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priyankac19 Mumbai,India The silence of the BJP, the Women & Child Development Minister, the Sports Minister all should be punished for being willing accomplices to this man & saving his chair. Shame on Smriti Irani for her total disregard to her constitutional responsibility to safeguard women and their… MP-Rajya Sabha,Deputy Ldr-Shiv Sena UBT. Member Standing Comm-Commerce. Consultative Comm-MEA. Tweets personal.
againstgrmrs United States From our member Austin: It’s time for Child Protective Services to step up and investigate these matters! There is no peer reviewed scientific research that equates this chemical concoction to actual breastmilk. We do NOT know what these babies are ingesting. Remember when they… A nonprofit organization of gay people against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of children under the guise of "LGBTQIA+"
jeffreyatucker Austin, TX I saw this extraordinary film last night in a sold-out showing in a very blue city. It is a shocking and painful movie but absolutely essential. The attacks on it are bizarre and troubling. Prez @brownstoneinst. Daily at the @epochtimes. Author/publisher Speaking:
Nurlalah Lagos I have never, NEVER, not once in my life seen Nigerian parents call out their child, especially their sons. It is impossible for them to say "yes, my son did wrong, you are also wrong, we acknowledge this and we must work together to both fix it" Lai lai. A most peculiar Madamé (yes, I have too many interests)
KurlyKrissy UK @MikeWarrington7 You are making assumptions that parents are after making money, we do not know that. They went quietly to BBC with their concerns and they did nothing. I just hope this is not just another cover up by BBC with zero concern for a child. Married & proud mum ❤ justice & fairness ❤Armed forces ❤renovating properties, my new found passion ❤ 🇬🇧 no DM's
SteveAs10397311 So, kid can afford lawyer to say parents are wrong? Did this money come from alleged £35k? When you are groomed, you are groomed!!Allegedly. I hope the parents were incorrect for the sake of the child but you now have the BBC, a high profile presenter and a crapload of money🤔 Watcher of life ex squaddie. Follow and I’ll follow back. #cfc dislike bullies and non level playing fields. love my country
SaphfireRose_ @JohnnyDees5 @TsellSellersfam @MoiraDeemingMP @ThePosieParker @angijones @deves_katherine @aytchellesse @ninavallins WRONG! Are you saying WOMENS HUMAN RIGHTS are 'defaming' every trans person and child? So that's what this is? ANY human rights women have, 'defames' you men? So you *admit* that being pro-trans is therefore anti-women. I'm an Adult Human Female
real_stein Johannesburg @SkyNews cope and seethe euro’s. Sad that this has been going on since I was a child and had to go all the way to the European Court of Human Rights. Writer on Politics on occaysh
fukyu321 @elonmusk I posted “he should be shot in the head” under a Steve-O video where he recognizes he has tattoos with adults raping a child, and I got perma banned. This is my true self, I have zero tolerance for evil and I punish it in the worst way, as any force of good should. Thoughts?
Webzin_us San Jose, California On this World Population Day, let's promote family planning, empower women, and invest in education to create a world where every child has a chance to thrive. #WorldPopulationDay2023 #EnvironmentalAwareness #ResourceManagement #ResponsibleLiving #Webzininc #Webdesignusa Webzin Us is a Leading California Based Web Design and Development Company specialized in professional & innovative website design.
LauraS598371 @mwilliamsthomas Parents have shown photographic evidence of messages, deposits of money. And raise the question HOW has their young adult child afforded a top lawyer? And they are receiving NO money for this. the vital issue of our time...MINDSETS. the wrong ones are disastrous to well being and life itself
dad_info United Kingdom A dad's story of how he became separated from his child and his fight for contact is told in this heart-wrenching account: #divorce #separation #custody Dads play an important role in a child's life. We provide information, advice & support to help dads flourish in their fatherhood journey. Run by @SpurgeonsUK
JamesMac064 3rd Rock from the Sun @laurenboebert Once again, it is time to correct Ms. Roberts-Boebert's failures. This child has some very serious educational, comprehension, ethics, and moral failures! 1. Nothing in the post references the "taking" of a selfie. It specifically addresses what the individual "saw" in the… Slava Ukraini! EE, MSNE, US Navy veteran, atom splitter, physicist, mean old man.
