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warrenyuill1 Maitland NS @KalReid @kinsellawarren @mgeist @Rogers @cogeco I run a B&B. Last summer I removed all the tvs from the guest rooms. My business is 1/3 Cdn 1/3 EU 1/3 USA Not one complaint. In fact the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Mostly from women. No tvs made people more social and interactive. is crap everywhere Jesus built my hot-rod.
ifractionaleft @BridgetSterli19 Every time 45 is speaking to the American people & my wife has the TV on a dam "news network" my anxiety level/prolly blood pressure as well increases 10 fold. That man scares the crap out of me. And his staff! Oh help me God! fractional = insignificant left = Liberal/Progressive. A Vote is all I have. NO DMs or Lists. Happily Married for decades.
BiuBay California, USA @Denton21990 My partner won't turn off the tv. 😡 Heart goes out to #DrFauci who is required to stand there & pretend to support all the crap #Dump says. Today Dump flanked by credible DrFauci and incompetent #BenCarson A real doctor a horrible HUD Sec. Mr.Fog is my friend, I try not to snark, Decades of #DubNation, #Resist, #StandUpGOPSenate, #NeverMyPresident, #VoteBlue2020
ljk5193 Illinois, USA @NancyLeeGrahn I keep my TV off for the most part. Especially when I know he is gonna to be on and spew his crap. Figure I have enough friends and checkin on social media to find out anything relevant. Mom of 2 daughters, love Disney cruises, bringing smiles to people with my therapy dog Mya (left). RIP Chloe ( right) 4/17/18
Phil_from_MD Little Blue Marble My #isp sucks! Stupid @AntietamBB they're still more of a TV company than the internet company and downtime is ridiculous! They renamed their company which it's total crap, service is crap, TOS is crap! Can't watch TV right now or use my internet anything! #Monopoly U SUCK I drink beer & I know things! BBQ~Craftbeer~Chocolate~Space~Homebrewer~Inventor 'Bring me that horizon' - Capitol Coll for Astro Eng
whywtfwhy Up a creek @JasonSCampbell I am reminded yet again of why I no longer have TV. This kind of crap is beyond my ability to watch and still retain even a sliver of hope for the human race. #Resist Blocked by Dana Loesch “Neoconservatives are neither new nor conservative, but old as Bablyon and evil as Hell.” Edward Abbey #Resistance
PinotYouDidnt Kansas City Metro Work has been busy as fork which is good (it's gonna get slow soon, which will not be good...) but I'm also stressed the fork out, so I'm turning off the phone and eating my weight in cheese and potato pancakes and watching crap tv. Takes so hot you'll need oven mitts. Blocked by everyone you hate; followed by every single celebrity. Cis dude, gay, feminist AF, huge otter fan.
MelLvs2Tlk @TheBradMilner Right?? I literally didn’t know what day it was till I turned on my TV just now, looked at my recordings and was like “Crap! Dateline is on!!”😫 LOVE #Dateline!!! “There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind." Mr. Rogers
Bad__Scooter Hiding on the Backstreets Oh my goodness it's like day 5 and Michael is losing it. BUT! Holy crap he just sang Underneath the Bunker. I'm a man. But I can change. If I have to. I guess.
GilWritesHere Muwekma Ohlone land (SF Bay) @richardmarx First, Scott Baio is a professional nudge. Second, he never recorded great songs as you did in the '80s. Your debut single, "Don't Mean Nothin'" will live forever on my Summer 1987 playlist and your other hits also live on. I struggle to remember what crap TV shows Baio was on. Afro mind, Aussie soul, US citizen; author, journo; 💜my missus 👰, cat 🐱; @freodockers⚓; @Mets ⚾️; sci-fi 👽; avgeek ✈; diver 🦈 #BLM #Biden2020
pauladrake5 st helens merseyside So I picked up my daughter from her very last day of school teary eyed. They finally decided to close the pubs, so only 2 weeks of us going into pubs although we dont work for pubs. 3hrs watching crap tv to steady my mind. And my heart is going out to Italy . ❤ #COVID19italia Bloody Livid #Resistuk #stopthecoup🇪🇺#stopbrexit #RevokeA50 🇪🇺🇪🇺❤
msk3000tb @KelseyWattsKPTV @fox12oregon The dance studio is trying to charge us for this crap, if I wanted to pay for this I could turn these same lessons on youtube and put my kid in front of the tv and it would be free. Random talk and stats for the Braves, Buccaneers, Blazers, Beavers and Ducks! Tyson Fury is the top heavyweight in the world!I'll throw in some Trump love, too.
