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ToadallyRadical @_Nackles_ This is exactly my problem, and I wish I had a keyboard to tell people ‘Hey let me experience the game a little I don’t like handholding’ James/Toady/Rad | He/him They/Them | Aspiring writer | I beat Transistor 100% | 25 | FGs, TCGs and RPGs | Icon by @mettamaxie ! | BLM
Jack_Cleveland_ Lothlorien @2017Atheist This was exactly my experience over the last few days. That's also when I saw that religion lobotomizes people. Their higher cognitive functions shut down, logic and reason fail, and they become incapable of taking in new information. Marine Corps veteran. Artist. Anti-theist. Failed Jedi. Rebel Scum. If I don't agree with you it doesn't mean I hate you. Hate is a wall. Love is a bridge.
IamAlinaAdams New York, NY @bowlga Aw, thank you so much. That's exactly why I started the Substack, so I could share my experience with people in the same boat and hopefully help! NYT best-selling author of soap-opera tie-ins, skating mysteries & romance. Historical fiction set in Odessa, USSR & Brighton Beach, Bklyn coming Summer 2020!
Oh_Wise1 NorfSide📍VA 🛩 SATX My point exactly. crap be getting treated like a safety net for people to do what they want and know it’s still someone there by obligation I think it can be some dope crap with the right person but extremely overrated experience Darling this is chamomile tea.
JCeoltaSmith @chaniedavies @long_covid @theRCOT Exactly and also gives people an option to raise any issues further if they want to. But more often in my clinical experience an apology and that recognition that things were not quite as they should be is the most helpful 💚 Occupational Therapist, researcher social security + health and work. Core member of @long_covid Employment Group Co-Founder and associate at @LongCovidWork
VonHierAnBlind Culemborg, Nederland @AITA_online Who do these people think they are exactly? In my experience people will bring something if they can & offer to help you out around the house anyway (if they have the time and means). How is that as a *prerequisite* anything but extortionate towards your fam & friends?? 32 / music is my bae / cat mom. she/her
AnnaGoldfield United States @amberdextrous and my goal with @dirtpodcast is always exactly this—to humanize the past. Ancient materials are records of lives lived, joys, tragedies, people with interiority. We may not be able to access every experience but we can be mindful that those experiences existed. Archaeologist, animal and tree enthusiast, writer, illustrator. Co-host of @dirtpodcast, @BrainsOn fellow. #nonbinary
Chromed Donetsk, Ukraine 25/26 And now with NFT I feel that I can share my work much more widespread. I hope somebody will like what I do, will like my photos, I hope people will find the connection with the emotions I experience, when taking them. I try to translate exactly that through my work. I make street, lifestyle and occasional minimal/abstract photography. And make #NFTs out of some of them.
bunningsosij they/them Kogure's very agitated here and when people are in this state of heightened emotion, they're not exactly the most eloquent speakers and (in my experience) tend to repeat things a little, so I think it works for the state of mind Kogure is in. i translate things for a living, mostly video games! im also a project manager (account under construction?)
PetroniaMagnus @SweisSenpai Exactly. Take Graces F. It's not in my Top 5 but I still love the game. And I get excited when YOU for example started playing it. Because even if it's not MY No.1, it's still good and has plenty to offer! It's still a Tales experience and it's fun to see people's tastes! 23 ♂️, 🇸🇪 Mostly follow and post Tales Of related content. Play Tales.
ElsaJade3 Melbourne @PeteJMcGill @sophieelsworth Do you think that everyone's experience of 'masking and distancing' are exactly the same? You must be a boomer. I wear an N95 all day at work. I don't want to wear masks in my social life. People should assess their risk and act accordingly. No mandates. ICU/ Palliative Care Nurse. Mum. Vaccinated. Supports peer reviewed evidence , against lockdown to control a virus.
