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tinymooonstar 🏆GG!!🤞🏻SAG&Grammy&Bafta George MacKay is the lead in Sunshine On Leith, a feelgood musical with songs from The Proclaimers, directed by Dexter. George Richmond was the cinematographer (all Dex movies) and this scene looked so much like the hospital scene from Rocketman! 😍 (filmed my tv so crap quality) Fan account created out of love for Rocketman🚀Best movie ever😍♥️🎶🚀⭐️🤩🎹🌈💞Taron & Dexter❤️💞13-10 Taron 2Q!!😱✈️26-11 London Taron & Dexter!!!😍Rockette🚀
rcknrllmom Can't do politics on tv yet again...especially Chuck Todd. WHY does hubby insist on this on Sunday? Headphones on and loud music is blasting!!! I would lose my mind listening to this crap getting regurgitated over and over today!!!!!! Lifelong Democrat! From the political busy state of Iowa, mom of 4, writer, , blogger. Loves travel, nature, art, family. #Resistance No DMs
HippiSam Stanley, Falkland Islands @EwingSmi Can't get on demand here 😞 Our internet is ridiculously crap and expensive. A good few of the streaming websites (such as Amazon prime) won't play certain films/tv shows here. It's ok though, my mate is recording Dr Who for me 😁 Adding colour to the world one hairstyle at a time. she/her 🎨🛸🌈🎶📚🏳️‍🌈
wildcardjackMT I went strict carnivore and the lack of eating and hunger is messing with my head. Now commercials are rough to watch, even Burger King sounds good. I just have to remember none of this crap from TV until my feet stop hurting.
MonicasMommy112 SoFlo @edginton_jane I remember my grandmother looking at RayGuns on TV and she said “ that man is senile” and I said Reagan? and she said yes. She recognized it from her brothers-in- law. They’re the ones that started all the religious crap. Liberal. Love life but not the resident.Retired psychologist. Married to disabled Veteran. #resist #NoDms IMPEACH TRUMP and PENCE!!
slangcares New Jersey, USA ".. we watched the Challenger explode on live TV." That's true. I did. And my son is (labeled) autistic. So what? At almost 50, it's not all easy AND, I LOVE the crap out of my life! I'm my best ever. It's a choice to be happy, for ANYONE at any age & anytime. #life #human Co-Founder-Ann Walker Memorial & The Ann Walker Foundation 🏳️‍🌈💋💄 @memorial_ann @Foundationawm (Retweet ≠ endorsement)
ThatOne86089707 Note to @CBSNews your network is full of crap and will never watch your so call news... Only reason why my TV turned on is because of sports... Other wise #Foff #Matty
DaveMurYYC Calgary, Alberta @nytimesworld I had to wait until today to respond to this garbage as today is my turn on the Canadian computer. Oh crap gotta run hockey is starting in nine minutes and I have to warm up the tv. See you next year Founder of @thankasoldier On a mission to lose weight for my family & to help Veterans IG : @DaveMurYYC
staceyauld13 Northern Ireland Anyone else having problems with their TV picture on @virginmedia or is my TV starting to die on me!? 😅 The likes of ITV seems zoomed in, with a crap picture and doesn't fill the screen, other channels are the same but then some are fine which makes me think it's not the TV!? 🤷‍♀️ Rangers FC #WATP - ❤💙
dpwoolliscroft New Jersey, USA 21 years since my favorite TV show ever was first shown! Crap. I’m old. But this interview is a slice of fried gold. I might watch them again this week. If you’ve never watched Spaced, you should give the latest Netflix gubbins a miss and give it a try. Fantasy author (Kingshold - available now); #SPFBO contestant; dad; hufflepuff; Forest fan; drinker of the PG Tips;
Brenny_Bren Thing about this whole Tessa being a racist piece of crap thing is majority of promotions welcome racist with open arms. Like I should never see Hogan and other racist on my tv again after they've been exposed. However, we know nothing will change about that. |Raptors | Arsenal FC | Toronto Sports | Video Games | Hot Takes | Plus Ultra! |
