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OliverKennett Bristol, England Pretty disappointed with the AirTags. They work find as a basic tracker, like the tile, but all the good stuff of precision locating is spotty at best. Add the lack of any means of attaching them to anything out of the box, and they’re kinda crap. #Apple #AirTags Fantasy and horror author 🖋☠, telling tales since 1981 🤥. #tabletop RPG enthusiast ⚀, musician 🎸🎤. Let's 3d print the crap out of this! 🖨
SpectrumBGaming Epic vs Apple huh? What a load of crap this is lol. People are worried about that yet you have actual monopolies on internet service providers, glasses, and social media. 26 year old. Gamer, Collector, Music lover, art lovers, dragon lover. (secretly hoards plushies and shiny things :3)
Homicidal_Apple Freedom USA @ProjectJosiee This person is disgusting... god what a waste of money, everyone’s time, and your health. All this sugar and crap for what? 😂😂. This would drive me nuts Father, Husband, Full Time CNC Machinist; Part Time DFS Hobbyist. Touts in this industry are liars and thieves; trust yourself and your process.
lelo_lenkoe gauteng, South Africa @MacovThe @ThulaniMlangen6 That's why it's advisable to have a really small circle of 'friends' because it very manageable and helps avoid many unnecessary crap. it's very important to remember that not everyone is for you but with a small circle it makes it easy to identify the rotten apple. big on interaction😎/ I follow back immediately🤞 / Frank as they come🚮
billmatthe Winnipeg, Manitoba As a Canadian, I am appalled that it would be a Canadian firm trying to further the ultimate demise of our civilization when we here are trying to neutralize our carbon footprint! And the “Norway” argument is crap! Had we known then, what we know today! 100 % unapologetically Canadian, Love my neighbours to the south! Following the world! We must provide a brighter future for our children ☺
autopaxman @shiv5468 one of my favourite marketing blunders is when Apple hired David Mitchell and Robert Webb as their Peep Show characters to do the I'm a PC (Mark) and I'm a Mac (Jeremy) ads, and Mac sales fell while PC sales rose. Brits: So PCs are a bit crap and Mac users are twats, then? demotivated coder. ex-chef. carried a radio around. 1 out of 5 guy.
davidleestokes West Midlands, England Is it just me or is Apple Podcasts complete and utter crap since the update? You can't even pick the episodes you want to stream one after another, it just plays the newest ones! Is it me?! Am I doing something wrong? Screenwriter of 'NECESSARY EVIL' (2022). Rep'd by The Narrow Road Company.
Kate727663761 Scotland, United Kingdom @apple_shwn @Keir_Starmer Oh yes!! And the more he does his pre-election ‘rounds’, the more we realise that his PR team is as crap as the party itself. Truth never damages a cause that is just. Pro Monarchy, Brexit, Boris. Anti EU, bigotry, Nationalists & miserable gits. I stand with Mason Mills.
FOSSpatents (8) With the greatest respect for #Apple, the largest part of their defenses is pretextual crap, and significant parts are even an insult to human intelligence, such as (just one example of many) the claim that web apps are a competitive constraint on the (native) #AppStore. Florian Mueller, the founder of the FOSS Patents blog, is a competition-focused intellectual property activist-turned-analyst with 30+yrs of industry expertise.
aldelaro5 Québec Is it me or way too many people do not understand the implications of apple vs epic rn? This is about how store platforms should control the proceeds devs gets, it doesn't matter that epic or apple are crap here and frankly idc about that part Bug Fables fan; video games reverse engineer working mainly with speedrunning communities; bachelor degree in computer science; programmer in C# and C++.
Ben82234751 Houston, TX @SkyArts_dot_com I would say that the 2016 MacBook Pro is not the worst, even with all the crap that Apple and Intel has, it's a great workhorse. “Always sus, never not sus” - @jennasilicon. #StopAsianHate #BlackLivesMatter. he/him. “Professional” account
jboz879 The fact that I have to unpair and re-pair my watch when I want to update it EVEN THO I HAVE NO EXTRA APPS INSTALLED is dumb as crap. Who designed this crap? @Apple @AppleSupport #AppleWatch #apple I pull hats out of rabbits and start a fire with two ice cubes L-I-V-I-N
twinfrey Atlanta @kunaaaaaal @fortelabs @evernote @RoamResearch @NotionHQ @obsdmd @msonenote @Apple @googledocs @BearNotesApp @Dropbox EN is becoming like AOL--persisting b/c of sunk costs and too much hassle to change. I've been Pro since around 2012. $8 every month is still less painful than going through all this crap and moving it. Use has 98% stopped though. It's an expensive archive right now. UX research and strategy for products that want to level up. If you have questions, I'm relentlessly helpful. --Also, bloom your saffron.
