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obyezeks Abuja, Nigeria! Seven years ago when ChibokGirls abduction happened, one thing agitated me most. It was fear of what could happen to our children and their education if our Government and entire society failed to send a Strong Signal that we value our young citizens. That fear was valid. A fiercely passionate believer in the public good of nations, serving before leading. Validated by God and my Dad who taught me to never dignify nonsense.
HokutenBen Ill of Illinois "Cause damage" No they dont. First off they never TOLD you you do 3/4ths of what you claim they did and second, human agency is a thing. If Twitter told to me MAPs were valid I wouldn't be "compelled" by anyone to listen to them. I would still ridicule them. If I'm talking then it's probably sporadic. I like fan art and nsfw topics. Minors will most likely be ignored or blocked prematurely depending on mood.
GhostsofJuly floating aimlessly in space Anyways the whole writing them into whatever universe I want thing is still valid because fork you I'm back in my Pokemon brainrot and you bet your bottom I'm making a Pokemon AU for all of them!! I feel the need to clarify when I say "my goths" I mean my OCs not THE goths abghtdgs ☄️Ghost/Factory/Sleepy🌃 Any Pronouns 🖤18🖤 Autistic 🖤 Ojibwe+Finnish 🖤 I make art 🖤 I like bugs 🐝 Priv: @_Factorytown 🖤 Icon: @kaorukofan 🖤✨
Mareish_Mar Newport News, VA She also understands that I may do the thing in my head, but not write it down, and reminds me that is valid too. (3/5) 24▪️Genderqueer Woman▪️ #ActuallyAutistic▪️Queer▪️ Intersectional Feminist▪️Queer 💉💉😷 she/they minors please DNI
DotSoGentleman The thing that hurts me the most is that I literally give my all to the other person every time and they just can… — You're not an emotional bitch, your feelings matter and are totally valid, and will always do out of this situati… 20 | NSFW Account, if you are a minor don't interact with me | DMs open | Backup: @HsBasement | Priv Account: @AltSoGentleman.
aflackBH @BirbIrl yeah which makes my point even more valid when i said the pressure on him and stress he has because of other situations. im not even gonna bring the special k thing into this bc there was other ppl who used it but wasnt caught and it all puts even more pressure on his back 2400 duck guy
jdiglesias wanderin @joey_da_rat @weaseljug @johnny_glat @GramsciFag @POTUS Again, the picking berries is always there. The funny thing is that adding the choice of wage employment seems *less* voluntary to you. Because you dont want choice. You want the stuff you can buy with money, and the idea of not having that is not even a valid choice. noted expert in the industry
fizzybeeduo ❁ she/her ❁ @honkingphillie no worries zay, you’re perfectly valid for saying that. some people aren’t Financially stable enough to get a psychiatric and it sucks sm because getting help for you brain shouldn’t cause a thing. anyway i’m so sorry that’s happening to you and i also want you to know you’re 193 days ♥ |EST| |🦋| #ranboo “when is it my turn to be happy?” mains: beetwt, ✧ bootwt, ✧ & tubbotwt ✧ pfp from @aprilfar_
ReallyRealDonny A house @bogglesnatch @BriannaWu It is still a valid point though. WV has this problem in *spades* with the on-going collapse of the fossil fuel mining industry - lose one thing the town depends on, and everything associated crumbles too. Malls are somewhat of a more affluent example of this too, I think. Opinions mine. You/It/Its. If you like Trump, you won't like me. Dark Sucker theory - If you block me, enjoy your loss :D
African-Americanzoid England, United Kingdom @Omogebisi 😂, Valid ✅ I would love to answer this myself. However, if I ask a lady this question and she doesn’t know it, I won’t come on twitter to drag her like that gentleman did. Not knowing a particular thing does not exclude the person from knowledge in other facets of life. Legal Practitioner (Intellectual Property and Data Protection Law, Employment Law) EU Law, Co-founder @scalebizA and Jazz fanatic 🎷.
