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Wmr19Y United States @sanaonline__ @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews My dog would be better...and we know how much the MAGAs like dogs! If a cop busted into someone home and shot a dog...y’all would protest your asses off. Or if a cop choked a dog on camera...pls so many tears would be shed, you know I’m right. Quote: “I am the least racist person in the room”
DrEricDing Washington DC & Virginia 2) “That means that even many people who tried to do the right thing and get tested before traveling, might still be delivering contagious virus to their loved ones today. If a test were taken today, many would be starting to shed enough virus to mount a positive test. Epidemiologist & Health Economist. Senior Fellow @FAScientists. Fmr 16 yrs @Harvard @BrighamWomens @HarvardMed. Room Rater 10/10. #COVID19 updates from Jan’20.
CJMcCollum Hardwood If you would’ve told me we would be 7-3 with an 84 percent chance of making the playoffs I would’ve shed a tear of joy. We on our way !! Take care of business against these sub -.500 teams and we got action !! #DawgPound 330~LU~Blazers🙌🏾 New PODCAST “Pull Up” SUBSCRIBE 🚨 🚨:
TyCardon If Penguin Random House employees shed tears over news they’d be publishing Jordan Peterson’s next book, expect weeping and wailing when they find out they’re acquiring Threshold Editions, whose authors include Levin, Beck, Rush, Candace Owens, Laura Ingraham, and Lou Dobbs 👀 CEO, Blaze Media.
Aromatica365 @UryusW @JudieannRose @Mercia38606340 And look how cute he is too.. Someone will be keeping him safe for you if they see him. Even if he's too shy to go up to rhem, they might give him a box in their shed and some food. Dandelions are Lions. Street Feminist from the Dark Side of the #WrongCrowd "We're all blocked"
chateepatee Pittsburgh,Pa. Maximus was an Earth Angel that left this world too early. I challenge you to read his story and not shed a tear... @StrayCatsWM @PickliciousF @rickygervais Please donate if you can.
RudolphDeezel @btcty Yeah😞, it's certainly a strange world we're in now. Quite depressing really. If only we could go back in time. Must get to work in my shed and build that time capsule. Brexiteer, no P.C. BS. Photography, cars, diy. Proud of my country and its history.
ethanhunt1961 Wistaston, Cheshire @baggiedude54 Three!!! I only want one! My other car is a focus which is a company car! She said I'll be banished to the garage if I buy one. Great. I'll convert it to a man cave and park the car on the drive. All the gardening equipment will be shoved in the shed! RIP Dad. Gone,never forgotten. Smethwick Baggie. 1.3.27 to 31.10.16 RIP Sam. you're not in pain anymore. Gone,never forgotten. 25.4.98 to 31.08.18
jo_haegeman Espanola, Ontario Sometimes I feel like maybe we don’t have a handle on life, and then I remember we assembled a tarpo shed that has not blown away in all of the wind storms we’ve had, and if that’s not an accomplishment for 2020, I don’t know what is. tweeting about life with an english bulldog & everything in between
kontayjis422 Guess I’ll get the Xmas crap out of the shed and do the outside lights since Michigan sucks and it’s almost 50 in the burgh. Maybe if Pitt keeps it close I’ll watch the second half of that but I’m thinking it might be Xbox until I try and stream the Tyson fight enjoying football while it’s still happening, sick of Covid but still doing my part #MaskUp
2Dbabe kurdish girl @Imamofpeace No this is treason and betrayal if you don’t stick to YOUR kind and take their refugees you are a clown 🤡 and trust me once this lego town fell no one would shed a tear hey I suggest taking off your islamic attire you are a disgrace or you are practicing “taqaya” A woman...