Geziandme @piratedprice Apple owners know that somewhere deep down their choice is baseless and caused by branding and manipulation But to feel better about themselves, they have to believe and sell their belief like a cult or religion Or Realize they spend a crap ton for a tech Swiss army knife Health and wellness coach specializing in overcoming obstacles Blog writer Ultra Runner @marine_hippie Survivor #plhiv
luislarreamedia Alexandria VA @cultofmac @EdFromFreelance Apple is a disappointment. With a purple phone and EVEN faster and more powerful chips most people have no idea about. Now this crap... they lack innovation. A brand like this needs a fresh start. Miss you Steve! Filmmaker Director.Producer.Creator
ChrisBFerguson Orlando, FL Does anyone besides me think that Macs are worse these days than Windows when it comes to viruses? My iMac has more problems with that than any Windows computer I've ever owned. The way Apple is now with their M1 chips and this crap. I wouldn't even want to buy a new Mac. Orlando Native. Active Internet User Since 2002! Born 1990!
VelocastJohn Peebles, Scotland. @petermoreve @Apple @ApplePodcasts I'm not sure that's true. They're very serious about consumer privacy and the cost difference is exaggerated if you compare spec for spec. I think it's just that the @ApplePodcasts app is utter crap. Really, really, really crap. I talk about cycling for a living.
lulubelles90210 This kind of crap is getting really annoying: Fact check: Image falsely claims to show Harris and Pelosi sleeping during Biden's speech to Congress - USA TODAY “It turns out privilege is just like money -some can never have too much of it. This is why equality feels like oppression to people of privilege.”
seaofguruz time and space @ACTBrigitte It was a crap apple tree garden, and who cares? No one. The only thing the Rose Garden needs is a few roses. I do not like any of this crabapple show, please just bring back a President who works for the people and will not MUZZLE US! happiness is close to levitation binary star system Mozby@mozby on Gab Trump2020 Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition, MCBC smiling gives back balance
markus_ac Aachen, Germany @atlas_1212 @M1ntyTee @mdarren73 @BBCWorld Both Twitter and Facebook have their European head office in Ireland, an EU member country. As have Google and Apple. This is why, I believe, they can get the crap fined out of them. #AlemanniaAachen #Canadiens #PenrithPanthers #SydneySwans #Packers #Aachen #Sydney #Montreal #NRL #NHL #Cricket #StarTrek #Stargate #StarWars #LifesGood
ShahXCIV I’m dead Apple Music is so bad. Switched from Spotify just to check it out and within 5 mins I found you can’t sort playlists by custom order, and can’t search in specific playlists 😭 how do people use this crap
ghostroast_lol beepo bop beep @SeraphimKimiko @PMSeymourDoodle (sorry the image quality is crap, apple doesn’t save screenshots on invert so i had a friend take a pic and send it to me) AAAAAAAAAAAAH
biggustiggus Ohio @peppercoyote Aw CRAP. Is it bad-apple season or something? My iMac decided to have monitor issues yesterday. Now it’s time to mask-up and hit the apple store. Ugh. Any bets on mask compliance in upscale-mall land? Grow! House tiger for @suedeer2 He/Him
MKNielsenDoctor @vestager @Apple @AppleMusic Apple is not a monopoly. Everybody can buy another smartphone and fill it with crap like Spotify. Spotify can create their own app store, nobody forces them to be in the Apple App Store. Just take your trashy business another place outside our walled garden, please.
leamairetthebi2 You have no deal with @Apple you are under me for your crap war for impostors for rape corruption and abuse. We verified that you are not me and mines here and won’t be we built. For that you won’t. Have money none of you. You are confirmed corrupted scammers. This is business. hello world. i am lea marie mairet the big 9 and 4ever
is_teal BIG BLUE: Either they are lying. Or, apple is lying. NEVER BELIEVE a CORPORATE PIO OFFICE. People are paid to WRITE PRESS COPY and SPIN TRUTH. I feel like I need to give a class on this. They pay people to write crap on their website to seem "good". Teal American
leamairetthebi2 Saying you are god to corrupt rape and abuse it’s no. You don’t have a second more music is a legit business @billboard you can confirmed you want to stay in business right @AppleMusic same masa invented the iPod I built Apple Park with him and mines with my tears. It’s not crap hello world. i am lea marie mairet the big 9 and 4ever
ds2001man Coincidentally this is also how Apple gets away with so much. Crap engineering/planned obsolescence aside, Apple reserves their unlubercated sandpaper horse dick for app devs and not their customers. As long as iOS is good enough customers won't care that Apple is evil. Software QA by day. Indie developer by night. Come for posts about game development and software. Stay for angry rants about Twitter's inanities.
