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graz0235 @YNWAlfcnews_ I had a day of feeling crap but fine after that. I had the AZ jab and I hear that is typical. Small price to pay in my mind. Girlfriend had Pfizer and she had no reaction. LFC fan for 40 years
KalahsJones the other side of sanity @lilmissaquarius Yes don’t do it! The day after I did my phone fried and I had to go get it fixed. Now the service is crap. 5 people I know switched to another service after they switched their sim behave T Mobile is so bad. I don’t ever have service anymore Mother. Writer. Teacher. You'd never know I'm royalty until you see it for yourself .
teslatidbits Northeast Ohio Kinda been a crap day for me so far. Found out Tesla is likely exiting residential solar retrofit, and one of my favorite podcasts is losing one of its hosts. Tesla Tidbits is a podcast giving you the latest Tesla news every week. #FrunkPuppyFriday Champion! Please support the show at
Stinkywolf57 @OzymandiasXR1 I was sharing that I have delt directly with this crap from the day I was born and yes it is more than you have seen. You didn't live around the world. I did. I was trying to share that so we never have t repeat. I was not a victim. I was in it with my whole Heart and nation I'm me and ya either take me as I am or don't. Its ok!
Sh1zuru1 CRAP I FORGOT TODAY IS STREAM TEST DAY SINCE I CHANGED SETTINGS ON MY PC!!! So guess I'll play dbd and be a potato survivor with my community bullying me....with kindness and some...uh...savagery? I'll do make up streams for days I had to miss Yakuza Majima Addict "Until they get to know the real you people's stereotypes don't mean much"-Kazuma Kiryu Business Email:
AlainGagnon1959 Ontario 2nd dose done. Feel like crap. Achy, nauseous and every muscle hurts. My wife same day, nothing! Is this a man cold type scenario? Husband, father, with much help raised 5 good people, stepfather, grandfather, musician,cancer survivor, ex-retiree, central leaning and most recent woodturner
BluffinMuffinD United States @ron_mask you realize you are the kind of person i am talking about? Like I don't already know what my depression is? what my triggers are, and ya no f that positive change of environment crap. You know what I AM DONE WITH TWITTER FOR THE DAY YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Photography, writer, artist, 🌊 F TRUMP &Co. Too many hobbies to list. I follow back. Please no auto DM's. followed by a lot of great people #KindnessMatters
Giggle_Galaxy_ Today is frustration day because I am seemingly upset about crap my friends go thru and i go thru. her/she🔞/26/🌈/pan banner by @afternoontm icon by @koidoodles OC’s are mine.
mrcool30 Spokane, WA @FlowersSend Worst place to order flowers from! They promise same day delivery and did not provide it and all they say is "Sorry", we will try harder next time. What a scam!! My anniversary isn't today, it was YESTERDAY when they were supposed to be delivered!!!! Such CRAP!!!!
SickMolly @Slatzism I think many US women don't even know what's going on. Most people I've spoken with have never even heard the word "terf" before. This is why I scream this crap every day, to enlighten my sisters and hopefully stop this before we end up with orgs like Stonewall and Mermaids. Gender critical crapposter. Hellbilly Southern vampire. fork pronouns. 18+
pompeyh @watsoncomedian Your tweets are never part of the problem. They put a smile on my face every day and help me forget the other crap that is going on in my life
HugLyife Soul Town 2 days of eating crap night before last ice cream and cookies, yesterday pizza, and last night ice cream & cheesecake. Today is a NEW day to manage my food intake and do better!! Mother, Runner, Fitness Lover
MrJ0ske Unfortunately Belgium I finally got around looking into 'shortcuts' in iOs and damn... It annoys the crap out of me how limited it is. Probably me being a software developer causing higher expectations. But at least my wallpaper changes every day now :P I used to slap the logo of the game I was playing on the twitter egg. But then @ilsemakesstuff made me this infinitely better one :P
W3ST_IS_B3ST @Lauty3590 @Raycevick My 2 other brothers would play the crap out of this game! That and the 2nd one Back to Baghdad! Recently trued you get them all on PC but haven’t been able to find the 2nd, 3ed, or 4th :( maybe one day. SuperStraight
ndcjr Seattle, WA @catknowsitall Holy crap I wish you lived closer. All my day is fixated on food and cooking, I live to feed people! My husband is spoiled rotten. I teased him recently "you've gained 2 1/2 pound a year for 25 years". That didn't go over very well. At least he blamed it on good beer. Just a guy. Dog owner, they keep me grounded. In general not a huge fan of people, although I do like strangers. I am a Dem. Get angry AF at any racism.
