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PDXAngie The Great Pacific Northwest @Lnds777 I get it. In my experience, by the time you have to ghost someone, they deserve it and they know exactly why! They just want an opportunity to talk you out of it. But as an empath I tend to draw in many more ghostworthy people so my experience isn't typical. 🤣 Vegan. Animal rescuer and rights advocate. German Shepherds are my favorite people. In the end, only kindness matters. ❤️ #RESISTANCE #EmptyThePews
saudev001 Lucknow, India @fatsbeff Truth. At least that's my experience in the first 26 years of life. I only saw them on occasions doing exactly what you describe. People don't like to associate themselves with them because they curse, abuse, and whatnot. It might change in future but it again happened last month IBCoder: IBcoder Hindi: ONE VIDEO FULL OOP Java Course:
Comixgrrl Redlands, CA @VanityFair Sorry, but I'm not trusting someone with absolutely no experience in any elected office of any kind to suddenly be in charge of a state with 40 million people and the 5th largest economy in the world. And my position would be exactly the same if she was a Democrat. No! No! No! 🌊🎤📷📚 🎨Mom, singer, writer, photographer, Marketing Specialist, Poli Sci. Comic book geek. She/Her #TrumpWho? #Resist
jongold Mettāverse @OgilvyTim just trying to find the balance between "I've been there & I know exactly what it's like" and "I don't want to project my experience on other people" :) ✨ Interdimensional artist & musician exploring the intersection of divinity & technology 🌍 @cosmiccomlab 🌈 he / they 🎨 ✍️
KristenMichele6 I also want to be clear that my posts are in no way me complaining. I knew exactly what I might experience when getting vaccinated because I did my research and read the experiences of other people, which is why I’ve been sharing my experience pre/during/post Covid behavioral therapist. she/her. small shop owner. disney & baking enthusiast. tv fanatic. music obsessed. coffee lover.//the show’s gotta go all over the place.
nocatnoglory Little Britain @Stanhope2011VJ @Trailer_Swift69 @TammyPax_MP Have you thought that maybe they're speaking from experience and are just cutting out the BS? You've been told these people are trying to make people hate each other, when in actual fact, David Lammy sounds exactly like my mother, someone who had to deal with the national front. Illustrator. Mainly music, art, gaming and politics here. Beardy lefty/Atheist
thattridentdude Chicago, IL After such hits like “you’ve got too much experience” and “you don’t have enough experience”, Nelson is now going for the: “You also interviewed people that weren’t on top of the victim, like my client, the murderer, so what your investigation worth exactly?” #ChauvinTrial Jurist ⚖️ || indie iOS dev 👨🏻‍💻|| 🇪🇺 living in 🇺🇸|| He/him
KBRubi2 @hopeygilmore Exactly and made the same reference last night ! When my old account grew I lost fun people to interact with at the same time..I’m happy to have been nuked and will keep my friends minimal and have a better experience here ✌️ #TrumpWon #MAGA #KAGA #BackTheBlue Father of late in life baby girl Christian “That Guy”is not my president !
ZachQuick12 @headycapitalist How big is the trade area? As in how many people/companies will actually come out and do this for you? That’d be my first concern as to how fast can someone do it so open for busy season. Seems high but not awful for bulk deal, but no real experience doing exactly the above Christian, Husband, Father of 2, and Self Storage Owner/Operator/Investor in Midwest. Based in Northwest Arkansas.
LogThatData @P_H_Lee Yeah exactly, I used to be dicey about blocking people but eventually I realized, no, I can curate my experience on this website the way I want to (and so can others obvs so no hard feelings) so if these people are being crapty or making me uncomfortable, I can block them Jazz hands and character sheets. Spec fic writer. Very gay. Opinions mine. No drama from me that isn't on a stage 👉👉. (he/him)
KatWayward Perth, Western Australia @sassycarrie I do vacate cleaning for a job because of my own experience with renting from unscrupulous people. Landlords are some of the most greedy and petty people out there. I have both personal and professional experience with exactly how petty many are. ☆~Sane: By comparison~☆ ~Wayward Kitty releaser~ ~Cheryl Tunt enthusiast~ ~Woefully Unprepared~
Terryduffy71 San Fulgencio, España @SyzOfWsag @badwool9 That’s the thing though isn’t should be irrelevant, but in my (limited) experience, these are exactly the type of people to try and ram it down your throat. Evertonian retired in Spain, living the dream.
