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Georgeoftheday1 Manchester, United Kingdom @Crawf33 @taddmike Exactly, plus you can always get mids for retail and they're frequently people's first Jordan's, not everyone can get lucky or take the L on StockX with the highs which seem to always sell out in my experience, the ones worth buying anyway. Has Views on Everything. Danny Ric, Pascal Wehrlein, Vish,Cleveland Browns, Manchester City, BVB 💛🖤
workingjubilee @Austen And I am not just reporting on my own experience! MANY people complained about EXACTLY this to me. School reps told me "well you should get used to that in the tech world" but I look at actual tech projects and I see: feature flags graceful degradation LTS cycles sunset periods Professional Web-Spinning, Bug-Hunting, Full-Stack Spider @LambdaSchool alum (she/they)
AphroHeidi @VernalBrock @metickleu My experience says no one must lower or raise their standards, but love oneself and then you will find those that are exactly the right person for you from your authentic resonance... currently many are binding the wrong people for the wrong reasons in so many ways… I am a human, being. I am ruled by unconditional love and reciprocity. Peacefully crafting my karma footprint (utopian flow); so, don’t tread on me.
girlfantastico East Kilbride, Scotland @lecanardnoir @DavidPaisley I’ve had enough transphobes floating about in my mentions to know *exactly* what they think, I’ve seen them hack and threaten to dox people for their acceptance of trans people, all off the back of one LBG alliance post I commented on. My opinion on lgba is based on experience. I’m like Fred Astaire, I dance like I don’t care
hrknel @Jobium I moved here 5 years ago (UK - CA) and this describes my experience exactly. Especially the bit about zoom parties back home--suddenly now being in frequent and regular contact with people and not having to always be doing the catching up thing is honestly fab. ☭ 3L (she/her)
dznygoddess @ThomasCEO @LoanCareLLC Exactly! This is awful for a company to do this to us during a PANDEMIC. People are unemployed and for me, my husband is not able to collect unemployment because he is small business and the funds for small biz were sucked up by large corps. Awful loancare experience. Animal lover & Disney lover💙💖 #stillwithher
RosceMiyamizu Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid @esfaux @P414din @LSXYZ9 That’s exactly what I said in my first tweet. The mindset is wrong. Getting stomped is not a bad thing, it is a learning experience and sometimes happens. Getting your game inted or trolled feels bad but I don’t understand people who get tilted by facing smurfs. Fear the old blood, by the gods Lawrence, fear it.
P5_Akira Thieves Den @CorneiIIeNoir //I don't exactly know what your experience is writing lewd threads but from my time during pure lewd, I can tell you that it can be tough to develop a muse with it. Most of the time the people you interact with simply want lewd and no plot. It takes some practice tbh. Gᵢᵥₑ ₐ ₘₐₙ ₕᵢₛ ₘₐₛₖ ₐₙd ₕₑ wᵢₗₗ bₑcₒₘₑ ₕᵢₛ ₜᵣᵤₑ ₛₑₗf. (夜波ぞヨろト慰ン果)||#PersonaRP||Header by @betenoiiire ||NSFW ACC: @P5_LewdAkira|| .EST Time
outliersgeorg @elliottdunstan I think on a cognitive level one of the things that's helped me to make this a less frequent experience is really internalizing the idea that different people use language in different ways than me, and often less literally or exactly than my brain is trying to receive it. Amberite. They/Xe. Xennial, Discordian, heretical Jew. Anti-authoritarian queer analysis, outsider art, street-medic advice line, & a side slice of Homestuck.
AvidConservant In a Tree @AbbaDaddyFather @mmmadcccow I'm very educated on Covid, due to my profession and personal experience. I've said nothing that isnt true. Question tho, how many people do you know with the virus that know exactly who they got it from and how has that been confirmed? Have you had it? Don't follow the crowd if you want to go somewhere.
garyonwater Akron Oh @ashlie_weeks This encapsulated exactly my thoughts for some time. It becomes overwhelming and so discouraging. My hope is good prevails over evil and we come out of this better for the experience. Only time will tell, but I’m trusting in people’s fundamental kindness and love to prevail. left leaning politically, agnostic religiously, husband, father, Vietnam veteran, cancer survivor, sports fanatic, happy retiree.
