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AliHumdani Dongguan China @Apple is crap specially iPhone 11 and 12. new iPhone same day have to send for repair and service is slow like hell. love to cross the limits. I am internationalist 😊 #DevotedBiryaniLover😌
scpresto New York @Apple sold me an iPad 3 months ago with a charging cable that crapped out today. It costs them $2 to make these garbage cables. Their only remedy: send a replacement after I pay $22 and sign a statement that says my iPad will be sent back and possibly erased. @Apple is crap. Mathematician. Professor at @BklynCollege411. No representation without taxation.
Jaime_Rivera Holy COW!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯 The @Apple $999 M1 MacBook Air just exported @Pocketnow Daily in 2 minutes and 56 seconds. Not even my $5000 16-Inch MacBook Pro can do that!!! It’s a 10 minute video with chroma graphics up to its gills! Holy crap. This is a freaking paradigm shift 🤯🤯 Gadget lover, YouTuber, runner. Spinning and fitness amateur. CCO at Pocketnow. Opinions are my own.
_AnotherOne_1 Bitch I don't know This is why I stay away from Apple crap. Same crap phone and people buy this crap and act like its the best thing ever! 12 is just few weeks into market and 13 is about to be released DREAMER!..You get to decide what kind of a person you're going to be. .Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance. @ManUtd . Raggie music 🎶
Nomad72413865 What a #Load of #Crap @Apple @AppleSupport after running a #diagnostic on my phone I have a #hardware issue that’s wasn’t there prior to the #iosUpdate. So is that the #BS you’re giving everyone with this issue with #BlueTooth and the #SpinningWheel? #Apple you’re a #Joke! #Mets #Knicks #Giants #Rangers #AEW #OldSchoolWrestling #First48 #BarStoolBigCat #StoolPresidente #StuartFeiner #KeithHernandez #MikePiazza
corkjar Minnesota The reason he gets by with this crap is because these Governors stand alone. The gutless, cowardly Republican Representatives and Senators are not saying anything to support the governors. Vote them out along with our idiot President. Hard worker, honest person, loves family, lives life to the fullest.
DougWare Atlanta, GA Apple iCloud is such a scam. When the inevitable class action lawsuit happens I hope I hear about it, but once I am done with this phone, I am not planning to buy any more of their inferior and expensive crap. Atlanta based husband and father who plays with computers.
secretgae Clownation before u say i shouldnt say that about my it and ur p sure it wont be /that/ bad, it is. it so ugly you will cry. and in case it rlly gets 10 likes i will tweet a pic of my 2 month old trashy apple sketch, so if you thought its related to kpop, its not, its crap. she || her #blackpink : we some bitches you can't manage ||
gersart Calgary, Alberta ...every single apple device is dropping the internet connection tonight. The windows machines? No problem. macOS, iPadOS and ios are all crap. creatively coded curiosity. MSc Computing Science, MFA with multiple media artwork. fabrication, coding, recording, scanning. currently job hungry artist
GIitchBit United States Just read an article on @Forbes by @PatrickMoorhead ..seriously.. I'm not an apple fan but this is just CRAP journalism..period. It literally reads like he took a lot of @linusgsebastian @LinusTech 's opinions, made them BAD via poor writing and he gets paid for this?! Really? comedy and ranting
Mackerelcat @walmarthelp @K_Eli28 @Walmart Pay is also unsafe, @Apple Pay and @Google Pay are safer and much more reliable, and the most important thing is those other two WORK and almost never crap out or gail on you. #Walmart Pay has been known to be easily hacked too @Walmartinc @WalmartNews Filmmaking, music production, and much more Tweet frequency and repeating content protected by 1st Amendment, this is not posted by bot software
quieromaas Maars @TMZ OMG!!! WHAT IS THE WHITE CAKEY CRAP ON THE SIDES OF HIS MOUTH??!!! Must have been baking an apple pie for Thanksgiving and tasting the batter.....? Kray Kray
forgerelli Connecticut, USA "Forced labor" is a nice way of saying slavery. The western world needs to come to a reckoning over where our cheap crap comes from and how it's made. I deal with several Chinese manufacturers that don't do this. It costs more but I can sleep at night. I'm here to educate the uncultured kid with the good stuff. Small business owner. Liberal. Hardcore Punk Photographer. Comics. My heart's on my sleeve.
