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Wrigley1332 @om_eye_goodness @_IHateEvery0ne @BipolarBearDick Don’t copy and paste the address to google and click on the Coldwell Banker listing. You’ll end up even further down the rabbit hole of watching video tours of each place. I mean nevermind I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Weirdos I yield my time, fork you.
LEEJEN0PE @NCTAGENTSAU “I don’t know, like I said to Ten last time. It’s just really suspicious how the security was lifted during the ball and Phylia was taken away like that. I also have no idea what you guys did during the search so I’m just doing my best to solve whatever this is” I sighed int au acc | she/her | 18 | @chickenwinwing
socraticjuan Carolina del Norte @Siempre_MQUC Pedri has not been one of our best players this season. The team has improved dramatically since we switched to a 4-3-3 and Pedri has been very underwhelming in a midfield 3 since we switched. I have no idea what you guys are seeing when you watch our games. “Being critical is always something positive, because you're pointing out things that need improvement.” - Johan Cruijff
Lwass007 Canada @celliottability @blogTO Cases in YR will sky rocket. It should be in grey area, you and @fordnation have No idea what you guys are doing I tweet about TV and Movies so you don’t have to. Taylor Swift fan since 08
lakkabrah rent free in your mind @TinusvS4 @Ryan_Vrede @lue_balo I have no idea what you guys are talking about, and I don't follow cricket AT ALL, but based on the tone I have deducted that @Ryan_Vrede is a bit of a doos? I'm also aware I add no value to the convo. Have a good day all 🛑This account is a fabrication of your psychosis🛑
bellavsthewrld she/her | minor:) ranboo is gonna go live later and his chat is gonna talk about the lore but he’s gonna be like “???? i have no idea what you guys are talking about” HEY LOOK AT THAT HIGH WAISTED MAN HE GOT FEMININE HIPS
Katkilpatrick77 Pennsylvania, USA @DonaldJTrumpJr We are still asking the same about you, daddy, sissy and little bro. No idea what you guys were doing but ya managed to screw things up. Not really worried about Maxine Blue republican this yr, dog lover, nurse, Surviving with MS, beach lover, gardener
corsairlady Tortuga @djpeluca @pissed_racoon @adrianVenditti @QuynhMontgomery @brave @AttentionToken @BrendanEich I have no idea what you guys are talking about but I like being a fly on the wall....I do think my phone is listening to me when I'm not using it and sending me ads btw. Taking no prisoners & no B.S. I make no apologies for being limitless. 2020 was a bitch...but so am I matey. Let's kick some bottom in 2021.☠🏴‍☠️ 🇭🇹🇧🇧🇧🇸🦜
noelcarbs Toronto @BridgetOnTV The best part is that I’ve seen the trailer many times — and I’ve seen all the remaining episodes — and I STILL have no idea what you guys are talking about. EP #Coroner. Co-EP, #WynonnaEarp, Rookie Blue, Cardinal. Tell the story only you can tell & make it hella gay. she/her. BLM.
gpduck Dallas, TX @ClipsoTheAlien lol sometimes i need my own personal twitter summarizer as i only live on the very edge of mctwt and usually have no idea what you guys are talking about :P
benxfoulds manchester i just watched spike island for the first time and i have no idea what you guys saw in that hot sauce in my cup of noodles, you taught me that (they/them)
cobredev / @MacciesShank3AM @ZainRaz4 @onlytruejosh @tahmeed_mukhtar @ibrahimtecha @ThisIsNoahEvans @james17440 *me being an American and having no idea what you guys are talking about* Christian • Tweak Developer • Jailbreaker • iPhone Repair Tech at @GreeneAppleVA • Helps run @CA_Cubey | Previously known as @mac_user669
j_ssuarez @Handmade_Noah @joeydanna @aembury I have no idea what you guys are talking about here, but how do I check which am I running? if SQL is faster, then I want that...another question is, if everything is saving to the database and I need to format my machine, where does the saved database go? Art Director & 3D Artist | 📨 Join me on #Patreon 👇
NiclasDAa @EternalBeatbox @taspatspro @SeaNanners It's the same in Denmark. We don't even need fiber to get decent upload speeds and very good download speeds. I have 400 mbps download on copper cables. And like 80 upload. I have no idea what you guys are doing wrong over there.
MissLeslieG Los Angeles Just got pitched the finale of AHS Season 10 by @MrRPMurphy himself and I fell to the floor and cannot breathe you guys have no idea what's heading your way mom actress yenta. I am literally begging you to register to vote 📷 Ryan Pfluger
Danbarber82 Hudson, MA @andycomplains @CashWheelerFTR @everytimeidie I think my favorite tour with ETID was you guys and The Red Chord opening for Jackass Live! Half the crowd had no idea what they had walked into when the pit opened up. We gave TRC a good hometown welcome. I cut dude's hair and love funny nerdy crap, while being a lovable, sarcastic ass. Boston sports owns. I'm just here for the lulz.
kthupten @JohnTory @JustinTrudeau @fordnation you are failing Canada. One year of Pandemic and still you guys have no idea how to lead. What kind of science and data you guys looking into?
