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SenSanders Vermont/DC This is something I passionately believe in: health care must be a human right for every man, woman and child in America. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.
ianbremmer Opinion: This woman—and the anti-science peddlers who convinced her to harm her child—should face criminal charges. political scientist, author, teach at columbia sipa, columnist at time, president @eurasiagroup, @gzeromedia. if you lived here, you'd be home now.
TigNotaro @whatsamjustsaid The kids I babysit wanted to watch Coco but I said we couldn’t because I would cry, so then they asked to watch Moana instead and I said that movie also makes me cry and this child just looks at me and says, “I don’t think it’s a problem with the movies”. Official Twitter for Tig Notaro. *TWEETS NOT BY TIG*, but by Tig's friends and friends of friends. Tour dates on Love you.
kayyyy_04 Ripley, WV @alyblank8 And yes I am waiting on a check that I'm getting from breaking my arm, a very traumatic thing I went through. I'm waiting on that so I can get some land get a house and car and have a safe place to raise this child. If that makes me a bad person then I am a bad person. ♎️ 🍑💰🤟🏻😍🤪🥂🐾❤️ 👶🏼🌈❤ boy mommy to be 💙
iainshet @KingLeahMay @Miley_fluff @MikeSalazar777 @msshanitarenee Like I said a grown person shouldn’t be in bed with unrelated little boys and like I said not only did this man sleep in bed with unrelated little boys but had his genitals described by a child and paid 15 million dollars now go sit your sick bottom down pedo defender
BruceLesley Washington DC / Bethesda, MD @atrupar And there is this... ❌ 1 in 3 African-American children live in poverty ❌ Rising uninsured rates ❌ Rising teen suicide rates ❌ Rising child abuse ❌ Rising child homelessness ❌ Proposed $20 billion in cuts and the elimination of 44 children's programs ❌ Cutting SNAP Proud father of 4, husband, son, uncle, and child advocate. President of @First_Focus & @Campaign4Kids. Basketball fanatic. #InvestInKids #VoteKids
WellHellsBells_ @GingerGirl777 @POTUS @prayingmedic @Beer_Parade @QAnonNotables @40_head His whole operation was likely a CIA psyop to divert attention from the large child-trafficking rings run by the government. Was Adam a sacrifice for fame and fortune? At this point, it's not illogical to wonder. No conclusions, just questions. DOJ has our information. Not suicidal — for the record. #MormunMafia is deadly. Historical Fiction Writer. #QanonLDS #WellHellzBellz #FeralSeminary
FacelessManBaby The Free City of Cincinnati @Frankieironman @JPx_Anderson @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump And they say the Left can’t meme? Jesus. This looks like a child did it Aspiring man-servant. #bourbon #OhioStateBuckeyes Valar Morghulis #WoodChuckTodd #RESIST
cobillard Here and there "This crisis involved not just what families earned but the other half of the ledger, too—how they spent their earnings. Families were bled dry by landlords, hospital administrators, university bursars, and child-care centers." Political analyst, writer on sexual anthropology & sociology
MeetRomen Atlanta, GA Headed to file my taxes....and this year I have a child to claim. Let’s chat later. dear growing pain ——OUT NOW! ⠀⠀⠀ CONTACT:
CavaPatti Nevada, USA @StevenTDennis @SenSusanCollins what did you really think would happen? Trump is a petulant child and has done nothing to change that perception. Are you okay with government agencies targeting citizens at the whim of this man? That’s what has and will happen. Mother with no favorite child, grandmother, maker of a mean lasagna and a natural born hugger. Became active on Twitter in 2019. #Resist #VoteBlue #BlueWave
McGirlGal Somewhere in Milky Way Galaxy @BluePunished @Sw1tch11 @ArmouredSkeptic I don't think inciting harassment towards a child is free speech. Also, this seems to be Quebec specific, which doesn't represent Canada, and when I look up "comedian fined for offensive joke Canada" the only thing that comes up for multiple pages is this singular case. Ah crap, I don't have pronouns in my bio, you're only hope to discredit my opinion is gone.
