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xutegoth hip like badass in fact I feel so alive and so loved right now. I've fought all my demons and won, including you. I hope you can feel some empathy and sorrow for what you did to me. I know you were hurt too but there was no reason for you to hurt me so badly. identity crisis 50% off cashapp $xutegoth lol
niklauski87 @sarechig241 @DaveMamnix @ConObserver @RoseWeatherhead @SFCArmyWifeMN @TheRightMelissa @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump I know right. Bc they are so careful and polite about shedding American blood. All the USA chanters after OBL death are now complaining. If OBL were alive then Solami would be #2 terrorist in the world o & w/access to nukes which OBL didn’t have.
jaedasux Rat City™️ tw in all seriousness though, almost all of these tattoos were done by myself (onvioisly) at times i needed them to remind me to stay alive the most and if it weren’t for them, things wouldn’t be as nice for me as they are right now. happy birthday to gods favorite album. yeah i’m nb (narcissistic bitch) | they/them
midnightdragon_ 216 my brother just came home from al-asad AFB. if he were there three weeks longer, i would be wondering if he was alive right now. so, and i mean this with all my heart, fork YOU, DONALD TRUMP. this is your forking fault. wheres my comfort in the undefined? || ur local latina || aggressively liberal || ik my tweets are annoying lol you dont have to tell me
assistbot1 My sis, my mother, Mr. Armando, Nick... And... you. If even one of you weren't there, I'm sure I wouldn't still be alive right now. That's why... I have to be strong. For all the people that were there for me when I needed them. That's all I can really do. don't interact if you like assistant/lawyer ships. contains aai2+dgs1+2 spoilers!
laceysculls Los Angeles, CA 1.) I was such a huge fan of #SteveIrwin, aka #TheCrocodileHunter. I used to watch all of his shows. I know if he were alive today, he would be absolutely heart-broken by the tragic and devastating bushfires that are taking place in #Australia right now. Activist. Musician. Reality star from Vh1's Rock of Love. Animal Rescuer. Human Rights. Tree-Hugger. Using my Evil Powers for Good. 😇😈 Wife of @JonnySculls ❤
AkivaMCohen Long Island, NY @HPluckrose, a knuckledragger: If all the universities were shut down, scholars would work together and essentially reform them (unless prevented from doing so, which would be bad) You, a brain genius: Well, that's not what PragerU is doing right now when universities are alive Father of 5. Commercial Litigator. IP attorney. Mafia master. Hard core centrist. #Jets #Halacha, & #lawtwitter for life.
hwangminam89 each member had their own struggles to get to where they’re at right now and all of their hard work and effort to keeping their dreams alive were short lived. lets not give up on them✊🏻 ㄱㅈㅇ - ㅎㅁㅎ - ㅎㅅㅇ
kimwooseokies I cant imagine how the boys must be feeling right now. each member had their own struggles to get to where they’re at right now and all of their hard work and effort to keeping their dreams alive were short lived. lets not give up on them #엑스원해체반대 #엑스원_계속_함께하자 X1 | For X1 김우석 | 원잇 One It | occasional eng trans.
TheYelitsa Ruby Bridges is the first black child to desegregate an all white school in 1960. She is now 65 years old. A few yrs older than my parents. The same age as white folks parents, aunts and grandparents, who were the people that upheld the system of that time, are alive right now. Founder & CEO of @rootsdolls • 2019 Quicken Loans Demo Day Winner • BEYONCÉ stan • Karaoke diva • 🇭🇹
JellyEnvy jelly | 24 | she/her @BarghestBlack i was gonna make a sassy post about all the cats that could be alive right now if only they were indoors cats so their families knew for sure they were safe at all times and could be brought with them to a safer area. but i felt like it was a little too mean.🤫 Ava by @SeeSlugs | ❤️@gerwallcrawler | NSFW 🔞 minors don't interact | do not repost my art/use my OCs for RP
KierraMason Berea, KY I just wanna give a shoutout to SUVs because if I were in a smaller car I do not think I would be alive right now! 🙌🏻 my baby didn’t move an inch and all I have is a broken leg from the motor coming through my dash. The equinox did her job and she will be missed greatly ❣️ Momma 👶🏼 | Biology Major 🌱| Gecko Mom 🦎
Conservatella USA @DogWalkingDame @MermaidPC76 @SheepDogSociety Tell your dad that he’s a proud Kennedy Democrat, and if Kennedy we’re alive today, he’d be a Republican too. His beliefs were far right of liberal views today. I know because I was your dad. I was a Kennedy Dem, and now I’m a Republican. And that has made all the difference. Former lib who walked away. WWG1WGA. Conservative Patriot. LOVE MY PRESIDENT! BuildTheWall. Trump2020. I remember when America was great. MAGA.
