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20yoshi02 @xZombieAlix It kinda confuses me how under every single tweet of them the people demand Cross Progression and yet after 2 years we have made no progress towards that
hanbroughvibes i feel like this tweet made me realize there are 2 types of people: those that make character playlists based on songs they’d listen to and those that make playlists based on songs that they think relate to the character’s journey hailey. she/her. 22.
zoomba Dallas, TX @DanReut Yeah, I made a typo in my original tweet... 1.6m is 2 years, and includes a 35% overhead amount added in to estimate some of the "other" costs beyond salary. There are a lot of hidden costs people don't think about. Senior Production Manager at @FwdGameStudios. Been doing this games thing 15+ years. Prev @stardock, @gamestop, @spilgames, @newcoolgames, @gamehouse. He/Him
chuman93 Go read my previous tweet u people have made me do this @Flipkart @flipkartsupport @apple @AppleSupport it has been 2 month and u hv not return the money every day i hv to wait for 1 hour on call and narrate every one the same forking story of being cheated @nsitharaman pls help
bahiyyih_daily @bahiyyonce Nah cause people are hating on hiyyih again because of a dumb tweet a hiyihhlight made and they didn’t even attack any member yet kepi tweet is silent I swear down I’m not defending any member except Huening bahiyyih for the 2.5 years they gon be a group🙃 Bardigang,hiyihhlight, engene❤️ Enhypen be making hoessss maddddd
brandonappleg8 Hutto, TX I'll jump in on this. I'm so grateful for the help and support of so many people who have made this an incredible year for me and my book. @shakedubonbon @ElfordAlley @RaulSan1995 @SteveTalksBooks @BoneheadWeekly @JoshuaMarsella @RedLagoe @GordonBWhite more in next tweet (1/2) Writes weird, usually sad stories. Was the monster the whole time. | he/him | THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND AND OTHER SACRIFICES out now!
SilasTheDumbass 2/? //⚠️TW FOR TALKS OF ANTHEMOVERLOAD⚠️\\ / / I made a forking tweet about someone posing as anthem trying to send friend requests to me and my friends, because I genuinely thought he was trying to message us and apologize or some crap like that, because I know people who have— Hello I suck, Kora/ Silas/Nebula, any pronouns, I do cosplay stuff sometimes I guess. 15, btw PFP is by my good friend @cloveronroses
cuervus__ priv @davekatsprite @HopefulScion i made this tweet the day after chapter 2 came out, when a lot of people hadn't played it yet and had the word deltarune muted 21 · 🇦🇷 · art in pinned · she/he · esp/eng · mage of breath · posts abt omori, homestuck, genshin and deltarune · i: @mozzaremi h: @indigonite0
VillainsAplenty Primal/Aether Someone made a comment on my tweet about Val stealing people's underwear a while back that is at the forefront of brain AGAIN because: 1.) I am a huge degen 2.) It got me 🥺😳 real quick 3.) The person has huge Mommy energy and lives rent-free in my subby side's brain... Pose-maker/RPer/Raider Trans, not Futa - She/Her DMs Open/Welcome Villain Writer 90% Top/10% Criminal Subby Barker
davisdarkknight La/Tn/Al @skitzykris Part of the reason I made the tweet was because of people moving to Texas and supporting Newsome 2.0 Trying to figure out life. Former military. Outdoors, shooting, going fast
Lilli57914102 Italia @BuckBreaker4 @Ready2ESC @Ophanim4 @WenisJones @WomenPostingLs I don't think she ever said onlyfans made her unloved or something like that. You guys connected these 2 things. Lots of people tweet about being lonely and stuff, onlyfans or not... She/her 🏳️‍🌈 🇬🇭 🇪🇺 🇮🇹 🇲🇫 𝕊𝕠𝕔 𝔻𝕖𝕞 𝒫𝓇ℴ𝓊𝒹 ℱℯ𝓂𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒾𝓈𝓉 In science I trust -
TheJoeJJohnson Giving away 3-Xbox Game Pass (14 Day Trials) to the first 3 people that Like this tweet and reply correctly to these 3 questions: 1) What was Frosty the Snowman's nose made of? 2) What do people traditionally put on top of a Christmas Tree? 3) Which country did Eggnog come from? Known for holding the head of the infamous groundskeeper John Tucci - RMU 20'
dan_le_brown Earth 🌍🌎🌏 @Kachi_Maduagwu My goal is sorta to do the same thing or take a similar approach in building something great. I want to be proof to those after me that people from this side of the world can still dream and achieve great things. Your tweet made me feel we had the same thing going on. Right? 2/ taking the Elon Musk approach...
