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corps_us Abilene, TX @Davey2ShoesATX @mslindahinton @chron Sorry. I just read your tweet. The last statement you made is incorrect. Covid is not now and never has killed more people than any of the top five killers in our nation. The death rate for Covid has never surpassed 2% infection rate. Forty-six years after that photo was taken, I am a disabled retiree living in Abilene, Tx with my wife and three Weims.
JoeBlac76575191 Sydney @MikeCarlton01 @vanOnselenP I also think he’s a good person and a very good political commentator. Why can’t he step away from this given his close friendship? 2 days ago he made an idiotic tweet about a book on false memories. People get angry about this sort of rubbish. Left-ish. Married.
YeatesJM Brittany, France $2.5 million for @jack's first tweet? Totally and utterly ridiculous Do you have any idea how many homeless people could be given a bed for a night, how many kids could be fed, how many street kids could be made safe with $2.5 million? @jack should be ashamed of such stupidity Ex IBM sys engineer/cyber security researcher Tech proofreader/writer Teacher of English & cyber sec Writer of the Dark Hekla novels Running wild in Brittany
AstralBlasts INDIA I blame it on "that" moo who made a post about the 2 songs sounding similar when they are in no way close to each other. The concepts of ggbb & AYA are far apart from each other. But hey that day I saw a lot of people liking that tweet and I was! FAN ACCOUNT FOR MAMAMOO Mamamoo means Music Mamamoo means ART Mamamoo means Professionalism Mamamoo means 4Crackheads Mamamoo means Happiness Mamamoo FOR LIFE
xMayui London, UK @ToughSarah1 Deeper meaning of it, and as the og tweet said people can commit suicide or self harm over not being accepted into the community or having homophobic marks made against them (2/2) Discord: Eve #0726 Alt: @xMayuiAlt | Genshin UID ~ 713803490
bungisword IIRC The porn he made involved someone dressing up as an SS soldier and glenn bragged that the men had no choice but to do gay porn for money despite being straight. When people pointed crap like this out, guess what he did? He pinnee a 2 yr old tweet of him doing charity. blurry phantom
ScarletWolfo Dallas, TX Just block her on everything leave lily alone and out of your mind. You’ve made your points and said the crap you wanna say but now it’s enough. Your post on my tweet from earlier had a few people come in my dms telling me to end myself how I’m not valid or I’m worthless. (2/3) 18 | Bi NB they/them | pfp: @RainbowFoxyArt b: @CEvandor | ❤️married to @kokopuff240 2/1/21❤️| neurodivergent | vent: @ScarletsVent | my child: @Naoto7274
P3RKS__ @killallchildren @lmaoquackity @imtommyinnit @dreamhangout Junky janker voice of gumball made a tweet about dreams merch and what people it goes to .the dog part is about his dog he grew up with died 2 weeks ago yo
BabatundeJr21 @PeakRussWest24 Bro girl on the right made a tweet talking about why do people ask for a follow back or something like that. Then this one dude showed 2 screenshots of her asking for a follow back from different people and she blocked him💀 I'm your Nigerian Papi🇳🇬🇳🇬😴💫 IFB Heat, Seahawks, Arsenal 💯😴
SakuraSweet888 America (2/3) I decided to delete the tweet I made about it because of the discourse that I did not mean to cause. That and I don’t want people thinking I’m one of those people that tells minorities what to be or not to offended over when I’m not. 💗Multifandom Fangirl💗 🌸Black Female 🌸16 🌸She/Her 🌸Aspiring Artist/Animator🎨✍🏾 🌸Into Anime,Horror,Gaming,and Cartoons 🌸Fanfic Writer 🌸Selfshipping Trash
ajitdatta Pondicherry Everyone made fun of people like Kunal and Swara when we found out that Rihanna was paid 2 million dollars for tweeting the same crap they tweet day in and day out once. Imagine what they must be going through knowing that on top of what he declared, Anurag was hiding 300 crores. Follow me on Koo, same handle. Columnist, co-founder of Republic PLF (@pondylitfest), consulting editor TFI (@frustindian, @tfipost).
