lizzybethvr Hell on the cool side @ArtsyVRC Im sorry to see that Artsy. They always give it to assforks who dont deserve it, and pass over the good ones. Please keep at it. People are cheerin for you! A girl on a mission to explore VR and Beyond! Come along with me!
JordanCrestani Chicago, IL @Superpig35 @RebeccaAnnJean1 “Oh I’m sorry you’re infertile! Look at me, I’m so fertile! yOu CaN hAvE mInE haha except you can’t LOL” look, you clearly never struggled with infertility, I have, and Im telling you (and it looks like people agree with me) that it’s insensitive. Keep these comments to yourself. If you don't like baseball, you probably shouldn't follow me ⚾️. Psychology major--if you think I'm psychoanalyzing you, I probably am.
DottyBrim I know my heart . So i ont gotta rant and rave bout my character . I just let em tell it . I dont have time to try to combat every negative thing said about me . Im just sorry you feel that way . Imma keep it pushin tho . How im portrayed out to be is not me . . . People Nation 📿 . Nigerian DNA 🇳🇬 . 5️⃣9️⃣🅱️ . an ugly African-American with cute African-American tendencies . ♍️
arasiamysara I always appreciate with the people who I called friends. Incase they saw my thread of this. I'm sorry. Yeah, I know why not, I just whatsapp with you guys and tells the truth. That's what I am. I like to keep to myself. Im sorry. 😔 urban traditional type of girl. basically a multifandom.
milkandcosmos proud multi @notkkyl why are you giving this away? please keep it to yourself. im reallt sorry a crapty person betrayed you, i know how hard that feels but let that signed photo be a motivation for you to grow and a reminder to always be happy bc thats what seventeen would want u to do anyway #버논 :“𝚎𝚚𝚞𝚊𝚕 𝚛𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚜!
Sally38042901 @DogBountyHunter im sorry i keep sending you messages but i wish i could speak to you one more time over the phone to complete this chapter that you help me open and it would make sense if you would help me closes this one so i can open another im asking 10mins of your time we love life! we are dedicated to our sweet piggies! All 6 of our wheekers show some love and follow us! they need friends show these wheekers how we get down!
yut0daa He/They/She @skzseungmin22 Im so sorry People are so hateful, keep doing you bb!! 🥺🥺❤️❤️ remember that skz and Seungmin love you no matter what [#IM] make this dumb bitch stop crying over me
VCoast PNW, USA @DoreneGriggs5 Im so sorry you suffered so badly. im also happy your daughter and SiL got treatment. Addiction is a complex illness and these 🤡 that are pushing anyone who takes opioids as addicts is outrageous. Why can't both groups be treated i will keep you in you and your family in 🙏 🙏 CPP,pain warrior, proud american.animal lover. loves God my family and Seattle Seahawks🙏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 😻💚💙🏈
stainonmars Nashville, TN @RayApollo I’ll go ahead and drop a hard R reply and say that’s R-IDICULOUS. In every way. Im sorry that happened to you. Keep up that positive infectious attitude you have daily on stream and nothing but good will come your way always. 🙂 Movie Trivia World champ │ DMs and mentions are always open - Let's chat! │ Opinions are my own
Raventhelemon ..... Trying to keep the tl drama free for skeppys birthday.... But if you where part of the group talking about me being an attention h 0re in that one gc .... Plz unfollow me, I've seen the messages, I'm sorry that i apperntly post art too often???and that im ' only making art Comissions// open pfp by cupsoodles ''imma do a pro gamer move'' trio/techno fan, draws a6d.... ALOT, im just chillin,,,, kazoo girl?, she/her, 18, bi 🍋
yaboi_isbroke @yeongwonhirainn I'm so sorry Em i keep putting you in these situations and im so sorry that you feel obligated to comfort my bottom im so forking sorry im so sorry yes
AthleticEq @DisastrousEq also you intuition is a powerful tool! Even if that dude isn't the sort to want to hurt someone you dont know what he was on and it can make sane people do stupid awful things! Im sorry it shook you up tho! Hopefully you can talk to you boss about ways to keep you safe! Equestrian athlete advocate. Hoping to inspire a new generation of healthy strong athletes for the sport I love. #ThatFatRider Proud Ambassador of Ecolicious Eq
IMCounseling Texas USA @CadConfessional @elletomany @Mike54977477 I agree that was wrong and the child suffers the most. Im sorry. I hope when she is of age you can reconnect or you keep fighting for her. She needs you. I enjoyed chatting w you. I wish you all the best. Healing Mind, Body and Spirit.
