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JoeTalkShow San Antonio, TX one wonders how much the #NFL is paying twitter to get all this football crap to trend all day. People aren't watching games and saying -- "honey, did you see my phone? I need to tweet about this!" Syndicated Talk Show Host🎙️📺🇺🇸 I live by MLK's Dream. Follow me -- or I can't see your tweets. Resist, resistance, FBR and profanity = mute to frustrate you
LeighAnneTuohy I try to post motivational stuff. I try to be kind uplifting and inspiring. I do NOT have it all figured out. I just wake up each day hoping the devil goes oh crap she’s up. My goal is to make a difference. I might screw up or even fail today but I’ll be back tomorrow. Bet on it! If you have seen the movie the Blindside, that's my family! We believe in the power of one and making a difference.
TimSoIo California, USA I see the crap he does every day that harms my fellow people. I see him sicking his cops on my brothers and sisters. I see him sterilizing the poor immigrants. I see millions hurting financially and going homeless. Being an empath is extra difficult because we take it personally. #Bernie2020 #MedicareforAll #Fightfor15 Criminal Justice Reform @justicedems #OverturnCitizensUnited
jon_alphapro 007- Yow mi g my brother a far we a come from enuh to this day idk anyone who can talk their way out of any situation all if is lone crap you be saying. A true fren i can always rely on and i am grateful for that 🛸🇯🇲
jeremybleroux Vancouver, British Columbia I love filmmakers. And choosing to be a screener for a festival this year was the best decision. I had crap day and after watching another filmmakers work my mood is so much better. We don't know who we can touch with our work. It's like magic sometimes. Storyteller - Writer, Director of @domchordfilm, Actor Singer/Songwriter/ Web Designer/Developer #RepresentationMatters #LGBTQ he/him
hessaxconnelly 19 || herophine’s bed @chamberlattes bro same i still have to ask my mom like a little kid 😭😭 don’t worry our day is coming and when it does im gonna buy so much random crap 💀 𝖎’𝖒 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖌𝖔𝖉?
MoxeeBeMe The other Washington🌲 @SophieSRapp 😳 My husband is leaving Thursday on his hunting trip to high country above Leavenworth. They’ll hike 20 miles/day. I keep telling him he’s a damn fool to risk exerting himself and breathing that crap, but he’s convinced they’ll be above the smoke. Men are dumb Just the right combo of sweet & salty. Doer of things, talker of people, enthusiastic eater of foods. Can’t stand hypocrites! I love weenies (no not that kind!)
mngoman02 Currently bs’ing my way thrhough these papers because wow I did not need this this week like Saturday is like ... the day when my life went to crap last year and I’ve been emotional about it and idk this just sucks. The whole paper thing is my fault lol it’s just annoying 😂 I’m not smart; I just wear glasses
kavimaz @IGN And i've watch it over and over, and probably will till the day i die, but i allways, ALLWAYS, get very upset with the jar-jar crap! It bothers me to my core. It is worst than the CGI of the movie! I don't blame the actor btw, i blame the character.
JJennyJoe1 @fairy_garcia_ @TaraMoffatt1 @blaireerskine And before you say how tough teachers have it, you’re sitting there jacking off behind a screen all day, being an bottom to your students. Meanwhile my husband teaches in a classroom, so save me your “teaching is so stressful” crap. We all know it’s a lie. I’m a white lady who calls out other white ladies who are being racist. black lives matter. ✊🏽 if you disagree, then GFY.
