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mrsilgz Corpus Christi, TX All of my father's are dead The one's alive do not care It seems what I have become Is something less than a man And in the end they were right I've gone and wasted my life And now my only goal is To slowly die in a ditch To be a grave left un-kept. I love the hate
UsCensor @stormis_us Yup seeing this right now. Regarding CJ R/T by Trump then Q.. then his following post while all eyes were on him- JFKJ info/disinfo. I feel like you know what’s really going on here and I suppose you can’t really say anything. I believe he is alive. @stormis_us
KIWIxHSLOT TPWK 18:) SHE/HER @WALLSVOGUE I wish he was still alive so he could have given away all the other mother forkers who were participating with him on the island. It’s forking disgusting and they are out there free right now #ZAYN: Ask me if I give a motherfork?!!
WTF_AMERICA_X US @PinkCloverLove @Meatball1025 @LaRepMexicana @TheRightMelissa @POTUS SLAVERY...and plenty of slaves are alive today, you are just thinking about black slavery. There is sexual slavery going on right now and other forms of human trafficking all SLAVERY...WAKE UP! As for black slavery, slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule and are still waiting. “Democrats think the glass is half full. Republicans think the glass is theirs and you should buy their water and rent the glass.”
Caitlinh24 California, USA @ACA53342657 @almost_ten @CivileSermo @roguechimp99 @nytimes And he actually wasn’t holding a gun when he was gunned down. Witnesses testified to that. Kyle killed two unarmed protesters. You have a far right group that was going to kill Gov Whitmer. They were arrested alive. Is this all the far right is now? A lynch mob? The example of patient suffering is in itself the most precious of all lessons to an impatient world. #DitchMitch #voteBlueNoMatterWho2020
lrb100 ÜT: 40.728231,-74.000691 @NellSco I like Fauci but I wonder how many people would be alive right now if at least face coverings had been promoted in the beginning and Fauci and others were saying no to masking and has partly led to this clusterfork we all live in now native NYer. future social worker. educator. forever student. dog enthusiast. views are my friends. :) she/her #blacklivesmatter
rinboz Astral Colocktower, Yharnam Well, maybe it's time for me to write about how alleged communists were killed on the spot before 1973, such as being thrown out of helicopters and burned alive in a can. After all, Anon Numpa is being taken from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on helicopter without any lawyers right now. I will rt politics. My people are suffering. | Unless professional inquiries, please do not contact me thru professional channel, thank you.
ForTheOdaClan ( 18+ ) | M ❝ … You’re right~ my sister isn’t at war anymore and we are now both here in Chaldea~ meaning we can do all those things we couldn’t do when we were alive… ❞ He would softly pat the king on her head (+) 『#FGORP』『#MVRP』『#OpenRP』🔥No art is mine.🔥『Deaths : 1』
straat ex BHOP, uv Y’all ever think deep about life and like how we’re alive right now instead of like the 1800s or medieval times like we all have technology to be able to talk to each other miles apart we’re experiencing the world that 200 years ago people were probably thinking was the future • COYG • friend group @vaginaslurping
tobiolovebot13 tw// genocide . . . i think the priority is, of course, helping and listening to indigenous people that are alive right now. but i also think we shouldnt be allowed to forget all the tribes that were completely wiped out and that have no living members alive to tell their story she / they 19. mostly haikyuu, but i like other things. i will talk about the new episodes with no warning every friday so feel free to mute me. ✰
rvmoskalenko @itskurohyn @poccipocetta but like I said to them if they belive in CT/ZA so much, why want Z and A dead? They said C felt guilt for A death. Now if A will alive CT would be much beter?) And sure ZA will hapen. Like it would be best way to show they were right all this time.) But they dont want it)) Mathematician. Physicist.
