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GrahamforUK Worthing, England @mindysmelkinson @searchingfor81 @KarlFaulkner19 @RealDidierUK @Trade_EU But do you think I would say that Brexit is crap when for the last 3 weeks I was saying the opposite and still believe it’s the best thing we have done 🇮🇱🇮🇱
StevieJoeWatson Chalford Hill GLOS UK @trikansh_sharma Yeah. Brexit is crap - and we all know it, don't we? Raptorphile & Trustee of Glos. Raptor Monitoring Group CIO, Raptor Aid CIO and SWP. Run presentations on Peregrine Falcon, Goshawk & other raptors.
Bearcub52 @SalandEls @agirlcalledlina Brexit is crap and this country is doing to the toilet but to not fly over here to visit elderly parents I think is a bit odd. What does he actually worry will happen to him? Don’t blame me; I voted remain! #Pigoneer🐽. I exist only to be there for my pup and other animals however I can. #johnsonOut
Akinfenwa48 @leftstance @AlexTaylorNews @artemis0801 I get the fact that the UK gov, Boris and Brexit is crap but why keep kicking your own country like this. I was a remainer and despise this government but get a grip FFS! Oz deal - so what, US deal - so what. UN job offer - really??….Facebook…so what…move on…..! Anti-Brexit but it’s happened…….it’s crap but get over it…..despise the UK gov but love the UK……
SilkCutBlue UK @WonPeople @Keir_Starmer No. Virtually right up to last minute he tried to stop Brexit. Him and Thornberry. No time for either of them. If this is about him having Covid, hope he gets through the crap bit like just about everyone else. Knows the Truth #democracy #lexit #woman #TooLatetoExpelMe #NoThankYou
RickGore10 @jonruffell @mfletchertimes @Telegraph My problem John is the desperate desire of many to want to be proven right about Brexit, hence the article effectively saying everything is wonderful in Germany and crap in the UK. Here’s a good example of reality. Thoughful Brexiteer - worked in Europe. Dislike the EU love Europe. Believe in personal responsibility. Get off your soap box and do something about it.
jkturner_lfc96 @TattooTone68 @trlawlor @BrexitLalaland @LastNameFirstF1 @Grizabella86 By remainer crap you mean the truth?difference is i can admit brexit is a crap show and fkin up the country. You go on as if your a patriot like most brexiteers yet you can see what its doing to the country yet won't adnit it?
LeMod18751 Birmingham @KirstieMAllsopp Yeah, forget Brexit, the real problem here is people who crap into a toilet, why don't they unload their turds into their hands and bury it in the garden? Birmingham City. The People's Club.
basset_james @beez104 @Kevin_Maguire 2/2 Crap in our waterway has been the same for 50+ years and nothing to do with Brexit so BS. Brexit was voted for for and is the best thing we have done for 40 years. What a great covid recovery budget by the way. I’m an easy going conservative, like gardening, long walks, most music. Laughter is the best medicine.
spex69 Bangor, Northern Ireland @duponline @eastantrimmp Ironic this is a problem for you chaps, since you were the main instigators in NI of all this unwanted Brexit crap. Was the b£ung worth it? And now we laugh at you enjoying your pyrrhic victory. Maybe you'll learn to listen next time. Probably not though. Exiled Londoner. Writes occasionally, bedroom composer, Remainer. Politics, news, tech, music, transport, gobcrape. Humorous and/or caustic replies respected.
ayhansky Hammersmith sur Donau @POLITICOEurope beatles went to ussr during cold war. decline is due to talentless fake performers and electronically augmented crap pushed under the guise of music. stop looking for weird counterpoints against brexit. I had a dream. Prince Elector of Hammersmith and Pomerania
rtsrichard @RachelReevesMP Your "Climate Investment Pledge" will just pile the pressure on working people. You haven't learnt anything from Brexit have you? The General Public have had a gutful, and taking the crap that the Tories are proposing and ramping it up is going to end in tears for you yet again Husband, Dad, Athlete and supplier of life jackets service parts and accessories
tolkens774 @jamiegreeneUK £37 billion blown on a crap test and trace system that doesn’t work. Sunak is the worst chancellor in living memory. He robs the poor and give to the rich, his mishandling of Covid and the shambles of a Brexit has bankrupted the U.K. he’s an utter disgrace
Toadfromoz @toryboypierce @RishiSunak It "matches the recommendations of the independent Low Pay Commission, and is below the immediate £10 an hour demanded by Labour and the trade unions" Tory Brexit bonus - rivers of crap flowing into turd-covered beaches and the bodies are still piling up. All my own opinions and nothing more...