SpicPatriot1984 @sahacubo Yeah, I lost a friend I grew up with. But whatever I forgive and forget. Im not sure if that a bad thing or not but if you say you don't want me in your life, I wont as much as shed a out the door and I wont come back. Latin-American, KJV Bible Believer, Israeli, Capitalist & Trump supporter, in the Biblical God I trust. #GodBlessAmerica #BreakUpBigTech #LatinosForTrump2020
extravelservice Cardiff, South Wales @VickyEntwistle @RealJaneDanson I’ve always been a great believer of “Never bite the hand that feeds you” (even if you don’t like someone or something). Jane: You made my wife and I shed a tear. Brilliantly acted, deeply moving. X Vicky: Not sure we’ll see you again on @itvcorrie which is a huge shame. 🎬🎬 Executive Travel Service - Chauffeur & VIP. Executive Driver. Transporting clients with care. Based in Cardiff, South Wales.
sparklepapa Basedworld, USA I asked if my bf at the time could come too and he said “nah girl but have fun” and I shed a tear as I watched him walk slowly backstage words I type
IvanJakoff Always with my people @JoePoughkeepsie I'm not gonna shed a tear if they want to destroy themselves. Manifest destiny and all that... Right of Louis IX, European American, Veteran, Biker... Stop falling for the left right think and start thinking about your people first. #NationalJusticeParty
afterpunishing ? ** if they will help us as a collective, EVEN IF many lives were sacrificed and a lot of blood was shed?" quarantine centre for SABI/ SURYS 's pgr-related tweets. expect to find a mess of headcanons + analysis + lore discussions + oc lore. main: yususcreammail
bluminTrt going mad over Hades And idk if the narrator was Jeralt but that made me shed more tears Interest is worldwide & cant fixate on a certain ting🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 || WIP + SKETCH dumpster here || I post more on my instagram:
forkingzanax ur moms room my daddy put a gun to my head said if u kiss a boy i'm gonna shoot u dead so i tied him up w gaffer tape and i locked him in a shed then i went out to the garden and i forked! my! best friend! ze/they/she | ★ |dumbass whore | don't report, just block | i don't understand twitter
bamv__ Fan of Grammy Nominee BTS Sometimes you might be in pain again. Sometimes you might get upset and shed tears. What about it, if you live like that, what about it { Brown/YoongiBiased/She•Her }
nekoabuki Sydney - Aus @AHRIRENE honestly if every adc besides her jhin mf and ezreal weren't gutted maybe at the very least shed had a few counters. just all that lifesteal she can actually stay alive and then demolish 😐 Brad/Twi (he/him; 🏳️‍🌈; 22) | zoe main | artist
Sadaf00641943 @ShaunMichel11 @rabiasani @itsmadihahere @iamhamzaabbasi Verse 33:45 and 33:46 shed more light. I feel if different verses when combined give a clearer view. I wouldn't read tafsir as sources of truth, but only the forms of interpretation. Reading tafsir helps to only understand a particular fiqh.
Deetrini82 Maryland, USA Now as an almost 40 yo woman I’m not sure if either of these are good, especially since it still requires you to be on the Covid frontlines. I feel penalized for all of the sweat and tears I’ve shed these last months. Lover of curry, soca and everything supporting the prosperity and liberation of Black People across the world✊🏽! Respiratory Therapist 🇹🇹-- 🇬🇾——🇺🇸
cammmyd New York, NY To my beloved LUNCHES Even if I've changed and shed who I was before, that angry and bodybuilding boy will always be a part of me. I see so much of myself in you, and I'm so proud of who you are. Esports commentator/analyst | | Show Reel: | Business Inquiries: | #MouseAc
alexisisawitch Florida, USA @joonfaerie @THE1EL3VEN My mom was typically very strict and wouldn’t put up with me getting in trouble but she told me that nobody is allowed to tell me I can’t pee and if I was told no I could walk out and shed back me up on it 24. She/Her. Cosmetology Student. Follow for live tweets of my emotional whiplash. My favorite color is pink. ♋️♎️♐️ mood disorder NOS #BPD #GAD
realLexPowell 25 minutes into the future @nathanallebach I wish he didn't expose those health care workers to more vectors and risk but I don't shed a single tear for that guy. If covid only hit these people it would be a blessing, but it doesn't and these people are menaces. One less menace now, destroyed by his own arrogance I was a bot but I've become self-aware. what is love?
