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CathyYoung63 New Jersey If the child in this video had been a 10-year-old girl imitating adult exotic dancers, it would be creepy and disgusting. Why is it OK when it's a 10-year-old male "drag kid"? Russian-Jewish-American. Pro: freedom, reason, nuance, civility [exceptions may apply], otters. @Reason @ArcDigi @Newsday @BulwarkOnline etc. CathyYoung63@gmail
abhijitmajumder New Delhi, India AltNews tried to whitewash crimes of Zahid and Aslam who killed a 3-year-old in Aligarh ~ This is the reality of our ‘fact checkers’. A little child is brutalised to death by two psychopaths, and these guys tried best to underplay it because of religion Journalist. Editor-in-Chief of @MyNation, media venture in English and Hindi of Asianet News Network. Views personal, retweets not necessarily endorsements
YvetteCooperMP Castleford, West Yorkshire So Boris Johnson wants to spend nearly £10bn on tax cuts, and 83% of it will go to the richest ten percent of households - at a time when child poverty is rising and children are going hungry. This isn’t just the wrong national priority, it’s unfair and immoral Member of Parliament for Normanton, Pontefract, Castleford & Knottingley. (For constituent inquiries pls email me on
anonforq @cjnice A lot. I'm hearing she was scheduled to testify before a grand jury this week regarding the Clinton Foundation and the investigation into child trafficking. Conservative through and through #MAGA #WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnite 🚫No DMs🚫
stopbyrd Tennessee, USA @realtnpolitics @GlenCasada @tnhousegop NOPE. The accused child molester continues to serve. He’s got to go ASAP - and this part is NOT political. He’ll be replaced by another @TNGOP in the 71st district and we could care less. WE WANT DAVID BYRD GONE BECAUSE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Paid for by Enough is Enough TN PAC #ExpelByrd #ExpelCasada #NoConfidence #EnoughIsEnough
htchurch Greenwich, Connecticut USA Make a difference this summer in a child's life by serving in kids ministries this July and August. Contact Pastor Kimmie at the church office to find out where YOU can jump in! A Spirit-filled church in Greenwich, Connecticut serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties
PunditOnPoint Bay Area If a child lied like this, about important things and without remorse, we would also be wondering whether he pulled the wings off of butterflies, and making sure no neighborhood animals died untimely deaths. #ThisIsNotNormal Honesty Broker. Social and Equity Advocate. Recovered Lawyer. Lover of pop culture, policy and politics. Zero tolerance for mean petty foolishness.
MrsAutonomous Exceptional USA To change the hearts/minds of those with which you want acceptance, you maintain decency and respect. The lack of concern for this child does not further acceptance for LGBTQ. Independent & NEVER want to depend on Govt., Appalled by massive gvt corruption. Grandmother. Patriot.
loonarmyluvbot 이젠 내가 약속해~✨이 밤~🌙💫 Can you imagine how proud they are of him?? he was this small child who came to them with a dream to sing. And as he grew up he absorbed a piece of each and every member. He relied on them not only for friendship but guidance. In every sense of the word they are his beginning😭😭 🏳️‍🌈| I can’t speak Eng or kor so sucks to be you cause I can’t talk right | they/them | JinMins🥺
verticallysmall Georgia, USA @RegalCourtier7 I believe every situation is different and goes way deeper than this. There are a lot of dead beats who don’t even call to wish their child a happy birthday or even give them anything for Christmas but I’m someone else’s child’s life like he’s the best father in the world. Entrepreneur | Creative | Every day, this Queen gets better. PSN: D_Ross09
shalorraine1991 Toms Brook @Joshua_1776 @CB618444 @j_ardinera This isn’t “pride”. There’s a difference between pride and exploiting children. I don’t care if this child is straight, trans, gay, etc. I wouldn’t allow them to be acting like this.
fit_tastic Wythenshawe, Manchester A great Fit-tastic #eyfs in @ButtonLane_ this morning playing with hoops. The children had lots of fun trying the different activities and coming up with their own games. Keep playing at home to help your child's development. #onecaringadult #childrencanthrive Not-for-profit, supporting people of all ages and backgrounds to live well for longer and to be the best they can be, through active, healthy living.
put_up_or_shtup Atlanta to Bed Stuy Clearly it’s time for me to go home and try again tomorrow. I though this child was saying MF and he was saying monster truck. Thank God for patience My music taste is probably better than most of your friends. I love Atlanta, black babies, and dance.
jacktdawsonb @zackfox could someone update this picture to show @cnn in front of the car instead of a child? then it would be removed, the account would be banned and @twitter @TwitterSupport would actually do something. No BIAS here
ZsRight Would you let your child lie to you everyday? Or your Partner? I wouldn't, and I don't think you would either. So why would you support this behavior from your President? #RealNews Cool Guy and Music and SF Giant Enthusiast
DevoxAnne chip located @RogSat thank you. Has dr em protected her page? also, this califia bloke has a child? and no one is removing that kid? oh good lord. So many questions, so little time.
