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StfarenMD where I live @Khonsu_Moon_God I agree, apple is crap. And I'll check the store out for that. age 15, 9th grade, they/them, that gay christian, Psychiatrist for a game or three, Instagram is the same tag, add me, wish I could say I am fluent in Latin
ColinCorgi Earth Two @morethanmySLE @AllisonRFloyd This is crap. Why did he explain what happened before the man was pushed down and cracked his skull? That has no bearing on it whatsoever. And he calls it "disheartening?" Try disgusting. It was assault. And the other cops just walk past. This isn't one bad apple. It's a bushel. Snark and charm with a dash of dopeyness. And Corgis. Believe women.
brettbum Charlotte, NC @TheRickWilson No action against the police commander in charge of the line of police officers yet. That bad ‘apple’ crap is letting a lotnof high ranking officers driving the rank and file get away with assault & murder too. Quote attached from Buffalo Mayor Writer, WordPress (Coach|Designer|Trainer), yogi, single father, problem solver. follows the Tao. #teamALLinthisTOGETHER
WheresMyShields Madison, WI @Zramhot @truckmansghost @5drinkMax @murray_nyc @JordanUhl Samsung/android Way better than that limited IOS crap. Had one iphone years ago. Android is so much better. Never going back to that crap company Apple. If you go to an Apple store for support/repairs do you think they will be honest and fair with you? Just a progressive libtard tweeting about progressive libtard things. Twitter is my therapy. #RESIST #FBR #ImpeachedForever #WarrenDemocrat 🛇NO DMs🛇
bearded_realism All the one person has to do on the first pic. Is go to the other side of the tree and stop acting like they can’t get the Apple This is the type of crap that creates victims I believe in Trump, common sense and denounce the progressive movement and all its phobias, ISMs and agenda. ohh and every man should have a beard
Fearsome_Beard I'm either here or there... Also; I don’t know what crap Apple are trying to pull: Phone needs an update. Plug in to pc and start download. It’s 4.[something] Gb Our internet is terrible (it’ll take *hours*), so stop update and try doing it straight through the phone. Start update. It’s 435mb or so. 🤷‍♂️ Bookworm. Gamer. Geek. Random artist. Guitarist of sorts. Occasional mirthmaker. Husband to @MedinaBuckley. Father of one.
TrulyUli Not buying a MacBook Pro until the 13’’ model is 14’’ screen has more than two ports and a high grade camera not that 720 crap. @Apple Aspiring Data Scientist putting my spare time into developing the knowledge and skills to contribute to AI.
KazzyAnnie1 Derbyshire, UK So the new NHS Track and Trace App (which is NOTHING to do with the NHS, it's the SERCO/Govt App) doesn't meet data protection requirements to be allowed on Apple or Google stores - when you think of some of the crap that IS on those stores it really shows how bad the App is! Conservatism is selfish people not realizing that other people aren't as selfish as they are!
auchenbreck Martin, Georgia This is the biggest steaming pile of dog crap I’ve ever read. If you are tortured about police killing people or shooting police in the head and robbing stores, then you should not be in a position of power or public trust. PERIOD😩😫😳😰😱 We're gonna put her feet back On the path of righteousness and then God bless America again #MAGA I try to follow back 100% and I expect to be followed back.
breadmaker101_ Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! For getting your wonderful voice out to the good American's!! Hopefully they will see the light and vote this piece of crap out of office. He will only hurt us all if he gets another 4 years. He is one bad poisonous Apple!!!
MontanaWildhac5 I am the substitution for my brother Timothy, the literal Antichrist if you believe that crap. Catholics don't. We believe the World gets better and better until Jesus comes back. I bet @xtina is Catholic. Have her endorse you. Be careful. Her message is let's see where this takes us... formerly @rebeccaprout1 but still Rebecca Jean Prout. aka PorkyPunk on Spotify. Gnostic.
tinheartvox @heyjenbartel *Not indiscriminately killing folks* is SUCH a crap line for distinguishing who is or isn't a "bad apple". Until we see "good apples" stepping forward, on the scene, physically stopping their fellow officers, all we got is nothing but "do nothing apples" and "bad apples". INFJ | ITS @LSUCCT Relationships are what matter. Investing your time, energy, and resources in others creates meaning. (And... DO WHATEVER ART YOU CAN!)