Gem_Tones @DylanRatigan @Mattielisbon @JoeBiden NOW did exactly the same thing. So did those in the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. It is amazing how people get co-opted into bureaucratic systems that give them the power, not the people they are there to help. I know from my own experience. #Bernie2020, #GND, #MedicareForAll Soundscape ecology. Ecology of words. Media Ecology. Posthumanist. Retweets don't mean endorsements. #BernieWillWin
DVDSmith Sevenoaks, England, UK I can remember exactly the same comments about Friends when it was on the air too. My experience of these so-called “fan” boards, whether it’s a show, a band etc, has been 100% people trashtalking and rubbishing the output of the thing they supposedly love. Without fail. Scientist and general nerd from Bothwell, Scotland. Captain of “The Darksiders” on @OnlyConnectQuiz Series 15. Tennis, gaming, comedy, music, quizzing.
Lagt12 Dumbass Academy What exactly do people expect from a 20 yo person? That we win a Nobel? That we have our life figured out? That I don't listen to music so that my head will be stucked with the darkest toughs and forking futility of this forking horrible experience that is forking living??? 19,She/whatev gender is for the weak I love a lot of things and I spat dumb ones wannabe animator, art account @lagt32635680
sofcik Poland @krzyzanowskim @vojtechvrbka This is exactly my point. I don't know what went wrong in your case and I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have great experience. But I know for sure that all the mentioned APP benefits are honored. I have experienced it myself and know multiple people who had the same experience. k7 Founder, Apple Certified Trainer
frankensoftie she/they | aroace @aniconicslut @caloriesaway +exactly how often this happens and in this point I can really just talk from my experience as an asexual person. But if you ask other people in the aspec community, I'm sure they will tell you the same. I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon these burning miseries will be extinct. ♡ Vent and discourse acc. ♡
BGBFS Ohio It's clear none of these people know anything about linguistics, and there were too many of them, so I didn't bother commenting. But like... I can conjure in my mind's eye exactly the type of people who say these things, and it ruins the experience of learning Old English for me. 💗She/Her 💗YouTube: 💗Editing and Sensitivity Reading:
cryptidjin Quil • they/them • 28 • 🔞 I don’t have the energy to discourse and I can only speak on my experience but it’s normal to disagree with people and I don’t expect my views to always align exactly with another person. I think the foundation of morals is important but everyone’s house is built different I’m not a kpop fan I’ve never listened to music in my life.
sunnixbunni @PGrozdanovski @DarthPoundcake @IGN @SquareEnix EXACTLY. Why are people complaining about MORE CONTENT?? That’s awesome!! We get a remake and 2x the amount of FF7 experience? I don’t care man, that’s worth it, take my money!
jillyjaxon Oregon @JohnELTenney I know! We want people when we want them. Not before or after. I'm exactly the same as you know. The problem is we're both lovable people. It's a curse. I just had my first virus related empathetic experience at home last night. It was weird and they got the hell out of here. Owner JK Jackson Upholstery since 1992.#1 recommended by int. designers,other upholsterers,furniture stores and customers!Did I mention paranormal investigator?
ClementsLynda @justjogleason I did a little research some time ago when I had my Saturn return. I got divorced at that juncture and was amazed at how many others did exactly the same. Being an older person I wondered if today's first Saturn return people experience this or some other similar experience
wrmboy 23 • he/him • mallgoth trash @salemvex Exactly, and out of all the music in the world some of my favorite is the crap with like 67 monthly spotify listeners. I just feel people brush it off without ever experiencing it. Every single person should experience a house show at LEAST once in their life, if not once a week. on all levels except physical, i am a worm ~
SarahBoydH Norwich @Chr1sLew1s Exactly, the need to humanise PPE shows people need to see people. In my job I’m constantly saying we need to review the patient experience of digital appointments. I reckon people like the ease but over time will miss the feel of being next to a human and the energy that brings. Mum, feminist, tea drinker, stationery hoarder. Thinking Environment learner. NHS, digital and change are my day things. This is my personal account.
