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ClarkCountyNV Las Vegas, Nevada It's #Kitten season in Las #Vegas and #ClarkCounty. What Should You Do If You Find a Litter of Kittens? The @animalfndlv says human intervention is typically not required. They have provided a what to do (and not do) list if you find kittens: Jurisdiction over Las #Vegas Strip. Home to 2.4M. Visited by 45.6M/yr. 11th-largest US county, an area the size of NJ. RTs & Follows are NOT endorsements.
whoisjwright Northern Virginia/DC Really balanced and thoughtful take @Gcarmi21 . You see the intense passion, the divergent opinions, and the complex task we’ve undertaken. Well written man (No this does not mean we’re leaning a particular direction, just appreciating his thoughtfulness) Huge dork & lame Dad relying on 7 years as @NFL RB as "cool factor." Determined business leader. Bringing it all together as President of @WashingtonNFL
shreyadhoundial New Delhi The Mystery of the False Negatives Is the new #DoubleMutant fooling the RT-PCR test. Not really say India's top Virologists & Epidemiologist. My story 👇 Journalist
SeviperShiny @1nonlyH_RU You said it was completed. I said it’s ongoing. Part 1, Part 2, it doesn’t whats finished and what’s not coz the story is still continuing 😂 Leave my bio out of the conversation :/
Screenreview1 Australia Yo @zane prob not the best thing to put on Insta with whats going on with the #vlogsquad...and who even does this! 🤯🤷‍♂️ | Michael’s the name 👋🏻 | Australian web video producer 🎥 | Photographer 📷| Tech enthusiast 💻|
bunnymeian 19 || INTP || dyscanpriv grandma dar youve said some weird crap and idfk whats up w you and the m*narchy but at the very least ur not transphobic and ur my biggest supporter ily grams tyty (🍓) — #ATSUKŌSA: je veux vieillir avec toi — artist DYSCANART — 16+ pls i cant handle children
mamapourlespoto Lyon, France "U got fat, u were better before" bitch its not my problem if u still look like the little girl you were at 12, everything changes and i love my big belly, whats the problem now eh? in hoes we trust
QuindoraSimmons @TheWeek They are 100% wrong we hear from him and we know whats going on!! So don’t be delusional!! Trump not going anywhere!!
sad_jade She/her @aquapeony Whats up? Do you need to DM? Im here if you wanna talk or even just let some steam out. If not thats oki too! Just know that you're strong and powerful oki! I actually kinda look up to you for how awesome you are! |20|Daughter of Amaterasu and Sol ☀️| Elf Cosplayer|Anti-doomer warrior of light|Barista|Environmental science major| 18+ Alt @DomElfEmpress|
ShtakshiP @Gggs1212 whats harm if astrologer will tell you that dasha is not good..for ex. you will be aggressive between these times and do particular yog sadhna to calm yourself so that if there is any impact it will not be of that higher degree...+ I'm here just for BTS💜✨
Heiah8 she/her 17 say I‘m a nice person. But I never had a relationship or yk got serious with someone. I‘m 17 -turning 18 this year. I‘m bi and a virgin. Not unkissed but still... idk whats wrong with me cuz i lowkey feel insecure about it but at the same time couldnt rlly imagine + TW: ed | just here to vent fall in love with my moots | ( . Y . )
Mateenulhaq2 Karachi, Pakistan @Ramiz_Hasan I would urge you bro to only speak on matters regarding which you have expertise, saying non sense on every topic is not a freedom of speech. You know nothing about this matter and whats going on behind the scene so plZ. . . .
Joshuacolby22 @miss__slaughter I mean breakfast at anytime of the day and guaranteed entertainment whats not to love?
caoimhinsuibhne dublin @Weirsecon @DubGAAOfficial Whats not so great is that there is no recognition of the ladies football and camogie finals. Come on @rte just cos you didnt show it live doesnt mean it didnt happen. Not good enough.. IT Director from da Northside...Sports nut especially kkcats, leeds, luton,leinster, wolverines & lions. Available as facial double for ex Irish soccer manager
DavidLepofsky Toronto Ontario Canada Doctors would follow Ontario’s #CriticalCare #triage protocol at their peril. It’s riddled with disability-discrimination & denies vulnerable patients due process when their life is at stake. It’s NOT science! #COVID19 #onpoli #OnHealth Volunteer advocating4laws 2ensure equality 4 PPL with disabilities. Chair Accessibility4Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance RT not =endorsement
TravellerRacism Wales, United Kingdom @GRTSocialists I hate ppl who choose to turn their head from whats happening right in front of them. To me, they are part of the problem they are purposely ignoring. If people allow racism and all the crimes that the government are commiting then they are just as guilty for not calling them out Here to change perceptions of the Travelling community, and highlight the #Racism and prejudice we face #StopTravellerHate #TravellersNotStereotypes #Activist
Hobiiihikari 22, Single, Ace, UK Not me seeing Trixie trending and thinking “oh my god whats happened to Trixie Mattel?!” Sometimes we get to know, Broken is beautiful. ✨{she/her}✨not a solo✨
mwesigeRonnie kampala @MrDtAFC So u want us to be left behind on this big project and where do u think all the best players will end at!!! Other teams out side the super league would not manage to compete when it comes to good salaries and player transfers. I as an arsenal fan I want whats best 4 my club male
MUSASCOMETA she/her 🦋 20 you know whats not a good combo? period cramps and back pain #MUSA: calm down, princess!
