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schestowitz North Pole #microsoft #ProprietarySoftware spam and #surveillance crap in Planet #fedora today. This is how you kill #freesw and piss off people who actually care about GNU/Linux... user editorial discretion. (Also, it's in Arabic, so few people will get it) Write-only account; follow/reply to me in Federation: Or Diaspora:
donkey97952483 With a company who doesn’t have their crap together. I men when apple launches a product I preorder I get it. I have even not ordered an apple product and gotten it within the first week. What is wrong with Microsoft. Why can’t they launch a product without drama. I’m a huge bottom just like our leader
dan0wnz @Donnie51900 @Microsoft @satyanadella I can blame the employees if they support what their bosses tell them, pretty sure Menke is the boss in this situation, ,he's in charge of the matchmaking lol. Me improving is the problem, it ruins my "mmr" and results in this bull crap, there is no justifying this crap. Halo 3 50 - TS Halo Reach Inheritor Halo 4 - Most CSR 50's in the world MCC - 50 in Halo 3 Team Slayer and Halo Reach Invasion. LASO Master
CulinaryQuattro Lakewood, OH @AstraSanctus @InsideGaming @nnesaga @ZombaeKillz If representation shouldn’t be based on proportion size compared to population than by what merit? At the end of the day this whole videos TLDR is I want free crap because racism/sexism and don’t won’t to put in the work that other male POCs did to peddle Sony/Microsoft’s crap Dad, husband, chef, gamer
Headie_38881 Bournemouth, England Microsoft locked my son out of account given them all the information twice and they now say tried too many times . I have had crap service all week as well from Microsoft . What the is going on with @Microsoft shambles
Sapiensbane Orlando, FL @MukrizPlayz @BethesdaStudios Which is why it was bought by Microsoft. I'm a fan. Was a fan (since FO4 and loved the idea of an "MMORPG" except it's unique unto itself). Microsoft buying them and rebuilding that outdated crap engine (starting from scratch) makes me more of a fan. Today is a brighter day. Because that's what it says on my arm I used a makeshift scalpel to carve into. KIDDING. but only physically.
BubbleyBrain Greater Vancouver #WritingCommunity #writers Welcome to the hell of Office 365 and the cloud. Crap like this is why I still haven't 'upgraded' to Windows 10 and 365. @Microsoft @Office365 Where thoughts bubble. Blub blub blub! 100% random guaranteed! *Author/artist reveal loading... 25%*
marcorotta Blumenau, Brasil @Microsoft And it's just sad that the current version of the game on Microsoft app store is such a crap... A sinceridade em pessoa...
Paulloe17 Behind the bike shed @Microsoft Please Microsoft just fork off and let people easily use programs and apps that are so much better than your twat offerings. use your crap Windows operating system because you force me to, not because it is good - it is crap. 70% coffee and Old Vines Grenache
schestowitz North Pole Grep Is Dead And Ripgrep Is Here To Replace It - YouTube ☞ •●• replacing #freesw with #microsoft #github crap will become a threat. #deletegithub Write-only account; follow/reply to me in Federation: Or Diaspora:
BubblezFTW @jameswe81795877 @MrKrisSteel Xbox clowns desperately trying to defend a piece of crap like halo infinite which is supposed to be the showpiece for the ‘worlds most powerful console’ , and then Microsoft themselves admitting it’s crap and delaying it? That’s a scam 😁 I give out useful advice about useless things
gabitzahtc Romania #Microsoft would do future #Bathesda games exclusive for #XboxSeriesX and PC. This would be for all the crap #sony pulled with their 1year timed exclusives. #Activision is in this too. #XboxSeriesX ftw this gen Trying to stay centrist in an unbalanced world || Love gaming || Hate politics || Asking questions || Logic is the answer || 👉Follow if you want👈
