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Quinn_it_ My grave @bipbopemma Your tweets make my day, and if my day is crap your tweets usually make better Pronouns: any, they/them preference | Sexuality: unlabeled Always tired I find joy in memes and YouTube
FedHateR @faithluvtrust3 @QuantamNobody @CommunityFlare @Songbird @flrfinance @Oracle_Swap I have been Delegating in the FTSO and XFX platform since day 1 and I have gotten crap for rewards, I would rather farm my bags in @oracle swap earn PRO and swap for SGB or anything else for that matter, the whole Delegating thing is crap, IMO Be willing to walk alone. Many who started with you, won’t finish with you. -Billionaire Mindset@thehustlefactor
MirandaLBkr Mid Nowhere, South Cackalacky @texdoc21 @highroadsaloon @PatsyCrowley8 I'm well versed in the crap that my Republican super majority state is trying to pass and that's not it. But thanks for your opinion on how I am allowed to take care of my body. Have a nice day. Plant Fairy. Accidental activist. Still want Lindsey Graham investigated.
TysonBarker8 @EmergencyBK Albanese refused meeting or discussions with them for 2 weeks. Sent them an email on Friday afternoon with no warning. Left the country the next day. Coorey is crap and he wouldn't be my choice to talk to. What she said was Albanese was "dismissive... no different to Morrison". Socially and financially left. Votes for Greens and ALP. Dislikes corruption & hubris. Really dislikes ONP and LNP. Biologist. Med student.
eclair_morton New York, NY @AllThatandMoore This dude has turned my day around multiple times. I once had a really crap day that involved a break up, and I go into the station and see him playing Careless Whisper surrounded by dancing, mechanical cats 😭😂😄 🎷 Hope he is well, and ACAB. I don't really use twitter. On here to get news from those I follow, and to observe the car crash that is DT's feed and political twitter. 🇳🇿🇦🇺🗽
KinkTodd Atlanta, GA This @DogParkDsdnts banger came back up on my driving playlist last night, it's been brainworming me all day, and I'm here for it, especially after all of the crap happening this month. Queer lib IS class struggle. #NSFW WARNING! 🔞 Gear kinkster, psychonaut, amateur hypnotist • Pretend bird 🦜/pup 🐶 • Pan/poly • he/they/any • @gaynplay my toy • Banner/pfp @HeffalumpJump
GBThaTTer72 Wiltshire UK 🇬🇧 @NathSert @charlotte_abst @wineandsavagery @liamgallagher @Rian_1916 And course your entitled to like what you like. As am I.. I DO care though.. that is the type of person I am. It ain't my actual business I know, but it doesn't stop me from giving a crap ... because end of the day I like LG 👍 ☆partial to LIAM GALLAGHER ☆..😍 ☆𝓛𝓲𝓪𝓶 𝓰𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓰𝓱𝓮𝓻 makes my day☆I luv to tweet the 'MAN OF THE PEOPLE'.if that bugs u, best unfollow or Mute 🔕
camidlifecrisis Canada Every forking month if the year is Christian prude month in Canada and the US. I can’t go one day without this crap being rammed down my throat. 🙄 She/her. Work in progress 6/17/22. Healthcare professional getting healthier. I block/mute negativity. Working on me. ❤️💪
BuffaloDog2 @FreedomBro1 @alexthechick I knew January 6 was BS when I saw the videos that were shown a day or two later. My husband still believes the crap but his brother saw the same videos I did and is skeptical. Anyhow, Millennials don't vote so they aren't going to save the Democrats no matter what they think. San Francisco CA
Moggy_Mog Scotland, United Kingdom Whomever gave those evil Nooms people Pixies, Where is My Mind? Eeeeeeevil. They are awful, they had me on 800 cal per day diet. All it did was make me feel like crap, and make me dizzy. Doc at the time insisted I stop. Anyways @PIXIES fix it. They're bad. #They/Them #Enby 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #ActuallyAutistic geek.Friendly neighbourhood StuntMog. Mostly harmless. Opines mine! MH & Wellbeing Ed @SNP_dmg
OlderthanU70 New York State @Rose72B Crap! That little one climbed off the page and is sticking out from underneath my Kindle. Good to see you Rose! Have an awesome day today my friend! 😷👍🏻👍🏻😎 Retired Rogue Healthcare Systems Analyst...Health Information Management, Hospital Quality Assurance...Slayer of Corporate Data Demons...No DMs
