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DaPlayGuy London, England @SE_Legendary 1/2 don't know why I'm just seeing this tweet now but i understand time are hard and hard decisions had to be made why get rid of the people who literally make your company Streamer / Content Creator • 自分に信じろ • code: DPG #epic #ad • @SneakEnergy Fan • Live Every Weekday @ 6pm UK • All Socials:
FennixPhoenix The Netherlands I made a tweet about this a bit ago, but I am looking for 2 more people who would be willing to join for a playthrough of Final Fantasy 14! Starting with a new character and going through the entire game! A Phoenix from the Netherlands. #Vtuber #ENVtuber Art tag: #FennixArt Rigger: @Wuhezhizhong2
DerekMcLellan2 Glasgow, Scotland @_switchscene_ 1) I agree there is crapty people on both sides, 2) I made no such claim and 3) you disseminated a demonstrably nonsense Tweet on social media that was meant to insult and deride others; deal with the repercussions of your actions.
ThatMetalNessie Somewhere in Time However, I have finally, officially, had e-forking-nough. I can't watch #RoevWade get repealed and just sit here. I can't watch odious people like Laurence forking Fox tweet a forking SWASTIKA made of Pride flags, and just sit here. There must be something I can do. (2/3) #AVFC, heavy metal, Doctor Who, F1, some other crap too I guess. Can we stop burning the planet please? priv: @SarkDouls2 He/him
0xHustler Metaverse 2/4 I shared his tweet to the NOKB twitter and discord community. The amount of people that showed up to give him love made me cry, more. More because I was already shedding a tear because someone in the NOKB community wanted to end their life. I wanted to be there for him. Husband and dad of 3. Owner of @Not_OkayBears. Mental health advocate.
MyBurnerAcct7 @TommygoIrish @kimpossiblefact @redsteeze I still don’t understand the “and this is how pissed off I am” part: 1) she’s so mad that it was the only word that could encapsulate the forked-up-ness? 2) The level of angry using it made people is also how angry she is? I can’t figure out what the 2nd tweet is trying to say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
_FireMonkey Earth It seems like the only people who are actually mad enough to send remarks my way are trickshotters because one of the LTMs that got patched due to my tweet AND the videos made about the glitch by others was the Unvaulted LTM. /2 🎄Stuck in The North Pole, Don't Send Help. ✉️ 👾 I Run @iFireMonkey Following ≠ Endorsing
cityal60 I'm OK, mostly cash with 2 holdings as tweeted before, you made the comments about my tweet and I responded, now lets leave it there, lots of people getting hot under the collar at moment, have a nice weekend. Part time investor shares some of his stock choices in small and mid cap quoted companies, educational and fun, not meant as recommendations.
ABFlamboyant United States I can tell when people are watching Legendary because I made a tweet about Jameela Jamil like 2 years ago and I get random likes on it every couple of weeks testing…
melbrewer367 Granite Falls National Park @echolilacsong @plumbellayt @whimsyalien @itsOBiGem @doctorsimcraft @tiptoesims @alluringsims @OshinSims_ People replying to this need to understand the difference between intent and impact and go read all of the other replies to plumbella's tweet. Plumbella made a joke based on a current trend, and then damn near every single reply is, "she's a 2", "she's a 0," "she's -15" etc. she/her | 30 something | simmer since day 1 of ts1 | mods and cc | wcif friendly | weaving a web of connected stories with my legacy
SF_DCYF San Francisco, CA "With his life’s work, he made the lives of countless people much fuller, more meaningful and inspiring. Everyone at MSW will honor his life and impactful work by continuing his legacy of science education for all." (Tweet 2 of 3) Making San Francisco a great place to grow up!
