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LeftieNeil Wales, United Kingdom @earthygirl011 Yep, I found it eye opening too and exactly the same experience. I spoke to some people for ages fighting for votes, whether immediately or the future. Others had moved on to a different estate… While campaign mode was very poor in my opinion. Jewish ex Labour member/ activist, socialist, environmentalist, vegan & animal lover. Welcome constructive debate, abuse, trolls, idiots immediately blocked.
backwoodsbabble Nevada @roxy_mojo @dinerlee Exactly. It’s not helpful to go around telling people what their experience should be with Covid or anything like this at all. We are living it, if you aren’t perhaps step back and leave space for the conversation among those who are to continue instead. Just my opinion. •I love my simple life she/her•#TeacherLife•#letsgooilers •#lifewithbean•#longhauler (9 months and counting) •#longcovid #teammoderna
TheIdiot99 @me with interesting titles @BasQuetzal Mainly a west coast thing. I live on the east coast and say it and people laugh and know exactly where I'm from. That's my experience anyways
Winteristix Behind you @VoteCompMode Exactly, but the main problem is the damn pyros. I haven’t seen much bakers from my experience after his vid, but the pyros keep on going. Its sad how people go out of their way to be “funny” and do the same stuff he does. RTC member, small youtuber, song mapper, Roblox Bedwars/Piggy addict. use star code DV/Bandites when buying robux! PFP: @Lizzie_Arrow. Banner: @MThecoolperson1
emilytheslayer Massachusetts I get to do a thing for work that is exactly the kind of thing that *I* find fun and most people hate and my convention programming experience is going to be useful and I am HYPED. LET'S GOOOOO International Unicorn of Mystery, idk what i am. adopted 4 kittens at the same time. Married to @ordquelu. she/her.
gluednewts 21 years old @adhdthomas exactly. and also my interpretation of the series doesn’t align with an aspec character because i sort of see him having sexual attraction to a lot of people he’s just met which is a normal experience for an allosexual but doesn’t align with many definitions of asexuality they/fae @zaynisveryvain stan account and #1 fan
joikep Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience". Mark Twain. This exactly happened to me this week at my school with the bosses. Toxic environment is unbelievable. Looking to leave ASAP. @AliciaCruzProd
Wookiee4ND Kashyyyk @KaninPheonix @Akon Exactly why I havent been just yet. Got to find the RIGHT people to go with. Im not going with someone that provokes. I just want to know first hand that their are spirits of some sort out there. Only had one experience and its hooked my curiousity ever since. Biden Democrat🌊 Star Wars Nerd✨ Cat Dad Trance DrumNBass🎶 Go IRISH🏈 Go Reds America's 1st team⚾️ WHO DEY🏈 6 Newman🏎 My Stick is better Than Bacon!!!!!🥓
TheJamPactPod Nottingham, England @ashleystorrie I am currently going through this with my mum too. You describe the experience exactly. Please don’t let other people put you off tweeting about this. I’ve felt mad with the isolation of it, especially after two years of shielding. You help me, and I am sure it helps others too. Podcast on @womensinstitute campaigns. If you want to know what the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK cares about, you’ve come to the right place
mstaliciateonna @LadyJoJo98 Lmao exactly and I’m saying this from experience 😭🥴 that’s why I get it. I got 10 years with my ex and breaking up is what we do all the time. We get with other people try to move on and when we miss eachother we back home!!! Then the bitches who thought they had him this time Tha LEO ♌️ I sale Fashion, & talk crap. Only fans link below ✨
ButchPrincessG They/them, dude/bro/sis/ This was exactly my experience. They didn't exist, and then suddenly they were everywhere and people acted like they always had been. We've always been at war with Eurasia. Or perhaps the simulation was simply altered and I didn't have deja vu about it. Middle-aged enby transmasc, low-femme presenting queer. Twitter dad services available. DMs open. Toys R Us Kid. HRT 31May18
chamomilleteaa San Francisco, CA @frolicproject Exactly my experience! It’s been hard to navigate how to properly meet people and also just know what the hell everything means 😅 Afrolatina attempting Product Design ☻
liveatroam 305 E. Front St. "Living at roam is awesome! It’s right in the heart of Missoula there are fun activities, and my roommates are awesome, and the people who run roam know exactly what they are doing to make my experience as good as possible. Heavily recommend staying here." - Simon Student housing property in Missoula, MT.
