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coke_usa Nevada @PuestoLoco @tmhensley1 This entitled woman, only by marriage,a citizen of the US only by the means and manipulations of Trump thinks she is royalty. I won’t attack her son because he’s a child and has a hard road ahead of him because of his horrible parents-That said, Greta is a hero and far superior. Democrat-No Trump/ers. #1 Animal rights advocate, married #TheResistance #FBR #AnybodyButTrump2020 #IMPOTUS
AnupamPKher Mumbai, India Both monkey & the child don’t care that they are on a busy street somewhere in India. Mother of the child is not hysterical. There is a certain innocence and that ‘Life goes on’ feel about it. Even the person shooting this video is not looking for a perfect angle. Enjoy.😍🤓 Actor/Teacher/MotivationalSpeaker/UN Ambassador @HeForShe #NewAmsterdam
TheRebeccaMetz Los Angeles This child and her aunt fled violence at home and sought LEGAL asylum at our border. Now our government is torturing them in our name via a policy we were told was over months ago. This holiday, I’m donating to orgs fighting ICE. If you’re able, please join me. @RAICESTEXAS That's me on @BetterthingsFX & #coopandcami. Jersey girl. Cat lady. Epicure. Laughing wild amid severest woe. Instagram: @therebeccametz
ShefVaidya Pune, Maharashtra What kind of parents teach this s*^% to a child? What chance does this kid have of growing up normal? He WILL naturally dream of 72 houries and dying as a ‘Shahid’! Author, Satirist, Speaker. Fellow-Ananta Leadership Program, Convenor-Indic Academy. Love Travel, Temples And Textiles. Mum to triplets. Indian. Hindu. Woman
bmartin7781 North Carolina, USA You pay high tuition to send your child to Catholic school don’t you? It’s time to gather 28 sets of parents and march right into the decision making person’s office to protest this absolutely ridiculous and DANGEROUS decision! You have to do something! Don’t accept it. Nurse Practitioner,love my dogs,Old English Sheepdog and Maltese.I hate people who hurt animals & I hate bullies , #Ihatetrump #PROUDRESISTOR #2020💙💙
JonahCrane washington dc This 👇 you should see the bills for our recent child birth and subsequent ER/NICU stay. Insurance laud the cast majority, making my expensive (exchange) plan quite worth it in a perverse way. Hoops addict. Yankees fan. NBA fan, tired of making excuses for Knicks. FinTech advisor and policy geek. Trying to earn my HS nickname: jock-nerd.
laurenelainee indiana @girlfreddy except it’s NOT the same bc this is a child reffing a soccer game and ur comparing it to extreme instances of sexual violence. does that seem right to u? she never said if it was a bad call or not in her post and they asked for details. don’t do this to sexual assault survivors are we gladiators or ... are we bitches? (she/her) b💓 #museumsarenotneutral
ACretalla Connecticut, USA @NickJFuentes You were not spanked as a child and it shows. Don’t worry, keep acting like this and an adult is going to do what your parents failed to do. It’s going to be a shock and awe wake up call.
SaintsA_W Catonsville & Baltimore City "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home. For it is through the Holy Spirit that this child has been conceived in her. She will bear a son and you are to name him Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins." St. Agnes and St. William of York Churches
RhamnusC Hey, Sarge! We're in a bayou, where people live in clay houses. There's trouble between the child-king and a rogue baron over an old grudge - and there's a dragon... Is this where the job is? Who's the client? (To continue, start a reply with YEAH; THE CLIENT IS) I'm a bot in development!
ScientistJordan Brou wtf I’m assuming it’s Griffith protecting her or it’s her “child” and holy crap this dude loved the fall got pussy and got out my goat Always pushing the Steins Gate and Dr Stone agenda 🧪🧪🧪 Reading: Berserk
DRomero35 Enid, OK @pulte this is my fiance's PayPal as I do not have one. I'm currently work overnights at $8 an hour. And I have my first child on the way. If ANYONE could help it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! 22 year old from the yee haw state of Oklahoma. HUGE Oklahoma City Thunder fan. Hit me up!
andreachichi ÜT: 4.833575,7.005681 And u were not satisfied with the severe beating you gave this little girl outside u still went home and beat her like this,u see how pained u were because your daughter fell off the car abi?? But u could actually beat another person's child like she a cow.i wish u got in jail y
Angela_Wormald Today's @TheSundayMirror front page - @geraldine_mck and @NickSommerlad's investigation into the child grooming scandal in Telford resulted in four abusers being jailed this week - these are the first convictions, and investigations continue. Head of News, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People @TheSundayMirror @thesundaypeople formerly Deputy News Editor, Daily Mirror | Views my own |
diddly_dom @RoxieDiva @MavenOfMayhem @jk_rowling Can't you see that she's exacerbating this situation by dealing with it here on Twitter? When my child is in a crisis, I deal with it directly and Twitter is forgotten. Under-waged, powerless, nobody, talking truth to self-righteous influencers every day. "forkhead" Nora Loreto. If I've followed you, it's because you're toxic.
