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sm17572808 Central, NY @robreiner My God I wish you would just go ahead and block me so I don't have to see you delusional crap every day. But honestly, it is kind of funny to see you lose your crap because of Trump.. Disgusted with Democrats and Republicans. Small government conservative. Don't push your agenda on me and we'll be fine. Do not message me if I don't know you!
CayleyTom @DAZN_CA Quality has been in and out crap all day for all NFL games on all devices in my house. my internet is flawless. this needs to get better and soon. its rediculous
Ruby_Snowdrop Canada I don’t like fireworks or loud noises, especially when I am not expecting them. Summertime is a crap show with cottagers coming up and firing that crap off nearly every single night…. I finally started calming down from a bad mental health day only to panic and lose my crap She/her. Asexual Aro Queer Bookish Gardening Video Game Nerd 🌱 🌈 We all matter and we are all valid and loved ❤️ Be excellent to each other 💕
GAgirIXO @ReverendWarnock Do NOT let them steal this election, GA! Vote on Dec 6, in person! This early voting and mail in ballots crap is how they are rigging elections. My vote will be cast and my voice heard on the day of the run off and it will be for @HerschelWalker. 🔥She’s been thru hell, so believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into the fire and smiles...🔥 🇺🇸America 1st!🇺🇸Conservative🍑FJB
OriginalEddieH British Columbia, Canada @Mamacita4life He died Sept 2020. Like not even two years after their 63rd wedding anniversary. Fell and broke his arm, with no access to critical care. Lockdown crap. Oddly enough his death date is same day as my dad's father's date. Just many years apart. I’m the maker of happy dreams.
vicki90235029 @ScottRRosa @atrupar Yes both parties spew their crap. In all my years though which is plentiful I have never seen and heard such hate. Never seen our Capitol being attacked and hearing all the hate and violence that day. All because their God did not win.
Hulk4MVS Earth-616 @SpaceGMultivers Dude should feel bad for saying second hand embarrassment inflicting crap like this, like get off your high horse man. “Well my character is more likely than yours” okay and? At the end of the day we’re both accounts advocated for freaking cartoon characters to be in a video game Just a guy who wants #Hulk in #multiversus, main account: @mediocreproduc4
samquotebot Whatever you do? Don't go to where this crap started at, down- down in the bottom, that place is terrifying, it-... Oh my god, I was stuck down there for an entire day. An entire night and day. 24 hours. I was.. I had to eat my own flesh. DSMP Awesamdude quotes every hour. DM for quote requests! TW for potentially upsetting content such as torture and violence. Run by farfran on tumblr :}
Ahhmandah Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa NZ robot vacs are like 20x cheaper to run, and do all the work for you. since getting nice flooring and robovac I've run it every day and!!!! all that crap was going into my carpet!!! go out to walk the dog and it mops the whole house? get outta town the modern life is incredible Writer of the upcoming Unruly Tourists Opera. @thefanbrigade. comedian. dumb bitch. she/her
DanielleFHaney Las Vegas, NV @azPRninja Holy crap, that is horrible😢, how ironic, my daughters BFF, also 30 was tragically killed in car accident day after too. No, there are no words that can express. Heartbreaking, and this time of year especially. 😢😢 🎯 #DanielleFHaney - Content Creator for #CRE #Development #selfstorage - #Marketing #Video, #GraphicDesign #Henderson #LasVegas #Nevada ❤️our Valley.
infinite_30122 Kampala @dfcugroup your app is crap. I have an emergency and I cannot access my account because of your app and *240# In this day and age you guys are forking useless
publicradionerd London/Shakespeare Country This is too good a game of football to have on in the background while I try and get my book chapter sorted. lol. The first two games of the day were a bit crap...which was useful; got a lot done. @LAMDAdrama alum, formerly @PBS & @masterpiecePBS...and crazed possessor of a PhD in Shakespeare. @actforchangehq & @thediverseschool. Nuts about public radio.
Anversailles The edge of the known universe @KongkongSimp I wanna make illustrations before minecraft art! And my survival world is still crap I only have armor and a hole inside a mountain for a house atm since I just started the other day 😂 Struggling artist. Fan of everyone's art.
