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brockgs Winnipeg, Manitoba Somehow, my camera came alive today. Somehow we saw 5 Great Gray Owls and 2 Northern Hawk Owls. I am beyond words right now. None were disturbed, all were just doing their thing. My respect and awe for these creatures...😍 #TwitterNatureCommunity #birdphotography #owls #Manitoba Father of 3. PTSD afficionado. I ❤️ birding 🐦, learning, 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, space, people, and sarcasm!
BeingBert Gatineau, Qc @cameron85120188 @arbourd_ @KellyEganColumn Im all for the right to protest! We are all tired of lockdowns, we are all tired of Covid, but this? What the f#%$ is this? If there is one thing unacceptable in Canada right now, this is it! My grandma would cry if she were alive today and see a flag like this in our streets... I love Bacon, music and Bacon! mmmmm Bacon
bball_all_day_ @MSMisBack @AmyAThatcher This presumes those people would remain alive after testing positive for COVID. But we now know that can't possibly happen, esp. if those people were vaccinated and boosted but somehow contracted the virus from Sarah Palin in the first place, right? Basketball
ZSSBanshee I’ve played 3 games of ranked today and in all 3, there were 4 or less teams alive by round 2 close. Ranked is bottom right now Literally Vibing - two-time top 5 Pred & competitive wraith main - just don’t be toxic ya know?
ff10fire666 England, United Kingdom @FB_BMB Do most of these people know 2 small things that A. They were all most likely vaccinated when they were babies which is why they are alive right now and B. If it wasnt for vaccine a lot of us would be dying from smallpox. A JRPG and anime fanatic, who enjoys relaxing and being a geek.
f_parvide موهای لویی @PaynoEth Yeah you were in discord last night and I wasn't there You gave notice to all my friends last night and again I wasn't there Why am I alive right now.... OK if you can see this tweet just tell me u are okay??? @LiamPayne nobody dies a is forking us all ◟̽◞̽
MirLADas @KeithLFC6 Ano your right but it wasent that long ago the reds in there thousands were walking the streets with banners to get there owners out 24 hours till bust we all do what we do because it’s r club same for us blues now and anyway being alive at any time is always great UTFT
SyncroTrace Y’all remember in the 2000s when nobody could dress worth a damn, reality tv shows were popping up left and right, and phones were just now getting internet added on instead of pressing a button? What a time to be alive. Creator of MoodMonster | Freelance Character Designer | CCS Alumn | Art Director/Comic Artist on Signal Lights| @jazzwolf ❤️ | Contact:
elizabethannc18 eastern kentucky @Rtreatwilliams Awh I truly am so sorry. My baby is 13 right now and she’s having a hard time getting up stars . But I’m glad your fur baby had someone like you to give them all that love you did while they were alive.a blessed fur baby for sure. May they rest in piece and I’m Truly sorry 😢 Art Photography Pop R&B/Soul Cute Movies Hip-Hop/Rap also big fans of Peter John cox and Richard drummie of go west and halfway2hazard
userkkuk she they "Yeah right now. H-how about the next time huh? Will you still come home to me breathing and alive?" taehyung tries, speaking for the first time ever since jeongguk went through their window. His mind clouded and thoughts were all over the place as he saw the news.
