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bhogleharsha Mumbai, India From the time I was a child, I have had this allure for Kabul and Afghanistan. Always fascinated by it. @rashidkhan_19's appeal comes from the heart. Can't this stop? Blessed. Enjoy till it lasts.
meganranney Providence RI Nope. Your decisions directly affect mine, and my unvaccinated child’s, and my elderly parents’. Because when you get infected & spread this virus, you put the rest of us at risk too. Signed, your friendly ER doc I fix problems and promote health. ER doc @Brown_Emergency🔸️ Director @BrownDigiHealth🔸️ Cofounder @researchaffirm @getusppe #ThisIsOurLane
RBReich Berkeley, CA Dems' historic $3.5T budget resolution would raise taxes on the rich to: —Extend the Child Tax Credit —End the carried interest loophole —Toughen labor law —Expand Medicare to cover hearing, dental care, and vision —Lower drug prices —Invest in clear energy Let's get this done. Berkeley professor, former Secretary of Labor. Co-founder, Inequality Media. New book: The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It.
prestonedu1 washington state Are you considering enrolling your child in tutoring this fall? Let help! - We have affordable pricing. - We make the transition to school easy. Contact us and talk to one of our friendly staff today! Preston Education is an online tutoring platform connecting #students and #tutors .
NativeChildren Portland, OR Positive Indian Parenting Training is underway! The next availability to sign up is in November. This training prepares child welfare personnel to train American Indian and Alaska Native parents using a culturally specific approach. Learn more: #PIP #NICWA National voice for American Indian & Alaska Native children & families. Most comprehensive source of info on Indian child welfare. #ProudtoProtectICWA
zerosaysstuff they/them/voi • your tubbo 🧭 // mental health talk, medication mention - - sigh. i had to talk with this therapist to get remediated for adhd and she said because i was a gate student i can’t have adhd 😐 she treated me like a forking child the entire time sorry my attention span is shorter than your dick
KenfackAnge @Jason19012626 @hmurphy1975 @ShannonSharpe Imagine being 38 with 4 kids getting support from your father for 37 years even after bashing him publicly and still think he should pay your way through life. Billionaire or not no parent should encourage this entitlement mentality from their child.
intelligen14 @washingtonpost What a disgrace America has become. They beat this man out of office why they sat on their hands for 4 years with the great pervert in modern Presidential history. 120 rape and child molesting charges, and he still walks free, for the dumb that traitor Trump. I have 5 Associated Degrees. 2 Bachelor degrees, and 2 years of study on a Master in subject such as Education, sociology psychology philosophy economics medici
NathaniNoShame The Thirteen Colonies Despicable! I’ve seen coaches do this myself and even hated cheerleading at one point as a child because of this stuff. You’re not forcing them to be better & this is in no way a form of love. There are other ways. Living 🌻 BLACK POWER #REPARATIONS‼️🥀💚
KenfackAnge @Laughtrack_Ent @hmurphy1975 @ShannonSharpe Imagine being 38 with 4 kids getting support from your father for 37 years even after bashing him publicly and still think he should pay your way through life. Billionaire or not no parent should encourage this entitlement mentality from their child.
cosainireland Ireland Maternity hospitals are forbidding partners attending appointments because not enough are getting the vaccine. Punishing vulnerable pregnant women for making the best decision for them and their unborn child is a new low for this cesspit of a country. Strength through Unity
ForgetLes San Diego CA That comes out to $18,500 for every man woman and child in this country. In 7 months it's like they're at Neiman Marcus with their dad's Black American In-distress credit card. 5% of this goes for roads and bridges. 18 republicans should be ashamed. Not till they close the border Native Ca. Native San Diegan, Native American, Creek Indian Nation 🇺🇸 American without hyphens 🇺🇸 since 1725 🇺🇸 Hyphens are used to Divide us. 🇺🇸 FIRST
AlanZak6 Florida, USA Hmm, so parents with young children, maybe take some of your child's poop and transplant it into your butt? Who knows, it might help revitalize you somehow based on this research! 💩 If God gave brains to human scientists as well as yourselves, why not get vaccinated? Isn't defying God a sin? 🤔 #StarWars #TeamModerna #GetVaccinated
Allegedly_G Down South, Ya'll He is doing his best to convince me this is my fault. Beyond co-dependant. He doesn't want me back, he wants the caretaker, the maid, the secretary, the punching bag for his emotional outbursts back. Petualant child. He has everything and doesn't appreciate it. I have nothing. 🌊 Trigeminal Neuralgia fighter/ Chronic Illness warrior/ IamYaYa on this thing called Venmo/Mother/Helped elect Joe Biden/Kamala Harris! I cuss alot.
