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Zeppfan631 United States @hackermaderas That's all we need more damned surveillance, like Big Brother isn't omniscient as it is, soon we won't be able to crap without the eyes watching how much tissue paper we use. I grew up with actual freedom and people don't know what they're giving up for this crap. Retired : former adjunct professor with degrees in business and majors in English and communications.
jackballast1 Richmond, London That's the small minded people who watch this crap. Come the GE, give them this, strictly, the soaps, big brother, and crap like this, and they lose interest in the Country. Wankcock is a scammer, his job is to fool people, and too many Brits are easily fooled. A dastardly invader from a foreign shore, come to annoy all racists, Tories and Labour people who are really Tories. Writer, artist, theatre producer, actor.
CameronOhnysty @TaylorJones__ Yeah, I guess they watch me lift and just spam the crap out of me 24/7 because big brother is always watching Football Dude, Fitness Dude, Heavy Metal Dude. B.S in Agriculture, Communication. Writer @Aggieswire, (@USATodaySports) super fun guy.
CaulfieldTim Edmonton Canada Let's be clear: the "Died Suddenly" BS is a lie on the level of the sickening Sandy Hook, Big Lie, and Holocaust denial crap. "'Died Suddenly' Conspiracy Documentary Alleges COVID Vaccines Purposely Poisoned People As Part Of Planned Population Control" Professor of health law & science policy, speaker, TV host & author. Instagram: #GoScience! #ScienceUpFirst!
TruthfullyBlake @kenbolido @JohnCena Oh, crap! Wasn't expecting a reply 😂. Big fan of your stuff, you and the whole overclock crew. Hope y'all are all well and had a good Thanksgiving! Wrestling enthusiast. Horror movie fan. Hip Hop junkie. I'm a jack off of all trades.
blahm75 Missouri, USA @solutions60 @warr1274 @LyellErnest @demandtruthnow @seanhannity and you know it! Why you people can never be reached. The collusion crap was all irrefutably shown to be a big bottom hoax started by the Clintons. GTFOOH Retired from DOC and ARNG
Bobdown72 @theheraldsun Sally Crap is nearly as big a fool as the CHO and the dictator. Go away Sally Trying to enjoy life in Danistan. Love community football, small business and The Cat Empire.
Empolo18 America Nah she straight up was like, "Want to take on all of the Kusa 5?" Umm... Sure. This was an insane fight. Four dogs in round 1. The 3 missing dogs in round 2. And finally one big boi in the final. Holy crap, this was brutal. I used items like mad. Stray bead acquired. N3dsXL FC: 0843-0744-6566. N-Switch FC: SW-7060-4618-9516
TArc71 @NYGToday Absolutely but D Jones is not a solution because he can’t raise his game. I know everything around him is crap but he and Saquon in a very big game came up small
CWallig St Peter, MN Dear Spectrum..... Get your crap together... there's a big game coming on in an hour... I better be able to watch my teams.... ugh... I want to watch my Vikings and Patriots 🏈 @GetSpectrum Patriots ❤🏈💙 Vikings 💜🏈💛 Cubs 💙⚾️❤ Red Sox ❤⚾️💙 Celtics 💚🏀 Bruins 🖤🏒💛 Paraprofessional ❤ Family Smile Lots ♡ Laugh Often ♡ Love
jussaguy2u Nunya @ClownWorld_ 55 inches? Crap I'm a dude and my waist isn't near that big. Yes it's a parody account geez
DonDrawsStuff Keysville VA 23947 16-...special thanks to @EthanVanSciver @JonMalin and @shanedavisart for having my back when I first "became" CG and got bullied by the likes of Heather Antos and Mark Brooks. @ShelleyLopresti for being like a big sister even with all the crap she's going thru... -comic book artist -American -proud veteran/defender of freedom -creator: OMEGA MISSION/UNEMPLOYED DUCK/ULTRAKYLE -author: THE ANSWER? #Comicsgate