hashtag0T7 Minnesota, USA YOU GUYS! My dad is downstairs watching tv and I start hearing familiar voices...HE’S WATCHING THE BTS ON CORDEN himself! My fam only ever gives me crap about my @BTS_twt love so this is freaking HUGE! 👀💜 Yoongi said it best, “What a relief that we have each other.” 31, Rapline biased, eternally wrecked by Park Jimin - “Lets Get It!” 💜 “Hey na na na” 200128👀
AprilPa72214828 Just Great My Classic Rock Station Just Switched From Music To The Corona Virus Update Thingy YouTube Is The Same Old Same Old Crap And My TV Is All Re Runs And All My Blu Rays I've Seen A Gillion Times SO BORED My Nickname Is Goku's Girl Now I Got That Name When I Was 15 I LOVE GOKU 4 LIFE Absolutely NO DIRECT Messages Please I Don't Read Em'
Coopersmom5551 Ohio, USA Why is trump not working instead of being on tv for 90 minutes, having a #TrumpMeltdown. He has done nothing to to calm fears during thes stupid press conferences. He wants media attention, he looks and sounds like a fool. I watched my last one today, rather watch the dog crap. I lost my old account and all my followers, very disappointing. Liberal, who still doesn’t get how the orange creep got elected. Go Buckeyes!!!!!
steve_wo_wo_wo Bronx, NY @Dayton_Mom @jen_lilley @JLo @shakira My point is let’s not be a hypocrite guys do it and no complaints so why talk crap when a women does it. Also don’t give me that bull that you had to tell the kids to get out the room, they see worse crap in regular tv or the net and video games. #Metstwitter ,#NYC, #MiamiHeat, #49ers, #theBronx , #dool , #hiphop, wo wo wo . dreams are hopeless aspirations believe in yourself and the rest will FOLLOW.
PigsHaveFlown Cumbria/West Midlands Where's the first place you're desperate to visit once quarantine is over? I'm longingly watching a TV show on French food and my god I'm gonna visit the crap out of France and stuff my face with raclette if this is ever over Nature reserve warden in the Lake District 🏞️ Mountains, birds, ecology 🦜 Mainly tweet about #environment. Personal account- views my own.
ChuckFinley202 @maggieNYT @PeterAlexander I didn’t miss it and almost broke my TV! When is the Media going to stand up and walkout? This is why racist and bigots get away with their crap, nobody stands up to them like nobody stands up to Trump! To resist a common threat is uncommon, yet required when all you believe in is at peril. #Resist #PRU #ResistersUnited #Veteran #Democrat #Biden2020
emyren_ Indiana, USA I grew up with this man on TV in my house for years. My family went without food and paying our bills just to tithe because of the pressure of the church. Don’t fall for the bull crap that comes out of his mouth. He is the definition of “bitch open your purse”. 22, just trying to keep my plants alive |🐶🐷 ♡ ☾
Olfella @zalisteggall @Paul_Karp What about the mum on TV recently with 16 kids!! My mate went to @woolworths this morning had 2 packets plain flour and one pack of corn flour. Only allowed 2! 2 tins mushies, 2 tomatoes and 2 tomato soup, nope ONLY TWO TINS PER PERSON! He is managing a family of 6 This is crap! #CashlessWelfareCard is coming!! DO YOU KNOW HOW THIS WILL EFFECT YOU? Make sure you are informed!! Follow @thesayno7 and others in the know
RodeoCowboyx Waterford, MI Hey everyone, hope everyone is staying calm and safe! I have been absent my phone took a crap but back up and running. We are doing some RDO right now hope to see you there 20 mins Hello, my name is RodeoCowboy Twitch streamer, funny guy! Stream Schedule! live Mon 7p going through to Tues afternoon then Tues night 9p till Wed around 7a EST
KyleGunderson Saskatoon, SK Guys! Guys! Guys!!! I haven't watch TV with commercials in ages (aside from curling and that's just asswipe and terrible coffee for ads). Well tonight I watch Big Brother with my partner and found out The house hippo is back!!! Holy crap we needed this! #househippo Coffee Snob. Strong opinions about music. Political ranter. Pun addict. Mental health advocate. Rent-a-nerd for #fu_politics. Goofball. 🏳️‍🌈 ☕️🍷
nutrageus Southwest OR @Kris_Sacrebleu Prime is ridiculous they're not even letting you watch movies from say two years ago they just got tons of rerun crap worse than Comcast cable TV Netflix is real close and I'm not going to dip my Wick in the Hulu to find out how crapy they're getting talk about bait and switch. believe in 2nd Bill of Rights=Right to clean air water land&Good Education&JOB&LGBTQ EQUITY!
