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viv_cooper @ConraddKonnrad @Davidmetroland @BonnieBlackmor7 @David19531501 @Ciolfilicious1 @NielsOckelmann @David_Vaporium @Mac_Paddy54 @BrunoTheBridge @Swen_2017 @cathyby @jbm651121 @RuddsBunny @Roblev0 @JohnRya13591294 @cambridge_peter @geor97 @Begentle50 @LeftBehindPoet @The_Leaver @jacksonarw @brianbloop2 @Matt_GS @CarlsbadCharlie @Chris_not_a_bot @MattAdkin @VeuveK @SamanthaFoxy1 @passtheballimo2 @LorenzoBrauer @BeowulfSchaefer @tripleGGGx @lady_brexiteer @CandescentKev @Sir_Tom_Tucker @Bluewurst1875 @dw2essex @Tip_of_spear @giles7452 @TyFreedomFight @leftstance @afewpoints @susan04071 @01ivi3r1u6 @QuislingT @NestorNotabili2 @JohnStuartWilso @MattFingersArni @Wittgenstein016 @noomie525257 Cant agree, even though it’s in the #Guardian. Sorry. Here’s my take on this theme: ‘Until Brexiters properly accept that #Brexit is crap (and apologise) the country will be forever divided.’ It works just as well. You see, even the Guardian can sometimes be wrong! Still a passionate Remainer/Rejoiner so one of the majority in the UK who didn’t actually vote for Johnson or Brexit. Now reconciled with ‘The Archers’. #FBPE
ThatCarterBlunt Smexico @KirstieMAllsopp @IanDunt Today on "brexit is crap, how can we pretend that it's not" Simply, stop buying food you like and call it progress. Doesn't own a freezer. Posting under pen name. Rascality. Poly het. Rare card. Brexit is England's Darien scheme. Chocolate is medicine. My patronus is soup.
BarryNL @HuntedTeamNick @SiobhanBenita OK, you try the message "please vote for our candidate for London mayor because Brexit is crap" on the doorstep and let me know how it goes. Fed up with power alternating between Kang and Kodos. Time for a new way of doing politics. Proportional Representation now! #FBPPR.
mummywoodzy UK @cononeilluk @billyjabbott Very much this. I deal with Brexit crap in my job and most of the rules aren't even being applied until next January. Once the new border infrastructure is in place it's going to be a nightmare of such epic proportions you’ll be able to see it from the moon. 1. Disillusioned 2. Arsenal fan (see 1)
meloni1961 England @AgiBergman I feel anger - and I'm British. I'm angry that I need to be ready to challenge the crap many people now think it is to perfectly OK to spout while near to me in queues or waiting rooms. Anti-EU colonial racist crap. I'm sorry you feel like this - Brexit is a nasty policy Ecologist, Naturalist, Coastal Guardian, Hypermobility, Dysautonomia, Humanist, Skeptic, Green, Bunny Hugger, Relinquished at Birth #Renew #Resist #Rejoin
ElunedAnderson Caerdydd - Liverpool If we think Hartlepool is down to Corbyn, Starmer or Brexit, then it is clear we haven’t been listening to voters. Labour’s vote share has been falling since ‘97. We need to take a damn hard look at ourselves, inside and out, before slinging crap at each other. Intern Parliamentary Assistant • Regional Ambassador @HolocaustUK • Bad opinions all my own • Sorry you can’t pronounce my name • Cymraes🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
policies4poland Warsaw, Poland @BobBorsley Four calls today from UK exporters, Polish exporters, a customs agency and a Polish importer. I can say with certainty that Brexit is nothing but crap for British business. The only winners will be firms located in the EU that are determined enough to deal with the new red tape Polish-British Londoner. British-Polish Varsovian. 100% of both. Son of Uprising veteran and Siberian deportee. Love patriots, hate nationalists. VIEWS MINE.