F3_NASA_ESR Fort Mill, SC @F3Dirty @Apple @elonmusk @Tesla @g_purve Rarely on Jack Dorsey's personal echo chamber anymore. Considering deleting my account. Slack life is SO much better in many ways, and much much less stressful too. Too much crap in here. I make cameos now and then, then get out of the muck. I'm 3rd. Proud Catholic. Believer. Husband. Father. ODU & UMiami Alum. PM/Multitasking Ninja. Sports Nut. Seeking to Understand. Trying to get Better. F3's NASA
FloristMiss Bomber County Crap apple and pear blossom is abundant, and the hawthorn promises a good show for the next few weeks. A woman. Royalist. Never trust a man your dog doesn’t like. Not a florist.
themrmalone Mesa, AZ Dear @Apple, Why is it that after I restart my phone, some recent apps are still open and holding data. Like for instance, calculator still showing the results of my most recent calculation. Stop that crap. I restarted my phone for a damn reason. Just your average everyday jerk trying to save my soul. Seattle, WA transplanted to Mesa, AZ!
MagicalKaitoK @nick_bruno20 @minnesotans4L3 @Enbridge And don't get me started on the expensive iThing garbage. The reason Chinese workers don't make squat is because Apple is perfectly happy to work with 3rd party slave drivers to make their crap for next to nothing and Apple turns around and sells it at prices that make them rich. Conservative Non-Apologist. My tools are reason and logic. Would you like to play a game?
KlitzingChris Illinois @deep_mowgli @2broke2retire @pleasure74 @Momof2in1year @alxellt0308 @WifeySpice90 @VoteJoe1 @chefrocky413 @ChrisToTheW @MisleaderC @MiloVelimirovic @Mdrc76Maia @SuckIt_Trump @marisac721 @nhojhpesoj @CamiLee13 @Cmm09672 @phalarope @LBSamuelsson @terribletara2 @Limmered I’ve read rabbit poo is best. If only I could get more than one rabbit that I throw an apple core each day to stop by and crap in my yard 😂 ODAT 9/3/99 Retired I.A.M local 1613 Union #FlattenTheCurve #SocialDistancing #SaveSocialSecurity #BidenHarris2024
ML_Speaks @Jim_Jordan Do you really think MLB is that stupid? Or that the American public is? The days of being fed a bunch of bullcrap are over. Trump was kicked to the curb. That won't fly anymore. GO JOE BIDEN! GO MLB! Go America and baseball and apple pie. Boo on the GOP for their constant crap. 50's, mom of boys, joined Twitter just to give @piersmorgan a piece of my mind. Mean, sadistic abusers SHOULD be "cancelled." Good riddance!
DadBoner Grand Blanc, MI Some super strength maniac punched everyone in the face at Kid Rock’s Bigass Honkey Tonk then fought 8 cops and broke one of their arms. True story you probably missed this week because cable news is horse crap, you guys. Can't wait for the weekend!
FrankHamburg3 Hamburg, Deutschland @themotleyfool Sure! But the fact that Apple don‘t rise at all after 2 blowout quarters and crap companies like Facebook soar is just perverse!!! Music Passionist, Creative Ideas Factory, USA Lover, In Love with my Baby from Austria
LockedOnDevils Newark, NJ ICYMI: Spotify and Apple Podcast is having a bit of a glitch. There is a new episode posted but you’re gonna have to use megaphone or some other podcast streaming service until they get their crap fixed! I apologize #NJDevils A daily podcast on your 3x Stanley Cup champion New Jersey Devils. 1x Locked On Podcast of the Week Winner (2/8/21). Hosted by @treymatt4. #NJDevils
haldalorian @nickiclyne I purchased the entire series on iTunes and am contemplating a double dip to buy it on Amazon. Because they're only SD and Apple TV's interface is frakkin crap. DON'T JUDGE. I have my reasons.
