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sunlorrie website: If he or she was Indigenous and promised to learn English, you bet I'd be fine. It is pure colonialism to demand an Indigenous person learn both languages of the colonizers, which she has, quite reasonably, promised to do. What's the matter, don't believe her? Editor Emeritus, Columnist, Toronto Sun; Member, Canadian News Hall of Fame; commentator, Arlene Bynon Show, Sirius XM CH: 167; email:
hubermanlab Stanford, CA Prior to 2020 the question I was asked (when people learn I am a neuroscientist) most often was “how do I keep my brain young?”. During and after 2020 the question I hear most often is “what should I take?”… Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University • Neuroscience Research and Education • Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast
hess4125 @nycphonebuyer As a manager I get all of my young leaders involved interviewing new candidates. They learn how to do it. They also learn what an interviewer wants. There is an investment in the organization too. It is great to see someone you interviewed come in and do well. Husband, Father, Veteran, Public Servant, Just a guy trying to be better every day.
twistingtruth @TheLoonyMoony « how much it would or did hurt, Sirius needs to learn to enjoy what Remus is willing to give him, before it is too late. "Won't happen again... I-I... ugh, I give you my word." He breathes out and opens his eyes again. "I will ( try ) to do » ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ𝐴𝑛𝑑 𝑖𝑓 𝑦𝑜𝑢 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑡 𝑡𝑜 𝑢𝑠𝑒 𝑚𝑒 𝐼 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑙𝑑 𝑏𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑝𝑢𝑝𝑝𝑒𝑡. ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ⠀⠀ ⠀ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ
codieleasoul Kansas City Do you want to know what you came here to express and share with the world? What about what you came here to heal and learn? And Ultimately what your soul is calling you toward? These are the exact topics that are explored in a Soul Seed Card reading, where I synthesis your Huma I like loving, I like laughing, but most of all, I like living. The real question for my life is, what won't I do to live my life to the fullest?
C_I_Fitness Worldwide Do you want to have a fitness program customized to your needs and your circumstances as well? Reach your goals with a plan especially for you! Get in touch to learn what is possible. #personaltrainer #testimonial #bodyweight #kettlebell #minimalequipment Continuous Improvement Fitness, I help busy parents get fitter, stronger and healthier with short & effective sessions▪️NSCA-CPT▪️StrongFirst SFG1▪️Mil.Veteran
heyMikeCruz East Providence, RI @OctopusGrift @RamonaMassachi If you want to make a difference then read Allan’s book, watch his interviews. His is a scientific approach to presidential elections. Learn about it and then make a choice on what you think you should do. I’ve already made mine... Family, #PositiveRugby (League & Union), GAA, Math, #MMT Economics, Science, Philosophy, Languages, Travel, Gardening, Grilling, Food & Drink
Sanidhyasangha I love david and he is legend but now I think it's time to give Henderson chances. He is young, good distribution and comes off the line. Yes Henderson makes mistakes but you learn from them when you do it. Give Henderson this season as no 1 and see what he does. When you believe in yourself nothing is impossible. any football related info you can find here in my tweets (Man United ones) Messi is the 🐐of 🐐
karen_heenan Lansdowne, PA @MelionTraverse Other authors all the way. The first thing I ask my MC is, "What hurt you?" and then I proceed to do it again and again, until they learn something. Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year. She/her. Songbird: A Wider World: Newsletter:
divergentTea Ontario, Canada @AdamoStatman @WendyGoodes @krismeloche @Sflecce @fordnation @OntEdWorkers I hear you - and it’s because of students like you and I that I do the work I do. As the system has moved in a direction to include the notion that Ss are not only human but learn differently - it is a far distance from what we experienced. An adventurous observer with camera in hand. Opinions are my own. sheep are amongst the best humans.
Badgirlsbedhead Portland, OR @Devwickk @SkyisreallyHigh @criprevolution @jgk_espinoza @peachmilfshake commenting at all. Ableism is everywhere on the left. Many people don’t know how to spot it, but we learn. What we don’t do is come on to someone’s post and be like “well not me I don’t see it, I don’t know who you’re hanging out with” it reeks of dismissing the initial post Haraam af. Reality TV Historian. She/her. We should be stealing everything. Don’t buy anything. Just steal it please. Mutual aid. encampment wishlist below
Alexa31609639 @abelluvanne @Coming_to_tank Not u telling me u Stan dustbin because he can sing well what do u expect to learn from an abuser and ohhh for d record selgod can sing and u can't even deny it, my fav is a class act and I learn morals from her I'm me
OfBirdsAndBats My mistrust and... Well, I threatened her. And she withdrew, blocking my phone and not wanting anything to do with me. I must have broken her heart, but I can't get to her to tell her how sorry I am. This is what I get for being paranoid. I need to learn how to control it. It's I'm done fearing you. Babs returns to the tagline! Side note: Multi-ship. 'I'm one lucky girl thanks to you, @BluejayBennett.'