cononeilluk london @billyjabbott Been and gone ? It hasn't even started to land. Don't believe the crap the tories are spouting about brexit is done ... the fallout is going to be happening for decades Actor....Viktor 'Chernobyl' Joe Meek 'Telstar'...Cliff 'Cucumber' Val 'Uncle' Neil 'Happy Valley 2' Joe in 'Ordinary Lies' etc Oh and I'm a grumpy git
mellefluous United Kingdom @PavlosProkopeas @DominicFrisby @KonstantinKisin They got a crap brexit deal which sold out our fishermen and is causing riots in ireland, they’ve caused misery for millions with their authoritarian lockdowns and there will be more, they r just labour lite wake up #bluelivesmatter
mikegallacher1 Stuck in traffic Waking up to hear the Tories have Hartlepool is not surprising as 70% voted for Brexit. However it’s no less depressing. How is it that so many people in this country are blind to the lies, sleaze, cronyism and corruption? I’m fed up of this crap. Stuck down the rabbit hole. Definitely a lefty, Pro EU, lover of music, two great lads, both talented musicians. Stay safe. Blessed are the cheese drivers 😂
clive37470864 East Midlands, England @rodbishop15 This is why against our country and Brexit and left wing crap 💩 Full of politics cannot stand the old outdated left polices
SnoddonTim @GeorgeMonbiot There is not one answer but Starmer’s mushy middle of status quo retained, this continued Momentum crap and most of all, Brexit leavers winning over this economic disparaged region which Blair/Brown did nothing for leaves Labour in the dust and, not much to vote for Only compliments or questions.
Vicky003145 Gainsborough, England @caren82884099 Will be a crap show Just in diffrent ways Essentially your not voting for the best, your voting for the least worst It is a shame that this is all the country now amounts to, I wish we could go back before brexit where we could vote any party and the results wouldn't be bad I love adventure, and hate being stuck indoors
CptMidlands Please stop spouting out crap like this, Jeremy barely held on in 2017 and by all rights should have lost in 2019. Hartlepool is the story of a collapsed Ukip/Brexit vote, not some weird justification for Corbyn. Aberystwyth Wrestling Society Socials Officer and TJPW fan. He/Him.
carlosp2311967 Hull Kirk Ella, England @cbtwittle @GeorgeMonbiot This is a load of crap,a lot of the Brexit voters up here where working class Labour voters,they felt betrayed by the party and it looks like they still do. Progressively gone more left as I got older, don't believe anything the MSM spouts, always check every available source first.
ohnonotcameron @Eddystone506 No. Rejoining cannot be on Labour agenda at the moment, because (a) it would damage Labour and (b) it would damage rejoin. What Labour should be shouting from the rooftops is how crap Brexit is and to align closer to the EU. That will be a stepping stone to later rejoining.
cosmologyluke @teamsocialcare @M555GTA @PaulbernalUK I’m not a massive fan of flag waving and nationalism in any form to be honest. Why do we celebrate all the crap of a country that is gone and not address the key issues of our time? To me that flag represents a huge wealth divide and a superiority complex (Brexit) Cosmologist at @jodrellbank. I'm running the London Marathon this year for @NOMANCampaign! To donate, please go to :)
its_johnmartin Bristol, England @Ladycorvia It all comes down to voting. If you spend years on Twitter saying how crap Brexit is, and then you vote for a Brexit supporting party. You really have been fooled. 🇬🇧🇪🇺#FBPE The EU has brought peace, freedom and opportunity. Future generations deserve no less. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦+🐶Retired👨‍🚒
OfficialDicka @Routledge_Sam I think a lot of people realise how the current system is crap and it is a way to talk about brexit and use it to an advantage instead of just trying to ignore it. My photography keeps me sane in these crazy times.
TraceyParry20 @lala_preece @Kevin_Maguire We don't live in a racist country, and those who voted Brexit and for Tories are not racist just because of their political views. Stop the generalisation of everything and realise that conservatism is not a monolith. I'm left leaning and voted Tory because Labour is crap. Truth Seeker. Superstraight mum of 3, Protect children's & women's rights.
