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DavidWesleyBD Maryland, USA @CBSNews This is total crap.... why and how the f*** does the school dictate how long or what a persons hair should look like? Or is “allowed” to look like. Hey big brother, this has nothing to do with him as a student. Let him walk. That’s it. You have got to be kidding me. Progressive politics. Cinephile. Writer. Eating all the food. Trying to be a House Chef. BattleRap:all platforms. EPL Soccer. ‘Lorax’. Hist & Lit. OPINIONATED
fnalgirI // KILLER EVENT. ;; i love my big brother so much??? i was anxious about my textbooks because my financial aid is kinda crap and doesn’t cover the stuff i need ,,, he could tell something was off through text and next thing i knew, he’s gonna help pay for my books and i— 🥺💖 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘱𝘰𝘯. || penned by babey
CobhamSaint Tannhäuser Gate @CNET Holy crap. It’s already being used in USA Is it being used in the UK? This is Big Brother and very scary. Resistance is not futile. Remember- retweets are not an endorsement.
childofgodxoxo Following Jesus like a puppy Family is complicated. First you say crap about my grandpa who’s in heaven and now you make fun of my big brother Archangel Michael?! 😡 I’m Michelle, The God of Angel Armies is always by my side! Child of God. 🥰.....also God’s favourite child. 😉 Philippians 4:6 Archangel Michael is my big bro
vinayaksavashe North Karnataka, India @SHUBHAMGAIKAR14 @sidharth_shukla Biggest mistake of sim brother is he Told him that ki you did big name in India and outside India also , so iska Akad to nikalna hi tha like last time he Did this thing's when salman khan praised Him, he is crap guy don't why people like him Even vishal aditya singh is far better I'm very weak in bio .......... soooorrrrry🙂
1ChristWarrior @BernieSanders We do not big brother making every decision and controlling our lives this is America babe go peddle your communist crap somewhere else I am sorry Bernie it’s just not going to work I hope you find peace #TEAMJESUS #MAGA #PATRIOT #2A #CONSERVATIVE #VIETNAMVETWIFE #VETERAN #PROLIFE #BACKTHEBLUE #SUPPORTOURTROOPS #ISRAEL #HARLEYS #SUPPORTMILITARY #NRA
BStulberg Oakland, CA A big sign of looming burnout is a feeling of dread about (and when) you are working AND a feeling of dread about (and when) you are not working. -Force yourself to rest for at least two days -Cut out the crap -Blocks for deep-focus work -Focus on device hygiene (less checking) Author of THE PASSION PARADOX, PEAK PERFORMANCE & many essays (Co-Creator of The Growth Equation. Coach to MDs, executives & entrepreneurs.
NickyAllt "England & Ireland" @IanProwse Heart as big as my hometown by @petewylie is as good as anything about ones home city for me. Its passionate and stirs something right in the heart @BBC6Music When Liverpool FC were playing crap in the 90's I used to hear it and think, "ah well, better times will surely come!" Write/Produce/Create. The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.
MLink01 Atlanta, GA @nicclee Naw -don’t be so hard on yourself. Dog would puke and crap everywhere w Indian food. Just take her out for a big ol juicy burger tomorrow (hold the tomatoes, onion& pickles). All will be forgiven. 😜 Dad, drummer, registered drone pilot, survey researcher, data scientist, concerned climate change citizen, DVP @Abtassociates -- Views are my own.
Big_G0nz New York, USA @MikeBloomberg Mike, Last time I looked, the CDC put out the list below as the main reasons given for an Abortion (Crap reasons Mike). I think all humans have an obligation to protect an unborn baby, and once pregnant you are a daycare I don't think you ever have a right to just murder a baby. Love Trump, I stand,Love America, Love 2nd, "Don't let your battleship mouth sink your rowboat Azz". #MAGA #MAGA #KAG #TRUMP2020 #TRUMP #PATRIOT #CONSERVATIVE
boiohboi0 it's like the past made a big dent and i can't move on smoothly. i'm trying and trying but i always fall into a mess. i am feeling crap now. 😔 sorry. Lurking around. 🧐
BillRobinsonjr LONG ISLAND, NY @Barneythesnail @rgoodlaw @AshaRangappa_ Bs loads? How about 3 days of the same crap from the house. Over and over and over. Sounded like all of them reading the same script. The big lie: keep repeating it and the sheep will believe it.
