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GIBiz "Making [a portfolio] is worth the effort – there’s a distinct lack of QA certification for people new to the industry. The more you can do to show you understand how games are made and how to effectively report on defects, the better you’ll do overall." The world's leading games industry website. Got something to tell us? Email
motherboard Brooklyn Quality assurance workers at ZeniMax Studios just won their union election. This is the first games studio union at Microsoft, and will represent over 300 people. Tech by @VICE. Tip us securely:
julesaroscoe Manhattan, NY BREAKING: quality assurance workers at Microsoft's ZeniMax Studios just won their union election. The union will represent over 300 people—that makes it the biggest in the industry. with @emanuelmaiberg: labor reporter @motherboard @vice | something i should know?
CollinsMikeT Buffalo, New York @laurenboebert Come on… it is not the leadership that caused this issue people. It was a developer writing code who made a mistake and released a bug into production. Need a better QA process maybe hire some better managers..
IgniteDigitalHQ Bristol, England We are looking for a talented QA Tester to work on a range of exciting products within a fantastic team full of ambitious, talented, and creative people. Head to our website for more details. #qatester #qaengineer #softwaretester #qa #techjobs Progressive leaders in talent acquisition and solutions. Trusted by clients to find the #data #digital and #technology people who power their businesses.
Sirmaryx Florida, USA @zoectjones Is it the algorithm? The ease of posting, and therefore the lack of QA? Is it the type of people there? The ages? Julia Ducournau stan account. Body Horror enthusiast. Working on my first film 'Narrative Monster' (it lives!). Typos and misspellings inbound. Gay as hell.
FringeAnalyst 'berta @CoryBMorgan Here's an idea.... City Council members should be required to take transit and have a QA with riders. Get familiar with the people on transit... I'm sure many people would like to have the opportunity to discuss these things with them. Read my pinned tweet below. Anti-establishment ,anti-conformity and anti-authoritarianism OG. I identify as a conspiracy analyst & my pronouns are told/you/so
Treatmentfrom Hey everyone! I'm looking for people to join the Treatmentfrom Games QA Team, and help test and ensure future game updates, and new releases, are the best of the best when they release! If you're interested, DM me on discord: KingTK#8713 #robloxdev #roblox Owner of @TreatmentGames My discord is KingTK#8713 if you want to contact me. DM’s are open!
nisssafuyutsuki @mocnknights Not when it’s about terrorists who kills and tortures people and have relations with other terrorist groups like Al Qa*da and Da*sh so I think you’re the one who is not doing enough ⵣ۞
MrsBrokenbrow Hollin Primary School BBC Tiny Happy People are leading a LIVE speech and language Q&A session tomorrow at 6pm! You can access the LIVE session by clicking here The link is also available on our website @bbcthp @HollinPrimary Assistant Headteacher and Year 1 class teacher at Hollin Primary School 🌿✨
BarbacKTV Michigan, USA @aydan Because the QA team is unionized which means they don't have to crunch and make themselves miserable for a simple source of entertainment. It's almost like the people doing this are human and need time to do their work while maintaining good mental health. I upload data pixels at other pixels to see pixel death. I also speak about politics... a lot. #SyNcUp
darker_parker somewhere in the clouds @SupahumanTruman They tryna copy formats from other social media to see if it’ll stick. Why not, idk, run some forking QA and pilot the features to people before just rolling new crap out Parker, Darker. artist. photographer. rap daddy. make love or make sense
shoutnetwork Preston Our Partners @BoostInfo have started carrying out Q&As with people that have used their Growth Support programme. Catarina shares her thoughts with Boost and offers advice for new entrepreneurs. Read what Catarina has to say here: Join us at the North West Business Expo 2022 on Friday 21st October | 🙌🏻
WomensRunning Boulder, CO The former elite runner and coach has released her memoir Good For a Girl as “an offering” to the sport. Women's Running is the world's most popular resource for women who run. We cover all aspects of the running lifestyle.
Jamie_The_Gent Baltimore, MD @Kotaku QA Devs? Isnt that just game testers? They dont do nothing except play a finished product. GTFO here w/ that crap. Prob a bunch of snobby rich and entitled white people and BiPOCs Make Gaming Great Again 🇺🇸 R.I.P. Bud-E-Luv 🐶🐕‍🦺 I❤️You Forever & Always Baltimore,MD
akata_man2 Black America Unfortunately lots of these negros that run for office are ok throwing the collective under the bus b/c they only care about the well-being of themselves and their circle. The writer of this opinion piece also believes America isn’t a racist country. Black American-Freedman🫡 Dad 🏴🇺🇸
coopnews Manchester, UK '#Cooperatives are needed to meet the economic and social aspirations of people in the region' Annual Q&A with Chandrapal Singh Yadav, president, ICA Asia-Pacific @ICAAPAC @icacoop #coops Connecting, championing and challenging the 3 million co-operatives in the global #coops community | Online news | Monthly magazine.
canthinkofuname @cvkrishnan Something like the Harmony OS(Essentially an android fork) should be possible with a small team(10-12 people with long experience in Android OS dev and 30-40 other junior devs/qa/etc) should be possible in a year. No point in reinventing the wheel with a completely new OS. .
