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nicknacks69 @MoneySavingExp Shed be better off keeping the house, moving back in, getting a lodger and keeping all the rent, whereas if she moved out and rented it out, the rent becomes taxable. Just a thought. Black Lives Matter...Leave NoOne Behind
glovrba Stolen Tonkawa Land (Texas) @jhgates1 You mean I can’t live in society? I could list off aaaaallllllllllll the aspects of how to change by ways and help shed the light to others not to doubt that would be good for you. If it makes you feel better, I don’t have a 2nd refrigeration unit & went 2 TX summers w/out AC #SjögrensSyndrome ♿️| #M4A 🏥 | $glovrba | Total Liberation | #ClimateCrisis 🌳|#ConsciousConsumerism | #coffee ☕️ | she/her | @rvegankitchen1 👩‍🍳|WI➡️TN➡️TX
ColePyres Connecticut, USA @DumTanuki Well even if they do, that’s life. The best thing to do is shed off those kinda people and keep pushing forward to find the ones that better fit who your truly wanting to be so you’re surrounded by the true supporters of YOU 28 Genderfluid-Male (any pronouns), Pan, furry and ABDL+AgeRe, single & seeking, NSFW, I love to game (hope to stream) and play D&D. DMs open! RP friendly
MedasinMusic my next project will be all instrumental btw. if you solely think of medasin as an "edm producer" you will probably hate it and im actually really stoked to shed some of those listeners anyways. but if you're a core core fan and know me creatively you're in for a treat
TheDonOfLA Planet Earth Willing 2 shed light on yall but if you try and blow at my candle it won't be pretty Keep being thyself, it's just good for the soul
P_Lazaridis Empire State @stylishfella Real, not Chelsea. Right now, FFP restrictions are relaxed, due to COVID. United’s profit margin would allow them to absorb the hit. Real could likely do so, too, if they shed Benzema. With City and PSG things obviously get more… complex. Husband, father, globe-trotter. I tweet too much about @LFC and not enough about politics. #BlackLivesMatter 🌈
RobertVonB1 @edwarditooo @CurbKingLuna @jml36551230 @Timcast It is. Try this: if out of 100 people 98 are vaccinated, 2 are not. All 100 are exposed and 1 vaccinated person gets sick and 1 unvaccinated gets sick. Both shed the same amount of virus. Which population is more at risk of becoming contagious, by rate? #BLM #BidenDelivers #LGBT #VaccinesWork #ClimateActionNow #GOPBetrayedAmerica Ad-hominems, bots, low effort trolls, etc get blocked
Corey_067 Europe @penguinrandom Hey guys, happy holidays! I was wondering if you could shed any light on why the Kindle version of @DelilahSDawson's The Violence was removed from UK Amazon today? Woke up to a notification saying that my preorder was canceled, and the option is no longer listed. Storyteller. ✍️🎨 Mando'ad. Night Porter. Twitch Streamer. Coffee mad. GG, RWBY, RT, Critter, Star Wars, Halo, Mass Effect,+more. Insta: corey.067 ☕ He/him
sorryimpudge @froggleoddle @mapofthedodie stop stop stop it she adored him and she supported him to the end and she would never blame him for it but he will always hold on to the idea that if it wasnt for him shed be alive, even though he knows he did the right thing in the end he'll always think about ways to change it 22 // he/him // Awarded Title of "Most Sexy" Oct 2021
sarirasheed Germany @WalidMRihane @_chsdy If you are vaccinated and get the virus, you shed it for a short time (compared to not being vaccinated) and also the “amount” of it (that u might transmit) is less… اكتب✍️، اصوّر📸، اتهكّم😜... لبناني مغترب
thorwithgoats @JamesWebbTele Not only is a first, it is not hotly contested with politics on what to "shed more precise light on", like expansion of the Universe or hotly debated topics. If one can even find and track one of these planets, whereof less disappointment on the first science result when testing. Climbing nothing and never things to no important thing.
rod33178 @AmyTrask Hi Amy, I have a couple questions for you and idk if you can shed any light on this: There is a story about Al making a ridiculous offer to the Dolphins for a young Dan Marino, they said Marcus Allen and two 1st rounders. Is there anything to it? Can you talk about it? Survivor of communism. Often I feel like a bee trying to explain to flies why honey is better than crap, with predictable results.