JimHughes301 About It won't last. In my experience most of the fun people get from staying in hotels is talking down to overworked and underpaid staff. Can't exactly do that with a machine meh
beyondkun_ @MultiMaz3 This is exactly how I want to communicate with people when they voice their struggles but it's frustrated so many people that now I've gone completely the other way, I'm trying to work to find some middle ground where I can offer support and also relate with my own experience They/Them | 25 | 🌈
rightinthebeach Toronto @Albert_Nobbs Here is your Tweet: Other than Edmonton, no details of exactly where. "Today I was viciously assaulted (multiple blows to the head and back from multiple people) for having the balls to call out someone for anti-masking in an enclosed space. My pandemic experience is complete. " Happily married, 2 sons, fiscal conservative, climate realist, amateur interior decorator. Your rights end where mine begin.
PhoenixWrites15 We're working on resumes in my English IV class and the hard part is putting references and work experience because you have none. Haha. Imagine having a network of people you know, and having a job. Might honestly put teachers down, even if I'm not exactly close. ANYWAY. 18M - INFP-T - Sassy, honest, genuine - Writer - Tech enthusiast - PFP by - Multifandom, #FNAF & #GenshinImpact #原神
joremmons Sycamore, IL @BrknPoet Was there any issue with "but there's something SPECIAL about seeing you walk down the aisle" and guilt over denying people of that experience? My cousin did pretty much exactly what you did and now that I'm trying to make those decisions myself it seems to be a SITUATION. | Writer | Artist | Creator | Thinker | She/Her. A troll used 'go have some mac n cheese' as a brand-specific insult to me, so I believe my work here is done.
wlwrwby she/they, 17, white @electroheir EXACTLY i didn’t even mention bi people i was just using my experience as an example and she just brings this up like it’s the oppression olympics #RUBY: i hope it was worth it.
RMU1979 Jersey @TheOnlyGuru My thoughts exactly Why is this such a taboo subject? In my experience, potential harm to school reputation is placed above actual harm (mental and physical) to children No words to describe the people who have the power to stop it but prefer to excuse it. How do they sleep? Entrepreneur with varied interests: Built Environment, Education, Energy, Finance, Music, Policing, Politics, Rugby, Sustainability and Technology
DudeBengals United States @blazeyoink That's exactly what my dad said lol. Was hilarious because he read about the house ahead of time and said they sit outside waiting for people, so glad we got the official experience haha. RUST gamer. Twitch Affiliate, YouTuber. I like tacos and live music.
BHCKIERA They/he/xe🏳️‍⚧️ Day about my experience with the BHC is exactly this! People are so quick to change their mind on someone just bcs someone else says one thing and it gets two likes... a few days ago you were telling me you loved me and now your saying this... it don’t sit right. OT5 | BHC | BMTH | BILLIE +
landofsmiles21 @karmellle @AnnaNikolo @Quicktake @jdportes @renaudmorieux In my experience people who hate the EU can't be reasoned with. If Romania left the EU tomorrow what 5 things would be better? Now that brexit has exposed Brexit lies and fantasies we know exactly how much better life is inside the EU. Maybe you yearn for the return of Ceaușescu
Trillian42069 Massachusetts in the past people have tried to help me-- and sometimes even make a good faith effort-- but my particular experience with gender and trauma and neurodivergence aren't exactly relatable to the people who have the capacity to help guitarist gamer gf trans anarchist disabled 6'5'' she/they
CNBeffect @canokar Exactly. And when I tell this to my parents they strongly disagree with me claiming elders have the experience we need and I'm disrespecting them. (In my opinon +70 people shouldn't vote either) The only experience I see is the experience of stepping onto each other and grudge
aminalplant under a rock in Canada @nonbinoBryan exactly, seriously thank you for this. My experience of life hasn't matched my age peers up to this point so I'm like... "well obviously none of this applies to me because I didn't do my teens and twenties in the way these people are assuming" and it's alienating words fail me
GuLinux London, England @Sporty_sal Not exactly, but I've learnt that it's almost always better to avoid any confrontation. You'll always just get angry people shouting at you. Sorry to hear about your experience. My suggestion: get a camera if you can, and report them, it's the only thing that might help. Astrophotography & astronomy nerd, photography, science, cycling, foxes & squirrels whisperer
OpinionMeme @LaShandaMcCuin @RIDE0RDIETY @tnoellej I know it isn’t for everyone, that’s why i asked for the people that do. My original question didn’t get answered but I’ll answer yours. I date to experience people, but if it leads to commitment and marriage then so be it. What benefits are you referring to exactly? why you on my page? being nosy, huh?
up_insider California One of my play-on-repeat youtube songs had people in the mostly-translated comments saying bc it was exactly 3 minutes they listened to it while waiting for cup noodle to be ready and I just did that and I'm crying bc I shared in this experience with people I dont know and bfjsdk My name is Tallula Memory Boysen but call me Tally or Memmy. I'm circumgenderfluid, gay, queer and 25, I'm into tabletop and stories about AI. Ask for my AD!