DavidLepofsky Toronto Ontario Canada Doctors would follow Ontario’s #CriticalCare #triage protocol at their peril. It’s riddled with disability-discrimination & denies vulnerable patients due process when their life is at stake. It’s NOT science! , #COVID19 #AODA #onpoli Volunteer advocating4laws 2ensure equality 4 PPL with disabilities. Chair Accessibility4Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance RT not =endorsement
AeroViro Germany So I just made a discovery that my sound issue is not coming from my capture card but from my pc in general, it cuts out my XIV sound from time to time and it only started yesterday.... whats going on Partnered Streamer, awful youtuber and useless bisexual | 23 | ♀ | Header by @NerisssAD | Business email:
blveslidepark @lwtpez screaming imagine opening whatever fancy box this came in and THIS is whats inside i would not be able to control my facial expression 😭😭😭
bham4ever Alabama When someone is a money hungry "B" #GraceHightower the estranged wife of @robertdenirocom the court should do whats right, this lady gets $100,000 a month and says it's not enough to live..... Really @CBSThisMorning I am a box thinker..except I think outside the Box..! Tied to tech and maybe a geek if you call it that but stay ahead of the curve in computers and politics.
Zachary__Bell Kansas, USA @FollowWIN @guardian @abc4utah Whats your address Jason? I dont think you would enjoy if this was flipped, would you? And hell it was $10, $10 not thousands $10. You should be ashamed Conservative🇺🇸 |MMA Fan| #AmericaFirst
SpringTrapSimp FazBear Fright @Azula_Stan Like WHATS TO LIKE HE’S EVIL, WASH BOARD ASS, AND A COWARD??? HE’S NOT EVEN ATTRACTIVE Best Ji-Woon player and Goddess, stream clips and meme’s ahead. He/She/Dude 🏳️‍🌈. Wife of: @miragesass Shield sister: @BleuVerryBerry Check pinned if new!
KOURYDIARY she/they @lemons0ciety yea cc’s are not therapist and it can trigger some viewers like whats the point? ⠀ — dream jackbox voter
Gemiiniangel M ♡ whole life ♡ the worst moment when u realize nothing actually works anymore so you need to let go and stop chasing whats not urs أنا اليقين أثناء الرُبما
mokaka007 South Africa @DreCourtSilver @raahcozy @luvlaeeqa U don't get it This isn't about whether or not u feel threatened by men or not it has f all to do with feminism etc It's about religion And don't come around with your guys bullcrap about u can do what u want (u can) But from an Islamic perspective u tell me whats right and wrong بين ما يقال وما لا يقصد ويقصد ولا يقال يضيع معظم الحب
irishelt Iraq #NoToEuropeanSuperLeague #LFC #NotInMyName Whats the point of sport if you cannot fail? And the opportunity to succeed is taken away from so-called smaller teams? Just becomes a game of pass the parcel. Not for me, ta very much. Irish Emergency Logistics Team: Professional Logisticians - Delivering Dignity Worldwide
OrchidSanctuary TheComputerAlways YOU KNOW WHATS NOT FUN! Glancing down and seeing A forkING SPIDER SITTING ON YOUR BOOB It was a jumping spider so it must've jumped there at SOME point BUT EUGHHHH I yeeted on relfex and I lost track of it for 10 minutes only to find it under an eraser Just an internet artist//cAts//pInK//she/her//Mainly digital art//DimitriIsALovelyLad// Game interests: FireEmblem3h// GenshinImpact// StardewValley//Minecraft
ctrlf4iry she/her ♡ 18 ‘just adopt’ knowing damn well the adoption process is not simple.. if the surrogate mother is completely fine with and agrees with the terms whats your concern? no gendered terms pls! 🇳🇬 @pl4netrae
cutedollwooy alyssa 💍 SHE/HER | 21 RED YEONJUN IS REAL AND NOT A DREAM ????? THIS IS WHATS HAPPENING #WOOYOUNG: ur not seo changbin and that's a problem, fix it
Isles_Fanatic Ottawa, Canada @WilsonKM2 @deonandan @poitrasCBC Ya how about not....NBers are just as much at risk with a much older about we vaccinate our population, and whats left over we help out other areas. Is an arm chair QB that loves to muse, wonder, ponder and talk about his favorite team, the New York Islanders.
