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MMAWillis_ @n_kotz32 @blessedcardio And if there were no referee, Conor wouldn't be alive right now All ifs and buts Ok
jason_duram alexandria @madonnajen @TheFireDemonLiz @NPR that is a pretty aggressive comment. But you are right about one thing. No one can really know what someone elses life is like. But you are alive and do not wish you were aborted now that is all that matters.
eurolpal #ewspoilers I'M SO ALIVE RIGHT NOW THIS SCENE WAS SO GOOD AND CUTE, ALL OF IT, ALL OF THEM, BUT G'RAHA...... DSFKJDSNK also g'raha and alisaie interactions specifically, too, those were good bluuurgh || sami's (@queasyphon) side account for livetweeting games, shows, etc. -- mostly games. not spoiler free. || do not follow if you're ↓20
igesudaniel74 Ogun, Nigeria @ellen30bg1 @davido This will be my testimony one day because I'm in this kind position, lost my father 3years ago, right now nobody cares whether me and my siblings were still alive.all hope on God, I know one day I'm gonna have course to praise God #30BG #DavidoxPuma @davido ##Davido kind and gentle. still looking up to God for help,You can support my hustle in any positive way you know btc wallet: #136GRoMsYdEeatC93yQNSHUNkePQUVETpE
douglasernst OP Nevada or FOB Montana CNN writers: How much fear-mongering can we fit in one article? Editor: All da fears we can fits! Me: I’m technically supposed to be dead right now if one were to believe these people. It’s fascinating to watch them get angry that I am alive and well. Creator of the Soulfinder series via ICONIC Comics. Go Army.
RandySoulWatson @TheJuiceStl @jbaumann035 @AuntGaby @T_N_B7 However the main thing killing people right now, is being elderly, being obese, and essentially all of them are unvaccinated. From my estimate 9 out of 10 people dying right now, would be alive if they were vaccinated.
BenRuss18637225 @SenWhitehouse The anti-democratic scurge would be the authoritarian administration we have right now, nationally and state level. You have all forgotten your place as public servants, our founders would have rebelled against you if they were alive today.
botofstories inspired by @affectingbot My sis, my mother, Mr. Armando, Nick... And... you. If even one of you weren't there, I'm sure I wouldn't still be alive right now. That's why... I have to be strong. For all the people that were there for me when I needed them. That's all I can really do. @shedisease 's quote bot wip! collection of sentiments that stick with me for better or worse. tweets every 30 minutes, dm for sources 🔮
unknownfoxyQ ف☾ thank you for giving me a chance to make things right I’m lucky to be alive right now even though there was a time I remember my depression and anxiety got to me but you were there with me all along I can’t thank you enough my heart is full I am complete and cherishing this💙 -Safe guided and protected-
RBrexcrap Europe @RiggsBTC @MitchWitman @GeorgePapa19 Me and my family are all jabbed and we’re still alive as are millions of others. If the vaccine were deadly I won’t be typing now. There is no logic in your argument. Plus The @DailyMailUK is a right wing paper. #getindydone
FurryBootsy @richardadalton @karenarmi @BorisJohnson_MP But all people EVER say is "OMG look at his hair haha!" like he's some adorable cartoon character and not one of the most dangerous people alive in the UK right now. His messy hair has distracted from so much. Imagine if people were Tweeting about his policies?! Glasgow - Scotland - UK - Europe - Earth
Liberty_336 336 North Carolina Remember that time people who are STILL ALIVE, RIGHT NOW, were listed as covid deaths and y'all REFUSED to have an audit? We remember. Besides, these people didn't give a F when people died from the flu. Non-Partisan Humanitarian Militia serving the 336 area of North Carolina. | Our purpose is to restore the CULTURE of 1775-1792 Militias.
Liberty_336 336 North Carolina @Ziggylaflove @RepThomasMassie Remember that time people who are STILL ALIVE, RIGHT NOW, were listed as covid deaths and y'all REFUSED to have an audit? We remember. Non-Partisan Humanitarian Militia serving the 336 area of North Carolina. | Our purpose is to restore the CULTURE of 1775-1792 Militias.
