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AaronC_48 Every concert ever @swlftworld After Big Brother Canada got cancelled and the world turned to crap I’m glad survivor is still on. There definitely won’t be a live results/reunion show though but that’ll be okay Concert junkie. Jays/Leafs/Raptors fan. I talk about bands too much. Laurier alum. #TheWOTElingCrew
susan_giannini Alabama, USA @KTLA Talk about strong armed dictatorial tactics...I'd pack my sh*t and move out of your crap state in a skinny second if I lived/existed there...Big Brother is alive and pulling the strings in California Love America & Family. Christian. Roll Tide. #DemsHateAmerica, 2nd go-round w Twitter Nov 2016.
RPottymouth St Geoffrey's Church, Strump Morning Flock, I recall once watching Big Brother and thinking what a load of f**king crap it was. Now we're all f**king playing it. "Day 4 in the St Geoffrey's vicarage, and the Rev is running oot of f**king communion wine and fags..." Don't get f**king voted out! Bless you I'm a vicar with a foul mouth. Vicar of St Geoffrey's Parish Church in Strump, available for hatching, matching, dispatching and gin parties. Yes, it's a parody
JohnOdell11 Connecticut, USA @elliemae0404 @MikayesFiona Wait a bit. My brother is going to try and put a prepackaged Easter bag(s) thhat we can deliver. Not sure if we could afford UPS like a few big candy places are doing. We had to order Easter products. Now we have about 15K of crap I can’t sell after April 12.....😥 Old Sergeant Major. Conservative, HS Golf coach, Relentless Optimist, & yes my brother and I own a candy store
Kay63872553 I can’t believe that little douch talking crap to his big brother on National TV! Come on CNN where is your dignity? He has “NO” class.. and “NO” love during a national crisis! Where’s the “REAL” news? Frontline Healthcare provider for the coronavirus
DonBaete Winnipeg @680CJOB Ratting on people and biz is very 1984 like. Lay off the big brother crap 40ish, Dad, RMT at Thermea, Hockey, Football, Baseball, sports working out, movies, golf!
KylieD87 724/412 🌎 Apparently trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is a gateway drug for other reality shows. Show far I recognize three from The Bachelor and one from Big Brother. Also, I hate myself for not being able to look away from this crap. 🐊 • Hockey • Michigan football • Golden Girls • ☘️ Shenanigans ☘️ • Event Planner • Aspiring Chopped contestant • Proud cat lady • #GoBlue
seananmcguire Seattle, WA Big thanks to the kindly veterinarian who emailed to tell me that if my cats ate me, they probably wouldn't be euthanized, just kept until the shelter could be sure they weren't going to crap human prions on someone's floor, and then adopted out. New York Times bestselling author of October Daye, InCryptid, and more. I am also @miragrant.
PendantCody West Coast, United States @TheDimLocator Big Kennedys fan.. seen them twice, and one of Jello's poetry readings. In 85, Kennedys' were to play here and a riot broke out, I was up onstage when the police came in and beat the crap out of everyone. Only seen BF once, with Henry.. Cool yer into DK and Country! Singin' Cowboy & Cowpunk Extraordinaire c):~)
TrumpsGot2020 Georgia, USA @Andy213Chef @johnpavlovitz Because they are corrupt. This is the reality that pelosi wanted! That stimulus bill was way to big and had so much useless crap in it! You are the problem hating your president! I didn’t vote for Obama. Still accepted him as potus! Y’all are just childish! Follow me for the truth! 8 to 5 Chemical Production Management, Husband & Father x2, God Fearing American!, Common Sense is slowly overcoming Education!
