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IAmSteveHarvey Los Angeles, CA Every morning I wake up and thank God that I'm alive. I have a journal, a daily devotional called "Jesus is Calling" and a New Living Testament Bible. I ask God to show me what I need to learn today. Make time to do this. Gratitude is the number one principle of success. The Steve Harvey store is now open, t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories that will inspire you - and make you laugh.
fawfulfan Reno, NV I've come to learn that the Supreme Court does not actually report RBG's hospitalizations until AFTER she has stabilized and is out of immediate danger. It's up to you whether that makes you feel more or less panicked. Do with it what you will. Game programmer, breaking news reporter @RawStory, devoted long-distance husband. Proudly on the spectrum. Personal account — opinions are my own.
MayorBowser Washington, DC 1⃣ What is a learning hub? Safe spaces for the District's children to learn and grow. 2⃣ How old do I have to be? 6-18 years old. 3⃣ Where do I sign up? Official account of the Mayor of Washington, DC. Together, we're working to give every Washingtonian a #FairShot. Tweets from Mayor Bowser signed MMB.
JonHammond1701 Portland, ME @ahmed171a @AiG And you're unequivocally wrong about that assertion. Which is why I keep having to repeat myself; as you are apparently unable, or unwilling to learn the basics of what you're talking about, before pontificating on a subject you clearly do not comprehend. Youtuber:Author/Illustrator:
runyogatucson Problem solving and resiliency are life skills. I refuse to let my kids see me exhibit neither. They learn from what I do, not from what I say. And some days will just be awful. I'm teaching them that is okay too. Why are we sending them this message that they are weak?!?
DrPepperTexan Texas, USA @bluemango20 @nQtaRussianBQt @NeverTrumpTexan @benshapiro I am not saying that this is a hoax. What I am trying to say is that we can only do so much. We can wear masks, practice good hygiene, and keep social distance. However, the virus does what a virus does and that is spread. At some point, we’ve got to learn to live with the virus. I am not nor have I ever been affiliated with Snapple/Dr Pepper. My handle reflects my admiration for the beverage. RT do not necessarily = approval.
BearerPaulette @JesparDalVar @gmarnin @NJGov That was a very interesting circle. My joke was just close your eyes and drive. I think what they’ve tried to do at the Flemingtom circle is pretty weird. The route 130 circle at Route one in NB was also a great place to learn to drive. Retired educator with particular expertise in literacy and special education. Grandmother of 5. Briard rescuer. Dog lover. Owned by 2 Briards and 2 Shelties.
battlesteen69 @thatkidx01 @mako_kenova @another_4_years @GOLD_RBN_AWARE @TheBigFoxx @marks96vmax @DHS_Wolf I think the problem is that what was commonly regarded as "sense" is no longer regarded as such. I wonder what kids actually learn in college now. "Small government" really has little to nothing to do with having enough police to maintain law and order. Veteran. Conservative. Dad. Husband. Have solemnly sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.
PaulSmithDM @markofu @xNymia @davidrook @comerford @ChrisJohnRiley I think it largely comes from school. We live seeking permission as we have no control over what we learn and who we are at school. Becoming institutionalised, I was left thinking... Who's permission do I have to ask to become a Games Developer? Is it "real" if I do it on my own? Games Developer / VFX Editor
MGSxsammy33 SoCal Davis: I'd hate Cena too if I were you. Imagine going to the gym as much as you do and not looking like that. I have a feeling this man is about to learn what Sweet Chin Music feels like lol. Twitch Affiliate. Lots of MLB, classic MM speedrunning, and other stuff. Streams start at 7pm PT. Business email:
induratise I have a lot to learn from him as a human being. Sometimes, the purpose you seek is under your nose all along. What matters is whether you’re willing to do the work. His childhood, his sister’s experiences and most notably his involvement w the MeToo movement are all linked. am i therefore become your enemy, because i tell you the truth? | header: @liamwong
d_a_keldsen Earth @GeneTBond Good piece! Lots of great points. That said: you can “celebrate failure” if you do it carefully and for the right reasons. Ask “What did we learn?” and celebrate that. I would argue that the Andon Cord method is also a kind of celebration of failure. Problem solver, executive, writer, thinker, husband, father.... Passionate about opportunities, challenges, continuous improvement & building teams!
cortexfutura I've made two videos (Inspectional Reading and Analytical Reading) available for preview and will keep them like that until tomorrow. What do you think? Any feedback super appreciated! Copy on the page is a mess - hence me asking for feedback. Knowledge Ops #roamcult
advantage_yt All the pros are complaining about the new season, and I feel like the only reason why is because casuals are having fun again. what do you want, a carbon copy of the last “good season?” deal with a new meta, learn to adjust. I'm advantage, I make youtube videos and stream video games.
