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BleekClipper 951 Dear @NBA what is with this crap scheduling for the @LAClippers this week. Played Sunday, off Monday and Tuesday. Then play Wednesday and Thursday on a back to back and then don’t play again until Monday?! You couldn’t spread those games out? You had to schedule it back to back? Big Clippers fan. Created this account to follow and talk all things Clippers. #GoClipsGo 🤟🏻 other account @t_bleek
cptfunkadunk Florida, USA and just so everyone knows, my mother was watching Fox all day, I asked her what she thought about Sundland. She said... "Who?" Fox is probably running overtime stories about the black cat on Monday Night Football or some crap #inners Father, Teacher, Philosopher, Smart-ass. Earthquake Survivor. I’ll survive Trump too. Don’t let the bastards drag you down. #ResistTrump #HeroesResist
WeSkeem Indianapolis, IN Starting soon I’ll be uploading reactions Monday-Thursday, new songs on Fridays, weekends I’ll prolly sleep and spam socials. Tuesday’s will be “Trending Tuesday” where I listen to whatever crap is trending (can’t wait 😂) and throwback Thursday’s I think you can figure out. A faceless voice for all the weirdos. Watch me rap, sing, and react on YouTube and whatnot. I skeem you skeem we all skeem for ice cream. #weskeem
rodgers_tc Wales, United Kingdom @jpjanson Polling in Wales alone proves the point, Labour collected more than 50% of the cast votes in 2017 & look where Polling is as of Monday, and please, no New Statesman crap, I'm referring to the Walesonline Poll, which mirrors warnings many in Wales gave. Welsh Eco-Socialist & Trades Unionist - happy to support democratic syndicalism - hates bigots and propagandists.
Bammerola No, No So @VP came to “Monterey” Monday, but went straight to Pebble Beach which is coincidentally one of the most beautiful, expensive and well known golf courses. Who wants to bet he’s got a tee time? And don’t we pay for this crap? @realDonaldTrump “Even in our suffering Even when it can't be seen I know You're in control”-Look up Child, Lauren Daigle 🙏❤️
Surajku79004080 Chhattisgarh India PoopScoopSF : "crap pile was there monday morning and is still there, please pick it up. my cbd receives these notices as well right?" (Downtown, D6) (via Twitter Student
PoopScoopSF San Francisco, CA "crap pile was there monday morning and is still there, please pick it up. my cbd receives these notices as well right?" (Downtown, D6) Get the Scoop on Poop. Automatic tweets of 💩💩💩 reports in San Francisco. 190 poops reported in the last 48 hours and 62 already marked closed by @SF311.
Mwhitehead00 Dallas, TX When did the @espn #MNF broadcast become such crap? This is absolutely terrible. I watch every Cowboys game, but usually miss the Monday night game. I mean I had heard it was bad, but this is straight garbage. I muted it and started listening to @Boys_Vox @1053thefan @kandc1053
_Tayy32_ It’s Monday and this week is already gonna be crap, tomorrow clearly is gonna be nothing but full of emotions, and the weekend can’t get here fast enough. Wow. H8 life. That’s it that’s the tweet live the life you love and love the life you live💘
YMCMParker Tampa, FL My level of excitement right now is like edc is tomorrow but in reality it's only Monday and holy crap this is not sustainable I could be broke and keep a million dollar smile Spread love and be the best bundle of cells you can be ✌️
DragonIlda @YeJin__Hong Thank you ♡♡ And no problem! Sorry about all this crap flooding your notifications qwq I hope the rest of your monday is much better ♡ NSFW 18+ Furry artist. --------------------------------------- Yes, that fat dragon from Facebook and Furry Amino. --and hermit crab parent ♡🐚🦀
DandiSandi3 United States @TeamPulte My Monday is great! I don’t accept anything less than greatness. I have a crap ton of health problems but they don’t have me! My roof leaks but I am thankful I have a roof! God granted me another day so I am blessed!! Have a wonderful day everyone!! Go out and bless the world 🌎 Married and I’m classy, sassy and a wee bit smart assy!!
