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Thruxton_XR Great Britain @MatthewWielicki Big Brother Is Watching You.. I just went to retweet your tweet and it flagged up "do you want to read the article first" I already know about the Carboniferous. This sort of Big Brother BS is way out of line. I thought @elonmusk was stopping this crap on Twitter? 😡 Not here for the followers. Here to have my say.
misazuwu I recommend Reading 1984 Big brother is always there. Before you wanna take a $hit on my name and dare to carve a piano that says horny crap. There's gonna be a part 1,2,3,4,5,6. It's a free way, you can help your girl out. And that woman Love's her husband. Send it to her twitch It's here.. on the BIRD APP follow Misa * gymnophobia, the real one's know, gotten over it CEO
RenchDanny Google helps find over 7000 devices around the capitol on Jan. 6th.. Google is a snitch product of big brother anti-American, anti-free speech piece of crap organisation! Help find the looters and real terroist like blm and antifa burning down America you lousy communist! Jesus
KPartowei @KimDotcom This is freedom of speech. It is not suppose to be a love speech always. Sometimes it is a crap speech but still should be free. Why putting yourself in the big brother shoes and think that others do not have judgment power? And it is only you that have the power?!! I self deleted my twitter account in 2020 when twitter attacked the #FoS. I am glad to be back. Thanks @ElonMusk #MAGA #MahsaAmini #جاویدشاه
BinxArt Grinding 25/8 @Darlene_Pizarro Crap in that case I take it back. 😂 Tell him one of your homies said his drawing is dope. One you posted of his with the hoodie and big hands. Unrelated but I showed my brother that Gucci Warhol purse u made and he loved it. My whole fam are Andy fans. gm! Artist
Siquivit @POTUS Joe biden is a grifter, his son is a crackhead who plays fetch for the big guy, Joe's brother is a piece of crap swindler, and they're all making money off of our tax dollars while putting us in the poor house. People want to tax the rich. We need to tax the corrupt.
CableCar62 @harleybz49 @LynneElston @WatchChad You need to wake up and realize Big Brother has been lying to you about everything! You need to watch Died Suddenly on Rumble. The proof is there about the dangers of the jab. I for one will risk getting the virus before I ever put that crap in my arm. Good luck to you.
MrNobod25302774 Planet Earth @zerohedge Agreed. Elon could not have planned the Twitter response better. Free advertising, clearing out who is with him and who is not, not taking crap from politicians. A refreshing change to typical social media, big brother ownership. I'm not conservative or lib, just smarter than you. Don't like it? Block me because you're not changing my mind.
troIItwitt3r @LUNCDAO The merge is crap, it’s baby brother trying to boss around big brother. $LUNC has 4x the market cap and more than double the daily volume of LUNA. They thought that $LUNC would fail and they’d get the community to follow the hard fork. That didn’t happen and now they’re hurting.
Gummy_Bear6969 Your uncles basement @mobgamesstudios Holy crap I NEED to show this to me little brother because he is a really big fan of Poppy Playtime and he is excited for the release of Chapter 3. These tweets do not reflect on the thoughts or actions of Twisted&Broken
BillyM2k San Francisco, CA "that's what block and mute is for" yeah, duh. i'm a big proponent of blocking. if you are thinking of writing some rude crap to someone based on a gut reaction to something you don't understand the context of, i'd suggest blocking them instead. a cartoon dog wearing glasses
theePicklepower @Dgs447Ds @StephaniLorentz Oh its a horrible system because it's way overregulated. And it was worth a crap, it might be worth the money. But admittedly it's nothing but a boon for big pharma. And while I would like it to improve the chances of idiots in Congress improving it is about zero. Going to have to drop Twitter soon. Way too many lefties here that don't have a clue. have IQ's below 30. And it just starts to rub off after a while.
KnightAL2 United States @w_terrence He deserves a guilty verdict. That lying stealing cheating seditious sack of crap traitor deserves 4 years (minimum) in the Big House, and it sure as hell ain’t white!
shinku251 @RepMTG Swear on your job if it is in fact NOT "a big nothing burger"you leave twitter. put your money where ur mouth is. Heck evn ur god trump refused to come back to twitter...maybe go cuddle up with him since ur into his lies and crap. Just random American person.
AmericanNorm New Jersey, USA @Maryjan56 Hello dum dum, we don't give a crap about his private life of sex drugs and the underage. We wanna know about that 10% for the big guy. retweeter, sarcastic tweeter. Here for the end of the world.
BillyThecrapzu New York, NY @JoJoFromJerz You now want Biden in prison? I thought you liked the guy. ‘Best President Ever’ and all that crap you’re big on. Although I can see why you have changed your opinion. Thanks Elon!! Harmless lapdog. Occasionally funny. Interests are truth, fashion & photography.
PlaubelMakina1 @lexfridman There seems to be a lot of talk about Democracy, Dick Pics, Trump and a host of other crap. It is the criminal influence peddling, bribes that matter. Perhaps the money trail will be revealed in the later drops that will identify the Big Guy. We know who that is. Young man ready to go.
davenpor10 Austin, TX @kyleumlang TCU ran through a crap Big 12. TX should have beat TCU if Sark had pulled Ewers and RAN THE DAMN BALL!
