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SamMaggs LA // TO Imagine being these animators, telling your bosses for years that something is a huge mistake & being ignored only to have them listen to identical consumer feedback and demand you fix everything at the last minute when they should have just listened to you in the first place Space witch 🔮 Sr. Writer @insomniacgames, prev. @BioWare 👾 SIRENS ('20), CON QUEST! (‘20), GIRL SQUADS, FANGIRL'S GUIDE 📓 Host @Nerdist 📽Rep @msmariavicente
gameinformer Minneapolis Sonic the Hedgehog's movie director has heard the feedback and vows to fix the blue blur's design. The world's largest video game magazine. Check us out in print and online for the latest news, previews, reviews, podcasts and more.
RepMattGaetz The media is harming the American people through deceptive stories put out about @realDonaldTrump to undermine his continued success, bribing FBI agents with illegal gifts, and through the feedback loop between the media and Robert Mueller. Official Twitter for Congressman Matt Gaetz. Proud conservative who is honored to serve the First District of Florida.
N_H_Australia cyberspace By losing perspective, are social media assassins undermining their AFL teams' chances? Hi we hope to help your company with getting some extra attention by creating a NewcrapterAustralia greetings your NewcrapterTeam(Holland)
mazakry Sola Scriptura @KimStrassel What has been the feedback from hospitality and other industries related to visitor numbers to Portland? Have hotels seen any change or trend in numbers? I imagine a particular level of obnoxious verging toward violent public activism will have measurable economic consequences. sic transit gloria mundi
MBonvoyAssist Global @funinthesun2200 Hi Deborah. Thank you for connecting with us again and giving us more feedback. We have contacted the hotel and sent your information to the hotel management for them to look into the matter further. Tweet us 24/7 for assistance with your @MarriottBonvoy account or any of our hotels. Find answers to common questions at
Officeworks Australia @WorkwithLindaV @WorkwithLindaV thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate the time taken to post this and have forwarded the same to our team at the Stuart Park store. Officeworks wishes you the very best for the EXPO. ^SB Australia's leading supplier of office products & solutions for home, business & education at the lowest prices. For house rules visit
wfneurology Dubai, United Arab Emirates Deadline approaching! Use the weekend to perfect and submit your abstract for #WCN2019 in #Dubai! Present alongside the experts and get their feedback and ideas. Submit now: The mission of the WFN is to foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide. Join us at #WCN2019 in Dubai.
miclensink South Australia We will also be offering support services. I thank the sector and the community for helping shape this initiative, including the locations of the beds, through direct feedback we received through a series of DV roundtables across the state. Together, we can make a difference. Minister for Human Services in South Australia
TheJeepBetch USA @Schwim123 Yeah the doctor said ice and elevate it for the night and that tomorrow it might feel worse but will hopefully improve soon after that. Also sending me to PT to try and strengthen the problem spots. Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm a delight. Tacos. Dogs. Jeeps. I’m actually nice if you bother to talk to me 🤷🏻‍♀️
rx4kid No fixed address @TrainsInfo I have used the link and provided feedback. It’s absolutely criminal that you’re charging for a service that is just not being provided! #sydneytrains Traveler, vagabond, nomad, pirate, gypsy, over lander & trip leader.
Askvodafonegh Accra, Ghana Hi @Esinu__, Apologies for your inability to subscribe to the data bundle of your choice. Kindly confirm the exact data bundle you are subscribing to and the feedback you receive. #HappyToHelp. Elliot. Welcome to Vodafone Ghana Customer Care. Monday to Sunday. WhatsApp us on 0501000300 - ( 24 Hours) #HappyToHelp
TrainsInfo Sydney @rx4kid I understand the frustration and issue and I have escalated this feedback via our channels to them on the matter. If you use the link mentioned above to put feedback in there is an option to have someone contact you directly over the matter also. Transport for NSW official Tweets for Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink. Follow your line here:
NBA_Distributor @jtmedia3 @Kings_Pulse Glad you enjoyed man and appreciate the feedback! Next pod with Jason Jones should be out within the hour NBA Addict | NBA Analysis 🏀 👑 ☘️ | Co-Hosts for @Celtics_Pulse x @Kings_Pulse
DLCHappman Have social media assassins made AFL clubs afraid to lose? trabajo y mas trabajo..
akmaitland Texas, USA “You can’t take criticism and feedback from ppl who are not being brave w/ their lives.” researcher | storyteller
DanielBojer Mexiko @Uber Your immediate help with the following trip please! 01/04/2019 3:49 am Account: I never received the invoice and all you do is we are checking but I never receive feedback or real help. I need this invoice immediately!! Traveller
USGCDragon McMinnville, OR Hey yall live on twitch prqcticing for esports try outs come watch and give some feedback #Supportsmallstreamers #twitchstream #affiliate #SupportAllStreamers I'm a gamer with US gaming, I'm an Xbox nerd lol, and gym jockey, don't post often but on here cause of my clan hmy
jeanmobilia @AmazonHelp Yes, but I'm just calling Amazon out on this--not because it has happened once or twice, but because it seems to be a pattern. And not just with same day, I've been having issues with prime deliveries taking longer too. Thanks for responding. I hope this feedback is helpful. Executive Recruiter- Biotech, Pharma, Science and Technology. Happiest when I'm traveling. 🌊
jasonmsteele @parabolictrav @PeterMcCormack He does some things that are worthy of praise, and others worthy of scorn. We react, and provide feedback accordingly. The praiseworthy actions aren't a pass for us to ignore the blameworthy ones.
