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mattkatz00 Philly, NYC, Jersey It's not just Rikers. Deaths in jails are increasing across the U.S. -- due to suicide, assaults, untreated medical conditions, and overdoses. I interviewed @samanthamelamed, who covers jails in Philly, and @njpjw's Nafeesah Goldsmith on @TheTakeaway: Reporter: WNYC/NPR/Gothamist. Criminal Justice/Decarceration/ICE. Guest Host. I wrote "AMERICAN GOVERNOR: Chris Christie's Bridge to Redemption." Ex-Philly Inky
wwd Vogue Runway did not cover the @celineofficial spring 2022 show. Fashion. Beauty. Business.
HistoricEngland England As 2021 draws to a close, we are celebrating the 284 sites across the country that have gained protection in the past year. Take a look at some of the highlights from the list, why not find one close to you and pay it a visit? We are the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment. House rules:
WirelessRan Austria I am tired of this, I have also time to watch it later and I am not sad anymore when everyone on my tl is aready talking about the newsest stuff. and I dont know whats going up. Detective Conan 👓 Love is Love 🏳️‍🌈 BLM✊🏿 Travel 🧳 ✨She/Her | They/Them✨
ohtaunt he song ram ghost 9teen ❄️ @jordecIans AND THE DEAN OF MY COLLEGE HAS TO WRITE TO THEM SAYING THAT IM IN GOOD STANDING WITH MY UNIVERSITY ACADEMICALLY. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! YOURE NOT EVEN AN IVY LEAGUE GEORGETOWN WHATS WRONG WITH YOUUUUU 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ i pick up ranboo and put him under a microscope like a bacteria. What Is Wrong With You.
JasLy4ever09 India Rakhi wanted teja to be fair in the tasks and to not favor karan or his friends and thats what exactly she told Pratik tht she will be fair in the tasks..Will them give fair chance to fight Whats wrong in that? #TejRan Currently Supporting #KaranKundrra and #TejasswiPrakash in BB15.
1nderjit @NARAYANRAO12 @avidhyaa I'm not saying what should happen, i said whats happening right now. Simple and clear govt failures. In all ages people revolt to brainless governance. Be smart don't jump barriers and don't throw cigarettes at our place of worship. Period
Drag0n_Mom "Oh my. Now whats this?" Not knowing Soraka had one, her hand wrapped around it. Slowly pumping up and down, the other roughly squeezing her breasts. "Hmm. This might just cheer me up~ mind if i see it dear?" shyvana the half dragon. head dragon watcher and hated by her own nation
Nothin_Smith @SergioMQuintero Sergio it was joke bottom tik tok and not even real i dont get whats beyond your understanding. Im here just like the rest of you
reminola Lagos, Nigeria So whats the big deal. Are you not an olosho for patronising? And somebody's relative will marry you with your badluck. Ordinary visa you couldn't get. Tufia Storyteller. Filmmaker. - The Distance Between, Theo's Dora, The Intervention, Dear Mummy B, Unfinished Business, Purgatory, Man Up, Evil Deeds, Kayanmata....
gescote511 @XGalaxiesNFTs @smokin69joe @_GlobaliD how about those who bought at high value and hold but still did not get any from first AD, got confused coz others got twice ,whats going on here? i always do follow the team on twitter,maybe i am not the real supporters here. Those early supporters left behind, what a business? Gins
clintwl South Africa @Vodacom111 How can I change Rica info for the old sim, what will I need if its not on my name? Whats the procedure, keeping in mind my mom has mobility issues and cannot go with me to a Vodacom outlet. #HumanityMatters END OF STORY!! Unfiltered No Follow back necessary. Proud 🐒 TwDel
whats_pakistan @ImranKhanPTI Kindly meet personally the candidates who won.not CM and Governor.the candidates will show you the actual picture.thankx
realcoopwiiu Lost in my thoughts. About missing the stream tonight, A family event that was scheduled for Saturday was rescheduled to tonight. Sorry for not keeping you all up to date about that. We'll have a ton to discuss TOMORROW NIGHT (Tuesday) AT 8PM EASTERN! BIG NEWS, BIG UPDATES, AND MORE ABOUT WHATS NEXT! Content Creator - YouTube & Twitch. IT guy, Producer. PC & Android 👈 Mac & iOS. The old Fortnite map was better. Be good to each other.
Ai1Mzi @AmigosPC @discord U know whats cool? I writed with the discord Support idk maybe 2/3 Weeks ago because I met a gut on DC who had a Hakenkreuz as a Profilpicture and a Bad Bio... so I hate something like that I made Screenshots I saw his Full Name. And @discord said to me we cant ban its not enough
lrhafterglow she/her ive been talking to the irl for like 20 minutes now its so weird hearing about whats happening in their life and knowing I'm not apart of it anymore like the classes she has and what happens at school f*ck the patriarchy
Fatal_Irony Alcatraz Island, CA. @KeithAnd3rs0n @LostSkelly @SmokeAndSomno yeah, nothing says social like walking through popcorn debris and spilled soda to get to sit in the middle of a crowd of people who may or may not give two craps about talking on their cellphone the whole movie. whats not to like? There is, I think, humor here which does not translate well from English into sanity. --- Gunpla is Freedom/Zimmad Test Pilot/Wordsmith.
