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PatronDsns Україна The beginning of the year is a great time to study. I always learn something new. And you? What did you do today? ☺️ Sapper dog 🐶 Talisman of Chernihiv pyrotechnics of the SES of Ukraine 🇺🇦 @UNICEF Goodwill AmbassaDOG |Cooperation:
A_ZeeJKT48 Jakarta Capital Region 2022 been a really great year for me. a year that makes me more mature, what i achieved in 2022 is so much more than my own expectations. i learn a lot and also this year made me realize how much i loved by a lots of people ☺️ hope we can do more in 2023. happy new year! JKT48
JonathanTurley Washington, D.C. Gambrell called for people to embrace censorship like the latest self-help fad. It turns out to be good thing for those who are fired and silenced: “What I do truly believe in is redemption. There’s opportunity to learn, to be better, to not harm people.” Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, criminal defense attorney, columnist, and legal analyst. Blog: Res Ipsa
apleasantpossum @sherribon one time i bought my mom a nice makeup brush for christmas and was like "ok. this is a nice brush which means you need to learn how to clean it" and i showed her what to use/how to do it and recently found out she diligently cleans it every time so it stays nice 🥺 rowan. 29. they/them. eng/한국어 OK im your mother and im proud of you
Giraffelimbs @charliethereup Keep trying! Makeup is a skill that takes practice the same as any other, and it takes time to learn what you think looks good on your face specifically. Do what serves you, not the perception of you. I’m happy to offer any advice I can! I’m sorry
ColinEFLawrence Los Angeles, CA @somebadideas I think it takes years to learn those skills then put them into practice. Interestingly enough, he worked as a model maker for Corman early in his career. He has the moxie to keep fighting and do what he thought/thinks is right, and people let him do that. Also, he's a baller. Writer/Director, Producer. IN BED WITH A KILLER. GASLIT. Chaotic Good. Lvl 37 Spoonie. Dog and Human Father. Film & TV Tool. Optimist.
isaias131zx Bozrah @Driver_9_ @celesteverdade @shawn_vdo I don't believe in xmas Jesus. I believe in Yahushua Learn the difference. John 5:43 "Jesus" is a impostor and a liar that is ok with people breaking the commandments. Your new covenant sounds like Aliester Crowley's Law of thelema to me... do what thou wilt Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength?
emmcooper42 Montco, PA Obviously we had vastly different situations, but what we do have in common is the significance of losing a parent as a kid. It’s is unspeakably complicated, and I wish there was more opportunity to talk and learn about it more. SEPA native. The real life Leslie Knope. she/her. Views are my own. 🍁🍂✨
_liam10 Less is more. And I want to learn the right things to let go so I can have more. I'm excited for this year and what I could do - and I think it starts with doing more, and caring less. badi
725tgs Nakuru, Kenya This is what I do all night and all day. I love trading crypto, more of Bitcoin and Ethereum. As an expert I guess a very high professional.....why don’t you learn how to trade and leave free from public stress? }//FORGET NOT THE BENEFITS OF YAHWEH 🙏TIME IS OVER THE MESSIAH IS COMING,, ➡️
COLLiveNews Crown Heights Applied Chassidus with Rabbi Simon Jacobson: What Can I Say to a Friend Who Is Suffering From a Terminal Illness? What Profound Lessons Do We Learn From the Egyptian Exile and Exodus About Dealing With Suffering? Video Bringing news & views from the worldwide community of Chabad-Lubavitch, Brooklyn, Israel and around the globe.
Bobbythegreat Houston, Tx @drob778508 @Johnathanvelo9 @TRHLofficial I think anyone who carries without knowing what is and what is not self defense is just setting themselves up for failure. They owe it to anyone who cares about them to at least learn the basics IMO. I'm not for anything mandatory, but I'm fine with saying they should do it. There is no way i could tell you about myself in only 160 characters. You will just have to find out the hard way, or not at all.
