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cizzo83 Miami, FL @cristenallyn That is what a big brother is for! We got the same gaming genes, and you got me in anime crap! Haha and you got your sister who likes that weird interests you guys have. That you probably got from your father haha! Entrepreneur, Activist, Student, Teacher, Wanderer, etc. Life is too short, don’t worry too much!
BarstoolKeller Keller, TX Keller High is like the big brother of KISD @KCHSBarstool @ridgepanthers @NestTchs always talking crap and we just put them back in their place... Not affiliated with Barstool or Keller High School.
CobraGT44 @CraigRSawyer I am so upset you have had such trouble brother. I swear...we good people are beating THE CRAP out of the liberals so badly, ALL they are able to do anymore is harass, name call us and scream! We are winning this war brother! Big time!!!!! I love Jesus! I love people and care for them!
hubie0 3rd rock from the sun, @r_wensell @JDShuttlesworth What a load of crap. Didn't jesus drink wine? This big brother in the sky is overly concerned with what you eat and drink, and especially what you do when naked. Atheist. Former indoctrinated evangelical christian. Humanist, science and sci fan, cyclist, runner, motorcyclist. #atheist #extheist #religion #exchristian
pahkidd California, USA @kingmanmarie39 What the hell?!?! Big Brother is getting bigger and scarier. Yeah. We can easily imagine from where this crap is coming...... Born in NY,lived in Va & now Ca. Travel alone-usually. LOVE the UK (Wells & London esp)& of course Europe! Retired ER RN.
SpencerPI California @claudiamiles Have a brother who drives trucks in Florida. No health insurance through crap employer. His health care is the ER. Multiply that x 40-50 million. And he’s having health problems. Probably just big biz fearing change. Author of Private Eye Confidential (99thepress) the only short, fun book about a P.I. Serve trial lawyers. Ex-journo. Go Bears!
SeauxTiana LA @PaulCalafiore_ basically came to the conclusion that they talked so much crap about Big Brother players on the challenge but they’ve never had a real big brother player on The Challenge and Paulie is kicking ass! A physical and mental competitor is lethal! ॐ | ULM alumna
realitytvplease talking with talla This episode is really making me wonder why I waste any time with that summer camp crap show Big Brother Survivor IS and always will be the superior show #Survivor ✌🏼
KysheraDuskhall Central Coast NSW @JennyForster7 As in? Yes, this is live, and in that reality television. But in that form of fake, basically scripted, melodramatic crap like Big Brother or Survivor, or so many other series, don't insult Q&A. Energetic adept, spiritual author, fiction author and current affairs commentator. Proud Leftie with twenty years experience in sarcasm and cynicism.
SenatorSurfer Launceston/Canberra Pretty hard for @AdamBandt to defend himself against the rubbish being sprouted by @Mark_Butler_MP on @QandA tonight given the #Greens didn’t get a look in on the panel. Special episode tonight on #ClimateEmergency and #fire and only the big parties. Pretty crap. Greens Senator. 🤛Palawa kani Land and the worlds oceans. "Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction’. Green not Greed.
spann The Deep South You will hear of flurries and rumors of flurries in the North Alabama forecast late Mon night/Tuesday morning of next week. Crap apps will run wild. Ensemble output suggests nothing meaningful at this point, the big story is the COLD. Temps could hold in the 30s all day Tuesday AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. WeatherBrains host. Instagram/Snapchat: spannwx
ProSportsCPA Colbert Hills Manhattan, KS @ByJoeDavis @PoolFroggy @TheFakeNed I know who he is. He said a lot of crap that the socially sensitive crowd would find offensive. I've got a ton of friends who are big KSU people and many can't stand him. Gonna make "froggy" references from here on out when talking with common company. Chiefs season ticket holder since '92; 3-ft blood clot survivor. Pretty much the same thing...