RhondaAdler6 Phoenix, AZ @hvcenterprises @Solidus316YT @WayneDupreeShow You must be wealthy. Try being in my shoes I have to buy crap for groceries, struggle each day to make ends meet. Life is hell for the lower income and aged. I am WOMAN I welcome responses to tweets. I tweet my opinion and some facts. I do not propose to know it all, just how I feel. I believe in equality for ALL!!!
TrinathanPlays Lancaster, PA Seeing all theses cheating/bad judging crap at Pokemon events is frustrating. Aven was cheated out of day 2 @ the Atlantic City regional a few years ago.. It was his first big event. It probably happens a lot more than reported. My wallet and heart are happy he switched to LoR. LoR Fiend and casual streamer, Master every season played Full time Husband and dad of 9 kids. apathetic homesteader, average memer.
PWDPride @DaWhiteTyger @caseyofm LOL, so you've seen my attempt to hammer on the pope's head? "Rescind the DoD!" "Rescind the DoD!"" "Rescind the DoD!" Can't believe I tweet it every day and still haven't gotten a response. How hard is this crap, seriously? Europeans didn't discover sh*t. The First Peoples did.
richardamonk1 scarning,dereham, norfolk, UK @elonmusk i rent my house i would love to have the money to make my landlord a offer,,im not getting any younger my mental health is crap i miss my wife and shepherds my landlord never does a thing but cries on the phone if im a day late paying rent,, wtf anymore 🇺🇦I'm rich my life is my shepherd preeya,countryside walks,animals,wildlife,passionate,big heart,kind,mad sense of humour,gooner growing older🇺🇦07511630725
ianatkinson8bto @danielgoyal Not against them working those hours but I am against the fact that I have to take a day off from work to phone for an appointment at 8 am to be told at 8.05 when my call is answered to try again the next day as none left. I start work at 7 and have no phone access, crap systems
Radiant_Is Somewhere Out There Just stopping by to give you a good night hug, sister🫂💜 I hope your day was okay, and nobody was giving you crap. My day isn't done yet, but I'm not too busy for you😊🥰 Sweet, peaceful dreams. Love you sis. I hope you have a restful sleep. God bless you🫂🫂💜💜🙏🙏 @Vaniity Hello loves. I'm a writer of many things, dreamer, thinker, believer, trans woman. Trying to create a personal account discussing thoughts and ideas. Let's talk
YRthegdnamestkn Still have a cough from a non COVID illness. I was in bed for a day, spent another napping off and on and have consumed way too much cold and flu meds. I've had all my COVID shots including 2 boosters plus the flu vaccine. There is crap going around. I appreciate invigorating discussions. You try to change my mind, I'll try to change yours. But if I have to read for you, it's game over.
Nobody12311979 My bank account is in the negative, stupid drives test, and I’m trying to budget without knowing what my pay check is going to look like. So I have crap I am dealing with. Not stressing it will be fine one day at a time.
Elessel Alone Above A Raging Sea @mynameisBethS @atrupar Look, I get what you are saying. But literally my feed is filled with him and his crap. All day long. When can we start amplifying important matters to Dems, and Dem candidates for that matter? All the time it's TFG and his disgusting dinner guests Somewhere in a lonely hotel room there's a guy staring to realize that eternal fate has turned its back on him. It's 2 a.m.
DavidDo76072178 Best part of my day is blocking dems and libtards and any one else that spews hate . And tolerance of this or that ... block shut up ! . Block shut up .you can talk crap somewhere else . Why no i do not belive your a woman 258 lbs man with a mop for hair. . Pop pop , dispatcher ambulance service, kick bottom Guitarist! , next level . designer of new toys for the betterment of the world .
customshop47 Paradise🍄 @KevinMNelsonUSA My question is if you were given millions of dollars to sit there and lie all day on TV what would you do? Because we know a lot of these fake news media outlets are getting paid millions of dollars to spill their crap on TV all day long. FF/PM Patriot ULTRA MAGA. #FJB. pure blood freedom fighter 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
lainyj12 IA ➡️ OH @BoniBuckeye As an outsider watching my two observations were holy crap Michigan’s defense is nasty and Day got out coached. Freedom. Personal Responsibility. Jesus. Family. Iowa Hawkeyes.
