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tubadwayne West Virginia I miss my Dad. He’s laid to rest about 5 minutes down the road. Seeing people tweeting dad fetish crap is just disgusting and I think I need to get off twitter for the day. I thought this would be uplifting. I teach music and it’s my favorite thing. I sing barbershop and play tuba, guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, drums, recorder, he/him/his/Mister/Sir ♌️🏳️‍🌈☕️🍫🦖
FatGirlvsWorld Washington, DC So yesterday I felt like crap and had a bit of a fever. Luckily it broke. But I have had to cram 2 days of weekend adulting into 1. My spa day is a pumice stone and some elbow grease after I get home from walking everywhere I needed to go. 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 You the only one ever Even if you’re not perfect, You’re limited edition Lego ... So please, you just do you 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜
redpillbelle New York, NY My dad is super autistic, very smart and he spoiled the crap out of me. Great guy. Happy Father’s Day! Please just get married and have some kids.
melissaztweets UK I mean, most of us have trash talked ACNH once or twice but after a crap day all I want to do is escape into the game and gift my villagers stuff they don't want and buy stuff I don't need 💁‍♀️ She/Her 👸🌈 90s Baby 👶 ACNH 🍑🌷 Harry Potter 🦡 You'll either find me playing Animal Crossing or Box Set Binging. 📺
contradict I send my Dad photos of Darth Vader and Leia every Father’s Day. He’s accepted that our relationship is crap but still calls me “little Princess”. This year I took it back to some Livejournal art. quite contrary
lanuovasuzy Seattle, WA @daeshikjr @Mariners “Just doing my job” is taught on day one of white people 101. This is just further gaslighting and I’m so sorry you have to deal with this crap. I cook, I vote, I geek. Lifelong @padres fan. CJR advocate. Digital Director @evincocampaigns. Thoughts are mine (and fleeting).
Neek49 @Ocado My delivery is now an hour and a half late. My family has had to cancel Father’s Day plans because of a Covid outbreak at my sons school. So we are stuck at home. I was going to try and make Father’s Day special at home. Guess not huh. Thanks for your contribution to a crap day
Perflexed919 @rafi_dot_net My youngest just got a job that pays him enough to survive. The difference in him is like night and day. Meanwhile I watch my daughter still get paid crap wages and spend most of her off time doing side jobs. The oldest would do a lot better without so much student debt. I know it's just not me that's rational
dtoner67 Minnesota, USA @Recook63Russell Guilty as charged..I know it doesn't help and even the momentary rush I get from debunking this crap is short lived..I need to be reminded of my own hypocrisy//I'll be good for the rest of the day..TY Ah, well, I am a great and sublime fool. But then I am God's fool, and all His work must be contemplated with respect...MAGA
EmmerichOf @ASMR_Amy good thanks .... i'm just at my mums ...bit crap that its fathers day and my dad not around **passed in 2016**. but hes in my thoughts .....i see your Sunday is going very well 😉 .....who are you looking all sexy for ? .... it better be meeee :P x
lisakucman Toronto @beccablandish Yes I do a sweep of my emails with the Fathers' Day ads and get rid of them. And I stay off Facebook on the day of. I don't need any "your dad is the first love of your life" crap. I thought about buying myself a present for parenting myself, and I might. Tech writer (professionally) + funny (spontaneously). Craft beer. Escritora técnica (profesionalmente) + graciosa (espontáneamente). Cerveza artesanal.
alleyesonaj Houston, TX PSA; Keep all that happy Father’s Day to the single mom’s crap off my timeline. Today is for fathers and not single mothers. If you feel like you should be wished a happy Father’s Day you should’ve made better choices and the man that you had a child with. Hard Work is Easy Work! #MusicLover #HiphopHead #TeamEmployed #FamuMarching100 #KKPsi_DI #OmegaPsiPhi DAB ✈️ TLH ✈️ IAH
KevinHa41700577 Well this is a crap day. My aunt died and now my sister in law has been rushed to hospital and is receiving end of life care. There are times that everything pales into insignificance. Happy go lucky manic depressive, ardent Europhile and anti Johnson, anti Tory and pro anyone who’ll vote against them
zordfort @Right_NotLeft @rhondacarlisle9 My birthday is that day and I’ve been around seven decades have never heard of Juneteenth until last couple of years it’s bull crap
Wtfed3 @KnowYourValue My relationship with my father is brutal. But I'm not letting today bother me. Today is June 20. Don't let crap fathers take the day from you. Make the day your own and stop giving these feeble men power over you. The 💩 in the punchbowl. Literally the worst person on twitter.
