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HeatherMuzik Georgia, USA @neonpoison16 Watched it. So true! If we all shed the usual labels and simply looked at undeniable truths rather than manipulative propaganda, we would be much better off as a nation. WifeMotherPatriot. \m/ Metalhead. Germaphobic American. Mask Denier. Soap User. Antisocialist Personality. Marxism/Communism/Leftism = EVIL-ISM.
LindseyBoylan Manhattan, NY Sometimes you wonder how the people who do crimes and abuse power get away with it for so long when they are clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. But then you see all these enablers that just want to be at the party even if it’s a party about crimes. Mom. Progressive New Yorker fighting 4 a Livable City. Fmr State Govt Official & Urban Planner. Candidate 4 Manhattan Borough Prez. (She/Her)
namshine ‘He wants to share the story of his pandemic year to shed light on the realities of temporary workers [....] one year on the COVID front lines, Kisitu is troubled by a question. “If we are saving lives, why are our lives not cared for?”’ via @torontostar editor, writer, talking head, optimistic nomad, loyal to the end Host/Producer @theagenda
Dunem Charente-Maritime, France So today we discovered the Meteorite EE and Morse code on Hangar 21 BF4. I wonder if @NiklasAstrand or @_jjju_ can shed some more light? And we realised @Battlefield confirmed its existence on Aug 12th 2015...! Legendary Kraken @Battlefield EE Hunter, Battlefield Veteran since 2006.
FeedTheeAnon 🌍 @AsBrexit @BBCNews That, I would suspect, be another case.. But if those recordings shed light and proves Tommy was right... Er... Can of worms...
gnarlybole Halfway to Paradise Just discovered a stash of seed tray lids in the tumbledown shed, and it feels as if I’ve won the lottery. Considerer of trifles (especially Bird's)
wcrstbchaviour she/her @GeeNelly i think i shed my old one and built a whole new one both lockdown. idk what the hell will happen to me if we have another you could have the world in the palm of your hand, you still might drop it // 16
Apurvajiwane21 Nagpur, India Wear a smile and have friends. What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other? #goodnight 🤗 #JasminBhasin #Jasminians I love you with all the life I have inside of me, from every tear I shed to every smile I beam. @jasminbhasin I LOVE YOU 💖👈 𝕯𝖔𝖓𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖊𝖙 𝖙𝖔 𝖘𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖊 😇 Blessed on 13th Feb🎂 💖 Devoted to @jasminbhasin 😎I Know i Am Awesome So i Don't Care About Your Opinion
pikaaajoon Female/she/her The way my mum has been coming at my bottom for not having eaten food for the past 3 days 😂😂😭 if your Asian mum doesn’t shout at you for not eating is she even your mum? 😂🥰 I’ve been so tired and shed be yelling at me while I’m half passed out 😂😂😩 ~ ⟬⟭ ARMY ⟭⟬ ~ you create your life from your thoughts and mindset first; I mean, look at Yoongi ~ Edits ➡️ @_OT7nationARMY
Shinrascum Whale Island @RXVENGXRS PLEAKSISNDKSKFN MAYBE IF SHE DIDNT TAKE MY MONEY AND YELL AT ME ALL THE TIME SHED STILL BE WALKING!! #BENNETT | #1 Bennett stan | Minor | He/Him | Matching with @baelani_island | Damon ♡ |
ErikPtfc Portland @dawnita67 I have a similar shed roof project if you find someone and they want to do it twice?? 😉 Soccer nut RCTID BAON COYS Timbers Thorns Timbers2 Spurs Beer Bourbon Bacon
PadddyBlack Austria / Europe hi! I shed a couple of tears in the morning but otherwise did kind of okay? Don't know if I would call it progress, but at least it's not gotten worse either. I enjoyed my violin lesson tho, I'm finally into the second and third movements of the Prokofiev! born 1993 - ♫ music at heart ♫ - she/her. nerd. likes video games and musical theatre. has a degree in Business Education
kerry_truman Maudslay Building hands up if you have a #SHED and look at your #recycling items with ‘that will make great storage but I don’t know what for’ excitement.. soup pots, jam jars, butter and ice cream tubs everywhere.. I have even had to make up labels to justify having them all.. #ShedOfTheYear 😆🙌 Technical Team Leader : School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment : Nottingham Trent University #SFHEA #NTUmakerclub #TechniciansMakeItHappen
Ex_kuhlo @betacellpodcast @radiabetic @Kidfears99 Oh I totally agree. You know that Gvoke is produced by a startup? Most money (for investors as well as management AND employees) is made if a buyout happens. Anyways thanks for your pov. Appreciate you taking the time to shed some light on some things! Finance. Banking. Currently learning about biotech 🔬 Conducting DD on very few stocks. No (trading) advice & no PT given.