castmorevotes San Francisco, CA @EnRich1337 @lefthandwoman @_celia_bedelia_ @thatkidkali89 I'll bet you your convertible you didn't actually see any of that and are just regurgitating Tucker Carlson talking points. I walk 5 miles every day and haven't seen any crap except my dog's. Is SF perfect? Hell no, but then again, neither is your hair. make love, not podcasts -- he/him
askdrstephanie Los Angeles, CA Another day, more BS with insurance companies and fighting for my rights & advocating against fraudulent billers. Oh, and this is not my actual job. I have a full time job as a psychologist, that is. I just wake up HOURS earlier to deal with this crap. #SystemicHealthcareFailure Mom, Board certified psych advocating for positive outcomes for families w/MH needs. Chronic illness advocate/coach, bullying expert, chronic illness warrior
JosephW23819720 @MattWallace888 My advice to everyone with Doge is to just keep what you have and don't sell. You might as well, because you've probably lost most of it by now. I just wouldn't buy anymore right now. And don't listen to this MattWallace guy. He feeds us the same crap every day What makes me special? I rock! Literally. I'm a musician and my instruments are piano, keyboard/synth, guitar, and bass.
Cabal_Educator Norman, OK Awful day and my husband is trying to get home from Alabama as fast as he can. I hated that I had to share the news with him over the phone. Then I couldn't handle talking to the vet any longer so I had to have him call my husband. Such a crap day! Sorry just venting Foster mom, 5 kids, Wife, Teacher, Trustee for @equitybrewingco, Blue in a red state, #BLM #StopAsianHate #LoveIsLove 🌈
rinshukyu Dyuwzu's Heart @VoltButter HOLY CRAP THE INTERNET CONNECTION WAS SO BAD I HAD TO WAIT A LONG TIME TO WAIT FOR IT TO COME BACK, WHEN IT CAME BACK MY MOM TOOK MY PHONE AND TOLD ME TO SLEEP I DIDN'T EVEN SAY GOODBYE, MY DAY IS RUINED AND MY DISAPPOINTMENT IS IMMEASURABLE,, (*˘︶˘*).。*♡ Hu Tao is my wife。.゚+ ⟵(。・ω・) pangender & pansexual! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) please use they/them! I would appreciate it a lot(*´ω`*)♑🇲🇾
transgojou USA! 😈 Oh god that depends IMSDAKLGHDSHKLGDHKSG if like chris redfield approached me one day at kroger or somethign id just be like "oh my god chris what are you doing here teehee" and try to talk to him about stupid crap like ... this is sucha funny question meowdy gamers!! 😺 im fibb and i'm always on the GRIND! i love my sexy bfs @frostedmelone & @truxxton44 💖💞😻!!! |he/him| (日本語 🆗) ★✿⚣ ethan winters stannie 🤩
davedbenefield Vancouver BC, Canada @WellLonnieSaid She ended it with crap emoji! crap and crap are both hard words. She could’ve used poop emoji or dookie emoji to keep it lite, but crap emoji is a completely ugly visual. She went triple dog dare territory. You all made my day Thank you. CFL Grey Cup Winner, retired NFL player, coach, broadcaster, motivational speaker, writer, parent, entrepreneur, event creator, best bud, Allstar wingman.
BigReddXcel America's Australia If you think a puppet of the state who was black is America not being racist you are mistaken. I experienced more racial crap at my job during obamas tenure. Folks who are ignorant of the govt practices and how they target black neighborhoods to this day have bad takes like tbis Follower of The Way Cedo Maiori Politically Independent Believer in Discourse with free minds Perfectly balanced podcast
izzyharger Someone at work is telling everyone how she hates me because I left 5 minutes early. Girl I busted my butt doing your job AND mine all day so you could smoke but ok go off. Tell our boss how you don’t do crap at work and expect me to do it, I dare you :) I crack myself up.
