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AaronAlwine Connecticut I have strep throat. I kinda feel like crap, but my poor wife. She is wrangling 3 kids all day while I mostly sleep and watch tv. #perspective I've spent a lot of time figuring out who I am & getting comfortable w/ who I'm not. My actions are more and more aligned with what's important to me every day.
TheAdamConners Norf of Atlanta I don’t know how my tv ended up on NBC, but I unintentionally watched 20 min of SNL, and that’s the most pathetic crap I’ve seen in a long time. That’s not comedy. That show is dead. #Reformed #sports #geek #honda #integra #thwg
FBM_MidStaffs Cannock Chase, Staffs, UK #SundayThoughts @ITV need to bin this one. Hollington Drive is a total piece of televisual CRAP. A Woke, dire script. Terrible acting. Incoherent and SOOOO boring. I wasted an hour of my life on this. THE WORST DRAMA seen on TV for years. #tvhell Gay guy. Disabled. Former WMC circuit stand-up comedian. Strong supporter of our local @StaffsPolice. @emmerdale fan. Sticky Toffee Pud lover.
michelleslatte2 @marielnd1 @SaturdayKitchen @matt_tebbutt @BBCFood @BBCOne 🙈😡 disaster a chef should know better My son is a coeliac and it's just crap when you see this happen on TV @SaturdayKitchen seriously???
csdills Atlanta, GA @comcast @blackismy This is a load of crap. @comcast sold me on it being able to stream to my Apple TV. I specifically said that it had not worked previously and didn’t want it if it could only be on iOS. Now I’m stuck with the extra fee for something I never use. Third year MFA Scene Design graduate student at Boston University. From Atlanta Georgia.
snowbird_47 Canada 🇨🇦 @AccountableGOP I could only listen to 20 seconds of his crap. I saw it on tv that morning as the first plane hit, I didn’t think it was real at first, a joke in bad taste and then I saw the second plane and my God !!! That was no joke. This guy is crazy wife/mother#Liberal#Bridge player♠️❤️♦️♣️#Canadian🇨🇦🇨🇦#BLM/#MeToo
Tomru453 Unknown. @cjloveearth @bobbysh31888230 @nugglees @Jayden97085707 @PinkNews now every time i pull my phone out you guys push most popular existed the TV shows characters to be gay and push propaganda of gay stuff we don’t need kids to see this crap, telling a 3 year old about this is like talking to them about sex sorry.
AutSciPerson Maryland, USA Sometimes what I need is to not take care of myself. It sounds absolutely backwards, but it's 100% true. Sometimes I need to binge watch TV shows until my eyes hurt and feel like crap because I laid on a couch all day and barely ate anything. 11/13 Autistic late-diagnosed grad student in neuroscience. white, nonbinary. they/them Opinions are my own & do not represent my employer. #SayNoToABA
Friend_Kuch_TV India @tringlemud This is me after reading reviews. Don’t have patience to watch this crap with my two eyes, ears and damaged brain cells #Imlie Kind, Funny
englishscribe London, England @DHStom I finished my week and slipped out for a lovely pint of Dennis Hopper before returning to my wife for some crap TV after a day lucky enough to be paid to write. The world is a mess, so these things the things are what matter. Hugs! How are you? Narrative Wrangler-Videogames, TV, Theatre and beyond. Prince of Persia•Division 2•Watch Dogs:Legion•Harry Potter•NfS•Currently @Guerrilla Games. Views my own
JimmyFlinders89 @sportsnerd4life Lots and lots and lots of cussing(why my wife won't watch it with me(F-Bomb doesn't sit well with her(There are a crap ton of F-bombs))), so just know that. Otherwise it is probably the best dang tv show ever made! Romans 1:16/D&C 76:22-24
Ready2Bfr33 @TheDailyDarkne1 @MsMarieGarcia @KyleKoster Wow I already hated that crap and this is what they chose???? My goodness wow tv LOVES doing this crap and no one says anything Working towards freedom from my past!
cyberkrinn The Fifth Domain @Station19 is AWFUL! Good grief! The dialogue is annoying crap. I'd turn the channel but the remote's across the room & my knee is braced and immobilized, and on ice ATM. I've gotta wait until I can get up. This is why I don't watch TV. The quality is in the toilet. Threat intelligence geek | Aspiring cyberterrorism/cyberwarfare intelligence analyst | Constantly learning | Embracing the challenge #jawn сиберкринн
misterweibel Bangkok, Thailand @KoenOlie @Ajarncom Facebook now is on the second screen of my phone. Often forget about it. And when I go back on the phone, I get tons of crap (movies, suggested content, loads of BS). A waste of time. I gave up on TV years ago - I still live. FB next Living in Bangkok. Twitter for some comments, rants, information and snapshots (mostly, possibly, of dogs & food). Never too far from the next cup of coffee.
