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turion1973 Southern Oklahoma Area @sammiecoop27 @Ridge_FF @kfor Scared of what? I have seen more crap and been in situations only you have seen on TV and Reality shows. You don't even know my back ground. I can tell you Oklahoma is by far not a dangerous place compared to the upper NE States. Retired military, City Emergency Management, Information Technology Security. M.Ed. in Education/Education Technology Design. Severe Weather Enthusiast.
ABT12313 North Carolina, USA @realDonaldTrump Omg just stop with your stupid Law and order crap. By the way that is my favorite show. Wonder if they can get him for plagiarism???? Ever time he uses that line I think of the tv show. Hmmmm
EasyEuropeanUK London #GMB first time I have tuned in to this programme and I have been rewarded by complete TV gold. Oh my goodness, @piersmorgan and Rudy Giuliani kicking the crap out of each other on breakfast TV is quite something. British Politics is broken and it's Brexit wot broke it...... 🦉
mikeredes Sydney, Australia @profgalloway @YouTube @AkilahObviously @YouTube is a disgrace. the crap that is on that channel and I catch my kids watching is awful. we have banned it. all that shouting and swearing. The ads are just noise that have no effect on the audience. They are the new TV but uncensored. The more things we desire and the more we have to do to earn or attain those achievements, the less we actually enjoy our lives—and the less free we are.
DamonDamturn @kkrystaall Because of the race baiting and kiling going on in the country. You are all going out to have fun like a parade. Tensions are high and then you bring this crap from the tv to their homes. Enough is enough. My god These are peaceful communities all around this valley. Instigating MAGA!! WWG1WGA!!!GOD AND COUNTRY
hbepaa0 she/her • blm • bi • 🇰🇷 when naya is racist towards asians and defends herself by saying crap like “y’all loved my insensitive role on a tv show, why call me out?” and “i can be racist bc i’m a minority” “look at me. i’m not a football player. i’m a short little hobbit.”
Dawsvader @Fairy__Woodland Why is this vile,UK hater on the TV? If anything can make you racist listening to her spout anti white crap is one of them. I'm one of the most tolerant people and brought my kids up the same way,but her hate is palpable,just leave this country,simple husband to the most amazing lady and proud dad of 2 incredible young women, and they tell me a professional moaner
sir_scottsman @P_Rebold @inkcello @ShortestFoos @wobblechops20 @phillyprof03 Yea that undercover cop crap i think is just an excuse to point the blame on someone else kinda saying "its not my fault i took that tv from target, its the polices fault they killed gerorge floyd and started the riots." #2ADefender jack of all trades master of none though often times better than a master of one. also a huge fan of the Halo franchise
troje_nick @FLOTUS @WhiteHouse @POTUS @JP2Shrine Stop your husband's killings! Hes a cheat and u should Know better. Is barron still alive? My son would be out condemning his dad on live TV all day. Your part in the birther crap ruined u lady. Shame on u for that
Kull62313343 My dick this motherfuker is snoring sleeping anyway hey sis. I guess ladies on the girl shoulder talking about he wants to make her his woman I'm like ain't that a blip I'm laying down after forget this crap I got up and went to the TV room I didn't sleep all night or day gentle when stroked fierce when provoked (hard work, dedication and sacrifice) these are both of my mottos I am a male looking for women who are interested only
JrLarryW San Clemente, CA @cenkuygur @JDScholten I am an accidental discover of the YT’s It’s just on sometimes when I turn on my TV. I don’t get it🥱is this what’s called information these days, The 2 Host? locksink in all thoughts! This crap is awful, and extremely Narcissistic I guess they like Rush and Hannity play books I’m with Sen.Warren on issues of overhauling Corp Amer. Socially ALL HATE Pisses Me off! Women get to choose Until SCIENCE says other wise,SCIENCE always is 1st
NWHaymaker Polk County OR @KOINNews Thanks for HIJACKING my evening of TV viewing with your feed of the Portland city crap. It's the same damn thing as the past several nights. Why do you think the current scene is so vital that you dare break into my privacy and what I pay for to bolster your news ego? Retired
