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voguemagazine New York, NY There's nothing like sitting in a café in the middle of the afternoon, sipping an espresso and reading a book. The official Twitter of Vogue
neilstrauss Los Angeles It’s been incredible to receive so many messages from people actually reading a book directly on the @opensea marketplace. So grateful for this moment that I keep deleting and rewriting this Tweet because I just can’t find the words to describe how amazing this has been. author of 10 NYT best-selling books, most of which people put another cover on when reading in public
mcshane_writes I quit my fiat job to edit this book and pursue #Bitcoin Thank you @saifedean, for describing the problems with fiat and central planning, so that we may better understand the power of decentralization and Bitcoin. This is required reading. writer • fighter • head of video @BitcoinMagazine • 🎥
blakejCitrowske Georgia, USA The book that I am currentLy reading.. WhiLe I Check-in again.. It's caLLed "Angels to Help You" (aNd they SùRéLy d0õ}< The Bible Verse on the Cover is: Psalm 91:11 "He shall give His Angels chaRge over thee, (to keep thee) in aLL thy wAys" It's a reaLLy good angel book 😇👍 L£àRniñg hOw tó Lov3.
perrlasmind Bordeaux, France @bookishlea i wonder the emotional investment of people on their books... like, i go through intense love and then reading slump grief for each book : HOW CAN THEY DO THIS FOR 100???!??!!! account guide : you'll find tweet about books, writing struggles, me complaining (i am french) and me being gay.
GeoffBelson @RealBobMortimer love gone fishing perfect way to end a day watching you and Paul will miss it when we watch the last one , got the book looking for to reading it Life long Norwich city ex head ranger for 30 years and loves countryside
CollieLady38 Atlanta Metro @gretchenrubin Busy decorating this week myself. Reading a book about the official White House Christmas card and the tree lighting ceremony, both customs which started with the Coolidges. Married, with budgie and terrier. Always a Rhode Islander. Writing's like breathing--all natural. Blogger. Webmaster.
Tin_House Portland, OR Love seeing ✨Windswept by @annabelabbs on @StarTribune's 🎁Holiday Book Gift List! Publisher of award-winning fiction, nonfiction, and poetry & home to a renowned writers’ workshop.
DanKasper Eau Claire, WI I've got some light reading on my hands! In one of our convos in the past, Cliff mentioned to me he was working on a tell all history book for the Packers. He always mentioned how many "stories" and books were just completely wrong. His job is my dream job! #GoPackGo #Packers Sports radio host. Podcaster.
quiltsavvy1 Fife, WA @Writer_DG , I'm almost done reading Bees and I have to say, I have been moved to tears several times!! Thank you for writing such a beautiful story. This is by far my favorite book, after Outlander of course. ❤️❤️🥀 Lover of all things Outlander....Scotland is my ancestral home...LOVE THIS #peakerlife ❤️ Seattle Seahawks enthusiast💙🏈💚
BookKnocks United States Highly recommend this book as a gift for a child in the 3rd-7th grade range and to teachers looking for a good guided reading title for rich discussions. #Book #ChildrensBook #Religions @colbenjamin All about #Books #Authors and #Quotes Visit to start your promotion today
JuliaHlna Montréal, Québec Any recommendations for a positive light hearted book to read before bed? I am trying to have a healthier winding down routine and turns out reading about hate crimes before bed doesn’t help restful sleep… (bonus if the book is in French!) IP lawyer by day & Cyber Civil Rights Initiative legal fellow by night. I tweet abt privacy law, civil rights, tech, and free speech. 🇫🇷 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 she/her
ScottCa73097031 Australia @RNCResearch I just ordered the book and looking forward to reading over the Christmas holidays. @mirandadevine born in America, raised in Ireland and living in Australia 🇮🇪🇺🇸🇦🇺
vampyresquirrel Johannesburg, South Africa Until a new SHINY appears, and then that game sits there, unfinished, while I start reading a book, which will consume me for the 4 days it takes me to finish it, and then I will have NOTHING TO DO... I have 200+ untouched games on Steam, and I'll have "nothing to play" 8/ Poly, Bi, Gamer, IT Guy, Metal Head, Freak
MacroMarketBets Bitcoin capital of the world. Three new book pick ups. Buying #Bitcoin is one very small part of the journey. Constantly reading and educating yourself on #BTC takes you to much higher levels. You can literally front run humanity and the entire financial system by educating yourself on Bitcoin! #Few Financial literacy is the "Red pill" that exposes the lie that we’ve been living our whole lives. Run a Bitcoin node. #Bitcoin #Lightning⚡️#Taproot🌱
LSAshe1 Absolutely gripped by #YouDontKnowMe on BBC. I'm two episodes in and loving it. Based on the book by @imranmahmood777.... I know what's on my Christmas reading list! Writer | obsessive reader | English teacher | runner | ex-ballet dancer | Agent: Antony Topping @greeneandheaton Shortlisted: Impress Prize for New Writers 2020
bookoholicme London I’ve met @ChristinaHoag at @icelandnoir thanks to lovely @sh_ewa I’ve learned that Christina’s new book #LawOfTheJungle was about to be published - 01/12 I’m reading it now and it’s such a good piece of fiction placed in Amazonian jungle… where awful things can happen to you! E-Reading 📚 #LawOfTheJungle by @ChristinaHoag Listening 🎧 #ReadyPlayerTwo by Ernest Cline
joreadsromance1 Scotland, United Kingdom @rach_b52 @rararesources Awwww - thank you, honey! I loved this book and really love reading your words and stories! YOU are the best and I will continue to endeavour to make you cry! 😉😆😘 💕 Romance reader & blogger. Swoons at HEAs, gets giddy at naughty bits & fangirls at romance authors. Love love & happiness. Bit of a dork. 🤓 Cancer survivor.