LucasOCeiteann Ireland @henriquefpss @rhymenosaur @Colteastwood Honestly the page is just inaccurate and inconsistent. The Microsoft one has about 12 Ori games ranging from the switch version to the PC version and then it has map packs and all sorts of crap. All views are my own. #BLM 23/Military/Irish
Dave96305597 I wonder if you typed this article as you were nervously looking at all the evidence. You know when you arrange your microsoft word on one side and browse the internet on the other side. Because guess what. There is a crap load of evidence. Go find it yourself. MSM is lying to u defender against bullies
nick49085205 Southglenn, CO @Microsoft @Xbox How about some updates on what availability will look like. bad job making it available people are scalping the crap out of it 800-1000$ and people are buying them you need to let people know what the plan is and how to get them. Or people are going to get scammed big time
johnnyjl96 Greece @JonComms @PromisedBat Is the situation funny to you? Make the problem known to Microsoft and cut the crap. iPhone Geek📱Film enthusiast 📽 Playstation 💙 Is it ?0?? yet🦇
Auruko Boulder, CO Oh crap, I forgot to call it. Next gen became current gen at 12:54 pm MST. So now that the #XboxSeriesX is here we can formally start speculation on what Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are up to for next generation hardware. Sadly, still no word on a release date for PC 2. Engineer, outdoors enthusiast, video gamer, and all around nerd. //The bad news is that there is no key to happiness, the good news is that it isn't locked//
joshfarris891 Boise, ID Funny how the only people I see with the new Xbox are famous people or YouTubers. Ya give them free crap & make the people who spent thousands of dollars over the years pay for it are Sony and Microsoft so dumb nobody is going to buy an Xbox because someone on the internet told
_CraigEngstrom Chicago | Carbondale Have a report/assignment, and you know it is going to be weak? Use Microsoft Sway. The impressive visual display turns crap content into beautiful content, and beautiful content impresses. I've swayed many audiences with bullcrap. Persuasion 101: The medium is the message! @SIUCMST Dir. of Undergrad Studies. Owner/consultant: Comm@Work LLC. #LinkedIn MVP & #resume writer, communication trainer:
mike_conley Toronto I'm setting up a new Windows 10 install, and the fact that I can't get past this setup crap without creating an account with Microsoft is just infuriating. Canadian, Mozillian, Software mechanic. I help to make @firefox fast + smooth. I mentor folks hacking on @reviewboard. Also sound designer/musician. he/him/⚙️
bowen226 Boston, MA @BigMatt848 @TamerElmadawi @Rabknows @XboxP3 This is an Amazon issue, not a Microsoft issue. They pulled the same crap with PS5 pre-orders. MS even allocated addition units for walk-ins at brick and mortar stores today... I fight for truth, justice, and the American way. Asian-American.
LouisWFerreira @DMC_Ryan @IGN @HavokRose This copying too and from the internal HD crap is really annoying. @Microsoft better let @Xbox owners use an external USB drive for all games soon or this generation is going to be a nightmare for fans. My series X is already full.
andersen_wayne @Jay4373 @Xbox Yeah I know. This bot problem is also to blame. How and what can be done to restrict this? One would think Microsoft would be concerned regarding this crap.
Topspin_righty Somewhere in Western Europe @Rahul_Jois Yeah $900 for a MacBook air is great. Windows is a hit and miss tbh, some versions are great and really stable and some are just crap. I think Microsoft's Surface laptops are amazing hardware but the windows is always a hit and miss. Oh what fresh hell is this?
