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RubenGallego Phoenix, Arizona Virginia had free and fair elections. The loss is tough but we will learn from it. Now I hope all the Republicans that say the 2021 VA race is valid will say the same thing about the 2020 election. Iraq War Veteran USMC 0311/0341. Member of Congress for #Az 7th Congressional District. Hispanic/Latino. Father of Michael. Husband to @syd_gallego
FreddyInSpace So much valid negative film criticism these days is written off as "hating" and I just think that's such a weird thing that seems to be happening on Twitter lately. It seems we're combating toxic negativity with pure positivity across the board, and that's just as unproductive.🤷‍♂️ Editor in Chief of @BDisgusting. Runs @HorrorCalendar. Proud Armenian. I'm a sensitive person who likes bad horror movies.
TheRaDR Be patient with where you are. It's valid. My goodness, is it ever. Let yourself experience it so that you can be fully ready for the next thing, and present to do the work you're called to do later. For now, invite in what's coming. Rabbi & author. Next book on repentance & repair in the public square in 2022. Scholar in Residence @NCJW. Bylines NYT, WaPo, Time, etc. she/her. Opinions mine.
GenevraBrown Seattle, WA @Lynn_Monster87 It feels wrong to "like" this, but I hear you, and I've been there too. I didn't know I was Demi (or even that it was a thing) until a couple years ago, and I've had to review a lot of relationships and mistakes since then. You are loved and valid just as you are. <3 She/Her - Demi, Neurodivergent Gen-X Gamer Mom, Artist, Writer, General weirdness magnet.
CatwomanFran London @SW_Help It says “no valid ticket” when I tap it. Clive from Winchfield station had to write me a note to say it wasn’t working yesterday and said it should be today but today - same thing. Non-fiction marketer. @reaktionbooks and @3ofCupsPress person. Weaknesses: floral dresses, books, red velvet cake. Marathon runner. Views are my own.
Solomon_Buchi In Christ Alone This is totally bitter. This thing you do under the guise of feminism is demonic. A lot of women relate to Ciara’s prayer because they related to her experience! A woman’s prayer to be truly loved, led and cherished by a man is valid. Stop promoting misandry! Lɪғᴇ Cᴏᴀᴄʜ: I help people gain clarity in their lives and relationships || TEDx Sᴘᴇᴀᴋᴇʀ, Pʀᴏʟɪғɪᴄ Wʀɪᴛᴇʀ, Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ-Eǫᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ Aᴄᴛɪᴠɪsᴛ. 🌈 stands for God’s covenant
Solomon_Buchi In Christ Alone @ozzyetomi This is totally bitter. This thing you do under the guise of feminism is demonic. A lot of women relate to Ciara’s prayer because they related to her experience! A woman’s prayer to be truly loved, led and cherished by a man is valid. Stop promoting misandry! Lɪғᴇ Cᴏᴀᴄʜ: I help people gain clarity in their lives and relationships || TEDx Sᴘᴇᴀᴋᴇʀ, Pʀᴏʟɪғɪᴄ Wʀɪᴛᴇʀ, Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ-Eǫᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ Aᴄᴛɪᴠɪsᴛ. 🌈 stands for God’s covenant
lipichun he / him @vstwc @manwhoisaboy @BarnabyJDixon Detransitioners are entirely valid, and it's a terrible thing to have to go through,, but using that as a weapon against real trans people is when it gets wrong. Using it as an argument to invalidate trans children who go through therapy to get recognised is ignorant. stop making cars round its wrong | madcom fanartist or something
vuyecc COMMISSIONS CLOSED (3/5) #ArcaneSpoilers i know people are probably looking for crumbs of official content for their champs and that's very valid but on the other hand i have a problem with limiting thing to known characters without the possibility of new ones appearing you know uhh 23 • they/she • 🏳️‍🌈 • ENG/PL || odyssey, noxus & pentakill enjoyer 🎮 League of Legends • Sea of Thieves • The Elder Scrolls pfp: @AnavrinMidia 🎨@vuyeccart
NomadCrocuta @CharMayCry I get that there's valid reasons for day one patches like you can't change the game once it gets approved for release so day 1 patch is the next best thing to meet deadlines but holy fork "they have to make it worse and then patch it good to fight leakers" is peak cope · 22 · no minors · bi · 🐶🀄 ·
SharkKingDylan Calgary, Alberta @MissMixi The sucky thing about international shipping but unfortunately that’s just how it is, it’s not as easy as say shipping something from Canada to the US and vice versa, it literally needs to be sent on a boat or plane to get places since driving’s not a valid option Ace/Hetro, He/Him, owner of many ocs including the lovely Delphine Mordere, casual gamer and music lover, TF/Body Swap enthusiast (18+ Account)
DwainPhoenix Earth Z 78123 @TruthxReality @playinnature And I am aware they played in Pitt, I don't know the rules there so questions are valid. I did wonder the same thing but really not a talking point after that game. I love games! Poker player, Gamer, life enthusiast. I love love love a legit soup and sandwich combo. Legit being subjective obviously.
