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smailmail124 Elgin, IL @anamariecox Lying in bed with all my furry friends and listening to you tell your story. The blessing is that you are sober, I am sober and we get to have these amazing, juicy and messy lives. And we do it knowing that the God of our understanding wants us to be happy, joyous and free. Xo Mother•School Social Worker• I always stop and smell roses• I detest and resist Trump•
transinnerchild My friends are doing calculus together and uhhhh it feels a lot like reading Shakespeare listening to them; if you sidetrack just once you lose your understanding completely those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. this is a fault ~Oscar Wilde he/him
JustinTrudeau Papineau Stay home. It doesn’t matter that the weekend’s almost here - if you choose to gather in groups or hang out with your friends, you’re putting yourself, those around you, and our health care workers at risk. So take this seriously. Do the right thing and stay home this weekend. Father, husband, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Account run by PM & staff. Papa, mari, 23e premier ministre du Canada. Compte géré par le PM et son personnel.
BT21_ Thank you for the memories💖 ⠀ LINE FRIENDS Itaewon Store will see its final day on April 5. ⠀ Share your sweet memories that you made here with hashtags: #ITAEWONLINEFRIENDS #BT21 ⠀ We'd love to share and cherish them on our channels! Created by BTS! #BT21
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gin_irokami Canada @Callie9786 Mine was too, but still, I want you to have many birthday wishes and greetings. Your friends will want to make it as happy as possible for you. 💖 So I want to wish you a happy birthday anyways! 🎂🧁🧁💞 SW 5070-8458-5519 I’m still the Inkling Goddess Hotaru-Gin, I’m just trapped in this form of Emperor.....BUT WHY??!?
mgsdesignz Cape Coral FL Good morning friends! Sending love and blessings your way today! :-) Monica Garcia Saenz is a published author, an experienced translator, a creative graphic designer / web designer & a talented marketing consultant.
CoachRickZee Port Orange, FL Today we're giving a few tips on how to train and keep a secure distance from one another. We do NOT suggest this but if you must then please follow these guidelines. Remember that keeping Grandma, Grandpa and elderly friends safe from Covid-19 depends also from your actions!! The largest year-round goalkeeper school in North America and producers of pro-level GK gloves based out of Port Orange Florida
BarronMcCaskill @LunayRos @PlayGirlAsi Friends copied the entire premise of "Living Single" and rewrote the story with white characters. Saying it's your culture is like saying gentrification or cultural appropriation is your culture. True or not, I wouldn't go around claiming that to black people. They gon clown you.
MBlackjackals Honest question guys since i feel uncomfortable asking this to irl friends but Is it normal to have your parents still act like they have control over your life? I'm 18 and I sometimes feel like my parents still treat me like a kid? I've always wanted to live separately but + atsuhina || atsuoi || sakuatsu 🏐☀🌠 call me rinrin 🌥
trciaa_ 🚦 Sleep, safe place, and healthy fam/friends. Grateful but still, these are not enough -for some ppl are currently suffering. Save the world with Your mercy and may things happen according to Your will. Folded hands Ecclesiastes 3:11
SotisValkan Ελλάς Open-air gatherings at gardens or inviting family or friends at home are dangerous & social distancing won't hold or help at all. Keep contact only with those you share your home, and very brief exposure to anyone else. It sucks a lot but that's how we prevent it. Geologist PhD, Earthquake Geology & Palaeoseismology. Remote Sensing Nerd. Military History enthusiast.
nata1iie thinking I learned a guy you dated will drag your name to other guys bc they know how great of a catch you are and that their friends want you so they want every guy they know to think ur terrible so they don’t try to get with you. Bc they don’t want to see their friends treat you better. slu
TomTheMeans wherever the road takes me When making a media career out of your father and all his friends' mercilessly denigrating and trampling poor people underfoot goes wrong death to capitalism
YanktonQBclub Yankton, SD Your friends at Yankton Quarterback Club hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing! Supporting Yankton athletics since 1947! We meet Wednesdays at noon at JoDean’s.