saxicola_t Europe @TimHarford @DavidEpstein All that's in my fridge right now is 1/3 loaf of sliced bread and nine tortoiseshell butterflies in a cardboard box. Butterflies were rescued from around the house and this prevents them waking up prematurely because of central heating, then dying. So keeps them alive til spring. Misanthropic vaccinated, vacillating, Linux hacker . European. Misses original recipe Victory V's. Boris Johnson is a lying piece of vermin. #lowachiever
botofstories inspired by @affectingbot My sis, my mother, Mr. Armando, Nick... And... you. If even one of you weren't there, I'm sure I wouldn't still be alive right now. That's why... I have to be strong. For all the people that were there for me when I needed them. That's all I can really do. @shedisease 's quote bot wip! collection of sentiments that stick with me for better or worse. tweets every 30 minutes, dm for sources 🔮
Spasmo Las Vegas @DrOz How do you figure? I happened pretty much as he said.. and if you had listened many more people would be alive right now a lucky mutation and that is all it was is lucky ..doesnt mean you were right .. herd immunity has never worked against serious pathogens has it really I have been married for 27 years. I have one daughter and two dogs
botofstories inspired by @affectingbot My sis, my mother, Mr. Armando, Nick... And... you. If even one of you weren't there, I'm sure I wouldn't still be alive right now. That's why... I have to be strong. For all the people that were there for me when I needed them. That's all I can really do. @shedisease 's quote bot wip! collection of sentiments that stick with me for better or worse. tweets every 30 minutes, dm for sources 🔮
Femi_Sorry Solihull, England To sum up: The Met Police have known about these parties for two years because they were literally the bouncers. And now that someone else has finally started looking into the illegal parties the Met Police facilitated, they're telling them not to do it properly. #SueGrayReport Femi Oluwole #NoisyAndAnnoying 🇬🇧Law grad ''Do-Gooder'' Writer for @Independent Media enquiries: Ex @OFOCbrexit
PaulBrandITV London The @LibDems respond: “So first the police were waiting for Sue Gray, now Sue Gray has to wait for the police? Any appearance of an establishment stitch-up between the Met Commissioner and the Government is profoundly damaging.” UK Editor @itvnews. Political Journalist of the Year 2020. Presenter #ITVActingPM podcast. Patron @JustLikeUsUK. Insta @paulbrandtv 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
FraserNelson London, via Nairn The Covid inquiry should establish how such deeply misleading and wildly wrong Sage graphs were presented to ministers and the public - esp when accurate models were available. Risk is that by crying wolf now, Sage won’t be heeded next time Editor of The Spectator, @telegraph columnist.Also on board of Centre for Social Justice. Try a month of The Spectator free
jas101971 Hamilton, OH @jamient1776 I grew up around liberals. My grand parents were FDR democrats and my parents lefty liberals. Ohio at one time was sort of a blue state,now I'm surrounded by room temperature I.Q. red hats.amazing how quickly things change,lol. Liberal Lefty Socialist #BLM #FBR #PROCANIBUS #Atheist #Animalrights #LGBTRIGHTS #Antifa I like to provide funny gifs and observations NO DMS PLEASE W/O Invite
80daysbot The attractive saloon was perfectly plump ; but the murmurs of the crowd outside were heard, with now and then a fancy cry 80 days of botting around the world :)
ChuckFresco United States @cagyjan1 From what I gather you were warned and you did something like impersonate a mod and you got yourself perma banned now. @AxieInfinity Content Creator, Fresco Scholarship Founder, Axie World Champ 2020 🏆, Axie Season #2 Winner ⚔️, Twitch:
tazarae20 Nashville, TN @AllanMargolin @1120Eclipse @waltiepooh @Perpetual_Now @StephenBright @murrayb560sl @SamanthaAugeri @dindin6 @effiedog @HeyIrish @nadiepetah @tammymay1985 @StrictlyChristo @TrumpGrill @JackMCarey1 @ItHasBegun2016 @16campaignbites @KenobiCheated @NiyamaP @potuspoker @NathanMackBrown @JackieFarnham "Between mid-October and mid-December, four Guardsmen killed themselves. Two of them were actively serving on a border deployment, the department confirmed. The other two had been ordered to deploy and sought exemptions, according to copies of their hardship requests." "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." JFK #BlueInTn #tRumpFamilyForPrison "You're a daisy if you do!"
tadsmooth Florida, USA @mrsz_diia I watched that hit piece documentary they did with those other two guys. It made me sick they were trying to still fleece him after death. And even sadder was how all those leeches nearly bankrupted him. Ironically his estate is worth more now than when he was alive. Like Elvis. Highly opinionated middle aged fella with occasional snarky comments to share. Venmo- tadsmooth / Cash App- $tadsmooth
cityofhollywood California @NOTaBOT241 @CBSLA Cops were super spreaders. They resisted masks and vaccines. Some are quitting over mandates. Now they're sick. Just because you don't like the news, Bot, doesn't make it fake. Tweets about Tinseltown from a completely unofficial source.
