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TXCivilRights Texas Majority of Texas voters agree: Vote-by-mail should be an option for everyone. This is not about partisanship. This is about a fair, strong, and safe democracy. Here's what you need to know about the vote-by-mail lawsuit in Texas πŸ—³οΈπŸ‘‡ Fighting for y’all in and out of the courts since 1990. ✊
HRP_palaces London, UK And that’s all from Lucy Worsley’s #RoyalPhotoAlbum, but not all from us on the subject of royal photography! If you enjoyed the show join us tomorrow night for a special event live online with Lucy and fellow HRP curator Claudia Acott-Williams πŸ‘‰ The independent charity that looks after @TowerofLondon, Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, Kew Palace, the Banqueting House and @HillsCastle in NI
NautilusMag Science Connected "A surprising difficulty with predicting in a pandemic is that the same pathogen can behave differently in different settings. Infection fatality ratios and outbreak dynamics are not *intrinsic* properties of a pathogen..." Science, culture, and philosophy for the intellectually curious. Subscribe for print and digital access.
DenisonChapman The Netherlands @lucyallan More following the science? Thought not. Following common sense? Nope Let parents and teachers decide? Ooo scary. Now France has allowed schools to choose to open or not BUT class sizes limited to 15. Thats delegated authority with strict guidence. Exactly whats lacking in the UK British European Optimist Scientist Engineer. Fascinated by the advance of technology. Clueless politicians, Brexit and Climate Change are there to be defeated
BILLOblue LIVERPOOL @EfcNaes Some of the storys coming out about him lately make him sound like some sort of mad scientist bent on ruling the world and i actually find myself not one bit suprised at them considering whats going on now UP THE 4KIN TOFFEESπŸ‘Š
JustinVA10 @Chuck01110 @775Carol @glass_of_watah @3mbrothers55 @benshapiro Not much different, sadly, than whats happening here currently in the US. Money and power (and the thirst for more of both) has a habit of gathering at the top
conosolar United States i removed anthony on facebook. for many reasons. he treated my poorly, and doesnt deserve a right to know whats going on in my life. but any time i spoke to him, it was out of a desire for... knowing SOMEONE could love me. i spent a long time feeling very not lovable. vent acc | 18 | she/her
SlaveLetter fear leaves a void it left behind, destroyed it only left what had to go no point in keeping whats hollow its done and left behind just home come see whats next, youre not alone. ⍎
prashanttrivedz India Keeping mum on Migrants and their sufferings. Not doing whats imp. Is it a strategy or arrogance? @PMOIndia @BJP4India @narendramodi @CMOMaharashtra @CMOGuj @officecmbihar @CMODelhi @CMOfficeUP @cmohry @CMOMaharashtra BE the C H A N G E
winkiehwall tbz, golcha MA WHATS HAPPENING 😭 i checked his acc earlier in the morning and it was not like this πŸ₯Ί For #ν™œ l #ν—ˆν˜„μ€€ | Hwall will always be the love of my life πŸ’•| Follow his ig: hyun.jxx0_p | golcha:@redjibeom
TunneyJj @auydaplease @RealCandaceO the problem is when this story was first breaking, he 'dindu nuthn'".... now that hes seen on video entering a property that wasnt his, more than once, and that he wasnt jogging, it lends doubt to whats merited or not, because maybe he did SOMETHING ELSE that we dont know
picibabee hopeworld 🌈 @minecraftfancam ngl ive not gone into kpop/btstwt since i got in spmtwt and i feel really bad cause i dont know whats going on #HOSEOK: anyway sub to iamty on twitch 🌿
disconstructed SF, Berlin, Singapore Agree with @Forbes – not all doom and gloom. Construction has had some tough weeks but tech will lead the way forward. E.g collaboration @speckle_works @FieldChatHQ or safety @GuardHat @iAuditorbySC. The trend is pointing up. πŸ“ˆ #constructiontech #contech VC in #construction tech @Foundamental. B2B and industrial markets aficionado. Two-time founder. Tsinghua, Purdue, London Business School. 🌱 based.
realitytvloser Somewhere watching reality tv @raisinggirls_ The children would of been fine with Ste. He has the right to say ill look after the kids and not be told to have them back to her mums at 6. He should have the right to say whats best for them too. If breastfeeding was the only issue then they should of been with their dad. I am reality tv’s bitch πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
euphoriclare @clarepookie don't remember saying that. also funny how even when he was dating emma he still flirted with jessy? the club trait is irrelevant, because it's not like the mcc woohoo with james and diya. yknow whats also funny, max changed and jay continued to pursue jessy. we stan a creep😍 Fan of @clarecallery πŸ’– @euphoriclare on insta!
