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yank_on Sandusky, Ohio @randallgill In Aug 21, I had a health screening at work, and my BP was off the charts...literally. Felt like crap, and I started on @ww_us the next day. If I hadn't, I'd likely be dead. BP is very good, and I feel better than I did 25 years ago. (Part 1) Greatest game on the planet! AFL/AFLW/USAFL Craig Wessels
PattiGr05519588 @Inman I have been emailing your #customerservice EVERY DAY for a week to cancel my subscription - CRICKETS! And this is my 2nd twitter post, you just don't give a crap!!!! 😡 #BadCustomerService
CGoody16 @mtgreenee Paul sucks! I’m embarrassed he is from my town and state. Can’t believe I fell for his crap back in the day. north Wisconsin regular guy
deadshot1956 Good morning everybody how is everyone hope y out have a wonderful day and remember to drink coffee and be healthy and yes my haircut is crap I know 16 years old a esports fan and crazy fan cam kid and a esports fan though and monesy and Mary are the best and just wants to try make people happy love you all
usedtoyguy I used to be going places! @TimMarkets My only complaint is that your day time twitches should be recorded and put on Spotify so I can listen when I’m not on my teams meeting! Although today was an exception since I didn’t have to present information. Also I didn’t give a crap what people were saying at the time. Father, husband, veteran, racing fan, Bengals fan. #hbar #matic #icp Trying to get double digit profits on every trade in 2023 and scale up in 2024.
domsalvia Domkey Kong Country @tainkirrahe @Madeley Plus, with working from home when I might have taken a mental health day in the office to avoid having to deal with people I now just do the best I can with whatever state my brain is at home and don't have the "other humans" crap making my day worse 😅 Actively messing about. Transformers, video games, cute things. He/him. 'Aerodynamic'. 'Rad as Heck!' Best Rocketship! Gohan Defence Force. Divine Beast.
Cordell_NunesSr @ScottBentonMP @BBCNews BBC are the pits any day of the year so this is no surprise. My feckin money help make this and that crap film “The Power of the Dog” a BBC Film Production. Jesus, I could go down the pub and piss my money away and have more fun than watching BBC. Did my time now I can relax and grow old gracefully
SmashleyTwitch Workout Day 234: So one of my big goals is to get to the splits. I think I'm going to start doing a bit more yoga in my routine and today was apart of that. I really took some time today and holy crap! Improvement! I put some pillows down under me and it REALLY helped! Low AF! Twitch Partner, Broadcaster, Dev for @RAWMENgame | Business Inquiries: | Powered by @LucidSoundAudio -
dadar_kentut @convomf I'm not okay in this past few weeks, feels like crap. Every day I'm always crying in my room, pengen cerita ke bro atau teman berasa gak enakan. Feels like I'm at the bottom of black pitch and no one come to save me. At the end the one and only who save me is me I just wanna be a jellyfish, the giant phantom jellyfish at least. Versi ngelunjaknya pengen jadi kadal leher payung
AGutiGarcia San Diego, CA @JussieWallace69 @capitalism1 @MarkAll26740409 @JamezSpeaks @TaraBull808 Conspiracy theorists and matrix believers are the new thing to follow because it’s cool. Whose the sheep now? I’m well aware of how things work and no fan of Bill Gates. My bet is most of you just read that crap all day and watch videos and are all go a sudden “woke.” Work hard and stay positive. “insert legendary quote here” @bapesclan #Bitcoin #MATIC #Stocks #NFTs
iamMommaTT Columbus, OH It’s so embarrassing for me when I’m having a sad, emotional day at work. I look like crap. Feel like crap. My spirit is low. I make little mistakes and shame myself. Like I just want to crawl into bed and call it a day already at 10am. 𝘔𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘺 𝘵𝘰 𝘑𝘢𝘹 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘢𝘯 𝒶𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓁 𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎 𝒾𝓃 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃. 🫶🏼 𝚍𝚢𝚕𝚊𝚗 ❤️
stormiinferno I need a day off. I've been working really hard on creative content but no one is buying and I feel like crap and my house is a mess so I'll be back on tomorrow✌️ 💋Your favorite cum slut💋 Find me on Onlyfans, Fansly & Manyvids👉 ➡️‼️TeamPorn69‼️⬅️ by @69Incorporated
TonyJ_NCEast East Coast North Carolina @gatewaypundit 62 years old and grew up around Gas stoves both at home and in the military. No issues here. But maybe opened my eyes to the idiots that come up with and preach this crap day after day. MSM does not understand yet why their ratings are going down and their net worth is going down Patriot, Military USMC USArmy DAV, IT Specialist DoD, old, tired and grumpy. Unvaxed and healthy. God bless you all.