MASConductor Cleveland, Ohio Mom of one of my flute students went out and bought a piccolo last week without bothering to have me look at it. It is total crap. SMH. ...ranting my Monday away. Music Director of @EuclidSymphony; Musical and Artistic Director of @UnivHeightsBand; Music Director and Co-founder of Orchestra 19
offtheball 🎙 - 📻 - 🎧 - 🎥 Manchester United are a "crap" team but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his side are not as bad as many have said. That is according to @DanielHarris, who appeared on #OTBAM this Monday morning. #OTBAM live @ 7.30am - YouTube & 🎧📱 Off The Ball FM - Mon-Fri 7pm, Sat+Sun 1pm | @NewstalkFM & OTB Sports Radio 🎧📱
barso1 Stirling, Scotland @WWERollins Start watching real football then Mr Monday night it crap the beast is back and what does that mean for you think you and @AJStylesOrg to see who the real champ is cause it's not part-time @BrockLesnar #RAWTonight
TheDrewStarr Boston @maura @hels especially tonight because Monday is their unlimited pasta deal. Reasonable sized portions so pretty easy to try all four without feeling like crap afterward. Also one of the very few independent Black owned restaurants in the city. And such great wine. I'm in love. Bagel opinion haver. Beer brewing student. Formerly: Chief People Officer @meimeiboston, freelancer @EaterBoston & @GlobeFood. He/him/his.
stalkinhard He/Ha This is Monday. What the fork is all this positivity? Get it together and stop that crap. 𝓡𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓼𝓮: 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓵𝓪𝓼𝓽 𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝓸𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓪 𝓼𝓸𝓬𝓲𝓸𝓹𝓪𝓽𝓱
shelld1234 @GavinNewsom @GOP Good Morning! It's Monday Morning and Gavin Newsom is still trying to find more ways to tax you out of your HOMES so that YOU can join the ranks on the crap, needle filled streets of California! Aunt Nancy tells him this is the way to govern!
TinyxDestiny From PA, Currently in Colorado I went to bed early for me and actually got a good amount of sleep but I just feel like crap lately. My nose has just been constantly runny in stream too not sure what it is. Oof. Hope everyone has an amazing Monday! We're the renegades, we're the people. With our own philosophies. We change the course of history. Everyday people like you & me.-RATM💜 #Lupus #Twitch #weed
HORSE_NATION You know those Monday mornings when you just don’t want to do work? Someone asks something of you and all you can think is “Nope!” This horse gets it. Happy Monday, Horse Nation! #ohcrap #mondaysaretheworst #goriding Presented by @KYPerformance Horsing around the world
riveramexman Texas @RexChapman What is that guy, a freaking horse?!? He craps while he trots? And how does his crap not get stuck in his shorts? Trial and error on materials? I hope he gets recognized and publicly shamed for such a nasty, nasty thing he did. What a thing to see on a Monday morning. #nasty Illumine me with Your strength, love and knowledge. Surround me with Your ever-loving presence so that I may accomplish on earth my true destiny.
OhioMSUfan @freepsports Hey its Monday morning. Have you figured out what team is in Ann Arbor and which is in East Lansing over the weekend. And you wonder why no one reads your crap anymore.
DarthVix Sioux City, IA rum shots is a no...but somehow I took some last night 🤢 and other crap ..Monday morning should be interesting... PSN: DarthVix ▪️ Clan: (The 501st Elite) COD4-Blops2. Destiny 1, Fortnite ..currently on #ApexLegends #FlyEaglesFly 🦅
rusty03543485 on a tritium electron It's Monday morning and even the weather channel is promulgating liberal the planet..since purchased by a private equity form .they have bought into global warming science behind global warming crap. I change channels at 1st liberal BS . shovel manure for a living, june 25 birthdays and me work
MarkDeMartino12 Melbourne, Victoria Fact check: It’s Monday and the snake that is JIMBOB #acosta will soon awake to crap all over the people’s President. Nothing else to do because NO ONE will speak anymore with a snake who hates its country! God bless the USA!!!!!! Aussie Conservative. Awake to deceitful Democrat Media like CNN, little JIMBOB & others who MAKE NEWS instead of REPORTING IT. WE will not be silenced.
