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MMFlint Michigan/New York City In Germany, they believe the only way to redeem themselves from what their parents & grandparents did was to continue to make reparations — even to this day. And every German child is taught the Holocaust so that they understand that Germany is not the greatest country on Earth. Filmmaker. Writer. Citizen. Podcaster. Listen to my podcast “RUMBLE with Michael Moore” on Apple & Spotify. Watch our “Planet of the Humans” free on YouTube!
DanReynolds Las Vegas every human starts out like this: beautiful and innocent finding happiness in the small things remember that. also remember that you were once this child. and you still have that beauty and innocence in yourselves. LOVE that pure and innocent child in you. X BLACK LIVES MATTER
peterwalker99 London, UK If you heard Keir Starmer challenge Boris Johnson at #PMQs about incorrect statistics on child poverty he cited last week (and refused to withdraw this week), the government's own Children's Commissioner office has ruled the PM got it wrong. Political correspondent for the Guardian. Bike Nation: How Cycling Can Save the World, out now: PGP:
MdcOurHope Zimbabwe Harare I don't have Problem with someone supporting zanupf But i Hate the one who support it and try to tell us this economic messy is not zanupf's fault blaming sanctions! Go to hell the child of the devil! You destroyed our country @edmnangagwa and your cabal (@nickmangwana included) @mdczimbabwe | @ManUtd | @RealMadrid | @Zimbabwe
Jay52018878 New Jersey, USA @chrisro34646397 @dbarnett0311 @seanhannity Sir, that has not been the case. These thugs do not have permission. You can’t backpedal and get out of this one. You think and act like a child and I do not argue with children. Grow up and think like an adult already, I’ve got no time for you.! PEACE is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.
veryheathmiller USA I'd name and shame the worst offender toward me personally, but that particular predator is basically a #metoo poster child so at this point the relatively minor harassment I suffered is whatever. Actor & Person
jjongsyibo ❥vivi❥ how jobless are y’all that you’re camping under this tweet saying “isn’t he the homophobic kid!?!?” he was FOUR. when you’re four you follow what people around you say and he already said that he takes back what he said and he’s learning more. he’s a CHILD. #WANGJI: i guess lmao
purple_patriots @ananavarro And Elmer Fudd founded the Republican Party. This is downright depressing. They got a young woman to stand up and tell racist lies. Isn’t it at least child abuse. Shameful.
Tsunamilani808 In The Void “How you squatting and standing at the same time” took me OUT! 😩😂😭😭 someone come this buff bottom man child off my TL!😭😭😭 I’m here so it looks like i’m texting.💙✨🧸🏳️‍🌈👭🏾
mrsmcville Our “What are you reading Wednesday” summer book club book is Freckle Juice by Judy Blume. We had fun discussing the chapters. There are many free activities online for you to do and topics to discuss with your child. Check out this quick read! 👍🏼👍🏼#SummerReading #judyblume Wife, Mom, 2nd grade teacher ✏️ 📚 Go Tigers! ❤️🐯🖤
_MoriahBallard 440|713 @SirZave Yes! I’m so use to having to have those talks with people in my family, and people close to me. I always wonder will they treat my child differently if they choose this life... I always get a religious answer 🥴🙄 So, this was refreshing 💙 Mother of an angel👼🏽. Disney • ABC 13 Digital Producer. Host. Broadcaster. Affiliated. Alumna. BGM. Psalms 139. Relentless Worshipper✨ Always on one.🕊
tyedyetweety @nwgoboating @katsund4 He also was in charge all this time of Weiner laptop inv. Epstein Case, Clinton Foundation child Trafficking, so many questions that just disappeared. LOVE GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY, 🇺🇸TRUTH AND OUR PRESIDENT! I'M A DOWN TO EARTH, TYEDYE WEARIN, OL SOUL OF GOD AND COUNTRY! #WWG1WGA🦅❤️#MAGA=#MEGA #WAWY🌎
itsjoestraw Chicago, Il Think about this for a minute: In Joseph's dream. An angel appeared. And said Mary's child is conceived of God. Oh and he'll be savior of the world. And Joseph was like, k. and married his pregnant girlfriend. #MatthewThoughts Just trying to figure it out 🇬🇦🇨🇲🇬🇳
BrewisGavin Ленинградский район, Россия @greenfield_roni They represented no one, but themselves, America and Britain. The revolution was initiated by the people, it was the first worker's Republic. This isn't a debate, this is facts. You should probably tune in and learn some, Eton child. ни шагу назад CPB Govan || Living Rent || Club Fm 103.6 #BLM
thatparentthin1 Read this inspiring story and more such father-child chronicles here Ideas, perspectives, and knowledge for the new-age family | KLAY's very own content platform for millennial parents
BwinterbearBB Inner child is still a new song and tae wrote about his younger self to reassure him and console himself it’s a beautiful healing song that many can relate too let’s show it more love, don’t forget it🥺💜we can do it let’s go listen to it now if you can when you see this ☺️💪💜
tula_mani @DeepikaBhardwaj @serukku This is pedophilia and child sexual harassment. @MinistryWCD @smritiirani यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः Where there is Dharma, there is Victory.