CrowIsWeird Fandom hellhole. Welcome. @verysickyvicky @SpoonerDominic @StrewthQueen Oh you poor incarnation of ignorance, that's the least of what he's done. A couple months after that he posted a meme that mocked trans people. He made a tweet in March of this year making a joke about trans people and the war going on in Ukraine. 1/2 Names: Crow, Searc (pronounced like shark) fellow (570) 💚 17, they/he, genderfluid, somewhere on the ace spectrum, panromantic taken 💙 have a great day 💜
BlackBoyWriting Beacon Hills @cameron_kasky (2 of…)Then the original tweet was deleted but not before Tom Taylor made comments about other “bat family” ppl showing up like bat mite and others that wouldn’t make sense at all and when people said it’s making fun of Black ppl asking for representation, the story change 🦈Young Adult Fiction Author 🦈Lover of Anime 🦈All around badass creative
VeryRancid 🇿🇦 | He/Him Okay quick tweet why do people dislike SRIV and SRTT? Both games are very different from the more serious original games yes but what I liked about SRIV was the fact it made no sense, some with what Ive seen of SRTT aswell crude and juvenile but that's what makes them unique. 1/2 Idiot in a suit, Autistic and Asexual
tauraitsungu Harare, Zimbabwe @EdmundKudzayi Whilst such insults are TOTALLY WRONG, please note that 1. That is not the tweet you tagged/made screenshot of 2. ZANUPF has created many ghost accounts for such things, and most people who throw around such insults are Varakashi with a CCC logo as their Profile pic Software Developer | Creative Designer + 3D Graphics | Lead Guitarist & Music Creator | Citizens Coalition for Change | Change Veteran #NgaapindeHakeMukomana
saiyan_dave @BerrensJoey @MitchyD I’m not sure what spurred this on to begin with. I’m sitting here playing FF14 and suddenly I get a notification that Mitch Dyer of all people is bitching about a tweet my 4 follower looking bottom made like 2 years ago where he got dragged HARD Nerdy anime lover who’s just tired of the bullcrap and just wants to be be left alone. I identify as a robot. My pronoun is IT.
RileyJaneWIIM 11. I already said it in tweet 1, but @tumnieleaf. She's the absolute best and there were two things that helped. 1. Being one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen made me realize I was trans. 2. I wanted to be able to have her extreme level of confidence. And now I do :) 28 | she/her | Writer @wingingitmotown | Host @GLSportsTakes | I stream sometimes | HRT: 4/15/21
RickyHard390 @notmaddie @CiciPaglia @Austen12341 @rainnwilson I was trying to show you your analogy made no sense. Changing the name of something to make people feel better isn’t the same as baking a different pie. Breast feeding and chest feeding are 2 terms for the same thing. Apple and blueberry pies are 2 different things,hence my tweet
ManaBotExe saturn Cinephiles b like “guys brunette Zelda is next level cute” and then started feeling out of u made the backrooms I invented the backrooms up based off a tweet of mine because I like the first 2 people back. cd manabot.exe I am a robot that generates tweets based off of @ReptilianHybrid
__ColeTurner__ Green Bay, Wisconsin @NzoHodges I didn't see it when I made the tweet. I did see enough of it in clips and such though and know everything that happens from other people where I can safely say this and roast it in a tweet. I could've since the 14th but wanted to wait. I've seen it today though and... yep. 2/10. Retired NHL personality/YouTuber. Write awful movie reviews now.
practicalannie @KenPaxtonTX Where is your Happy Juneteenth Day tweet to white people celebrating the continued enslavement of black people for 2.5 years after they were freed? The news could have made it to Galveston a lot sooner than that. And still today, black people are hunted down & murdered.