LizPalmerGold IN My dad is still dead and so are all 4 of my kids, so yep, I still hate fathers day. It's a crap holiday, just like mothers day. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. Almost a historian, wife to Eric, fur mama to Yoda and Pippa, loss mom, and the cool aunt. Love hard, Jesus first. Thoughts are mine.
NoEastWestLink NSW @Adrian_Beaky @CorrectWeight1 @MrInbetween1 @25MMCC @BobbyBouche42 @bsadams25 Don’t you get sick of going on and on about the same crap every day lying I am Azza? Bob follows me like a brown nose. oh look, he is in my follow list again. I bet you have nothing to say for that. And yes, I have a cat. It is the best cat in the world. Gay Ray visits the Toolshed at Kings Cross, he loves Big Bob from Harold and Kumar, and enjoys watching SpongeBob. Please choose a heterosexual replacement here
AnaEasy2read c!Q and c!Sam apologist lmao @anuja524 Bruh literally ikr like for I’m supposed to go to new student orientation but I can’t go to that till I have the meningitis shot or some crap and they barely informed me like the other day and my orientation is literally next week god I hate school sm ya llegaron las gorditas las gorditas de cosedor - love interacting!! - I am so loud so sorry
MonteaHughes North Fond du Lac, WI Tomorrow morning I still need to draw female corrin on my computer but how Since tomorrow is Father’s Day I’m going to my grandmas house for visit. Crap I forgot I can tell you that I really want to my dad and said happy Father’s Day dad I love you
TheMaverick21 Over there So the day goes to crap. I decide to just go to the next town and relax for the night. Watch a movie. My TV doesn't work and the hotel is sold out. 😡 This has been the most frustrating 6 days I can remember... Deaf. Pun Professional. Ellipsis Expert. Alliteration Aficionado Former doggo ranker. Roving reporter. I used to play sports for money.
HughbieDoobieDo @armandoaguiar83 @DoorDash_Help Me, and I shouldn't have. My top dasher is now gone but the issues aren't. Fathers Day tomorrow so hope this crap gets straightened out fast!
Sandra1698 USA Just remembered that tomorrow is Father's Day 🤦‍♀️ So I ran out and got my husband a new holster and a nice pistol cleaning kit. Guys was that a good call for a last minute "Oh crap I forgot" 😂 Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. -Joshua 1:9 - Parler @ sandraM
DylWingo Phoenix, AZ Had an amazing day with the gamers. Korean BBQ, Bakery, Nintendo World, Brooklyn Video Games, Brooklyn Pizza, can’t ask for much with these pals ❤️ sorry I look like crap, it was super humid out today and my hair is pretty long now 😅 24 | He/Him | University Student | Ratchet & Clank and Crash Bandicoot Speedrunner | @SMAZsr Marathon Organizer | BLM
jim_deane Lawrence, KS area @WLimestall What I love is the rapid DIY instructions on bypassing this invasive crap. I imagine what would happen if they did this without advanced notice and my pets overheated during the day. Livid would not even begin to describe it. KTOY Nom. '19, AAPT AOK Past President, AOK PTOY '16,  CERN HST, Physicist, PER, #ModPhys, Comp Phys in HS/College Curriculum Dev, STEP UP Ambassador, He/Him
Quag123 All these extra doses day after day after day after day. Yet someone who received first dose March 16th and is registered with public health for number 2 has yet to hear Jack crap re: an appointment. Clearly the system is flawed. May my death be quick and painless. #RIP Life 2.0 / Dislike all politicians equally / Budding curmudgeon / Orphan / Widower
vickistargac Australia Last day in our wee house and I’m wearing my new fluffy teddy bear pj bottoms so soft and my new @Zak_Bagans @hauntedmuseum t shirt absolutely love it showing it of so excited 😆 and yet so sad moving the weather is crap but hay that’s Australia for ya lol rain 🌧 rain 🌧 xx STRICTLY NO DMs, I am a Ghost Adventures fan girl, love my coffee ☕️ all things spooky I believe in spirits I love vampires ,witches and love the paranormal
bridget_devoy Day 1 at the beach: fell asleep and burned the crap out of my legs. Day 2 at the beach: stung by a jellyfish This is a 10 day trip, and I’m worried if something bad happens everyday am I going to live to see the end? 🦥🦖🍍
wisdomisageless Missouri, USA @watchingwheelsx @seanonolennon Yes he is. It's all this racist crap going on in America. Sad day. Funny crap. I asked to be born Black but I guess my parents didn't give a crap and I was born white. For some reason that's my fault. Crock of crap. Serial Entrepreneur, Dad, Grandad, Great-Granddad. Love them all but these Great-Grand babies are awesome. Lifelong Nascar & Racing Fan
intdizziness Ontario Canada @Tammyocanada @maej43 I spend time every day debunking crap my mom reads on Facebook and I am sure she does not believe me. It’s people like my mom that will get Thug Ford re-elected. My brother is too far gone but I think I still have a chance with my mom. Facebook sucks. Pandemic driven Twitter Addict. I used to read books, now I read twitter, is that a bad thing? Wife & Mother, reading tweets make me thankful I am Canadian.
girlyhosoi @nishihatas i feel that, my job is at a restaurant but take out only and like all day including dead periods so i have to try to walk around or do some exercises while there but sometimes i'm just lazy that really sucks :( makes me think of when school projects would totally end up crap hello!pro, johnnys & post-pdjp fan💫haga akane🧡kawana rin💚🐸beyooooonds💙H!P KSS(kirara)💖UUG(2)👃A応P💜naniwa danshi💙💚orbit 25yo/ she/her /日本語垢@chururuchuru
Renae0619 Cin City @TeaFleurde @EliasJMcClellan @LucyPesk @Snoesjoe @Luv2salzzaNina @NurseSheepie @CarrollMack82 @lauraboerman @JTraversDevine @sawmcdargh Aw! I love the 60’s but it is time to slow this crap down! Lol I know my dad is gone as well, and a lot of time my birthday falls on father day! My biggest gripe is leave me alone no dinner no presents! I don’t like them anyway to much junk😐sorry Nazy mom/nana lives and love ❤️ but don’t get it twisted. free your mind and your a$$ will follow. Biden/Harris 2020 noDm#RESIST #BLM 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
Coach__Starkey Northwest Indiana My favorite dad joke is when Joseph changed Jesus and said, "Holy crap!" Happy father's day! I teach Econ and Psych and coach Girls' Basketball. My tweets and retweets do not represent the school corporation for which I teach. They are mine!
AnnaTGusel Brooklyn, NY Friends -- looks like my account was hacked, I'm sorry for all of the crap you're been receiving from this account. Just changed my password so hopefully that'll be the end of it. Hope everyone is well and enjoying this gorgeous day. Product manager for solar + storage, EV and decarbonization at Centrica; climate change mitigation efforts enthusiast; parent, ballet dancer
vonskillz Earth @FERNAND62209620 @tariqnasheed This is what happens when you get a free or paid day off JUNETEENTH and these ungrateful immigrants talk crap on my ancestors! Troll Killa squad is in full effect today Pedro! OLE
krentcilp5 Nutley, NJ @WadhamsPeter No worries we’re just at Eric person talking crap about me in a bad way when I don’t even know the person and for him to do that is totally wrong I don’t give a crap I have my family here visiting and have a great day love you😎❣️❣️❣️ The official “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil! Love my kids, music, and Howard. #itstanmom #free2beme
Necrolords Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Hello new followers, thanks for stopping by my trash pile. You're going to see me spamming Hades and Drag Race, make crap art, 420posting, and the occasional "is it dumbass motherforker day again ?" event in which yours truly drags people on the internet. Enjoy your stay. Rae • 30 • Nonbinary • Gay aro-ace • He/they • Spain🇪🇸🇮🇨 • INFP • Married • Artist🔞 • Antis, MAPs & minors DNI • Age in bio byf • SFW acc: @Rae_Zamo
LUBOttom Bedriddenshire There's so much bureaucratic crap too and I have to make some orders from scratch because they're not made to order and I just need a forking day where my poor son is okay, I don't have a seizure and my blood is at the right forking levels. Sorry to moan. Yes, I am crying Socialist, queer, various disabilities,artist and disability history buff.
rockwoodpr @ollysmithtravel The choice is definitely yours. Every single person has to take a stand. After the first two weeks of fear, I refused to let my family live in fear. We went out every day. Researched natural treatments and made a plan for when we caught the crap. Live, love, laugh fearlessly
HazeyDaisey17 Oklahoma, USA My ex still hasn't responded to a query about what he wants to do for Father's Day. Kids are asking and I don't know what to tell them. I hate this kinda crap. How hard is it to make a plan? Then, communicate it to all relevant parties. Perpetual worrier, coffee fan, and vodka fanatic. Living on Tulsa time. She/her/Mom.