AviramW I will say this to my fellow white people/men/religiously background folks: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOUR forkING FEELINGS. You DO NOT matter when the conversation is about race/gay rights/inequality etc You are to listen, learn, and let the people who know what they're talking about talk. Budget MtG friend. he/him. 18+ only. Amateur Writer/Hopeless Romantic/Angry Leftist. @LexBadmera is 💖 NO RP. fork TERFs.
Maria_Amelie Brighton, England @BrockbankJames @TheCoolestCool In my case recently is @g33konaut I was looking at my feed and I found out I have retweeted him a lot. However, I do read what he writes and follow his presentations, why? Because I learn. That has pushed me to self teach something I thought it was as hard as abstract algebra! I work as a Head of SEO in London. MSc in Psychological Research by @UniofOxford.
SamFoucart @fromshadows @sammyk98_ Hi, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I thought that surgery in general was first completed by scholars in Baghdad. Do you know off the top of your head what the difference between Egyptian surgery and Iraqi surgery? Do you know any easy reading to learn more? ❤️ Claire
Kevin_Biot Biot France @Artsymarxist The trick is this: learn what was good, discard what was bad. I tend not to do comparative black and white judgements such as Russia Bad USA good. I have no time for that simplistic thinking in fact. Let's discuss the issues and discuss the solutions. People read little history Irish American in the South of France. Sorry, I am social distancing. Now fork off :-)
ncelinaaa In my own world I have so much pain and hurt inside nobody even understands or will ever know, because all I ever do is share happiness and kindness, and want others to learn to live a good happy life. Nobody deserves any sort of pain no matter what way it is, it can affect your life gradually. Peace throughout the 🌎 | Instagram; celinasss_natt📸 | Use my code for 15% off❣️ { Dr3aml4nd } @ FreshFrenzy
rainbowswirlie India The point is : everyone makes mistakes,you make mistakes i make mistakes we can't avoid them we are human beings but we can apologize, learn from them and avoid them in the future and that's exactly what I want Noah to do about this situation he was wrong and was sorry about that Instagram ID : Sohini_1864, Snapchat: ahanasohini19
mgoss1954 California, USA @CrossWorks17 @susankey_key @Rostriak @BLUE_W0LVERINE @AttorneyCrump Where do you people come from? Did you not read what I was responding to? I’m all about learning, non-stop but, I can’t learn everything, it’s not possible! Do you know what a quark is? Probably not. Can you tell me without looking what all amendments are and how to apply them? Deist. Retired. Never stop learning. Let not your ignorance direct your path. Wear a mask and save a life. Vote blue-stronger together 🌊 (Tweets deleted often)
blacktaako venmo @zw2623 @famouslyblonde yes and seeing ppl ignorant of that history not wanting to learn, but to instead steamroll over all that history with 'queer' is just. i dislike it. i can't control what other indv. people do, but i refuse to be called or in a 'queer' community and thats like. a hard no for me. z/Niamh/Ren '93 they/them tme dreadfully unfunny sysposting picrew i used⬇️⬇️⬇️
MikeMoody49 So many lies about corona virus, no one knows what to do. I say it is an endemic disease, not a pandemic outbreak. It is not going to go away and we are breaking the world over something that is here to stay. We need to learn to manage it. Even the Chinese did not break it.
bono79 Malaysia @YasirQadhi I'm with you MashaAllah tabarakAllah...Maybe it is time for him to throw himself to a sufism world and start to learn that Islam is not just about answering people's questions. It's time to check wether you really do what you preach. Allah knows better. Good things take time. Slow and steady does win the race. ❤️AK
evyapanA Bayern @Khuludsa @welt Do i have to learn arabic to check your references? Not the fine answer for a normal question from someone who is open minded. Critizising Kashoggi for not being democratic and answering that way, isn't that what u are critical about? Do it bother u that I am Turkish? Müslüman.Hukukcu, taekwondo aşığı. ilgi:tarih, spor, kültür, seyahat,din,siyaset.