bettyhonest afro-realism Jeon Jungkook really got me crying at this public terrace. 😭😭😭 I love my son. He is my most cutest, talented, adorable, kindhearted, loving, and handsomest child and I will carry him in my heart forever. Yes, yes. A PhD-getting Caribbean negra coping with pop culture from around the globe. Only love @Beyonce, @Rihanna, @BTS_twt y mi madre. Dassit.
seidk0na Michigan, USA Anyone wanna tell me what’s so wrong with this plate of snacks? Child refuses to touch any of it like it’s all poisoned. And here I thought I was pro-momming over here. :-/ Luna’s rly testing me today. 20 • mom • witch • tarot reader • bitch face origin • @jamesslone1 is daddy as fork
raleighparks Raleigh, North Carolina Looking for fun, enriching activities for your child this summer? Join us at Laurel Hills for themed half-day summer camps! Browse all of our offered themes including science, arts, sports, drama and more: The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources official twitter account. Your source for #RaleighParks news and updates.
Princessmonsta Calabarzon, Republic of the Ph After watching this, why do i feel like the child that I've been taking care of from the past years has already become so matured and grew up really well...😭😭 It felt like I am a mother who raised this kid.. I- 😢😭💜💜💜 @BTS_twt FAN ACCOUNT 😘😉 Owner: @kimjanarie07 ;) STAY SAFE & HEALTHY EVERYONE.. 😘
JasonCa55424673 Sydney, New South Wales @OzraeliAvi So happy to see that the majority of people see this is unacceptable and a form of child abuse. Way to young to be doing that. lawyer doing construction and commercial law.
Desibrox @OfficialDCTC @Gpalmer_32 Plenty of likes and views from child molesters and sickos! ANY child doing this is heartbreaking! ANY, do you hear me?! ANY child. I can’t impress upon you enough how there are some decent people out here who think it’s horrible for any child to be in this position. Praying4 him!
hianmobts HOME 💛 @bts_bighit my God, I'm crying so much and smiling without stopping .. I love Euphoria, I love this version, I love JK, I love this video. Jungkook has become a great man but he will continue to be my child forever. Thank you. really. Thank you. 💜 ◈ 하지만 방탄소년단이 진격한다면 어떨까? ◈ 170210 아미™ ⁽ᴼᵀ⁷⁾ ◈ 190608 Paris ♫ 까짜삘럽.mp3 PERSꄲꋊꋬ
ThakgatsoTiise1 Kempton Park, South Africa @clarencesdb And come back in a few days and rape my child no this is the best solution an entrepreneur and next politician in line
_ayomid_ Lagos, Nigeria so because I didn't give this child corn, she went to carry her slippers and said she's leaving the house... she's just 2 ARCHITECTURE 😩||| I’m way too awesome for my own liking 😉
TwiggieStardust Echo Isles, Durotar Two bottles and two poops at 1am. This child is growing 😂 life is a grave and i dig it
TrumpCrimeClan Emeryville, CA @rath_22 @alicecoopergirl THIS should be seen as child endangerment and abuse.
saewinetulini Is the fact that theyre hiring these babysquids Legal? Do they have child labor laws? Is this like a batman situation and the Squidbeak Splatoon is actually some justice league vigilante crap? Are there Squid Cops? #Splatoon2 Toy, 21 They/Them | lvl 51 & love a Roller | dm for SW friendcode | i might draw some 🦑&🐙 | InGameName: Toy
oSavvy_One L'ville @ChristineB143 @Jeannine8Carol @Liz_SouthAfrica @DREDD_48 I only saw the vid at the top of this thread. She was so cute wiping the table. I remember teaching my kids to clean. No one bashes a child like that for getting sick, much less punishing them by making them clean up and then boxing their ears& hitting their head. 😠 Justice should be for everyone, not just the privileged few! Do what's right. Shame on those who don't. Our Country needs better character. RT's ≠ endorsement
Veronika__Roy Assam, india @ShantiseAshanTi Oh...hi! If m not wrong I hv thrashed u b4 as well. Right? Anyway, Firstly that child on whose shoulders Sudhir sir has put his hands is not his daughter. Secondly read page 350 of Special court's verdict. And this time I expect an apology from u A student! Huge(#JabraFan) fan of the legendary journalist @sudhirchaudhary. Proud 2 b an Indian.Believe in #SochBadloDeshBadlo😊.
knroberts720 stolen Cherokee + Yuchi land John Green, on @dearhankandjohn: I'm not just saying this because I'm on an emotional high and a little bit hungover, but it's the great joy of my life—it's an incredible thing to be so close to your brother in adulthood. Me, an only child: *standing in a bathrobe, sobbing* love is the why • queer + nonbinary • disabled • joyful • they/she • #BlackLivesMatter
PCutipae Ghanaur, Punjab #PrayForFatehveer_DSSAppeal @Gurmeetramrahim Ji Insan Today is Fatehveer singh B-Day and every Indiana and others are praying and doing effects to saving the life of this child God bless him.. Study
SarMerMamaBear Ilhan’s baby girl who wants to be president is a gemini and my god i adore this child white feminist who hates White Feminism™ ~ haver of many unpopular opinions ~ hobbies include making white dudes uncomfortable & talking about drugs (she/her)
SarahMcG12 Columbus, OH Ok, now she has been napping for an hour. What is going on?! Who is this child and where is ours?!?!
paulweel29 @johnnyUtahNeo @jessesingal Terrible logic. For you then: don't own guns=no position on gun control. No children=no interest in child welfare laws. Don't drive=no position on traffic laws. Disabled and can't work=no position on income tax. This is the same tired "men can't vote on abortion laws" nonsense.