GAMR27058982 @w0rldspawn Dude screw the left and the right and all that political crap why not just ignore it and enjoy the platform only hang with people you like and bam problem solved politics is just a big shut show that no one can ever change Hi I’m Kiwi I have autism (mostly social issues) I have 20/200 vision I like to play minecraft, GMOD, genshin impact, various sonic games, Mario kart and smash
Freki_OG Mexico @nanashemefan They will know when either you 1) don’t give a crap about work anymore …and that’s likely when you get promoted LOL 😂 Or 2) quit with a big smile on your face #xrp #hbar #crypto Do your own research. My views & tweets are for educational & entertainment purposes only, NOT financial, tax, or legal advice. Pro Crypto
Stormedxd code “Stormed” #EpicPartner @ItzJessticle dash and jinx drama and pretty much any other big crap beyond that leelah // i spam tweet often // owner of the fortnite friend gift cannon // let’s do this thing
TheJoeWoo All Over The World! @ttracey5__ @NovaMBB Look at the big picture. We have crap for 2023 recruiting. UNC and Duke in those seasons still had solid recruiting to follow. We have one guy from Canada Dad & Husband. Speaker. Show Host. Writer. Master Firewalker. Social Media Master. Mortgages. Entrepreneur. Co- Founder All In Mortgage | Founder/CEO of JoeWoo
darkmoodie Cherbourg-Octeville, France @ABDanielleSmith @RachelNotley @Alberta_UCP You’re SO bad at pretending to give a crap about anyone but yourself. You wear your bitterness over a failed personal and professional life like a big, red clown nose - which is fitting really. The epic loss you will incur will be glorious… animal rescuer, animal rights activist, loathe religious and conservative hypocrisy
ThemanTheMyth85 Columbus, OH @RDubThree You aren’t wrong but the pattern of playing terribly after big wins is infuriating. The Giants are on of the most injured teams in the league and The cowboys are struggling. Kellen is calling stupid crap again. It’s exhausting lol The Dikembe Mutombo of twitter
raincloud_ll the sky @_Evelyn_O_ @SuperRare @foundation Bloody hell, totally crap man! So sorry to hear of your woes. Have a big drink and take a breath 🖤🖤🖤🍸🍸🍸 I like art, I like downpours ☔️ XTZ
HoppyDale Communist Canada @CityofRedDeer This an ongoing issue. Junkies root thru the big garbage bins then leave the crap for some else to clean up because they ride a bike and cant take it with them. Or the city will be cleaning it up when its in a homeless camp. Ken Johnston, Any Solution?? Rebuilding account. #BlackCatzMemes, Oil & Gas. Trump. Riders Fan.🖕🏽Trudeau, Singh & Biden. Post random crap, offended then move along. BU acct Hoppy1Dale1
LaxIntelligence @openyou89028026 @swooshinc @JamieSale I mean retweeting bullcrap like this? The big give away is the amount of crap you clearly don’t read and only see the headline. None of the tables you share support your bullcrap you tweet. You’re a bigger cretin than I thought. Also retweeting antisemitic crap? Are you a Nazi?
rustysh69191111 @Lions @JaredGoff16 @MGMGrandDetroit SELL THE TEAM FORD!!! I’m tired of this moral victory crap in Detroit. New regime… wash, rinse, repeat. Another day late and a dollar short on national television no less. You have to WIN these big games. It’s getting old Ford, 65 years too old! SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!!!
BradDollahite IL @DezBryant WTF, almost put up 50 against the Vikings and now cant do crap!!!! Really. Dez needs to come back to big D and i agree Kellen doing Kellen things. Star Wars fan and stage 3 colon cancer survivor. THIS IS THE WAY.
Aldrick16165185 @kiteandkeymedia But, I'm Sure they just Adore Us and Won't Price Gouge the Crap Out of Us Will They! China has been locking down rare earth mineral supplies for awhile now and as usual the US is Asleep at the Wheel! But, We Could Screw Them Back Big By Drill Baby Drill?
