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deadbrew1 originally from MA now in TX not sure who is watching Big Brother this season but holy crap Frenchie slow the fork down! i wanted to like him so much... he is playing way too fast and is being a flip floppy paranoid weirdo just gotta keep on livin man.... L-I-V-I-N
Desertpuma Arizona, USA @MammothFanta @Challengemtv___ He talks a lot of crap and never backs it up. He is so narcissistic. He never understood on Double Agents that he was constantly taken because he was on the inside of an Alliance Instead of a personality, he does things to get on other shows. Even the Big Brother fans hated him Libertarian, Philosopher, Poet, Writer, Gamer, Native Arizonan; Strength of will means letting the waves crash upon you while being unchanged🇺🇸
ferndog00207253 Texas Latino @natashakorecki @EugeneDaniels2 Holy Crap, anyone that thinks this Democrat Biden Regime and their Bootlicking Minions in the Media are the "Good Guys", is living in a Fantasy World. It's been said over and over, and it's more true each day, these Democrats are becoming the Definition of Big Brother. Father, Construction/landscape worker, voted Trump, voted Trump again,. Married to an Immigrant. Support the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st and 2nd
madeline61 hunter region @dodona777 All of these crap shows - FWAW, MAFS, BACHELOR, BIG BROTHER etc, is where our new "celebrities" are drawn from. No longer do you have to do acting courses or something significant to earn fame and fortune. And when did 'influencer' become a career path?
MadLew In a land far, far away.... @mamarocks54 @KFB9999 He sucks at turning in his schoolwork, well the online crap school they had to do, but he never forgets to take care of the dog and chickens (he locks them in coop at night) and is the best big brother! kicked out of evangelical covenant church indefinitely
TinglyJungle Idaho, USA @MaybsDoc Pichu’s just so cute holy crap like you know how funny it is to be good at Pichu? Like Pichu is the « my big brother is going easy on me » character in melee and in Ultimate she’s actually playable I love her Also funny Ice Climbers have two people and Mario has FLUDD Officially Unsponsored Gamer | SMS any% | Legally Certified Josh | sometimes I do videos on the internet… subscribe?
hodown812 @pnjaban @KamVTV @IngrahamAngle Big Brother is alive and thriving under our current “leadership”. This crap has to stop! Mental illness is on full display now days. Good luck on getting the message out. You’ll need it. Peace. Just happy to be here:)
TerriAndrade5 @tomselliott @XavierBecerra "Choose to live" - what a load of fear mongering crap!! I'm not vaccinated, rarely wear a mask and have not gotten Covid. You did your part Big Brother, the vaccine is available, now it's up to us if we get it or not!!
llambchops United States @Metro_West1 Don’t even open the door. This is big brother crap Orwell and many others have suggested. Screw them Husband, Father and patriot who supports our military, veterans, border patrol, ICE and police 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ladij78 Birmingham, AL Brent is giving me spoiled, entitled vibes. "Who does our laundry?" And let's not forget this gem, "We have to make our own slop? Like it's not enough we have to eat crap, we have to make it to?" 🙄 Bro, this is Big Brother #BB23 Singer, writer, and lover of good television! Cashapp $ilanag78 Venmo @ilanag78 PayPal Proprietor of the High Rise!
angryoldman71 @Cillagirl @clemenda @DHughesy I believe the advice and science. Not crazy crap on the internet I hope you don't get covid. I know fit people that got very sick. Covid is real. Man walked on the moon. Trump's a dick. Big Brother is not out to get you. Bill Gates is a good guy
bxrkhyde crap big brother is about to start and im not at home yet @that70spuffy backup
RogerCraigSmith Boise, ID I just stubbed the living crap outta my big toe (bent nail, blood, the whole nine yards) on my "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" collection and I've never felt more like Calvin with how I responded to the pain/stupidity. Voice actor. I like shooting birds...and stars.📸🤓Passion for bird📸, #Nightscape & #Astrophotography🔭. #IDADarkSky IMDB:
andrewklavan California I know this will set the lefties screeching and throwing insults like zoo monkeys hurling crap through the bars, but Trump's op-ed makes an excellent argument here. I know because I made it myself last year. via @WSJOpinion Author, screenwriter, essayist. Nominated for Edgar Award 5 times, won twice. Host of "The Andrew Klavan Show" at the @realDailyWire
JordanW08242265 @MatheusCampus @LuthP1 @EDCCarry Rise's Quest variety is crap, but as I said, I enjoyed travelling the maps, so Free Hunts (or Expeditions?) is a big plus for my side, and Elder Dragons could also show up there, so...
Werwolfram The shadows behind you… @CertifiedLeggy Crap, it was something like Big Blow or something and it puts out fires with fire fighting hoses mounted above MiG engines mounted on a tank. Chemical engineer & aspiring ᵐᵃⁿᵉᵈ werewolf. Give a howl! Icon by @issuba_, header by @SnarkySardine
libertyfandan Texas, USA Case count is inching up in my area. I'm already bracing for the reactionary big gov lockdowns and "mitigation" measures even though it is quite clear that the virus doesn't care about any of that crap. Leave me alone, and don’t take my stuff!
