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saladinahmed near Detroit Today at Copper Bottle I've tried to answer some FAQs that have come up during this hectic launch week. One question was particularly important, though, and I wanted to share my answer more widely. Eisner winning writer. MILES MORALES, BATMAN UNBURIED, THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON, ABBOTT. Subscribe to for new creator-owned work!
CalvinAyre Antigua and Barbuda This is coming...BSV is shortly going to be the largest in the world and maybe even by year end, larger than the entire crypto crime ecosystem combined: Founder #AyreGroup and | #BSVBlockchain Scales to Enterprise levels today!
ed_hawkins Reading, England And, there are even more #IPCC online resources: Regional fact-sheets for climate information: FAQs about the climate: Data for SPM figures: Outreach slides to use: Climate scientist, University of Reading/NCAS | IPCC AR6 Lead Author | MBE | Warming Stripes: | Partner to @OceanTerra | Views own
sgkeil Europe Great overview about PCR tests and the fallacy of #COVID hoax Seems one of the few that doesn't like censorship lately.
zerodhaonline Bangalore @eswar_c95 You can, Eswar. This is known as BTST trade. More details here: Welcome to your friendly neighbourhood brokerage. Support: @rainmatterin @zerodhavarsity @tradingqna @coinbyzerodha
TedToolscom California 18 Best Shark Robot Vacuums in August 2021: Reviews and FAQs #TedTools #TedToolscom #BestRobotVacuums #BestSharkRobotVacuums is a website that offers the best advice on objective reviews, step-by-step instructions, and buying tips for trustful and effective products.
CeXSupport @ennie21_ Hi, Yup, we do buy faulty iPhones under the F grade as non-working and you can look for the prices here: Link to our grading guide: For a list of our selling FAQs, click here: -Ramson
GFORCE_OFFICIAL Philippines #BePartoftheFORCE2021 ⚠️ MECHANICS and FAQs ⚠️ THIS IS THE OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT OF G-FORCE. For inquiries, please call 09178gforce.
Konrad_Legal Bangkok, Thailand If you know your Business, we know the License you need for the same in Thailand! Read and Contact Us for Business License in Thailand - #BusinessOwner #license #businesslicense #Thailand Konrad Legal is a full service law firm based in #Bangkok. We are committed, knowledgeable and globally oriented on client service, to offer speedy solutions.
MGSPhysio Mona Vale and Manly Our Physiotherapists maintain a very high level of post graduate training and qualifications.Better results in fewer treatments. Follow us for health tips and news. Located at Mona Vale and Manly.
cscyjhjsh she/her | cebu | was sfsyangqi flaws: read carrd on pinned for faqs and mop. i can do shopi check out for this but the shipping sched will be on wednesday. trade, buy n' sell acc || feedbacks: #thanksfsqi
horangcart check pinned! sold = 🗑 wts lfb ph sf9 Rowoon Turn Over (Apple music pob) + Inseong lipss pola = 550 as a SET Chani TO pc and Hwiyoung GloryUs pc - 250 each - less 30 pesos if payo! — read pinned for faqs gastos acct for #treasure #monstax #ikon #seventeen #sf9 ++
jannahjmw Nala Woman || IG For women who are really uncomfortable with using reusable pads and menstrual cups, nala woman provides biodegradable pads that biodegrades in 3 years and can even be composted. For more questions, you can check out their FAQs! your potential is unlimited #stopfastfashion | she/her
ShoreScripts Open Worldwide You can't have an award-winning script without clarity, so we're bringing you some FAQs about our contest process to clear things up! 🚨 Also, did you know there's still time to submit your script for our Feature and TV Pilot contests? The final deadline is August 31st. Screenplay Contest - Discovering New Screenwriting Talent From Around The World. Launch your screenwriting career with Shore Scripts. #ShoreScriptsWriters
ethnicvic Victoria, Australia To support multicultural communities with info on COVID-19 vaccines & cancer, @CancerAustralia has released FAQs in 10 languages, addressing when & where people with cancer can get vaccinated, if it will impact their cancer treatment, and more. Read more: Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria is the state’s peak policy advocacy body for ethnic & multicultural communities. Connect with us on Facebook & LinkedIn.
AngKourin United States @NamjoonGranger @weverseshop To contact weverse directly, go to customer service, select any of the faqs, and then hit contact us. It'll take you to an email form. They're pretty good at responding! BTS: Bitch There's Seven. I block chain solos & antis. 87' liner. INTJ (s/h) (backup: @kourinang)
soullessbodiez he/him @dgc_drew @RJ_NerdDad @Marcelo76668368 @CNN This is far from correct lmao. This is a correlation, not a causation. Sugar can lead to more body tissue, fat, and just more potential areas for cancerous cells to occur. 20 | bea arthur stan | workers of the world unite ☭
CanteenAus Australia As of this this week, 12-15 year-olds with cancer can access the Pfizer vaccine. Find out more & read @CancerAustralia's FAQs about COVID-19 vaccines for people affected by cancer here: Cancer's different in a young person's world. Canteen gets it. We help young people aged 12-25 cope with a close family member's cancer or their own.
