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SmartGuyRyan @chumpforkery @The_Law_Boy Oh wow lots of people finding a 2 year old tweet. Its nothing special just after trump was elected lots of Obama and Biden memes were being made where Biden was a likeable goofball. People discussed how he was creepy and handsy towards women Wtf? why am I, a North Dakotan, in commie territory.
SmartGuyRyan @BernieDenizen @The_Law_Boy Oh wow lots of people finding a 2 year old tweet. Its nothing special just after trump was elected lots of Obama and Biden memes were being made where Biden was a likeable goofball. People discussed how he was creepy and handsy towards women Wtf? why am I, a North Dakotan, in commie territory.
SmartGuyRyan @Jla1varez @The_Law_Boy Oh wow lots of people finding a 2 year old tweet. Its nothing special just after trump was elected lots of Obama and Biden memes were being made where Biden was a likeable goofball. People discussed how he was creepy and handsy towards women Wtf? why am I, a North Dakotan, in commie territory.
cmbxbway Maryland, USA Omg this person DELETED the tweet. She’s waiting to hear Colleen’s side of things, even though she made it known that she believed her innocence. Additionally, they tweeted AT Colleen to address it. Absolutely ridiculous and not her place. Moreover, she’s teasing people (1/2) She/her ♀️• Ballinger family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 , Disney 🏰, & Broadway 🎭 fanatic
HByrnel Rudersdal, Danmark @elonmusk @Grimezsz If tweets is from you, you are a jerk, people have bought your shares to support, bought cars, lived with quality issues. I have a portion of shares, former 2 S and now a M3P I can live with stocks, BUT if you have made this tweet you dont deserve ANY support, hopefully drugs
fi1775 @moritz_hoffmann @RichNascak @tweet_2_defeat @mike_zemaitis @Kgifford2 @snowmanomics @SenPolehanki People felt their rights were being violated. They protested made their voice heard. Pink pussy hats protest and damage property. Make threats of blowing things up. Far more violent than these people. But, you're cool with the pussy hats protesting.
russburlingame Syracuse, NY @MuseumGuyScott I wanted to do one for Crisis when they were doing the re-air last month, but it would have made sense to have people tweet along with the live broadcast, and 1) Brandon had another QWP one of the days and 2) Marc didn't have access to CW on his TV that week. Cali's husband. Daniel, Samantha & Charlotte's dad. I write for @comicbook. I host @ecv_podcast and will be talking a lot about The Muppets this year.
cartivstheworld @cuckerk I think it started with a tweet of mine that blew up and then 2-3 people made similar tweets as a joke then it spread but i could be wrong music and manga(part 8 jojo and OP reread)
CitizenDK At Large Actually I do have something to say about today's Left discourse, if you are white and have issues with statements made by colonized people instead of launching a tweet storm we should be engaging with other white leftists as to why colonized people might feel that way 1/2 Angry Marxist Leninist, Staunch anti-Imperialist. A geek who abhors the reactionary nature of geek culture. Recovering Liberal. He/him.🐧
EricaToelle Seattle, USA @iyerajay1 @stevegoodman made a good point - I think it completely depends on the number of attendees. The meetings that prompted the tweet have more than 30 people and there are always the 1-2 people that keep it on... Microsoft MVP Office Apps & Services #MVPbuzz • #Compliance #ContentServices • #Office365 #SharePoint #MicrosoftTeams #ECM • She/Her • @HowToUseO365
Rayan_Valstrax London, England @Patrick0Smith0 @Dracojustice @GhostNoir2 @KZXcellent like i made a point in a tweet i posted about how if you think it's valid to let dunkey have his opinions and for you to crap on others, it's also valid for other people to choose to mute him. one of his fans replied 2 mins after posting saying they only call out mental cases. 19 • Asian • He/Him • Bi • DRK and BRD main FFXIV • Backup Account @StygZinogre • Trans rights! • Header and Avatar:
9721yellow In the earth’s core I made a bit of an oopsy as a result of being a bit panicky and impatient, and i flopped. People flooded around me telling how rude I was, and I didn’t even know how to react, as I never meant for my tweet to be like that. I got angry, and retaliated offensely, which I regret 2/? Hiho, I mostly play Adopt Me | Arsenal | Sound Space | I unfriend after trading unless we are mutuals | Profile by @drawsaudrey
AestheticNinja_ Indiana, USA The 2 people that commented saying they had one of the halos well people stole my trades. I literally made a tweet and they steal the trades... I’m so much cooler online, aren’t we all?