FrankZ19711982 Cleveland, OH @mikefreemanNFL You learn from the people around you And my heart breaks for that child This isn't a white or black thing anymore it's a left or right thing This is just a simple right or wrong thing and not on the good side. aimlessly persuing life and it's truths while bumping my head against the wall
sabrafael22 As a child I had this inferiority complex because of the tribe that I belong to and because of my complexion. To compensate for all the shortcomings, I developed my sense of humor. I became the funny kid. The comedian. Authentic. Raw. Mental. I rant a lot, so excuse me for the excessive drama. 😂
worcscc Worcestershire Help your child prepare for school. This time of year there is a lot of fresh healthy food about and it's a great time to practice using cutlery. Check out our webpage for some tips on getting children eating #ReadyForSchool #SchoolReadiness News & information from Worcestershire County Council, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. To report an issue, visit our website. For general enquiries, call 01905 765765.
BCHS__Softball Bakersfield, CA What does it take to earn a scholarship for your program? This is a good time for your child to be upfront about scholarship opportunities and learn if they have a chance at landing one. This is not the time to ask for a scholarship, however. 2018 CIF Central Section Division VI Valley Champions! 🥇🏆 #Compete
Jjust4u69 This makes me so sick to my stomach!! No child deserves this! Glad they arrested her and the person videotaped should be arrested for not stopping it! Let someone touch my daughter like that!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
ladyDeconstruct Oregon, USA The part I never told anyone was this : The night a friend and I ran away we got very cold and scared . I remember this awful pit in my stomach. Homesickness for someplace I didn’t really have . I brought a stuffed animal. As badass as I thought I was , I was a child chaotic good , I’m a forking delight. enneagram nerd 🤓 #atheist #ExChristian 7w8 ❤️ Your empathetic witness™️
GerryHyl London, England @ThusSpokeAmelia @amateur_arguer @LegendaryEnergy @vicecanada No, you're attacking drag and associating it with child abuse because of this child. I am ONLY defending drag. When in fact the issue is the child and their inappropriate behaviour, as for the childs sexuality, s/he may already be aware of their preference, but thats irrelevant.
BrownManSpeak Minneapolis, MN @AOC Yes, this is good! But this is not a replacement for discipline. If a child is disrupting other students and creating a culture of disobedience and chaos in class, they need to be given chances, and then removed. A culture of adult authority must be established in schools. N.F. Singh - Founder, Engineer, Entrepreneur, loves to discuss politics, philosophy and theology... keeping Christlike thoughts and actions distinct from all 3.
ThatRed_HeadKid Houston, TX Ain’t no force in this world like a focused drive, you gotta focus on yourself like a only child. You make yo dream realer, and you make yo team better. You wake yo game up, and you make yo scheme better LA✈️HTX IG:DefinitionOfCali. Move With Urgency
Aux88Detroit Greenock, Scotland Loads of music folk I know on here follow this creep and he is often in a lot on convos. His TL is full of all the usual Racist bile and child abuse patter. He's now posting pics of kids for a laugh. If he pops up again you are blocked. Celtic Fc,Acid House,Underground Electro, Techno,UR, New Order,Camera Obscura.Indie Dream pop. Sarah records.60s Garage,60sRnb.Northern soul,60s ska
RugbyPortobello London Rather than be stuck at home with no one to play with, you can help a child to have fun, make friends and unleash the their inner football star this summer. Please donate today to support our Summer Play Centre: #RPT #summergive19 @bigive @ChildhoodTrust Helping children and young people achieve their potential. In Notting Hill and beyond...
AnnikaShiffer Minneapolis, MN last night when I was trying to go to sleep I had the words “simple child economics” swirling around my head and now I must create this concept I think ur local edgy flower girl
TinTin51439800 @RooneyRachel You’re not bigoted. This is totally inappropriate and offensive to women. And I’m pretty certain it’s also child abuse to this poor child. Snowy! What’s happening? This needs to be investigated. Gender Free. Gender Critical. #blisteringbarnacles
WilliamJohnjon2 @oflynnmep @SuzanneEvans1 Who is this child Owen Jones,and why does he keep on getting air time.
_adoran hiding I just had to child proof my toilet because of troublemaker babies that look like this and I’m 100% sure I just everyone proofed it

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