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wereallgoingdei gloucestershire @Han_Farmersboy @Apple Apple is crap and a watch that tracks your every movement love conspiracy theories , and the truth behind the bullcrap of governments
2__Beers Niagara, Ontario Apples' response - yeah a lot of people have reported that but the only fix is buying a newer AppleTV. I will never buy another Apple product again. They are crap. @tim_cook sucked the innovation out of that company and made their products crap. The #Sabres continue to provide the daily soul crushing siege I need in my life, and for all of the pain I love the #Sabres. #LetsGoBuffalo
HoodRatNation @ILickYorkHunt Sorry Mikey.... Your breed is dying from COVID and old age every day. The train of backwards thinking has left the station. That "Mom and Apple Pie" crap is a relic of the past. You won't take back s**t bc it ain't "yours" in the first place
darksecretplace Loss...Angeles, Gavinfornia The "Japanese Apple/Pear" is crap. Honeycrisp and Havarti is everything! More later. A Macleod, actually. A war or 3. Self-taught autodidact. I didn't leave radio, radio left me. I'm still on course. Sound familiar? Subscribe at link.
JeffGignac SS: 43.542207,-79.6003362 @Deanptrk Question sir Do you see Gmail ads? Do you see Search ads? What about Maps? Are they all dying too? Google is not Apple and does not market the crap out of stuff They are a trillion dollar company so they must know more than all of us Star of Canada's Worst Handyman 2 on Discovery Channel. Nonprofit Professional, CEO, Entrepreneur, Investor & Mentor. Most tweets about nonprofits, startups
BaronessGio It's very silly the crap Tumblr is pulling because of Apple. Like you realize, they're just gonna go back to not tagging a single thing? So all the muting and curating will go out the door? Call me Gio! GNC lesbian, he/she/they, white, 27 years old. Mead makin' side @theladysglass-Coven side @goldencov3n Let me fix that. Lilith Stan.
kjgillenwater Wyoming, USA Got to the second episode of ‘Amazing Stories’ on Apple + and we’re done. Never will watch again. Same with 2nd season of Big Sky. SICK of the woke crap that is completely unnecessary and has zero purpose except to indoctrinate. Veteran. Former NSA linguist. Author of romance, suspense & science fiction. All the links are here, books, website, etc.:
wereallgoingdei gloucestershire @Han_Farmersboy @Apple Apple is crap and a watch that tracks your every movement love conspiracy theories , and the truth behind the bullcrap of governments
theemetris Berlin, Germany @appltrack What is it with Apple having the ability to ship totally perfect devices but then engage in some nonsensical purposefully self-defeating crap like notches, no chargers, no SIM cards, no ports, no headphone jacks etc. Enough of this user hostile nickel-and-diming crap @tim_cook! Roots in 🇬🇷, branches in 🇪🇺. Designer. Traveler. Nerd. Pro evidence, pro facts. Anti far-right. Anti far-left. Tribeless. Opinions 100% my own. He/him
saskboy Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada @GordonPriest We have a Windows 8 tablet also, but it's a piece of crap and is unreliable. It was a cheapo from Superstore I think. My iPad 1 is almost as unusable thanks to Apple making its software unusable now. You may say I'm a dreamer. Regina, Sask. Treaty 4 is my home, #Carsharing IT Pro Able to explain it in 140 char Signal, #crypto, etc. @JohnKleinRegina
snortraxx Norcal ey the crap going on with apple banning and censoring apps from the iOS store and what tumblr is now doing banning people from using hella words is super scary I know tiktok already has to deal with this with black people and lgbt people getting banned for no reason holy crap 28 / Music / Art / Cosplay / He/Him / Currently accepting any type of commission (Art+Music only account is @snortrax )
Tamishu Buffysadharc, United States So I officially own 3 apple products now. The most I’ve ever owned at one time! Hubs got me an Apple TV for Christmas and holy crap this thing is miles better than the chrome cast. She/her. Creating opportunities for solution.
