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goldenxxicarus she/her | Minor | solo stan @meraki_latibule I will tell you what they all did. 1) invalidated non labeled people 2) brought harry into this mess by misinterpreting the SNL skit 3) made @/HarryFacts to tweet about the situation cause it went out of hand. 4) started playing the victim and went private. #ZAYN 𝘐 𝘤𝘢𝘯'𝘵 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘯𝘰 𝘴𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘴𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘢𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘦 | #HARRY 𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘴𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘴𝘰 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘥
SouffleOfTheDay Seattle, WA @mot427 @essej_rehceeb @jkfecke @Rodnorman21 @davenewworld_2 You could just acknowledge/apologize for an unclear tweet, you know, instead of blaming it on the people who read it and concluded you were saying what your tweet very clearly made it seem like you were saying. Tech consultant and NBA old-soul in an NBA wasteland.
n14_titiH @Highrichdope1 @conharrison5 I’m not racist at all but it’s people from Asia and Africa that give these new “itk” accounts followers. They block everyone that knows they’re full of crap, then they get 1000’s of followers that believe every tweet. This happens every summer he made the acc 2 months ago lmaoo Arsenal fan
ember_november Canada @caylanford 2/ I wanted to remind people who see your tweet that you were a candidate hand-picked by Kenney & parachuted into a riding, then some of your social media commentary showing a white nationalist stance was made public and you withdrew. Your racist stance has no place in any > I want accessible, affordable, & quality healthcare & education, children to be safe & loved, and know that all dogs are the goodest. Anti-UCP, anti-MAGAt.
MadridXtra Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid @ASENSl20 @Ido7ii @Sancho7i @lauriewhitwell That’s what it basically is... 🎖 is the best of the best sources. 🥇 is tier 1/2. Otherwise people see “1” in the medal and automatically think tier 1. But we don’t fully operate in tiers. Hence we made our pinned tweet. The source of information, stats, data, transfers, videos and compilations regarding Real Madrid.
ZMG_Tornado Pennsylvania, USA @YourBuddyMango This tweet isn’t made properly I have no clue what went through my head at like 1 or 2 in the morning but, my point of this tweet is to tell everyone and anyone still doing the #SavePvZBFN hashtag to give up. It’s futile. People need to stop beating a dead horse. Simple as that. Aspiring Youtuber, hoping to change people’s lives. Wishing everyone the best with their life’s. ❤️ you guys :)
fatherofallmf priv: @dookiefied the reason why everyone has me muted or just doesn't care about anything i tweet is that either half of the mutuals that are my age have moved on and are now married with 2 kids tweeting about how their kid made their first steps or people that are 5 years younger than me who - let me tell you what i think about frog piss he/him, 21
sosososoriii @ohkupoit 1: not true. 2: believing a random tweet on the internet from a fake account with broken chinese that was made 3 minutes before with a US gmail account is sad and only shows a lack of intelligence. stop letting people lie to you and acting like you're godly for believing it
flybyjerry PA @SecretPunch I saw a tweet explaining the Among Us situation from literally the only programmer and it made a lot of sense why it is. These people didn’t expect the game to be anywhere near as big as it is, especially 2 years post release. | Grad Student | Twitch Streamer | Amateur Poker Grinder | Writer for “Filmvestigate” | Pinball Player | Ska Kid |
Jessicab1985_6 Amersfoort, Nederland 2 tweets away from 10k tweets🤣🙈. I tweet too much & as I said this I made 90+ tweets for tomorrow🤣🤦🏻‍♀️. While I requested songs & voted for people and took so many naps that I lost count of it🙈. And I didn't forgot to eat dinner😆. Listened to radio shows & also to my playlist. official twitter account! Living in the Netherlands.❤️ Serbia.🇷🇸🇳🇱🇰🇷 #CharmedOG #JessieLynn #Spicegirls #NTIDST #CountryMusic #AlexisTaylor #JessicaLynn
elsecaller_ she/her @NKel26 lmao you did not make a tweet saying “here are the negative effects of a drug” you made a tweet calling people who used the drug too stupid to do their jobs which is 1)stupid and wrong and 2) elitist 26 | progressive 💫 MPP grad 👩🏻‍🏫 delighted to be a homosexual
Its_CCHogan Dirt It could be an app or similar made available to media people and others who suffer this kind of criminality and harassment. One click, and the Tweet, DM, FB Message, Instagram, whatever, is stored in a database complete with the details of the person who sent it. 2/6 Writer and narrator of wonderful tales. Follow my #Podcast @DITDFpodcast and see my blog: #audiobooks #unicorns #dragons #fairytales
sshinoasada Sinon’s panties Okay, for the people coming after me because of the tweet I made about Asuna not mentioning Leafa and Sinon, please stop assuming that I “hate her” or “don’t like her” because that’s not the case AT ALL! I was just confused as to why she left those two out (1/2) ソードアートオンライン — ♥️ my IG: shinon.chan {ポジティブを保つ} 🌸
CFAllen00 Texas, USA There's a tweet about how radfem rhetoric in the LGBTQ community leads to transphobia towards trans men, and people are interpreting it as an attack on trans women, which feels like an enforcement of that mostly made up "divide" in the trans community. All trans people can 1/2 He/They I 20 I BLM - Justice For Our Black Siblings I Trans Rights Are Human Rights I James Barry Was A Trans Man I radfems f off I 🛡 I 🏳️‍⚧️
jacobthelordd he/him | blm | acab anyways time for a more serious tweet. just wanna wish the homie @itsfrenchfry a happy birthday. one of the first friends i made when i join the gang server and thus has made me start talking to more and more people causing me to meet all these people. (1/2) 15 | don’t take some of my tweets seriously | discord: jacobthelord#9548 | priv: @jacobsthoughts9 (FRIENDS ONLY.)
