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Rick97948119 @drewbrees Nothing to apologize for. Honest opinion. You're entitled to an opinion. And if people want to cry. The world would be better off if they shed even one tear for China. But they don't. Man child.
MzAbolitionist Outchea In Dees Streets That’s why I always say if I die don’t shed tears for me. I been a savage in this race called life. I’ve left every place and nearly everyone I have come into contact with better off. And I’ve had very few moments to just be free through it all. Resist y’all but remember to rest. Aspiring Miss New Booty 2020. His dick is in my DMs, living rent free in ya girl’s head & it’s still too damn high. Abolish the PIC, redistribute the handcuffs.
davidaxelrod Perfect symbolism. If ever the country needed the occupant of the White House to shed light, and not heat, now is the time. Sadly, the lights are out. Director, @UChiPolitics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Host of The Axe Files podcast.
BillKristol “Senate Republicans must be routed...leaving the Republican remnant to wonder: Was it sensible to sacrifice dignity, such as it ever was, and to shed principles, if convictions so easily jettisoned could be dignified as principles, for...what?” Director, Host, Never Trump.
Omojuwa Africa Life goes on. It always does. Shed your tears if you must, then dry your tears and get on with it. There are better days ahead and when you look well enough, you see bright spots around your dark clouds. Please breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Live. ❤️❤️ 🔺Author of @DGTLwealthbook . 🟡Order on Amazon 🟥Behaviour Change @UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences ⬛️ @CheveningFCO scholar
BXToDaHeart WA (Pierce County) via Da BX I won't shed one tear, nor will I bat one forking eye, if Jake Fromm and brees were Theisman'ed Not. forking. One. #TheHateThatHateProduced Always on my NY crap. U.S. Army, ret. Despise Bigots and their Enablers. #PTSD 🇨🇺🇬🇷🇺🇸♏️ 32nd Degree RIP SGT LaDavid Johnson #InvestigateNigerNow
iDatedMyPizzaYT Madison, Wisconsin @craigkinsley @ForgivenJ7 @SizweDiba If you think that, you actually don't know what you're talking about. People like you are making more of a divide in this country. You jump on the opportunity to scream "race" or "black." Blood has been shed by the media's lies on both sides. Police and blacks have been killed. later virgins
dumminique no where special I don’t mind if you don’t post on social media or speak out, to each their own. All I care about is that you understand what the movement is about and what we are fighting for. We are trying to shed light on white privilege, racism, and injustice. too legit to quit
kenclaytonmgr England, United Kingdom Absolutely. Well done David Frost. Oh, if only you had been at the helm to start with. We could have saved 3 years and a shed load of money. @TiceRichard Retired.
PercsCalling | bi | real/African-American | LMFAOOO I HAVE NEVER ONCE IN MY LIFE TOLD HER I WOULD KILL MYSELF IF SHE DIDNT GET BACK WITH ME AND I CAN SCROLL THRU ALL OF OUR TEXTS TO PROVE THAT 😭😭 you just mad that she was 2 feet away from you and still wanted someone that shed never met irl baji 🇲🇽x🇭🇹
KweenOfKandi Las Vegas, NV My brother saw this video and shed tears of hurt for that man, if a 13 year old boy knows that it was wrong, why dont they? Bass Baby 😈 Flow Baby 💞 Plurthy af 💖 Dinosaur Mother 🦕💙 @moeejito is my forever bae❤️
WmPrincesa Pandemonium she/her My daddy put a gun to my head Said, "If you kiss a boy, I'm gonna shoot you dead" So I tied him up with gaffa tape And I locked him in a shed Then I went out to the garden And I forked my best friend Nobody is Perfect, I'm Nobody, so I'm Perfect!
