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sarahliz92 Melbourne, Australia I have just discovered Top Chef. Couldn't watch Netflix and my TV is crap and didn't want to play Stan without glitching, so Top Chef on Hayu it is. Reads too many books. Watches too much TV. Sometimes sounds British by accident. Has an Evil Look. Cat lady. Teacher. Freelance genealogist.
jacksoncdillon Braidwood, IL One of my roommates does nothing but stream tv all the time, so our wifi is complete crap, and cuts out when I need to be on zoom. We love it here. Illinois State University ‘22
auntybc United States I had big arguments with my sister to vote because she never does and finally got her to say ok but watch it won't do anything .. Now Mi does this crap this why people won't vote.. WTF is all I wanna scream at the TV. I apologize in advance for all F-Bombs. #Resister until we finally remove the HATE Can't wait till we climb out of this Hell we have been 4 years.
B3tan_Tyronne @Nerdrotics The one positive this episode did for me was make me cancel my tv licence and has saved me about £160 a year.....thanks BBC for this great saving as my money is no longer going towards paying for this crap. Owner of a very sick mind
Paul51892781 @genesimmons Because the mask 😷 work . Why can’t y’all start the tour again. Live nation wants everyone to take Vaccination to get a ticket . Wait does that mean the mask doesn’t work ?Crap!! I guess I’ll continue to watch the Tv so they can program my mind and tell what is true 😂😂😳🤣😂 Business
steyn_riaan Urph. @MmusiMaimane I am forced to pay for my tv license. Yet I NEVER watch the crap that is SABC. I don't even have a TV antenna. It's BS. I am funding yet another corrupt SOE that is being run into the ground because of looting and incompetence. Hell no. Shut it down. Let Hlaudi source funding #Enough ! #StepUp ! It's time for Men to step up and protect our women and children. They deserve better. We can do better.
badassscotsman dundee @XboxSupport Had the X would not connect and kept switching off. Took it back got the S and it does this not recognise my TV 🤔. First Gen are the worst I will wait till next year for one. But I will play black ops on my old xbox. Even though the game is crap
NatSolo_TV England, United Kingdom @DivyMoon Oh god, is that that logi can update too? I just downloaded and thought it looked like crap 😬 thought it was just in my head. Nathan | UK Twitch affiliate | Variety streamer | Aspiring voice actor | Father of cats | |
sarahliz92 Melbourne, Australia I have just discovered Top Chef. Couldn't watch Netflix and my TV is crap and didn't want to play Stan without glitching, so Top Chef on Hayu it is. Reads too many books. Watches too much TV. Sometimes sounds British by accident. Has an Evil Look. Cat lady. Teacher. Freelance genealogist.
Andy_Trooper United Kingdom #TwitchStreamers #twitch is trending in the UK and i thought id shoot my shot Hello! i play games with my american friends and am maybe(?) funny I'm only 30 follows from affiliate and if that could happen it would turn a crap week into a great week 27 Year old newfound twitch streamer and Phasmophobia addict
Decervelage The Western Lands For the last four days I’ve been watching the worst and most obscure crap on Netflix. TV series like Battle Creek, Power Rangers: Turbo, HDR sRGB Graphics Test (400 nits), Example Show, and Mysteries of Laura. My goal is to skew the algorithms in a slightly perceptible way. Because, in the end, all we really have is the comfort of misanthropy, old books, and nihilism. #DeepCutTwitter
ptp335 Amazing really. I was shocked (not) he is an anti vaxxer. Take last vestiges of freedom ffs. He was allowed to whine away on national TV with his crap songs and average guitar playing. I’ve wiped more talented things off the bottom of my boots. #FBPE Ex auto Industry Senior Manager, musician, music teacher, dad, grandad, Truly VERY worried about how things HAVE played out, Brexit, Trump, Johnson.
MarcWilliams22 Magheralin, Northern Ireland @APalaceS1 Ive seen this across my timeline today. A fair few having a rubbish day. Switch off, watch some crap tv and start again tomorrow is my advice 👍 CPFC, live music, boxing and bad 80's movies. You can take the boy out of Croydon, but you can't take the Croydon out the boy.
