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rikk_kvn “doc... i’m... i’m cured of my depression” “how could this be? you haven’t even gone 2 sessions with me” *holds up phone* “i made a sad tweet.. and people replied with hugging anime gifs from tenor gif keyboard.. i’m saved” gb
Namedafterahat @QueenJwest Appreciate that love. I was referring to a tweet I made 2 years ago that went viral where I stated “My best hair advice is to leave it alone” and many people took it out of context. So to see people ask what I’m doing is funny to me.
ShayON_FGC Los Angeles, CA @AngelrodzIRL @Lucas18898233 @IdleSloth84 Don't worry i always have time for telling the truth. Ironically , i got 2 answer here about my tweet and botj of them were about "Me" boty the point i made , butthurt fanboys have tendency to attack people when they don't have any counter argument Freelance Editor and reviewer for over 6 small and regional Persian/English/Arabic Gaming and Tech Websites, Newspapers and Mags i was borned to tell stories
Kenz_hall14 Earth (2) it was her toon. She then said something like, "Well I'm scared of what people would say". But when I gave my opinion that I didn't like a character in WoW under someone's art of him (which was really good and I made that clear in another tweet). She told me... I'm a Christian, HUGE Chicago Cubs baseball fan, gamer girl, World of Warcraft, Percy Jackson, Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars fan. #forthealliance
thedivinehrry she/her @sznctrl hey i just made a tweet about this , i’m really sorry for defending sam in the beginning, it was before the misgendering the constant speaking over mexican people. i’m really sorry for not seeing her ignorance at first, she was my friend before all of this and i wanted to 1/2 #HARRY: freaky girls
andrea500 SF Bay Area @LifeDorr @sahilkapur @S_G_Alexander Sarcasm emoji. Sarcasm. Tweet made by me at 2 am after winding down from making thanksgiving for immediate family and realizing that it takes same amount of work to make it for 20 people. Equally sick of Fake Supreme Court, Trump, and Rapey Priests. SF Bay Area, SF Giants Fan. Native to SF! My Gramps and Grandma lived through 1906 quake as babies and 1918/19 pandemics. WEAR A MASK! They did 'cuz here I am!
EggG_2 i made a tweet on my main account and people are arguing because they think the tweet is a joke about trans people, it isnt, but theres also one guy attacking people who put their pronouns in their bio, "of course the one with they/them in their bio is getting mad", even though Skirt skirt account, hurt hurt account @Egg_G_
loverunyoga Miami, FL @ProjectLincoln Obsess much? 🙄 plus, It’s 5.2 million views as of two minutes ago on Twitter and his dumb childish tweet probably made MORE people go watch it. Mom, wife, runner, yogi, student, teacher, lover of handstands, nature, logic and justice... also, an attorney "Love is my religion. I could die for that” Keats
ChartShark13 Montréal, Québec When we hit Stage 2 I remind you of a popular quote that made a lot of bright minds a lot of money between February 2020 and March 2020 “Poor people are rushing out there to buy toilet paper while Rich people are scrambling to buy Stocks” (See next tweet) Options/Stocks/Crypto. Tech/Law/Philosophy/Health. Esoterics & Financial Psychology. Astrology. Owner @VelesBMetals $ZEC #GG33
Re_0bscura Everywhere @PsychologyDoc 5hr and one reply, 13 likes, 1 q tweet, 6 retweets and 2,365 views 🤔 seems like you made a lot of people mad mad. Great tweet by the way.👍🏾 ASC♒ ☀♉🌍 🌓♌🔥 ♅♏🌊 We Create Worlds. We are Grand Architects. We are World Builders. Dei sumus et memento mori 🌷⏳💀
xi_shiny ? When Flutter made a tweet about Nathan, he blocked all the people who liked the tweet (and there was like 50). I bet half of those people were just randomly liking crap. I even told him this, and he is like, NO THEY ARE HATING ON ME. (part 2/2) 13 | Asexual | he/him | Always bored | idiot | pfp by MaggBee08 (on Youtube) | Road to 500 subscribers
cthomas1006 Winston-Salem, NC @markdanielsWNFL @MVS__11 You just keep pissing people off with your poor questions and that reprehensible tweet. You’re not a 20 something reporter 2 years out of school who made a mistake. You’ve been doing this since 1980, act like it guy. You knew it was unacceptable; you’re lucky you still have a job Waiting on the World to Change. If you know better, do better. I will not sanction your buffoonery. #KeepPounding
sfxntasy9 she/her 23 1. I’m doubting it because you’re spreading misinformation 🤌🏻 we don’t know if it’s a cake she did to celebrate his enlistment release of it was just an order from someone 😅 2. This tweet and tweets like yours made a lot of people ask about the sister’s account, which ++ kinda inactive | let’s shine together now and forever ✨exo: osh, kms, kjd, zyx 𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕪 • sf9/bigbang/wonho/henry lau supremacist | i tweet a lot of 💩
drmansfeldt In response to the many positive and encouraging comments made on a previous throw-away tweet, I thank all of you incredible people and want to highlight the efforts of 1 PhD student, 6 graduate students, 17 undergraduates, 2 research associates, the Saliva Team, CU Facilities... Assistant Professor at CU Bouder in Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering.