megan_lynnlee Long thread about guns that is primarily informational, does not solve a damn thing, and will eventually shed a little light on my opinions at the very end if you care to make it that far. 1/? @Ch_JesusChrist | Nick + Andy | Idahome
teyquerisi @bigbadpanda i'm here thinking "if i never have kids and eat ramen for a year i could have a down payment by summer...." lmao there's like 10 houses in my mom's neighborhood for sale and i'd buy them all but i prob couldn't even afford the shed out back tropical cryptid 🌴
oli_shelley Peterborough, England @Steelersdepot Can anyone shed any light on the “JuJu can’t escape press coverage” narrative?! Not something I’ve heard many others say or seen in games myself and would love to see if proper analysis supports that or not! Father of 2, ex Greenwich Mariner and Steelers fan for life!
crit_gen Scotland @WickdTransWitch @BlackMetalBirdr @shinobody @KatyMontgomerie @MrsDanvers11 @VictoriaPeckham @thetimes So you're able to birth a baby out of it? You'll be able to shed the lining of your womb through it if you're fertile? If the definition of a vagina working well is a canal of tissue and skin that hasn't closed up then you really don't understand what a vagina is. Lived
vilburbot You know what would happen if we managed to get L'manberg back again? More blood would be shed, and we would be the illegitimate rulers of a nation. i don't mind pqrts and death jokes FOR THIS ACCOUNT NOT FOR MAIN it's fine . if you want my main dm smile
Theotherrealjoe SL,UT @FatGirlvsWorld @BridgetPhetasy If you are still fat then that is still on you. As someone in the same boat as you it is easy to shed dozens of pounds. And feel better. You just are too lazy to learn actual nutrition not on Instagram. Joe learned to speak Spanish by spelling socks.
aggreycross Dubai, United Arab Emirates To protect them with all their might and if necessary to shed the blood of the last person, thus glorifying human history with such an example. The societies which are always ready to sacrifice everything for this purpose,...... Peace Advocate || There is a need to #EndCollectiveViolence sooner than tomorrow.
vajinkya16 pune @Jamie___Jamie @AndroidAuth @PeteLau @oneplus if they seriously wants to compete with Apple & samsung they hve to shed their oppo tag & should work on originality. Quad cameras are useless in reality as i hve 1+8T but i hardly use any lense other than primary due to its quality. Real value and use over gimmicks I represent India. do u?
CoryMacRae West of Scotland @arcticninjapaul As a series of TV specials with HBO it could work. I personally don't like this multiverse thing, come across as flinging as much at the wall as possible but if it is there, don't see why not. I found it fun, flabby and flawed but shed loads better than the other one. Old school comic geek, sci fi nerd but have a wife, so there is hope for you all! Half Aussie, half Scot, all confused.