samanthaismine she/they to the discord mods, learn to do your job correctly before invalidating systems. i’m disgusted by everything thing i’ve seen in fundy’s server today. incredibly unprofessional. to the lovely systems, you’re all valid and amazing, and i want you to know that. 300+ friends on twitch | 500+ on tiktok
tubbounderscor he/they/it/bee/ae hey tl abt this whole fun dy server thing being upset is valid (im confused myself) but pls remember that this is fun dys staff and not him/his actions! ive seen a ton of (mostly untagged) fun dy n eg and i get ur upset/ dont like him but pls put the blame where it goes! /nm emmett • mcyt dttwt tubbotwt clingytwt • basically Tubbo supremacy
AndrewSandersSA @thatvittorio Having to do that biennial thing where I gently explain to various friends and family that yes, I do like a lot of English people but no, I wont be supporting England. Its like people have no concept of rivalries, setting aside the valid points you make in this Assistant Professor of Political Science @TAMUSanAntonio, author of "The Long Peace Process" @LivUniPress:
kat67470712 @wittrock_daniel @Lorsom7 @thehill Poor thing, can’t speak a clear or valid argument so resorts to ad hominem attack. The point you missed is that even if he did cave to pressure and finally denounce white supremacy, he’s still a racist POS and it doesn’t erase all the other crapty things he said before or since Liberal | Animal Lover | Attorney | Reader | Disinformation Fighter
pinkheaux ✊🏾 she/her the funny thing is when we get content it is literally solo stans who start picking everything apart and overanalyzing their interactions.. like y‘all complain while also doing your best to ruin ot4 content whenever we get it so no your opinion is not valid why be a wallflower when you can be a venus fly trap | my notifs are weird
_hedders Sussex @RetroPrincess1 I reckon if they're not working i.e. they're just out and about rather than at a meet n' greet, then they're off duty and the polite thing to do is to leave them alone. Other views are available though, and valid! I witter about old computers, lawyering, games, music and dogs. Fond of otters. Occasional politics (I'm trying to cut down). Quite sweary. He/him.
disabled_coco @madsweaselbee The whole point is to allow people to chose!!! Not everyone is happy doing the same thing and being a house wife is an entirely valid desire Coco 18 🏳️‍🌈 they/them 🌛🌕🌜Disabled Marauders content creator on tiktok (@disabledlilyevans) current read: the hidden oracle
luukaa00 he/him people hate on these games just to hate them they don't actually have a valid reason and that's why the every single bad thing you've heard about omori is "quirky earthbound inspired depression rpg" or complete blatant nonsense please be delicate with me | (untagged) omori spoilers
Trruu_ New Jersey, USA One thing you not gonna do is disrespect me or play about me. People really be forgetting the principle of things and act like crap valid. Got me forked up. throwing salt on my name will only season my sauce
vmhprint zee 26 he lesbian the way some of y'all treat dynamite, butter and now ptd as merely fillers instead of just valid parts of their discography... acting like it would be a bad thing for them to create similar songs in the future... its not sitting right w me at all btspop ∞ | ash's vminie wife | kpoppies & minors dnf
DoreenShields8 Washoe County If you are American with a passport you don't need a Gold Star. But you have to keep your passport valid. And I imagine with you? I don't have a passport. I'm not going anywhere, one more thing to lose too. Bitch, truth seeker, and until I am well I am into self mutelation! Ow!!!!
