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EconomicManBlog United States @The_Blck_Swan @WPipperger crap reliability and poor service in order to have "bleeding edge" tech (or at least to imagine that they have this). Apple is the exact opposite: it appeals to people who want the simplest to use tech in superbly crafted and presented products. And the business model is the Retired RE investor. Economics (Bowdoin College/LSE) and Finance (Univ of Mich). Libertarian. NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. (Thou/Thee/Thy/Thine)
jshankar16 @bad_biiiiitch @theapplehub my someone having access to iOS source code outside of apple..? or how this happened..? they constantly criticize android for privacy and security..!..So why should i pay so much than an by a crap..!
full_crapter The Septic Tank Kansas Anybody got a newer old phone they want to sell? Get this I’m on an Apple 5S. My Motorola died last year and this is what I had. Anyways I can’t update crap anymore and I don’t want to pay a lot of money and I don’t deal with Facebook anything I tweet random crap
DorisMele United States @GingerChin5 I would. Unless it’s made like crap. China stuff is made like crap! Stainless steel that rusts??? Imagine that! They’ve been trying to kill us for years. Poison in the foods. Formaldehyde in carpeting and Sheetrock…the list is endless. Don’t trust the Apple juice either!!! 😂😂
anmrwdn United Kingdom September sundowners. Life is a balancing act of quite a lot of crap right now, but still good things endure. There is joy in sunsets and ice cold chenin blanc and a puppy gently licking my toes and a blackberry and apple crumble in the oven. Keeps on turning… Co-founder of consultancy offering support to conservation, peace and security across Africa.
KikiNFT METAVERSE @BLAKKMASSART holu crap, BLAKK with an ipad and apple pencil is about to be next level crazy! Founder of @kikicitynft, @kikiplayground,and @japannftartclub! Oh, and @rariblecom moderator and verification specialist! Accepted on @KnownOrigin_IO!
0xCultist Void @Dinosn The paradox is that Apple put more fight in the 2015 terrorism case, and LavaBit went out of business trying to protect the end user. Proton offers a service, but in same time attempts to up sell you VPN and other crap. Ironically you can now question how safe is Proton VPN 🤔 Cultist
TinglofMr Knivsta, Sverige This mouse is my enemy!! 🤬 I hate it. If I had another mouse I would kill this bastard 😡 Things just happens randomly on the screen and I don’t know where to put my fingers. Crap! It’s utterly crap! The worst piece of crap Apple ever has made @Apple Hi! I’m Robin Tinglöf from Sweden. I’m a songwriter, musician and producer. This account is mostly about music. My music and others 🎶
Dimavrmk2 Bridgeport, CT @jonathandata1 @checkra1n Android is easy! Apple gotta know your crap and Apple about to send you a letter CT,NY,NJ Computer Repair Services and Networking and Cloud Solution for small businesses
fredsonora Some apps are built weak cuz they overload it with crap and spam. Twitter is the most reliable thing on earth 247. Apple, android, Samsung smart fridge. WiFi text cellular. regular person, USA.
Nekobaghira constantly lost @NYSFair And Apple Stinks too. The bar codes are crap. I've never had to spend so much time with my android phone because the @NYSFair is so unfriendly.
kabuelenain Strongsville, OH @sarrahghazal Unpopular opinion: Garmin is crap. I have a Garmin Tactix. Had a Polar before the Garmin and it was very accurate. Fitbit before that: not for a regular runner like you. I know nothing about Apple watch though 🙂 I design, implement, operate and automate networks and clouds for a living. Cisco Press author. Runner. Skydiver.
datroot19 Sugar Notch, PA @buffalo_butt Don't understand your point. My family all has Chinese Android phones, cheaper and better than the Apple crap. Zero problems with them. China is by far the world's largest exporter of iron and steel in 2019 having exported 87.3 million metric tons. They just do things better. Interests: against war, imperialism, corrupt government. I love humor, the piano, the arts, and artistic and personal freedom.
