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ltmcdies British Columbia Canada @ImStaceyKate what you're not comprehending is being called on the trucker crap that claims one thing but is obviously looking to bust stuff up. Monday... the PM will still the PM and the mandates will still be in place on the border. Go whine at premier about the others. West coaster Retired HC worker Prolific user of the #Block and always tries to remember...TWITTER AND ITS SILOS ARE NOT REAL LIFE.
OroroNebbia Chile I was going to go to the post office, but the weather is crap and I'm not feeling good. So monday will be shipping day!! Sorry for the wait~ ⭐ ENG/ESP ⭐ 🇨🇱 ⭐ 🏳‍🌈 ⭐ 32 ⭐ She/Her ⭐ Costume Designer ⭐Full Time Cosmaker/Half Time Cosplayer ⭐Tired Fangirl ⭐ Sometimes Writter ⭐ Multi Fandom ⭐ NSFW ⭐
CuriousAmy13 MN Just reached a new high today of 298.2, holy crap am I speeding along quickly. Although, to be fair, I would assume most of that is food & drinks in my stomach and digestive track. But regardless, I should break 300 here soon, some time next week. Ether Sunday, Monday or Tuesday I am a post-op single geeky Trans Woman gaining weight #Gainer #FatLover #Lesbian #BBW #WeightGain #GettingFatter
Rockette_Morton Texas @TheBettorLife @TropLV I encountered this in LV earlier this week. It was at two different places downtown……Four Queens and California I believe? And Monday morning tables at The Grand weren’t staffed until 11am, what kind of crap is that??? Loves The Nosier Side Of MuSICK......and Mixtapes
babiitee92 Minnesota, USA Freaking guessing game crap! I hate it! Just let me bleed and be done with it! It better be done on Monday. Ugh this is a thing I did not miss! YouTuber, founder/lead investigator of Lovely Bones Paranormal @LB_Paranormal add me on Snapchat & Instagram @babiitee92 ❤️don’t be average, be a savage
Pennypacker59 Chester County, PA I am finally done work for the week and a snow storm is heading my way! I am so thrilled that I wont be working in that crap! Bring it on Mother Nature! I'm ready to hang and do absolutely nothing until Monday night at 2300!
sharmini30 @LifeisSavage Woke up this morning feeling like crap. It really is a horrendous bug and doc says its spreading like crazy. Hubby was man down on Monday so I probably caught it from him. Hope you feel better soon! When looking for intelligent life, point your satellites elsewhere.
chrisbrookes4 worcester @GTOmegaRacing customer support is crap. Ordered an eluminium extrusion monitor stand, got sent the wrong item, then get faffed about for three days to get told monday when I could of just sent the thing back and have the correct thing sent and it would all be done by now
darkcloudmetoc @EllieHighwood I sympathise, my 13 yr old tested positive on Monday and my partner tested positive yesterday. My LFT is still negative but I feel like crap. It’s not looking good. He/Him All me, none of what I say can be attributed to anyone else. I don't Twitch much, but I like what I like.
Cecy_luvskids @Str8ManSnatcher Omg bro.. I was feeling tired in Monday but yesterday my throat, neck and back started to hurt.. today I feel like crap.. my throat is super tight and I am starting to cough.. I took a test today Scorpios personality has been studied for years & their positive qualities make this sign a powerful one !!
lovelyaudiobook I've been thinking all day that it's Thursday. And I had just convinced myself that it is indeed only Wednesday. Then I look at my blogging calendar and think "crap, I wanted to post that Wed, what did I even do yesterday?!" This is hopeless. My week is lost. Wake me Monday. 🤷‍♀️ 📚 #bookblogger and champion of the audiobook 🎧 reader of diverse romance 💋 spoonie 🥄pan 💕 mom of 2 👣 she/her
snottiedrippin Richmond, London @ThomasCookUK - hello - i booked and paid for a holiday Monday evening but still no email confirmation despite money leaving account. I've been waiting for a option 2 call back for for over 24 hours....this is pretty crap. Please help.
