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voguemagazine New York, NY There's nothing like sitting in a café in the middle of the afternoon, sipping an espresso and reading a book. The official Twitter of Vogue
salenagodden London, England Do you ever think of a book and remember reading it and your brain goes ahhh like it likes the memory, you go warm inside, you like the writers writing, you can climb inside it, I love books like that, books where you forget you're reading, you get lost in it, lost and found. Debut novel #MrsDeathMissesDeath a beautiful blue paperback edition launches on January 20th 2022 | All enquiries @canongatebooks & @OWNITLDN
renato_mariotti Chicago, IL I’m not surprised. @RoKhanna and I met Habermas as undergraduates, and we’ve spent a lot of time discussing his work! Ro is not a typical politician and your piece helps capture why. I’m looking forward to reading the book. Former federal prosecutor. Legal analyst for TV and print. Host, #OnTopic podcast. Columnist, @POLITICOMag. Partner @ThompsonCoburn. Instagram: renato.mariotti
seltzersavant @katywatchestv Push is CRAZY and can definitely be categorized as a suspense/thriller book. Hidden Valley Road is super interesting, especially if you like nonfiction but it was dense! But I loved it! Any recommendations for this year? Currently reading On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous! Reality TV, seltzer, reading, politics, more seltzer — it’s a mess 🥰 {she/her} BLM.
visitkingdoms New York, NY the book i’m reading takes place in new york and they mentioned my mom and i’s favorite restaurant 🥺🥺🥺🥺 gonna sob for no reason halsey is my friend from camp (she/her)
PeteMilan Funkytown Main Character of the Book I’m Reading: “I wondered what it must be like to be rich.” Me: Lady, you have an unmortgaged house on Cape Cod, a classic car, and you own a business that operates year round, you are *astonishingly* wealthy Writer, audiobook narrator, VA. Pronounced Mylan. He/Him. BLM, trans rights are human rights, love is love, I stand with PANA narrators, you've got to be kind.
RamonSomoza1 Madrid, Spain A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading. William Styron Book author, translator, engineer, father... and much more. Author of the SciFi series IN STRANGE ORBITS
Jeneta_Jardon @aimealleycard Hm... reading, I think. It keeps me calm down and preparing to sleep. It's funny when you've read one book, but still didn't choose some next book, so because of that you go to sleep without any reading and it makes you a little anxious. Oh, those routines...🙄 Screenwriter, writer and poet 📚 Writing tips in my "Write & Bite" blog 🙋🏻‍♀️
AcmalJavaid Islamabad, Pakistan Reading a book is one thing and reading a book with a pencil in hand is another. Public Administration & E-Governance | Works on Regulatory Reforms & Guillotine |
singlblessed7 Richmond, TX @LeciaMichelle11 @JamesMWilliam18 And there is something different about using a book vs digital reading. I used to hate that there were some books we would have to leave in the library. But, but, but we could use the 5cent copier to take a copy of what we needed with us. Yay!! Loved libraries. I frustrate some because of my faith in God. Not gonna compromise, even though I am a sinner saved by grace. My GM Sallie Mae Thompson (3FR⬆️) Home: Wichita, KS
queerwhosneers Philly Just suggested this book to a reading group and was not aware of this statement by @WeezieBeale beforehand so boosting ⬇️. Please read if you are going to read Light Up The Night. Into affinity-based harm redux/sex worker mutual aid. Becoming a psychotherapist. Playwright. Radical bimbo. Sixers/Eagles. They/She. Semi-retired @safephila
LernerBooks Minneapolis, MN Accelerate literacy and inspire joyful reading this summer! Send your students home with Read for a Better World Take-Home Book Packs! Qualifies for ESSER funding! #summer #summerreading #amreading #amteaching #ESSER #literacy #ReadforaBetterWorld We create high-quality fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults. More starred reviews. More awards. More digital options.