RenfrewCenter College student? If so, we need your help! We have created an anonymous survey to complete that will shed light onto how #mentalhealth is being impacted by factors such as the pandemic and social media and will, ultimately, support our NEDA Week campaign. The Nation's First Residential Treatment Facility for Women with Eating Disorders. All Levels of Care at Locations Throughout the Country. Call 1-800-RENFREW.
MinBaneWP And I am not planning to enter my treasury shed for a floppy disk with Norton Anti-Virus and see if Window 11 will accept the burden of the ancient wisdom... Blogger and writer. I write what I like. Domestic or Abroad. No question left unturned, unless I am know nothing about it.
Leo_2288 ☀︎︎ I am remorseful to shed tears in front of the moon. How its beauty lighten up the sky, how the stars shining flashes as if it’s talking to me and ask what’s wrong child ?! Don’t be sad, smile! Like you meditate us your eyes reflect ours shines. ♌︎. 🎗 | #feminist | #ENTJ | #OrangeTheWorld
KimWood42252122 @CumbriaDPH @OliasDave Oh, and dave, if you have a spare mo, cast your eye over the chart above. Can you shed any light on it? Testing dropped off a cliff. Here for me.
Chizzyx @KonstantinKisin @gobuddygo But if vaccinated you’re less likely to shed virus and less likely to have severe symptoms
xRetroGamerTomx Detroit @cinemassacre I actually shed a tear at the end lol. It felt like the end to AVGN. And if it is, I can accept that. Hope a positive and healthy new year for you and your family, James. Thanks for years of entertainment! Horror Fan/Classic Film Lover. Physical Media Advocate. Vinyl Records. Retro Games. Guitar. I Sometimes Write Short Reviews On Letterboxd:
silcolover proship dni | arcane spoilers yes this is abt jinx mutual with barbie girl, diva by beyonce, electric love and how bad can i be in the same jinx playlist oomf ur brain is huge and if jinx was real shed wanna be ur best friend Lazy, high-maintenance and easily entertained. 25, she/he/they (any gendered title ok), brazil, en/pt.
realungoverned @JeepHokie23 @Mr_Furr_Seven2 @MattWalshBlog There are heaps of studies showing they shed as much, or possibly more. If people don't want to look that's up to them, but they need to stop repeating lies and othering people. For liberty, regenerative agriculture, medical freedom. Against dead dirt, eating bugs and mandates. Charleston, SC.
Mochi804 @Mr_Furr_Seven2 @JeepHokie23 @MattWalshBlog Take two seconds and see how contradictory and stupid your tweet is. According to you if you are vaccinated you are safe from and unvaccinated person. Evidence shows the vaccinated shed more virus than unvaccinated they also aren’t isolating even if sick.