_nictro LI @QGolfer10 Crap and i thought i was getting close to my big break annoying.. but nice. NYM/NYI/GBP
Ledjona_C Westland, MI So today I parked in a driveway of a daycare by my school(I didn’t see it bc it wasn’t shoveled) and with a place that you needed an employee parking permit and tell me why, I got only a warning. 😭😭😭😭 I’m so thankful holy crap. The big man is seriously watching out for me. 🥺 and so she said, if I need the moon, I’ll bring it down myself. 🌕👑🇦🇱
A_Big_Hell_NO Denver, CO @SmackeyCracks @flajeffreyt @LindseyGrahamSC Oh you know it only applies to Clinton and other Democrats. Republicans think they're above rules. That crap is for Candyland and Democrats. 🌬❄💨🌨We ARE the Storm🌪️🌊🌈#RESIST #VOTE 🗳 Descendant of a REAL Witch they Couldnt 🔥! ⚖🗽Democracy dies in 🌑, so keep the 👀💡 on!
OYokai666 @theexoticivory Oh crap I didn't realize that you retweeted me ms @theexoticivory . Well even now I'm still a big fan of yours and hope that you stay 100 and dont let the people I do not like and the dumbasses get you down 💐❤
MhWalt3067 Detroit MI @charliekirk11 Of course you would think a traitor like Flynn is a hero. Of course you would totally ignore the fact that he plead guilty to his crimes. And of course you would take a nice big crap on real heroes by tweeting this garbage on Veterans Day. You’re truly pathetic. From The Motor City
idahodissedent2 @Qanon76 Wilson was a big forking pile of crap that sold his people out .. I’d dig him up and crap on his corpse
aleiasmoon what used to be America @winklett You look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Me mum told me the same crap. She was a big fat jerk also. Hugs to you and your friend. you get caps if the cat gets off my lap. resist any way you can.
ProfineRBLX To sum it up: I have taken a plea deal, and now all my tweets forward will mostly not involve NUSA at all so if u followed for previews of test animations and progress im making towards my big project, u wont have to see anymore roblox USA crap thank god! Blenduurrrrrr | Dev | Video Compositor | Commissions are opened and closed | Profine#8050
Caxidroidnigon Malaysia Damn son. Your ears must be really big and full of crap to have roaches in there.. the whole forking family of roaches!! Do you really wanna know? Follow me & find it out yourself.
BWooten713 South Carolina, USA @StephRosales198 @nowthisnews @BarackObama he set the foundation to tear it apart? That’s exactly what your boy is doing by taking a big crap on the constitution and rule of law on a daily basis. He has no morals or integrity whatsoever
secondhusk Brooklyn, NY The Beaver Moon is all big and foggy and majestic tonight, and doesn’t give a fig what kind of crap day you’ve had, it’s just gonna keep on doing its thing, which is its own kind of nice #JennasSkyReport Writer/editor. Read me in @RollingStone, @CurbedNY, your heart, etc. Comics/theater/TV/space rants. Cohost of @NotOverSFU. Thoughts are my own.
Xzamilloh San Antonio, TX @nancysstark @realexpatjourno @QueenInYeIIow @nathan_deming I misread your comment and I apologize, but it takes nothing from what I said. And Warren didn't say anything stupid, just not surprising and not something a "big structural change" candidate would be saying. And if Bernie had the same crap answer, he'd be getting crap, too. When life hands you lemons, trade them in for a gift certificate to Olive Garden
runclt83 Gilbert, AZ @ASUFootball @TheSunDevils @johncanzanobft It's crap like this that makes the Pac-12 suck. Play that with a SEC or Big-10 school and see what happens. Educator, former journalist, and foremost: God follower/husband/daddy/grandpapa...and THE Grin! (Oh, I will fight for educators...just saying...)
asia742 Flyover country @Taktopus @JeromeDavies1 @Josef_Lemonovic @laurenduca Yes. So if they want to keep it free where everyone contributes, but they DON'T want a big company using it for profit, what can they do? And how did we get into this conversation? What does this have to do with taxing the crap out of people who have built companies? Taking back America, one Liberal at a time. Love my country, @POTUS & @FLOTUS. #MAGA 🇺🇸 #IBlockStupidPeople NO DMs please!
