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poopinghominid @KatyMontgomerie @PaulEmbery Lol. If only a biological women could actually play James Bond, that’d be fair but they can’t. Artificial females, for lack of better term, like Eddie Izzard, can because well, they still have their dicks, can shed off their clip-on boobs and wash off their make-up. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Cancelled for speaking his mind. But truth lives.
SteelKon_ dcrp | mv | ms @SongOfTheBat -c- break them…I know killing him is wrong. And…I’m not happy with what you tried to do. But…I understand, you know? I feel like the world would be better off without him. That I wouldn’t shed a single tear if he died. But…” Conner looked down, avoiding eye contact, -c- I was born in a test tube, in the shadows of two powerful men. But I know who I am. I’m Conner Kent. Kon-El. Superboy. (Mostly Pre-52. Still learning Rebirth)
greglaurie Southern California If we turn to religion, it will offer us no real help in our hour of genuine need. It’s based on what we do for God rather than what God has done for us. Christianity, on the other hand, is a relationship with Jesus Christ. He went to the cross and shed His blood for our sins. Pastor and Evangelist :: Knowing God and Making Him Known :: Maintained by Pastor Greg and the @harvestriv team
weareoversight We’re suing for records related to Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin’s trips to the Middle East in late 2020 and early 2020. The records may be able to shed light on if and how they used their government roles to advance their private business interests. We're a nonpartisan oversight watchdog that uses public records requests and litigation to uncover the facts and hold government accountable.
Joannechocolat The Shed Looks like I’m on a “purge the left” list. I’m not planning to leave the bird table, but if I get purged, you can find me (and the Shed) on Mastodon (address in my bio.) Storyteller. Intersectional feminist.Opinions all my own. I feel fantastic, and I’m still alive. She/they
totaldrivel Oregon, USA Ok. Put out a little tuna in the shed. If it’s a cat and it’s hungry, it will make itself known. raising goats, bunnies, a pup and boys. painting. tweeting nonsense. Go Blazers🖱🔭 she/her
cyanoweasel Syracuse, NY or Brooklyn, NY what if i committed my current art accounts to tween-friendly content and made new accounts to try edgier stuff? i wanna shed my skin a bit, idk. i'm jo and i draw creatures. 23yrs old. Cartoonist / video artist. Pratt '21. check out my art on my website below or my tumblr (cyanoweasel).
aarojas51 @SportsBoyTony If they go out and win the rest of the game but still miss the playoffs, end of the day, I think we can say it wasn’t as bad of a season we all thought. It helped shed the light on what was needed to be fixed and we should all be grateful for at least that! 😀 Im a dad of 2 girls and a boy. Husband to a wonderful woman working on making life great for our family.
ScaredyJew United States @RyanAFournier intentionally harassing someone that you don't like or following them around IS NOT freedom of speech. Its Felony STALKING and Misdemeanor harassment. If a REP followed AOC around spouting their ideals, shed claim they were stalking her and going to rape her. It goes both ways. Horror and Indie game Youtube Creator. Jewish and scared easily lol I'm a creator whom playthroughs and records. I love receiving game play requests..
jprug On Your Left @braves2430 @DailyBroncos Also, and I cannot find anywhere to authenticate the shed, but someone said if you let Wilson go by June 1st we only take it 39 million cap hit. Scrivener, dreamer, father, lover. My debut novel, Chasing Betty, now available:
Usmc3maw Texas @OU8Nucks @georgej76729698 @Hqdepot1 @TimRunsHisMouth @elonmusk Remember crazy lady that went on Anderson Cooper talking about how Trump sexualy assaulted her only to be memory holed after she said live on air "rape is sexy". If these allegations had any merit, and i mean 0.01% factual she'd be paraded on every news show. Shed make millions! Hispanic immigrant. MAGA, because why not? USMC Vet. Living the American Dream. Starting over, apparently I triggered some leftist.
