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enews Hollywood, CA As the year ends this is a reminder that A.) Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song have welcomed their first child, and B.) they've been together since 2017. ❤️ (📷: Jesse Fiorino) Your source for entertainment news, celebrities and pop culture.
SenSanders Vermont/DC The expansion of the child tax credit this year has reduced child poverty in America by 40%. Incredible! But, if Build Back Better is not passed, that provision will soon expire and millions of children will be plunged back into poverty. Pathetic! U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.
BetoORourke El Paso, TX After nearly 76,000 Texans have died and after Texas led the nation in child Covid mortality, Abbott is now abandoning local hospitals. By refusing to provide state support to hospitals like Parkland, he ensures more Texans will die from this virus. I’m running for governor to serve ALL the people of Texas.
MunroeX22 My feelings… are not insecurities, and that my friend is what we call ⛽️ lighting. I’m no longer doing this with your narcissistic, body dysmorphia brown tooth having, limp dick, no booty having,non healing traumatic child acting, woah it’s always me victim mentally depressed as ⚜️Freak which makes me verse blessed in the front 🍆 and back 🍑. Here till I won’t be.
AlbrightSRI Reading, PA During last month’s ribbon-cutting, our media team caught this special moment between one of our community leaders and a student. Thanks to all our partners who help to uncover the genius that resides in every child! @AlbrightCollege #MindsofSRI Uncovering the genius that resides in EVERY child. SRI empowers young people to boldly create, innovate, explore and invent = Total Experience Learning.
RGT_85 United States So @LoganPaul decided to make a table out of some GameBoy Colors and Twitter lost it's mind over this like he kicked a child and skinned a cat alive. So I decided to make fun of Twitter. Enjoy! WATCH: I'm RGT 85. I make average YouTube videos that people sometimes watch. New York Knicks, Pro Wrestling, and Video Games are what I talk about.
USoA34805717 Suffolk County NY Why is NYPD functioning as the vaccine gestapo? I’m in tears for this mother and child and so grateful she was so loving to him during this trauma in the making. THE NUREMBERG DEFENSE IS A MORALLY BANKRUPT POSITION @NYPDnews @GovKathyHochul Women’s rights ARE Vaccine Rights. Medical Freedom Vs Medical Apartheid. Nuremberg Code Matters. Raising Humble, Free Thinking, Diversity Respecting Humans.
DilutedStorm21 @APlagueTale The child from the painting in Beatrice's laboratory, the child who manifested the symptoms of the Prima Macula during Justinian's Plague. Maybe this child grew up and used his powers for evil and somehow he was locked away to be forgotten.
GrumpyOldMan23 Lincoln @v_j_freeman Actually, the real inequality in this system, is that it only applies to new claimants. My fourth child was born March 2020, and I assumed we would get nothing. But because our first child was born in 2007, the limit doesn't apply to us and we get child benefit for all four. Husband & dad. Economist & Analyst. Pro-vaccine & anti-lockdown. Pro-immigration & pro-Brexit. Former Tory Councillor. #YouBears Per ardua ad astra.
BigManDuzty Somewhere @ShiinaBR @iFireMonkey This’ll be cool, yeah, but the downside is now I’ll probably have to listen to a small child tell me that Doomguy is from Fortnite and they made a game out of it. Average Kabal fan
SiobheanG @HGACinema Can never look at a photo of this beautiful lady without thinking of that crime... God Bless her and child...😥 Family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Celtic🍀Elvis👑 What else is there?🦊 God Bless my darling Dad RIP ❤ Not everyone will like you... but someone will love you! ❤💚🖤💚❤
PtyMao Panamá @SacrificialMods Extreme Violence: Additional option to control sims behavior after a fight (like they were arguing with somebody but they are alone), also and option to just keep certain mischief actions like "slap a child or adult". TBH I just installed the mod for this interaction. Sims 4 player focused on maxis match male sims creation. I use this platform to share some pictures of them and enjoy the art of creation with other Simmers.
AlliAlliG Calgary, AB I just keep reading that this variant is worse for children and I am terrified that my child will catch it from me and end up very sick. I think this fear is my worst symptom, by far. if you know how to drive you know how to stay in your lane ✌🏼 (she/her). Fully vaccinated.
