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AuntZeldaAndMe If you ain’t gon’ done listened to the latest episode of “Aunt Zelda and Me and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette,” well you gon’ done should! Because really wtf is up with this Hannah B crap??? #thebachelor #PilotPete Aunt Zelda and Me and The #Bachelor and The #Bachelorette || A podcast I do w/ my 65 y/o aunt and 72 y/o uncle about #TheBachelor and #TheBachelorette. Link ⬇️
poe_boiii @RDBenji apple juice is overrated and it taste like dog crap now orange juice i fire this is my twitter
PaulNadjmabadi Los Angeles, Ca @AppleSupport Holy crap! why is it so hard to get any answers over at Apple! I've been working what should be a simple fix for days! Talked to multiple Sr. Advisors and still not resolved. Did you guys run out of geniuses? Senior Creative Editor, Reader, Watcher, Comics Obsessive, occasional music maker and (best of all) Dad.
katanna Austin, TX I hate saying this about an Apple product, but the Slideshow maker in Photos is complete and utter horse crap. Terrible. Completely unusable. I WANT to like it, but it keeps re-ordering photos, and there are zero controls about how the photos are shown. Useless. A techie serving God as best I know how!
Jyosua Tokyo-to, Japan It amazes me how Apple invented the world's least useful autocorrect, and then made it the default for iOS. Holy crap is this thing bad. 東京住んでる外国人 バカヒビキ使いだね #BBCF #GBVS Partnered streamer: Software engineer. Server admin for 本当に日本語でおk。今勉強中けど、頑張ってるんだ。うしじま組
FinanceExaminer Arizona @InvResDynamics In the end Dave, because Tesla was so beat down coming into end of year it is virtually the only thing algo's and investment houses have to buy since they are waaaaay chock full of Apple and Amazon crap. Historian, economist, contributor to The Gadfly and owner of
AlexanderCopp15 Nowhere mi @WilmyHood I'm 35 and crap post both xbox and ps but mainly apple. Can I just except the douchbag part of this. Cause my hate is well placed in anything but the original Nintendo cause that was lit. The new versions of duck hunt you can shoot the dog. Wtf. Who made that. Member of EVIL squadron in Elite Dangerous. tends to explode alot goes by Commander Copperinc420 on Xbox. GT is Copperinc420 married to the most beautiful woman
raspyberry Ontario, Canada Stop buying Samsung phones. I haven't for years because of bloatware but this is even worse. @Samsung Are you going to do anything about this? Stop loading phones up with crap. Apple and Google phones are better options. #spyware #samsung #chinesespyware
slithrael @nickandre @neeche41 @LDLSkeptic @Carnket @holmanm @Diamondkfarms @FatEmperor @littletompaine @NNeanderMedical @Kitt_S_N_Koola @CliveBeaufoy @gtfinchy @MeursaultArthur @DaveKeto Lipidology is not a finished science and you know we still don't know how gravity works either. Is it gravitons? warped space? Both of those explanations are crap. You can be certain however that the apple falls from the tree and LDL >100mg/d clogs the pipe. That's observed. pop-sci critic big tobacco shill big soy shill
xyster Toronto, Ontario Is Tesla really exceptional or are legacy car companies just complacent and crap? Admittedly, Tesla has over a decade of momentum now, but how long would it take an Amazon or Apple to catch up? Will cars go the way of smartphones or TVs? This is more a personal diary than a news feed. Technology, relationships, cameras, startup life, anxiety, and my own adventures in life. link = newest project
Rhitrition Harley Street, London THE BIGGEST WEIGHT LOSS MYTHS is this week's Food For Thought podcast 🙌🏻 With pills, powders, programs and procedures going around to "help" you this new year, @GilesYeo and I cut through the crap, and sort fact from fiction once and for all! Registered Nutritionist, Food For Thought Podcast Host & Bestselling Author
SallyJe82035682 Florida, USA I’ve had nothing but trouble from Apple. You guys have sent me on a miracle round for a year at least. You told me to call and you put me on hold forever. I have a computer to watch is AirPods and nothing is worth a crap! Why do you treat your customers like crap? China, maybe?
TagYoureIt11 Arkansas, USA @annehelen I’m sorry but that show is so bad it’s hard to watch. And I’m an Aniston fan. Seems like they just threw money at major actors for apple+ and had crap script/concept.