TornadoTTT South East, England @jp19sqn1 @LBC @NickFerrariLBC That's great, and none of that crap you spouted has anything to do with Brexit. So far, not one person has pointed out 1 single thing that is a measure or even a sign that Brexit is working. I pointed out several things to the contrary, strange that isn't it? Batten down your hatches
ModerateUK So @uklabour lost #hartlepool? Well that is expected and priced-in. We are still living through #brexit. People in the North still believe the Tories (yeah them) want to level-up the North. Do they hell. You're just election fodder for them. They don't give a crap about voters... Ex-journalist/commentator. #brexit=economic & social suicide. Real person that's no Tory. Too British to be bot. #fbpe and Pro-EU. Hope to be back soon. Diva.
staffsref Leicestershire UK @win_confidante I grew up in a mining town which is now Tory/Brexit central. I live in another ex mining area which is similar. A large percentage of people love their crap. I can only put it down to the oppositions being poor and not listening/understanding 🤷‍♂️ Ground Engineering, referee, Rammstein fan, history buff and husband to a cycling wife...
viewsfromleft London, England @StigAbell I would imagine it’s because Brexit is over and it would be silly for people to still be holding on to that but clearly it shows @UKLabour and @Keir_Starmer ploy of steering clear of Brexit isn’t working! They need to call out the crap now surely! Christian. Hoping to wake people up to the tribal footballification left/right propaganda being sold and help people realise that life isn’t that binary!
Incredu46592473 @phil_carr @Jamessmith1217 @Simple_Simon71 Corbyn and momentum are why Labour the tories were handed an 80 seat majority at the last GE. Hartlepool was only won at the last 2 elections due to the opposition vote being split by UKIP/Brexit Party, it’s not now. Starmer is crap but just a passenger really. I’m quite taken aback. forks/sake
bella__mela Sunderland, England I was/am obviously an unapologetic Corbyn fan. The Starmer opposition is a drip but I will never vote Tory, BNP, Brexit or Lib Dem after they lay down and got forked with student loans in my first ever vote being hoodwinked, it was pretty obvious. Crap, but obvious. vintage rascal, football whinge, women's rights devotee, journalism graduate & internal comms and engagement manager. A wise lass @wisemensaypod
GrantMenmuir Places and Faces @ManMadeMoon Usual tabloid crap. But and this is a big but. We've had 5 years of being told about all the terrible things that will now befall the UK post-brexit. How is this a sudden surprise to any of the Fisherman? Do they not have news or the internet in France? I am that guy that is following you.
snr_whitewalt @BourchierDewitt @Robespi33645685 @OwenJones84 Give your head a wobble. This is why we got brexit! And this is why Scotland will vote against being tied to a country and its voters that believes this crap! Brexit is like watching your library being burned down by people who can’t read!
solentstars south coast england @MrHarryCole @TheSun knowing the sun i expect goeballs is its propganda for its news story,so glad like millions of exsun readers we stoped buying this far right looney crap for tax avoiding elites and arm of the brexit tory party. southampton fc supporter ,i love all types of music ,punk,motown,ska ,blues,slade,bowie and jazz funk, rock,soul boy and loves london and outward looking.
Oneday05514622 @afpfr This is absolute bull crap, all Brexit mess. You fish in your waters , we will fish in ours. Boris @BorisJohnson is an idiot and so is Macron @EmmanuelMacron , CHILDISH IDIOTS.
