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BenjaminERogers Twitter purgatory, Shambhala @pete_lemonjello @Emerantura The Salt Lake city Council is majority gay and majority minority. There are 10 to 1 more gay or trans flags than American flags in peoples yards. I honestly have no idea what you guys are talking about. if you follow me, you might see my tweets. Undefeated on the Internet. The Twitter Warlord of Enlightenment. Shadowbanned by Twitter. #Bitcoin
Shannonedrie La Jolla CA./Flowermound TX. @TonyCava @shaileshb172 @Mammuthus_ @musicologyman @petnoodle @jycefisher I have no idea what you guys are talking about and yet still it makes me happy 😂❤ Politics Music News History Arts & Culture Literature Art Government & Politics ILoF
sonyaormsby Florida @JoeBiden The next thing you're going to say is read my lips. My personal opinion is you and your Administration have no idea what you guys are talking about. VETERAN. USAF
JohnGarbowl300 Porterville, CA @Aaaannieway @TSRooseveltRE Want to hear something funny? I have no idea what you guys are talking about. And better for it. Remember when all things were possible? Then you must be eligible for Medicare. Don’t give up.
Omeribrahimkhi1 Woodbridge, CT @gottaluvluv @cr_HENDERSON @granthpaulsen @WashingtonNFL @PFF And that’s why Trent Williams makes 26 million next year 😂😂😂😂😂 it sounds like you guys have no idea what you guys are talking about
QTLINORING_ ¡blk! ¡she/they! @Komorebi_03 @yoongisrifle “and everyone clapped” means it’s not true. the person who supposedly got harassed was tweeting and had no idea what you guys are going on abt. it’s blowing out of proportion bc y’all WANT something to go wrong || 1 8 || i like cats & lee know ||
Ms_Nzalie in his mind 24/7 @DStvCare I have no idea what you guys are doing, Y'all keep on disconnecting my services and it's really annoying 🙄 She remembered who she was and the game changed 🤍🦄 (please subscribe to my YT channel)
RadioMarkAdams San Francisco @bobafett I have no idea what you guys are doing. E3 gave off some real Star Trek TOS Kirk vs The Gorn energy. And the T-Birds from Grease are more threatening than that “gang” on the space Vespas. I want to love this show; it’s not going well.
Matias10Rain Orlando, Florida. Happy 5th anniversary to #Dreamcatcher!!! But the five members that came from Minx. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT GIVING UP AND KEEPING THE HOPE!!! The kpop industry needed one of you guys. They have no idea what you guys can do with Handong and Gahyeon. @hf_dreamcatcher We Love you! Fan account. There's never one bias anymore. My ultimate (boy/girl) groups: BTS and DREAMCATCHER!!! Ultimate bias: Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook & Siyeon.
kittiebobo Philly..SIKE!!!! sometimes I look at all this crap and I’m like “lol boomer moment” cause I have no idea what you guys are talking about talk to the HAND ✋ cuz the FACE 💁‍♀️ don’t wanna hear it 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️
GypsyJessie Queensland, Australia After the run myself and a few others had yesterday and today I believe this whole 30k + bans is totally inaccurate. @TheBattlEye I have no idea what you guys do but my god I’ve never seen an anti cheat allow people to continue cheating on a game so much. Official is unplayable. Twitch Affiliate 💜 DayZ Enthusiast 🧟‍♀️ Wolfie 💙
LuukeJohnston Las Vegas, NV @KneeDeepMedia Just read that whole thread and I still have no idea what you guys were fighting about. Left wing lunatic radical liberal who mainly tweets about poker. Passionate about facts. Kindly take your fake news somwhere else.