Sukhcha40140508 Gidderbaha Lack of jobs and increasing poverty due to increasing population, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has told the solution to stop this problem, BIRTH Campaign, to join this campaign "The child is right or not after two". Make a vow to #WorldPopulationDay #BirthCampaign
BorislavArtist België @andy_tit @IlvesToomas I search exactly this - child pornography and drug dealers, plus whatever else I can think of. Because I’m a teacher and when I say to my students parents that Twitter is not safe for their teens, I’d like to display it visually and to make my point clear. Fine Art comes in different forms and shapes, and I love to explore as many as possible of those forms and shapes. I’m a Belgian artist and a Fine Art teacher.
Fourlads55 @RollingStone Since when did people have the right to dictate who people converse with? All seems a bit NAZIish to me. Or do all nonce enablers and child trafficking supporters act like this? Got a popsicle so I'm a penguin/toaster. Pronouns are the way forward.
savechildrenuk United Kingdom We are appalled that the UK government's 'concession' is to increase the time it detains children from 24 hours to 8 days without bail. Indefinite detention of children is not compassionate. MPs should reject this Bill and put child rights first. Proud to stand with every child. Learn more about how we help 👇
Moms_know_ When your oldest child randomly late night texts you this beautiful TikTok and you are crying tears of happiness 🥹😭 I swear my kids just know when I’m feeling sad without even knowing they just sense me 🫶🏼 #BlessedAndGrateful 🇲🇽ℂ𝕙𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕒~𝕊𝕦𝕣𝕧𝕚𝕧𝕠𝕣/𝕍𝕚𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕞 𝕠𝕗 𝕀ℙ𝕍/𝔻𝕍/𝕊𝔸/ℂ𝕊𝔸~𝔸𝕦𝔻ℍ𝔻~𝔻𝕪𝕤𝕝𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕒~𝕚𝕞𝕞𝕦𝕟𝕠𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕖𝕕
circletimepodc1 Inverness, Scotland In this edition, Glenn talks about “Slow Pedagogy with Professor Alison Clark, who is an honorary research fellow at UCL London and a lecturer with the University of South-Eastern Norway. Her book “Slow knowledge and the unhurried child” is out now. Welcome to circle time - the early years podcast. I'm a setting manager with 26 years experience in early years with a passion for child lead learning and play.
Ostrov_A Israel Is this the "white colonial settler" we hear the Israel haters and BDS activists talk about? No. This was a Jewish woman in Israel, whose unborn child was murdered by the hatred of a Palestinian terrorist. International Human Rights Lawyer, CEO at @The_ILF, Proud Zionist, Breakfast connoisseur & Father of girls! Opinion mine ⚖️🇮🇱🍳👧🏼
tshephi96 South Africa I feel Anonza is selfish, his main concern ke mjolo and not the child he left behind a week after she lost her mom💔. His child is going through the most in this situation it's a double loss for her💔💔.It's sad the girlfriend is driving him crazy instead of his child. #AskAMan God ☝ | 2x CUT graduate 📚👩‍🎓 | Qualified Travel Agent | Certified SA Tourism Specialist 💯
Teamrosemine Patna, India May this World Population Day inspire us to build a future where every child has the opportunity to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, with access to quality education and healthcare. #WorldPopulationDay #Rosemine #TeamRosemine Official Twitter Handle of ROSEMINE. We have a dream to educate you. click here for more info -
wealthytems Happy place @TheOluwabukunmi “When there’s money why are you complaining”? These people are something else, it’s exhausting going back and forth on issues like this. “They just heard she’s back in Nigeria” so a responsible parent won’t know the plans concerning his child? “He heard” smh Fashionable items? yes please PBD verified vendor PBD/0146
tarex new york @Naywa2022 @footesterflgirl @VictorAvilaTX @JoeyMannarinoUS This is such an odd response. He is not making an accusation he is stating a fact. He worked along the border so he has first hand knowledge. All you have to do is google child trafficking and you will find that it is not a conspiracy and it’s worldwide.