sahramnl England, United Kingdom @ClashMagazine My city has lost a lot of venues people are now hiring small club rooms a extortionate rate and it’s not exactly the best experience as they are not set up for live gigs and the sound from the instruments does not do the band any justice as it’s meant for Dj and their out put song writer BMI affiliated
sdfashionista3 @APainPrincess Exactly, as soon as I open my eyes I am in such excruciating pain I can barely walk to start the coffee. People will never understand it unless they experience it themselves I just wish they cared enough to try to understand and make a few accommodations like being more patient.
caldiglaws south wales @miaugata @silverrich39 @drchrisvickery Not exactly due to illness i was forced to change careers and work in a different country to the one i lived in but my point is that the experience of meeting people you normally wouldnt is a good thing as us giving back to the country provided education for you Rugby and food fan likes all sport apart from football which leaves me cold
d_a_ellison London, England @chris_larke @CensoredHead Exactly. First headship at 30, still early 30s and exec head now. My mantra always has been experience doesn’t always mean length of service. Reading comments on needing 15+ yrs in class before SLT to be capable and the amount of people agreeing shocked me! Executive Principal of 3 London primaries. Passionate about T&L and leadership development. All views my own.
CAReed10 My experience of the Latin American people has been exactly the same as those in #RaceAcrossTheWorld. Unconditionally friendly, welcoming, humble and incredibly big hearted. I miss that. I miss that everyday. Just trying to muddle through
arimareiji Puget Sound @traddegeneracy So yeah, Bakari: If the "experience" you value is "doing exactly what my billionaire bosses tell me", and cannibalizing our ability to keep people from dying because Holy Profit, Cuomo's your man. But the rest of us have had it with that kind of "experience". Jimmy Stewart's friend. 😅
aidenlampitt Canada🇨🇦 @Cole_TDB @WebbedBat I think the reason so many people hold game that came out in 2013 in such high regard (including myself) is because of the story and not exactly the gameplay. in my opinion the gameplay is alright but |I love it so much because of the experience it gave me YouTuber | Star Wars Shill | 15 | PlushTubing Veteran | Film Buff - follow me I probably won't bite
mistymadonna Nashville ➡️ Twin Peaks, WA @kf I took a break once and it was the best decision I ever made. I figured out exactly what I wanted to do because I was stuck between two options. If people are burning out, I always share my experience if they ask me for advice. Sometimes you need some time. 💖 Host of Retro Tech 📹 on @ch9; Sr. Program Manager @VisualStudio ♡ @Microsoft ♡ software engineer ♡ 💾🧠♡ opinions mine ♡ she/her
he_koh Worldwide @withoutdoing @rzhongnotes EXACTLY! Such sinophobia narrative is widening the divide, and even uniting Chinese around the world, even those who never set foot in China before. Speaking from the experience of my little country, the more we need people of different cultures to study and even live together. Dad. Husband. Singaporean. Ex-Cop. Public Safety Ops-Tech Guy. Globetrotter. Storyteller. Foodie. Just 1 of 194,000 Huaweiers. Views are mine and personal.
darkfetishhydra @Allisonisanerd @smutbyglowyote THIS!!! This is exactly my experience and something that people have screamed at me for a lot, as if talking about my own childhood experience is somehow sexualizing children. The fact that many kinky people are already kinky as children is just a fact. Kiara. Age 29. Leftist, dom and crazy cat lady. Queer, kinky, poly, she/her. WARNINGS: 🔞🍐nsfw, kink, non con (Currently into: Kaiji)
MeLlamoLlama_ Toronto @hilare_belloc lol my first response was gonna be "sorry, we know how bad an idea this is because we spent time around people who would weaponise it" and thought of the "ACTUALLY WE know exactly how much of a problem it is because we're women and we experience it" response i love dying and being dead. he/him
PabloOr07234768 Faribault, MN How exactly does this happen? Even if people use their mouth for echolocation, that’s what the touch technique with your cane is for. It’s very similar and in most cases a lot more effective. At least from my experience. I’m a musician. Legally blind, love music, animals, family, friends, and food! Live, laugh, and love. All day eryday! :-)
__missmagick__ somewhere b/w human and nature I don't know exactly when it happened, but my vision has attuned to seeing the auric, energetic fields of things... It's such an interesting perspective Has really impacted my experience grocery shopping lol And my relationship with antiques Not to mention, people an artist for the earth and it's inhabitants. bright eyed with wonder.