ImaBihh DTX I been listening to Christopher bottom all day. 🗣 Let me tell you this. If I don’t get married, my new destiny will be to find that man and have his child. By any means necessary. Then y’all can obsess over me because I’ll be a artist baby momma. ☺️ - no DMs, I’m not interested- less is more - backup @imaBihhhh - IG Smitherinezoe
johnsemley3000 Toronto @thejoshl @RobertGravesLA Gary Glitter makes sense if you know his history of child abuse. and as JOJO makes clear, the Hitlerjunge Quex were also child abusers and, in a way, the original “Gary Glitter.” (this is symbolized in the film with Sam Rockwell fancy cape, which recalls Glitter’s “glam” look.) writer, researcher, yakkin' head | columnist @thebafflermag | docs for @BangerFilms | HATER out NOW via @PenguinCanada
crazymaddieee va//ny @FrankieFTheTrap Once this child is on earth, and I lose 50 pounds it’s a move jvk👼jwf
StavCentral @paellaisgoodaf @Empirrretv I'm pretty sure this can be classed as harassment also, as you're literally ripping into people supporting Empirrre. I don't know who you are, or where you found Empirre but you've acted like an utter child. If you complain about harassment and continue to throw slurs I would go. Wage cuck going to university
Thedriva Antarctica @sft_asu @realDonaldTrump @TrumpStudents Hopefully that child’s mommy and daddy see this video and pull em out of school and send him back to elementary.
JayStone1088 Portlandia Not only did she refuse the vaccination, she refused tamiflu? So a totally preventable death occurs because the parent is habitually abusing (yea, it’s abuse) their child? And their other children were sick as well!!! This is horrible. They need to have CPS involved. Foodie. Lifetime Cheesehead. Retired Referee. Actor. Lover of the darts. Father. Liberal. #PMA #BlueWave #Resist
AdnanJaguar3 Faisalabad @Ali_MuhammadPTI Don't step back. God bless you. Tell all desi liberals, Islam is best and show no mercy to these barbarians. @ImranKhanPTI , this act must be implemented for the sake of child protection. Simple,honest and hard working professional.
BehavioralSci 1202 W Thomas Rd DB317 Phoenix which has given me a much deeper understanding of what’s happening between a young child and their parent and the impact of setting up an emotional environment conducive to developing a child in many different ways. This has enabled me to help young soccer parents in many ways — The Phoenix College Behavioral Sciences Department includes the following suffixes:PSY (Psychology)SWU (Social Work)SOC (Sociology)SWU (Women's Studies)
Ursulaok He loves the white wine and a good dinner. He is an excellent travel companion. He often says: this has been one of the best trips of my life. But taking care of a child is about taking real responsibility on a daily basis. Curious. Thinking 🤔about the future with a digital kaleidoscope. Imperfect human being, as the global markets. Journalism. At @Civil-@ConsenSys
marka82331 @smerconish Yep, the President's approval rating has gone up, Joe Biden is done with (this is partly down-side, would have been funny to see him up against Trump), the Dems keep fumbling and fighting, Nancy looks like a child, KAG 2020.