Csr4161 Fauci says Covid cases will go much higher, warns against getting complacent @CNBC Fauci is definitely full of crap no one cares about omicron and he is just trying to keep himself relevant
APB_BMORE52 @ForeverCincy @Ben_Baby @ESPNStatsInfo What team goes for it 4th and 5 up by 17? Please tell me the last time you saw that happen. Apple was talking crap because that's the culture that locker room is breeding. The sad thing is the Bengals have nothing to show for it and still wont. Ravens nation, O's for life, Rock the Red. If you are checking how many followers I have, you should probably get a life.
CryptoFritz_ Oasis @SalsaTekila Type A is ancient and most of it is dead space. Apple might do a lot of crap here and there but I’m glad we are finally moving away from that connector Cards Against Humanity pro player
rihwooby Scotland, United Kingdom Like its okay! You can use an iPhone and admit that Apple is a piece of crap thats constantly ruining your user experience, you dont have to insist its a problem with the apps that are doing whatever they can to stay accessible to you Rooster Teeth fan || 🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 || i make art and more importantly, memes || she/her
tony52392567 @MKBHD Apple is one big con same old crap on it year after year and yes they no about the battery just pure greed
sb_sb_sb_sb_sb_ @Marks_Tech Samsooong can never beat apple in camera quality. The only good thing Samsung has over apple is the design and possibly the screen. Rest everything is crap. I STAND FOR RIGHT🦋
ju3ticeforgabby SUPPORT PAGE I walked almost 3.5 miles today yay I’m proud of myself but my legs hurt like crap now 😂😂😂 anyways how is everyone’s Christmas? Mines good so far, I apple watch so hopefully that help me to motivate me to lose weight. Went on a long walk with my dog and am enjoying the day!! Let’s give justice to Gabby like how she deserves it! also posting other missing people to hopefully get them justice too! -just a SUPPORT PAGE-
joe_cosentino_ @AppleLaborers Get to work. The young generation has no idea what a work ethic is. Try health care where you work every other holiday and really get a thank you. So grow up go to work selling overpriced underpowered apple crap Watching what is happening and making comments on what bugs me.
Crap_Wrestling If you don’t have WWE network and want to watch the Michaels vs Hogan match before/after listening to the podcast, you can find it here. Podcast link is below Catch Matt’s favourite spot in the attached video 😂 The podcast that is all about crap wrestling and also a crap podcast about wrestling. Join us on our journey through the worst wrestling of all time.
Crap_Wrestling Merry Christmas to all of our followers and listeners from Matt and Weston of The Crap Wrestling Podcast. Our gift to you is 2 of our episodes now on Apple Podcasts: Gift us a listen, it’s 100% ad free 🎅 The podcast that is all about crap wrestling and also a crap podcast about wrestling. Join us on our journey through the worst wrestling of all time.
favfavalore @devalara44 Yes Tweety..allthe headlines from you know who’s protection racket…from apple news so I dont have to click on their crap… are saying how mild Omicron is….bullcrap ..why has Holland closed down…and many others countries..its not only sheer numbers..its serious. an old bloke who loves a beer & a bet,a laugh & who likes a caring govt.married to the same lady 50 years.. a retweet does not always mean agreement..
Crap_Wrestling You can now join us for episode 2 on APPLE PODCASTS! We discuss the podcast exclusive HBK IKEA corner shelf, try to understand why Hulk Hogan is made of ham, and hold a gameshow featuring the tweets of the Iron Sheik. Don't miss it. The podcast that is all about crap wrestling and also a crap podcast about wrestling. Join us on our journey through the worst wrestling of all time.
lgbt_otto Minnesota, USA Holy crap whiskey and apple cider is wack One glass in and I'm all sorts of forked up 05-24-20 Venmo TylerMae02 CashApp $TylerMae02
portland_brad Tigard, OR Hillary Clinton is begging Democrats to consider her as an alternative to Biden: Devine - Fox News This is trash and crap even for the filth that is ⁦@FoxNews⁩ Decent human being always striving to improve my soul. Cancer fighter & winning, sexy Progressive, sports fan, aspiring equanimity, hopeful yet 🤨, #recovery
ciaga101 @Apple_parody10 @mattcmirza @TechnoExplorer Again wtf is with you and referencing such serious political stuff with iphone vs android crap, it isnt that serious, everyone has a preference and thats where it stops, its not deep, its a metal block in the palm of your hand you compare to other blocks over minimal differences HC_art_studio on Instagram, always open for commissions! (prices may vary) I have a crippling addiction to arguing with anti vaxxers..
