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DisneyDLV Dreamlight Valley Today we are proud to share that we’ve welcomed over 1 Million Villagers to #DisneyDreamlightValley! We're overjoyed to see you discover what it means to #LiveMagically. Thank you for your excitement, feedback and sharing the game with your friends. This is just the beginning!✨ Welcome to the official #DisneyDreamlightValley Twitter. ✨ Life-sim adventure game 🎮 #LiveMagically NOW in Early Access!
VRChat This week's #VRChat Developer Update is all about upcoming bug fixes and improvements for the Live Beta of UI 2.0! Our Beta testers have been giving us amazing feedback, which has let us make the new UI even better. Thank you, and keep it up! Read more: VRChat makes it easy to create and explore virtual reality together. Any 3D content brought onto our platform is instantly transformed into a social experience.
NIKKE_en 【Global CBT Report】 Commanders, it has been a long wait. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions in our Global CBT survey! Your affirmation gave the official team from《GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE》 a huge boost and motivation! Global CBT Survey Results as below: #NIKKE Pre-Register NOW! A fantasy story of girls taking back control of the world. An immersive Sci-Fi RPG Shooter with adorable NIKKE!
lovelycommer she/her ; est. oct 2020 🌸 @NxshKxxk 🌸 hi, eupho here! i am vvv interested. --let me help you with your task, pls refer to my commsheet and feedback for legitimacy check✓ forte: eng/fil write-up, research, and graphic design 🪷 ghostwriter🖊️ | i write in this pink space 🪷~ | catered over 500+ comms | feedback: #eunkisee | check📍tweet for more info | pfp: scrimsart🫶🏻 |
nameRanjit @AshwiniVaishnaw Train no 18101, B3, date of travel 17th Sep'22, Feedback for improvement. 1. As per TT, No tender for attendant and bedding. Same train runs alternate day with different number having all facility. 2. Very poor hygiene and very bed smell inside. 3. Bathroom scope for improvement.
lovelycommer she/her ; est. oct 2020 🌸 @Lfcmmssr 🌸 hi, eupho here! i am vvv interested. --let me help you with your task, pls refer to my commsheet and feedback for legitimacy check✓ forte: eng/fil write-up, research, and graphic design 🪷 ghostwriter🖊️ | i write in this pink space 🪷~ | catered over 500+ comms | feedback: #eunkisee | check📍tweet for more info | pfp: scrimsart🫶🏻 |
Kate_Arms Ontario The hardest part of solving the problem of unintended negative impact is admitting you are the responsible person. In a mediation I was facilitating, I just witnessed someone take that responsibility and accept honest feedback. So much trust and possibility built in an instant. Living the question: What is a life well lived? Leadership Coach and Agile Coach by day. she/her they/them
SellingEnergy Reno, NV On Monday: Mark will answer your questions and provide individualized feedback on anything elevator pitches, sales presentations, you name it! Sign up for our Mastermind Coaching Call next week! Selling Energy trains people to be more effective sales professionals. We exist to advance energy industry careers, and enhance the adoption of EE projects.
stevenspads Montreal, Canada ✅Step 2: Propose a solution A local service provider community that will make it easier to find them and book their services. ✅Step 3: Get feedback on the solution Potential users agreed it would be helpful. They asked for reviews & browsing by category and borough. Maker of things using code. Learn it, build it, teach it.