DRMacIver London, England Note that (although informed by quite a lot of reading) this interpretation is based on my experiences and other people won't have exactly the same internal experience around this. I write Hypothesis, the property-based testing library for Python, but this account is mostly about how being human is irritatingly difficult.
jostmills Glasgow, Scotland @SMarsching @chaoticgaythey @mykola Exactly my current experience Seb. It has actually been pretty traumatic and now understand the horror stories people talk about. One of the hardest things is the split opinion on self dx in the community and telling NT people who you are - even though you’ve struggled forever. Photographer, Producer, Neurodiversity advocate, Glasgow Warriors and Rangers fan. ASD.
art_never_fades 💀 Gay & European 💀 @intheflatfieId My experience exactly and then I slowly started infecting people with my music and now my bf is standing in the kitchen blasting Disintegration Art Account of @RabutschM 🖼️ I make a lot of art. 🎨 I simply love #Hannibal a little too much 💭Genderfluid|bi|He/She/Rat 🎂24
BobbyTalksCubs Greensboro, NC @VanessaGA81 @TomiLahren Imagine what it’s like for people in impoverished areas? Ok- I imagine it is exactly like your experience in the largely white affluent area where EVERYONE is thirsty and EVERYONE is hungry. Thank You Vanessa- you just proved my point- race has nothing to do with the law! A Chicago Cubs fan who is not afraid to speak his mind. 1907, 1908, 2016.
nikikin12396447 England, United Kingdom @TheRoundhead42 @AnimousUK Actually it seems to me that’s exactly what you are doing. In my experience athiests just get on with their lives. You’re the guy who tweeted about your beliefs and is getting huffy about people disagreeing with you. Proud remoaner, snowflake. Lifelong vegetarian. 🇪🇺European. Friend to animals. Hate tory lies and corruption. Made in the Black Country. #FBPE #NHSblueheart
sailscubasurf Long Beach, CA Do people really have free will? I say no. I say we are the sum of our life experience. If I cloned myself and my clone had the exact same experiences in its life that I had in mine, faced with the same choice it would decide exactly as I would. A quirky old white guy with a strange sense of humor.....
getzi19 @burberrypirate @DominicnotDom @DJLiquidBeats @MohamedHemish @DanishMFA @MettePrime @Statsmin Boomers whine about islamisation and the like. I respect the syrian people and their struggle, but my people have a struggle of their own and they are not exactly helping. A syrian person can never assimilate into denmark, their lived experience will never be all too similar. Stehe zu deiner Stärke, im Gegensatz zu deiner Schwäche ist sie eine Tugend.
lorovis Burbank, CA @heartmush Exactly!!! I’m always willing to answer but people don’t rlly appreciate the time and effort we put into the replies :( like I have to compile my entire experience thus far and simplify it to easily explain! I’m evil now, owner of Star Wars. Looking for work! Past: Storyboard Revisionist for @BotbCartoon
voidflame Golden Dunes West @HaphazardMethod I dunno, this sounds exactly like what all the trans people on my timeline say they experience to begin with and almost always turns out to actually be being trans :B No idea what you'd do with that info though, but you know you've always got my support!! ⚠️frequent retweets⚠️ ⟦33⟧ ⟦he/she/it/??⟧ ⟦💖:@cosmicsheen⟧ ⟦🎨header:@cosmicsheen⟧ "Everyone, there are literally millions of foxes :)"
iluvpandaxpress Seokjin’s ass @AliBangtani Exactly. And I think for some people it’s much harder to find that than others. So if you don’t have the perfect mix of circumstances it’s almost more harmful. At least that was my experience. ARMY. I cuss a lot. 28. I block minors 🔞 Soft, hard, emo, happy, everything between. Honestly it’s a mess here, follow at your own risk. {BTS FAN ACCOUNT}
Mandalorian_Ren @LadyJayPersists @willy_clart @LiberalNavySeal Exactly. I don’t tell many people the full reason why I enlisted. The AF gave me a chance to follow my dream into the medical field. I was in a bad place before I joined. I was self destructive because of my assault. Your experience is yours and yours alone. No one should use it Female USAF Veteran AFSC: 4N151 WHMC 59 MDW 59 SOS. Live by my oath, the USAF Core Values & The Veteran’s Creed. No filter. ;IGY6 Photographer. Go Bills!
