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_mandi_writes Atlanta, GA Effective communicators not only speak well, they LISTEN well. 🖤 Remember that when you open up discussions with your friends and family surrounding this election in the coming weeks and months. This world would be a lot better with a little more listening and understanding. Blogger. Dog mom. Wife. Makeup enthusiast. Friend. 💖☕👩‍💻👫🐶📍#ATL #dogmom #blogger #booklover #libertarian #coffee #mue
NYGovCuomo New York COVID fatigue is one thing. COVID denial is another. Remember: You don’t just put yourself at risk when you host large indoor gatherings and flout the law. You put other people at risk. Your family. Your friends. Knock it off. Father, fisherman, motorcycle enthusiast, 56th Governor of New York
benshapiro You are a f***ing joke. Not a single one of the headlines in Roose's post is false. But we all see the game: you and your hack friends pressure Facebook to suppress news you don't like, all the while lying to your media stenographers -- as you freely admitted about Iran. Editor Emeritus, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show,” NYT bestsellers "The Right Side of History" and "How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps"
tedlieu California Dear @realDonaldTrump: You are a laughingstock. Your staff is bailing. Your friends are whispering behind your back. Your lawyers are dropping you. You can stop embarrassing yourself by graciously accepting you lost and focusing on the important work for the lame duck session. Husband of Betty, the love of my life. Father of two great kids. USAF veteran. Member of Congress. In that order. Also, I don't take orders from Vladimir Putin.
Jackson_EFC @MufcSwany Being a good human amongst your friends and family
NiveditaGanguli Ahmadabad City, India MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE FOR CHILDREN Happy Children's Day my dear little friends, teenage friends and young friends. This video is especially for you- to make your day- that is the Children's Day a little more special and meaningful for you... God Bless You
VancouverFdn Vancouver, Canada For our friends working on overdose prevention & response: @CMHABC and @PHA_BC is looking for groups like you to share your work in a webinar that will also help you learn what others are doing. Be sure to send in your submission by November 20 here: Creating healthy, vibrant and livable communities across British Columbia. #bcnonprofit
Kittyarpi_UwU Anyone play Genshin Impact and they're in an American server? qwq I wanna do CO-OP with my friends after I MURDER my classes today so uhh please put your UIDs ;-; I'll friend y'all when I get the chance qwq ❄️She/Her ❄️ 13 ❄️ Artist ❄️ Super Annoying ❄️ Draws Weird OCs In Free Time❄️ alt: @NotKittyarpiUwU
marcoangelesiv Republic of the Philippines Though it is not clear what we can do now, we must always find a way as student leaders. Share, repost, retweet, and spread awareness, and if any of you or any of your friends or loved ones are affected by this and are clueless about what to do? Do not hesitate to ask for help. ingeniería estructural | AdU-ACES President
FamFriendsVet Boxborough, MA November is a wonderful time of year spent with family and friends, and lots of good foods! If your pet is going to be around new people and places, make sure to keep a close eye on them. Don't let your pet eat table scraps, because any number of things can cause digestion issues We offer excellent wellness, medical care, and boarding for dogs & cats. Call us today at 978-263-3412.
WrobelLawBelize Belize City Good news to all of our friends in #Denver, #Colorado! United Airlines is now offering a non-stop flight for you! Start planning your Christmas holiday and winter escapes to Belize. ✈🏖 #belizetravel #belizevacation #fridayreads #factfriday Belize Law Firm specializing in Real Estate Law, Retirement and International Investments. Licensed in Belize, Jamaica and NY.