i_am_atomic Nigeria @Renmoney I contacted the receiving bank and here is what they said; Thank you for sharing. Could you please reach out to your financial institution to obtain the 30 digits NIBSS Session ID so we can assist appropriately? We'll be on standby for your feedback. FOLLOW ME, I'LL FOLLOW BACK!:) #TeamFollowBack #InstantFollowBack A true ⚽manunited fan Facebook: vigorous edi 📞 08083669942 🎶 song writer ogarayangadanga 1
Solkreos Wherever I'm Summoned @TaiLynn_VTuber I think your tweets are pretty grand. I do love tweets that range from serious to entertaining to absolutely wacky, and I think the variation is important ☀️ I hope that’s decent feedback lol Wandering warrior of the sun, here to brighten a few days. #ENVtuber | Design by @ArtelysiumS | L2D Rigging by hmb_urger on IG | Fan Art: #KreosArt
zebpaysupport India @IamWeUnited Hey there, we truly appreciate your feedback. We are glad you liked the new update. We will absolutely keep you posted bout the SGB airdrop if anything changes and also updates related to SPARK airdrop. Happy Trading!!! Official ZebPay support. We will never ask you to DM us, transfer funds to any address or share personal details except via a support ticket on
yxungcliff I think my dick got bigger everytime a Shawty lied to me before I was 20 and even after I was 20 I talk crap bout god but he ain’t slack wit that according to my body count feedback Take Me With You When You Leave INSTAGRAM IS newageyxoungcliff IG #2 @clifff_aye_yuh MY SNAP IS coleslaw57
cap_ajax @BxBulletTV Costumer service is one the last vestiges where ppl can voice a concern and get instant feedback, theatrics of other sections of society such as govnt policy, the French revolution was agitated by mothers wanting to feed their families. ///melting time///
marvgoathero I appreciate all the interaction and constructive feedback 🐐 language teacher, knows ball ⚽️
M92046847 @WoLongOfficial Just beat the demo, game is looking and playing really really good, maybe a little more haptic feedback on PS5 is my only input
C1P4LSelfMade Miami, FL @rjohnsonme @MotionMarkus @InvsbleFriends @luccid_nft And 2. I just have to file a claim. Dw I did my DD before buying thank you for your feedback tho I hope you can join our community 💚 Sending my selfies to NASA cause I’m a star 💫 | “The Unofficial Invisible Friends Show” Co-Host 🎙| Team Marketing Team™️ | #RCC | @luccid_nft 🤍
hulu_support Los Angeles, CA @_theamazingACE Apologies! We've received similar reports of this behavior and we're actively investigating. We'll be sure to share your feedback and experience with our team. If there's anything else we can do for you in the interim, let us know! Helping Handmaids and Runaways (and everyone else) with all things @hulu. Tweeting from 6am-9pm PT, with chat & phone support available 24/7:
DelgaudioMegan @princekoo__ Support team don’t even respond to reports or feedback from their users. They couldn’t do anything when I submitted an appeal for my hacked account. A friend suggested I message dejason3 on Instagram for help which I did and he helped me recover it. Professional therapist 👩 Have faith in yourself 👧 Stand tall 🥰
joel_luedke La Crosse, WI 4 Don’t wait until the annual review: Feedback should be given and given often. Short check-ins are essential whenever a relevant issue arises. Don’t let things fester, if there is something that your think about more than 60 seconds, address it. 5/ Never let school interfere with your education. -Mark Twain. 'With' not 'For'. @atcchat @clncllypressed *views are my own* MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS
joel_luedke La Crosse, WI 2 Be direct: Clear and direct feedback is not mean. It is necessary. This can be hard but it often is what people are looking for. Direct is not mean, direct is putting information out that needs to be and can change the direction of performance. 3/ Never let school interfere with your education. -Mark Twain. 'With' not 'For'. @atcchat @clncllypressed *views are my own* MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS
AustinCityParks Austin, Texas City of Austin Cemetery Rules Are Getting an Update, and We Want Your Feedback. Community members are invited to review and provide comments from Sep 7 through Oct 10 online. Review and Comment Online: The official City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department account. Please visit for open records requests.
DakkaDez @KMDeMat Funny enough that’s where I started! I am a QA Engineer now, app company not games any longer. My advice is to start by joining every beta they can, take notes while testing, provide clear feedback (this is big). Communication is the key, and learning Developer lingo goes far Hobby Positive. It’s a Pile of Potential, not shame. Warhammer, Star Wars Legion, all the games and armies. LFG BUCS! Motivational Antagonizer
LendellKirk1 PNW @NFTAlpha_SOL @smokeheadsnft Still holding 3 lvl 3s and a legend. I never really get any feedback from the team, but pretty sure their not building. Part human, part bot. Functioning NFT addict... convinced myself I'm an art collector. Investor, working man, friend, father. Love animals, and nature.