BoneDocMMD Albuquerque, NM @sortabonefixer @OscarChavez91 @rkh_md Lolol in the USA we get crap for benefits...getting back to work faster is the most US thing to do. That said...brace me all day and stay away from my nerves, unless bracing fails. I'll just make less, it'll be ok, we are lucky to have good paying jobs. Adult Hip and Knee Reconstruction specialist at @UNMOrthopaedics 🌶️. Family, coffee, smoked meats and the occasional NM IPA sustain me. Tweets=opinion only
Albert_Nobbs Alberta, Canada I'm paper-shredding all my old crap for The Last Garbage Day and all I can think about is Ralph f*cking Klein. I wonder what Hell is like? #yeg #abpoli Final form woke. Powered by GasLight.™ 🇵🇸🧡🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦✊🏻✊🏼✊✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🎷🎵🎶
ziggafoss The Shenandoah Valley Me: Crap, summer is almost halfway over and I haven't gotten anything done yet. Also me: Well, I went to the grocery store yesterday, so I've earned a day off in my pajamas today. Super karate monkey death car
TheDoctorK9FPE New Haven, CT @ThisFireBurns__ @MilesDame @theSupremeRk9s It’s becoming so boring because I’m done shelling out hours of my day and hard earned money for some crap that will be reused later and will be given to us easily. Shinies are always devalued and raids will always be back. It’s not real content when every event is half assed. 16 y/o | Love #PokémonGO - 250M+ XP #TeamMystic | Lv 40 - 7/4/18 | Lv 50 - 4/25/21 | Admin for Pokémon GO: Greater New Haven Community #GRINDSQUAD #MomentoMori
Christo36744973 @Eagles @RyanKerrigan91 @LaneJohnson65 My 6 yr old son is the biggest Eagles fan he told someone the other day who was running their mouth about the eagles to shut their B's mouth I was in shock however I agreed with him because I to am a eagles fan and don't appreciate people talking crap #FlyEaglesFly
SeismicWhite IG: @AMountainAndAHalf I get a lot of crap from friends for some of my meals due to how bland it looks. This is my 3rd meal of each day at 2:30. 7oz of chicken, and a cup of spinach with water and a small protein shake. Competitively humble • Artist / Dungeon Master / Personal Trainer •
Fallen_D3mon somewhere Just got back from my first day at my new job and holy crap everyone there is pretty chill trans girl 🤷‍♀️ (23) no jits ✌ small tits tight fits 💦💅 I suffer from ADHD i will say wild crap😦🤯😬 Ancient evil in me 🙃 i also like cars and stuff🚘🚗
King4ADay_UK West Midlands, England My kids have an inset day on June 25th. TFFT! What a forking ridiculous piece of crap that song is. Just weird. And starting to get a bit scary! They can shove their creepy tunes back up their creepy custard asses! #OBONDAY21 No Gods. No Masters. #Atheist #Humanist #Secular Not a Tory. Brexit was Stupid. Sweary. #Gamer #MetalHead🤘🏻#Horror
AFilthyPrincess I’ve been to the ER twice in one day because of the crap that is going on with my body right now. That was yesterday. Once in WV and then when I got home. Southern Girl. Potty mouth and back talk. Snuggles wanted. A #PRINCESS. Only a special man can fork me like a #WHORE. #NSFW If you are under 18, fork off!
crazyday2020 United States @Femi_Sorry @ArchRose90 I went to college, paid for it myself. I get up every day and go to work. I bought a house and pay my bills. I just spent 7 months watching my daughter fight cancer. Yeah, white privilege is such a blessing. Now I get to work more to pay those bills and you tweet this crap. 🤡 Trump2020, stop believing the fake news and use your own brain. #trump2020. #refundthepolice. #PatriotParty
JPlovesCOTTON St Louis, MO And this morning the house is cold… like I considered turning on the heat. I didn’t but it seemed like maybe I wanted to. It’s 59 outside…. Luckily my house is better insulated than to fall for that crap. Need a sunny day if it will be that cool for sure! #stlwx Comms consultant & speaker. CEO of own firm after years innovating in corp world. Love #cotton. Curious. Host of @groundedbythef podcast connects food & farm.
Clemz24 Trinidad Like all I can afford every month, is rent, food (barely, I eat like one meal a day, which my body has been accustomed to since November 2019) and the gym (the gym keeps me sane, and it's no surprise I've been feeling like utter crap recently as I've been absent for like 3 weeks) aspiring young writer, chasing his dreams and chasing greatness
culshaw_craig derby @JacobiteJen @thehotpots This is my favourite tweet of the day. The bloody things taste crap and fall apart as soon as you touch them if in doubt smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to
AG65857679 Dear che@ter @Flipkart @flipkartsupport . Now your 23 deadline is also coming. And I want to inform you till tomorrow you have time. Day after tomorrow i.e. 24 onwards. My day will come. #may_god__dont_bless_your_company #crap_service
AtomicWadey Ipswich, England @GxmerChris Played it day one on series x and had a few minor bugs which were just amusing really. The ai is the only thing that was crap in my opinion, but I havent played it since January so I'm not sure what it's like now. Father, Gamer, former HGV driver, 3 years fighting cancer. No time for racism, sexism or twats in general. Be nice coz one day my daughter will rule the world!