ArcticDream2 Singapore Life is an experiment. When I try something new, I also learn more about myself. What is it that I like/don't like and can do better in. Maybe there is no such thing as failure since I'm always learning. Aspiring data analyst | Noob undergrad | Here to dump my random thoughts 👩‍💻
itsallscreen Florida, USA Do you know what Hygge is? I didn't until this episode with author Tove Maren Stakkegard. As a Danish-American, she uses her heritage to teach us and her family about hygge. Learn more on today's episode. Opinionated babblings of a lover of TV and movies. Mother of four.
JoeyMarinello60 United States @peteryan00 Love this post! I think it’s important that everyone realizes that you ARE going to make mistakes, everyone does. What matters is that you own up to them when you do, learn from it, and try not to make the same mistake twice. DFIR, Tech, and Pizza. Tweets are my own.
T33879 @fiojazl @MotherWitAdv Do you realize how dumb you sound? Preserving statues is preserving history to learn from. Putin sends hit squads? Huh? Manipulating what Government data? The ones manipulating are the CDC and WHO. The press lies their asses of so I applaud him for finally going against them. My main account got suspended.
KinatsVlogs Manchester, England @salmanchelsea1 @CFCFOREVER19 Do you see the difference between the two statements? There is a lot of difference between Top 3 ( what I actually said) and best trio ( which you made up) What a forkin clown. Learn simple English UNITED FAN❤
curtisc_sub Houston, TX “I’m gonna dom you so hard” I ask this fool how and he said “gonna smoother you with my feet! I asked is that all & he said “what else do you want” I want y’all to learn how to be a dom before you come into my DMs.. y’all are embarrassing to real doms all over the world 🙄 a sub but not your sub.. ✌️ @austeresir is DADDY 😘
AzulClaro20 Colombia @MetroM225 I'm a teacher, and tbh learning how to learn, and what's your specific way to do it, is a very big part of growing into fighting games. 32 y/o SFV Scrub Claw player, language teacher, Colombian. Steam: Nogumi88 alternative: xazulclarox CFN: RojoOscuro / Azulclaro
AmandaMAtwell Texas, USA @therealgaspo7 @LGonTV Lol. I think you need to go back to 8th grade and learn what a credible source is. You do know you’re talking to a media member right?? Any event where people are not masked and not distancing has a chance at spreading COVID. You’re literally making stuff up to fit your narrative Sports Anchor @cbs4rgv @KVEOtv23 • @UTJSchool ‘16 • ex collegiate soccer player • professional taco-eater • FWTX Native • One cat short of crazy
IHaveJiminsJam5 @theNikki_89 @softlachimolala He has a humor that a person who watches him will understand. I as a person who watched him since 2016 knows that he is one of the most genuine person out there. He even apologized for his mistakes what do you want him to do now? Humans aren't perfect we make mistakes and learn. BTS ARMY💜💜💜
Chibwe_1 Zambia I’ll forever be #gratefulforlife ❤️👊As my therapist says “never lie to yourself by saying if I knew better, I would have done better, all you knew then made you do what you did then”. Life is really beautiful, love, learn, forgive yourself and keep it moving 🙌 speak little but speak well ❤️ ♏️
elise_rvp central michigan university 🚨🚨 TITLE IX IS UNDER ATTACK AND THE HARMFUL NEW RULE CHANGE IS GOING INTO EFFECT IN 28 DAYS 🚨🚨 please read below to learn more about what we can do in the little time we have left!!! (the screenshots i mentioned will be tweeted in a thread below) cultivating a garden outside and inside • progressive feminist • organization of women leaders vp • sexual aggression peer advocate 🌹 #blacklivesmatter
AimingForADream On My Throne in Hell What I look forward to most about traveling the world in 2022 is all of the learning I'm gonna do. I'm gonna learn so much more about people, the world, societies, cultures, and more than I'd ever be able to learn in school. Atlanta raised. Maleficent's Baby Daddy Screenwriter/Director
Jesus_Nasty_G California, USA @LearnLiberation @drivenwolf22 @HELLASETTLED Do you know why? Learn within yourself! It’s a challenge but it’s you! How can it not be worth finding out . &That word CANT is your issue ... just try it for a while, and really? Now POSITIVITY, is bad to spread? What world am I in 🙇🏽‍♂️
Tpinkfloyd United States What are you needing to know? I remember first starting it for my kids and you learn from other HS people more than anything. If you are wanting to do it you should get a jump on it like PS their is a time frame to register with each state. 32 yo Native American. 2 Boys and Beautiful Wife. Constitutionalist. I will argue if you don't backup your argument it has nothing to do with agreeing with you.