minervasfiles 7/8/21 Even if we're hurt and in low spirits, our lives are apparently not over yet. The spilling drips and the shed tears vanish in the dark, deep sea. quote bot for @cIoudking | quotes every 30 minutes :)
BigDikMic England, United Kingdom "See that? Now THAT was a battle! LOOK AT THIS BLOOD? We humans are alive, even if we are assassins! It doesn't matter if its a videogame, movie, drama, anime, manga! WE'RE ALIVE! PEOPLE SHED BLOOD AND DIE. THIS ISN'T A GAME! You can't just selfishly use DEATH as your tool! I just tweet crap
tartagnyaa she/they !22 look at me recreating the creation of adam (cut out my friend bc im not sure if shed like me to post it here but the photo is amazing and i love it sm) your local childe lover
melodeecaz @TheRealCieJones My fav kind of dog . I don’t really like dogs but if these kids ever talk me into getting one, it definitely won’t shed and it will be small lol somewhere in the city. Celtics Fan.☘️
Trueknight77777 @RefugeOfSinner5 @DrJudyAMikovits @IamBrookJackson And by the way these viruses they created shed if you know what I mean I'd not sure, It's through touch they can transfer the Virus from.sweat even, but Thank our God we do have a cure. Citrus Acid, I survived mRNA.
mstandaert Bismarck, North Dakota @MJnanostretch @stuartjdneil @justano24027371 @OwenJones84 @jbloom_lab IF called out sternly at that point, perhaps more light could have been shed on what happened to potential intermediate host animals in that final week of 2019. They were obviously removed. To where? What happened then? Did they keep them and test them? Or were they destroyed? Enterprise journalist with North Dakota News Cooperative. As of April, back in the US after 15 years in China. Tips, suggestions, etc.
GlLKlDU dm any submissions The 'current' us are shadows burned into the Human Order. We may rejoice at our reunion, but we don't need to grieve at parting again. I don't believe that Gil would shed a tear if I were the one laying here on the verge of death, and I wouldn't ask him to. a bot that posts official Gilkidu (ft. Kingu) quotes, videos, merch, & pictures every hour. not a repost account. contains spoilers for F/SF.
borahaeyesod Sometimes you might be in pain again Sometimes you might get upset and shed tears What about it? If you live like that, what about it? jaden quote & video bot that posts every 30 minutes. display name quote: "Pied Piper" - BTS
AngelicoDeb @FL_LIVING70 @laurenboebert I didn't shed one tear.. I'm just glad she doesn't represent my district.. but you'll be shedding tears if Ron DeSantis chooses to run for in 2024... And he's got the backing of Elon Musk and many other Republicans.
Richer4Ever #Nutrition #Motivation We will see more strength, a more robust physique and as well , on top of that shed your pounds if you happen to take advantage of my strategy Teaching home business owners how to create a leveraged income online from anywhere. Find out how to generate traffic & leads at..
LynseyF85 Thatto Heath @JudeRiordan Yet another faceless keyboard warrior Jude. If they have nothing better to do than bully children online then that says more about them than you. And don't you dare shed them locks!! Happiness to me is A.T.R and L.R.R 💙💙
AddomGaming_LOL Somewhere in Nevada hitler is christian acording to IK "If Hitler was alive he would say that 'God will soon send forth his Messiah, and he will erase our transgression'. The first martyrs, whose blood the Antichrist must shed in order to appease Israel and Israel alone, are already among us." A girl that could really not care right now
Camelli79450301 @EmergencyBK If any cookers are leaving Gippsland, let me know. I'm looking for either a rental property or acreage. Looking for modern 3 bedroom with 2 car garage and a big shed for the bloke. Gardener, painter, and nature lover. I don't believe in sky wizards.
JohncomQ Salzburg, Austria If we come together to build little bits and pieces of tooling we'll soon have a whole shed of massive, permissionless and free tools to choose from, paving the way for true adoption of decentralization. When the time comes the only thing that might limit you, is creativity ;) CNFT enthusiast. Bringing automotive to Cardano. Co-founder of CRS Cardano Racing Society @CardanoRacing ~mister-lodrum
Kenneth84199045 We will fail everytime; it is in our nature 2 SIN. It is only through the(BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST) that we can acquire complete Forgiveness by Accepting Jesus as our Savior, and ask 4 FORGIVENESS of your SINS, and accept that JESUS shed His BLOOD 2 atone for your Sins if u repent Look at this.
