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BigRiverFilms Newcastle Upon Tyne I 3D print camera accessories on the side and just had a £12 order from Spain that cost the buyer £5 in VAT collected via Ebay. Brexit is crap for buyers and sellers. Freelance Filmmaker | 1/5 of @greenboyprods | Currently in post-production on 'End of the Adventure' | @BFINetwork x @BAFTA Crew 2019
annief1 Oxfordshire They just wanted to get Brexit done, obviously didn't pay attention. popsicleed up and Brexit is crap. Love F1 and travelling, reading and collecting postcards,lots sent to me from bloggers, Instagram friends around the world.
Margare45407684 Possibly but there is no way I am ever voting Tory again. Con/Lab no different now. Both the same on mass immigration now. Brexit is crap, still tied into loads of EU stuff. Even Lab couldn't be worse than current Tory green agenda combined with economic suicide and immigration. Brexiteer, definitely not woke, patriotic Brit. Previously here for several years but closed my account due to what happened over Donald Trump being cancelled.
lynchpic @DavidGHFrost @simoncoveney Looks like you are now trying to blame others in order to hide the truth about how you and your boss lied.I doubt it will work, did you watch question time the other night? A Brexit voting audience saying Brexit is crap. Why is Boris not checking EU goods at UK ports? Photographer
Billshannon55 London, England The deal for NI is crap cos Brexit is crap! The uk negotiator is crap. The Tory project is just to avoid scrutiny and offshore tax havens. The Brexit project is not good for the country! Great for those with money. It’s unraveling fast Re join the EU!
lynwis Sussex Oh give over. Yes, I voted tactically in several elections - always to keep a Tory Out. Very keen to vote Green but not if it lets a Tory in again. This is our crap system. Just resent the idea that anyone over 60 is unable to think and change their minds. Bollox to Brexit old enough to know better than be on Twitter. I am a European living in Europe. utterly disgusted with this bunch of Spivs infesting No. 10.
K4rmaRules Boris' Hell @RonaldB84959738 Same as supermarkets these days. Everything is being filled with crap so they can sell more. I've watched packets, tins and things like pizza suddenly become a lot smaller with less fillings, toppings, contents. We're paying more for way less since Brexit. Conspiring Corbynite Marcus Rashford is a hero. "News Is What Somebody Does Not Want You To Print. All the Rest Is Advertising" ~George Orwell
CallduronVorn @benarty We need to call this out for what it is - misgovernment by Westminster. Doing it in the middle of a pandemic and doing the hardest possible Brexit with the attention on media reception, not legal details, was just crap.
NorthernSKorea Scotland @TweetStreetocc1 @make1tpos1t1ve @SatyagrahAlba @Lesleygsmith3 @theSNP @AlbaParty @IndyScotParty Pees me off, because we had reached the political tipping point by 2017 (their 50% crap is BS thats not how the political tipping point works). And I fear apathy may have set in again. People are exhausted with brexit/covid/gendercrap wearing us down. Thanks SNP I'm me and I'm wee and I have BPD, if opinions offend, it's best you leave. filthy tervert pro/whats/now
LineartBob Ireland @tadcastertory @Brexit_Refugee @garrettdonnelly @NotreRene @mick216 @Marc_Again @OptimisticLyon @Wokerywipeout @MileHuntUK @CollectiveDo @NickDoy261 @TomGribbin6 They lied to get in, lied to themselves and are a crap example and its not as if parts of the UK are not in decline. Your entire posit of this being a negative is utter garbage as a point just as that lunacy over growth rate in developing nations compared to mature markets was. Once a history & politics student, now in IT support, a bit of D&D, wargaming and general geekery.
paudie_o_mahony @SamuelJohnsnon @GerhardSchnyder @conmachiavel The majority in NI voted to remain and are, yet again, used by Westminster to prolong their crap Brexit! As if DUP propping up May's govt wasn't bad enough! Brexit was, is and continues to be a Tory policy of appeasing the far right of the party! Democracy is an afterthought My rants are my own!