sourcenouveau Buffalo, NY, USA So many people think that Instagram and TikTok have finely tuned algorithms that always show you exactly what you're interested in. This is absolutely not the case in my experience. The algorithms seem to make big assumptions based on a few basic demographics. computers rule, humans drool
Lichtelau @SammySammyboo24 I can't tell you exactly how many seconds my baby was not beating when she was born, seen her turn blue and people crowding the crib was a very painful experience, I was a mess. She was kept in NICU for 4 days, maybe that's why I'm empathetic towards her
JoKingDevon Devon, England @ChrisSnook12 @markrabailey Exactly Chris, I have learned so much from my mistakes on Twitter, even though I study the books for ages I still get it wrong and it's so nice to know there are people with more experience and knowledge willing to help. Ashamed to call myself a human these days
Schmedley11 Miami, FL @tomselliott @VP "based on my experience"... what about other people's experience? What about the data and exactly what does vulnerable mean? What group(s) are not getting focus? Does citizenship play a role in your "focus"? Finally, what does "focu$" mean? Rationale thinker
msp4rro Mentally? Already in 3049 A.D. @neurocolor Exactly. I know from first hand experience that this type of hate speech resonates with way too many people, and they stop at nothing… This is the main reason I am not doxxing, even though I would love for people to be able to put a face to my art. A light, but recent example: Artist, Dev, Turbo-pleb… Former @neondistrictRPG ~ @whopperCrypto ~ @SwirlPay
ABlueGreyJay @Henriettaspoon "How it is progress that the world isn't exactly as my clique saw it 60 years ago when I had an underdeveloped brain and little experience with people different from myself?" I need that Principal Skinner meme for this. Lefty leftie. Witty twit. Older than you think...and louder. 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Likes and retweets ~are~ endorsement. (Jay/they/it)
Jann3 Cambridge, UK @numerous_bees I think that's my gripe with the term, the implied 'typical'. what exactly is normal when most people have experience some kind of current drift into the realm of disfunction and disorder, depression, anxiety, compulsions etc.. it feels like trying to mark the centre of the ocean Views expressed are entirely those of my employer.
guidegroup @HarvardBiz The best mentorships help both people grow, and that requires an work from both. Corresponds with my experience exactly, including when it took time to realize mutuality. My experiences both as mentor and protege have been rich, powerful, important, some of my best Recovering Fire Chief, Student of Leadership, Observer of the Human Condition. Retweets are not necessarily endorsement
cyberelster 🇪🇺 @JBraungardt @olex_scherba What exactly do you mean by this crisis being fake? In my experience, people imagine a ,USSR comeback’ too literally. The legal & political systems in Russia and some old republics (like Belarus) are already 2,5/3 through and continue trending to 100% authoritarianism. Mental health professional 🫂👥 tech amateur 💾 politics enthusiast 📰 sailor guardian 🌙 phantom thief 🎩 #pychology, #programming, #videogames #politics
Sleepycat77 @alison_turner @grodaeu Yes this is exactly my experience. People on here say ‘oh ignore the rules and throw your kid a party’ easier said than done!!! The government terrified everyone so much people didn’t want to meet!!! I was astounded when I met with my SIL and it was apparent she wanted our kids…
PhilipProudfoot County Durham/Brighton @0Calamity @SimonJonesNews Exactly, sometimes the humanitarian system will use "forced migrants," but in my experience, this always seems to invoke a pointless discussion around who/what is doing the "forcing." Simply for more neutrality, "displaced people" seems right and less inflammatory. Anthropology | International Development & Humanitarianism | Leader of @FreeNorthNow | Personal account; views are mine alone | RT/Likes are not endorsements
GSVBemusementPk Arm One-Six @Richard_Vixen I'm pretty bad at noticing this stuff in other people but my experience of my own thought processes and the behavior of women I've tried to date is exactly the reverse of this I make the Uncultured Swine podcast about the Culture books. Possibly a spaceship. Retweets are endorsements except on days that end in 'y'. DM freely.