RyanFamuliner Columbia, MO Twitter is so weird right now because in your timeline you’ll see people posting bull crap about the golden globes, nfl memes, sponsored posts about Apple TV, and then stuff like this that will end up in textbooks News Director at KBIA-FM & Associate Professor at the MU School of Journalism. “I mean if we’re gonna do it we might as well make it cool as hell”
bry1_mike Anderson, SC @yourholygaymom That recipe sounds good and all but you need a fresh apple and fresh meat for it to be palatable. Nobody is going to eat that crap! Clemson sports fanatic and engineering alum, conservative, veteran, husband and father. #ALLIN #ChopOn & I follow back!
jelera Chicago, IL Thank goodness for that crap #butterflykeyboard. It has stopped me from using my work-issued Macbook Pro and now I'm back loving #Linux in my #Thinkpad T480. This is how a keyboard should feel in a professional laptop. I know of the "new" @Apple MBP's keybd, maybe in the future. Full Stack Software Developer (JS/Ruby/Python), (vim/tmux/rails/Linux). Self proclaimed History buff. Chicagoan by choice and Peruvian food is obsession!
juliannemcd Huntington Beach, CA Just finished binging #TheMorningShow on Apple TV and holy crap is that show good. I cried through the entire last episode. I’m glad I binged instead of watching weekly. It seemed more powerful that way. The subject matter isn’t something you should get a week to come down from.
sixty4k Here @esacteksab @Roku Of the built in crap, Apple TV, and Roku; the roku has been least disappointing, the apple crashes less, but has the craptiest remote on the planet. I'm not interested in google or amazon devices in my home, so the roku is the current 'winner.' Look at me ignoring actual work to do some old school thought leadering. tweets are ephemeral, but my love for y'all is forever.
paul__usher Brisbane, Australia And the #Apple #AppStore bullcrap starts again. There is so much crap on the AppStore, shoddy “in-app” purchases and we must provide ridiculous information on a free B2B offering. Software & Business Strategist
Aurtrivic1 Bronx, NY Sounds more like trump talking a lot of crap. He wants the world to think he is tough but he’s a joke and a national security threat. #RemoveTrumpNow I’m a proud mom and wife with our fur baby tootsie. Proud resister family. NO DM’s. #BlueWave #FBR #ImpeachTrumpNow #ImpeachTheMF
Tim_richards_wx Pendleton, OR @RockChalkBlog Using a friends log in information on Apple TV and the app won’t work because I’m signed into my iTunes account.....ESPN is a f***ing piece of crap Living my dream. Meteorologist. Opinions are my own.
emerosheaa Dublin, Ireland. Her name is Hailee Steinfeld. She was nominated for an Oscar at 14, has BAFTA and Golden Globe noms, an Apple TV series and a thriving music career but still can’t escape being only mentioned as an ex in headlines. And this was written by a woman. So sick of this crap. I like films.
stevesmaserati Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. ⁦@POTUS⁩ can you believe this crap from the msm ? ⁦@NBCNews⁩ is an embarrassment to America. Disgusting and disrespectful to all Americans
lostphoenixuk England, United Kingdom Have to laugh at these crap phishing attempts. Firstly, I haven't had an @apple ID for about 3 years. Secondly, no apple service has my current phone number, and finally, your non disguised URL is not fooling anyone. @AppleSupport Use Code: LostPhoenixUK #AD I'm a UK based gamer, YouTuber and general tech and media geek. I mainly post gaming guide videos for Fortnite & Forza Games
CheruSake Alberta, Canada Stopped at the farmer's market and got a tea from Teamo? IT IS SO GOOD! it's straight up apple juice (just...a juiced apple. Not the cinnamon spice crap) ...banana? And Italian rose tea. Plus berries and other goodies. I could drink 8 of these!! #yeg #yeglocal Artist, writer & comic illustrator of Requiem Mask, The Refuge & others. Former Game Dev at BioWare. 🍁 She/her, INFJ, Gemini, Hufflepuff. Art acct: @SakeruArt
OnTakahashi Auckland, New Zealand This "Raising awareness" bullcrap is the biggest load of crap by Manga Rock. People who read scans KNOW what scans are. They chose to read scans. It's sites like Manga Rock that put themselves on Google and Apple to make themselves look legit that is the cancer in the industry @irodoricomics @irodori_aqua 🇯🇵🇳🇿 I translate Doujinshi & games. @thewarlocs 海外向け同人誌出版社「イロ鳥コミックス」代表。 ゲームと同人誌の日英・英日翻訳家。同人誌の海外出版やゲーム翻訳のお問い合わせはDMまでお願いします!