Uhh_C posting daily My dad is explaining old school football to me. he said “back in the day they hated each other. after the game they’d piss in a bottle and give it to the other team. they’d crap in a pizza box and send it to the other team.” where is he getting this info. Slow RideTake It Easy !!!
smthwsngal @B_KIND_R3WIND @ThatEricAlper Damn Duran Duean is one of my guilty pleasures. They were huge when my parents got cable and this channel MTV came on one day. That was my intro to music that wasnt kid stuff or my parents Neil Diamond or country crap. my pronouns are cum projectionist and space whore. member of the excessively large penis mens support group Wisconsin chapter....its a curse
JSabuki @GovJanetMills @nirav_mainecdc @MEPublicHealth It’s all bull crap. And all you lemmings still listening to their ridiculous narrative are over trusting imbeciles. This is DAY 184 of ... ...WAIT FOR IT ... “ 15 DAYS2 SLOW the SPREAD” REPEAT that to yourself one more time please. My gawd people ; THINK for YOURSELF !
EPLcentre Australia Kylian mbappé ?Im sorry if you believe that crap your naivety and dumbness will one day get you hurt. This is stupid this is ridiculous how many people can i mute on my tweeter feed.Ffs we r about to see Levi snatch a left back right under our nose while we play ego with RMadrid all the way from Downunder Australia #LaLaker #Manchester United #Football #NBA #AFLbulldogs #NRL #storms #Sports whats life with out sport
leefurohyg2 Rome, GA @Historian_Steve I wake up in the morning and start my day angry just at the way the avalanche of crap falls out of my news run down. From the content itself to the way it is covered. He “misspoke”, no he lied. Then the “I’ll negotiate a third term.” Just causal fascism. Contributor: @YellowJackedUp Adjunct Professor of Political Science
STFUImTweetn0_o Global @WeAre__Warriors I hope this makes you still hang in there... trust I get tired like you, in fact my tired is tired and f****n tired of this crap every day. I will be glad when its over whether I live or die, Its death dealing with this pos and his stupid crappy friends and enablers. Live still Diva Fragrance| |CiCi Fashionista: | I🔺M Not Addicted To #Tweetn,Im Committed|#Luminista Business
mokiesunshine ❤️will always be in Cleveland some crap hit the fan at work and it did not end up being the best day… Was kind of in a mood to be honest… Went and got my mail, my Ipsy bag got here! This is the best $13 you can spend in a month! They even send you a makeup bag… This month it could be Cavs colors, right??? Proud Italian-American 🇮🇹🇺🇸Lifetime Cleveland sports fan, music lover, lousy bowler, decent baker. *no direct msgs please* 🏈Browns🏈 #D4L
ThompsonsTigers NTI is not my favorite. It’s been a crap day especially with technology. But I managed to find some positivity one being a couple S’s I Am poems... I can’t wait to get them all back and present them ❤️🥰 Wife. Momma of 2 girls. Teacher of tiny humans.
Dejan_Kovacevic Pittsburgh, PA OK, my point — made emphatically in the poll below — is that the Steelers’ actual fan base couldn’t give less of a crap about reality-TV fare like this as compared to actual football ... so who does? And who on this day was pretending they do care? And how out of touch are they? Columnist/creator of Pittsburgh's pioneering sports journalism site/app, father of two spectacular children
Dr__Guess London, England @rachelepojednic @FatEmperor There’s an epidemic of “I’m bored of my crap day job and just want to be famous on the TV/internet” folks. I get it. Being contrarian for a living is lucrative (Anne Coulter, Katie Hopkins, the Sandy Hook denier Guy). It rarely achieves anything positive for anyone else. Head of Nutrition at DDI; Assoc Prof at UoW; Research Fellow at KCL; co-Director of @citydietitians. I research #prediabetes #T2D and their pathogenesis.
Brandon147hl Evansville, IN @mattmeinsen @hurricanefreak @jimcramer Ohh crap! Just saw this. My apologies. I don’t spend all day on twitter responding to all that ask a question. I work full time for a living and also run my own business. The answer to yours though is no I do not. What’s your point. Hint, I know where your going here.
