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howmanydoihave1 @realkodybrown You saturate my tv with you and your family, your show never made me think oh yea polygamy is cool in fact it confirmed what I always felt. It’s a man trying to have his cake and eat it too a selfish, narcissistic man who it’s ALL ABOUT HIM ONLY 🤢 you treat the women like crap Hmm catch a clue dude. NOT a bot.🖕🏼Trump and all his little seditionist. Not hiding behind God, but 🙏🏼 for you all to do better, see clearer
denise98657571 CBS and 60 minutes should be ashamed of themselves. The bullcrap reporter if you want to call her that was totally uninformed I haven’t watched 60 minutes for a long time and now will not turn my tv to cbs! Disgrace how the media is today.! Wake up America stop listening to crap
SuzieWo20886208 #BBCBreakfast The reason I ditched my TV Licence in Feb 2016 was because of intellectually-insulting crap like this. Aimed at the non-thinking pleb, with the attention span of a Pygmy Shrew - it is a broadcasting insult to the truth. And R4 is now a total tabloid disgrace. 'Me just a girl from Wan Chai, who work at Nam Kok Hotel. A month a long time in Hong Kong... you'll get lonely huh!' Tories & Brexit Boneheads Blocked
Blakegator01 Florida, USA @JSB_TV @arlowhite @SkySports @NBCSportsSoccer Holy crap. I got a like from someone who is amazing and is funny. This seriously rivals my interaction with @arlowhite and talking about the Bears with him. Yes I have no life. Keep doing you and doing what you do @JSB_TV Gator and Liverpool FC fan from Florida? Proud dad.
LibertyandArms The Republic of Texas @texan40 Me too. @MLB was my favorite sport and I followed the @Rangers religiously. BLM crap last year, now moving the @AllStarGame out of Georgia is the last straw for me. I cancelled my subscription today. I'll be fishing with my son instead of watching baseball Christian, Father, Husband. Mr/Sir. Advocate for the right to life and the individual right to keep and bear arms. SHSU graduate class of 2004
mariebenben North East, England its not ever ‘just’ fibromyalgia is it! i also have #TMJD #Rheumatoidarthritis #tinnitus #mitralvalveprolapse #cfs and all atm are causing me some crap! this is me watching #LineofDuty6 tonight ! #subtitleson cause i have to have the tv volume on so high my daughter complains🤷🏻‍♀️ Mam of2teens,got #fibromyalgia & #arthritis Love #DavidCoverdale❤️❤️and #billyconnolly NO DMs from men plz!
RealDalitso Planet Namek BORING!! I get struggle love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this is not how the show should go. Need some commotion and entertainment. Some must see TV. My denial is over, this is crap. Zero turns and twists. Where is Casa Amor? 😭😭😭 this is not Love Island #LoveIslandSA Le champion de la planète
ColinTrolledYou Ohio, USA @theblueautumn @CodyStavenhagen I’m gonna trust your judgement here. I can’t tell because my wifi is crap and the picture on my TV is terrible right now but it looked foul to me. Detroit Sports Fan and Certified Troll. Go Blue 〽️ Wear a Mask.
MaciejBudkowski Visited my parents for Easter and had a rare occasion to watch TV for a couple of hours. After some time, I was like: "Damn, this TV crap is so chaotic, I can't even hear my thoughts". And then I realized that's often the exact reason why people watch TV. I make complex things easy to understand. Mostly psychology & business. Creator @Stay_Luminous, Managing Director @ExplainVisually, Advisor @AltruistoCom
triston_herbst Austin, TX How is SNL still on tv, this crap is Big Bang theory level comedy. My 9mo old son made farting sounds with his lips today and that was funnier than this crap he/him | Dad patrol
LunarOnTwitch @LifeSMPMC Hey, I am Lunar and this is my pog application( I CANT EDIT) Oh yeah my application not a plug oh crap! Hi, I am Lunar A small streamer who just wants to make people happy whilst also having some fun, your here so why not follow me. Profile pic by
ebyrdstarr Lawrence, KS Remember all that useless crap my dad ordered from late night tv? Well one of them was a magic thaw and that thing is amazing! Putting the fanatic back in sports fan since 1973
Jkerns79 Arizona @MLB @MLBNetwork @MLBTV @YouTubeTV again. I paid for MLB TV package and I can't watch it and now MLB network which is doing regional coverage isn't playing the padres Dbacks game. This is absolute bull crap..I want my money back. LEO/God Fearing Man,ChargersFan4Life/Thankful for my Fam And blessed each day I wake up.Chargers, Padres, Mavericks, Dallas Stars, UofA #BearDown.
findmamabear England, United Kingdom @Nicandfartin There are not many responses to tell you not to. But I will throw in my penny - don’t. Buy crisps, chocolate, a box set on the TV. None are good, but they don’t lead to crap and crap the next day. Whatever we hope to find at the bottom of bottle is every there. It is in soberiety Blogging about parenting, separation, sobriety, and the extended family life.