JaketheCat14 If, however, it is about accepting reality for what it is and taking sole responsibility for what to do with my own part in it, then I can be down for that. I just have to learn how to become immune to other people's reactions. nope
TammieCoach We all faces hard times throughout our lifetime. There’s no avoiding it. What’s important is what we learn from each crisis and what we do to prepare us better for the future. I hope you make the time today to read this and take the advice and information to heart. #Crisis#
RobbieCrab Free 21 day email series 👉🏼 @edmundamoye @DavidSpinks @theChrisDo @EspreeDevora I think the best way to learn is by watching great interviewers and breaking down what they do well. You already identified quite a few. There is quite a bit of value though in Chris Voss' Never Split the Difference. I write on speaking, creators, & storytelling | Mostly retired trial lawyer | I help entrepreneurs & founders sell their vision | Founder, Performative Speaking
chrisjsalter59 Kingston upon Thames, London @pengraiggoch @Margybargy @zoeharcombe @NorthernGather2 @BorisJohnson What do you mean 'I have done what I can'?! Done what and for who's benefit? The best way to handle what is going on is to take personal responsibility for your health, learn as much as you can about wellbeing and put it into practice. Trust yourself and your body. ❤️ Global Citizen of the Human Race ❤️. One Love, Love All In an age of information, ignorance is a choice.
elementrus Canada Any of the social systems or safety nets available. And that's fine, I would like to learn. I do think I needed assistance gaining a safety net. My own understanding of my limitations is what causes me to become and appear complacent. Yes, I am vaccinated. No, that doesn't change the statistics. 0.04% of people w/CoVID under the age of 50 died. Despite having 71% of cases in Canada
AlyssiaRich Your mom's house People keep pushing this “do what makes you happy”. But making other people happy is what makes me happy. But if I’m trynna make them happy and they busy making themselves happy… I even know how to make me happy?? Where yall learn that?? follow my art account on Instagram @eugene_davinci $AlyssiaRich #Cashappinbio
ejtweetsthings The Internet people told me to never listen to when people tell me what i can and cannot do but then they get mad when i infiltrate the nation's weapons testing facilities. by the way, all their equipment is around 10+ years backdated. i did not learn this yesterday while trespassing. most of the time i make bad decisions. sometimes they are funny. i enjoy those. end of bio.
EmmaPritch1 Well that’s it, six years of studying part-time is over and I’ve graduated with a First Class BA. Thank you @OpenUniversity for pushing me to work hard & fall in love with learning. So… what do I do now I don’t have French grammar to learn and Linguistics books to read? 😄🎉 Crisp addict. Vegemite fan. Cupcake hater.
STYLINS0NHOME Princess Park Correct me if i am wrong, people talk about english as if its an American thing? Its very much European so like idk what people are trying to do by saying learning “our language”. English is the language of the colonisers and the sooner we learn it the better. ❀ words will just be words, till you bring them to life - Niall Horan ❀ they/them
thrillllaj San Francisco, CA I need to stop bullcrapting and really focus on my business. I love what I do, but the ultimate goal is to be a ceo of MY company. This is all just a part of the process. I wanna learn it all b4 I do my own crap. I’m just here to talk crap and spiel all my feelings
blancolivier2 Paris @fitchett75 @TraderPEA @AlgorithmicRisk @aram25094696 @foolsbookie @jedimarkus77 @Trader_Dante Of course that is not everything. Practice and experience come next.! Learning someone’s strategy get you back on track…I am absolutely not saying is easy. Far from that…We have all learn from someone... even you. The difference is what you do with it… Pure price action trader. InnerCircleTrader concepts for ever ! Thx M. Huddleston. Under the influence of IPDA #bebanedbybroker
davey_crocker Huff Post is sensationalizing, to be completely honest i think CRT us anti white, I do believe student should learn the horrid details of what that group did, also should learn way more about MLK idk like maybe actuallly who killed him and his life, these are indoctrination camps I used to stream on Youtube
theo_nsq US @kitticlysm @lesbostruggle But I repeat that all-important limitation that the straight cis guy’s impressions don’t really matter here and I’m not pretending they do! Just reporting what it looked like from someone who is outside the debate but cares about friends and tries to learn abt others’ lives Miraculer He/his English/Français Supporting everyone who is LGBTQ+ here and everywhere, in Pride month and year round #mlbs4spoilers
kevinrdaley Nashville, TN What I can do is learn some DIY skills myself, and fix some of the things that bother me. I can repaint the trim, I can patch up some drywall, and I can seal up some small cracks. By focusing on what I can control, I can avoid fretting about what I can’t. Husband and dog dad, Army veteran, Oakland native. Vanderbilt '15. I just want people to be intellectually honest. Occasional hot takes about sports.