btxtwelve 21 | SHE/HER • black hey i'm that baby moa and i have more opinion. i saw some of your tweets about why moa should listen moarmy and y… — but it’s not even about the “bts little brother” thing though? it’s about taking valid criticism and pointers so … sorry for being a moarmy i don’t do it on purpose
Noxaelurus "(Fictional thing) is a trigger for me..." Valid. "...therefore you can't draw/write/(insert anything) about it." Not valid. Manage your own triggers and stop expecting other people to do it for you. Your triggers are your responsibility and not anyone else's problem. Nox ✖ 23 ✖ 🏳️‍⚧️ ✖ He/they ✖ Bi/aro/ace ✖ Neuroatypical ✖ Pro-fiction freak ✖ (F)artist (#Noxaelurus_art) ✖ I ♡ LiS/OW ✖ NSFW: @Lustaelurus 🔞 ✖ Read 📌 byf
zyacon16 @rockisinfinite @HiddenOdd @toa_freak yeah IK why the pizza skin is a thing, and I don't use it. but 343 has stated that you can't turn off obnoxious cosmetics in infinite and they have established precedent that no skin is to silly for them to add. therefore making the OC valid I don't care who or what is right I just care that it is right
BetelgeuseLxvi @lindyli @MarpleCreative And the crazy thing is, it's legal.. Even, if they will harm others, indirectly in first line, but intentionally.. But we talk about the USA.. Law and justice only valid for poor people and POC.. Or is Bannon arrested? Sorry, but you have to know, we outside observe all this Austria, alps, harsh, fact-based.. That's it.. Oh yeah, sarcastic and cynical. Mean. No lists, no porn or dating site.. I wrote THEREFORE nearby 7 yrs wrong...
Dojizerker Canberra, Australia @PrincesseSukii @ShawnJPG @GenshinImpact It doesn't hurt learn more, especially as the game get more popular and more fans coming in. Plus, EN have different fan culture from Asia and this is a very valid thing to go over due to different copyright laws in each countries. F・she/her・ENG・18+・Chinese-Aussie・とうらぶ, パラライ, GBF, AK, Genshin・いちみか,薬不,細川組,伊達組,くりんば,みかんばみか,くにちょぎくに,くりつる, 則清,etc・日本語を少し・W山姥切, 伽羅, 鬼丸, 則じじ,Executor, 🔶,👹=💕. リバ👌
AnimeFlyz Generic Isekai Starter Town @AnaseSkyrider @N64iac @joemoecar @wewerenishiki @FuturistDog Basically the set AOC is 18, but a couple who is under 18 is allowed to be in a sexual relationship if they have parental consent. And Im pretty sure the Romeo and Juliet thing is still valid in Japan. Never heard of a couple needing to break up over 1 person turning 18. Tsundere Sw@G | Asuka Langley Fan | Go Eagles! | NSFW Art friendly | READ KAGUYA-SAMA!!! | CEO Of ImoSae | Flat Is Justice | #1 Husband of Suisei
ryancrawcour Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa @FredCoriander @DylanReeve @andrewtychen @TheSpinoffTV @NZonAir Howz it gonna do that if its offline? The code might be a valid code, but the name and dob could've been changed. If the verifier isn't online and looking up the details linked to the code the whole thing is pointless. Ex Saffa, adopted Kiwi. Manipulator of 1s and 0s doing cloud stuff. Thoughts / Tweets / Rants are my own & don't reflect those of my employer.