MrMatBowen Hebron, OH @CLEsportsTalk I just keep trying to tell myself it’s a sophomore slump.... Game plan and clock management is crap, at best... Way too many mental mistakes and stupid penalties... We are watching a team that’s just not prepared. The disconnect is happening Monday-Saturday to be this unprepared Devoted father, educator and Golf/Softball coach @LakewoodLSD_HS, Ed Tech enthusiast.
geezTPA Tampa Bay 🤣 @TampaSportsGirl @jpnuc @AlyssaArrien1 Oh no! Mercury is in retrograde and crap like this will happen. If y’all ever need help/place to stay, I’ll be at the Quality Hotel Globe beside the arena from Thursday to Monday. It has 2 beds Stockholm or Bust! #NHLGlobalSeries
itsAydee ÜT: 10.550345,7.447088 After trying to add cyber Monday to calendar after several tries, it’s confirmed,Siri is a piece of crap and should never be mentioned in the same convo with google assistant Writer on Merchant (We Sell You Dreams).Work-In-Progress.
88FoxLove Oklahoma City, OK Holy crap..... This last week has been insane!!!! But positive note, i fought and WON my son is officially in school and had his 1st day... Im hoping it wast too traumatic and monday goes smoothly Lover of Outlander and Tom Hanks. Mom. Entrepreneur. Business Owner. women’s rights activists. Spread love and kindness. 🧡💜💚💛🖤💙
brandybear45 New Smyrna Beach, FL So it’s my 18TH birthday on Monday and my best friend spoiled the crap out of me (best part is all the @SamandColby merch💖) Welp🤷‍♀️
biggboss_critic BB Cheated Viewers Arti Singh was in bottom on Monday is now topper wah wah.And what she did after that was crap maligning rashmi to be in game Losers @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND @viacom18 @BiggBoss Featured in : Free Press Journal | Latestly Media Portals.
Beartrees22 United States While the fans booed the President you had the chance to be a class act. Now you have to take a great moment for NATS fans and make it about you. Selfish self serving crap is now your legacy. While hundreds of thousands will cheer for you Saturday by Monday you will be nobody
Gibbs_Terrance Chicago, IL We all know how this is going to go. #NXT beats the crap out of Smackdown tonight. They beat down #RAW Monday. Red and Blue invades NXT Wednesday and have one massive brawl. #SDLive #SmackdownOnFOX #SurvivorSeries I will continue to speak my mind no matter how much people hates it. Welcome to my Twitter page everyone! Enjoy your stay here!
MagickalG Western North Carolina @gorskon @PeterHotez @vaxxedthemovie "antivax autism porn" You are a sick piece of crap A detached demented idiot that refers to the harm done to our children is a doctor?!?! I am reporting your comments and lack of compassion, integrity, character, & values to the ethics committee on Monday you scumbag Just Another Creation by: God #MAGA #WWG1WGA #GlobalismSucks #BoycottsWork I get most of my memes from the MEGA-meme folder — Please help yourself!