AndrewWHacks San Diego, CA @ndbroadbent Haha I think the big AI cos know when they can use feedback loops, but it seems heavily dependent on the use case. Cofounded and indie hacking Here to learn, get inspired, and talk about the difficulties.
enINFAMOUSvy Michigan (He/Him) @GrapeadeFade dude thank you for bringing up the tactile feedback of something like this. legit was in the camp of feeling like i was alone on it. on that note, scrubdaddies are a gamechanger and i have an entire stockpile of them under my sink, hahaha Michigan man, former Data Guy, current Warehouse Lead Guy, Sega kid, toker; blocked by @BillyPacman.
kitnkamoodle 🇨🇦 @teekbird THANK YOUUU I’m so glad, I seriously think both my armour and backgrounds have just leaped since I started comms and it’s so nice to see and hear feedback on >:’)a vacuuming how you all do metal into my soul for inspiration I'm Kam/Katie! || 27 || white || she/her || hobby artist || d&d/ffxiv || sometimes mild nsfw || pfp by @pejntboks and banner by @totosummers/@Lupis_Darkmoon! 💕
Quinn_Annluch Still waiting on some feedback and notes. But we've started work on the cover. I've never fancied myself much of an artist, but my friends said they would help. What are some of your favorite book covers? Writer and editor. Soon to be published at Losgann Press. I love going on adventures and I'm passionate about community organization.
LindgradTK @IM_Communityitw @_hamster_coin Community is critical to the long term success of any project. Did #_hamster_coin take into account community feedback when building the project? How can community get involved in #_hamster_coin project and events?
huffkitten Spain / Fan Account. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, even Win himself appreciates that feedback, he keeps those in mind to work harder and improve for us and himself. It's also valid for you to feel other actors should be higher, but saying he can't act it's not acceptable by any means. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Mostly about Win Metawin, Asian drama & K-Pop ◞ ̑̑✧˖*°࿐
ThatGirlBri_BBC Utopia I’m looking for feedback on my music and even my poems but it’s crickets like I need to know what y’all think everyone is so vain I barely show my face on here but when I start posting videos and promoting my crap if it’s still crickets I don’t even know if I will do it anymore I love music and sometimes make it 🤷🏽‍♀️ “Enlightenment”
Brian__Shroder @LindsaySundrlnd Hello, I'm Brian I'm running a survey to engage people to know how they've been able to transit in their jobs and businesses after the pandemic. Your feedback will be appreciated and it will be used in mentoring individuals that have experienced similar setbacks President and CEO @BinanceUS🇺🇸 For support, please reach out to us: @BinanceUShelp
Blendsantiago المملكة العربية السعودية Dēserere Colorado Feedback And Solomon Westinghouse ؟? نمشے 🔹H122🔹 🔹H122🔹 🔹H122🔹 Abacus About Above Abbreviated Absalon Accessibility About Acapulco accuracy Ability
Rand_AL_Marmot @thegjerda Cammy Cakes consistently provides solid, sound, and professional feedback on his Twitter 🙏🏻 “The grave is no bar to my call.”
Xara_Hellfire Kingdom of Aurora @XyloVaii Don’t worry, giving constructive feedback, especially when it’s a commission is welcome~~ The only time people really get upset at it is when they’re just chillin’ and good with it only being a side hobby and aren’t really looking to improve on their art^^ Pan 🏳️‍🌈|| #ENVtuber and variety streamer!! Demonic princess from an alternate reality… She/Her || Oshi Marks: 🌖💫
Officeworks Australia @matmills73 @matmills73 thanks for reaching out. We are sorry to hear about your recent store experience. Surely, we would like our customers to use the services smoothly and quickly. We will share your feedback with the store manager for review. 1 /2^NR Australia's leading supplier of office products & solutions for home, business & education at the lowest prices. For house rules visit
ebenezerraja22 New Delhi, India @EvilAcrol U are butthurt since I challenged a opinion u made up urself of a game that u probably never played and now that it is being challenged u are seeking validation on ur opinion from the internet by sharing and belittling my Feedback on a game. Sneaky Beaky Like Pro Csgo Player at 40fps EzPz Headshots
NotMoeV2 @rkv2__ My biggest fear would be them overdoing it with the changes and from the gameplay yesterday it looks like they have so far. I’m sure the feedback from the streamers would make em revert some changes cos WZ was literally unique/special cos of the loadout aspect Hater.