rchdnv Leicester, England @TimMcKenna5 If there's anything I think we do do as Englishmen, it is to vote with our feet. And I take Brexit as evidence of that. Doesn't matter how crap the alternative is, if you really put us off, we'll walk the other way. I'm convinced that is what was behind Brexit. Husband, father, brother, son. Enthusiastic, compassionate. Inclined to RT mental health.
mickoneill30 Dublin @TheOtherGordon @MutedIrish @rtenews Stupid too. Only have to look at the costs of brexit to see that being in the EU is worth way more than being out. Of course they have their blue passports and are now dumping crap into their rivers. That's worth the billions it's cost them so far 🤔
PickGS North East England @alexcburrows They’ve constantly talked crap and tried to get us to believe it, crap handling Brexit and Covid and are now literally full of crap over crap. Yet will still tell us how well it’s all going. Doubtless BJ will address COP telling everyone environmentally brilliant the UK is! @RailwayMagazine Senior Correspondent. Lover of all things railway, walking and food. Ex-BBC & ITV. Husband to @Movingonup19
dankthemanc southsea Hampshoh @EmmaFrags Yep. It’s even worse when you’re gasping for air and all you’re breathing in is someone’s crap. I’m hoping that them dumping tonnes of crap in our waters will be the thing that makes people realise that the tories in power and brexit aren’t good things manc down south. gravy drinker. city fan.
ferdillema I also don't understand the UKs ohsession with blaming their poor scores on politics and especially Brexit. Like, I know geography is hard but even the countries that are NOT IN THE EU won't vote for crap music. Come on. Europe ≠ The EU ≠ Countries in #Eurovision (he/they) || Fries in Groningen || Drag Race & Eurovision enthusiast || 🏳️‍🌈🇳🇱🇺🇸🇧🇻 (Ντινάντος/斐迪南)
sworrall Crawley, England @thepublicgets @TomTugendhat Personal view is that the form of Brexit was completely wrong. I voted Remain precisely because I forecast the disruption to supply chains and the crap it would cause. The REF result could have been satisfied in many other ways, all of them less damaging. Sack Frost. Ordinary member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides. ex-Submariner. ex-Chief Artificer, Royal Navy. MA in Great War Studies.
arwenwhite UK This is what #Brexit looks like. Now we are "free" of all those #EU directives, you know, about clean water and stuff, we can do whatever the hell we like. Pumping untreated crap into our local waters is a great metaphor for #Brexit. Yes, I am a #Remainer. Secondary & Sixth Form Teacher; PGCE mentor; past NQT mentor; Anglican; Radio 4 fan! Coffee lover. Nerd; books, #STEM, #yoga, #pilates, ex-carer, #WomenEd
StockpilingS Rame Peninsula, Cornwall @OwenPaterson I’ve read the exact words of the amendment that you voted against. Perhaps you didn’t? You know, like your ‘oven-ready Brexit deal’ which you all now say is crap. Keep your faux justifications and pearl clutching and own your crap. Fool. Anti-Brexit Pro-Remain and #FBPE etc
paddyv07 sleepy Surrey @AsISeeI51360223 @trussliz Full of crap, you’re TL is full of anti EU and pro Brexit horsecrap. Gooner keeping the faith. Cheltenham, Golf punting. Mrs P, Rachel, Pip. Feel 30 - look & ache 70.
version7 Cambridge, England I honestly don’t know if this a parody account or if the government is really ok with pumping raw crap into our rivers and oceans in the name of Brexit. They’re so obsessed they honestly don’t care about anyone or anything else, even if they destroy our country in the process Reliability engineering at @amazon (ex @microsoft). Whisky lover. Opinions are my own… (he/him)
losingmyFOM South East, England Brexit is so crap boris johnson and his party have decided to hide it by drowning the country in it. Coming to a body of water near you soon of not already all the tory crap you can wade through! #BrexitReality #JohnsonIsFullOfIt. 🔶️🚑 SAVE OUR NHS🔶️. Opinions my own. Johnson has no where else left to hide and no one else left to blame.