Lucky13014 Slam Diego @genesimmons My favorite part about @alicecooper to this day is how in some songs he is literally talking crap to Satan. When I saw him I looked into his ☀️ eyes and said “ Your Time is almost up azzhole “!!! LMFAO!!!! #GoPackGo
HuskkoV @Th3Kiddt_GFX @Devibility Minecraft in my opinion is getting boring and Roblox has been boring since 2016 and 2017 and they ruined themselves with community creations crap and fortnite isn't dead it's not too bad I would play it any day of the
AllisTennor Utah, United States VARIETY is very important to keeping me well and healthy. My brain just needs it! Same old crap all the time, day after day, and I just wither and die! That's got to stop. I have to be WELL I only welcome positive people on my twitter feed.If you are here for a good reason - great! If not - goodbye. I'm LDS but have a diverse religious background
Dentakesthebus @NicolaAdkins Thanks to Colin and Irene we keep discovering new friends. British and European to our very core. People who “sussed” Johnson long ag. And in our case my golf handicap is that you’re doing fine. Love the ,5. I am crap at it. 24 on a good day. Think I’ll call it 23,5. Rugby both codes. #FBPE. North of England meets South of France. European history. Theology. Hon. Doctorate.
IrvinKettyKhoza Centurion, South Africa @GLOCK___40 @Lebron777Shaun lmao no. he has one cos we are gamers at home. but trash at football. don't come here with that crap analysis. i listen to rap all day. my son is 8 but hooked to Big zulu Wayne amongst the few. one time I found him beat boxing to Nas's ether. and I ain't even a nas fan Proud Father | Political Views Are Not That of My Employer | Highly Opinionated
YorkYor26781906 Wokeness warriors take over the Pentagon What a load of crap. Thank god my 20 years didn't include any of this crap. The military is the last place we need this day and age. If so, better start learning Mandarin... Retired Professional Soldier. US Army.
sofasnuggles UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I've been slack. Its 6 months since the 2nd lockdown started and I lost my way with exercise and food. I'm 12lb heavier than I was then and I don't like it. Blowout weekend this weekend but Monday is stop eating crap & get your crap together day. #hotmilfsummer #needaboyfriend 🔞 Hopeless romantic with a filthy mind. Be a gentleman and we'll get on just fine. ⚠️NSFW
StuartWolfenden Manchester, England Because of restrictions and crap! Enough...Freedom Day fork off!! One life..Live it...Now!! They all are!!!! This is not a political post by the way. I don't do political by the way, I do life and I know bullcrap and lies when I see it. My opinion.. Love ya loved ones..Now ❤ Actor/Singer/Songwriter. @StuNatives Actor @PembertonAssocs Album Songs From A Common Man out now on Spotify/ ITUNES/ Amazon
GayDadsRule Worrying about the hubby dealing with the crap at work today, trying my best to calm two wired little boys and realising your out of Milk. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣 Tomorrow is dad’s & daddy’s day with fun planned, the boys are going to love it! ❄️ 🛷 ❄️ Keep going everyone! It’ll get better! ❤️ My weakness is Food, Cafe owner, married to @daddybeing, Daddy of Twins, walker of @broderickdog, like taking pictures & gardening #adopter #allotmenter #daddy
crap_gay Gensokyo I am in the middle of carrying a league of legends game about to close it out, and my bra-less wife brings me a sandwich (not asked for) with chips as I get a double kill bot lane. So how is your day going? She/her I love Riley more than everything Discord: Taylor ᗜˬᗜ#1220 Priv: @GayCrap
RFreakforlife Mentally At a Rock Show @tduassassin @LZZYHALE Thank you Bryan. My mental health is just complete crap makes me feel horrible..and my family constantly fighting makes everything 10x worse. Thanks for being here. It means a lot to feel less alone 🤘🤘 And I’m so happy you had a good day! You deserve it 🤗❤️🤘 |Musician| Force To Be Reckoned With| Halestorm FREAK| #RocksNotDead| she/her| #FreakFam|