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ChrisRaple United Kingdom Brexit is crap. A crappy future for the UK and citizens UK & EU. It will continue to be the case after 31 January 2020 and for at least a decade. We will do very badly outside of Single Market & CU. Tory Johnson Farage government will also take away worker's & human rights.
NoRemainNoGain Liverpool, England @johwilcha @SamTheGreenCat @DonovanTim I wouldn’t bother. We don’t need to waste our energy on this anymore. Brexit will take over the work of demonstrating that Brexit is crap, and do it very capably. Remainer, contemplating the coming fight to rejoin the EU. If the Brexiteers can play the long game and win so can we.
Daniel2Davies Wales, United Kingdom @alansevans @wg_CounselGen @WelshGovernment Brexit is crap 🤷‍♂️ what are we all meant to do? Stay quiet and pretend to be stupid? What's wrong with making sure the government does things properly? It's silly. Design 📐 Biomaterials🌱 Forex 💹 Running 🏃 Managing Director @tysyml.
JoeBlob123 United Kingdom @LaidlerRob @aleczandah @BorisJohnson FFS,Johnson has done nothing.He hid from scrutiny,tried to block Yellowhammer,blocked Russia Report,lied to the queen.His Brexit is crap,worse than Mays and he will break promise after promise.Hes a corrupt liar,sooner hes behind bars the better. Honest,decent bloke.Music,Sport and Film lover.
An91623930David @RealNatalieRowe @sajidjavid Even most of the business owners at the top end are saying Brexit is a crap idea, and these are high net worth folks who would rather alleviate the problems, even some of the big billionaires at Davos are saying capitalism has run its course and has to change. Stuck on island which doesnt know what it wants - yes - the UK!
andynwoodard Abbots Langley @sajidjavid You’re a complete sell-out. You know Brexit is a crap idea - after all you said so during the campaign. And yet here you are, prostituting yourself for a job - shameful. Have some principles Watford, Seahawks & Kent fan in that order. Getting more liberal as I get older!
BooEW55 @SebDance Oh FFS. What is wrong with you that you honestly believe this crap. The workers wanted Brexit as their jobs have been sold off to cheap labour. Wake up and pay attention. 😡 Boomer and proud. Tell the truth it’s always better in the long term. The truth sets you free but Laughter is the key of life.
AndieHallihan Citizen of the World @thelittleleftie On an emotional scale, feels plausible. Add the economic isolation of the left-behind areas to lose the “alright for the metropolitan-types” and it is hard to beat. Brexit is not the answer to crap lives in the UK. Let’s fix that too. Builds new factories and improves older ones. Engineering & psychology. Daughters, greyhounds, skiing, star sailing & reading. Let’s be nice on Twitter.
Harpandamonkey Manchester @aaronb166 @notreallyacrab @lizardUnicorn @davidschneider I completely sympathise, but there is a tone and language of hatred and bile around that really depresses me at present - on both sides. If we are right about Brexit, Boris etal, then the truth will out, and self-destructive crap will not help encourage a return to sense. Experimental folk storytellers whose sensibilities shine through in beautifully crafted traditional and original tales of northern life, love and remembrance.
MrRCain2 @JamieBrysonCPNI Brexit is the single worst thing to ever happen to us. There was no plan, complete and utter lies told to us and it was proposed as some magic spell that would wipe all our problems away. What utter fcuking crap I didnt vote to be poorer. Is Boris the Pied Piper? Irishman and political commentator. Advocate for all the people of NI. Will call people out and debate current matters.
DrGrumble UK @marceldirsus I have heard a number of ordinary Germans speak on the topic. They think Brexit is sad and that we are mad. Brexit has also made us the butt of jokes. (I suppose your compatriot gets paid for this crap.) Retired physician
gibbsy66 Mount Doom @BrankoMihailov2 @Femi_Sorry Brexit is a crap idea, agreed. I won’t get over it or behind it. I will never appease this shallow thing. I have learnt that with this government, democracy is indeed banging your head against a brick wall. Leavers can own their own mess. Like dogs and their excrement. Still committed freedom fighter. A bit singed about the edges. Keep the faith. Contingency plans deployed.