Nicktacular42 Australia What a fun night!! Thank you for the fun and support tonight! WWZ was super fun and holy crap the new Siege Halloween game mode is super damn fun! Can't wait to play more of it! Back on Monday for more! Have a great weekend guys! :D Variety Twitch Broadcaster for Corvidae | Passionate Gamer🎮 & 🎥Creator | Bringer of Memes👌 | Fountain of Spice🔥 | Email:
_artistic_whale Seoul, Republic of Korea Monday to wednesday were three beautiful days for me but i cant even reminisce bc of starships crap and everything the korean media is pulling #몬스타엑스_응원해 SHINee is five. | missing changkyun & jisung | icon: bunnymiele
Catch22U Scotland, United Kingdom Sad news is PC needs a reboot, total wipe and then a reinstall of everything minus the crap. Its not a well PC :( With any hope be back up and running for Monday or Tuesday. Streaming PC on the build so hopefully be able to stream some games that i cant at the moment. :) New Twitch streamer just having fun. Please follow and enjoy :) come join me at
BtfllyImprfct Indiana, USA For those who love and support and appreciate me, i promise you'll be my friends until the end and when this is over with we will have a massive giveaway lol... I'll be back Monday with hopefully an end to this ridiculous crap. Happy Halloween. Stay safe💜💜💜💜 #ThankYouBTS | Haters gonna hate, players gonna play | pic & ga account| MultiFandom | True armies welcome!| Let's get this bread✊
JohnnyHippie Northern Virginia Holy crap! My presidential candidate @AndrewYang🧢 is going to be in Fairfax this Monday hosting a rally at @GeorgeMasonU‼️ Come hear him live and see what a #HumanityFirst campaign is really about! DM me for details or if you want to meet up. #YangGang #Yang2020 GMU student 📚 MMA & Combat Sports Director for @Rebelrunsports 📸🇨🇴🇲🇽 Creator & Host of the @RunningtheCage Podcast🎙 #YangGang
jjmw1962 Tyrone Ireland @gildernewm Nothing changes at the BBC then. Shameful. Same crap different presenter. Radio is even worse. Extreme bigotedunionism and loyalist terrorist supporters have a 90 minute platform Monday to Friday 0900-1030 don't post much, however most of which I post is either drivel or just shire. it's social media not the truth. lighten up
MAJORshailendra Mera Watan Crap! Sunday ho ya Monday rooj khaye 🥚 😜. ( it is personal choice to eat or not , leave it to the kids... and 🥚 khane we koi ‘Nar Bhakshi’ nahi banta) I personally don’t eat 🥚😎 Nation 1st, Ex Infantry Entrepreneur #VoiceOverArtists Electronics Engr Anderson school of Mgt,UCLA Freedom is not free it costs Soldier. RTs≠Approvals
Jordan_benoit94 @JDfromNY206 What a fantastic start. It makes you think about that crap we saw Monday night learning Rusev is a sex addict and watch tag champs in squash matches. What a freaking joke #raw and #Smackdown have become. #AEWDyamite
SyllCity Sandton, South Africa I don't like change, but I can deal with it. I can't handle uncertainty and it feels like lately, it is killing me. Panic attack on Monday, treated the love of my life like crap when he was just trying to help and dehydrated myself through my tear ducts yesterday. Martha van Zyl: blogger, curious bookworm, cake-aholic, frugal shopaholic, cunning crafter, gin lover, land unicorn 🦄 Background image by @DazMSmith
cmanuel118 @TheJimCornette @davemeltzerWON Jim how about you get behind a young upstart company that is at least trying to resurrect pro-wrestling thanks to @WWE diabolical product and treating the fans with disdain. Sure @AEW may not be perfect but it's a damn sight better than the crap you see on a Monday night
Alfandaforever uk, 28 may @ThreeUKSupport Considering I said this to you on Thursday and it’s took you till Monday to reply your three support is crap I'm here to support the amazing Amanda Clapham & Alfie Browne Sykes @amandaclapham @mr_brownesykes I HAVE THE BEST FAVES IN THE WOLD IM SO LUCKY TO HAVE THEM ❤️
pleasesaveour United States This is crap! General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota and other auto giants said they were intervening on the side of the Trump administration on Monday in an escalating battle with California over fuel economy standards for automobiles. #AndSoShePersisted #RiseUp I block haters #PAMFAM News runner for #NutshellReport #BohoPosse #USVIA

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