Percy_Golden Eastrand_Daveyton @sibusiso_stanly @Nqobizee_N Ayikho into ezokhulunywa at this time. Where are they going to sleep now at this time? The safety of the child and the mother is not a priority? I detest Abo Malume aba nje Refuse to be vacuumed your happiness, just pull out the plug 🔌| Living to make My Grand Dad Proud ❤️ | I AM THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS IN MY SPACE!!! | 🤍
Kayiko_V New Jersey, USA @faithlovehope55 @keepitsasssssy @darylsturgis Oh and PS. Kids are now dying from this new Delta variant. So don't you dare sit there and act all better then others, thinking abortion is child murder, when you don't even care about giving a child Covid which could kill them. Fan Account for BTS, Kim Taehyung/V and my other Kpop likes. #BTSARMY #Monbebe
nandorfox @ComicBookYeti @WellsAFP Man-Child #1 is 36% FUNDED in the first week! Would love some help to get more eyes on this. Variant covers from Tony Harris, Nick Pitarra and other pros! Comic book writer (SEASONS, Lifeline, Man-Child). YouTube creator. Man-Child #1 is LIVE on Kickstarter!
HotWeatherTake it should be a FELONY to bring a child into this world. they will only know darkness and despair. as soon as they are old enough to comprehend the hellscape you forced them into, they will murder you beloved #wxtwitter account
Davey_Reegs Hull, England fork me, nearly in tears. How anyone can beat a toddler to death or any child for that matter is beyond me. Manslaughter is a pisstake, the judge has let this little girl, and others that are in households like this, down. Fingers crossed these animals get justice in prison. Married to the best woman I could ever want and Daddy to Eva Rose 😍 @hullkrofficial @westham @north_ferribyfc
pixelprotectors Indiana @MyBurnerAcct7 @TTasticDesigns Amazing that subjective wantedness constitutes a biological relationship between mother and child. I've never read this in any embryology textbook - can you point me to this? I'd love to read and consider it. Thanks! Husband to one / Adoptive father to two / Foster father to many / Distracted by too many hobbies / Contributor @HumanDefenseINI / CoHost @Fetal_Position Podcast
ben_rumo We expect others to notice we have been hurt without needing to directly verbalize it, but this is impossible online and our ability to communicate suffers for it. To go back to the mother and child example, it's like separating mother and child at the moment the harm is done...
Mikethejohnson Send Me @payne0928 @mixtapeminimus1 It's just my opinion but I don't think this is that sick. He's not a child and he capable of making his own choices. Less coaching is the best coaching I'm having a hard time holding these alligators down. Rocket League 💎 Xbox GT: AC Grizzle
AjaaMajor But these whites women come to work drunk and that’s okay…. Honey child the privilege is real… and this have happened to me on several jobs and nothing was said… like why are you drunk at 7 in the morning mam ?? 🥴🥴😒🙃 #ChattArtist #Chatt423 #423Music #TechGirl #CollegeGirl
malraem ask me about my testimony Some parent out there somewhere needs to hear this. If you do not instill virtues, morals, and discipline into your child at a very young age, you are setting them up for a lifetime of pain and hardship. Its easier to learn when you are young than to learn as an adult. Trust me. Former satanist, forever servant of Jesus Christ. Wife & mother. Don't follow me expecting nicely worded one liners. 1 Timothy 1:15-16 🕊
J_TOOPriceless Louisville, KY @Elevatedquid @mixtapeminimus1 Because it’s not real . They took her liking two photos and automatically saying she’s trying to go after this child that’s disgusting that can ruin someone’s life →Lifes A B.tch When You Ain't Focused ...✌™ `Sleep Easy My Angels ❤ 615📍
AbigaelAndi Home of the run on sentence @joyari7 @TucsonLa @TucsonMelissa @pimaarizona @mattheinzmd And what's untrue? You people are responsible for prolonging this pandemic. Any child that dies, is hospitalized or suffers from MISC or long covid is on you. Thanks so much. Don't follow me. I tend to overuse the word "that", binge tweet, delete and rarely follow back. 🤷‍♀️ #COVID19
sueannwoo28 If only they could get this passionate about gun legislation and their kids having to do mass shooting drills. And what about climate change. A mask is no threat to your child but a gun and warming climate is. 'Muricans for you. Smh. Take your time but don't waste your time. -Chadwick Boseman
sugeezy Ahead of you But apparently the child has a physical challenge preventing her from telling her care givers whats going on. This is definitely neglect and she needs to get proper care.