Sweethajji E Tennessee @P8R1OT What someone else does is none of my business. When I see those commercials I put the parent company on my list of "no buy" from. I don't like seeing straight couples kissing and crap on tv either. I have no interest in watching others perform soft porn for tv. I LOVE GOD more than anything. #sinnerSAVEDbyGRACE The only hope for America is Jesus! PRESIDENT Trump fan. That banner pic! LOL!!! #MAGA #KAG2020 #WWG1WGA
sleepingkoala45 Fort Salem 🧙🏻‍♀️ From now on I go back to tweeting frivolities, books, TV shows, horror, writing and painting and music. My last political statement is I’m for Joe. Feel free to crap all over me for THAT. It would round out my day. Taking a bath now. #Outtahere Writer 🖋️Read, Rock, Rebel. 🎸 Horror junkie 🔪Librarian 📚Gamer🕹Contributing Writer for @talknerdywithus & @starrymag. Opinions mine. Bi-Curious she/her
ThomLillyLayne United States MTV, Nickelodeon And Other TV Stations Go Off Air To Show Support For Protesters, Pay Respect To George Floyd - The Daily Caller.........This is the crap that’s been popping up on my TV at night messages about black lives matter I thought my TV was hacked I FOLLOW BACK PATRIOTS WHO ARE ACTIVE ONLY #WalkAway #TRUMP2020 #4MoreYears #BestPresidentEver. followed by Scott Baio and Eric Carmen
GrangerUrsula @g0lflefl3ur @DariusCousins @AllenWi11914718 @HKrassenstein @realDonaldTrump Dude They are beating little old ladies are you kidding me and looting is theft dude not cool. I taught my boys not to steal because it’s the right thing but I also know my boys would NOT be beating the crap out of old ladies and shooting dudes over a TV. Self Employed
taylahswaggy @taylorpmarie___ @EVK95 It was so hard for me to pull this video up on my tv. I typed the exact title and, nothing. All our media is corrupted. YouTube used to be freedom. Now they’re just as censored and full of crap adorable af & unapologetically and beyond proudly black. also my nose looks like lilo’s
mindurdambiznes Michigan @je88icabella @GoBuckeyesOH @James_lewis2 @Tobywnkenobi @HBMOSS_128 @LivePDNation I already got in a conversation with this dude about their nonsense. Him and his groupies just spiel their crap. My final conclusion is that I am happy they are on tv so average Americans can see ridiculous cops like these actually exist. There are good and bad things about everything and smart people acknowledge they don't know what they don't know.
staceylynn1016 Florida, USA @le_roost @ABC7Kristen @ABC7News @ABC7GMW My guess is with all the crap going on they are trying not to be seen on TV taking a guys doors off the hinges. Sometimes what can be done is not done due to how it will look. And of course they would be doing their job but would be called nazis on the cable news networks. #SolaGratia #SolaFide #SolusChristus
lockmeinurheart 수고했어요 종현아 🌹 I'm not on FB and idk how tv news reports are, I'm so accustomed to getting my news from Twitter that I don't know what crap everyone else is absorbing. Are we all getting the same picture? I think not. ☆ INFP-T ♥️ ★ ♈(25⬆) ☆ live for a dream of love ★ 清醒的人最荒唐 ☆ dream a little bigger, darling ★ be kind, be good☆ 🐰🦐+🏍️85 ★ 🌟Bright☀️ ☆ 🍃Keanu⛰️ ★ Crush 💣
Coops_tv London @socialistwithaC @SholaMos1 Blimey. What a load of crap you've just tweeted. My advice to you is stop sniffing glue and start reading books. BBC 5Live contributor, ex-MSN TV editor and Press Association reporter. Watch loadsa TV - the good, bad & flying ducking ugly. RTs not always endorsements*
Kerrie2k United Kingdom @Abundance247 @mal96974184 Lol I've been doing this for years :P The news is full of crap and I like to form my own opinions on what's going on. I don't even have a TV aerial plugged in. I'm a huge @nattiebynature fan, my music taste ranges from Grime to Metal. I'm a Fibromyalgia, anxiety/agoraphobia & depression sufferer.
lmlTN nashville, tn I swear to God, y’all. How TF do you watch cable TV news all day, everyday? I’ve had it just the last two days and it’s just such pathos driven angsty garbage for all but like 10 minutes an hour. WTF, people. That is some seriously crazymaking toxic crap. Where’s my newspaper??? Rhetoric and Communication Studies Professor, Strategist and Coach. Civics Junkie, Media Critic. Loves Nashville, the Preds, Rhetoric, Coffee & Sunshine.