SteveSm83654762 Suez taught us our future lay in Europe. So will Brexit William Keegan spouting crap...BREXIT IS HERE TO STAY YOU LOST SO GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON...all thes left wing idiots trying tell us wot to think they cant stand it that they lost 🤣🤣🤣 Love discussing things that people shy away from
timpar2109 London, England @claireharr @BBCPolitics Oooh your sooo clever. I have more of a problem with tories in general than brexit. Brexit is just an extension of their self interested toxicity. Brexit has happened and its the crap show project fear predicted or maybe its just crap Tory government too intertwined to tell Full Time Stranglers , IDLES (as well as a multitude of other bands) and Bristol City fan Part time IT consultant. Labour Party member #johnsonout
SoniaMaddie @gobackto2015 @VizehYT Literally depressing, I was on antidepressants no motivation, crap diet, nothing to do, everything is expensive, life is harder in general, can’t just travel Europe easily and Brexit is a bitch 🤷🏼‍♀️ The one who microwaves her cereal | |
the_mekon Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba @Tonytiler2 @Keiths4pennorth @CllrCarpenter But you still hate all those folk. So you haven't 'moved on' have you. It's eating you up that Brexit is so crap and you're on here day and night trying to convince yourself otherwise. Ruler of the Treens. Of very high intelligence. Swollen head containing massive brain. Narcissistic supply welcome. Don't call me stupid. Comfortable at 90 bar.
NorthernLad20 The North @damienXTR @donaldjmontgome @rec777777 @GuidoFawkes @UKLabour @Keir_Starmer @hilarybennmp You are such a patronising idiot. You denigrate anyone who doesn't instantly agree with you, who doesn't share your crap values. Brexit is about freedom and democracy and an escape from an EU that has destroyed lives across the EU, caused mass unemployment and especially...... Working dad, footy fan, political cynic, proud northerner
billedm South East, England @g_gosden Boozo Got Brexit Dung by adopting May's Poor Deal and substituting the Irish Protocol, which Frost wrote , for May's Irish Backstop. Now it is all Crap and needs renegotiating, it is us who are suffering not Boozo and Rees-Mugg. University of Kent Last Century Nottingham University years ago.
Hodgo2001 @DanWill37305484 @lmauricecpr Similar crap going on here in the UK. Brexit is a key example. And the mugs just love Boris Johnson.. Fatha first, proper engineer, Internationalist, anti-Brexiter, ultra marathon runner, Toon and Falcons fan. Geet Woke. Specky get.
BigRiverFilms Newcastle Upon Tyne I 3D print camera accessories on the side and just had a £12 order from Spain that cost the buyer £5 in VAT collected via Ebay. Brexit is crap for buyers and sellers. Freelance Filmmaker | 1/5 of @greenboyprods | Currently in post-production on 'End of the Adventure' | @BFINetwork x @BAFTA Crew 2019
SarahInbarnet Plague Isle; By Tories & Covid @elliebeegee @chrischirp @GrumpyOldDoc Don’t blame you, hope you find your peace soon…..I’ve never wanted to emigrate so much before this and also Brexit…..the UK and specifically England is just crap at the moment! NHS employee, traveller in her dreams, one cat, one dog and a host of garden birds! Wishing many things could be different right now! No DMs please!
MadAffiliate European Union @Ottojizzmark “Brexit is good to see if he can help him with the money and he’s going on a trip with his parents to get him in the car with us all.” Just goes to show what meaningless crap #Brexit is! 😖 🇬🇧 to stay in the🇪🇺! I also specialise in creating shopping websites showcasing real-time products at the best prices from top UK online stores.
BrexitIsTwaddle London, England @stevieinselby @ivanwhite48 And that’s my worry. Who in the world would want us back? I suspect the EU won’t for at least a generation given all the crap we’ve pulled. We’ve constantly demanded special deals & threatened others to get them. Our best bet now is North Korea. #Brexit = Juche. Lived/worked UK + other countries inc: USA, #EEA/#EU 🇪🇺. #Gay 🏳️‍🌈. #Dogs #NHS #Epileptic #RejoinEU #ElectoralReform #ProgressiveAlliance #Atheist #GTTO.
jenniferkaal Gorinchem, Nederland @monicabyrne13 Monica, all the Brexit crap is upsetting European markets. Most independent bookshops on the continent were used to ordering English-language books via the UK. Now almost all orders (apart from Amazon and Bol) are delayed and have a lot of import tax. I don't know much about this, but... ... I was lucky enough to get out in time.
PaulNewberry8 Ilminster, England @10DowningStreet @Conservatives @beisgovuk @tradegovuk Im a consultant aerospace engineer with 45 years engineering experience. YOU ARE TALKING ABSOLUTE CRAP! #brexit is destroying jobs and opportunities! The good thing about Brexit, is it will show what a bad idea it is.
PaulNewberry8 Ilminster, England @OliverDowden @Conservatives Im a consultant aerospace engineer with 45 years engineering experience. YOU ARE TALKING ABSOLUTE CRAP! #brexit is destroying jobs and opportunities! The good thing about Brexit, is it will show what a bad idea it is.