MrCarr2017 Bloomsburg, PA My reading resolution is going well! This was recommended to me by Mr. Russo from the MS P.E. Department. Great book so far. Quick read and stuffed with words of wisdom to live by. Bloomsburg Middle School American History Teacher | Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach | Junior High Bloomsburg Football Coach | Coffee enthusiast |
Snowscarf Austria @alinalal_ i remeber the movie being the reason i started reading the book and tbh that the only plus of the movies Heyo Welcome to my Twitter Profile hope you like it here Maybe i post Art once in a Blue Moon Anyways hope you have a amazing day bye
_LoBurk West Palm Beach, FL ▶️Get caught reading @palmspringsms , grab your FREE cookie🍪, and let's talk about the book you're reading! #LaunchIntoLiteracyWeek #BlastOffScholars @pamelamac1908 @AP_Vanscoy @MrNPeragine 👩🏻‍🏫 SSCC @PalmSpringsMS 🗺 Passionate Traveler, Book Nerd, 🐶 Person, & Lifelong Learner 📚 “Be brave enough to live creatively”- Alan Alda
juanitaredekopp Regina, SK, Canada Two days to go for #FamilyLiteracyDay @RegPublicSchool! There’s still time to register for the free online reading with the authors and illustrator of “When the Trees Crackle with Cold.” You could win a signed copy of the book! Learner-Educator-Supervisor of Instruction … She/Her on Treaty 4 Territory
dogluvr36 @DSmizzle55 @SMH4Science @CherreeJayne @RobertKennedyJr @SPIN @DrJudyAMikovits Um it’s called freedom as far as who attended the Freedom March. Did you listen to the speakers? They’re not Q. Anyway… back to the book. Try reading and stop being so angry. Animal Rescue, Medical Freedom Advocate, Environmentalism. Likes animals better then most people.
Peanut44546416 Broadview Heights, OH @1MarkMoss Amazing quote but not surprising. I am reading the rise and fall of@the third reich written in 1960. The tactics the nazis used are being used today to control. It really helps the book was written so long ago so the filters used today are not there just the facts. Thanks Mark! New and really don’t like social media-forced to use this to follow my interests. I do not want to debate or know your opinion. I have my own and I am fine. Thx
Hallowe42990091 @LarsLarsonShow @BarackObama It's ironic that you post so much about books lately yet have such poor reading skills. The article does not say that the book is 'banned'. The book was removed from a required reading list. The article states "The novel remains on the district-approved list and is not banned".
hannahbatnana Boston, MA I was reading a book to the kids today and I forgot the word fussy exists and I started laughing so hard it’s my Twitter I’ll cry if I want to they/them
JPK553 Virginia, USA @jimzauto @JaceNames @HappyBigGrin Its not secret but understanding Freemasonry & The Jesuit order unlocks the information If so inclined try reading this book which guides you through the entire history of Rome and the Popes of Rome as they carefully took over the entire world All based on facts & history living happily outside of the Matrix 📺 Miami 📗_📙 los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, Virginia
SPBPHD NYC Looking at these book revisions that need to get done for tenure and appreciating that I have a sabbatical leave this semester, and still envious as hell reading this, and thinking: Wow. Just…wow. author of HUNG & TheVIPs • co-founded (and named) @VIBEmagazine • @BrownUniversity & @Harvard alum • @UMich prof • writing about blackness & stardom in the ‘70s
orcabook Victoria, BC / Custer, WA Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to express your love than by giving the gift of reading to the special people in your life? Check out the Orca blog for a great list of heartwarming books! 💕 Orca is one of Canada's leading independent publishers of books for children and teens. Reaching more readers since 1984.
weedjee Madrid, España, Spain Excellent book and wondrous reading thanks in order to great moment when I’ve read this book Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan by @DalrympleWill hola a la comunidad virtual,en busca de gratas aventuras,ciudadano mundo,libros y música/Hi folks from twitter network, spaniard and I sold my soul to an imp...