1313dwayne New York, NY @aaronbbird @madaznfootballr Yup, take away super mega caps like Apple, FB,GOOG,MSFT,TSLA etc and rest of market is absolute crap The F.I.R.E journey starts now!!! Whole world to see and so little time to do it. Let's goooo💥
CarrollGRobins1 Houston, TX Basic point of this article is Dems have to believe and stand strong for the policies we believe in and stop letting Republicans get away with crap. Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Educator, Lawyer, Community & Political Activist, Public Policy Nerd and Omega man
GlazierBrian Massachusetts, USA @thehill What’s really important is if the Supreme Court let’s trump hide his Jan 6 records and others , our system is broken this crap . But the way this country is going you have to wonder. To many bites at the apple this wouldn’t happen to regular citizens. We’d be in jail . Retired law enforcement, Life long Democratic and not the real liberal kind . Down to earth kind. served 4 years USAF 39 years law enforcement
rosseaston London via Scotland @michaeljardine Aww crap mate! I’m sorry. Get yourself set on a proper cozy day in & defer the family Christmas for a few days longer. Ted Lasso well worth a binge watch on Apple TV, Click&Collect on Netflix and Escape from Pretoria on Prime (the latter is a bit tense!) Director, External Affairs @energynetworks. Former SpAd to Northern Ireland Secretary. Supporter of @RailwayChildren.
lsinfosec Edinburgh, Scotland Is it just me or has “assistant” development stalled almost completely? Really basic crap “enhancements”. @Apple Siri @Google @amazon Alexa needs work to focus more on integration with each other’s tech, consumers not in only one camp! More media and tv services etc too looking around in logs, looking for trouble | Protector of 1’s and 0’s | Views are my own and not my employers | Senior Security Consultant at Adarma
reasonablyzen Tucson, AZ @HillaryMonahan Nope. My son some how managed to buy $180 worth of crap in an app when I have all in app purchases requiring a password he doesn’t know. My Christmas bonus is gone and apple declined to refund. I think I might be finally getting it together. she/her
takuarm Kelowna, BC #5years? This #sexualmisconduct crap has been going on forever? And only now? Military thinks it’s time to end? STOP RAPING WOMEN? #keepyourfeckinghandstoyourself It is that easy!! #STOP #STOP #RAPING #WOMEN IN @CanadianForces @JusticeCanadaEN #Canada Trying to understand the world around me. Art history and life long learner. Cannot understand our Governments.
chrmorri6 @SteeloBrim I wonder if there's been a study as to how much money is wasted and how many products are wasted every year on unnecessary crap gifts. I've seen people have mental breakdowns b/c of the pressures of gift giving.Then they buy something stupid,like an apple peeler,b/c society sd so Texas
kidcampbell7111 The NATION of TEXAS @jodydeadstock @2wallyworld @_QueenHaley @robertas_world @BillBuster41 Dude. STFU. You're a music artist. YouTube video production, and Apple Music album uploads. Gimme' a damn break. You're doing something. Not my bag, but you're on the come up. Maybe, stop Twitter crying & get your *ss to work, & record. Whatever that crap is, anyway. Liberals -- always quick on the block button .. but that's what they do, when facts don't apply & they dunno' sh*t. Trump Won !! ⭐IFB⭐
SazeracNELA Los Angeles, CA @jis4junglist @Apple I used to routinely keep a half a dozen or more apps open, and until I expanded the memory I just couldn’t do that anymore. Something is leaking memory like a MFer. Even now something is dumping gigabytes of crap into the RAM and filling it up. I enjoy popsicletails, French fries & science fiction. ALL #StarTrek. #IDIC Former KCRW & KCSN DJ; streaming weekly radio show, “Safe At Home,” info pinned. He/him.