ShamsudenK There will worst CIVIL WAR in pakistan if Imran khan is thrown out from power by force and conspiracy. Imran khan have powerful base and fighters in all provices and I am sure no one can Rule if Imran is out. There may be severe blood shed in country and greedy army in power
lirasarchive English/Español || Lulaw/Lawlu + Law was nothing but a sobbing mess. And when he finished, Luffy let himself felt satisfied at the rav*shed expression Law had on his face. He then let himself get comfortable next to Law and hugged him from behind, ignoring himself even if Law protested, today was Law's day. Fan account | +25 | +18 NSFW | Not spoiler free | OP | JJK | Lawlu & Sukufushi | Trying to learn how to draw and failing | Trafalgar Law & Fushiguro Megumi stan
QUACKKITTYZ he she + neos , 15 @SPERMCHAMP theyre my cats and ur mam said shed pay for it if i banged her gnfs fav bulimic ☆ carrd byf
WhatIfTest1 What if the very wet today and shed is thinking about dinner time A test for What If
DylanR777 fork sake man 2/3 games away from a trophy and this is the team we pick. fork off. If we finish the season with nothing Theres blood to be shed. 24| Sports Business & Coaching Grad| LFC🔴| Football Addict
Snowmadr Alabama, USA @Scurrishi I believe in you Scurry!! And if you get it crazy wrong and accidentally burn down a small shed in the process, just say Zeke wanted to wrap them this year Just some normal nerd doing normal things I guess. He/They. I have a hobby of collecting a lot of fancy titles that are worthless.
ngaruman Nairobi, KENYA @MihrThakar Ndugu Mihrji, since time immemorial no leader worth his salt with Fort Hall as his origin can stand before a harrowed crowd with peanuts. This is the land of financial greats and the Senator has to shed off the "poor man" tag. He is not poor. And if he be, Metumi is out for him. Advocacy. Communication. Protocol
Karentay123 @ODEONCinemas will I be able to buy tickets in your Cardiff theater for next week. All dates have been removed and nothing on the website to explain if they will come back on sale in line with the new Welsh Covid regs or not. Can you shed some light on this??
AproPoetic Texas There's a big bottom possum behind my shed but idk if it's dead or pretending... I lightly tossed a small rock at it and it didn't move and I can't tell if it's breathing. I'll leave it for now. If it's alive it will leave and if not maybe a buzzard will take it. 18+ I'm depressing.
WillWallaceFREE @NextLAMayor it’s NOT a housing crisis. If it was, it would have been solved! Tuff Shed shells this for 20k including some upgrades. Finished (electrical and plumbing, HVAC, etc.) $60,000.” How many “PEH” could fit in there on SPB city? Unapologetically American #Freedom 🇺🇸 is my party #DoNotComply #DoNotComplyEver with mandates. It’s your choice #FJB Here 2 watch❄️flakes. Then plow the snow.
DrMichaelBunch Houston, Texas Sometimes life crashes over us We can shed a tear and share a smile if you can Take a read If you decide not to get one please pass it on to someone who might 6$ on Amazon Kindle/20$ paperback Outskirts Press, Inc 10940 S. Parker Rd #515 Parker, CO 80134 This is a good day. Be blessed.
remogaggi_ Richmond, Virginia i found a store better then elwood Thompson and im not sure if i should shed a tear right now 🥲 ODU Computer Engineering/Science Plant-Based 🥬 Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel
HASSAN_H3562 @cryptodiagramz If you are inclined to act as Samaritan and philanthropist, just shed the light on #BLUESPARROW
PandaPenguinn1 Shelter everyone is entitled to how they feel, and viv should definitely shed some light on this. But yall be patient and give crap a chance. Change is scary, but ik the OG Vas would be heartbroken if hazbin failed just because of something that wasnt their fault @onistar18 is my cookie (Ill add more crap to my bio later)
graveswood Texas @mnasadoo @Jeffward75 @basiliomit @dancohen3000 @caitoz no, but you could give him a cold = same symptoms as omicron. or, if you've been jabbed, and I'm not asking because it's none of my business, but, if you've been jabbed you could shed and give it to him. Christian, Mom of 3, author kids' books. Divide=Conquer. Don't allow it. IFB after xcking profiles. 🇺🇸When you know you know🇺🇸
HASSAN_H3562 @BluesparrowC @darcydonavan @ECoin_Finance_ @safemoon @xMooneyToken @gggoaaat @Zaid_Ecoin @Shibtoken @CptHodl @TheFudHound If you are inclined to act as Samaritan and philanthropist, just shed the light on #BLUESPARROW
godsonsafari spartytown @phil_clark @ChapGebassi it was like stupid human tricks in terms of how quickly shed figure crap out and solve it as a student assistant in radiology a bajillion years ago and shed do it all with a sort of valley girl accent. if someone got her in a wet lab instead of social media shed have cured cancer professional pdf maker and button pusher. boxing & theme parks #gatekeeper. opinions arent necessarily those of anyone but me/RTs =/= endorsement.