AnvarS97053760 @unusual_whales Businesses like that should not exist. Either large chain restaurants or REAL mom and pop restaurants (where they own the place and workthere) should stay. All the crap when you lease a place, hire slaves and sit at a table like a big boss should disappear
curvyredheadbbw United Kingdom @TeaseMeQuick_69 You can be big and crap 🖤 Redhaired tease 🖤 BBW, jiggly tummy, big hips, thick thighs and a big booty 🖤 Size 42E chest 🖤 Sells knix and socks
JasonGr11490842 Bossier City @KevinGraySports Would’ve had to have been deaf, dumb, and blind not to see this crap coming. This is the @dallascowboys MO. It’s what they do. They’ve got a masters degree in disappointing after a big win. Stars Hockey, Rangers Baseball, LSU, Cowboys Football
ToddVan09799536 @thereidout @JoyAnnReid Every time you speak, I think of dog crap. YOU are the reason this country is split. YOU speak hate. Just shut your big mouth and quit spreading lies. Hateful piece of crap. No one likes you.
dronesaregods Austin, TX @kakunte_UFO yeah a big bucket of stinking crap!! fork. i’m sorry, i regret saying that. It was gross and rude, plus i wouldn’t eat crap (I prefer food). to answer your question in earnest. No. Well
PharCoughU2 @POTUS * Vaccination rates are crap, Mr President. * Booster rates almost non-existent. * New variants are breeding because of LOW IMMUNITY. * Winter and flu season is upon you. * Thanksgiving travel will be a spreader event. * You have BIG education problem in your country.
big_AZ76 @sisneros_ds @recjus85 @KariLakeWarRoom @MaricopaVote @maricopacounty @RecordersOffice @CondadoMaricopa You think you are onto something but ur not, rehashing old made up crap that barely even has a new twist. Twenty years from now, you can scarf burgers all day long if that’s your thing. My advice, forget the MAGA BS, work hard and live your life. Your biggest enemy is yourself. AZ Dem. Thank a campaign volunteer for midterm results, get involved in 2024!
ShinkurMasero National Palace @NoraOromia @Nina90226536 @Azeba1234 Most of these disgruntled Oromophobes are mad because their exploitation scheme was destroyed in 1991. They can whine and plaster social media with genocide crap to defame #Oromos, but we ain't backing up. We are too big to be afraid of stray cats. We will quash anti-Oromos🐈 😀 Resident Intern @ Convince and Confuse Research Center
roundupkiwi @NewshubPolitics govt making public pay for their overspending crap policies. let me guess all the public sector unions will get big pay increases in election year and the rest of us will have to pare back to compensate. labour has turned nz into a crap country kiwi born and bred
nataliehixy North West, England @PendingOT Big hugs on your diagnosis. I’ve been thinking of you today and I wondered how you got on. Thought about saying congratulations but sounds so weird. It’s HUGE that you know now, but crap you spent so long not knowing. Well done for being brave and sharing this. You’re so brave x 3rd Year #OccupationalTherapy #Disabled Student & Student Social Prescribing Champion @ULcan / Activist & Founder Member of @AbleOTUK / Scout Leader @Scouts
Mrs_Spider78 @marklevinshow thanks alot. I barely eat as it is. There are a lot of us here who are not dems and didn't vote for the morons in charge. I don't do big holiday meals so can I keep eating the crap I have to as it is. Absolutely nothing. I write, I paint, I exist.
cyntbennett Birmingham, Alabama @Big_I35 Yes, Isaiah we have some ignorant people in the world and they give them jobs on tv and a nice salary I am sure. But YOU know who you are young MAN so take the HIGH road and ignore that crap. Much Love to ya. Retired grandma..
porpster Atl The worst part about Thanksgiving from an outside culinary perspective? I know what all y'all's plates look like. They all look the same. It's mostly yellow with a few splotches of green and one big dollop of red cranny-crap. Lol. I'm not a fan of Thanksgiving food. Beauty and truth and 70s Casey Kasem countdowns #AT40 UGA Class of 2005. English B.A. w/ a Ph.D. in Heartbreak and Sadness. Mental illnesses: MDD, GAD, BPD.
Valeria270159 @AufstandLastGen You spoiled brats. Stop eco terrorism. Ecology yes, eco terrorism no. You create chaos, make more pollution then you go home in your big cars and chat on your latest €1,000 iPhone 14, sleep in your cosy flats full of high tech & expensive crap. Do you actually work?