Aromatica365 @JudieannRose When out looking start calling further away and walk towards home. That way if he's following from a distance at least leading him in right direction. Call for him a few times (names noises rattle treats) then don't make a noise. You might hear him from shed or bush somewhere Dandelions are Lions. Street Feminist from the Dark Side of the #WrongCrowd "We're all blocked"
nativesouthronx Dixie 👇He’s back from his 7 day “Twitter vacation“. He sometimes isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and sometimes his cheese does slide off his cracker, but if you’re a non-WINO, give him a follow. European American Male; Traditionalist; Nationalist; 3rd Positionist; 7-11 Nationalism "By God We’ll Have Our Home Again"
Steviep1871 Reading, England @BerkshireBoys_ @dingfcjamie @Kate_urzzzz I’m not really bothered if I win, 3 points today and a convincing display.. can’t ask for a better Saturday really, well apart from a shed load of Chinese obviously
ankhlovemail taipei, taiwan if i get bit by a single more mosquitoes this week im gonna lose it and like shed my skin like a snake so i dont gotta deal with the itchy skin anymore rory | they/he | 22 | a jump to the sky turns to a rider kick! | art account: @cryptidferrets | matching w/ @waverflower | icon by: @Mechodes
Fiachat114 SoCal @IlhanMN Excuse me but what do you call this garbage from you? Hypocrite. And if you have so much contempt for the party why are you here? Go start your own party woman, no tears will be shed if you ‘squad’ people GTFOH Liberal atheist/Fan of Mr Springsteen/@hrw I voted for Hillary&Joe/Defending child abusers/womanbeaters dead or alive earn immd BLOCK/I swear a lot
SobottaTina "Cry inside if you have to but shed tears that will bring you to a place of peace and no longer empty inside."-Tina Sobotta A published Author and had a Career in Animal Science, as a Registered Nurse, Attorney and United States Air Force Officer!!!
MainaTheHinyik Sylvan Lake, Alberta @bishopdlmoorebm @dankinungi If you have not TRUSTED Christ as Savior and believed in your heart that His shed BLOOD, BURIAL and RESURRECTION were sufficient to pay for all your sins; YOU are a heartbeat from hell and the Lake of Fire. TODAY is the day of salvation. Mid-Acts Dispensationalist #OSAS, #KJVONLY! #Paul is our Apostle. #FB: Bexten Maina
Jung2154 ENGRP • NSA • 1986 @bornefreeonkiss I don't know if my hug is still comfortable or not though, this bear has shed a lot of fat. We only have 2 years gap with him, but at least im close enough to his height. And I bet he only uses 60% of his power, the rest 40% is saved for the right time. 𝐔𝐍𝐎𝐅𝐅𝐈𝐂𝐈𝐀𝐋 ㅡ 동방신기의 리더 유노윤호 임니다.
MainaTheHinyik Sylvan Lake, Alberta @PastorJohnHagee @dankinungi If you have not TRUSTED Christ as Savior and believed in your heart that His shed BLOOD, BURIAL and RESURRECTION were sufficient to pay for all your sins; YOU are a heartbeat from hell and the Lake of Fire. TODAY is the day of salvation. Mid-Acts Dispensationalist #OSAS, #KJVONLY! #Paul is our Apostle. #FB: Bexten Maina
benyardley_1875 Birmingham, England We can never get the balance right can we... If we’re defensive we can’t score and if we actually go for it we concede a shed load. I still think we need to give it time but we do need to see some results in the next few weeks. Blues H̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶A̶w̶a̶y̶ ̶ Behind Closed Doors.
