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charlie_Hu22 Billingham, UK It’s only my second day of self isolating I feel like crap, my cough is bugging my body aches my head ya banging and I can’t decide what’s annoying me more... the drilling downstairs or my other half’s typing 🤷🏻‍♀️ Batman... Robert Pattinson... Middlesbrough FC... F1... #TeamLH....Jamie Dornan
CubTrader Austin, TX @J_ManPrime21 @ProudResister Who is pushing all this generational divide crap? My boomer mom worked her bottom off and fought for women's rights. BTW, Putin loves anything that divides us. Every generation has its flaws & every generation does good things. Stop this crap. Do something positive with your day. Journalist who believes in FACTS & nothing else. Adept stock market dabbler. Tiny feminist biker chick. THROW FILTHY CON-MAN TRUMP IN JAIL! No lists.
kokoalv18 Day 2 of being sick and day 7 of bl binge week: my body hurts like crap and my throat is on fire i was stupid and ate some jelly beans even though im sick and so it scratch my throat and now it hurts more🤦🏻, i finished dark blue kiss so now i started my tee 😬 i stan the sparkling 8, the sun and the beanie dude 💎💎💙💜 mixed child💛, 21 this year🤷🏻
MtMama1776 My daughter is a nurse and works in a hospital and the hospital has told them they may not wear masks. As a result she is in a 14 day quarantine. What is this crap. Not allowed to wear them cause it might scare the patients. WTF For God and Country and #Trump
realEd_Flint @1TechnoBuddy It is usually Disney crap they copy. My one daughter is 30 and she copied all that crap back in the day. Remember Benghazi. KAG
Faukn_A St. Cloud, MN Tough day but one of my best friends is helping me through and also he introduced me to @WestworldHBO - holy crap, how did NO ONE tell me about this? Radio journalist @WJON_News. @macalester grad. devoted to music + books. state parks wanderer. go @WhiteSox. my phone is probably about to die.
JacindaRivera8 Kingsville Texas I should be excited for my birthday but holy crap; time is flying by and the day is coming quick. I don’t want it to come. Get muddy, race, hunt, weld and ride bikes but first, lift💪🏽 Snap Jacinda24
JoonSeokie she/her | 22 | Rkive I hope all my friends know my extroverted bottom is about to be bugging the crap out of them during this lock down lol it’s been a day and the lack of social interaction is killing me namhopekook enthusiast. ot7 stan. writer of fics. welcome.
MamaKnow @medstudentsaga @MedStudentChat No way, it's not selfish. These are all huge things. We can see that other people are suffering and still have to process a crap time for ourselves. I feel so bad for my M4 friends. Match Day is student-only and it's just not the same at all. America's oldest journalist turned medical student. Probably. World champion social distancer since '81. (she/her/hers)
LungTaffy Three Arm Junction, NJ @braverbeast I waa visiting Philly the other day and snapped at my bro for even MENTIONING the virus in a public place (a ramen house of all locations). Life is tough enough without being reminded of the obvious crap going on in this country right now. Drops of solar mutagen fixin' to roam
Perdition_Wood Peterborough, Ontario @Artemis_bread Like my dads store is nearly out of stock because of this crap and he hasnt had a day off in a week They/them. 18. Podcast lover. 1st year uni student. In ed recovery. Just trying to get through life. Bad times are tough but not tougher than me.
dongulfo Internet My day is totally normal until I turn the tv on and see this crap, hasn't affected me one bit. Closet crier. Ring leader. Former child star.
