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dom_perignon7 Atlanta, GA @vivelabrooklyn I didn’t say in a relationship but that’s disrespectful to be hitting on someone while on a date relationship or not. Shed be better off circling around on her own time and coming back to my job to talk. If she does him like that what makes me think she gone do me better? HTX raised me🤘🏾 #Dancer #Entertainer IG: prettyboyinternational Dance videos in the link below! credits: Nickelodeon, Solange, Chris Paul, B2K etc.
RonaldPinto22 @thehill America would be far better off if we did the exact opposite of whatever Mike Pence says to do. The man is living in 1825 and is not the sharpest tool in the shed. No one, legit no one, cares what he thinks.
stephenstaunchy Warri, Nigeria In the OT it says if your eye offends you cut it off.. for it is better to enter into life maimed than to be cast into fire fully. (In the gospels the Lord Jesus Christ was relating to the Jews under the old covenant) He had not died and his blood had not been shed for the New Desirous to See You Live Out the Supernatural ||Speaker || Digital Marketer: Sales&Marketing || Chef At Leisure.
DeaRileyKY Kentucky, USA @RussianEmbassy @mfa_russia @eu_eeas @RusMission_EU @EUdelegationUK @POLITICOEurope @BBCWorld @SkyNews @guardianworld @StatesmanWorld @spectator Americans would be very happy to be and far better off economically if we shed ourself if the criminal interests infesting our government and other nations governments worldwide. All American America First MAGA Mother Profession: Marketing
VirginiaLoughn1 Colorado @MikeJoPro I'm not going to shed a year for Fox. It was their enthusiasm for Trump that got that monster elected in the first place. They've lied and covered for him for years. Fox is awful, so is Trump. We'd be better off if Fox closed shop and Trump, if he doesn't go to prison retired Retired Lawyer/Risk Manager former Republican now proud Democrat love all critters especially dogs cats & horses. I block if you can't keep up or you lie.
KariLakeWarRoom "Arizona gubernatorial candidate and election integrity activist @KariLake told Just The News she is thinking of running for the Senate... IF her current legal challenge alleging voter fraud in the 2022 governor's race doesn't pan out." Official Campaign Twitter Account for the Arizona Republican Nominee for Governor. Text KARI to 70789.🇺🇸 Read Our Landmark Lawsuit:
tishray Toronto, Ontario The most painful, and transformative experiences are those of loss. God calls on us to let go of the things we are deeply attached to. And if we don’t do it, he creates circumstances where we must. Even the trees are ordered to shed their leaves every fall. But the symbolism of… Cupio Dissolvi —mysticism; all that is divine, beautiful and good. Usually busy reading, creating, writing, forgetting, daydreaming.
ilyasmachrus8 Shed in eyes or lips- if that person OUNASS_NOON_PROMO_NON_TOYOU_TO_Fordeal_HM_and_Body_H&M YOU_H_AND_M_OUNAS_COUPON_SIVVI_NAMSHI_CODE_ONAS_DISCOUNT_ONASS_ Nurtures rest, can at best, look from outside, like the forest
BowenAutomation Ireland @ciaranom1 @SocDems @HollyCairnsTD I guess it's an insight into what drives these ideologies. Mostly we grow up and shed the teenage agnst, if we don't we join the soc dems, all so predictable and churlish. Same vibes as Louise the man hater lol. Mechanical Engineer, Trail🏃‍♂️, Blockchain, Homo Sapien.
C3rysJones Can anyone shed any light on this necklace that was my great great aunt’s? I think it’s a hand-painted photograph (daguerreotype?) but also wondering if this style of necklace has a name and was popular at some point? Or was Auntie Polly just unusual wanting to wear this? 😅 Postdoc at UCL working with @iimlUCL. Spectral imaging & image processing. Using science to better understand art 🖼
nyangcub marine ☆ they them | 20 im writing for myself, bc i can't help but i need something to shed my delusions lolol, and of course im happy if u enjoy it :D like its good to know i'm not the only one whos being delusional here 🤭 ( rpf/s ) mainly 밤준 !!