BackAirRest Chicago burbs @WydD @D4RK_ONION @jav1ts I absolutely understand the frustration and think what Capcom is doing is bullcrap. My point is about the; "I don't know why we put so much time into this." - "Fun" to work on - To help players learn - Show off what you can do - Better patch notes Don't let Capcom ruin that. Some dude who wants to do fun and helpful crap that gets more people into playing Fighting Games. Bonus points if I make you laugh.
1Spookybooks @Diane_Dee @TracersGhost @outtheregroup1 @Kirkby007 It is a huge learning curve doing what we do and there are so many different aspects of it. I’ve been doing it 28 years and I still learn something new every week. I still make mistakes because I’m human, but I would never question my spirit guides. For 28 years I've been able to see, hear, and talk with the dead. I’ve written five Ebooks based on true happenings around the globe.
SarahCLandry San Diego, CA @phoneticletter I appreciate your intent to educate and spread knowledge, but do not do so by attacking others and discrediting the way they feel and have been treated. Not everyone is an enemy, I’ve been willing to learn and accept what you have said, but not once have you listened to me. exploring
Farcelonaa 👀 @navidjaaan @XaviTempo_ @victor_font I do not understand Font's and Xavi's plan here. So if he wins, he'll appoint Xavi directly as manager? What happened to the age old learning curve and being somebody's assistant to learn the job? It's clear that managing barca is a no easy task Why so serious?
Nielsen1Sue Chicago, IL My #WhyandWill 2/3 Why? Because I believe that beginning the year remotely is the only moral choice - life must be protected. What Will I Do? Give thanks to the school where I work and work tirelessly to ensure all kids can learn and are safe. English Department Chair, Grayslake North High School, Grayslake IL What matters? Caring for kids and teaching them to believe in themselves.
joonsugathotbox Inside It actually is. I can’t remember the term but there’s definitely been studies about kids naturally wanting to learn if you put them in that environment and you don’t tell them what to do, they just ask questions and boom they learning I’m just tired. $uuggaa
astralboody she/they i love what i do. but i think feeling burnt out is inevitable if you don't switch it up. when i feel this way, i study. i reteach myself. i learn new things. & it always brings the passion back. the more i challenge myself and engage with the work, the more i show up. intimacy — i n t o m e i s e e 𓁿 🏳️‍🌈 bodyworker · offering remote energy work + tarot readings · DM to book
nchan_kk1004 WIPs Tbh...This feels like the exact thing that drives id*ls into depression. They do one thing, and the whole internet riles against them. I'm not saying he shouldn't learn and apologize but also what is the point of making it so big, going under the og artist, getting it to K-News? HIATUS 🖌️I Draw! 🖌️ She/Her/They Please credit~ ty ty ❤ 🌸Jeonghan🌸 💎CARAT💎 On Long Hiatus! Sorry!
Lily_Larkspur @hubispooh Mnet cannot undo what is done... We saw on episode 2 that Hanbin can pick up the choreography fast and was the one to help the others learn it, if he was able to practice the routine long enough I'm sure he can do it. Down playing this Angel's skills will not work even Niki knows
DrAJAmir1 international @willmrobnsn I can Google a jail in the states and show you the conditions, I can Google Guantanamo bay and send you.. And say all kind of shieeet. Education centers are places where people learn terrorism is bad. U didnt answer what do you think of Guantanamo Bay? No answer????????? Medical grad, Peace lover☮️ and spreader, opinion writer, special interest in the Sino-American relations. Multilingual, English, Arabic, Mandarin.
cmcgrew84 "No man is free until all of mankind is free" this isnt much different than so much we've seen before and we are supposed to learn from history. I also dont know what to do. This isnt like we can waltz in and help either. basically my lifeline to the world but mostly a boredom tool so I'm one of THOSE Twitter people.