kirk_bridgers Louisville, KY @MrDanZak Who drinks that crap? Anyway, my coffee does not print Qatari and Chinese propaganda every day. So there is that. Carpe Vitam, Cards, God and Guns, the backbone of America retweets not endorsements Sarcasm easier with 280 @bridgers_kirk main account
louda923 Florida @KeeblerOrganElf My gym closed the day care and cancelled all group classes but everything else is open and I’m like wipe the crap out of everything I touch!!! Medical school applicant ☤ Hopeful future surgeon • Chemistry/Biochemistry BSc. • Colombian • Coffee lover • Sleep deprived •
ryuol_ death 👉🏻👈🏻 ty for following me- i like to say My ART,ill improve one day.. i mean im kinda lazy and crap but ill get some art done.. i have 2 wip 🥺🥺one of them r baby jkk but like precious child even tho im making them a year older than m- oh umm yea. the other one is an idol,crying I’m dead. -PLEASE DONT COPY,USED,EDIT,REPOST,TRACE MY ART 🎈- uwu
panistroglodyte Hermitage First in a series of pieces re how I feel about the Coronavirus and the crap that surrounds it. At the end of each post is a photo of a crow because I keep calling it Corvid-19 and then a good thing that happened in my day. Hermit
DarthChillash European Union @IAmToastMan Toxic is when an Xbox fan says: "I'm enjoying my game" and an evil person jumps to his thread to say that Xbox sucks and there is no reason to own one. Unfortunately I see this crap Every. forking. Day. IT sysadmin, Linux fan, technology slave. A fan of video games. Also a writer for @LordsGamingNet. Human.
Shandy1121 Orange Park, FL This entire thread is very interesting... scary but helpful... meanwhile my work doesn't give a crap and has me reporting in as usual to handle thousands of disgusting dollar bills all day long around clients who refuse to self isolate. #BankersLife Book Addict, Girl Friend, Mother and Geeky Weirdo. Remember...just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right!
deathletterx @SeaOfThieves Dude my only day off and I get 7 minutes. This is complete bull crap you could at least give a 30 minute warning for us to have time to sell our treasure we worked very hard. Get your crap together This is is inconsiderent to the people that pay your bills.
davfalcon United States 6AM on a Sunday, My favorite time of the day. I’m going to sit on the couch, listen to a podcast, and enjoy my coffee and try not think about the crap going on in the World. This is my ‘Me Time’. #Serenity #NoWorries Original Florida Boy, Web Content Strategist. I tweet about Pop Culture🌎, Pro Wrestling🤼‍♂️, Geek stuff🔭, Hockey🏒, & whiskey🥃.
reece_marlow @MannyMua733 I’m on day 3 of self isolation my body is aching, and my coughing is getting worse feel like crap. 😭😭
reece_marlow Can someone help me out... On day 3 of self isolation my body is aching, and my coughing is getting worse feel like crap. What do I do??😭 #coronavirus #CoronaVirusUpdates #selfisolationgame #uk @BorisJohnson @NicolaSturgeon #COVIDー19 #coronapocolypse #lockusdown #COVID
buttercupbobbby Stream Fine Line by HS @leaagoeesraawr Like my mouth has been dry all day today and I need to cough but I’m like oh crap like what if I have it and ugh I’m just freaked out this is dumb •Fan Account• Bobby and KnJ are my favorites! I still live as if I’m 12 and 1D is still together🤡
suzjdean Charleston, SC & DC @bean2131 I’m sorry that any of us are dealing with this crap. My animals are passed out thankfully, they are used to my sleepless nights now. I will most likely crash in a day or two and then my immune system will take another hit. What a ride this is 😔 MY #NATS ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!! #allcaps #gamecocks I tweet a lot about baseball...sorry, not sorry.
Mer_ee_ah Coming home to my amazing husband and my puppies after a crap day at work is the best feeling. Rest in piece Pixie. You were a such a big love of mine.
CheckLit Manila, Philippines My dad made me listen to Nessun Dorma (as well as other arias and classical greats) when I was younger. Annoyed the crap out of me back then, but grateful for it now. This is so beautiful, even more at a time of crisis. Here’s hoping it makes your day better as it did mine.♥️ ESPN5 Sportscaster. Event host. Books. Animals. Adventure. Saved by grace. If angry, appease with food. Deuteronomy 31:6.
shawn3k @mile12hurts On one end this is an introverts dream come true...and on the other...I’m like kid is going to really balk at waking her up to start her school day AT HOME. Proud Mom, Army Wife. Teacher Assistant. NERD. Star Gazer. Hiker/camper. Very sweary. Love: kids/husband. Harry Potter. Reading. The ADK. Pro Vax inc HPV & FLU.
moto6ix @Rogers Stay off coax, crap service. As far as ignite goes, it's just a branding it's not really anything new, it's still there cable network which is crap. I switched over to bell fiber to the house and let me tell u it's like day and night. I have 36 devices and my house. Next......
aschlaepfer San Francisco, CA Favorite time of day is post-shower. I can touch my face consequence free and you can bet your bottom dollar I touch the crap out of it @Bloomberg software engineer. @MIT Alum. @Seahawks fan in San Francisco. Opinions are my own.