s_h_a_ntanu @muglikar_ @narendramodi Exactly the opposite experience for my parents in Pune...huge queue and infact they were not allowing walk in for any of them and turning people away. 🇮🇳A Proud Indian 🇮🇳
Heidelheim My advice for you, as a fan of the team twice victimized in the ALCS by a sus Astros team- don’t let sour grapes poison your experience, you know EXACTLY how lame the people who still get angry about Barry Bonds and steroids sound 15 years on. Name’s Erwin, He or They will be fine. Turn 25 shortly, I talk about geopolitics, baseball, Columbo, and the triple option. Believer in Leninism. Single.
SameOldCycle @LuckyErica3 @wijsgerig Exactly the DBT is done though, because I think different teams can do it a bit differently? I think some people will be very behavioural and quite harsh, whereas others less so? I hear some awful DBT things people have experienced on twitter, but my experience of it was 2/ A space to scream into the void. Wandering aimlessly. #PhDLife in aftermath of #ComplexTrauma. 'EUPD/BPD', apparently. #TraumaNotPD #LGBT She/Her. 🏳️‍🌈🌻
Iimetires @umi_wastaken yeah :(( Like if anything people who are ND look exactly the same as people who aren't, and it isn't as hard to communicate with people who are ND as abelist people make it the most you just have to change your speech patterns to be slightly more direct in my experience hello !! they/she :), am 13+ pfp is by @/阿托伊玛 on Weibo :D
chun_li_98 @Cynicalist_ Exactly. I’ve just learned from my past experience not to expect so much out of people anymore. 9/10 if they arent communicating and being open with you there’s another party involved..therefore don’t be surprised if you see me doing the same thing to you. 22 🥂 half Okinawan 🌺🇯🇵
TaylorZsaZsa Lyndhurst, United States @4jmaI @Greenorchid6 @DineshDSouza Exactly! I know that well about China, that they like to appear as if they do no wrong, or no harm... So exposing them and these truths will truly speak volumes to the true racism that my people experience there! Africans need their own footing to build and trade how they wish, No individual words can define me. I open up myself just enough to figure out who i trully am as an individual person.
Sir_Woofingtons Broken Britain @mattpoll3781 In my experience, people who claim to have seen the video - and have an issue with it - are completely unable to critique it I invite u to choose 1 (or more) of the 6 points I raised in the vid, and tell me exactly why my points are wrong As yet, no-one has been able to do this Stupid tweets/videos about stupid people
VerboseVagrant @TDS_Peppo That was exactly my thoughts when I saw people saying that. Yeah, you can and should use more weapons to experience more of the game, but you can say that about any MH. On top of that, previous MH games... had an actual endgame loop. The game is unfinished, be realistic. Hey, I make Monster Hunter clips, so stick around if you want more. I also stream at Sometimes. Soooometiiimes.
joshuataipale Wonderland @lushishi LOL in my experience these are the people who return with something completely generic OR exactly what you hoped for and more; there is no in-between Alchemist of Music. Composer, Producer, Guitarist. VGM cover album "IMAGINATION" out now! 🤘 @glassheartproj / @ongakuconcept / @unowenproj || 🇬🇧🇫🇮 ||
eigenvectrix Meanjin (stolen Turrbal land) @JA_Jorm @DukeLongley I majored in finance and economics at QUT. This is exactly in keeping with my experience. Like, not even as a joke. Economics programs are designed to equip people who want to make those arguments with the vocabulary to do so. 26. she/her. Black and Blak lives matter. Trans rights are human rights. #80aDay #LandBack
SwtBeat Marina Del Rey, CA @Playstation_2 @Polygon Okay good for you? I was “shamed”, or whatever term you prefer, by my boss for not moving people through POS fast enough, later employees would go out and complain about quotas. This is exactly the same kinda situation in my experience. “Progression over Perfection” - James Welsh ✌🏼❤️😁

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