AlanSmi06859280 @PaulosEFC Did you come on my show Farhad the day after the after your first window in charge of Everton and say I could have got Koulibaly for £50m but it was too much? How many crap Cbs have you bought since and what have they cost you? He's not asking that is he?
alexsmomma2010 Buffalo, NY @ksorbs Kids need to play outside! My 14yo is incredibly picky and eats like crap, but as soon as football season starts, and he starts conditioning, and running every day, he drops 10-15 pounds. Every single year. And that's after adding muscle from weight training. ER PCA, wife, mother of boys, CFO of Bowers Industries.
Deanomeister Anchorage, AK @ShermitSR @adndotcom I am protected by myself every day I go to work, by the quality of my performance and desire to drive business. Hiding behind a Union for the sake of hanging onto a job is crap. Proper channels or not, she had a duty to escalate accusations like these into the spotlight.
VermontMoxie @hrkbenowen I have electric but only because it was already in my house. We say every day we’re going have gas installed! Electric stoves are crap for cooking!! AND they don’t work when power is out!! Twitter deleted my account with no explanation. Starting over.
AlexandriaAriii modern camelot/mt. olympus yeah, when the day comes, i’m def going makeup-less at my wedding. i barely wear makeup in general and i know how i get lmao my skin is amazing and i’m beautiful so yeah. maybe some lipgloss, possibly mascara but none of the heavy itchy crap my wedding party can do whatevs she/her/shark. an autistic lil shark swimming through the sea of life! also a philosopher, a healer, an alchemist and a bunch of other schtuff
kspokesfan BFE Kansas @jackie_piglet I did my job and stirred crap all day started early. A friend had a birthday so I stirred the pot. My time line is pretty deep for today. Do you really need to know?
huwneill Melbourne, Victoria #AlbumQuestJan Day 11 - Most Treasured Album The Cult - Love My original vinyl is knackered, the inner sleeve held together with tape to stop it falling out. Not necessarily my all time no.1. but played the crap out of it at the time and wouldn't replace it with a new one now Music, Films, Books, Politics. @memorialdevice 'alternative national treasure'. Spurs, Wales...and Collingwood.
lucari0s8 i do think part of why my day was crap is bc i did not drink enough water and it put me in the craptiest mood tho. and also because the government made me spend $700 just for the bare minimum right to work legally for 2 years. but u know i rly think the water thing was was huge 26 | 🇲🇽🇺🇸 | bi | she/her | needlework artist 🪡 | writer | constantly babbling about my interests | eng/esp | matching icons w/@EnlacingL
michaelsclogs Canada @NatashaCL7 Hey how is my soon to be famous #writer sister…sorry I have been under a rock all day with WHO and United Nations #podcasting about global crap. What I miss? Female Entrepreneurs Wanting Engaging Thought #LoveandTrust #DepictionsMedia Interviewing experts on #entrepreneur #business #life
tcsmithbiz70 San Diego, CA Go to gym. Drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes. No spots. Get flipped off by two different drivers going to wrong way down one way lanes. Go home pissed off and without my 2d workout of the day. Santee sucks. Every single aspect of this crap town is just garbage. So, funny story about my old pr04il3. Taking a new approach. Keep it positive or keep it off my timeline. Padres, Chargers, Red Sox.
