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Mazjasbi Planet Earth @NullandVoidsky @Big_Brother_5 @maksymeristavi @NATO This is the ONE ARGUMENT that makes me CRINGE!So let’s go back in History and IRAN shouod INVADE AND MASS MURDER Qatar and Bahrain! INDIA should invade and rape Pakistan and Mexico should inVade Texas and California?WHAT A crap 💩 One planet one people please .....
Piyush2783 @UkraineStand4 @DarthPutinKGB The West that bombed the crap out of Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, Afghanistan,Syria, directly or indirectly. The west that has annexed countries which are nowhere close to their own, Falkland islands, Hawaii, that island close to Japan...Now is playing Big brother..Mr. Human Rights.
AceCombat__ its only twitter @Ron5817 @MichaelBensonn Yeah but his brother is the HW champ and his dad has been talking mad crap about becoming a future champ. Plus he’s got a big profile and ppl in the UK will never let him forget it. Like where does he go if he loses? He’s finished. Yoel 3,4,5 Yoel 2,3 Yoel 1,2,5
RyanMoyer10 Michigan Enough of the Kum Ba Yah, go-with-the-house, big-alliance-dominating-the-entire-season crap. This is the Big Brother I fell in love with... 🍿🍿💀💀🤣🤣 Can #BB24 be more BB10 and less BB16, please? Lots of Big Brother tweets. #CBBUS3 #BBCAN10 #BBAU #BB24 #TheCircle #survivor
GNev2 The tactic is clear. Distract and divide.Primarily to take our focus away from the big problem Johnson and the @conservatives have this week. The Wakefield and Tiverton by-elections. Let’s see how unpopular he really is and what the people think rather than the crap below. Attack The Day
rumpfshaker Orlando, FL Seriously creepy vibes fermenting in these bills. Are they gonna set up checkpoints at airports and state borders along the highway & demand to know if any females are pregnant? I’m pro-life & still say they can f*** all the way off with that intrusive Big Brother crap. Coffee aficionado ☕️ @UF @UFLaw alumna 🐊 Contributing Editor @Mediaite & @lawcrimenews 📺 Freelance writer 💻 Aspiring pâtissière 🍰 *tweets = my opinion* 🇺🇸
F365 Leeds 'There are clubs who provide something ambitious and tasty, and others who push out any old crap with a big mark-up, treating fans like the worst uncultured Brexit slob who doesn’t like ‘foreign’ food and thinks garlic is French.' @JohnnyTheNic Official Twitter page for This used to be a great site.
1stLadySmalls @ellena_rae @LisaMarieBoothe OMG anti-cancel culture always trying to cancel someone hypocrisy give me a break ur making a big deal just cause u hate her and Ms Mayra has just shown she is no better then the rest of the new GQP because this is not the Republicans I grew up with petty bottom crap
BeshkaRocks California, USA A Big fork YOU to #CedarFair 🖕🏼🖕🏼 Selling a cornerstone of The Bay Area so you can build more forking luxury apartments and crap. Sad Sad day for @CAGreatAmerica Wifey and Mama Bear. Adopt from your local animal shelter! Spay and Neuter your pets. All for one, and one for All 💪🏼 #JusticeforAbbyandLibby
oobadoopabloopa @tsukiyo_fur @Tammy_Tigress Seeing how big and fat you've gotten... Holy crap, it's making me swoon!~~ 😫😫😫 Feel free to dm me for feedee rp UwU
LucyJaydee92 Manchester, UK @Lindsayxoo As if that’s not a big enough sign they’ve stalked the crap outta me! 😂😂 she even had her sister in law make TWO Instagram account messaging me trynna be nice and get crap out of me when I was due!! 😂😂😂 ✨ 𝟮𝟵 | UK ✨ ᴍᴜᴍx4👶🏻 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭🎓 @enfantxlefleur is wifey 💕 𝟺𝟸𝟶 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚕𝚢 🍃
UBSixT Fields of Anfield Road Found a rats nest under a step made of decking timber just outside patio door this afternoon. Brushed the crap away, bleached it all, replaced with paving flags. Burnt the decking. Went out there to have a cuppa later and there is a forking great rat selling the big issue!! Lifelong Red.Beatles fan. Boxer fan. Sports fan. Job. Jack of all, master of none. Socialist. Love Summer Hate Winter. Three bin lids , three grand bin lids 😎😎😎
rojtel Wollongong NSW Australia @VK1MIC None of the big manufacturers make any dual band dmr stuff. I run hytera, tait and one Motorola dmr here, trouble free motoring. Hyetra would be the best of the three. I dont use any of the cheaper crap. It's just riddled with problems as you've experienced. Polish blood, born Australian. Dad,wrc Rally,Tech tragic & outdoor adventurer. Also a Radio Tech&Ham-VK2VRK- 📡Retweets not always an endorsement.