ocxmi don’t pqrt !! btw you guys are super valid and im so sorry this fundy thing is happening :( you guys shouldn't be treated like this and its so stupid that they think we can control this kind of stuff. please hard block me if you believe in ANYTHING that was said in the fundy discord. 【he/him】heres a flower @kattyflakess ⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣ ✎ @ocamimoots ✎ pfp | @senphires
sabowsky California, USA @ManOfNoTribes @synthishere To be fair to the people who came up with it high off LSD in the 70's, it sounds contradictory then too. Do you have a source on this tho, like, why it's a valid thing and not just conflating behavior/sexual orientation/identity. "I'm a male lesbian" sounds like a bad joke. Yeah, good. Ok. 🤤gang
JoseCarioca1928 Just received my new Friends desk calendar... so cute The funny thing is that I opened the part with lines of the caracters and this was that I got. Coincidence? I think not Ps: The YES that I said is still valid for all life 🇧🇷🐥🦜
Rowaenthe Los Angeles, CA Incidentally, I also understood Finn's reasoning not to go to Anna, either. He doesn't want to put her in an accessory position, and it's not a sure thing she wouldn't arrest him. Both very valid concerns, in my view. #GH You will be too much for some people. Those aren't your people. ;) Publicist/Writer/Irish/Eater/Geek/Chocolate Lover. She/Her
meInikovas Brasil | 23 @Iobaznyuk nah pierre got hurt and might not be able to play in tokyo the only thing that is valid abt wimbledon is matteo gymnastics crapposting in C major @FCBarcelona | @LewisHamilton
OldJohn_P kabalaga @PtrMkasa I think this is a debate that has very valid points on all sides. The lockdown is very necessary but guys hidden behind high wall fences at home and work thinking 100k is the only thing needed by plebs to sit it out is very unfortunate I am lazy
goangeezer Bengaluru, Goa @aMYTHila_15 Leave anti women thing ... But point is valid .. If father's agriculture land is equally divided between 5 sons or daughters .. and 4 of them don't do anything with that land .. 1 son who wants to use it can't use it coz all land isn't his Tiny human stuck in his own musing ...
TransButterGirl Melbourne, Victoria @pennywhispered Honestly valid. I love the bi flag. But I also love the lesbian flag. Therein lies the issue. Gotta say, the saddest thing is that my favourite flag is one I absolutely cannot use, as it's a MLM flag, and I don't think I'm either of those things. Anxious wreck that is also a slightly less closeted trans girl now. Moderate (radical) leftist. She/Her. ACAB. BLM.
the_pandemicist Toronto, Ontario @destroyideas @martyrmade Come on really? I'm from Canada and have absolutely no love for Trump, but even I thought that New York post thing was extremely weird....whatever your opinion on many of the points in this thread, the big tech censorship thing is 100% valid COVID proved our leadership class is incompetent. I believe in libertarianism most of the time & strong collective action sparingly when it matters (like now)
savanahibanez It’s like a trend right now to hate on & talk crap on young moms/parents and I just want to let all you young parents know: fork the rest and do you. You’re valid, beautiful, and experiencing being a young parent is the most magical thing in the world. hairstylist ✄ baby mama ❁
robjbeech @mattwilliams100 >> know about ticketing rules and they make up their own restrictions as they go along and will often reject your valid ticket. This has gone on for years but as the railway has nobody to reprimand them for this sort of thing they continue to get away with and profit from it.
GrayBlue Brooklyn, NY @JuiceboxCA not saying that negative is necessary - but "what some may perceive as negative" may be necessary - and certainly valid on the not being a jerk thing, i try to catch myself and not be that, but also do utilize this to vent about things Problem solver. Pathfinder. Skepticism is healthy - get into it. *not a TOTAL misanthrope.
rahuldmehta7 NYC || LDN $ALF well good thing I raised stop to breakeven on this while I was away. Stopped out early-afternoon and now trading below opening LOD. If it can hold around here, the setup will still be valid going into next week. Swing Trader (since 2019) • Trading Journal Stream of Consciousness • Managing the Kullamagi Positions Tracker Tip jar:
cjcon90 Ireland @dennisechavezg There's loads of options! Skills in PHP, Ruby or even Python aren't as popular on Twitter as JS tools like React & Node.js, but they are just as valid! Best thing to look at are the jobs ads in your city/state/country and see what is in demand 🙂 Social worker by day, full-stack developer by night. Soon to be Production Engineer at Facebook 💯
wohwastaken she/her , 🇻🇪🇺🇸 @beebynboo hey, your thoughts and anger towards tommmy are completely valid but could you avoid saying stuff like "go starve"? (since that's a very harsh thing to say to anyone, even if you dislike them. it's also triggering for ed) LOVE U TOO | mcyttwt
sempiteranal unt’21 @709Aurora i understand, but you’re too focused on their 5 years and not focused enough on your 5 hours. being angry and feeling betrayed is not a bad thing. they’re normal human feelings and if someone felt betrayed, it would be as 100% valid as that relationship. azulas redemption arc
Bonk_katie I stay with bingus @Mauthefae Ahhhhh I am so happy for you!! Just one thing YOU ARE BEYOND VALID AND WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!❤❤ *Choke me like you hate but you love me*
TheMomentNerd Seattle, WA @OdotMeezy Sure thing, if I have time this weekend I'll try to get a little feature on the next checker that will show which other Finals challenges you have completed and still are valid. Data-driven analysis and thoughts about NBA Top Shot. I like to solve math problems about basketball. Entertainment only, not financial advice.
