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MelissaHooey Toronto City officials thought wise to shut down the gardener and other road arteries to the city of Toronto to prevent people to stay home and work what a bunch of crap. Big brother sure is doing a good job taking away out civil liberties.... 1984 I am me
highlatte Somewhere west of Mississippi @brianstelter @CNN @NewDay What's wrong Brian? This is the kind of totalitarian crap you espouse daily. CNN and your comrades sold your soul to big brother Democrats; now getting a taste of the future if you have your way. #TRUMP2020 #animaladvocate, #conservative, out snark any progressive, Proud Bulgarian 1st generation American #forkCOMMUNISM
daz621 Milford, CT My week has been crap. Then, comes #textsfrombunsen and all is good. @bunsenbernerbmd , you’re a good big brother teaching Beaker about smells, new family and BACON! Certified crochet instructor/teacher. Sometimes certifiable with all the craziness out there. Be kind, be gentle. Skritch your furry family for me.
vt_cali @maggieNYT Maggie, you seem so impressed. This is pure unadulterated doublespeak BS by Rush. The kind of crap my “clever” teenage brother tried to get by our mother ... to no avail. This isn’t some BIG reveal or aha! moment. Picking apart “believing vs spreading” = stupid and is < honest. Patriot , Party of Reason
Rcar451 Scotland, United Kingdom #lockdownextension big brother, Gogglebox, all the crap TV shows have conditioned you into this crap. Snitching on your friends and family, neighbour, this is what you all asked for. So suck it up you deserve enslavement 44 Christian, Scottish, every day is one more day to overcome ignorance. not here for followers. just the chat.
YouBoreMe1 the world inside my head @MattHancock fork your test and track big brother bs and how dare you say its our civic duty when you back #cumgate you and your goverment have lost all credibility backing him, so until he is dealt with and acknowledged to have done wrong you know where to stick all your crap dont ya i hear voices, they whisper bad things to me 🤔
575aliveT @Iromg So so true, the Media is Big Brother the only Difference you have No Choice on What Crap they Decide to fill your mind with and control your emotions. DC acted for his child’s safety, but he is wrong for this.
LSMobile Paradise @lex31555 I randomly talk about dumb stuff just to check and 💥💥BOOM💥💥 there it is on my computer. Big Brother crap 4 sure. Retired business owner,LOL you're NEVER retired, it's a trap. I'm good with that, idle's not my thing.💥NRA,💥HUNTER,💥CCW ,💥 IFAP, 💥 #KAG2020 💥 LOVE POTUS💥
AlanaInAtlanta Holy crap! Big brother really is watching. This is way out of bounds. Chinese city wants to score and rank its residents based on their health and lifestyle Just hanging on ‘till all this is over. Absolutely not a bot.
VeiledCharm Boston, MA @MacMillan_Esq Translation; Jimmy is in a great mood, so this will go so much smoother than I feared. "ARE YOU TURNING YOUR PLACE INTO A KARAOKE BAR AND DIDN'T TELL ME?" Is it wrong that I find managing to scare the crap out of my big brother absolutely hilarious? -> Every intimate encounter you're ever going to have in your life will start with a touch.|Rp 21+|OC|MC|#Ballerina ♡@MacMillan_Esq possesses my heart.♡
NickDodger2 Albuquerque, New Mexico @An0n661 @Lowes @Walmart It's like they hired a new generation of hall monitors. They don't know where anything is or how it works but they can direct you to which line you need to stand in. And what the hell is up with the speakers blasting the big brother 1984 crap at lowes. Conservative. Small business owner. Father, grandfather. Eagle scout. MAGA WWG1WGA New Mexico, not really new, not really mexico Live Free or Die
IAweofgod United States @RepThomasMassie I think if people are smart they will begin moving away from Apple products and if Android is smart, they'll stay away from this kind of crap. I'm sick and tired of Big Brother.