bebopulation ic: princepuca the whole thematic thing about an allegedly diminished existence being not only valid but valuable enough to fight for is just very dear to me and i do not want that walked back on in any capacity even for cool ascian lore i WILL be crabby celebrate not with the joyous one | the meg, she/they, 25+
WeDoBeeVibing 19 | she/they @PiliDtowncat idk who tells you this but annoying is the last thing i would call you. youre valid and we love you /p 💖 I do server work and code. #HalloweenSMP | ACNH | pfp: @lovoviii
mattchu1976 Chicago, IL @JCowleyHoops The thing with you that’s always struck me Joe is you’re actually capable and intelligent enough as a journalist to not be a troll yet you’re a troll. You vacillate between valid points that others are afraid to make a complete nonsense multiple times in a given day. I'm pretty certain that this is the space that's reserved for me to type exactly how I would like to be perceived by others. The concept makes me uncomfortable.
_GreatDelusion Oakland, Calif. @FiddlerJudge @CaitlinPacific @bernard_prof @johnlk_80 When all ideas and opinions are deemed not only valid, but worthy of amplification ("heterodoxy"), we can't have a general national ethic (like favoring fact over nonsense, basic human decency, etc.) Any crazy-ass or evil thing is ok to believe, and promote. And so they do. Reporter. Free-born man of the USA. Here, examining the mass delusions that pervade the national discourse: left, right, center, and in the political media.
itsnafrinauzdar @XanzLil Babe, what people said to us is invalid. The only thing is valid that where you still standing on your ground and be confident of yourself. ✨ I'm a HOMO guy 🏳️‍🌈, skin like cinnamon👋🏾 and wanna be artist 🎨. Always THORNY, leeeerrr tibeerrr 🤣✊🏽
mochiflxwer @Nocteshadow VALID !!! i need to try more cream soda tbh. and also yeah idk SOMETHING ABOUT YOU JUST WAS ALWAYS INTIMIDATING WHEN YOU FIRST FOLLOWED ME HAHA probably just the fact you were also doing a creepypasta/ranboo thing i was just like "oh fork thats really cool" LOL mochi | CEO of GL fanart | artist streamer | any pronouns | no reposts
alcego_writes @chloehasadhd nah, ur all good! ime it’s a pretty common thing for wlw and afab ppl to experience & the explanations for said discomfort will obviously vary based on person to person, but that doesn’t make u or ur personal journey any less valid 🧡 22 | they/them | 🔞 | mdzs, 2ha, shl, & tgcf | the horse content is non-negotiable
STEMthebleeding @RealBenisons @Teri_Kanefield @BradMossEsq the issue (as I understand it) is that the DOJ is waiting for clarification of whether or not the committee had the legal authority to subpoena in the first place. The last thing they want is to indict, and then a judge rule the subpoena wasn't valid. Medically Retired Marine. Biochemist and mathematician. Here for the science and the snark. Integrity trumps all. R/Ts are most likely animal videos.
cofvevesocial @MrAndyNgo @RestingTwitFace No such thing as having a permit and the permit is not valid. If it isn't valid you do not have one. an alternative to other social media sites. Twitter got @Not_Dutt so I'll be here now
1Man0Name He/Him • Israel • 24 @starsinoblivion It's not a small thing. That fan meant a lot to you. And your mom didn't respect your wishes. Those are very valid reasons to be upset and cry. Functionally literate in the laws of the universe (engineer). Lover of all nerdy things. I'm here to like All The Dogs.