BrianBerthold Rockford @IDPH says the place that keeps giving us fake infected info .. if they are really infected you BETTER being telling we the people what towns they are from and where they have been .. if you dont its not a big deal at all and this whole thing is nothing but political crap I say whats on my mind .. no holds bar
ScottFordTVGuy Cincinnati, Ohio I am shocked to see families individually buy two, big packages of toilet paper and 12-rolls of paper towels. I can only imagine their homes stuffed and piled with crap in every room like they are soon opening up their own neighborhood bodega. No words. Age, 40. Left handed, 9th grade dropout, no alcohol, ketchup on eggs, ADHD, GAY, HIV + car-free, downtown lifestyle -Trump family Special Projects
Shotzzie96 @WolverineCorner Or Michigan should just get better and not crap themselves in every big game...or any game away from home against good teams. Columbus by birth, Michigan fan by choice, Alumnus of University of Kentucky
SylviaC0724 Florida, USA @MarkBski @ketocoachvic Oh, I agree! And the vegan crap is still available. Big shocker!! No one wants it, even in these desperate times. I just think the grocers need to up their game and restock the good stuff!! Mom of 2 young adults. Been on #keto since Jan. 2019. SW 183 lbs, CW 116 lbs #ketolife #ketoforlife #ketodiet #carnivore #fitat50
AdamBStein San Francisco, CA @TheDCSentinel Weird take. Imagine having $30,000 to your name and donating $5. That’s a big deal. If anything I’d rather crap on millionaires donating $1000 than a $25M donation regardless of source. Sports nut, husband, dad to three dogs, poker player, member of the flock, Go Cubs!
Big_Takes_ United States @yoongikiths @sones502 @Beaterino @ChicagoTraderrr Lol. So that’s a yes. You have no experience with reality. Go watch some crap music videos and hide in your apartment for a month. Since you claim you already have it, you’ll likely have antibodies and be able to return to work safely. We all will eventually. I delete my old tweets, deal with it.
Cynwel73 northern ontario @katdodd30 @Lone_Star_Keto @MaddsenOphelia @flogginrooster @jonathantimar @jondutoit @davereaboi @InezFeltscher @ehdomenech @MeghanMcCain @JaniceDean @ShannonBream @VinceCoglianese @lilwil7 @BenjaminSWatson @emilymiller @MikeEmanuelFox @BillKarins @literaryeric @JimCantore @jillianmele @JoshRupleyHair @Brianteta @JDCH52 @clayaiken @hvaughan @RosJenn @kelseybolar @JarrettStepman @karol @BlueBoxDave @marlo_safi @EminaMelonic @atane @Harry1T6 @roman_mcclay @TrueLegendFilms @justingum @Cole_A_Higgins @HonorAndDaring @rara_oohlala @adamscrabble @DrewTooley @GodKbsJets60 @fancypirate8 @TheyCallMeKate @CelticCarnivore Any movie that involves clowns creeps me out big time. Heck I actually have lived in a house that unexplained crap happened in regularly and clowns scare me more Proud Canadian, mother, WIFE, love nature, #LCHF #ancestral eating. #banting with focus on animal based #yes2meat
PattAnderson Canada @PamYMayoo After going through some crap recently, I’ve decided that im just gonna keep streaming games I love and laugh a lot. If the numbers go up or down that’s fine. Most “big streamers” took off after years! We have time Mayo man. ❤️ Pokemon, Magic, Retro, AAAs and League. Variety? Assuredly. Schedule below! YT SCHEDULE
deplorableinps California, USA @DougColorist @tomselliott @AOC Very disingenuous or maybe you only watch @CNN. He moved because DiBlasio and Fredo’s big brother treat our @realDonaldTrump like crap so he gave them the big FU and took his money to Florida. Give me strength & patience to deal with the crazy 😜 left.
m_jannsen @DineshDSouza What a disgusting display: this big mouth, I considerate "SPOILED CHILD" needs to censured, shut up and made to go home. How dare her spew are racist, socialist crap, especially right now!
WCReaf UK Trying to track down official legal cartoons on youtube is not easy. It's pretty much a crap-shoot of trying to think of a series that isn't owned by a big company (Disney, WB, Hasbro, etc) and searching for it with the vague hope it might have an official YT channel. Writer. I tweet about comics, cartoons, & sometimes politics. Samurai Pizza Cats enthusiast. Spectacular Spider-Gwen Av by Sean 'Cheeks' Galloway. he/him Ace
Mon_chita69 Take a lil risk In my dream there was this cave and it was tiny and a big bottom crap was in the way complaining about how she’s going crazy of being stuck in there so we painted her a lil thing mob on to make her feel better Atchetiwangipe 💪🏽
LadyDemosthenes In the clouds so I'm told @thejolson I’m a big chicken when it comes to video games. Resident Evil consistently scared the crap out of me. A friend once threatened to film me playing and post it on YouTube. Mythical conservative academic. Don't tell anyone, we're a hunted breed. My husband wishes you to know, he can kill you with his thumb.