jesselu12 @CyrusShares @WarrenPlatts A popular joke on Chinese social media: A Chinese go to US An American: What do you plan to do in US? Chinese: I came to learn how to brainwash American: Bull crap we don't have brain washing here in US. We all have free mind and independent thought! Chinese: Yeah here it is responsibility of speech is much more important than freedom of speech 欢迎持各种观点的朋友来冷静交流,探讨社会问题。缺乏家教口吐莲花者请自行绕道
MissBecky4Eva Danville, Virginia I mind my business take care of my son dont beg NOBODY FOR crap OR TO DO crap aint outchea hoe n in these streets and guess what yall ...I STILL GET TALKED DOWN ON LIKE A DOG so my advice to yall is learn how to give no forks and live yo forking life for you #QueenBeast❤ 👑💎🙏 INDEPENDENT R&B Artist, From The 804 To The 434 Instagram & Youtube @ MISSBECKY4EVA!!! ;-)
mooklepticon Dallas, Tejas Replace "do" with "learn" and this is me. I get really down on myself when I have a low energy day & can't do what I want to do bc of what I have to do. I know it's not really my fault but it feels like it. regular dude. profile pic from @EvgenyViitman's work
unhingedposting gooch #ADHD is like everyone else knows what to do and your just our here like "i guess ill try" an you know what you have to do kinda a little but you dont know how to do it, an everything is so interesting an you want to stop and learn about it.
MrTeacoaRushton Fort Worth, Texas @Rex_Mare I can only hope that they learn and move on from being people I do not like too. It is not a good look. I feel with social media, people have learned that people would react to it knowing that what they did is wrong. We continue to see people do it more and more. They love that sick crap Learning to heal while being open to the infinite possibilities of life. Photographer 📷 | Jewelry Artist 💎 | Body Positive | Pansexual 🏳️‍🌈 |
RandomUser_exe since like, 2016. but I didn't actually learn much until 2017, bc I was self taught, but I didn't even watch any yt vids on art or anything, and what makes this worse, is I chose to do animations. im smort. heyo, you should follow me :) I Always Type In Lowercase, I Also Lie A Lot. Professional Idot My Other Socials:
jayBCoding My first week as a software engineer was horrible. I had to learn a salesforce and it’s not going well. It’s like i know what’s going but don’t know what’s going on at the same time. All i can do is get back into the lab and get better! i am inspiring software engineer who is in the middle of my training arc.
nina_sophiax3 Buffalo NY What kills me is I hate this job, I tell every person to just come in, do your job and go home. I hold their hand to learn all their crap for it, make them little note packets as study guides to help, and these hoes still don’t fckn listen 😤😤😤 willing to admit I’m a piece of crap; she/her; #blacklivesmatter IG: glambyninasophia
eirdaa__ lol idk if u actually learn or not cause wtf did u think i didn't use what sir have taught us and use another method and saying that our coding is complicated. it's just u who don't know how to do it. Don't wake me up
Lucylew61185208 @telx100 @LBC @mrjamesob Yes I do agree with the bed cuts, but we have to deal with what we have now. Thing is will this government learn there lesson from this and stop cutting beds, cutting nurse/doc vacancies and consequently shutting wards down.