kuurossab Sakura owns these 3 cats. Kakashi is the idgaf cat. Rarely wants to be cuddled. ‘Give me food and leave me the fork alone.’ is his thing. Close friends with your pet dogs bc the other 2 cats are too young for him to vibe with, but he takes care of them. 20↑ | ❌ REPOSTING | 🔞
BELLAYSENSUALL Antwerp, Belgium Friends that don’t go to your school are so much better. Y’all don’t talk about school drama or anything like that because y’all don’t go to the same school. It feels way better and lowkey free of all the drama 🥀♏️🖤
95sopekook she/her • 21 @yoonLGBTmin your friends would! 🥺 micah did the same thing and it works quite well for him 🐰☀️/🐥🐯/ 🐰🐱/ˎˊ˗ ࿐° ao3: dumplingsun / 💍@93ym95
MikeMumanator Watch out! Drinking liquor after 10 pm is how COVID is spread! Tell your friends this crap’s real! ... how about some measures that we won’t look back at and be like, “lol, we thought THAT would work?” #skpoli
11inchpizza Melbourne, Victoria Every time is time for pizza! Grab your friends, come on down, and enjoy a slice. Or if you’d prefer, order online and we’ll bring the pizza to you! Hand Crafted #Pizza 🍕 #Salad 🥗 #Beer 🍻 #Wine 🍷 📍 #Melbourne CBD 🕚 Mon to Fri 11am to 10pm 🕚 Sat & Sun 5 to 10pm Eat in 🍽️ - Takeaway 🥡 - Delivery 🚖
CaravanSelecta UK Don't miss out on your chance to #win a Sentinel Alarm and Tracking system courtesy of @PhantomLtd 🎉 Don't forget to refer your friends to receive 5 extra entries! > Caravans For Sale is the number one market place for buying and selling caravans, motorhomes, camper vans & more. Bloggers DM us! 📮
integrativerdn SHOW-STOPPING SALAD: Whether you are cooking for your family or friends, this salad will make jaws drops and mouths water! #RDchat #salad #healthysalad Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. #difmlifestyle #difmdpg #integrativerd
philrod66 @bennyjohnson By all means, invite all your moron friends and family for Thanksgiving. There's plenty of room at the morgue. Just passing along information I think is relevant. Sometimes with stupid comments. Blue no matter who!!
AMalik25 New York, NY People please pass the word to all your family,friends,neighbors and co-workers to please volunteer,support and donate to the democratic runoffs senate races in georgia immediately. We must take the senate. Thanks Law-Enforcement career, President of community response & action bureau,inc & midnight and zuray entertainment music groups.
djswestmont Westmont, IL Started your Christmas shopping yet? How about a cozy DJ’s hoodie? Grab them for your friends and family and support a local small business at the same time. $35 each available at DJ’s. #hoodies #cozy #fallvibes #hoodieseason #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal #shoplocally #gifts DJ’s Sports Bar & Grill is Westmont’s neighborhood corner bar with juicy burgers, pub grub, and daily drink specials. Come in, and join the family.
toomuchspinach Singapore college taught me to cut my own hair and to just live with your friends god’s girlfriend
annananna7777 United States Yes .. my Georgians Friends and Folks please get your peeps out to go vote for @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock . It is a necessity. Our lives depends on it 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth; 1 Cor 13:6! God’s work may be slow but it is sure. #trusthim 💙💙🙏🏾🇯🇲🇺🇸
aakpeji Lagos Aus j entertainment. First blind dj in nigeria. please never give up on your dreams. and always make new friends that will tell you the truth. Good morning from nigeria. always be happy. An instrumentalist, a sound editor, a voice over artist, a musician, a producer, a tech entuziast , an Educational firm. And the first blind dj in Nigeria.
Jimi_Jammin Chicago, IL @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump My dad used to say, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Donald Trump is a sexist, racist, piece of crap asshole. Music, memories, mystic. Pointing out faux Christians & their hypocrisy Gaslighting me doesn't work. I own a flamethrower
lunar19897 Just because your friends are having kids at 30, it does not mean it's the age. I have friends who had kids last year, at 19. And my friends graduate uni this year at 20.. There's no set deadline in life, we all live at our own pace. Do it when you think you're ready not when Depressed med student readthesubtitles on Instagram. Study with lona and visi on YouTube and Instagram.