itsukarine Limbo @notgabylarios @NotEvilJeremy @reffcos @strikerdrillo @PinkieOats @alkemanubis child abusers are not reflective of the overall group, theyre child abusers. They are literally mentally unsound and dont have a moral compass from the very beginning. This is like saying videogames and movies with violence should be outlawed because murderers liked them of pride and indignation. R18注意 主に絵を描きと鈴谷ちゃんRT Turn off my RTs if you're a pussy
mesa_mese Atlanta, GA Im watching this lifetime movie and child now i know see why i dont watch these movies these white folks is annoying 😩 Harlem shaking through the pressure IG:mesa_mese snapchat: mesa.mese
evolvebefree Maison de Lunes I'm honestly fine with this, but what they NOT finna do is call my bottom to the office over some bullcrap because I will DEFEND my child and TELL them I told my CHILD to speak the truth. MSU Alumna| Unfriendly Black Queer Hottie| #BlackLivesMatter Venmo: B-Mae| Cashapp: $BiancaChanxl
mayhembeading I know this is hard to learn. Our son vanished from his group home in '04 & and everything points to trafficking. This is crap that about made me lose my mind a couple of months ago. But it's real, it's happening, and YOUR child could be next. 800K+ go missing yearly. Wake. Up. Christian conservative, wife and mom. 2A rights, free speech. Parler account is Mayhembeading, join those of us who love free speech over there!
dsafire Hamilton, Ontario This is why I have #CPTSD. That child has lost attachment and recognition of her parents out of sheer neglect. That child will be ill for the rest of it's life. More people are bitten by New Yorkers every year than by sharks. I AM THAT NEW YORKER. major depression, CPTSD, chronic pain, MMJ, Cis Semi-retired faghag,
ILLDoots iladelph - interstellar @PhillyMayor @PhillyPolice you're a spineless bitch Kenney...defund @PhillyPolice BELIEVE AND PROTECT YOUR CONSTITUENTS, at this point a child could've detected the pattern of the police narrative completely contradicting video EVIDENCE, so are you dumb or do you just like the taste of boots? philly based hip hop collective
Juwlz_B @iWantAddisonRae @Lavendars2 @NewAgeNewSway He didnt see her once the first 10 months of her life so the courts ordered visits w/my sister present because DNA doesnt mean the kid knows u, and this child is probably scared & missing her mom. That is a incredibly stressful situation for a toddler
CoffeeMostlyMel Orlando, FL When will @SuptJenkins and @OCPSnews provide the community with a reopening plan for Orange County Public Schools? Families in this community need to begin making arrangements for child care, adjusting work hours, etc. for next school year as soon as possible. 1/2 ☕️
NurseBarbDehn Silicon Valley, CA #COVID__19 #WearAMask My Mask Hacks • DIY for an N95 mask? • Transform a regular mask for a child • Increase comfort of masks • Improve protection with filters All this and more! @AANP_NEWS @DrEricDing @mmpadellan @UROCKlive1 Barb is an award winning author and TV health expert, who posts on
lornajkelly Liverpool, England @FlowerGirlFi @AlexJSmith20 Yeah this is depicting the abuse of a child and not in a way that seems to be linked to their gender identity or expression. Perhaps I need the context of the preceding pages Virologist, intersectional feminist, climber and life-long lover of the great outdoors, baker, board gamer, catparent to @acatnamedcable. She/her
LauraKMM Las Vegas It is very likely this session is strong on police reform, weak in public programs and social safety net. 100,000 people could be evicted soon. Thousands of parents are being forced back to work — what about child care? CCSD back to school plan doesn’t even mention special ed she/her. ED @PLANevada/@PLANActionNV — my tweets are mine. @mariahcarey evangelist. CO sports team enthusiast. #BlackVotesMatter #FDT 🙅🏾‍♀️🍍🦋