PaulNewberry8 Ilminster, England @BorisJohnson @Conservatives @trussliz @GWRHelp Im a consultant aerospace engineer with 45 years engineering experience. YOU ARE TALKING ABSOLUTE CRAP! #brexit is destroying jobs and opportunities! The good thing about Brexit, is it will show what a bad idea it is.
jeffpapis England, United Kingdom @EmporersNewC @brexit_sham No it won’t. The rich old twats don’t eat anything decent anyway so no food needed. All they need is lots of crap in shops because that’s their idea of happiness. Their lives are falling apart, but they pretend nothing’s happening and buy 35 presents each (all useless crap). Trying to stay sane in a mad world. Fight to save the NHS before it’s too late!
IsaacMottistone 🇪🇺 What crap! The poorest in our society are already reaping the disbenefits of Brexit but this writer, insulated as he is from all of that, thinks we could all bear a trade war. Britain can easily bear a trade war with Europe – and could end up stronger I believe in building bridges; not breaking them down. I believe In breaking down walls; not building them. We are all one Earth. Heal the divisions.
bill_was_right @grantshapps Rejoin Customs Union and Simgle market - the only way to fix your crap brexit deal, which Tory MP's are now saying they didn't read, even though you lied to the eolectorate about how a good a deal it is. Gaslighting a nation and you wonder why someone eventually cracks. Bill Hicks was right about everything, especially Rush Limbaugh! Money is a man made construct the Earth is not. #ExtinctionRebellion
Borratino “#Brexit is about CRAP jobs being done by British workers and GOOD jobs being done by whoever can get them!…” 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Brexit Immigration Favours Low Paid Jobs for Britons #BrexitBritain #BrexitReality Watching Big Brother rising and Democracy falling
chris86025386 @SarahLudford @brexit_sham The public are sick and tired of the propaganda crap that’s spewed from the BBC and most of the Newspapers. All you get is lies and more lies. We are living in a a vacuum.
VeryBountiful The North of Germany @ooho1974 @carryonkeith @richjhewitt A single party hasnt been in power for decades. Its the system in Germany, not 1st past the pole, which tbh is crap. It does not reflect different public opinion very well. See brexit vote..the opinion of 48-49% is ignored. No effort to compromise & pacify, just take it and stfu In B.O.B we trust & High Fives to the World.
sonofr UK We’ve become desensitised to the huge number of Covid cases and to Covid mortality rates, they’re truly shocking & caused by Johnson’s crap decisions. But we’ve been desensitised to Johnson’s incompetence and the havoc and misery he’s causing with Brexit too. Johnson is a curse. Three steps: 1. Rejoin the Single Market & Customs Union. 2. Reform! 3. Rejoin the European Union. Help us make it happen. Join us.
barclay_norma Edinburgh, Scotland X @IndySuIIy @justrandomwords @80_mcswan Cutting the unionist crap there. UK Gov began removing or bypassing Scot Gov's powers as soon as Brexit went live. The end game is the return of direct rule, and two nations treated as the provinces of a third. Unionists in denial are lying or blind. #ScottishIndependence. Yes to independence - Ireland opened my eyes. Scotland. Europe. World. Pro-progressives. #BLM #RangersForIndependence #IStandWithNicolaSturgeon #MaskUp
absronce @BBCBreaking Msm and Labour have done nothing but run this country down for years. Your lefty views and anti brexit crap winds these halfwits up. Blood is on your hands. Scum pretty bird pretty bird..... polly wanna cracker?
Stuart_Dennis London @MSandersDP ...but I would stress that the biggest contributing factor in terms of back order lead times is Covid affecting supply chain, that’s both in terms of manufacturing and logistics. Also the semiconductor factory fire. But, yes, Brexit adds another layer of crap we don’t need 🙄😐 Camera/cinema tech/pro video specialist and occasional commentator. Also a lover of music/art/science/football. Views (mostly) my own.
Stevie_Bell_ Belfast, Ireland @duponline @GRobinsonDUP We had the £350 million per week crap on the bus which was as true as the tooth fairy. Give us the actual proof there is a deficit of £850 million if there is, provide actual evidence it was caused specifically by the Protocol and not by Brexit. Proud Irish man. All tweets are my own personal opinions.
quarkbee @DavidHenigUK crapty selection of crap food and astronomical prices? Well, I know there were a bunch of folk that were hell-bent on using Brexit as an opportunity to turn the UK into Norway, but emulating the Norwegian supermarket experience is a bloody stupid place to start. Rising social media star. Views are 100% quark.