MysticalMeenaz Dubai, United Arab Emirates Losing everything your job, your loved ones, people who you thought were your friends I guess when life throws troubles at you it comes in full swing. Guess I'm goin through that. Its never a good feeling to lose a job, and you have the right to grieve. Dont try to play crazy wit me.. im better at it.. :-P
CharismaticMeg2 @depetitesvagues What, you think somehow you are better than your friends? That you have to live up to a higher standard than they do? I know, I know, you don't want to think these things about yourself and that you would stop if you could. Anthropologist, Bronxite, Goofball. She/her/hers. Too full of social science.
maddieoh_ Mitten ever cry while eating lunch and playing animal crossing dreading work bc you miss talking to your family & friends in person & not through a door or text? no? Then stay the fork home. 2 sassy & 2 weird 4u
___idi New York, NY Do yall read your friends tweets in their voices and it becomes 10x funnier? Me rn w this one
mjba1202 🌌 @abeeenyx first impression: Mapili sa friends and snob your nickname in my head: moonlover closeness rating (1-10): 8 do i like you: yes you are my: friend ever had a crush on you: no po hehe Marian educator in the making 💜
JimPeteOP @Patrick_Reusse If you haven't seen The Two Killings of Sam Cooke (Netflix doc), it's worth 70 minutes of your time. Friends with both Ali and Jim Brown and some cool footage of them. Welcome to my small world.
Kalaax008 USA @nubianqween @hickoryhill8520 @threatsr @cjtipado @angela_bower @HisMercyForever Glad to hear that your family is OK so far friends and family are doing just fine working from home and doing what they can to be safe... Progressive Political Junkie! 💕Truth Matters!!! #theresistance just because we are civil doesn’t mean we can’t be lethal //Rule Of Law Will Prevail!!! 🛍🎀
smoll_and_needy Iowa, USA @fwaerie @elipwurs Ok. What about the empty one? After you do your friends do you make one for yourself? 🦄 kawaii pastel rainbow princess 🌈, sfw age regression, kidcore, agere, looking for friends, little/switch, little age 4-9
junkissei ENG/中文 @syoyart Wait aren’t we friends already and I love your recent thread 🥰💞❤️ everything JOT11 / if you are 17 and below jam you’re automatically adopted 🙃🙂🙂🙃
Horaud3 Nowhere Just throwing this out there If you're being abused in any form from loved ones/work/or friends and they cant see how they are hurting you They do not deserve a reason why you're leaving You deserve so much better in your life!! Surround yourself with people who care for you! Essential Service by day, Gamer by night | Cat Dad | Photoshop Padawan | I do let's plays on YouTube
umarshahid11 دبي, الامارات العربية المتحدة @ssamraah @Amnashafiq_6 Let's make twitter family, make group and add your friends. I will also do. Electrical Engineer #Dubai💙 #GreenBleed
MrsFelice @StantonAlana Happy birthday! Our wish for you is to find happiness in the little things, and to know that you are very precious to your family and friends ❤️🥳👏🏻 Educator•Co-Learner•Lover of research•Constantly in pursuit of knowledge & personal growth•Lifelong learner•Opinions are my own
ARightey @Guanyouth @SueSutt32723814 @PatrioticIdeas @greg_price11 @TheLaurenChen Could be but india/china/africa sure scaled it right the fork up..... and they do not a damn to figure out their own problems. It's always somebody else's fault. What a bunch of bitchy little infants you and the rest of your commie friends are. You complain but never resolve.
MsMartinePierre During this time, if you are experiencing anxiety. • Write / Paint / Sing / Dance • Have a self-care day • Call your friends and family • Take some time to work on yourself 👩🏾‍🎓👩🏾‍🎓🔛👩🏾‍💼👩🏾‍💻 Ur Fav. Ayisyen 🇭🇹 #PMT
mz_va_finest "I'm from Virginia ..." @Izzy_OldSoul was more like: Me: *minding my bizness* Him: *followed me* Me: *followed back* Him: *immediately jumps in my inbox* Can I get your number and whatsapp? Me:This is not a dating app Him: We can be friends Me: *ignores* Kappa Psi MADE 💙🐩💛 ! VA MADE 2⬆️2⬇️! Radford University Alum!👩‍🎓#Educator📚 #Nerdz4Life 🤓 #WomenInBattleRapWednesday🎙 #ImSoBattleRap🎙
BeverlySampson So, when you have spare time, maybe get your friends together and jam...
laurielulou Pennsylvania, USA Happy Merry Unwedding day @x_kmall_x !! I’m sending lots of love today on your would be wedding 💙 I’m honored to be one of your friends & to have met you & Joe 2.5 years ago, you’re both so kind & sweet, and deserve the best! #kristinsmerryunwedding wife. senior stylist. creative specialist. adventurer. traveler. capricorn. lover of music, craft beer, coffee, whiskey, pirates, skulls, tattoos, art 🖤irl&yvr
nate7797 United States @Meka_Lullaby @Reflog_18 You and your friends cant read Professional Lurker Rep the 330 Northeast Ohio shyt all day 🤘
mutualdior holland i know life is chaotic for everyone right now, but please don't forget to reach out to your friends and check up on them every once in a while !!! it's important to let them know that you care and that social distancing does not automatically mean friendship distancing harissa and boerenkool
HenriFrancis3 @AndrewScheer If you are "normal" you would have done the same to preserve relations and assist friends in trade and life. Your using hindsight instead of foresight right now and that is what cost you the election and the leadership. You are a failure.
shanetwocow Columbus, OH Friends, Joe Strummer, Dylan, Woody, and Pete prepared us for the politics. But, I’ve got to tell you, Lebowski prepared us for the pandemic. Embrace your inner Dude. Stay in. And chill the fork out. She promised she'd be there with me, when I paint my masterpiece... Dad, musician, artist, Professional Worrier for Two Cow Garage.