JrkwNick @CHINMAY_SAMAL98 @PRAMOD_K83 @Durganaidupspk7 @ICC That’s true hence they aimed for a big score. 4 bowlers of ours sorta killed the game but williamson still did his best with crap loads bowlers like Bennett and Tickner chur bo🇳🇿 843 repz
dsoltesz Flagstaff, Arizona @nightborntravel @vrbo @washingtonpost This crap has to stop - the entire community gets hurt for a few people's benefit. I'm for restricting short term rentals to primary residences only. I'm not big on regulations and more laws, but making these places license as BnB's might nip some of the problems in the bud. Living life through hiking, backpacking, photography, web development, computer geekdom, art, and generally having fun! Flagstaff, Sedona, Fossil Creek, Arizona
___________crap Raleigh, NC @JoelBrownABC11 Wait, this turned into a presidential political game? All politician at any big or small level and media have an agenda for power no matter what the credence is Amateur ant farmer. Lunchables are fine dining. I've never met a dog I didn't like. I once ate wings and grew a redbull. E-friends are stupid. UNCW alum
AngelaEdwards Olympia, WA @N1ckSandmann Thank you. I've been grousing about the Media paying SO much attention to "Women's March" and crap like that when we Pro Lifers have been marching every year since 1974. Each state has a March for Life, too. It's a big deal. Angela from Aberdeen
MarkLawlessLC Look Behind you. @cristal_deaton 😂 Good one. I'm actually an Independent. Not a Big fan of PARTIES. I Do like the economy and My Company is thriving with business. But, We can be friends. Screw politics. it takes Real People to get past that crap and just enjoy things we like to do. Defender of The CONSTITUTION.Not Interested In Conformity. #Trump ~Grow your own Dope, Plant a Liberal~ #America1st #MAGA #2a #ArmyVeteran #Kag #1a #VoteRed
petermclarty Brisbane, Australia @allymcleangames Be kind to yourself, life theirs crap at us and things go pear shaped. Look back be grateful for the good things big and small and then look at how you learn from what was crap. Be grateful for the hardship and the learning. Then start again Data Analyst, security nerd, data engineer, needs to be near the sea in warm places husband, dad and bodyboarder. Comments are my own working at @telstrapurple
TonyRitenour Wine Country @CJ_Johnson17th @TyLaCour Ouch! Start that crap and people will soon be migrating. Someones gonna come pretty soon and take their lunch. They got too big, too quick. 👀Hmmm. Maybe an idea there. ℂ𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕝𝕪 𝕌𝕟𝕚𝕢𝕦𝕖. Building a business with my kids to hand down generational wealth. Ecom, finance, engineering
Venomiss_Gaming Tasmania @Syko_Playz Honey i know all too well how it feels to be short im 4'11 and the crap that comes with being so damn short but the one the you have is a big heart that well and truely makes up for being short and you be taller then me hehe. Much loves Aussie Girl Gamer | Variety Streamer | Mum | Seafood Processor | | | Email |
Blood_runs_blue This is insane. Rogan does not say crap like that. Y’all are so scared of Bernie you gotta make this crap up now? Because you know how big Rogan’s audience is and Bernie is going to clean Biden’s clock? Don’t like it? Get better candidates.
esshankar1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @chedetofficial Msia is being forked bc of yr uninformed, ignorant and loose cannon bigoted big mouth. Apologise to India or resign and deport that mfkr Zakir Naik today. Also tell SB terrorism chief and IGP to stop this fake & manufactured LTTE crap TODAY! Author-'Murdered in Malaysia:The Altantuya Story', 'Tiger Isle A Government of Thieves' & 'Let Us Now With Thankfulness'. We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race
VryDarkEyes Southern California I only follow a couple big accts. Ive seen way too many in my tl today hving been retweeted and they'r just as clout chasing as some of these shows. The crap they'r posting makes me wonder how they ever got that big. I'll keep following the small, thirsty 😎 and humble accts! USNavy Vet. Proud LEOWife Mom Grandma Dog❤r 💜 I-Lovely BTS ARMY Noona #BTSArmy #NoonaSquad #OT7 w/Taehyung Bias Wrecker #NoonaSquadLovesBTS💜
chuckles711 Born and Raised in Chi-Town @mtjohnson01 @RobVarga1 @ScottJo77212245 @Acosta And they were all for crap that happened years ago. Big deal.
deplorable234 United States @seanhannity Big fan BUT please STOP talking in Russian, or trying too, it's really bad and pisses me off. Plus if I may, your show all week was nothing but repetitive crap just like impeachment. Where’s Sean Hannity????