why_hime @molebeef the ffxiv fanbase camping my twitter waiting for me to post a mild opinion so they can qrt it and remind people of a single tweet about runar that i made 2 years ago ffxiv flopbringers: forgiven anti | | icon @matt_radway | header @mayexplode
RNDYMEEKS naya and cory ♡ @danicIaytons i made at most 2-4 tweets about steve and saw people liked him and stopped. never have i ever purposely made an anti steve tweet to get a reaction out of someone, which is what i was talking about people doing. what i did do was make immature jokes and some thoughts on steve. #FINCHEL: bi rights! (they/them) (tw; fake blood/gore)🎟
AndyHatem Vermont, USA @breckradical "Memory holing" refers to the tweet I quoted and similar takes. I don't claim sole knowledge of anything. But people are casually dismissing a bill that raised the incomes of 70% of UI recipients - often to 2-3x what they made in their old jobs - and I disagree. Campaign hack. Data for @vtdems. Was @faheonline, @cljmitchell, @DanielBiss. @UChicago and @arenasummit alum. All opinions mine and bad. Vote early and often.
noriaki_njoon State: Constant Anxiety @Yiiterz I made this tweet and these 2 people got in an argument and Hamon beat was at the end of the thread Emy|| she/her and they/them || owner of: @kakyoinluvsu || rp acc: @quillemi || Black Lives Matter ||JJBARMY
trump_wins_2020 USA @D_West30 Makes me sick to think how my tweet will be seen by maybe 2 people. And your tweets are seen by thousands. Yet my word would be so influential in people's understanding of what an bottom you were to my son. Who at 15 only wanted to be a ballboy. You made it hell.for him. I wish a buck was still silver, it was back when the country was strong....I support President Donald Trump!
jdimeo320 @Pasa_SportsTalk @tweet_bds28 @shadocomet @NatureRules101 @nypost I have 6 figures worth of debt. I went and found a good job and can afford to live quite easily 1. I have a useful degree 2. I took ownership of my life and didn’t blame others for my circumstances But no I don’t want additional tax money taken bc other people made bad decisions Who's Julius Caesar? you know I don't follow the NBA.
peta Los Angeles, CA / Norfolk, VA Retailer #Scheels is still selling fur made from rabbits like her. Tweet at @Scheels and tell them to stop being complicit in this cruelty and drop all fur! #FurFreeFriday Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. Join us at our #PETA40 celebration!
Slate Flynn can now be subpoenaed by House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler and made to testify under oath about his crimes and any possible involvement by President Trump. A daily magazine on the web.