Michael30931445 @Mkleena_ @JOANSONLYFANS Then the enemy did a valid thing in response and that’s the game? Pay attention to what they do and if nobody sees it it was gonna happen either way. ......
partymomm 🤠🤠🤠 @Rullino_ @andiandi2011 @alohacatss no woman (afab) out there is having frivolous abortions on a random tuesday afternoon for the fun of it; there is ALWAYS a reason, the reason is always valid and is not the business of anyone but the woman. there is no such thing as "abortion abuse" sunday driving on a tuesday afternoon||☆ 𝕞𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕕 𝕖𝕟𝕕 𝕜𝕚𝕕𝕤 𝕔𝕝𝕦𝕓 ☆||I'm a {{regular decorated emergency}}||🖤🧚‍♀️💑👩‍❤️‍👩
WhatteKarvaad Chennai @afterdark0600 @humandisaster13 Hmmm. Could very well be the case, but considering the direct and indirect caste-based attacks that have happened to IR in the past (as recently as earlier this year), this angle is the first thing that comes to anyone's mind. But yes... Neenga solRadhum valid dhaan. Gult by birth. Ex-Kannadiga by choice. Tam at heart. Now TRUE SOUTH INDIAN because my wife has Mallu roots. Co-wrote A Game of Pawns - a crime fiction novella.
ckarras Montreal, QC Canada @hadleywickham In French, if you dare say the equivalent of “Good morning” you’ll get lectured that it’s not a valid thing to say in French, it’s borrowed from English and the proper greeting is a non-specific “Bonjour”. Yet they have no issue saying “Bonsoir” (good evening) Software architect / Data science / Anti-extremism
PhotoWorgen The Pits of Hell One thing I WILL give blizz credit for, and honestly some people may disagree (and your valid to do so.) but what I enjoy is there is enough content for me to still be doing things. It may not be current, but it something to do. Earn reps for cool toys/mogs. Level professions 🔞Gendervoid Pansexual weirdo. 🔞 Very scary, totally not a huge softy who likes cute things. (Icon done by @/da__zzi, Background done by @/perenko)
FTSGooen New York, NY To clarify abortion and miscarriage are both valid experiences. Forcing someone to be pregnant is NOT a valid thing to do. 🏳️‍🌈/✡️ Creator/Performer/Conductor/Multi-hyphenate. masc of center/Lincoln Center Vet. DG, Local 802. 🤟🏼 he/him
PearlAquaz Nice try government @pupsotired Valid For me it’s Prisoner because of how Len describes he’s been through so much crap and yet Rin bidding him farewell is the one thing that made him cry so much. 😔😔 I also just love that ending riff in the song too, it kills me inside || Latina || 21 yrs || SHINee OT5 || General Weeb || Piko 💕 || CEO of KaiFukaMiku || LenRin 🧡💛 ||
jao_1989 @jalexa1218 @AsteadWesley The frustrating thing is that it’s a zero sum game. There are no R votes. If you want more money for this there is no valid criticism of Ds. Answer isn’t to get pissed at Ds and elect fewer of them - it’s to get pissed at Rs and elect fewer of them. The framing is so irritating.