AshleySWeitz Utah, USA I know we're all busy *staying alive* right now, but this past spring? Utah medical students were taken off clinical rotations and weren't literally *lining up* to serially abuse untold numbers of unwitting, unconscious patients.
lharrisboyd @TMZ Stop doing what you're doing!! We need some normality, right now. For your children's sakes, please calm down and start after we unite to get rid of this evil racist person. You know and I know you know that if our mothers were alive after all that they did would not like this!
KakashiSimp14 Philippines @DREAMINABOAT Aww I wish I had a brother (All my siblings died when my mom was giving birth to them, I was the only one who survived Im the 2nd child, if they were alive we would be 6 right now... And yes my older brother is probably 17 now I'm a anime & a Minecraft fan I say lol and curse a lot so sorry, I love kakashi ❤ i'm Filipino and a minor, (multi fandom) Im a she (bi), easily nauseated :,)
IndiaforJustic1 @Khiladiwood @AkkiKesri @itsNitikaSingh Look, the hot feels hot now? Whoaaaa, what double standards you guys have. Salute, only anti-nationalists can have so. All these tags were used for Sushant while he was alive and even worse when he passed away. My parents taught me right stuff, which is why I am on SSR's side!
Heanyo2 #StayHomeForThanksgiving We were doing sooo good and now a 2nd wave....drinking, partying, social gatherings are not important right now. STAY THE F HOME SO WE WILL ALL BE ALIVE FOR NEXT YEARS CELEBRATIONS...WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! Mom/daughter/thankfully Canadian/sad for Americans
ShehuSani Nigeria When the youths were pleading,they were not listening;Now they are pleading and the youths are not listening. #ENDBADGOVERNANCE #EndSARS Human Rights Activist | Author | PanAfricanist | A dedicated fighter for Freedom and Justice | #MySahelianQuotes.
DonaldJTrumpJr 🚨🚨🚨 Isn’t this everything the Dems and the media hoped and dreamed that we were doing? Now that it’s e Biden’s they’ve lost all interest.🙄 Joe Biden Stood To Profit From Son Hunter's Chinese Business Deals EVP of Development & Acquisitions The @Trump Organization, Father, Outdoorsman, In a past life Boardroom Advisor on The Apprentice
Timcast Philadelphia, PA i used to be more in favor of gun control until riots swept across the US and police were defunded and demoralized then i went and bought guns and now will not vote for anyone trying to restrict my right to keep myself safe Journalist, Disaffected Liberal, Commentator, Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Musician | Former VICE, Fusion
GaryEddey Manhattan, NY @neilson_tara Sea Urchin used to be plentiful in the waters off the New England Coast. In Maine during summer vacations (I grew up in NJ) sea urchin were found in coves anywhere on the Coast. Now, they are rare. In 1972 I remember camping on islands in Penobscot bay and finding ... Author, The Weather House, dist by Ingram; WIP = two more novels; Observer of current chaos; Pediatrician, Disabilities, Lesch-Nyhan; GC x 6
RichNorth4 @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews You did NOT win stupid ass. Hilery defeated you by over three thousand votes. The electorial college is obsolete and no longer needed. You were given your position by some cheating lying EC members. (FACT)! You are NOT in good graces now Mature gentleman. Divorcee
alianirose I just had sleep paralysis for the first time and holy crap that is the scariest crap ever. I was trying to wake up but something was holding me back saying that it wasn’t in my dream and they were just whispering in my ear poking at me 😭😭🥺I’m scared to sleep now 🇲🇽|insta @alianirosales
JenniferSaysHi @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews And look how bad you’ve treated Comey after all the help he gave you. You don’t give Putin his credit either. Never forget, more of us voted for @HillaryClinton. And, we were right. You are terrible. Now you’ve shown the world what garbage you are. Don’t expect the same outcome.