TheKidEKM North Fort Myers, Florida @Louisa_Rob0510 @banksalorian So we are opposites... I can't stand Roman Reigns and Brock is my favorite Legend of All Time on my Legendary List cause he dont need to be on my present day list which is Ricochet as Number 1 since Brock is my Legend: Number 1. But Roman is Zero, Crap, & crap. Loser... Nothing. I'm a Former Soccer Player, a Bowler with 15 Trophies and 25+ Rewards. And been a Wrestling fan of WWF/E since I was a kid. My Age is 30 and I'm a Libra.
RudeBwoy_ke Nairobi My day is just crap ;My beer frozen, my girlfriend is pregnant and burnt my pizza 😭 😭 😭. I just can't pull out anything on time 💔 😥 We rise again //Content rich 🌟 🔥 //Manchester United fan//comrade//Basketballer 🏀//Nerd 🖋 🎓//England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
gcampbellmusic Scotland @DiamondandSilk Stop spreading dangerous misinformation and fear. You’re grifting. Pretty much every adult in my country in vaccinated. The worse side effect people have is a sore arm for a day or a few flu symptoms. Enough of this crap. Scottish. Guitar player
JR1101nov07 Aurora il @DavidHaugh I just turned on my tv to watch Michigan/Ohio st and then all of the games to follow the rest of the day ! Any way a world cup soccer game is on fox at the half no score ! How in the world do people watch this crap soccer is the most boring game ever devised by men
justmissyinca CA @LanceStorm All 4 of us have had it. My 2 little humans have and still have it, My husband is hitting the end and I'm doing that 24 hour thing.. I feel like crap w a fever, then the next day I am ok. I am a mother of 2 Boys and Happily Married to my soul mate and best friend. Simple: If you cant handle me at my worst, you dont deserve me at my Best
vbi_kun Your tea supply I went out for sushi for a friend's bday yesterday.... Holy crap that was the freshest fish and beef I ever tasted. My new favourite sushi is now a Ribeye Wasabi roll. Also I am getting Pokémon Violet for Christmas and I am SO happy! Wooooooooooooooooh Anyway how's your day? アレストー ユー/Arresto Yu CEO of the VBI. Meme connoisseur - Tea enjoyer - Space enthousiast 🇳🇱🇬🇧🇮🇪 Links/tags in pinned tweet. Mom: @koziichu
CheekyRaveness Birdtown, Illinois There is not a day that goes by that I am reminded about the gatekeeping chuds in my hobby space. While I may not actively paint or collect minis, I am more of a fan of the communal lore and video games. I had to put up with crap for years without rocking the boat too much. Muslim. Born Jewish. Married to @DatLadyAli. Loves: Birds, DnB, 40k, Cars, etc. PFP by @Yamer (She/They) Best 💫CANON💫♀️ 🏳️‍🌈 headcovering Astartes
RosyMarie23 You know what’s really funny is the last time I came to get an oil change they suggested I fix all these “problems” but somehow overlook that my battery and alternator were crap & I ended up stranded at the flea market the next day lol Proverbs 3:5. 🇲🇽🇺🇸
RealErnesto95 Chile @ErgoFoxxxy @ShinjiTheCuban No they don't. My family eats once a day. Yes, people are not being executed because there are other ways of oppressing people that are far more sophisticated. You should know that. Healthcare is crap. Hospitals have nothing. You most likely die from and infection He/Him/Él | Follow/RT ≠ Endorsement | #EnCubaHayUnaDictadura | Gamer | Izquierda y Derecha son direcciones |Escribo cosas que nadie lee | Libre | Gracias 🇨🇱❤️
mamabearcatlady @dopestamine :) Yap! My son got here on Wednesday, and he's been sleeping 12-15 hours A DAY. Normally, he is lucky if he gets 4-5 hours. The mattress is crap, so it must be just being home. :) Enjoy your time together, and your sleep! 💕 Inattentive. Don't hit or shame kids. Cats are dope. Runs on kindness, coffee and anxiety. Deconstructing toxic faith. First gen immigrant. She/Her #ПутинХуйло
cpridmore01 South Carolina, USA @teaandme28 Ikr. Hope your day is getting better. And better than yesterday anyway. If u ever need to just rant, my dms are open to listen. I've had a crap week myself. I hate every fn thing rn. But im trying. 😆 💚💙 Boutique Owner. Adult. Larry af! 🌈Louis Tomlinson is the greatest songwriter of his generation!