patryn94 --------- Pro tip for all of my frens. Everything that is broadcast by a TV network is crap. It's been sanitized, editorialized, and sensationalized for your viewing pleasure (and ad revenue.) All of them, even the ones you like. Deal with it. Just a Patryn frog living in a Sartan world. Shepherd of lost frens. Cozy Pond dweller. SoF member. Treeposter 1st class
KRYPTO0132 Puerto Rico, USA @WWEUniverse @WWE @WWERollins @austintheory1 @WWE_Murphy Another talking crap first segment... My tv is on mute and i am in the bathroom whatever
laura_devereaux Is it wrong that I want to go through my TV and beat the complete crap out of this scum??? Baby boomer. Mom, GM to six grandkids and four grandpups. Can't believe I have to protest this crap again! #CloseTheCamps #EnoughIsEnough #ImpeachNow #Resister
WesternNC1969 @Ask_Spectrum What is this crap and why is it on my TV? I pay for television not social justice messages. Engineer, Avid Outdoors Enthusiast, Atv's, Camping, Fishing.
Miccey2005 @GuardianUS Your pissing me off you go by what you see on tv . YOU DO NOT LIVE IN AMERICA!!! THIS IS HAPPENING IN MY LAND. THAT LAST VIDEO WAS BUSINESS OWNERS FIXING WHAT WAS BROKE DID NOTHING WRONG. THAT WOMAN IS DEAD. SHOULD WE Riot and burn crap down? Am your fan please stop DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica if isnt on thing it's something else.Democrats party has wasted more money on trying to kick out trump from office. #trump2020
Cevlock Your kitchen eatin your snacks my mom had a tv that was just sitting in the dining room unplugged for a while and so I asked if we could borrow it since the current one in my room is just a Huge ugly Oven piece of crap tv that makes our room super swelteringly hot. So glad we made the switch. 🌺🌷Lover of life, nature, big men, food🍔🍰, photography📷, people, and bunnies🐰 He/Him [Demi/Ace] {Gay}🌼💐
ashleyt17 Toronto @DistrictEden I’ve basically been sleeping like crap throughout the pandemic so before things popped off I decided to get my crap together. Meditation is super helpful, I also log off social media at least an hour before it’s time to sleep and I put on garbage tv to help clear my head I podcast. I rant. I watch things.
Matt2Dee London, England Toot Whistle Plunk & Boom and Pigs is Pigs are both missing from Disney+ Sifting through all this live action tv crap cluttering my feed and so much animation is missing. Where’s the gold? Welsh | Visual Development Artist / Senior Design Lead @Blue_Zoo | AllPronounsWelcome 🏳️‍🌈 | Available for Freelance |
soonermaniac Dallas, Texas @hulu_support Well I'd DM you but you won't accept DMs. But basically I have many channels on TV app and on my iPhone 11 app that buffers constantly. And no, it's not my 200mb internet or router. And right now the @CNN US video is crap. Not sure I can trust Hulu for college football season. Shaved head, tattooed, gun-carrying, Harley riding, stage IV melanoma fighting, 11B vet, husband and dad! Hell NO to Trump and GOP! #VetsAgainstTrump
BldingHeartCons Greeley, Colorado I remember when I was little and a message used to come on TV at 10pm every night "Parents, so you know where your children are?" It used to scare the crap out of me! My guess here is...Don't know; don't care. Bleeding Heart Conservative...#ProTrump #ProLife #ProEnvironment #ProTruth. Avid Recycler. All Animals Matter. Follow Back All #MAGA
PhoenixFuxxx Buffalo, NY @butkus0726 Right!? All this crap on TV and social media is balogna. Watch me instead. I laugh I smile, and fitness is fun. Especially when you be fitness Dick down my throat. reach me with a proper introduction.
Mas5665 Orlando, FL & White Plains, NY #MorningJoe #MSNBC Killer Mike can kiss my killer black butt. He was a main divider of black ppl with his Bernie Sanders crap. I have nothing for KM and for him to get on nat’l TV and curse was embarrassing. Mike is a Bernie Bro opportunist He wants to be a celebrity and activist In memory of my love who was an Obamacrat to the core...I miss both of you tremendously...🥀
steph_brown_aus Australia @2020horror_show @KierenBack @My_Place21 @SexCounseling @realDonaldTrump It’s ironic that your handle is “Stop watching tv”, but it’s you that needs to stop reading lies and fake crap on the internet. You don’t even realise you are falling for the narrative. LIKES: Truth. Equality. Science. Facts. Compassion. DISLIKES: Bigotry. Racism. Stupidity. Pseudoscience. Dog Whistling. Liars. Frauds. Selfishness. Greed.
