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NAACP_LDF NYC & DC TEXAS! If you voted by provisional ballot because of a missing ID on Election Day, you have until Monday, Nov 9 to show your ID or sign a declaration at your county registrar and make sure your vote is counted! Learn more: America's premier civil rights law organization fighting for racial justice through litigation, advocacy, & public education. Established in 1940.
kaitlyn_olvera Las Vegas, NV JUST IN: Nevada Secretary of State addresses why it’s taking Nevada so long to count ballots. READ the FAQs and answers on the post-election process: #Election2020 #NVElection 👩🏻‍💻📲 Digital Producer @8newsnow • @rsjnevada @unevadareno Alumna • Former: @ktvn, @politico PJI ‘19 • talk @goldenknights to me⚔️💛 #VegasBorn
ExtraLife4Kids Worldwide Did we mention tomorrow is Game Day? 😂We’re starting a thread 🧵 to answer FAQs, share best practices, and how you can join thousands of Extra Lifers who are helping #ChangeKidsHealth. Extra Life unites people around the world #ForTheKids treated at @CMNHospitals & @CMNCanada — raising more than $70 million USD since 2008. Game Day 11-7-2020.
UseCodeIvan @itsMEEKYY 2 things. 1. Hilary and her Democrat buddies haven’t stopped calling the 2016 election rigged. She still has not conceded defeat. And until recounts are done everyone has a right to question this election 2. The facts are actually the complete opposite. Follower of Jesus 1st, everything else 2nd | Wannabe I.T. specialist.
ChimieMal VA, FR & beyond! #covid19 cases skyrocketing here’s info to keep you healthy Should I Purell My Nostrils? Can Lysol Disinfect The Air? : Goats and Soda Opinionated. Woman. Master runner, artist, traveler & chemist. Risk taker. Dreamer. Fails often. Succeeds less often. I just keep moving forward.
VoiceShepherd77 On the Narrow Road @julesrprecious Repent of your sins and trust Christ for salvation. On the journey toward mature faith with Christ. Peace not confusion, hope not fear, grace not condemnation. That is the gospel. #faith #Bible #Jesus #INFJ
TeleGeography Are your guesses any better? See for yourself and brush up on our cable FAQs here: TeleGeography’s official feed. Get our free daily email of the top global telecom stories: | Press inquiries:
pnwcivengineer Washington WHAT IS THIS BULLcrap I WANT FREE LAND TOO How far I have fallen! For ages I have not dreamed of the Duke of Zhou.
BtsHome389 United States Along with the strategies, we have included some FAQs about testing and Maki and using playlists. @BTS_twt I love BTS. Supporting BTS in all things.
WeStreamBTS United States Along with the strategies, we have included some FAQs about testing and Maki and using playlists. @BTS_twt We test streaming platforms so you don't have to and share simple suggestions based on testing results, not guesses.
ITUP Sacramento, CA Find frequently asked question about the ACA and the health insurance marketplace in this @KFF resource (more than 180 FAQ's are in Spanish): Insure the Uninsured Project provides independent analysis of policy and events affecting health, coverage and care in California.
NRCSDistrict 📍NR Weekly Update 11/6/2020 ▪️Message from Superintendent Dr. Kris Felicello. “Let’s keep this up. Let’s keep learning and growing. After all, this is North Rockland!” ▪️Reminders for next week ▪️Answers to your FAQs Link > #NRCSD #RedRaiders 🐾
NiallCCody Atlanta, GA @Morgan_Moriarty @ossoff @ReverendWarnock Just checked and it’s the same for Fulton county.
AlyssaJThurlow Bangor, ME MASK MANDATE: There’s been a lot of questions about Maine’s new mask mandate. Here’s a new Q&A put up by the state: Here are some places where masks must be worn: religious services, restaurants (seated at table), gyms/yoga classes, and movie theaters. @WABI_TV5 Anchor/Reporter. @NESCom grad. Proud Mainah. 🇺🇸 Unapologetic Cowboys fan. Easily distracted by Jeeps and dogs. Tweets are my own.
Cisco_Support San Jose, CA @JamilSaif2020 Hi Jamil, the event will be recorded and will be available at the event page couple of days after the session. We will add the slides and FAQs of the session as well Cisco Community connects you to global Cisco experts. We invite you to our website to post your questions. See you there!