LisaDespain Kennesaw, GA @Tgaret990 I was actually yelling at the tv “Don’t go there, numb nuts!” My husband is still in shock, I think…😂😂 When MJF started with “school shooter”, he lost me. It’s cheap heat and, as much as I can’t stand the guy, he’s better than this crap. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
jaggz83 🗽NYC🗽 @RokuSupport My tv keeps buffering while streaming. We have 3 tv’s and this is the ONLY one that does it. We have the strongest internet. I have tried turning it off, updating.. keeps doing the same crap. NEVER AGAIN buying this brand. ***80’s Baby***Where is my time machine?
huegtoad mahomet il @davemeltzerWON I don't know about Canada but both my teenage boys hate wrestling and chastise me for watching that"fake crap that's just so stupid looking" and noone at school likes it as my younger would say, my older just gripes because the Xbox is hooked up to that tv and he wants to play it dedicated dad, husband, cubs fan, bears fan, bulls fan
ST3VEBUCKY ✦ he/him | 17 | adhd | white‎ ✧ current hfx: venom + autumn ✦ stevenats + stevetonies dni @GerryLond @ewgraiam i don’t mean basic routine crap like breakfast and bedtime. for example, one thing my mom does is tell us to turn off what we’re watching on tv because she feels like doing watching something else. she claims gets to do that because she’s an adult and deserves it #BUCKYBARNES: who ordered the calamari??? • gay demiboy • carrd byf • frank castle’s husband˚₊·
Jakesmummmm So this is the first tv I’ve watched for a few days due my ear infection. Nearly fell off the sofa when they put the blender on and now I can’t hear what they are saying! The sounds crap or is it my ear? #HollingtonDrive dogs, astronomy, nature. also #notmycat adventures #bekind #kindnesstrain choo choo
Hayley_EF Hammersmith, London @vickiGPN This is the documentary one on BBC2 that started in 2017 with Imperial College.I watched it to see if I could see myself in the background 😂 I've recorded them all and since daytime TV is crap, I'm now working my way through them all. I love real life stuff like this. Assoc Prac in a Renal Therapeutic Drug Monitoring LCMS lab @ImperialNHS 🧬🔬🧪 ABMS student at @LifeSciWestmin 🤓 Volunteer @StJohnAmbulance 🚑 *views my own*
akai_koutei @kyuushinji GOD I FEEL THIS SO MUCH the crap thing about living with family who has the house authority is not being able to decide when there's silence. I'm the same, if the TV is on (or anything with people talking) my brain can only latch on to the words and I can't write or think. He | 25+ | エヴァンゲリオン, DR, BSD | 日本語-ENG-ESP translator, VN maker, character writer, artist, pro-fiction, born to meet @someantagonist | Modding @FarewellEvaZine!
MrsIsmail London, England Just turned on my TV to see Lisa Nandy sprouting BULLcrap. I can't stand her and the crap she is talking about. And she keeps talking about vision.. I don't not know what Labour's vision is now apart from breaking promise after promise. #PoliticsLive East London.. but should be in Egypt.. INSHA'ALLAH 🤲🏽 Socialist ✊🏽 Politically homelesss but I f**king hate the Tories #BLM 🖤 #UBI ❤ #NHS 💙 #FreePalestine
kendh Lavonia, Georgia Dear FS1 Broadcast. This is the first time I watched a game on TV this whole year. This game is between the Phillies and the Braves. Can you PLEASE Shut The Hell Up about the Cardinals? I mean this with all of my heart, I literally don’t give even the slightest crap. Husband to Cynthia and Dad to Joss, Aven, & Dresden Retired Host of @KnockahomaNTN podcast, Hendrix Cattle Co., B00TYKDH to other gamers. #Braves Twitter Nut.
MindBodyGAMING 🚀LIVE: #GhostOfTsushimaDirectorsCut LETHAL. Near the end. #Kurosawa mode, in game and out. Holy crap this Ghost is OP. Taste my blade beches. ☯︎I’m a time traveling samurai, here to save the universe with YOU through gaming and health. Streaming T-Th-S 5pET @TwitchAffiliate
ShenaeChase Sydney, Australia Their sunken lounge room is going to cop a lot of crap from the judges. Don’t they realise the safety issues for kids and friends who’ve had a little too much too drink. And if I hear Tanya or Vito say my truth, the tv goes off. #TheBlock Author of Romance Novels. Studies and practices Body Language, Love Profiling and deciphering the codes of Love. 4 books published on Amazon.
silasma32021800 @Iromg @talkRADIO Mike I did my 35 hrs box renewal on zoom sat on my bed or in my front room. Only condition was I had to be visible on screen but didn’t have to take part if I didn’t want to. So just muted it and watched tv or played my Xbox. That’s how crap & irrelevant it is. Understand this. I’m an old soldier but not too old to fight, come near me or my family with that clot shot and I’ll literally forking kill you.
