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NPRHealth Washington, DC Pediatricians Weigh In On What's Safe And Not Safe For Unvaccinated Children Health coverage from NPR's Science Desk
ThangamMP Bristol West A comprehensive blog on the #FireSafetyBill vote this week - and how the Tories managed to force it through, breaking their promises that leaseholders would not be forced to pay. Member of Parliament for Bristol West. Shadow Secretary of State for Housing. Casework to:
TamarWrites 🇭🇰. Tamarhermanwrites@gmail Had a really important, engaging conversation with #got7’s @marktuan about his future, reuniting with his family, raising awareness of how to combat racism, and how he’s a student of life who had learned not to stress too much while working hard #MarkTaun Author of “BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears." Senior culture reporter @SCMPNews. Prev @billboard @forbes #kpop writer. Doesn't handle headlines or photos. She/her
Willbebimyself Ontario, Canada @sean_antrim @MeatPopcicle22 @IlhanMN 20% recidivism rate (repeat offending) in norway, which is widely considered to be the best and most humane prison system in the world today. So whats really happening here? are we really deterring people from doing crime? Of forking course not, and we need prison reform NOW. 2/2
many65254315 @SHNcares not able to book online because its traffic on website and when i call they guy told me he can not help me because its not updated ..whats going on here ??????????
swanease7 faith’s world The difference is .06% which is not that significant to me anyway... And another thing is that one part of the demographic isn’t really whats important - it’s the impact ... that’s what the average bgs REALLY can’t relate to. ⟭⟬ Black Swan and Dis-ease Enthusiast • she/her • 21+ ‧₊ ✚ ✜ ✚˚.
VSaga54 #guygardner IS THE BEST GREEN LANTERN. He probably gets the least attention along with kyle. But guy is the most interesting, hilarious, awesome backstory, and a hot headed mad man. Whats not to love. Quit crying about your stoic army vet john stewart.
Dpichardo777 Pornagraphy damages the beauty and sacredness of the sexually act and makes women look cheap. Not cool friends! You know how good and special and beautiful women look when they conserve the sexual act for a special time! Whats going on with people these days friends? love first of all is power 💘👽💫 knowledge is power 🧠🙌 wisdom is power 🔋 💪 focus on your spirituality ! masage therapist 💆‍♀️, spiritual ☯️
Kiranpr47649674 Ottawa, Ontario @CitImmCanada i am just really confused can about what is right and whats is not. Can you please help me in clearing out my doubt. Can lawyer or consultant submit our file if we hire one.
samboardman99 glasgow Was down clydebank tonight...all i could see was snp and labour signs ??? Not one conservative party sign ....whats happening??? Rangers supporter. 55 is coming . voted no in Scotland voted leave in uk referendum.
claire_declare My grandaughters shadow💕 @Valk6 @israelinsider @msnorthcott OK it won't let me share.. So Google.. Type in the above.. If u open ur messages, il show u the groups and u will see alot of evidence in there....but ur choice ur body.. Im not here to tell u not and what to do.. Just people are not being told whats really happening. I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me 🔥🔥🔥
DaveKnox71 London Imagine been blocked on here by someone who didn't agree with me not doing the social media blackout because I said unless it's across the board whats the reference was nothing ever said about Neil Lennon and others.Sad individual Drew Level 1 Coach for Hampton Rangers U9.Always looking to learn and get better.Husband to Elaine & proud dad to Charlie & Delilah.Celtic FC,Kilkenny & Ireland