Ai3nai FoxImbox Channel Mods' HQ - tiny bit of venting - crap i say that only friends from 2 - 3 years ago will probably understand - posting memes i made using a discord bot which then somehow becomes a banger tweet - me being a wuss to talk to people outside of my friend groups and yeah thats all Hi, I'm Aienai, I'm stupid and do horrible takes. Pansexual & Genderfluid (He/She/They) The Funny Private: @Ian3ia Discord: Aienai#8997
Relentlessrye 1.Started to stream and do YouTube after so many years of wanting to 2. Faced my fear of flying and visited Puerto Rico and saw my family (I hope I made my grandma proud) 3. Meet new people (I'm sorta shy) @adamjk thank you for this tweet it made me realize what a year it's been.
LegalizeIA @SenJoniErnst I wish I had the job of a Senator so I could just SIT on my bottom and tweet EVERY 2 hours! That would be the LIFE! Get to bitch at people on food stamps for being poor and not supporting QAnon and tell people to “STOP MOOCHING! GET A LIFE!” Yep. This bitch has it MADE. F U. EFFF U! Legalize Cannabis for Iowa!
ManjiButt Austin, TX The art thief is @.AndyJho59380739, and they're using a bunch of different art styles to try to scam people, as shown in the first tweet I made out one of the signatures and contacted the artist over on Insta to inform them. Here's the proof that Andy is an art thief: (2/2) 34, punk, nerd, spiritual catgirl, hornt | gay trans aunt | HRT: Feb 6 2018 | she/her | BLM | 🔞 | Corner Drawing: @Daikanu | Icon: @greycatluna
SiaKordestani Los Angeles, CA @SuperJewGirl People should try to be respectful when debating. I think the way you phrased your tweet made most of us think you mean "Zionist" only applies to Jewish people. Regarding the point that Israel is a fait accompli and that "Zionist" is an outdated term, I agree. However... (1/2) Siamak Kordestani. American. Iranian Jewish refugee. U.S. affiliate of @Elnetwork_EU. Before: Congress, @HouseForeign, @AJCGlobal. I love Kubrick movies 🎥
tweet_2_defeat @AnnSchurman @SteveSchmidtSES I didn't mean to suggest he was inferior because he was relegated to a wheelchair. Just that a team of people made sure he never had to stand or walk in public and that even reporters were in on it and kept it hidden. Can you imagine them doing that now?!