DitrapaniSharon Just think how great our president would have done if he didn't have to put up with this his whole term. Next nov vote in all Republicans. see how great he does without all this crap What's going on now this is a big scam .and been planned since he took office .enough is enough
Redhead4America United States @TeaPainUSA Republicans possibly care they just don’t have spines etc to do anything abt it. Heaven only knows how much Secure info Trump and/or Rudy have given out.Trump can no longer have outsiders nobody knows abt. Especially Giuliani who has a big mouth. Trumps gotta knock this crap off. Love My Boston Red Sox, NEPats. Politics, WTC 9/11 Paramedic, My family and Animals. Learned how politics can be. Tell the truth. Greatest country on earth..
L_J_Band @RickSpur @FootballFanCast Do you really think Mourinho would come to a club like Spurs where he couldn’t blow a few hundred million to get top players in? He won’t be straitjacketed by our system. He needs a club which’ll let him spend big. Not Spurs. Also, his ego is huge and he was mainly crap at Utd. Life is a journey. No religion, no trolling, no to Brexit! #OneLove #THFC #amwriting #amreading #amliving
ttquik upstate @L0G1c9UY @TaraLaRosa @RationalDis @MrAndyNgo not disturbing .. she could have beat the living crap out of that big mouthed SJW who took the first swing .. instead she restrained her long enough for the woman to calm down and waited for authorities to show up Sabres Bills MAGA
stercvsrex @fanciefiestie There was this big stink in the 2000s about how American movies all had happy endings (generally true with great outliers). Now we have utterly depressing crap on Netflix like Ozarks and Fleabag and I refuse to watch them. I don’t want my entertainment to be so damn sad. ΑΓΕΩΜΕΤΡΗΤΟΣ ΜΗΔΕΙΣ ΕΙΣΙΤΩ
MarieEl23233438 North,Ga @tamihenrickson1 @DogBountyHunter She wss a nasty vindictive big mouth ,she treated everybody like crap ,unless they made them come and clean there house...hahahaha... Does it make you mad be cause you can't be a part of big nasty vulgar mouth any more..tell the truth!! There wasn't a Damn thing sweet about her Please check out my page . JAZZY GIRL JEWELS EVERYTHING.I IS $5.00 LEAD& NICKEL FREE. $5 FLAT RATE FEE.WITH 1PLUS.
Hisame_kan @AmDonnal @TommySkywlker11 @Ishfulthinkin @thepikahuna No cap, I’m not talking about just texture quality, he said the games look like crap and I gotta say the character models/animations and battle effects (not animations) look great, definitely on par with xenoblade 2. The cities and big stadiums look quite nice as well. イラストになりたい。 English, 日本語OK!
Geminijohn37 leftist Northeast America where nearly all the citizens are brainwashed, leftis progressives---- very sad @joesegal You are correct "Old Deluded Joe" we should be kind and let you know the bad news that not all people are as easily led as you and swallow the leftist, progressive crap with a big spoon --- sorry "Old Deluded Joe" but the truth hurts
Oneofmanygrooms United States Trump's and the other 4 of the Big 5's crap needs to stop NOW!!! Bring PEACE You Big 5: DO YOUR JOB AS THE UN CHARTER SAYS; NOT DESTRUCTION!! #NeverAgainIsNow Italian-Jewish-Christian blood. Shem, son of Noah, is my ancestor. Brother to Muslims and Christians alike. Angry that Jacob gave the God of the Universe, 10%.
francis_antioch @prageru What crap are you spouting ? Do you really mean to say, it's not the fault of globalists, big buisnesses and corrupt politicians that i can't hold a job for more than a week ? Reason, not passion. There are no more journalists. There are only lobbyists. Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat.
hakuz United Kingdom Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of the poorest games I've played this gen. The whole third act is one big bug and the final boss fight is an absolute joke. Done with this crap. #ps4 I travel whenever I can, read books that make me cry, and watch the same TV shows over and over again. I play games a lot, too.
