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Cryptowonderful Canada @KevinKautzman @ASTRAXOXO @3DBoredApeClub @SSofWhales Dude both these projects are gonna rip! @3DBoredApeClub is my addition and @SSofWhales os a really good community and some big names buying in. Forget most projects as 98% is crap. These ones are top notch brother ;) I like pizza but ❤️ my dog 🐶 SOLANA!!!!!! Love community coins! Changing the game ❤️ $floki NFT: 3D Apes BAYC, SSW #NFT COLLECTOR
BJSee Catch Me Outside I love New Yorkers. I really do. If you live there and are dealing with this big brother crap, my heart goes out to you. The rest of us need to make damn sure what is happening in NYC doesn’t happen elsewhere. Fight World Renowned Expert and Professor Emeritus, Conspiracy University
fixmyrockchip Houston, TX @NickFondacaro Keep up the great work man. Nothing like the crap that goes on in the GOP cover up of dum donald treasonous act's. And how the GOP seniors helping continue spreading the big lie's to the American People. What happen to and with your brother is nothing compared to thete Unction Windshield Rock Chip Repair, you will clearly see the difference in our repairs. Get paid to repair windshields NOW! Make up to $1200 weekly part time.
LyndaKelly Up t'north in Lancashire now !! @Panderoona Hehehe....I used to think the same but I had a huge old Big Brother hole to fill so got on board and it is crap tele but a bit of fun, too. Even my 82 year old mum is watching this year, 2 parts appalled, 1 part amused !! Single and happy to be. I live with my rescue dogs-Fizz and Pepper. Love reading📗and F1 🏁 and I'm VERY honest. Very. Be warned. 🐾
KimTSantre @EvelDick I'm so done with her already never since the first big brother have I ever seen someone like her I mean she is absolutely ridiculous already but yet they're keeping her all that's right she's in the six! So you play like crap and we get rid of the rest my God
NnabugwuUbadire @Pharm_Nelo @Stephenkofi1995 There is no main one.Big brother didn’t release wm and Yousef score !! Stop this crap !! Competing to be better than i am yesterday
idara_mmi Lagos, Nigeria Is there a rule in the big brother house that says you can't challenge the head of house? Asking because I want to understand why these ones are sitting down and taking this crap from pere. So condescending and Ill mannered. What is this??? Ambivert
KateDKat Canada @Raffi_RC Scares the crap out of me to send my little... Big brother is fully vaxed and hyped to go. Just hope the class sizes are small and they have a real plan to keep them safe Farm living, tea sipping, cat loving, book reading, crocheting kind of girl 👍
elevengoodies Pennsylvania, USA @the_phillygamer @BrandonHyde No it's a better retelling. And he takes on a big brother role for many of the other robins to help them through Bruce's continued crap dad behavior. He has to deal with dead parents AND a poor adoptive parents. Alfred is a better dad than Bruce is! ✨Veterinarian 🩺✨ Gamer, DnD player, book and comic reader✨She/Her/Hers
fdarlene491 Munford, TN @DineshDSouza WTF IS THAT! Making fun of gay people and straight people at the same time. Who the he** thought this was appropriate? I'd repost it but Twitter won't let me, ever, repost anything from D'Souza's account. Big Brother crap. 😉
DavidLeyonhjelm Australia @nswpolice Are you going to bring your big long batons again so you can beat the crap out of protesters and claim their violence started it? Company director, former senator elected 2013 & 2016, resigned 2019. Libertarian. Idiots & abusers blocked or muted, retweets & likes ≠ endorsement.
OneLove_OneRace @JoshMurdaman86 @MustBeTheHero Also, you're making a call to violence. This is illegal and you're asking for big trouble kid. You were born in 1986, millennial. You're the assassin of cool. The world is to complex for you to grasp. Stay out of Socialism; we don't want you twats defaming us with roleplay crap I like to piss off white separatists: fork YOU! #BlackLivesMatter Biological female (pic is me). Sex-Positive Feminist. Cuck Queen. She/Her. Fem-Boy Ally. Woke.