vortlenz behind you I hate to say this But....... I just read a tweet of someone insulting/discriminating someone. The guy getting insulted was just doing the thing he likes. This happens a lot to him. I met this guy and i dont regret it. It made me happy. People from Other countries are not 1/2 hey guys subscribe to my YT channel : vortlenz. and if you wanna make me happy. use code Ayaang427 @ayaanG427
AndyTriv2 @Sooners_B12C @DTMamba @PFF_College Don’t know what to tell ya ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe you believe PFF College just made up a number for Stroud’s deep ball accuracy and thought people wouldn’t notice. More likely situation is they aren’t using either of those 2 completion percentage metrics for this tweet. THE Ohio State University Class of 2016
aravosis Washington, DC Note how Pete Souza did NOT retweet crazy Ronnie Jackson, but rather copied a picture of his tweet and commented on that. By doing that, Souza made sure that he didn’t help Jackson’s tweet get further promoted by Twitter, as a Tweet that’s “Popular.” Editor @AMERICAblog, CyberDisobedience, @UnPresidentPod. Gtown JD/MSFS. Past: UN, Economist, CDF, Senate. Called wacko by Rush. TikTok: @aravosis SP/FR/IT/GR
nbatopshot A court near you. Let's get started! Name the top 3 current leaders in Field Goals Made per game. 🏀 Quote tweet with a link to your NBA TS profile, tag a friend not on Top Shot, and include #NBATopShotThis in your answer. New to Top Shot? Learn about the holiday offer: Start here: Licensed @nba @wnba & @thenbpa @thewnbpa. Bringing 🏀 ➡️ ⛓ Built on @flow_blockchain. 👋 @topshot_updates & @topshotecon
neontaster Washington, DC Oh here's Lindsay scolding Tom Scott because a woman in one of his videos made "transphobic posts" years ago that she deleted and he didn't know about. But I guess a lot has happened in the world since *checks tweet date* Saturday. CTO @tabletmag || עברית || 日本語 || also see @neon2ster || opinions always my own
MossabDiae Tuxland Woah, you made it this far! I can tell you're serious about learning Django . Bookmark this tweet if you found it useful , and make sure to check my future tweets about Django (and Linux🐧😃) 🕸-Developer Backend : Django 🐍 | SSG : Hugo | Member of the "I use Linux btw" 🐧😗 Passionate about Life Sciences ,Languages and Education 🗣 En, Ar, Ja, Fr
cosmicabobo @GoodGuyD1 @Marie_Shadows We don't understand the tweet and the person who made the tweet doesn't understand wrestling. The mechanical moans of a dying man who was a douchebag
unclebeneji @MarinatedTurks He made a thread and explained sha but many of you read the first tweet and ran with it. You don't know me.
EdgegodHades Da'at 3am tweet cause I can't sleep and needed to vent about this bizarre series that made me become a writer, yet causes me despair when I see people discuss it. And that despair makes me despair as I recall a time I would geek out and smile at the mere chance to talk about it. Dork. Fanfic starter but never ender. Tohno Shiki fanboy, Ciel Enjoyer, Marisa Kirisame stan, Megaman addict, Sumireko Usami lover, SMT shill, old Pokemon fan.
JoyceRosie @Thelandofark @AdamBandt I didn’t agree with thorpe’s tweet but you can hardly compare the greens to UAP. Craig kelly has been front and centre of these types of ‘freedom movements’, stirring them up/enciting this sort of crap. She made a crap post no doubt before she realised who was behind it
xuquoia she\they @blisanewblack omg i started watching it just some mins ago and your tweet made me feel more exciited about the upcoming eps tysm!!!! :: thisuserlovesxuxi 🤍
MrsMinTavia She/her That person actually made that tweet and thought people would agree and laugh with them?!? Ummm… Ya fav black fangirl. 25. I came to bring the sunshine ☀️ I hope you all stay happy & healthy 💜 Bts.Normani.5sos. @Lovelytanniez =👯‍♀️ #BLM priv: @DollGirlTay
ProcessBrat Sydney @EasyTiTi @RabuSensei With your big mouth wishing that people not succeed was where you made this tweet on the right and on the left is where #HEX is now. You did an outstanding job of fudding yourself into oblivion lol. Fist pump…. $HEX #HEXICAN
spideypotterr mcu | mcyt | mlb @luvtubbito a 13 y/o is going through a nightmare bc of some tweet they made and yet somehow people are trying to make this about something so unimportant rn?? if anyones seriously that concerned about how this caused “generalization” get off twitter and go outside- ~ bi she/they
readingasshoe Australia You block someone then they come with a burner account to comment the same crap under your tweet... y'all's parents never made you heard and validated your thoughts and it shows. That's why you trying to force a stranger to engage your opinion. Somewhere relaxing, drinking wine and moisturising her afro- she/her 🇿🇼
SapphzeaI And that's the last of the pictures I will draw for the interactive tweet. Sorry if I couldn't get to everyone's because that was a lot to draw. I thank everyone that had made their tweets, it was fun. I hope you had fun as well, while it lasted. Mood: Ducks and Dinos alike Instagram: Deviantart: Age: 26 Creator: #Shootingforheavenau
elisenchanted 🏳️‍🌈💜 she/her ive been laughing on and off about jimin's birthday tweet all day. who forking does that. it's the equivalent of tenderly kissing someone on the lips and then bro-hugging them with three hearty back slaps. no wonder namseok made fun of him for it mars • 23 • can't shut up about music • i have approximate knowledge of many things • 🇨🇦
AstroSibs South Africa Social scientists work their butts off and we pay too much tax for that research to be made available but still Twitter discourse circles the drain every now and then for horrid hot-takes that can be stopped by a quick google before pressing "tweet" Cowboy. 📧 Science writer. Columnist for @NoseweekM, science communicator for @ScienceLinkSA and @SciBraai.