Vitriastiles If the sky that we look upon Should tumble and fall Or the mountains should crumble to the sea I won't cry, I won't cry No I won't shed a tear Just as long as you stand Stand by me And darlin', darlin', stand by me Oh, stand by me Oh, stand now Stand by me, stand by me Et je t'aimais, et je t'aimerai toujours là-bas, hein, neh, oh mec e o meuamorporvcaí né tornará e eerternera vivido e comuummuita um do
vakibs So if India is now the world’s largest producer of milk, and had the largest cattle population since a long time, where are the cattle? Where do they walk? Do they experience an open pasture or do they experience the confines of a shed? Ask yourself the question: Is it Dharma? ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते | The first ∞ is Purusha. The second ∞ is Prakriti. From one, the other arises. But from which? Who knows.
Jeeeeeffff Riley escaped from a family chasing a female dog that was in heat. He’s 10 yr old with hip issues like Max. he slept under the shed area where i found him this morning. asked my neighbor if they seen this dog before. they got on FB and saw some one missing family dog listed. looking at options
atuzyk Canada @RodKahx @PolitiBat @hawa_salam @Pjhvan @VanIslandJ It's definitely responsible to shed labour that is costing the company money. It sucks for people who don't want the shot. But if Purolator is still viable, clearly the employees who are absent dont represent a crucial part of the business and should be let go. God Fearing
magatron21 Hey @y00tsNFT fam, can anyone help me with my stolen t00b #1834 :( Only accessed my phantom today and it appears it was taken on 19th October. Transaction is here: If anyone can shed some light or help in anyway it would be greatly appreciated #y00ts
fistasaverb I... I think this is it. The pendulum swings back into the favor of freedom. Elon controls Twitter and I can say African-Americancharmer if I want. The Chinese may just overthrow their commie dictator. Child porn is being pushed out of this place. A couple of man tears may be shed. Insane person disguising it well. redpill // psychotic takes // libertarian-ish politics // rape jokes // Pride Bean
MissKW_teaches @MissKhan__ Hey, sorry to jump back on this- remember saving it a while back. Just wondered did you go for spelling shed? If so, how are you finding it? I’m in same position and looking for easy to follow scheme (that works!) x Year 1/2 teacher| Ks1 Lead| English lead
shahamfarooq Toronto, Canada For she has a weighty complaint too — for all the insults lodged at her, she asks you why you haven’t written love poems, why your prophecies always shed light on the pains personal and subtle — is if not proof you are no prophet? That your sourness hides the jealousy of a lover? God bless the amateurs for they know not what to do.
lilsevenangels not my first acc|she/her|OT7 @kimseokjingifs shed a tear, thank you so much for saying that. idk what happened and if u need to hear this, but please remember what namjoon said. ive been there before but I managed to make it out, so believe that you can make it through too<3 sending warm hugsss @bts_twt , lets be forever
SuityTheSloth Australia @KiranaYonome It wouldn’t matter if i did since I’m out in a shed…. And they’d just ignore the sign anyway What do i put here… my tags? my labels? do i need a catchphrase?? | Up & Coming Vtuber |🔞| Model Artist - @willowphobia |
The46thClub Plymouth, United Kingdom. @TheFungi669 I'd tell them their dinner is on the patio table outside and if they need to pee, they can go behind the shed. I Love President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Pro Choice. #CWU member 💚💚💚💚💚 #FBPE #ANTIFA #BlackLivesMatter #FBR #Resist 🌊🇪🇺🇺🇸
rmathematicus Renaissance Nürnberg @mccormick_ted If he’s peaked, does he now shed a skin and crawl back into the swamp? Aging freak who fell in love with the history of science and now resides mostly in the 16th century.
