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fionnansheahan The end of the Fianna Fáil propaganda video proclaims about Stephen Donnelly: “And the good news is he is only getting started.” It’s not clear if that is a promise or a threat. Ireland Editor. Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Independent News & Media, Opinions expressed personal
Lukewearechange Brooklyn NY f***in hell Around 150,000 jobs gone, whats going to happen when people become more and more desperate in a city living on top of each other??? Remember this was not because of covid! this is because of government. “Mr. Rudkowski is no shrinking violet. Armed with a video camera and a YouTube account- NYTIMES
MrChuckD EarthiZen George Orwellian 1984 everything is watched ... everyone is following Whats told around corner .. and a socialism is the parachute dig it or not whatever way you spell it.... Distribution, Internetworks
jrmmtm @nbcdays I dislike the same story lines. Bring in new stories, not the same old ones with different characters I've been watching since it started. Sometimes I just go past whats on to the next scene. Its stupid story lines over and over. I may stop watching married
MeeksZion Florida, USA They say I used to be nice. Wanted to be nice like me. Nobody was nice when I got sick. Whats up with that? We switching roles? Now youre nice, and Im indifferent? Everybody said "NOT IT" So I cant blame anyone. Devilishly clever... Maybe some people were outraged. AND OUT. Gone. 12 DAYS LATER... Meekszion: 99% tweets 1% re-tweets
febwallss @grxciestyles whats the point of this tweet ?? i know alot of bts stans who are the kindest ever. if u meet someone that is not kind and they happen to be a bts stan doesnt mean that theyre not kind BECAUSE theyre a bts stan 26 billion 😌
JMbcfc_ St Andrews @matt_swift @TheDanielJones @privuseonl @UnitedHeaven_ @GNev2 @premierleague Im not saying give lower clubs free money. Im saying instead of pushing fans to spend £15 every match, push for something whats going to benefit football as a whole, such as the Let fans in movement, therefore lower league and premier league teams are benefitted. #bcfc
Christi48923564 Nevada Whats the rules of crediting stuff online? Its extremely hard to find out who created what, not even going into people fighting over ownership of memes and whatever. Its just not common to reference every post. Video games on Playstation. Anime connoisseur. Pizza fanatic. 21 yrs. "Instinct is a lie, told by a fearful body, hoping to be wrong"
makichanamazing @redwhitetwice i gotta ask but only because im not the most hip....but whats that mean? is that a new hip phrase you cool kids use? or has it always been a phrase and im very much just uncool? Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality! // YBBB // I love rpgs, I eat them for breakfast. Also I do art: @ArtsYBBB
RoscoePColtran9 America @Acosta @Acosta thinks your stupid. And of course you are if you are deliberately ignorant enough not to read whats available via simple search, like pathetic Jim here. Democrats are so gullible. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Patriots unite. I’m a truth telling dog faced pony soldier. #MAGA!
chimbear SHE!HER ★ 13 @shuhuasf LMFAOOO im not that big of a phone fanatic but like i just get whats popular over here rn </3 TEEHEE but like u could always go with an iphone 7 or 8 bc those are older and cheaper phones ig but still very nice love yourself, speak yourself, be yourself
CbossFN @CallMeCircle @TheLawsonfn ya i gotchu but its last second whats the point of fighting over it and saying crap its not that serious @dripjoshhhh @skar1x
VAPORSVAULT look at me in the eye, is anyone there at all? is anyone there at all? ‘cause i’m not leaving. hey idk whats going on under the tweet about not stanning N bc i muted it but i think people are getting attacked so if any of you are reading this pls know im sorry if people r being too rude, youre so valid and ily #LUKE: fork me at a quarter to three. she/her
eme_papi New Jersey Learning day by day whats good and whats not . . . Got to steady look at my self in the mirror everytime I feel inferior I like to be me man
kinnchelss @jkmalhi @touchlinefracas he doesnt 'prefer' to praise one over the other. they both are getting praise whats wrong with that. Its not everyday either or. Both can get praised and Grealish is getting more praise too and rightly soo but doesnt mean he cant mention mount Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea
IntrepidusOne Nottingham, England, UK @Pijinnn_ whats the betting before the MOTW they didn't know you either so it's not someone who supports you it's just some random asking to be rewarded for your hard work i'd reply "there's a reason its exclusive, want to win it do MOTW and promote it get peeps watching and voting" lol | Goal is to be an entertaining content creator | Twitch Affiliate(12/9/2020) | Rising tides raise all ships (uplift others with you and they'll do the same)
GregStefano3 @TheRubPR @Sexually_Broken @mypinkdink @xcritic @MWRigger what's this ?????!!!!!! Sexually broken without Matt Williams and Hammer not even sergeant miles ??? whats going on ??, Hola HI
404mav Pakistan I know incels keep posting his pics to mock him so I’m not quote tweeting but can someone tell me WHATS HIS @ I just think he’s cool and don’t know who he is Somewhere bw Naina from YJHD and Ambar from Salam Namaste
OscarRenton08 United Kingdom @JohnMJames1 Thats not just any old “black” shirt... And whats wrong with it, pray?. Handsome 8yr old Bichon Frise Studmuffin, also own 3 humans who i manipulate rotten. 🐶🐾
LVKE_ Dublin City, Ireland Whats it like to sit down and not have belly bulge and rolls? I wasnt bapatized but I was chrizend
Whats_H3r_Face United States Here to remind you all that it's super ok if you're not a morning person and you don't choose to say "good morning!" or have a full blast conversation until you're ready to talk. Lol. Ugh...I swear...some folks just dont get it! 😣🙄 Awkward giggly dork | Variety streamer | That grown bottom woman that hugs the big plushy owl!🦉| @RageClubTwitch 🔥 | @FiXTmusic 🤘 | @CleverNationNet 💀
4SH1N ur man’s crib babygirl whats w @blkpjmin and not letting me get a gf 👎🏻 ashphobic wbk beyonce’s adopted child !! dk bout that mf jay z tho,,, she/her
clownabsolute1 South Wales, UK @Chelle62855310 You're not a failure at life, life is difficult for everyone, some people more than others unfortunately, but the fact you are here and trying your best means you are succeeding, small wins is whats its all about! Keep your head up, keep laughing! You got this! 💪 Don't own any of the content. Just spreading it around for a laugh. Will remove content at owners request.