katesiftsstatic South Jersey That feel when you make a playlist of @KevinDevineTwit's political songs because it has all become so relevant again, and you're as angry as you were as an angsty teen. But you're also just forking terrified to be alive right now.
assistbot1 My sis, my mother, Mr. Armando, Nick... And... you. If even one of you weren't there, I'm sure I wouldn't still be alive right now. That's why... I have to be strong. For all the people that were there for me when I needed them. That's all I can really do. don't interact if you like assistant/lawyer ships. contains aai2+dgs1+2 spoilers!
SethAbramson All views mine. ARIZONA REPUBLIC: "Hannity immediately started making threats, saying bombers were on the way to the region and...gloating about how Mullahs better hide in their bunkers and refinery workers might want to change jobs." (He checked his watch & said, "now.") Attorney. @Newsweek columnist. NYT bestselling author of a book on Trump's Iran policy, Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan, Professor.
amitmalviya Prayagraj, Delhi, Bengaluru Slogans of Aazadi were raised to torment people in Kashmir and force them to flee their homes by Islamic radicals... They are now being raised again, across streets of India and some campuses... Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In-charge of BJP's national Information & Technology, ex-banker and an early stage investor. Interested in politics and economics. Views personal.
wojespn St. Bonaventure, NY Beilein: “I didn’t realize I had said the word 'thugs' but my staff told me later I did and so I must have said it. I meant to say slugs, as in slow moving. We weren’t playing hard we were playing harder. That’s what I was trying to say. I meant it as a compliment." ESPN Senior NBA Insider. NBA Countdown. SportsCenter. The Woj Pod.
Nicko03601751 Sydney @SBSNews Diverting desperately needed police resources that are right now needed to help people, property & wildlife effected by the fires. And they were told that. #WhyAreTheLeftSuchforkwits ...(insert pithy blah blah)
DrLenaG NJ Dear Nursing Student When I was a nursing student, nursing school faculty did not speak about Nurse Anesthesia careers. And, CRNAs were never invited to our program. So, now that you know that you can, continue academic excellence and pursue an ICU RN position. Yes, start here.. I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program, and Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.
Creampuff536647 Usa @DaphneTease Your just as hot now as you were then!!! I need to have the body you have!!!! It’s time for this to happen to me. At my age most women are married with kids and I’m not and girls I know are younger them me. Im not boyfriend material as it’s Cross dressing Straight male who loves to dress up as a girl!!! Love love love how women can do this to guys!! This is relationship I want to have with women.
brainseongs 인성의 고구마🍠 | 태양의 오렌지🍊 👤: as you’re doing a sweet and tough concept, you think you’re now on? 😇: sweet 👤: what were you thinking everytime you get caught by the camera at the end of the performance? 🐭: like ‘i should make a cool expression without being shy’ FOR #SF9 [한/ENG] • 우린 자꾸 돌고 돌아
becasmomhasnot Cape Town, South Africa @Deano_T7 How? With a giant hamster wheel and cable up my rear? Née man! They were threatening fines not so long ago and now this. Urgh! Official Stan account for @JonWithTheFace #lifewithbeca
optimvskvvak +62 okay now stop being ***** bcs kang dongho i'm so proud of you i'm so proud of how you managed to stick to your diet and never skip exercising even during your busiest days and how you were so determined for the photoshoot and bby you look great and amazing and now pls eat a lot!! aaron k. baekho. nu'est. LOΛE. somewhere in the long queue of aron's 30k wives club
_Jason_Dean_ @trepur349 And please god, read what I wrote. Birtherism was a massive indicator of voting for Trump. A ton of Obama-Trump voters were Birthers. Also, again, immigration restrictionism, a muslim ban, and xenophobic trade policies are what racists like. Muting this now History | Economics | Public Policy | Democrat | Leading open borders shill | Major hater with a math minor
TweetJaneTweeet @AllieKatz2 @RepAdamSchiff Are we at war? Did you survive the missile attack with zero American casualties? And were you against the hundreds of Obama drone strike kills? I supported them then; I support them now. “Life, liberty, property.” – John Locke
eric14perez Boise, Idaho I started to watch game of thrones around thanksgiving and went on a binge watch ever week since then . I just finish the last episode. I now know why people were so mad about the ending. It was lame a lot of character ending suck or annoyed me. SC: ept92 IG: Etovar849 Michoacán 🇲🇽 Idaho 🥔
ThaisunBentobox @WWEAsuka Empress I wish u had something to do with this...your kana shirts were the greatest and now collecter items...but this shirt does not do the Kabuki's Wwe do not disgrace the Greatest Tag team ever....The Unbeatable Kabuki Warrior's i've never been there....?