MojangSupport Redmond, WA @SOsadchi here is still a lot of information coming about how and when you'll migrate your account. Check the FAQs - we're updating them frequently with commonly asked questions. ^CD Problems with Minecraft or a Mojang account? Let us know! We're open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Email support via
Spin2Knit Northern California Asking questions because it is hot tea weather! 🍵 "Can I Drink Arizona Tea Hot? Yes, many of our teas are delicious hot. Just pour into a cup and microwave. FAQs - Shop Arizona - AriZona Beverages" -- CEO of Yarn Aquisition & Development 🧶 -- Spinning Yarns 4 a KnitLife — Yarn Therapist 🧶 — NeuroPsychologist🧠 — X⚽️⚽️⚽️r -- Sarcasm Aficionado 🤣
nsfwtdmmweek 18+ NSFW event🔞 Can you give a list of restrictions or at least requiring to mark content that might be triggering with trigger w… — Hello! We've put together a carrd for rules/restrictions and some general faqs! You can see them here: #nsfwtdmmweek: a 18+ NSFW naughty event dedicated to Todomomo💦 | Age req. in bio🔞| | mods: @ttodomomo @trkano_ @Sylversmith3
MojangSupport Redmond, WA We made some updates to the Migration FAQs. Have a question that's not answered there? Drop it in this thread and tell us about it. Problems with Minecraft or a Mojang account? Let us know! We're open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Email support via
CanalCartage Houston, TX ‘If I go over 3 hours on a break, does it count against my 14?’ — More questions and answers about new #HOS regs?" Get some answers to #trucking #HOS #FAQs on #Overdrive. Our fleet of expert drivers and dispatchers provide accurate and reliable shipping and warehousing, from Houston Texas, and to surrounding states.
porirua_city Porirua City, New Zealand We have two playground upgrades on the agenda to happen early next year - Moray Park in Papakōwhai and Ascot Park's. Check out the Moray FAQs and vote for your favourite design on our dedicated playground upgrades webpage 👇 We love showing off Porirua City just as much you do. Mention @porirua_city, and we'll share your best.
SeniorLending Walnut Creek, CA Do you need assistance with your finances, and want to learn about reverse mortgages? Here are some frequently asked questions & resources for Reverse Mortgages and Retirement: #ReverseMortgage #Retirement #BabyBoomer Reverse Mortgage Specialists
GoZero14 Canada Eyewitness Report: "Any product with a minor visual flaw was thrown away immediately." - Thahn Tomato, ex-Metro clerk Help us to stop the waste of food. All FAQs and link to our petition on our website:  Fixing food insecurity whilst fighting the climate crisis!
LegalAidSoCal Orange & Los Angeles Counties We have guidance about fraud and scams, including those around the COVID-19 pandemic! Go to this link: #fraud #scam #COVID19 Community Legal Aid SoCal helps our neighbors fight injustice by providing compassionate, high quality legal aid, and advocating for stronger communities.
MishaalRahman United States Google Africa blog: Safaricom's FAQ on LIPA Mdogo Mdogo (see "what happens if I don't pay daily or weekly"): Editor-in-Chief @xdadevelopers. I post tweets about Android.
SarahGloverCS Alpharetta, GA An uncertain election result brings with it the potential of uncertain markets. That's why I find Liz Ann Sonders, Michael Townsend, and Kathy Jones' take on the different possibilities so useful. VP - Financial Consultant, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. For more information and disclosure please visit:
VZWSupport @ChrisCR8IV We are very excited about 5G. Expansion and build plans are proprietary stay up to date here ^TAB Your mobile support crew, focused on providing you with the best social experience 24/7.
tranejahlynese @3rdGalaxiArt how are you scamming people out of their money that they worked hard for and your not sending out the products it’s been 4 months and yet still haven’t received a package and you say too read the faqs . growing and glowing ✨ .
starlinguk Lancaster, England @mchdav @CatSmithMP No unnecessary travel. Taking your boat out is not necessary. And what would humans be without love? RARE, said Death. Terry Pratchett, Sourcery.
MadeToHateTrump @josh96121388 @MenyaraC @RepMattGaetz In PA mail in votes are tallied in a way that votes from dead people, are not counted. IE you sent in a vote a month ago, and died three weeks ago, your vote is thrown out. Check out myths.
CA_DIR California Have questions before you return to work? Protecting workers, employers and the public is absolutely critical to safely reopening workplaces. Read more on DIR’s Safe Reopening FAQs: California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) protects the well-being of over 18 million wage earners and helps employers comply with state labor laws.
TLRailUK UK @Max80055038 Hi Max, I have added a link here where you can see the map for the Key Smartcard: - depending on railcards, you can usually add these to a KeyGo account which you can sign up for once you have a Key Smartcard account ^Amy Hi from the Thameslink Social team 👋! Taking you across London and beyond; we're here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Walpole_ITS Santa Barbara Whether you’re a #Sage100 newbie or seasoned pro, explore the #Sage100cloud built-in help system for feature tours, common procedures, FAQs, troubleshooting, and more. We're all about you and your #business. We specialize in #CRM #ERP #Inventorymanagement #BI
BoulderChamber Boulder Colorado On Nov. 4 we sent out a notice to our full membership & to our COVID-19 newsletter subscribers summarizing the Safer at Home Level 3 restrictions, FAQs, and more. Read it here: To subscribe to the COVID-19 newsletter, visit We support local businesses, advocate for a strong business environment and work to sustain economic vitality. Follow for the latest on Boulder business news!
bekaji Nigeria What is Pi? Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. Is this real? Is Pi a scam? Pi is not a scam. It is a genuine just read FAQs 👇 and use my username (Bekaji) as your invitation code. A Muslim, Analytic, an International Advocate. System Analyst. HardBall!!! (Brutally honest s*times) & a (#leader) #ITGeek *Tech & Religion* is my tweets.