LuluElvis California @TeamTrump @realDonaldTrump Trump creates these battles and promotes himself as the big “solver”. Who actually believes this crap? I am a proud American! #tiredofthehatethatTrumpcreates #lovecalifornia
danny15121953 @HaleyLive you are a disgusting woman with a fat bottom and a big mouth,TRUMP is a god and u are a piece of crap ugly woman need to go to jail for posting a disrespectful pic of the greatest POTUS make sure you wear your purple gloves when u stuff you hand in your fat butt hole alive
Waddes2 @Penny_Underbust Crap! She has big bonkers and she’s STILL more athletic that me! First person to make me laugh by calling me “The Duck King” like it’s a kink via dms gets $5
chrisbrooke1971 Trem Nant Eirias @SashaDistan They are relatively small but big yolks and small whites. Great for breakfast and baking, crap for meringues! Barbecue rules! Love to cook and entertain. Loads of banter, double entendre and filth. Englishman living in Wales. Inveterate stacker of logs. I drive fast.
DennisSheehan20 @dbongino Hillary is one big POS she is the star of a Avery big Crap pile. Get off tweeter you smell and stink and make all of us out here sick 🤮 I’m a Ret Law enforcement officer respect the police. and a Navy veteran
mammablair Plainfield @jenvanlaar There’s a big difference between a family prepares to homeschool and one thrust upon them. But the study is still crap because kids are resilient and will be able to catch up, no way it set them back that much. Busy working mom with 2 active children. #IllinoisCollegeSocceralummom #proudTIalummom #UofOmom #KDMom
NDCommodities Fargo ND @rjzfarmer @NickHorob @cornfarmerkeith Yep. Big vet customer and I debated that he said "but we havent had any of those mysterious quick deaths.... oh crap... healthy 30 year old. Got "pneumonia" and died in 2 days back in jan" Trader at The MoneyFarm. Farm kid from ND, love everything about Ag! Opinions/comments are my own.
GMatt1024 @TheJimCornette @GreatBrianLast Not to mention all that crap with Jerry Jarrett in Georgia during the big war between Barnett and Gunkel. Gary always was a huge Barnett guy. pro wrestling, auto racing, gaming, geocaching, reds, bengals, buckeyes, thundering herd
rogervmorgan Dorset @anna_stazia So sorry to hear this. Big virtual hugs to you and your family. The stress on the vulnerable (and those close to them) caused by the #Coronavirus is quite intense and I fear is creating many mental health issues yet to be fully recognised. We will remember the #HerdImmunity crap. Dad, Accountant, charity trustee, retired clairvoyant, loves sport, like to make my own mind up, and never have enough time to do all that I want.......
safarikova_j @realDonaldTrump Most of the time the source is you. Your big mouth. The crap you spew in your daily briefings. Watch one day and you will see how idiotic you sound. You lie, have no empathy and no regard for the average American. Sunshine and smiles to the world.
RobQuartel Washington, DC Holy crap! Big Data can scare the @#$% out of you! And we already know how sensitive these kids were about Social Distancing... Former US Fed Maritime Com'r, Technologist, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur (Public/Private/NFP), Policy/Political Iconoclast, Provocative, Wide-Eyed Futurist.
zoexvllgs ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ @Kohficel @SheldonRey HOLY CRAP THIS FREAKED ME OUT WHEN I FIGURED THEY WERE BIG AND THERE'S A LOTTTT it's yo girl | talk to me about the movies | no rearview mirrors | ᴀʟᴛ ᴇʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ☀🌛
Chelseapaul23 London, England @DarthChillash I really enjoyed their Friday 13th game and that had crap graphics and glitches galore 🤣 I don’t think ilfonic are a big studio or anything so I appreciate what they’re tryna do With these franchises, I’ve yet to try Predator though.. got it downloaded for later 😬 Big Gamer and Trophy Hunter, loves a bit of cheese.. don’t be a plonker!
razzleberrypie1 Central Connecticut @Alyssa_Milano if you stop watching cnn and look at some other networks you will get a better sense of the big picture. yes trump is handling the virus quite well and most of the crap you've been hearing is out of context or an out and out lie. 🇺🇸 #Conservative #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #Trump2020 no caps no punctuation...too much work.
jmtrugman @MeghanMcCain @brianstelter Considering your big fat mouth supported the crap out of a lot of these people who have let us down you have no room to talk. You need to STFU and may you reap what you have sown.