TrustWalletApp San Francisco, CA When I was younger people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I'd say I didn't know, but I wanted to be rich and famous Now I tweet about magical internet money to 200,000+ people that don't know who I am. Made it? Your friendly talkative crypto app. Support: @TrustWalletHelp Download Trust Wallet 🛡️:
aiyussiii So finally i've decided to make other stan accs for TXT & ENHYPEN. This acc is originally made for stanning IU so i'll keep it that way. 🤗 If you're a UAENA and u saw this tweet, let's be friends. I am already a yr. old uaena but I still have no uaena friends. pretty pls? 🥺💜 UAENA 💜 / MOA 💙 / ENGENE 🧡
rafalafaa Claremont, CA @givemepllants Relevant topic after that human-thumb posted his little small business tweet. Convinced it’s all for likes/self promotion and not the message you made a whole bottom year before that dude attacked small business I’m like a really really really super duper responsible child.
PrxstonR Sun Holy hecc i have never got these many like in one tweet.@JK_5556 tweet and the answer, made the tweet go crazy. Hi! I m a 3d artist eventhough i dont post anything,dream to join ugc. My ugc portofolio will be out next month. Stay tuned for some meshes.
zoyarasul @SinghNavdeep It isn't about what I think. One part of his tweet says precisely what you have been saying ( and I also agree to that), that it shouldn't be made about religions or past. But second part completely takes it off. Was surprised by your response. May be you were being sarcastic!? Alumna, MCRC Jamia. News grazer. Roger Federer believer.
lukugoescuku4u 313 As I was about to hit “tweet” #shownu made his entrance, and I choked on air 😍 Over-thinker. Former Drink Maker (☕️+ 🍸). Occasional Writer. I assist with web things. 🛫 MX and Wonho wrecked.
gemini_crybaby Her/she✨Kyoshi Island/BaSingSe @afcwill7_ Had taken from them, Africans from African dont have black culture, they have African/individual cultures, there’s a huge difference hence why the tweet and the video below it was made ✨19 ✨ UCD ⤑ History, Politics and International Relations. #ENDSARS #Blacklivesmatter #FreePalestine ✝️🇳🇬🇮🇪
TehVilly スロラ 2688 hi i made a roller montage ヾ(•ω•`)o likes and rts appreciated on the original tweet thank you! 어쩌라고 ! (´•ω•`) he.him 🎢 @Kensa__ @LycheeSPL
ledjenny California, USA @UltraRunnerPod Oh man, I once made some comment to this effect on some celebrity’s tweet and got absolutely slammed by recipe bloggers. “Why don’t you want hardworking women to be able to make a living?” “Why are you the most awful person on earth?” 🙄 Appellate research attorney by day, ultramarathon runner by ... other days ... and sometimes nights. All views expressed are my own, not my employer’s.
DoesSugaBreathe she/her/baby/bby/biAF @bangtanikavmin i stopped trusting them after they made that tweet about how they won’t work with other funding accounts because that would be like “samsung and apple” working we’re all supporting the boys, this isn’t a competition? but this is so much worse i’m just 🙃 93 Liner 🔞 OT7 and Taegimin ult. vminie forever
CbrianWarren @AdityaRajKaul This Is #Achieved By The Tough Decisions Taken by The #CentralGovt And The #sacrifices Made By Are #armedforces that Today We Can #Tweet From Our Air conditioned Rooms About #Democracy In #Kashmir.
revan619isafag @JeanCanellas @Fawf_art I've been waiting for this update since Elden Ring was announced, for about 538 days and 19 hours, and I just bought the game onSteam today since it was on sale, I even just made a twitter account to reply to this tweet, and all I want t o say is that I can't wait for the release revan is gay
EddyBuluu Atlanta, GA @I_amGremin @Abe_Maker @EzekielMutua 😂😂 wait clearly i made you insult me. A tick for me. And obviously it's hurting you that's why you poured abuses on my sincere tweet. A tick for me once again. Who's laughing now. 😂😂😂😂Have a good one whatever. •When we come together great things happen 💙💙💙 •Biden with Immigrants 🇰🇪 •Biden with Blacks •Kenyan American 🇰🇪🇺🇸 •My first Vote went to BIDEN.