TimberWolf_PhD @SecretaryLevine I have scrolled through over a year of your tweets and in every single one of them you are being Doctor and teaching people about the dangers of SARS-CoV-2. I haven’t found one tweet where is was made about you being 🏳️‍⚧️. Cellular & Molecular Biology. Biochemistry. US Marine with Combat experience. I NEVER compromise or negotiate over anything with a democrat. fork BLM & antifa.
rob_w_ward Ithaca/Syracuse Made the mistake of engaging with a tweet about the relative prestige of two academic institutions, forgetting that 1) I don't really care and 2) people who do care, really care. Law student at Cornell. Tax, energy, and land use.
RalphQ18 @Robin_of_A It is hilarious how people are interpreting his tweet. Absolute idiots. Btw you tweeted a pin head gif yesterday and that made me watch not one but 2 hellraiser movies. Now I can’t stop thinking about the people without skin. Especially in #2 with the skinless make out session. Yes, I got bangs. Let’s not make a thing out of it.
TeeMee_I Lagos, Nigeria People are angry at this tweet, but in reality this is what operates. I remember a time a deposit of 2.5m was to be made, all we did was inform the security guard. The verified, broke the queue massively and even started searching people that came in after us. 😐😐 Physiotherapist BPT(Ib.) 💆🏽‍♂️ || Fitness Enthusiast || Manchester United💯
abroshar some hideous skirt convention In a news week, if there's 1. One Democrat who sexually harassed a bunch of women 2. 5 Republicans who have been raping women for years 3. One Democrat woman who made a mean tweet once The people losing their jobs are 1 and 3. Every time. electric word, life. she/her. #BlackLivesMatter
hxri_0 pfp @rateatingcat srry I made a typo in the first tweet. i understand where op is coming from but 1) it’s xiansheng (and sensei is just the jp reading of it) and 2) they are white and trying to speak for chinese people who, to my knowledge, have not really said much on this topic @rateatingcat take that back leorio! 😡 | 🇰🇷 in 🇺🇸 | ENG/한국어 배우는 중 | she/they | 17 | no qrt/repost | ✿ | BLM
ewhiteboy How about, "thank God we made it to March 2021" instead of complaining, considering we are still in a global pandemic and are lucky to still be here to tweet when 2.35M people are not. I'm pro-carbs.
Jacezilla riled up online @mattlaschneider someone made a dumb tweet about how marvel movies are like white people folklore now, and people were (rightfully) scornful of it but now people are like “framing it this way is a psyop about military propaganda, watch my 2 hour youtube video where I explain why” weary | She/Her
CEO_Of__Justice In da courtroom Thanks @Chadboard_69 for blowing up my notifications with people liking and commenting my Simphiroth tweet I made 2 months ago The best defense attorney in the world! Part of #PS #JLPU #ChaosParodies #AquaPar Owner of #WAC l //Owner of acc is 17 (parody)
GoldenEpicFace @Dontneedanxbox @Ozymandias88_ @DoWhatYouDo6 We all have our ways of insulting people. But i see almost 25+ PS Fanboys crapting on a post made by Xbox. I could probably go to PS’s most recent tweet and see 1-2 Xbox fanboys crapting on a Playstation post. Seems like Playstation is a hell of a lot more toxic in Console wars. Hi. Im a dumbass that comments on posts and streams on twitch.