Bearded_Paddler Kingsbridge, England fork, that Netflix show called Beef. Insane, sad, heartbreaking, scary, touching. Hated and loved it at the same time. And might have shed a few tears at the end. A must watch if you've not seen it yet! Gamer, Paddleboarder, Gymster, Joker. Tolkien, MUFC,F1. PS5 Sony Pony. Poly/ENM positive. Living the Devon dream. Mastodon:
LothianBS East Lothian If you're thinking about giving your shed a facelift for the summer then head over to our online store! We have both standard and heavy duty Shed Felt available for click & collect and delivery orders. We are an award winning, local, independent supplier of roofing, timber, landscaping & building materials to the trade, public and self-build markets.
MikuWasTaken The Digital World If I shed tears at the last scene for having the Heart, I'll sing a song with overflowing happiness, make a rainbow from the tears and smile The lyrics of Vocaloid songs are a wonderful thing. **A twitter bot that tweets out a random Vocaloid lyric in ENGLISH every hour!**
petremmy pfp by sloppjockey if i could shed 5 pounds and stay the same weight id be so happy forever HATE. LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUCH I'VE COME TO HATE YOU SINCE I BEGAN TO LIVE.
CliveGan Knutsford @1tech4 @xpatjock I don't see the downsides you do. I can only see the upsides. Transparency and a new code of conduct for the media perhaps. This will shed light on how much the Royal Family have suffered due the media. If not then everything gets swept under the carpet and nothing changes.
Patrick00115106 @sallydmdm @JulianHillMP I hate the greens hold balance of power,people have such short memories of the stupid politics they play,crucified Julia Gillard , I rather let labor have 6 years full control and find out if they are up to it , the noalition will remain in wilderness till they shed the extremes
ProudMaratha 49 4e 44 49 41 @appander @dpyraj @ajay43 All they can do is handover "Bhakt certificates", call us "BJP IT Cell". Ignoring them is what I do. Because it is not going to change anything. In 2024 Modi and BJP would form govt for 3rd time in row and these people would shed tears in closed rooms as if there relative died. 4H4M BR4HM45M1, 54N474N DH4RM4, 54NGH1 4ND BH4K74, I ॐ I 🇮🇳 I🚩 ‌
mansthetic Tahajjud is a powerful remedy for anxiety, depression, fear, hardship, pain, and broken hearts. Whether you feel lost, overwhelmed, or facing difficult trials, Tahajjud can work wonders for you. So, if you shed tears during the day, rise up and seek solace in Tahajjud. 22✨ | Shopee Affiliater✨ | Teaching✨
bored_nicksong No Lion Will Mill skill Kill You A Sliw And Painful death. But do not play Adele I’ve heard she is in contact with The z devil! o’ Who’s the Devil? Not quite sure But If I call Adele Will You Ansser Tell shed it’s Me From an African Lion Safari sand she will be my minion.”
ImZawani Subang Jaya I have dry eczema. Meaning sometimes I will shed my skin like a snake. Dry brushing, and extra oils can help if I'm staying indoors. Can't go out, I'm doing the vampire thing 💀 morbid jokes as coping mechanism to overcome trauma
Wehawke4 Your mom's closet @gretchenwhitmer Maybe get tough on crime instead of law-abiding citizens, and you might actually get elected for once. Does that ever occur to democrats? If you fight for what's ACTUALLY right, you'd win legitimately. Shed the nonsense and be an American. Back for another round. Veteran, Medic, Chef, Ultra Maga
thejanusman San Jose, CA @Noor_Marriiii If they can shed their ego's...then play Anuj instead of Shabhaz and have him keep...bat with Faf/Maxi/Finn..then bring in a Hazelwood/Willey instead of Finn. Lomror should be the featured 1 down in the order. Dallas Sports Team Afficiando...Bay Area Denizen
MCRRViper @Fact If that's true, my past life must have been incredible. The tears I'd shed would have been that it was over and was forced to restart again. Lover of Gaming, Anime, Manga, and Vocaloid. Geek by trade. Dabbles in politics. Believes in the Golden Rule.