Erik_Rogers_ @BitcoinTina @traxattack @djbaskin Also, we are more hygienic now in the world than we were in 1918 and 1919. Here to follow my favorite sports teams and reporters. Air Force veteran. **My views are my own BECAUSE A COMPANY CAN'T HAVE VIEWS**
Headache857 funny @gryphon_ssbu I meant that's the way I got the funny thing about it and it and it didn't matter how I was in it for a long while now and then it and it happened I got a lot more attention and it wasn't the way it and it would have to do the same with me if it were me if it were a good time for 🇧🇷 Enderman +Toon link + Mii brawler main on smash ori+sylvanos main on Æther 14 comitted anime pfp
switchluts Pluto I love @Wandersong_game because at like one wait we were like damn we need to save the world but now we're like "let's take advantage of depressed and unemployed people" and that's fun tbh -pfp by @rikka_roll -Just a person with way too many hobbies trying to be the best they can be -He/They -Asexual&Aromantic -Run @KirbyPictures -Watermelon cool
pinkbby06 Latin America ✨💖 My bf just told me I look tiny and when I said no I don’t he said yeah look at your arms they are so much skinnier now than they were before I’m sjdjdjd 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰😍🥰🥺 she / her // vent acc + ed // 21 years old
GoblinFriendly Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I'm watching TAS right now and the tonal whiplash of going from the Discovery S3 premiere to "meeting the devil at the center of the universe who becomes our friend and demons were chill actually" is staggering. Dan (he/him). Meu gênero é ficção científica. (My gender is science fiction)
Squadd_Lyfe Houston, TX @LeftistElijha Before all the accusers stories fell apart and were false, yeah we know. Here’s a tip kid, you gotta stay updated with the facts so you don’t make yourself look stupid like you do now throwing around dangerous words after it’s been disproven. Good luck Porter sta(⚬⃔⚬ℕ⚬⃔⚬) Account【=◈︿◈=】/ / LOST LANDS FAM 🦖🦕🙅🏾‍♂️ / ΩΔΦ 🔴⚪️⚔️🛡 #BLACKLIVESMATTER
KrisNoel65 Missouri, USA @kkhavs1994 @tian_valerian @ghgirl_s @RepAdamSchiff Jared, senior WH official, married to 45's daughter, nepotism barbie and both were denied security clearances until daddy forced them through. When you have a president and senior officials who are beholden to other countries, that's a YUGE problem. Get it now, sparky? "If you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something about it."-John Lewis #goodtrouble
FlotoRichard @douggrrc2020 @BadgerPharm37 @RadioFreeTom Precisely. We couldn't back in the day and we can't now. As I said the issue is first and foremost the cost of a college education and the interest rates for such loans. I had a 3% federal loan and 5% bank loan when rates were 8-10% because they invested in you. Now it's opposite retired engineer, teacher, soccer coach, love our American History and our National Parks
wheeinter_bear Sayu💍🏳️‍🌈 This sounds so insincere and y’all didn’t even address the racism and sexualization of minors and instead now playing the victim card saying y’all were “discouraged”... gtfo and learn to be respectful and not disgustingly ignorant before u post ANY vids • mdzsarmymoo • 24 • she/her • 95soulmates• dying med student
WeAreBunBun Denver, CO We went to a pumpkin patch in search of pumpkins and instead found a styrofoam witch village and some possessed horses. We were so scared, we're going home to watch The Ring right now💍 @ Mile High Farms "Fall Festival" We each knew, when we were born, that one day we would become SoundCloud rappers. Now we make Future~Shock Bee~Wave G~House Comedic~Instructional Dance Music
MBNHedger @masterninja no no... see, you misunderstand, shes better than you. Its not that shes an bottom or that she made a mistake trying to farm clout. no, shes just better than you, and she tried to tell you that but you didnt just go away like you were supposed to. now be nice. /s Average internet nobody. Playing video games. Shadowbanned. Getting too old for commie bullcrap.