macallmartin Kendall Park, NJ Plastic bags are FINALLY banned in NJ! 🥳 🌎 Mom & Great Dane Mom | #SportsBiz Power Couple with @apmart7552 | #GoBeavs Alum | Assistant AD at Princeton University | Green Tea & Jesus Enthusiast
EFNetwork Global The deadline to apply for SEE 2020-2021 Partnership Projects is right around the corner! Check out the webinar below for answers to FAQs and tips on how to craft a strong proposal. Applications are due November 12th! Helping citizens in Eurasia, MENA, & China improve lives; responding to needs identified locally. Follows/RTs ≠ endorsements.
InquiryResolute Nashville, TN @mbsimon @AOC @trumpaccproject Are we supposed to add our name to the spreadsheet on your website ourselves or forward you the information? Just asking, it wasn't clear and I couldn't find any FAQs. @ConceptualJames @realDonaldTrump A critical care physician interested in learning about everything. I write about life in and out of the ICU.
MarissaWGME Portland, Maine LOTS of questions about Maine's new mask mandate. The state just put up a new FAQ that answers questions like: What if I'm hiking and no one is around? Investigative Reporter @WGME in Portland ME. Dog mom. Cincinnati-native. Northeastern Huskies alum. E-mail me:
JamieRobb Manchester @ActualGG @LondonCAG @mhclg @RobertJenrick @EOCS_Official @ukcag FAQs below. It's hard to find any reassurances for leaseholders in this. Incredibly wooly. I'd encourage others to contact @mhclg and ask for actual answers as opposed to this wool they are doling out: Heartbroken leaseholder who lost the cladding lottery I never knew I entered
ConnHealthITeam Connecticut COVID hospitalizations top 400; new rules in effect, private gatherings indoor and outdoor limited to 10: via @ConnHealthITeam Connecticut Health Investigative Team (C-HIT) is an in-depth health news website. Tweets by editor Lynne DeLucia and other staff.
BrookesASQ FAQ Friday! Q: Can you share more information about research on parent-reported screeners? A: Research has indeed shown that parents give accurate information about their child’s development. Continue reading and learn more about parenting reporting here: Ages & Stages Questionnaires® (ASQ) are the #1 developmental and social-emotional screeners professionals trust to pinpoint delays as early as possible.
ryanduwe Fort Worth, Texas Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how research and insights from @Workhuman guide HR strategies that drive industry-leading cultures for top global companies. #Workhuman My loves: my wife, my kids, and #FortWorth, TX. My likes: my 1977 Ford Bronco, @dfwticket, talking about #EmployeeRecognition. I work for @Workhuman.
AVerMedia Fremont, CA Are you ready for the next gen? Our capture cards are! Click the link below for ✅ Cards we recommend 💯 ✅ Relevant specs 📖 ✅ ...and FAQs 💬 Be ready at day one to create with the next gen with AVerMedia! 🖱️ 🖱️ Create & Connect | We have the tools, you have the talent. #BoldlyCreate 🎥🕹️🎙️🖥️ Tech Support: @AVerMediaAssist
CCIToronto Toronto, ON CCI-T Your Condo Connection Professional & Business Partner Directory - Resource Centre - Condo Legislation - Useful Links - Common FAQs - ...and much more! Your Condo Connection - Providing education, information awareness and access to expertise by and for our members [Retweets and follows are not endorsements]
SanjayShivaR India Meanwhile CA students after seeing #ICAI doing the opposite of what they promised in their FAQs and webinars.. #icaiexam #icaiexams I speak my mind. RTs may or may not be endorsements, ask me to get clarity.
kwcps We have added a "Return to Learning" tab to the school division website! When you go to the website and click on the "Return to Learning" tab, you will see reopening plan documents, correspondence, FAQs, and survey results. The King William County School Division provides instruction in a challenging atmosphere to meet the educational needs of all students.
matrixgolfapps South West, England @lesmccoy6 @Bounce_BackLoan Santander, Metro and Barclays all now have almost exactly the same wording on their FAQs… “turnover refers to the amount stated in the original loan application”. I would expect the rest to follow… IT Consultant & Creator of a new and innovative golf training app…
ExtraLife4Kids Worldwide Did we mention tomorrow is Game Day? 😂We’re starting a thread 🧵 to answer FAQs, share best practices, and how you can join thousands of Extra Lifers who are helping #ChangeKidsHealth. Extra Life unites people around the world #ForTheKids treated at @CMNHospitals & @CMNCanada — raising more than $70 million USD since 2008. Game Day 11-7-2020.
CitImmCanada Canada @pindabrar8 2/2 Consult the following two FAQs in our Help Centre for answers: and Please note: Canada is not allowing temporary residents to enter the country if their presence is optional. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We answer questions asked from 9 a.m. Mon to 5 p.m. Fri, ET. Terms Français @CitImmCanFR

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