ChrisNavalo If our Lord JESUS Christ would have not gone to the cross and shed His Holy eternal blood where could we have been now??? Thank you Lord for the previllage that i am alive this minute. I AM BORN A GAIN CHRISTIAN AND I LOVE JESUS CHRIST AS MY LORD AND BLESSED SAVIOUR. JESUS IS LORD
Unkn0wn22AK Anchorage, AK @SashasCastle I know what a rando on the internet doesn't mean much, but it's clear in how hard you work and how far you've come that you won't fail because of a lack of trying. If you need to shed that weight for a while, then it's good to rest. Existence is something you could say, the game is worth the candle. If it weren't, it wouldn't be.
Whitaker2Pg KENTUCKY @PerPooka @LTPhotog @UltraDane Didn't know a person qualified as a piece of crap for asking questions. If this was Ralph on a ring camera, it would shed a different light on the story. My original post asked if this was him and if this video was real. Just a country boy from Kentucky trying to figure the world out. What a journey it has been.
DanCroatto Southern Australia @zhang_heqing Sounds as if you are willing to shed blood and billions of dollars rather than pay a fine. I suppose the PLA’s lives are easily replaced unlike money.
cantobot For guile Deïdamia makes deplore In death her lost Achilles, tears they shed, And bear for the Palladium vengeance sore.' 'Master, I pray thee fervently,' I said, 'If from those flames they still can utter speech-- Give ear as if a thousand times I pled! Bot posting the entirety of Dante's Inferno. Expect a canto a day, to keep Cocytus at bay. All images by William Blake
KaboneroGrace Jinja, Uganda You can't have this discussion if you had a c/section and lived. We've seen clients who stand up to our decisions to operate and then day 2 during the ward rounds, you find they lost their babies during attempted vaginal delivery. At the time they'll shed a tear everytime they.. MBChB,Medicine and Health, AMR Steward, Global Health, Global Surgery.
669toad @FoxNews Dude if big gov wants to go and physically try to remove people’s right to own guns of any kinds. There’s going to be blood shed. This is a major issue just let it go. It’s gonna get ugly. Remember there are more gun owning Americans than military men/women. I am a true anti communist. and leftist democrats are communists.
Phoenix17764 @krassenstein @TuckerCarlson No one is a paragon of truth, because everyone makes mistakes and has some beliefs based on false information even if entirely sincere. But, anyone that watches Tucker knows he has done more to shed light on truth than anyone else still in mainstream even when he misses the mark
Sliver_Nugget 69th Hierarchical City Just because you happen to have specific outs to shed tail doesn’t make the move okay It’s not just Finch who wanted the move gone. Others did too. The metagame is shaped by the players, and if the player base wants it gone, then it should go I’m a person | 💖 @PKisaragi_ 💖 (Also drew my pfp) | Jack of Diamonds (Polaris, how long do I have to keep this? lol)
nbanfltwist Sexland I still believe in Dean Wade and Ricky Rubio bounce back seasons but if u can shed their salary for better options you obviously have to do it Cavs
dingus29912551 MDE is showing a clear development in maturity with how they are handling #FishTank i hope that it blows up and mde can shed the abrasive manchildren in their audience they could REALLY kill it if they continue trying to appeal to adjusted human beings and not exclusively neets
sandesh_samant Mumbai - मुंबई If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall or the mountains should crumble to the sea. I won't cry, I won't cry, no I won't shed a tear just as long as you stand, stand by me........ ; | Political Incorrectness | Interested in Security & Defence 🗺 🌏 | Nihilist | Eccedentesiast | मराठी माणूस living by the Sea 🌊 , Heart in the Himalayas 🏔
Massive1972 Nashville, TN @Timcast Based! 19 million views and counting. Been waiting excitedly but patiently for Tuck to shed the shackles Murdoch had him bound by and join us all here on the front lines of the Cultural Revolution and damned if it didn't finally happen! Welcome aboard sir!