bishopandcoHI Honolulu, HI Before you say "I can't find good talent to fill my open roles," are there not enough talented workers, or just not enough people with exactly the right degree and on-paper background? #employers #recruiting #staffing #hiringtips Placing great people in great jobs! Providing #HR, #job placement, temporary #staffing, executive search, workplace solutions in #Hawaii since 1986. #hijobs
BeansMug @Amelia_Womack @TheGreenParty I was brought up by someone who believed being gay was unnatural, so I didn't exactly have a rolling start on the issue. And that's exactly my point. Why is it that people are so scared to talk it through, try to understand, & perhaps listen to those with lived experience? 3/n Your freedom ends where another's begins
kylejluebke Charlotte • Atlanta • St Louis @westripp3 @MichaelWilsonNC @newsobserver With the COVID vaccine, on the other hand, you have to provide employers and/or schools with specific forms from a medical doctor. With religious exemptions, the CDC had to issue statements about what exactly it meant. In my experience with people who have had… All about Charlotte • Urbanist • Conservative @MeckGOPYR Treasurer • @LogCabinNC President
marysolx3 New Jersey, USA @cantbuyuclass @asianbravolover That’s not everyone’s childhood though. Not everyone had the luxury of innocent and warped tour. There are plenty of people who’ve said this is exactly like my high school experience. NJ all day
MelaphyreX eng/learning spa & rus @bruhmeritus exactly like im not sorry but my personal experience has absolutely nothing to do with ur experience and the fact youre invoking it to elicit a more emotional response from people just shows how desperate you are to make people believe you using anything but facts blm | artist | video editor | ghost | midnight mass | tes/fallout | they/them | 21 | osdd system | unhinged tweeter | mullet enthusiast | ♥️ @NONAGONINFINlTY ♥️
elyssablackie Devils hiding spot I’ve always been real big on true friendships& thought it was always lame people wud tell me I feel to much but that’s exactly what brought me to who I have in my life now and I’m forever greatful for the energy I get to experience In my life from those I choose to keep around me who the fork?
Jenna_bee__ Probably in the kitchen @DrivinLuke @kraysgratitude @Damian_Borrelli @AlexpiersonAMP Exactly. And I've been using my own rape experience to try and get that through to people. Coercion cannot equal consent. Informed consent is required for the shots. We also aren't being informed, which to my mind, means that anyone injured, as I am, has the right to sue the gov. Happily attached.😍🥰 Konoronhkwa Charie! 50s, mom of grown ups waiting for some grandbabies! I miss baby feet I've had 2 shots. Leave me be, I'm harmed
DioGomes13 Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal @RatofDrawn I disagree. From my experience Most people send tweeta exactly like that XD But the NFT broa cant have bad publicity spread and take people away from their pyramid scheme Non-Binary 🏳️‍🌈 Passionate about Videogames 🎮 Rogue 😈 Nerd 🎲 Tattoos 🎨 European 🇪🇺 Booba Tea Lover 🧋 Wannabe creator 📸 Anime Lover 🇯🇵 ENTP 😎
RefRgby @scheel_lala @Jo_IsABitch Exactly my experience. I may get together with a few old friends but I expect we'll do it without the usual pack of nice but uninteresting people who never left town and still care about whose softball team is winning. Old and cranky. #HuntersFatherLovesHim
RobNasty__ Philadelphia, PA This exactly why I stopped paying people to do my hair. I had the WORST experience last night with a Philly bitch doing my braids. Next appointment that go wrong imma take the L and get jumped cause I’m swinging on these “stylist” from now on🤷🏽‍♀️ Twitter is for MY inner thoughts. So bitch back up💜
MatPDouglas Middletown, CT @sazzyboatright Can I add in cishet WHITE men here? Because in my experience, it is EXACTLY those people who are doing the above and also throwing out ethnic slurs too USN 1997-2002 Wrestling (#TBW), Baseball (#LGM), Movies (#MSBK) #WrestlingIsForEveryone He/Him The Turnbuckle Bandwagon Contact:
ZacharyMorden Wellesley, Ontario @ditchdoc1228 @ChubbyChucks I read the articles a while back. I personally also have people in my network who have validated a lot of the information can't exactly send you a link for that... I don't trust most media online. Personal research and experience trumps most for me. Entrepreneur - Stay Humble, Hustle Hard Investor, Business Owner, Strategist CEO & Founder of Inspiration Initiative Mindset is Key💎 6 Streams of Income
jade_bra 🌊 ➡️ 🏔 Like this is exactly why I have like 5 friends bc all those people wished me happy birthday and everyone else honestly kinda blows. Like I’m gonna just stop expecting anything from anyone. In my experience, people don’t love me the same way I love them. I like to tweet my feelings and opinions a lot. depression sun, anxiety moon, adhd rising.
jonny_castles United Kingdom @jimcramer Untrue. In my experience, most people use exactly the same data and form opposite opinions. Claim your right to unhappiness
Lumunix Scree The people pushing NFTs know exactly what they are doing. Over the holidays I had fellow family members ask me if I could set them up NFT minting to sell. When I explain to them what it was, they insisted I should use my knowledge and experience to scam people anyways. Software Fenngineer, MS Software Engineering, BS Computer Science, Gay, Furry, he/him, Scree, Profile Pic: @ThunderFennec
shulamithbond Maybe my experience with disability made it easier for me to accept trans people existing and being valid/the gender they say they are. (Also, I myself am trans/not-cis, so I'm not exactly 100% unbiased, lol) Abled people must be stopped, and gender has failed us. White, Jewish, disabled, fat, nonbinary, bisexual. They/them; TME.