the_big_dhg Connecticut, USA @ProfessorAMuse Mine is close to yours. It’s Nikki up in 2020 if Trump is dumped. I still don’t get how @SenateGOP don’t trash 45 and blame it on Dems. All the crap goes away then. The guy in the WH is wearing me out every single day! #Resist #WorstPresidentinHistory #MoscowMitchMcTreason #LeningradLindsey #impeachandremove
Canders51313356 @katherineOma @EricTrump Every single Trump will be going down ! They should ALL be afraid. They bag on Schiff only because Schiff speaks so eloquently like a human. Their daddy is a big giant gorilla tweeting vile stupid crap, name calling and picking his bottom ! Oh yes, and flushing toilets 15 times!! NO DM's this is NOT a dating site !! you will be blocked !! 1st generation Danish American 🇩🇰🇺🇸 #vote blue 2020 🌊🌊 #resister sister ✊🦋~☆~ #neverTrumper
saujanya_singh Lucknow, India @BeingSalmanKhan he doesn't have any power to say against @sidharth_shukla ... @ColorsTV and @BiggBoss are so shameful that they can do anything just to potray @sidharth_shukla is a good man. Crap 👎🏼 @sidharth_shukla is living like a gunda in big boss house and idiots r suportng. Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.
SVwordgirl Bay Area - CA @EdGeX10 Big if! 😂She's been super lovey because I've been traveling/gone a lot so she's been glued to me when I'm home. But yeah...been a crap week😪 however, I went outlet shopping this afternoon and bought a bunch* of pretty things I don't need - feeling better!😂😪 #Writer #Publicist #AnimalAdvocate #BullcrapHater #Warriors #SiliconValley #NBA #Marketing #Photography #Music #Tequila #Health #NBATwitter Debate@ ur own risk
Bennnsonnn When playing Kahoot, I don’t give a crap about my score and just meme. I’ll go out of my way to clutch up the answer at last second while picking the wrong answer, too. When there’s a homework pass involved though, I go Big Brain. Hi. Subscribe to : Bensonnn
Elyijin Between my universe and ours @thepoleninja @animelytical @cuteccumberr It was so bad that’s how I discovered her account. If you have a big following and take selfies you suddenly are a whore, slut, etc. if you defended her they’d call you a white knight and crap. @dominicandubbb deals with that crap to this day. I create ~ 21~ Hypersanity ~ He/Him/akorh- (profile pic is art by: @norasuko_)
itstaralynn Haldimand County, Ontario Hey @Snapchat can we move the video call button somewhere other beside the back button on chats? My big thumb keeps accidentally calling people and scaring the crap out of me #thanks #snapchat #accidentalvideocall RVT 🐾👩🏼‍⚕️
Stacy1ThatsMe here @Inevitable_ET McCains foundation is just another one of their phony money movers for this crap. She's not only send code "leave the country" but also playing a big game of CYA. I believe she's just as satanic as the rest and has been given her gps & script. The storm is here!! WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!! #QANON #GreatAwakening #PresidentTrump #MAGA #AMERICA #WINNING #WWG1WGA
imaflosser Chuck Todd over at #MTP should take a few notes here. Instead of quizzing his surly guests like a frightened schoolgirl, he should step up and stop the crap just like @NPRKelly. One big problem? One is in absolute command of the facts. The other? No so much Speak up Speak out #FBR #Resist Home of Flossie the Attack Cat
Zench_Origin Sorry about no stream yesterday. i had some other plans that were freaking awesome. im not sure I will stream tonight either, i got some crap for schoool i really need to take care of. Maybe a late night stream. Big maybe tho. Keep on eye on twitter and discord Content Creator || Twitch Affiliate || Aspiring Software Engineering
missjulialee @GirlIsGut @ParticleX17 @Mika_Postalochi @Di79692986 @emotional_you @OGHoHunter @AIIowNotAllow @GhostofTank1 @Aunty_Ent1ty @RockySullivan11 @DoctorSavage11 @JamesBHarmon2 @Star_Lord_Guy @A2B0C2D02020 @NeoChrisKeith @JLMN2020 @InfidelCastro47 @MKshake_ @ErieMom @JaelinTom @ChancellorX17 @MAGAnge11 @boodacat2O2O @gossipcrusher @TimeServed1337 @Wild_Micah @2020Shoes @HlJinx @_chiacat @KJSParty @HCDotNet @beccas1434 @BenDerova1 @___harlequin @BooBoo17237437 @Lo_Gannicus @MekeyCheeky @meowmeowfckers @lweIdit @bcherrry000 @Killa_Micah @HeLLinA_Handbag @IllRepute000 @Di50667147 @Micah_Arias @Trump_2040 @GhostofLarry1 @TheLoneRanger44 @Tigertomjr @Mrhotpot2 Of course you do, because you know I am one person who will call you out for your crap. You don't want to acknowledge your flaws, so you ignore me, because I hold up a big honkin' spotlight on them. I'm good with my flaws, and I'm honest about them. You're a coward. #AgencyOfAwesome | You should read my pinned tweet. | People are NOT political parties; be open to dialogue. | #IDontCareAnymore #IAmGitmo
DonaldMustard The Falcon Crap. Expected not comment again until end of movie. But paused again at 42:58 (end of first big ‘set piece’). Ang Lee is clearly experimenting with way more than frame rate and digital human cg. Some of this ‘action’ cinematography, editing, and sound design is bonkers new. Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games. Fortnite • Spyjinx • Battle Breakers • Robo Recall • Infinity Blade • Shadow Complex
DebbieG43265641 @TheView @ABC @jonkarl I love your show Minus big mouth Meghan. Ugh. And no offense but we have to listen to this crap about the President all day long. Sometimes Id like to watch your show and laugh. No listen to more about the impeachment. Im sorry. Use to be a fun show until Meghan came on.