sunny_nonie Dolly land/ CaratLand @hrtcoups literally plus when solhyun debuted solo they treated her like crap didn’t even promote her solo album and literally was declining big things that was coming her way one of them being train to busan! Like they tried to ruin her if she stayed that would had been dumb 💎04-26-16💎SVT x BL💙 KoKo🌻
raindroporg @FredFriendly7 @joefrancisco5 @AP This is a BIG BALONEY! Many many Dems are switching parties for the primaries to screw the worst Reps. Do these stats in a few months and you'll find the opposite! THE DEMS ARE GOING TO WIN BIG AT MIDTERMS! DON'T BELIEVE THIS CRAP! Giving rain gear to those in need!
TheDroyver United Kingdom When I was younger I was accepted on what would probably now be classed as the older versions of Love Island. Both Big Brother and Shipwrecked accepted me after interviews, but something stopped me going on, and I’m glad. I’d just be doing crap at crap holiday camps. #LoveIsland Occupation: Driver. Club: Chelsea. Political Stance: Boris Johnson OUT!
bowens44 @SarahHuckabee where exactly did god say you have a right to firearms? He didnt and if you think Jesus is ok with all you gun humpers pushing this crap youre in for a big surprise. There is a special corner of hell for people like you
CadiereGerald Mountain Hostage @sp_redelectric @AlYourPalster @GroDoubleG my biggest issue is you can't find an old school Ma & Pa bait & tackle store anymore, just limited bs in the big retailers and over priced crap in the small boujie specialty stores righteous citizen, honor hop card holder Have Covid passport Will Travel Something is #Fishy
aarizzaidi Gorakhpur, India I got Duke390 BS6. To peoples thinking to buy 390. DONT BUY IT because @India_KTM will never solve your issues. They have a very big throttle problem (stalling and erractic acceleration) and i had near death experience today. @India_KTM i am really unimpressed with this crap bike Stellar
ClarkRockBass ❤️‍🩹 USA @Susan16Park We all are!! It majorly pisses me off what is happening here. Our Country is land-sliding back in time and it will take us as a majority to suppress the big asshat 🍊turd and his cult followers who started all of this crap. I love music and attempt to play bass 🎶 I am also a retired personal trainer & fitness model💪🏼🤘🏼Love 🌮and Margaritas now 😎😊 Ps- I follow back!💙💙 🚫DMs
bros_etc so... fukin pay it back. this is incredible , normal people are liquidated instantly and put onto flames and big severities , "high integrity individuals" are allowed to pay back when they are better pleased WTF is this crap. makes me think this is all run by 16yo kids tbh. Speak the truth, truth will come back to you. Life´s too short. Stay safe riding the schizofrantic waves . #etc #ftm #one #avax #telos #vet #mtv #rtm #xmr
HawtTakeTommy Chicago, IL @WillieP_WSox @MailmanJack65 Holy crap throw some big ears on that emoji and it’s legit Steve. A “wildly misguided” and self proclaimed baseball analyst. White Sox 2022 & 2023 world series dynasty. @sonsofhahnarchy co-host with @drunkchisoxfan.
DaniTrussell71 @YALiberty @robsmithonline @latimes Really telling...I just had a conversation with a group of people who bought into the Big Switch lie about Dems and Reps. I hope they see this racist crap the elites put out Never speak truths to those who are not worthy of it.