bips181 India @CarryMinati Some lines❤️oh god idc if you see this or not but I'm a die heart fan of yours❤️ Real fans will never turn their back. Real fans will never stand on another side. Real fans will shed tears in your happiness and hold you tight in your sadness. Real fans will be yours and forever. Instagram - b_i_p_s_18 tiktok - b_i_p_s_18 YouTube 👇
moonshapedpools i know this isn’t the most prevelant issue of today and i acknowledge my privilege in being able to even have the headspace for consider these things. i just needed to express these feelings and hopefully shed some light on this if people were not aware (look up chester zoo eg) the girl with the golden hair
DestinyRedeemed @j3h0vahn1ss1 I think, in the end, we will all have to take to the streets. Pray we can shut this down swiftly and before any more blood is shed but I’m ready to fight for my Country if that’s what needs to happen. “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness but instead even expose them” #CultSurvivor #FosterCareSurvivor #EndCPS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #SaveTheChildren
OutTheBlocks dontworryboutitsweetheart @TheFoyeEffect what if I offered you a way, and hear me out on this, to shed a much needed light on something that too often gets shuffled over, by simply...taking a knee. You lose nothing, yet someone else gains something. What would you do? No.
smizz Practicing Kindness If you don't laugh, don't shed a tear, or don't want to get up and cheer at the end, then you weren't paying attention during this movie. I bought it on DVD years ago & it's a movie i love sharing with my American friends when over the pond but it's on Amazon Prime rn. Artist→ Re-evaluating life→ Radiation Oncology grad→ @lab4living PhD-er→ Want 2 make a +ve difference→ Rule-Breaker→ Comic→ LIVE DRAWZ!
gearoidmac Midleton, Co. Cork @Matt89T @rickygervais You should watch it, and if you don’t shed a tear you are in fact made of stone I like stuff
foampositejunky @woodworksbyrich good work I was looking around for something like this to display my uniforms matter of fact just pulled them out of the shed today and I come across you. I see you said you do sell them and if so what is the cost I would like to get 3? I also saw you said
nancyd_writes South Carolina, USA If only it was as simple as to #slough off the virus, the racism, the it was for a snake to shed its skin. But we have arms raised in fists, heads bathed in chemicals and milk, faces covered-or not-with masks and knees seeking the ground as hearts seek rest. #vss365 Multi-genre writer. Wife. ASL/English Interpreter. Mom to 2 🇨🇮Wolfhounds and a Terrier. Bind-Point Checker. She/her. GryffinPuff. Gamer. #WritingCommunity
sm_raihaan Durban You should see kashmir, if its beauty doesn't make you shed a tear, the sight of oppression of its people will...and yet they still smile. I unravel the very fabric of reality.
cagreen0827 Toronto, Ontario @BlueRobotDesign @ObamaMalik @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden @POTUS @TheView Oh you mean like the constant attacks against President Trump for the past 3 plus years. From your equals, Democrats and the mainstream media hacks. Pardon me if I don't shed snowflake tears. Advocate for Truth and Justice. Conservative by choice. Independent thinker. I abhor Mainstream Media. I believe common sense and logic need a revival.
RedZilla_25 @VisionsofGore Was able to shed truthful light on. Now he is special because of his pen. His writing ability. His bars. And as a fan of hip hop I prefer this era more. But I believe he would've been able to make some serious points like in the revival era work if he wasn't so fed up himself Only really talk about Hip-Hop MMA and Games #SHADY #CROOKSCORNER #BARS
rachelmccoy1998 @chill0utbitch @KGWNews #heydan would love if you guys reached out to Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett and shed some light on this situation!!! I don’t see the police warning other crowds about tear gas!! editor in chief of this account
sheegog Winter Park, FL The most common form of low-slope roofing we use in Central Florida is rolled roofing and typically projects are garage, porch, and shed roofs. If you have a low-slope roofing project you need help with, give us a call! 📞 407-637-5339 Go further with quality products, better service, and good attitude.​ #roofing #construction #restoration
CoachDebRoth New York City Thanks to all who made it to our powerful Full Moon TeleMeditation today -- here's the link if you missed it: The Sagittarius Full Moon urges us to shed light on the ideas and beliefs… Life Design Strategist & Interfaith Minister... Coach, mentor, creatrix of fun, magical women’s circles and wedding ceremonies! Where's the magic in YOUR life?