heyitsblt The way therapy is portrayed in TV shows and movies is absolute crap. I’m looking at you, #ThisIsUs 😂🤦‍♀️🥴 Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
ToughTilly Minnesota, USA @MysterySolvent I gave it my best college try. Couldn’t take it. I turned the tv to Pawn Stars. Dr. Fauci is being muzzled and I don’t trust that lying crap weasel or the sycophants standing behind him. A sarcastic introvert that really wants to go bobber fishing. Married. tRump is a disaster ISTP #resistance #votebluenomatterwho No DM’s
A_lafemmebrune Eindhoven Someone in this house only wat hes crap tv and crap movies........ and all my good stuff is in my office.... producer of animated shorts at CinéTé, financial director of Camera Japan, writing for @flmmagie and @asianmoviepulse views are my own
geekitana Moscow, Russia Well, Detroit on PC is still a piece of crap and until I set up my new mic I won't be able to play it... But hey, that means more Ludwig tonight! We've all missed him, right? Come hang out! Twitch Partner / Gamer / Book, Film and TV Shows Nerd
rossco1304 Sydney @casstreppiedi Yep. If I hear the word coronavirus again I may throw my shoe at the tv. The grocery fiasco, no sport, self isolating.....and my mental health is crap enough anyway..... Football fanatic, sports lover, husband, father, grandfather and Sydney FC Fan/Match Day Volunteer/Member
westcoastshawn Vancouver , BC I am absolutely done with @TELUS ! Waited an hour and a half to get my tv issue sorted only to have a guy half way around the world tell me that department is closed and I have to call tomorrow! This crap is why you lost my cell phone business and now the rest of business!
emily_mennetti Grayson, the love of my life This qulitine crap is getting to me man I can't do nothing but just watch tv and talk to no one I miss my best friend I miss playing uno with and Wii bowling with him I miss seeing his face I miss hearing his voice/his laugh Grayson please notice me and follow me @GraysonDolan you mean the world to me 🔥💚💜♥️I might be your little bro but im bigger in every way. Grayson Dolan
mariann39802677 Banning, CA Sebastian, we shall overcome just like we did every single time. And the price is going to pay for this big time and the TV media are going to pay for this big time they are the biggest pieces of at my age I shouldn’t be saying bad words but crap. My age
farmerlady2lee @notmargot663 @AshaRangappa_ Throw in the towel and let them watch anything that makes for a good time. Life is short and my three children aged 38, 39 and 41 all turned out to be lovely humans (even while watching a bunch of crap tv.)
GeekyGearhead99 Holy crap. Apparently Armin Shimerman is my favorite actor. Not only did he voice Dr. Nefarious in Ratchet and Clank, and of course Quark in DS9, but I just learned he voiced Andrew Ryan in the BioShock games. Some of my favorite games and TV shows News Editor at Autoblog. General car nerd. And of course, opinions are solely my own.
_CareKids I have been isolated on my own for most of my life years and years y is everyone freaking out over a few weeks I don’t even know why I bother living just to watch crap tv #CSA #CSE life’s hard weather yr at the top or bottom of the triangle. my story is bellow #ChildAbuse #Activist #CareKids #FosterKids #Survivorculture 💜 #MeToo
AolBrookie Normanton, England @windowscentral As per PS5 deep dive, it's explained no use in expensive hardware if it's not used. My PC blows both new Xbox and PS5 yet windows is far from optimized to use it correctly with powerful Audio. Both pointless on crap TV. Part PC Master Race
Tower_Tramp Loading So my IT department is allowing my employees to take home their monitors and other IT crap. I didn’t take anything home. fork that. I have my own 55” tv I can cast to and I have my personal 27” wide/curve screen. I don’t need crap from 1986. Just a mistake looking for a place to happen.
smk_gaming_ Northern Ireland @jimimanovsteel @Taylor_Murphy10 I have have an old tv for this reason haha. Since the ps4 came I've been on the ps2 maybe 3 times and the ps3 once. I haven't touched the 360 or the original xbox at all. In fact the times I did go back to old games is was ruining my memories. How did I ever play this crap lol YouTuber / Gamer from Northern Ireland🎮🍀 Fitness Instructor 🏋️‍♂️ Doggy Lover 🐶 Movie Fanatic 🎬 Love to travel ✈ Business: 📧
kazbu49 Edinburgh, Scotland @Matthew_Wright both my parents are dead and TV abroad is crap so hell yeah!!