dcbatboys 22 | she/ella/هيَ 1. you made this account to tweet this specifically, coward 2. I am a syrian who’s had to watch americans make jokes about the deaths of my people for 2 days 3. this was referring to the guilt-tripping tweets people made about the east coast burning and the texas natural disaster ➳ i’m not talking about killing cobblepot and scarecrow or clayface. not riddler or dent. i’m talking about him, just him— @arkhamsjason | marvel & dc
1982GOBLUE @pokeMRKT I did. Maintained my authenticity without saying much. Actions speak louder than words. You’re going to get a good bunch of fact less sob stories or telling you what to hear. Shouldn’t have made your tweet because now you’ve opened the door and you are promoting people 2 B fake $1982GOBLUE
davidsirota Denver, CO I think it is really sick, sad and pathetic that folks asking Democrats to use their power to fulfill their $15 minimum wage pledge are insulted, attacked, bullied, threatened, marginalized snd made to feel like bad human beings. End of tweet. Subscribe: @DailyPoster founder; @JacobinMag editor; @GuardianUS columnist; @EmilyforCO's spouse; @TheGoldbergsABC character; Author of 3 books
CoinDesk New York, USA Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has listed for sale on the NFT platform Valuables the first Tweet ever made. As of press time, bidding was at $88,888. by @BradyDale Welcome to the conversation on the future of money and Web 3.0. Follow Markets @CoinDeskMarkets + Research @CoinDeskData.
theferocity Columbus, OH Folks are sharing this again. A while back, I visited a high school for a book event and a teacher had made a fancy bulletin board display featuring this tweet. LOL. Journeyman, Kirkus Prize-winning author. Books: HOW WE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES and PRELUDE TO BRUISE. He/him. Represented by @TuesdayAgency and @SheedyLit.
TeamYouTube San Bruno, CA @SweRAZKEN (2/2) Also, your info will be securely stored, and won’t be made public. We'll delete them after your date of birth is successfully verified. Learn more about it here: BTW, we recommend deleting your tweet that contains personal info. Updates and answers from the team that brings you YouTube. Here to help in: English, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Pусский, 日本語, Bahasa
JamesHi41380983 @maxcapone404 Ps your tweet is the equivalent of telling me the moon is made of green cheese and then complaining at me for not debating it. pro-democracy Conservative from Essex. Hence why I believe in delivering brexit.
melissa_donlad_ @billboard @Eminem I just made a quick $200,000. Retweet this and follow me. I made now more than $600k on $DOGE dogecoin between last week and today, Feuer I’ll be giving 6k$ in doge to 10 people who follow me and retweet this tweet so hurry up and get your bag
amaka_sandra1 somewhere over the rainbow That lady Dr has a happy home with a good MIL but she made a tweet to trigger feminists, didn't get the attention she was craving and then decided to create chaos all by herself by lying against feminists. No way a truly happy person will let anyone live in their head rent free.. -Tech babe by day. -Business woman by evening (please follow my business page on Instagram and Twitter @bodynfeet). -Filmmaker by night A feminist.
ysterrd lrt> the quoted tweet reminded me of that one time where i like randomly picked a mishima book to present for a class bc it was like in the list of stuff out there 2 pick and like halfway into it i realized i'd made one of the worst decisions of my life as a reader he/him | 22 | fr/en/日本語勉強中 | musashis musatitties | comm info + projects in pinned thread
smj389 @wvs22 @PhenomProdigy88 @skylarrectorr @ImAllexx Stop lying. Alex replied to the tweet and said “me.” He even talked about it with chat on stream after he signed up and chat said you know it’s going to be bad. He agreed. He’s a grown man who made a decision not a child. Only relevant skill on Twitter is my piercing logic with which I ineffectually try to combat injustice and hate; He/him.