LeoGivenchy2 Antarctica This is more likely from low IQ liberal parents freaking out that little Timmy has a slight fever and sniffles. Stop overwhelming the hospitals unless you are deadly ill. Make music. The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding—The Kybalion. I am also now King of Antarctica. God Wins † Deus In Regnium
Noelle7771 United States @RevoltPolitic @Laiebchbum Are we really going to discuss this and dismiss science again. Science gave us vaccines long before many of us were even born. I vaccinated my child against all childhood illnesses 37 years later she still alive. As is my grandson who is vaccinated. It’s just a foolish argument 🌹Justine and Sebastian💗Autism advocate👍Dance and music sustain me💓pro choice 💓 liberal lady!❤️I wear a mask do you?😷fully vaccinated!👍
BCChildrensHosp British Columbia Taking your school-aged child for a COVID-19 test? Watch this video and learn what to expect. We recommend your child practice at home with water before going for the test. Helping children back to health - caring for the most seriously ill or injured children and youth from across B.C. Privacy:
tevet Oregon, USA It's only child abuse if you allow your child to participate. What if they gave a child abuse event and no one came. Keep in mind we allow this. Always prefer to live in a neighborhood of lions rather than a city of evildoers.
ALAforVeterans Indianapolis, IN “There are caregivers among us, and we just want them to know that even if you don’t identify as such — but if you are taking care of a spouse, child, family member — we recognize you and support you.” Read more: The American Legion Auxiliary is a nonpartisan organization advocating for veterans issues, mentoring America's youth, and promoting patriotism.
SatbirSing4 New Delhi, India #Kabir_Is_SupremeGod God appears on this earth and acquires the form of a child and then delivers his knowledge through his speech (poetry) as he grows up (Rig Ved Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17). __________________________ - 𝑺𝒂𝒊𝒏𝒕 𝑹𝒂𝒎𝒑𝒂𝒍 𝒋𝒊 𝑴𝒂𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒋
ifcked_ya_dad Scranton, PA Safaree is such a child on tv (I say that cause clearly idk him personally) but how you pick and choose when you want to entertain your WIFE. My bitch @iamErica_Mena is THAT GIRL and is a prize bitch she got this. #LHHFamReunion Virqo ♍️. 23 👅. Brooklyn born 💋🗽. LGBTQ 🌈👬💯.
JoshuaManson5 Dallas, TX I love getting older and seeing the actors I idolized as a child grow hotter with age. Maybe it’s my undying love for Yesteryear era anything but seeing Goran look like this as Tesla makes me happier than I ever did seeing him on ER. independent writer and book lover.indie music lover and cinephile
TreehouseTweets Seattle, WA “Thank you so much! We never have programs in our area for school needs or any holidays and the caretakers out here struggle. Receiving this gift was really nice and my child will love it!” – Treehouse Caregiver #HolidayMagic #FosterCare #TreehouseHolidays Leveling the playing field for youth and young adults who have experienced #FosterCare. RTs/follows ≠ endorsements
LUVRIOTING BLACK ❥ 21 ❥ SHE/THEY/LO i have these convos with my sisters often and it’s literally just control, they don’t think you’re deserving of your own boundaries because they have this “you’re the child i’m the parent” mentality and it’s especially bad when you’re living with them if you’re not here to give me kisses then get the fork outta my trap house 🌸 ic : M00NBRUSH
JadedSoul57 United States I'm fully vaccinated and boostered. No, I don't know "what's in it". Neither this vaccine or the ones I had as a child. Nor do I know what's in the 11 secret herbs and spices at KFC. “Our children are the living messages we send to a future we will never see. We put our fingerprint on their destiny!” -@RepCummings
MSFreePress Mississippi, USA On the fourth day of our #12daysofMFP, we are spotlighting our ninth most read piece of the year. Thank you for turning to MFP for vital coverage of the Covid pandemic, and you can support stories like this one by giving at Women-founded systemic journalism seeking causes, solutions, historic context. Beyond partisanship; no horserace. Nonprofit: Since 2020.
LiteGait Phoenix, AZ It's the last week of 2021 - what better time to shine a light on more of the amazing #litegait stories we've seen this year. From adult to child clients, we've seen and shared so many great glimpses of incredible progress and tireless determination, such as these: We are Mobility Research: Proud makers of the LiteGait family of products, GaitKeeper, HuGN-Go, GaitSens & many more innovations for the rehabilitation arena.