ReadyPlayerMons @RDR2scoundrel Whats wrong in my answer?. In 1 eth i can share it to others even in a small things. Im not rich. But i want to share it to other. Sharing is caring. Sharing is a blessings. Big or small amount its still a blessing that i willing to share. And you dont care in my plan. Lol Real Scholar School x Ready Play DAO 💜With love and patience, nothing is imposibble.💜
Rick_Enschede Enschede, Nederland Hey #lockdown is still trending after nearly two years? Whats wrong? Did the vaccination campain not work as it was expected or have we to agree #Corona is like a flue and will not disappear? It will mutate and make more victems because of the reduced natural immunity. #booster Hoogopgeleid en goede baan in prima conditie. Niet-gevaccineerd. Tegen de QR 📵. Zoek gelijkgestemden. Ps 🐑🐑 en proco vaxxers gezonde mensen/kinderen = blok.
jimjimjiminaa 23 • she/her @jibootyfairy speaking this into existence will make it true "things might not have turned out the way i wanted, but soon it will shape me for whats to come. i believe in me and the process, it wont be easy, but its me, i am gonna make it happen, i believe in me" yes i believe in my lil soo ok here for tiny and cat jimi agenda
HariHaraBhakta Bengaluru, Jambu Dweepa @Hanu023 @AKrishnaBhat Blame it on education, our laws wont permit our Schools to teach Gita, Puranas and other Dharmas to our kids, making them dhimmified and prone to predatory faiths. Whats paining is, @narendramodi @AmitShah did not bother to change status quo of it. Firm believer in the concept of Dharmo rakshati rakcrapaha. Wish to see all demolished temples restored. RTs ≠ endorsement.
S0SJEON they/them ; 20 however i do need to get tested in 5 days tho but likez whats the damn point then? i can spread covid if i have it (which i think i do bc my body is aching). this is just dumb imo i have to take a crowded bus to go to my classes im not gonna go and risk those people's health idc jaehyun & jungkook enjoyer # # carrd → pinned
AugustineEsote1 Not Home @Vokskan1680 @rafasreds1 @cindersCA IF YOU LIVE OVER THERE AND NOT HERE I GUESS YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT WHATS WORKING! I am an artist I love Truth & Freedom I follow back I am awake to the NWO's Plot. I am a single mom prepping donations are a blessing!
peter_alessio @AnielloD2 @Jeremia29529751 @NateGraham20 @BingeWatchThis_ I dont think you understand this IDC ABOUT THE UNIVERSE ITS IN. ITS CLEARLY A PICTURE OF TOBEY’S SUIT lmao. Like read bro. Im not saying anything about the universe and in all truthness you have no idea whats happening in this movie. Lmao all the spiderman is canon mcu now
trebymunya Cape Town, South Africa @ESPNcricinfo Whats the use? Hosting the Moneymaker and not getting any gate takings, Athlete 🏋🏽‍♂️4 Minute Mile🥇 Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. Creative Director @CADigitalCity
DyperRash They've not got what it takes to stand up for us and not lockdown, Starmer us chirping away in the background, Johnson is scared stiff in case he gets accused of "killing people" with his decision. Whats the name for a group of cowards - cabinet? hate the way the country is going - sky and BBC are putrid - we are being marched down a very dark path right now
GIFTSGlVEN AC: murpha , it/its :: @NoFrontaILobe it was watching him curiously. it’s always watching. it knows that humans are complex things , and just wants to know exactly whats making his brain tick at this very moment. “ i understand your desire to help , but i promise you , there’s not much for a being like >> #PUPPET: i’m not afraid of you. not anymore.
ace_cyj she/her 18 • main/priv @heeeism you keep throwing ss and miss the point, moas are mad bcs yj has to read all crap from your fandom, its disgusting what r they doing to minor, but that does not justify wht engenes do to yj 😭 just aknowledge it and stay away from his safe space whats not clicking #TXT #most #slayful
miloboo63 USA @Excitablecalm @17Veroniqueb @richieSF2016 @LondonBreed @chesaboudin Not buying into anything. I’m observing whats happening in SF. I have enough personal experience to know that this experiment will not work. Open drug mkts, releasing violent people, “Do no harm”, put people in homes with no accountability and expect a good outcome? Not happenin.
otayurio @Lady_Falcon_ Did the same yesterday... whats the point of following people that are not active and I can't even recognise them:/ #bltwt #nsfw 18+ Saye🥺❤ Semantic Error❤ in love with Wu Zhe 🥺 emotional mess looking for a bit of comfort. Let's support authors and read legally.
