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rayevins24 @AmazonHelp amazon service is getting worse every single day, my account got locked for no reason and on top of that they took my money and now I have to wait until all this crap is fix when I don’t have crap to do with my account getting locked.
coocookazoob Orzammar I barely slept last night and Tony and I have both come down with something. I barely ever call out of work sick, but today is a day I actually would because I feel THAT crap.... except it's my last week here and I feel weird calling out sick in my last couple of days of work??? Kayci/Kaz/Kazoob. I am but a humble goblin, making art on the internet, and screaming about cryptids and table top games. (They/Them)
SaraBrooks55_99 One day off schedule and my world is rocked. I love keeping a schedule. Yesterday I didn’t because of a sick kid. I ate poorly, slept poorly, feel like crap, and I can’t let it happen again! #monlife #routine I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against- Malcolm X
BunsOfHam Ollie’s House. Don’t tell him! Afternoon! Having a fairly crap day.. I have zero energy, my legs don’t want to work properly, my hands feel like they are being noshed by spider crabs, and my head feels like a helicopter is trying to burst out of my skull. How’s your forking day going? Used to Vend Buns. Now I’m a Bap Tosser. Fond of #DoctorWho, Heavy Metal, #StarTrek, Science. Considerably less fond of Donald Trump. #TheResistance #crapgibbon
TravellingTom_ Liverpool, England @JulianosTravels They definitely do crap things. Didn’t refund my flights (to Brussels Charleroi) the day after the Brussels bombings two years ago. At the time it was annoying, but looking back, that is massively outweighed by all of the flights I’ve ever taken with them and places I’ve seen. #Travel. Better-than-an-award-winning travel blogger. Inventor of the Champagne Jägerbomb. Also vlog and podcast. 🌍✈️ IG: travelling.tom
xoxokendallboo Cheyenne, Wyoming I’m so thankful today is my comp day and I get off at 1245, I feel like complete crap 🤢🤕 👰💕 4/7/18
TeigeCavalli LDN'er Weather is back to crap #LDN and I got a day off so..C.O.D on mute with Pharaoh playing on my phone & stuffing my face ☺ In my zone Insta & SC: Teige_Lou
choskahyeon Holy crap I’m so relieved right now! The passing grade for my final class is a B- or higher because it’s supposed to be Final Project. The entire semester my Proff posted no grades until this morning and tomorrow is the final day! So I’m terrified I screwed something up and that
HEELHaymanII 🇬🇧 @AboutBabymetal @BABYMETAL_JAPAN I absolutely love Suzuka to death as more than just a singer. I mean, I actually love her. She’s the reason I’m even still alive and it’s my dream to meet her properly, outside of her work one day. You can imagine how much the chance to see her in person means to me. It IS crap. Wrestling. Idol Groups. Gaming. Japan. Tokusatsu. Doctor Who. Paranormal.👍🏻Deeply in love with Nakamoto Suzuka.❤️ Put your Kitsunes up and 2 Sweet me, bro🤘🏻
Rugged_Legacy United States Today was my day off. Woke up this morning feeling like dog crap. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and die. Im at work right now. Why? Because I told my boss I would be here. As a man, your word is the one thing that only you can tarnish. Owner/Creator of Rugged Legacy Grooming Supply Co. Follow Me On IG 👉 Shop and Subscribe at
Societys__Rebel Y’all I went to bed at 6:30 last night.... and I woke up feeling like crap and today is my long day 🙃. Pray for me |Chemical Engineer| Not tomorrow but TODAY
Sickofdemslies Cape cod, MA The day someone rapes, kills, and bombs my capital city they lose certain unalienable rights that law abiding legal citizens have. Bernie is only doing it because he needs their votes he could give a crap about prisoners or felons. They made a decision and now they pay. #Bernie Father of 2 great sons and husband to the best wife in the world
5fingerssuck PNW @TheRightMelissa @iheartmindy this is why I break my back every day no matter the weather or if I'm sick to make sure my boys go to private school and do not have to deal with this kind of bull crap. Christian, husband, dad and a conservative.
RecklessKookie Yoongis Casa It's been a day since I uploaded this and i wanna upload the first chapter already but my wifi company is honestly full of crap so please look forward to it #BBMAsTopSocial BTS @BTS_twt Yoonminkook af.
michael_dane_ Pataskala, OH Final post of an amazing day, a very well deserved appreciation for my amazing girlfriend. She constantly puts up with my crap and is always supporting me. I never give her enough credit. I would not be here without her, I love you Audrianna Renee. #NewProfilePic 💕 |Watkins Memorial '19- Ohio State Buckeyes. Cleveland Indians. Columbus Bluejackets. Pittsburgh Steelers #SavedTheCrew I @Atkinsonaudri 💕. Core 4️⃣ |🤘🏽
trendoid Pendleton, IN Just spent the evening deploying features on 3 sites and each represent billions in revenue and millions of page views a day and I didn't screw it up. I get my pick of features tomorrow and will probably do 3+ more deployments. This experience and education crap is paying off. I'm a husband, father, and web developer who is always looking to learn new things and solve problems.