FinoDam California AT&T is awful! #at&tSucks! Now my cable TV keeps going out and again I tried to call and get nothing but automated crap that is NO HELP at all! I'm totally awesome
Djtechlive With @akosiwinter ❤️ [LIVE] Starting off with some @Pokemon today then losing my self to @monsterhunter (SnS is like amazing holy crap love the new combos X_X) I just want to enjoy gaming today and lose myself in the moment. Washed on cam host | @Twitch partner, sponsored by @LogitechG | @elgatogaming | @BlueMicrophones | @amdgaming | email: (日本語OK)
AllieRenison London @PaulThomas10 The unfollow button is right there :). I have plenty of guilty pleasure TV but that crap is incessant and the concept is disgusting. Wouldnt want my daughter watching/aspiring to it Trade nerd working on/for business. Transplanted D.C. native in London/Dundee (often Northern Ireland too). Views my own unless stated otherwise
pratts_pixie England, United Kingdom @natport671 My only plans now are to stay in and watch TV, or even Jurassic World (it is Pratturday after all 😂). Weather is crap. ❤🕯🙏🏼 2020 is gonna be epicness! it's about reaching goals. I ❤ U @prattprattpratt. ❤🔥🙏💋🙏🔥❤ #IamClaimora. 🔥 #IndiaThePartRaptor 🔥
amandaapabs LA ✈️ SF all my little heart wants is for someone to monologue to me the way Ricky did to Nini (is that sm to ask for!!) and NO ONE can give me crap about how it’s a tv show bc THAT crap was IMPROVISED. ♉️ | aloha noʻu iho
Mumbrt So I think I have the Flu and what I do when I’m sick is watch movies. What the hell Direct TV?? All your dial up movies suck! All the movies you have available are fluffy crap! I want patriotic movie options! U guys are seriously pushing my business elsewhere. @DIRECTV I support Trump❤️ #MAGA #Trump2020 #RedWaveRising #KAG #DrainTheSwamp #TWGRP
philyptian dfw | htx | dc Growing up in north Texas: there is a tornado outside and I’m chilling in my bedroom (upstairs) next to a window watching tv not giving a crap mental heath therapist. phd student. muslim. cat lady 🇪🇬 🇵🇭
TheSultryBadger Leeds, England This sort of crap, and other more political stuff, is exactly why I no longer pay my TV licence. I refuse to fund the BBC.
loriirosetv United States This is my 'Holy crap I'm 25 and still an absolute loser' face. BUT Let's enjoy some BIRFDAY celebrations live now! Jackbox and then more #FFXIV! 🎉 Live now on #twitch! Full time Twitch Streamer ∣ Warrior of Light #FFXIV ∣ Wife to @coyotewildfire ∣ Horror fanatic ∣ Come and become a stream Cub! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
grecianred Taunton, England @Katie_Cakes We’ve got an attic room that is home to all my crap: bang and olufsen crt tv, projector, laserdisc player and other obsolete tech and lots of horror posters both original art prints and my faves my Shining Lobby Cards on the back wall 🪓 Passionate about public services; views are my own (or at least not employer's). ECFC and AS Roma, Replacements, horror movies, running,pick n mix in that order
sickastic Las Vegas, NV holy crap we hit a milestone today. we got up to 100 freaking followers. Also, i think i have found my calling with which game to stream and that is Marvel Strike Force. come join happening right now Twitch Affiliate streamer who loves to game and share experiences with fellow gamers 😀
TaosGary @billburr @MeTV I'm 65 and MeTV is my favorite. I just feel grounded watching the old shows. Thanks Edd Byrnes. Rest easy. Their are tons of great TV on MeTV. My 13 and 11 year grand son's love all the shows. MeTV offer way better quality stuff than most of the crap being made today. Musician, Vocalist,Comedian, Scholar, Cute, Sassy, Chef, Philanthropist, Great Kisser, Romantic, Lovable, Honest, Kind, Realist, Spiritual, Confused and Happy.
