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leeidontknow mc donalds 18. A little kid saying to u "I wanna be like you when I'm older" 19. Feeling self confidence 20. Having someone listening to you and understanding you. 21. Having a small party with your closest friends. 22. Going to a zoo 23. Baby kittens. #BANGCHAN: like mate, stop procrastinating •she/her •stay •🏳️‍🌈 •art •crapposting
ZannaShirmana United States @VBlueEyes @RoyseKrystle Yes, V, not everyone. You're one of the few. I thank you for your understanding and your countless hours of listening to me talk about all my problems. You're one of the best friends anyone can ask for. Daydreaming HIP (hearing-impaired person) who is a #blogger and creative writer. When the muses speak to me, I obey. Oh! A muse is summoning me! Gotta g--
Evilcatrobot Norway for a better future, where standing up for yourself is not met with backlash from the internet and/or your closest friends and family, where we are more open to listening and understanding, and where we collectively become better as human beings who respect and value oneanother.. *COMMISSIONS OPEN* She/her. Twitch emote artist 🌸 Creator of #thedbddeck 💪 Live on Twitch every Tuesday&Saturday! 👀
contodonetflix California, USA a look at the life and legacy of astrology icon Walter Mercado. gather your friends, tías and abuelas – 'Mucho, Mucho Amor' arrives to Netflix July 8th 🔮 📺Netflixeando in Spanglish
TheRickWilson Florida, Man. Help us reach 10 million views of this video in 24 hours: please share it with your friends across Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. Ad guy. Dissident. NYT #1 bestselling author. Lincoln Project. Get "Running Against The Devil":
RepVernonJones United States My friend @BurgessOwens needs your support! Tuesday is the last day to turn ballots in, so if you're from Utah get out and vote and encourage your friends to support Burgess! We need him! He’s a great American! #burgess4utah GA State Representative (D) | Former County Executive | Country Over Party | @NCCU Alumni, KAY
KrystalVallada1 I’m alresdy helping you and on top you wanna buy your friends crap and gas and etc tf when do they do that crap to you nah fork all that I’m pissed now! Krystal ❣️ 22 ✨ Houston Tx 🤘Mom
gravigay blm unfriendly reminder to not tag your friends and start conversations in my mentions cuz i WILL block for it😊 spamming on priv
DOgionwo Benin City I’m super excited to be sharing my own unique talent and style with my friends in this Indomie’s new & exciting #IndomieShareUrStyle Challenge!!! . And I think you guys should jump in on this one! No dulling 💯🙌🏽! Share a split-screen video of you expressing your unique style Indomie Campus Ambassador/ Brand Influencer
princehuangss ao3: princehuangss wow anon sounds like you have some issues and insecurities of your own you need to work out first 🤥 you’ve got some real nerve going around telling people who they should be friends with?? putting aside the fact that tee is obviously an amazing writer that many other writers + ✎ ginny writes nct fics | 17 | she/her | ~ ☆
philpurnell90 @k9sofvalor @ODMP @MPDPIO @workingdogmag @NatPoliceAssoc @NationalSheriff R I P K9 Ike God bless you my thoughts goes out to your family and friends God bless you all
Mujuni76688157 Zion @CharolFhidhel @NAngellah @adellabenda @tush_andre @kamusiimeCynth1 @rutebemberwa Awww.. your a mutooro and we haven't become friends in real way #citizen of the Kingdom of Christ, #climate change advocate #enterprenuer
achontishanise BayArea Ca-Ny I seen a meme that said “it’s necessary to have friends that mention your name in a room full of opportunities” and I felt that crap in my soul.. #BayArea #Ca ✈️ #NYC || Business Owner Of CROWN CURLS 👑
Evl_Dvl I hate when men say they cant confide in other men because it makes them weak. Like bitch, I'm not trying to be another % in male suicide rates. Find better people to surround yourself with cuz if your friends and family are shaming you for FEELING, they dont deserve you PERIOD. Silence is compliance. Speak out! Support #BLM! ☆ He/Him ☆ Twitch Affiliate ☆ Nerdy Gay ☆
Rynell Pennsylvania, USA 🏡 Congratulations to my friends Josh and Linda on the purchase of their forever home!!! Thank you for your friendship and loyalty... it truly means the world to me!!!! #congratulations…
5Failure My mom always asking me : “If YoUr FrIeNdS jUmP oFf A bRiDgE, wOuLd YoU?!” And then I’ll be like: “Sweetheart you birthed a leader not a follower, IT WAS MY MF IDEA” Yeah... you’re a failure too xxx
Akanksh59152446 @shanedawson and @JeffreeStar support people like @trishapaytascal. Your friends say a lot about you. And shane ignoring pedophilia allegations and now crying because @GlamLifeGuru called him out is so ironic. #tati #shanedawson #shane Garbage can Not Garbage cannot
God3Oware Insta: god3oware Thank you all for your birthday wishes! Had a great day with family and friends! My amazing beautiful wife Hannah Oware spoilt me with this AMAZING CAKE😍🥰 and I don’t have words to describe how good it taste as… Student of the Word, Blogger and Husband to my Welsh less-melanin lover of my life @hannah_fay19😍❤️
cosmic_hraezlyr @Neil_Druckmann Why are you friends with this pedo creeper and why is he sending me this for talking crap about your crapty game? Lunchable Navigator
rose_angelface Oregon @Aleash89 @CatfishFishy @naima @finrekt @Cynthia_Ojiegbe @terrycrews I know it's crazy when people think differently.. how shocking some can see clear past while the unfortunate majority eats the soup and dies of poison. Government and Hollywood are not your friends sweetie. Keep laughing til reality sets in, k? Proud & happy Mom of 4/Wife to an amazing Man/Independent free thinker/ Not Liberal or Conservative/Not so politically correct.