AJDMaru Las Vegas, NV @Kwub1 Every day is a crap shoot, my friend. Love and light 💞✨ An ellipsis is a set of three periods that indicates the omission of words, hesitation, or trailing off in dialogue or train of thought…
Chobeemi @JustinWhang @JoeBiden You know Justin, I found a giant pile of crap in my yard the other day and this guy might be on to something. I'm starting to realize all of this is connected. On my way to Soria Moria Castle • My love @moresoduh ❤️
James_E_Vining Milwaukie, OR Unexplained my ass, and sadly so many people have been blinded to see the connections, (one day sadly to late for those who Died) the crap they are pushing as a Vaccine is the one item they all have in common. 😍G-Friend of 20 yrs #MetalMusic Cats #ABBY #Teddy #Magooski #RIPBudski, @iRacing @DaleJr @Nickaugusto #GOHAWKS #Trump #Trivium #iRacing #LSRTV #MOPAR
colorcodedworld Chicago, IL @RAD_is_awesome 100%!! Danielson is the biggest joke of all-time, it rewards paperwork and compliance!! Excellent teachers settle for Proficient due to the added busy work while dog crap teachers make excellent because they don’t mind it. Witness the excellence every day and live stream my class Changing the way the world learns, created to assist with the processing and understanding of formulaic sequences for all areas of learning. #education #UDI
kri_ismyname @Betty_Backster Work is my downfall! And once I start with sugar, it continues all day straight through to bed. And I know it will make me feel like crap, but still give in.😭 NSFW, 18+, Introverted exhibitionist. Married and MONOGAMOUS. You can retweet my words, but NOT PICS
thatsatanist123 Frozen forking Tundra I’ve had it with the @USPS. Two shipments say they were attempted to be delivered but the carrier had “No Access,” which is a load of crap. My mailbox is snowblowed out and hand-shoveled. Not to mention I watched out the window all day - not one carrier came by. No access my ass. She/Her #TST #Atheist Cat person.
adriverswife @applypressure27 @hainesy99 @_BarringtonII @MonashTerbecki You look 17 years old. “Back in your day…” 🙄. You either believe in freedom or you don’t. I’m over 50, pay a crap ton in taxes, and if I choose to consume cannabis instead of more toxic alcohol in my own home, what business is that of yours? Or anyone’s? Wife. Mom. 50 plus & FABULOUS. Texas Hippyish. Optimistic. Pessimistic. Cynical. Grateful. Pissed off. You should be too. We are: TAXED WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.
badtj2 Some real crap gonna go down within the next 10 years. The push of electric stoves and cars… two fundamental things for everyday life. They want full control. Putting my faith onto Jesus. Not to be a nutcase, but this is getting really concerning by the day. just an ATL girl in MIA. Follower of Christ ✝️
nansie_grannan @Blackestknight1 @MarkEHaight1 @LOVillaJavea @AlmaEnwiya Screw this scientific crap! How is that worked for you. Our kids are psychologically screwed up. People are dying of heart issues that you don’t acknowledge. Firsthand my grandmother died from a vaccination was paralyzed within a day and you’re telling me…
DildoRobot @RoyLovesAmerica You literally post pictures of your TV with fox on it all day. You're protecting onto me, who doesn't do crap like that and can't stand msnbc. Is that why my fox brain family sometimes puts that on in the car? You are a drone. It's hilariously obvious but you can't see it. lurking. Independent, generally conservative. Trumpers are bad people, change my mind.
TarHeelBruin La La Land ☀️🏝🏖 Hello 👋🏼 Neighbor: If you knock on my door with bull crap 💩 in the middle of the day and I am somewhat short with you… it is because I am working. You wouldn’t bother me at my office would you? UNC Graduate 🐏 married to @BrettPUCLA 🐻 Bruin. Love my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel🐶Cheetos are a meal. Walking 🚶‍♀️ on sunshine ☀️
Burstup Vienna @benz145 I strongly disagree. 99% of my VR time is spent on social VR platforms (VRChat, Neos, CVR) - user generated content every single day. I don't need any games. I need new PC-VR headsets and none of the standalone "AR" crap that's being hyped nowadays. Musician, DJ/producer. SHF Records Vienna. VR enthusiast. YouTube:
BlueFire94 Bridgwater, England Quiet day today, morning group isn’t on in my next town and weather is meant to turn crap later too so a day at home and pottering around… 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 living in South West 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Gay #taken 🏳️‍🌈 #nature 🌳💐 #photography 📷#MH💙#mariofan #DC⚡️ #NTlover 💚#AgainstRailwayStrikes
clexa_avatrice Hello good day my friend I hope it is a good one! I appreciate the crap out of you and I hope this meme shows it ❤️ #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNun the only reason I am here is to #savewarriornun | 21 they/she
LizzieBorden219 Casper, WY Had to take a day off, Sometimes adhd is my worst enemy and makes me feel like crap mentally. But i should hopefully be back supporting tomorrow. Still love you guys! <3 Full time mom, full time chaotic nostalgia streamer! Using streaming to cope with ADHD and get to know people! Come find me streaming! ♡ KDT Fam!