AbelSquidHead Seattle, WA @film_girl Just think, new episode of 90 day fiancé drops soon. And holy crap the pillow talk version is even more hilarious. Such a train wreck! My wife and I can’t stop watching!!!! Principal Cloud Advocate, DevOps Lead in the #LoECDA team. Specialize in Azure DevOps and Azure. All opinions my own.
OChenault This is why I find a day of prayer so offense from the WH while they allowed crap like this to spread. I can see the body count adding up. CREATOR forgive for this rage I feel toward my government and its people for not speaking the fracking TRUTH. 2-Brain Surgery left no filter, find it hard to breathe, EV COPD Stop all Treatment, just want to be. But life won't let me. Standing up, calling it out 4 love
missnancynancy @TimHortons Your word means nothing if your franchise owners don’t enact it. It’s always been beyond difficult to get a sick day. The amount of times myself and my coworkers have been forced to work with injuries and illnesses is staggering. You don’t care about your employees. Cut the crap. Tiny, Canadian. Lover of baseball & 30 Rock. The freezing cold gives me life. San Francisco has changed you @rahel_taller.
rubidoooo Bäckefors @johnsalj @daeduz @V_of_Europe Trust me.. to have all this crap that we have here is not my choice! Im so sick and tired if all this bs & ignorance we are experiencing from the authorities every darn day so i can throw up for less! * Treat people the way you want to be treated - Talk to people the way you want to be talked to - RESPECT IS GIVEN, NOT EARNED *
hwmnylx Bay Area Baby @RosannaPhillip @Cdubey_Texas @OReasonStands @oregon_resister @og_dbl_lo_g @Harrowdown2018 @PuffDomino @ResistsPotus @ReesusP @Fah_Lo_Me @LSD122070 @LepapillonBlu @IamMultiversal @LRPow79 @KLGLASS2 @AlvarezHashi @CamiLee13 @american2084 @doxie53 @dkmzkt322 @xtraferocity @bamableu @spacecowgirl915 @gr8fulchik @sawmcdargh @sdr_medco @Rose52413 @spiritmoon7 @GranBreakingBad @EMPRESSROOTSGAL @VictoriaLAlbers @efero_patricia @4a_of It's kinda like that for me EVERYDAY. I purchased this particular piece of art at a thrift store that EXPLAINS most of my day bc of pain, depression and a crap load of other problems. Here it is. But with twitter, I found my tribe and my #BITCHCRAFT has flourished. Thank u RO. GODDESS of BITCHCRAFT & DEMOCRAT 🏈🏈49ers Til I die ZERO BERNIE BROS. Go BIDEN or WARREN !!!! TRUMPUBLIkkkUNTS MUST GO !!!
nothingtoosee0 Texas, USA Welp Crap ! My granddaughters BF was there .. and he is very sick now.. my daughter gave him a ride to school.. the next day he became symptomatic..hoping it isn’t the virus.. Disorganized Bipolar Hypermanic Ambidextrous ADHD hyper-vigilant Artist .. Mom Wife And Granny.. Just an ole peace loving freak ❤️ #resistance #resist
Reese1519 My mental and physical health is so crap right now... I don’t even know what to do with it right now. I need a freaking day off omg. all of the things I won't post on my original twitter. OGT:taylorreese27
Lorelei69 @ColoradoCatie I don’t know what this crap is but in my day, we just rolled a doobie and liked it. Didn’t need all this butter or margarine or whatever it is paraphernalia... Identifies as // kalamata olive //. lacks empathy. 64 countries as of 2020.
sorchamcgowan Sheffield Can people stop sharing this kind of crap pls. It's utterly and completely false and it can be so harmful if people fall for it. How is it in this day and age with so much information freely available people happily believe any old crape written by morons. It really boils my piss Landlady, scientist, enabler.