NTUsgLibrary Singapore Got a question about library services, resources and facilities?🧐 Get your answers by browsing our FAQs❓or just Ask Us at 💁🏻‍♀️ You can also Contact Us via phone 📞 , email 📧 or Whatsapp 💬 #NTUaskalibrarian #NTUsgLibrary Nanyang Technological University Library. Follow us to get interesting facts, resource highlights and live updates!
robert_w_baxter @AsaHutchinson Pls fact check your statements. 2020 was the lowest import year since 1991 and we actually exported more than we imported. Also Canada is where we get most of our import oil from, not OPEC. #StopPolicalBS Blessed husband, proud father and love my Hogs #WPS.
BaptizedBy Nowhere you wanna be @eurobikesnob @bblock29 "California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and the District of Columbia prohibit tobacco rating for their Marketplace plans." Seems it depends on where you live. Source; Marble Maker, Knife Maker, Husband, Dad, Granpa, Retired Hemo-Dialysis Nurse, Journeyman RR Machinist, 1999 Kidney Donor-Don't Be A Pussy--SIGN YOUR DONOR CARD
AustinISD Austin, TX You can get everything you need for Back to School, including FAQs, health protocols, start and end times, and more, at Check out the latest news, events and accomplishments of Austin Independent School District students, staff and partners here on Twitter!
Vxhabits Australia Seriously, money can't buy stuff like this. I've made two other versions of the jumper and it's so versatile. I wear mine with overalls, jumpsuits, dresses. It's the perfect winter piece you'll wear forever. FAQS So where is this money actually going?... Writer. Blogger. Podcaster.
JessePolitic650 West TX #BorderWallFAQ Grupo BETA is volunteer group in Mexico(.) It protects and defends the human rights, provides guidance, rescues & provides first aid - regardless of nationality or immigration status. SPANISH #QuikTake qt-faqs-028 #BorderObserver Government & Politics;
illeatworlds The thing with the whole health center thing (thanks btw @RealSexyCyborg) is that this sort of exists already: at least for the PH. Except. Their ability to perform is dependent on the DOH and LGU support which is .. yeah. Author/Content Creator • Sorcerer of Multiple Stripes • They/Them • RSPM • 18+ Only • #philippinesorcery
AngKourin United States @NamjoonGranger @weverseshop To contact weverse directly, go to customer service, select any of the faqs, and then choose contact us. It'll take you to an email form and they're pretty good at responding! BTS: Bitch There's Seven. I block chain solos & antis. 87' liner. INTJ (s/h) (backup: @kourinang)
exodus_io @RChromex @wls_09 Good morning. Thanks for reaching out. Regarding the FLR airdrop, there was a criteria of holding XRP during the snapshot and registering for the airdrop. You can check out our guide for the details here: Let us know how you go. 🙏-MW Secure, manage, and exchange your #crypto assets in one wallet. Download on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android:
greenkozi Oakland that for accessibility, I’m also not sure what to do. And if you don’t have a way to use a QR code (or don’t know how- I’m still learning) I can try and teach you! <3 And if you want a new or permanent paper version, the FAQs don’t cover that I love America more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually. -Baldwin
runewake2 San Francisco, CA Hey California, reminder that there is a recall election in a month. The recall and election for replacement is on the same ballot. More info here: Helping empower the Azure community in the Bay Area. Azure ☁ Advocate @ Microsoft, 🍵 Creator of
VZWSupport @Brandt_Kay We understand and work as fast as we can to get notifications out. To find out if you're affected by a Verizon mobile network outage, sign in to My Verizon. Click here: We are here to help, around the clock as well. *Felecia Your mobile support crew, focused on providing you with the best social experience 24/7.
exodus_io @wls_09 @ftso_au @ndaxio @wls_09 Hey there 👋🏼We don't have SGB as a supported asset right now, and I don't know if we plan to. However, if you're eligible, this article has how you can claim your SGB a with your registered Exodus address ➡️I'm here if you need me. -SL Secure, manage, and exchange your #crypto assets in one wallet. Download on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android:
jvmlending CA, TX, AZ, & NV Our #refinance FAQs are very expansive and offer a ton of info for anyone who is considering refinancing their #mortgage. 🌟 #1 Rated Mortgage Lender NMLS 1850 | Branch NMLS 2015729 Equal Housing Opportunity Licensed by the Dept of Financial Protection & Innovation under the CRMLA
speededit Los Angeles, CA @PSU_Josh @GuiltyofTRE45ON @AnnieGabstonH According to the CA SOS, you can vote NO and answer the 2nd question. It does not void your NO vote. Do not follow me, I am a bot.
quitvic We've updated our Coronavirus (COVID-19) and smoking FAQs with information regarding vaccines. Visit: Quit Victoria aims to reduce the health, financial and social inequities caused by smoking.