CouponingBeth Georgia, USA @SirDecka I feel like crap. My sister is C19+ now and came through here in her “2-14 day incubation” period after I picked her up from the airport. Had it over 2yrs ago & this is nothing like it but still feel like crap. Cant get a test anywhere either oddly to see if c19 or not. Mom to 3 & future NP owner to house homeless veterans (fundraising now). Some links may be affiliate links. #TeamDecka #KindnessKrew #TeamStacks #WePrevail
RedAwesomely is it pick on helen day or week or month wtaf is wrong with ppl im not a mind reader as if i havent got things going on in my life and not 1 person asks me if im ok but i say good morning and i am generally a nice person its gotta stop here now i dont deserve this crap STOP IT i believe in jesus christ i love rizzles i love tibette love i faithful loving kind compassionate i am a lesbian i support the best football team liverpoolfc
farfnme Elgin,IL @PalmerReport @MBax11 funny thing about political donations:same junk in my mail box EVERY FN DAY,Signs littering every public way,and many lawns,and the same fn ads on every tv channel More money to do the same crap? Somebody is making a fortune,and crating piles of litter. And I already know my vote inventor of the coin operated mirror ; the new software upgrade allows you to see you as you would have others see you. no refunds. Used Air Guitars for sale
Victori10154364 To everyone who is following me and thank u and love u all .and those who don't follow me thank u for listening to my crap and love u also .have a great day .enjoy the coffee or tea .
_missingufoosh_ She/they 17 One of my greatest fears is that I’ll meet Karl one day and we’ll become best friends and he’ll make me drink monster and I’ll hate it and I’ll have a bad reaction to the amount of caffeine and just feel like crap. Anyone else? why lie to yourself when you can be gay- me 2k22 (doozer #212,212)
jereminderlein West Elgin, Ontario @gazer_tales Yeah I enjoy streaming but I'm not going to damage my voice more by doing so. Though it's been nice to brush up on my American sign language and my oldest has picked up on it pretty quickly too. I know one day my hearing is going to crap out and it'll be necessary one day lol. He/him - Voice actor. I have two perfect sons, and an amazing fiance. Come join the shield wall
staylor111 Buffalo and thereabouts @frenchslice @LauraMeetWorld My birthday is the first week of July, and it really sneaks up on me every year because I think I have the whole month of June to plan something and... wait? What are the fireworks for? Canada Day? Oh, crap... She/her. Lawyer, hockey writer, stage manager... Sabres fan w/tattoo to match, Jimmy Carter groupie w/airmiles to match.🇨🇦 #Surrealtor #Earper #BillsMafia
RiyadEmeran Hey @YodelOnline - my @NespressoUK delivery was loaded onto your van at 07.50 on Saturday and was out for delivery. It’s been out for delivery ever since! I have next day delivery from Nespresso, but that never happens because your service is so crap. Where is my shipment! Writer, journalist, editor, content marketer, entrepreneur. Cyclist, runner, driver, gamer, husband, father...
KalebMandrake1 @GDA My favorite green day project is where billy Jean queen gets his crap from his house and gets an American Soldiers boot up his arrogant rear end and is told see ya don't come back and your music sucks as bad as Kamala! I'd be happy to put My US American Army boots on and do it! Knowledge Hound, ARF ARF Hound, If I was Thor, I would be Valiant. I am for the People not a side.
MarkimooFan201 Texas, USA I hate to say it. But I may just one day pack up and move countries cause crap is getting out of control in this country. And now it’s not as great and free like it once was. With what happened recently I’m really thinking on what I need to do one day for my own safety. Twitch Streamer, MarkiplierFan, VRGamer, Photo Creator, YepTheBoysFan & TikToker
My_friend_Mocha @poorman1469 @esternaefil @AJ_Jurvey411 @jpserrano I suppose if I can find a few minutes some day inbetween shifts I’ll try and drop some knowledge on my son one of these days. Like about how the brown man is trying to steal America from us. Idk if there’ll be enough time for the birds and the bees and other such trivial crap tho Here at Unusual_Regulating, Gary and I believe in nothing but lip service. We watch porn and openly mock retail investors. We take your dime, on your dime.