DvdHam Ottawa, ontario @FBorgal @frpaul1 Lol. Parking a car there is fine too (other than for football games). I imagine if you have a stupid big SUV and are a crap driver, it isn't much fun, however. Sometimes you win. Other times you eat dirt.
loisroy72 He's a real big man hitting a woman. Come over here and start that crap and a woman will kick your ass!
Easytime4 1) FOX News: McCallum is making a big deal about the Trump tape re firing the ambassador, which occured 14 mo. later. 2) FOX Business News: Lou Dobbs is calling the revelation crap and a nothing burger. This is why I watch Lou and turn off anti-Trumper McCallum. MAGA Patriot Irish Cath. Cult 45er (No Dating) Looking for variety of content. Fighting for our future. 4 More Yrs!@easytime on ☘️⚔️ USA, USA!
rufusdrl @GregJKrieg @briebriejoy Bull crap. Screaming every other Democrat isn't progressive enough and insisting on purity tests for everyone who disagrees with you on an issue isn't big tent thinking. Y'all are a bunch of hypocrites. Nationals & Capitals fan, sports junkie in general. Loves science and reason. Dislikes political hypocrites.
MatzenShawn Omaha, NE @TheRodney182 @gorillastyle @iamaherr @kairyssdal Oh so you question the service of the President and come up with this big long winded line of crap... that’s makes you a hypocrite Veteran, Sheepdog, Astros fan, politics and history, and amateur bass fisherman.
johnsmeister Country NSW @tlightly1 @fdsfifi I'm with you, surely this alleged government can't be allowed to carry this crap full term, the damage to our democracy and our image internationally is too big a price to pay Father, grandfather, lover of life and good people, hater of arrogance and all things LNP
GregLucas07 The PM, Dutton, Littleproud,Big Mac and every crap politician with no moral compass says“Process was followed “. the system has allowed the Marketers,spin doctors and social media manipulators to lie,breach the rules and the laws with inadequate consequences if caught out. every so often a change is worthwhile... Now would be a good time to re-evaluate our governance and care for nature.
WinstonHill17 @bbcnewcastle @Tweed_Barnesy Absolutely crap. This is the 3rd Division and Sunderland are supposed to be a big team ? Music Football Travel History Politics
Disgusted_InTN TN @jlewis237 Yes, Blackburn has been brought to the forefront today. She represents the Republicans. She does not represent us. I saw her telling how big hair, lots of glitter and crap was good for us. Look it up, she is an idiot ...she's a Senator? Together we can prevail. East TN Dem. Guarding 308 ft of Mossy Creek. Dump Trump and all his family. Guard the Constitution!
DonnaKa58706037 Eagle, ID @al_aven @OANN And my answer to that is we build the wall. Close the borders and we pray California has a big earthquake and scares the crap outta them so much that they go home because they have no idea how to surf! Or we just wall off California and let it be it’s own island and cut it off lover of Keith, mom, grandma, actor, singer, former fraud/repo “agent” people hunter, popsicleatoo mom, licensed aesthetician, PRP/micro-needling expert
katiemcgee44 Cullman, AL I realize I should care more about politics and history and such, but I’m so sick of this impeachment crap making me miss @TheEllenShow! I don’t watch much TV with a newborn- all I ask is to watch Ellen on my big television, not my phone! 😂

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