BobCole12620090 United States @HillaryClinton Go away. Nobody cares why you have to say. Maybe go stay at your friends Pedophile Island with your hubby. He loves that Island and knows it like the back of his hand. Patriot
qaznable Seattle @Lawlorbabble Can you mobilize your friends to stop the city to take down CHOP. Durkan has met zero demands yet and she will never do so if CHOP is out. Fußball, Katzen, Bücher, Deutsch, und soziale Gerechtigkeit
BlueMdc Miami-Dade County Do you know anyone who needs to register to vote? Start by helping your family and friends to register! #RegisterToVote2020 #RegisterNow #VoteBlue2020 #Vote #Florida #BlueWave2020 We are dedicated to increasing Democratic voter engagement and turnout to ensure the election of Democrats at every level to create a better future for all.
MASAJJAGE Jinja, Uganda If you don't need Technical know who to get a job, And your papers all check out. The @usmissionuganda has jobs for you. They are equal employers. Share with your friends who have the qualifications. Catholic, Rotaractor at Rotaract Club of the year 2019/2020 @kanosug (TRF chair), @SCVillaJogoo , Muganda, People Power, Ugandan, Educationist and Marketeer.
TreyannaGiselle Los Angeles, CA IM NOT FINNA fork W OR TALK TO YOU IF I USED TO TALK TO ONE IF YOUR FRIENDS. Y’all are so grimey and weird???? Deleted AGAIN @ 12k & still mad as of June 17, 2020. I gave up on it. IG: TreyannaGiselle
citymedic68 London, England @granthamfire R.I.P. and thank you for your service. Condolences to your family, friends and colleagues. 🇬🇧😷 Don’t follow 🇮🇪
MMikeera ***FLASH SALE***⁣ ⁣ GTHA/Niagara region friends! I am offering a pick up only SALE on my handmade Comfort Packs until July 4! Normally available for $30.00 plus tax and shipping, you can get your very own Comfort Pack for $20.00 FLAT! ⁣ ⁣ Great for pain relief, tension re Homegrown plants and handmade goods. Everything I do is made with love in Canada.
IDCrisis_ If your friends don’t call you out for something, you need new friends. Encourage others to speak up when you make a mistake. Hold yourself accountable and own up to your wrongdoings. Formerly but also currently top 100 in Michigan
HodderTracy Portsmouth UK @EndUKLockdown1 I would not give money to any business doing this, I can’t see how the maximum time given to eat can be different due to your party size, stay home, invite friends it’s far better and at lesss cost! Artist, Maker, seeker of truth Faith is your foundation
VizimoD Luxury house for sale in North York. Beautiful home with many luxury extras and great for entertaining your family and friends. Very close to public transportation. Please see the virtual link: ttp:// For more info contact Elena Shapiro at 4168433924 Turn any TV screen into a Digital Signage for interaction, promotion, information, entertaining, advertising and helps get the word out. Vizimo Digital Inc.
Ch4rK33 Mhow, India Join your Friends, Form Alliances, and Dominate the World together in Empires & Allies! I'm Myanmar
Amancha61657451 @8bit_thug me and my friends biggest fans of your create opening can u help me I didn't have money buy uc or food sorry I don't won't to right passes out from the school , love to live the life. live in delhi
TRUTHonBENGHAZI USA @BuckSexton You no doubt don't believe and your CONservative friends will help achieve this. Nothing to be proud of.
