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MitchellBroadb3 @JimMay26659499 @WellnessPages1 @ohnonotphil @BBCNews And we've jumped to 1984 without skipping a beat, as though the criticism of terfs talking crap is somehow akin to Big Brother When JK loses her platform because of my diatribe, then maybe you'll be within a few miles of a point. Until then though mate... he/him (/his/his/himself|singular)
iamdrsuss gm Regional Hospital @BrooksWhite201 Holy crap! Huge congrats on making such a big decision and god speed on the exit. My brother is workin on getting out of the navy too and is starting his sail into the digital web3 space 🛥🙏🏼 Dr. Stanley K. $usstenburg, gMD || Bored Certified 🦍 Chairman of @gmregional 🏥 (gmRH) || $AINT$ Artist 👼 ||Art, Liberty, gm maxi ||
_darlinghwa occ. ottawa + chippewa land im gonna be so mad if maya's dead. like there's no way kingpin is dead that would be crap writing. he's gotta be one of the next Big big bads in the mcu (going off of what my marvel encyclopedia of a brother has told me) but maya is a total badass and i love her don't take her ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ ‣ they / them. 25. white. multi: ateez skz txt nct bts twice and more. rcbyf. if you anti any of my faves, block me please. (18+)
CovidBryant_II @espn Pause is it for what? So u lunatics can promote your orders from big brother. The NBA made black players talk that woke crap for 2 years and now they are making them dance again. I'm On The Internet Again
LOVEtoPalestine Implanted COVID Microchip Is Here And I thought REAL ID was a gov't scam, but people will line up for this crape, same as qapple crap and smartphones, [I do not have a smatphone,never]yes so know about me all the time gov;t big brother. #FreeJulianAssange #EndSeigeonGaza #FreePalestine Zionists manipulate Xians&gov't torah Jews don't murder&steal,ZIONISTS&IDF steals&KILLS
KerithBurke Bay Area I'm so tired of reading this crap and interacting with fans like this. I'm taking a big break for social in January because the steady stream is of these comments a drag. Golden State Warriors reporter for @NBCSAuthentic. If you meet another Kerith, let me know. s/h
markminervini Some investors buy crap stocks with little upside potential and hold large losses; double jeopardy. I do just the opposite. I buy names with big potential and only take small losses. The result, a conservative/aggressive approach that creates asymmetric leverage. #holygrail Author Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard and Think & Trade Like a Champion. Featured in Stock Market Wizard by Jack Schwager. Before following read disclosure.
rzn2blv Sammamish and Duwamish land @7N7420 Actually obesity is one of capitalism’s greatest achievements. Get people addicted to crap food that is a continuous money maker for Big Food and Big Medical. Genius. Our GDP is dependent on our Sickcare System. Observer, writer, mother, citizen, feels like a stranger, baby, who knows too much. No labels. No response 2 fools.☮️♏️#BLM#GND#M4A#reparations#loveislove#ERA
IronfistClown Somewhere in the Hud, New York Time for my opinion on this crap. It's crap made for cretins, by cretins. It's one big ugly Unity store asset flip and we should just ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist. Eric | 27 | NY Designer, manga/manhua reader, streamer, always looking for that SummerSlam push, retweets too much Art: @EricMWorks Stream: @ETownLive
rebeinstein @Minus_110 @kayraecurcio @YossiGestetner @ABC @GMA They don’t actually give a crap and are mostly transferring and increasing wealth while we bear the brunt. I’m only sharing what I’ve read and observed witnessing cases in my sphere and even 2 big outbreaks. The tests have had tremendous value. But main point- OT isn’t new info. I'd like to think we're better than this.