Roberts89033130 Espn hire AL Micheals for Monday night football ,please he sucks washed up ,and Amazon wanting do same ,I'm I missing something AL is washed up so please stop this crap Buckeye,Az
MartinMaola Durham, NC @RealMissAva Nope. Same crap, different day. Oh, Fox is having inordinate fun with the Biden comment Monday regarding Peter Doocy. They're all laughing at it. And I suspect at least a bit of that laughter is aimed at Biden himself. I say that because ALL of my laughter is so aimed. Originally from Palos Heights, IL. Now in Durham, NC. Retired computer programmer. NO DMs ACCEPTED. #MAGA #KAG #Conservative #Independent #NoDMs
MadalynnRaye United States Holy crap! The pendulum doth swing! The freaking therapist I've been waiting 4 months to see is finally processing my paperwork and I may have my first session Monday. What is there even to say after being on the bird app for 10 years? I have some websites. Contact for more info.
Claire_Robbo81 Coventry, England @tpwkcharlxtte @ticketfactory @Harry_Styles My daughter starts work at 8am Friday. She’s a supervisor in a bank and knows this is absolute crap! She payed for three tickets on Monday at £112 per ticket. Took the money but no tickets. Called tonight & they didn’t care! I’m so mad. Seeking legal advice tomorrow Mum to 3 amazing kids. Autism & brain tumour advocate. Disability parent & fed up of the government #PUSB #Mjinnocent #differentlyabled Half Scottish
ampolter Washington, DC @mike_feigin oh, see for me Monday is for admin crap and catching up and then Tuesday is also for admin crap. Neuroscientist studying stressed-out synapses.
mike_feigin Orchard Park, NY Monday is for admin crap and catching up. Tuesday is for the grant. See y’all when Aim 1 is done! The same old Mike, slightly different handle. Tweets do not represent @RoswellPark or @TheFeiginLab.
brianken74 @Roversssss @Rovers Indeed it is progress but what does a Monday have to do with it and being a bit chilly, and also being on telly shouldn't matter to fans. If we're in the prem they come flocking. Sick of excuses for crap support
TylerMcilwain1 Mississippi, USA @AlexaBliss_WWE U need to be taking alot of steps back to the the five feet of fury.. This crap we see every Monday is ridiculous.. U used to be my fav but since this demonic possessed character and since @BeckyLynchWWE has her new gimmick. I'll take #TheQueen @MsCharlotteWWE any day.. Woo... You can't change the past, you can only work to make the future better.
PantyhoseStyle Ohio Another snow filled crap show over here! SMH anyhoo made it home and Monday is done. Hope these help others in need of a pick me up and brings a smile to your face! #pantyhosenation #tights #pantyhose #malepantyhosegreatagain Just your average guy that loves pantyhose and tights. Sharing my love of the women who actually still wear and style outfits with pantyhose and tights!
thezambologist Montana @bongosaloon I reckon I have dropped three holes in my belt since New Year by just not boozing..... Next Monday is my first month off it, I am thinking of extending it into February, I am getting way more done and, I don't feel like crap for 3 or 4 hours the next day either. I love wine Dental floss farmer
lauriesdesk @ScottFoxonair @anthonyfurey I have 2 starting back next Monday. The younger one’s university has had omicron running rampant… and they are all vaccinated.. no one has any serious illness. So on top of the online learning crap they have to self isolate for 5 days… mental health is going down the toilet.
