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Ezaffar Washington, DC Friends: leadership from a number of local police departments across the country will be joining my class on civil rights. They are open and willing to learn. My normal lesson plan is out the window now. What do you think I should share with them instead? #protest #protests Civil rights lawyer. Professor. Vagabond. Itinerant @dietcoke addict. Proud Board Member @teamrubicon @cfr_org. Teach @gwtweets. Podcast:
britneyspears Los Angeles, CA What the world needs now is love … 🌎💔 my heart breaks for my friends in the black community …. and for everything going on in our country. Right now I think we all should do what we can to listen …. learn … do better …. and use our voices for good. Photo Credit: #danicagim
GeorgeTakei Broadway - New York, NY Many folks wonder what they can do personally to help heal the wounds of racism. I believe everyone's first responsibility is to educate themselves. Learn deeply about slavery, Jim Crow, and Dr. King. Learn the stories and honor the names of those killed. Knowledge is power. Sulu from Star Trek. King of the Internet (according to Taco Bell). NYT Bestselling Author. Resistance Fighter. Husband. Text me at (310) 299-9390 — really!
JSidney10 @Kalolinaaaaaa True 💯. I try to ask for the WHY behind the WHAT (was said) so I can try to understand where they're coming from before dismissing their stance altogether. Might learn something, and if not, the least I can do is keep it objective - facts & reasoning >>> insults. Old soul with that 90s kid magic🌠 [Extroverted Introvert 🤓] |Cancer sun 🦀/Scorpio moon 🦂| FJ 🏝|
Orafit1 @_5star_marshal_ Which gang. And for me if you want to make money in this music world I mean real money you can't go against the western world so you need to do what they can vibe to not something that will go against them. We need to learn there is money in Africa. P square need a lot in AFRICA Black and white by Orafit Kicks by Orafit We make delivery nationwide. WhatsApp : 08152391324
JoshSimko17 Santa Rosa, CA @j_wicke @Acosta So that actually isn’t unconstitutional, but I’m curious as to why you think it is. What amendment do you think it violates, and how? You can learn about constitutional law through books, mini-series, and there’re definitely classes you could take at your JC or online. Chapman ‘22 l Political science and economics major l Determine to help others, and help our world grow in a positive direction.
george_revutsky San Francisco, CA @MairavZ RE: 1st part - I think its great - we can all do more there. Re: Israel and Zionism is where we'll have to agree to disagree. Nothing is quite what you learn about as a kid, yes. But Zionism (defined as Israel's right to exist) is a righteous movement of indigenous people. Interim CMO / Head of Growth. formerly CMO @SootheApp, Growth Advisor / Consultant Wag, Mayvenn, and Headspace.
lil_flowerrrr California, USA I do not want my son to still be acting like a baby at forken 18 years old. There’s fine line where you stop giving your kid everything they want. My kid is defiantly gonna learn how to earn crap, and learn that you can’t always get what you want. It doesn’t work that way.
LickshotLippy North West London One thing I learnt as an adult that you will all learn eventually is that you can think what you think and even stand for something without saying it. Sometimes shut the fork up and just believe what you believe and let others do the same Insta: DonDadaLipz Snap: ShoLippy Enquiries: Monday Mazza Tunes: #ForTheCulture #LippysLivingRoom
Parrish9224 Michigan, USA Not to discredit anyways skill of course when it comes to smash everyone is a challenge and I do my best to learn what I need to do and what not to do. All I can say is neutral in smash ultimate is so hard to play out and it feels like I'm guessing than anything. Digital Artist, Bowler, Gamer, and Michigan Smash Bros/Soul Caliber Competitor always looking to improve and giving my all.