K8_Monster Boston, MA @lizabrahamsen We went to all the missions on summer vacation because Daddy was a history buff. I remember being so annoyed that we were at the 4th mission in one day, but now I'd kill to have him share all that history with me...even if I fell and got a hand full of sand burrs again. Christian, housewife, geek, reader, designer, Beachbody coach, and steampunk...not necessarily in that order. #infertilitydoesNOTdefineme She/Her
DougBookwriter2 East Tennessee, USA @Gladfly1 But I am SURE you are going to tout how well Obama did such a wonderful job. 3 years ago there were NO 'help wanted' signs anywhere. Now they are EVERYWHERE and wages are RISING. Let's discuss with FACTS or PUSH ON! I block STUPID! I WILL back up my discussions with FACTS! TRUMPS for next 20 years!
Leonvanhorn @RepMarkMeadows @realDonaldTrump I saw it coming and now I wonder how much money they were paid by the Iranians to turn against this country. I deem the Democratic Party as traders To the united states of America they are part of the Islam sleeper cell in America. So sad
jarianaswings @glossywife I generally don’t want to believe that any of the crap about scooter is true but lowkey the vibes I’m getting are Justin has made enough money so now I’ll let him do what he wants if they were a good team they would clear up the rumours and have better promo for him
Creamsmemess @CarlosClimaco5 @FatherAdriian @notcuhris @mmarviiinn Took one breath out the simp circle and now he thinks he’s superior... you were our brother once. Now you gotta get capped. 😞 Epic gamer
ClaytonClent Yackandandah, Victoria Sorry about the smartarse reply before @SezClom we were just starting to carefully relax when the warning alarms started going fires, trees down, etc...and then the power went off. Sudden reassessment of risks and response needed. All kinda settled again now 4 fndations of mindfulness are the physical; pleasant/unpleasant feelings; current mental state; the impermanent, unsatisfactory, insubstantial nature of all
nickynewengland Massachusetts, USA @Hiddlestunner1 @people Nobody even knows them. If they were in the press talking constantly like the kardashians then maybe I could form an opinion. But what I see now is a couple who wants out. Please have a seat and wait till this unfolds. hard working mom of 2. enjoy Disney and universal parks.
PaulaandStan London Tel 0203 137 3296 At The Chelsea Bijouterie now! Pearls were one of the very first pieces of jewellery and still are one of the most beautiful #pearl #necklace Hello and welcome to The Chelsea Bijouterie. We specialize in antique jewellery and vintage watches. Please visit our website to view our complete vintage range
mariaapan Sunnyvale, CA The underlying resentment I feel, relates to other issues. They don't want to believe they were misled and feel betrayed. They were isolated and feel bonded with this group for a couple of years now. 6. Was a candidate for Sunnyvale City Councilmember 2011.
