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worgztheowl Liverpool and London @Falcon_Malteser @MrMutantes @MartinDaubney He means comedy should be allowed to be offensive. But the point is, and has always been, that it doesn't get a free pass and is deliberately transgressive in certain ways. If you're crap and just offensive rather than doing so with purpose, you'll be rightly panned. Showbiz hack, always up for Lazer Quest with Andy C. Hit me up at (personal)
Bsully62 West Linn, OR @GoatJerseys @DeionSanders Now that's the real Falcon's uniform! Take that weird crap they unveiled last month and replace it with this please!
SX_Falcon_5 If you follow the space industry and haven't done anything of substance about the racial discrimination and police brutality in the US you need to get your crap together. If you want space to be the utopian world we are all looking for you need to make sure you support that... Parody of the Falcon rocket that never was. Not affiliated with SpaceX
bossk_the Smyrna, DE @forceskywalker There's so much it'd take too long. But I'll give one big problem I have with it. Saying Chewie was the mechanic in the OT is laughable, and in the new one he's one hundred percent the same thing he was in the OT. The copilot of the Falcon who will shoot the crap out of people. I StarWars Movies and Jesus. That's where it is man. Also a part of the #TheYaraelCouncil #ReturnOfTheFandom
fyzzgiggidy Bizarro World Holy crap it might just happen! 34 hrs left to raise a lil over $1,000 and defeat ren! Content Director @GradedPointFive and Very Smol Werewolf Over 0 years XP in Illustration/Graphic Design/Writing/Voice Acting (pfp by me this time!)
whatserscosplay London, England Had a picnic sitting in the garden watching the ISS/falcon 9 join on my phone and it’s just. 2020 is a ball of flaming crap, but that was a nice reminder that humanity can do some cool things London based #cosplayer, big ol’ nerd. 29. she/her. Just a grown bottom adult playing fancy dress ✌🏻 πŸ”œ STAY HOME
Qs_Patriots We are everywhere @BardsFM 100,000 pounds of thrust from the falcon shakes the crap out of the drone ship, and as a result - the satellite antenna loses alignment for a few seconds. It happens every time. They could fix it - but it would require a second vessel. The juice isn't worth the squeeze to them. β€œFor God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life." #WWG1WGA #QAnon #MAGA β˜†β˜†β˜†
subhash_joon Pittsburgh, PA @elonmusk @cleantechnica These cars worth 25-50k and you selling them for 100k. The body is piece of crap. Falcon wings does not work. People returning them and you are not even refunding the money on time. I am still waiting on my 100k refund on model x. When can I get that back? President & CEO Nirvana Capital LLC

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