KIHYUNABORTION THIRTEEN ♡ READ CARRD 📌 @magicisles its a long story but basically i made a fake exclus acc to see what goes on there and i got a little bit of clout and then people found out it was me, KIHYUNABORTION and they found a tweet where i said i would spam their discord server with porn as a joke and now im basically 1/2 hwanwoong hates hets he told me personally SHE!HER
RahulJay17 @OmarLop02817350 @Lemonsarelump @shashank2720 @samuOW @The_Mister_A people in the tweet above made valid points which you agreed to by saying yes effect had personal issues and you said its because of bad management that he had PERSONAL issues. same with OGE boomage. there are 2 sides to every thing stop living on the edge chill at the middle
flryys socials ➡️ @notqthenry @Pengyqt @AvailTheTeam some people just shouldn’t talk and ofc he’s taking zachs side cause they’re irls. that’s a dumb decision he made considering 1. he’s not in the friend group 2. wasn’t involved and 3. doesn’t know my side of it. really dumb of him to reply to my tweet but some people r like that trickshotter/content creator // #FaZeFlury @FaZeClan
yutaxiumxiumain exo, nct, rv @garabopp there's several tweet defending keeho with receipts. i think the "sharing of stan account" is true since there was a gc made and they shared their accounts there. the gc had 2 black people members and they both claimed that keeho is not racist (but i still have doubts) + fan account /she/ 🇵🇭: I MISS MINSEOK WTF HUHU ᴸ¹⁴⁸⁵
JINSGOLD_2 바다가 들려 오늘따라 내 귓가에 가까이 종일 뜨겁던 빛이 어느새 붉게 물든 지금 구름은 더 높아지고 적당히 습한 공기에 길어진 그림자 같은 기억 하나 바다가 들린다 some people have dmed me about an insensitive tweet i made. i lost over 50+ moots bcs of that tweet. i took it down but i still do not regret what i said, i’m not apologizing for telling the truth, jisoo and i are in fact dating and none of you can change that. she!her • multi • {minor} • (i know my layout is pink but i actually forking hate pink)
babyluvscherry she/her ... lgbtq @deadstuy @SWANROVSKl it didn't seem like it to me, after he made that tweet he just went on with other tweets until you tweeted back. i promise u its not worth it cause y'all doing good and okay, then whats the point. plus there are a lot of other people thinking what he thought over her tweet (1/2) blm | acab | 15
clashroriytv @TyRusse43175833 @qAlexZEU @MrBeastYT I agree with you,stop advertising in people's tweets. 1: it's disrespectful towards the person who made the tweet because you're justing using them for free advertising,2: literally no ones watching you because of these annoying comments, and 3: just forkin stop,Its embarrassing I'm an artist,a YouTuber,and a cu-
Whaleburkahoot ☆pfgc☆MINOR!☆she•they•bun•pup☆ remember when smptwt hated triotwt and when some people would crap talk triotwt in a tweet someone would reply with something like "hey dont group all of us together like that" and then the person who made the tweet would be like "yeah i know you guys are so nice i would- 1/2 .*•°☆.*•°☆.*•°☆.*•°☆.*•°☆.*•°☆.*•°☆.*• #TECHNOBLADE: I'm about to speedrun this man's funeral • idottwt + bbh, dttwt, sleepytwt & quacktwt • artist
jultar1000 @Liam35130877 @JBRC1889 @PokemonGoApp Here is the problem I have rn, many people concider me a niantic lover ever since this tweet Now, a lot of idiots see this bootlicking and have received many foul messages and got PMed death threats because they believe, making comments like this one that are made 1/2 Just another joe who enjoys playing games fairly and hates those who cheat in it
JakeArkinstall United Kingdom @olafurw @TartanLlama As an oversight, mine is hardcoded in there. On the upside, the amount of people that have tested the function following this tweet made me very rich for a short time. On the downside, it then triggered a signed overflow on my account, and now I'm 2 billion pounds in debt. C++ developer. Physics PhD. Views I express are a figment of your imagination.