GIBiz "Making [a portfolio] is worth the effort – there’s a distinct lack of QA certification for people new to the industry. The more you can do to show you understand how games are made and how to effectively report on defects, the better you’ll do overall." The world's leading games industry website. Got something to tell us? Email
DeepSeaConserve @CBD_COP15 @ISBAHQ @SPGlobal 6️⃣ #DeepSea exploration is expensive and, as a result, very exclusive but @KatyCroffBell and @OceanDiscLeague's goal is to broaden access to far more people to observe and understand the wonders of the deep. #DefendTheDeep Campaigning to protect vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems & conserve deep-sea species. Follow us and take action to protect the incredible biodiversity of the sea.
CentaminPlc London, UK This is Dalia. She is a metallurgist and the first woman to join Centamin's #SukariGoldMine processing team. This photo was taken after a successful mill reline where Dalia was responsible for the QA/QC 🙌 #CEY #people #educate #centaminwomen #womeninmining #diversity #inclusion Our driving purpose is to create opportunities for people through responsible gold mining.
DavidPincince Defense News sat down with Raytheon Missiles & Defense to discuss the state of #hypersonics. The article answers questions about the development of hypersonics and the critical role that people and partnerships play in developing t…
qa_miller @fnietom A lot being said here. You know something other people don't? What ridiculous claims are being and were being promoted? Q w/Monica Hoot Owl SLU 1986?
ClanKnown @oliver_drk @Chris_Dring @Catmagic_1976 @Xbox And last thing you are counting full studio staff when the 70% is only referring to game designers programmers and artists full employee count includes a lot of other people like qa testers web developers and a bunch of other positions not in game design
ChildrenofAlara Boston, MA @thelastgod51 You have a point. QA needs to really make sure they dot their i’s and notleaveraresfromanupcomingunspoiledsetindraftpacks t’s! It just sucks because a lot of people who get to spoil the cards now kind of have the wind taken out of their sails. We can see both sides. Hi! Welcome to our channel! Here at Children of Alara we are passionate about all things MTG. Header & icon by @RealBaerthe 2021 @mtgcca nominee
jorgeli_QA Palmira, Colombia @RepBoebert Excellent news, because an armed force that was only created to intimidate the people and threaten reprisals, for example, is dismantled. for late payment of federal income tax that is collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Every citizen should be responsible.
jorgeli_QA Palmira, Colombia Excellent news, because an armed force that was only created to intimidate the people and threaten reprisals, for example, is dismantled. for late payment of federal income tax that is collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Every citizen should be responsible.
GAADBot 🤖 Hi SYNAPSE QA! It looks like you're interested in accessibility. If you add alt text to your images, they'll be accessible to blind, partially sighted and neurodivergent people who use screen reader software. How to add alt text & FAQs: Spreading knowledge of alt text to people who tweet about #accessibility. Not affiliated with @gbla11yday Profile pic alt: Alt badge with GAAD logo
RobertHoustonII Let's talk about the other pandemic in America. The one rarely makes the news. Food contamination and food poisoning... Is there any QC/QA in the food industry? People are ending up in emergency rooms because the food they consume is increasingly unsafe... What is going on here? Concerned citizen. Family man. Independent voter.
accordingtoxa Off World @skim_milf_latte @refluxredux I have so many stories about people taking out the side of my neck to me….. but QA is more concerned with the fact I say Thank You and not Thanks….. so 🤷🏾‍♂️ NDA Squad mount up!
JamesDSchw Minneapolis, MN Last night I dreamed I was trying to QA test some code that drove trains. I had a bug and the train blew through cars at top speed, killing a bunch of people. I then dreamed that I had dreamed writing the code. Healthcare software CTO. Software development and information security. Naps, comedy, and good beer! Opinions my own.
AlisonMDesir Harlem,NY Love this! "So I’m hopeful that I’ve presented a case for the joy and the power of a sport worth fighting for and worth pushing to fulfill its promise, worth tearing down the barriers to make it as good as it can be." ~ @laurenfleshman from @WomensRunning Running While Black - available wherever books are sold Athlete. Activist. Mother. Founder. @brooksrunning Run Happy Advocate @kcts9 tv host
kelleemfranklin “People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero, co-founder of Abstract Please enjoy this recent Q&A around human-centered design (HCD) with answers provided by American healthcare and information technology researcher…
Sc_Meerkat England, United Kingdom @cliffhazell @robbowley My understanding was that matrix model in Spotify was caused by historical reasons. They had “Head of QA” and “Head of Development” and did not want to reorganise with some people losing their status. Which is irrelevant for most orgs that followed so-called “Spotify model”. I dislike Socialism and Pair Programming
lindsaymeim14 Occupied Munsee Lenape Land I've had the privilege of working on fossil fuel #divestment for nearly the last decade. The people power built, and real $$ moved, is the work of a lifetime. Check out the full interview in @BestCollegesCom climate, justice, dogs ~ 3rd gen Jewitch NYer ~ ☀️♑️/ ↗️♏️/🌙♑️ ~ tweets mine
Mase1153 Pixlverse @wabdoteth @ThePixlverse I'm sure y'all have thought of it but a test needs a good mix of people some gamers, some casual phone game enthusiasts and some non gamers. I did QA for some small game studios once upon a time and would fall into the "gamer" category. If that's needed I'd be happy to help. NFT Enjoyooooor / Seal & Chubbi Enthusiast / Never let the things you want Make you forget the things you have..