begleymomof1 Atoka, OK I don’t really care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your stance matters far less to me than that of my neighbor. If you must know I don't give a crap what your real name is and if I seen you in person I couldn't care less. You see, you aren’t real. I turn off my TV or shut #hardworkingwoman, #40+, #strong, #businessowner, #mother, #wife
Grohlvana Colorado, USA Got a ton done in The Witcher and while the game is janky as hell it's been quite fun! Made it to the swamps! MASSIVE thanks to @LadyLilia87 who has raided the crap out of my channel, follow her Twitch if you want to see more awesome RPG playthroughs :^) Hi, I'm Grohlvana and I like to 100% games on YouTube. I'm also a partnered Twitch streamer. Thanks for watching what I do :^)
JonezMD Old and busted: Rust New hotness: Escape from Tarkov Holy crap this game is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. I've played like maybe 5 whole raids at this point? Come watch my scurry around afraid in the woods 😅 Previously: Writer. Minister of Propaganda. Northeast Ohio. Currently: 🌨🌨🌨
pjsforestkid Ohio @finalfeud My thing with fluff is that it has to be “earned” by the characters. Work was crap for them they can go home to fluff. Just worked through big issue ok cuddles and tv. Finally admitted they like ___ ok have the date. But they have to have some kind of tension to make the fluff “You are safe” -P.M.L
NIUBOROLANDO Charlotte, NC @TeamYouTube YouTube is dead, the very concept of YouTube was change the game and create the democratization of traffic of information. Today, you type “crap” in the search bar, and the first million results are from mainstream media. Why would I go to YouTube rather than my TV ? Liberty, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum
DameFuego Kalamazoo, MI Always have to make sure I put my kids' toys away and turned off after they go to bed. They always scare the crap out of me when they randomly turn on while watching TV in the dark after everyone is asleep!!! 😂😂😂 Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. — University of Miami Alumnus
GlitchinRich86 Beaver Island Michigan @styledbyrati Wearing a shirt that says crap Saying the TV show 24 is boring Hitting a racket ball too close to a gym teacher Taking my stuff back from teacher Twisting words to get free stuff A chicken in someone's locker Not going to band recitals Not giving notes to parents And more Randomness Is the only constant GlitchinRich86 on twitch
Guillaume_Tak France Georgie Corse Irlande Please help, I had a debate with my daughter of 15 that there is a possibility that you never went on the 🌓! I blame all the crap you find on the internet and on tv.
legendofzenku Excuse the not so clean set up but thanks to my girlfriend I’m finally using a monitor for my pc (instead of a tv) and nooooow I have a double monitor setup and holy crap I love it and her this is amazing. Slowly but surely I’m becoming a “rael gammer” Final Fantasy XIV mostly but other games are ok too. Tank that sucks but still manages to crawl through savage raids. I love memes. ❤️ @mythra_x ❤️
NotMike33370706 @Durand91 @Southern__Duck Ah crap and I just saw Ozark is coming in March. Need to get busy catching up on my TV shows Like herpes, I am forever #GoDucks
AllAboutSri London @SamsungUK Nearly 2 weeks after first informing #Samsung of my faulty TV I get told a replacement will be delivered tomorrow (10/01/20). And just now have been told that this is no longer an option as they don’t have any available stock! WHAT IS GOING ON!? #SamsungTV #customerservice #crap Ask.Believe.Receive
Shelly9zero Esperance, Western Australia Hiya my lovelies! I've gone live on Twitch. This is my hot key "Oh crap I forgot to Post" post... Come and join me! #LiteEmUp Love your faces!!!!! | @twitch Affiliate | Streamer | Game Enthusiast | Coffee-is-life | @IlluminateTTV @WomANZ_gg @WWF_streamers |
PWJHuntley Pembrokeshire Good Morning. Hospital wifi stopped working last night, rendering my tablet useless, and the TV in my room is crap; no remote control, the buttons on it are so sensitive that you skip ten channels if you so much as look at them and the volume is either set to MUTE or DEAFENING. Fighting Leukaemia. Left leaning. Books, music, films. Married to @SianMJones69
Roadwarrior627 Staten Island, NY I don't curse often on here - but whoever made this decision is a complete freakin asshole @MadeinNY. Fix this crap. I've flipped on my TV for 15 years (since I started watching as a young kid) and on Jan. 1 you broke my heart. But THANK YOU @BklynBckstretch for this tweet. NYer, born & raised. Fan of @Mets, @BKCyclones, @Giants, gaming, & thoroughbred horse racing. Bowler. The YouTube channel has racing analysis @TheNYRA. #LGM
Owl_Kat_TV Beaverton, OR Holy crap, today was such a lovely stream! Thank you all so much for the love and support today, my heart is so full! We sent that radical love and support on to the always wonderful @MotherGamer28 Gamer | Artist | Transgender | She/Her | challenging norms through radical love and support | business inquiries:
lloydwakeling @LilyZach22 Not enough Sophie!!!...My son gives me so much crap for it!!...just can't do it!!...tells me I'm missing so much!...but so much TV and film is ruined by gratuitous violence...hate it...😨😨😨😨😨 Artist, cook and thinking...💙💛 MOT Leeds since 1970..Seen it all!