FishChips1 South Africa @kbsez @RichardTaylorTV @Apple @FMC_Conferences The crap screens here are so useless, nothing like you get in a decent country...Africa is not the place for buying tech, overpriced and not always suitable.. video editing using Final Cut Pro X
howlgrowlsnarl Dallas, TX Holy Snap and Crap! The Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast is now available on Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, i Heart Radio Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Stitcher, Listen Notes, Tune In, Pocket Cast, Cast Box, Player FM, Podcast Addict, Deezer, Goodreads, and YouTube! Author (Splatterpunk/Horror/Dark Fiction/Indie/Cult), Producer, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Podcast Host, Husband, Father, and Grandfather!
melboss666 @ passing limits ‘This is catastrophic’: Toronto’s second COVID-19 lockdown presents a worst-case scenario for already battered businesses - The Star covidiots who ruined it for small businesses should be fined and charged-no more of this 2nd chance crap for rule breakers Those who look to perfection only know limits 🏒🦋🦉🙊
williamsjeff1 North Dakota, USA Calling YouTubers and internet celebrities “influencers” was a genius move right up until the time people actually started letting themselves believe their bull crap. Point 1. Tech reviewers. They’ll tell you how awesome and how much better Android is, still all use Apple. Small-town pastor, dad of 3 Big-time kids, and husband to the greatest wife ever. God is faithful!
The_Darkburst @Eisberg_Wolf @JimmyBobWayne @TimSweeneyEpic @spiritedattygrl @3Plantey2 @Trix32x @9to5mac @benlovejoy What does any of this crap has to with apple though? There are Android and Windows platforms running along Apple. Where is the so called "Monopoly"?
apple_iJUNK @RexChapman Whoever gave this person a Driver's License so she/he can drive on the public road so they can endanger people's lives,needs to be arrested and/or questioned.... Unfortunately there are MANY MANY MANY....people like Him/Her which can't drive worth of crap, is the scary part.
ohhhhthatsnice United Kingdom @Apple @AppleTV no wonder you give away a free years subscription with any Apple purchase. Appletv is total crap filled with movies to buy? And not much else. what’s the point AIM investor
Vulcans_resist Starship Enterprise @DarkMoneyDt Phone is still android. I made the account because our last 2 ROKU devices have been crap, the ROKU TV is now having problems... I needed to try something else and Apple TV had the highest ratings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe this is the start of a whole new relationship! Pissed off military wife- Mrs. Mustang. #Resistance, we DID IT. #GeeksResist #BidenHarris2020 #VoteBlueNoMatterWho lists=🚫
steviegurr SF Bay Area @MarcGitar1 The guitar I truly in my heart miss is a beat to crap ‘56 Strat. I sold it to a friend and retain some visitation rights. I also had a ‘65 candy apple red Strat that I simply got tired of, adding it wasn’t all original. I gave a real versatile ‘93 Gibson Nighthawk to a friend. I play harmonica,Telecaster,Gibson acoustics. “Rising to my level of obscurity, reveling in the great anonymity”-quote written by me on a dark morning one nite
Kdstruth Houston Man thank you for some real hiphop and not that mumbled rap crap. The South is back. #YoungJeezy with the heat. Happiness is an inside job!!!!