RayMcCarthy_SFF Ireland @Queen_Ma_ma @Etsy @BNBuzz It's on my TBR pile. Found it in a charity shop. Her last book? Somehow in 2022 the plot isn't so crazy. I started reading her work about 50 years ago. Read Rebecca and Birds before seeing the films. I write both kinds of fiction I don't follow people just retweeting or advertising.
JonDComedy Richmond, VA @pattonoswalt Does the term "put your sorry's in a sack" ring true in this situation? Yes but not in the sense of the "don't worry about it way". It's more the, "put yourself in a sack, tie some weights to it, and fall in a river you anti-semitic, non-history book reading prick" kind of way. Comic, Dreamer, Podcaster (host of @JonDPodcast), Football and Hockey Fan
otherguyfromwha @JDVance1 I stand corrected. For anyone interested, if you call Amazon and report that the book was a fraud they will refund the money as a credit. Unfortunately they can’t refund the wasted time reading it.
LeannaRapier Arizona, USA Also reading aloud The Hobbit to my daughter and some torturous Star Wars book to my son. #WriterlyWIPChat #amreading #WritingCommunity Homeschool Mom of 4 | Author | dog lover | coffee keeps me sane | INTP | Psalm 37:1-11 | 𝓦𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓸𝓯 𝓞𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭𝓼 ⚔️
callmekhadeeja Pakistan I socialize for 10 mins and then go back to reading my book *what the fork*-ing my way through life.
Jabberwocky_Pie @UrsulaV Your adult books and short stories are also my big go-to to throw at friends who are burned out and tired and sad and do WANT to read more - who LOVED reading but haven't had the spoons and focus to actually Read A Book in ages. They help! I'm primarily on Tumblr. I don't actually understand Twitter and I'm too verbose, but there are some interesting people and cute animals here.
writing_ie Dublin The charity World Book Day turns 25 on Thursday 3rd March 2022 and is inviting everyone to its party celebrating the past, present and future of children’s reading. #WorldBookDay #25years #passthepen #Children Ireland's national online writing magazine. Interviews, author tips, events, courses, competitions & more - come & see! Tweets from the team
arvinator8 Italy My chem teacher used to say that it takes 21 days to form a habit (or smtg like that), and today's the 21st consecutive day of me reading at least a page out of a book. Let's see if this continues to be a habit. Aspires to inspire. Proud son of Ipoh. Tweets are my own views, retweets do not constitute endorsements #COYG
JohnnyCampbel1 Yorkshire, UK Sitting in '1st class' with a '2nd class' ticket reading a book on those who fought for our rights to access the countryside and trespass. N.B. Trespass isn't real. We're all part of the land and we're all 'first class'. 🌟Like a Modern-Day Billy Bragg - Tradfolk🌟 Northern English Trad-Folk Musician, traveller & land access activist. #winterhilltrespass
drdreea14 reading 💌☁️🏹🪄 finished book 1 and I’m not home so I can’t start reading book 2 🥲 1 of 1 🌞🌿🦋
LucienReads Lakewood, CA Took a break from reading a book, back to #manhwatwt I'm starting to read this and the art is unique from all the manhwas ive read and its so prettyyyy ✨ *chef's kiss* 📚 : 7/50 | manhwatwt & booktwt | INFP
ShelfieldCA Pelsall, Walsall, UK Year 7 book review: Animalcolm by David Baddiel Life as an animal is wild. This amazing story is funny and magical. If you enjoy an adventure story, then is the book you need. SB #OAT #Reading #weareareadingcommunity Official Twitter account for Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy based in Pelsall, Walsall. UK
CarolynGage7 I’m reading a book called Wonderful Tonight about Harrison, Clapton and Patty Boyd. It seems Clapton was always an asshole Caregiver, personal assistant and dog lover. Political junkie
AuthorAltoft #writingcommmunity I'm fighting for 1 more book sale before the end of January! Check out this review for my book to decide if you want to give it a read! FREE on Kindle unlimited and available on Paperback and Hardback. #BookBoost #books #Reading I am a new Author to the writing world. The current series I am writing is the Werewolf saga. check out my new book 'Beast Born' on Amazon Kindle.