kepthallowed Phoenix, AZ @RealKaristina @mykola Sorry I didn't see this reply, but this is exactly my fear! I'm autistic too, and sometimes I have the energy to articulate in the best way, and sometimes I can barely speak. Putting pressure on autistic people to change their language about their own experience is harmful imo. ☀️ ♉ 🌙 ♋ ⬆️ ♐ #ActuallyAutistic - dark humor - will defend strangers - hyper empathetic - occasionally petty - direct speaker - wordy - walking paradox
tammirsparks NYC ⚡️55 Secret Street⚡️ "The death of a loved one is an experience that empties." I've lost 3 people in my family to gun violence, two of them exactly three months after John Lennon was shot and killed. Gun violence is at record levels. Having more guns isn't the answer. Preventing gun violence is. Data nerd 📈 Spiritual empath✨Writing about food, politics, narcissists #MaskUp #BLM ☕️ $tammisparks
Aaron_Stafford_ Erde-Tyrene @lFibreOpticl @justenholstein @PMaka1991 Can't exactly sit and wait for the full campaign experience to release. Every time I open my phone I risk spoilers. People are people I do not like. No replayability is a killer. I was content with no coop but can't mission select? Just don't understand why. It's a basic thing in every game
gwenwindflower Chicago, IL @nickcammarata there’s something different about feeling intensely connected/empathetic to other people and feeling intensely connected to everything i guess ? not sure exactly but the new muscle thing matches my experience for sure globally celebrated data cowgirl 🤠 helping craft a cheerful, creative, coconut-flavored developer experience @dbt_labs 🥥 my friends call me winnie 🥰
ThreshedThought 🌎 @doge_vitale @DAaronovitch @BBCRadio4 @SecKermani All of it. Matches exactly my experience of working with/in the FCO and my experiences of trying to get people out of Kabul. The FCO ceased to exist as an organisation in Kabul in August. Fascinated by the causes of conflict, particularly psychological ones; Visiting Fellow @warstudies; Books: Videos:
jhamilbader Portland, OR I’m feeling absolutely over the moon right now after @zaingaziani became my very collector early today!💙🙏🏻 Having him resonate with the piece in exactly the way I was hoping people would was such a rewarding experience and I’m feeling so excited to share [continued below 👇🏻] Photographer based in Oregon | My NFT collection “Petrichor” | Enjoying life one moment at a time🚶🏻‍♂️
winkybiker Vancouver, British Columbia @benorgan @cameronmaltby Exactly my sentiment. For me personally, it isn't really required, and it even impinges on my personal (cycling) experience at times. But (as a person) I just love to see the laughter and smiles of the other people who are using it. It is truly wonderful. 🚴‍♂️🎸👨‍💻 Bike Commuter. Insufferable Roadie. Retirement Ready. Family man. Whiny anti-death activist. Bikes rule, cars drool. Aspiring SJW. BLM.
BrettGastineau Indianapolis, IN In my experience, you will see people based more on what you believe them to be and not on exactly who they are. The generalizations you perceive about people will become your reality. Poet, father, lover of words and wonder, perpetual student of life.
_alicejulia_ @butchbaaaphomet @elsecaller_ Yeah exactly! for me, my experience is that i didnt have a choice, but for someone else, the experience can be something completely different and its okay. Its such an individual experience. I hate it when people insist on some super strict definitions and force people in boxes I'm just a girl from Finland, I love music and video games. Currently studying Social Sciences.
PEGSInstitute @SomeAnonymity @AndrewG31478162 @mike_houghton_ @ReadjusterMMTom But this is exactly my point. You're saying UBI comes first and FJG/UBS later. If there's any period of time where UBI exists without the other two then there's some people who will experience a shortfall. You even agree UBI is not the whole solution, so why do a half measure? Pragmatic and Empirically Guided Solutions Institute. Explaining the truth behind some misunderstood realities of the modern world.