JCon28077415 @noomie525257 @nooouch @toryboypierce I didn't say it's a competition. You said we should have done what France and Italy did. I showed you that we did exactly that. In my experience it's people like you who treat it as a competition since it gives you ammo to throw at the conservatives and Trump. It's pathetic. Probably too old for this
MylesPH Los Angeles, California @trickelbank Oof.. so well said. That describes my experience exactly when both Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant died, and people wanted to dismiss thevreports because they hate TMZ. Agreed on the feelings, but they usually have the facts. PHILA born & raised, L.A. based
sfosterWMSFA Louisville, KY This American Experience @YALLWEST is giving me goosebumps! Powerful stuff from all authors involved. Exactly what the younger Shalonda yearned for years ago. So excited to recommend their books to my students because of how they uplift and empower young people. Principal of @WMSFA Mommy, wife, football fanatic, music lover, and YA book enthusiast
D_R_Fletch United Kingdom 🇬🇧 @XcloudTimdog Exactly. It’s so strange. It implies that there’s trouble over there. And if experience has shown us anything, people want a smooth transition to next gen. Xbox has been upfront and clear and that’s making all the difference right now. In my opinion. Big into technology and gaming, my views/opinions are my own. 😁
softserved_7 Baltimore, MD @judahelise Exactly! I grew up with my mom’s family and I go to an HBCU so people tell me all the time that i’m black or to “embrace my blackness”. But its taken me time to be ok with being mixed. I’m not forcing myself into an experience I don’t share This is a terrible time to be a history major lol. Woman with opinions 📚🌍
AmandaBowles @Lamplighter48 @mendrinkmilk @PaulEmbery @cultfree54 They are aren't they :). People voted for Trump because he spoke directly to them and they liked what he said. To be fair he is trying hard to do exactly what he said. They're no more stupid then any other people around the world, and a lot nicer then most in my experience.
DrChemistryEmz @Han_So Understand that, was using it more as a coverall term! But people get complacent in my experience, it doesn’t necessarily help and in some cases people touch stuff, touch the mask, etc etc etc which is exactly what I’ve been seeing, and it’s more of a risk. Truculent. Knitter and 'crocheter' (I'm terrible at it!). Views are my own, RTs/Quotes aren’t an endorsement blah blah blah!
dijdowell London, UK @JamesDAustin I have to say my anecdotal experience is that that's exactly the bit people in my area are getting much less good at and/or more casual about! But that's total anecdote, of course. Liberal-minded social democrat, pragmatic European, London Scot, history geek, musical miserabilist, francophone. This is my non-work account - my views only.
Always_a_Yes @sarumanesan Spot On. My experience and observation exactly. A corrupt system operating against the people. Borrowing on the public account to fund the private accounts. Should have known a long time ago.
gegeenthusiast Honestly the experience just made me think a lot about how to better help people if I think they're just in an (even relatively minor) accident since now I know exactly what happens so that's nice (And yes that's my third thought) bagel yell abt danmei |🔞| they & 20+ | @ghostofcrux | SPOILERS!! dpub, dpb, vrs, cpsy, ugly empress, gs, mao hou, tangstory, FEITIAN!!!! i read many
alpha_omega_v @howie_sim @qatarairways My thoughts exactly. I've had the exact same Experience and still waiting for the next 28 days now. Very poor. I've never had such a bad experience like this for a refund. They are clearly holding onto people's money for as long as they can. The beginning and The end.
jhansonlpn Long Beach, MS @RealEricCarmen @SpeakerPelosi For 30 years all my medical training, education, and experience has told me exactly the same things over and over again until now. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, it behaves like a respiratory virus. The more people, spending more time outdoors will do more to kill this. Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum occidit, occidentis telum est. Omnis enim ex infirmitate feritas est. Infirmitate.  Volunteer #V4CR
smoking_buckets @allegedlynumb @adam22 Exactly dude i think people just think its colours and happiness. It is the most intense experience I have ever had in my life.
tim1724 At home. You should be too! @UINT_MIN This matches my experience exactly. At work I prefer people email or drop by my office to chat. In the current situation it’s mostly email, with a little bit of Slack. Only one Zoom meeting most weeks. And phone calls have almost completely disappeared, thankfully! systems administrator #gentoo #macOS

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