Real_EllieBrown Global @EG01206893 ahhh. I am so glad that my story is impacting folks. That feedback means a great deal. thank you. Prayerfully the movie will get made this next year. I believe the timing is right and I haven't ever seen a film that tells the story of Compton etc from a perspective like mine. E PR-Producer-Editor 4 Whistleblowers • Journalists • Authors • #addiction expert #veterans #endhumantrafficking #WWG1WGA #ellieb
BjivBrenda Harrisburg, PA Attention @StateFarm drivers: Drive Safe & Save has gotten a total redesign! Make sure your app is updated, then log in to activate the new features like trip maps and driving feedback after each trip. Not part of this discount program yet? Text SAVE to 78836 to enroll. State Farm Agent
PorfavorSir @roundhoward @ChannonSarah @robcesternino I’m enjoying it, a lot, and your feedback shows. My screen was waaay too dark but every time I watch a few minutes of it again I’m blown away by the incredible scenes. It was hard for me to watch, but now is a gift that keeps on giving Secret survivor watcher. Shhh!
MaureenPiscate7 @OfficialManor launches this month, featuring a monthly column by yours truly, Michael Crosby. Please follow them and give feedback. Don't know if I'll be here much longer, but I'll write until my dying breath. Thanks. 💙 Partners for 23 years. Atheist and Wiccan. Writer. #TheResistance #Wrestling #Horror Columnist for Manor Entertainment.
iconcollective Icon L.A / Icon Online Huge thanks to our good friend @imJQ for doing a Q&A and track feedback session with the students yesterday. Always great having such a legend in the building! 🙌🏼 Premiere music production school established in 2005 with the singular goal of empowering artists toward a deeper understanding of their personal creative path.
AlaaEldemerdash “ In Nevada, a pro-Israel lobbyist guided the legislation’s sponsor with detailed and frequent feedback, in one case reviewing and approving statements by a lawmaker who planned to support the bill. “ our state officials should work for us not a lobbying group. Physician, advocate for children and educator. Neonatologist, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics.
RuralDocsVIC Victoria, Australia #VRHC19 is over, but we are keen to hear feedback from delegates. All attendees have been emailed a link to the conference evaluation. Send us your thoughts and help us make #VRHC20 even better! Rural Doctors Association of Victoria is the peak advocacy body representing the interests of rural docs & their communities in VIC | Retweets not endorsements
UberINSupport India @NirdeshSahu Sorry to hear about the cancellation, Nirdesh. We'd like to have this addressed for you. Please report this feedback via the Help section of your app, or through and let us know once done. We shall follow up. The official customer service Twitter channel for Uber India. We are here 24/7 to help you!
snapchatsupport Venice, CA @ioncookiex Hey there! We're always testing out new experiences to improve Snapchat 🤓 To submit feedback, head to the following page and select “I have feedback": Snapping, snacking, and supporting! Discover tips, find answers to common questions, and get even more help on our support site:
TheCheesyChick Buffalo, New York @BuffaloEats @CheeksExplains @BfloBizFirst @Gr8Foodini Totally agree! We appreciate everyone’s feedback always. We have never paid for sponsored ads or blogs because we value everyone’s fair and honest review. Grilled cheese/specialty sandwiches Lunch/catering/drop off (716)238-3786 questions and comments:
teamnike Beaverton, Oregon @MaryNYC1 Thanks for sending that over. Can you select "Audio Feedback" and send us a screenshot of what shows in that page? Athletes helping athletes, 7 days a week. Languages supported: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, & German.
RosieBeatz Commissions are closed :) Thank you for the support and feedback on my recent design! If you haven't seen it yet, it is my pinned tweet <3 Much love | 17 | Taylor | Designer | Producer | #EvadeUs | @TraMaDjYT | Previously known as Cow |
Candyledet1 New Orleans, LA @MichaelRapaport @TinsleyMortimer @Andy @Bethenny @CountessLuann @ramonasinger @DorindaMedley @SonjatMorgan Do you watch southern charm to cause that’s drama and since New Orleans don’t have a housewives show which would be awesome we got Southern charm New Orleans which in my book better then savannah second to Charleston . Would luv here that feedback
eevee Colorado Springs, CO this sounds all doom and gloom but i'm actually trying to bring it around to: i'm real forkin' annoyed at myself for ever letting Posts affect me or my big mouth lmao i know i try to do the right thing and take feedback to heart. i'm just, uh, taking the wrong feedback to heart hacker, game dev, artist, like to flit around a lot, love esoterica • 🦊♀ • gay for @glitchedpuppet • other half of @floraverse • 🔞 weird furry porn: @squishfox
AlexRoseGames Manchester, UK Playing and rating some #LDJAM games, so if you want some good feedback on your entry, @ me and I'll play yours Indie dev. I made Super Rude Bear Resurrection for PS4. 30 Under 30, Ludum Dare winner, ex-physicist. RB Discord:
philthyart Cheshire @bdp_design @COPA90 No need to apologize at all sir, love getting feedback and comments like that so thanks again! Always lovely to hear! 👍 Freelance fine/digital artist. Clients: Nike, Puma, BT Sport, Eurosport, Microsoft, Bleacher Report, Bundesliga, Mundial. Instagram-philgallowaydraws
playtestNW Seattle, WA Our monthly event @BHGames is tomorrow from 1pm-5pm. Play games from local designers and share your feedback! Join @FlatoutGames @VBFGames and @AllMankindGame Local tabletop playtesting events presented by local game designers & volunteers. We support the tabletop game designer community here in the Pacific Northwest.
TylerBagwell7 Hoquiam, WA @BlueberryBruins @SonicGreen_OG Part of the reason for releasing teasers and trailers is for fan feedback, unless the movie is a pure cash grab. So they shouldn’t release trailers or teasers anymore? sc: tyler.123457
Navidra1103 Boston, MA @hulu sorry for that long winded comment. But I figured it is useful feedback and I’m really considering YouTube live to separate them better "My duty is to my heart"
scohen158 Raytown, MO @ChipotleTweets I left feedback at the link it’s mind blowing how like 8 separate employees can not notice things being low and preparing them ahead.
JohnGil01440564 Own and first of short order Boat reference outfit. White shirt open brown hair longish chain. Adamant never on social media. Shorter term member. Flash middle name Bruce reaper song scythe hanky blue. Feedback guitar say alternative rock. Where you burned and broken back to life. Don’t fear. @BBC @rockhall The maps of Middle Earth looks like Pangea globe. Ancient is. Of a realm. And aware am Elven attributes. About planet homeland conditions. Reincarnated aim.
opalstack everywhere, all the time 💥what an amazing week it's been, we're getting so much great feedback from our new customers AND WE WANT MORE so here comes the next round of invites! 💌 Managed Hosting for Developers and Small/Medium Businesses
FishyLemonDude United States @sevengranddad92 Someone did Recover the Account and give Google feedback for recommendations on YouTube. @MarkTancho2002 I started My Occupations for Drawings, FanArt, Animation, Editing, Graphics Design, and Production. I ❤️ Cartoons, Anime, Furries, & Dank Memes.
AskAmex USA & Canada - Community Guidelines @jedifool Sorry you feel that way. We appreciate the feedback and apologize for the service you recently received. Please know that we've made a note of your concern. If we can assist you in the future please let us know. ^RM Amex Customer Care, at your service! We’re here M-F, 9am-10pm ET. Remember: Please don’t tweet personal information. After hours? Visit
barrydahl Duluth/Superior @r_bertani At least long enough that they can see how they did on a final exam or project - they usually lose access before they have a chance to even view the score and feedback - if any. These tweets are my own. Tweets related to my job as the Teaching & Learning Advocate at D2L can be found at @D2LBarry
AmazonHelp @Lavafire3 Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, Joe! Please contact us, for more feedback, here: ^GP We answer Amazon support questions 7 days a week. Support available in English / Deutsch / Español / Português / Français / Italiano / 日本語 / Türkçe
mno00 Canada a week later, and I've gotten a lot of feedback on and attention for The List! I'm very grateful, and so glad that people have not only enjoyed it but taken the time to finish it. I'd like to bring it up again, for anybody who missed it last week 26 y/o, trans lesbian, autistic girl, femme furry, jelly dingo, polyam princess; music/games; ♥@crystalmammoth ♥@demavron; avatar by @marikeDrawinge; she/they
writtentounges Cali I wanna share my ideas w someone so bad and ask for their feedback 😭😭😭 Actress
jenheemstra Atlanta, GA she/her @SubhadraM @Ph_D_epression Not unfair at all! I think it’s reasonable to expect both affirmation of the things you’re doing well and constructive feedback on where and how you can grow. Assoc Prof @EmoryChem, proud member of @HeemstraLab. Working to grow leaders, fight inequity, embrace failure...and make the world a better place. Tweets mine.
Ask_Spectrum United States @SBCouv Glad to hear that. I can certainly pass along any feedback you may have. Can you please send me your account number, phone number and complete service address directly in a private message? ^AS Spectrum's support team. Spectrum will never ask you to post your private info publicly, please restrict private info to DM's.

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