StudioWashroom Perth @CatherineAldrid @lpapoutsis @MadFckingWitch and whats the issue with that?, do you not think Australians should be working instead of overseas people?, its not racist, its common sense?, if this was adopted last year, the "covid spread" wouldn't have been an issue. we're all on a journey, this is just a part of it
helena_wl bruh, someone date me pls, ill write you love letters on my typewriter and let you play with my baby tortoise, whats not to love πŸ˜› cakes delicious
GuideTwit Uk Cmon @TileChoice you guys are killing me. Ordered full tile sample get a 10cm x 7cm free sample - queried this by email and you confirm this, but no explanation as to where my full sample is. Follow up emails have ceased ? Your telephones are not being answered ? Whats Up ? Google My Business Product Expert and Local SEO Consultant at Online Ownership
sueq313 wallingford, ct. @chuckwoolery Wolf is the coward for not stepping up and doing whats right for the people of Pa. !! Retired , grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren and AVID TRUMP SUPPORTER!!! LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!! #MAGA
v58Wk1GPcLT09Ui Crawley Remember this when they talk about saving the economy they are talking about their economy not your economy your economy is whats in your pocket,bank , their economy is their billions which they will defend with your lives and livelihood 70 grumpy video games socialist rugby fanbeer lover
daneyjefferson What's Path of Exile Passive Skill Tree and How to Build It? #pathofexile #passiveskilltree β€’ Find a Highly Legitimate Website. β€’ Select Recommended Trading Approaches. β€’ Do Not Buy MT on a New Account. ......
yogikhare24 Maharashtra, India @DoctorRichaBjp But viewing the video it seems that the women's have not wired a face mask and did not kept social distance during the clothes washing on river side if one of them is infected with virus everyone will be sick that was a murder and this is protection whats wrong doctor Faithful Person, A Son, A brother, A Husband, A Father, A Trustworthy Friend
BreakerFlame @KonekoKittenYT at least you're not making adopt and raise vids anymore. those were funny though. btw, i enjoy your videos so i dont have to go on dog bottom reddit to find out whats going on in the roblox community. hope you see this! :D Ugly scp tato
arohayanyan @lighteuroha @rockyb0o @nz_aroha please.. it's really alarming, ik people are streaming but im not sure whats happening w yt and why does it seem like it's only us having trouble w it :(( 🌟 emo thoughts about #ASTRO 24/7
ViewsFromRight Hyderabad @1EjazHasan @citizen_pundit @Abrahma78880200 @wasny007 May or may not be There are AMT and OIT to explain waves of human flow Aryans described themselves as locals even in their oldest literature Babur in his own baburnama described himself as a chagatai mongolian, not local So whats your point bro? Telugu || HinduState || Progressive || Reforms || Culture || Economy || Sarcasm || Against #Kafirophobia being perpetrated by a #SkyBook
GMGupta7 @caiarita2005 @GampaSD not article 303 its bjp seat in loksabha .bjp should use its power and suspend mamta gov't.whats use of giving such large majority
harshnoisestan nightmare!nightmare!nightmare! SAY WHATS ON YOUR MIND AND GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST THAT BROKEN HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE TELLS ME YER NOT LIKE THE REST autumn/ she/they / nuisance priv/πŸ”ž @40ozsofbadkarma
shnygguk π›πšπ«π› || πšπ«π¦π²π›π₯𝐒𝐧𝐀 @yutabiased23 @kkum825 β€œThey has no bad intentions” they were literally making fun of the word (and the disabled) they were laughing, whats not clicking?? #MOMO: I like women and men (minor)
DaGreat_Sage Heidelberg, South Africa @Mikatek12176993 @Sbonelo_Kwazi @Ndluzodaka @PelozaTyali @SAfmnews Lmao aooo emotional whats wrong ausi? If you know yoy are faithful prove the guy wrong, waltz in there be like this African-American wants to see if he a father, get it over and done with, alot of man have raised kids not theirs so ur argument is really just pointless, trust is but emotion Regardless of how it goes down, Life goes on em i right? Medical TechnologistπŸ”¬ im the guy that keeps your doctor from killing you!
evrythin_goes @ummhori @itis0N @kkum825 Bruh I'm 17 and I know not to use it to insult anyone .whats your damn point snowflakes don't follow me ΰ₯€ΰ₯€ Biΰ₯€ΰ₯€ she/her
badbitchdotedu California, USA whats stopping me from rolling up in my cap and gown from last year bruv theyre not gonna check to see if it says 2020 when im sitting in the car 23 β€’ dummy β€’ she/her
cryptocurrency0 New Zealand This is not a movie! It's not funny either. And there has to be a better way. Children are all about PROXIMITY! Different from adults. 3 meters away is a really long way to a kid in a classroom, they are isolated. oh yeh just like instructed. So whats the better way people? Blockchain, Interesting Videos on Pets, Human Behavior, Aliens.