DavidRobjant lair Reached point there's so much obvious crap in copy paste tweets about crap that they've had to turn replies off. -There's a reason this is against EU law -This is happening after brexiting from the SM just 9 months ago -Treatment plants use EU chemicals Rosbif, étant né qqpart, j'admire surtout Georges Brassens- My articles on Plato, Wittgenstein, & Iris Murdoch (some about all 3) listed @RobjantDavid
RichardSweeney2 Cheshire UK @JenniferCoogan1 @Sacro @Stephen1010102 @Daninamuddle @newey1980 @rec777777 @987_charles @Schofield7Pete @RandyKite @cybremike5 @ShearerRab @zafron98 @secschoolboy @iancrichton4 @MalChandler @FridgeBoris @damienXTR @DelGeezer @thefactroom @Quisitive6 @RobertS47863727 @Sephalim @chris_cine @Damonxv1 @AndrewKnight226 @Marisya100 @robertsessford1 @tit_twatter @Michael80789776 @PetrasPics66 @garychef2 @BullcrapBuster_ @BexBitchley @ScoobyDrew2 @galoftomo @adbalfour @Bellagio_bound @dommyjonny11 @FFlacid @somechewlip @AndersChukwu @JonSheller1 @NewforestStock @McDweeb2000 @andyfarnell07 @SpaceUlysses31 @MikeyR08548854 @Finnimore1 @Radagast2015 @Sam_Arkim You are the one who is obsessed. I haven’t been on this thread for a week but it seems you are never off it. Get a life you and stop being so upset about how crap Brexit is. Own it. Your crap. Anti- Brexit. Pro NHS. It saved my life. My garden. Red wine. Skiving woke lefty. #FBPE
chrisjbarlow Staffordshire @Otto_English @NicoletteMayenn We always knew that Brexit was crap and Brexiters full of crap, if we needed any more evidence, here it is !! Proud Father, Long suffering Port Vale fan, cricket lover,frustrated historian, Francophile, addicted to all things Sherlock Holmes.🇪🇺#FBPE
indywillwork Scotland and Phoenix, AZ @amg_kent @BBCNews Well maybe you should know the reason for the sh1t storm is due to Brexit and the lack of Chemicals to process the crap, along with massive profits paid out to shareholders with little actual inward investment. Another Tory Brexit bonus! Saor Alba. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇺🇸 🛡🔫
jonmbutterworth Mainly London & Geneva. @MrPeterLMorris as far as I can tell the overall shortage is mainly due to crap working conditions, but is acute, and causing many problems here than elsewhere, because of brexit. UCL physics prof, researcher at CERN, writer (see "Problemata breve tempus ante longam declinationem erunt"
IVardy Brexit was a crap idea and is now (literally) a crap reality. #Brexcrap supported by #AnthonyMangnall1 MP for a coastal constituency with beautiful beaches.
RandomParticles @phillylittle @cyclo_furious @alandoh90773863 @blackeyeddog @DeborahMeaden This has been voted through because they haven't got the chemicals they need to treat the sewage, which is a direct result of Tory mismanaged and Brexit.... It's not to allow for storm influx... If they aren't paying you to spout this crap, maybe take a break from doing it? Random. Tourist. Reader. Please wear a damn mask.
ExmouthA Exmouth, England @BBCNews A total; load of BBC and Southern Irish politicans I hate Brexit crap. It makes not sense from an enviromental or the congestion on our roads. To have large vechiles transiting though our country on the way to Europe. They don't stop all they do is polute and clog the roads.
MunroeL (Dis)United-Kingdon @AndrewB5sully @tobydrummond @FactsReason @romfordgeeza @Bazza73617427 @nathansldennis @JetJaguar16 @eveningperson @Jim_Cornelius @Bobatron87 @tfoale @colmanc @ChrisKimberley @transferdicky @madsvid @higginscartoons @Simon_Fisher @DazAvfcWilkes @twittwose @dave_killion @QuislingT @Chill_Fusion @objectsmith @Helen121 That is utter crap. The Leave campaign carefully gave no idication of where a 'no' vote would leave, and then discovered the 'will of the people argument to try for the hardest BrExit deal possible. BrExit.... Successful in putting Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook on the map. "Kick out the Style, Bring Back the Jam"
GrahamforUK Worthing, England @mindysmelkinson @searchingfor81 @KarlFaulkner19 @RealDidierUK @Trade_EU But do you think I would say that Brexit is crap when for the last 3 weeks I was saying the opposite and still believe it’s the best thing we have done 🇮🇱🇮🇱
VintiquesMark Lincolnshire Johnson and frost crap brexit yielding no benefits to the UK, no other country in the EU is allowing its rivers and sees to to flooded by untraced sewage, , Antiques dealer expert on Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and The Antiques Roadtrip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Views, hair and teeth all my own🇪🇺
jsolloso @Triggsy1878 @QuislingT @lifeisl93888463 @SaveFOM At present there is a WA, so things aren't crap for everyone. In fact, Spanish citizens are currently protected in the UK and by being EU nationals, they have their rights within the EU. Brits have what Brexit guaranteed them, so why are you complaining? An IQ of 137 which appears to trigger people... Views are my own and not representative of my work or anything regarding more significant debate.