nicknacks69 @MoneySavingExp Shed be better off keeping the house, moving back in, getting a lodger and keeping all the rent, whereas if she moved out and rented it out, the rent becomes taxable. Just a thought. Black Lives Matter...Leave NoOne Behind
Hassan35623562 @cryptodiagramz If you are inclined to act as Samaritan and philanthropist, just shed the light on #BLUESPARROW Greenhouse
idreamofchoccie In a Happy Place @BuildbaseUK @Hoppings_plc If I won I would buy a new shed and a new bed! #Buildbase12DaysOfChristmas Never happier than I am when I have a good book to read, with a cup of tea/coffee or out in the fresh air walking my dog!
Hassan35623562 @BluesparrowC @darcydonavan @ECoin_Finance_ @safemoon @xMooneyToken @gggoaaat @Zaid_Ecoin @Shibtoken @CptHodl @TheFudHound If you are inclined to act as Samaritan and philanthropist, just shed the light on #BLUESPARROW Greenhouse
colvirendra1234 @ikhlaqchoudhar4 @KashmirPolice @HMOIndia @PMOIndia @narendramodi Very good question but the answer lies with you only . If you do not allow the young people to be radicalised and understand the game of Pakistan , you will see the end of blood shed in Kashmir.
vannapalooza Toronto, Ontario @ShaleUnikitty @PlugInFUD Well, if you’re around the vaccinated they shed the vaccine to you and you get all sorts of nasty symptoms, according to these loons. Views and opinions not reflective of any past, current and, probably, future employers. Been called a legend, but more like a cautionary tale. Pure id here.
caendyer 21 • 📖✍️🔞 • spoiler everything suddenly hit him, and it seems like letting them do their thing is better. he didn't know if the tears he shed that time is of lust or sadness. but a voice, his own voice, tell him that he can't, can't let this happen. he has to do something, no matter how crazy. ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑
jj_johnjohnson @Fields71Jamie @info_sprinkles @dlberes My nine year old told me shed take off her shoes and throw them at a person with a gun if running and hiding didn’t work. Very matter-of-factly. I’ve said some things I ain’t proud of, and the things I am proud of are disgusting.
Chitterinlicht 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Fanatic @kwr66 Except if there is a shed load more cases than delta there is a shed load more hospitalisation and deaths despite 2/3 overall reduction. Now, as the Haar comes in, i look for ghosts.
SpamEMcSpam Seattle, The Other Washington @IB_Thorson They forked around and found out. Sorry if I don’t shed a single tear for these morons. Bruce Vilanch Super Fan My cat is ugly. My dog is alright. She/Her
Brazen_Lupine Geww🖋 @Sweetsbias All three shed their clothes almost immediately and start laying their hands on her, as if all vying for her attention at once. “Come on Sera, pick your hole~” “𝘙𝘢𝘨𝘯𝘢𝘳ö𝘬 𝘪𝘴 𝘰𝘯 𝘪𝘵𝘴 𝘸𝘢𝘺, 𝘐 𝘸𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸, 𝘐 𝘣𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘪𝘵.”, 🔞 GMT timezone, Mun is 18+ #𝔾𝕖𝕨𝕨𝕄𝕦𝕟
LvilleFan1 Louisville, KY @racetrackandy @fatbaldguyracin @GlenTodd1 @HR_Nation He looks like the type that will stretch out for sure. However, no foot, no horse. I wouldn't doubt if they got him right for this one race and it's off to the shed. Combat Veteran~

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