emotionalmutt Everyone I love is gonna die, and I will die as well. I think about this before I sleep, and have since I was a child. ! quote bot ! tweets every 10 mins ! no tws !
5quar3_r0ot Dark Dimension After episode 12, I suddenly remembered this scene. Ju Youngdo didn't know how to react here cos he's always been the one giving. And when he's finally on the receiving end, he couldn't seem to process it. He even looks guilty. 😔 My poor child!! 😭😭 #YouAreMySpring failing miserably • distracted easily • procrastinating constantly • currently obsessed with Asian dramas • Art / Anime but mainly One Piece • IHAWAN×SB19
NadineOverath Cologne / Germany @rochelle_deanna That's so heartwarming AND important. Build a connection with your child, that it is never afraid to talk to you as mom about their feelings and thoughts. Love this, Ro ❤❤❤ Proud mommy ❤️ Family 💗 Memento mori - Carpe diem🌞 🎶 @nickcarter / @backstreetboys 🎸#ktbspa
drdunckley Los Angeles, CA Does your child go into fight, fight or freeze easily? Learn neuroscience-based approaches to managing challenging behaviors in this new master class by @susanstiffelman and @thevisibleparent Integrative Child Psychiatrist. Expert on impact of #screentime on mood, focus, sleep & behavior. Blogger @PsychToday & author of Reset Your Child's Brain.
kaisays_ NY ✈️ CA This little girl dropped her ice cream cone and her mom is yelling at her saying “welp that’s what you get..and you’re not getting any of mine!! ” lol sis that’s your child. Why are you so mean?? 🇯🇲 🇹🇹
kai_ola_1 @HeyAprill I’m sorry your daughter went through this! A lot of Teachers are awful people. Kids and teens need to not be afraid to just walk out and take care of their body. How can a teacher or school punish a child for going to the restroom? Like do they wanna clean up a mess? I bet no lol 𝑀𝒾𝓈𝓈𝓎♡ ✞𝒞𝒽𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒶𝓃✞ + 𝒞𝑜𝒻𝒻𝑒𝑒, 𝒥𝑒𝓈𝓊𝓈 𝓈𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓈
McWooofles :) @jacksfilms Is this the child of Mario and Sonic? I'm a sarcastic ray of moonlight and I let autofill write most of my posts
get_altText (If I'm broken, complain to @malfynnction) @behsss owner of the private car-park.” 2. Picture: reply tweet by @Oliver2981: “No i think i want to refer this matter to you [includes pic of police car in mother and child bay” I read alt texts from images for you - just mention me in the reply to an image! (alt texts are a cool & accessible way to describe images - see pinned tweet)
DoctorDb1 @Eclipse_Ocelot @Frankenfoot5 @touchmeimdic You have no argument. You’re making up numbers. Somehow this has something to do with trump? And you’re defending elected representatives leaving the state (and who cares about their families ) to go bull around. You’re a child with a keyboard. Keep making up numbers tho.