AcidQueenAshido Northern Ireland, United Kingd //If able to, support my buddy so its to help him afford a new shed which are expensive. He does art and has a great art style Your cute Alien Queen is here! | Bi | Often NSFW | Typically a 3rd person writer| Open to anything | #MHARP #MVRP | UK TIMEZONE
MaygenHal Texas @TiffanyMoenae @AsianDaBrattt I was taught that one should always do what you would need, if it were you in the situation..... .....n if her face got messed up in a horrible accident ..and she didnt have the money to cover med bills shed be crying to her friends for help.. Mother💗 💗Daughter Sister Friend
NNK1292 @Flav_Bateman @jamesallcott @JamesFlavCP Would it perhaps have made it a better goal, just throwing this out there, if there were fans in the stadium, and it made a few children shed tears of disbelief and agony? My Chai brings yo girl to the yard | Little Slug | Nosotros Papaya
taekisscs bts bp protector @froggiekkyu u can try my moms durian jam too😎😎😎 my moms a cook / baker and im pretty sure if u came shed love to cook for you, shed also probably send you off with tons of food😭 she/her ■ @jinniesmile @jjkltydior
chris_newbrook Gosport, England @WMSteveFox If you've been there all week.. and thats what you have to show for a garden shed.. I want my money back.. 😉good effort, looks like a good course Rescue Technician. Confined Space, FREC3/4 Instructor. Ambulance Emergency Medical Technician. Dad of three. Sarcastic
MrBushman1 The ONLY way to stop China is to STOP BUYING "Made In China" BUT since many countries have STOPPED manufacturing shed their workers and use CHEAP CHINESE LABOR to make massive PROFITS! The WEST made China GREAT! They can break China if work together! People come First! Committed Communist! One shot at life enjoy it! Hurt no one belive in GOD! Take a risk in life try something new! Bi-sexual Life best NUDE!
ihrxhaus GMT+1 // INFP @MalvagioMarco @jackdaw_writes If white eastern europeans "shut up" in public, no one would guess their nationality. It's not as easy guessing where they're from as being BIPOC. Also we all know that the "descrimination" BIPOC people face can be fatal and it was many times. It's important to shed light on hate maghrebi - 🇹🇳 | be a little kinder than you have to be.
heksenhaus the bottom of new england. just bailed on a novel for the fifth time, this year (j.f. dubeau's 'a god in the shed,' this time) and i can't help but imagine most writers just being all forkIN' NOVELS, HOW THEY WORK as they shrug and continue to pretend their failed screenplay has literary value if any kind. .sjb. is an artist, philosopher, and critic what edits the journal THINKING HORROR, the zine SOFT TEETH, and listens to things. they/them. .∅.
gotelc @R_X_Queen Maybe shed light on is strong wording. it's not really your business to share his information like that and I shouldn't be asking. But if you happen to reach out to him, let him know that there's a lot of people on his side and even more taking it with a grain of salt. I don't even know anymore.
trying_myself @Dharm_itihasa_ When, if, my Atma rejoins the Paramatma(Moksha) ... it will have shed all the feelings and desires of the physical identify itself means there is lingering memories and wishes of the physical body... i lost myself the bavasagaram...trying to find myself and putting together one piece at time.
BritishAlba @froblivion8 @nickeardleybbc Lmfao, i never got my hopes that shed be found guilty of breaking the ministerial code. and even if she was, she wasnt going to resign anyway. Scotland is British and we must never surrender our country to the separatists seeking to break up Britain. Proudly Scottish and British. Anti SNP.
marvelmuscles Local Business 1:1 PT Sessions So quiet her fears and remember: "Women CAN and SHOULD do weight lifting exercises if they want to shed body fat and achieve a sculpted and toned physique." NPC Bodybuilder|IFBB 3×Nationals 2×Asians|ACE|NCSF|Former Police Officer|Personal Trainer|Fitness|Transformation|Contest-Prep
Mike_Priv51 Shark City, VA Just shed a tear 😢 .. 4th and 2 .. Fast flow key reads always attack downhill no wasted movements .. Those guys are coached up lol if I must say myself lol .. When you think they not listening they listening lol 2019 5A Virginia State Champs Maury High School linebacker coach Defensive Coordinator Leader of the #ChainGangBoyz. 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️⛓ 2018 &2019 Regional Champs
firstcentennial Aurora, IL If you’re a millennial thinking about moving this year, you’re not alone. Let’s connect to shed light on the equity you have in your current home and the opportunities it can create. #Millennials #HomebuyingTrends #Homeownership We work hard to satisfy the mortgage needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. NMLS # 132763
BertLeitch Glasgow, Scotland @GeneralBurk @EssexPR @JuliaHB1 I am not advocating prohibition which was a disaster .Merely stating that like a lot of people I would shed no tears if it was introduced ,and the belief that the less alcohol.floating around in society the better . Retired solicitor. Poet and short story writer. Remain and Pro Independence.