ProdigyOfRuin Austin, TX @Gaiazelle Holy crap. people who know nothing about game making, coding, and QA have a lot of opinions on how to make games, code, and do QA. o.o Glad that the block feature can block additional accounts made by that person. sheesh. Music, games, and self development is life. Former Specialist Game Master @Blizzard_ent
tmj_cae_itqa Columbia, SC Our people are among the brightest who work on groundbreaking projects with the world’s leading brands. Check out our latest job opening for a Quality Technician in #Columbia, SC. Click to learn more and apply. #QA Follow this account for geo-targeted IT-QA job tweets in Columbia, SC. Need help? Tweet us at @CareerArc!
MSsilverside @NickAPappas @peterbakernyt @grynbaum The media need to be called on biased stories and misrepresentations, but they are not qa fair venue for interviews. Think of Trumps interview with Leslie Stahl, where she challenged his assertion that he had been spied on. Why give these people an interview?
FleksySDK Spain According to the World Health Organization, over 1 billion people – about 15% of the global population – experience disability. Learn more: #accessibility #accessibilitymatters #qa #people Fleksy is the #1 private, virtual keyboard SDK, enabling developers to create unimaginable products! Makers of @fleksy
MinnPost Minneapolis, MN Q&A with Sonya Emerick, the Minneapolis School Board’s first autistic director and one of four transgender people elected to a school board in 2022. by @beth_hawkins Independent, member-supported journalism for Minnesota. 📧 Subscribe to MinnPost's e-mail newsletters:
qatarplus_qa Qatar HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani send his condolences to HE President of the Republic of Senegal Macky Sall after at least 40 people were killed and many other injured in a collision between two buses in central Senegal. #QMC #Qplus Featuring in depth coverage of local news, sports, culture and more. Part of @qmc_qa
PlayAscenders Ascension 4) With a game of this scope and size, you need to have testers to make sure the players have a seamless experience. We have a few QA people in-house, and will expand that team over time, to squash as many bugs as possible before release! Ascenders is a sci-fantasy, open world action RPG with a fully decentralized, player driven economy powered by Avalanche. Discord:
gabrielangel Tampa, FL @montoya_test They should just release it with bugs, let all those people QA test for free. Fix them over the next year and rerelease as the "Game of the Year" edition with some decals or something ... how dare they take extra time to polish without tons of crunch. I work in IT for the 9 to 5 thing, but my websites are where I have my real fun. AND @gabrielangel411
hipsterelectron they/them @ramosbugs @Robot_Bastard @internetofcrap the dongle comes from needing the update which is because it's apparently cheaper to fork it up and wait until enough people get mad than to do better QA because of the forking dongle derby you have to drive through when walking into any best buy nowadays typing free software to break the shoulders of giants from golden handcuffs @spackpm-@LLNL_OpenSource @pantsbuild-@TwitterOSS
Hellmark O'Fallon, MO @FlexChapmanTV @HaplessLarry Systems Engineer here, and yeah, the companies I've worked for didn't do royalties to anyone except the people at the very top, and the people who licensed out the IP. The devs, engineers, artists, QA, etc were paid strictly based on time worked. Jack of all trades. Certified geek. He/they.
EddieMakesGames London, England It's also good to recognise people for the work they've done..... Roles like QA, Build Engineering and Production are very transparent to the player. Especially if we do our jobs properly, but we still exist and are important in the development of the game. Build Engineer @SharkmobGames | Worked on @PlayTFR, @EAStarWars, @Battlefield, @SuicideSquadRS and more... | 5yrs in games | Lvl 24 | My views only | He/Him |
animatorzee And yes, I've SEEN cases of QA not doing their job. It's not that common. "Dev not doing their job" isn't always the case either. My point is: please stop immediately blaming people when a game comes out buggy. Game development is a much more complex beast than that. I like to tell stories! || FUB Free || You may NOT repost, mint, or use my art in any way without my explicit permission. || こんにちは!私は日本語が少しだけ分かります、すみません
playvoxcx Silicon Valley Quality management helps you measure #ContactCenter success in three important areas: people, processes, and systems. Learn how it works on our blog. #CX We build agent-elevating #workforce tools for digital #contactcenters like #customerservice and #support. WFM QM AI Analytics Performance Gamification
bruwutality @JesusChryce @MissPurplettv Yeah that looting is trash too. Allowing people to carry like 10 flash bangs. I can't believe they had the template to make all that crap great and forked it up so badly. Their QA probably trolled them as payback for trying to union bust and let this dogcrap slip through. Biking Shooter / Battle Royale enthusiast.