spacejakeuwu Angela Merkel spoke to Germany on TV, which is a really rare event.. My dad teared up a little and that makes me really scared, stressed, and panicky.. This crap is really scaring the crap outta me man. Sometimes I do 'art' 21 y/o 🏳️‍🌈 🔞
dan63uk Pontllanfraith/Swansea/Disbury Apart from not dying of the lurgy my main concern is that Electricity consumption is going to rocket while we all mostly stay at home watching TV, using computers, making hot drinks and microwaving crap meals - who is left to look after the power stations? Brexiteer since 1975 looking forward to living in a UK without any political interference from EU. Leaning towards Nihilism as I get older (71 and counting).
je_steffan over by there Everything is a bit crap so here's my dog waving me goodbye this morning, and sitting on the sofa watching TV We oppressed are only allowed once every few yrs to decide which particular representative of the oppressing class shall represent and repress us in parliment
ujwala96653623 @smitaprakash Why there is no legal action beyond my understanding why not arrest the organisers who are seen on TV and he is talking all crap and is certified them being healthy
Spite_Rite @ampelfreund @fujitv @tv_asahi_PR @nihontv2 @tbs_pr What a load of crap. Germany has a great system in place. My bio father lives there and it's on point. My colleagues brother in Sweden is not even being tested for Corona and she had to wait in the emergency room for 11 hours. I didn't wait so long in Cambodia #propaganda I love love.I hate hate. Injustice and prejudice piss me off. Music makes me alive. I'm intense but appreciate peace. I'm a lot and love it
boxerguy570 Pennsylvania @Buddyboybudbud @TRexOwner Exactly my wife is working the frontlines and this woman has the audacity to say this meaningless crap and spread false information its a shame she Clearly watching more tv than anything and not seeing it in person and I can tell you coming from a medical family this is REAL! Steeler fan for life! but all around football and baseball guy
CipherMandy Thedas Very interesting experience with a meditation I just did. It involved clearing energy from all electronics in my space. Instantly, the heaviness, worry, and crap associated with what is going on just left. Highly recommend taking a break from the TV and news. Goddess of my own damn Empire. Deflector of BS. Entrepreneur. Artist. Witch. Sometimes gamer Empowerment is my passion.
JoGonx where I need to be Dana Bash, Van Jones and the rest of the idiots that rush to give Trump a pass but crap on Dems EVERY. DAMN. CHANCE. they get are the reason .@CNN is NEVER on my tv. That and the Jerry Springer fighting they have going on there. I like Ana Navarro-Cárdenas but not enough to watch Animal lover. Political, tv, movie & book junkie-always looking for a fix. No lists plz!! fantasy football champ!🏆 🏈. 🏈Go Irish!!! 🏈☘
kerriygreen SLC This is my favorite quote & I’m glad to be reminded of it because right now I’m thinking “All will be crap, and all will be crap, and all manner of thing will be crap and Ben, will you PUT DOWN THE IPAD & THE SWITCH & TURN OFF THE TV BECAUSE NO ONE NEEDS THREE SCREENS AT ONCE Pianist, teacher, lover of words and trees and cookies.
_train_sam UK Watching the news and my TV is glitching up like mad. This is for no reason other than that it is a crap TV, but it doesn’t half feel apocalyptic 😮 Sustainable transport user and advocate 🚄🚈🚋🚌🚲⚡️🏳️‍🌈 Engineer at Bombardier Transportation - Derby Carriage Works. All views are my own. Now with photos!
RnRedgirl San Diego, CA @joelockhart @POTUS CNN is crap fake news media. Unethical and I have blocked CNN from my TV. There was a time when I watched and that time is no more. Adopted 2 MWD’s from Lackland AFB. HAPPILY MARRIED to a disabled Veteran who proudly served this country. 🇺🇸#MAGA
ToddKennelly Cape Cod, MA #Comcast is giving free Wi-Fi to everyone except those who pay for it... and, the TV service sucks balls dropouts every 15 seconds, it's forking unwatchable. What a crapy service three hundred bucks a month for pure crap... @ComcastCares, my ass I am: a) rowing coach b) golf course asst. super. c) drummer d) human being e) constantly learning and evolving #VoteBlue

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