civavaktobinek V posteliii🐔 My daddy put a gun to my head Said "if you kiss a boy I'm gonna shoot you dead" So I tied him up with gaffa tape And I locked him in a shed Then I went out to the garden And I forked my best friend✨💕 Hej jakoby že miluju tu písničku❤️⤴️ 🦬🦬🦬
CatPurry9 Australia List 6 jobs you’ve actually done and one you haven’t. Let’s see if people can guess which is the lie. 1. Hairdressing Assistant 2. Millionaire's housekeeper & Girl Friday 3. Barmaid : Tin shed bar at a raceway 4. Art catalogue producer & publisher 5. Tutor to new doctors 6. Nanny Former med scientist. Opinionated. Left-leaning. Cat enthusiast. I don't always follow back. I delete my timeline weekly. Trolls & bullies blocked.
zikokomag "I have never shed a tear over my father’s death, and I’m not sure it’s a thing that I’ll ever do; but sometimes, I wonder if I’m just keeping all the grief stored away in some hole inside and that I might just explode someday when it’s full to the brim." We create the most hilarious and relatable content for young Africans. 💜 Follow: @zikokomemes | @zikokocitizen | @zikokoquiz. Tap the link to see our videos ⬇️
Spooks_AD Detras de ti, imbecil! I swear to forkING God it's every week I see some white bottom nerd making a meme about how you can become rich if only you shed your pride and draw porn. Stop being so forking prune it ain't that bad. Sketcher // 23yo // I am very easily embarrassed. // 🔞NSFW 🔞 Will block minors // Main: @SpooksPK // FLO: //
smithcp1 Everywhere @BPredict Who is going to be the next coach to get the bad rap and which one will be the next to escape it? I think Scott Drew will shed it. If Oregon wins today, Fran will get it next. I love God, my wife, my kids, the Brewers and the Badgers, in that order. Won't get sucked into arguments (hopefully). Govern yourselves accordingly.
NewWorldNoise New Oceania @JasonBermas @tragedyandhope I wondered if the stab could cause the person to shed and cause infection of others? Freshly arisen from the depths of Oceania. Chin up; many here in New Oceania are awake. I will do my best to support them and point them out. Help me help you.
manojchoudhary9 New Delhi, India @Saadiya89 @usmanshaikhism4 @PChidambaram_IN I don't need to go anywhere as i have documents to prove i am Indian.But i believe you don't have. And If you have documents then you can also stay because India is for Indians. And i request you to be peace loving and shed your communal narrow mindset. Proud Indian
vdehejia Ottawa, Canada @boulezian Interesting! I was surprised, too. Here's what Angerer says in the programme notes. I'm in touch with his son, who now runs the ensemble since his father's passing, and will drop a note to ask if he can shed some light on this. Economics/philosophy professor @Carleton_U Columnist @livemint Alumnus @columbia Co-author "Indianomix" (RHI, 2012; 2015). Views are personal. DMs are open.
Chinese_Lensman @neil_shed @cocker Imagine if Lancaster, Johnson, Ashton or robinson did this and said that... Returning for a fourth time... World class curmudgeon, mainly pictures of my lunch... @mauloverpodcast #autismacceptence
jamie_spilsbury Wirral, Merseyside, UK 🇬🇧 @IanHardie9018 @railcamlive I agree Ian! Any livery from BR's era doesn't suit modern traction, especially if it's a garden shed. The 66s may do a reasonable job, but they lack character and charm. Plus, they've completely taken over rail freight in general, I prefer the variety there was back in BR days. I'm a 90s kid, who lives life the old fashion way.
whoismorana Edgar's Grave✨🤎 Or if she still had pulse...nothing. I call 911 immediately. I place Riley's head on my lap and gently stroked her hair. I didn't shed a tear, I just sat there and recollected every memory we've had all over again till I heard sirens. The paramedics rushed into apartment, so don't blame it @abelstoes
officialseyiawo Nigeria | Africa | Global If you don't prepare for what’s coming you just might be planning to add another regret to what you have unknowingly. Wake up, shed that weight that’s making you wait and fly! #Monday #mondaymotivation #SucrePapito Founder | Ambassador • Actor •Tv host •Model •Voice-Over. Bookings: