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weijia Washington, DC The President just used the phrase again—twice—during an address to students in Phoenix. The crowd cheered. Trump relished the feedback. He often tests out material at rallies like a stand up comedian, and it appears this is going to be part of his act. @CBSNews White House Correspondent. Frankie Mei’s mama. Chinese born West Virginian. @williamandmary + @syracuseU alum. DM for Signal/WhatsApp
JuddLegum Washington, DC 4. As a result, Michaels' piece was labeled false on Facebook and its distribution was reduced. But then a org w/close ties to the oil industry wrote Zuckerberg & demanded Facebook overrule Science Feedback AND FACEBOOK DID. IT OVERRULED THE SCIENTISTS I write Popular Information, a newsletter about politics and power. Send tips: DMs open | |
RiotMeddler Los Angeles, California Update on LLs and ARAM - we're putting any changes on hold for now. Based off your feedback we agree our current approach isn't hitting the mark. Will reassess and get back to you folks with an alternative or modified approach for further discussion. Game Director for League of Legends. Kiwi now living in LA. Support main. He/him/his. LoL account on NA = Meddler
AzureSupport @StravoTrolis Hey there! We apologize for the confusion that this may cause. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to submit your suggestion here so the appropriate teams can look into it!: ^TN The official Microsoft Azure account for improving customer experience by connecting the Azure community to the right resources - answers, support, and experts.
kooktaemochi Bts world @borahaelovelie Same here love ! I trust in everything you say and love your feedback ! Your an amazing person and so caring makes talking to you one of my favorite things !!! 💕 ˒ 내 아기 ! In my memoir, the name of taekook will always be mentioned💕
sunny051488 Burbank, CA Then I found this data which shows he didn’t do so hot from 2012 which conflicts with the graph above for a few years. Anyways I’m team dalio over team Buffett and cash is only becoming more and more trash as he predicted with the current fed. Feedback/corrections are welcome. I buy the dip only when in QE, yield curve inversions, CNBC markets in turmoil specials | China trade talks still going well | 💉 talks going well
Medieval_Shop Justin F.: Porta-gun right-handed Jack Rackham, black. General: ★★★★★ Feedback: Good item and completes the look with a replica pistol
mickt74t Melbourne west To all the Richmond supporters waiting for Chris Scott to start ‘whinging’ and ‘sooking’ about the cats going to the WA hub, I suggest you take a look at this, I look forward to hearing the feedback 😊 Scott excited by hub love a beer and a laugh.. Proud father of Eithan .. Not blocked by Robbo but am blocked by AdelaideFC .. Member of the greatest team of all ... @geelongCats
Medieval_Shop Justin F.: Trabuco eighteenth century Austrian. General: ★★★★★ Feedback: Good replica. Well made and looks the business
Medieval_Shop Justin F.: Trabuco eighteenth century. General: ★★★★★ Feedback: Great quality, looks good and is sure to catch the eye of others at your gatherings
Medieval_Shop Justin F.: . General: ★★★★★ Feedback: Excellent service. The items arrived quickly and are of a very good quality.
sunflower_dork my happy place Ive been wanting to get back into writing recently so I wrote a little something (idek what to call it), would anyone be kind enough to read it and give me feedback? 👉🏼👈🏼 #LOUIS: supporting all the boys is what I do best #ot5 she/her :)
Roshinee_M @takterqyira Yeah I had to keep giving feedback to FB to stop showing these ads to me. Thankfully, have not seen these annoying ads for a while now You can also look into your settings and curate your ad interests in FB. I redefine the @msianindian narrative, I blog about mental health at & I campaign for @111_initiative . Also, I tweet a lot about my cat
powwuwu Massachusetts, USA 🏳️‍🌈 hey peep my twitter bio site and lmk your feedback keyboards, linux, ssbu, taiko (& other rhythm games), toontown | stan @sucraprash
TCC_News Townsville, Queensland Have Your Say Townsville 📣 We want YOU to participate and have your say on a range of projects and initiatives in our community. Your feedback will contribute to shaping our city, and guide Council on decision making and planning for the future. News from Townsville City Council Enquiries: Call 13 48 10 or visit RT or follow does not imply endorsement Instagram: townsvillecouncil
nicksukie Philadelphia/Remote It's still a work in progress, but my guide on learning Chinese is online. Basically goes over the things I did wrong in the beginning and how to avoid doing the same. Happy to hear any thought, feelings, or feedback :) Probably writing Python 👨🏻‍💻 Blogger (as of recently) ✍ Former nomad 🌏 Political views: disengaged 🤷🏻‍♂️
eluberoff San Francisco, CA @kreiem @Desmos True! And sorry :( if you email us a presentation we can help swap in new images - feedback[at]Founder & CEO @desmos. he / him
accessbank_help Nigeria @dupsycandy Hello Modupe, we spoke. Your request is being addressed and feedback will be provided shortly, kindly bear with us. Keep staying safe. ⚽ 🇦🇷^Dre Welcome to @myaccessbank Official Help Twitter Handle. How may we be of service? Please don't publicly tweet your account details.
Menyo_Innocent Kampala, Uganda @krollja @MacConwell @MacConwell is passionate about what he does and gives honest feedback. Keep doing what You do Mac! Radiology • Research • Team Lead & Co-founder @mSCAN_Ug • Lecturer of Ultrasound @AKUGlobal • Sometimes, I am a John Bonham • With God, am writing my own story.
Peachy_Queen1 United States I want to use it to play games and $5 is way too much for that. Thanks so much for your feedback! Promo account for Anna_____. Follow to find out when she's online and where.
Gleauxx Thanks for all the feedback today everyone. Will make some adjustments and start playtesting some stuff with viewers and friends. If you're interested, come by my streams this weekend. Glow // Content creator on @Twitch // @RavenousClan // Business:
husainkm2005 ÜT: 19.228928,72.856876 @HathwayBrdband Still waiting for a feedback or call from your team and still facing speed issues #internet #broadband @HathwayBrdband #worst #service
raghavbhat87 @dlinforthewin @ClashofClans Wow, great news. I didn't knew it, thanks for highlighting. And not just me, hopefully everyone who is commenting as feedback not aware of this, so grateful for sharing the knowledge to them.
Sharekhan India @M_Chief2020 We truly value your feedback and have shared it with our team. They'll surely try their best to incorporate the same. Keep sharing your suggestions with us as it helps us to provide a better user experience. Sharekhan by BNP Paribas offers trading and investment solutions that include equities, F&O, commodities, currency, PMS, research & mutual fund distribution.
yolandaruiz89 @techteach_csub I like Google Forms the best. This feature is able to help better meet the needs of children by having access online for quizzes, assessment, worksheets, and evaluations. It also has the Exit ticket which helps with feedback and keeping the child involved. #EDTE4100Summer2020TC6 Working hard to achieve amazing things.
ArtY7oon @cindotfc +add: 2007: 9 End 2 Outs 2008: Woman Of Matchless Beauty Reporter said that Yoona was introduced to viewers as an Actress through '9E2O' and 'WOMB', Her acting skill received a lot of positive feedback. cr.YoonAddict_USA Fan account for sharing updates of Kpop Artist YoonA👑 of snsd. | IG : @yoona__lim 🌹 | Weibo: @LIMYOONA90 🌹
HungryJacksAU Australia @_00_Leesa_00_ We're sorry about the wait - give us a bit more info here: and we'll follow up on it. 👍 Official twitter account for Hungry Jack's, where the burgers are better 🍔
InnoWellOrg Australia Can you help? To ensure we continue to meet the needs of individuals & health professionals, we are seeking feedback from older Australian’s to help improve health outcomes. See how you can play your part in helping all Aussies have a brighter future ☺️ We deliver #digihealth solutions to promote #mentalhealth & ensure people receive the right care at the right time to support their mental wellbeing.
afarifteh Huddersfield, UK @somartist My wife always gives excellent feedback, just by pointing out things she feels are slightly odd or don't make sense! I find artists and non artists spot very different things and both are really helpful! Artist, Product owner. Norwegian/Iranian living in the uk. He/Him. for prints Comissions:
alanbaglia Woodside, Queens Waiting for that @REI update after they "passed along feedback on the need for better street bike parking and the store manager is aware of the frustration and is looking at potential solutions" on October 2, 2019 | 39th Ave #OpenStreetsNYC Coalition | #BikeQns #Woodside #Sunnyside
IR_2020_ @scervalma17 @jse_CSUB @csubted @googledocs Hi Susana :) I also love using Google docs for group projects and feedback. The comments feature works really well as it can be attached to specific words/phrases in the document. What is your favorite feature? @jse_CSUB @csubted #EDTE4200
mathiastornblom Sollentuna, Sverige This is so exciting news for Endpoint Analytics that it’s now in public preview. Test and feedback and we are soon in GA. Making value out of computers as a hobby and work. Quotes I love: “Speed can’t compensate for wrong direction”, “Winning is a result not a Goal”
TeamYouTube San Bruno, CA @PiotrexG Thanks for the tag – as of this time, making changes to channel art is not yet available through mobile. I it's something you'd like to see in the future, send us your thoughts here: That's how we collect and prioritize requests. Reach back out if needed. Updates and answers from the team that brings you YouTube. Here to help in: English, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Pусский, 日本語, Bahasa
markmizzles MANILA ➲ FL ➲ BOS ➲ NYC 1st was mirc then Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater message board on delphiforums was a great community; got to chat with Neversoft employees and they incorporated our feedback in the games serendipitous moment led to me being hired at a Harvard startup from a fellow member of the forum 📷: (Epson RD-1s, Sony a6500, Panasonic LX100) 👀: | |
AmyiCzyk Chicago Burbs @RyanRyanpar71 Why? Honestly I was just giving you constructive feedback that one time. A lot of guys do it, you're not alone. And maybe you don't irl, I just no you kinda did on here to me a time or two #DaBears, Sox, Hawks, Fantasy FB, singing, pizza and puns would all be considered my jams. Oh, and vodka red bulls bc my spirit animal is a 23 yr old d bag 🇺🇸
snapchatsupport Venice, CA @mfarfa22 Hi. We appreciate the feedback! Head to the following page and select “I have feedback": Snapping, snacking, and supporting! Discover tips, find answers to common questions, and get even more help on our support site:
SavingsTeam Washington, D.C. Feedback from a buyer with photo we got permission to use: JenniferP. from Minnesota says, "I love these donut shaped pillows, I got them for my daughter's room and when we go on road trips with my husband we each take a pillow to stay comfy." Military Veterans group providing valuable offers & deals. We partner with popular name brands, so you save. We support our military heroes and animals in need.
SolesLovin United States Can’t sleep. Relapsing and shaking. Need to edge. Looking to buy custom content or roleplay session. Legit buyer. Seller feedback on tl. DM me (feetpics footpics findom walletrinse walletdrain )
rodharrex Adelaide Fantastic news today as the @NatWineCentre reopens its doors for the first time since #COVID19 restrictions. Feedback from operators across SA was they wanted something to help get "COVID-clean" & welcome back customers - thrilled this is doing just that: Enjoying sensational food and wine and discovering all the great stories that is South Australia, discover it now. Adelaide lifestyle is very special.
wishsupport San Francisco, CA @Epsilon41624750 I'm really sorry to hear you had a poor experience with Wish. We'll be sure to pass along the feedback to our team, and please don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Official Support Channel for @wishshopping
Shakeelsays Islamabad, Pakistan Each point supports lean, working together, welcoming change (software), reducing feedback loop and iterating fast •Software Engineer 👨‍💻 • Gilgit Baltistan 🏡 • Karachi 💼
MrFord29 Instant feedback and student ownership are powerful tools for motivating our students to be 21st century learners. #CobbBlendedLearning #FISDLearns #FriscoFutureReady Um... Jedi?
SilverChartist Free e-Letter: Coming SOON! @minarchis1 @dylanlep2 I agree. I'll post some bullet points tomorrow and welcome any feedback. 💎 Premium Technical Analysis: $SILVER | #URANIUM | $GOLD 💎 Best #Trading setups posted here 💎Transparent LT portfolio w/ ratio-based exit strategy #Jn316
gaycravat Your local Bog @blkgirllostkeys Nowadays I struggle to recall these things cause in most cases I was ignoring my wellbeing to get good grades. I hit burnout many times and now I'm perpetually spent I've heard similar things from other ADHD friends, wondering how to recover from this negative feedback loop Xerxes 🌈♿🤍💛❤️🖤 (they/them) NB Lesbian, Ace Attorney (some dgs, minimal spoilers) AC. Bring out the Guillotines. Straightasmycravat on Ao3.
akastephens Alaska, USA @hulu_support If I add a gift card, I should be able to see the amount. I should see the total amount if any funds were left from an earlier card. This is information necessary in addition to billing amount and dates. I’m not looking to just provide feedback. I want an accurate accounting of
iridium_tea Either the lab or in bed @evoclock @DrAlexisWilson Yes, I notice that too. And I'm still gauging feedback to try to interpret what they see in these tweets. I'll post some clarifications soon, but if they're thinking I'm bashing anti-racist crowd--they're wrong. But if they're would-be allies who are on the sidelines, cool. Organometallics Ph.D. candidate. Motivated by mechanism, catalysis, & sustainability. Former industrial analytical chemist. Humanitarian and aspiring polyglot.
peaceofbri Jersey If you’ve ever received a reading from me and wouldn’t mind leaving feedback for my review highlights, reply to this or dm me!💕🌙🔮🦋 Fruit for Life • Blogger • Tarot Reader • Lover of Earth and life🌱✨
iamleaymat Nigeria FEEDBACK What enables us evaluate the effectiveness of our personal productivity correctly is called Feedback. Asking for people's sincere opinion of you helps you focus on what is important and gives you courage to make productive decisions. - iam #leaymat Productivity Activist Productivity Activist|| Business & Christian Faith Based Management Consultant|| I help people and organizations create & sustain productivity
heartfragmentvn Act 1 of Kay's route was sent out to a beta tester recently and I'm very pleased with the feedback :') Can you collect all of the fragments to solve the mystery? Will your choices lead to happy endings, or tragedy? ☕
HaileySoo7 The DotFace noticed that if other companies support them financially, they can add their product on the item list of this event. When transgender phobia appeared on timeline, they added a flag saying "our solidarity is stronger than hate" and it is really timely feedback. account for writing in english

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