ServiceDotWorks A well-written FAQ page can increase sales, bring traffic, and save time. Yet this is one page that is often left to last and written in haste. Read the story: • • • #faq #frequentlyaskedquestions #questions #ty #qna #business #questionandanswer #faqs Simplified and complete solution for your dispatch, inventory, point of sale, accounting, real time tracking.
AskeBay San Jose, CA @pcguy8088 This page >> has all the information we have available including the terms and conditions. The FAQs are at the bottom and those tend to be very helpful but the idea for buyer facing is definitely an idea I'll pass on. Thanks. ~Shantelle @AskeBay support hours are from 6AM to 6PM PT - 7 days a week! For help outside of these hours contact eBay Customer Service at
borderObserver West TX #CBP_informational - often speechs and statements #CBP_cooperation - CBP co-operates with state and local authorities #NorthBorder - meaning via U.S.-Canada border #CoastalTransgress - meaning transgressing via U.S. coastal boundary #quikTake qt-faqs-083 #BorderObserver The Border Observer (#TBO) watches our borders. Same name (#borderObserver) on parler, gab, telegram, & minds. Have, but not using Instagram, Reddit, or Medium.
moon748 Vancouver, BC, Canada How to clean feeders and prepare nectar I favor the underdog :-)
pathologist2003 kuwait Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding: A Message for Patients | ACOG طبيب كويتي مهتم بالامراض المعدية والوبائيات واللقاحات
Matt__Bitcoin Earn Interest with ₿itcoin @Daaa_Lieb @hodlnautdotcom I would suggest you research every platform yourself and you will find all the answers. Read some of their blog posts and you will find out why they can afford the higher rates. If you can't find it let me know and I'll point you in the right direction. #HODL #Bitcoin | Earn passive income with crypto | Trusted wealth management platforms to earn high yield with your idle crypto assets | 👨🏼‍✈️Corporate Pilot
__aurelius Cheapest way to attack BSV? Network spam. The Bitcoin Association admitted it themselves: $aurelius
QTACinfo South Brisbane, Australia Need some extra info about the Queensland ATAR? Find links to the ATAR portal, Year 10 and Year 12 online guides and ATAR FAQs here: #QTAC #ChooseTheFuture #studyQLD #tertiarystudy #ATAR #highereducation #education QTAC processes applications for the majority of undergraduate courses at Queensland universities. Retweets are not endorsements.
frlkris San Francisco, CA @wambli_hupahu @HamasakiLaw Not true (see link). People most definitely can vote "no" on the first question and still choose an alternative in case the yes people win. Which is what makes Newsom's "leave it blank" suggestion so puzzling. Cat loving, wine drinking atheist San Franciscan Affordable Housing enthusiast BLM; M4A; NotMeUs she/her
faqs_greg @mtgreenee You saying that the vax person was worse then the unvaxexd person means nothing. The unvaxed could of been asymptomatic, and the vaxed had a minor cold. The vaxed may have died without it. You are either so stupid it hurts, or know your voter base has the iq of a potato!
VZWSupport @deafProudd The iPhone 12 is a solid device! Thanks for the confirmation, and the best resource for 5G is our FAQs page. For a more in-depth investigation into your concern, please Follow/DM, thanks. -Joey Your mobile support crew, focused on providing you with the best social experience 24/7.
doctorlou1978 Fort Pierce, FL "This is how the COVID-19 vaccines work inside your body. Learn more about these safe and effective vaccines at Human Being, Professor, Author, Teacher Interested in peacemaking & justice, friendship & human flourishing, cultivating good virtues.
hagure NorCal, Chochenyo/Muwekma Ohlone hood @Kajoq @jchensor @souperfx @MechaMacGyver same. I talked crap because move/button names, but ny personal notation is a mix between: # notation (236C) jchensor FAQ ( \/ landing /\ jumping, [repeat/loops] ) and anime (- for chains, > for links, comma for next sections). Those FAQs were big inspirations! they/them ✚ @956Productions Event Director ✚ @NorCalCrabattle Boss ✚ FGC * SocialJustice * Food * Tech ✚ 日⇌英通訳も出来るよ! ✚ Header:picolo-kun ✚
dgk610 @cozyfinance_ @MoonAlgo @ALGOeggs @RandGallery Gotta talk to the site creator and set up a store. Go to and read the info under Shop FAQs algo nft collector // algobro4 // flambo #014
CityofIndio Indio, CA 🏗️The answers to some of your most commonly asked questions about building and safety are now available on our FAQ page. Check it out here! The City of Indio's public servants provide outstanding municipal services to enhance the quality of life for our residents, visitors and the business community
jonknee Seattle, WA @DavidSchawel They actually built another one because the movie one isn't large enough for MLB hitters: "too many balls would get lost in the cornfield " I make web / mobile apps and take photos of beautiful places.

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