zukosghost she/they @wxndchxmx he made a really insensitive tweet. people were asking him to use his major platform to raise awareness for blm, yemen, and other major world problems. instead of doing that, he posted a picture of him in platform shoes and said “since you all want me to use my platform..” :/ to be so lonely supremacy
eagle_ascending United States @Oldyella49 THIS IS INDEED PHENOMAL AND JUST MADE MY WEEKEND! I FORGOT TO MENTION IT IN MY LAST TWEET! Nurse • Photographer • #BLM🖤#LGBTQ🏳️‍🌈 #JohnLewis #GoodTrouble #January5_2021 #VoteAbsenteeBallot #OssoffWarnock💙🇺🇸 #Resist • Opinions Are My Own 🚫DM’s
mikehatchartist England, United Kingdom @Kitten4Pway this tweet made me follow you. 😊 beaming you some love and happiness. 🤗😊😘 Artist,🎨Gallery owner,🖼️Teacher&all round good egg :-)Anti Israel🇮🇱,pro Trump🇺🇸,& Free Speech,Hate Racism#iamtommy✌️love FOLK METAL!Live your life!
shogun_paul I made this account bc my gf set up alerts for my other one like a suicide watch and now I can’t even forking tweet honestly they gonna have to respirate my bottom with aggressive tongue kissing from Joe Biden
darienkim1 @4bbFanatic @bb_brianc @fiz_ika @luv_mitty News flash nine times out of ten if someone likes a statement on twitter they agree. She also was rooting for Memphis, Christmas and Enzo all people who have made micro aggressive comments. It’s not rocket science that if someone likes a tweet then they agree. Y’all desperate I just tweet about reality tv
ameetafff Bilhana Lebanese Deli boneless half chicken. That’s it. That’s the tweet. The only thing I made on this plate was the cauliflower and cheese. See next tweet for a video featuring all its glory 🤤 ايا المكسور قل لي هل يديم الله كسرًا؟ | married
thatboyericson dude, where am I? Saw a tweet about having a child and it made me think about my future. I'm excited to see him/her/them! ☯︎
glovemonkey preston @tylertryit @meatisomalley @mattiecamp @ajdoublew @LeftAccidental @APanHispanic Nobody is saying that, ive stated in 4 tweets now, i made a throwaway tweet in response to.the ridiculous op that said because Scotland gives free tampons now everybody should get free food and water memes are rarely my own. It's hard enough remembering my opinions without remembering my reasons for them. jammie dodger advocate
framweard occupied ohlonean territory gonna get put in the special cases pool and never see another human-made tweet again, crap black lives matter round us bark the mad and hungry dogs all cops are bastards they/them profile picture by @Lilacs_Drawings
CM0O_N @Zanency I HAVE HACKED ZANENCY AND MADE HIM TWEET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “THE WORLD! Time is mine and mine alone!“ • Non Binary • I like JJBA • c moon temp#3546 • @chrispacman123 = biggest dumbest stupidest idiotest noob
NoraQRosa the ghostly remains of CBGB. @alketrolyat No worries, understandable! I've been kinda bad myself at keeping track of who made what merch/art I have, and I've been trying to make a concerned effort to fix that for myself. If I was better at it, I wouldn't have to have made this tweet haha: 1992. / watery girlthing. / she. / adoptee. / depresso. / 🔊editor fr @ariellergordon & @gaybreakfastpod. master of my own disasters. FB:
HoneyCIove Dissocate I made this tweet like seven months ago and the question still stands. I don’t know why I never tweeted it out. yes, I will tweet about Juyeon all the time
VIBHU_Tweet India Here is another expose of the fact that Khalistanis are running their agenda standing behind the farmers. This all farmers agitation is nothing but a congress sponsored Khalistani movement. They don't care about farmers or their plight. And #DeepSidhu just made an bottom of himself. Marine Engineer by Profession, Hindu by Religion, And above all a proud Indian Jai Hind 🇮🇳 God Bless India!!!
ElusiveFred South Africa. @j_shep72 @Anonymo36668694 She made a snippy tweet and got a snippy one in response. The Man From Another Place.
IAm_Sprite Brighton, England @Casual_sjm hello this is going to be really random but. I saw your reply to phillip normals tweet and I saw your profile pic! Made me smile so much!! 🐰🐰🐰 #iamsprite