Gibson3G Tema, Ghana Ghanaians and Africans spend a lot more acquiring @Apple products especially iPhones/MacBooks/iMacs etc and when you want to install certain apps you're restricted ‘cos of ur “region”.I mean whatever the fvck happened to the “internet” and the world is a “global village“ crap❓ God, Family 👪, Leo 🐈 and Good Football . Gym addicted 💪 #LAL #MUFC #UTID official twitter account. IG: gibsonfitz, Gibson_Graham
thepainguy St. Louis, MO fork @Apple FIRE HAZARD crap. With the money from my settlement with the Catholic Church, I bought a MacBook laptop. It started running hot, and now the chassis is so distorted the lid won't close. I've been trying for YEARS to get the battery replaced but @AppleSupport won't. Critical thinker. Independent player development analyst/coach. Williams, Mantle & Verlander obsessive. Hitting/Pitching instruction & webBooks. Mi/MLB clients.
CallieEMcM @ASlavitt No needles. Either that or the apple flavoring. But Imma go with no needles because I really do believe that when you get past the conspiracy crap and the other objections, that is down under all of it. A deep, irrational fear of injections. The rest is rationalization. Writer under another name. This is my personal twitter acct. I don't chase follows and I probably won't follow you. Nothing personal, life's just too short.
Junior08790429 Under your bed. Brian bale and Roger Jun Wing Ong didnt make the team. Terrible. I have another team running this problematic analysis is not fun. Just because I'm ahead. I quit alot of jobs. Didn't ask for an apple. Jobs at Apple aren't fun. Making all this crap. My adorable ability to be forgiven. Terms and conditions apply to my account beyond cookies and corporate terms. IQ back up to 200+.
OXIR16 @mercuryy00 @NightTigerFTW But you said 120Hz is useless crap and Apple doesn't focus on it My account, my opinions.
nacinla Los Angeles Dear @Apple: Time to get out of Texas. There’s cheap labor and barbecue elsewhere. The party in Austin is over. And don’t give me that crap “If we leave we have no influence.” You’re there; they passed an antiabortion bill anyway. Show some spine Fmr editor/designer for five newspapers, inc. LA Times (21 yrs). Started working for LGBT rights in '79. Proudly intolerant of intolerance and willful ignorance
Csr4161 QAnon and anti-vaxxers brainwashed kids stuck at home during pandemic @CNBC. This is such a piece of crap article&no one is brainwashed;people question the election & that’s the right of people; we live in a free country & the right of free speech remains
VsRosario Hialeah, FL Wait, is it the Canadian representative or some crap that speaks 5 languages. Which NOT fluently. And watches a lot of Korean shows? Oh wait, no that’s my friend Claudia Marrero. Only phone number that wasn’t added back into my contacts list. LOL. @Apple so you don’t get hacked? Always follow your heart ♥️
BlkHistory365 Washington, DC @NileEvans @TReader1956 @RandomRan26 Some of my playlists from Apple and Spotify… wrong again buddy. I have great interest in Rock and Roll and that era of music… 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣. More of a reason your “Afrocentric” crap is an EXCUSE.. Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative Stoner ....#BYOBworld
zedorigin1980 Ontario, Canada @CBCToronto Thank Mass consumerisum. Croney capitalisum. Greed. Production or crap products meant to break and fail so we can spend and consume at huge enviromental cost. This is everyones fault for supporting horrible corp like Apple, Amazon, YouTube Justice for Nalu Science NUT works R&D I can offer Truth The truth is neither good nor bad But it may shatter your opinion and views on reality sorry
AndroidEducator United States @Marks_Tech The problem with Google messages and RCS in general is that Apple will never adopt it because Apple is evil and controlling. Which is why we will never see iMessage on Android which is why iMessage is crap. It's iMessages fault that it brakes communication I want to help people use their Android phones. They are capable of such amazing things. They are easy to use but people don't play with them so I want to help
tcass2 @hannahnicklin This is why I use crap old apple headphones and a broken extension cable 👌
CinnamonLils Azeroth I need help! Someone send me recommendations for good planner/diary apps please? I have the Apple standard one but I dunno why but I hate it 😂and my Google one is full of crap I can’t get rid of ❦ || UK || ⚤ ||ᵗʷᵉⁿᵗʸ ᵗʰʳᵉᵉ|| 𝕃𝕚𝕓𝕣𝕒 ||🔞|| 𝔗𝔴𝔦𝔱𝔠𝔥 𝔄𝔣𝔣𝔦𝔩𝔦𝔞𝔱𝔢 || 𝙼𝚞𝚜𝚒𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚗 || 𝗡𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗘𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗮𝘀𝘁 🍜 ❦
bymyelf Minnesota, USA @abortu @hunt_errr And all of this because oh I have a workflow.. I have to stick with Apple.. I don't want to put the time in to use something else and maybe have to use some new programs... lol... because this crap twice a month is totally not time consuming or interrupting my workflow. 😂🙄😭 INFJ, human, mom, journalist, photographer, livestreamer, activist, do-er, creator.