philbutta I am here. Beside you. @vox_n_thecosmos @TrisResists Lots of people “feel like crap” but still go to work. Doesn’t nec mean they have covid. If they test neg and still feel bad … what then? Listen. I’d like HCWs to get every break possible. I’m a big supporter. But this is not just about them. Artist/musician/writer/pet friendly 😂 My art funds animal rescue “In the darkness of ignorance - be the razor.” he/us #Arteyart #indie #poetry #arte #art
MitchellBroadb3 @JimMay26659499 @WellnessPages1 @ohnonotphil @BBCNews And we've jumped to 1984 without skipping a beat, as though the criticism of terfs talking crap is somehow akin to Big Brother When JK loses her platform because of my diatribe, then maybe you'll be within a few miles of a point. Until then though mate... he/him (/his/his/himself|singular)
tiredCanadian7 @Esra71344236 @AmitAryaMD Esra good mandate it and for what reason ? It does not work as intended. It made big pharma rich who sold this mRNA crap. #novavax is what we need Conservative daughter of a boomer; supporter of Nurses and Unions. Tired of lies and division. Vaccines are choice and I joined Twitter because #trudeauhastogo
jackcracklepops @michelletandler Pepsi, coke, and some generic crap. No thank you. We need to realize “superman won’t save us”. Govt is corrupt and sponsored by big interests. Granted, blue is blatantly worse, but they are all done for. Government were intentionally created to be public “SERVANTS” not tyrants.
DrPepperTexan Texas, USA @EdwardKuzniar The survival rate is 99.75%. I had Covid, it was no big deal. So have millions and millions of other Americans. But hey, if you want to wear 5 masks, socially distance yourself from everybody, and hide in your basement - go for it. Just don’t force that crap on us! I am not nor have I ever been affiliated with Snapple/Dr Pepper. My handle reflects my admiration for the beverage. RT do not necessarily = approval.
CosmicKinderz @LOVE_HOP3_FAITH The ponytail surprised me by a crap ton. I would be happy if they could update Endgame Widow's hair and maybe slide in a change with Endgame Hawkeye's skin. Definitely a big W for me. I love The Flash and Superman & Lois right now! In the process of being social, but not rapidly.
Paddy_Stash East Coast USA Stop being a sucker and listening to "influencers". Remember when VVD and Cozumo were collectors? Now, they're part of every big project. Think that's random? No, it was planned from day 1. Don't be a sucker and fall for crap money grabs they're using their influence with. Crypto OG | NFT collector | C^3 | Driving around in my Caddy making dumb videos | Recently Diagnosed with stage 3 Lymphoma, but winning the battle | $TEL $RARE
WhatAre01272253 @mehdirhasan @WajahatAli Such a big explosion of cases that it’s 10% lower than the highest weekly average from just 3 months ago lol. Such lying pieces of trash cnn is. And any person on Twitter promoting this crap of an article is a trash human being or an ignorant jackass. I’m a fan of dogs, coffee, comedy and plantains. Also no offense to Jordan fans but Lebron is the GOAT, because of facts.
EthicsRTough @xTKizzy @noisebender @dmschaefs @Cernovich This one basically admits that the whole of Christianity is based off people believing things they were told and telling their children the same. This proves nothing, i know how old this crap is and that's a big problem i have with it
Nixon2pnt0 @GirlsTalkComic1 I've been in the same place you describe in different phases of my life. There are times I've felt the big 2 were just doing the same crap over and over and the smaller publishers were not doing anything interesting. So maybe you really just need a break Sixers fan... Cowboys fan... Pistons fan... comics and anime fan... a good dude, but judge for yourself
Avonda_Art @electricstarzyt I thought you were my bestfriend, but now it's like this. I'm just treated like crap. I was hurt really bad and I'm still am. I wanted to apart of something big and that was my only chance. Now I am here just left in the dust with no one just a random person who likes to draw
spacecowboy1138 Greater Seattle Area. @DarthChillash @jhous71 @dave_warhammer Wokeness is definitely hot garbage. The problem is that urban centers in the US push this crap. The media and academia are big proponent too. When you get outside them, people tend to be more reasonable and those people get demonized. Gamer, Geek, Otaku.