Aliexandraheart Manila City fav this tweet n i’ll give u a name HELLO HAGSHSGSHAB U R one of the most stylish, CARING, fun n brilliant people na nakilala ko like EVER,, the opinion i had on u b4 and now r like super different from each other & I think were much closer w each other now🤪 Expectation is the root of heartache 🥀
faneylove #ww Tho I get their attitude since “home” and “country” combined is too big. And there were incidents in South Korea too that could’ve been a chance to donate or encourage people to help but they didn’t. Some saying that SK gave them what they have now but still not “home”. Idk. lets live happy lives - Kim “Dobby” Doyoung // treat stress like dessert - NCT Huang Renjun // #VICTON #2ne1 #Bigbang #iKON #SharleneSanPedro
strievchen 3 months ago, you were introduced to SB19 and now here we are... With their new song and MV ALAB. We will always support and love you girls! @thekpopsis #SB19ALABMVOutNow From PH-8200 : Pond, Sammy and Yhiwa in our life is all we need. 💙 A'TIN and MYDAY - JoshTin and DoHyun
benjodlp Cavite City, Calabarzon Remember those days when we were young and we dream of the things we wanna be or we want to do when we grow up. "Paglaki ko gusto kong maging..." Now that we're all grown up, isn't funny that we sometimes find ourselves saying, "Gusto ko na bumalik sa pagiging bata." It's just a bad day, not a bad life 😁😁😁
eamonmcloughli2 Dublin @piersmorgan You are some clown Morgan. What were you stripped of when you signed off on phone hacking. And now all this because she was just not that in to you. Why can't we just play the other game? Why can't we just look the other way?
_SarahElla_ @chasestrangio Humans invented the names for genders, the idea of gender and sex and now theyre regressed so much that they dont know the difference nor do they know that trans people always existed, the terms simply were not around back then! I'm the B and T in LGBT. Proud feminist. vocally anti racist. #MeToo #TransPride #BisexualPride #BlackLivesMatter
LaurenRosewarne Melbourne, Victoria If you missed "Drive" with @Raf_Epstein this afternoon, you can catch up now! Raf, @Girishsawlani and I were discussing the week in news: we're on from 2:23:00 until the end of the show. @unimelb @uommedia @artsunimelb Academic, writer, commentator and broadcaster on sex, gender, pop culture, media, politics and feminism. Get in touch: / 0422 484 593.
Altruista81 Dąbrowa Górnicza. @theflowergirl90 I would love to play this game and in Lost Odyssey. These games were released for consoles that I didn't have. Now, with time, I hoped they would come out on the switch. Dzielny pracownik fizyczny ze skłonnościami do nieuzasadnionej agresji. Miłośnik gier rpg, mang oraz anime.
Nidhi0124812 Well played @sumeethmittal 👏👏👏💔you were successful in playing with our heart and emotions😢💔!!! Now are u satisfied? The whole fandom is breaking down once more💔😢our efforts have gone in vain!! The whole fandom were tweeting for ashdeep and still not even a single reply!!! 🇦 🇸 🇭 🇩 🇪 🇪 🇵 🇮 🇦 🇳  ~𝚔𝚞𝚌𝚑 𝚝𝚘𝚑 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚑𝚊 𝚑𝚊𝚒𝚗✨~
TheInvi80692073 England, United Kingdom "Bethany Coston, now assistant professor of gender, sexuality and women’s studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, accused Kimmel of sexist behaviour, such as giving paid work to male students while women were expected to work for free." Work for free? What a 🤬!!! A voice for male survivors, the other invisible men, and as the odd thought that enters my head. Retweets not endorsements. All views are mine. #SpreadTheWord
Abhishe94801347 Now it is clear from Delhi police investigation that Tukde gang and left groups were involved in JNU violence.
sulthanfarrel Bogor, Jawa Barat @MUSIC_FESS Now those were the days Before you had to go away Now I'm dancing by myself I'm in the rain Now it's getting rather cold And I just wanted you to know That if my dreams will ever be Will you come dancing next to me Next to me penuh omong kosong
PantherMetals #PALM #Gold #LSE Pᴀɴᴛʜᴇʀ Mᴇᴛᴀʟꜱ Pʟᴄ Oᴘᴇɴɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ Lꜱᴇ ★ @PantherMetals were delighted to open the @LSEplc on Friday Morning and now trade on the main market official list ★ @darrenhazelwood CEO, Directors and the #PALM team were in attendance to mark the event Panther Metals Plc utilises its international network to assess natural resource opportunities in North America & Australia LSE:PALM #Gold #Exploration