aanaibm am I right, ladies? and seeing all the news is making me extra sad and angry, AND I’m on my period and I just want cuddles and I’m gonna put some crap tv and cry while I eat cookies baking enthusiast, most likely to buy a one-way ticket, dead inside but still horny, amateur everything, she/her, desastre humano en dos idiomas 💖
Wild_Lindsay Everywhere Apparently no stream tonight guys my internet is crap 🤬😡 but head over and watch either my partner sparrow or poison Hopefully I can get it to work at some point Single mama, doctoral student in clinical psych, sarcasm expert, & pole fitness enthusiast. Gamer, streamer, & moderator for
YTJj183 Hello, I am a person, just like you. I post random crap all of the time, no matter when or what situation anyone is in. I speak up for people and try to be funny. Please, follow my socials below. Socials: - Youtube - Twitch Bios are for nerds
MarcLHommedieu @Raxunzel Sweet. One of my most cherished memories of all time is randomly seeing Project A-Ko on TV with my friends while wasted It was like "ew, some anime schoolgirl crap," but the movie just gets more and more insane. The action scenes at the end are fantastic, even today. The Theomach's real name is Kenaustin Ardenol.
castpixel @thetallulahhh oh yeah... I watched some of those back in the day! And then cable tv came with some weird slow-as-hell platformers you could play using the tv remote locally, those were crap too! My alpha version is crap as well though :D -> Christina Antoinette Neofotistou ♥ senior illustrator. gamedev. expert pixelartist. Feminist, trans woman, lesbian. Comics for @IDW, pixelart for @Unity3d
RimmerYvonne South West, England @benjamat10 @PatWilliams1944 Stopped watching all crap live tv, now only watch Netflix and the government daily briefing on No 10s Facebook page. Also unfollowed all #scumedia 🤷‍♀️ my blood pressure is better for it Happy single mother. Conservative. Earned everything I have by hard work and commitment. Love listening to music and reading.
mohannnah Disneyland @bvbyval The answer is yes! 👀 I showed my dad earlier because he was glued to the tv and talking crap and once he saw everything on Twitter he got real serious🥴 🍃she goes wherever the wind takes her 🍃
TieDyeTravels Little Rock, AR Why do I care? This is my hometown. I have seen some rather horrific crap on TV covering the rest of the nation. But I also know you only see what is shared. And from what I'm seeing, Little Rock's situation is far less. Author of seven books on Arkansas food. Publisher, Arkansas food historian, TV host, storyteller, producer, instigator, good egg. The girl in the hat.
ScvWatcher Santa Clarita, CA I am on OVERLOAD. I hate the MURDER of GEORGE FLOYD. But I am not watching any of this RIOTING CRAP. I turned my TV to the WEATHER CHANNEL and then started watching EPISODES of MOM ON DEMAND. My stress level is way down! Christian baby boomer grandmother. Cat rescue mom. Sense of humor required. Tired of all the political correctness crap! TRUMP 2020!
Keashianthefox So I fixed up my mic quality so I won't be sounding like crap while I stream and scream. Which is why I'll be playing MegamanZero again! Yaaaaaaaaaay Streamer, voice actor (kinda), Gamer, and a fox. Hello! this is my profile Twitch: Discord: Keashian#0185 status: Taken
leejams62 here @alexsalvinews @OANN LOL, and I came home from work bitchin that my 20 yo son and his girlfriend were in the tv room and I am stuck on this stupid computer watching this crap. Just sayin my son is in tv room cause he knows I would kill him if I knew he was any part of that. just sayin. "when things go bad don't go with them".
Jlane_22 WI @ZZguy Amen my dude. I'm all for protesting and demanding justice. This crap has happened far too many times. But to me looting is when it becomes more for personal gain than for a cause. I guess justice to me is not a stolen 65" TV #Brewers #Packers #Badgers #mnwild. You'll probably find me in a treestand or on a lake. #bowhunting #fishing
the_titan_hunt Mississippi, USA My 7th streamer of the day is @FMGRedBeard he is funny as crap and a member of the FMG squad #FearFMG he is just an awesome dude. a very funny guy that plays a bunch of games and I am a guy willing to help anyone out.
JoshW2571 Gonzales, LA My dog aggravates the crap out of me but he is sharp. I never seen a dog walk into his kennel without being told. We cut the TV and lights off to go bed and the dog walk in the kennel without being told. God, Family, Army Vet, Hunting, Fishing, Mississippi State Bulldogs, Making Ole Miss fans #Mississippimad one tweet at a time

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