ShukairKyra Minneapolis, MN @SunnieNoel Yes! That’s why I feel like this, having to reprogram her schedule 😭 didn’t get sent no worksheets to keep their brains going or nothing, as a child I’d love this break as a parent I don’t 😆 like nah you still learning how to have a schedule and being productive. •GodsChild🕊 •Arabian🇪🇭 •Black •Cancer ♋️ •AGoodWitch🔮 •Lelah Jade 🦄 • Anajilai Divine🦋 •GirlMom 👩‍👧‍👧
trashysage she/they | 19 | INFP @Sparrow00494655 @killerbae17 this is about a liar who ruined an innocent man’s life and today it’s so easy to do all you have to do is cry rape and im saying this as a victim of child rape and abuse and having witnessed my brother losing his scholarship to his dream college due to a false accusation 🌸\\ you got my attention, so what's your intention? kpop, gaming, anime, movies, and beauty //✨☁️ nsfw\\ @shameful_angel 🌙🍥💫// autistic 🌸
HaysTravelWrexh Wrexham, Wales ⏰ Then why delay?! This is the BEST time to book ‼️ Even our staff are booking 🔥 💥 ARE YOU READY FOR THE BEST ONE? 🧡 More free child places loaded 💙 FREE upgrades 🧡 Exclusive discounts 💙 Low deposits from £49pp 🧡 Brilliant direct debit schemes ..and much much more😱 Wrexham - 15 Lord Street, Wrexham, LL111LH 📞 call us on 01978 266 611 💻 email: UK's Largest Independent Travel Agent
ECHOChildHealth Does in-utero stress during the #COVID19 #pandemic affect child health? Read this article featuring #ECHOChildHealth researchers: ECHO is a nationwide research program supported by @NIH to investigate how environmental exposures affect child health and development.
THEESUPASOKA @chetcooper1260 @Leliloli1 @JAK_EDITS @Froste @Twitch Give an example of another form of oppression where they literally did this to a child for no reason. And yes, I want a legit answer since u know so much 18 🎉
mrjatlanta Atlanta, GA (Muscogee Creek) @atlas_thetitan @mtaibbi Probably do the same thing my parents did when I was taught in Georgia "history" that the Civil War was fought over "states' rights"--gently correct the teacher at home and have faith in their child to discover the truth when he furthered his education. This is not hard. He/him. Georgia boy. Tech/privacy/IP lawyer. @EmoryUniversity @Yale alum. Better half is @JonathanSParris #BLM #EndPatriarchy #EndPoverty #ODAAT #LoveIsLove
dud37074079 @DXBMediaOffice @KHDA I’m sorry but this is a terrible decision, and should be reconsidered immediately. Parents should have a right to protect their child’s health, and the option of face-to-face should never be forced when we talk about a deadly virus.
angstywhoure Somewhere in the Galaxy That’s the part I had to step back cause I’m like “yup. This unrealistic. Lemme yell at my grandmother like that and see if they don’t laugh in my face and call me all types of disgraces 🥴🥴” But it’s a very cute sentiment child me wished for. ✨“This is where love comes to die. Welcome, come in, make yourself at home.”—W. Shire✨ 🇯🇲 ;she/they; 26
bob_w_lleb United States @RPGuy16 @goodblackdude This is American! A mother and child should NEVER! be harassed by cops or anyone else for wanting to feed themselves!! Live with purpose. defend the constitution. judge character not skin color. save children from public school indoctrination. be a lion not a sheep. trust in God
Child_Of_God_93 California, USA This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. -Psalm 118:24 Transcending from this planet!... I'm just trying to be better than yesterday. Jesus is my savior, He set me free. 💛 NO DMS 🙌🏽
d_rakgadimapz Ever since I graduated, I’ve made an effort to constantly feed my artist child and also to critique and experience new work. Last year I did the #2020readingchallenge - a book a month This year I did the #380filmchallenge - watch and review 380 films (not done yet🥲) Bua le Aus’Rakgadi meiskat🌈. Daisy d_mapz Maphathe. Artist. Smooth Talker. Titties and Oui’d. IG: d_mapz
mrfoulds Toronto, Ontario Thread by @tylerblack32: THREAD: School closure and kids I am an expert in child & adolescent EMERGENCY psychiatry. This is my expert opicomplex, and it is not easy to answer COVID = BAD Education = GOOD In person schooling in a deadly pandemic = GOO… he/his Father of 3, Husband of 1 really special lady, Teacher, Learner, opinions are my own & retweets do not imply agreement
Pinkerite1 Manhattan, NY @SwipeWright @ThomasMcEvoy19 @micahsb @PsychPLockwood "The fact is, no child is actually born in the wrong body. Adults should expand their understanding of what normal male and female behavior and preferences look like..." See, Colin, this is why your go-to response to critics is insults & defamation - you have no defense. Steven Pinker, The Intellectual Dark Web and Race Science
Du57mi73x @Andr3sperdomo @hellokevvo @catandradec @HODLthatDOGE @ArroyoXIII @TheUnderDoge3 @bitdogein @CoolTnft @MilgateTyler @Miketracy8 @emily_doge_girl :) i was once told a similar riddle as a child about tipping a bell boy something or rather and didnt fully understand it until reading this riddle now. Haha #DoOnlyGoodEveryday
lc_gardner Schenectady, NY @nypost I don’t care what color this CHILD was, he didn’t belong riding on the road on a DIRT bike. His parents should be charged for not teaching him right from wrong. He was illegally on the road and then fled a traffic stop at 13, were they raising a career criminal?