RandallisPerez San Antonio, TX @YongYea Should be lifted a long time ago. No such thing as freedom as speech these days. It’s a big turn off for people that want to play video games and stream with bull crap like this Old and New School Gamer, Movie Dude, Wrestling lover, Hispanic guy with autism this pretty random like making a Twitter account. Still has faith in humanity
Ben_78_ @davethewoodsman @TracyAnnO @OwenJones84 @UKLabour I don't think there was any 'free lunch' in those graphs. Its been crap, but its not just austerity. We've still got big issues in manufacturing and with energy costs etc. United Kingdom, Consultant, Husband, Father, Nerd
pfs4me Philly/South Jersey area @BrandonGouldHS Their logic is crap! @EGSgirlssoccer is the best team in the nation and they are not considered the home team. The NJSIAA dropped the ball big time on this! Jersey girl, soccer mom, Springsteen fan, Philly sports fan. Marketing & Advertising are my day job!
mavgrab302 Conroe, TX @AgentHotep @IWashington @shaunking @TheOfficerTatum We have an express lane for guys like this in Texas and after digging deeper than I initially did, this guy is not good. And sentance is just. “The too big for window crap” and light sentances before Stites just enabled this guy to continue. A Texan, sports cars have manual shift not paddles, gun owner, conservative, agnostic and political the day the Commiecrats politicized 911/Bush.
NoFacebookForMe Pennsylvania, USA @LouBozmarov @j_swineford Yes! I don't know how you regular folks live there! Truly. I know it's a big state and all but... all this crap the past decade has got to be invading even the most civilized of areas. 61 - USA citizen by birth & choice. Raised on Johnny Cash & The Duke. Avid reader, good equestrian, fair Carp fisherman. 2x cancer. On #5 above. LE NRA KAG 1776
Iameverywhere8 @camilafanrick03 @rogerhgold Then things are gonna change. @rogerhgold is going to give us some real big promo and @Camila_Cabello is gonna give us the hit single we asked for. There’s no getting use to this idea nonsense or whatever crap that’s coming out of your stupid mouth. She will do this or else
NettieHinton10 United States @lindsayagraham You couldn’t say anything nice! Like hey you sent this to the wrong person!? No instead it’s crap like this, that bring out the rude, and ignorant people! Big freaking deal, about misspelling, mis-tagging, comma-abusing ne’er-do-well. Your NOT any better than me Asshole!
Kalt_Null Chicago, IL One big plus of Death Stranding is that it's NOT doing much open world BS so far. If getting cargo from A to B has the most direct path cut through MULE territory, and I can avoid going through there, I don't get LEAVING MISSION ARE crap. SO THAT'S COOL. Not that kind of WASP.
SSJ4442 @CoachMossXFL When you were his age, I was watching you kick the crap out of FSU, Notre Dame and the rest of those sorry suckers in the Big East! You both make me proud, for different reasons. Thank you, both!
EJKrausJr @RubinReport Instead of teaching this crap, concentrate on the three R's - reading, writing and arithmetic. This is dumbing down children and child abuse. The Big E (Education) is corrupt.
OceansShattered @ATVIAssist GET RID OF THE DAM PALACE MAP! its to big! Even on 20 TD its crazy you cant find anyone and have to run like 4miles to try to find any action. Wth is the point. I quite each time that crap map comes up now.
deemillerdenver Dublin City, Ireland @katymcguinness @IndoWeekend It was and he’s usually crap at presents but he won big time. Not that I’ve actually made anything yet but I enjoy looking at my life in crumbs and food stains : ) Irish and European citizen. All opinions and many wandering thoughts wholly my own. Words and language make me happy. Can’t live too far from a coast.
HeideJaklin @LiberalFodder @GeorgeTheSparti @KindnessBlu23 @JustinTrudeau big diff btw 'not taking crap' and 'being a vulgar white trash bottom hat' eh? This and the ***guzzling soy boy crap? What are you, seven? Nerd, student, writer, feminist, queer, animal groupie, left coast... sarcasm deployed often. Can lose my pleasing nature from time to time. 🇨🇦🇩🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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