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MikeBeirne Washington DC @jack Your big brother gestapo tactics to crush Americans free speech will not stand. What you are doing to our potus and free elections is a disgrace and treason. @jack remove all your filters and big brother CRAP! Entrepreneur: MiniRoots-The Acceleration Group-Vetted Capital & more. Grower of TheBeirne Bunch, Entrepreneurs, Vet CEOs, startups, cool riffs/ideas/strategies.
crhoades1973 @loveislandusa @CBS You know it is shows like this and big brother that teach our young all the wrong things back stabbing one another lying hurting one another over the lousy prize I wish this crap would get off my tv
d3navy Texas @tomselliott @ChrisCoons @jack We can tune in now and listen to big brother and our "representatives" tell us that they know what is right and are only beginning the censorship effort. Holy crap. Trump rallies need to be at the HQ of major social media. Conservative. The Constitution is our common touchstone. Progressivism is regressive. Fly Navy.
budha_west retired water diviner @MikeCarlton01 Make America dumb again....this is living proof our once big brother and protector is going down the swirling drain pipe.....far our...who believes this crap believes in terra nullus... We have an economic system that is dismantling the living world and calling it "prosperity". children of the sun - awake
preising Ohio @SenateGOP You're damn right it isn't. And my brother gave 25 yrs. of his life to this country in the Marine Corp. so we can have free and fair elections and a peaceful transfer of power. All of which the Republican Party is taking a big crap on. This election is over. Honor our votes! Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does! #BidenHarris2020
Laurie_Garrett New York, NY Vaccine makers express astonishment that people doubt their product claims. And then they pull crap like this. @pfizer CEO cashed out BIG on his #COVID19 #vaccine. So did @Moderna CEO. and Former Sr Fellow @CFR_org. Recipient of Pulitzer Prize, Polk (2Xs) and Peabody Awards. Author: IHeard theSirensScream, TheComingPlague, Ebola & BetrayalofTrust.
debblossom Los Angeles @realDonaldTrump your team is BATcrap CRAZY. she’s babbling info wars crap and Rudy is sweating his hair dye off. What a big forking joke. Line up of LOSERS!
Qbeat107 Eufaula, AL This big lie is what crippled us and was allowed. This. WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH. END THIS CRAP NOW Lover of JESUS,Prayer Warrior, Mother and defender of my sons,Widow of a Beautiful Man of Brawn,the love of my life.Dedicated to JESUS POTUS JFK JR &PATRIOTS
MarvRoyper Sometimes giving a crap and not is only a small difference but it can make big changes. KEEP SHINING BROTHA 👊🥴
Retired_Ind @marcorubio Our US Constitution is dead. It’s a worthless document if it won’t be enforced or followed. And the republicans have clearly taken a big old crap on it and it’s no longer visible. Ok, so now what? Former republican and continued conservative. I cannot affiliate with either major political party. Voting Biden/Harris 2020. Matthew 25:35-46
bakerylady526 Pennsylvania @marcorubio AMERICANS don’t like liars, bullies, losing their healthcare, getting COVID, dying from COVID, not having enough money to pay rent, mortgage, food, electric, while republicans walk around in fancy suits, making big money, and not giving a crap about anyone else. Wife, Mom, Grandmother, proud liberal, #TheResistance Do NOT send DM.... none.
jordansnomad @3ManFront Not that. And by the way I'm not a big new country fan but I'd rather hear any of that than that stupid rap crap that Cole listens to !! LOL
eatheringtonp Watertown NY @tito13kfm @AlpacaPatrol I had so much random crap duplicated 5x or that I didn't recognize at all, and not a single thing related to NLSS, which pretty much proves big data was a sham all along. Python coder, Linux administrator, 'ninjaneer', tinkerer, League of Legends enthusiast, amateur astronomer, Anime nerd. Opinions are my dog's. He/Him.
james_corbett Planet Football Has anyone else downloaded Big Sur on their Mac and found it to be a load of buggy crap? Literally having to reboot Word every 3 or 4 minutes Evertonian, author, founder @decoubertin. Roving correspondent for
JimGardnerSNCLP Spanish Castle Magic Big congratulations to the software company who designed @itvhub It's a strong contender for worst most annoying piece of crap ever made. Been watching @imacelebrity for about 25 minutes now and so far seen nothing but unskippable adverts. Utter utter crape. British European. Musician. Photographer. Bloody Cyclist. Still an F1 Fan despite everything. May cause drowsiness.