Write2Night Treasure Coast, FL I don't care. If it floats their boat so to speak it's all okay. They can unfollow me, and I would not know they are gone until I unfollowed them:) Remember. You can never tell who your friends really are. Loyalty I #write fiction #read fiction Schooled hypnosis #Army 65-68 Nam 67 "Psychic Spy"Book 1 "SKY WALKERS"Book 2. Followed by #Extraterrestrials #MAGA #Imagine
jaimepaglia iPhone: 0.000000,0.000000 Seriously, you made my week. Keep writing and making friends. I hope to see your creation on screen someday. I think. I agonize. I procrastinate. And when it's gotta get done, I write. Sometimes people laugh. #Eureka #TheFlashCW #MTVScream
AemyBlackfyre You’ve convinced me! ATLA content coming at you in 2021. I’m gonna talk to a couple of friends about coming on the channel to discuss with me. And you KNOW I’m gonna poll you abour your ATLA opinions. PhD Student of Chinese Lit, co-host of @johnwebsterfilm, essayist, feminist, Buddhist, lover of polls, WBA #863
BudHeckman NYC & DC For Hindu, Sikh, Jain and other friends, here is to wishing you a Diwali that brings happiness, prosperity, & joy to you, your family, and loved ones. Diwali is the five day Festival of Lights that begins on Sat. It symbolizes# victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance. Fostering interfaith cooperation & religious literacy. Advancing empathy & faith as assets. Choosing love over fear. Advising in philanthropy and nonprofits.
Lendahand20 In my mind. @OhNoSheTwitnt Didnt just have black friends he supported gay and blacks businesses at a time that it was controversial to do so. Black friend isn’t even the half of it. Guess that dosen’t matter when your woke. Anti-woke, Not anti-liberalism. Save the enlightenment. Unity and understanding is the only way forward. 📱 + 🧠 = 🐑
StevenJPayton Somerset, England This is your 1 hour count down to our friday check-in This is your space to chat with friends, vent, and relax with other survivors Hows your week been? #csaqt #Pagan #witch, #CSA , Senior Systems engineer, ex-tube train driver & part time survivor. #CSAQT Twitter chat, hē / hine, Wæs þu hæl
theroomaz Make arrangements to meet your friends here at The Room Escape Games for the holidays, and we’ll be there for you! Use promo code “Friendsgiving“ Arizona's Best Escape Room Experience 🔑 Coming Soon🚪
harrysluvbug 𝗵𝗮𝗿•𝗿𝘆 'harē/ noun a source of comfort in a time of distress and sadness. @HARRYK4RMA you can act gangster and talk all the crap you want. you’re irrelevant, no one forks with you and all your friends talk crap behind your back. So re-evaluate your entire existence. she!her | mmith enthusiast
Probability4 South Africa Coming from a poor family and all that, I have never really learned to celebrated any of my birthdays, for myself it doesn't matter that much...... But thanks for your abrupt effort family and friends 😘😘😊😊 Cycling enthusiast. #RideForAPurpose. Determined to lead an interesting & spiritual life. I wanna hear from you as much as I wanna be heard.
DrewFrogger treetop @elonmusk You should be good mate, go breathe heavily for a long period of time indoors with all your friends. Invite all your cool tech friends and politically involved allies. You guys deserve a good celebraish! Are we good?
okko_but_nsfw @IcePotatoe Me and my other friends who follow and support you are excited for your act of kindness. dont expect any good art
dhmis_bot Digital World And you could have a dream about burning your friends! A bot that tweets random Don't Hug Me I'm Scared quotes every 30 minutes. Occasionally uploads terrible memes. Created with Twittbot.