TBajwa7 لاہور, پاکستان Journalists made fun of Youtubers now they all have YouTube channel which is good. 2 to 3 mins short vlogs are future because people don't have time. That's why FB and YT have also created this short video feature. Journalists will definitely go on Tiktok eventually mark my tweet Vlogger-Wanderlust-Traveller-Food-TeamExercise
dpanjana Mumbai Delhi Police is now going to 'investigate' in 2022, a tweet from 2018, which shows a meme made from a screenshot from a rom-com released in 1983? What *excellent* use of resources. If this doesn't inspire faith in the courts and law enforcement, what will? Middle-aged intellectual. Books: Hush A Bye Baby; The Puchku series; The Painter • Newsletter:
LiveLawIndia India In the month of June, 2022, when Delhi Police was alerted by a twitter handle that Mohammad Zubair had earlier made an objectionable tweet and his followers/social media entities had amplified and created a series of debates/hate mongering in the tread..: Delhi Police World's No.1 Legal News Website In Terms Of Traffic And Content. Support Us Here: Visit Our Channel:
ErikaHarlacher Los Angeles, CA Deleted my tweet. Was made in anger. If you see a suspicious account just report and ignore. Attention will only make it worse. Sorry. This month has been a lot. ✨voice actor ✨ Repped by @A3ArtistsAgency ✨ For appearances contact @CTBsocial ✨ For VO bookings or sponsorship offers contact ✨
BizarreBirb They/She/He/Bun I know i ain't tweeted a tweet in a minute but...If I made some gijinka/normal sonic and add on to my Nintendo aesthetic series would yall buy them as stickers and prints? 👀 20 |Artist/illustrator/future animator/voice actor| Black
PhDHealthPR Boston @Ohforforkssake2 @AKBrews HAHAHA I think the chair is cool, but this tweet made me LOL and show my husband! 😂😂😂 Healthcare PR leader with PhD in health policy & MPH in health comms - ex-scientist/ex-broadcast news reporter. Dog/cat rescuer. World traveler. Opinions my own
Zaries19 Loot Lake @scorpytweets Also the other person has apologised even though they diddnt do any harm. Both sides are in the right but the tweet was addressing why he got demoted from the challenge list and also made him look villainous, and realising this misconception and mistake they did they deleted me autistic ooga booga (GD Name:ZariesGD) also (Disc:ZE?#9934) (2006) (Hardest:Dark Travel/Deadly Clubstep) ☪️🇦🇪🇮🇶 (wwe fan since 2011)
Addict_Wrestle Worldwide It’s Monday night you know what that means. @Fretzlemania made some Fretzels Pretzels and is gonna live tweet #WWERAW shortly. Join us! A diverse & varied source of wrestling content @KOTR_Podcast, @ylperspective, @fretzlemania & BFI Podcast We are the cure for the common wrestling podcast!
lindsaybiscuit Warrington City! @KirstieMAllsopp I had a very bad day today and your tweet made me laugh. I didn’t think that was possible, so thank you for that ♥️ someone’s mum and @mcdowellmalc fanatic
KungFuKxnny 313 so what y’all not gon do is get up under a student leaders tweet that made a very valid point. HBCU students have been saying that as a whole for YEEEEAAAARRRRSS and y’all are taking it as “me me me me me, why isn’t my school specifically getting the money” enjoy the show || ☼ ♊︎ •☽ ♍︎ •↑ ♎︎ || 1876 || 🚕 ||💙||
Krystalove16 Sierra Leone @Blackgold_Grace @AJesusbabe You even said it in your quote tweet that “God made you worthy” that’s what she’s also saying. He saw us in our sin-dead and gone, and made us worthy of His love and saved us. Please also read Ephesians 2. ~LOVE~ZIONITE 💚💚💚 #Love lifted me #Love chose me #Love defines me #Love is my law🇸🇱🇳🇬 •NATURE •MUSIC •ARTS •ARCHITECTURE •BOOKS •FOOD •TRANQUILITY
NICOTlNAS edtwt ella 8teen bmi 15.6 i feel like if I made a rentry or something id get more mutuals but also then id lose the whole "fork around and find out" vibe my acc has . also i barely tweet at all i lurk so much...EEK dead but pretty
mitchesbritches The Island Of Misfit Politics @Jerry_ATX @jlouispitcock Respectfully, you’ve made a lot of assumptions about who I am as a person so far and completely missed the point of the original tweet. This is exactly why relationships have to come before the rest. “Do I have to know the rules and all that crap? Then forget it.” -John Daly
dianagiselle__ ΜΣΥ can’t have a bio like that then tweet like a hater. it looks fine and she just said it made her feel confident being all natural… ⊚ scorpio | ↑ leo | ☽ aquarius
ItsAyase He once accidentally keyboard smashed and made the word “beup”. Since then, he’s been using that word to tweet randomly. He even gave it a definition. Block B
MortemMummy GMT+2 @Ludmila_Jeanne I knew that you had it and this tweet still made me check your banner again -.- Unprofessional #Vtuber Supporter | He/Him | 22 Love and Positivity! Twitch: Art #MummyMartem Pfp: @danica_envt Banner: @KaraArts25
MiaWithPride 🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈🇯🇲 This tweet hs made me viscerally angry bcus I watched this show, I know what it is. They cld hv used images of all the 🏳️‍🌈 characters and said "here are the rivergays!" or some crap, instead of whtevr that tweet is. Kevin was w a different man last year, and Cheryl has a new gf BLM. Just your regular egotistical 18 year old. She/Her. I don't always understand things. AO3: AnOstrich
Piqile @kimberleeerose That view is fabulous! If you don’t mind also, could you check out the tweet I made for you and Danny? I don’t use Twitter often.