songbirdsingin1 @CoryBMorgan I will give up my phone if this becomes mandatory. I will NOT participate with this crap. This is another way Big Brother will monitor the population all under the guise of safety and health. I call BS!
oldSquires I see that Maryland is going to start that “contact tracing”!!! Big Brother crap at its finest! Watching everyone to see where they go and what they do! Store all the info they gather for “future use”! OMG Retired telephone man & Gold Prospector
SailFree Yorktown, Virginia @realDonaldTrump @MurielBowser Well, it's the graffiti and broken window principle. You stop the big crimes, prevent the shooting of protestors, by not letting the initial protestors get away with any crap. Physician, now fully retired. Colonel, US Army (Retired). Photography, hiking, camping, and reading, playing with grandkids. Eclectic encyclopedic synthesist.
djdagher Miami, FL @rightNtruthMat @realDonaldTrump The mask Is bull crap same as the covid, big plan of the NWO to bring down trump and take over, they will not happen. Good will always prevail on top of evil demons. Time will tell. - Instagram: Djdagher - Resident of Treehouse, Miami 🇺🇸• Dj & Producer from 🇻🇪- • Dj Inquiries: - • MIAMI Based
Jonny_Qi When you eat crap, you feel like crap 💩. When feeling like crap, you want to burn cars and smash windows. High consciousness starts within our guts. So if you ask me who to blame, I would say Big Food and Big Pharma, they are mass poisoning humans for 50+ years. Connecting the dots between nature and human talents using Chinese Five Element method • Read case studies: • Crypto & DeFi enthusiast
bestgtor22 @takeshi24646888 @YouTube I think Minn is one of the states where the Governor can hide crap and their open record laws have big loopholes. I remember it took forever to get the police video on that one police incident the left twisted things on years ago. This cop was a moron however.
Jlmcmillen22 Anthem, AZ Made the big girl switch to Verizon yesterday and I have to say....walking away from my WiFi and not having my phone take a crap when it can’t connect to a cell tower is a whole new feeling 😂😂 Damn small towns keep ya limited with this crap for sure!! DV survivor, I am my own warrior, Mama to 2 superheros, Busting my butt in school and work for them, Diehard Patriots fan #benicetoyourservers
barbn1943 Michigan, USA @TeaPainUSA I’ve never seen a man that’s as big a wussy as Trump and I’m old. Holy crap my grandson whose 4 is tougher. Goal is to get back my America. I'm a 70's hippie. Yet now prone to cuss #TheResistance #DACA #NeverAgain#GunControlNow
patrick19631 Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury, Ontario Holy crap I’m a big race fan and never knew till now lol ... 56 yrs love my city.. unfortunately surrounded by union leftists help !
Big_Dave81 New York, NY @LeoJewels @theReal_Rebel @ElieNYC All Rudy did was make 42 corporate. He sold this cities soul. And Amber Louima happened on his watch. He was defending the police even then. So @RudyGiuliani was a crap Mayor. Black Man, doing Black Man Things in a Non-Black Man World.....
Kentechy1 @Fuggetaboutit4 @Fmarley2John @dubwan @FlintSt58216756 @Dominar_Yoda Wouldn't that be redirecting anger into an inanimate object that they owned? I do not condone that crap either, but it is a big difference between destroying and burning other's property vs hanging an effigy.
ftnvalleysports @JoyceWhiteVance @Kaepernick7 Yeah, last night scared the crap out of him. It's easy to talk big from under the bed in the Lincoln bedroom. He should go out and talk to the people, calm them down. Maybe make a deal - he's supposed to be good at that. /s Covering HS sports in the Fountain Valley in Colorado
srobhartkopf United States, North Carolina @BernardKerik @realDonaldTrump @FBI I don't understand why the police are so passive. Big supporter of LEO but man isn't it time to bust some bottom and stop this crap? Dems and MSM are gonna hate LEO anyway so it's not like there's a good PR option. Husband-Father-Grandfather. Retired. Laugh often, life is short. USA! Vets! Dogs. Think. #MAGA
StudiosShelly @Based_Jedi Kid 1 and I were talking about that. If it does. Crap. If it doesn't. We've been lied to BIG time and the damage that's been done needs to be answered for Selling my voice one track at a time....