csamarchive ac catmunches Whatever you do? Don't go to where this crap started at, down- down in the bottom, that place is terrifying, it-... Oh my god, I was stuck down there for an entire day. An entire night and day. 24 hours. I was.. I had to eat my own flesh. quotes, videos, gifs, & pics every 10 minutes
Growing_Hoss 400,000ft above you New crap is produced and published every day, stop it, and fix yourselves This is my non-horny, half hour of writing (going to miss Gigi growing vixen) macro/ micro size shifting she-stallion goddess heavily super NSFW roleplaying writer don't randomly DM but my DMS are open
markeltro @botzarelli @Voodoo_Roy That was my reaction. If Twitter goes, I'm going too. Most of those I see complaining about the crap on their timeline spend all day arguing and engaging with it, so are literally asking for it. If they want to know who the audience for bullcrap is, it's them Publisher of Workplace Insight, IN, Works and Work&Place. Writer. RSA Fellow. Stoke City supporter. Dad. Sceptical optimist. Whippet owner. No flat cap.
VodkaStudios @JoeFlamesfan3 @VoteSkeletor @JVJBell11 @Tinker07235497 @TheoFleury14 What is in my fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and farm raised bison exactly? I do try to avoid all the crap foods, sometimes I eat them, but I do not eat them every day. We make music, videos, and stories.
RociCrewMember Putting it out in the world my cat is not eating and it is worrying the crap out of me. She is an older cat, takes 6 meds a day and I fear she is giving up. I really hope it is nothing serious. I'm not ready for a future without her. If you see this please pray for her health. (she/her)
simasuccar Homesick 🇸🇾 Having me around when I’ve had a crap day mixed with being hangry really is like having a ticking time bomb of one more thing and I’m absolutely losing my crap She/ Her 𒊹︎ Black Lives Matter
clairidryl Hole Thought I had a couple weeks but actually today is my last day of work. I'm looking forward to a much needed break, and being able to spend time with loved ones and working on my own weird crap ❤️ Rowan/he/rogue animator
glenmc92 TEXAS, like that's a question @GeorgeTakei I used to love you on Star Trek. But, end of the day, you're just an actor spouting crap. You're not an expert in politics. You're just an actor. And, you spouting hate directed at my beliefs is somehow righteous? Today's the last day I'll see one of your tweets. Airborne Infantry Veteran. #1A. I might not like what you say, but I defend your right to say it. #2A All day! BLM? Defund police, and then it's just you and I.
deby0922 California, USA @KMOoceanGIRL And I hate to tell you but the person you speak of is one of my special friends. Her and I speak all day long, just ask her! So maybe don’t talk crap on my tweet… I vote💙,the party that cares about democracy! #Resist #BLM #LGBTQ🏳️‍🌈 #StrongerTogether #ProChoice @dallascowboys @Yankees 🚫DM🚫
AFCOP13 Florida, USA @KARMaPOKE_MON @amazon I told them it came messed up and I gotta send it back. My 6 year old will 💯 fall for it then give me crap Christmas Day. I’ll make it work but bummed some of the surprise was blown. This is her big gift. Christian, Family man, fan of the Dodgers, Magic, Dolphins, FSU, & love racing. USAF Vet.
BlackWaterDDM @mike1zr2 Yeah I know and is why it makes it worse. There is no excuse for engineered trusses to not be installed correctly... I've built over 200 homes in my day and never had this crap or even close... That framing crew sucks...
AcademicDad One of my Thanksgiving giving traditions is to buy the the kids cards to send the grandparents, lose the cards, and then find them buried under a pile of crap the day after Thanksgiving. Tenured at a decent state college in the US. Married with a 3 and a 6. Pro-worker. Anti-lecture. Mark from Peep Show but not as cool.
SageDespatches After a number of days of a headcold, bunged up nose, lack of sleep, tired eyes etc etc etc, I'm finally starting to feel better. This is just as well, because one more day of that crap and my not swearing on Twitter rule, was going to be broken in a spectacular fashion. Some ideas are too big for Tweets. See link below for my blog. Writing on terrorism, propaganda & more. Also on Twitter at @Sage_Opinion
charliegrantt Massachusetts @CaseGreen4 Idk maybe it really is that simple and Im just crap at my job. Or this is just really good engagement bait and I’m triggered. Either way more and more people interested in learning about the space every day, can’t hurt. @FinanceHippy come on in the water’s fine. Electric power/finance nerd. Solar developer. Average guitar player.