BryceS89 @KrunnkyTTV and myself break down why @Splitgate has it big with an old idea and @EAMaddenNFL has once again made a giant, replicated, pile of steaming crap. #GLYPodcast @GLYPodcast #Splitgate #Madden22 #Madden22sucks
UMclea Belfast Northern Ireland @bigwull66 It’s crap I’ve still 2 weeks to take but I couldn’t take them and sit about again saying that I’ve had Arthur this week cause he’s sick but I need a wee break big time too x
JohnDUB14 @3PeaksTrading Small caps reflect the moron traders of the world buying unprofitable highly speculative crap....can't wait until all of these naive novice morons lose everything on the next big down market....they will just keep buying the dip and it will keep going lower and AMC will be 5
halosluvsong no stunts! she/her rant // ignore tis I wanted to leave this omg ..I hide behind people when they asked me to come to take pics together ..I looked like a big pig face was so big my outfit for the function was crap I wanted to forking leave and cry 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ but I tried to be calm , just ughh sky never looks so blue 🌬️ ♡◍• ~22~
davidfriend6 Johannesburg South Africa @HaymonzP @TheKidIrv24 Bob is absolutely not to be trusted. Talks the biggest load of crap these days. Crawford 1st said him and Porter were buddies and didn't want to fight him. But I think he has moved on from that. I blame Bob and not Crawford. How many big fights does Crawford and Porter have left? Senior Retired IT Technician Technician. My views are my own and do not reflect the views of anybody else.
OneSquirreliest Last hill in the Midwest @BoonHogganbeck I know I'm old, but darn it, this hillbilly farm girl is from an era where your work vehicles, your big trucks etc., were used for work and then you used your Chevy sedan for everything else. None of this trucks-are-luxury-family-vehicles crap. Squirrelier than the Queen!
SobmicUltimate @gurepyon_ That is fine. But please be not into it in peace and don't loudly complain that "people have no taste, how can they like this crap, how could this get so big" when it does end up so popular it overflows your timeline. This Twitter is called like that because it provides the most ultimate that you can expect of him, he who owns this account!
LastSnowLeopard Journey @FPWellman ...I know you thought you had a big think right here, but I'm here to let you know that you are still a moron. Biden broke an agreement with the Taliban which led to all of this and had zero exit strategy for withdrawing. I also blame people like you for defending this crap. A teenaged snow leopard, The Last Snow Leopard, on a journey of revenge for the loss of all she has ever known.
MrONeillsMrs @Mike_Fabricant @BBCNews Tbf Mr Fabricant, non of the UK governments, past and present over the past 20 years give a crap about British citizens safety in this country. They're all talk, big words to get the vote and once elected its eff UK citizens. I am English, I am British, I was never European. #BorisGotBrexitDone #BorisJohnsonIsMyPrimeMinister #AllLivesMatter ❄❄❄❄ #ItsOkToBeWhite
bucky19531 @SenatorSinema @city_globe Dear Senator Fluffy, you sound like a valley girl who stumbled onto a “big words” dictionary. Cut the self-serving PR crap and start fighting to secure access to voting for all eligible voters.
marsmets67 Tuckerton, NJ @hpesoj33 @StevenACohen2 Amen! This big mouth preaching how he’s not in it to make money, in it for the fans and to win. Bull! His gm thinks he knows how to get production from crap! Spend some fn money. Mets and Jets diehard
brianhc Cambridge, MA @Biohazard3737 And the cars are generally far superior to the base model crap you get elsewhere. Big fan Expensive digital horses and jpgs. (BAYC 2847 6588) 🇮🇪/🇩🇰
seahawkmom Kentucky @jgaugust @barnes_law Another difference is that there are peer reviewed prophylactics and cures for COVID that big $$ pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about.. which nullifies the emergency vaccine/gene therapy crap Wife, Mother of 4 GREAT boys...and ALWAYS a Seahawk Fan!
midwestdawg Olathe, KS @BuckeyeBat Nice. Again with the insults. Did you go to school? Like ever? Let’s see. 3 and 13 are much higher than your crap schedule. Come on Brutus. Quit spinning this pussy big 10 schedule. It is always crap. Love working outdoors. Landscape Architect. American Patriot & believe in the Constitution! Georgia Bulldogs & interest in politics. KC Chiefs World Champions!
kushy_ma_keke I wonder how many lung cancer patients uses masks in their job? If you're using toxic fumes like with carpentry or chemicals in a lab you'd wear a gas mask. For the saw dust and big crap THEN a surgical mask would be suitable. ,,!,, Suck my charisma and bite my wits. changing stick to for now.