Thetrut54051138 @celticghirl0106 Yes exactly bump into a mate and he tells u how crap family life is etc next min a post pops up with a caption” luckiest guy around” 😂 I could talk celtic all day, if someone looked into my head and counted how many hours a day I think about them it would be crazy!
_mercdes26 Hell 🇲🇽🇺🇸 I upset I shouldn’t be upset because this is high school crap but I’m upset that I give advice and you go and discredit me. Why am I gonna let my day be ruined over this? Missing exo “E X O KOKO BOP”
Loser75771363 moms basement @StupidStalkerB @Sissyricky1 I know your not gonna reply to this tweet because it's not what you want to hear but your videos have showed me how crap life as a sexless beta is and it has made me crave sex much more. I'd commit suicide if I had reached 30 and just masturbated all day but I'm 20 and got my- pathetic loser
rachelle0907 @realalexkapp @mcsassymd And there’s no one giving us time to take care of our families because we are dealing with this 😑 who’s gonna take care of us? I don’t need dooms day stock pile of crap, just normal food, my daughter is now off school for a month and we will be at work? What she gonna eat 🤷‍♀️ Wife of @masedatruth 👰🤵🏾Mom of 2-Tony & Isabella 👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼 🏳️‍🌈 Nurse,Baker,Dance Mom, Basketball coaches wife🏀 I should have my own TV show 🎥
stlgirlinlex Texas @JessicaKTx @candeegal Even with two kids it’s hard. They carry alllll their stuff allll over the house. My kids are 12 and 9.5 now and their crap is always all over. So is my husband’s, though. Well, and....our 3 dog’s toys are everywhere, too. One day I’ll miss all of it. One day. If you are here you want information about me. Can’t help. I’m a miserable follow. I hate everyone & everything. Really. Pronouns: Queen bitch/super queen bitch
britgrimesyt Tucson, AZ @FaceBasedBeauty My first summer in Tucson, I was being a stubborn little crap and I was in the pool ALL. DAY. my husband and in laws kept saying ”be careful... Tucson sun is a lot more incense than Wisconsin sun.” guess who didn't listen? 😶 guess who also regretted. 😶 Business email: Just a vet school student trying to make it through life. Also I'm a YouTuber! Please Go subscribe!! ☺️☺️☺️
EevaVictoria Lubbock Tx Happy birthday to one of my very best friends! I hope your day is as great as you are!!! We miss and love you sooooo much. P.s we live so much closer now, we need to get our crap Together lol emb_rendon Texas made, small town, country girl. Faith. Hope. Love. Night Sky. Music.
DaydreamH0bi okay SO I stole this from Bee. • this is me & my ult • I’m 24, posting soft and hard content and usually just rambling about crap • 50% hard stan, 50% soft as crap depends on my day • And I do nothing... My art is there I guess? I write the odd au? :( 🥺🥺 24 - Female - Ravenclaw - BTS - 181009, 190602&01 - Fan Account -
sleepyhead_kz California, USA I'm on a lone train Outside is freezing cold Ripping out the piece of crap Stuck deep Deep in my head And in the morning There comes another day Rising like Lazarus I am getting away now Away now :) 📝 :( 📝 :) 📝 📝 self notes 📝
Remainingareal1 @TribalShaman @UK_is_ONE @mshamburt @british_gammon Christ are you thick. Where have I said I will avoid? I will follow advice and go about my day as normal. If I get the virus I will get it....stop making crap up. Middle of the road. Against fake news, mass hysteria, Hypocrisy, all religion and lies.... and the EU as it is now.
angelgeartamer East Pasadena, CA @NBCLA You guys only post stuff that scares the sh*t out of people and never tells us if someone tested "negitive we,want to hear that one day oh I forgot my news station is acting like crap'' Hi my name is angel and I am aldos and Omar and moesargi and kazzys fan

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