Brandon09928054 @JZilla1954 @MasterKey2004 @I_P_Freely_24_7 @alfieanimationz @HYPEX You know what wierd is in save the world the swear sometimes not the big stuff of course but stuff like crap and hell if I remeber correctly
ryanconor23 @owen_mulligan Good call Owen, we all did stuff we not proud of playing, but trial by media ,fork that crap, let's move on the chap will get a suspension and rightly so but lay off the lad , young comer is a big chap and had an @Armagh_GAA Jersey on him a fter the match, @damiencomer is fine
deppscheekbones @deppIife Hello and welcome!!! We’re all a lot of fun here. A big loving group of crazy people who support the crap out of him and each other! ❤️ A real person. Horse & Husky Mom. Horses & dogs better than ppl. #JohnnyDepp is my Hero. I enjoy a variety of things. I draw stuff✍️🏴‍☠️✨
Calbear_08 Oregon my and so many other PWD's denial of basic educational access have been grossly dismissed and swept under the rug while crap like this prayer thing become big news and get taken seriously? SMH Animals, puzzles, Celtic culture, glittery things, cooking/baking, NFL, NHL, NCAA, go Cal! I work, I play, I exist.
questella Forest; Indiana, OH And I wouldn't of been able to let the kids just play in it whenever, it was far too large for the 4 year old, they would of needed floaters and whole other mess of crap And no cover so it would of just ended up a nasty bug haven IMMEDIATELY BIG POOLS REQUIRE SO MUCH WORK Blaze Black #autistic she/her • I social distance better than you • ❤ Star Trek, PKMN, Knuckles ❤ •Black Lives Matter• Peace, love and all that good stuff.
americasb1tch he/ him @Worksongss "It's a... fork, I don't know. It was big. There's three patties, and a bunch of crap on it. Tastes good. Want a bite?" He asked, offering it to them. THE BOYS RP ACCOUNT. 18+. TRIGGERING THEMES, SUCH AS DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE, AND INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA. MINORS AND NON RP ACCOUNTS WILL BE BLOCKED. ADMIN IS 21.
mrrfletcher Clovis, NM @LeaderTownsend Why do all in the GOP think this crap just comes from the southern border? Are you all really that ignorant? And if you didn't already read about it, SCOTUS just put a big crush on the opioid crisis. Try finding better ways to curb the problem!! Born and raised @Westford MA; Retired Air Force, 20 years(94), Pizza delivery (Domino's); Dept Sec, School of Edu @ENMU; Blockbuster Video @ClovisNM; Walmart.
glick_laurie Queens,NY @genymets Who Gives a Crap Abt ALLSTAR GAME- Just Win- Get a few more Relievers Damn it- And a BIG BAT- F LINDOR-can't carry METS Only POLAR BEAR can- Need MAX & JAKE back! Mets lover- Jets fan Knicks fan- Coldweather snow lover- Film fanatic (At Theatres!!!)
LizMosty Texas, USA @jaketapper C'mon Jake. STOP PUSHING THIS CRAP. Same thing you did with Hillary in 2016 that helped get us the big orange traitorous gasbag and the worst threat to our country in HISTORY ! Blue speck in DEEP RED Texas. Using my love of country and fierce heart to save democracy. ONCE Proud Texan 🏳️‍🌈VOTE BLUE 🏳️‍🌈 NO MERCY FOR TRAITORS💉💉💉
Bollakzoid Leeds @davethemag1965 @KatieLUFC @HLTCO Good for fans that have been through the Ashley crap. What I'm saying is, give it say 10 year and your next gen of Nufc fan comes along, used to spending big bc money means nothing, expecting wins, only attending when it's a 'big' game. Look at Man U and Liverpool fans, awful. Here for the football. Mostly. LUFC ST Holder Since 2003.
OneSpeciesReal @NiceMangos @MrKTeachWrite Peterson is worse because he is responsible for most of the crap in her brain, and her grift would never get as big, unless his crying-martyr-prophet grift exploded first. She is surely more crude and less read, but I don't know if that even counts at this point. Campists are Reactionaries.
locksmithPrime @JoJoFromJerz If I were still a kid, and boy did I have a big mouth when a kid, would I have a field day with this crap. Think about throwing myself on the floor screaming "praise Jesus, praise Jesus!" as the minimum thing. Wanna go there, oh we will go there! Information security. Cryptography. Movies. Cheese. #IEEE
jKerrm @MJosling53 & no doubt will piss off a number of ford II's backbenchers who have been salivating to get big bucks, limousine and other perks of the cabinet. 'hey c'mon man, I've been waiting for years, doing all this crap for you, & you put the pipsqueak new guy in just cause he's your kin?' 'Quietly living with my disappointments'Miriam Toews born at 310 ppm; "Good Planets are hard to find eh?" Retired SocWorker/Silly Servant Fier Montréalais!