HecticTeacher I have had the Monday-est of Monday afternoons and come home feeling like a really crap teacher. Going to cuddle the cats, chill and try and remember that tomorrow is a new day. Sharing ideas & resources. All opinions are my own. Cat Parent to KitKat & Gizmo T&L Website: #Talk2MeMH
GenkiReload Triangulum Galaxy @itsmeneiaaa and @ItzF1tZ the reason I gifted you two subs is because last Monday I broke my rule about taking crap about gen 4 and sinnoh. It was a part of my rule for playing it. Cat Boy ENVtuber. Traveled through space to share positivity and good vibes. Follow me
CallCanadian Sell off monday. Ppl selling with no volume at all. Wtf is wrong with ppl? This is why the market is crap in the OTC. Cause you idiots sell on no volume days. I'm going to start undercutting and taking baby profits so you idiots know what it's like. Living one day at a time. Done with this pandemic garbage. covid is a joke ask my 3 yr old.
XYA8NR7TR2MUoJ1 Yorkshire Well it's Monday morning still gutted we lost to Newcastle 😭😭 still don't know how ? but It could be worse I could be a Newcastle fan poor buggers watching that crap day in day out and the time wasting is unreal 🤬 adidas / breitling watches / Mountain biking and Leeds United and love to travel and favourite place Los Angeles 😀
ElderKarlthulhu Damned if I know! Actually glad I put off streaming, my head is genuinely feeling like crap atm but remember there's a TON of really good #Vtuber out there so I'll see you Monday afternoon and we'll definitely hit some Sucker for Love! 🐙 It/It's, Eldritch god of liminal space bringing you content here and on Twitch in 2022! Throne Gift:
GrnMtnSixer Burlington,VT @Minddisabled_Mo @Crazy_ButCute2 I can't. My bathroom is being remodeled and I feel I need to clean up some of the crap that they didn't do. They will be back on Monday making more messes. Yay me A transplant from suburban Philadelphia (big Sixer fan). Finance guy for a non profit organization that helps victims of crime. I'm a girl dad also.
Chris_shpfr Zürich, Schweiz I would love to but this #crypto dip right now but unfortunately the traditional banking system is crap and I can’t transfer funds until Monday 😪 Investor 📈 Tweeting about stocks and crypto.
b0b_summers Donostia - Euskal Herria @QueenofBloranj better ta! haven’t run for a week though which is crap, i’ll try and start on monday KNACKERED SOD JOGGING Basque mountains - Cumbrian Fells - Pyrenees
SpongeAunt (Part 2 of 2) so this Covid is so so bad that we now don't need to wear masks from Monday, yet our medic staff will lose their job. Yet they can work with a cold. Excuse me but a cold can kill me, stop the B*llcrap and stop the whole covid crap. Let out medical staff work Mum, animal lover, disabled, happily married. I don't always agree with people, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't get on.
LilK1rby United States I’m looking at the rest of the 7s I have left and it just hit me…holy crap. What I thought was unimaginable is so much very possible. I’m going to do everything I can to get as much as I can Saturday-Monday. Thank you to everyone who cheers and supports me. I won’t let you down! A DDR/ ITG doubles main. DDR Code : 51418051 (TRACK) DP Level 6 White lamp: 12/26/2021
PetefromHayNSW Riverina, NSW, Australia @Nefarious_Nomad @AlboMP @MarkMcGowanMP @chrissmithonair @TJ__OBrien @SkyNewsAust #Albo is the ultimate Monday Quarterback He will tell you the teams that won on the weekend on Monday Horses that won on the weekend on Monday And repeat like a popsicleatoo whatever crap McGowan, Palasczcuk, Andrews and Keneally sprout #auspol Right of Centre but not following every cause of the day like a religious fanatic although I'm a @WesternBulldogs AFL fanatic Twitter is entertainment not life
Blondiegirl1959 South Carolina @SMIDSY_WF I have a friend who is vaccinated and boosted who has Covid now. She felt like crap for 3 days over last weekend, but is better now and planning to return to work on Monday. Mask-wearing, social-distancing, vaccinated lifelong Democrat! #BidenHarris2024!
Autumn_Ivy_ Uh oh. Someone’s off their meds and whining about old crap (again) fishing for sympathy and likes. Everyday is a manic Monday with this one. Dogs are my favorite people 🐾

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