Nkla4D @nikolatrevor @nikolatrevor my man,dont release a thing till the Battery day is over....Let the hype settle and release some big news. If u do before then,nobody gives a crap.Hang on tight,lets squeeze some shorts! Nikola w/ H2 and/or electric! #GlobalLeader
JaymieBellis @GaryBarlow Having a really, really, really, really crap day. One of those when I just need a cry. Seeing your name pop up just made me smile. 😍Ps there is no such things as peace in my house with 3 kids and 4 dogs 😂✌️😍
deweaver51 Lawton,oklahoma @thekjohnston Me too. I’ll be 70 on Inauguration Day and this is the first time I’ve been ashamed of my country. This is straight up Nazi crap.
EdikFurry Czechia They say: "live every day as if it was your last!" If I would do that, I wouldn't do anything else than fork and beat the crap out of people. That is why I don't live every day as if it was my last. Simple. pro: free speech, gender equality, kindness & an intact environment. contra: racism, sexism, homophobia & decaffeinated coffee.
Confused4Life27 @Brayden_King_ Supporting Trump is the least of my issue with Taker. It's the anti-BLM propaganda he supports & campaigns for. Blue Lives, shirts mocking peaceful BLM protests, and saying ignorant crap like 9/11 is the worst day in American history & saying it showed how great America can be.
kerryp73 Kingsclere, UK @MUMOFTWO29 Just a crap day. Son is not well and off school but he doesn't listen. Its frustrating. Hormones and anxiety are to blame for my outbursts. Thankyou for your kindness when your also having a rubbish time x Mum to two autys, lifelong vegetarian, rather fond of rock/metal music!
Proud_Mama1 @TheMistressRox You've made my day with this video. Crap work day and needed a lift so thank you. Loving how the dog is sitting there as if he's thinking "I'm not getting involved in this" 😂 Politically Homeless, Wide Ranging Opinions. Interested in opposing views. Mum, Wife, Worker, Woman🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
denwilson @drmikeg2 @KCCINews First, 2% is a crap number. If that was true we'd have retail and day care providers dropping like flies. Not happening. If I was a professor? Sure, I'd teach. It's my job. When my company opens the office again I'll be back day one. I go golfing and other activities every week.
debbiefreddie @JordanMckie @HarrogateNHSFT @NYorksPolice Yep! It about summed my day up :( we do our best for the environment, work(as parking is crap) and our health and this is the thanks we get 😡
luther_drew New York, USA @Junie32423 @AppleGenesis24 My day is fine. But I wanted to go to Highschool for the first time in person but it turns out I wasn’t on the list and I was signed for virtual online learning. In a couple of days my parents will sort that crap out. FUN
gorby28640 Wales @4golfonline Yep...played crap but my boy was worse and any win over him these days is a great day 🤣🤣🤣 Philosophers have interpreted the world - the point, however, is to change it!
sailor_love93 California, USA I dunno why my mind is like this, but I'll go weeks thinking I look like crap, then one day, like today, I'll see myself and think I'm SUCH A CUTIE WOW
KodyMDotson Anchorage, AK I hope everyone is doing good. Because of the presidential election coming up and my occupation I’ve been working a crap ton and have been exhausted when I’m not working. Please forgive my lack of Tweeting. Side note: ONE MORE DAY UNTIL THE PS5 EVENT!!!!! Have a good day! 29 | TMNT | MARVEL | DC | The Last of Us | PSN: Kodyak907
deerrose Mother Earth Spending the day deep cleaning because I’ve just been so busy with so many doc appts and work and home schooling. I can’t keep up. The house is crazy. Why did my health have to crap out when I need it the most? Mother Bear
MhairiFling @ALadyofReason1 @RealCandaceO Not me, because I'm older, and this kind of crap wasn't 'taught' in my day. This is a new thing and I believe it's not just the US. HCQ works. #MAGA #KAG Fly Over Country. It's an agenda. Get BLM out of K-12.