Riks_angels AO3 @Proud_Mother85 Aww 🥺🥺🥺 thank you so much, you're answer means so much to me!! And those people are exactly the reason why I wrote this whole experience down. They are my personal points of views and I'm aware that most people aren't interested in reading them, but Misha gave me so much SPNfamily🔸 💙Misha💙/Jensen/Destiel🔸 Misha for president🔸🌈🔸 fanfics are therapy ♥️💙💚🔸30+ 😎🔸study coordinator oncology🔸they/them🏳️‍🌈
JaneRomero_ @RobertB86897164 @GothVagabond @Samanth58628956 Exactly: that's why I really believe in the importance of the community and why I think that speaking about these issues is not so useless. If it can help people understanding this is wrong, why shouldn't I share my experience to open a discussion around the problem? She/Her | Trans and proud | The Original Jane (Opinions are my own) Twitch: Discord:
WorldFullofJunk @thisaintpizza @DavidHPark1 @DrEliDavid @zerohedge My experience with Japanese companies and people is exactly zero information given. Even those who grew up in the USA are very private that way. But being told so-and-so out for a specific reason is a couple orders of magnitude less than the details of the treatment. It's a World Full of Junk! - Fred Sanford Creator, builder, repairer. restorer, and preserver of things.
TanaMaemartin2 Utah, USA @GingerTee1 @firejules17 @chumpneykardash Exactly her experience is so different. So people need to realize that and quit putting all Mormons in this exact same category. I have experienced none of what she has I have tons of people divorced in my family. Tons of people left the church. We love them all married 29 years: Christian. MAGA. pro Trump. Family. Mom. Wife. Utah. conservative. pro life. college grad. self employed. 50 & fabulous😚LOVE THR USA
RevFoxinistSalt Stolen Land @EstrogenizedFox In my experience (which with this sort of thing is pretty substantial) this can become a self fullfilling prophecy that sort of accelerates the cycle and makes sure it repeats. Not sure how to get rid of it exactly, but I've been pretty lucky in the past with patient people Zen Idiot ☸️Post-Anarchist/Autonomist 🏴Sociology+Philosophy Student📖Aryan Meth-pilled🔮Autistic Furry Degen🦊TTRPG & Music Enjoyer♬They/Them🏳️‍⚧️DMs open❤️
crimzon8numbers naughty + shameless @lenyatom @steppenwolfgirl Folks, the rant up above my post is EXACTLY what you can expect when people use Pronouns as credentials install of legitimate education from accredited schools and professional experience. Why bother with university when you can just have... INTERNET ACCESS! 🖕😆🇲🇽 Ages: 666 and Up Only.
Yukifrill 25 | She/Her | INTP @MDHWrites I'm also a writer and I have the exact opposite experience with my nsfw works always having much more comments (less kudos, but most people who left kudos would comment; exactly like what happens with my nsfw art) so my brain wouldn't accept this explanation, unfortunately 😔 🗣🇮🇩🇺🇲🇯🇵 • Fanartist ✏ • TOH/AOT/TDP • ship/chara hate = BLOCK 🚫 • sometimes 🔞 • DM ❌ • antis DNI ⛔
ericsagedean New York, NY @TheStarWarsAcad @rianjohnson @HamillHimself That’s a very cool theater experience! Oddly, it was opposite in my theater. I saw it the day after, and people moaned - someone even yelled “he chickened out!”. Personally, I think it’s hard to surprise SW fans and this did exactly that. Be kind with no strings attached.
KewiiBW 734 @ThatGuyFuture @AtomicIsBetter @bushyboi109 @FitzyLeakz @ShiinaBR My bad, I got the seven AR and Ranged one confused cause how similar they look. But yeah. I think most people would pick up a scar most times over the seven AR. It’s not exactly the best in close range from my experience so far. It might be the best in the game as of what’s 16.