AnneBeYourself @zenMurr I do not have Deep Knowledge and am open to learn, this is what I never forgot when I was confronted with Luther. I am now Lutheranian by conviction and member of my church but never go there for time reasons This page is dedicated 2 Jonathan Rhys Meyers - and: observations about life - Martha Nussbaum Machines or Citizens
buttercupbokuto 20, she/her now that i actually know what i’m doing everyone is level 5-10 by the end of the lonato battle wew,,,also Mercie is a BEAST she and annette do a surprising amount of damage once they learn good enough spells and i just— damn sis go OFF #BOKUTO: girls love girls and boys, love is not a choice 💗💛💙
TripexFN 🌴California 🌴 @Dilly1x @jay_is_weird_ @seanpcc Lmao I am not a game dev but it’s astonishing that you think it’s simple. I’m just starting to learn web development and coding and my friend almost has his diploma in web development and coding. That crap is hard I can only imagine what game devs do 19 || F/A || 1.2k
M4RC_aNDf @PortSwigger @WebSecAcademy @Burp_Suite @PortSwiggerRes i want to learn how angular sandbox work,,, and i dont know what to do next, how do i set breakpoint on this fiddle ? i dont even know what fiddle is 😭 just ordinary man who like thinking logic and positive
lesharrchew absorbency than you need will increase the likelihood of tss. so my advice is to please do your research and learn about what works best for you instead. growing up in a chinese christian family, i never had anyone teach me about anything besides using a huge pad. i am blessed to be a blessing ✨
doumion this goes for everything i have ever done, and will ever do. no matter what i will continue to make mistakes but i will continue to grow and learn from them. Growth and Change is Key 🔑 without it, one is just a fake showing a false image of “change” stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck
stef_saywhat Sydney, Australia @KirstenFeldges @dwnews I am far from being a right wing as I know what fascism and communism really is. I have lived it and it’s not fun. History is just that, history and we should never, ever forget history and it’s for us to learn and to remind us to never do that again! You as well I’m as real as it gets! My opinions are mine and mine only. A provocateur who loves life and the people in it, it’s that simple🇨🇰🇨🇦🇷🇴
yvtweets not financial advice. @TheyMouse @theAfroLegalise We actually have very similar views I just think more in terms of what can I do to improve my situation? Truth is a lot. But it's not easy to do. Lots of ways to save money, cut down on spending. Hell, you could learn how to code and get a job making 60K in less than 2 years easy $btc $eth equity charts. some #dev stuff. existential thoughts now and then.
Haiderzxy1 Peepeekisis 81, Saskatchewan I used to be a dickhead, now I’m less of a dickhead. crap I’ve done in the past are unchangeable, there’s no going back and redoing things. What’s been done is done and now all I can do is learn and move on and try not do repeat them again. poo poo pee poo gangnam style
Gekinetic My mechanical heart Someday I'll properly explain why I did what I had to do But understand that this is for my own good, and for me to learn how to like this game as I should've AKA Stanley 🇰🇷 🇺🇸 / Co-founder of @plasticronin / Volunteer TO at @dropkickevents / Playing whatever fighting games I want / Heart @deviarms
Go_Time76 Portland, OR You know, I’m seeing a lot of people say or do stupid crap that is going against the movement we are in. This is an important time for civil rights and equality. I suggest if you don’t understand what’s happening to be quiet and still. Learn before you burn. I rock, therefore I roll. Drummer for Hippie Death Cult and practitioner of bad assery.
6AT0W3AR New York, USA @MikeZSez Oh god, that... even the delivery was cringe. Come on. I risked a click and saw the clip only to realize what was happening. Big oofs guy. I get what you wanted to do but NAH, this ain’t how you do dark humor bud. But I’ll forgive you, everyone is imperfect. Learn from this. artist, fashion designer, & Creator/Owner of the clothing line brand, 6AT0W3AR.