BrankoMihailov2 London, England @gibbsy66 @Femi_Sorry Maggie you are banging your head against a brick wall. Get over it. There is nothing anyone can do for the next 5 years. Let’s than try to get a best deal we can for Uk now. I voted reamain and think Brexit is a crap idea. Southern Air Transport & West Ham United
jjsmith1245 @BrexitBetrayed @Terence70144558 Not to rub our noses in it I’ve been pissing herself for four years with all the crap we’ve had to put up with all the tantrums bollocks to Brexit I think one term was and all the other crap we are going to rub your nose in it still is red raw Brexit ,hate PC I want my county back enough is enough
34020seaton Kenilworth, England @RAIL @CllrTimHodgson We need to stop this becoming another Brexit, with two sides kicking the crap out of each other. My Wife is a conservationist, HS2 passes by closely.They have been despicable in treatment of the environment and landowners in the path. We need capacity, but in a humane way surely? SVR TTI. Trains, planes, old vehicles, Real Ale, Banbury United, Cov City, Arsenal, BTCC, Speedway, Walking. Loves life, Wife & family. Views expressed are own.
virgosam70 Sheffield, England @geoff_taylor @Barnabyspeak Didn't help going against Brexit did it? Putting crap on Twitter saying it is "Noble" ignoring the MSM destroying, smearing and taking the piss out of you and refusing to fight back doesn't help. They are ruthless and vicious, that's why you need an attack dog yourself Support worker, Mother, Gardener, Lefty in politics and writing, also a Tyke though a pragmatic socialist rather than an idealistic one
Centrefuter London @susan04071 @butlerrichard2 @Duggs_Bunny @cathyby @chrisgregson123 @David19531501 @JasonDinAlt3 @TimWats43851200 @afewpoints @BigBayBear @DavidGSmith18 @CheeseNBranston @Davidmetroland @RayJack97465601 @resiguru @Sir_Tom_Tucker @Matt_GS @MattFingersArni @BeakyDruggan @obsessedmuch1 @mindedmusically @Begentle50 @The_Leaver @VeuveK @Gazza41 @Jag11814459 @jonhnsworld @rosebudorson @european_kate @colmanc @MustangSwain289 @StrongbowsPub @Lotto688Lotto @mcwarthog @MattAdkin @ShaneJa16905901 @markwh2001 @Rasheed72044604 @Roblev0 @f505eb72b9cd493 @GeoffKeey @MeroQueso1 @BILDERBERG_GP @AwayFromTheKeys @cash4questions2 @Swen28002 @SeanVaux @Andrew4EU @CatyMoonlight It is Susan, it really is, the remained believe that the EU will run things better than we could?! Every remainer I see constantly bangs on about how crap things will be for the UK after brexit, totally stripping us of our huge success, rich history and evident ingenuity Politically minded, advocate for free speech, supporter of the rights and freedoms of the individual, seeker of knowledge and truth...
TerrySparrow4 La Voulte sur Rhone 🇫🇷 @AnthonyMortlock @JuliaHB1 Absolute bollocks! I didn’t even vote in your Referendum, I am neutral in a way as I see Plusses and minuses to both Remain and Leave. But what you’ve written here is absolute crap. Unless you have balls of crystal, NOBODY knows whether Brexit will be a success or a failure. Just a Truck Driver in France 🇫🇷 French Taxpayer and Gilet Jaune. To be found weekly on the Highways between Paris and Marseille
FbpeChris Brighton, England @sajidjavid BREXIT has already cost the UK economy £130,000,000,000 and this is predicted to rise to £200,000,000,000 by December 2020. I guess all those zero’s wouldn’t fit on your crap #brexitcoin . Damaging the UK is nothing to celebrate. British European, dog lover, liberal, Centrist, ex-Labour 🏳️‍🌈
OwlEssex East, England @Bleache1rs @markvipond @BBCPolitics Let's wait and see how this pans out. I wish I shared your confidence. And as a 'Remoaner' I don't WANT Brexit to be bad but I fear everything will be a little bit more crap/expensive/difficult than it is now. New account as old one was hacked. Which was annoying.
HowarthCharles London @LordAshcroft @BorisJohnson You, unlike most Brexit-supporting morons, actually understand that this is nonsense. It’s a tiny industry and we export most of what we catch and import most of what we eat. Yet still you tweet this crap. City Lawyer. Yorkshireman in exile. “Typical Hampstead Liberal”. European. Francophone, Deutschsprachig. All views stated are personal.
emzbec75 Basildon @sajidjavid We fork hate this Brexit crap this is one crapty 50p I won't be saving I hate this crapty country and crapty government I didn't vote for this crap Boris or as I like to call him Doris is NOT my prime minister I couldn't give crap about him 🤬🤬🤬🤬 I love being married to wonderful hubby who makes me happy, feel great, we have 4 kids an we also love Christmas if you can follow me on instergram, snap chat
ChrisRaple United Kingdom Brexit is crap. A crappy future for the UK and citizens UK & EU. It will continue to be the case after 31 January 2020 and for at least a decade. We will do very badly outside of Single Market & CU. Tory Johnson Farage government will also take away worker's & human rights.