Kartos Los Angeles, CA @GatodeMiel @JenniferADevon I realized as a child I will never see a dime of SS, and this kind of crap just proves how Millennials will be starving in the streets. Sassy freelance artist and writer. Pay me to draw /
gublet North Lincolnshire @dutaut @MrsSpalding However a persons result has many factors affecting it ( and these will affect the earlier result also). These are 'levels' so for a child they will have their own factors (ability etc) let's call this level 1. However there will also be school factors (level 2) factors headteacher Semi retirement and more time for fells and decorating and grandkids
belikesami ..child. this showed how disgusting and monstrous a person can be! #Beyhadh2 #Beyhadh2Hits50 quando l'amore è reale, trova la sua strada.🕊
stburkholder Pittsburgh, PA If I ever reproduce and refer to my child as anything but my "immediate descendant" or "progeny/spawn", each of you has the shared right to kill me. No cute baby names allowed in this house SF & F #author 丨 catdad 丨 swamp maoist (#BernieOrVest) 丨 Buy: Support: 丨
krystofski Kurdistan @czarymarybum777 @AHalcali Oh, I sure do. I was born and raised a Catholic and a lifetime of their BS has hardened my heart against their hypocrisy. Sorry if you are offended. This Pope is a commie. Then the child molesters. Gay mafia. International Globetrotter, Rock historian, Taiwan beef noodles Japanese shrines, NHL. Laos, Arabian nomad, Northwest Detroit, Yooperland.
wasimmalic @GFarooqi Not brutal and medieval it’s Islamic. What is your child have to go through this god forbid ?
CheckEconomy @jamesroo @BDWB3 @navernon82 @ChidiNwatu @realDonaldTrump Good points all around. Main thing is though, Trump lies like a child and deliberately misleads an mind-blowingly gullible country that's enamored with him and takes him at his word. Obama didn't do this. He never lied or bragged about his numbers. I hate the fact that no one seems to hold Trump accountable for his lies about his average economy.
KCrimson5 Transient Casper, fork off. Already started, don’t care At this point, you’re a laughable clown Really, RTing an account you just made Cant gaslight once you’ve been caught And, as I need a woman, not a child I’m not looking for her words here Weren’t the lights a little brighter yesterday? God damn it, I’m not crazy. The lights were definitely brighter
Draped_InARMANI Chicago, IL @infinitestress Bro this was me! As a child I was only about sausage pizza. Now I’m all about a sausage pizza and a supreme one too lol Minding my business. | For Music inquiries or booking
HuntDi @Finn_Mackay @Zubhaque She was groomed as a child ffs, she was 14. Let her come home, this is the only home she’s ever had and preventing this says so much more about us than her. The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are. Marcus Aurelius
A_Witty187 No DMs I was given a vaccine for this one when I was a child so I’m free from it and can never catch it so I’m good Let my Ego Fly Let my Balls Hang.Real African-American that won't trade it✌🏿️G-Men, #GiantsPride Biggest Cam Newton Fan ,Patriots hater. #RIPNIP 🕊 8.24
wellbeingafrica The @wellbeingafrica #EmONC training significantly improves the competence & proficiency of 🗝️ health professionals that deliver lifesaving emergency services to mother and child, this International Year of the Nurses & Midwives. #EmONCKwara #CommittedToCaring #SaferBirths Wellbeing Foundation Africa. Updates on Maternal Newborn and Child Health, #MaternalMonday, Rights, Peace & Women Empowerment. #RMNCAH
CentrWellington Centre Wellington, Ontario The Spring Leisure Show will take place on Tuesday, February 11 from 6-8 p.m. at the CW Community Sportsplex. This is a great opportunity to stop in and meet members from several different minor sports groups - from lacrosse to swimming - and find the right fit for your child! This is the official Twitter account for the Township of Centre Wellington
LittleLearnerUK United Kingdom We LOVE this photo of one of our Little Learners at one of our parties💛 We tailor sessions to your child's interests, provide everything & even do ALL the cleaning up🥳 Book your next big event with us now ➡️ #event #party #baby #toddler #earlyyears Educational #messyplay for under 5s across the UK 🇬🇧 & down under 🇦🇺(@messylearners) In UK the Top 50 Franchises! #WOW & #SBS Winner. GOLD @ChildrensAAssoc
thereal_truther Flat Earth @lilbittygoddess @PepperGnome @MSNBC @BrandyZadrozny @SRuhle Her own words prove she didn't give the medicine and used alternative "natural" methods and didn't take her child in to the hospital until it was too late. The fact that she changed her story and the comments were deleted is DAMNING. Accept this. This death was preventable. Dedicated to calling out fake truthers. Why is anti-vax ringleader Joshua Coleman attacking brave parents?