DMDent Lewes @Voight_Kampff_3 @ElfieSchlegel @NikolovScience @ANewBraveWorld @NachoRS30 @lwheeler1 @joetheatheistp @ladyspat1 @sebbi @Kenneth72712993 @JafSupO @BulldogLoyalty @LovePeaceJusti1 @FriendsOScience @turpinator929 @jimdtweet @aanthanur @Willard1951 @fergy1999 @IBergwiesel @fcmfcs2019 @RushhourP @tracemetalclean @jgorman2424 @MystickTheater @BubbasRanch @Hji45519156 @rln_nelson @DawnTJ90 @damagedonegr @johnreyman2 @priscian @ammocrypta @TWTThisIsNow @danylok @kuhn_reinhard @hertsgaard_mark @CalvinZod @FChecker76 @aSinister @B_Bolshevik100 @caerbannog666 @badmoonrising11 @stevenmosher @Hoireabard @Robin_Hagues @robhon_ @SpurglyD @Over400ppm @claude_roumain And of course all that green crap and plant based diets & big public health & big tech & corruption of science partic medical were also a feature of fascism . Fine Artist esp Equines. Love Horse racing. Fashion Stylist/Creative. Sustainable Fashion consultant. Centrist libertarian. Anti globalist 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏇🐏👠
sprocketmans81 @KimiNozoGuy lol This reminded me about Mandi Paugh and how much she hated how big his lower arms and legs got in MM8 Holy crap, her website is still up, it’s 28 years old
jdc0977 @Hardees what exactly is this?! We ordered Monster Roast Beef, regular roast beef and a big roast beef and this is the crap we got. Someone contact me.
hoggomcswineass Deep in the armpit of America What do you get when you take one big pile of crap, and merge it with another big pile of crap? Habitual beer and whiskey drinking husband/dad of one. Usually the reason why we can't have nice things. #ClubWeirdo Pronouns: fork/Off
CoachPate1230 Planet Earth @CodeMonkeyZ Question/remark: I’ve seen 1000 tweets this year stating “big news coming on Saturday, huge drops this week, shocking news to be released this weekend.” And NOTHING - EVER - HAPPENS! At what point do the hopefuls give up on what is all starting to look like a crock of crap?. Your salvation is accomplished by God through Jesus.
Ramner1 @mtgreenee It's idiots like you who keep this crap going. A mask is not a big deal but you make it a big deal and get people roudy. No shirt no shoes no service is not an issue but God forbid you have to wear a damn mask.
realmattriordan VA @RIPSkins88 @WshSportsDude @john_keim @NFL Im all for freedom and equality but the level of disrespect finally got to me this year. I was born in dc grew up in Alexandria so grew up around alot of crap. USA has big problems but alot of people died for our flag. Just a sad world right now. born in dc, DC sports fan, Notre Dame Football. Former owner/handicapper for thebigplay .
itsRoyalLando Leaf Village @pdbriann Despite all the crap that man gets, Im a big fan of the ball family tbh. All they need now is Gelo in the league and he would’ve spoken it into existence God lover ✝️ Twitch Streamer 👑 Vibe Distributer🔥Streamer and liaison for @GGPryde
OnlineCemetary Sorry if this offends your delicate liberal sensibilities, but putting a big freakin crap on top of your head and pretending it's a hat is a great and fun idea im doing a great job 👍
BMcB77437937 @puretruthcouk @RabbitholeToad Yes but as I said, just as you can’t purify any virus, you can’t say it’s just 5G. The problem with that is that it distracts from all the other crap that Big Pharma are putting in the air, water and food. We need to take the “it” out of vocabulary and look at all causes. Humanity, dignity, respect and shared responsibility: Its about people; not politics. Safety and well-being is important for all.