OneUpGirlBot New Donk City And if the dark clouds start to swirl, Don't fear, don't shed a tear 'cuz, I'll be your One-Up Girl! One-Up Girl lyrics, every hour! run by @youhaneee
EcoGardenVentu Dublin City, Ireland @ncremins Thanks for reaching out. The fence and shed looks good from photos. They need wood varnish or preservative. Check the posts are not rotting at the base. If any rotten you can replace them without taking the fence down. Just drive in new posts beside old and wire them together. 🪴 Turn your trash into Garden treasure! Eco Friendly Gardens, we give you chances to upcycle/salvage goods and transform them into unique pieces for your garden.
MajorScarlet2 Mississippi, USA I was in the shed before I got on the C-130. Loosened my straps because it was a 1 hour wait. Forgot to tighten them back. When my chute opened, it crunched my right nut. Horrible pain. By the time I was about to land, I hadn't Retired Army, 100% Disabled Vet, National Military and Security Strategist, stock and futures trader,NO DMs #redteam #AmericaFirst
scoopster6 @margunson86 They know they're taking an injury if they go for a cat, wild animals generally don't won't to get injured unless they're desperate, my mate has a feral that lives in his shed he feeds it and it kind of comes to him but it's wild all the same Rangers 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 born again tweeter
Heather_Pants MN @BrknPoet @eacolflesh I asked Laura what the original tweet was about since I don’t follow you. 😊 I have a flocked tree from Target and definitely notice it sheds white stuff when I’m setting it up or taking it down. I’m not sure if a more expensive tree would shed too? Learning how to live my life out loud. Christ-follower. Helper. Music Lover. Lamentations 3:21-25. The BESR.
PRScredda Cornwall. So that’s it for this week, off to the Shed to see if The Apprentice is still sober and watching I’m a Celebrity And hey…. Hey……. HEY……. Home to the World Famous Cornish Quiz as once heard on BBC Radio Cornwall! Sunday's at 8PM. Every quiz is all about Cornwall, why not join in and have fun!
thomasstringham Vancouver, BC @Essexmonkeyboy @RealEstateMaxi @FiSurgi Easier to shed a few SFH if needed. Commercial takes a lot longer to sell and leaves you with an all or nothing option. Serial Founder & Sparkplug @HotTomali @HebbiaTraining @AmericanEHR @PoochNetwork @Pooch_Pack #NFT
Jtrainorjustj @TheRegencyCook Not sure if this counts, but we received a hand mixer as a wedding gift in 1998. It lasted an amazing 20+ yrs, and I shed quite a few tears when it broke. It didn't help that my son started humming that sad theme music from Titanic when he realized what had happened! Family Historian - MS Warrior - Educator
Noregrets2024 New Jersey, USA If Twitter can shed 75% of their workforce and work better, can't we do the same thing with the FBI? Woke former Dem believes in USA, God, All Lives Matter, not skin color. Great American Comeback! Non-Birthing person, AKA a Male, Man, Son & Father. #MAGA
NNSnowdrifter Sundridge Trail work volunteers needed on Tue, Nov 29 & Thur, Dec 1. Tue we meet at the Sundridge arena at 10am. Thur we meet at the Groomer Shed in S River at 10am. Please pack a lunch and work gloves. If you don't have a safety vest the club will provide you with one. Thanks, Jeff Near North Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club, serving the Trout Creek, South River and Sundridge areas. Check us out for trail reports, permit sales, maps and more.
GoSavageGIRLs Roaming This is a Prophecy that takes the COLLECTIVE human consciousness and will to end. So, for as much warning and education some of us can shed, none of us can stop it as individuals IF the majority of individuals are activating it and joining out of fear. What is YOUR WILL? 𝓞pen𝓢ource𝓒hannel🌬🤍•𝓟rotector of 𝓓ivine 𝓕eminine 𝓔nergy •𝓒rochet 🧶𝓜other'o🐉• #GoddessInRealLife(ⒼⒾⓇⓁ) 💫ⓂⒷⒶ•BIpocRVer• 𓇬#StockCryptoSpiritualist
intel_in_wisdom Pale Blue Dot @Ravana1992 but if we attribute tht to one common entity..then there's no conflict at platform to fight shed blood..and u also knw our own TN have seen such bloodsheds due to this rivalry in history Seeking Knowledge is Obligatory and Extracting Wisdom from it, is Incumbent...

free last will and testament for canada