TheAydenBentley @chrischirp Thank goodness you were all jabbed and boosted, otherwise it's likely none of you would be alive right now. Until we live in a Covid free and symptomless society, lockdowns and restrictions must be reimposed to ensure our future freedom to live safely. Teacher. Gender Clinician. Nazi puncher. Vaccinated 4/1/21. Boosters always up to date. Pronouns are They/Them/Yo.
F1 It's the season for giving 🎁 And there were plenty of laughs and surprises when the F1 grid got involved with their annual Secret Santa gifts! 🎅 You can watch all the fun in full now 🎬 ⬇️ #F1 MAX VERSTAPPEN, WORLD CHAMPION!
cbouzy United States Exclusive: We are now in possession of evidence that proves Yankee Wally and other single-purpose hate accounts were manipulating Amazon book reviews. They were even coordinating negative book reviews.😫 When I was 9, I started coding on a Mattel Aquarius computer. I developed several products in my 20s & 30s, and then in 2018 I launched
asemota Will relocate for @Googlefiber Three Nigerians were appointed to the board of a Bitcoin Trust at a time when the Nigerian central bank governor calls cryptocurrency “illegitimate money” is the ballsiest move in crypto I have seen in recent times. Seems they left India for now to focus in Africa and Nigeria. 🏴‍☠️| 🇬🇭 | 🇹🇬 | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | 🛸|#Bitcoin “Retired Investor” according to the 🇺🇸 Embassy. Last person leaving 🇳🇬, kindly switch off the generator.
ChosenZionist New York, NY @Barahmeh So Jews were in Judea and Samaria then? Jesus would not be born there today but rather Israel No Jews are allowed in Bethlehem now Physician-scientist-financier-martial artist-chess lover—Zionist—father. He-him-I-Sir-Master-Doctor-señor—אד'-Сэр—医生
hphratchian Merced, CA tfw you discover there were typesetting errors in your page proofs that you missed…and now they’re published! Hopefully, no one thinks we meant to raise the term to the 12th power that clearly needs to be hit with a SQRT! I guess there’s a correction in our future. Father of (4) daughters | quantum chemistry prof @ UC Merced | postdoc @ Indiana | PhD @ Wayne State | BS @ Eastern Michigan U | Michigan native
seabasstann on your left • 26 @murillosgf THEY KISSED THIS MUCH AND THERE WERE STILL SOME CAMERAS NOW IMAGINE THAILAND. TWO WEEKS. BEHIND THE CAM 『she/her』 𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒐𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒈𝒐 𝒉𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒂 𝒔𝒊𝒆𝒎𝒑𝒓𝒆 ☎️✏️ Serquel endgame #lcdp
Jlibby15 @McOkiner1 @FoxNews But they were heroes for 18 months...they probably already had cover and now have immunity
Jackilewan1 Pittsburgh, PA @AliceIsARabbit1 @kwilga01 @petemuntean @Sueknowsthings Before Omicron the vaccinated were 3x less likely to get and/ or spread Covid, and 13x less likely to get very sick and/ or die. Who know what the odds of anything are right now Just breathe. And the rest will take care of itself. Defender of truth, and equality for all. Retired state employee.
gloamglozerglam @sailorrooscout Hi! I know several people now who have tested negative for covid while experiencing symptoms, and then tested positive days later - when they were feeling better and all their symptoms were gone. Do you have any idea why that might be? he/him | 27 | trans male | creature of music/art/creative writing/whatever.
selahspades she/her • 23 @_haaniyah_ u could tell they were gonna try with eternals by the way they spoke ab it “its so different than what weve done” and the chloe zhao of it all but that flopped so now he’s shifting the goalpost to nwh and “celebrating 20 years of moviemaking and popular cinema”😭 desperate and i can hear it, but i can’t feel it.
miicorazoncito Thinking about how I won 6000 tickets at an arcade just so I can claim the 18 inch 4000 ticket Snorlax as my prize and they were OUT OF STOCK!! Now what .-. i met sza on September 22nd 2017 and I’ve been glowing ever since (she/her)
DannyRobn @SoozUK Even more recently Biden killed SEVEN innocent Afghan children in a botched drone strike then lied to the world saying those babys were isis-k terrorists. Now ask yourself why 17year old Kyle has received more condemnation and scrutiny for killing a pedophile in self defense.
davidvaught11 Kentucky, USA @abzgla My wife is an ICU Nurse on a Covid unit in Kentucky and she is getting burned out from this nonsense. In the beginning it was green porch lights and healthcare workers were heroes, now they’re the enemy withholding the “cure” It’s disgusting. 🇯🇲I love traveling with my wonderful wife of 32 years. like a good laugh, a good movie. My wife is a superhero (RN) 45 is out!!