RedHeadedScot Just today I have finished bingeing #TooHotToHandle3, fell in love with Harry and Beaux falling in love, had my heart broken in the reunion special when they said they were broken up, and have now discovered they might actually be back together again? 😭 I cannot. #TooHotToHandle
cdnice55 Ottawa, Canada @erinotoole YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MET WITH THEM!!! We all know who they were before and you still chose to meet with them. Your caucus member was also there on the hill with a swastica defaced Canadian flag. Too late to act all surprised and try and walk it back now. Sens, Red Sox, REDBLACKS, GO BIG BLUE
lanibgoode well. been trying to figure out the right soap-water ratio for our foaming soap dispensers and now i'm just insulted. this is practically homeopathic ratios of soap. "was in a room with soap once" ratios. they were in a big city at the same time ratios. safety tested and eco friendly!
dawggirl27 Florida Finally started watching The Book of Boba Fett and four episodes in I have to share that I really, really like it. Who knew the crime syndicates of Tatooine were so interesting and that Boba Fett was really a big softie?? Now to see Mando again...#BookofBobaFett Jesus Lover. Diehard Dawg. Unashamed Bookworm. Lover of Words. Accidental Sports Writer. #GoDawgs
asr075 @dandylyons33 @gwizzy12 Lol literally kids are allowed to get paid now and those rules of athletes not being allowed to make money were so bogus(for all programs).Either way the games were played and video there regardless of NCAA rules.If you are using the NCAA as your ally then I have nothing else AR
DoseOfLeader @BreneBrown What would be brave would be to continue the dialogue…picking up your ball and going home isn’t brave at all. I used to think you were a leader, now you’re just like everyone else. Deeply disappointed in your acquiescence. Host of Dose of Leadership Podcast: USMC Veteran; Helping others develop a courageous & authentic leadership presence.
Twigbelly California @tractorgoth It used to be so rad when I was a kid, now it's this absurd super-rich future bubble where everyone's field-testing the newest thing. I remember when Uber was just starting out and people were just GETTING IN OTHER PEOPLE'S CARS LIKE NBD. (Still freaks me out, tbh) Now that I'm undead, I have a life / Cult Horror / Kylux / Sir Kay the Sewer / Dark Shadows / Asshole Ginger Rescue Aid Society / Gigarageous / She/Her / 🔞
Tissue3D @EenPluviometer @stevent26796521 @ggreenwald We were told 2 jabs would be enough. Now we have to inject every 3 months or so. Wasn’t this misinformation already? To discuss about side effects and alternative isn’t misinformation, it’s information we missed. new account
theoutsider_bot The Void Now you understand what you were doing all along. Emily's fate hangs in the balance, but so does yours, and the next few moments may be the last choices you make in your life. bot for The Outsider from the Dishonored series with dialogue from all three games, tweets every hour 🐳🫀🐋
FriendlyBoat Nelson Road Stadium Hope all you celebrities who thought it was cute to get in on the hashtag and cheer on some truckers now know what you were really cheering for. Call me Boat! | Tedbecca; McWexler; MidgeLenny; Boban; MFFL | My 2022 energy is Colin Firth in a church kicking ass| 🇬🇧🧔🏻=🔥💯| she/her/boat | #donatelife
SusieX13 @jbart1055 Hey Grams, do realize there are kiddos who were born just before the pandemic, who are toddlers right now, and have never known a normal Canada? People like you are robbing them of a childhood and their formative years because of your irrational hysteria. Thats truly disgusting. I dont care to write anything here. Im not that special.
azurillturtle well now i’m spoiled, just had an orbonne run where like everyone knew mechs we had *one* death on the ultima mech combo and it wasn’t the sprout in our party! healers were like “well now what do we do if we don’t have to rez half the alliance?” icon by arinacchi, pls don't come after me bansan. mostly tales, ffxiv, and nonstop crying over i7. (she/her, eng/日本語 OK)
MikeHamiltonJr Raleigh | DC | NYC @DJRTistic A MINUTE dawg! To think that he’s just in his prime now, but I was in high school when “Feedback” dropped (and at the time I only knew who Darkchild & JD were) Jer. 29:11 | ima be black as hell if the feds watching
TooBcancelled "WhatDifferenceDoesItMake" HRC I used to be so proud of the CBC, especially when I lived abroad. The National and Peter Mansbridge were a grounding force. Now, they are an embarrassment and a disgrace, replete with decay and rot. I remind others at every opportunity. Tuning out! #FakeNews #NoShame #CBCbias Born: January 1, 1984 Pronouns: huh?/what? #CoincidentallyCoercedToJoinTwitterSameDayFreedomConvoy2022EntersTorontoCuzBlockedFromPassivelyReadingAKA"Lurking"
wesaidwhatnow @ShivaniSinha26 And maybe videoa whr SSR was consuming drgs. Now the point is, we dont know if these were Marijuana cigarettes or herbal cigarettes (thr wr pics of herbal cigs on SSR table) . We dont know if it was a real scene or a part of project he was shooting. My problem with NCB is +1 :): A devil who stans an angel Caution- can be caustic ...tread carefully
starrydragonfl2 Los Angeles, CA I’m glad I had the foresight to go to Trader Joe’s today for wine and a tub of tiny chocolate chip cookies. My Saturday nights are definitely a lot different now than they were in the late 80s-mid 90s. I. Am. So. Tired.