Quikcyy @OpTic @H3CZ what the requirements are to join the greenwall I'm willing to do whatever it takes and learn whatever. I can be a content creator or someone who is willing to help to do anything I don't know much but play video games, but I can learn pretty quickly. Streamer :) Twitch: quikcyy TikTok: Quikcyy
Mewmewjusticef1 MewRebLand and what people call as cowardice is something even I! would do. If they were in his shoes, had his mind, would they be able to say they would be different?! Those who judge Su Minshan must learn to cancel their taught beliefs before judging! I'm here to support Johnny Depp, DV Victims and Survivors and Chatting with my friends about movie characters
NewUnion76 Occupied America Let’s be clear: I have no clue what Fascism is not do I care to learn. Look! Some left wing people helped to found it, it must me the democrats. Also, if you are already reading this Garbage go ahead and buy my crappy books. 🙄 || A growing organization of Patriotic American Fascist || || We are the New Alternative || One Nation one People Forever || Happy New Year!|| 🎉🎊🎆
butnotouching Louisiana, USA @michaeljburry I think the big thing here is to understand the concept and theory behind it. If this generation doesn’t learn this then you are 100% correct. If they do then just lean on AI then I see it no different than what we have now. Civil Engineer. Practicing entrepreneur. Find interest in economics. Find understanding in MacroEconomics. Find chaos in investing. Find 💰 beyond the chaos.
SybrelleJalace I use to want to learn how to do eyeshadow sooo bad but a natural look is what I always loved. I bought a neutral palette and Yes it’s sooo much better than color |RunningMyMarathon|Don’t label me, Just let me be|. “ If not me, then WHO “ |IG:Sybrellejalace_ 👩‍👦|GirlMom|♈
PornWelcome @Milessandre @kyler_steele Bestie, that is what I was saying? You can’t just snap that second photo, you gotta learn and this post illustrated specific skills they developed for a specific type of photograph, I thought they did a great way of breaking that down for people who just say: well I could do that welcome to the collection of my thots, a bitch has a taste in men and opinions. read if you want, jerk off if you want, share if you want
brexitleo London, Los Angeles, Paris @lionandfox6773 @BryanMilham @DCBMEP The #EU is as dead as democracy in some African countries. What do you about this body? Nothing! At least, I lived there for 40 y. and worked at the heart of the #EU Mafia HQ for 16 y. That’s why I voted #Brexit. LEARN FIRST 🙄 I tweet about the #UK, the USA and the #EU | #DeSantis #Pompeo #AmericaFirst | #BackBoris #BringBackBoris | #Didier’s corner…
hezooss Earth, 2022 I mean, what course might let me learn what I want when I want to? I've done my time doing a degree full of stuff I wasn't interested in, not in a hurry to do that again. I read inspiring stories of older peeps finishing degrees and I wonder, is it a classical arts degree I want? I work hard on things that interest me, maybe one day I'll figure out something I can say about it all. Amateur philosopher, cynic & ecclesiophobe.
C0unsel0rX A Dungeon Near You Don’t call me asking if I can do something or not and how much I charge cause I’ll be damned if I won’t “absolutely but let me check my availability” and go figure out what it is, learn to do it, and call you back w/ a quote. I don’t fork around. Doer of things, knower of stuff. Artist, Woodworker, Snack Enthusiast, sometimes hoe.
1984_was @nytimes Very excited to learn more about the Hunter Biden collusion and #twitterfiles i wonder what the NY Times staff is planning to do to COVER this major new story. Money says they'll keep covering for crooked democrat operatives 🤡 1984 Was Not An Instruction Manual
rqnbx They/them Ok, so out of what I have read. Me as an ISTP is doomed to fail because I don’t think and learn the same way as rest of the society and normally do it bad in school. But ISTP are supposed to be good at math and intelligence but I don’t know math and are called dumb daily why live, when death
maillerr @Legend_Legolas Yep I sold 2 elite palettes for basically what the floor price is now a couple months ago at the "peak" at that time thinking it was hyped out and still inflationary. Learn from me and do not fork with this project
ultrasart09 Artbook @BuckBuck707 @TakesAppalling @FightHaven Or 3 he would’ve bleed out depending on how he was shot if it wasn’t with the whole magazine. Anyway maybe it’s because I actually put trust in people and hope they can learn and do better. What the man should’ve done if anything is shot him then call the cops owner of the last chat,multi fandom artist,ask for permission to use art minor nsfw dni(local he/they) vodka congrats on the divorce(pfp @pomipomtv)
MercedesMSoto @ehanford @PamelaSnow2 Once you can read a word you do not know, you can look the word up in a dictionary! And learn how to use it in a sentence! I don’t think anyone is advocating for teaching children how to decode words and not understand what the words mean and how to use them. What am I missing? can do, there's more than one way to solve a problem . . .
checktheblock @hellowh16368139 @ComradeRed49 @raytakenalive This is weird. Because a lot of tribes like the Cherokee helped them and were willing to learn from them, instead what did they do? I think they could of been decent humans and made this place great. Instead turned it into a crap hole. Just here to check Zealous egotist.