SteveLeMaster Helena, MT @SethDillon Yes, you're VERY wrong. The real story isn't the lurid crap. Yeah, the porn, drugs, and dirty laundry was embarrassing. Hunter's a douche. Move on; nothing to see here. The problem was the corruption exposed in the emails. Biden was The Big Guy. The public needed to know that. Born 1963. Graduated Marshall University (BBA) -- 1987 Graduated University of Phoenix (MBA) -- 2014 Graduated UM JD - '17 US Army veteran (Persian Gulf War I).
Hellion78 I am going to say this once! Both sides are complicit in the suppression of the Laptop, Covid, Afgan withdrawl, Epstein, 9/11, pedophilia, all wars, etc. Don't come at me with this Trump/Biden crap! Tired of it. We all need to look at the logic and the big picture! And research!
WRD67445408 Australia @Cryptofoxzy @RandPaul people on twitter throwing crap against a wall and hope something sticks 🙄 so the claim here is China was in a conspiracy with 'big pharma' to leak a deadly disease for which several companies secretly had a vaccine ready. 🤷‍♂️ Yet Another Twitter Account. Remember to block the account of every promoted tweet you see now 👍
bardlover6 Alabama @fearlessly2803 I wonder if it’s because of how they interact on social media? But yeah, I’m a Louie and not a big pop music fan, but I definitely think perception is the difference here. Some of my friends love to talk about TPWK but tell me Louis is a crap person because he smokes and drinks. She/her/hers. Fan Account. Member of Alabama Democrats. Stan account for Louis Tomlinson, MCU, Doctor Who, and Alabama football
JFrachalla Chicago @CalltoActivism Nice try. He needs to be convicted for his crimes with the big guy, you know. The millions him and the want to be president stole. Only idiots are buying this crap Remove the blue in 22. Demorats MUST go. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇹🇮🇹
HardikPatel911 @surayaa_12 Ignore their bull crap and go with your current flow. Listen from one ear and remove from the other. But I wish you could mute those big mouths. 😁😂
shadhord @WendyKJ Two loss Alabama and Clemson will be back in the picture and that's BS! The Big 12 teams beat the crap out of each other every year and this is why the should do a playoff system like D-2 schools but it would affect the bowl game money!
Smokey62pro Hells Kitchenette @mspears96 True…this year one improvement and that at USC should scare the crap out of the rest of the Big Dogs for 2023 Organic Beet Farmer
ConservJam @WesleyLowery To script, Democrats still trying to obfuscate with talk of Hunter's dick. Nobody cares. His laptop is about corruption of the big guy and his family....oh yeah and Hunters pedophilia & illegally obtained firearm. Most wouldn't give a rat's crap re the nudity, whores and drugs. Mom #patriot #backtheblue #honorvets #militaryfamily #2A #conservative ✡️🕎 NO to socialism!! Half American🇺🇸, half Australian🇦🇺
SgtDeplorable1 @corgeousgeorge @kylegriffin1 Millions of people have died after getting the vaccines, they are having serious side effects and still getting COVID & this administration protects them from liability and pushes their crap & says we are against big pharma. They are so full of crap. Americans patriot
is_it_right Pacific Ocean @AZip70 @hami1018a @sam_perley The Spurs started that load management crap when Pop used to hold back his Big Three of Duncan, Manu and Parker to rest them. I'm just here for the comments and for the #LakeShow
abullington0 DFW/Creating content near you If im sunny dykes…. Headed home to pick apart film. Then being petty and sending every crap call to the big 12 and the refs. Logged with time codes and questions. Sounds like a productive way to spend the evening to me. Somewhere Creating Content
TITANHYPERION35 United Kingdom @GamerLoveNuggie @youtube_bad he basically screwed a load of people over, and then got angry when called out on it. like a big child. and his content took a massive hit since we all left him. his channel is literally just a fnf/among us content farm now, churning out crap content for kids #VR content maker, very amateur VA, Hazbin/Helluva Boss fan, COD montage maker, crappost creator, musician, Gym and Boxing Rat. #AMC
criptonomics @RheoCrypto @Tradermayne Been away from CT for a while myself but he's another bitboy, ran character. Shill crap in the bull market and... Talk crap in the bear. Still puzzled how these big names join in on his crap repeatedly. crypto bs
_pregan @Jason Sorry your buddy’s big reveal was a big who gives a crap. People don’t care about Hunter Biden and your buddy doesn’t seem to understand that Biden wasn’t president when this happened
TheRealBlueChek @opinionated2345 @Beer_Buddie @CNN The issue is "the big guy" included in the money exchanges, influence pedaling, and possibly being compromised. That is in the emails on his laptop and worth pursuing. Personally, I couldn't give a crap about the hot mess HB, only care how JB has misused his VP office and POTUS.
joegartrell San Antonio, TX Watching Tulane-UCF, UTSA would kick the crap out of both these teams. We're headed to their conference next year. Be ready AAC. We have beaten Tulane, Houston, Memphis, and Tulsa. Get ready to be owned on our way to the Big 12. Ph.D. - Helping others find what is meaningful and relevant in a sea of noise.
z76997012 @pmyer8 @nutsvoncrazy @zerohedge Lol, you live in a bubble of big city crap streets. Bro, conservatives don’t care about gay marriage, go for it! I want you to pay more in taxes and be held to the Bs like the rest of society. And, I’m sooo sorry your victim card has run out of the juice!!