SandySa48608217 @DashDobrofsky Well you know what? If you want your freedom to Tweet your crap then she gets hers, too. Elon doesn’t play childish games and ban only the people he disagrees with so put on your big boy pants and deal with it or just quit Twitter! Your choice. I only follow logical people so sorry if I don’t care for your “pronouns” and whatever insanity you preach. I just like to keep it real. Pragmatism, ya know?
EbertRay @DrTomFrieden Big pharma and tort reform now You’ve destroyed any trust in this most sacred (Medical) institution. The Only way out now, is to make healthcare as a whole, cheaper. while promoting personal fitness. Say “Sugar is the new Tobacco” and “big pharma reform” first, b4 any mask crap Zazzblammymatazz
Christopher_T42 United Kingdom The luxury hotel is why people are voting for Matt to stay in, why let him sleep in a big comfy bed banging his missus when he can be in a camp bed in the open air, eating crap and having things gunked on him #ImACeleb Talk about cooking/food, veggie, TV, F1 - Red Bull Racing & Arsenal, politics & #C4News (I don't respond to 'Chris') Tweets automatically delete
sSeemaP @daffodil_im @BiggBoss Yes content k liye torturing, defaming 19 year old girl and her father who is a single parent! Shame on you big boss team…. We don’t want such content… we watch BB for entertainment and not this crap!
infovoy_v2 consciousness & free will: @BayouPhilosophy Crap rap song & undoubtedly crude & outdated, but in the early 90s it was a big two fingers in the face of the beauty industry idealizing skinny white girls (see the convo at the start and ref to Cosmo). And as a cultural phenomena (e.g. ref in Friends) helped reverse that trend. Music, philosophy, physics, archaeology, astronomy; stuff. | Lynchian. Goth heart. | Cure anomalies: |
ClintRHenderson Waycross, GA @CarlHigbie Cont...3 of 4 just a bunch of cats!!! This holiday for family and friends mom dad brother all dead I spent it alone but always cooked a big meal! I don't know how much more of the radicals commies crap I can deal with I feel like throwing up my arms giving up to these crazy folks TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK THE LEFT ARE DESTROYING IT THROUGH HATE!
Oates27 Suffolk Long day, stressed, got angry with my little one when she was just trying to help and had to watch her little face crumple. Big hugs and apologies but feel like a crap dad at the moment. Get home tired and stressed a lot. Sigh. Children's book writer and illustrator. Year 5/6 teacher. Science and computing.
Zoulz Sweden @Executionotron @MattBinder Still, if they knew about those accounts and did nothing. That just seems too big of a liability to ignore. I'm sure twitter was crap before Elon took over too, but I still think Elon has no idea what he's doing. Developer at @QuickspinAB by day. Working on @LichboundGames and @PixelshiftDev by night. My opinions are my own. Mastodon:
Ajphilli96 @TexasRepublic36 @huhwhatBB @TWTHEREDDRAGON You gotta look at the big picture. Phil Spencer out down xbox and said they're exclusives aren't like playstation, their exclusives etc. He said xbox isn't doing good and they need Activision so I don't want to hear that crap. They both do stupid crap.
chefdoener @KenSchachte @lennoxc @doppelex @JoePompliano (2/2) money into "worthless" Clubs to make them big an succesfull. fork this crap, Look at the Premier League e.g. So much money and such Stars in this League, but the Atmosphere is dead. Nearly no standings, just expensive Seats. It's not about football,it's about Force($$$) 🤼🤼‍♂️🏟️
45Nobelium Jupiter, FL If we are to move forward in our fractured society we need to #stop saying #liberal vs #Conservative when it should be #EliteCabal vs #Everyoneelse This is all one big game and they don’t give a crap about us. We are not descended from fearful men”🖋️Ed R.Murrow🇺🇸I’m tired of being lied to by my current Democrat leaders you are not what you say you are friends!
phase2pix Virginia @PatPanActivist 1. Shower 2. Pull the crap out of your face and behave like an adult 3. Look at other cars on the way into work or wear a blindfold. 4. Put on your big boy pants and grow the fork up. 5. If we have to tolerate you, YOU have to tolerate US. ... Quid Pro Quo, lefties are good at it A grumpy old tax-paying conservative, tired as Hell.... and just not gonna take it anymore. Limp wristed, salmon polo shirted skinny jean wearers... beware!

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