AliceLoverdrive @DaleKeter @ShortElwood @rickp1999 That's pretty much the opposite of my experience. There was exactly zero times I've been playing the current edition D&D with randos and it wasn't five people who have conflicting preferences. Never had such experience with Apocalypse World or OD&D. У меня хуй пицот сантиметров
doc_locdnloaded somewhere doing something This was exactly my experience and at an HBCU at that. People who looked like me did everything they could to make sure I didn’t finish. I did, but they wore me out mentally every step of the way. Got lost in myself and found a new me…✨✨✨
redshoes721 Canada This is exactly my experience. “When the police attend, they may well come with what I would call the wrong mindset, emphasizing law enforcement priorities over empathetic caring and human rights-respecting responses to people who are in crisis." Artist, writer, administrator. Colouring outside the lines is best practice. No more injustice please. Equity, diversity & inclusion. She/Her
DamonCrawf Oslo, Norway @SnoozeButtonBen @grantgerke @DavidFerris The place in the pic is around the corner from my place. This is exactly my experience. People online sometimes think having to stop for 30-40 mins every 5-6 hrs is an issue.. and safe to drive 10hrs straight? music, snowboarding, surfing, cricket.
GennHutchison Los Angeles I also HAD to graduate in exactly 4 years or I lost all my funding. The margins were so narrow, and I was super lucky! So much of the romantic idea of youth getting real world experience and quenching wanderlust is the domain of the people who can afford to. Writer: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Prime. Formerly: Better Call Saul,Breaking Bad. Spectre status, recognized.
BurgundyStriker New York (he/him) @Werewolf_Pussy RPGs get this super hard too, in my experience. I get the sense 90% of people making indie RPGs played exactly One good RPG or One bad RPG and came to the conclusion that the genre was trash because it's either all like that bad game or nothing like the good one. Never meet your heroes? Bump that. Get better heroes, or be your own. (PFP by @Kainonaut)
Steaksburner69 @Domoss3 @Onebitmouse @__costco Dude had severe undiagnosed schizophrenia and he was afraid to be around people. But sorry I forgot my personal experience doesn't matter vsauce is always right, every person is exactly the same.
shotgunner101 @cybeej @RayRedacted Exactly, driving on the road is such a dynamic experience. Like I have had people on the cell phone try and merge into my lane which would have put me into a concrete barrier. I am sure by braking to avoid it I would get dinged for braking hard and for then "unsafe distance" Computer Security Professional. Everyday is a new chance to learn something new. I enjoy helping protect people from cyber threats when and where possible.
Starlinkx_Shade Virginia, USA @The_Billy_S @Stealth40k My thoughts exactly! Although I did notice the issues people have with it, it didn't really bug me all that much personally. It's still a great way to experience the game and for some it's the best way. Nothing wrong with that! I love gaming, art, anime/manga. I do Youtube videos as well if you are curious.
vladjdk @TeamKujira Interesting move! First sign of competition and you start to ban people from using your service. I have exactly one (1) day of React experience. My tool *only* interacts with Anchor contracts. And you ban people for interacting with the Anchor contract? 21 year old rust dev at @terra_money | clusterer @nebula_protocol | intern at @intern_capital
ppatpranss 26 • she/her • 🇵🇭 @hobsunv this is exactly my thoughts, too. thanks for putting them into words! idk the experience of most people, but this one feels relatable in the way that it acknowledges that families are so complicated, and how some conflicts or issues get better with time. ♡‧₊˚ ꔛ #patpran: we won’t let the world change us either • multi-stan ☀️ films + (asian) tv • + otps: ohmnanon, earthmix, bkpp, taynew, offgun. 🧸 tu 🧸 ꔛ ˚₊‧♡

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