DrFreckles4EVA S'compton, Utah "Sound of Freedom" is looking more and more like psyop bullcrap ... Is there child trafficking and abuse by elites? - yes and duh. Has the Catholic church been facilitating this, in an unbroken way, since Roman times? - yes and DUH. Hobo-shaman, Christian, Anarchist, Humorist Pods: Donate:
KanTomonB Lagos, Nigeria This so utterly ridiculous What the fork And one fool there is saying, "that's right sir" The man so obviously doesn't know what he's talking about Look at the terms he's using ffs, talking like a primary school child Architecture Student | Arch Visualiser | Photography enthusiast | @LFC fan boy | Interior Designer
JacBuchanan_JB @MarahJaraisy @syncretic_ This gave me a much better understanding of the concerns - thank you. Off topic: I have a cousin preventing their deaf child from learning any form of communication other than verbal and I'm going insane over it. So appreciate very understanding of other forms of ableism. Come revel in my #writing journey. I trust you will find delight within the covers. Ally to all 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ #BIPOC #Disabilities #women (I'm white cishet she)
FreedomHail United States @OccupyDemocrats So this is about Trump hosting a golf tournament and getting paid because he provided a service? And when Hunter sells his child paintings for 500000 to the China….NOTHING! I CANT STAND THIS GROSSED HYPOCRISY! Your not even a person, you’re a group of …..WHO ARE YOU? Congress are terrorist, perpetually terrorizing the Constitution. Their intelligence contemplates only in opulence, overruling their obligation to OUR nation.
IndianVirtues @vibha510 @iamgauravkhanna Agreed. BUT Still her priorities are wrong. This can't be undone. At present, her intentions are more towards UDAAN then a critically ill 7 yrs child who can be cured only and only by her attention. She has always chosen right thing at a wrong time & in a wrong way. Nation First... Stupids are requested to stay away...
dx5ve Nairobi, Kenya At our previous #SmartGovSummit,Kadri Humal-Ayal emphasized the fundamental right of education for every child and the role of parents & govt. Join us this year to explore more government technology & cutting-edge solutions revolutionizing operations. Don't miss out. Register now dx5ve is an authoritative organization serving the largest tech community in the continent.
tickin_clocks Port Harcourt,Nigeria @Wizarab10 As a child, we heard so many scary tales like this one. We were told that once a person dies, even if that person was a family member, they wouldn't recognize anyone again and such that they could harm you... They said always knock on the door before you enter the house where... Married | BooBoo's Daddy | if I fix mine, you fix yours & they fix theirs, the world is sure gon be a better place!! 💕💕 #TEAMLIVERPOOLFc @LFC #HipHop
TonyDiBart2 The Phantom Zone @Alphafox78 This adrenochrome story is horsecrap and it takes away the spotlight from the child trafficking. That's what the elites want. They want these outlandish stories out there so they can take your eyes off the real conspiracies.
ayexern Schenectady, NY @dom_lucre Dom, I know you'll never see this, but if anyone can find it, you're the man for the job. There is a story from CNN and Anderson Cooper that said 3500 Department of Justice members were buying/selling/distributing child porn. The next day, the story was squashed. During Obama. Freed at last from the shadow realm. #MAGA Blocked by Seth Abramson (He's a Nazi cuck)
StarboardAussie @elonmusk @terronk Yeah - looks like a great life in the “Gay world of mentally unfit”. Gotta start early though eh !! with the kids as this WHO child pedo-training demonstrates what it’s doing to these innocent young children - even being brainwashed by useless western women. Bizarre and filth.
samniyonzima Rwanda We are indeed grateful for this generous support from #AGV to Our commitment to empowering vulnerable women and children. We are only getting started! #OneEggPerChildEveryDay @live2serve @LacyHubbard2022 @CoumbaDSow @jnabdallah @unicefrw @Rwanda_Child @SwissTPH @harerimana_tito Co-founder @Hezainitiatives || MD @Gatokezagroup Social Entrepreneur at Heza #EGGHUB🥚Final year student Nurse @uni_Rwanda
Mike65930502 @OtownSensFan @KristinRaworth @ParrettJim Whats that? You would prefer him like justin with a convicted terrorist or convicted child molester? Thats who justin takes pics with. Soooooo. Ya. This dude being straight and proud is terrible. But gay pride is cool? Stfu you hypocrite clown.