pablet2099 @THEBRYANHITCH @rick_leonardi Leonardi and Williamson were the soul of that book...once they left, I stopped reading.
8252Hazel Teesside @tugw47 We have an elf teddy, that sleeps with Steph and only gets up to nighttime mischief occasionally, i.e when I can be arsed. The other night it ate an entire advent calendar and cut off all my hair, but tonight it's sat reading a book on Steph's bedroom floor like a good little elf I have a personal vendetta against TV adverts that ruin classic songs. Feel free to join in. Up the Boro!
madamglitter23 Gowd i'm at the point where i'm reading a book about alchemy and know all the alchemists names they reference ah yes John Dee his crystal was part of the spellbound witchcraft exhibit in London Each day is a step closer to being the strange old lady in the woods I was born to be 🦄🌈
Anakadom UK @THEEDeezumaki Was that Matched series even good I remember reading the back of the book and it sounded really boring 21 // he / she / they // 🏳️‍🌈 // white Multidisciplinary artist + designer // art account @anakdotxyz
Amy_Nathalie Antwerp Reading this book by Alexis Hall and drinking some apple tea with a lil extra Writer.Teacher.Sister.Daughter.Auntie. lover. Sleep deprived. Kindness is key. occasionally functional adult. #NeurodiverseSquad s
LokiTakesOver she/her It's the way I didn't sleep last night because I started reading a book and couldn't stop for me... Now I'm dying, but I'm gonna start the next book, wish me luck ehehe 27 l LOKI'S WIFE 🐬🐞l priv Acc @AdrianaF1994 l Multifandom l Avid reader l CR: Buried Heart (Court of Fives) #MCU #Supernatural #ShadowAndBone #TheBoys
MorganeOgerBC Vancouver, Canada After reading through @AbigailShrier's cringey book, I'm browsing her bibliography. Did Kari Simpson and Anita Bryant raise a pearl-clutching love child? I know we're post-truth but this is ridiculous. Defend all #HumanRights, always. Tip of the spear. 🇨🇦🇫🇷🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
abolishcxps Austin, TX wait there is something so hot about telling someone what your favorite book is and then they immediately buy it and start reading it the next day,,,,,, marxist-leninist-swiftie (principally swiftie) ☭
katherinepeters Connecticut Reading propaganda books for the 1920s Klan by a woman preacher for a term paper and wondering if the US’ susceptibility to conspiracy theory comes from evangelicals’ obsession with the book of revelations Philosophy PhD Student @ UConn | Scribbler and aspiring renaissance woman
chillmj_ middleearth reading this book and was trying to figure out if the woman was black and then she said her daughter came home with headline and i realised.. lol you are all insane.
Lckas2 onde a desgraça reina 24. Since it's winter now it's either ither playing my guitar or reading a book. When it's spring and summer I like to ride my bike. 🇺🇸🇧🇷 please shut the hell up and go to sleep // amateur guitarist // half decent underage alcoholic Backup account @Lckas22 #DeathToLatinx
krobb81 Houston, Texas Phenomenal keynote presenter!!! I look forward to reading the book and start listening to the podcast! TEDA 2021 😄 @LEDERICK Trusting GOD always ❤️-Bachelor of Science in Health, M.Ed. in Administration, M.Ed. in Special Education/Educational Diagnostician, Lamar Univ. Alumni, Hou-Met
stephenreid5825 Penrith, England @jameshaskell reading your book, you mention a book you read in the 2nd chapter. Got that book, and you're right, it does improve your game 😁 Firefighter Carlisle Dad to two boys Married to a long suffering wife
GabyDFields En route to Mordor In 1836/7 a young Victoria became acquainted with (and obsessed by) a Roma family near Claremont. She then started reading a book called ‘The Gipsies Advocate’, which I have been reading today… PhD Student: Queen Victoria's Library. Exeter, Reading, Historic Royal Palaces.
