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USAmbJapan Tokyo-to, Japan Thanks for all the positive feedback on the video of my daughter and me trying Japan’s seasonal autumn cuisine! It was a wonderful experience (and I’m amazed Jojo still had room for ice cream afterwards). What should we try next? ジョセフ・M・ヤング駐日米国臨時代理大使の公式アカウント Official Account for the U.S. Embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires ad interim Joseph M. Young
DrJoeAbah Abuja, Nigeria I have just one question @ayosogunro. If Jack of Twitter invites you to a private reception to gain your feedback about his app and hear your suggestions about possible improvements, will you attend or not? Governance, Institutional Reform, Public Policy, Political Economy, Rusty Law, Bants #TodaysHypothesis #EbeanoChronicles [Retweets are only to encourage debate]
hgse Cambridge, Massachusetts “Most U.S. teachers are getting some results from classroom observations, usually conducted by their school principal. In this experiment, the feedback came from peers and had no formal stakes attached.” Learn to Change the World
keithcalder Sitting in a fresh audience, and getting a sense of how the film is playing from moment to moment. Analyzing the feedback "cards" for things we are missing about the movie. Film/TV Producer BLINDSPOTTING, LITTLE MONSTERS, CORPORATE ANIMALS, ANOMALISA, THE WACKNESS, FAULTS, THE DEVIL'S CANDY, YOU'RE NEXT, THE GUEST, and some others
QueenslandRail Queensland @ElephantAddress Hi there, thanks for reaching out. We appreciate you providing your feedback this morning and will ensure that all the relevant teams are made aware of this information. We hope you have a great day. Queensland Rail's official account. Mon-Fri 6am-6:30pm & 9am-5pm weekends. Call 131230/ 24/7 & 000 in an emergency. RT not endorsed.
animenebraskon Omaha, Nebraska A big thank you to everyone that came to #nebkon last weekend, all 6,527 of you! We have a small feedback form, if you all could fill it out for us? What we did good, what you liked, stuff like that! Thank you all so much and we can't wait to see everyone next year! (´ᴖωᴖ`) The official twitter page for the Anime NebrasKon Convention!
hulu_support Los Angeles, CA @ericmorley09 We're so sorry for the frustration! That shouldn't be the case! Give the steps listed here: try and see if that helps. As for removing off-air channels, there's not a way to do this at this time, but we'll definitely share your feedback with our team! Helping Handmaids and Runaways (and everyone else) with all things @hulu. Tweeting from 5am-10pm PT, with phones & chat available 24/7:
Duurbem Croatia Spent the last few hours trying to learn about video editing to help me edit clips in the future, and well, this is what I've done as my first project 🤪 I know it isn't top class 😂 Would appreciate any feedback! Software I've been using is DaVinci Resolve. Twitch Affiliate Streamer | 🎮 Video Games, 🎬 Movies, 🎞️ TV shows, ⚽ Football | @twitchKittens community member | Arsenal F.C. fan |
Icaremarquis Brick, NJ "Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference." - Kevin Heath - Be sure to take a look at our recent feedback. # #KindnessCounts #RehabbingCare Leading provider of 18 facilities in the Northeast for Sub-Acute Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Facilities
TfL London, England @wkelly_uk Hi Kelly, thanks for the message. I'm really sorry to hear what happened. I hope you'll get better soon. Please submit your feedback formally online using this link: we'll investigate it further and contact you directly. Thanks, Nikolin 👋 Welcome to our official feed about the Capital’s transport network.
lidlim The hectic Jakarta, Indonesia Employee Engagement - And Making Frequent Feedback Work freak about movie, theater, musical.
TransferWise Global @vimasullo @GooglePay @Garmin @fitbit We're rolling this feature out to wearables with a virtual wallet. These three were targeted first, with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay to follow. We listen to feedback fro our customers, and hopefully will offer the features desired the most. We’re building the best way to move money around the world.
UberINSupport India @Vishal17145516 Hey Vishal, we're sorry to hear the trouble. Based on your feedback, we've resolved this for you and the refund has been processed from our end. Please check the in-app Help section for an update. The official customer service Twitter channel for Uber India. We are here 24/7 to help you!