jms319 Memphis, TN @jimcramer Apple and Microsoft, I’ve been watching these great quarters for a year... this is crap, a bunch of kids in a casino are running the asylum... what’s the solution Jim?
starry_tim Peoples Republic of Austin Who the F writes this crap? Austin doesn’t have a plan to ban homeless camps. There is a proposition on the ballot and the election is still pending. Air guitar player. Lapsed Druid. Not libertarian. Retired from Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. IX Amendment. Politically Homeless. What day is it?🤷‍♂️🍷🍺🧸
Janski89 Europe @UniverseIce Samsung needs to stop WASTING more time on the damm cameras and start to make decent cpu's. Exynos is crap. All they do best is to overheat like crazy. And, d 2100 is D king of all overheating. As it is Apple will shred them to pieces in no time. Wake up from the slumber Samsung.
nathancassidy London Let me introduce you to my alter-ego, Godfrey Gilbert!  And Godfrey Gilbert is about to get the crap kicked out of him to the backing of #IronMaiden. Apple: Spotify: #dailynotescassidy #comedypodcast Comic/writer/psycomedy. Best Show Leicester Comedy Fest Nominee. ★ ★ ★ ★ The Times. RESUяяECTION author, Bumblebee show, pod
k3vk4 51°N 7°E - (🇪🇺🇩🇪) @CatgirlDev both are #SingleVendor/#SingleProvider solutions and thus crap. Whether you trust @Apple or @signalapp to not rat you out or deliver your data on a silver platter if asked by suits and badges is moot at this point. BOTH will do it regardless of laws! #Antifaschismus = Verfassungstreue! Gegen #Angstkultur & #Entrechtung - für bunte #Vielfalt! Chefredakteur @4ltYT Impressum: Pronouns: he/him
AAPLTree Online + the old blog for now Um Gene, $AAPL was about 72 bucks this time last year it's $138 after-hours perhaps that has something to do with it sentiment, but also valuation dynamics. and HOLY CRAP is Apple pouring a giant foundation for its valuation Information and preparation, not rumors and fear. Erring on the side of humor. Humble thoughts on tech, etc. RTs/likes can be random, but dadjokes intentional.
christianbute sudo rm -rf / @StarkGeralt @TechAltar He's tearing up, because nobody wants to buy his overpriced, glued together crap with i3 and 4GB RAM. Seriously, Microsoft is so out of touch with the real world. Panos's delusion is that they can be Apple. They can't. MS has to start making budget devices and globally. Mobile Photographer // Graphic Designer // Tech enthusiast // The Office + Parks and Rec are the best TV shows ever!! #GetVaccinated
DigestAndroid @elementrus @ameerali_ouarda @AndroidAuth I'm okay with saying iPads are better. They have better performance, which most users won't even notice (the Tab S7 is too fast for most people to notice) and apps are better optimized for Apple. That doesn't make Samsung tablets crap though! They are great! Just slightly behind Youtube Creator, Tech Enthusiast, Father, Husband Email all review requests to
BradCLemley Arizona, USA @jcthemd True, and I notice Costco is full of keto-snack crap. But there are good resources online too - Mark's Daily Apple is the best, I think. Readable and good info. Eventually, they will wise up and follow all of us geniuses on Twitter... Former Contributing Editor at Discover Magazine and writer at Washington Post. LCHF. Lift, fasting, sun, meat-seafood-eggs for robust health.
furosuto81 Eau Claire, WI @Nash076 Crap on Apple’s new CPUs all you want but: ✔️The shortage hasn’t effected them at all because they’ve booked out the most capacity on TSMCs latest process node. ✔️The perf is the real deal, and the M1 is the entry-level LOW end. ✔️Competitive price/perf and in stock @ MSRP My interests are pretty varied, but lately I just use this for anime & manga fandom with some politics mixed in.
dr_ogg Bay Area, CA @WordscapesGame @Apple FYI, forcing users of your software into receiving advertisements and tracking is wrong! I'm not sure why Apple is allowing this to continue... You must provide an opportunity to OPT-OUT of your crap... Computer Scientist - 2/5
ComicsTerminal Toronto, Canada When the weather is crap the best thing to do is grab your favourite podcast and just start listening. #terminalvelocitypodcast #podcasts #comicsbooks #applepodcasts #googlepodcasts #spotify Weekly comic talk & review podcast hosted by @aviarruel & @justacomicsnerd. Check us out at Terminal Velocity Comic Book Podcast in your favourite podcatcher

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