Weslinhho @UtdSamm @Ic3Ebe You have to play consistently well, he’s been crap this season, doesn’t maintain calmness at all because our back line is all over the place. And he’s not a good communicator at all, he’s been involved in big mistakes leading to goals because of a lack of communication I’m a casual and Amad enjoyer
z_tarot USA 🇺🇸 holy crap. no words. this was WW2 and our grandparents were fighting against fascism. and now their kids/grandkids - senior citizen MAGAs in denial about covid & believing the big lie & embracing fascism here. gross ZQueen’s Tarot👸🏻Politics, lunations, eclipses, sports, horseracing, weather ⭐️ Tarotstrology readings. Because descendants ♥️
ClagzMccla Wales Let's get one of those fun trans-Atlantic rows going! Hey, stupid Yanks, it's not a YARD lmfao it's your GARDEN you big dimmoes! A YARD is the big place where the lorries are! Please add your language normativity crap to this thread until War is Declared and Battle Comes Down. He/him. Man in Wales. LUFC. Bielsist. Twitter hater: disclaimers apply and I block, quit and delete. Liberate everyone. Trying to be better.
cmocre1957 South Florida @RonFilipkowski In other words “We’re going to hold a big gathering, we’re gonna talk about nonsense, and we’re going to grift the crap out of you”
166ben @GOP he is more than a hypocrite he is corrupt, and corrupt, big time. But we stups elected him which shows you how powerful the SWAMP is. And by the way many of the GOP are swamp critters too. So do NOT GLOAT and SPIN this crap. Look i n the mirror once or twice.
FemaRegion33 @WG_Gervais @MichaelPSenger It's like the TV guide of old. crap at 4pm, crap at 5pm, news, happy show, popular show, crap at 7 and then big happy show... etc to keep you watching. Citizen. FEMA Region Asiana.
AdamoGrant23 @Travis_in_Flint great news if he cancels his show... it's crap anyway and he's a big joke #BidenWonTrumpLost #DWTS #Patriots #RedSox #getvaccinated #wearyourdamnmask California Girl living in Maine.
gingerrtwit Pillow Fort, Australia @NetflixFilm @dontlookupfilm Wont be for long. It’s just crap! It’s was dull and boring and just wtf. When there’s too many big names in a movie, then it’s gonna be bad. I wish I stuck to this self imposed rule, I just wish this one would be different, but nope. Pillow Fort Designer. Nut connoisseur.
SuBuckley Bray, Ireland @foleyjackie823 Same, two big boxes of crap taken down, will leave the tree and the stuff in the porch til Jan, I feel so much better 🥳 Accountant by day, superhero by night #TerribleMother always👍 recently promoted to #NanaSue 😍 Springsteen forever😎 Livin' the dream 🤩 she/her
MedicalQuack Orange County, CA OptimizeRx Appoints Greg Wasson, Former President and CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, to Its Board of Directors THINGS ARE DIRTY AT OPTIMIZERX..WE KNOW IT! Ex-Walgreens CEO latest to join SPAC frenzy Wasson does crap apps too Health Care IT Consultant and Blogger,Discussing PHR, EHR, Health Technology, And Ducks
knowingwhy 🦋🌍O💥N🌸E🍄🌹L🍁O🌷V☂️E @AndreeAnn_QC @acoyne We need same in USA. Disinfo has brought our entire democracy to the brink. Much points to GOP vote crush, end of Big Lie & Jan 6 investigations, then to "liberal" media weakening even further, and FOX News type media dominating, and all the racist/oligarchal crap w this. CORP MEDIA IS DESTROYING DEMOCRACY DAILY #Vote #RacistDisenfranchisement #OPAD Office for Protection Against Disinfo
mukuroupdates run by @veralization 'It's totally normal these days to photoshop the crap out of cover photos. If you're surprised by that, you'd be totally blown away by a certain dangerous little diva of ours... they make the eyes and junk super big, and tweak the skin so it looks all ceramic and porcelain.' girl help. i am drowning. there is no sign of land. you are coming down with me last updated on 11/26/21 | in no way associated with @junkoupdates
hatchetm Virginia, USA @Big_Boss_Deku @garcia4432003 @DrgwFireman @JesseKellyDC Really??? Really?? NFL, NHL, NBA, Broadway…..all proof that you are being lied to. Oh and my husband is the only vaxed person in my house and he’s very sick with Covid right now, but keep believing the crap. Conservative, Wife, Mom, dog lover, Green Bay Packers & Cleveland Indians fan!