JackPHolst Denmark (via Hoboken) @KevinMKruse The Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed by an alliance of the DNC, the intelligence apparatus of the state, and big tech. This is bigger than just financial corruption (which is very bad). That's terrifying. What sort of a crap historian are you?????? This isn't what was promised
lbrown1tx @GOPLeader Kevin you are as full of crap as the rest of the Rhinos. You talk a BIG GAME but do NOTHING!! Republicans need to learn to street fight like the Democrats!! Conservatives are sick of getting lied to by you guys and getting bullied by the Democrats!!! Last chance!!
gorbalsgoebbels An Open Prison.... @2351onthelist Btw Godley was also a big Tory and is a massive Rangers fan. Always like to use stuff like that against the Nats when they come out with their bigoted crap. Currently residing at His Majesty's pleasure.
ConservJam @JoJoFromJerz Democrats still trying to obfuscate with talk of Hunter's dick. Nobody cares BlowJo. His laptop is about corruption of the big guy and his family....oh yeah and Hunters pedophilia & illegally obtained firearm. Most wouldn't give a rat's crap re the nudity, whores and drugs. Mom #patriot #backtheblue #honorvets #militaryfamily #2A #conservative ✡️🕎 NO to socialism!! Half American🇺🇸, half Australian🇦🇺
JacobBa20458891 @hoegermeister @VadimKotlarov @KrisPatel99 Life is a risk. That’s why you take chances. @anthonynoto has been through the 2008 Great Recession and seen firsthand what other banks did to give out risky loans to people with poor FICO scores. You learn from other Big Banks mistakes and don’t do the same crap that causes it. Been around the world twice. Talked to everyone once. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards, I’m an Investor of $SOFI
MissTangshan95 Scotland @CoralReefee I got quite underwhelmed too at her end statement with sonic, "sharing love with the world", crap... Its obvious they just cut sonic and amy being together cos its a big no no which is sad, she loves Sonic! like she's serious with him! She should of confessed to him. Hey my name is Shannon, I'm a crazy 27yr old artist who loves horses, Sonic the hedgehog and drawing ...oh yeah and tea!
PBStriker101 The Dark realm UwU @NyxTheShield @Vigilante_Blade @ModernVintageG THEY TIED 2 - 1 Holy crap I predicted the game! Should have tried a bet, damn it... Thanks for replying btw Nyx! Big fan of your soundtracks, specially for Glitchtale and Underverse. Childhood hero. 10/10. Greetings! my name is PBStriker (AKA Mega Wingstone) I'm an artist in training, developer of 'TAINTLESS', a surreal Beat 'em up RPG i'm working on! Making life
JusJoe7 Where the day takes me... @thisisfoster @SolomonsaysN Here’s an idea: forget the cause, just be a slob and look the absolute most gluttonous form of yourself possible Get a belly so big you can’t even see your own… Sick of idiot pastors/preachers and the dumb$&#! they concoct and the morons sitting in the pews buying their crap average pontificator, 🚫 DM’s and your DM’s are open 🙄, hater of unmitigated idiocy and here to expose absolute 100% BS
beatroute66 Teesside @CarlHorner @TrevorOakley1 @BenForster90 Interesting. I recall some good crowds in that 99/00 season, but surprised it's as high as that. 03/04 we had that big first crowd, didn't we, then they died a death because the team was crap. Even 95/96, which was a good one and where we should have gone up, was bad crowd-wise. I'm zipping through the days at lightning speed... ⚫ ⚪ ⚫
ConservJam @TheRickWilson @Timodc Democrats still trying to obfuscate with talk of Hunter's dick. Nobody cares mate. His laptop is about corruption of the big guy and his family....oh yeah and Hunters pedophilia & illegal firearm. Most wouldn't give a rat's crap re the nudity, whores and drugs. Mom #patriot #backtheblue #honorvets #militaryfamily #2A #conservative ✡️🕎 NO to socialism!! Half American🇺🇸, half Australian🇦🇺
culverrd Cincinnati, Ohio Thank goodness we are going to a conference that doesn't do the divisions crap and actually puts the 2 best teams against eachother in the championship game. Big 10 should be OSU vs Mich rematch and SEC should be UGA vs Tennessee and we wouldn't be having these issues of who's in Family, Faith, Positivity 🙏 HUGE Bearcats Fan🔴⚫ Realtor at RE/MAX Preferred Group Ohio/Nky AAU Coach 1 Vision Academy🏀 IG: culverrd
Bekitty_89 @DavidRudisill10 @PretzelNicholas @mhdksafa No, politicians are. This isn't actually as a big of a deal in schools as the media makes it out to be. There's an actual war against education stemming from this delusion and you're actively feeding it by posting this crap. She/her