selqnari @MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport she’s 28 now and she was 25 when u made this tweet he/him • waiting for christmas movies • KUWTK • sign petitions for ari sel and tay to hangout •
taevocii she / her ²⁰ just remind me . they made this similar tweet months back and apologised too right?  ֎ life status : high on koo missing drugs
gojodilff she | her every now and then i like to scroll through my tweets to over analyze what i was thinking about or going through in my life at that point in time when i made the tweet. multifandom acct | 19
TIMWR1GHT she her · he him · it its @J4Y_M3RR1CK This tweet made me roll around and kick my legs just so you know moirails : @american9psycho & @PXRAC0SM_
MFN2KLUBBEN @Eikucuy1 @tylerthecreator you’ve responded to like every tweet he’s made , your just dick guzzling bro get off twitter and go get u a knew bottom cuz ur dick riding like a mf rn to be raw with you
jeonesol 17 she him // giselle @keums_caprisun i just got my tongue pierced and bee has one so i made this half joke half serious tweet😭
irishcoffee74 @kpagels2 @HumorAssured @RepSwalwell @shawnjvandiver Of course not. He instead doubled down moved deflected and made another ignorant tweet.
shazzadut Sydney Australia Oh ffs. This isn’t still trending is it? Meghan’s fingers must be worn to the knuckles with all the tweets. It’s all made up folks. The guy who wrote the original tweet admitted he lied and made it up. Giles Coren. #princewilliamaffair Independent. Loves peace and quiet, animals, movies, TV and books. Hates racists, idiots, trolls, rude people, spiders. I don’t take crap off anyone.
cfineart Arizona, USA MTG AND LAUREN BOEBERT CALL FOR JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S NETWORK TO BE MADE PUBLIC FOLLOWING GHISLAINE MAXWELL GUILTY VERDICTS BY: DAVID CARON ON: DECEMBER 29, 2021 IN: TWEET I'm a God-fearing conservative. Pro Trump, Former Lrrp, Ranger, Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran, I tell it as I see it. Married
kaixin010305 and i made the tweet NOT because I'm not agree on the fact that it's a fetishization, i was just surprised bcs I've never thought abt it actually being a form of fetishization I'm sorry again he/him, 16, Languages : ENG, INA, horrible human beings DNI, i can tweet abt anything, Enstars units stan account (/hj)
misstomrstomom San Jose, CA Did Ted Cruz delete the tweet cuz he made a mistake? His base and faux would have spun it No he deleted it, because he didn't want the magats to realize this pandemic isn't a blue political spin, but that governments everywhere are imposing similar restrictions. Used to be about supporting IF community after own battle. Now I want my daughters to have rights so I #Fightlikeamother
KanyePodcast Chicago and Austin @charizard_hht It’s not an anti Pete Davidson tweet. I like Pete. I don’t care about him dating Kim. I had a string of tweets complaining about how Netflix presented stuff and that was one of them. I’d have made that tweet regardless of what’s going on with Ye/Kim/Pete. A podcast chronicling Kanye West’s discography. Chris Lambert runs the page. ✍🏼 Forbes & Film Colossus. Listen:
at__less minors & harassers DNI @AdamantxYves This is why the tech gods made megablock. For all the annoying stans 🙏 👈🏿you out the tweet url and it blocks the user and all who liked it 25, he/him, SFW/NSFW artist, 🌈 furry, certified catboy lover 👣, anti-christian, no TERFS, MAPS, MINORS🔞 ANTIS 🐜 fork OFF, my art: #AtlessArt

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