LilyRoseMay3 England, United Kingdom @Sack_SAGE @BermondseySE16 @Apple_Matt @Crosscolin88 @BBCBreakfast Me too this is utter crap. I was there, reggae and ska rocked the clubs, Bob Marley we loved it. Brexiteer ❤️ Boxer dogs, Lakelands Boris, RF and Great Britan.🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Rugby, Roses 🌹 and reading
vanster11 Coeur d'Alene, ID What crap. This article makes the case that we have to continue restrictions AFTER vaccination of the high risk and health care workers. They make the case that reduction of95% in symptomatic disease and deaths is not enough. Retired ER and Family Doc, husband and father of 3 great children,graduate of UCSB and UCLA Med school. The Great Reset is destined to fail. Own guns and silver
Serge29948835 Atlanta $opti the best satisfaction we can have is seeing Green Day’s . Apple lumps hates that crap and will most likely say you better cash out and take profits haha 😆 but this is about opti My expectations and my results have Provided me nothing less than 100 percent gains . Mainly in small to mid cap biotech - pharma. Experience is knowledge .IMo
agileschools NYC & San Diego, USA Got my new m1 MacBook to work on 2 external monitors by hooking up my Apple TV and using air display. But the resolution is crap : ( Might return if can’t get 2 displays working well. #AgileClassrooms Founder Sanity@Work Coach
1bertoc London, England @BrodyStone21 @cecelikes folks, want good battery life and fast charging? buy an iPhone. Pixel is great but battery-wise is crap because snapdragon chips are hungry for power while apple ones are just superior... Senior BD Manager #mobile #tech #games #east #west - based between London and Tel Aviv
gullevek 東京 Tokyo (Japan) @lilyproJP @tokyorich The Bluetooth crap always is crap and its double crap because the Apple stuff seems to work better sometimes?! どうでも良いですよ! Canary @schlammbeiziger
ACharisPollard The great and mighty London Also Apple Reminders app is truly crap and has started deleting reminders. Does anyone have recommendations for a reminder app that is: free/cheap, allows for recurring reminders, allows sharing, brings reminders up as banners & preferably on the LockScreen and, critically, works Comic fan, Cricket follower, otherwise just normally weird
1904Irrelevants @TwitterSupport #Fleets is like the god dam awful @U2 album that no one wanted and no one asked for yet @Apple decided to force on everyone. Do as they did and please make this crap go away. #Fleets An 'irrelevant' @HullCity fan. Also lover of cricket, F1, darts & Adidas trainers and soft spot for @BlackYellow. #hcafc #UpTheTigers #BVB
1904Irrelevants @TwitterSupport #Fleets is like the god dam awful @U2 album that no one wanted and no one asked for yet @Apple decided to force on everyone anyway. Do as they did and please make this crap go away. #Fleets An 'irrelevant' @HullCity fan. Also lover of cricket, F1, darts & Adidas trainers and soft spot for @BlackYellow. #hcafc #UpTheTigers #BVB
1904Irrelevants @TwitterSupport #Fleets is like the god dam awful @U2 album that no one wanted and no one asked for her @Apple decided to force on everyone. Do as they did and please make this crap go away. #Fleets An 'irrelevant' @HullCity fan. Also lover of cricket, F1, darts & Adidas trainers and soft spot for @BlackYellow. #hcafc #UpTheTigers #BVB
MadmanRB Heck if I know anymore @thecomputerclan Its just another way for apple to lock their customers into their crap. spend $9000, cant dual boot. It doesnt matter how good A1 is if it cant do a simple thing like emulation, virtualization and dual booting. Trekkie, Brony, Whovian, zombie killer, and professional crazy person.
Ash_MarieT16 @lilscraggy @Apple I tried that the other day and the same crap is happening... should I try it again? just livin' life the way it's meant to be, regretting nothing 🤙🏼
stanOnce How Shameful Melissa Lee Ugh ! Sh'e the Real Zombie, who kicks a company when they're down. These clowns have biased opinions that only Apple is buyable. Exxon, Boeing and Macy's are viable turnaround companies that employ 100's of Thousands & do more than the crap they hype Still Alive & Well, almost
stanOnce How Shameful Melissa Lee Ugh ! Sh'e the Real Zombie, who kicks a company when they're down. These clowns have biased opinions that only Apple is buyable. Exxon, Boeing and Macy's are viable turnaround companies that employ 100's of Thousands & do more than the crap they hype Still Alive & Well, almost
ianinthornaby Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorks @JimGardnerSNCLP @itvhub @imacelebrity The @appletv developer has just passed his pint to a friend and is taking his coat off. "worst most annoying piece of crap ever made" you say? Definitely Apple TV HusbanDad. Professional Food Wrangler. Musichead. MiniDisc enthusiast. Wondering whatever happened to that brighter future we were promised. #bipride
HazelynW Edmonton Alberta @jkenney @edmontonpolice This is a joke, one bad apple, this ideology is so rotten, and full of crap! There is no one bad apple, if one is bad, they are all bad. The police needs to be defuned, and dismantled, to get rid of the corruption. One instance of Police doing his job should not be glorified. HAZELYN WILLIAMS SHADOW MINISTER - COMMUNITY, HOUSING AND SOCIAL SERVICES
EdHudley US Hey ⁦@FoxNews⁩ I hope you’re giving this the same billing as you’re giving Gov Cuomo. Otherwise some may start to think that “fair and balance” is nothing more than “full of crap”. One Life, Let It Rock!