ckgreissing @VZWSupport I followed you and you haven’t provided any help over the last 2 weeks, or proof for that matter. Knocking $360 off for a “cracked screen” is crap. It costs $100 to repair it at @Apple. Plus I know it wasn’t cracked when it left my possession.
thescratt Planet Iceland! By and large Apple’s TV offerings have ranged from excellent to above average. #TruthBeTold is utter crap tho. skydiver, racing driver, dancer, clown, software dude (TD @ CCP, aka @CCP_Merovingian), very bad at snowsports! / I block all promoted accounts
Timmwellens london @PrimeVideo how crap is it that I purchase a movie on your website and can’t view in through Apple TV?? Why am I wasting money with you?? I love classic bikes and other fine things...
madebyfabian Nürnberg, Bayern @ow Where do you see this „proprietary crap“? And what does Apple wrong? I can connect my AirPods without any problems to any android smartphone / windows pc. So what actually is This „slathered proprietary crap“ you’re talking about? Which technique would be "better" in your eyes? Nuremberg, 🇩🇪 – UI / UX Designer & Developer – Working on different projects and mainly as an apprentice at @immowelt
AlexWhiteGB Gibraltar @stormcab Icloud is crap fullstop, I spend more time managing the icloud crap than doing work. As for family sharing with apple don’t get me started, biggest crock of crap ever. Then there is the crap itunes, took over £300 out of my account and even apple cannot work out what for. Proud London Green Badge Taxi Driver, LCDC representative at Heathrow. 9 years into being diagnosed with ME/CFS.
Rob_Schilling18 Minnesota, USA @MrsSunshineYo @Bee_the_change_ @AlexNtours @HeleneShaw17 @trumpwarrior45 It's because of the people you elect and continue to elect. Notice most of this crap is in liberal cities. You sign up for the product this is what happens. Example Apple pay or Google pay. JUST DON'T USE THE PRODUCT. It's really not that hard. #GodFirst #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #MAGA #KAG #TheLeftHateAmerica #GodandCountry #AbortionisMurder #MAGASOTA #SavetheChildren #Atheismisamentaldisorder
ow Toronto, Ontario @ad1ctl @LanceUlanoff Meh, even that sucks. Moving Airpods between a Mac and iPhone is finnicky at best, and that's with all Apple's proprietary crap on top. ⭐ making tech friendlier with words 👋 content strategy manager at @shopify. 📢 i debug a topic in tech every Monday for @ozm 👇
ItsJustMentalMe New York, USA @rattray_kim @Apple Yep and if you see something like pop up saying download this anti virus software and it keeps popping up, it’s crap. That’s why I called Apple and they helped me remove the problem. Now my computer is fine. Definitely call them about your phone just in case. I could be wrong. Yes I have mental illnesses. Yes it is extremely difficult. Yes I feel like giving up sometimes. However, I won't quit because I am a #MentalHealthWarrior!💪🏼
tormenmashi_ spotlight now with rumors that apple is gonna use in screen fingerprint sensor I can already hear all those Android fanboys crapting on apple saying all sorts of different crap smh but tbh just shut up and use the damm phone its not like you can afford it anyways there's nothing to lose, we are not in a position to be loved either
MccaslinBm Apple what the hell is it that people can’t download apps for 21 forking days. Your phone sucks and I think I’ll damage it so possibly I can dump your crap phone and your ridiculous policies and your over the top crap security. You are a screwed up Corp. I am a retired person starting my own business. Happy and thrilled to be alive. God Bless you all
vilapupu United States @DingoTech Uber actually ignored me a while back. Their customer service is crap when they don’t know what to do. In the end I talked to PayPal and got da “Uber cash” back. Eventually I learned their iOS app doesn’t allow Apple Pay+Uber credit, only CC/PP+credit 🤷‍♂️ Something algo. blah blah blah~ Also a guy. [Vilachan's official Twitter] **[ENG/ESP OK]**
danketch69 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ⁦@TimHortons #YXE is pretty garbage. Most I go to barely have any donuts, it’s always choosing between 4-5 kinds. I stopped going, it’s been great not spending there and not eating their crap. It was a coffee and donut shop, now it’s everything but. PS/Steam:danketch69 XB:DanKetch WoW: DanKetch#1558 Twitch:DanKetchYXE #LoyalLittle DachDad🐕💨, Socialist/GodlessLiberal, 49ers, B.Hawks, Jays, 🌟stros, 420🇨🇦
nigelbme Toronto This is why ⁦@fordnation⁩ and ⁦@Sflecce⁩ arguments that the province is poor and can’t afford smaller class sizes, resources for students with special needs or to fix school buildings are complete crap⁉️ #TaxTheRich #cutshurtkids Building community together for our children.