jamesleeauthor @Jenny_Bew_Orr Thanks Jenny and @vishytheknight for posting this link! I really want to dip into Nina Bouraoui's work, and this book looks fab + it's available at my local library so really looking forward to reading it soon. British novelist/artist dancing with the dakinis. ✨ My third novel, Topsy, is centred on the life of William Morris and will be published spring/summer 2023. ✨
thepsychiclady @ProjectLincoln I heard on Beau Fifth news feed that high school and college kids are beginning book clubs and purposefully reading and studying books on the new forbidden lists. Positive, interactive, accurate,humorous & costumed psychic for corporate & social events. All ages & all sized groups.
JcGemmell UK @hackett_hill ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Tionsphere “Overall, whilst being somewhat daunting initially, the book kept me reading and definitely got me thinking. The author has a pleasant and very readable style, and has clearly given this whole area a lot of thought. Recommended.” Free ebook available from online stores: Please download. The Visionary introduces my dystopian sci-fi series. Book 3 available now!
dailytarheel Chapel Hill, NC The Chapel Hill Public Library held a four-day book sale this past weekend in memory of Martha Brunstein, who died on Dec. 26. Brunstein had a special love for books and reading and was named a Community Treasure by the Chapel Hill Historical Society. UNC's independent student newspaper | Sign up for our daily newsletter: | Tips/questions: DM us! | Donate to the DTH:
kataraqui England @MonicaBGuerra I'm watching Korean horror and reading a gay book so definitely doing stuff I love XD will get on the sleep when I can breathe properly too lol Canadian abroad. Pitch Wars 2021 mentee |Artist, author of STATIC CRUSH and WOLF TEETH (on Wattpad) | he/him 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Art Partner: @keekal_aretia
JDespraz @Authoralexp - Changing storyline every time you finish reading an incredible book you wished you'd written (and published!) Avid reader & oat milk coffee lover. Talent Acquisition partner by day at @hm Writer by night - currently #Editing my Psychological Thriller
blertonnshala @iamjonjackson Depends on what book I’m reading but I’ve done and still do it when I know that I will take notes from that book UX/UI Designer, Frontend Developer, I can easily center a div
TuruAsuuu Best books Laubach Way to Reading 1: Sounds and Names of Letters BOOK ONLINE #FREE #kindlebooks #kindle #bookboost #readthis #freedownload #books #booklove #bookworms #BookReview #booklovers #amreading ok fun
AlannaBennett she / her Also though I'm reading Emily Ratajkowski's book My Body right now and it talks about quite a lot of this, including the trauma women in those positions have often experienced I write talkies. XO Kitty | Roswell, NM | Movies + TV that I can't talk about yet :) Repped @ Grandview 🎬, Verve 🎬, HG Literary 📚
nturneydad615 Lebanon, TN @timkellernyc I'm reading this very book at the moment, and "that" chapter was the first I underlined "several" items pertaining to Patriotism. Christ follower, Husband, Dad. Go Noles!
roswellencina Washington, DC Book no. 5 of 2022: I laughed myself silly reading this book. It feels like you’re at a party and Leslie is telling you stories in the corner and you’re both giggling the entire time. The world is brighter with @thelesliejordan in it. Bliss on paper. Me and My Ways. Chief Communications Officer, @librarycongress. Dad to Toby Darling pup. Opinions are my own.
RaineFlowers_ Big Daddy Island We’re reading a book about someone with synesthesia in english class and we had to paint a song. Naturally I showed my inner gayness and painted devil town. Neurodivergent, I do art sometimes but I have severe art block rn, ⚠️Minor He/They Furry 🐺🥵🥶😱😰😥

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