KMenzizzle London, England I was gonna crap all over #InternationalMensDay2020 but some of it is meant to spread awareness about men’s mental health and suicide prevalence which is important. Anyway, listen to @CrazyMakersPod because we talk about this stuff. (she/her) black lives matter; host of @crazymakerspod and @snatchtalkpod
BlingBlake @MattV525 @A_A_RonSpeaks I travel so much, i consume a lot on my iPad with AirPods (Pro, obvi( hey @Apple, how bout a little somethin’, you know, for the effort)). Not ideal, but the result is I buy a lot of movies, and watch them for the first time on a small screen, in a crap setting. Still love ‘em. Dad, husband, outdoor rep, podcast guest that one time.
shubham2389 @Apple I don't get how you guys are saving plastic by removing adapter like seriously. I brought iPhone 12 now I have to buy its adapter anyways and it is ultimately creating plastic so cut the crap and stop saying saving plastic start saying the new way to increase apple revenue
Chuckobi1 @Apple This design is crap...iPhone XS Max design is sexy and cool...
aaronsgiles Issaquah, WA The fact that Apple, Android, and Microsoft each have their own meta for specifying web page icons—on top of all the browser-specific crap—is just 100% bullcrap. I don't even care that I work for one of those companies; they all deserve to burn for the pain they've inflicted. Vocational programmer & emulation expert. Avocational singer & lutenist.
tooonarmy Australia @JamesSACorey The appleTV itself is great utilizing the Netflix Amazon Disney etc. The apple TV app is it's worst product by far it's clunky totally misleading, it tries to take over all the other streaming services subscribed or not and then takes 3 layers of crap to pick a show from apple+ "Being aware of whats not Obvious" I'm new pleased to meet u, I'm 🇦🇺 Fearlessly Honest & Loyal ❤️ 🎧 ⚽️ F1🏎️ 🏂 🎮 tech,.
JPManga West Hollywood, CA Purchased a new MacBook Air w/ Apple's M1 chip. Holy crap. Everything is WICKED fast. Windows and prompts pop up instantly. Slowdown NEVER happens — even w/ numerous apps going. Evernote, always a resources hog for me, is now a non-issue. Huge props, Apple. 👍 Freelance writer ✍️ Peloton cult member 🚴 Dog lover 🐶 Wannabe sartorialist 👔
filthypositions FL so i got a free trial of spotify and i decided to just see the difference and god it sucks like, 1 the audio quality is crap compared to apple music and 2 you can’t add individual songs to your library, ooof sticking to apple music lmao 𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐧•𝐭𝐲 | 𝒃𝒂𝒃𝒚 𝒕𝒆𝒍𝒍 𝒎𝒆 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕’𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒎𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒆?
TELEPORTINGDUDE this dick Looking at the apple M1 is forking impressive honestly It competes with an x86 and with the power it has for an integrated gpu holy crap low power consumption and higher performance? apple made things very interesting I hope intel is alright lol choker? i barely knew her
NathYoung2011 Australia @TIGERALG1 @JimmyBobWayne @TimSweeneyEpic @Ax8472 Also hey, isn't it cool that Epic is going to court in Australia against Apple? You think the ACCC will look into the illegal crap Epic's done with Australian customers? I believe both Apple and Epic should be scrutinised after all.

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