Lemondogs Stockholm, Sverige [#LDTIPS🇬🇧] In case you missed it, but #YallaCup is a sick tournament being played over at @esportalcom where you and your friends compete for the whopping prize pool of 150.000SEK! 😍 More info here 🔥 @fragbite #csgo #esportal Esport organisation/news site in the Nordics! 🍋🐕! CSGO Team: @xeloscs @gamersdont @Mann3nCSGO @hemzk9 @kaktus_CSGO Partners: @LogitechG Contact: @daman_gg
GovMikeDeWine Ohio We are facing a monumental crisis in Ohio. Since yesterday, 8,071 new #COVID19 cases were reported. Nearly 300 more people were admitted to Ohio hospitals. 42 more people have died. It is up to everyone to slow this virus down. Protect your family and friends. Wear a mask. Official Twitter account of Governor Mike DeWine's Office. Tweets by staff.
aIchemme 21 / chicago / she/her i show my mom photos of my friends and its always “Do they have your piercings” Girl No Obvi Not ...Cuz Im Cool ^_^ $emmefree
harrysluvbug 𝗵𝗮𝗿•𝗿𝘆 'harē/ noun a source of comfort in a time of distress and sadness. @harrysgoIden you can act gangster and talk all the crap you want. you’re irrelevant, no one forks with you and all your friends talk crap behind your back. So re-evaluate your entire existence. she!her | mmith enthusiast
actnforchildren UK 💌 Looking to send out Christmas cards to loved ones? Shop one of our 12 designs and send a festive greeting or diary to your friends and family this year. 100% of the profits go towards helping vulnerable children and families this Christmas. Thousands of children & young people face Christmas without a hot meal, a present or a safe place to sleep. Be a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child. #IAmSanta
west_mighty Chicago IL @alexbreen11 @Aleaiac58848626 @mattgaetz You are allowed to love your friends last time I checked. And compliment them. Biomedical Engineer, Cook, Major foodie, veteran 68A. Trump is my President
CassidyPI2020 Chicago, I @secupp Are you forking kidding me? Your friends @MeghanMcCain @JaniceDean @megynkelly support this behavior.....and several of Janice's family members died! YOU REPUBLICANS ARE ALL MENTALLY UNFIT! Democrat - Political Junkie. Old & Cranky. Gay, Gray & Balding. fork ALL REPUBLICANS - BOTTOM FEEDING SCUM!
Sanfilippo_RM Asking for emotional support when things get tough. If you’re not asking your friends and family for help, you’re missing out on important sources of support. #Sanfilippo #MPSIII Our vision is a future in which all rare diseases are treated. #raredisease A community to help you understand, manage and talk about #Sanfilippo
ashalcr Psalm 37:5 ⚖ if you think we're friends, and you're just right there chilling in your bed, romanticizing the typhoon season as "cuddle weather", and doing nothing to check up on your friends, relatives or countrymen, we're not friends. definitely not. Siya at hustisya, higit sa lahat.
AFPHawaii Honolulu, HI Post your job with the AFP Aloha Chapter! There is an easy-to-use online process to post job announcements for Hawaii's nonprofit organizations! Post a job now and ensure your post is seen by nearly 1000 of our contacts, friends and associates. Post now.… Founded in 1983, the Association of Fundraising Professionals Aloha Chapter advances philanthropy throughout Hawaii. Email
banana_imnida UPDATE AS OF 2:25 AM A transformer exploded in Tuguegarao so there are floods grounded. Please contact your family/friends to stay in a safe and dry spot as much as possible. #CagayanValleyNeedsHelp YG's cafeteria lady
HarjitSajjan Vancouver, British Columbia Happy #WorldKindnessDay! Today, check-in virtually on your family, friends and neighbours. Small acts of kindness go a long way, and especially now during #COVID19. #BetterTogether #MyVanSouth Member of Parliament for Vancouver South. 🇨🇦 Minister of National Defence / Ministre de la Défense nationale. Former Police Officer & Soldier - He/Him/Il/Lui