Jahskher Inazuma Today was my first day back taking Latin dance and my stamina is crap. I thought i was all bad bottom since i took lyrical dance in HS and grammar but i was rusty af. I was a mess. But i had fuUUUuun. I dabbed a lot to fill in for parts i had trouble with. XD >_> i post and rt mostly Genshin Impact content and random anime i like. Also NSFW and 18+ … so think twice before you follow me. YOU BEEN WARNED! #chilumi
AJJCDA Ontario, Canada @CanAditude And this is why there are instructions on shampoo. I carried my child and gave birth. I have my day. The man who teaches, cares for and guides our son gets full credit. He deserves his day. I'm so sick of this crap. It's Father's Day. Period. Don't like it?? FO. A Mom (and a lot more) standing up for the future of my country for our kids. 🇨🇦 State facts (real facts, not a biased interpretation) or sit down.
YesHollyWould Penny Lane My super power is ignoring all the logically reasons I feel like crap and jumping straight to deadly diseases. I. My period, never drink water, ate chipotle, sat at a desk all day, only drink coffee? Nope! Gotta be cancer. I sing, I dance, I break things.
WillWires Mass. @newworldrushman @vivien2112 @RushFamTourneys Holy crap brother, are you trying to beat me??? I mean for me I don't know how long my day might be (it is capped at 14 hours) and the worst part is dealing with ppl who can't drive for crap. I usually do between 60 and 70/week. You have been smoking me the last few weeks. dumb truck driver. Capitalism must die. TMSR advocate. BLM b4 alm. RESIST. Try to be a good human. he/him #ripBubba RUSH fan science believer
mabfx3 right where you left me This is so full of crap… I went to my fair share of high school games back in the day (including games against Coronado) and they never threw tortillas. How do you even try to rationalize this??? monica aileen • happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time 💋🌹
day_graeme @dodgelawman @SillyDeity @AiG My opinions are always based on fact and evidence. Yours are not. Which is why you are absolute proof that Faith is the opposite of Wisdom. You lack any wisdom. You are definite proof that Faith = Ignorance and Gullibility. You were gullible to believe crap you do. My love of Critical Thinking, Stoicism and Exposing Fallacious Nonsense. Tolerance is Not a Virtue! Tolerating False Teachings = Being an Enabler of BS.
GlennCarr6 @Michael_D_Crow @UvMeter @_Lost_My_Way_ @SZOMB @chimera414 @Robert76907841 @roger_clague @MartinJBern @GoodCollie @3GHtweets @All_Day_SCIfi @Cypress_NL @StormSignalSA @Tangomitteckel @Homer4K @smarzeli @johndowney @RegimeChangeBC @Kenneth72712993 @AndryGiles @rln_nelson @ClimatePoet @raarts @sarenc @RoyPentland @LogicalReterg @njbtweet @d_e_mol @NikolovScience @NickAPalmer @chuzbucket @maggie_bomber @clairegcoleman @DawnTJ90 @ManixSalvador @VeronicaTalbot9 @surveyorX @HVACPerformance @ElectricElecti1 @janick_klossner @Damo__73_ @Joe_Public2018 @badmoonrising11 @John_Menzies @CymaticWave @JohnPisulaMBA @mark_melbin @GillesnFio @MATTP1949 @AltUS_ARC There is this small issue of a 98% consensus. Not among the general public but among scientists. And your background is? Testing circuit boards?! And you seem so certain you'll only get published in crap journals. Doesn't sound like you're ever going to get past Twitter and... Interested in AGW, the UK and the battle for scientific rationality. Happy to mock those ignorant enough to not want to learn. Sorry!
Jules49141637 @camcurt13 I used to buy Aunt Jemimas maple syrup and when I went to the store the other day, the label actually bothered me. So, I bought a different brand and won’t be buying my favorite any longer. This crap is out of control. Love life, love Jesus, Colorado patriot and trust no one. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
bimillsmartel My jokes are cries for help It’s not like my mental healthy is forking crap right now 🙃🙃 I’ve been anxious all day and now I’m stress eating and then getting more anxious because I’m eating 🙃🙃🙃 The acct where I talk about whatever I want, cause it's my acct and not yours 🤷🏻‍♀️ she/her * 25yo * ISTJ-T ___________ Atwell | Parrilla | Mattel | SQ |
aespi516 First day back at the gym and holly crap! @franpxncho this fool is trying to kill my chest today 😂😂 great way to start though so I’m grateful 🥲 ❤️💋💍3/21/18🏳️‍🌈 Nataly ❤️🥰🌙
360rabbit fitchburg , ma @kirkacevedo #1 and I’d get her hooked on drugs and watch her destroy herself day after day! Not dope either it would be meth so everyone could tell she was shooting battery acid and whatever other crap that they throw in there! …… what? She already is a meth head? Sorry my bad lol BOSTON SPORTS FAN... was in the Pharmaceutical business kinda, now I'm retired!

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