TheLimit101 Dronfield As if you didn’t know the farcical era is coming to an end the comedy piñata Boris and bestie Cummings have blown it. People have lost faith with the exception of those that like watching crap on Netflix’s I didn’t tweet for ten years and I’m growing a beard” That tells you everything you need to know about me
kc_k89 The Cemetery ⚰ @IdPreferTrump Idk if Apple is on anyone's side but clout but we shall see. Maybe they actually are bothered that people lost their lives on airpods and crap phones. Just a lost soul livin' in a fish bowl.🖤 Trigger Warning❗(Un)Popular0pinions • Contributing Author @ iVoteAmerica • #USA • #Constitution • D0NT TREAD ON ME •🐍
ScenicNYC @PilippeA @Manny7014 @NYGovCuomo A bunch of sweatshop crap looted from massive multinational corporations is not the fall of anything. I'm sure Rolex, Apple, Chanel and Urban Outfitters will be fine. And if it were a concern the cops could do their damn jobs. Brooklyn based shadowy organization fighting faux-indie, boring, corporate chain rock shows since the new millennium.
Cockandballsto1 @LionelPart3 What a clown world lmao. Imagine being Pepsi or Apple and doing nothing but posting insincere crap and the only business that donates or shows people how to get involved is the gay hook up app. Hahah trap bussy go brrr
donovanP18 Westminster, CO @AppleMusic We pay for Apple Music and would like to listen to what we want not everything is black lives it’s all lives get over this crap if it’s not back to normal tomorrow I’m canceling it thanks
kathycrhs Savagery is going to be smashing the Big Apple again tonight too, because your Mayor is a liberal piece of crap and his daughter is ANTIFA. God, Family, Country. If you have never heard Jesus Christ as anything other than a curse word, you are missing out. ♥️ My posts are for your discernment.
StfarenMD where I live @Khonsu_Moon_God I agree, apple is crap. And I'll check the store out for that. age 15, 9th grade, they/them, that gay christian, Psychiatrist for a game or three, Instagram is the same tag, add me, wish I could say I am fluent in Latin
jamesarmstrong3 Charleston, SC What the hell @AppleMusic @Apple what is with #applemusic forcing me to listen to this JUNK. Can’t browse listen to radio or ForYou. Forced to heat cussing and explicit crap with words like fork tha Police. #blacklivesmatter but this music does not to me. #electronics, #homeautomation and #3dprinting geek.
Darkdeciever1 Massachusetts, USA @Apple so since your system hung up on me here we go. You will contact me ASAP and by that I mean right now! My device is saying my apple doesn’t exist. I play real time games and if you cost me progress because your equipment is being crap you will pay for my time. I am a gamer and I stream because I find out things others don’t.
Scooch20 So ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ and @DeepSouthProud got everything wrong... Wrongfully accusing someone. I hope lawsuits ensue. The leader of the #Republican Party—is the worst abuser of this type of crap... 🌊Resist - exerting force in opposition to the Trump Administration’s malfeasance, lies, scapegoating, violence and ignorance....🌊
Ema01Deplorable @Communism_Kills Not quite. The Browse page in the Music app has been changed to show their dopey message and their “kill cops” playlist, but if you are a subscriber, you can search for music and add it to your library. Apple Music is the only service pulling this crap. crazy cat lady, gamer, eeeevil rethuglican
PhoenixCombs I am an idea. I live in minds. @AndrewColinB @ygorsunny @AgentJeb00 @LeBlancJpl @GettingBlaisedd @FaithGoldy @michellemalkin @AppleMusic Absolutely. This stunt is a way for Apple to beat around the bush and put up a show saying they support this movement, when they're full of crap and haven't donated a dime. I'm not a bot. Never have been or will be. If you claim I'm one, you're a whiny child who can't back their opinions up. Have some gall and take me on.