Music4Chameleon York & Croydon Brexit is what happens when we ignore the crap that not nice people like Melville spout. At the last GE the Leave vote held firm, the Remain vote died on its arse, when will the penny drop Melville 👉 Get Brexit Done, an 80 seat majority winning logo, read it and weep kid. Brexit Farage & Trump. Western Judeo christian civilisation must prevail. We have no other option. socialism/communism = 👺evil. God bless the UK & USA🇬🇧🇺🇸
PenderynDic @RFewtrellUK @JonesCitizen @TeaJunkie1 @Shout4Change It wasn’t crap leadership. A socialist government is a threat to power. It was the press and the people who own the press. It was fake news/destabilising power of the internet/disillusionment of politics due to austerity. It was brexit. It was sado populism . she/her (dic penderyn’s dead)
CDennett England @IRBFUK_org_uk @Seamus_McNally @LeaveEUOfficial What a load of lefty crap and remoaning drivel. Brexit is about us regaining our freedom and independence from the evil EU who are intent on building a German Franco empire and they want to do away with European borders and European identities.We're not far right we're just right Proud to be a brexitter. Proud to be English and proud to be a nationalist. Farage and Trump are top men #MBGA #MAGA #Trump2020
SDPConway Hebburn, England @tdr_kolev @guyverhofstadt I don’t use public transport so they can write what they want on it. I see your timeline and can see you’ve been brainwashed into thinking Brexit is right wing. Another load of crap that has been debunked. Family man, love sport, SDP Member. All tweets are my own opinion not that of SDP, retweet’s are not an endorsement. DM’s ignored.
alexa_warrior London, England @Mickorua1 @jeremycorbyn ok so how could you miss that CORBYN is a leaver and pro Brexit ???? Corbyn has LOST like lost in a way that is utterly shameful so can you just stop with that crap an EU citizen who is paying the price for this UK forkery of a socialism a la Corbyn stuck in the past CRAP 🌊💚🇪🇺 (have no vote in UK or US) NO TO BULLIES - SEXISTS - RACISTS- FASCISTS- EXTREMISTS Walk your talk - Lügen haben kurze Beine
alexa_warrior London, England @RupertLowe10 yup , that is the idea of brexit summed up you just happy to destroy forgetting that includes PEACE but you revel in war you like discord and xenophobia so shameful and very UK it will always be possible to argue because fascism and nationalism is proven CRAP 🌊💚🇪🇺 (have no vote in UK or US) NO TO BULLIES - SEXISTS - RACISTS- FASCISTS- EXTREMISTS Walk your talk - Lügen haben kurze Beine
Metalbladefan Indianapolis Indiana @PixarNerdStudio @DoctorWho_BBCA Worry not, folks. The world wide populist movement is here. The Swamp Drain is coming, it will extract all the folly of political corraptness. The "correct" is corrupt, it is crap. REALITY RETURNS and the drek is flushed away. BREXIT Trump LePen WE W I N Indianapolis born& raised. Baptist conservative Aquarius. Mountain bike, 60 s rock. Talk politics anyone?
Aine46397607 @Gary68615065 @itvnews If you live in Ulster you know how crap life and the economy is there compared to Ireland's. That is why the DUP are so jealous of them and tried to harm them with their BREXIT plans. Backfired spectacularly mind did it not? Irish lefty living in Blighty. Support Palestine. Corbyn has changed the socialist agenda in Britain. Long may his legacy live on.
SLWest20 Scotland @TeeFletch75 @TonyMorgz @AngelaRayner I think Corbyns 'let the people decide' mantra on Brexit was really grown up and respectful. It included everyone in the UK, including all those people who have since realised Brexit is total crap to make billionaires richer. SNP, Pro European, Tories out. Arts, Culture, Music.
coastaldecs All the crap going on in the world and we have this from the Guardian! How is it still going? How Brexit drove my affair with Wetherspoons on to the rocks | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett ⚒No one is perfect, however, being a West Ham fan is close enough⚒
MarkSPRayner Barnier is a pompous fool. The EU has appointed him to produce a really bad Brexit deal for UK “pour encourager les autres “ It probably was their only option. But when They force UK not to accept their crap deal, and U.K. succeeds anyway, it will just hasten their collapse.
ciderbarry @anitaneal18 @alanbritton @jamesmartinchef @claudebosi Yes and contributed God knows how much in taxes and VAT over the years🤔!,this country has gone to the dogs,all this Brexit crap is to give creepy Jobsworths something to do! Founder & Director of New Forest Cider. When I'm not cider making I'm enjoying my hobby - rearing forest, acorn fed, old spot pigs in Burley. Views are my own
bristolpops Bristol, England @MarieAnnUK Brexit - crap and depressing, as ever. Just a bad scene. If you’re into it, you’re really weird. There’s no upside, although you’re certain there is. Weird facing the music, trying to dance
Olhollywoodlib And if I may add a great deal of England dnt want it either. Many of whom were taken in by a load of crap on the side of a bus. Ppl call brexit a democratic decision but u cant base democracy on a lie. And a lie is precisely the brexit that was promised by Bullcrap Johnson.