hyesvi they xe 20 carrd byf comments asking why theyre closing it down but the article says it all. the teachers are not getting paid and laid off.. yeah idols graduated from there and its a famous school but if the teachers r not getting paid, then whats the point
clcswift he!him NEW RULES @Yenshow_ @rosiepher @TAEMARES literally everyone?😭 you get 4* guaranteed and have more chances to get better stuff whats not clicking! weki meki & clc | fan account
ikissIiam 「 twink liam 」 the way ppl who crap on liam follow me- like my @ is i kiss liam, hes my pfp, in my dn, im a ziam, his name is in my carrd and location- whats not clicking??? #ZAYN: of the same whole —— she¡her ||cbyf||
Bay2tymes I have 2b specific?? I know she don't wanna raise her kids alone but she knows she can't keep doing this. I know she hurting too. Feeling stupid...Feeling lost and helpless at the same time. Not sure whats the best decision to make. I know it.. I just wanna help 💝🤞 Because ik the feeling oh to well I'm #Black 1st! Then I'm a woman... Educated w/ #NOFilter & I'm Still #TeamforkYoFeelings
cheese051 Spain @PlayWithPenny @xXTheDronXx @NHydraTwit I dont even care much about these examples, its the being 95% naked and being sexually suggestive is whats not compliant with Twitch SM64 120 Star 2nd place Sadge | Ambassador for @globalspeedrun | Sponsored by @clgaming Business: *My tweets are my own*
Tezzlad1 Merseyside Who Else has Walked alone over the last year, stood up to the Discrimination, Questioned Whats really going on, Not wore the Face Rag and shown Balls and a Spine.?? If this is you. I tip my Hat to you, with the Upmost Respect. 👍🏼 💯% #Bringbackthesmiles 😁 #Nonecompliance ❤️ Im Not a Sheep that can be easily Programmed to think a Lying Government will protect me and force Experimental Vaccines on Me. Anti Mask, Pro Choice
Quizbay South East, Bucks @DarvitWendy I think the issue is the over complexity of English spelling. Rather like the ridiculous imperial measuring system and 'old money'. Simplicity works - tens and units work. For instance; whats the point of a silent P? And so on. Things move on. Hence no more Latin. Like it or not. #FBPE. Business owner, eng designer, manufacturer, exporter. Proud European. Love my garden! Proud father of 3 and lucky husband to my one and only lovely wife.
Tazer469 New York, USA Not sure when Ill be able to get a stream going again. Ill post when I can get one going. However I think a schedule will be impossible this week until I figure out whats happening. Hope you all understand and of course ill always be around supporting. Father of a beautiful Girl | Full time 911 dispatcher | @getwetsports member | @sixfourorg Founder | @glytchenergy affiliate l affiliate
UnitedFansAgai1 @JayJay08752584 @BorisJohnson You know whats good about this picture. I'm sure its not football and its some game they play against a wall. Like 99% of United fans, I am completely against the "European Super League". Our owners have realised they cannot afford to compete so they want a Franchise
Korekut_a @NARAL whats they all had in common is they all resisted arrest / attacked or attempted to attack cops, and ran. wonder what would happen if black people would actually act mature and not resist arrest and complied.
dilfnations she/her | 21 Whats your favorite number and why — actual number right not from the dates? hsksh if so then six is my fav number,, idk whyy number nine @sakocomp
MattTooze swansea Not happy about this super league. Ive not yet seen or heard whats going on yet but that kills prem league and cups. Experienced ex athlete 800m 1.57.3. sub 16 5k sub 37 10k. Football coach. still west wales cup holders ⚽️
kaeyasimping he/him . ar42 NA . if ur a forking white person thats not muslim stop forking telling me whats my religion like and what i should do to be a good muslim. literally shut the fork up if kaeya evil why kaeya hot ????
acccolph1 Jacksonville, Florida Think you're tired and wondering Why? Take a look at last week's events that Happened in our World. If you are not paying attention it is a daily dose of  Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma. Take a look. #stress #HappeningNow We celebrate the contributions of veterans that are Black, Female, Indigenous, People of Color. Honoring our Heroes while sharing their journeys and challenges.
Toasteeslicious Cu's gae bolg idk why but people watermarking memes is just funny to me like whats there to watermark unless it's not just some text and an image that u slapped onto a meme template she/they, bisexual, cu chulainn enthusiast, watch lps 2012 eng/polish/swedish ok ! Art account: @Toasteelicious Bot: @FiguresFate Links & commission info:
NoEmmeG so if she says this what does “not letting her” look like? will you come take her forcibly? tell her she has nothing to worry about and shes “being crazy” whats next?
BabieEra • BLM | SHE:HER | 15 | BLACK • @l1ght_n_d1zzy alskkdjd IKIKIKKKK LIKE ITS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND WHATS REAL AND WHATS NOT AND LIKE WHAT TO TAKE LITERALLY and pls did they rlly have to connect it to the txt storyline too like that’s so unnecessary like we’re confused enough oml *。*゚*´*。*゚*TW: ED/SH/SUICIDE´ *。*゚*´ *。*゚

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