bamtoris_____ @Mermaid_chae @flirtguk0_0 yeah they exist but their existence did not made BTS happen and did not lead BTS to this success so this tweet is unrelated and unnecessary 😌 +×+ ᵇᵗˢ
quinndoescos Youngstown, OH @jamescharles @allegedly_adam made an amazing video about Shane Dawson versus you because you can get away with this and he's not taking any sides in the video and I'm not taking any sides in this tweet you both are horrible people you need to get as cancelled as Shane Dawson hello my name is quinn my pronouns are he/they
Sponsoredbyjeez Louisiana, USA 5 likes on this tweet and I'll do a thread of beats I made that were inspired by people. Celebrities & great individuals I admire. nothing left to prove. @ProducedByJeez
DAINSLEIFHAVER THEY ! SHE ! NYA ! BUN if you guys are confused,the person who made the xiao and albedo audio privated bcs they saw a tweet saying the audio made them uncomfortable and even tho they knew it wasnt meant as criticism they dont want to make anyone uncomfortable (or something like that) 😟 #DAINSLEIF : jumpy dumpty || pansexual
thestarkiller1 @SmugGodHennyB @verge Please tell me you made this tweet hilarious and ridiculous on purpose Star Wars fan Comic collector DnD player
trevssecretnsfw 「he/him/19」 ko made a tweet about cumming with kidney stones and how they were like pearls 😔 but i cant retweet it im in pain fr i have an omega pulsating wet hot gorilla sized wet juicy steaming moist moose pussy according to fei | currently in need of a hug | gordo stan 🐶
bestqueerscenes he/they/fae | black non-binary sapphic @danversolsens i’m trying to reach out to the person that made the tweet i replied to cause i really didn’t know about floriana (or however you spell it) and how awful she is, i don’t keep up with the cast of sg at all a special account for the best queer scenes in the world! dms are open for your requests/submissions! - @dykeclownery
sudarshan_nslr Rajkot, India @jonesyoutubejt Ohh...Made a mistake. I didn't understand the tweet properly as I was watching a movie 😅 PM should use a universal language, which is English in India and not Hindi as people claim. Also, subtitles should be provided for local broadcasts. Junior Staff Writer @GizmoChina
Sparklez619 Gboko @Omojuwa Yesterday everybody was talking about tems yash it was funny and all cruise but today samklef made the same tweet and everybody is coming for him...I don't get I believe and live. Athlete, Chelsea fan, Productive stoner ,...Odogwu Cr7 🙏
Tweet_Dec London, England I made this tonight with roasted carrots and orzo on the side and I won’t lie, it’s divine (no photo evidence. Too hungry) He/him. Curation Lead, @twitter @UKMoments. Irish. Attempted writer. Actually, more like 'typist'. I can’t get you verified. I’ll get you for this Bette Midler!
CheAnderson14 @ElleLeonard6 @ErinGraham67 Don't see the hilarity in using covid in a tweet for likes to be honest. People have lost family members to this disease and as far as I can see this tweet was made purely for a like. No reply required babes. Stay safe
Sparklez619 Gboko @That_IjebuBadoo Yesterday everybody was talking about tems yash it was funny and all cruise but today samklef made the same tweet and everybody is coming for him...I don't get I believe and live. Athlete, Chelsea fan, Productive stoner ,...Odogwu Cr7 🙏
therealskyrix United States @bramptonsmells @FaZeAdapt Just put ur tweet over it. Disprove what u callin me an idiot? Ur an idiot for thinking he only made sad and depressing songs that’s all
SquidgeAlt He/Him • minor @AyupBlue APPARENTLY NOT??? i made a tweet about it and so many people are like “idk what that is” LIKE HOW #WILBUR: “But this is not an act of spite, it’s a visceral coming to” BYF i curse a lot, i talk about mcyt a lot, and sometimes i live tweet!
Sparklez619 Gboko @ObongRoviel Yesterday everybody was talking about tems yash it was funny and all cruise but today samklef made the same tweet and everybody is coming for him...I don't get I believe and live. Athlete, Chelsea fan, Productive stoner ,...Odogwu Cr7 🙏
clearlyimher @J_realbidness You do know that women who value luxury and high end things also like quality time , vacays & making memories.. I’m just trying to figure out how you pieces this tweet together and why it made sense to you queen 🐝 🇳🇬r a r e | outcast | 💫 67
ohseafarer dayton, oh Made a spreadsheet where everything I want to buy gets logged with price/why, and my impulse spending is down about a million percent. But one tweet from @SuperYakiShop about Brendan Fraser merch, sorry, what spreadsheet? Do you mean THE MUMMY sweatshirt I just bought? Hell yeah! who is a Cleveland Browns fan and therefore hates football (she/her; terminally online™️; Black Lives Matter)
ItsAyase He once accidentally keyboard smashed and made the word “beup”. Since then, he’s been using that word to tweet randomly. He even gave it a definition. Block B