BarkingEcologst Melbourne, AU Sex is great, but have you ever been told your #research is important and you should #AimHigh-er? Thank you, @NicSheaWrites for the helpful #feedback :D #algae #ecology #freshwater #rivers #GIS #fieldwork #phdchat #AcademicChatter #scicomm Seeking opportunities in #landscape #ecology/#biogeography. #diversityinSTEM #scicomm hiking/sitting in trees/growing food MSc—mapping river algae @FordhamNYC
PaddyDeBrosse Fordham, Bronx Had a great time at Chapel Hill attending and presenting at the Haskins Society Conference: heard so many great papers, and received great, incredibly kind feedback. Thanks to all involved! #haskins19 Doctoral student at @FordhamHistory for medieval history. Interests include elite culture, the construction of narrative history, Angevins, & crusading
WinnerDogg @MeganMarxXXX I did not know that. Did you get from the tail then also a positive feedback? 🤔 Are you also so generous and permissive in your private life? Welcome to my Twitter page. I hope you have much fun on my side. I look forward to you all! Follow me.
Cheryl_Tansey Wellington, New Zealand Quick poll for my creative community: Rounded or squared edges? 🤔 I’ve designed up some simple #scrumlearningcards for an #agilehr training workshop this week, and the printer guy has asked which corners I’d like. I’d love some feedback. Look forward t…Passionate, creative, innovative, New Zealand visioneer. I build, grow & coach authentic, effective, people-centric teams within the technology sector.
Nevarky México @blackAfrican-American69 @Nevartits You can pledge and then immediately drop out, but I'll look into it, thanks for the feedback. A stupid pig Header: @Malkee patreon: contact:
sunnshiiny Canada 🇨🇦🕊❤️ Edmonton Does anyone have a problem with their threads being erased while in the midst of composing them? This has happened several times to me in the last week and I’m getting very annoyed. Any feedback why would be greatly appreciated. Not your average stay at home mom; opinionated; decent research skills; Exposing Cons Endgame! Concerned Canadian & Real Métis Old Stock AB citizen
missmgoodwin Feeling slightly (VERY) nervous and apprehensive about amping up the teaching hours this week to 50%, but looking back at my previous feedback and trying to have a positive mindset will get my through this 💪🏼🤞🏼 SHU Physical Education and School Sport Graduate 👩🏼‍🎓Netball and Gymnastics coach 🤸🏼‍♀️🏐 Primary PE PGCE - School Direct via DELTA 📚
TaraJFrank Dallas, TX Heartbreaking news. A man who has inspired many is gone too soon. Never take great leadership for granted. Tell the leaders who move you to reach higher, stretch farther, and dig deeper how they’ve impacted you. They deserve feedback too. Rest well, Sir. Speaker and Consultant tweeting about #leadership, #culture, and #inclusion. #Spelman Alum. Author, Say Yes. Founder, More Than: A Movement @morethanmove
HiltonHonors @ShaunPandolfi @ShaunPandolfi Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. We have forwarded your feedback to our management team at the Hilton Woodcliff for review and consideration. Thank you for sharing this with us! Kind Regards, -Jaye Hilton Honors members get immediate benefits like free standard Wi-Fi, digital check in and more when they book direct. Download our app to get started.
FakeHeadteacher When TAs covering classes are observed on learning walks and given feedback. Primary teacher with twenty years experience. Feel free to private message me things you can’t publicly say! Parody account (sort of).
JetBlue 1-800-JETBLUE @samadairINC We appreciate your feedback and we are sorry to hear you are disappointed that carry-on bags get checked when there is not enough overhead bin space. Bin space is first-come, first-served. If a bag meets carry-on requirements and is brought to the gate but we are unable to 1/2 Hi, nice to tweet you! Fly with us to 100+ destinations and experience our award-winning service. For concerns that require a response, call or email.