NatSolo_TV England, United Kingdom I can not wait for my hair to grow back, shaving your head is nice for a brief moment but for so many months it’s awkward and crap 😑 Nathan 🇬🇧 UK #Twitch Streamer 🎙️ Aspiring #Voiceactor 🐱 #Cat Dad Contact -
JoshuaKGordon Grosse Pointe Woods, MI @mousterpiece There is of course a big difference between me and a critic who is dissecting a film for way more than just “fun.” But it’s liberating to be able to enjoy Fargo and its depth and then turn off my brain and enjoy crap TV like Emily in Paris with my wife. Father, husband. Comms guy. Former journalist in Michigan, Baltimore & Colorado. Alumnus of @CMUniversity. Fire Up Chips!
peachykeene88 Seattle, WA It's Sunday, the weekend is almost over. So what do I decide to do? Trials. Yes, you heard me correctly. Where is peachy and what happened to her?! Come hang out with me, I will need all the moral support. (Also come tell me if my audio is CRAP.) Just a girl named peachy. PEACHY GANG HYPE! Twitch Affiliate! Insta/TikTok/YT: @peachykeene88 Business E-mail:
artiF1ed England, United Kingdom @andyt5678 The TV coverage for both FormulaE and now this ExtremeE is crap & in my opinion, the biggest reason why one isn't taking off and the other will last 2 seasons. Get a decent production company, make a proper programme on a proper channel & the racing will take car of the figures. Motorsport artist, upcycler of F1™ car parts to fund raiser for Multiple Sclerosis and kicking the disease's bottom as I go!
DufferRoy Hampshire UK I have just made my declaration to TV Licensing that is do not (and have not!) watch the crap that passes for entertainment on any of the live channels. Join me, won’t you? #DefundTheBBC Cat Lover, Chilli addict, Life student, hedgehog fan, pluviophile. pandemic pragmatist
Umekopyon 茨城県 my TV reception is still crap, but I'm glad they're fitting all of this into this episode. When I reread the chapters earlier today I was worried it might be a bit much and need some cutting down haha. #MyHeroAcadamia Game art/design BA ❀ IGDA Scholar ❀ JLPT N2 ❀ ALT ❀ Bulbapedia translator ❀ アメリカ人 ❀ 日本語OK ❀ ポケモン、ロンパ、おジャ魔女どれみ、プロメア ❀ダイハル、日冬❀ラブライブ垢@umeko_lovelive❀ちょっと腐っちゃったかな?
theJBP1 At my desk, writing. @MichaelRGoodmn @conwild @PhilipsCare @curryspcworld @Philips @PhilipsCare_UK Yep. Doesn't work. Doesn't recognise my TV model number. And yes, I have definitely got the right number. And yes, I bought it from Curry's, not some dodgy place. No idea why their trouble shooting page is being as crap as their customer service 🤷 Writer, journalist, book blogger. Shortlisted by @bluepencil_edit & @literaryconsult. Shortlisted & highly commended by @YeovilLitFest
spoopydruid Occupied Ohlone Land (SF) @Sir_Ian_Michael Wow, my brain fog is making me fairly incoherent at times but I did plan for this, so I’m just hanging out watching tv and eating healthy snacks, telling myself my immune system is awesome. I wouldn’t trade it for what you went through, though, holy crap. (she/her) queer, goth, neurodiverse, abolitionist, anti-racist, anarchist language arts teacher and dungeon master ⚔️ I write adventures, I’ll share someday 🔮
gregghoulden Texas, USA, London 'GMB is finished without Piers' Viewers switch off as Charlotte and Alex host GMB It’s a woke prim uptight crap show...I used to watch GMB on my office TV.... It’s now freaking insipid it’s crap Charlotte is a repressed prim idiot Alex is a woke forkwit. Experienced CEO & MD FEBS/EmSurg #polytrauma. Venture/PE Fund CEO - #Libertarian #IstandwithIsrael #exGOP #dogydad #Anti-woke ridiculousness
Sylvester_Routh NC @amazonfiretv I don’t know how you did it, but you certainly did. You managed to find a way to bombard me on your fire tv with more bloat/crap in my face that I don’t want to watch or see. You must not use your own devices to notice how annoying and poorly designed this update is IT worker, gamer, and the DM of 3 groups of people that probably hate me :-)
beejaybear Zummerzet #gertlush Today is sponsored by crap TV - totally overdid it yesterday and am beyond exhausted - but having to remind myself that not sleeping well last night doesn't matter and my body will adapt. How are you all doing? Any nice plans?x Breaking free from the chains of anxiety - cat lover - SKP language teacher - Jill of many trades, mistress of some
JagTaggart93 Planet Zeist Holy crap! My conclusion of #ResidentEvil Code Veronica stream is less than a few hours old and it has 73 views already!! My videos up until now were between 10-20 views. WOW! That's incredible! The people have spoken, Capcom. Remake Code Veronica Now. A furry streamer with a fondness for Quake, Doom, Resident Evil, Retro, Scary and Fighting Games. He/Him. Nazifurs F off, TERFS too.