Redal66 @montie Pretty sure it is crap and getting worse which is what we expected so yes we do get it. Maybe, just maybe all the people who wanted Brexit but not this Brexit are the ones who don't get it. #anti_brexit #anti_Trump #pro_Europe #Politically_homeless #rejoiner
StrongbowsPub Kiel Germany @Bobatron87 @dealatrip @Sparky77600125 @BillTosh8 @ReginaldBrads10 @steveja89368890 @armygrad24 @fhirinn @bk591582 @jgoffshore @SensibleScots @bellesareblue @CDexter05990923 @J4cobite @carmic3 @MoiraWetherell @ScotDeveloper @AyrshireBog @IanDePendence @StewartNial @EnoughScotland @Jim1Jas @BAZ__17 @KellyMcSlater @SandyRogerson1 @2351onthelist @DarkSideoDunoon @5DAZ5 @BillGall14 @Aloce84336601 @Pr0jectZeus @Chris4man80 @JackieMackay17 @GameLandAmazing @Cat5weaver @Terrier01237391 @Artisans17 @scotfax @alunprice667 @pjnichols @ScotReal @LindaMcphee4 @rusting_the @DexterC57968627 @fatval999 @Bobbofitz @rowan9sam @Chunkyferryman @HillbillyNot # anothermartlnlie is a compendium of hair splitting, deflections and general crap from #bobtheborer The point is gun boats from U.K. and France by France as a result of Brexit changes. Bob deflects by quibbling whether it is France or by France English Irish style pub in Kiel, Germany. Events and live sport coverage. Cheap Beer Night every Thursday. Blocked by Claire Fox
JPLT59 London Gunboats. If this is the level of conflictual crap #Brexit entails, our future is one of carping, grumpy, diminished, flag-fondling, sidelined, more-chips-than-shoulders, cranky, sidelined inadequacy, and perpetual culture war. It must stop. #NeverVoteConservatives Ret’d MFL teacher. Woke, European, bi-lingual. Following politics since M Thatcher. Brexit is a coup. We need a Progressive Alliance to end FPTP. No DMs.
mjharries2 Glasgow, Scotland It strikes me that the main difference between the British and the French is that the French just will not put up with crap. #Brexit #Fishing #JerseyCI Civic, mostly civil, Scot. Pro Independent Scotland. Socialist, Feminist, Retired. Love family in England and friends in Scotland.
AndrewM80282671 @montie Just as we decide to send a gunboat to China (sorry, Jersey). Good old English diplomacy in action. Jeez, a four year old could handle this better. Is Johnson suggesting confrontation with the EU and NATO ally is the best way to solve HIS crap BREXIT Fisheries deal? Retired but far from a drain on what is left of Society. Praying for a time when our leaders and their associates are not elitist, corrupt and morally bankrupt
HSENETWORK Hertford #thefrence make rules for others when the boot is on the other foot they hate it. The new system is fair and stops over fishing and protects what's wrong with that. Also #thefrench need to remember what they did over #Brexit and the crap they gave the uk #macron get over it Digital Asset investor embracing the new world of finance. Creating a level playing field for all who want financial freedom utilizing free and paid systems.
AlexS1595 United Kingdom @Gerdundula1 @Ipitythepoorfo1 @ZzBeard87 @MrHarryCole And let’s face it, we know the gun boats crap is about the election….our Gov have single handedly destroyed the U.K. fishing industry with Brexit so we know perfectly well they don’t give a monkeys about fishing….or the people of the U.K. This is about votes, not boats.
surf__dog England @paddington_pat @IsabelOakeshott @Anna_Soubry Why? I’m sure they’ll love getting their boots wet and it’s not the British who are threatening to blockade Jersey or cut its power off. Brexit is exposing the EU for the vile vindictive crap we all knew it was. “The things you own end up owning you..” Tyler Durden. I’ve got my board, my dog, my bike and the beach. Life’s good.
TergumAmore Earth Thats exactly what they have done, they did the same thing over #Brexit now project fear is working for #covid19UK and people believe the crap that is pedalled, many seem incapable of simple reasoning, may be they deserve what comes to them. Waiting for the big kick off, Suffering from Covid Common Sense, #NoKnee , #NoMask , #NeverClapped , #UnVaxxed #DefundTheBBC #NoVaccinePassport
dem_cath Johnson is playing to little England mentality while the rest of us groan. Populist tripe. An embarrassment to UK and a Brexit turd. Cheered on by our crap media. #NeverVoteConservatives Trying to hold onto the good things. Love is stronger. Be the change. Moral decency is the way. #Hopenothate 🇮🇪 🇮🇹 🇪🇺 💙
John_Lytham Lytham @No431onthelist @whitford747 @rodbishop15 Let’s face it - after Brexit just about anywhere is going to be better than where we live now 😂 They can’t even sort out the effing cod after all the crap that was talked about fishing and Brexit. It’s such an embarrassment for those of us who really care about our country. Bunny hugger In awe of our frontline workers. Lancastrian, Northern, English, British, European. Furious at the sorry mess that is Brexit. Not giving up!