piratepeteshow @N7Bleed @IGN I know. And yes they do that. But this is all types of fanbois who do that crap, like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo fanbois. When they get treated like idiots they just smile and bend over. Gamer and Man Utd supporter. I sleep a lot when I'm not awake.
rowdyman Toronto A UX Design trope that bugs me is when a designer or researcher asks, “What does Google/Apple/MS do?” Then assume that UI behaviour to be good or correct. I can confirm as a user of services and apps of those companies that some of their UIs are crap. #uxdesign Absurdly Quotidian. Designer of Internet geegaws and digital curios. Reading Das Kapital, watching Home Shopping Club.
wolfgangrechb Österreich @XRandrew What I fear most is that if apple puts out any XR device those people will fall to their knees and pray for "how apple has innovated & invented again", like they invented tablet computing, guis and so on ... let others do the the hard foundational work and fanboys buy your crap Visual & Interaction Designer. Cofounder of Bloody amateur skater.
AnthonyElmer6 @buriedliegolf @gltan1969 @JackPosobiec @dpfunke Doubtful he is allowed an Apple Watch, and to be texting anyone. Presidents just don’t get this luxury. Look at the crap trump and Obama got for their smart phones. I hate the socialist republic of Pennsylvania formally the commonwealth of Pennsylvania
cyberteque Hectorville @OhioDavee Apple and amazon seem to have a crap ton of money to splash around on really dodgy movies Ice Road is a "good" example some ok ideas? big names, lots of talent but crap stories, 70's/80's TV movies are better Hardware and software hacker Photographer, Videographer, Explorer, Adventurer. Unashamedly an Uber Geek!
Ijustcameheret1 United States @antifarox @MaggieTrainor @GeorgeM91006147 @Imehbles @FoxNews Spare me your selective outrage.. you don't give a crap when your guy who has been on public service for 47 years and is feckless and ineffective and has been for years. Her the one guy who wasn't part of the system upsets the apple cart and you all lose your minds.. Sometimes we don’t agree. I just don’t need myself on blast when I comment on the BS I see. This is my passive aggressive way of saying you’re an idiot.
MDTrades12 Illinois, USA Good morning everyone and happy weekend to all. Don’t forget to enjoy your life outside of the virtual world. Enjoy those last summer BBQs before the apple picking, pumpkin flavored crap hits in full force. PS fall is my favorite season! Student of investing & trading / DFS & Poker / #AlwaysBeGrateful / Failure = Delayed Success / Shared ideas NOT advice. Trade YOUR plan #BeHumble #OneDayAtATime
NLsmalst After all these years, using hotspot of iPhone to connect with MacBook and iPad is still total crap. Turning things off and on after losing connection, very amateuristic @Apple #crapwear Waar zijn wij in Nederland goed fout
Xander03500224 @moids @vitiok1978 Uhhh... because the hardware is crap and because Apple is ridiculously anti-repair, offers very little modularity / customizability, and is expensive
ONE_BAD_APPLE_3 Southern Oregon USA @GerardKapraun My circle ⭕️ is all red. The police are very well liked and respected as a whole. There is no BLM or Antifa crap going on at all. Ashland is double triple woke and I never even drive through that craphole. INFJ-A Bulls on Parade. If you're a sheep, Be the black one. Red-Pilled B4 it was a thing. Pronouns: JHP & FMJ. Fluent in smartsssery.
etabw3 @jamespmcleod @SamsungMobile LG & Samsung are full of bloat ware I moved to iOS and it runs google apps far better also the glass is 10x stronger. You can uninstall apple stuff, unlike the dumb Samsung crap ware you’re forced to keep
futurerob Mars 3 clicks near a Rock. @GoMadXD @michelle0728 @Tesla @AppleMusic @elonmusk Bluetooth audio sucks on tesla it’s kinda embarrassing. It makes you feel like you have a damn 3.5 to Cassette adapter. Tesla has video games and all this other crap but no Apple Music. I don’t understand why this is taking so long. Technology Director by day, tech enthusiast always.