TheAlexDeLaFlor Suspended @ 62K :'( I'm getting VASTLY annoyed over how many people are blowing up this dumb joke tweet I made towards this dude because 1. he's insanely problematic (go check his twitter, i didn't realize till after) & 2. he's gaining recognition for what? because of me. and it's angering me. Jan 18 @Penthouse Pet • Hapa 🇵🇭 • Doge mom • Marijuana Primadonna • Hedonist • Intellectual & Sensitive Nympho • ♋️ • Booking:
moonvald United States Went to interact with someone's tweet, noticed their S/O had me blocked after previously having followed me. I think it may have been b/c of a misstep I made irt: a human rights related issue. While I am a bit sad, and people are allowed to curate their online experience...(1/2) 26 • She/Her • Lead Manager for Planet Destiny • Artist & Crafter • Ornery Witch • Space Magic Enthusiast • 💌 :
ISWV_JellyBean In Your Thoughts @That_Rudon @HMKilla Here's where all of it came from. He shared a tweet about the upcoming FF7R Ultimania and how hyped he is about and someone called him a KH fan and this was his response that made people lose their minds. He did play KH1 and 2 but couldn't get into the series. My name says it all.
limpho_matsepe 1. Reading something the twitter refreshes 2. Seeing the same thing over and over again 3. People retweeting every reply of a tweet they made😒 4. Fine people following me and not Dm-ing what chu tryna do? 🚮😭 5. People following me everyday 🙄
_Zipio @Samzyys @Ninja I think it's great I mean I haven't actually made a tweet for people to follow me. I've made a total of 2 tweets in the two years. I dont come on here to flex my clout. I use twitter to make clowns of people like you. How about you go back to your 12 viewer stream and flex. xD
AnimaFPS New Zealand @WardenOCE Still even if its casual no one wants to get pubstomped but get what you mean if there are clear 2 modes for casual and ranked. But I made the tweet because of all the people talking about Sbmm in valorant which the casual mode plays competitivly 16 y/o x @SparkyGGs x Aim coach (DM me or join my discord)
x_x___o_0 @TheAstrolabe @ProfessionalJu2 @House_Nerdling @ArielleScarcell He asked people to send him what they saw and he made a mega thread out of it. What I’m talking about wasn’t even 2 weeks ago, and I was still @‘d in the thread when the first one in the tweet you quoted was sent to him (by Nico I think) like 3 days ago.
pokarviraj @VodafoneIN You an your team can do a great job of fooling people around its been 15 days since I had asked them how did i use 2.5 Gb data in just 1 min This is very unfortunate to see that this is what Vodafone is doing and not even replying to the tweet that was made 15days ago
herdyshepherd1 Lake District, England Thank you to Barley and Ethel who today made us smile and giggle - more than 2.4 million people viewed the original tweet She won her class - how could the judge (moi) do anything else? (Though there were some other remarkable kids in the class too) Fell farmer. Writer. The Shepherd’s Life (2015) and new book, English Pastoral, coming (September 2020).
Robert_Townsend Planet Townsend Hello everybody,thanks for being a part of this Filmmaker tweet- a-Thon! One of the mistakes I made while I was making Hollywood shuffle,was not doing a shot list one day, and it cost me a lot of time because I wasn’t prepared. So now I create a shot list! #ArrayNow This is the OFFICIAL Robert Townsend: Actor, Director, Filmmaker, Father
charli_xcx LONDON zoom conference in 30 mins talking about new music and other stuff, will tweet the code just before. you can watch on my youtube too. ps here’s an idea I made last night. prod by @agcook404 and @beejburton 🧡 claws out now
richard_4_real Cornwall, PA @TehcariAintcrap Bruh when I made that tweet the other day saying “what time did you see this” and people were like 8 hours ahead or behind I was forked up i be that pretty muforka, man | backup - @richard4fake | occasionally funny, always horny
PerthCollegeUHI Perth, Scotland, UK Nominations for the #HISAawards are now OPEN, so celebrate the people who've made a difference this year. Whether that's an amazing lecturer, society or hidden hero - nominate NOW and give them the recognition they deserve!! 🏆 #ThinkUHI @tweet_HISA We're part of Scotland’s newest university, the University of the Highlands and Islands, with courses from access level to honours degrees and masters.