ZevranBot This is Maferath, husband of Andraste and her betrayer. What? I went to the chantry as a child. I put the 'ass' in 'assassin'.
pimpn_yo_bitch yogirlhouse @buenas_tardis @BeeAmellia @Shorty__97 🤷🏽‍♀️just be understanding that sometimes children are in this situation and it isn’t innocent. For some people they aren’t as willing to let their child bathe with a grown man, because when their “dad” bathed with them mommy saw it as innocent, but daddy had different intentions 828 | 336 | WSSU 🐏‼️ #BLM ✊🏽
RadioSubversive Narragansett territory @bobbybobson4888 @Utzad1 Parents: here I don’t want to deal with you have this distraction so I can have you out of my life Parents: WHY IS MY CHILD DISTRACTED AND NOT IN MY LIFE Gao, they/them. The person losing their absolute crap in the replies to any tweet about Ovid’s Medusa being “the real story”. cover by @judechelfiearts
lalasasha8835 New York, USA Money and fame is her first love! I hope she raise this baby because her family raised her first child I love the Lord because He loves me unconditionally no matter what He loves me
CarlAltDel England, United Kingdom @runicrhyme @justicar It's nice of you to do this but I hate people giving huge gifts like this from santa. Some other kid with poorer parents will get something small and think that they aren't as good as your child. It was hard enough for me growing up with all the kids talking about their presents Variety streamer. Fallout, Mass Effect and RPG fan. Lover of True crime, horror and fiction podcasts.
BooBooRx New England 🌲 Incredible ....a young child....HOW DARE THEY TREAT HER THIS WAY FOR HIS DEMEANING & VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST HER AND DOZENS OF OTHERS. Raindrops on🌹s & Whiskers on 🐈s, Brown copper kettles & Warm woolen 🧤s, These are a few of my favorite things!❤️
Lambo88 Teesside, England @zoe_pl Haha! As a child when mum wrote Xmas cards and letters I’d be her designated letter licker - is this not normal? 🤪 Senior Lecturer in English Lit, Media, Criminology, and Social Science. Author of 'You're Nicked' Views are my own (obviously).
Mardianaa___ @aqnamatey @vouzdielyez @TiaraLaii_twt @helloNuha Saw yr reply just now and actually hantar to nursery ada baik buruknya. We as a child dont even have any idea what are they facing to raise us. I hope youre strong to face this 💪🏻 \\ 但无论怎样,你永远不会看到我哭泣 //
101Sugarbaby @pulte it’s not fair that you can see everyone else but this little ole black girl who has a infant child in desperate need of help who gets beat on by her child’s father and practically homeless HELP HER! She has no job cause she has to stay home and care for her child ! Looking for a legit sugar daddy, money slave etc. I also expose fakes, scammer wanna be sugar daddies. DM at your own risk. MUST PROVE YOURE LEGIT.
fia_kro Paris @Red_Lab19 But Boris will look at her plight while Nazanin is still detained and her child has another motherless Christmas. This country sickens me Product Designer / politically minded Brixton local - living in Paris 🇬🇧👉🏾🇫🇷 @galdemzine contributer, #BLM Jeremy Corbyn is a truthteller🌹
Threnody_Grim Japan I decided to work on Zev's design. at least when he's older since I can't draw kids = = he's suppose to a lykoi cat and suppose to resemble a wolfman. hopefully he'll look like one when I color this. I don't remember if I stated that Masque nicknames him 'feral child' I'm just an artist that loves to draw Sonic art, especially my #1 fancharacter, Decay.
babirye_ South Africa @CornuPerold @philhajphil This shows that you are simply showboating. No loving parent would refer to their child as a “township product of rape”, on such a public platform no less. Kindly take this festive season to meditate on your motivations and begin your healing process. ‘Coz this ain’t it. Constantly looking for beauty in the mandatory mundane
lakhumang Namsai INDIA @ParveenKaswan Explore......and bring him in focus. This talented young child must be channellised in proper way. Be and make
DougDav44560032 @CNN Well CNN here's some fun facts that you'll never report when I was a child autism was almost non-existent. Now with this poisonous government popsicletail called immunization shots 1 in 42 women become autistic 1 and 32 men 35% of them are completely sterile 2nd Force Recon Marine union carpenter conservative Republican truth-seeker
MaebyKate Taken x This sixteen year old child is a champion of Europe and the world. Pass it on. my head is a living forest full of songbirds - writer, daydreamer, escapist » Top Redhead™ |🌹JFT96 | YNWA❣️FB FT
valcrlvallespin Paper Town So my gay friends prefers me to download this playlist containing the songs of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Destiny's Child, Spice girls and Vanessa Williams.. All because they don't like my playlist 😕 ur eyes are homes of silent prayers
SarahSnow73 London, England @Fern_Britton Oh I am so sorry to read this. I have just sat here and explained to my 15 yr old daughter how much as a child I used to love watching your father in Don’t Wait Up. My sincere condolences to you and your family ❤️
Ngamahle_M If you knew this why the hell did you make this about race like your white child is the only one capable and deserving of being accepted? If we don't see eye to eye, that's the view from where I am standing, so there you have it.