Bradley07594640 Guys First stream back will hopefully be tomorrow at around 3pm and may do a second at around 9pm all GMT. No idea what games yet, might let the chat decide 😃 hope to see as many of you in them as possible and get back to that streaming grind 😁😁😁 I am a FIFA, F1, fall guy, and rocket league streamer on twitch with a few other games. Please do drop by to streams, let’s get vibing together
paffver entp 8w7 853 | any prns @Joe_Gatto you guys are what gets me through the day sometimes, you have no idea how many people you've cheered up and helped over the years just by making them laugh ♥ i put the FUN in funeral!!
bingulatte About jjy coming to trial tmr Are you guys optimistic abt the trial result? Or you’re just “whatever meant to happen will happen” ? I need to prepare my mind and everything before tmr lol I have no idea what he gonna say zzz denglun 邓伦!!!! cdrama & kdrama romcom. #unrequitedlove #gogosquid2 | 滚!
CSmith61517528 @tonyknopp @walker_brown_44 @bbrownfr You’re a forking idiot. “Stain on the martial arts community”. fork you. You weren’t there and have no idea what was going on behind him. Those two guys were twice his size!
Albyz18 if you're bullish on crypto (broadly speaking) it's likely that you either 1) have no idea what you are talking about and are just bouncing what others are saying or 2) are one of those get-rich quick guys prev. @HotchkissSchool @WestminsterATL currently @Stanford
Alexconn17 Laurel, MS @houstonjones26 @TeamYouTube @TeamYouTube you guys have no idea what you are doing do you. You have to either manually approve something and leave it or take it down, dont go back 10 months later and give a creator a strike for your forked up mistakes gamer, youtube lover, explorer,
angelbotticelli Liverpool, England Guys I’ve got 3 audible credits to use and absolutely no idea what books to get so pls give me some recommendations!!! Could be absolutely anything like I mean fact fiction science whatever I don’t mind!! If you don’t want to reply to this you can dm me :) daft bastard • they/them he/him #BlackLivesMatter
RYellowSquirrel I didn't think i would get so much support from you guys! Those folks who are attacking me and many others for being trans or roleplaying as a transgender have no idea what they are doing! They are making themselves a bigger target for cancellation. These people must be stopped! Ͳհìçç ҍօօէվ ƒҽʍҍօվ/էɾąղʂ ʂզմìɾɾҽӀ աąìէìղց ƒօɾ Ӏօѵҽ! This account is a parody. Pronouns: She/her RP wife: @HornyAccou1 BF: @SilverBoyNSFW #LewdRP
PizzlePizzleHD Bromley, London No stream tonight guys! Was my brothers birthday and also I have no idea what to play for ya’ll 😂 next stream is on Friday! See you all then or in another streamers stream 😁👋🏼 I am a Twitch Affiliate, I play a variety of games on PS5. Currently playing though nothing atm 🙃 // Moderator for @trippiemazplays on Twitch
trafficconehelp Rhode Island, USA @BoLaramie @TheBigBlue30 Nope. Nope. Nope. He’s not the best coach and no one is denying that but you guys have no idea what a bad NBA coach is. So again, give me a realistic replacement? I love and I trust Marcus Smart #COYS #FundThePeople
MissLeslieG Los Angeles Just got pitched the finale of AHS Season 10 by @MrRPMurphy himself and I fell to the floor and cannot breathe you guys have no idea what's heading your way mom actress yenta. I am literally begging you to register to vote 📷 Ryan Pfluger
Emotionalrescu_ @jermskinner @AP No, in other words, an EO has ultimate authority. Just as Trumps did. And obamas. And if Biden has signed one, his would take precedent as well. So in other words, you guys are all living in a totally ignorant echo chamber where you have no idea what’s going on in reality
kyudollz rin changmin @myungbug im going to be honest with you i had no idea what was happening with you guys and its the same with the majority of us until people started bringing us up jia she/they
twfoth Melbourne @Nakhasi_MD @DrPanMD @AlexMMTri @CMAdocs @AntiVaxWatchOrg @VaccinateCal @Ready2Vaccinate @DrLindaMD This defies belief. I have no idea how you guys are getting through what has happened over there, the little I saw of COVID and the devastation it causes was enough. I’m full of love and admiration for you guys. -a doc from Australia
jordantayler14 long beach, California @Dsncurry6 @markm228 @DrGrowchy @ginacarano They are not recasting her and scrapping the entire new show so you guys clearly have no idea what you’re talking about
dancerachapls she/her @feverteeza It was tweeted by a stay??? I have no idea what your fandom is tweeting about kingdom because idgaf and I’m not in your business. Why do you guys always have something to say under stays tweets? danceracha supremacist • avid changbin enthusiast
pleas4nt getting pucks deep @oriwa_ Ohhh so that's why you are recording every time you make dinner and say stuff like "hey what's up guys, back with another one!". I had no idea 🙈 strikingly honest, honestly striking
MichaelHirschf5 @BucketsCat @isaiah_goat52 @yrnevan_ @AJ_Capalxt @ChubbXHunt @MunchTVx @TheHoopCentral this is only a direct message because you and the media says so 🤦‍♂️ y’all blew this way to out of proportion. all he did was acknowledge how hard it was to lead a team especially of younger guys. you have no idea what went on in that locker room.