BeNonessential Spokane, WA Spider webs are just sticky, stringy crap. A spider takes a big, elaborate crap and makes it a home. I'm Ben Matlock. Here's some stuff I do. Music! @ClabTunes Podcast! @nonessentialpod
MeghanH08802267 @realDonaldTrump @SecretService Yeah right!!! You where shaking scared in you big bottom man diaper 😂 the people are tired of your crap politics and unintelligent responses! Your lucky you have your secret services 😉 I bet you where crying like a little bitch 😂 Instagram: megiselevated_ no filter!
kaahatesfood South East, England @KTHopkins A nice big road sweeper truck to come along and suck the crap off the rd and go and dump them somewhere else
solovyei @cbbruuno Big difference between angrily lashing out when one is in pain and breaking crap because of Machiavellian mechanations about how feeding chaos will help them politically. Pragmatic Democrat interested in workable solutions to real problems. If that makes me a "centrist," then so be it. #JoeBiden2020 but #StillWithHer & #khive.
Mojtaba_abz_ @realDonaldTrump Such a big shame for America that this load of crap is the president and he forkin dares caring about democracy in other countries!!! You should speak animal language to this animal, this yellow dog! ‏دوست‌دارِ دانستن
JamesHo80104663 Texas, USA @MarkDeskin @Whataburger I used to love whataburger. Worked overseas for years and the first think would get when I returned. A big whataburger with onion rings. MMMM! They have gone to crap recently. Now I don't even go and they are the nearest burger joint to me. So sad :( Father, Patriot, Business owner, photographer, world traveler. Real Texan #ShallNotBeInfringed #FromMyColdDeadHands
Mason19063691 Wisconsin, USA @MinneapolisPD This isn’t a racial thing to me. I have a really big problem with pieces of crap like Derek Chauvin. That was murder plain and simple. Learn to hire your men better. I hope you all follow your friend to the slammer for your loyalty to him in the cover up. You did it to yourself. Just a geek from the place the fallen angels who are cast out of Heaven go called “Wisconsin”. Did I mention I like Star Trek and Power Rangers?
Mary07680315 @realDonaldTrump Sponsored by the Obama-Soros Crime Syndicate. Obama should’ve left Washington. Dogs don’t usually crap where they eat. Big mistake Barack. You are truly despised and will be vilified when this is all over. Hardworking conservative. ❤️ God, Jesus, my pet companions, US Constitution, President Trump and Gov. DeSantis. Fighting the good fight somewhat imperfectly.
fritzmuir1 @SkyNewsAust Go to the hospitals and protest isn’t that where the scam is supposed to be. And while there take a big deep breath actually take a heap in the infectious ward as that’s where the scam is isn’t it. You piece of crap wish you lost someone instead of us!
WPatriot2 @theRealMizG @LindaHale8006 All the cities where crap got bad and the governor's and mayor's didn't nothing vs what Houston and Atlanta did are going stick out BIG pro 1a 2a patriot who's sick of fake news, lies from the tablecloth, lib-turds, & abuse of kids/power. Patriots Unite! pic is Parler name😈👍🇺🇸Q Remove your #
soulnobody 13 Floor below the surface How come Lockdown resulted in less number of socides compared to normal days Does it show Mental health is crap and is not that big issue |Prefer controversial & strangers on my list| , Rude & Original| Cant judge me by my tweets| Tweets have tequila & sour effect| Full of Contradiction| X rated
G0LDENBRAIN @SweetHeartTsun « holy crap, of course i have big boobs but kaede's are definetely the best ones! i mean, they looks so soft and perfect, i would love to use them as a pillow! » 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐥𝐝𝐞𝐧 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧 ! ( ⚙ )
VerbalPugilist_ @iam_polymath What is this self righteous crap you're doing in my mentions, big man? I wrote what I wanted to and what I thought he was after reading his nonsense thread. Why are you here reading me for filth? What is 'let's be guided'? I respect you, fam. Let's keep it that way please. All the gods, all the heavens and all the hells are within you.