sonyamcchristie The City of the 'New Castle' Oh, what fresh hell is this @Microsoft ? I just want to shut down my computer! And now I can’t because I have an unkillable update window!? Is this why my internet has been crap all afternoon too!? Reader, Writer, Philosopher, Learning Technologist working in UK HE. Possessor of at least two distinct superhuman abilities. Proud to be queer. She/They 🏳️‍🌈
BurritoYtp Holy crap everyone else is already out of stock. I went to the Microsoft website at 12 this morning and it kept giving me error messages. 11AM is when Walmart opens their sales so wish me luck 🤞 Age: ?? | He/him | YTPer | Musician | Likes burritos | Christian | Unofficial face of @gameofkittens Throw Throw Burrito game |
Lince_Perdido @michael_krivak @Xbox @amazon AMAZON is REAL CRAP. They cancelled my orders and closed my account without a reason because the payment option in the eMail is not the one I chose. Amazon: worst company I’ve ever met Guaranteed delivery on launch date? FRAUD Thank you Microsoft Store for #XboxSeriesS
PraxisDarth @stubzzgaming Holy crap! Even Microsoft's own page shows the lowest price for a Series X on Amazon is $999!!!! Microsoft and Amazon need to crack down on that right now! Me baby, me....#FandomMenace
LynskeyEthan @xboxuk @Xbox Absolutely shambles. Microsoft website is crap and I could not even get it been refreshing for ages. Joke of a company. GOING TO PS5.
peoplearestup20 @XboxWire @XboxGamePass LOL this is trash. Acting like this is some great promo. It’s for new users of Disney+. Who doesn’t already have a Disney+ account? LMAO and 30 day trial. Seriously this is why Microsoft continues to loose. I buy your crap and feel this way imagine what people that don’t feel.
DK71 Copenhagen, Denmark @elonmusk This is true. I worked with Microsoft 15 years but I never understood why legislators put responsibility with websites rather that tech providers. Would be so much easier to block at OS level, or in my case allow them all and cut the crap Not an active contributor on Twitter yet.
jhamby Los Angeles, CA There are two problems with Android, and one of the big, insurmountable ones, is the exclusionary contract with the “non-fragmentation” that prevents an OEM from selling Android phones with the Google stuff and also some other OS. This is *exactly* the crap Microsoft used to do. Software engineer and tech enthusiast. Currently working on building my own modern Linux distro with Firefox and Chromium for PowerMacs from 1997–2007. he/him.
TheFuzzyPanda @bloodyhyenas I know. But when I got it off microsoft it came with both bedrock and java. Maybe its buried in a folder? And the fact they did that is crap. I would love to play with my controller but only bedrock has controller support but java had all the fun mods. Its frustrating :( Panda furry🐼 Nerdy and geeky as fork. 🖥🖱Gamer. Used to stream on twitch. Active in various fandoms. No suit yet. 30s greymuzzle. NSFW.
CattyMeowington Klang, Malaysia Microsoft Teams live captions function censored the word 'crap' but not 'crap' and this is why you should expand your vocabulary Her hobbies: Pokemon Go & Let's Go + Pokemon Sword & Shield + Animal Crossing: New Horizon + Ring Fit Adventure + Fitness Boxing + Yoga + Zumba + colouring
calistri Paris @EasyStreetGamer @inFinit36525299 @dark1x @JBoss293 @apoloniusz11 @ModernVintageG @Dachsjaeger He wrote that a few years ago when Xbox was really crap. I did agree with him. Since, Phil Spencer took control, awesome backcompatibility happened, awesome One X happened, and now the awesome Series X is happening. And now John thinks Microsoft is great. I do agree with him. Réalisateur
roadiescycles Vassal State Of Division WTF is this microsoft edge nonsense....and I can't uninstall the sh*t.... Linux is coming....Linux is coming....I hate being forced to have crap I don't want or need...I de clutter google crape from my smartphone and use what I want... Cycle Specialist & Importer and Mobile Cycle Service for East Anglia - Flandrien 🚴🚴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇧🇪🇪🇺
NK4_TheWin Seattle, WA @GamLuver @Sir_Kronical @CATpt93 I’m just pointing out that there was a time where Microsoft was literally doing what Sony is doing. People don’t like to try and remember Microsoft aggressive moves because now they’re trying to “play nice”. Which is just a bunch of PR crap, anyway. 🧐🤔 Social Commentary 🎵 Music & Entertainment Connoisseur 🎮 Gamer: #PS5 (PSN) Moneysha - #Xbox (XBL) NK DaRealist

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