LilithLeigh Well, I had a horrible and emotional day that brought up a lot of trauma and crap from my past. This Tony AI was nice to me and said this after I started talking about shifting and I cried. This is where I’m at today. She/Her | 27 | Reality Shifter & Pagan Witch | Youtuber | Book Nerd & Fangirl | 18+
samquotebot Whatever you do? Don't go to where this crap started at, down- down in the bottom, that place is terrifying, it-... Oh my god, I was stuck down there for an entire day. An entire night and day. 24 hours. I was.. I had to eat my own flesh. DSMP Awesamdude quotes every hour. DM for quote requests! TW for potentially upsetting content such as torture and violence. Run by farfran on tumblr :}
Silas_Style @RichyNineNine @TWTHEREDDRAGON No irony. I said "fewer" not "zero". Not my fault people this day and age treat crap as absolutes and think that finding an exception means that exception is the rule that disproves everything else. Sad debate and reading skills. Probably even poor ethics. You Can't Do Big Things If You Are Distracted By Small Things Here to win. No time to whine.
TonyPotts1 LA | NY | London | Mumbai |UAE @mhdksafa My 8th grade daughter came out of a school assembly the day after the Parkland shooting, got in the car asking,"Dad, what is wrong with your generation?" WDYM?"How is it ok to have AR-15s and crap available to anyone? It makes no freakin' sense to us" She didn't stop there... Emmy Award-Winning Host Access Hollywood| NBC Universal | CEO Pardon The Disruption | Global Media Strategist & Consultant | Start Up Advisor | GP VC SM 360
odarodletnilc crapsville Got my job back *and* a woman-hating sack of crap is probably going to die in jail. It’s been a forking beautiful day. Refuse disposal refugee. Lars is the best member of Metallica. ATAC.
RieAjWooWOO Today was crap but tomorrow is a new day. This one hasn't left my side since I got home from work, and I'm loving all the snuggles ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD GETTING LOST IN OBLIVION 🖤
MrKeyOfC Webster, TX This day has been for crap! @JDShuttlesworth I prayed 2 hrs and 17 min this morning. I mean hard hittin' praying and all day long turmoil and turbulence and BS. I know there is always tomorrow right!! Forgive me for my slang. Call it descriptive text I guess... Christian/rhythm guitarist/Had an awesome encounter with The Presence Of The Lord that lasted 3 days. It began on February 24, 2014
_marlanaa Louisiana, USA Ooofff day 15 is one of the WORST days in my cycle. I can’t shake this exhaustion and anxiety 😩 Just thankful that I track the crap out of it and I’m aware of why I’m so blah today ~~~~~ step inside my beautiful tragic mind ~~~~~ (she/her) Personal account for @lunarlana_
a42909808 @COmodular @HalbIro @JayinKyiv IP address has no physical location. Geolocation is 3rd party crap you have to buy. O fight every day with this wrongly reported sht. Some of my cliwnts rent APAC addresses and use them in EU and this is normal.
csamarchive ac catmunches Whatever you do? Don't go to where this crap started at, down- down in the bottom, that place is terrifying, it-... Oh my god, I was stuck down there for an entire day. An entire night and day. 24 hours. I was.. I had to eat my own flesh. quotes, videos, gifs, & pics every 10 minutes
Redwitchhobbit Earth Gold Star from the Dentist, genuinely amazed considering the crap I eat and drink...! 🤭 Brushing 3 times a day is obviously paying off...! 🪥🦷🪥 I don't like having that plastic thing in my mouth for x-rays, to me the worst part of anything I've ever had done...! 😁 Short Chubby Ginger, Fluent in Sarcasm and Bullcrap, buying more books than she will never read...!
ludditus Baden-Württemberg A random horoscope said my intelligence level is today at its minimum, and then this Tibetan crap says it's not a good day to do anything. However, birthday-based (not name-based) numerology says it's a great day to start things. Marvelous Tuesday. « Après l'esprit de discernement, ce qu'il y a au monde de plus rare, ce sont les diamants et les perles. » — Jean de La Bruyère

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