GurneySanders Liberio step-by-step online ice skating guides are like: "wear these clothes, fall correctly, do a swizzle dizzle zoopy doop to go forward, learn how to stop, and have fun :)" WHAT IS THE REAL STEP 1 HOW DO I MOVE not a meme account turn back
DeboruDevol Wandering around the world. smile. "Ya are not boring at all. I /like/ this peace, although what I really would love to do with ya is travel around this world for a bit. I wanna learn and see the things humans have achieved with my very own eyes." "𝒲𝑒 𝓌𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝓅𝒶𝓎 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓈𝒾𝓃𝓈." - ✿ RP account for a Devola. Automata verse specific. Set after Ending E. ✿ ENG-ESP ✿
afcmarixm dunya And when I ask them why they help me they say that is what Islam teaches them to do, so I became curious and wanted to learn more about their religion" subhan'allah. After the maulana explained to him the all the things he needs to know for now, he read the shahadah arsenal | ugly crier; football enthusiast | 🇲🇼
Makiyahlynnn Florida, USA Once I learn how to do people how they do make and take things for what it is, my mental will be so much better Og Carmelchocolate✨ IG: @ _.therealesttt._ 🏳️‍🌈
PrincessMomoka2 @TW175663056 @voodookobra999 @Jay420ia @parshall_shane @jesshurlbert @MetalCoreNTacos @Kevin_Schaal333 @franksazerac @CpgUwAUTee4DPoa @uri25kmister @LosSignmakrDeCt @eyemjimmy @BigGrriz @ThisIsKyleR @POTUS @liquidwise them learn not to do that stuff, you know treat them how they treat me, and its clearly not working. I have no idea what to do with this violent cult of #MAGA thinking it is okay to hire children to guard property Hoping our country becomes sane by spreading facts. canceled/blocked by Russian bots. No political affiliation. blocked by @AjitPai short $TSLA
ramysadek Right behind you @escalanatural I suspect the problem is the way we teach physics rather than the number of people looking for answers. Many people seek glory rather than understanding. We have lost our way somehow. What to do? Make it easy to learn again. Bring joy into it. Wonder and joy. Bigger than Physics Madman Laughing While Rome Burns (Laureate) | Walking Godel’s Theorems | Poseur Intellectual | Satire | Anti-hate | Self-loathing my own and you can’t have any
NikiMarinis Shangri-La Dee Da, CA @lofreelife @Theholisticpsyc This is a wonderful perspective and attitude to have! I do the same. What am I meant to learn from this? What can I overcome? What old ways can I change? How can I help anyone else going through the same thing? 👍 🙌💖 Weird Girl 🔮Co-host of @LyricalCrimes podcast 🎤 Writer of dating and relationship comedy gold. 💋“You’re a Gen X wet dream.”-@MickeyBlowtorch
bigenjoyingjoy @Authoresskamsi Is it now our day Dey break , what we have been saying . We helped promoted that fave and her slaves , everyday I get angry seeing us do that . I pray we learn 😙
salvem_vaquitas @CelestialFang i'm absolutely obsessed with your art and characters ideias. How many years it take to you learn to paint in such a perfect way? And what art program do you use? Your style is STUNNING! Will you make a comic or book about your characters? Kingênero/GenderQueer/NonOp/Xenogenero/Gênerofluído/Pangênero Polisexual/Poliamoroso/Skoliosexual/Bisexual (Ele/Dele; Ela/Dela;Helicóptero/Apache; Elu/Delu; )
NicoleGus2 Morgan has been in this role before so she knows what to do. It hurts not having Bea, but Izzi will get more minutes to learn. Those lessons might not always be easy, but she’s bound to get good experience. Denae is healthy this year and I would love to see her take more shots! Writer and editor for @tgatesociety. Below replacement-level softball player. Dog mom. You don’t have to agree with me, just don’t tweet me about it.