WPSU Central Pennsylvania Pediatricians Weigh In On What's Safe And Not Safe For Unvaccinated Children WPSU Penn State
Sir_Gatzby Akasia, South Africa @DizzyAfrica Whats even more scary is that those numbers are actually under reported. They do not have enough tests and people are also not going to get tested so they could actually have close to a million daily infections. This is not my life, it’s just a fond farewell to a friend. 👨🏾‍🔬🔬
daanivfx commissions open :) @sherzyfn bro the only holes are in ur forking brain like whats wrong with you saying people should burn in hell like bro? i feel bad for your dad and not for you Editor & Motion Designer | Working/ed with @Ewok @Rezonay_ @LootBoyEsports @Harmii_ @KovaaksXD & many more | Inquiries: @MgmtAxey or me
Svenssonkristo1 1984 @GarrSigmund @NeilThin @satiricole Kids decided what they want to be taught? How do ignorant people know whats relevant? Lets not forget this is a fragile minority that should ... yes STFU or FO and find something else to study TEFA - Trans Exclusionary Father (My daughter should not be forced to compete against boys)
hotpassurpapa Sapaland @Powesh_baby @mark_a22 @instablog9ja So there’s a video You haven’t seen it oo but you have HEARD about it Meaning you’re not 100% sure whats on the video but you have HEARD that the man was lured in to come and rape the girl on video again Omo, you’ll make an excellent judge oo smh @manutd | Drake | Wizkid stan 🦅 | Big booty and Big brezz lover😍 | Cruise catcher | All tweets na cruise or not😁 | No vex if i no fb on time😭🙏
_multiheart ;) My old teacher from high school changed her last name on linkedin and im trying really hard not to dm her and ask whats up the Lord yeeteth and the Lord yoinketh away insulin should be free
Squidscals she/he/they So much has happened. I think I'm spiraling. I lie to myself and everyone around me so much I struggle to tell whats real and whats not. dni if not ed/shtwt, 13, autistic
gasa4_ a convenience store we need a time for the gathering whats a good time for all of us bc im awake almost every second of the day and night except for when im not #CASHIER: you literally walked up here and decided to make my day miserable. 🥤 16 y/o 🥤 it/he/they 🥤 (previously @cuttletavio)
miguelodean Lisboa, Portugal @XRPcryptowolf Went to @CoinMarketCap and did a full research, case by case. #xrp was an obvious winner. I don't like when people tell me whats good or not. xrptipbot: //twitter/miguelodean
thoughtsofamilf she/they whats your favorite ts album?? and top three songs? 😁 — has to be 1989. and fork top three songs??? ok im not gonna rank them cause i simply cant, but new romantics, mirrorball and maybe i wish you would (marjorie too) yes i’m the author of get off your phone LMFAO (part-time girlboss)
thenervesc Columbia, SC "Ultimately speaking, state government should not be in the business of producing power, and privatizing Santee Cooper is a necessary step towards deregulating the energy system." - South Carolina Policy Council The Nerve is an investigative newsroom covering state and local government in South Carolina. A journalistic enterprise of @scpolicycouncil.
MYCUSERVICES Mobile services have become a primary means of engagement for credit unions. Moving beyond its convenience (especially in a pandemic), it’s how credit unions will stay relevant and connected in the future. #creditunion #technology #mobile MY CU Services is a leading provider of electronic payment and technology solutions for credit unions.