chiziaruhoma Remote @____abiodun____ This is my point, I mean is she trying to run away with his child and he's refusing by not allowing her to use his passport? He could have communicated this to her if this was the case and she'd know, I personally am not happy with how communication is on his /his families end,… Snr. Mobile Engineer | Google Developer Expert | CoDM IGN: ごAnarchist | Polyphia addict
j1874t Edinburgh, Scotland @Yamahafj1188 @Hyvast And what use is the sword in this day & age of modern weapons? Purely for decoration away in a castle that people have to pay to gain admission to. ; Adult (16-64yrs), £19.50; Concession (65yrs+), £15.50,; Child (7-15yrs), £11.40, (0-7) Free. The Edinburgh Castle pub in Sydney, Australia
ScepticMusician I’m not trying to say this to scare you, but I would hate for your child to have to deal with the cognitive dissonance and religious trauma that many people—and I suspect myself as well, though I’ve not been diagnosed—have been dealing with as a result of these institutions. Pianist • Composer • Instructor • Poet | Founder of The Lesser Known Composers Project
CC4CLondon Teaching your child about food during playtime can increase their familiarity with different foods. This can increase children’s willingness to try new foods. Ideas include; Growing your own food, Messy food-related play, and Reading stories and singing songs about healthy food. Connecting Care for Children draws paediatric expertise and community support into primary care to achieve better outcomes for children and their families
77Latasha77 LONDON WEST BROMPTON @Thekeksociety This is why at 65 they retired people because their brains are not good many stay good and a lot of them don’t he probably has some form of dementia and that’s why he did what he did to that child even being a president after you hit 65 you’re done you’re retired get the fork out
Dracarys28 Troy @LibrarianGirl77 @Vanessasantosxo @VivekGRamaswamy to their show to prove steady relationship with modern women is not worthy. This is why #Vivek’s ‘Make family cool again’ message is important.. women breaking their relationship with their partner for government benefits and trapping men for child support pushed many men away If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the Ocean itself. Backup ID @DracarysBU
garevna Харьков @DCstedt4 @ZelenskyyUa @NATO Give them your home. Let them rape your 4-year-old child. To kill your parents. To saw your wife alive. To torture you in the basement for days. To steal everything of little value from your house. You make up. But they'll come and do this again. And you'll reconcile again. Я люблю Україну і тут хочу жити Я люблю Україну і буду любити
PraneetShreesha India @CanadianPM Good afternoon sir....can you please stream line the Canada Visa process as this is become tidies for the Indian nationals. INFO TO YOU-3 passports submitted that will be father, mother and child but SURPRISING Father and mother passport RECEIVED Child pending Is it tuff to live on this Earth
mk50066115 Hello folks! There's a couple these people are gay ,a man sleeps with a gay lover and a wife has a lesbian lover! These people are cheating on each but the worst thing is they have a daughter whom they have both been sexually abusing! people help this child!
golden_pearl09 Federal Capital Territory, Nig @Afarabaka @Waspapping_ So as I am a graphic designer I should be limited? And is it not a big shame that as a medical practitioner you support girl child marriage knowing full well the implications of early pregnancy in an underage girl child? Nah this is so insensitive of you. Professional graphic designer😉👌 | Digital marketer | Full stack web developer | HTML | CSS | PHP
MonktonTrimble @JustStop_Oil Everything this tiny shrivel brained shemale says and does must be correct .if it was my child it wouldve been pasted at the first sign of stupidity
Rosettey_Midori @Sandy38905434 @EytanPs89 @YoshikiOfficial The mothers' beloved strength is their determination and action to protect their child frm all adversity. She is not a mother, and has no respect as a mother. So, I feel that this pic is not suitable for the image of REQUIEM that tribute to the mother 😘💙🌹@YoshikiOfficial💙@RosetteyMidori2🗽#YOSHIKICLASSICAL❄NYC🗽#EveningWithYoshiki🌹#VioletUK💙#TEAMYOSHIKI💙#YOSHIKI💙#YOSHIKIさん🌹Full™Mom😘👶👧
__beautifulnik New York, NY This world is getting sicker by the day! That’s why I barely post my child now because there are so much predators online and you really have to keep your child sheltered and safe IG: beautifulnik

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