igot7_in_orbit Ults: Got7, Mamamoo, Big Bang4 @willatastic_09 Im so sorry this happened!!! If you have a problem with someone's art you dm them and discuss maturely not go all over twitter like a child who just knows how to insult anything that makes them uncomfortable. I love your art keep doing what you're doing babe❤❤❤❤ ♡191126 Jaebeom has my heart♡
haecmark @hyuckios @tenhyck JENNA IM SORRY I didn’t thought you would see that :(( but my oomf keep quoting your au and muting didn’t work so i want to stay away from spoilers until i have time to read it #맠동: 또 다른 네 안에 널 깨워내 봐 이 기나긴 터널 끝 너를 찾아 || he/him 🏳️‍🌈 || mark and haechan the loml || au account: @taemarkun
astrowavee @AstroHoneyTV Im sorry you’re going through this. I don’t think many people understand that you put time and energy into your videos. You are great at what you do and keep going at it :) I hope your dad is doing well ❤️ another tarot reader
SovietDruablig Wyoming, USA @ArvuReBantra @HanyuuHiiragi Im sorry! I keep saying sorry! I didnt mean to hurt you, its really hard to choose words correctly when im trying to resolve something peacefully can we just forget that i ever commented on this post and start over? Is that too much to ask for? A silly sergal that likes to play video games. Ps4 Wedge. taken. Ams almost always sfw, don’t really use this account to post, just like and retweet stuff
blackbaeyard Wisconsin, USA @im_all_in_shiro I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well! Keep your chin up, know that Shiro believes in you, and you’ll get through this 💕 everyone here loves you and supports you 19. Pan. He/They. Broke college student & trans content creator. Writer, sometimes artist, CEO of existential crises. 🔞 18+ NSFW 🔞 🖤❤️|💙💚|🐺🗡
OBigras terrebonne @evanfong Hey Evan im sorry i can’t text you but I just wanted to say I have Ben watching your videos for at least 6 years and I still love them so keep up your good and keep up being the legend that you are and make Canada proud
CaptainSnoop i keep making that mistake lol im sorry hugo your game looks very good and you are a very personable man with an infectious positive energy and confidence my name's steven. I talk about transformers and video games a lot. 25 he/him/his bi.
Caloy0123456789 You guys keep telling me how rude I am, especially in these times of our life. Well trust me, im trying to be more understanding and even ate my pride just to be considerate. I'm sorry coz I needed to be tough, coz I'm a kind of person that's need to rely only to himself. Not your ordinary friend
ChaoticGaming84 Milwaukee, WI @TheRock im sorry to hear that you’re father died i know what its like to lose a loved one if you’re not already keep ya head up and keep going Strong 💪 Rest In Power to Mr Rocky Johnson creator of Chaotic Gaming for PS4 PSN is Joey Anarchist
Blazin20823234 HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH @OOCprequel @DelphoxDelphox Jesus this is forking sad that someone is out to keep doing you like this and they just keep doing it and you dont even really sorry this is happening and i wish i could arent even doing anything,which means these reports shouldnt be doing sorry Hey, I’m just wondering, are you down to watch Hannah Montana while I clap your cheeks from behind anytime soon?
Tarie2604 Kempton Park, South Africa @AgapeTimbela im sorry my dear try to be strong, keep moving and im glad you have a place to go. There is light at the end of that tunnel. Dont dwell much on how cruel your dad is, focus on things that can put a smile on your face. Social Worker Sapiosexual I don't change my dreams because they sound unachievable to someone. I cannot settle for anything that ain't the best! @Alliance_zw
bonerwastaken2x United States @thedriedsoap not a glover but whenever someone accidentally hits me during a light show and they're like "OMG IM SO SORRY" im like NO DUDE YOU WERE GETTING INTO IT I forkIN LOVE THAT KEEP GOING 🔜Forbidden Kingdom🔜BTSM MPLS🔜515 Alive🔜Lost Lands🔜EDCO 21 😈 Rave Mom 🥰 4/20/19 👭 catch me at a show/fest to get a good mom hug
Wolfbound Orlando, FL Wow cant wait to see you dumb dogs tomorrow. Everyone travel safe and sleep well! Hydrate! Get prepare for the "wreck"oning. Keep that responsibility juice flowing and SORRY IF IM IGNORING YALL IM LEGIT JUST TRYNA GET MY crap TOGETHER I GOTTA FLY CROSS COUNTRY DUDES ⛔ I block drama. No hard feelings. NSFW sometimes. Fursuits & outdoor adventures. NB, any pronouns. fiancee ♡ @adventureyeen