pinny_lcd Toronto @Teachers__Unite "As children acquire this infection at a low level, they'll build natural immunity like any cold virus and it will become seasonal. How long that takes could be several years." -- Dr. Kieran Moore, CMOH, Aug 10. #FireMoore My child is not a case study in herd immunity. She/her: Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better. Do better. Trying to do better
READLENINPLZ @_d3vonnaire @ScienceBitch8 @aNyremak @HeyAprill To me it seems if a kid is already asking it probably can't wait. Not every child is confident enough to speak their truth with an adult. They can feel pressured to try to hold it by this question and that can result in embarrassing accidents so why chance it? I just want good for all of Mother Earth's people. 🌈 🇬🇷 🇪🇸
Astroxanda Planet Earth 🌍 @LisaM1169 I need therapy first then I need to be strong enough to help my bestie tell him yo sort himself out because she and their child deserves better 😭. This man was like a brother to me but I feel like someone died it’s the worst feeling . His whole family is in shock 😔 👩‍⚕️NHS 🌡💊🌡💉💉🚑🌡🩺🔬Indie loving 🎶🎸. Protect our home 🌍 🌏 . citizen of the world 🌍 ❤️#wokeasf #HarryandMeghan❤️#BLM . views are my own .
ESL_fairy Kitchener, Ontario @ChristyCeeCK We will likely get to the endemic stage with this virus. But right now we are in the pandemic stage. And NO child under 12 is vaccinated… I cannot begin to accept “normalizing” as a strategy before all humans have the opportunity for a vaccine to ward off the worst effects. Mommy, Learner, Educator, ESL Specialist, Advocate, Resource Enthusiast, Equity Promoter, Nerd (she/her) #wrdsbESL #SnitchPositive #WRDSBonline #wrdsbMLL
KenfackAnge @MusicNegrito @hmurphy1975 @ShannonSharpe Imagine being 38 with 4 kids getting support from your father for 37 years even after bashing him publicly and still think he should pay your way through life. Billionaire or not no parent should encourage this entitlement mentality from their child.
KenfackAnge @ferventmediainc @hmurphy1975 @ShannonSharpe Imagine being 38 with 4 kids getting support from your father for 37 years even after bashing him publicly and still think he should pay your way through life. Billionaire or not no parent should encourage this entitlement mentality from their child.
elliecullen_ UK HUN This new boy is literally Chugg’s and Hugo’s love child #LoveIsland what a day
mikeamcleod Little Rock, AR @GovRonDeSantis @HealthyFla @EducationFL Ron DeSantis does not care about your kids lives !!!! He is a child murder he has by issuing this mandate the death of any kid who inhales covid and then dies !!!! He basically is saying “” I don’t care if uour child dies !!!! I am a loving caring person, I want everyone to treat all who we meet as a child, a family member who you would die for. If we do this then there will be love
cocoathinker Hades @JeromeAdamsMD Focused protection. Perhaps this child should stay hybrid and the other children can go on as usual. Love. Source it or GFY
Ralsriel They/Them Sigh. There is this disabled child in my niece's kindergarten class, and the teacher has no experience with dealing with disabled children. The kid pushed my niece and made her cry, and the teacher has to constantly hold him away from the other kids. It's so sad. Discord:RocckyPunk#1871|19|@Shika_Ink @MothSweater get cuddles💖|White, NBi, Polyam, Grey-Aro Homoflexible/Sapphic|NSFW:@ZoneFuzzy|Arts|Xenogender|Neurodiv⭐
CoronaSempai @Mezo1ks @deeprdive @a_fairplay @KarlMar33017594 @Peezkyweezky @VaushV The clip is mentioning the earlier convo in the same discussion about child labour and cp you absolute peabrain. I’m glad you blocked me because this is very clearly not working well for your mental health. 18+ account (as in naked people on my timeline, be warned). Minors DNI. Don't follow me (unless you’re okay with nsfw)
WSSMomma United States @RepTedDeutch Answer me this how is this supposed to help our economy when kids start getting sick and parents are forced to be out of work while their child is in quarantine for 10-14 days ? What if they get fired for missing work and have to go on unemployment? How does this benefit Florida? Transparency and Truth should be common ground and common sense
ASingleBlackFe2 Earth #unknown (send help) CW // Do not read if pregnant . . . God would have to send an Angel down to tell me to get pregnant, cuz I ain't doing it Not for no man, not for no woman, not for my family, Not Nobody Cuz I done read and heard Too Much And bring a child into this Ghetto bottom world??? No Fat Black Queer Here ✝️ I tweet too much She/They Grown ⬆️ 25 Spendthrift Twitch 👀 ACAC 🔞 Thread Under Construction!

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