Scuidward1 lol Lol why is @Android so hated by @Apple casuals who don't know crap about phones besides the fact it had a notch and no headphone jack. iOS is a completely locked operating system and hypes up additions that have been in Android for years. sports are cool/@bucks/@brewers/@uwbadgers/ re sign Jace Peterson/#cyburnes
RozLenormand @paramountplus not sure what the freaking issue is but I’m going to cancel if you can’t get your crap together. I bought your Service a s a package through @Apple and at least once a month (even though it’s PAID YOU BLOCK ME FROM GETTING IN! You need to fix this freaking issue! all opinions are mine alone #retired
hetreatsmewell princess park. duh! @dondaisaoty @antistruggletw 2. for the apple logo, the reporter in the article mentioned that louis is trying to send some hints in the way if the fans abiut not being staright and if you'd get your head out of the crap, you would've known how that was quite the opposite of what the management wanted. 16 :) you're beautiful.
ttwasteland_ Parts Unknown Grab your Pure Castile soap and get ready to unite all humans on Spaceship Earth! We read Defenders #104. Topics include: Dr. Bronner's soap, Devil Slayer is the worst, Devil Slayer is a sack of crap, cake easels, and the fact that Devil Slayer sucks. The twitter account of the podcast Titan Up The Defense in which hosts Hub (he/him) and Cory (he/him) get loopy and read Teen Titans and Defenders comics.
torkum Reno, unfortunately Is one of the problems on Stewart's new show Apple itself? Nah, he's taking that bank 4 years of nothing & now he comes back Jog on, buddy Tim Cook is a punk bottom loser selling America out left and right The whole corporation is crap You LOVE their earth killing crap I was and will be therefore I am. Empathy activated. I'm on a random quantum exploration through the universe, it's nice
GrantRPrice I know, one bad egg blah blah.. but what’s going on in schools!?! How disrespectful to those who died for that flag!! Bring in national service and maybe that crap wouldn’t happen.. have some respect!! This is soooo far out of order it’s not funny!!
Apple_Matt London,England, United Kingdom @Rob_J_Frost email is actually the worse part of the internet. Ancient, crap system. Full of spam, spoofing and bots. Audio Remastering / Mixing / Restoration • Remakes and Recreations for Film, TV & Advertising • D&AD winner • Apple Consultant • Associate Member of PRS
MillerResist FTC bars alleged 'stalkerware' company and its CEO from the surveillance business - CNBC ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ some Americans wonder how this crap is approved for sale in the first place? Wtf!? #termlimitCongress ⁦@CanadensisMax⁩ ⁦⁦@DevinCow you gotta stand for something or you will fall for anything-John Mellencamp
cd_smithy Colorado, USA ⁦@TheHillOpinion⁩ this is bull crap. I only had to read the first paragraph when I knew I was reading another sleaze bag hit job. I voted for Joe because he has the diplomatic skills we need to straighten out Trumps mess. He got shots out and more Three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed. – Albert Einstein - and I go to great lengths to point that out
fhdchnd Karachi, Pakistan @moriartyrox Ew no, X is crap and outdated af. Android's UI is too finicky otherwise its bearable, I have plans and Apple's going through a transitional phase anyway so better let 'em be till they're done rolling over completely. I'd reckon you're about to be amazed!
thesociologyguy Merseyside When you feel like a bag of crap, are self isolating and get a message to say the apple crumble that was your one highlight of the day is out of stock... Teacher of Sociology - tweeting about all things Sociology, which is pretty much everything! #sociologymatters youtube channel: thesociologyguy

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