Alythium Virginia, USA @TheeKocoCaine @BitterBettySux OH ME TOO ! 🤚 im defending people left and right.. I thought dragula fans were different but, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the other tree.. This cancel culture crap is disgusting and gross 🏳️‍🌈 🤓 🎮 ✏ 🍑 📼 📺 🎵
TerryOrr10 @ApeCrayonsYummy Oversold? This is a manipulated stock. Your silly little charts and theory’s don’t mean crap on this play. Save those for Apple and Microsoft. Now GFYM
dlopez0056 @edstetzer That’s RFID & is limited, however, people all over the world walk, buy crap, run, sleep, work and go to church with active chips in their hand. Phones are invasive, track location & even heart beat/rate & people don’t accuse Apple of being Satan. One more conspiracy, stop it! I'm not who I was, I will not be who I am, but you will never know. My friends know me by my nickname & enemies my callsign
2scottsherG @braxton_mccoy my hearing is crap, so audio quality is the first thing I notice about pod casts and zooms. Decent condenser mics are not that much, but what works as well IMO are inexpensive lavalier mics and Apple wired earbuds. .
CodeArtWrite New Mexico, USA @simonbs Downloaded, wrote a review stating it is fraudulent, rated 1 star, and reported to Apple. Sorry you have to deal with this crap, Simon. Mom, #Lesbian, #Atheist, #Autistic, Coder, #CPTSD, #Vegan, #BlueWave, Exvangelical, Weed Enthusiast, Funny, Compassionate, Human, She/Her.
abishek21631681 @AppleSupport worst ever service provided for case 101551648464. I wish I had not bought this piece of crap and compromised my peace of mind and hard earned money. Totally disappointed @tim_cook Please accept the device of mine which is at apple service centre as a new year gift.
rodcubkoguma Melbourne's West @deniseshrivell The NZ and UK apps use push notifications. And then there is the Apple and Google platform layers that we could leveraged. But nooooooo we bought the dodgy a.f. CovidSafe crap app from mates and paid big bucks... Because... Mates and donors! Part of the Revolution against the Morrison regime. Scummo has to go... ✊🏽🏳️‍🌈🔥😈!
UTChicago Chicago Hahaha holy crap my Apple Music favorites mix. Today it includes Len, the X-Cutioners, and is like 40% Lo-fi Beats to Study and Relax To. Crust Fund Pizza guy. Church cookbook fan. Honking Midwestern-accented hype person for @RevBrewChicago. Fun things for @TheTakeout. Ex @morningstarinc
Lince_Perdido @AppleSupport You’re not making neither cheap hardware nor free software, and it is still crap given the amount of capital you have. BE HONEST PLEASE, you’re far from being a marginally decent business @Apple. “And yet it moves” - Galileo Galilei to the Inquisition - “Y sin embargo se mueve”
FutureSailorr This girl is making a starter with apple and yam. She cannot cook & it looks like actual crap #dinnerdate Creative/Actress🎭 1/2 of @themusicmukbang ✨
KeelaNoMates Neverland! Apple have completely ruined my day and this crap is sold out everywhere I have zilch to say.
mangu0963 @Swish_Sniper305 @Apple What a dumb argument 🤦🏻‍♂️ Apple is not a hardware company but they do design it and the software that runs the camera system is Apple’s, the screen calibration is Apple’s software! The hardware can be good but if the software is crap then everything else goes to 💩
Uncle_Bruiser New Jersey, USA I have the 12 Pro Max. The only other iPhone I can compare the battery to is the iPhone 5C. Someone at #Apple saw how awful this battery was and said “it’s good enough.” Great phone, crap battery. Can’t wait to see what the 14 is like. Performer. Out Spoken. Husband. Pansexual. Polyamorous. Live Long and Prosper 🖖

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