Portland_jet @Royorbisonjr Dominos is far from my favorite, and because of people like Cooper propagating falsehoods, I gave up on tv 13 years ago. Life is too short to waste time watching crap. #Deport #STAB STAND WITH TRUMP AGAINST THE COUP! #NoDACA #ArrestSanctuaryCityMayors #NoAmnesty #WALL #MAGA #BoycottNetflix #Trump2020 STOP BALLOT HARVESTING
GulatiPragati India @FanSidra Meeee.. My mother was giving me looks when she saw sid and sana showing cheapness on national TV..we aren't interested in this crap why is bigg boss not understanding this #RashmiDesai Compassionategirlwithpureheart
gtaelbordo @SamMobiles pfff .. for noobs. i setcup my TV like and motion smoothing is crap turn it off for ever PC/PS4/XBOX Gamer Specs: Samsung Monitor C49RG9, i9 9900k, RTX 2080, 32GB RAM VR: Valve Index & Playstation VR
ThorsenE Norge / Noreg @Nidarosisart Honestly wish you could have my Job right now. Its not very rewarding but it is chill and the People are lovely (the pay is crap but you get to watch tv and unironically say its a part of your Job) Malevolent entity. he/him, 24yo
tig713 @Acosta Did she go o. FOX? I really don't know, I canceled that crap off my tv 3 years ago. Seems that what she thinks what her job description is now. We all pay her but she works for 1/3 of Americans and goes in Fox. WTF? Where is everyone else. Where's the POS Potus?
BabyRed42899127 Florida, USA @777KAB1 I am 100% with you @777KAB1 ! I refuse to ever turn that crap on my TV. If their is news, i will receive it via Trump, Nunes, Collins, Meadows, Army/Marine tweets + top 3 or so independent folks like @IPOT1776 @99freemind @SGTreport, qmap and u! #NeverMSM Love and Honor! My life in a nutshell.
Lonnie_Lala @jfreewright Once again Commi, you are lying and dead wrong. We hate Hellyweird and all of their perverted pedophiles demonic movies and TV. I have not owned a television for many years. I would not soil my mind with their crap. It is obvious you shovel the crap in though. #BlackBeneidict Grandmother, Mother, Wife, former Advertising Executive, Heirloom Gardener, Christian, Bible Reader, Bibliophile, Patriot, Political researcher, Truth Advocate
girlziplocked pocono mountains The way some of my friends self-rationalize binge-watching crap tv is not so unlike the way a lot of my other friends rationalized actual addictions to drugs and alcohol. elderly care chaplain, interfaith seminarian, sociologist, worm rancher and very much what you would call an ursula k. le guin person
w7cjd @LouDobbs I suggest you ask FOX Business to allow your show and Sunday Morning with Maria Bartiromo on YouTube 1-2 days after aired live., whatever. I am in a rural area: regular tv is $108.00 more than I can reasonably manage on my income. The rest of tv is crap. New to Twitter, to see what goes on here, having seen RNC and comments I am looking forward to seeing the DNC and comments.
CjsGoMarket @GotzMyne @NOOKY954 @AkeibaFard @nasescobar316 @avarbrown0607 Black people will eat this nonsense up too. So you sitting there knowing full well watching your jobs are getting outsourced and taking by illegals but you are to vote AGAINST your interest. Glad he is not on TV. My folks use to watch his crap. We're a community of independent business owners for independent business owners. We want to see small business succeed! Join us!
OdditiesOdd [chuck] graffitied Roman Mysteries quiz book (2007) Published after the release of the tv show, my sister felt compelled to vent her frustration into the covers of this book. Cover: “DO NOT REDE IT IS FUCING CRAP and I mean it BIG time!” A series of odd bits and pieces we find in our old home.

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