Kyleighbeloved Any pronouns @drmchi I don’t have good enough data, and I haven’t had good enough data to watch streams for the past weekend, so whenever you guys have been tweeting about the streams I’m over here crying because I have no idea what you guys are talking about, and it’s killing me slowly 😭 LOVE U ALWAYS #technosupport
Rhymingoz Melbourne Australia @itsrichwilliams Only been to ER once and from Australia so I have no idea what you guys are talking about Have a laugh and try not to take things too seriously. Respect others and try and do the right thing. You can always be better.
monicaonairtalk CCP Occupied Territory Of GA “ They come into to do an audit, their lives are destroyed” and he’s 100% correct! You guys have no idea what people have gone through to perform audits on behalf of YOU. #TrumpRally Clear Talk Media- Commentator-Life,Love & Liberty, Author, Comms, Abolitionist, ONE RACE-Resurrectionist, “God First- America Always”
D3ANALT 24 | He/Him | Once upon a time, in this lower world that is the earth,there are still guys with a smoll dick and no brain who allow themselves to DISRESPECT women.And guess what,my child, when you damage their narcissist's little heart,they play the victim? You have no idea how crapty life is. ⛓️Nsfw account | Faceless Leo man | MDNI | Age on page or block | @soft___princess 🔪 |
notabitchjusts1 Why do the guys at the oil change place show me my oil levels before and after? I’m 5000kms over my last change due date you should know I have no idea what’s going on masterbatin’ and procrastinatin’
1CE_TRAE @Boluisapoet The list was also to show that power forwards can create for themselves. Which you guys in hawks spaces and on twitter this morning said “power forwards don’t create for themselves” You butted into a conversation you have no idea what was even about Hawks 🏀 Titans 🏈
Baby_gravy_ @CamillusDunbar @Ellis_Crane @houndmom @kaejaecamb "You guys" who is you guys? Also there is no direct other side in a political spectrum so no idea what you mean there either. Good presidents don't get impeached twice, Also I try to remain as open minded and neutral as possible, I hate modern American politics it's all nonsense he/they dainty beetle 🪲 pfp by @percodine
Revaivwra drittes von links @RedstripeC @Monty_gator_ @KaeptnFlips @ThisDogThing No idea what happened here, but apparently it was so bad I was blocked xD No idea who that person was and I don't care to find out. Glad everybody else is enjoying my art :) Have a nice day you guys Artist/ making the Comic Weredad /they/them preferred/ Big carewolf for tiny bat/ pro let's-stop-being-a'holes-to-each-other /
TheLizWhite Man at the DMV asked where I’m from and when I said Philly and he said “oh you guys are in the playoffs” and I had no idea what sport he was talking about so you could say I’ve achieved true bliss Twitter is just a public journal
Moirasars Finland I might stream tonight. I have no idea what or when, but we will see. Might just hold a Chat stream and talk with you guys, if I don't know what game to play or what to draw. Moira - Genderfluid - Demisexual - Witch - I speak 🇫🇮 🇬🇧 Banner © RujoRuho
L3MON_WUZ_H3R3 Joey Drew Studios Hello, I'm yeah the reason I wasn't posting is because I didn't really want to post and had no idea what to draw. I also got a new art style that is yeah see you guys soon :D •Artist• #BATIM • 🚫NO REPOST🚫•minor•You can use my art as your pfp but credit me please•Dream Job: Video game developer•She/Her•
Tha_AU_ManiaK Eufaula,AL @AliWWE I don’t blame you,@WWE has no idea what they have with the talent they have and the talent you guys still have to give,good luck with what the future holds for you True Strength Come's From Inside
VileAgatha Okay, what’s going on with the trans community and dinosaurs? If this is an offensive topic, I’ll delete the tweet, but I legit have no idea what’s going on. You guys building a Jurassic Park? Can I come? I just want to go to the petting zoo. She/Her, wanting to share and discuss and perfect my great-grandfather’s CRAB EXPERIMENTS.
AlexAllAboard @GuilletteBenot1 @LewickiBartosz @Reuters No I'm not. What have you that idea? I want as few to die as possible. But we are two years on now and the vaccines didn't work so you guys need to put down your nooses and pitchforks and chill tf out. An advanced monkey. like a cat, I only go indoors to sleep. have also been known to crap in boxes. if you're gonna be dumb you gotta be tough.
nickbaumgardner The Tackle Box @SpaceCoyoteBDS @nezzy21 if the guys genuinely love him (and they seemed to) you'll have a chance -- but yeah, the "bumps" ... that's where the support thing has to be big and I really don't know what that all looks like backdoor at ND right now ... could be awesome, could be hot air, no idea. Senior writer at The Athletic. NFL: Lions. CFB: Michigan, MSU. Offensive line enthusiast. Flint born, Millington Cardinal. Still fool enough to almost be it.