rendfm 200301 #λ“œλ¦Όμ‡Ό whats wrong to educate them whats wrong with it they are humans and they could make mistakes and they should be informed and educated about it dont keep letting this pass like its not a big deal it shows how much ignorant you are i hate the lack of ridin mv streamers so if you see this you should stream harder
HappyChapGirl "Health care is not politics and it shouldn't be about politics. It should be about whats in the best interest of the country, whats in the best interest of individuals and balance that with our constitutional rights." #COVIDー19 #msmlies
yugioconfession QUEUE: 13 a note: im not going to spell check your submissions. if you send me a typo there will be a typo in the submission. however, if i read thru and can't understand immediately whats being said i may rewrite or abridge your words. 𝑴𝒖𝒏 20+ | πŸ”ž | 𝑫𝑴𝒔 𝑢𝒑𝒆𝒏 | π‘±π’–π’…π’ˆπ’†π’Žπ’†π’π’• 𝑭𝒓𝒆𝒆 | 𝒇𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒄𝒄 | 𝑯𝒆/π‘―π’Šπ’Ž. | Run by Jeff
ManhattenSynth England, United Kingdom More people shoould be listening to this by @pincho2018... Super 80s funk, and a hot video... Whats not to like? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Synthwave Artist / Producer from the UK. Survived the 80s - back for more! New music coming soon on Future80's Records. Find me on Instagram - manhatten_synth
nightsky_stxrs she/her hey guys whats up. so i actually thought before i tweeted and i said "huh. maybe i should not say this on a public website." and i just didnt do it! this is a first for me plz someone be proud would say i’m a stan but then i’d have to kill you / the opposite of inactive plz interact
tittiesare4cals @nanakgs i get being triggered n crap but it wasnt even on purpose,,, n bruh if u stan them u should kno how they joke around by now + its not even like hyuck has an issue like that ?? and they are best friends ?? whats even the harm i i used to be pikachu dick but then i realized dicks are gross horrendous monsters and honestly same BUT i dont need that extra association
TimVoss01 Whats is this ea? Gold 2 and in the second pick not a single la Liga player. That's a joke. #FIFA20 #FUTChamps #eaids
DavidWolfenden3 England @MuslimCouncilCW @LadBonnie Amjad the accused "pedo / rapist" his case will not be held in open court..... So whats happened doe the Council have and knowledge on there ambassador? Proud to be a freemason, Singing daily, annoying my children, happy loving life. Together forever through time an space. 😑😑I'm an annoyed optimist😑😑
HOelschlagel @cenkuygur Not really so easy, I dont know whats right... But we cant ignore the amount of comming death and despair we create by rising poverty trough the economic world wide damage. That beeing least that damagereduces our carbon footprint and may give us some more time to act. German doctor that wants to see progressive change in the world. "Solidarity with the unfortunate ones is what love looks like in public."
KameliaNatasha you guys need to stop justifying your action. whats wrong is wrong. jaga diri sendiri je. if you dont want guys to look at you, wear decently (i use the word loosely) and if you get aroused by looking at girls not wearing like the way you want, your job is to look away. Simple. i usually ignore humans..
jediotic [he/him] really whats the deal with men crying not even the most progressive of progressives don't have internal biases about men crying and oh god i wish i can get this internalized thing out because i would appreciate some catharsis i have had enough i want to chill ☭ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ ||-//
AritraH53579833 West Bengal, India @PlayCODMobile whats going on cod. Am I your enemy ? I Am in master1 and Win bouns is 16 so 16Γ—5=80 but I win 5 matches and your system register 16Γ—5=76 . wow cod I give all my efforts and time and money and what I get ? please I need my rewards if not Its a fraud issues app developer and hacker
Redelynherrera2 Taal, Calabarzon but despite of that i choose not to talk to you and beg you to stay and come back to me. I always choose whats best for you.
ThatRaggedyGuy @TheJoeMagician I'm not one for eugenics, but in CK2 hoooboy my ethics go out the windows apparently. Bribes, wars, and plots are all engaged to create my super-humans. And as a friend once said "Whats a breaking a few children over a perfect empire." Just a guy doing this thing! He/Him
garyo_spaghetio whats your religion, (if you identify with one) and if not what do you identify as
BLDXReaver he/him or they/them @dismasforker yeahhh i dont like to VC with ppl im not out to for that exact reason and even then i try to be careful, though the worst is the ones whose idea of wokeness is deciding they know whats good for you and talk over your experiences since theyre such experts on it Reaver/Jacob Β€ 19 Β€ White/Asian Β€β™‹ Β€ πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ Β€ Poppy OTP Β€ Follow my MSPFA @GranReverse Β€ Banner: @citricle icon:
ipsumie @gersxz_ whats wrong with having a soft heart, honestly there’s not many people that admit to having those feelings man. you should embrace those qualities cuz they make you whay you are! and believe me you’re already a heckin amazing person 17
ballethyuck nctskz @haeczie i live in the middle of nowhere no one around except maybe my black dad was there to educate me on issues like that i had to learn myself and i know others did too its not fair to act like they shouldn't know whats right and wrong a sun that shines so brightly

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