flametheavgeek she/they yesterday i saw #JusticeForDeon trending and of course my dysfunctional 11 pm DUMBASS decided to ask what happened, big mistake and at least 2/3 of the responses were people who evidently never saw the "kindly" part of the tweet. but these few replies made my day. thank you. creator of the #airlineoc concept. if BLM is a terrorist organization then so is the police. other oc tags: #cruiselineoc #cruiseshipoc #airlineoc
jd_booklion @bookswithmoon ok so he made a bad tweet that said “you guys have been asking us to use our platforms so heres me in my platforms” and then had pictures of himself in platform shoes. he basically spat in the face of people asking him to speak about BLM and then (1/2) hi, im jd. they/them.
UKMeleeBackroom When confronted about the tweet by members of the community Kingu did not show remorse for their actions and still has not apologised. The evidence made in this decision were supplied with the following screenshots: (Reuploaded with 2 people blurred out) Official twitter account for decisions made by the UK Melee backroom.
elizabethkmua gross @ReigenThepsychi @DanielGova14 @tylerrjoseph girl i have had more mental health struggles than any 16 year old child should have had in their life time. if anyone knows its important i do. it takes 2 seconds to tweet a link to a carrd and thousands of people would probably sign multiple petitions. and he went and made a 1/2 fork 12! ACAB! BLM!! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 harry stan first, mua second 😌
DudeHowEvenTho Earth @kookiebunnyboii @oddeyepilots It upsets me about how he apologized. He made that tweet and people got mad, so *2 hours later* he chooses to make a bunch of tweets about Mental Health and how he's "in a bad mental place". It's like he's using his fanbase by twisting them into feeling bad for him. i barely use twitter, but hello.
Coffeepunker @kapachauu @pitchedsnow It's suicide awarness month and it would have been perfectly fine for him to tweet about that but he just made it difficult. He couldve tweeted about BLM and suicide awareness but he kept choosing to ignore what people were saying. It doesnt even matter of he tweeted the link 1/2 They/Them Artist🖋 🔞
amour6s @garlicpizzas @dekushark @tylerrjoseph 1. you’re not apart of “we” you’re apart of “them” okay? okay. 2. it wasnt funny, it was insensitive and he shouldn’t have made the joke. he hurt a lot of people with that tweet and still hasn’t apologized, instead he called it “fantastic” when it wasn’t. he needs to get a grip.
catgittarius Antifa HQ Im so angry. Im so forking angry a man we thought was an ally, did a lot of good for his minority fans, and made music for people who relied on it to get through the week could just mock calls to activism that wouldve been as simple as a few tweet threads to his 2.2M account. catgi (🔊kat-jee) ▪ 19 ▪ she/her ▪ 🇺🇸🇯🇵 Charles Darwin didn't account for the likes of ME || header @zaynscandycane
elegyinmay BLM your platform tweet was nowhere near “fantastic”. you made fun of people begging you to speak out on important topics. you made fun of people begging for your help. do you know how much of an impact you could’ve made by tweeting out carrds and petitions and donation links? (1/2) #RACHEL: amy is so freaking funny * (she/her)
IisFum In the same room as Fum. @emmmelyne You know what, fork it, I'll tell you why this post made me mad. 83% of people on this entire forking planet believe in some kind of god, and this tweet was disrespectful to all of them. (1/2) The Man in the Ghostface Mask. The third worst thing to happen to those orphans. (Anti)
ForeignCountess This season of BBN should have been called keeping up with Kiddwaya and Erica because everything is literally about them, those 2 have made people keypad warriors, it has made people tweet in the nosense with confidence ...🤣🤣🤣🤣 God Over Everything, follow @ericanlewedim on Instagram
claudiolufc @WillRichColl @HaroldSykes16 Because it was created 2 days ago minimum and it’s first tweet was to me. It’s made 3 replies to me out of like 6 of their tweets. They only follow the people the lufc account follow so there’s no chance of either of our tweets going onto their feed. 16. Leeds. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇹.

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