dreamlusionist ACAB/BLM BABEEYY you ever dream abt a person who was rlly crapty to your friends and then proceed to feel bitter for the rest of the day blue | 18 y/o | brazil | w/e pronouns | local noel and ashe stannie (unfortunately) | multifandom brainrot | i draw stuff and cry, acc kinda rt heavy
XtrrmeTTV i’m doing a $10 gift card giveaway when i hit 210 follower i’m at 160 right now to enter all you need to do is be followed and help me grow (example- send my stream to one of your friends) Content Creator || Twitch affiliate || 13 || Xtrrme on Youtube ||
akemiexpansions Having good relationships with your followers and colleagues in the community are essential skills to survival. I would be 1000% worse off without the friends that I’ve made. Creator of Akemi Expansions and Maddie. Lover of soft things. Transformation and Expansion enthusiast. Will probably commission you. Avatar by @gammanaut. 18+
ChoicesToChoose It comes a time where your friends will not want to hang with you and be with their significant other and that shouldn’t be a problem. Y’all be jealous as fork and it shows !
monicaxalvxrez Orange County, CA @GodFrequenciii Real friends / supporters wouldn’t ask for a discount smh, they don’t deserve you and your talent good vibes | IG: monxalvarez
jreyna145 Dallas, TX man fork y’all for going out with your friends. i don’t give a crap if we’re friends, i think you’re extremely selfish for going out right now. I HAVE THE RONA OK.... STAY YOUR bottom INSIDE AND STOP forkING PARTYING EVERY WEEKEND. ~bill hader and horror enthusiast~no human being is illegal~Mexicana 🇲🇽
safer_roads South Yorkshire Make sure you, your friends and your family are wearing seatbelts correctly. Let’s keep each other safe. #beltup For more information visit: @BarnsleyCouncil @RMBCPress @SheffCouncil @MyDoncaster @syptweet @SYPOperations @SYFR Hello. Please help us to reduce the number of people killed and injured on our roads. (Small print: Retweets ≠ endorsement. Account not monitored 24/7.)
supremeAlaska she/them/boys ‼️TODAY‼️ is the LAST day we’ll be taking applicants to receive this aid! Let your family and friends know each household can receive up to $1,000 of cash assistance! 🥀 idiosyncratic. look it up. Berkeley Engineering ‘23 #longliveSTEELO 661
t1m0bee detrøit * not saying we can’t see our friends and loved ones, but be safe about it!! Wear a goddamn mask!! Keep your goddamn distance!!! Order takeout instead of eating in!!!! sipping on straight chlorine
cornerstonerome Rome, GA Cornerstone Students! This summer, July 23-25, Motion will host a FREE virtual experience that you can engage with wherever you are - in your city, with your church, in your home, with your friends, with other leaders, and beyond. Senior Pastor Jody Hagerty. Inter-Denominational Church in Rome, Ga. Sunday's 10:00am. English & Spanish Services.
3beesbuzz @mrsweller99 I am so sorry for your loss of your mums presence. I send you love from my heart to yours &the intention that you go through your own process of grief surrounded by actual friends&family present in your daily life and those on the energetic level who are kindred to you in spirit.
boringggb Cloud 9 @bvbyR8 @keybillyy What does this girl gain by coming on here and telling her story while you and your friends try to discredit her??? What would she gain by lying on a ugly bum bottom mf like you?? You do realize you can TAKE BACK YOUR CONSENT WHENEVER RIGHT??? | #UNT | I just be on here to laugh |
GHillFoundation United States It was so great seeing everyones photos and videos from the first Social Distance Dash. Get outside and share your experience with friends and family, while remaining socially distant! Join us by visiting to support the #RestaurantStrongFund. The Greg Hill Foundation responds to the immediate need of assistance to local MA and NH families. Greg is the Host of The Greg Hill Show on WEEI.
ipa67 @realDonaldTrump You Are Not Alone. You have your family and all of you corrupt friends in your Administration. You will all be going to prison soon. There is a 300-pound convict waiting for you in prison to have an orange marmalade bottom sandwich. He will force you to call him Lindsey. Helping to keep Eugene weird for 52 years VOTEBLUE, RESIST, DONNIE MUST GO TO PRISON
schmyerlou @robreiner Rob, Your father was a gift to us all! My heart hurts for you, your family and his many friends. May you find comfort knowing so many of us are thinking of you today.
JoeOnisick San Francisco, CA @RealLisaC True, but you're not the target market. You appear to be ok alone with yourself or your family and not interested in meeting new drunk friends. Digitizing the already digital, digitally. My spirit animal took its own life. | #mycareermyrules
NancySolari Santa Monica, CA Today is National Social Media Day! Did you know that we spend a lifetime average of 5 years on social media? Consider how your best using this time, whether it be connecting with friends or advancing your career. Use #SocialMediaDay and make sure share this post! #LivingFullOut Creator & Founder of Living Full Out. Accomplished Speaker - Extraordinary Coach - Powerful Radio Host - Best Selling Author – Inspirational TV Host.