Glasgow_Live Glasgow, UK Organisers say that they are pushing back to the weekend of September 24, 25 and 26 due to a risk that the festival might not go ahead at the end of July amid ongoing uncertainty about what coronavirus lockdown level Scotland or Glasgow will be in. Everything Glasgow, every day. Follow @GLiveSport for all your Glasgow sports news. Sign up for our free daily newsletters here:
PaulDrawsArt Ireland Whats funny is ive designed 28 pokemon and yet I dont feel like I've done any finished art for any of them, a lot of line work but not much colour just yet 25 / Irish / Self proclaimed digital artist / Stargazer and Daydreamer / Commissions closed currently/ Qualified Computer Scientist
ashokkumar_777 @RamaInExile Even adi Shankaracharya said in bhaja govindam Some are tonsuring their heads and some are just depend on scriptures. Whats the use of these if one does not understand govinda? This does not mean adi Shankar hated scriptures etc. People had to understand the spiritual essence. Understanding Indian history and scriptures Narayan is everything Avid reader of books
DavidLepofsky Toronto Ontario Canada @HRHospital @joe_cressy Will you stand up FOR people with disabilities, seniors, kids and everyone & keep the ban on e-scooters in Toronto? Will you stand up to well-funded well-financed e-scooter corporate lobbyists? #accessibility #AODA #ToPoli Volunteer advocating4laws 2ensure equality 4 PPL with disabilities. Chair Accessibility4Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance RT not =endorsement
rubrixie @lagge15 @GoPhatGoat @MSLcsgo Why is it the orgs fault that they wanna attend IEM and a forking major qualifier. The TO's should have done better. Its not the orgs fault that everything is set up so crapty, they just wanna attend it. Whats so hard about hosting your qualifiers a week earlier? #vamouz Always gay for chrisJ
BE_YA_2205 Pakistan @BtsKings12345 anyways whatever it was.........everyone has different perspective....and esp. after that Abdullah khatak scene , i just knew whats going on- i am not spreading hate onto him or whatever....not going to dm/comment anything lol....i shared my very own opinion on my own acc! ...Stannin ' Bangtan💜 besides i stan Mamamoo💌 ot7- ot4 - BTS PAVED THE WAY she/her*
YESIMNOGOODFORU she her black @johnisbreadanti larry isnt "messing up" any fandoms the ship is harmful and not powerful at forking all please dont speak if u dont understand whats going on. jungwon can we bake cookies together
DavidLepofsky Toronto Ontario Canada @JayeRobinson Will you stand up FOR people with disabilities, seniors, kids and everyone & keep the ban on e-scooters in Toronto? Will you stand up to well-funded well-financed e-scooter corporate lobbyists? #accessibility #AODA #ToPoli Volunteer advocating4laws 2ensure equality 4 PPL with disabilities. Chair Accessibility4Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance RT not =endorsement
Satyarthi_truth @harshhsinghh @SomyaranjanAch1 @sadaf03962268 @SharafarazShei1 @MODIfiedVikas @modivanibharat And bhaiya am not justiying this is truth!!! Whats happening in Iran after Iran's PM "Mosediq" nationalize the countries oil and expell BP(British Petroleum) the west started sanctioning it. A Sanatani in search for pure and real Sanatan Dharma, A student soon to be an Acharya. A seeker of truth.
DavidLepofsky Toronto Ontario Canada @BradMBradford @CycleToronto @ScarbCycles @midweekcycling @TheDannyBIA @biketo @DanforthBikes @TO_Transport @cityoftoronto @EastEndCommuni1 Will you stand up FOR people with disabilities, seniors, kids and everyone & keep the ban on e-scooters in Toronto? Will you stand up to well-funded well-financed e-scooter corporate lobbyists? #accessibility #AODA #ToPoli Volunteer advocating4laws 2ensure equality 4 PPL with disabilities. Chair Accessibility4Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance RT not =endorsement
carnicerx NO PROSHIP NO PEDO INCEST ETC everyones fighting and im not quite sure whats going on 😰 21 y/o || OC bot: @satanb0t || icon by @gluemebare (Only Mutuals can qrt art) account is 18+ (no minors) 🗣read carrd
MgoUmk @TwitterSupport @amricate I had the same issue with an older account and now my new one got hacked and desecrated, whats going on with you guys?? Now i have all the wishes to delete it and not have it again.... Twitter banned my other account without apparent reason
Faixishahh Karachi @Salzyzaman @UzairYounus @OfficialNcoc Communication with who? Why you lumsu and leftist lot lives in a idealistic world. Come to ground and understand our population is not well educated and govt cannot adopt chinese lockdown model, neither the western type. Looks whats happening in india. Still you have to criticize zair-e-ghaur
2thorough_ Atlanta, GA @DumasMike @boyle_trevor What’s not there. What’s not there WHATS NOT THERE. I said you can’t develop what’s not there and clearly he developed JUST NOT BEING ABLE TO READ DEFENSES I wanna be where the real at #Investor #KSU
__tisharaquel imy scott.. People want to see you doing good just not better than them . And whats crazy is that we’re all equal . What maybe your weakness is another person’s strength bigger & better ❤️ God | Fiancess | Mom | CEO
Frustra64300536 @logicalvoter @traveltime123 @Musaddilal_ @Aakar__Patel @AC360 @clarissaward You know whats the sad part. Its not just godi media. People have temporary memory too. Around the time of next elections in 2024, bjp can create a new issue and everyone would probably forget the hell we have been through rn. I obviously hope and pray i am proved wrong.