JSL_TORNOK Las Vegas, NV @realDonaldTrump The red in the flag represents all the blood that has been shed to make this country, and that includes ALL OF THE BLOOD OF EVERY AMERICAN. You have NO authority to DICTATE if I can kneel or not. You will spend the rest of your miserable life along with your family in prison. Have communication with the Creator through prayer with clear intent for Peace, Harmony, and Balance for all life living in the Earth Mother.
William_74656 Tulsa, OK @elder_jodi I think once I clear an acre of land, build a shed home, and start my garden the foot will be as good as its going to be. That will probably take a year on its own LOL but if I keep my mind busy I can work past the pain. Its the sleep thats killing me. Reasonable conservative mind against tyranny and oppression. Equal Rights for all (Environment & Animals included)
Killerdg93 Fort Niagara @crampell I may be able to shed light on this. I use to work for Key Bank (04-09) and fee revenue is big business. I’m not sure if their model is the same post recession regulations,but poor people pay for everything. We use to joke with others about our nickname “Fee Bank”. Gross actually An Idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any Army or Government
SanpakuRyuuji No tears shed here if a vigilante come into the picture. If a cop attacked a little girl like that and charged a man filming down imagine what he does in uniform. Jail would be too good for this pile of human filth. A weeb, gamer, friend, amateur cook and a professional silly willy just trying to be content.
MzKittah United States @ChuckCallesto Blood will be shed tomorrow. It's the logical conclusion to all of this. The mob rule is out of control and they now have a need for a grand finale. No amount of outward support was enough. My guess is ppl will be forsed to their senses. If it goes too far, civil war. American woman, college student, Trump Supporter, God Bless Free Speech, Freedom and democracy.
NBARmichigan Royal Oak, Mi We NEVER thought we’d say this but.... We’re out of CAT LITTER! We can take donations of any kind; you can leave buckets by the shed and we’ll get them put away. If you live far away, or don’t want to head out to… Non-profit, No kill cat rescue in Royal Oak, Michigan.
tony4201984 British Columbia, Canada @styleethic @KevinTPorter @LAFoodBank So what if shes a bitch in real life... if she were a man shed be considered tough and decisive. If i had the fame and wealth as she does i would intentionally make it a rule that its my way or the highway. everyone would. Passionate about music, tv shows and life.
JiminsJana California, USA @taekookshi_7 💕 My mom is the best, shed b soso hapy if i was barefoot and pregnent. Shes kind of a hippy, an i luv herrrr ňêw âřmý | čômê šâý hî! | płêâšê řêâđ pîňňêđ
RachieBabe079 @BolbanR @iliveasnatalie How. They hit on abortions, lgbtq, and race. In a pure debate, shed clean the floor on the real issues. Sex selective means if you want a boy, but are pregnant w a girl-you abort it. And its usually only known after 20weeks what the sex is. Professional Mom and loving every minute!
SafeInTheArms @Lowcountry1Girl Not the sharpest tool in the shed is he? Wow! They are killing our law enforcement officers, injuries, and the only outrage from the #democrats is if arrests are made! #KAG2020TRUMPVICTORY #LawAndOrder #LawEnforcement = Constitution! Anarchy & #AntifaTerrorists =Socialism! Happily Married to my best friend! Writer, Love God and Country! Fight for Justice, Freedom and Truth! No Lists, No DM's! God is Love!
InstantRamenPod crap’s insane in the US right now. I don’t want to turn this twitter into a political feed all the time but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t use our platform to shed light onto all the forked up crap police have been doing for years. Keep recording and stay safe! It’s like 99% Kris on here. Instant Ramen Podcast is Juan and Trip's weird thingy about anime-related garbage. Find us on Spotify, iTunes and Youtube! Love you!