AhmedAAbdillahi Make sure you get paid first, and tweet share if you did the receipt, hide figures. Don't ship 2nd wave yet. A common mistake livestock merchants made over the yrs shipping to Yemen, Gizan/Jeddah of Saudi Arabia & Egypt. Spatial Planner. Somaliland جـ . أ . الصومال
kristen_counts @yungjoseph22 You think you’re so great but do not actually read my post correctly or the comments within my tweet I’ve made at the beginning. Stay being rude and ignorant 🥱 Baddie don’t need no daddy 😋 Basshead🦋 PLUR🌈🧚🏻‍♀️
Akashi_kensho 小鹿男的怀里🦌 @clownintraining I made a tangy version of this sweater can I post on reddit with link to this tweet and credits to you? ☆kensho☆ 💫Aquaria💫
BobbieGeorgeRE2 RURAL USA @LunaLuvgood2020 @JoeBiden I could never be around my abuser again. His name made me go into such a gear : I would be shaking and crying . It's been 30 years ago he is dead but I still cant handle hearing g his name. I read every tweet she wrote about joe biden and things are shady . I lost my account @bobbieg611 Sassy Chick please follow me. mom , daughter , sister IFB #Resist Resistance..I'm voting for @joebiden.
Busterdog7 King's Lynn, England @Bfletcher249 @afneil “As I understand it, there was one mistaken Downing Street tweet which spoke of testing "100,000 people per day" rather than carrying out 100k tests a day. It was swiftly corrected. The actual pledge was made prior to that by Matt Hancock and was always 100k tests per day.” It's cool for cats
Anthony88462881 Warwickshire, uk @Hepworthclare @91f0ae259086481 It was not aimed at you Mrs Hepworth. Sir Keir Starmer does have z history of defending paedophiles. Nigel farage has made racist comments. Tell me how that is abusive. I mean you no harm. I was hung over this morning and overreacted to your Boris bashing. I removed the tweet. Company Managing Director. Love my gorgeous wife & 4 daughters, HM the Queen, Britain, the PM and the Commonwealth. Hate EU, MSM, the left & Piers Moron.
oliveyoongs she/her/hers! 18! @Stan4Sunshine @gayforjihyo @r0ughscribbles you literally don’t even know anything about the situation apparently ????? stop attacking me if you don’t even know what happened??? the original tweet i made was about how some of my followers follow an account that sexualizes child r*pe and p*dophilia and has admitted to #JUNGKOOK: don’t care didn’t ask plus you’re not a lesbian
oflynnsocial As I understand it, there was one mistaken Downing Street tweet which spoke of testing "100,000 people per day" rather than carrying out 100k tests a day. It was swiftly corrected. The actual pledge was made prior to that by Matt Hancock and was always 100k tests per day. Freeing the UK of rule by the BOOGIB (Bunch Of Old Guys In Belgium). SDP Brexit spokesman. Political commentator.
BarunDSuperman India @RituRathaur Hindu , Sikh , Muslim Rituals are all man made ... This tweet is extremely in bad taste and I feel pity for you and you aren't even scared of God before saying such things at such time. Have some Shame Disgusting Women. twitter is my stress buster so I’m here to keep myself engaged in all sort of activities that twitter offers! Also Part-time BiggBoss viewer (Honest and Loyal)
anna_liverbird Warrington @Daffodil01chase Oh Fran, your tweet made me let out all the tears I have been holding back! 😪 I think I needed a good cry, so I blubbed for a few minutes and now feel better knowing it's not just me who is feeling overwhelmed. We're all in this together. #NHS 💙 #StayStrong NHS Worker who should have retired in 2016. #BackTo60, #50sWomen, #OneVoice #TheGreatPensionRobbery
swweeetcreature London, England Day 13: Favorite tweet Honestly I love them all bc they always show so much love and appreciation. The therapy one is so soothing but everyone will choose that or the first one I was here for, “soooo the weather?” so I’m going with one that made me snort because of course Harry. What if I’m someone I don’t want around?