RichardBentall Liverpool, England @JohnPat74624143 @iainmartin1 Brexit has happened; it can't be stopped. And now we can see that it's totally crap. The question is whether the insanely hard Brexit persued by this nationalistic government can be reversed before it is too late to save the country. Political doppelgänger of @BentallProf. Scientists are allowed political opinions, which are not those of my employer. Photo courtesy of Guardian News & Media.
sussexfire1 @belfaststeve @Workers2Unite @1987mcg @The_TUC None of this negates the fact that brexit has had negative effects. I see its direct results in my business and many others I deal with. This is mostly because it was a crap idea, reform would have been better, but also because its been delivered by the most incompetent gov ever pubs, tech, politics, bonfire
themidd01808667 @johnredwood Nonsense. It simply shows they are trying to limit the damage to all parties caused by Brexit and the stupidity of the NI protocol. The fact is the deal was crap and as per Johnson’s discussion with Paisley something Tories wanted to collapse ASAP. Not 1% blame for EU/all yours Support capitalism with a conscience but neither left or right wing views. Politically homeless, I want social media rather than antisocial and to talk sense
20th_debris Perth, Scotland @BobbyRussell123 @falkirkcouncil The bad tories is not a dying argument. 150,000 dead and counting; £37 Billion stolen and counting; NHS privatisation, Brexit, lies, lies, lies etc, etc and f@&£ing counting. We did not vote for their crap. Get us away tae f@&£ from their fascist, money laundering crap ASAP. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Last century wasn’t enough, there’s still bits of us left! A singer/songwriter press ganged some folks to contribute to an album ‘Conceptual Reality’.
EliasMichalas Larnaca, Cyprus Nana is talking absolute crap about the shortages of people, it's undeniably because of Brexit and she's delusional and in a different world obviously #JeremyVine Change your life! Get healthy and fit! Visit my website
Amojak2 UK @tesssummers98 Stopped using sainsbury's because of their anti brexit crap. Don't biy ben and Jerry's anyway and not boight a Gillette product aince their abomination. These marketing outfits that think loud minorities are where the money is are the definition of woke > broke for their clients Honest #businessowner #BritishIndependence #FreeSpeech #Brexit #DefundTheBBC ! 🇬🇧 Individual without a Cervix. Low Melanin. No religion.
jb0332 BBC R4 Shapps on HGV drivers intolerable crap as usua! Flexible to bring EU drivers to U.K.!! Well with Brexit what you’ve done, is created a prison of UK we can’t get out of this country now and live and work in EU!! fork you!! @grantshapps @BBCr4today Passionate European. Worked in Milan. Daughter born in Milan. Very proud of that. Regret returning to U.K. FBPE - Disgusted with Brexit!
PhoenixTCat France @ZebedeeFunkyMop @reasonablerich @ChrisMousse3 @PlasFron @iainmartin1 No, actually trying to explain this to someone wearing cult like blinkers and the IQ of a house brick is not conducive with debate. It’s clear you’re utterly divorced from reality and will swear black is white to defend Brexit. Enjoy the crap fest it’s what YOU voted for. Phoenix-T-Dog’s less tolerant sibling. Bit of gaming, bit of politics, life in general, and my boy Wills.
gvs368 North East Fife, Scotland And they're in brexit heartland. As per last week the manipulators of audience selection now behind the curve..... Brexit is no longer popular policy and needs booting out along with this crap PM and his crooked government. Retired from University of Dundee after 42years including it being part of St. Andrews. Specialty, computing and IT in the Medical Environment. Artist.
darkside_john Glasgow @AndrewBowie_MP Non of this would be needed if you Tory clowns had went for the brexit you said you where. EFTA. Instead you went full on crackpot hard exit because your party leaders are crap bags and where fewer of a noisy minority of utter bampots. This is no victory ya clown. Born and raised by wolfs. Wants to see a fairer planet where humanity can work for the one true goal of a better humility.
Flic09 @toryboypierce My friends in Germany, from different parts of the country say you are, as normal for you, talking utter crap. Grow up and stop behaving like a lying little child, own the fact that your Brexit is a disaster ffs!! #EUCitizen #RejoinEU #BLM 🖤 #Nowzad. Happy to be an anti racist woke liberal lefty atheist & anti Brexcrap. Wishing I was in Aoteoroa.
pictureladyjan Derbyshire @grantshapps Brexit is basically crap, then, like many of us said it would be. You're having to undo it bit by bit to make the country work again. One day, and it can't come too soon, that'll hit the Cabinet. Pics, animals, humanimals. You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. Anne Lamott