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Falcon_Punch87 @AaronTrotter best episode so far dude. holy crap!!! i love this show @themandalorian @disneyplus please please please make a Knights of the Old Republic show. or an origins story of the Force and of the Dark Side. FALCOOOOOOO PAAAAWWWWNCCCCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robotbeat Jasoom @peterrhague On the contrary, Obama got a ton of crap for supporting commercial crew & getting pictures like this taken with up-and-coming Elon Musk and his Falcon 9. Lori Garner (former associate adm) was NO friend of Boeing’s & was considered prime candidate for NASA adm under an HRC admin. “Only we are Earthseed. And the destiny of Earthseed is to take root among the stars.” —Octavia Butler (tweets don't reflect employer policy)
Dumbsparce based department @BluChicken2 Oh crap I thought you meant falcon. Falco is in a really good spot in the meta with the new buffs and I think he'll do better offline. That's just my opinion. she/her -- Aspiring Tomboy -- Rivals Modder -- Banner by @blightPIonline -- @DumsparceAlt
brucesharkie No good star wars yoda would never do that his yoda is a criminal it what kind of star wars is that the space ship a piece of crap also the falcon gone thru alot more and seem to be ok and all in the last movie
Nan426 San Diego, CA @LooneyLies @BossBitchBabs11 @DoxieMama70 Now that was good TV not all this reality crap. I watched all 4, Dallas, Knots Landing, Dynasty, and Falcon Crest.