Lav_ Scotland I jokingly said that the PS5 size will affect deliveries. Then I read this: It is utter crap. Couriers regularly handle boxes of various sizes, big and small. Blaming the size of the parcel is a pathetic excuse for over promise under delivering. #ps5 Do you have more than 4 numbers at the end of your username? Then you're probably a bot. Change my mind.
gutter_rat4life Kihei, HI @joncoopertweets Who gives a crap about this lady. Did her and donny bond over a couple Big Mac meals? I lose money gambling, crypto, stocks and fantasy sports. I make money recycling cans.
Joe_of_the_90 @VanessaStAlbans I think there definitely was a trend towards this, fashion forums are full of people paying more for good quality however there is also a big trend of insta and youtube influencers pushing boohoo etc.. Crap to line their own pocket
jameslale Hampshire McDonald's Double Big Mac, KFC Gravy burger and now Doner Kebab Pizza at Domino's?? I'm glad its harder for me to access all that crap now, probably, maybe 🤥 Director of Solveware Engineering Ltd | All things React
David1910171638 @NashtonTara eh up chic fork that's crap so guessing the massive HA he's hanging in there omfgg Nash forking great big hugs winging there way from Manchester babe 4 all the family and yours 2 chic x Salford University only 1 Team in Manchester Blue Moon married to Kate
DprideSays Rhode Island @CSimmsQB @packers @Chiefs @Seahawks @AZCardinals @BuffaloBills @HoustonTexans @Ravens @Chargers @Bengals @Titans This list is pure crap. Where ate big Ben and Brady? Graduated from URI in '09 with a degree in Communications.Real Estate Agent with Berkshire Hathaway Gammons Realty
gophakurselv @TeamTrump @RudyGiuliani So far I've heard nothing that proves anything more than sour grapes from a campaign that made every effort to slow the mail and crap on the USPS and limited polling places in predominantly black districts. It is so laughable. NEVER HAS HE ONCE PROVEN THE BIG NEWS HE HAS. Hello friends and new friends and people clicking here to maybe block me. I make light of crap sometimes. get over it. I also like cats
atownley Airplanes and Cape Town @thehill A centralized plan to execute voter fraud in big cities controlled by Democrats and that have a long history of corruption??!!!??? Really? The court of public opinion is now in session. Again. What partisan crap! OMG...Democrats control the world! Oh noes...we're victims, damnit! I help information and cyber security leaders grow their business knowledge, strategy & leadership skills so they can build more effective security programs.
RollinTomasi @realDonaldTrump Orange Boy! Had your Macca’s yet? A couple or three Big Macs and a gallon of diet crap? In case you hadn’t noticed, you LOST the election. Make sure you don’t stain any of the carpets or furniture in the WH on your way out. #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Truth, Liberty and the removal of Trump...
wetravelwemask United States Dear @JoeBiden @ErinBrockovich is right you are picking as lol the same old game players , big pharma, those that fought privacy, and safety, all the same old crap! Nothing new and hopeful! “All this has happened before...” Food, travel Living, Loving, life. Parents and friends to medical staff. living in CO. don't do DM's No more Political stuff!
SmokeyB88305020 Around the world in 10 days @matigary @tafadzwamarere @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump The Democrats are crap. They're just like Chamisa only in reverse. They cheated and have been doing so forever. Big Fake News Mercy's and Big Tech are on their side suppressing conservative views and giving Dems a free pass. Dems accused Trump of Russian collusion for years then I think the President should give us all 1 cookie each...if we're good. Otherwise we're going to die eating gruel.
michael031754 A Trump speechwriter who was sacked in 2018 for meeting white nationalists has been rehired to oversee US Holocaust memorials. trumps too mentally challenged and busy golfing, who is putting him up to this crap, find them and put them in big boy time out..