_MoneyMcGee Dallas, TX @BlackAndSuper Exactly bro and all the people under the post say "yup this is my experience" are really doing a disservice by leaving out context and just saying yup this is all black barbershop when its really not. ESPECIALLY in an establishment. I can see some crap like that MAYBE flying when Pronounced Tī•ğee 👨🏿‍🎨CreativeType🎨🦁$McGeeTighe I'm not smugg I'm just SELF CONFIDENT. B L A C K L O V E
jimnelson44 @nathaliejacoby1 My brain. As a Black man in America I don’t have the luxury of being emotional at the wrong time. And yes, this response is totally about race, because most People of Color know exactly what I’m talking about and most white people will never experience it once in their lives. Proud father of Jonathan Nelson in Denver and Erik Nelson in L.A. A USC Dad✌🏽Using Social Media does not make you a Journalist. Here for knowledge, not numbers
folkycat > to convey exactly how my experience feels different from theirs - because all the vocabulary is the same. Overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, depressed, burnout… But to NT people does that mean that you can’t make the connection between your brain and your mouth work? Author: Me, the Boy and The Monster; Adopting a Musical Approach | These days mostly in charge of @LiveToYourLR and home-edding an awesome teenager #Autistic
royaltourcaddie @JenniferEValent @prchovanec Obviously a generalization but my experience with Americans is that there is a significant subset of people exactly as you descibed for which I use the all-encompassing term "assholes". The real shame of DT is that for this group he has made assholery cool, and to be celebrated golf pools, poker, playing 36. CCR are the best. That is Cayleigh, Corey, Riley
dohertym12 @LBC @MaajidNawaz @MacaesBruno This highlights exactly the problem with people in positions of authority who do not understand science. He even says 'should I trust the science over the evidence of my own eyes and experience?' YES - THAT IS EXACTLY THE POINT! Our subjective experience often leads us to draw Wannapreneur
RemGee_darkMode Utrecht, Nederland @reicannon This fits my experience exactly. Community is engaging, respectful, art minded and committed. I really feel people are there for the long term. 💎 Thanks @reicannon and team @projectNANOPASS for creating a space like that. You guys rock Designer of Unface Tribe (preview soon) // NFT-er // Creative Director @brilenbaard
that1cl0ud Cloud Island i don't exactly cook, nor am i around when people are cooking something, so it was quite the experience opening the oven and having hell blast out at my face i play games fast and sometimes set records in those games they/them almond cookie ❤️ pfp by hypocritical#3922
EvermoreWitch she/her @useritoole @incaseyoucaIled @my_old_scarf Exactly! they have every right to write songs about the experience but he keeps bringing her up and changing his word- it's like he's using her name to bring up the drama again which in turn would help to promote his new music, people like drama. 🏳️‍🌈 treat people with kindness ||-// message in a bottle stan✨️ How can you know nothing at 18💜
mars__madness brooklyn I'm perpetually disappointed by the way people write about anorexia, even and especially first-person narratives. They like to personify anorexia as a feathery trickster, cunning, sly. This runs exactly counter to my experience of being sick. It was much different, and dumber. she/her 🪐🏎✨
beyondpaisley @maryann_desanct @penbee8 @OhNoSheTwitnt That's exactly my experience and what I think, too. Selfish = I didn't give in to the omnipresent kid pressure. Though they also do look at finances; childless people don't have the same $ struggles as those w/kids. I think that sparks jealousy too. Heart hug to your niece. Look! Shiny! Cats * Food * Photos * fork me if I can think of anything else.
TabariSoussan @NaheedD Had exactly the same experience in Brazil. A guy at the soccer stadium pointed at my skin and asked me where are you from? I said Canada. He said no really where are you from? Sadly many people around the world live in their colour segregated paradigm
Kirkland130 Kansas City, MO @OchnerJames @melbrown000 Its just not the thing to say man. In my experience and a large number of others, that is exactly what racist/prejudiced people say almost word for word which is why you get the replies you do, i would try a new approach for better results in the future. ( ok now i go) 14 Karat Gold Slum Computer WiZrd
gravitycomplex_ 🇦🇷🧉 the most offensive part of my fandom experience is the people who absolutely draw chesed pretty, submissive and breedable exactly as he is but then don't put him in submissive and breedable situations 🔞🔞🔞✨married himbo malewife✨heavy PM brainrot✨the 🍿/☕️ fanfic king✨part of the 🤍🖤💙 nation✨criminal with "weird tropes" feminising ☕ boys (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)
himanshu_rokde Bhopal, India @gauravsamrit @Defencematrix1 @excitel_rocks Exactly. Sometimes i stream on yt. So i asked them to provide me with the upload speed as well and they did it in a day. That's why i absolutely love airtel. People in my society shifted from airtel to bsnl and jio and everyone came back to airtel after a month's experience 😂😂 old account suspended, for those who know me. also known as ZEUS.

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