MakennaBaker7 Babe: “im so tired” Me: “aw I’m sorry babe” Babe: “it’s not your fault, and even if it was I wouldn’t be mad” Me: “but it is my fault because I keep you up for sex 😂” Babe: “that good crap doesn’t make me tired, it energizes my soul” Me: “Oh fork, my heart 😭🥰” UNM ‘23. Tight bottom gorgeous motherforker
Jagmeetsingh13x Garland, TX @este___ @kaurdanam Im sorry but I'm not enslaved by a company who only makes revenue by selling a overpriced piece of crap and above that the os is like fascism on a smaller scale. So please do keep your degenerate words away from Twitter and ponder on why you have chosen slavery instead of freedom ummm just made Twitter and go follow me on Reddit on u/yurtle13x
ParkBernang yes. i apprecite everything po. i really wanna tell to all the people who trust me BEFORE that im really sorry and thank you for all the things that they did to me, to all the help, they keep trying to save me from darkness but the real problem is myself. Philippians 4:13❣// New acc.🤦‍♀️
hwngod plg ➥ day 15 of 366 ↬ just as i thought, i wasn't active today at all and im sorry about that :(( but i did have a pretty productive and cozy night w friends so i hope your day was equally lovely~ ↬ i keep saying this but i really do miss talking to you and hrhggnv i love you ♡ #예지: imma crush ur skull and snort it like coke
mirosuikaaa house / apartment, depends Thank you for the +100 follows im sorry that i didnt show more of greater things than retweets, likes and crapposts... i hope to keep sharing more of fun and good things as best as i could. ♠️ Miro/Maco/Ayaka ♠️ @ayayakamaco 4 real art ♠️ Hobbyist artist ♠️ sleep and draw a lot. ♠️ I swear I'm trying ♠️ Wants to be better but idk...
Mackplaysroblo1 @RBX_Coeptus Coeptus, im sorry but the update you just did is making me sad, im tryna to build me a house and i keep lagging very very bad, and my house is becoming ugly because i gotta do ''high'' quality for bricks and it was never like that, and my trees look ugly and my character is amaze
ebensbby missing wdw & uncle e since you actually let me go to the other side of the country without you (and have the best time of my life may i add) you dont forking trust me to do anything. im sorry that i cant keep my forking room clean. maybe if you stopped buying me crap then it would be clean. im sorry “i love your jacket by the way” “yo your jacket is dope” “did you do the jacket?” “i do remember you, the jacket was fire”
boreaurelis xiao zhan's pocket @xzhan1005 + (im so sorry it's long) thank you so much xiao zhan for bringing us great memories and kind words. you deserve every good thing that comes into your way. please continue doing what you love and keep your head high. we have your back always! thank you again! @/me for being a dumb bitch 。 LWJ & LBH internal monologue: TOP ME™ 「WangXian」🦁🐰
vertigodan Reaperteam @GKeile Sorry Mr President better sayd that X son of a bitch with you till the end Commander lets keep Making America great safe and the greatest country in the world it was always our Destiny and you brought it all back Sir..god bless POTUS Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Godismyjudge
ghostdisease @shivermountain im really sorry, adam. you’re hurting and your feelings are numbing themselves to keep you from hurting but you do care or it wouldn’t bother you enough to post about it. actually bad people don’t worry about being bad. you aren’t bad, and I’m sorry that was dumped on you. Vincent 28 ♋️🐏bi single
Destinydehond Toronto, Ontario @tomboysanyu Im sorry that you have to go through that! You shouldnt ! <3 ofc we are all beautiful inside and out , were all the sammeeeeeee 🥰 keep doing you girl ! Lvl25 ! Variety Streamer |Mom and gamer ! I enjoy all things nerdy ,I love food and Im a little derpy! hiii | insta: DestinyDehond |
alexanderlecard 13th floor. @JakeLahut Im sorry i have to say i keep seeing im voting for booker,yang,pete,harris.etc none of these people are gonna be on the ballot in November, and fact people ignore that or dont know or sprinkle fairy dust on why its not true is scary,its not about you,or who you like,beat trump. 4k walkthrus PC game play.unedited,unscripted,Raw.console games. 51 year old gamer with all the toys and gadgets. no sponsors.
Neo12r Tampa, FL @TDExperience Im sorry to hear that. I wish you the best man, I know you will land on your feet. Stay positive and keep your head up. Living in paradise 🌅Tampa Fl. 🏈football junkie, Bucs fan, ocean lover🌊, fitness and gaming. Nailed it!! 😎

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