jamersino white, 15 ♢ ... And that's pretty much it, lol. Please don't take this too seriously, these are just predictions that will definitely change throughout the 2 year wait for the book. Feel free to QRT/reply to parts you want to talk about. Thanks for reading! :) here for trials of apollo & solangelo talk !! artwork of jarilo and živa by andrey shiskin
jylikeswine Miami, FL not me reading a forking romance book and all of sudden absolutely aching for a bf. who tf am i? the united states prison system is legalized slavery - she/her
Herr_Leverkuhn @russiancosmist The only thing that stops me from doing this is reading one book usually makes me realize I need to read 2 or 3 more, and there I go, back to the library.... The devil takes theology most seriously of all. Laudato si. Counterpoint, American Pragmatism, German Idealism. fork Harmony all my homies hate harmony.
sjt0901 Bridgwater, Somerset @TheMontyDon Darling Nigel. I have just finished reading your book named for him. I absolutely loved it. My own darling doggy is 12 1/2 and I dread the day that I lose her, so making sure I enjoy every minute of being with her. Your book made me treasure her even more.
UO_Geology Eugene, Oregon Check out the Weekly's reviews of Marli Miller's latest book and pick up a copy for a holiday gift!
ElisVillains | they/he/she | bi | 19 | cr: A Vow so Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer no bc the way I stared at my open book for a solid ten minutes trying to build up the courage to start reading… send help “Hey now, what’s the gravity upon your face? Aren’t I the one who’s bleeding?” ~ Bastille
skelvtvn The masculine urge to mush your balls around in your hand a little and put off reading the book you're halfway through
slimeenby Decided to take the new ari and Dante book out of the library as I wait for it to come into the local bookshop, n man I'm bad at reading romance now I guess cuz I got so overwhelmed by the THIRD PAGE I had to take a break I'm Peri/ Cheri/ Felix, n I am a mixed black pan grey-aro 23 y/o enby (ey/em), my bf @westleydraws made my icon! ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜
BattyMatilda Earthbound I'm reading a book where ever so often the writer mentions that the protagonist is a 43 year old grandmother who has given up on love and, it occurs to me that while I'm in my prime people are really out here thinking 40 is some kind of ledge. Like WTF! Tv Freak|Political Junkie|Dog Lover|Daydream Believer| A girl in blue wellies, tilting at windmills & waiting on the sounds of my childhood to come back to me.
CharlesAMuir Portland, OR My unofficial trailer for @WeirdpunkBooks CINEMA VISCERA highlighting my story “A Marriage of Blood and Pus”! Knife tricks and ambiance! Get the book, it’s perfect depressing holiday reading. Trailer: Book: Weird fiction writer. Visual storyteller. Personal trainer. Servant of bloodthirsty Druid dogs.
XAGPolaco Piscataway Land Reading this book for class and it at the end of chapter 12 it started going to Evola… this is going to be a wild paper Any/All | 🔯 🇬🇹 🏳️‍🌈 ☭ | Pro-🇵🇸 | All typos are my opinion | Literal Bastard | Marxist-Leninist | @DCCommunists | Alt: @AntiAmerikanAGP
SaskCatch Treaty 6, Saskatchewan @kiwinerd Yes, coming to the end of the full report, Reclaiming Power and Place in a monthly book study group, reading since 2019. It's an amazing and powerful report. #MMIWG2S #genocide #EndGenderBasedViolence #VAW #cdnpoli #CallsToJustice #Indigenous Volunteer, activist, settler. Black Lives Matter. Following 2SLGBTQIA, Indigenous rights, trans rights, decolonizing, climate action, anti-racism. She/her.
Tystarot Tips: $ty0502 You could try and talk to them in about a week or less, but know that it won’t do anything but make the situation more difficult. I’m hearing “one last goodbye” which will only turn into sex. 💗If you’d like to send a tip or book a reading, my info is here! 21. Engaged.🔮Clairvoyant Reader🔮✨☉♉︎ ☽♈︎ ↑♐︎✨She/Her. 💫LG(B)TQ💫 18+
OhMyAngelaLove God-forsaken Osaka, Japan Although I had no idea what it was all about, I had a hunch that it would turn out to be a fascinating book. But in those days I was not good enough at English to finish reading such a book with confidence and reasonable ease. Japanese antinatalist. Vegan since 1/2019. We've lived this long because we're wicked, insensitive, and moronic.
kroovv Edinburgh, Scotland I just finished my first book in about 13 years, ive always been really intimidated by reading cause of my dyslexia but i did it!! And i'm really proud of myself ;u; Hello, I'm Lio! Illustrator, Comic artist and D&D enthusiast 🌈⚔️✨(he/they)🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️• Business Enquiries: •Commissions: Closed•
butt_sword reading a book about sci-fi politics that's surprisingly beautiful in it's execution and humanity of the very normal proud subaru owner she/her
Francisforms To be honest! That was not human being anymore! The person reading and fighting at the same time! Holding a book, left handed! Reading the words on the pages! And then using the right hands!😂 to fighting off the attackers! 😂. Unbelievable! That happened inside imagination!
_PleasureeP Cali Finished one book now on to the one me and my family are reading for our little book club I’m happiest when I can buy what I want, get high when I want.