Citysupport02 Salford, England @Mylastrollo I thought brexit was going to make it better. There crap pubs anyway the food and drink is awful
JC00011 Knoxville, TN This week is a good one for England. 1. They get rid of Meghan and no longer pay for her. 2. They pass Brexit and will no longer be part of the Europe crap. Retired Graphics Designer, Publications Dept. Manager, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Harley Rider, Deplorable, Despise Left Thought Process, Love USA & Military
FanaticBrighton All Over @Jacob_Rees_Mogg It’s fantastic. We’re leaving that corrupt crap disgusting capitalist EU. The bonus is laughing my tits off at the bitter pathetic sad hypocritical remain losers and their irrelevant tweets on here. #IndependenceDay #Brexit Brighton Fan, ST Holder. Ex Army. Brexit, Tory, family, kids chef & fun. Loves Banter, foodie. idiots will be blocked.
ChumleyPrelude Essex 🙄 This kind of pathetic nonsense is precisely why I am GTFO of UK over the breast weekend. Had more than enough of this nationalistic crap Tory MP wants fireworks display visible from France and 'We love UK' banner on White Cliffs of Dover for Brexit d... 🇪🇺 Basically all political related stuff, with the occasional other tweet from one of my other passions (probably most notably cars or f1)
91f0ae259086481 Fish Town England, UK @DominicRaab You don't have any options, your government will take whatever crap the US throws at you because you have burnt all our bridges re Brexit. Pathetic grandstanding for the media and voters.The UK is slipping into irrelevance on the world's stage because of your Party. Fake News, question it, research it then tweet about it, there's reasons why they feed you bullcrap. Question their agenda and who benefits from it.
chintztoo The Hague, The Netherlands @megha_dharan @prabhatisb @TheEconomist Meghan Dhakkan top publication of propaganda for sure. Ended my subscription after they failed to read Brexit, Indian elections and Trump correctly. They have a few good articles a month and the rest is Biased leftist crap. CA “views my own”, retweets DO NOT signify endorsement. Whatever you think is worthwhile, whatever you see as the highest in your life, devote yourself to that.
DalbidEU Lancashire and Europe Your deceit has won you YOUR minority Brexit. You can cut the crap about ‘taking back control’ and a ‘golden future’. As can your MSM. Get on with it! The harder the better! The sooner the UK is battered, and it will be, the sooner we can #Rejoin and we will. Passion: International Bid + Communications Strategy & Writing - Likes: Sport (Man U, Cork GAA, Lancs CCC), Reading (Paulo Coelho) Music (Runrig)
StrongbowsPub Kiel Germany @DehennaDavison @nadams Clown. Half the country don’t want this crap. It is insulting to celebrate going against the wishes of half the people. Only 43.6% of voters voted for Johnson and his Brexit. English Irish style pub in Kiel, Germany. Events and live sport coverage. Cheap Beer Night every Thursday.
rosiegall246 scotland @SocialM85897394 No come on I’m Scottish don’t think we r all the same nearly half of us voted to stay united,I’m all for brexit and all for keeping us united,this is crap talk so stop with the border nonsense 👌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
katiespeechly Brighton UK @RoryStewartUK @jamie_wallis Rory, London is full of parks and trees, even in the centre. This is a dead cat on the table. You voted for the PM's Brexit deal which will now take place. So no one will feel safe, commuting will be crap, and God knows what will happen to housing. And you are not from London. A political refugee feeling like a stranger in my own country. Proud Centrist. Liberal snowflake. Likes Europe and human rights. Dislikes Orwellian dystopias.
Smally1969 Southwold, England This is the sort of shameful Little Britain crap that typifies the whole #Brexit mess. It absolutely sickens me. Tory MP wants fireworks display visible from France and ‘We love the UK’ banner on White Cliffs of Dover for Brexit day | The Independent Southwold based Dundee FC supporter. Scottish, European. Soft spot for Norwich City. Big car enthusiast...I even do full professional valets. 🇪🇺
HighRollerSkins @WhiteHouse I'm from the UK and even we can see what a clown show this is, it's just like Brexit, politicians don't like it so they try and stir up as much crap is possible to get there own way, like spoilt brats.
onemansopinion4 Scotland, United Kingdom @realDonaldTrump I may not agree with your politics and I may not like you (not that you give a crap what I think) but a lot of us are hoping you will give the U.K. a stellar trade deal and continue to build a good relationship post brexit. What you do is your business :) Politics and history fanatic. reading and music are among my loves. Gamer geek and proud!