MrFletchs Here @claudioericka Touched a nerve, didn't I. You're being a little over emotional. I never tried to water down what happened to a child. I said, the 90s were a while ago and as black kids died this weekend, you posted anti cop and anti white liberal bullcrap. I'm a shepherd. #KAG #Trump2020
StrayEnglishman Harrogate, England @SocialM85897394 @xuriousmusic @Linds_bluepeter and the rest of the Blue Peter crew are committing child abuse on a national scale with this brainwashing crap. Time to @DefundBBC
HighLife89 Chicago, IL This is disgusting. She would have had the brakes beat off her right then and there if that was my child. Michigan State Alum, DePaul University alum. Expert of everything. Delta Pi Nupe.
DrOlufunmilayo England, United Kingdom When next a cheating scandal trends on this platform where a man cheats, I will remind you all that maybe his wife is barren and he wants to “help” her. And if she already has kids, Maybe the particular kind of child he wants is not with her. Nobody has a monopoly of stupidity. Medical Doctor. Lives & Works in UK. Loves life, sarcasm and medical threads. One of 2019 Hedge Report #Top20TwitterProfiles. All tweets have viewer discretion.
lupewithluv Prod. SUGA she/her @writtenbyv im starting to thinks it’s a child who took a picture of their parents degree because there is no way someone with a bachelors degree is this dumb and contradicting #BTS: i love you more than love / fan account / mex
RaydensLaw England, United Kingdom This short video from @NipintheBudFilm gives straightforward and helpful advice to help if your child is anxious about returning to school. #Anxiety #Parenting #Schools Award winning specialist family and divorce law firm. Tier 1 Chambers UK and Legal 500. Family Law Firm of the Year, South 2017.
allenben_ Global Citizen @K24Tv The most important thing about this heightened child sex and teenage pregnancies is what the parents /guardians are saying, do they agree? Do they also think it's men's fault? Son || Language enthusiast || Global health
luhhuncho4 @NewAgeNewSway @KealahniRenee if your child ever gets kidnapped, i hope when someone tells you this, you don't catch any type of pressure. you need to be more sympathetic and not ignorant. as a woman, you should not be insensitive to a woman who's child was taken from her. come on, be more openminded. •sorry, too busy gettin badder 💋.
Lauren_Bayram Mitcham, United Kingdom. When you’re getting ready for @tenilletownes zoom and you feel like you connect with this cover of Barbies, as I loved them as a child 💛 32. Nursery Practioner. Gemini ♊️
Leanincalgary Calgary Check out this @nytimes article on how to balance work and child care in a society where women still shoulder most of the domestic burden We are a community of professional women empowering each other to build purposeful and fulfilling careers in #yyc
speedprayers United States @brunelldonald Lord Bless this child surround her with your love and guide her steps in Jesus Name Amen 🙏✝️❤️🙏❤️✝️🙏❤️✝️🙏❤️ ❤️SpeedPrayers✝️#CONSERVATIVE❤️ #PROLIFE✝️🙏❤️ PRO~ISRAEL🇮🇱 #JESUS❤️ #OneNationUnderGod❤️#MAGA🇺🇸#VETERANSFIRST🇺🇸 #HONORTHEM🇺🇸❤️
TKohlmann4 United States @JC7U2 @cmgannon56 @ArthurSchwartz Generally as of late, I’d agree. This one has legs though. Makes Watergate look like child’s play... and yes we gotta make the malcontents pay - for once! US Navy Veteran - Always Trust Your Keel To A Man Who Wears The Wheel. Retired Peace Officer-First Responder. Patriot Guard Rider. Live to Ride-Ride to Live!