imtftrader Plano, TX Apple could Gap and Go" or "Gap and Crap"! Which one will occur? Without Volatility, you add too much risk. Want to learn? Volatility is only way. #volatility #strategy #gap #education #trade #aaple #stock #stocks #options #option #stockeducation #sp500 #nasdaq Stock | Options | Currency | Futures | Forex | Bitcoin | Crypto. Disclosure:
renalds_angela Bull💩 don’t fall for it that money is coming from lobbyists and new donors that realize they can get a policy of their choosing if they give him large sums of money for crap it doesn’t have nothing to do with impeachment. #Gov4Sale Ready to fight for 2020. #ImpeachmentTrump #BlueWave2020 #FollowBackResistance. Proud Democrat🇺🇸 Happily Married DONT INBOX I DELETE.
AlexWebTweets London, England As an Apple guy, I have to admit this is the most promising Windows laptop yet. The switch to 16:10 was so necessary. And it looks really good. Now, if only it came without all the Dell crap ware... Views my own. Tweets auto-delete. I like tech, I like brands, I have opinions on those subjects.
janice_donalson Jill is a Hillary, an enabler. Horrid. This crap is not innocent. Joe Biden is a brazen, arrogant pedophile. And Hunter is an apple that fell right under his nasty dad’s tree.
PiercedPups Illinois, USA Well I upgraded my mini to the new Mac OS Catalina and now my keychain is completely gone, any thoughts on how to fix your crap that also screwed me out of my Microsoft Office Suite @AppleSupport @Apple #MacLoverContemplatingWhy Social Media admin, Bachelor in Public Affairs WSU. Firm believer that Trump is a foreign agent put in power to dismantle this country piece by piece. #Resist
DamoW11 Why is @Apple support so crap??? Kids get vouchers for iTunes, all redeemed and yet iTunes still charges my bank?! I try apple support and it’s the most convoluted and long winded method and then nobody comes back to me anyway?! Coach and former referee, Gloucester fan and big supporter of H4H and R4H.
UKMarkLeeds Leeds, UK On my third #iPadPro and it has started with the white bloom above the home button making it unpleasant to use. Cheers @Apple , maybe investigate #QualityControl? My old models are all okay but the iPadPro 10.5” is a pile of crap. #AbsoluteJunk #WhiteBloom Cogito, ergo doleo.
jpberthiaume Minnesota I had my semi-regular reminder of how much I hate @apple crap. iTunes is a total crap-show, and they funnel everything through that trash (unless you want to pay their ridiculous prices for media). Buying Android tablets from now on. Roman Catholic Easter Worshipper, Husband, Equipment Manager for 6 kids. Employed in Information Security and as a softball pitching machine. Pray 4 me pls.
Chaseemmert7 @RMPrendergast @afleder @sleepyjoe2 @AiG And now you’ve indoctrinated with the same antiGod crap every.single.twitter.atheist says. What’s your point? Every religious person will tell you life is a battle between good and evil. Your are going to be influenced by one or the other. Don’t bite the apple eve And in the end every knee sha’ll bow before Him
markfla26964359 Bredbury, England Ios13.3 what a load of crap. Battery drain is ridicules. Apps constantly closing down and forking you off. Getting requested to enter my Apple ID 20 times a forking day! Wtf. Noob crypto fanatic.
FeyisetanLeeza Rhode Island, USA I guess we learnt where she get her racism from and why she feels privileged to say what she wanted. The apple doesn't really fall far from the tree, huh. The world is too diverse for this crap. Sit her down or you both take a class on diversity. Stop encouraging Idiocracy. Understanding

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