_pokestar_321_ WAIT PAUSE...gabs said she wants to learn guitar cus 1: fun and dope lol B: so she can do to her songs right? i think i remember that DUDE HEAD IN THE CLOUDS IS MAINLY ACOUSTIC FROM WHAT WE'VE HEARD OMFG IMAGINE yeah im poke she/her 16 #PRIDE
DYNAMICAN_EEA Wales, United Kingdom 4/20 to be perfect.. i can ask no more of another being to but learn of their mistakes, and to adapt to what we come to know or believe to be right, which i do believe Jah is in support of, in acknowledgement also of a few error's in judgement past.. it's a hard job running a Add me also on Mastodon - Humility, conviction, grace & love...
hyena_xander PA (Not telling where lol) @Zekkcake12 Still writing it, but I like what I have so far. Basically, magic is split in three categories that are rather self explanatory. Offensive, Defensive, and Creative magic Theoretically anyone can learn to use this magic Most of those who do, however, are those who have a 1/2 Hyena | 17 | He/Him | Bi | Poly? | INFP | Black | pfp by @MidwestBedFest | DM's are open | discord: XanderHyena#7055 | #stopAsianHate | #BlackLivesMatter
MadCowDude United States It is time to get schooled! I'm going to be playing the Minecraft mod FTB Academy so I can learn what these mods do. Come hang out and we can pass messages in the back of class! #Vtuber #ENVtuber A robot possessed by a wandering minotaur spirit #VTuber #ENVTuber #VStreamer Catch my stream at
mellwoodlowe The way I've come to think about the "word gap" is to ask: (1) how does structural inequity itself contribute to what we're seeing? and (2) what *do* kids learn in those early years (and learn better) if they are not bombarded with direct speech? PhD candidate at @UCBerkeley. Language, brain development, equity. she/her. Mostly I just stare at computers and play games with children
CoachDHardin Saint Petersburg, FL I really do enjoy coaching this kid! His hunger is what sets him apart, he wants to learn and he wants to be the best player he can be. & I’m right here with him every step of the way! Co-Founder of 1Family Basketball Teacher w/ Ghost 👻 Player Development! #NOIS "Satisfaction Leads To Failure" "When u see it, its too late" #MudMade #4Season
Lisa_Hiley Scarborough @BeckAdlington Can you imagine how intimidating it must be for them with you swimming next to them 😆 I think I’d get out and just watch and learn! I’m answer to your question, surely speed is more relevant than stroke? But what do I know?! 🤷‍♀️ Yorkshire girl, netball & hockey mum!
PeterP616 Flemington, NJ I’m far from perfect but I don’t care, as long as I stay true to my heart and do what I think is right that’s all I need. If I were perfect I’d never learn and I wouldn’t have some of my friends because I wouldn’t have gone through experiences that I can relate to others with 15 | Straight | Male | Just a guy who loves his friends and living like I’m free as the wind! Banner: @Sonicccccc457 Vent: @We8oftheworld
ngcrebecca Earth This is my keynote development process: 1. What do I want the audience to LEARN, FEEL, and DO? 2. Map the key points to a storyboard @nancyduarte style 3. Practice the opening and closing AZ City/County Managers, see you soon! Passionate about better futures. Futurist, author, Zen priest. Retweet ≠ endorsement
Prayb4uTweet @toadlife1 @BarryHolstein @HoppyKercheval I'm not worried about myself or my children. I understand my biases and try to learn each day. What I pray about is those parents and teachers who do not.
BrunoMB84 Palma de Mallorca @Chris_Dring Do you know how PS5 and Xbox Series are performing in the UK vs PS4 and Xbox One during the same time frame? I know it is a matter of stock rather than demand but it might be interesting to learn if they were able to ship at least a similar amount of what the previous gen sold.
violentbukkake "this is what you want, right? Authenticity through your life experiences. You want to learn from pain, right? Well time to do it". I'm kinda irritated my plans got forked over because I didn't realize Eid was today but I can either be mad and continue to live my life with the Twitter Admin, ex-Backstreet Boy, and part time Home Depot glory hole kiosk operator for over 35 years. av by @goaheadod
Hawt_Tamalee Period!!!! We wondering how there's 45 year olds out here with the basic of sex games and it's because people arent TELLING THEM! I even encourage telling them why you kicking them to the curb before you do so. Lol people can only learn and fix what they know is broken Insecurities will rent the space it occupies, but CONFIDENCE will own the building and any room it steps into. 💚💗

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