DennisConroy16 @GOPChairwoman Holy crap, Ronna! Maybe this idea of taking away people’s privacy, seizing women’s freedoms to decide their futures, and setting the stage for GOP Big Brother bedroom watchers and regulators was not a good idea. Retired engineer, energized patriot
puff_garden @Cannabis_Cane I get crap for not wanting to celebrate it from people. It is weird and just another holiday for big cooperation to take advantage of. I don't want to lie to my son, he'll know it's from me and dad. A Canna mom who grows her own meds for her chronic pain 🍃🌬
JohnBee1965 @SaraONeillArt Big problem is, looking up to see the amazing architecture of Belfasts buildings. You trip over the crap in the street and end up in A&E.
ErinLOLiver Albuquerque, NM, USA I don’t collect people. I don’t want to go viral. That’s why I, for the most part respond directly to tweets, to attempt an interaction. Conversation about a myriad of topics. I’m not kinda a big deal and I never will be. I’m 100% sure of that. That crap drives me nuts. Screenwriter, novelist, activist #TimesUp #WIM Space, Film, superhero, gaming, fanfic fangirl.
ianburton1976 @Andy72349556 @HeatherWatson92 @Wimbledon @BBCSport Nothing to do with being a big draw. It’s court one and it’s Wimbledon on day one. What does the international audience think, they think that Wimbledon is a bit crap, that’s what Exploring the world one day at a time and enjoying each experience with open arms!! 🌸
crungeoneer Earth @Crimsonlancer1 @BitsHammer @southboundmetal yep angry but impotent power worshippers looking for the Big Mean Daddy Americans have always had that in common with Russians and the English it must be a function of empire to like that crap Making something from less than nothing is definitely something else time-displaced dinopers but i noe atac future, i evolve he/they/oldguy
NoisyDesperatio @Natfit74 @ZubyMusic If you’re an actor, think how hard you’ve had to hit the gym, diet, hustle for jobs, work crap PA positions (if you can even get one), and stick around for 10+ years or more waiting for your big chance. Even if you think independently, how could you risk losing your shot? Being alive is great. You can eat at Denny’s. You can wear a hat whenever you want to. It’s wonderful.
HalotheReaper I mean absolutely zero disrespect here, but when you people sit there as celebrities and famous musicians and give people ultimatums like, this crap better change or I'm leaving crap, you're not helping your case and in fact you just look like a big baby child. Heavy metal vocalist, astronomy fan, poet, geopolitics , old windmills in pocket watches, old mechanics, languages, working out and Athletics
jtobia15 @KariLake @MayraFlores2022 Faith, family , freedom…..what a crock of crap from Lake. She runs on the shirttails of a man who cheats on his wife and steals cancer charity money, and the same guy who has pissed all over the Constitution. She is a big fake just like her idol trump!! Retired HS Administrator. No MAGA supporters! I tweet to vent! If you can’t handle it, ignore me. I say the f-word a lot! Proud Poppy to my granddaughter.
mnmcewen Toronto, Ontario @CheriDiNovo This is a *Cabinet Appointment*, not some junior level filing clerk position requiring 3 years' office experience. How about making public exactly what the selection criteria are for Cabinet Office!?! And the performance criteria. That's big money for a crap shoot. Canadian Healthcare Mediator, Labour Relations/HR, Patient Partner
BottleVictor Bargeddie, Scotland @Hetty2 @manc_crypto @outtolisten @Dominic2306 Supermarket trolley. Careering about aimlessly, bashing into things with no regard for others or it’s own direction. Full of useless crap, a bit rusty, smells of bygone decaying food and driven by some airhead woman with a big gob and no brains. I drive a hard bargain in my Morton’s Rolls delivery vehicle. Normally you will find me scuttling around Maryhill and Garscube Road between 5 and 8 in the morn.
schaaronl Appetite. So I ate alone alot same places too. Was a 157 was big to me too wide did nothing for my atrributes was just dead weight to me and I had no abs libby said 1500 or some crap sit ups crunches blah blah blah i do 5 here 5 there maybe if I ate like that again I'd be fat
BigDongDeSantis Florida, USA @beccalt18 @fancierdoves @michaeljknowles He didn't force anyone to do anything. And I'm glad he made "this big of a deal" out of being fired for exercising his right to free speech/religion when he wasn't even working. And the "do you really believe" crap is just strawman nonsense. He didn't punish anyone. OK, Groomer
therealkeithlee NYC-MIA @Pink I’m black and I still say your music sucks. It wouldn’t be a big loss if I never heard your crap again. Free Market Capitalist. Conscience of Black Conservative.

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