euan__cfc Scotland, United Kingdom @Y_FriendlyCynic @J_Lisbon67 That’s actually what tories have done, 4 million children more in poverty, this country had never had a socialist government and yet has child poverty, so your logic doesn’t quite add up Our revenge will be the laughter of our children
Diamond_Sshiny My Bed @Pikhile11 @SarahGraceLaw @stfubitchface @DanielleCohn555 Another thing. Who told you I was a hater? I was a fan of Dani since her Musically times. But then I opened my eyes and saw what her mother was doing to this poor child and her mentality. 'Don't discrimate or hate. Just appreciate.' ✨Manga artist in training✨ 💜K-pop💜 💫Anime💫 🎮Gamer🎮 🔊Like my Music🔊 😶Shy but text all day😶
______kag_ I remember as a child I’d bring home caterpillars from a neighbors bush and let them live in our trees. I’d watch them climb up the trunks & say “this is your home now”. Before I knew it, my mother had a company out spraying the trees due to the massive webs 🇺🇸 🖤🌲 #pnw #kag #countrymusic
thewebshaun New Jersey, USA @SEALancers When I was a small child about their age, I lived in Texas and remember doing exactly this. When the wind picked up the overhead lights and drop ceiling started bouncing around. I'll never forget it. Tech guy, political junkie, business owner, crypto enthusiast.
Gentle_Suns If Edmund just got his bottom WHOOPED when he was supposed to none of this would have happened. But we end up galavanting through a wardrobe, in the cold to retrieve the misbehaving child. Hi. My name is Susan. And my life... Is kinda crazy. Roleplay // Penned by #quaestris
marb1111 Bel Air, MD @trials4now And -- ED as well from what I have read. I think I've failed on this topic. My son still hasn't been tested. His team has been saying since he was 14 yr old: "Assume you have swimmers, and assume there are issues. Assume a child will have defects until a test proves otherwise." Parent advocate for childhood cancer. Fighting for our kids to thrive, not just survive. Publishes a blog on #SurvivorshipMatters
AnnieTweetsAlot Nola Me and my child now have life insurance. Didn’t realize how important this was until i lost my mom. {Sage Ivania} 🎀 1•5•13
jiminsyonce @khaleesidiane Jimin being the little Omelas child makes sooooo much damn sense considering his story in the BU. I think I saw someone say Jungkook represents the ego and the rest of the boys being the shadow. The only thing is Taehyung said THIS 😬😬😬 fan account // bey + bts // check out @VMINarkive 🥰
_laurie97 I forgot my glasses today and this child I nanny legit, out of nowhere, was like you’re ugly without your glasses 😭😭😭 like sir, I KNOW
spives75 Kentucky, USA #ff If you love parody songs in the vein of Weird Al , you need to give this (and Ajax's other albums) a listen. If you love the #Mandalorian you have to listen to "The Child." #parody #music #humor #starwars #matrix Sketch Card artist for Topps and Dynamic Forces. Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Kiss, tv writer for something an NDA won't let me talk about.
Olas_Truth Washington, DC Lawd, I know the Barbz +Nicki stans will come after me for this and IDC. I’ll block them. Whether that child’s rape victims mother asked for money or not that’s nothing she should broadcast. It’s easy to find out who she is cuz she married Nicki’s brother who raped her daughter. Disability lifestyle expert, writer, founder of @projectascend heart + kidney transplant & cancer survivor. All views are my own Bookings:
Tanima____ Using death of a child to seek ulterior motive, blaming the parents for the death of their own child, and trying to change the narrative of the situation. This is what this is. Law. tea. travel. books. mountains.
KariiJets San Diego, CA when my son gets sick i always think dam i wish that i could just suffer from it and not him, & this lady over here like "this medicine will take the pain away but im going to listen to facebook"..............& then ur child DIES, throw her bottom in jail A tall goth with feelings

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