CharlesHustle2 @StewartLopez14 @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews Do you know why he brings up H1N1? It’s not because nearly as many people died, but it’s because 60 million Americans were infected now go look up COVID-19 and factor in Democrat governors forcing infected elderly into nursing homes.
vstoudt Boulder, CO We just left and found out where we were is now under evacuation notice. If it's not intersectional, it's not feminism. she/her/hers
LASTCARonBROCK California, USA Lap 13 - As the XFINITY race gets underway, Leicht went a lap down in that opening run and is just now leaving pit road. "We were not able to make any adjustments, there was a bunch of tape on it." @NASCAR historian & editor-in-chief of #LASTCAR, the 1st website dedicated to last-place finishers. Author of J.D. McDuffie biography from @WaldorfPress. #JD70
Lekan_ID Earth @UmarDikko12 @oyetomi @aishambuhari This umar nah real Fool well I can’t blame You i wish you could feel the same pain those deceased parents are still feeling right now then you’ll know that this protest aren’t just for yahoo boys 💔😭 Those people that were killed by police are yahoo boys?try and get sense sir ..
SaraOmalicha United States of Africa A generation that needs food, recharge card, music, yeyebrities and all sorts of giveaway to motivate them is now suddenly better than the generation that were never motivated and still stood their grounds under the military? Dis life sha no balance at all! | Business Woman| Fine Girl Swag| Life Saver| Proudly Nigerian 🇳🇬 | Music Freak| Talk Politics| Manchester United| @BetaaOil | @MoshesMusik |
commanderfreddy Sydney, Australia ancient works were often derivative because they had no or little concept of authorial ownership, and building from another's ideas was just as natural as creating your own - there was no distinction for them, or little beyond "hey Plato cool idea now look at mine". In our world Friedrich Sarah (or just Fred). Bigender lesbian (He + She). 23. Ko-Fi:
MasonMeinhold Conservative state, USA @RudyGiuliani You were the Mayor of NYC during 9/11, inspired you’re Donald F’ Trumps lapdog and will end up in jail. Sad
JonSlim44 Bedford, England, UK That's twice tonight he's had a shocker. I'm so confused right now, what were the judges and even Ritsons corner even watching? 30, McLaren! Hamilton! Haslam! Lowes! Crutchlow! Man Utd! Penguins! Boxing! LOTR/TOLKIEN. A sports nut and a legend! 😂Forza OG: VVV Slim PS4: JSlim44
V12Prius Ohio, USA @adolfdripler Mfs make it seem like they were dirt Poor and now balling just to scam a 17 y/o😂😂😂 UW24🎓, Ohio born and raised 🍄🍁
dyltay25 @STippiflower @OzraeliAvi No excuses it’s a tough time for everyone Dan Andrew strategy proven to work as shown when you look at Europe who tired to open and now the second wave is worse than the first with thousands dying across the continent daily were all in this together and it’s almost over
adoregerber swift @benzoswifts AND I WISH YOU WERE RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW ITS ALL GOOD it’s all about fashion, mcfly and harry styles.
jrishmccordrebs Tupelo, ms. I am not going to say that Matt is not a good quarterback, but he made some awfully bad decisions today. We were within one score with 4 minutes and 2 more turnovers. Defense kept this game in reach. Bad offense call on goal line. Now next week! Loves God, Ole Miss Sports, and SEC football; The Grove rocks; Also a NP-C.
soodae12 23 | she/her | bi 💗💜💙 | BLM we lost two of our biggest players at the same time the guild ranked below us got a new huge player lmao we were so nice to them and now it’s biting us in the ass devil all the time stan account 🧢
mintjaehyunnie 🂡 《she/her》 🂡 @hyuckholics OHH maybe you were added later on and I didn't get the chance to add you to the list 😓 I have to add more people from GCS to it now •••If you think you're gonna crash, step on the pedal harder˖⋆࿐໋₊࿔
robsummerland @paulharrisjp @alexandramayxo Strange, I used to work for a 'localised firm' in Leeds and now work for uber, yet my earnings are higher with uber than they were before, seems your information is incorrect 🤔 ..............................

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