yooexpose @Stan4Sunshine who exposed her content first were actually her followers, someone made a tweet not even mentioning her @ but then her followers got pressed and started to harrass her so this thread is for ppl that when see this know to not go to her acc i only use this acc to expose ppl
GP_Tweets1 @Schaffrillas I have a bad Star Wars take where I think that TFA is the worst, and this tweet made me feel better about it Am Pepper Shaker. FLCL aficionado. INFJ. I like drawing. He/Him. PC Specs: GTX 1060. I5 8400. Owns a shirt that says “Helvetica” written in comic sans.
Airtel_Presence INDIA @Journo_Ejaz Hi! I noticed your tweet and would like to know what made you feel this way. Please DM us if you are experiencing anything specific along with your respective Airtel number, and we’ll make things right for you. Thank you, Manisha K The official customer support page for Airtel India.
AFC_Carys SE London @CFCNINO_ @utdBrett That wasn't the debate, don't try and diverge because you know I'm right in what I'm saying 😂 you made a silly tweet with Rashford's stats as if they were bad, don't be surprised you got backlash. I don't have time for immature debates, leave agendas behind. @Arsenal • Video Editor - Follow my comps page (@EPLComps) • co-founder of @afcSource •
Wamagaisa Canterbury A tweet of appreciation for great service from @Mami_Kairo who sells chickens in Harare. She made sure the relatives got their pleasant surprise to lighten the lockdown blues. They say she has a good product and maybe it was the chicken soup talking but I trust them :-) Law academic @KentLawSchool Former Chief of Staff in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s office, Zimbabwe. Former adviser to Zimbabwe’s constitution-making team
vexedcer dublin. this is gonna be SUCH a niche tweet but i wanna see doll customisers using creatable world dolls for customs bc theyre so forking cool and are literally made to be Choose Your Own Adventure 20. they-them. ncad. likes stuff, makes stuff.
skeletongirl91 @DownwithQueenE2 @israhirsi Thanks for showing you inability to "not care" like you stated in your previous reply,either way,whether you believe it or not,black women and girls do experience this,so much so that it's understandable for her to have made that tweet. Just a young teen trying to change and point out society's messed up ways.
Altonus2 @_SuzukaNakamoto Thankyou so much my beautiful little sweetie for sending me video Babymetal gift. It means so much every time. My phone made me aware of a video you sent me many hours after you sent that time a wrote a pretty sore and sorry tweet to you...
jc4P45 UK, Basel CH I saw a tweet this morning from @toni87230159 that made want to look closer at the relationship between @yourfriendzippy and @TomGalbraith17 something just didn’t sit right. 1/10 History lover, Hockey player, ex RAF 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 spelling mistakes are either spell check or irony related #DialogueNotDivision 🇮🇱3802/72🇵🇸0
Edwinwkf Wellington City, New Zealand @ernamh ’collective’ others to simplify and made in context. Read. Don’t use my tweet as your racial platform. notoriously temperamental with a slight dose of humour and empathy, allergic to racism
anmilis Africa @KudoBrut We’re not mutuals, on ne se connaît pas, t’es pas concerné. I didn’t come at you, I didn’t lecture you, and I think I made that clear in my previous tweet.
Marie33Allyson I literally made a twitter account just to tweet about him, @Louis_Tomlinson I came late to your fandom but I love you so much already, u own my soul and bottom ❤ #StandUpForLouis #StandUpForLouis #StandUpForLouis #StandUpForLouis ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕 You are not a clown, you are the entire circus
Nuecifraga United Kingdom Or start reading a German tweet and get confused why I understand it when I haven't exactly made the effort to learn either language It's our hot white night, we can just melt away ➡️@lyndometer // They // Electronic Engineering & Computer Science// [Lietuvių/English] // FUBM free

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