MichaelGangi9 New Yorker Living in. Tampa @ragazzoreport I like Butterfield as 3rd base coach and its said that he is an excellent defensive infield coach. AND whats wrong with Beltran is that as a bench coach Buck needs someone he knows an assistant NOT someone he needs to train. Beltran can start as a 1st base coach & outfield coach love baseball ( N Y Mets ) love movies Love music ( The Beatles ) married. Stricter gun laws Education, Climate Change, Health Care, Eliminating Hate
kenzbetrippin Dallas, TX Whats pathetic is I’m thinking about leaving my lash tech and I’m tryna come up with a lie as to why I’m not rebooking my usual 2 weeks.
JoeyNicey @cheryl_kernot Indies “big money from southern states doing the bidding of Labor & the Greens.” True or not. So what SMIRKO! SO Unlike UAP BIG (literally) money AND from MURDOCH MONEY funding LNP. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE FFS. #auspol #qt @ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP #ScottytheLiar Just my opinions
kittygirlhannah 🌸 whats the point of wearing a hoodie if its not at least 3x ur size and ur drowning in it (ᴗ͈ ̫ ᴗ͈) ꒰ 🎀┊tiny cat girl ↬ art commissions open! ꒱ 🍥˖˚♡. | 5'1 | @phoodumc 's artist | val & mc pro ꒱ 💘
Paul20125469 nowhere near you @KayBurley Why as a HYPOCRITE are you interviewing anyone on the rules and what might or might not happen, you do remember YOU broke them and yet as bold as brass your grilling MPs over whats happening, you strut around like a Queen Bee your a laughing stock woman not trans or any other weird thing you might want to call yourselves
cowboynap @omniswords THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! and whats even funnier is for each month of this year i have atleast 1 cyberpunk piece and i literally had to go out of my way to NOT have it all be cyberpunk ...... gill - 19 - she/her - apex legends + cyberpunk
freakthemightyy bw and the rest of the cast n crew work so hard to make f4thailand the best it could be. not only that, they try to make it socially relevant, echoing whats happening in the thialand society and the rest of the world. F4thailand it not only about bw but aboutppl try totell astory milk tea alliance
weedsmokerA1 whats super fun to Andre Perdue is being at peace and not having to worry about things for like 4+ hours strait..💯 yea..all African-Americanrdly whites nd unsolid African-Americans of all colors..i dont want you on this page..and thats Andre Perdue profile pictures face being copied on Squid game
Roxiefoxie_ |BTS&BP| fan account And what ıf we find out that hes not spy in the next episodes ? Cause jtbc meaned it. Whats next ? 🖤💖💜 #MyUniverse 💃
gyurophilia They 20 Unlabeled , nsfw moa sometimes i read ao3 tags and see angst related tags n think 'ah, its not gonna be that bad fork it im reading this' n end up heartbroken at the end n blame the author and pretend like i didnt know whats gonna happen #BE0MGYU: be who you are~~ | minors dni sexually
JMomo2349 Knoxville, TN @kstraith @MattWalshBlog Ive not got one single dose of the vaccine and havent been sick in ohh 4 years. Got the flu in 2017, nothing sense. Whats your point.
kowe_ivy Los Angeles, CA @Brookiesmile @Savannahsxoo thats cause you want whats between ya legs and they prolly not self respecting insta: kowe.ivy
melobearie i think i am just destined to never be successful at anything ever and i should just stop trying bc i seem to not be able to achieve things regardless of if i put blood sweat and tears into something nobody cares or recognizes it so whats the point😀😄 .・゜-: ✧ :- animal crossing ☆ kpop {itzy + skz} ☆ acotar ☆ im 21!! ☆ she/they -: ✧ :-゜・.
theleeswrld 19 ooc. any prns. mdni. nsfw. rcbyf. always slow dms. you know whats great about not having a pp, you can get wet and no one will know🥳
LumpiaLesbian she/her Fr tho we forking spread so much awareness here when something big happens in other countries bc we know it's not right and everyone needs help. But then when it's us?? We only get a sorry?? That it happened?? forkING SHARE WHATS HAPPENING. WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET.
LN4appreciation They/She 🏳️‍🌈 @pierresgurl whats wrong with bounty's?? tea is better than coffee, im indecisive about the cats and dogs, never had marmite, and 🥺 is not used on a regular basis Lando Norris appreciation page | Only here to appreciate Lando Norris | Lando deserves a hug
Terrynt1968 Corpus Christi, TX @HyperPiper17 so then I told him these dogs can't be tied up, he told me to mind my own business, 2 weeks later, I snuck around the house and cut her off her chain and grabbed her, whats weird I'll take to the park and people playing tennis asked me how does she not run from you
LAYSAINTLAURENT LA/HTX Having peace and stability is whats most important to me. Anything that’s not that, keep it away from me. I’m here to please you baby.

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