Spanading @google why is it your YouTube app crap on an a new AppleTV ? It only recognises the top or bottom half as a scroll pad so you can’t circle the out ring to quickly scroll. Also your app messes up my tv to apple connection and messes up the link to my HomePods. 🔶 #FBPE #RoadToNowhere #ExtinctionRebelion #OnePlanet #rejoinEU. Caution advised for under 18s! Mary Whitehouse! warning there will be typos
eagles20yo New Jersey, USA @falconpunchbtw @MonicaMoore422 @FoodLiesOrg @thefatdoctoruk Grew up on giant bowls of whatever Kelloggs crap was on TV. My mom bought it all. Then we switched to 1% milk because fat is bad. Had ↗️↘️↗️weight issues until last year. HTN too. Keto & fasting taught me how to eat and feel great at the same time. Nurse, nutrition nerd. Lost #HTN & 70lbs on #LowCarb & #IntermittentFasting. Son has lost 100+. ❤Loud 🎸 & 4/4 PHILLY 🏈🏀🏒⚾️ 4ever. Views are my own.
Oulalala1 flûte/zut @AAnnecharico @ishaantharoor @mehdirhasan Crap, “think Fox News viewers are stupid”* my bad. Also this is TV. This is time limited. There’s a guy speaking. There’s text at the bottom. There’s lots of infos everywhere, and if you’re naive you assume the graph aims to be readable, therefore the numbers are redundant. 24 | english/french | lesbian | white Now also using this account to save stuff up.
Sumdude0nline Meme Land Island @Crackerhead_yep My parents are pretty religious, and don't believe in that crap. Plus, I was Latin American, so violence was normal on TV. And the SpongeBob thing is just silly. (I have a weird interest in robots) Weeb and Gamer, ♂️ (18), Este idiota es de 🇻🇪, Always memes, sometimes art (for fun). PFP by @Crackerhead_yep (Not RN 🙃)
NCO61 New Asgard, Oklahoma, USA @ByYourLogic It's amazing how much of a dead institution SNL is. That and the talk shows they have feel like how I imagine my parents felt when they'd see Lawrence Welk on TV. I can get better satire from Chapo, Cumtown than this crap. 1/2 Ohio born Okie I suppose. Big IndyCar and Cleveland sports fan.
moneymc89 Salina, KS Oh I gonna to be shaving my head before the end of the Yr? Currently at 191 followers and 12 subs. You all are amazing; If you didnt know the goal is if i hit 200 followers & 35 subs, I'll shave my head on stream. Im a streamer on Twitch; you can find me streaming pretty much any type of horror game. My Linktree:
ScryingGlass @BuckSexton I only watch Hulu for Anime. But I'm beginning to realize that a Crunchyroll subscription is a better value...and less woke crap, too. It's my one indulgence since reality TV is also stupid. Believes in G_d, Tetsujin 28 fan, Black Conservative, and loves America. #MAGA #KAGA
TyefiaM @Malcolm84590557 @BenHerndonLA @PastorDScott He should be smart enough to know it's not terrorists you see on TV and all that crap Muslims are very conservative my mom is so old fashion she still says make or female she doesn't know how to say different pronoun .She's a good God fearing woman and very conservative .Moderate independent, ABA Spectrum Teacher, Small business owner LLC. Super Women. Advocate for the homeless and Foster Youths!
HaydenBarnesGH One frustrating thing on here is the fact that no one is allowed to have an opposite opinion. I follow people who absolutely hate my faves and crap on them all day and Idgaf because it’s their opinion and Vice versa. We’re allowed to think your ship/fav sucks. It’s TV lmao #GH “Prep School boys always think they can out drink me but I was born with a glass of Rosé in my hand” -Hayden Barnes. 🖤👑 #GH
hammer_db Is it my TV or is the picture going in and out of crap Avs/CSU fan in Texas and that’s ok. My opinions...not great not terrible.
mouldyscone Scotland, United Kingdom The thing with Andrew Neil is. It’s him vs a whole channels with butt hurt presenters. If I was him I would want to say my piece also. The right are eating each other alive atm 😌 And all over a crap tv station 😆. oops!
Lian_hughes1 South West, England Why do I bother with the sports channels if they hardly show any villa matches. 😠 Feel like crap and all I want is to watch my team beat Ronaldo on the TV!!! #UTV #pissedoff Mum of one sassy girl and two fur babies 🐕🐈. Villa fan loving life by the seaside, originally from good old brum.
selimaasimar Fr the only thing I do when my partner is away is watch crap tv that’s too embarrassing and too annoying normally 🤷🏻‍♂️ or stuff on yt that they hate. Or rewatch stuff they’re just not into so when we’re together we can watch what we both like 26 // multishipper // multifandom // antis, exclusionists and minors dni // sometimes nsfw 🔞 // RPs & writing requests are 🟢 OPEN
JohnnyBoylan2 @mc_joannamarie I haven't seen new series. Or show for long time. My parents who were big fans, say it is crap now. And they rarely criticise tv programmes. But it was one they loved. Likes: weightlifting, lager, sunny Mediterranean beach holidays.Wide music taste. Feuds are about hurt not hate. A yearning for respect dressed up as revenge.
nika42363085 @allankherman @Kat15169362 Bc she is RN she understands that this jab is bullcrap . My daughter is an RN she will never put that crap in her body!go do some research and shut off your tv discount