KellyFromAB @dckurek We "liberals" have been saying since day one this is a white supremacist protest. And we were told we were wrong, yet our point has now been proven multiple times. We told you.
MooreDausen @TrueGamer1111 @konamilegend Imagine if Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart were twice as long, let you play the entire campaign in co-op, had an equally great multiplayer, fantastic map editor, and custom games. I'm not very interested now but I probably would have been if it had all that. Art, movies, games, comparisons, etc. Try to avoid console wars on my page, please. Feel free to check out my art if you're interested.
ThomasRaphKahn_ @Triiiclops_013 It's forking ridiculous, bro..... These same ppl were easy pickings dying in the corner for trying any if these bafoonery in previous NRS games and now the same ppl are being rewarded for doing so.🤦🏽‍♂️ Find me at the Watery Realm 🏞⛈🌊, The Demi God Weather Ninja and Edenian Prince is back⛈ Love Kitana and Mileena
Ahon_Pilipinas @ELFilibustero @lgreen66 @Netflix_PH @iwanttfc @Showtime @Dogwoof For 35 years that your narrative ran. You were given the platforms to spread all that you know about the Marcos era. Your anti-Marcos narratives spread throughout the land and being taught in schools. Now you cry for historical revisionism? Muntanga. Here to support PRRD Administration and #BBMSARA2022.
MDemenchuk @ZachDavidsonNY @ThatsJustHorace @georgehahn @Spotify No, you were a dishonest prick then and you are a dishonest prick now. Delete these tweets you lying sack of you-know-what. Just tweeting here in my spare time.
shan_fost22 ESPN and the NFL refusing to accept the news about Brady was released without being confirmed is hilarious. They’re refusing to say “oh we were wrong” 😂 They’re calling Brady now saying “no you’re retired, we said so”
apiarykeyboards @artisan_labs @JustARawTurnip Here’s hoping one day NFTs do purely what they were meant to do and do just that! Right now there’s just too much harm that comes with it imo. The idea is sound, the practice is exploitative for many. I hope your friends have continued success. Spreader of Custom Keyboard Knowledge and Love, Twitch Partner (she/they) 1000 boards built and counting. Here to Help
sasguy235 Planet Earth @Shacrapharoor Back in 2006 , I came across this article about an Old Lady , a True Gandhian. She probably may have passed away by now ,but her story was just go amazing and also sad. A must Read.Such were the people whom the Mahatma had Inspired . I often donate to: / / / / / / Love 70s,80s & 90s 🎶 🎼
BarbaraGirouard Middle of Erehwon @erinotoole @stephen_taylor When you chose to give your support to this motley group of anti-Canada fools who told you they were out to be anarchic, you showed that you are an incompetent leader. You egged this on all the way. Your words are hollow and meaningless now. #IStandWithTrudeau it’s okay, I think. We’ll have a great day at the beach 🏖
StefanM411 Who knows Leafs were down 4 to 2 and now lead 5 to 4 wow #leafsforever Breaking News - Award Winning Journalist - Managing Editor and CEO @Muskoka411 & @DoMuskoka - Entrepreneur - Sports DJ - Former BlackBerry Elite
JosephsCoccyx @rxxsvns Anime nuns best nuns And now I'm suddenly thinking about the nuns in sound of music who were freaking badass too without any weaponry involved came for nagito, stayed for en ligne. shsl joseph simp. i gush about yuelan and ships. asia: 30327806 (add me to 1v1, invite after 10pm) #identityv #第五人格

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