nug_need_hug Ranboo my beloved this man on the phone with my dad just said "ayo whats your name im gonna hand you over to the manager chz im not gonna fight with you over this" LMFKAJS MY DAD IS SO ANGRY AND IM TRYING NOT TO LAUHJ call me Apollo or Knox〜minor〜xe/they/quack〜yellow 😫🫑
KaylaWayla20 United States @StrongWalker360 You want proof? I literally told you that she spent 2 years attacking a Black Indigenous woman. She has defended her friend who is a sexual predator. She gets in online fights and deletes the evidence. She doxxes people and she's PROUD OF IT. Whats not clicking? 27, She/They. Two-Spirit woman of Dine/Annishinabe descent. Writer/artist/consultant. Links to social media below. Creator of The Sixth World comic book.
h_td_m in the shop the microphone not waiting for people to get to get their. the little dinosaur inside the cage job is to only pick up whats being said. and how its being said
retrotonix @RadiKat75 Bro I love both NF definitely does justice to the original and I mean the original is the original whats not to love 😏 - Ant ✨ Shared Twitter (Chris, 26)😈 (Anthony, 27)✨ ❤️Married 1-9-15 ❤️ ⚡️❌NSFW: @retro_kink ❌⚡️
bruhfam2020 @SimmonsJayjay @SkySportsNews like it or not. the trolls have won. they forced sport off of social media for 3 whole days. and when they come back after theyre little break, guess whats gonna happen again. all this has done has given the trolls the win and gave them a break for 3 days.
TheNickFoy Charlotte, NC I have some follow up questions for @DrHeardGarris after reading this NPR interview with @nprAudie. Cali native. @nataliesfoy's hub. Dad of 2. Founder @greenwaywealth. Member of @mosaicclt & @f3nation (Pâté). Thankful for @LevineChildrens. Nacho connoisseur.
MariahsTats and beyoncés last number one was in 2020. whats not clicking? Mariah-Beyoncè-Ariana-CxH-Megan-Janet-Alicia-Shakira *parody *fan acc. i’m black. he/him. (this isnt a safe space for white homosexuals)
PlanningEmpire NYC @NYCSpeakerCoJo Don't mourn! Do your job! A woman, likely driving recklessly, killed a man. She is a potential menace and has not be charged with a crime. Whats that about? Whats going on there? Maybe you getting on that might be more helpful than mourning. Just a thought. Interested in building the Empire State for the next hundred years.
MileHighMagic30 Colorado, USA @PhantomHRGlass @franswa3434 @EverydayEagle @chadfelixg No thanks. I don’t need or want the gov telling what’s good for me and whats not. If you need that, that’s a you problem. I don’t need that Colorado native with New York blood. Colorado Buffaloes🏆Broncos🏆🏆🏆Rockies and Avs🏆🏆 are my loves. dog lover and republican. Future home of Ralphie.
86delux Minneapolis, MN @PoolCoyote68 @supaahhnova @VintageBulb @MarbleKat1 Yeah buddy so stfu and be humble. We have no idea how many genders there are and it doesnt matter becuz at the end of the day we’re human and should be judged by the content of our character, not whats in between our legs. #transrights AfroLatinoBlaxican🇲🇽Pro-gun🔫🌍Progressive⚓️Vet «» #BLM #AFTP (always film the police) #DefundPolice #FundOurCommunities «» remember to meditate & reflect✌🏾