1peanut_cookie1 @13problemcat Agreed but if youve already talked to them multiple times about the same thing you have a valid reason to just leave and not say anything because youve told them the same the over and over and it gets tiring if they dont learn and youve tried everything I like to draw and be funny She/they
binthecave fantasizing with little one some people don’t need aftercare and would prefer to be left alone and that’s completely valid, but if you’re not 100% sure that your person doesn’t need it, then step the fork up and do the right thing. they/she 𓍊𓋼 18, mdni 𓍊𓋼 vent account: @sbear_irl 𓍊𓋼 drug friendly 𓍊𓋼 @mamasbun’s mommy! ♡ no tw on posts 𓍊𓋼
xo_girlwonder Manila 🇵🇭 / Toronto 🇨🇦 @sailtheplains @JoshuaMSimons That's valid! I like to show people like "I love the thing you do and I swear I understand the assignment" LOL She/Her | All about TTTRPGs | Lifelong Power Rangers Fan | Founder @thebardnetwork | Renegade #SRManila2080
GeorgeIsLostYT Ranking and reviewing a series There’s plenty of valid reasons why someone would love the format of new who, yet the format of classic who wouldn’t be for them. The beautiful thing about media is the diversity of tastes and opinions, especially with a franchise like Doctor Who. And if you’re really gonna… 20, Pan 🏳️‍🌈 I make videos on stuff that interests me when I’m bothered to, and in general do way less wi myself than I want to. He/him, Neurodivergent ☮️ P&L
MrPeachAV Mount Juliet, TN @OnDemonbreunSt I hope you know that I'm interested in you and find you too be a consistently engaging person when I also say that the only thing I would keep from that convo is "Weston seems to be doing okay," not because your points aren't valid, but because I have no dogs in the hunt WBNN / MJHS / WWJD / KISS
talkstamuch My Own Perpetual Hell @NotCecilMcfly As someone who was there watched the whole thing go down, at this point, I have no forking clue what's valid and what isn't. There's like a handful of valid points buried in a sea of garbage. This "community" of "commentators" is the cutesy pastelle equivalent of Hayder Nation. He/Him, They/Them. I'm the human equivalent a dumpsterfire.
Mii_27478 i love that minato a*** color pallete screams trans rights, thats the first thing that got me into her shes also super chuuni and wants an harem which is also valid She/her.🧚‍♀️🍂 .ACAB. Part of the IRL LC.- I love Nijisanji EN and Hololive ID.
RevivedClown @a_luffa I think the ethos is entirely different than 1 and 3, so that's entirely valid. I just found the lore and world to be mesmerizing. Like, we're at the end of an age, characters are forgetting who they are, the map doesn't make sense cause why would it, that kind of thing. A new guy online, not related to any clowns, dead or living // @CovenBrothers // ACAB weed guy
grumpy_oldtimer West TX @tbone0619 @brycecovert @AOC Do you tell your parents and grandparents the same thing? I wouldn’t call whatever it is your doing progress. Besides, why should an employer pay for extra time off for you if you burn all your leave? Give a valid and ethical reason not just because it’s the right thing to do. Retired Veteran working towards 2nd retirement. Failure to recognize my right to a different opinion is your personal problem not mine. 🎚🇺🇸
Baconboyfryem Plainfield, New Jersey @TheeMokonzi @FaerieKingSoul I wouldn't post myself crying, but the one thing I would say is he was recording before any of that happened. He captured the whole experience it just ended in a sad way. The whole point of his feelings were valid tho, like people are just mean and rude for no reason Fun loving, Singer/actor for serious/business inquiries
giggleduotwt any pronouns + any neos @sipuli_ yeah he has done good things but that doesn’t cancel out the bad things that he has done and there’s proof to it. i have completely valid reasons to dislike him as a trans and autistic person and the whole squid game thing is a lot more than insensitive how do i make this about alliumduo
Srilanka_ETA Sri Lanka Already planned to visit Sri Lanka? Now the only thing left is an ETA visa! To apply you only need a valid passport, an email address and a credit card/Paypal. For more info and online application visit #Srilanka #visa #visaapplication #entry #travel #eta SRI LANKA ETA Application Services support your application for the electronic travel authorization (ETA) visa that you need before traveling to Sri Lanka.
bobber_1077 East of Toronto @0xA2C2A @kykearns @deltox @CP24 Motorsport is one thing where it's a controlled environment. But freedom, passion, and because we can aren't valid reasons especially when speed literally kills. Avid Leafs, Cowboys and Jays fan. Married to an awesome gal...have an incredible son and daughter...

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