Nurseoye Lagos, Nigeria @RoyalOlando @slyguyface @Miss_magnolia20 Besides according to his church members,they say he doesn't listen to news neither is he on social media,as a member that she claims,she should know this and not come online ranting when you know the man will not see it,whats the point of saying all she said. Professional nurse RN/RM/BNSC...I follow back 💯
Jacobvi26567348 @GainzNPainz lmao! Yes us in the south are extremely curious whats going on in the hamptons? And hopefully it has not rained alot so our guy can work on his golf game
MUFCAFaulkner @vintageredss Whats not to like? Watching the game and every 15 mins a pair of tits. Just another Manchester United fan.
braeskingdom 16 - he/they - sfw - bi @sanabtsexonct @henderybong u not black. dont tell us whats cultural appropriation and whats not. acab • divine • blm
theseant10 Farmington, MN @CGWalker30 @CurtisPerfect @MagaBotAngel1 @TinaSmithMN How about you worry about whats going down in Canada eeh and not in the great USA. I'm a conservative voter working in the essential hvac industry. I'm a Father, Husband, Brother, and America loving non veteran! Thanks to all our vets!
JDELBS76 @AskPayPal whats going on i updated my account answered 10 questions about the items sold on ebay. Have had this paypal account for 5 years not one problem. And now boom Im locked I can’t ship with it or take my money out. Help please Die hard depressed Jets fan. USC and Yankees.
badgaIkv any pronouns i ain’t taking crap from no gaga stans and especially not a white girlie?? whats fake abt it?? THEIR MICS WERE ON but yall need to clear your ears from all the crap you been hearing thats why you’re talking from your bottom anywasy bts are an obsession yoonkook
cryptocaleb802 Denver, CO @johnkim77 @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Yes plus I just retweeted and it did not go instantly to the top of the newsfeed. Whats up with the censorship @jack? Confused about #bitcoin, #blockchain & #cryptocurrency? Learn how you can benefit from it via my FREE Crypto Mini Course:
_scapri Windsor @beauxcoco pt? whats that. And nah they are stink, I’ve deffo cussed two of them out because its not me you’ll be speaking to like that, no way
juicypneach nsfw leave if u arent 18 i dont rly understand what the point is of policing someone else's identity, whats it forking matter to you if someone is romantic or sexual??? what genders theyre into????? how they view their own gender??????? it literally does not harm you. so go get a snack and sit Down. 🍑 24 | bts | nsfw | world hard n cold joons tiddies soft n warm
curleyp69 Virginia, USA @Jim_Jordan not sure whats more ridiculous supporting white nationalists or attacking the victim of an attempted kidnapping and murder because she is democratic republicans have lost their minds the truth is out there
MlSTERNlCEGUY @justinCue2 @Ohioan4Trump @BobPersis @JoeBiden I don't care what political party you are as long as you're a rational human, but you are not. You are whats wrong, yelling and whining about your feelings being hurt, unable to express yourself without getting over emotional. Never any substance to your whining. Dont follow me. I probably dont like you. If you REALLY liked me you would send money to my venmo @ MISTER_NICEGUY CashApp $MSTERNICEGUY
22Steve @AbramsonFL @EvanMcMullin What happened with Garland and whats happening with the current nominee are consistent historically. When senate and pres same party those nominees get through in final year. Not case when parties r different. 1/2
BARONSLOTS England @casumoaffiliate people should not have to do that everytime they want to withdraw and whats so annoying people deposit then yous hit them for documents I've verified 4 times then you asked me again and I shut my account not worth the hassle playing at your site once verified should stay verified

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