HostilePucker13 @MarcelAndRogie Just because I think they are guna lose, doesn't mean I won't cheer my bottom off. Quite the opposite actually. I'd cheer louder and harder, and might even shed a tear if they pull it off.
mo_ranyart San Francisco, CA I just sent them an email, I have no idea if the cats are living here "permanently" but maybe they'll hang around long enough to be picked up and taken care of. we do have a shed in the back that's good for hiding in so maybe they're holed up there. A soft & sweet nonbinary femme trans dude. 💅 knitting, spinning, photography, cooking, cat-snuggling. he/him please! discord: ranyart#9552
dy1an66 Maryland, USA @onlyleilalewis I’d probably say if you live in an area by water check into the local water shed because they do stuff that conservates rivers and the ecosystem including animals too. Like when I was in middle school since I live in Maryland I did a field trip/like camp where I went 18+ I post porn from other people, dms open , my snap is dylan439838, mostly active on there. 8in 🍆
TheGrantLandry Alberta, Canada @valeriegale88 Agreed. Does the same to me. Try to live your life. You already know what's going on. Take a break and ask someone who can hold the torch to shed some light if something important in the dark about EVERYTHING for now. You need this. Stay in the fight. Rest now Making big moves in the shadows for now. Inner Circle Charter Alumni. If you know... you know! Proud Albertan!
maxyyjones Los Angeles, CA I'm making a short film! Even tho it's a short, it's a character-driven story that I think will make you shed a tear. If you can contribute to help me and the team bring "Ripples" to life, please do! All contributions are 100% tax deductible. staff writer @scheer_post
HarryDenny @australian I am not sure if Adam Bandt understands anything about anything. Why does he always look scruffy as though he has not slept or has been forced to sleep in the shed. he's about as sharp as an overly limp lettuce and represents the 'has beens' in parliament.
NotKaltsit Doing YOUR paperwork "Don’t tell.. horn that I nearly.. drank myself to death.. I’ll flush my system and if I feel better I’ll come do all your paperwork tomorrow.." She certainly was intending on trying to come in, if she flushed the alcohol out before she digested it using her arts shed be fine. Oh god its Harmonie from arknights . . Beware of water cat The writer is over 18- lewd will required story in order be done!
winkterx drunrks. She stood there, confident and self-assured, her short hair framing her face in a way that perfectly accentuated her features. There was a sense of freedom about her, as if she had shed the expectations of others and fully embraced her own individuality. 2001; 1/3 a girl at @aoespa, 𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫。 ✿ ʙᴇɪɴɢ ᴘᴀʀᴛ ᴏꜰ 4ɢ3ɴ ꜰᴛ ᴀᴇᴍɪᴇꜱ; ᴀᴇɢᴜʀʟ; ʀᴀʟᴇʏꜱʜᴀ; ʀᴜᴍᴡɪɴ🧚🏻‍♀️; sĕvir.
cindismith42633 I couldn’t remember what the card was, but knew if I seen it then I would recognize it. I searched for over two years and The Dugout in TN came through. Needless to says tears were shed. It ended up being his seven year sobriety date! #godisgood #thehobby
MUSLIMURSHIDAAT Nairobi, Kenya Tahajjud is a powerful remedy for anxiety, depression,fear,hardship, pain,and broken hearts. Whether you feel lost, overwhelmed,or facing difficult trials,Tahajjud can work wonders for you. So, if you shed tears during the day, rise up and seek solace in Tahajjud. Our aim is inspire the ummah into living an Islamic way of life ⭐️
violenceprotest global My point is if one gets to a higher plateau than the other faster, it's not because he's white, it's because he worked harder .. He didn't skip a beat, shed a tear , or apologize , he just kept going .. I've seen black, white, and latin etc stick and move .. A Narrative of political events that changed the World

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