JacksonHazlett I put a pun in my insta post and recieved the same amount of feedback as a normal post. Where are the pun enthusiasts?!
sigleiftv Feeling damn good about life tonight! Spoke to a huge inspiration of mine, @kungfuvampire and had lots of positive feedback on my latest single 🙏🔥🔥 I aint slowing up, thank you guys so much!! New music next friday, as… Sigleif, the world's most notoriously dangerous rap persona
JaniaHarnum Calgary Alberta @PeaceLoveKimchi @Sara83Phoenix @KellyFrye @Jaici8 @AutumnMistDance @patriton13 @Saradavis922 @Angel_OChoa5 @danielhenney @philandchris @martin6437 Thank you! I'm really loving all the feedback. I find a lot of people like the nature and flower shots most so far and the stilettos second. Thanks! Lover of dogs, Criminal Minds, and Health. "Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future."- Daphne Rose Kingma
kintan San Francisco, CA 3/4 I've seen these five listening posts to be effective for seeking customer inputs (a)usage metrics, (b) ethnographic user research, (c) inbound customer feedback through owned channels and social media, (d) macro trends in the industry, and (e) competitive benchmarking. Product/Engineering at @Amazon (Music, Video, @IMDb) and Early Stage Investments (@Twilio, @TrueworkHQ, @Turingcom, @Bloomthat, @Shyp and more)
WilkiWaves Just had my feedback through from the SRA award judges! They’re known to be a firm bunch (and rightly so!) but they have given me some top notch advice! Some of it was even quite flattering! Now to put it to good use! #studentradioawards #Radio #SRA #SRAs
LelenaPeacock Chronic Pain Island, LOL @rhoadsoda Ask and you shall receive! Here's Dez's latest. I'm sure she'd love your feedback. 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏💗💗💗 Thanks Zach!😁😁😁 #AccidentalAdvocate 4 people in #ChronicPain. End the #ODCrisis & #SuicideDue2Pain! Human. Artist. Caregiver. Opinionated. Hopeful. Please stop #SavingUs2Death!
hello__delilah Maple Syrup We are about to hit 2,500 views on my Twitch channel, 298 out of the 300 follower goal and 8 subs this month! I hope you guys know this means the world to me! I appreciate every single one of you and all the kind feedback that I make you guys laugh just motivates me more 💛 🙋🏼‍♀️Wattson’s Twin • 🍩Twitch Affiliate/Mod • 🎮🕹 • @MrBOJANGLEZ_ ❤️ • Spread kindness and laughter everywhere you go 💫
Sabrieleena Florida, USA You guys made me so excited with your positive thoughts and feedback and advice on my essay or I guess you could call it Meta. Rowena is not dead. She’s just doing Pepsi commercials with Gabriel and Eileen. She/Her
robhon_ Berkeley, CA @ConradCaruthers @DDoudat @Westcottling_2 @AndrewFWL @DarylGregoire @GretaThunberg Milankovitch cycles changes solar insolation not solar irradiance. But even that can only account for about 1°C of forcing for glacial-interglacial cycles that see 7-8°C of change in mean surface temperature. The rest is a function of changing albedo and CO2 feedback. Founder: @timbuk2 Author: @skepticalscience Patents:
AaronKlein Auburn, CA @koslowcpa @DasarteYarnway @Riskalyze Very kind. Our goal is always to deliver at *least* 10x the value we capture and we consistently hear 30-100x from advisors so that tells me we’re on track! 😉 Always welcome your feedback. @Riskalyze CEO. @HopeTakesRoot Co-Founder. @SnappyKraken Board Member. Striving to live Isaiah 1:17.
The_MrsMorales Alexandria, VA @cnnbrk @ErtekinELL And yet the American media is calling this a “US-backed right-wing coup.” Clearly they haven’t gotten any feedback from actual Bolivians. 🙄 Wife to Mr. Morales, mama to Sophia & Athena, advocate, learner, teacher, runner, disruptor, FCPSer, New Yorker, and lifelong Mets fan. ♥️ #MVWES♥️ 🇦🇷
EliasSalcedo14 Coachella Valley @SuckerCarlson Who is she, Trumpa astrologer or Trump's fortune teller ? She is an unqualified and law breaking secretary. Useless feedback. Looking forward to having a great day. Republican Brothers and Democratic sisters. I lean Democrat, because Trump insulted every Brown person, we are all brown.