Graphiteshores Denver, CO @ericszyszka ...I wonder what is more embarrassing and stupid. That either their command forced them to learn this so they can do the 'hearts and minds' bullcrap. Or...that someone in this group thought, "hey, we gotta practice our dance moves before we beat the crap out of some civies…." I dunno who or what I am, but I know I like pretending I'm a cat and loving the good things in reality and protecting them! They/Them
PrimroseStan gender fluid (they/them) @OldDreyfusard I don't understand how someone can think intersectionality is bad after you learn what it actually is and stop using it as a buzzword for "thing liberals do" I like RPGs of all kinds and I love 😻@redribbonrose🥰 #BlackLivesMatter
_Niimie Nigeria @SomtoSocial @SomtoSocial make sure to take this up if they refuse to do as ordered. They will serve term for criminal libel because thats what they've done, which under our law is one year. I'm sure such stupid mistake will not occur again and others will learn too. Ya doing well my dear 😃 Blogger, writer and poet. Instagram@Ojo_niimie @lifestylemeetswriting
Ecothrifty Brighton and Hove, UK This study says that smaller packets of things help to reduce food waste and the plastic packaging is offset by the saved food. But I think the better option, is that we learn how to avoid wasting food when we buy bigger. What do you think? #foodwaste Author, speaker and award winning blogger. #SBS winner Jan 2020. Featured on Radio 4 Woman's hour.
PhoenixWoods7 The very least I can do is to educate myself on what is happening and to talk about it. Posting a black square with the #black lives matter and then moving on with my life will accomplish nothing except blocking up others feeds when they can learn how to do something.
RMFuQ California, USA @alligatortearsq But I really love math and computers and all of that scientific and technical stuff. That's what I'm really good at. My time is better spent on research and analysis than try to learn how to draw. It's what works for me. So you do what works for you. 🏳️‍🌈 • 🐶 • 🐱 • @AWCodeBreaker • @TriviaGJ • Editor of Ann Walker of Lightcliffe Wikipedia article
ayeyozell California Do you think some white are upset at the fact that everyone would rather learn and be apart of the black culture rather than theirs? Because again what is white culture i really wanna know... insta- denzelalxander | rep’d by clear Talent Group LA |
Armadillopc After dismissing me I thought about this for a long time and talked to different people about it and ultimately this is what it came down to. I don't want to cancel her, i just want her to learn from this and improve because although you hurt me, i do not blame you. Hey I'm Armando, 27, I like games/anime 👍
Chochi40027287 @Meredit87559997 @drewbrees @realDonaldTrump How do you know? Is there a rule for what or whom we stand for for the anthem? Because I didn't learn that part in school. We were just told to stand and cover our hearts.
JohnDoe52732457 @ArthurSchwartz @andersoncooper Their #OctoberSurprise is primed, ready, and awaits them. They will truly learn the hard way, what it feels like to fork with @realDonaldTrump and I will start investing in popcorn companies, because I do think the cost will go up 😂 #Patriots #UnitedWeStand #WeFightAsOne #LoadUpAndMakeReady #StayLockedAndLoaded #Conservative Gab - DeltaSierra Parler - DeltaSierra
cami_pebbles Jahsiah♡ I see people waiting on the person they dont notice they envy the most to FAIL. Talking too much on yourself, and nothing to TEACH?. Judging so much you dont really know peace. If You Can't Love, Teach and EVEN LEARN from your enemy. What is it that you do of extraordinary? Huh? IG: cam.pebbles • ♋M O O N C H I L D🔮🌙
_poetic_beauty City of dreams Los angeles We don’t need insincere apologies what we need is for them to learn an do better, make changes to our government so we don’t lose a life every other day, fix these wage gaps and have more opportunity for our people. I said what I said. A dreamer ..Bama ✈️ LA | make-up artist| Author | Writer |Designer and lover of all things beautiful ❤️ I'm a southern Belle
Piper_081 Pretoria, South Africa @Taupe_en_Cerise Yeah that's true, I've actually seen a double story shack eMlazi, clearly the guy or lady understood the laws of physics so I guess it is possible... Look if you wanted to start a business, All you have to do is learn from those who have experience and do exactly what they do. IFB😉... if if you don't, then bye bye✌🏾... even those who think they are too sexy😁
lonerkarla giovana lvl 1 of portuguese on duolingo and just...... what is learning different food gonna do ????? i need to learn introductions not food??? arctic monkeys
PARTYGETMEWETRR West Hill, Toronto God bless me with riches bless me with a man who respect me and puts me and my kids first god please bless me with a man who wants to water me bless me with a love I never felt before bless me with someone who I can learn love from because god I do not know what love is anymore 👁 👑 entrepreneur, writer, professional voice actress 💅🏼
shaboop Australia @LegalizeitLala The beauty of homeschooling is the 1-1 time you can give. When I was at school if I didn't grasp what was being said, the teacher didn't have time to tell me in a different way. As an adult I know I learn differently and kids do too. Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
narcissikoftay apni okat mein @nooriislit16_ Like the qom of loot were told to stop or the azaab awaits and eventual jahanum. Did it state anywhere WHAT a person is supposed to do to stop feeling what they're feeling in a situation like this? If it's anywhere please enlighten me I'm honestly trying to learn not arguing :) my puns maybe bad but they're better than your doglapun. Unlearning ka kaam jaari hai. Bash na karain, call out karain.