mmturner1 @maciead @DavidHenigUK I'm pretty anti Brexit but threatening to cut off electricity supplies is a crazy over reaction, plays into the hands of Johnson and sets back any movement to reverse the nonsense causing this crap
leepugh54755609 @dariomazzola @LeaveEUOfficial Why is brexit discussing you idiot, UK fed up with crap rules you lot keep demanding. You lot like cry babies who have lost their dummies. Can not get your own way and what you want your all begining to crap your nappies. As EU can't survive without UKs money ect,
viv_cooper @ConraddKonnrad @Davidmetroland @BonnieBlackmor7 @David19531501 @Ciolfilicious1 @NielsOckelmann @David_Vaporium @Mac_Paddy54 @BrunoTheBridge @Swen_2017 @cathyby @jbm651121 @RuddsBunny @Roblev0 @JohnRya13591294 @cambridge_peter @geor97 @Begentle50 @LeftBehindPoet @The_Leaver @jacksonarw @brianbloop2 @Matt_GS @CarlsbadCharlie @Chris_not_a_bot @MattAdkin @VeuveK @SamanthaFoxy1 @passtheballimo2 @LorenzoBrauer @BeowulfSchaefer @tripleGGGx @lady_brexiteer @CandescentKev @Sir_Tom_Tucker @Bluewurst1875 @dw2essex @Tip_of_spear @giles7452 @TyFreedomFight @leftstance @afewpoints @susan04071 @01ivi3r1u6 @QuislingT @NestorNotabili2 @JohnStuartWilso @MattFingersArni @Wittgenstein016 @noomie525257 Cant agree, even though it’s in the #Guardian. Sorry. Here’s my take on this theme: ‘Until Brexiters properly accept that #Brexit is crap (and apologise) the country will be forever divided.’ It works just as well. You see, even the Guardian can sometimes be wrong! Still a passionate Remainer/Rejoiner so one of the majority in the UK who didn’t actually vote for Johnson or Brexit. Now reconciled with ‘The Archers’. #FBPE
TheBawsBurst45 UK @kelvmackenzie Will you be at the front of it then or sitting behind a desk tweeting out crap as usual - you always like other to face the firing line _ this is what your brexit has done and it's only the start of total madness Spammers Blocked & Reported, My YouTube Channel has Closed Captioned Videos To Help The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing
kurtconstable Pont-sion-norton @electricjersey I smell bullsh*t, or why buy in, if can generate enough. Don't go all British and start talking crap, brexit shows how stupid that one is. Ponty born, Europe bred. Never British.
JamesKAArcher @sajidjavid @ShaunBaileyUK Maybe if the Tories hadn't done a hatchet job on police numbers, but sure, blame Khan. You'll be saying Ramsay MacDonald is responsible for the crap Brexit deal next. Don't tell me, John Smith stole your lunch money and Neil Kinnock roughed you up behind the bike sheds? "The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." M.A. Partner, Bob Loblaw & Associates
dnlrntr Duckburg @QueerKidMossy could you imagine? like the EU might already fall apart due to crap like Brexit and other countries following suit, but the actual spark is some disgruntled farmer sick of some stupid rock on his property he/him • SW-8203-4691-1139 • Venmo: thedrtaylor • ☀️♏ ⬆️♌ 🌙♋ • talk to me about food and video games • 📚: Player Piano
Pottedhistory Rothbury Northumberland @LeaveEUOfficial We're not surprised because some forkwits, (suggest you look in the mirror) decided to tear up all the agreements and deals we had with our allies in Europe, in a "Hard Brexit". Is it hard enough for you yet?? Because it's crap from where I'm standing! Not "The French" to blame. Potted History, Rothbury, Northumberland, Experimental archaeologist & historical pottery replicas, demonstrations & workshops in Museums, Universities,Schools
Keefb5 if this is it, no crap from our side then this is wrong and i'm a remainer #BrexitBritain young lad in an old body

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