TxGoody CT ✈️ North Texas & Austin @Well1la I am so sorry you are going through this. This is so toxic and unhealthy for you. I would block your family for right now. You do not need to be reading this crap. Surround yourself with people who actually care about you. Big hug to you! Independent UT Longhorn Mom. I believe in science. Staying away from the MAGA variant. #BLM #JournalismMatters #RenewableEnergy #Cuse #HookEm 🤘🍊 ✡️
ChrisThomasII1 @Radar_Wilton @LCS_Big_Mike @F_K_of_______ @NASAPersevere Stop talking your crap and just make me a quick homemade video and do your own experiment and prove me wrong. Light source and some sort of water spray/mist Maker, etc. Make sure that no glass or mirror or prism of any kind is part of your experiment I'm a fun guy. I do things.
realist2016jlp Gods Lancaster South Carolina There was that group who did eight independent study about the masks they did chemical tests to see what they can find on unused new masks and they found viral pneumonia viral meningitis and a long list of other nasty crap including this big surprise! Urinary tract infection! Okay let's just go ahead and do it f*** them!
nananastee San Diego, CA Damn. All these companies that support seditionists and big liars...Not flying Delta, now I've got to stop flying American. Crap. Who's next? Mom, Nana, concerned citizen standing up for our democracy. Just trying to make sure my grandchildren have a wonderful country to live and thrive in.
ShadowRaiden UK @NikeDnT @pathofexile i mean speak for yourself it wasnt faster until around 2017/2018 it had a big playerbase at that point. and erm a lot of people did give a crap about it before then that is complete bullcrap A Vtuber British Bunny that loves Football,Video Games and Cuddles. Maker of VR Bunny Girls. PFP by @XynianArts
F_N_Big USA @CaffLibrarian @Alvadego2 @wolfblitzer In whatever crap college you attended, what instructor taught you that shoveling money to other countries at the expense of its middle and lower class citizens with no savings for a commodity that’s domestically available is a positive long term plan? That person needs to quit. I’m an Owl, I see things in the dark others can’t & look for rats. Lamb Follower, Cat Guardian, Donkey Slayer, Market Bull $TSLA Future owner of 2 #CyberTrucks.
TheVankar 18+ Minors DNI @BeeSubby I nearly drop the jar I'm holding as I hear the humming and the door close shut. "Crap crap crap." I mutter as I look around the room for a place to hide. Not noticing anything big enough in my panic. I nervously hide the jar I'm holding behind my back and try to think of a lie. |I am Vankar the illusionist. Also known as The elusive bitch.|SFW/NSFW RP|Open Dms|Mutimuse account|TW: Dark kinks|IRL Male|23 yo|
MitchWils1 London, England @CFCRole I think the main issue is we’ve been trying to sell deadwood for a while now, but they’re all on big wages and are proving difficult to shift. Can’t even give Drinkwater away. We must waste a half a million a week on crap no longer an egg...
schipjack @RAZ0RFIST Well crap! Saw Cinderella when they opened for Bon Jovi. They smoked the stage! And outperformed Bon Jovi big time! They were great!
Rockinmimi10 Tennessee @JRReynolds8 @WilliamAHirsch @kylenabecker They need to start arresting because somebody knows something and get them to start talking. Who the big guys that plan all this crap? Retired/President Trump 2024
mauricrapposts Insofar as Loki was meant to be a self-contained series it was pretty mid and had a quite crap ending Insofar as Loki was a vehicle to introduce and make me like the new Big Bad of the MCU... 10/10 amazing One of the top hypnofetish writers on DeviantArt (debatable), top hypnofetish crapposter on DeviantArt (uncontested). She/Her, Switch, also a kpop stan
troyuk London @SubbuteoArt Super passionate alpha just wants football back. Big tackles, crap pitches and casual racism. Just like the good old 90s.
ReneRunCoach Glendalough, Ireland @niallburke3 @rtenews The only way a person can put another person in ICU is by battering them. Everything else is down to the crap Big Pharma and Big Business put in our world and our bodies. Blame them. None of us could ever be a threat to you Running coach, Race Director. Running holiday operator in Glendalough, Ireland. Former IT executive. MSc Systems. NMT.
JamiePrestigio1 #WWERAW I can understand some of the criticism Charlotte Flair gets , but she is an good wrestler and her heel character is amazing Plus the things she can do in heels (running ,Figure Eights etc.) Great of Rhea Ripley to big up her on-screen rival😃😃 “I’m sure you’re all road men, gangsters, proper naughty boys. But I come in peace” - The Gentlemen (2020)
sydney_grace17 United States ya know what? i do have a big nose and it helps me sniff out all the bull crap hey howdy i make hats and stuff. check em out. insta: flame.and.feather fb: Flame & Feather Hatworks
irishwill83 New York, NY @BelTel_Sport @larnefc Immense from Larne. Coleraine played really first 60 mins and big chance with Shevlin at 1-0 up. Mostar scored about 3 mins later. Awful from Glens. Were in control but crap penalty and defending for 2nd goal. Huge let down I’m an Irishman in New York 🗽☘️ ❌
Joehammertime @CBCNews @csdalwood Ask people who live in public housing how crap it is. Terribly managed, terribly maintained and so on. When people cannot be fired for crap job, when institution has big $ to fight lawsuit in housing you have no chance. Gov housing solution? Answer should be "F&CK off" “They know they are lying. We know they are lying. They know that we know they are lying. Yet they still lie.” - Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Zexyz People saying "this is what laptops are for" are, flatly speaking, full of crap. My Nintendo Switch was amazing to have in the hospital, and the idea of one big enough that my hands are comfortable running my entire game library is enthralling. ....