circledkarma mintaka I think...the most important thing is that you remained true to yourself at the end of the day. No matter what anyone or something else did that day to drive you down a little bit. You're valid and I think that's it. Its enough. 23 - ♋︎ ♊︎ ♌︎ - she/they - intuitive - kpop stan
slim007jim Elgin, IL @duncan_ramey @POTUS Name one thing that suppresses your vote other than having a valid ID? We want free and fair elections not laws that make it easy to cheat, which is exactly what the Democrats want! “SlimJim” is an 18 Wheel Nation Wide Stick Shifter. Also a Purveyor of Restaurant Quality Prime Meats! Hammer Down!! Trump2020!
Sui45037071 chumpistan @CalvinBrumbaugh @LiberalTearsHA @rickygervais You ignored both just starting out (most vulnerable), and height of popularity (most attention). Those are both valid factors, so I pointed that out. Pretend cancel culture isn't a real thing (or is one sided) if you want, Idgaf. Bipartisan puritanism exists, and it sucks. It gets worse
prodK0YA she/her @moonmeteors Like why is it that ppl dont think pop and vocal orientied performances is a valid thing that bts are interested in 🤕 花樣年華 — forever
jackingrm @LeifTaylor @amurray961 The one thing I see Cardano doing and hard to be replaced for is bringing banking to the unbanked. Partnerships like IOHK and World mobile are advancing and I think will brush past the other networks in this regard. Still, I think your concerns are valid, looking forward to see Crypto & all that jazz. My tweets are not financial advice, just a guy in his mom's basement. 👇 Daily #Cardano $ADA Videos 👇
jcrown04X @PatoLod @smileaphelion @TheElectric_Fox @ArtOfGaming8 @koishi_thing @sonicsta_ Like what I'm trying to say is you really should ask for valid criticism first if someone says "this is garbage' before blatantly attacking them and calling them names. Now if they don't reply with valid criticism or don't have it then okay feel free to insult them
jcrown04X @PatoLod @smileaphelion @TheElectric_Fox @ArtOfGaming8 @koishi_thing @sonicsta_ I admit I sometimes just say "this is crap" or "this sucks" about certain things on tweets because I don't feel like stating a whole bunch of valid points since there's already been that have done that but when someone replies to me and asks for actual valid points then I give it
kazuvanilla @dnfsvt yeah i wont take credibility from someone on twitter but the whole thing was so anxiety inducing and that revelation(?) just calms me down a bit. your distrust is valid ofc way too many ppl has got away w/ antiblackness dwt’s back enthusiast | smiletwt | he/they/xey/ae | pinned byf | priv: @dwthasabf req with priv, moots only
PatoLod @jcrown04X @smileaphelion @TheElectric_Fox @ArtOfGaming8 @koishi_thing @sonicsta_ Yes, and thats why my post wasn’t targeted to those with valid points and arguments, its what I’ve been saying this whole time. All Gaming
PatoLod @jcrown04X @smileaphelion @TheElectric_Fox @ArtOfGaming8 @koishi_thing @sonicsta_ Hey, im willing to learn other people’s points of view, which obviously consist on a personal and evidential perspective! You having your own reasons is valid, but what does a company learn when it says “doesn’t convince me”? Ubisoft and EA learn from proper and valid opinions. All Gaming
AxtonerGuy Colombia @A1sh1e you're 100% valid my friend, it doesn't matter what others say, the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. I'm so sorry hearing that :( but keep your head up and you do you, i'm SO proud of you ❤️ 19 🇨🇴 | he/him | ESP/ENG | MFC 💙 | EDM 🎶 | stay vibrant ↑% | MCC MY BELOVED | Bi | 🖤💜🤍 | defender of ellietwt