JAMES30043748 @AmericanIndian8 when i was 15 i am 53 now i was out makeing leagle money i learn how to by stuff and sell it, times i made killing i made boat load money all 100 pecent leagle the money is out there if u find what they willing to by with this virus change everything u never beleave what they do i am no one in this world but i dont know dam thing and wrong about everything
IAmYourBoyBlue Morristown, TN @AngelaParziale @ladyauthorbw He needs to learn if the shoe fits lace that mug up and wear it! From everything I have seen and read he is looking at jail time regardless not much he can do! Even repaying everyone back what he did was still against the law! Twitch Affiliate, Father, Husband & AWESOME dude! Support a Creator Code: IAmYourBoyBlue #CashAppInBio $wbuckner Business:
FionaMo17027300 @DefameP @RealDJCthulhu Why does it matter how you learn or how you do it? I've never done AI art. I'm not sure I even know what it is. I'm presuming it involves computers. As long as you enjoy doing it, and hopefully, someone else enjoys it as well. Surely that's what counts Mum of teens and a daft vizla. Love music, gardening and books. Especially Discworld and Rom coms. Like horse racing and enjoying life while I've got some left.
T_O_Thomas The streets? @corypodbest @sasugakirin @Selcoeurl @ISWV_Losers Man, what a forking heartbreaker. I'd been a Chappelle fan since 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights'. Before I knew I wanted to do stand-up, I'd record his specials, learn them move-for-move, and make my friends laugh. His anti-trans crap is already bad enough, but that Elon stunt? fork
EMo_Drags_The_l Ozarks @TX_WalkerRanger I am voting 45 for 47 for sure. I do hope there is a primary though. I think it makes a stronger candidate if they have to work for it. They can hone their message and learn what is working and what isn't working. Perfect practice makes perfect play. USMC 81-85 Dad of 2 vets NRA lifer and Golden Eagle. Partner at @PatriotTVliv MAGA
BBicParker Home @geostylegeo How much time do you have? 😜 What bugs me the most, though, is how little people, in general, know about how the mind works and how they couldn't care less. The irony ... I need to learn more about the human mind to understand why they can't be arsed! ✍️ Writer. Non-fic; mental health. Novels; same, but funny. 💙 Wokeaholic
PleasureOlie1 Benin-City, Nigeria And this is where the world 🌎 goin righ now. I mean the Information & connected Economy so do yourself good to learn what is working so you'll not be outdated.. Join this move now.. Just type (I'm interested) to start a career... Christ Lover✝️Affiliate Marketer📶Offline & Online Enterpreneur🏧My Goal is Financial Freedom for You & I.. WatsApp me⤵️
hamoncIackers parody/rp | pls read pinned ! ( YOU KNOW WHAT HE MEANS!! ) ... i know. ( huffing, scratching his head. ) but you're back now, right? best you can do is learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them, pol. — 𝐑𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞, 𝐰𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧' 𝐘𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐢𝐫, 𝐈'𝐦 𝐚𝐥𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐢𝐧 —
LucyRebelHeart Washington, USA The hardest part of being autistic, is not being autistic. I love my brain. I think I am smart, empathetic and when I dive into a special interest I can research and learn everything about it. What I do find hard is how non-autistic family and the public treat me. trans 🏳️‍⚧️ (she/her) • autistic • disabled • amy grant fan
Chief_Umezulike Auburn, Alabama, United States @PeterObi is quite vast, and effortlessly draws on country comparative reforms that we can replicate here. This is something I love so much about him. Some countries were once like us, and worse off, they are far much better now: What did they do that we can learn from? Development Economist. Development Consultant. PhD Student @AuburnU. Inspired by: Ingersoll|Nasser|Che|Castro|Palme|Malcolm|Annan|Sankara|Nyerere|Lee|Anyaoku
MidwestProle Ohio, USA A psychopathic god: I and the public know What all schoolchildren learn, Those to whom evil is done Do evil in return. Exiled Thucydides knew All that a speech can say About Democracy, And what dictators do, The elderly rubbish they talk 𓃦 Insanity laughs under pressure we're breaking. 𓆏 ~ The board is set, the pieces are moving. We come to it at last... The great battle of our time.~ 𓅄
XVIP2922 but to know what you can do and what you can’t do. What I want to say is to learn to forgive your incompetence, 51 全球,港澳台,北美,新加坡,日本,迪拜,欧洲,顶级稀缺外围模特资源,一直被模仿,从未被超越。 Telegram: 资料在Telegram。请下载 Telegram 交流 招:兼职海外留学笙,只要海外的,国内勿扰
officialsimong Empowering divorced and single fathers to overcome financial burdens is what I do. Reuniting fathers with their children and loved ones is who I am. Create a life of freedom! Click the link in BIO to learn how! #lifeafterdivorce #dadlife Empowering and instilling confidence in divorced fathers to become their own version of an digital asset developer to create financial freedom.

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