AHowroyd Isle of Man @vinylcyclist The Presidio always remind me of Christmas - we were in Vegas in December one year for Andrew’s business. I stayed in and watched The Presidio. The next year we did the same - same film on when I turned on the tv! Always associate it with Christmas now!! Pangolin loving, book-reading, pyjama enthusiast with not enough dogs (7 at last head count). Loves M & M’s, Tom Hiddleston and Shakespeare.
FrankSlattery6 @SteinJock We need more height for attacking the amount of corners we get, jullien and Ajer were our height for set pieces and we now have a very small squad
illgetmine16 @GqpSlayer @slimmbreezy @MeghanMcCain Hospitals may be overflowing because they were already short staffed and now fired more people. The current variant of Covid is basically just a cold, so I doubt millions are rushing to the hospital If you have your pronouns in your bio, there is only a 2% chance I will take you seriously
Sally40613367 @BonnieBlueTK That said, having been in Sydney he now has NO chance of getting into Western Australia, not even if he were fully vaccinated and agreed to quarantine for 14 days.
njcorny Sturgeon County, Alberta @moen_tim AHS lied about how many HCWs were unjabbed. There was 4 times what they admitted to. Now the jabbed nurses want to book time off over Christmas and there is no one to fill in for them. Some of the unjabbed were prepared to be laid off. Will they come back? 🤔 Just your regular golfing grandma who loves Jesus! Parler @Njcorny
chrisbrown2075 Boise, ID @travisakers My older brother came to visit us in Germany. He had already graduated high school, and we were finishing. He saw a Neo Nazi, and literally chased the dude. After his time in the Army, something changed. He is now an anti-immigration, white supremacy apologist, Trumper... Veteran, father, husband. Triple Vaxxed. 🌊🌊Biden/Harris 2020🌊🌊 Liberal, Navy, Special Operations. BS, PSU. EMBA, BSU. ISTP
Lesbian_Lenin In your head @FalconryFinance Granted this is with 2 shot and they’ve known for months now the effectiveness wanes. From what I’ve read it’s a little more flat with 3 shots, but those shots were just administered like a month or two ago so we wouldn’t see the data abt waning effectiveness (3rd) for a bit professional psychopath
MichiganMade18 @real_A_Aron @RichAshton6 @MeghanMcCain Does it now? I would think the homeless are the most susceptible of all. I don’t see the homeless deaths piling up and I am grateful for this. If they were, CNN a would have been running this constantly in 2020. Shocked, just shocked at how all the so-called "smart people" have lost their minds.........
VivaColeslaw @itsteensy i remember when we went to pho tau and you told me and you were like ‘i’m over it so i’m going to try being a boy’ and i was like go bitch!! look at you now!!!! 💕
Saline_tRick @JackWhoElse @KatherineK221 @QuidRises @Youcangougeaway @Viper169a @OnDaRight1 @_No_Quarter_ @TreatHunterDog @jdd2169 @jerbear714 @ThePoorMan95 @Booda_the_Great @RetardResister @TeekeeMon @MrChingonE @LadyOfTheOcean1 @MarkHoliday17 @LisaNicholo @pan_dejo_ @_AnaSsassin_ @MistressRedWasp @catsequalneko @NinishNinja @Aimhighffw @BassistOld @goodtroubless @TheRealMalgyver @topleveltroll3 @schmevil @DimensioT @Vickie627 @rjocore989 @AemielGotsMail @SarcasmicBK @Puf201 @AnaSsassin_ @Sinner_Lilith @NateStp1775 @BlackCa28867722 @Evry1H8sGrtzLOL @_justaNormie @SnoJustis @Annie20554592 @ms_julialee @Ooowweell @LanyJennifer @jeff77531528 @EatMe1369 @ItsBT50 @Ya_Missed_Me_ I know Trump is now...did you see that guy flogging the vaccines that were miraculous because we got them so fast, then were rushed and untrustworthy, then a scam and hoax to make money, and now are the way to keep from getting sick and dying? It's a complicated world. Cook on board the Antelope
Hak4500 @CharlizeAfrica Lady Charlize. You kicked me off your page. You blocked my tweet. You said you didn't love me. Now what do you want from me? I begged you for 2 years. however, you fired me in five minutes. However, we were going to marry you and have children. The Former Cop - Agent- Detective
Luckyninja_ Wherever I Want! @9x9x9eth OK just seen that you were behind this project , question for you, I just looked I was eligible to claim, I went to add gas so I could make it, and then I go back to the website and now it says I'm not eligible but I never claimed anything, you can check my wallet, luckyninja.eth I collect and Make Art! 😊 TS: luckyninja Cash app: $luckyninja420 My Virtual gallery #NFT #Eth #Bitcoin
stefani10751484 @Thomas53506955 Be careful with Chinese stocks. They were talking up about BABA too when it was dropped to $230 and now $130.