LawlessYo London @shy_charles Yeh but the vit d (😏) from the sun is big win for your nails and cologne and stuff. And that is one of the rare beauty tips I believe cos my nails always grow loads when I've been in the sun. With indoor air tho, idk, I just figure there's more crap hangin around than outside!? Queer club promoter & DJ @ Knickerbocker. Exec @Somethinelse
soanxii Louisiana One thing I won’t get over is how Braden’s friend got a toddler and I always talked to his wife about getting together when we moved here and she was always “yes, yes” and this woman had totally ignored the crap out of us and all I have to say is a big fork you to her lol 🇵🇷
AdamSaj49 @spindlesm Definately isn’t in better shape !! Too many crap amateurs wanting and getting money ruining smaller clubs who just about manage to survive year after I’m not seeing any youngsters coming through the ranks anymore at these smaller clubs whilst the few big clubs thrive Still thinks he can play cricket 🏏 RCC
CharlieHicks90 Carlsbad, CA @ij_ford I did actually. Hence my comment. You don’t think he’s had 4 years of this negative crap? He’s faced an impeachment, constant biased media criticism and he’s still there and we are still going to be led by him for 4 more years so strap in big guy... Seems it never rains in Southern California ☀️
CynthiaBush1 @realDonaldTrump Just stop with the insults and obvious bully tactics. Your administration's short comings are very well.known, you cannot cover them up anymore. You are a crap leader, with a big mouth and no public speaking skills, the entire country sees it. You're a clown. Love my family, God, and the Buckeyes. I pray love wins 🌈
kieransomer Dunedin City, New Zealand @thegaycomicsguy LMAO it's the eSCATology group on FB (escatology being the study of uh CRAP I FORGOT it's a super theological word and it was once our router password LOL) - it's a christian crapposting and discussion group. It's either big dick jesus energy or "Pray for my ass, i'm ___ denom" Design Graduate (2019) Commissions/Trades Open. Autistic nerd. Comic Book Geek. (he/him LGBTQ/FTM) Check pinned tweet for contact info! Yes i'm on Second Life!
nick83044976 Ashford surrey UK @blondekissesxx @OwlFarty1 @macduffy1 And you are very correct shiv 👍🏻 Before I fully open up to you about my crockery issues can you confirm you don’t use crape cutlery as well, must be solid metal (any metal of choice) and not those ones with the big handles with plastic and crap on? Like this crap👇🏻 West Ham Football
kimmrich1 @chevrolet Unless the country needs ventilators and you choose to score big vs help the American people, who buy your crap Proud Mom of a US Airman
positivehomes Nottingham, England @Planningcrap @iamnicksimpson @town__planner Ha ha indeed! We keep trying - so many conflicting priorities and things to weigh up and balance. Keep up the good work. Our MD’s standard presentation starts with ‘oligarchy churning out crap’. Did that to a room full of big firms once... and not one argued back. We only build new homes with really low energy bills, more space, clean air and more. Find your future here....
Hopswatch1 Thisted, Denmark @Whatapityonyou Not under Biden they won't. @JoeBiden is a corporatist that eats crap out of the poo-holes of all big industries - including pharma - and calls it chocolate. He'll probably encourage raises in prices on healthcare generally. 🇩🇰 YouTuber, Beer advocate, Atheist activist, Anarchosocialist, Metalhead, ADHD/Asperger, LGBTQ+ ally, MA Sociology of Religion KU, he/him 🇩🇰 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇮🇪
JohnSuncreek Lake Mills & Johnson Creek WI @Acosta Big deal ... so what. After all the crap he endures daily from the Dems and Press it’s no wonder they weren’t invited. Remember, Trump is a hardline business man, not a politician. Mess with him and you’re likely to get it right back ... and that ain’t all bad. Retired EE, now trying to be a professional guitarist and vocalist. Also works at McD’s to keep busy. Birth Name Jeff Hale
Dr_star_T Newbury Or out for a run. Wind your neck in, and stop with the big brother crap. Chemistry PhD, charcutier, beekeeper. Bletherer. EU citizen. Nebulous humanist. Norn Irish.