biconash somewhere this is beyond forked up. Every time I see you on my tl you’ve done some messed up bigoted crap. Every. Time. Calling Jews evil? AND THATS THE ONLY TWEET YOUVE EVER MADE ABOUT JEWS? fork you. 21. no pronouns. jewish. wasian. tme. owltwt’s most bitchful. ceo of Jewish Eda. troy/len/akira/jinun. Creator of the Berry Tea Genderqueer flag
snobwavy1 🇦🇬 @StillMellito I was just about to quote tweet myself and say how I made ziti and it’s good but it’s not lasagna 🥲🥲
probean23 she/her 20 eng/esp I was making a tweet and made a typo and then this happened and i just thought it was a good tweet ya know pfp by @EonsNoodles - conan gray 🫶- saiki kusuo- dni if under 17 - priv @hirotakaishot
magentawillow @theGrit_music @DeborahMeaden @GBNEWS @TwitterSupport And Lozza still has the tweet in his feed, saying it was his new profile picture! He hasn't been made to remove that
Brandon6918 OH @Lifeofmariw Mari, it’s what these idiots do here Mari! I can “like” peoples tweets and then if I go out of the tweet and keep scrolling my timeline and then go back to that “liked” teeet I made. And it’s gone! Takes my likes away! Pisses me off they do that to me! #PureAmerican #DieHard2A #Constitutionalist #Warrior #America1st #FJB #Pureblood #ProudDeplorable Man Of God
bangesjeiot7 @pjmyoongii @btzsy @juhaynatdjebara Think what you want about my 7 on my dn. Do you remember that moment?, when jk cut his hair after having it long and it looked like a mushroom haha cute, well, I remember how I felt and if I expressed how "sad" that tweet made me. + 🌾 .p l e a s e b e h a p p y. 🌾
Ataabolt2020 Kansas, USA @paul_anyiglah @BongoIdeas Ma dear you can go and ask her how she got her money and Mansion. Are you guys serious at all. Did you ask Despite and co how they made their money. If she was your sister, I don’t think you will tweet this or agreed with him. Proud to be a Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭
badgallpripri uncast shadow of southern myth ok sorry I have to tweet abt this— this girl checked into our hostel room tonight coming from a wedding… held at none other than the villa the family i nannied for owned and made me work at… the world is too tee tiny catch me at your local party; yes, I crank it every day
Julianna_clive United States @anneluty I have to think you made this tweet for the attention and to get more followers because I refuse to believe anyone is this stupid and cruel. #attentionwhore Doctor of Nursing Practice. Critical care Clinical Nurse Specialist. Proud mom of 6 amazing kids. Daughter of the OG.
EdsStAugustine1 Canada Yikes, I made what I thought was a cute joke in response to someone’s tweet, they didn’t get it and asked me to delete it before my followers attacked them (double yikes!). I did delete and they blocked me. Anyway, sorry stranger, I truly didn’t mean to ruin your day! OFMD all day, yt, bi, queerspawn, mom of queer kids 🏳️‍🌈, (40+)
GrappsOfficial Los Angeles, CA @KendrickKross @LivingDollBrit "Actually she faked an ankle injury for months and took the role of.commentator before performing one of the Greatest set ups in history. K2 you issue challenges and bring high spots. But Britney has made this place memorable." - tweet via King Brady Vega #OwnerOfCG CW: California Grapplers | Wrestling Promotion | Angle Fed | Weekly Events | Account run by Quinton Moby, CG JoUrnalists #CaliGrapps (fict. acct)

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