ellojessa Gainesville, FL This grown bottom man chooses to degrade a child with this disgusting meme. Must be hard living the kind of life where you feel the need to say things like this about a child. He’s probably a 50 year old man that still lives with mommy and can’t get laid. Pathetic. Mother of 3, lover of all things, except spiders 🕷 Missing the mountains of upstate NY 🏔 but still love living in the heart of Gator Nation 🐊 🏈 ☀️
therealpetraamp London, England @LyloGold @skinglo_afro This is why I personally was pissed for my niece's grandma foster kids. The stories they told me was heartbreaking and I hate to say it but I'm so wary of white people esp women having mixed race children. No child should ever go through racism esp through family members. this app should not be free.
lakhumang Namsai INDIA @Jarpum this unique and wonderful talent child and channellised him providing much facilities and publications. Be and make
sportcarms 🎄CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP - CARMARTHEN PLAY CENTRE - up until Christmas Eve (24th December) 🎄 - 2 hours of play - Food - Decorate a Gingerbread Man - Receive a Selection Pack All this for ONLY £6.00 per child (available this weekend, Monday and Tuesday) Sicrhau bod mwy o bobl, yn fwy egniol yn fwy aml | Getting more people, more active, more often.
Wadadli_Child International @FeistyNita @yehperry Too many people accessing the same cell tower’s. We need to fix this all over the Caribbean. More than 10 ppl standin 2gether and bare cellphone problems. Time for @FLOWJamaica and @DIGICELJamaica to deal with this. Invest in a few mobile towers. An event takin place set-up shop FrEedOm
ohkfletch Amazing courtney thankyou x-KF @suggysdot eww and as for those suggesting she’s preggo get a grip it’s forking rude to assume that bc of how her body looks people bloat etc they’ve been together just over a year I highly doubt they’d have a child at this point they’ve got a tour coming up “Thankyou have a great Christmas x- KF” | 12/09/19 x (fan account)
askabouttasiaa RVA this why i don’t stay at my child’s father house.. this forking snoring is sick like i can’t sleep through this.. then get mad when i get up and say i’m going home. O4.12.2O2O 🤱🏽💙
grvshrmat New delhi, India Can't we give our children any ray of truth. People manipulate the easy targets. This child doesnt know anything about laws and politics. Parents and reporters are using them like tools. ओ३म् भूर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गोदेवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्
svalentineplay Vacaville, CA .@realDonaldTrump🥜 is not Jesus. "But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people." - Luke 21:23.... All the world's a stage.... I'm an author, screenwriter, and sometimes actor. Here's where I play my parts; man my station; and ajust my dials....
1Stu_Padasso Dude Danald trump is EVIL he has made jokes about great Americans who have passed on, the little girl that was named person of the year Greta Thunberg, the handicapped journalists and all the people he has childishly nicknamed this sonofabitch with the IQ of a child needs DAYCARE this is my 3rd account lmao not gonna stop
cultsykes she/her it’s my little sisters bday today and she got a disgustingly overpriced doll that had to be shipped over from America bc it sold out here + Europe this youngest child favouritism is ridiculous when I was 10 my mum just gave me beer mats to play with so she could do coke in peace wishful thinking
EllenKamika 😱 I had that exact postcard when I was a child, but someone had stitched ruffles, sequins and little pearls on it. Back then it was a very beautiful treasure to me. I had forgotten about it until I saw this tweet. Zuerst das Huhn, dann das Ei! - Und dann das Huhn! - #fckafd - she/her - *komme nur ab und an mal hier rein zum nachgucken*
arosica15 London The worst company ever! I just ordered a Nintendo as a Christmas present for my child, they took the money and cancel the order. paid for delivery for today. can soemone from @curryspcworld contact me urgently. this woman from #currys just put the phone down after2 hours on hold My home from Umbria pop up restaurant: a way to bring alive history,culture& traditions of Italian life style.
woolly_mammoths Northland Wake-Up-And-Trouble-Shoot-This -Malfunctioning-Appliance-While -Soothing-A-Crying-Child should be like the final event in the Dad Olympics. Slouching towards autocracy. Drinking all the beer. There will be tweeting about the dark time. Member of the Deep State. SCSU HUSKY HOCKEY FAN🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒
karihuertas8 Lima, Peru So Shoma had a crappy season and was reward at home as always, because is JFS darling child. Really Shun and Yuzuru deserved better than this. #JapanNationals Artista independiente Dibujo pelito y universos.Adicta al chocolate. Figure skating fan :)
Jayster79 Earth Even the holiday of your dreams can’t stop you from wanting to wrap a rope around your neck and getting it over and done with. I’m a child abuse survivor who has since been bullied,Facebook shamed and shunned by the whole world. This isn’t a cry for help. It’s a fork you world!😤 Life long LUFC fan.. Boxing fan and also crap at Fifa 🤷🏻‍♂️ Diagnosed With Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.. ps JC4PM
austinoscar316 A 🌍 of my own. @GbemiDennis You hit your child with a door and take it on a poor child,cos you think no1 is watching..God save me from this type of woman . Mustard seed autos. 🦂dog lover🐶#automobile consultants,procurements and repairs #real recognize real#Gods own#I Stand 4 D Truth#autoprenure#clean cars only#