snuperistic multi it’s been days and there’s still no feedback about the mysterious disappearance of snuper’s shall we dance mv... hmmm missing snuper
dodoloverxx ♡ with woojin @raepliica and the feedback was actually good! You're doing what you like and people are liking too ♡ oh baby dance dance dance vem mexendo assim não pare pare pare com seu jeitinho sexy sexy sexy no meu ouvido fala-me fala-me fala-me
ALDIAustralia NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, WA & QLD @Dayne_Hudson Thanks for sharing, we always aim to provide exemplary customer service and we're happy to hear Castle Hill didn't disappoint. We'll pass your feedback on. Happy Monday! The official ALDI Australia Twitter account - Follow us for Special Buys, product launches & more. We tweet from 9am-5pm AEDT week days.
pangmeli this is such a good example of the porosity I'm thinking about - seeing tipping as an act of solidarity moreso than a feedback mechanism. and anti-snitching tendencies in general half
TerriKlass New Jersey When leading a change ask for feedback from team members and include their ideas in the solution. via @TerriKlass #leadership #change #feedback Leadership Skills Training Consultant and Coach
AmericanAir @EmperorBanda We're currently working to update all of our planes, and we appreciate your feedback. Official Twitter for the world’s largest airline. We’re here 24/7 for #AATeam kudos or travel concerns. For a formal response, visit
ATVIAssist Santa Monica, CA @OwlyEG Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure to escalate this. If you have any more feedback to share, you're welcome to do so here: ^MR Activision Player Support
justlonelysara she/her 🇧🇦 proud of it and no one ever gave me any feedback for it PRAYING ISNT THE ONLY THING YOU DO ON YOU KNEES BABY
MickPuck Dublin @allisonrapp22 I read this! Saw it while searching twittter for online feedback of tonight's Waterboys show. Checked your timeline and you have great taste in music. Come for dinner with me and my wife next time we're in Glasgow :-) Waterboy. I use words, rhymes, barbs, humour, mockery and metaphysics. I hate watches.
ZiiTwitch United Kingdom @nodezero @ProGear360 I do like drop in and out, I just don't like not being placed in for the start of the game but I know that means I'm contradicting myself. I don't see a point in the toggle as people will leave just leave it on. Thanks for the fast feedback though! Have a great evening Support me if you enjoy my stuff! Clout Chaser that thinks he's special. Follow me. - -
imagine6_08_19 ☁️ sᴡᴇᴇᴛᴇɴᴇʀ @ArianaGrande (I hate you. You do too little. You never listen to our feedback. This leg is the worst one yet.) Lol 😂 jk. How can anyone say anything bad. I love you so much. 🤍You never stop making the show better and I’m so greatful for everything you do.🤍 ᴛᴜʀɴᴇᴅ ᴏᴜʀ ᴀᴍᴀᴢɪɴɢ 🥰 ᴇxᴄᴜsᴇ ᴜs, ᴜᴍᴍ...ᴡᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ 😌 | ғᴀɴ ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ 🐝
RealNinjadude So I've been wanting to change up my schedule for a while now, and rn i stream anywhere from midnight until the latest like 10 or 11am (usually 6-8 hours) I have an idea of how i want to change my schedule but i'm curious to get some feedback 👀👀👀 @Twitch Streamer :)
leslieswartz333 @EvelynChartres @NoraMcKinney81 it. But, I got a few bad reviews based on the original version and I'm still depressed over it. Like, majorly. Not sure my career ever goes anywhere bc of that one bad editor and my naive bottom assuming he must know better than me. As a writer, I want honest feedback. 3/ Author, mother, & experiment in hilarity. #Seraphim: "Like if Dean Winchester & Buffy had a baby & it grew up a little slutty."
VictorFioriHD Caracas, Venezuela It's not that I don't mind the feedback, it's just that I'm under strict orders not to bring up my hobby during class. Some of my bosses even know that I'm a youtuber via word of mouth in the school campus and that concerns me... I try not to bring up what I do after class. A flash Author From Caracas, Venezuela . Visit my youtube channel

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