WilliamNB Out riding my bike ॐ ☀ Can I just publicly repeat my utter abhorrence of @apple and their infinitely crap products? ITunes must be the worst software ever created and iOS is a bloody abomination Twitter thinks calling someone who is a f*ckwit exactly that is hate speech, so I'll call them carrot instead, but meaning the same thing
JoraBoraNSFW Wisconsin, USA @LaPotato8 That is shockingly apt, but I think in a different way than you intended "Yes, good, eat the apple, deer. And when you crap out the seed it'll spread my children with fertilizer they need." Do not be deer to the apple trees. 18+ Only | Macro/Vore/NSFW artist | Shameless Palutena Enthusiast | Please give the monies so I may live:
RealLowhangers @decembrebby People paid for the service, they blocked access to For You and Browse with their political propaganda. That is grounds for a class action lawsuit. Also, some of us do NOT want political crap in our music. We paid for a music service, not an indoctrination into Apple’s politics Just a squirrel with really low hanging balls.
middleman59 @News12LI For there protection and it will show the crap they have to go through . There is always a bad apple wherever you go in life . What has happened in America is lack of respect for people , property .
TheSouthWolf Georgia, USA I’m rather glad now that I don’t pay for Apple Music. Cause this would PMO if I wanted to listen to my music and saw THIS moralizing crap instead. This is why you buy your music folks, instead of renting it from companies that can cut access to it anytime they please! Business Grad, Gamer, Programmer, Web Developer. Apple, Linux, Blockchain & Wolf Lover! @CapitalistParty Web Dev #Individualist #Capitalist #Objectivist #MAGA
US_Patriot_TX United States of America This is one of the biggest #racist acts by #Apple ever. Some #BlackOutTuesday playlist is all I can get to. #AllLivesMatter and not this crap #music “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the #Constitution of the #UnitedStates against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
batmanhquinn Florida, USA @Apple @FoxNews @POTUS what kinda bullcrap indoctrination is this crap 💩! Hopefully ALL your stores get damaged and looted and the steal billions of dollars in merchandise! Then go to your neighborhoods and destroy it too just a retired old veteran with only 30 years of serving my community
ItsAustinLong Cooper City, FL @Apple What is this crap apple?! Online says this location opens at 11. They closed yesterday, and then today they say the store will not open till 1pm. VERY unprofessional, get your crap together!! Follower of the one True King 👑 Worship leader 🎤 Husband & Father I try to make Music 🎸
K9Eagle Gods country @realDonaldTrump this is crap I am trying to listen to my worship music and Apple Music does this forcing me to listen to trash because of racism. Racism is the do nothing dems they have created this mess we all know it cause u Sir our my president doing the job I hired u 4 American who Stands for righteousness And knows that Jesus is the answer to all lifes bots no porn #WWG1WGA Qanon
deanfx Fort Myers, FL This is ridiculous. I pay for this service, and don't listen to trap crap. Can't listen to Radio, For You, or Browse tab. #AppleMusic #UndoTheChanges @AppleMusic @Apple ⇢ Owner of | ⇢ Founder of | ⇢ Tech Enthusiast | ⇢ Father | ⇢ Husband
reccacel @bobby_m_ All of them. There is anatomy of the skull, hips, length of hands, shoulder width, Adonis belt, Adam's apple, bone structure that can be only faked to some extent. Google #transvestigation. Lots of material. Some is crap as always. FtM and MtF (Katie) if she breathes she's a thot Agecel locationcel
EP___3 Long Beach, CA Never ordering from @Apple online again. This crap is terrible. Apple and @FedEx ground or express together is crap. нυѕвand • ᴰᴬᴰ • ғaмιly gυy • god’ѕ ѕon Cash App : $ELP3
truckruck7 216 The apples to oranges argument is crap. They're both somewhat spherical fruit that grow on trees, so yes, they can be compared in many ways. It's also true that sometimes your apple is just way better than the other dude's jacked up orange, and that is also worthy of comparison. Avid collector of mini candy bar wrappers in my pocket since this morning.