bencsin Hong Kong So, I am almost as big an NBA fan as can possibly be. And I'm a film buff. And I think Lebron is the goat. But with that said, I don't give a crap about Space Jam 2 (or the original for that matter). I have a press screening invite and I ignored it. Sent that crap to spam. senior editor at @xdadevelopers; also run a gadget review YouTube channel (I often tweet non-tech stuff here)
iridiumcast @NuitsdeY @TheJessieKirk I do think that’s part of the issue, and said writers will take full advantage to spread their awful views. I’m a big fan of H.P Lovecraft’s work but the man was a racist arsehole. One can only imagine the crap he’d have spouted if Twitter were around back then. Standard Nerd.
DanBlak16516327 Minneapolis, MN Im sick of idiots spreading crap about stocks at half a cent with no revenue starting a big pump and dump setting a stone that its having news and will be .50 cents and shiit. Do people actually fall for any of that Not Special
FobTurnip New Forest - Dacha #FOBTurnip @Gerbelean It should be valued. It's a big part of the economy. It's part of society but the people who make it work - facilitate a great day or evening are treated like crap. It's not a dead end job. It's just paid as such. And it's wrong. #Agriculture advisor @GrowEdoAgri #Nigeria. #Geographer #HumanSecurity #Stabilisation #foodsecurity #modernslavery Own views etc.
BrandonPrime3 SLC / NYC / KC @SenTedCruz You are 100% Ferengi. #StarTrek The only crap that comes out of your mouth completely depends on whether or not it serves your agenda. First Covid isn't a big deal. But now that illegal immigrant Mexicans and Cubans "have it", you run up the fear flag to sell your stance. Mostly harmless space alien, slumming it on Earth.
linuxlibrarian Boston Apparently the turkey spent the night crapting off the big roof on to the sunroom roof and I sort of think maybe a metal roof would be worthwhile. I mean, it is a LOT of crap for a night. I'm pretty sure that isn't my hand. I don't recall having so many middle fingers. Useful. I'm keeping it. If you call me Margaret, I'll probably answer.
gerrct @allstarcharts Like many technicians, the breadth of this market is crap. It either reverses or the generals start to get shot. J Pow needs to leave Congress and fire up the money printer. Or may be we should just follow the money and leave like the big boys/girls are doing. Market Research with a Canadian view point. "Knowledge is Power"-Bacon
Russell_Senpai New York, NY @MadArtRaven @BigSwig6 @realmikestar1 @Bengis77 @BrainDumpTweets Online bitching and moaning ain't big either. Remember how people did the exact same thing for the Pokemon games? That whole #BringBackNationalDex crap? Didn't stop them from becoming the best selling games in the series for the past 2 decades. (20 Million Copies) Twitch Affiliate | I do streams. Tweets are mine alone. Twitch: YouTube: Russell Senpai
dupuislj @brianschatz And of course the Republicans oppose abortion too. They’re really big on supporting those not yet born but don’t give a crap about existing children.
tekmark1 These audits will be the catalyst for ensuing chaos. But they're not the root cause. The root cause is the fact that the gov, the FBI, big tech, and the media have for the past 7 months coordinated to take a big, heaping pile of crap on half the nation's citizenry. Faithful Christian. Devoted Husband and Father. Proud American.
cajunskychaser Holy crap Ronny you were rear admiral which boat was it the USS Minnow. Like most of you guys all you can do is stoke a fire back when things could have been by bipartisan you chose Jan 6th and big lie. Thank you for your service but no thank you your a closet Authoritarian.
PATAANNO1 @theutdjournal @RMadridistaReal Tell him to f off then thinks he is it has not done crap he will flop at real Madrid he is not that good another ego pogba too big for his boots thinks he is Zidane in his prime and wants to move to real Madrid utd don't need this crap Fergie would have moved swiftly to other
bowserlfc80 Liverpool, England @BukayoSaka87 You missed a penalty, big deal, you played well. Think it's all gone too far now, writing letters and all that crap. boxing, football and family.
StefanieO14 @MythinformedMKE @benshapiro What a load of crap. These people expect paved streets of gold to the finish line of success...but EVERYBODY faces obstacles & that's the BIG LIE of this video, CRT and the 'equity' bs to say that they don't.
fmfaulkner @EliseStefanik @ncpr Not all media is untrustworthy. You’ll find most of the crap on right wing media. Fascists attack trusted sources and intellectuals. You voted against certifying the election results. You supported the big lie. You’re silent on voting rights being attacked. classified

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