Snap_for_the_W Hearts & minds @MrWhippy76 No doubt, brother. Despite your health issues, you’re still there to support everyone else. And you’re great at taking on, and even seeking, feedback. Love you bro 🍦💙 #TheSnapProject: Honour, Courage, Kindness | #Fortnite giver | #SnapWinsLegit |#EpicPartner SAC:SNAPWINS #ad | Mentor/Mentee
Mikerich941 @JVarfare @JGODYT Feedback + to get people talking on social media and stuff IMO no loadouts would remove a big differentiatior depending how they do it. Maybe it's just no free loadouts from the sky. We'll have to see Warzone player and owner of the Rich Raiders Discord community. Find warzone teammates and group up in our server here:
HelixHawk @Psycho_XBL @Capalosie @Thomas47606075 @BungieHelp They game is designed for us, the player...the consumer. And therefore we have a right to voice our opinion, feedback(positive and negative), and he upset when the quality of the fake is put too low on their priory list. Whatever person used me as proof that they’re legit DID NOT help whatsoever. IT IS A SCAM! DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY!I
VerizonSupport @schotts Hi! Thank you for reaching out to Verizon on Twitter! If you do not need support, we do appreciate the feedback. We understand that you have service questions and concerns. Please DM us. Thank you! *Myra The 24/7 Team, here when you need support for mobile devices, home internet, TV, and phone. Verizon is #TheNetworkAmericaReliesOn
mamavirg0 Milwaukee, WI (5) I’m honestly beside myself that a professional that JUST met my child would give feedback like that on the very first 2 days she’s been with him. These sessions are only 25 minutes long. Gabriel isn’t even 4 years old yet and has been home with me since I became a sahm Mom ✨
FrostyFromMW2 Planting B The fact @InfinityWard claims they listen to fan feedback is astonishing when they keep features the core fanbase has always enjoyed out of new games. What's so bad about map vetos, none-disbanding lobbies (you have the choice to leave), and dead silence to counter camping? #MW2 First Person Shooter since Goldeneye / Gamer for over 25 years and counting. Yes, this is absolutely my greatest accomplishment. P Fkn R 🇵🇷
princepathak4u Pune, India @MyIndusIndBank I'm repeating I'm continuously recieving salary and you don't wish to retain me and now i will definitely spread this bad feedback with 100s of people I work at restaurant, here to release anxiety, not to be taken seriously!
LukakoDesu lesbos i think they got a lot of the feedback on what ppl didnt like from 3 houses and it seems like they tried to fix those flaws, like monastary getting replaced by a much smaller map so you dont have such long load times, no white clouds section, and ur activity points dont get lily/valkyrie (she/they) 💙🔪 yandere for @witchgear 🔪💙
QueenLeafAsgard And I sumbitted a feedback form from a link one of your Instagram @dominos reps gave me
sfaircloth12 Cheyenne, Arapaho & Ute Lands TFW the tween’s teacher calls to share that she’s “doing pretty amazing” work in their class and they just wanted to offer her some positive feedback and to encourage her to keep up the hard work. We love our school (go Boltz)! @PoudreSchools @LeeBro American Indian, Mother, Professor, Scholar of Indigenous Education/Ed Leadership, Former Fulbright Scholar to Aotearoa (New Zealand), Lover of Words and Food
RaeRenee731 @andreajmedaris omg you did!!! I’m open to any and all feedback. thank you! licensed couples therapist. wife. mommy. PhD. bacon eater. psuedo-chef. lover. author of the “A Palate For Love” wellness cookbook ♥️ #BlackTherapists 🇯🇲
SusiGon28333533 @_GlobalCrisis_ New episode of #feedback, watch the impressions and reflections of viewers of the international forum #WeWant2Live. People share what inspired them to act and why building a #CreativeSociety is the only way to create a world without #suffering. Bondad en Acción. AllatRa

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