ozlangur Ingebirah My brain‘s been running on a mania treadmill all day that should leave me now exhausted and needing to pull away from it for sleep but instead it is exhausted but still ready to go on and let any old crap pour out of its energetic density. Shut up, brain, you don’t know me. ...autistic saveloy; sexual pulsar; monkey-brained solipsist; homophilic hermit; mythical creature of the forest, body wet with the dew of heaven...
lucidkiloz ☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆⌒★⌒☆ ⌒ ☆⌒★ this is an eating disorder vent account | she/they | minor **** is one of those oomfs i don't interact w much but they're litrally always on my tl and blow up every day for doing dumb crap (but i love them) (was babypanda_kgs) when i become skinny it's over for y'all
hedmojave Indianapolis, IN This crap has been pushed to the top of my timeline at least three times in the last day. I don't follow it. Its only been "liked" by a progressive I follow. WTF is wrong with you @jack ? And to the undercover pedos out, I didn't read it. Don't need to. 45. Married to a woman too good for me. Three great kids. Trying to make it happen everyday. I've given alot, BUT I've GOT MORE!
annieok88 London, England @E_L_James Agree, never felt so strange before! Animals can be a pleasant distraction. My objective today when I get up is to clear the potting shed of Prams and crap from when time began 😂 enjoy your day Animals Animals Animals Beauty History Weird HaHa General News YouTube
rachlove31 Lincolnshire @matthaig1 My mental health is getting worse every day. I can’t cope with much more Covid and crap from our government even before the economic effects from Brexit start kicking in Slave of a toddler, 4 horses, 1 dog and 3 ducks, lover of wine, good food and chocolate. New business owner - eek! European yellowbelly 🇪🇺
startupsoda Australia SmartCompany: No rational person wakes up in the morning and thinks: “My goal today is to be a crap boss and to make the working day for my team members hell”. #StartupSoda - A daily hand curated email of the best news, blog posts and tactical resources from Australian #Startups, #Founders & #VC's. #startupaus
notcrowie London, England @StMaryMacKiller As privilege, getting AusStudy was v hard, and my parents were dead against it (story for another day - that was horrible). Getting means tested was crap. So... When I dropped out & worked for six months, that's where Independent Persons Allowance came in. It was & is everything Technically an Idiot °°° Still Believe °°°
mrsspar Tintagel, Cornwall @franhealy Today is my last day of quarantine. I’d like to say I’ve got loads of things done that I’d never normally have time to do, but I haven’t. Literally 2 weeks of sitting on my backside watching crap tv and eating crap food! Owner @ Tintagel SPAR. Music makes the world a happier place to be. A northern girl (??) living in Cornwall. Imagine all the people, living life in peace.
SmartCompany Melbourne, Australia No rational person wakes up in the morning and thinks: “My goal today is to be a crap boss and to make the working day for my team members hell”. The voice of Australian entrepreneurship. Got a tip? Email us at Our editors: @ellykeating, @JournoStef, @mjelmas & @brontekmchenry.
neenuhleeuh BKR day three of online classes and i had a full three hour synchronous session for thesis from 8:30-11:30 and now i can't join my ongoing 3 PM class cos Zoom eats up too much wifi and our wifi is crap 😀😀😀 kaya pa ba nina liu i’m hoping to do some good in the world | 📩
Curlygirlymanda Pearland, TX I remember when Apple launch day in high school is what everyone was looking forward to, y’all would watch in class and get so excited all talking about it. Now y’all grown and have to use your own money and I barely see the launch day crap on my tl 😂😂😂 •Short & Sweet•
Tamara91881414 Every day that passes the day month and year my life is crap nothing happens and something happens l don`t want to live a life controlled by others it`s not worth living like this 🐋🐋🐋
nickselman Chicago, IL Flu shot makes me feel like mild crap for a day+ and I hate how sore my arm is, but damn is it a privilege to get one in under 5min and for $0 out-of-pocket. Can I pet your dog? Growth @Draftbit • founder stan account • also tweet about BLM, NYY⚾️, ☘️🏈, and becoming a dad • He/Him

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