yasiriqbal09 @MangaMasked I challenge you to read this manga and not shed single tear from your two eyes. If your a man accept this challenge. This manga is called "To you, The immortal" but the anime changed it to to your eternity. You'll lose this challenge I swear.
hesbianlindsey they/them i feel like if stevie was active on social media shed see her fans fighting w someone in the replies and block the person they're fighting w so they can't reply and lose harrie associate. @/IesbianIindsey ⚰
gr8slackergami Hong Kong Or actually. Not sure if I just have difficulty breathing or whatever. Been thinking about a lot of things and makes my chest so tight that I want to cry. But I don’t have the luxury to shed tears even when my ex-fiancée broke it off with me months ago. self deprecating and wallowing in self-pity. let me vent. I will never change
aries85333 hazleton,pa @PaulTassi totally unrelated to your post but as a influencer i just want to point out to you and maybe shed some light on it...the sunset materials problem where they are still in rotation at gunsmith but you're sol if you traded all of them in to spider last season 13yrs on XBOX-mostly plays/streams Destiny 2-anime has more emotions than real life-big fan of VR chat and ppl that stream it-uses Xboxshare for Destiny 2 clips
Amit_knc New Delhi, India Governments want people against themself honestly we will have to shed all thought of it if we are going to save the Earth from becoming uninhabitable unlivable and unrecognizable soon #Amitchaturvedi #Single #Engineer by profession,Spiritual by nature,Fighter by attitude,Political by interest,Hindu by birth😎
Tess_live London @bateyboy1 @intsfmb1 @spikedonline It’s funny how the powerful royals are just innocent victims in your worldview and journalists, on whom we all part depend to shed light on events, are denigrated as if people should be kept in the dark. Democracy depends on free speech, for us ALL. Journalist (formerly Tessa Mayes)
safe_hrm Halifax, Nova Scotia @whosbroclinator For sure. Just been watching a shed load of your videos. I've been in contact with the Province a fair bit and have twisted their arm on consulting re traffic light configs/types for the new Regs. Hopefully this will happen and you could be involved if willing For streets & places that welcome all equally with kindness, safety and respect. Tweets by Martyn & Ella (personal views)
SocialMediaTodd Warwick, England Twitter... can you shed some light on this? Do you believe that if people just stayed indoors and followed the ‘rules’ we’d be out of lockdowns/tiers quicker? Or not? #COVID19 Digital marketing at #SpaghettiAgency. I train speak & create strategy for online marketing. The Friday Roundup:
meeshjuiii QC/CSJDM When my emotions are at height Can you shed me some light? As if I need you to say it's alright And just hug me through the night simple, random, complicated, contradicting... ~its the way we feel and this is real....
NE0JAEHYUN 6teen like this tweet if ‘that punch nalligo’ has inspired, motivated and encouraged you or even made you shed a tear 🙏 i know i have #JAEHYUN loml ❀ she/her
MSMFactChecking If the lawsuits being filed by the Trump campaign and independents like @SidneyPowell1 are baseless. Why aren't the Democrats filing deformation suits? Is it because that would shed light on the truth? Fact checking the biased media and publicly calling them out on their lies and propaganda.
GaslitSCOTUS If the choice is truly between American Fascism and Chinese Communism, I know where I would bet all the blood that has been shed in the service of our nation. Cashtag: $elonis1983 — Because it costs a lot to be a SCOTUS litigant, and freedom isn’t free
Jsmithjax Florida @GovRonDeSantis @JacksonHealth @mhshospital @TGHCares @AdventHealthCFL @UFHealthJax If these vaccines are live and shed, then there’s your second wave. Does anybody see what’s going on? Isolate the recently vaccinated! Health Freedom, Informed Consent and Parental Rights Activist. Wife, Mother and I support my duly elected President Donald J. Trump.
OneUpGirlBot New Donk City And if the dark clouds start to swirl, Don't fear don't shed a tear 'cuz, I'll be your One-Up Girl! One-Up Girl lyrics, every hour! run by @youhaneee