KayEduardo2 @RebelSo05346781 I'm a big fan of brain teaser books and such. Love to keep my mind alive. Just #$#$ed up my day to read that crap. The teasers aren't even very good ones. But it's clear some other person wrote the teasers. Patriot. WVU2001. B.S. - Intl. Studies (SE Asia) #2A. "There..Are..Four..Lights!" - Captain Picard, Star Trek TNG, I left D party behind in 2003 for R party
herrenwoke Republic of Korea @ccmembersonly Not quite same issue (some r big companies) but it’s also pretty easy to live off only “made in USA” products. Many directories. Lasts longer that amaZOG or ZOGmart crap. Good examples are my origin jeans and BJJ gi, red wing boots, PXG clubs, etc.
f_4kt England, United Kingdom merch is here and i can finally have a bag big enough to fit all my school crap 😩🤌 @danielhowell 18 she/they
AdenOrdinii @Kirioth And...this is how marketing force game design. Marketing to game design: Yo...geeks. We have a tone of old crap we need to sell now. All those unwashed gamers that craved all those big suits now need to buy old stuff. MAKE OLD STUFF OP for us to sell Gamer(and bad at that), nerd, and Swiss. Fan of Gundam and Anime in general. Aspiring Amateur Astronomer. o7. Annoyer of "Experts"
jdom07 @beefy_tuna @TheDogePoundNFT I don’t see why the big players aren’t loading up, either. Folks spend Eth on Eth on Eth for random crap and you could get a few dogs (pristine ones if you pay attn!) for less. LGMI, and I plan on being one of them.
VGFan88749464 @ZER0_CRIMS0N I think it would have been interesting to see Sci-Twi continue down the mad scientist route in Friendship Games though she's still quite timid and shy while constantly being treated like crap and has a big mental/emotional breakdown when she turns into Midnight Sparkle.
JustMe43963414 @Rosebudd40 @USBornNRaised @jessimiller4888 what state are you in.. I get sinus migraines, but only when a big storm is approaching... something about the barometric pressure that i am super sensitive to.. I have found that taking zyrtec, excedrine, and sudafed at the same time relieves the sinus crap.. ENTJ manufacturing PM.. married 25 years.. not here to flirt.. no emotional arguments..
EdoubleD8 @GregAbbott_TX You have made immigrants the "BIG BAD WOLF" most people understand that's your character. Cut the crap and stop being a hillbilly. Education, Insurance, Police, Healthcare. GRID!!!
irishclone3369 @BJ_KCSN You ever feel like you don't have to say anything? You know just take a hour or 2 off from tweeting inane crap no one cares about ? Or must you try to get the likes and Big Blue thumbs for your ego ? Former Clone. Gif magic. Non-Compliant. Freedom for all. Non-Lib. I Am Them.
BIG_Stavo623 @mdimuria @DDBroussard you see this horsecrap , cancel cards crap? Literally stay in our lanes and we get this lol haters Beauty in the struggle ugliness in the success. Through hard times is where I discovered the hustle to make the best out the struggle. 💯
DrKnthNoisewatr @MartinKulldorff @IvSolly But it makes big news, and during all the Epstein crap going on behind closed doors that's a pretty big deal for all those in power that are guilty I’m not a doctor and my names not Kenneth
WDRALR @EnchantedAngie That crap should be countered in the courts with a quickness. Senile old grifter doing Big Pharma and China’s bidding.
ErinPwv West Virginia, USA And Big Jim Justice spouted the same crap to the couple hundred ppl tuned in to his weekly "Covid briefing" even though he (presumably) participated in the Governors call w the President & was aware of the full context.
miimeem_ 大阪 i thought it was because i was lazy and used the snipping tool why the quality went to crap so i actually bothered to save it as a png and everything but it appears twitter just hates big red dogs smh 【EN, JP】30s || Hades game, pokemon, ACNH, other games? || New to drawing 👶|| ハデス・ポケモン・どうぶつの森・落書き👶
Asteria_kat California, USA AND NOT BIG ENOUGH?!! Crap. professional bad gamer, pop culture nerd, Keeper of things, coloring book colorist, mother of cats, streamer?

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