Hott_Potatos Gondar, Ethiopia 1/ On this episode of "what the actual fork?" we have Ethiopians signing a petition to stop comprehensive sexual education from being included in the curriculum. LISTEN : 📌 According to EDHS, 13% of girls aged 15-19 are mothers and 2% are pregnant with their first child. Radical Feminist • med student • bookworm • chaotic good • potato enthusiast • @samuelgwahid is my ውሀ አጣጭ • Nitwit • Blubber • Oddment • Tweak
Dragonfly194 West Coast is home @cajit235 @nearlyfreaky @MalcolmNance @fred_guttenberg @JoeBiden @Impotus As a child there was a time when we were really really poor and mom would feed us lettuce sandwiches on wonder bread from the day old store and say "isn't this delicious?" No, no it wasn't - the current administration isn't even a lettuce sandwich Believe in the power of one. Don't remain silent, speak out and become involved. Do not allow yourself to be marginalized by politics or religion
iceelyn_ ᴘʀᴀʏɪɴɢ,ɪɴ ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴘᴀᴛɪᴇɴᴄᴇ if you a female and believe that your child is only your child just because the court told you so😂😂😂 oh yah, you real dumb and your child don’t stand a chance in this world! ! ᴵ’ᴹ ᶜᴼᴹᴵᴺᴳ ᴮᴬᶜᴷ ᴼᴺ ᴹᵞ ᵂᴼᴿˢᵀ ᴮᴱᴴᴬᵛᴵᴼᴿ !
jakemelll Philadelphia, PA Imagine having a child and they grow into this mistake if a human
rieslingbeauty Ain’t nobody getting your uglass pregnant on purpose, so sit this one out, and let that lady find her child in peace. fork be wrong with y’all? I do what I want, and say what I want. ☺️
kyprevention Kentucky I love this! Especially the part about helping your child talk about their feelings. For small people, feelings, especially new feelings, can be really big, scary, and hard to explain because they don’t have the words for it yet. #kydinnertableproject #mentalhealthmatters Alcohol Prevention Enhancement Specialist - Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Okay170 @msjennamessing @fcktrmp @nostalgicuItra This is pointless cos u don’t understand how business works. If I were u I’d take your misplaced anger & aim it at companies using child labour, prison workers & minimum wage to make $ rather than one man bands spending time and money to make some profit doing what they enjoy 👍🏽
BosphorusBot New Calendar @ocaorg will this be?' And the hand of the Lord was with him. Now his father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit, and prophesied, saying: 'Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, for He has visited and redeemed His people, And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Highest; for Adding Orthodox content to your news feed all day! Created by @KnotAndNous
BoysTownHosp Omaha, NE Be safe and smart this summer on family bike rides by making sure your child is wearing a properly-fitted helmet. Doing so can protect from serious brain injuries. #SummerSafety Boys Town Hospital is internationally recognized as a leader in clinical and research programs focusing on childhood deafness, language and communication.
lafilm90028 Los Angeles, CA/London UK Heartbroken for this child. It was obvious he was proud of his new shoes and his super cool t-shirt. This manager is an a-hole; and he wanted to prove it to the world. The mask empowered his white supremacy. Hope he was fired! #BlackLivesMatter We are Blue and we're coming for you! #VOTEBLUE2020 #FBR #resist #WTP #BLM Proud Democrat, Trump Resister, and Seeker of Truth AND Justice

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