some_dumb_ho @Timothy104 @febfemmie @s_sans_s I've been watching so I know. I just can't stand injustice. And I feel for the child Amber, too--but the adult she became is dangerous and needs help. I know I can't change much but I want people to know feminism is so much better than this. My aim is to expose trauma parasites. I do my very best to be as objective as possible with regard to them.
lovin_william @Robert47613835 @seanhannity Your fear is causing you to ignore that a mother and child were removed by police in a city that has a significant increase in violent crime. A police force that has admitted to being short staffed. THIS is what you want your police to be doing? This is Marshall law!! RIDICULOUS Love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and My Tennessee Volunteers. Retired Army.
MrMinoan Chicago, IL @melissax1125 As the parent of an severely autistic child myself, this is forking deplorable. Going to report and block this asshole. My finisher is the Siberian Toe Hold. Dad to autism. Lover of cats.
sally_alcot I wish whoever you are exactly what I've endured including thefts, every horrid sensation, every violation, pressure wave of pain, every indignity upon you and your child. Just as my child has to endure this so shall yours; in the exact same manner to the exact same severity. Missing cat. Answers to Stanley.
howdidwegethe15 @MarnieRiptide @ConHome @BorisJohnson I am disgusted by this awful tweet. Bozo is acting like a spoilt child and causing the UK to be an international embarrassment. Grow up. Leinster, Ireland, Arsenal. Enjoy politics, not on the wings. UK has gone rogue. Sinn Féin are dangerous. Tories and Trumpers are pure evil.
TheBirdySitter Somewhere in the Bible belt @LavenderLamb Yup! If she's his wife, draw her of age. Her as a CHILD is a no go even if they end up together LATER. Right here and now? Showing her like this? Nah Only way this gets a pass is if it's a father/daughter moment but with their faces atm and the ones flocking to it? Doubtful. 30. I draw, yell about anime, and have a degree to fight crime. Im hilarious and nature adopts me. #37 and #7869 on an antisessrin block list (icon by @MTOMauw)
dtrance6 AUSTRALIA Every man, woman, and child on this planet is God. Every man, woman, and child lives forever, through countless physical lives. we reincarnate endless times until we reach the point of needing no more to be reborn physically. I AM A WALK-IN SOUL & EMPATH, LIGHT WORKER, LOVE HOLDER, FOR HUMANITY'S ASCENSION....
alaysmart_tax Jersey City, NJ If you had little to no earned income during 2021, the IRS will allow you to use your 2019 earned income to calculate your Additional Child Tax Credit & Earned Income Tax Credit. This means you could have been unemployed all of 2021, and still potentially receive a refund! 💸 🤝 Where Quality Meets Trust! 🏬 Business Tax 💯 Individual Tax 📈 Day Traders 🏠 Real Estate Investors 💰 High Networth 📲IG:@alaysmartaccounting
CTULocal1 Chicago, IL Thankful for our members and the students and families they serve. And yes, need a COVID-19 test before classes resume? Does your child or a family member? Free drive-up COVID tests at CTU HQ, 1901 W. Carroll St., this Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon (correct time). See you there. AFT-IFT Local #1. 28,000 teachers, PSRPs, counselors, clinicians, librarians and retirees dedicated to the schools Chicago deserves. RT ≠ endorsement.

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