_southern_siren Macon, GA It's baseball season. For me that means my grandma will be glued to the TV for as long as the yankees do well (probably all season) and my Twitter trending feed is full of crap I don't care about. RPCV. Community Builder. Writer. Singer. Maconite. ENTJ.
SpeedRacer350 Wine Country, CA Our #SFGiants flag is out, my wife, the dog and I all have our #Giants gear on ready for #MLBOpeningDay and @dish screws is over with his crap. Fuuuuuck yoooooooou! 😡 #BayArea #Satellite #TV #baseball #blackout #MLB as fake as real can’t be
DouglasScovil Maine, USA They take "Mom" off the air and put crap sitcoms shows like United States of Al on ?...I watched this show 20 minutes haven't even laughed least "Mom" had me choking on my TV snacks from laughing so hard🤣😂Alison Janey is hilarious 😆 so isnt Kristen Johnston 🥰 Personal Trainer/Post-Rehab Specialist
melissa60369651 @PeteButtigieg @SecretaryPete @USDOT My husband works in oil/gas/fracking & all this talk about covering up holes is a complete joke. I can’t believe you actually go on TV saying this crap and that people believe U. You don’t have ANY jobs to replace these 6 figure jobs. How about you taking one of these jobs. Liar
SteelerGoalie94 Sheffield, UK. @SkyHelpTeam Hi. Please arrange to come and this utter dogcrap system out of my house. I’ve had enough. No wifi, locked out of hub, crap TV system. Enough is enough. Not interested in ‘help’. Just tell me when your coming to take it out. 😡😡😡 Honoured to have represented the Sheffield Steelers in 2010/11. Matchnight co-ordinator at Steelers and Molecular Engineer. Proud veteran, ex Royal Navy.
gammc1st Cork County, Ireland @Trickstersworld I pay my tv license by law and I expect unbiased facts not the crap we are getting lately. Even the ad for saying all the older people and frontline staff are fully vaccinated is incorrect. @rtenews The fantastical life of a mechanic. You can follow me on Instagram .
bcline760 San Diego, CA @GreySuits @vosdscott @DSmithShow Great. Yet another service clogging my Roku screen. This is ridiculous. This needs regulation especially when it comes to sports. To watch the sports I like I need: Peacock, Paramount+, ESPN+, and a live TV of either YTTV or Hulu. How does this crap benefit consumers? #BlackLivesMatter Competitive archer. I live in downtown Slam Diego. Sports in this order: #Padres, #COYS, #LakeShow, #Ducks. I do nerdy crap as well.
jer006 Boston, MA @RoyWade56651589 @AJSJR40 @KatiePavlich and no I dont wonder, one is right leaning and the other is left leaning. I look at both but tend to go to the bbc or npr as my primary news site as those are more centrist. Opinion hosts (tucker, hannity, ingram) are just plain liars and say any old crap on the TV for ratings Just trying to get by.
CScafuri West Springfield, MA @MLBTheShow Holy crap I figured it out. After searching the web for why I have become so horrible at this game I have FINALLY found the answer. My tv switched to “standard” mode when I hooked up the PS5. I put it back on “game” mode and all is right in the world! I wish I knew this sooner
Glenoman @VerucaSalty76 ok a little more info helps, don't forget guys in Canada we watch all American TV the reason i wondered is my brother in law owns a company and holy crap he's allowed to write everything off 🦌 eh! just me, Canadian in Alberta. Conservative Blue
SlashWilko Doncaster @Harryslaststand @haversham_miss My mother got my son and his gf their TV, they never go to the pub...the crap they have had to go through lately is dehumanising 🤬 🖐️I(used to)believe there were more good people in the world than bad-now sickened by the lack of compassion,the sheer nastiness I see #CorbynWasRight ExLab
TheMilkmen_Tv @YouTube “Ah dang I’m an awful person and my video is getting disliked YOUTUBE HELP” Are you serious this is a load of crap. Maybe if you stop giving people like Logan Paul and Shane Dawson a free pass we wouldn’t have mass dislike bombs We are a group of guys playing games, doing live videos, reacting to weird things, and overall just having a good time for all to enjoy! Oh and drinking MILK!