TimConn61170807 Gods Heart @LochTheScot @BreitbartNews Caption : Oh crap I glued my fingers together again that is it I am done gluing illegals pictures on dead Dems drivers licenses, get AOC to do it she is playing with glue and crayons all day long For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
souptonu456 What a crap day today. I went to the V.A. Hosp. and have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids, and when I come back, numb nuts in the apt. below me is blasting his AC. It makes a racket in my place.He has a motorcycle just like the one I saw get burnt up in a traffic crash last week.
ElexusLoebbecke Las Vegas, NV 💗Christmas in April💗 My new crap is here! Ready to go kill day 2 of this transphormation challenge crap! My free shirt and my new fav headband.... :) #pumped #day2… country heart rock soul hip hop attitude gamer chick mixed with crafty momma yep. sprinkle of glitter and you've got yourself a real life unicorn 🦄
siangard Global Citizen @tmg60019 Tom I read, watch, listen to and absorb news from about 5 am every day, news is my job and at the end of the day when I can’t cope with any more bad news, trauma, violence or people I do not like on the world I sit and watch crap to give myself a break from tsunami of stress & bad news. Chief of Staff: ABC Bendigo.
wbowen333 Measles cases close to breaking record I am calling this horse crap. We all had measles back in my day and OMG even chicken pox. There is some evidence that getting measles protects the body from CANCER. The i...
chifanpatt1 Here’s my personal take of the day: Panera Bread has delicious broccoli cheddar soup and cookies. Everything else is overpriced, mediocre crap. 24. CUC Grad. Chicago fan. Host of @Fansided's Climbing the Ivy & co-host of @SwerskiSports Writer: @CubbiesCrib @WC_Chronicle @WrigleyRapport @clubdubbearsblg
RetroLaird The Retro Lair @McRhiRhi Crisps are my biggest weekends. For about 3 years now I've said I'm going to stop snacking in the evening. I last about a week, have a bad day and 150g bag of crisps is suddenly consumed while I'm watching crap on TV. Freelance Video Game Journalist, Author, You Tuber, Games Collector and Autistic Advocate
Noctoman1 hazlet,NJ So, after I found my memory about my cancer the day after I found my first audio book that I did!!! SO fork CANCER AND THIS CRAP JOURNEY THAT I HAVE BEEN ON!! THIS IS ONLY A JOURNEY THROUGH THIS... Born Feb,3
ShaLocs the jungle ♛ Sigh it’s already been crap now my bawdy is rejecting the day.. I just wanted to come home and cuddle now can’t do that either. 😖 No Expectations, No Disappointments ::.. 💰D|S🌹 ::.. Divergent Thinker~::::.. SU⭐️
DiploDogGracie Wellington City, New Zealand Boy does daddy @SenScottBrown love me. All I need to do is get my ball and bug the crap out of him til he plays catch with me. He doesn’t know that I rest ALL day so I can keep him up all night. Ha!! 🐶🐶@DrBrownHendry @JacksonAndAyla @acevonjohnson @AylaBrown @USAmbNZ Funny, feisty, cute, sporty, baby #Yorkie, & now on a DiploDog Mission to NZ! Hi I'm Gracie (my dad is @SenScottBrown). Hear about my travels here! bday 9/11
karemc23 Wisconsin Holy crap am I not allow to post my photography of the earth on Instagram for Earth day? I’m just expressing my love for this planet. But it comes off as being basic. Let people be happy. Earth day is about showing love and appreciation for this planet and the people on it. I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitious
apchaney Greater Cincinnati Area, Ohio This is my last day at work, now my last hour and I just want it to be over holy crap College student with poor time management attempts to write novels and run a reading blog she/her bisexual
CristyTango Up your butt- lol I think I'm funny, clearly @StevieWLevine gmm specifically- is pretty much the same as above, everyday it starts my day off with a smile especially since mental illness crap has made it super difficult. It means the world to me. And I'd love to spread happiness that you all help to make. A painfully unfunny Trashcan't and 👑Reigning Skinstache QUEEN. 👑 Half the time I don’t know what I’m doing. 💩Check out my dead channel.💩
whwadman THE GREAT WHITE NORTH @realDonaldTrump I’m just here for the memes .....oh and the crap you spew out every day. Your as dependable as my toilet . About as presidential as it it is too.
duckhelmet 4 hours into my first work day in my new @secretlabchairs chair and my back/butt are already much happier. Not sure if that’s because the new chair is great or the old beat up chair was crap (probably both), but I’m about 1000% more comfy. 😊 My name might not be Simon, but I like to do drawings.
AmongLuna Sweden @ArtMeggles I totally agree! It doesn´t matter what a crap day it is - to logg in here and check out others creations is soul candy! Aaaand hi, thank you so - I am Luna, a self taught artist that loves to draw spooks and fanart. Here is some of my doings: A girl who likes to draw in general but especially scary things. A stubborn amateur who slowly learns to draw on computer. Likes to get to know new people!