HADESLANDLORD @seanhannity Antifa, (ANARCHISTS). She was out there because she is a sick girl De Blasio knows it , and refuses to give her help. he is is a disgrace ! Stupid New Yorkers deserve him... They vote for crap , they are getting crap.! What a difference from Giuliani! The rotten apple.
GreyBeard_Biker 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Tennesse, USA 🇺🇸 ⁦@CNN⁩ is absolutely terrible. And you’ve gotta know that they wonder when their viewers are leaving them in droves. It’s because of crap hit pieces like this. The Original GBB - a cigar smoking, gun toting, bourbon drinking III%er, pro-USA,, #ProLife, Stands with Blue/Military, μολὼν λαβέ, In a committed relationship.
LexaTerrestrial NYC / Puffsburgh PA forkKKKK ! Why does @Apple make crap now ? After Steve Jobs goes. Stop this! I did nothing.... The screen starts glitching And the only place available to fix it is 200 miles away. Help. 👽Alien Rap Goddess 👽Vocalist & ENS Fighter booking: mgmt: @Atari_Jones
Thatnaijayarn London, England We all stand against rape but you see this idea of hatred for men and talking crap about God. That is going too far. Seems 2020 is gonna be the end of the world, these bitches are running their mouth again like they ate the Apple, God will come and cancel everything soon. 😢😢 Blogger • content creator • Nature lover • Sports enthusiast • savage • Pun lover
DillChapman98 This is literally apple to oranges bro. I’m ashamed these kids think your hot crap because you have a white check mark beside your name and your verified. Obviously you don’t know what it’s like in the real world. A Servant.
_ryan_black ÜT: 33.951261,-118.092193 3 - Risk COVID exposure and find a place closest to you (if any at all) and schedule a face to face appointment for repair / replacement BUT... if I had an extra $1300 (privilege), I can get in front of the line and get Apple's best service. THIS IS CRAP! Surpassing the barriers of the language of love... 1 action at a time!
secondtierpod 🚨🚨 NEW EPISODE 🚨🚨 We pick the best loan players the Championship’s ever seen! Also, the latest on when football is back. And we look back at a crap Wigan side. It’s the Second Tier! APPLE: SPOTIFY: A podcast dedicated to Championship football. New episode every Sunday. Business email:
qiantang1985 @fgncjvn @HuXijin_GT problem is not the source,problem is true or fasle.. China have the world lowest indection rate and low fatality out of Wuhan,now all shop and resraunt re open,Apple,.WM,GM,tesla,only open in China,China supply 90% medical crap to the world,this can proof all the things.
blarkblarkblark Richmond XVX, USA, Earth So if cops are apples, and for some reason your uncle is a good tasty one with the ability to communicate to everybody that the bad apple is a crap-flavored apple, your uncle is still complicit in letting people eat it. Now imagine crap apple murders a black man. Your uncle sucks Hi, I'm Jackass, and welcome to Brandon Clark — Old Gods Defied
TweetToAyan Indian @ManikPrasher @Apple iPhone SE? Seriously? Apple is a luxury brand. Please use a iPhone X or iPhone 11 Pro before this unjustful comparison. I also can’t believe you have used catalina and still rooting for crap like MI. 😔 Hyper active runner. fitness bloke. loving husband,son and a passionate software engineer.
amberiow Isle of Wight So - this is happening on our patio in the apple tree. A pigeon has made a nest (quite frankly a crap one) and now appears to be contemplating a family. We are mere feet away 🙄... 🐦🐦🐦 Liver of life, drinker of wine. Freelance writer, copywriter, blogger, enthusiastic cook and veg grower. curator of @anthology_the
SeanSmi81149822 Liskeard, England What I.Q does this person have making up such things he’s should be prosecuted!!! What is a with this type of person doing it for a laugh get real ! I hope the guardian and other papers have not paid for this crap!
1loveinme1 South Portland, ME Who are these left-wing socialist that wrote this crap ❓and what stupid news organization is the UTC❓ Born and raised in Los Angeles California We Love President Trump and His Family❗️I am a MEGA I AM NOT A SLAVE ❗️