TheHare14 England, United Kingdom @JeremyVineOn5 Speak for yourself, this country produces some great food and my garden is no exception. We produce crap tv shows at the moment that have really poor subject topics. my opinions I see it....right or wrong, don’t follow me, I don’t know where I’m going either.
maisyrose182 maisy | 23 | she/her | bi for some reason, just the audio for the impractical jokers is playing in my pitch black living room while my TV is off, and it scared the crap out of me when I opened my bedroom door..... I thought someone was in my house for a second looooooool one sec I gotta send fnaf to noah | Black Lives Matter
UrBonafideLuv In My Zone♥ Where u want to be Seriously my last day eating like crap and not being active is tomorrow! I honestly got way to comfortable in just not doing anything but watching TV and eating one meal a day caught up with me ! An Island 💎that live life like there is no 2morrow! Frm 🇻🇮#USVI Educated #BCC06 #BCU #Wildcat 🐯Accountant by day 📝💰♎️...
P_D_Robinson Columbus / Cleveland / Belfast Gutted to learn about Claude. Fan TV is far better than the tedious crap on BBC and Sky, and Claude gave us some iconic moments. I didn't know about his problems and wish I'd sent him a message to show my appreciation. Senior Lecturer @OhioState. PhD in Philosophy with Cognitive & Brain Science. British. Northern Irish. 🇬🇧 ☘️
TraderRaw @Matt__Connors @WeedStreet420 just karma bro - i can't believe some decided to go on TV and instead of just focusing on why their MSOs is gem, decide to spend half air time talking about how LPs are crap. boggles my mind. Technical trader/investor with fundamental background. Beat your brain. Never.Stop.Being.Curious. Continuous learning is the only thing keeping us young...
doinfinenow @haribotweets The tv series is absolute crap. Yet as i kid i used to get detention every day to watch it 😅. My advice is actually watch some of whats in it theres some pretty forked up stuff in it tbh. And this is with it edited down. BBQs, eating and singing. Credit: avatar courtesy of @ickletoonies check their other cool toons out!
0ctavianX Non-Beanary @Aneu_TV @ABuffSeagull I am making my next presentation on the most cursed billboards on I-75 in Florida. The top contender right now is "Boss Hog Radio: No Rap, No Crap" and it's a clip art picture of a pig smoking a cigar. (ay-on) 🇨🇺🥖23🥖Vegan🥖 ❤🤠 @Jay_N_Jay_Art 🤠❤ 🥖 They/Them 🥖 An-Com 🥖Board Games🥖 VIDEO EDITOR (COMMS OPEN)
CptBenzie Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe Me turning my TV off at the wall to save the energy of the red light is absolutely nothing compared to the crap that these bug companies do. And even if millions of us individuals go greener, it is a drop of water in the desert if nothing changes with the big guys. Mobile Gaming Content Creator based in Zimbabwe - All content made entirely on my ASUS ROG Phone 3! He/Him
SergioDelphi London, Ontario @FurnessColin @cumiastowski @robfoot @pottantares @RemindMe_OfThis The most suffering is in the province is being caused my make shift tv doctors like you and the lockdowns you promote along with the fake charts you release to media to scare the public into believing your crap
amsmxyyouarenot India @VansUponA_Tym IKRRRRR THE WAY THEY ARE ROMANTICISING THAT CRAP ????? GOOD forkING LORD . MAN IS MISOGYNIST BUT OBVIOUSLY THE GIRL ISN'T 🤡 THEY'LL FALL IN LOVE AND THE BOY WILL CHANGE AND THE GIRL WILL ALSO REALIZE MID WAY HE WASN'T TOTAL WRONG 🤡🤡🤡 I LEGIT FEEL LIKE SMA$HING MY TV . yeah, who are you ? 🧐 Aloo is a chomu , fuddu bottom minor ❤️ Aloo ki aisi ki taisi ❤️ CAL stan acc ❤️❤️ she / her
wsportsweekly Carlow, Ireland @MissJerichoY2J @WWE @TheRealDisco Who in God's name is their target audience with this crap? My kids think this is the dumbest and most embarrassing crap in tv. I'm a middle aged man and also think it's total crap. Who are they targeting, infants?? The official account of World Sports Weekly. Tweets for the casual sports fan aged 16 and over.
RainbowSerenity Florida my dad cleaned out a lot of the wires and dust and crap from behind the TV when he set up the PS5, so guess where Biscuit’s new favorite spot is 😸 your friendly neighborhood lesbian 🌈 she/her ✨ header by CassiS |