power_mccann Northern Ireland @MimiJ9 And all the crap food we are going to be able to eat! Brexit is going so well! #autismacceptance - Carer for my son. We have an autism assistance dog called Dougal. Open water swimmer. No DMs
Franksson3 Another English Russophobe trying to lay the blame for his compatriots' poor choices on Putin. Brexit is the result of 40 yrs of Thatcherite jingoism and "there is no such thing as a society" crap and EU scapegoating by rightwingers. Cope. Used in the right dosage, Twitter can be effective in reducing mainstream misinformation. Warning: it can relieve pain, but it's not a reliable painkiller.
chrisbrighton10 Brighton, Europe @TonySpeight1 @ThatTimWalker @Adrian_Quark In fairness, the catastrophic Brexit he voted for means that we don’t have the chemicals to treat the sewage even if we wanted to . Brexit is a crap 💩 deal for Britain 🇬🇧 and every Tory MP accepts that now it seems Centrist . Social liberal, fiscal conservative. Europhile . Retired . Dogs, gardening, conservation, politics, good food & wine 🍷 #RejoinEU #GetBrexitUndone
BernieRandall8 UK @Life_Disrupted No it is not. The reason they are now dumping untreated crap into the rivers and sea is because Brexit is making it difficult for the UK to import the chemical needed from the EU. Brexit’s fault Because I am me, and no-one will ever take that away FBPE/ #FBPA
TedUrchin South-West of England @DeborahMeaden With the winter months upon us, this is about to get a whole lot worse. A crap government pumping us, and our environment with crap, and all for the 'sunny uplands' of Brexit. I despair. #BrexitReality #BTGTKOG Writer, painter, artist, Humanist/Atheist, father a second time around, grandfather, political animal but politically homeless. #ManInHisShed
PoliticsYoda @CMEPhillips @lrobertsonTewks He is a crap MP. All their talk about helping the environment and every action they take shows they couldn't give a toss. He probably believes in Brexit and black passports though! Recognising a Sith Lord when I see one.
MarkHolderness3 Wiltshire @JohannaSaunders Join the club, I'm currently in dispute with someone arguing that Labour is responsible for the Brexit crap we're experiencing. I don't even support Labour and why can't I just get to sleep 😢 Wildlife photography, Green Party member Pro EU. CND supporter, vegetarian, Anti fascist, Anti Hunting, Anti Shooting. In fact anti anything Conservative/Tory
PSI_TimEd London Freedom to flush raw sewage directly into rivers and sea is definitely #Brexit based - it’s crap It’s a benefit only to businesses making out of handling sewage and failing to invest in adequate resources for the job we pay for This is 21st century version of the great stink Proud European. Confirmed Remainer. Old enough to remember mess UK was in before we joined the EU. Glad of 40+ years peace and prosperity.
br_nning Buckinghamshire,UK. @GillFarrell7 And get the second worst one? No. Lets fight against bad governments who wants to make Brexit work. Fight Labour party. Good to see people understand how crap labour is. Euro/DK. Campaigning for PR and closer ties with EU. Engaging with inspiring people. Positivity rocks. Gooner. I block rude people. For FB DM me and say Hi.
phspread1 @toryboypierce Who gives a dam. I'm more concerned about what this useless government is doing about our NHS, Covid infection rates, Brexit disaster and taxation of us working class while the super rich gets away with tax havens. What is your crap government going to do about it Blue boy? Self employed plastering specialist and general builder. I'm a sole trader my son works with me, and I have trading for 33 years now.
Dell32415210 @inacentre The BBC news literally reports crap ,could be worse though, surprised they didn’t blame Brexit or the Police or the Government and the best bit is you all pay for it.
ProjectReality8 U.K. @Peter43067962 @CryingGammon @jehdine @jofus02 @Femi_Sorry You really are determined to offer blind faith to the Brexit cult in the face of a wealth of professional, academic and empirical evidence all pointing to, well basically how crap it actually is. Longing for a True U.K. Democracy where Disinformation is Illegal.
JonMitc12738948 Uk @EmilyThornberry Bugger me, an opposition MP mentions brexit and how crap it is. Welcome Emily. Have a word with your boss please. #BrexitHasFailed #RejoinEU

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