Tru_Publius Wherever I may Roam! @PetraMcCarron2 @Akki_J2 No they don’t. And juxtapose Reagan and tear down this wall with Trump and his new wall going up every day crap. THIS is THE NEW WORLD 🌎 IMO we should welcome and join not exclude the rest of the America’s. Buys another 500 yrs of growth, again only my opinion. Wall wrong way. The Revolution has begun all that is needed is your cooperation. Quit obeying. Be you. You win.
tembrooke United States Life is slightly crap but I have ordered the Clara Tardis and they say they can have it to me on my b'day, so that's something. Part-time accountant, sometime writer and escapee from post-Katrina New Orleans. Craves tea, chocolate, books, and sleep. (She/her)
mumneedsalatte here || OOTD || Soooo... I wasnt gonna post any of these cos I look like crap and feel like crap and I've been trying to get a decent picture all day. All I can see is my mum tum, bags under… So swishy in her satin and tat.
bluejaybirb If I could play games all day I myself would make a blog to review them Even if my opinion is crap at least its less crap than most, if not all game journalists on sites like kotaku and cia An evil man who wants to see the world burn muahaha/20YO/gay as a sparkling rainbow/In love with @foxverse, he is the most amazing person in this entire world.
iamajn Lynge, Danmark @Katyuskamoonfox Crap, quick, follow me, I dont want you seeing my sleep deprived stupidity :) Joking aside, twitter is becomming more and more like youtube every day. I have to check individual channels daily to make sure I dont miss stuff :( Socially awkward and lonely nerd with Asperger's Syndrome, just looking for people to play games with.
WhiskersWine Colorado, USA I think I want to start styling my hair more but I’m not sure my hair is cut for that?? I’m just tired of looking like complete crap by the end of the day and this is part of my “care more about my appearance “ thing. 24. Mental health counselor by day, cat mom by night.
bayleefaris Michigan, USA I burnt the crap out of my forehead with a curling iron (my cat scared me and he made me hit it) so... hat day it is 🤪 @wall_E_2013 #MSU 💚
SakuraSunsets Karakura Town Love essentially not sleeping and feeling like crap. Surprisingly my mom is being nice about it. Will see how rest of day goes. Hi there~! I'm Naomi, a Canadian super awesome gamer nerd cool kid. 25 yrs old. Broke because of anime. ᴮᵒᴿᴺ ᵀᵒ ᴹᵃᴷᴱ ᴴᴵᵌᵀᵒᴿᵞᵎᵎ [Bleach♡]
_jodiebean So sad that today was going to be my last day eating crap before I start bringing my own lunch again and the Chinese is shut😩
mikeofkorea Comins, Michigan If @NPR and @WCMUNews didn't play violin music 90% of the day, they could help get some of my neighbors off right wing radio. There is other music like jazz, R&B, folk, and old-fashioned country that would be a lot more appealing than the constant violin crap. Director of Buddha Nature Temple. US Army veteran. Planning on raising bees. Liberal. ☸️ @bulseongsa
downunderguy2 Queensland, Australia @Fender1967G @sadele2 @AshaRangappa_ We are done. You are a sandwich short of a picnic and I no longer wish to engage. You are never going to change my mind that trump is the worst President your country has ever appointed and your arguments are total crap. Have a nice day. Definitely left of centre. Much travelled. Happily married. Have 3 brothers, 4 sons and 2 grandsons. We are still looking for the recipe for a girl!! #FBR
TMSophia72 in invisible land... my deep thoughts for the day after seeing so many not give a crap about whats going on in the world their just about promoting themselves and their acts...all just money money amount of money is worth human extinction... Why do I have few followers you ask...because the truth has never been popular...
lostinthelando1 Scotland, United Kingdom We have just has beautiful weather the last few days so could someone explain to me how I’ve woken up all bunged up and like an elephant is crushing my chest, could really do with the day in bed, but of course it’s back to school today so feel crap and drag myself out of bed 😢 book lover/blogger coffee queen 🏳️‍🌈you can email me at
sgro_4 My senior day for softball is this saturday and I will be graduated from college by next saturday... holy crap. Ashland Eagle #32 ⚾️ Its an Abby/ie thing! Future Trooper💙
kimiBaeB Southaven, MS @TweetFiction I PROMISE YOU, you wouldn’t want to spend a day in my shoes as a POC in this country and deal with the crap we deal with on a daily basis. It goes to show how out of touch she is and her lack of understanding.
FireUnderFoot Lahore, Pakistan My prediction about Bilawal is that one day he'll simply raise his hands in resignation, give up and say I can't take this crap anymore. And he'll disappear like he never existed. Sad that both Bhutto's grandsons are flaming homos. @BBhuttoZardari Sleeves rolled up. Not this bitter offline. If you're nice, ditto. If you're patwari, libtard, anti-nationalist or anti-Islam, I'll bash you with a vengeance.
AHawkfire @michaelshure @TerenaBell @yashar @mikeviqueira Great, now go to a mosque on their holiest day and stick a mic in the imans face after worship and ask him about radical islam terrorism. See how that "just doing my job" crap is received. Saints fan, ULL alumni, teacher, conservative, christian, hunter, NRA member, supporter of LEOs and military

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