ZSuppasitJ Thailand @1WaanjaiMewGulf I’m not interested you support both equally or not.But one thing I got can you guys skip that Bd.I’ve no idea how??? what a desired Birthday for ppl who love Mew and you guys skipped that.I can’t believe my own eyes seeing WJ tl like this. IN MEW SUPPASIT I TRUST ☀️🌕⭐️🌎 @MSuppasit #MewSuppasit #Mewlions 🇲🇲
Susmita66910145 My friends know how big troller I am So #RubinaDilaik haters stay away, if i start to troll u guys , you guys hv no idea what's going to happen with u And already my 5 ids has suspended , its my 6th , so I give a damn abt my ids What say @Rubimylife Fan of #RubinaDilaik for life , old account @Susmita_RubiFan has suspended 😢
stdndsart guys what r we thinking about Technoblade but like this Also im a bit late to the argument but long hair Techno fanartists GO you do you! Haters - grow up. i have no idea how to draw him as a human and its actually difficult lmao #technofanart an art student, but boundlessly indolent, she/her, not a minor fandom hyperfixations, who knows for how long no reposts👁️👁️ Not an art acc: @stdnds
sol__straykids You guys are the strongest people I know and you can overcome any adversity by being together. I will always be by your side and I will believe in you no matter what happens. You don't have an idea of ​​everything you mean to me. Thank you for being my refuge and my salvation. STRAY KIDS REBELLION
InnerSeal @HeatherPreston1 @LozzaFox Okay guys. You dont have to be so harsh responding to this. Most people have no idea what the difference between mRNA and DNA is, or how transcription and translation work. Cut people some slack. It does sounds kinda scary if you don't actually know genetics/protein biochemistry. Recently realized almost everyone is afraid of everything all the time. I'm here to read and reply. Don't follow me. Profile pic made at
SteveTheOracle @TheRavensPinion @DangelAngello @Maxsimodem @JussiMattsen @CountDankulaTV The only take I've got from this is that you guys have no facts. No idea what you're talking about and are about twelve years old. And you think I give a fork about being called a trumper. forking weak my guys. Lol my pronouns are front bum/ back bum
chwkfan73 Seattle @jameyvinnick9 @UWFBopinions Im sure all of these kids are good guys, and i have absolutely nothing against them personally. The fact is that not one of them would be a starter on a mid to high end team. If you say they would be, then you have no idea what you’re talking about. All Seattle sports all the time. Trading, buying and selling cards. PC Kyle Lewis and DK Metcalf.
jonasxhoran ₁₃.₁₁.₁₀ | ₀₂.₁₀.₁₁ | ₀₂.₀₃.₁₃ @jonasbrothers We love you so muchas guys, thanks for getting back together. You have no idea what it means to us. And of course we'll support you always like we always did💜 #Niall: 𝙈𝙮 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩 hablo mucho de los jonas brothers y niall horan —𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 𝘰𝘯 𝘮𝘦 @DUASTYBEER ‧₊˚✧
plushygguk missing nello i love you so so much you have no idea how much you're worth the whole world your post just made my day im so blessed to exist at the same time as bts i dont know what i would do without you guys you are so precious and cute and talented and hard working and so so perfect #KTH: fork gender im a cat // they fe bun
LeGrandeCroix Milwaukee, WI @VtM_Bloodlines Glad I cancelled my preorder. I was furious when you fired the writers that made the original Bloodlines what it is, and which SOLD this game for you, with no forking explanation. I can see that you guys have no idea what you're doing and I have no faith in whatever you put out. A gay spooky witch boy who gets sad a lot.
Wrigley1332 @om_eye_goodness @_IHateEvery0ne @BipolarBearDick Don’t copy and paste the address to google and click on the Coldwell Banker listing. You’ll end up even further down the rabbit hole of watching video tours of each place. I mean nevermind I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Weirdos I yield my time, fork you.
cryptoships Metaverse Sold out! thank you guys... I have no idea what was going on with @rariblecom ... It's our priority to make sure these drops go well and that will not happen again! Collectable NFT ships to travel the metaverse! Complete each set and redeem LE CryptoShips Art & Music by @mainlylines
delishmagish Big thank you for being there for the Stormblood finale stream yesterday. Heaps of fun! I love you, guys. 💜For tomorrow's stream, I honestly have no idea what we're gonna do but I will be LIVE! Will probably do DRs with you all and we'll figure it out from there. 🥰 Del • affiliate FFXIV streamer from tonberry • anxious millenial cowboi • powering through sleeping issues via aether
JTTakeover Claremont, CA You’re phenomenal inside the ring and out. You said it best. We as fans have no idea what goes on behind the curtain. We only know what you guys want us to see. We as fans welcome you all into our homes weekly, monthly and yearly. We really care and I want you to know that. 🙏🏽 Host The Wrestling Takeover 🎙| Instagram: 📱@thewrestlingtakeover Business inquiries 📩 #TMC

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