GlennPudick Zion Wants To Free Social Media From Big Tech Through The Lightning Network I read this article, and I said, 'Holy Cow!' This is amazing and it's built on BTC, not crap I teach music in North County San Diego
ad19712020 nowhere you'd wanna be @gemmalsomers What do you mean? People were only supposed to be buying essential items.... 🤷‍♂️ as far as I'm concerned (as a parcels delivery driver) that means food..... I've worked all the way through Gemma..... delivering crap like patio cleaner and paint and big screen tv"s Great Sage, equal to heaven. sarky forker Easily distracted by boobs #BPD Expert level self saboteur Styling this life out since 1971. Avi might not be me.
DamienHamilto17 Perth, Western Australia @LisaMic75251596 @53pamela_h @MaryanneMancuso @TheBatman1961 This is the full Peter Ridd Big Reveal presentation. If you get bored watch it. It shows how unchecked the science has been and how crap climate science is. Im a late comer to twitter who enjoys engaging in debate with anyone provided they attack the opinion and not the person.
mckija Hunter, NSW @stevefeilding Wait AZ and Pfizer have proof of the devine? HOLY crap big pharma really do own everything.... 😀😃🙂🙃😊😇 New idea! Lets not just think about ourselves? rather think about how everyone can prosper... Hanging around reading tweets and taking the piss..
DADRGIRLSRP @HumanAvocado Chiaki and Junko were both exhausted, panting in the bed. They're glistening from sweat and they're both hot as crap! both have big tits and big ass. multi muse // all girls from danganronpa except Sakura // admin is not a minor // NSFW posts // admin is 21
mukuroupdates run by @komaedabisexual 'It's totally normal these days to photoshop the crap out of cover photos. If you're surprised by that, you'd be totally blown away by a certain dangerous little diva of ours... they make the eyes and junk super big, and tweak the skin so it looks all ceramic and porcelain.' girl help. i am drowning. there is no sign of land. you are coming down with me
ThunderPittRoad Pittsburgh, PA @PittCabe @pantherrants A big reason I got YTTV was to watch Pitt football and hoops, not realizing a massive chunk were still gonna be on that crap station. Brilliant Legal Mind. Battle tested Pitt fan. Brrruuuuuuuucce..
friday48753868 @AshJade55 @Matthew60299053 @MFWitches Herald sun is not a great paper A lot of crap comes from them Just want to scare us Thanks 😊 you are very helpful And your right the school has nearly 70 plus tested positive so day 13 some close contacts may They have big families
txgirl25 Hey @Disney and @MarvelStudios big fan for a long time but wanna know who else I’m a fan of #ScarlettJohansson and #BlackWidow and we all know the Black Widow movie was LONG over due and yall screwed her over again with this crap! Now again with cutting her out SHAME 🔔 SHAME 🔔
RoonKolos @mooproxy @GameSpot Oh that for sure. I ask slightly rhetorically to try and get that seed of "wait a minute" to get growing, if that makes sense I'm a bit big on calling out hypocrisy in these industries since even as someone who happens to be trans, I don't fall for this crap as easily as others 27//Autistic Phoenix//Justin Y of Twitter//Taken//Praise All-Mother//Strong Women Fanclub President//trans//Works @SyFy (Opinions Are My Own)
DonnaL75 @JulieSchollick Hey Julie,just read your post from last night.Sorry you're having a crap time,hope things get sorted and big hugs from me💛💛💛 Remember we all love you xx💛 💛💙Leeds United💛💙Mum of two grown up children.Liam Gallagher,Stone Roses,Skylights,21 Pilots & & Golf💛💙
JoshuaDRichard4 Murica This is never ending cycle between the bulls and bears. When the bears want any stock price down all articles are fud. When bulls start coming back the articles are sky's the limit crap. Yes citadels BS is a big factor, but Big money is actually the banks and this is their show. Practice for months first. Not a financial advisor! Nothing is a recommendation to buy/sell Educational only! . Im a Whale watching Shark swimming Ape
romeo017 Port Stanley Big shout out to the Veolia crews cleaning all the fly tipped and rat infested crap dumped by the feral tenants in St Helen’s and St John’s Roads, Westcliff yesterday - respect… Reluctant war hero! If you find yourself occluded - don't be offended - its complicated!