barbrady1234 California, USA @CCVagina Holy crap...mine is 8 mins per area per day and my bill is...uhh...much lower 😭 BIDEN/HARRIS WE DID IT!!! 🐶AnimalLover🐱- Computer Geek/Developer/Gamer #Poker #LGBTQ - #BLM - 💙#BidenHarris2020 💙Doing my best to be decent person..#FBR😷
johnmcduffie Ashburn, Georgia @HGSupport Its been escalated for 16 hours. I have gotten no answers. Just bullcrap scripted copy and paste crap from some call center. @HostGator tomorrow is a business day. Ill assume you'll cover my lost revenue. #CustomerExperience is epically bad I'm a writer, photographer and part-time zombie slayer.
samquotebot Whatever you do? Don't go to where this crap started at, down- down in the bottom, that place is terrifying, it-... Oh my god, I was stuck down there for an entire day. An entire night and day. 24 hours. I was.. I had to eat my own flesh. DSMP Awesamdude quotes every hour. DM for quote requests! TW for potentially upsetting content such as torture and violence. Run by farfran on tumblr :}
williskeke02 every day and now attacking my husband things. these crimnals are horrible but the fact they playing with air waves legnth what is this device and has to be illegal..same crap the used on my car to open my car doors sending me cypto messages that he going take my car.
BillyJim1904 @gu3ssaga1n @CardPurchaser The crap is getting closer to those blades. Appreciate the words and conversation my friend. My wife and I always joke…give me a cardboard set up under the interstate and we’ll be happy. You have a great rest of the day and keep moving forward.
HouseBeanStream Massachusetts @peirslouise @pynkclown @rhodedrw @yosoymichael You do realize that our generation stole pretty much half of our fashion from the 60's and 70's, right? Like, I'm not a fashion person by any stretch. Again, my point here is how crapty it is to pull the "in my day" crap. You too are coming off as human Statler and Waldorf. HouseBeanStream. Aspiring video game streamer (Doing mostly FFXIV right now, but plan to do others in addition), but check me out on Twitch or YouTube. He/Him
amberbarrett20 Surprise ride of the day at alton towers yesterday was spinjam 😂😂 because when it picked up, holly crap that was so good that’s the reason I love flat rides. My favourite their is still oblivion because it literally takes my breath away and I can’t scream lol 😂 Horror model, scare actor and immersive theatre, scare and theme park enthusiast and blogger. 🎢🔪🩸🖤😱
dlcrash @RonFilipkowski THEY ALL NEED MONEY! The Republican Party and it's followers are either grifters of or griftees. Same 'ol crap repackaged in a different book but the same charlatans. The BS that my parents get in their mail is incredible, 2-3 pieces a day. And every single piece asks for $.
saad_khan3 Used to drink a soda or a beer a day and I’ve given up soda completely for the last two weeks and only drink a few on Saturday’s… I’m proud of myself and my body is starting to love me more for not giving it crap Pakistani 🇵🇰
AmethystMare England Crap day. Fell and hit my leg, swollen lump. Then later had an accident (horses) that resulted in my head being smacked hard, cut my brow and its all swollen. Someone is monitoring me for concussion but I think I got off ok. Christ this weekend... She/her. Furry writer for hire! 10 years experience writing commissions, SFW and NSFW, from adventure to kinky erotica! Contact via!
ScottCLandis Philadelphia, PA I love reading articles like this as my Nuerologist wife is about to start two weeks of 14-16 hour days, starting work at 7 am. Add the 35 minute commute each way and she has less than 9 hours a day she isn’t working. We treat young doctors like crap. Politics, baseball and tech. Mobile dev by day... and night.
GameHunter1095 United States of America @egreco777 That lady scared the crap out of me. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but she died the next day from natural causes. My theory is she knew she was dying, and she just wanted to confess to get it off her chest. other coincidence was just dying on that particular day. Health, Art, Music, Outdoors, Nature, Food, Photo, Politics, Polymath, Architecture, Science, History, Culture, Books, Research, Archaeology, Travel.
JJ9828 Marietta, OH Covid day 3. My body pain is significantly better and my fever broke early this morning. I still have exhaustion and crap in my chest but I'll take any improvement. Author and artist. Civil War historian. Vote blue! She/her.
miche2my Surrey @lyndilula I got this the other day and I thought, "Facebook is crap", I only asked one question and I really REALLY don't want this. Well done on yours! I can't run for toffee my legs would fall off 😂 Dislike injustices, conflicts of interest, greed & fakes. #Autistic #ADHD #exgamblingdisorder, don't follow if you support operator/industry funded services
Anthony88005939 Columbus, OH @YovngboyD @Matty_Hatter @gabriellaborter Your racist banter does the exact opposite. It’s like saying, I wanna be rich, and sitting on ur couch all day watching CNN. U are a racist! An uneducated one at that! My people (Americans) fought in the civil war to free all of us from the crap your party is trying to bring back Average American that’s still has faith in the USA!