pescara121 Midwest I’d say your full of crap! You e had 4 years to bring something to the table, not 2 days before the rip our Obamacare from us... This is the biggest scam to bring back big money to insurance companies and big pharmaceutical and then banking off pre existing..... WAKE YOU PEOPLE #resistance #resist. Not A Trump supporter !! I will never vote for him.. an impeached president , is not impeached for nothing. #removetrump. #BANFOXNEWS
woof_galaxy Los Angeles, CA @AdamLindsay20 @CoreyOCroft @Raq238 He clearly does care and big deal. I'm gay myself and used to this kind of crap. I'd leave it as it is, unless you wanna reply. I'd say that the religion is a personal thing, so what he believes in doesn't mean that others SHOULD believe in. He's a homophobe, that's given. ✨Coming to Comic Cons in your neighborhood✨ Maximus Spragovsky. Creator/Writer and Artist for W.O.O.F. Galaxy Comic Book. DM for commissions.
bee_squishy @AdamCrigler Although, this whole year has been one big crappy crap storm. The real storm will be when Jesus comes back and wipes out all the garbage corrupting this place. The truth will set you free. News from a Christian perspective, prophecy updates & encouragement for the brethren. Check out our youtube channel
james_2904 @GregoryDaddis @DrRobThompson Could be challenging. Big three volume study of the war and book on Tet 68 coming from Cambridge Unin Press. Likely to scare the crap out of my bank account. Joking, it’s on the list Av geek and book collecter
MysteryUser123 Illinois, USA @franologist @murray_nyc @realDonaldTrump @justin_hart What should he be doing better regarding policy, because he seems to be doing a pretty great job to half of America. All the MSM, big tech, celebrities, lots of country leaders, etc are against him, and even still, half the country sees past the crap. Unfortunately, half do not Christian, conservative, willing to have a conversation, willing to learn, #StopTheSteal🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
MrNautilaus @pandasowner What manner of blasphemous discourse is being perpetrated upon my pure eyesight and stable constitutional disposition? The mere thought of this crap made me bring out big words. Steups Student of the University of Life. It's all good...Follow me
trumpster5501 @_Kratos10 And what liberal pitlet did you get that from? Yoy know there is no real proof of any of this covid crap.. Aside from what news and big government tells you. So I applaud you for being a sheep and stupid at the same time. #MAGA Always, I will stand and fight for my President Donald Trump. I will defend my independents and constitution.. my values come before your feelings..
NyanSkies Cardiff, Wales @TankGirlLives Yet a lot of those people enjoy their driving obsessively big trucks, with their little red hats and crap like that in the name of freedom. I'm just a goofy person who sits around making animal noises all day. Oh and I'm also the founder of @TheHiddenLevels
fuhbubbalo Portsmouth, VA Honest question to fans of big NBA market teams. Do y’all get mad when they crack down and try and crap on the little guys for stuff that the big teams do so openly that it’s a punchline? Or do y’all just go “Damn, that’s crazy.” And carry on because the commish loves you? Milwaukee Native/Virginia transplant. Covering games when I can watch them, covering highlights when I can’t. Trying to turn this hobby pro.
WoolleyMick @JKAConductor New year is not going to be happy anyway due to #BrexitShambles. But the #CorruptTories want to open up at Christmas to cause a big Covid spike in the new year, so we talk about that, and notice the crap #BrexitReality less. #evil Passivhaus Self builder and gardener. Retired, but now building someone else's house. Duplicate bridge enthusiast, like to find a Precision club partner.
stustewart11 @Redistrict and a big fork you to the 73 million that voted for a russian stooge rapist conman misogynist piece of crap. I hate tRump & GOP. They must pay for their crimes. Putin needs to be removed. Fascism is an ongoing battle. #resistance #bidenharris2020
j_roy_0311 Texas, USA Boycott Black Friday weekend! All of the big online retailers that have profited from Americans being locked up, alone, and miserable are counting on you buying their crap next weekend. Don’t give them anything! Catholic. Husband. Father. Marine Infantry Veteran. Prince Barron Loyalist.

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