SironaeArts Australia Holy crap, I've surpassed 100 followers! While this isn't a big feat to some, to me its a big deal. Thank you so much to my new moots and followers! Glad to have you all onboard! I've just finished part of a multi-pieced artwork that I plan to show you all soon. Stay tuned! I am a mostly self taught digital artist. I work mostly with character concept art but dabble in comics and visual novels.
Quietmitten @THAT_M0M @JoaquinCastrotx Your hate is causing you to miss the pertinent information in the story. Even the third shot doesn't prevent people from getting Covid. This is a money making scam of Big Pharma and people are shooting unknown crap into their bodies. There are existing cures instead of shots. MAGA. W W G 1 W G A. No trains, please. #BidenIsNotMyPresident
Lenthebastard I'm sorry Howie but your credibility just took a big hit by pushing anything AOC has said. she is a turncoat and a traitor to the cause and is a corporate Democratic stooge. have you not been paying attention to the performative crap the Democrats are pushing? I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS. M4A Electrician. Bastard. Apostate. U.S.M.C. fork blueticks! hyperbole is a must. opinionated Asshole. 🇺🇦 #neverbidennevertrump
mmmh9591 Racine, WI @RepMattGaetz Matt just seeing your face and hearing your voice is irritating with all the crap you've been doing you big hypocrite. Life long Republican until I voted 4 trump in 16. 4 torturous years. My inauguration was bigger than Obama's. Rep party destroyed themselves. Jan 6th. The cult
AuthorAvaBarlow Michigan, USA Those lying pieces of crap That want to run in and be the hero at the end Will get their asses handed to Them By a girl Count on it This big fat lie to humanity us over Pull the plug The Tyler Perry movie is over Exit stage left fellas You pissed off the wrong girl Author of Fiction Action/Adventure Novels. If I wrote my bio, unbelievable. I have a lot more on my list to do. #AuthorAvaBarlow
shonathephysio Scottish Borders I lost my (unofficial) godmother to the big C on Friday, as an inpatient on the ward I’m on. Life is really crap and unfair. There isn’t really a point to this tweet I just wanted to put it out there, since I’m seeing a lot of tweets about loss today. Miss you always Sheila ❤️ Physiotherapist, NHS Borders. Passionate about mental health, elderly rehab & health promotion. Country bumpkin, living with M.E. 🌾 Views my own. 🌿 She/her 🪴
musingsBb @Muskannxoxo Big weirdo and crap 😶 It is what it is. Fangirling about Biggboss.
HARRYH143 . @chiddyafc forking embarrassing. This is the kind of crap why journalist don't like to cover transfers. They get 1 thing wrong and their "frauds" or they're a "tier 5 journo" sthu. Big account like yours was the ones getting gassed up by mere discussions and interest lol. .
SamPenman88 Wigan, England @bezzimate @Leigh_Wigan It's crap we all know that. It's too big for either club and bland in design. However it is what we have and if you yearn for the rat shack so much then go and sort it out. It seems that the rugby are deeply unhappy at the DW so move on.
AtteraNox Big thank you to @Ruinous_Inferno @ashe_wrathpaw @witchsbreww_VT @Arixaina @GeneralZuina for the raids recently!! I've been crap at writing thank you posts lately but since today is a no stream night, I'll write more when I get home! And thank you @CirrenVT @SeraphZed @Soba_VS A strange illusion it is to suppose that Beauty is Goodness-Leo Tolstoy *PFP by Gloomy_chuu *Banner by Hy_Hav *Model & Design by @myonehen & @kanlamari 🏳️‍🌈🔞

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