LukeMcn01 Day before I start my new role and I'm ill as fork 🤢🤢 tomorrow is not gonna be fun!!! Immune system is crap
AnnieRieHammer England, United Kingdom 4 weeks in and think I'm doing well. I can't see the loss yet but obviously I'm getting there. Some days I wanna give up and just have a crap food day and then moan all day that I'm fat. All I can do is my best. West Ham ST Holder BLOCK 111 if you don't see me you'll soon hear me. Mum, Nan, Wife. Love my Footy & Boxing.
MRSpinkston85 Georgia, USA @SCMASTER12 @Poldark1717 @SonnieJohnson "crap hole"... Have you been anywhere else? This is my home too and I am Black American. I am so tired of the disrespect. If it is so bad, help fix it or leave. Y'all will talk about us every day and aint got mouth for where ever else you think isn't crap. I tell you. Christian|Wife|Mother|Combat Veteran|Podcaster (Queen/Goddess) Media Manager for The Felecia Killings FDN/CCM Contact:
bbyjoonbug_ she/they Today feels like a better day. Didn't wake up sick and my head feels clear. Mind, loud as always but whatever. Today is definitely better. The world is still crap. 27 • 🐥🐨 • fan account • ARMY'16 • I gotta stop deleting/remaking my acct • block ⛓️s are often used • 💜 LYS: '18 & PTD: '21, '22 💜
briancheeek North Carolina @tekkwene @secupp @ananavarro Right. My wife is an education attorney and we have a special needs son. She has to fight every single day for special needs kids to get a proper education. The government and private schools don't give a crap about them. Anti-Nationalist, anti-Populist, human rights advocate. All human rights. Runner, tennis player, fan of @tigers, @CanadiensMTL .
Kestrel138 NYC I’m really amazed that I’m the go to person when someone’s day is horrendously bad and I have to hear every detail yet they never ask how I’m doing, how I’m feeling or more importantly how am I going to deal with your negative emotional crap when I have my own?👇 @supcreators @twitchkittens Community Stream Team Business Inquiries:
Rrrrnessa Sarajevo | London But I was feeling like crap on the day I was trying to return to London so I didn't dress up and I looked super casual and kind of just had a whole messy bun thing. The difference in how you get treated when you dress up vs. when you don't is massive. & yes, my bag was searched. Genocide researcher, expert, & lecturer | Communications Director | Social Critic | Writer | Author of "Letters from Diaspora" | Child of war and genocide.
kazza_cupcake You order from Amazon and it comes the next day. Last Saturday my iron blew up. They finally told me today that my shipment is “lost”. Why does all the other crap I order just arrive without issue?! Mother and real life person. Know quite a lot about teaching actually! Teaching isn’t rocket science - it’s about knowing your children.
StarLostLuu Northern California’s Bay Area I’ve been feeling emotionally like crap all day and then I started feeling physically crummy and I’ve been wondering what this burning sensation in my head is… my friend just texted me that her daughter (who I watch during the week) is positive for Covid and guess what? 1. Definitely “pick me!” 2. I’m a pretend architect
RobbiHolla PNW @GOPpoolboy I get warnings all the time using words like despicable and disgusting 🤷‍♀️ Blows my mind. I get a warning for calling TFG despicable (which he is) but people can tweet porn and racist hate crap all day long. It's the guns! Gun reform NOW! Hate TFG! Vote Blue! 💙🌊 Wife, mother of 3, and grandmother to 5 little loves! Dog mom 🐶 🥰💙❤🧡💛💚💜🥰
AhrianaDev United Kingdom today is certainly a feels bad type of day, as the development of scorespy comes to a close and release comes ever closer, knowing the last few years of work going live will be shadowed in my mind by pointless crap just hurts, i wish things could have turned out better MtF, She / Her. Pansexual, Dyslexic, Autistic, Software, Games and Web developer, mostly known for working on CloneHero and ScoreSpy and other rhythm games
ConanOfLibraria Pennsylvania Well crap. I was productive all day with the intention of playing Destiny this evening. Now my internet is dead and no hint when its comes back Unnecessarily tall. Actual librarian. he/him.

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