the_sun_is_fake @JohnnyPeppa @Cathygraphics1 @RepsForBiden @realDonaldTrump I do have a lot to learn, I’m not ashamed to say that. But what I do know is that in every forking history class that I and anyone around me has taken we are taught this very basic crap. alive, ahaha, fork 🏳️‍🌈
HygieneYT Texas, USA @dajerseyboy @Acyn This is painting a false narrative, wanna really learn what he said and put into context his argument then watch his full episode. If not I really don’t care... do what you want. “give me Freedom or give me death” - Patrick Henry - ~likes and retweets are NOT endorsements~
essssmiiii West Covina, CA The only reason why I’m not exposing is because people grow and do stupid crap when they are teenagers... but that doesn’t change the fact that what y’all did was right! I hope your daughters never go through what y’all made me go through! And learn from your stupidity. PHAT PUSSY ENERGY
sherrye63844151 North Carolina @maddow Rachel, What is left to learn about this,do I call him a man, person? Why are the republicans willing to risk our country and it’s people for the sake of him??? Are they all just like him? What is it? I’m at a loss.
ShannaNina The Netherlands Also adding, this is not about me or my ego having to cancel something. I legitimately want to learn why what I did was wrong and understand so I can do better and help in better ways. Full-time on Twitch, Stage & TV host, musician, pun enthusiast
Hurricane6750 United States @WayneDupreeShow I can tell you why, itll sound racist but it’s a fact that most of the NFL is in fact black. He cowed! Have some balls and stand up for what you feel! Nobody alive today had anything remotely to do with slavery. Learn from the past but leave it there! Proud American, Patriot and Conservative living in the great state of South Carolina.
hamizan IG: ham1zan I get what they’re trying to do. But giving people like them a platform is just going to boost their ego. How sure are we that they’re going to really learn and change? They could just be like “I’ll get my 1 minute of fame on this show and I’ll be right back to my dumb crap” Taking each day, one step at a time.
theobyvenice @num1_fan @MidnightTeddie @stillgray That I agree. Those statues are great reminders to us and teach us what not to do. So many lessons we can learn from be it good or bad. But the movement is important. Some people are mean to Black people...especially the poor white men...I find that very disturbing. Coffee and sunshine
kidhasaces @drewbrees Trump is ignorant. Others telling you that your initial statement was ok are ignorant. Drew you trying to be better is progress and I applaud you. Do not applaud your initial comment one bit, but you are willing to learn and are trying to understand what the real issues are.
simplystated12 Palm Springs, CA @kylegriffin1 We can not erase history. This is no better than other cultures we accuse of doing the same. We embrace and learn. I am a hard liberal but this is not what we do. We learn. A person who cares about others. And will not shut up. Even if it offends some.
danpbase Philadelphia, PA @Cantguardmike This is an amazing thing because it shows someone can learn and better themselves and everyone around them by reaching out and listening and understanding. I feel like every1 can learn from this if we just listen, and if you don’t understand ask what you can do to understand $DP1524

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