jolkatt selfcontrol.mp3 @ferventwind still thinking abt how long we were in the trenches abt trans girl arashi while fan tlers were like um no this is wrong and homophobic :/// LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW joce | they/them
fullgrownpupper Florida @JoeBiden You doubled gas prices with the stroke of pen. We were energy independent and now we aren’t. This is all on you. Fire Kathleen Kennedy. Browncoat. 90's Cartoon Enthusiast. Casual Comic Book guy. Zorii Bliss Simp. Right-Wing Potterhead. DC Sports . Roll Tide. WWE.
AlanSmitheeIsMe Corner of Bedlam and Squalor @roboyte @nathaliejacoby1 Now that I consider it, we must have requested them because we didn’t get them for this November. The new technology they were using was a real crap show so I’m going to try and remember to request them again for ‘22 🚫MAGA 🏳️‍🌈 BLM ⚛️
aljay39 golden, colorado Now that everyone received their presents on time and store shelves were full, do you realize what the Big Lie was? Retired Doctor of chiropractic, great grandpa, husband, father, so-so uke player, hiker, and traveler.
thepastelgamer_ @baffledprince Ahhhhhhhh they were already cute and now this! Harley. Level 26. Playing all the games I can. Twitch streamer~ Tues, Thurs, and Sat: 8pm-10pm EST
TrainerGloria Ottawa, Canada @JuanVal57326733 @cooltxchick @AvengerResister I have a few things from my childhood in the 1970s such as a record player and a transistor radio—made in Canada. Furniture was also made domestically. Most things were. Same for Americans. Now everything made in China or third-world countries with poor pay/poor work conditions. Author. Personal trainer. 24x1/2 marathoner. My books: Age of Hilarious (2021). Personal Best (2014). Guinness World Record Holder 2020. Zionist.
JCandVGO @satinephoenix Crazy to think of how it started with a simple ask of streaming a one shot for friends- and now we were celebrating the end of our year with a battle royale. Ours is a world of characters finding out that they're better than they thought they could be. WORST ZOMBIES PLAYER IN HISTORY!
saliltripathi New York Indian cricketers in 1983 didn't attend shakhas (I hope they don't do so now, either). In 1984, after the massacre of Sikhs, posters were put up in Indian cities, with Kapil Deo, Roger Binny, Balwinder Sandhu, and Syed Kirmani (IIRC), saying "Khelenge Saath, Jiyenge Saath." @livemint @thecaravanindia. Board member, @pen_int. Bks @AlephBookCo @yalepress @westlandbooks @seagullbooks. Next: Gujaratis. Sr Adv @ihrb Views entirely mine
notoriouslal @AfansHands @JRMorrison123 @BwayGhostlight I was 100% not picking up what you were laying down, now I've got it and agree, and it's interesting to think about how Sondheim wrote for speech patterns. I'm a horn player, the language nuances escape me sometimes Projects are managed and horn is played. I like to bake mostly and sometimes cook. I perform and enjoy music and read a crap-ton of books.
inthefights @srd0459 @elesteban Yea, yea. I definitely know how to do this but after 2 straight years it gets old! 😂 I finally planned an amazing trip back when things were looking better but now I’m back to this—again. Wish people would get the shots and wear masks. This impasse feels infinite… Off-grid; in the back of beyond in northern NM. No DM’s please.