KoolKidKindra Hazelton #Tales Of Wind# Embark on your journey and join adventures together with your friends!
thcchurch Join us for our service online Sunday morning at 10:30am Everyone is welcome! Why not invite friends, neighbours and your family as well? Just use the link below and remember that the clocks go forward by 1 hour tonight! Tower Hamlets Community Church is a multicultural, multigenerational church, committed to serving our community in East London, with Jesus at the centre.
shemphilltexas Texas @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump Donald. Drop saying “The American people”instead Personalize everything but you must stop reading, then LOOK kindly into the camera and HESITATE, then sincerely say - “we do this is for YOU, Your Parents, Your children, Your loved ones, Your Friends” Attorney, Houston, Texas
ThePathOfMe Pennsylvania, USA Where are my coach & entrepreneur friends who have a powerful message to share? I want to hear from you! We'd be honored to feature your work and share with our global audience. Mindset & Strategy Coach to Influencers 👊🏼 Int’l #1 Best Selling Author of Bankroll Your Mind 📖 FREE RockStar Influencer 25-Point Checklist & Training ⬇️
LithiumSulfate New York, NY Good morning all my friends on twitter. May your day be good today and lots of happy thoughts fill your head Ashe, Iris, and Lily are my❤| Poly & Pan | Magical Trans Girl ✨ | Anime Nerd
KoolKidKindra Hazelton #Tales Of Wind# Embark on your journey and join adventures together with your friends!
Ramon27381064 @RealMichaelKay @Rosenbergradio Hahaha.....i bet @Rosenbergradio donates to my campaign cuz that's what kind NYC residents do after complaining about the people outside and calling your fam/friends to tell them what you saw looking out you window...Please share/donate...Need the help I'm going through some hard times....i need help, I got a couple of these pages and they all say the same thing...its not fake, I miss my family and need help😔
RyanSAtkins Cincinnati, Ohio When we see chaos everywhere it's tempting to panic and fear for the future I imagine the disciples felt similar in middle of a storm What's Jesus doing storm? Sleeping/total peace – wakes up asking friends “where's your faith?” We can rest knowing God has it all under control On a mission to spur others on to intentional lives anchored by lasting hope. Join me in discovering purpose while navigating the journey of paralysis
_rachelsingh Toronto, Ontario Seeing your bf/gf and close friends or anyone you don’t live with is not social distancing and if you do it you shouldn’t post “stay at home/practice social distancing” everywhere on your social media..fakes
Here_Are_Ideas Kowloon Walled City The best part about twitter is getting to know someone, having deep conversations and becoming friends, and then getting blocked because they don't like one of your opinions :) Post-scarcity advocate. There's enough food & housing for everyone, and if there isn't then we can easily produce more. Currency is only useful during scarcity.
SayItValencia As much as it can be interesting to help your "male" friends with their relationship problems, remind them that their partner should be their confidant and that they have to develop that relationship with her, not just with you. Don't take that spot just because it feels good. Psychology, spirituality & tarot readings.
KDAWG_4Life Indianapolis, IN Tbh, I love the fact that @NiaJaxWWE and @flairsnia are basically best friends. Friends gotta look out for each other. Also, I’m sorry for your aunt, Sarah. Thoughts and prayers are with you & your family 🙏🏼 Wrestling fan, Joely 🧡 BSU ‘22 This Ain’t Kayfabe! Pro-Wrestling Podcast w/ CSL, new episodes on SUNDAY on YouTube (search This Ain’t Kayfabe)
MatthewEllison6 If you like D&D, check out the podcast of some friends of mine and follow along with the grand adventures! @DTRCast #imdowntoroll Maybe Cassie will be your best friend as well! #dungeonsanddragons #nerdvillage Husband, Father, Chef
LouisQuitoriano Saimung heart. Your real friends are the people who you don't talk to everyday but always there for you when you need them, you can run to them whenever you need them , you are not always perfect to them and they aren't scared to tell you when you are wrong...💯❤️ A sinner save by Grace🙏