FiendishNeko And last, but by no means least, have you ever kinda liked R2D2 and C3PO, but wished they could be darker and edgier? Well behold: BT-1 and 0-0-0! I have no idea what's up with these guys, but seeing R2 with a rocket launcher brought me so much joy! 😆 Hello, yes, I am the stream lady. I mostly do the videosgame and miniature painting, but I'm also supposed to be a games artist, so who knows? (she/her).
superhellquotes BEV: Guys, I’ve been betrayed. Sorry, unrelated - Naoise and Bug are posting about JoJo again. Anyways, continue. MAX: Didn’t you originally betray both of them by going ahead of them? BEV: Um, I have no idea what you’re talking about - cut this out, cut this out. quotes from my dnd oneshot turned casual campaign! quotes should be every hour! run by @neverreadthedmg
Ma_Baldeh Gombe, Nigeria I'm overwhelmed with the much turnaround. Some people have no idea on what purpose, this #TeamWhiteNigerian is "Trending" but they stick with the idea of Retweet and Follow @whitenigerian Thank you guys!!! This is amazing 👏 Keep the #Tag #TeamWhiteNigerian Few followers to go Almajiri❤
GingerPoz Do you think there are guys out there with biohazard tats that don't realize what that symbol means in the gay community? That have no idea there are bugchasers who lust after them just because of their tattoo, and what we think it means? Random silly thought 🤔😛☣ Ginger cub looking for POZ! #poz #bugchaser #neg4poz #bbbh #rawislaw
heathermann72 @SenRonJohnson You are a horrible person!!! You have no idea what it is to be a true patriot of this country! Because you guys would know better than to continue to attack your own @POTUS ☹️. Are you would need to do is go back and take your 11th grade gov class. U r traitors!!☹️🥲😡
patricklumenus United States @JeremyDickey13 Dude, go make friends with some recruiters. You’ll be surprised how many of these guys have no idea what on earth they are doing. Not necessarily their fault. But the industry seems to be just throw stuff on the wall and see what sticks. Your friendly neighborhood tech geek and Software Developer.
BingeingBravo New York, USA @griffin_daly_ @woke_stan She has literally only said she has no idea what's going on and she didn't do anything. She's crying wolf not showing remorse omg you guys are gullible holy shiii- who needs anti-depressants when you can watch RHONY season 3 for the 115th time since the pamplemousse hit
medixhi Salt Lake City, UT You guys have no idea how grateful I am for everyone person who’s passed through @VerityES @verityESA and who is currently there. I know a lot of you don’t believe in what we’re doing here and I wish I could tell you all. But in due time you’ll see our message ❤️. Founder/CEO of @verityes and @verityesa Email: simp for @veritykev #stayverity
Dizruptor1 forking, Austria @AngryMama11 @Falconer084 @SamvgWr Ben blocked me as he replied. I have no idea what he said nor do I care.. Hows about you care about 1-37 causation You're completely political on this. I hope you guys bankrupt Australia cos I can afford to sit back and lol at you struggling.. Currently in Kimakaze mode! Other platforms are looking better and better.. Living on my own land.. Beep bop boop
stonerelllla northern california this volcanic eruption affecting multiple countries around the world is so forking wild, you guys. mother earth is not playing and we have no idea what she can really do, especially when we do nothing but treat her like crap :-) ♓︎ ♎︎ ♊︎ • she/her
skogmord Norway Random question… what do you guys do when your sleep schedule is absolutely destroyed over and over again I have no idea how to control myself 😭 Val | she/they | 20 | NO/ENG | Fanartist. Hyunwook brainrot and oc brainrot. priv @clumsycadaver. Commissions open
Erik66190572 @SOGFootball @SOG_Sports @tkelce How you idiots let Riley Baines write a article about the best WR seasons and not have him include the 2nd best season of all time by Elroy Hirsch makes you guys look like you have no idea what you're doing.