MaidenSarah1 North Lincolnshire Hi. I've got lots of new followers after a tweet. I do follow back, just let me catch up. About me: I normally tweet about how much I wind up my girlfriend, annoy my bosses & exploits of my humongous cat 'Big Dave'. Also Atheism, religion, science, politics and random crap.🤗🥰 UK Biz Mgr @Viking_Beard_Co. Love #History #Science & #Goth. #Atheist #Humanist #LGBT #Bipolar #Depression & loopy. All views those of little voices in my head.
Michael_Campion United Kingdom @BBCNewsnight @lewis_goodall Zzzzz. Newsnight is nothing but hyperbole & a left wing crap show with a Labour activist as editor. You only spout your crap to your existing sheep and as a business-model, that is a big fail. You will never expand your viewer base because you alienate the majority. Fitness - Nutrition - Health - Weather - Man Utd - House/Techno - Widower - Lived 18 Years In Norway - 🇬🇧 🇸🇯
avpowerstn Getting Ready WWG1WGA @jennifercooke16 Crap I live in Cali..maybe I will take my big Truck to work (M923 ) crap those guys looked hostile. and yes in a panic you have the right to flee to protect yourself....he could have been another Reginald Denny (Rodney King riots) if he had stopped. Please call me by my Indian name...Jimmy PlumpWallet.
Bewhoul @Grandroyal11 @Truth_will_0ut @VoteBlueOnNov3 @davidmweissman @Facebook Tell Us Grandroyal how much does Big Pharma pay you to push their crap? And don't tell me they don't! Lou1@Love
_The_Big_Ern Frankfort, KY @MrAndyNgo If the cops won’t do their job it’s time for the citizens to organize and put this crap down “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” I FOLLOW BACK!!
JoanneShewbrid1 @LisaMei62 These animals were hired to do all of this. I see Soros behind it all. Time to call in the big guns and time to end this crap once and for all. No matter what this scum does, they will never win. How insane to loot and destroy your own city!! Former Stewardess, golfer, photographer and seeker of truth.
S_W_O_L_E ÜT: 35.876565,-77.524289 To call a spade a forking spade. We’re also now blaming this crap on Trump (who doesn’t help by any means) yet we act like BLM wasn’t started because of incidents during Obama and that this has t been going in for damn ever. Look at who runs the big cities and have been .... Tar Heels, Braves, Chicago Bears...Avid car guy and truck builder #firstgenc10
RealSpyWorkTI Belltown, Seattle "With all these lies they tell there are no court cases against John Yost. MAEZ AND YOST FAMILY'S JUST MADE A PHONE TREE OUT OF TELLING THESE LIES. So everyone that is on the city's side is filled with the same crap. They contacted Everyone like a big community phone!" @usgov I am a Victim of Microwave Torture for 54 years. I strive to get the word out about Government, Military, Corporate stalking, funding Torture of Human Beings.
saerak_ebooks Holy crap that was a big bowl of noodles has quickly transgressed from "this should be interesting" to "it tastes like crap but I'm stubborn and eating it".
MannyRo34086007 Fort Worth Texas @StevieGeepers @DavidCayJ Shut up, I was a cop 37 years that little f**k should be fired. I worked IAD 2 years and have always said officers names should be on the back of their tac. Vest in big letters because of this sort of crap.
xtophercook London @urbaneprofessor @dijdowell @ProfChalmers @anandMenon1 I fundamentally think operating as a union means you don’t do this stuff, and the big partners have to eat more crap than the smaller to make it work slow news hound @tortoise 🐢 formerly: @BBCNewsnight @FT 🐇 DM for secure messaging details 🕵️‍♂️tips in confidence to me at 👀