LagosDubaiParis OMW! The problem is African-Americans get distracted too easily. Like what real change is a whole new street name gonna do? That’s just a new street police will shed innocent black lives @ if policies don’t change. It’s sad a lil spray paint and street sign can do that to ya 🤦🏿‍♂️ Writer / Author / Creat-ive/tor. I would assume all responsibility for my tweets. New music video👇🏿
prestopasto @CongoCart @JaIsbell @NativeScript Understood. The tone of the article makes it sound like Progress, as a company, is stepping away from NativeScript. Of course it doesn't come out and say exactly, so I was hoping you could shed some light on if I was reading too much into the post.
uzaiftalpur Hyderabad, Pakistan @zulfaqar66 Don't shed such crocodile tears, and don't take Inncent Bibi name from your bad mouth, if ppp had some nuts in their 5 years corrupt govt they must had taken justice for Bibi, but you know what you ruin Sindh and then whole pakistan #ShamePPPGovt @CynthiaDRitchie Be a Proton Be positive #computer_system_engineer
chriswchang San Francisco uh....did they see something we didn't? the cops pushed a 75 year old to the ground. his head cracked open. and they reported it as "man tripped and fell". solidarity? if this doesn't shed light on the problems, what will?
SheD__95 Riyadh What if I make a list of the songs that I see you with and then send them to you, what if I told you how to see you with music? #infp. 🏳️‍🌈
LadyAnacondaHOA House of Anaconda Actions have consequences and if she understood the consequence of being Black in America is getting shot in the street when youre UNARMED - maybe shed know it's not a joke. 👑♠️Elite Queen of Spades Dominatrix♠️👑 Ulimate Cuckoldress & beta educator for Black Superiors 🐍 @houseofanaconda 🐍 #FindomActivist #Femdom #RQOS #NSFW
Olakved Nigeria @666_nostradamus @dorisnwanne1 No...... My comment was meant to shed light on the found out part. The only reason they can be forced to get married is if they were caught. Unlike the popular cases where the victims were killed and the rapists are unknown. #GraphicsDesigner || #NNWGI || #ProductOfGrace || FB:Lekanokutubo || ★∂σяσνє∂®★|| #LoudWriter ••••∞••• #ManUnited♥♥🔴 #Olakveddiaries #staysafe
unapologist Houston, TX @SassyXOLassy @MissRachel_PS Hey if you’re ever in Houston I have a Shark vacuum and two dogs that shed like crazy 😊 Interested science, diving, spanking, and camping.
gwensnyderPHL West Philly (occ. Lenape land) If your arresting officers aren't actively trying to brutalize you, thonk about how to maximize the possibility of keeping those zipties/cuffs loose. This is a good time to play to potential chivalry of male arresting officers and maybe even shed a tear. "A very powerful antifa woman who is followed by Barack Obama on Twitter" -disease enthusiast Jody Della Barba. She/her, banner @silentplanetart.
Budlyte87 If Lindsey Graham gets exposed and goes onto lose his SC senate seat. Black men will occupy both senate seats, for the first time ever. Ill shed tears of pure joy if this happens. Nicest asshole you'll ever meet.... #freespirit
PrincessDOTblvd Tempe, AZ @Mr_Cryonic @terrorsperg I wouldn't shed a tear if it went up in flames. I don't wanna sound like an "infowarrior" but in my 6 month contract there were a handful of people and scenarios that made me just raise an eyebrow and I was in QA. So I can only imagine how spooky the Google rabbit hole gets. graphic artist /// femboy /// professional trap /// hack fraud rockstar /// c̶y̶b̶e̶r anti bully /// him-her-chump--🇰🇵--♂️--♀️--🥑--⏏--♊--♂ // touhou fag.
PiraticalP @killakuzco @Randomthingsoko @theAfroLegalise @MurielBowser Just walk away from the Democratic Party I don't know who told you you had to be a Democrat Men have shed blood and we have formed a country with these human problems written down Read them If you don't like the policies stop voting Democrat Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness... LNfD3vJWSU3GXf2tpUbP8tb1wnTTT4yFBU

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