JustCeceTweets Boston, Ma ➡️ Los Angeles, Ca Patriots end it with an L in the post season. It was a tough one to watch from start to finish but you can’t help but be hopeful how far our boys have gotten this year. I will continue to love you @Patriots and my #Pats Twitter family, you guys have no idea what I mean to me 🏈🥰 i was a New England cheerleader in a past life i’m sure of it 📣😌•🇭🇹🇺🇸• #Patriots 🏈 (10-7) ❤️‍🩹 #ForeverNE •Respond on wall, I don’t check dms often 🤝
jiy2022 @Yahoo @YahooCare @yahoomail You guys have no idea what Yahoo is doing to me! Yahoo will completely erase my email data and stop the services for me next month, while I use my Yahoo email for all my 20+ graduate applications for Fall 2022!!!!!
jamsterdam1 City of Angels @billdifilippo @RadRivas Honestly, have no idea what you are talking about. You can slice and dice this roster all you want, its still the same 12 guys: old, slow, can’t defend, can’t rebound, who don’t fit together. They play this way because its who they ARE, there is no ‘figuring it out.’ SVP PR & Digital @FantasyRecords - High basketball I.Q. "Life is a blessing, it's a delicatessen."
ShananTakagi @M_Adamthwaite @YuriLowenthal @YouTube I'm still watching and this interview is super great, guys! Yuri, you're amazingly humble and I honestly appreciate it. Say profound things and then be like, I have no idea what I'm talking about. 😅 Hi, I'm Shannon! I sing, I smile and a million other things. I even dabble in ballet while I'm walking to the bathroom. ❤ Oh yeah, and I write crap.
monicaonairtalk CCP Occupied Territory Of GA “ They come into to do an audit, their lives are destroyed” and he’s 100% correct! You guys have no idea what people have gone through to perform audits on behalf of YOU. #TrumpRally Clear Talk Media- Commentator-Life,Love & Liberty, Author, Comms, Abolitionist, ONE RACE-Resurrectionist, “God First- America Always”
KevinAndTravis4 United States @Benjami17779613 @LarsLarsonShow It's interesting that you guys are talking about Donald Trump when there's a hostage situation in Dallas and actually it's a terrorist situation which everybody should be talking about people have no idea what's going on in America right now Remembering Betty White on January 17th she will be 100 years old. Also remembering Martin Luther King Jr it's also his day of celebration.
MightyMooMoo I have a question for you guys and it's the silly transition I made: I know it's NOT the best but would you guys like to see something a little more...fresh/Refined, even? i want to do more with it & have no idea what/would like to look for someone that does custom transitions.. Moosician, streamer, gamer, cat dad, and more! (He / Him) Twitch stream schedule: M/W/F/S :)
GrandTheftAdams Cayo Perico @FlasKaGames how do you know they stopped working on the game? you guys have no idea what's going on behind the scenes i'm not saying to give up i'm just saying have some patience and eventually the game will be update again you have no idea what's going on backstage GTA Vogue Account/Fan Account The Hottest And Creative GTA Photos. Like our Photos Feel Free To Follow and share the Love
TylerWilson86 @_Gamecock_ @CoachHughFreeze @Chris_Kiffin @OleMissFB The whole point of the tweet was all 3 of those guys were completely under-recruited 2 and 3-star kids, who all became pros. They also weren’t in the class you’re trying to reference. So again, you have no idea what you’re talking about. But as long as you feel good about it. Sometimes I am sarcastic.
KingOfPainSK12 Indiana, USA @insanitystate @dd25beatlesfan1 And at what level did your science training end? Bc you have NO idea what science is. It’s funny how you guys claim how opened your minds are when you cannot discern intellectual pursuits & the wishful thinking of an akin uneducated guesses. just half-assing my way through life. Have a music blog on WordPress called If My Albums Could Talk. Proud Liberal, music & sports lover & crappy writer
TheOGPeeps @cminnis215 @keira_wickberg @polisciprofhi You guys are great and so easy to mess with. Dormant is correct. As soon as it is not actively erupting it is considered dormant. Extinct after being dormant around 10K years. OP had no idea what dormant meant here. Neither do you, nor did you look it up. Do same for vaxs. I go where you go. get it? Ignore that 2015. Just started using this in April '20. The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society...