partly_bearded Yorkshire @blktwn Looking forward to trying it but I'm away from my Apple TV and the web player is crap I still need to finish Tehran but don't fancy watching it on my phone/ipad :-/ Insert bio here
jasminesidney1 Holy crap the PS5 is freaking huge! This’ll take some getting used to with how small my tv is and all. Looks really nice though! no one important, anime and video game lover. listens to the pillows when working
quadman9647 Buffalo, NY @crissy_froyd My daughter is getting into hockey all on her own. I’ll have it on the tv and just yells hockey! Shes 2. It’s only the beginning and I hope that when she’s older that this kind of crap is gone and she won’t get that puzzled look when she says she plays whatever sport . This team SUCKS
jenniferbirks20 Crewe, England @GMB @piersmorgan @MattHancock He came across bad and I’ve learnt my dog dislikes him also ! He growls at the tv everytime he is on ! Robotic responses same old crap coming out of his mouth My husband is my world ❤️ my soulmate ❤️ my heart ❤️
SilverSummerSun God's Country, TX @LibertyNow11 @NBCSuperstore Every show on network TV is chock full of this crap. Just turn it off. There's plenty of other shows and movies to watch. I'll be damned if I put up with being lectured to in my own home. Wife/mother/grandmother/artist #IDCWCTAA-I Don't Care What Celebrities Think About Anything Parler: @Summershine Pronouns: Yes ma'am, No ma'am #Pray4America
Raquelogica Aveiro, Portugal @o_rips I don't know wath is coming, I don't want die before the old age (my air is not white yet, I want to see it, I don't paint my hair) but I don't like tyranny, mandatory poison stuffs and all crap I know they want to give to naive, ignoran, TV idiots and fools. Eco-logica, Vegetarian. Dangerous illegal 5 G is starting in world! Is Tyranny to enslave humanity and slowly kill life. Vaccines have toxins. No lockdowns!
sweeneysjrs Manchester, MO @ThisWeekABC WTF is this nonsense? Get this crap off my TV. Why not do a round table of ICU nurses and what they are seeing? This is effing harmful to Americans health. You can't scare me I substitute taught kindergarten. Retired substitute teacher/parapro Don't be a dumbass - Dolly Parton
ray46anthony Bristol UK @tonybohan @jamesclossick Me too Tony. I fin that I am watching less and less TV as time goes on, due to my thinking that most of it is crap. Perhaps it is an age thing ? Half Welsh And Proud Of It ! Local Govt. Retired
MarineTech90 Houston, TX @realDonaldTrump Here is my challenge to you. Go on national TV and repeat that crap word for word.
snapperjack11 mid norfolk @jamesclossick Not at all welcome to my world I cannot stand the crap, while it so mind-numbingly dumb, people watch it The TV companies think that is what we want. I want good drama and variety entertainment. like to Two Ronnies, Morcombe & Wise Mike Yarwood just to name a few good ones Disabled, in chronic pain 99.9% of the time. Photographer, DIY Crazy, Single, relationship broke recently, Just want a place to call home & someone to share it
GurlGoneMadd Demanding Secure Elections 🗳 @TheRickyDavila @stalklo 1) For me, I could have shut off my electronics, turned off the TV and otherwise lived under a rock since the birther crap in -08 and on; —and I would still know that. The difference now, to the 01-08 years, hell even 12-15–is that they are getting a lot more bold. Rabid Old Liberal. Animal & Nature Lover. I block trolls & bots. NO DMs #WearAMask #StayHome #FBR #ProudSnowflake #BidenHarris2020 #UnitedWeStand #BLM
KirikaiDubs California, USA So my TV is slowly starting to crap out on me (HDMI-wise). Like the Apple TV and Roku work but not my gaming consoles. Thankfully I was able to switch it out with the smaller one I used before it. Take the good with bad y'know. #BlackLivesMatter, He/Him, Voice Actor (AB2 Talent), Video Essayist, Professional Nerd, ENFJ-T// Leon in #Pokémon #TwilightWings
CataclysmGames Bourbon, IN Holy crap @matthewkheafy is on Twitch doing songs. He can still make his epic screams and singing and guitar seem SO effortless! It's a weird blend of chill + metal music and it's amazing. I definitely need more of this in my life Social media director @twbookclub, tabletop game creator. Love discovering awesomeness & the greatest gal ever, my fiancée @UnbirthdayAngel. Have a great day!
ansreth Columbus, OH Holy crap this is making numbers xD Throw a follow out to my Twitch channel if you can :D I stream FFXIV and other JRPGs 5 days a week! Mostly SFW : I play a lot of RPGs : Twitch Affiliate : Aether DC : ansreth.ffxiv on Instagram : PFP by @Ravduudle : Banner by @majo_dad
MelKoalaBrown07 USA @Kat_Baybay @Patrici95843482 @E_ShaManagement @OhSoFrieda @anthonykbdavis2 @AceOMalley08 @purpleisdabest @_rosequartz4 @FireflyRaine @JoseIsBae81 @PunkinGotPeace @jssicarabet @only_a_bill @Tootie3341 @marybl62 @LindyCFF @Doinglifeeasily @TwizzlerP @JasamMagic @MichelleRFair @MarieJo45528473 @NayaBLorde @bettebo2 @chbrugge @StormXMunroe @IOnlyCarryLV @HRenewedHope @CarrieNauseda @Amyreader100 @amymac1008 @JasamAlways @deniseisra @naifar27 @azreyeldj @prayforpeace3 @IAdoreURFace @ggurl79 @SandraKarim18 @DramaticMare92 @Metta11 @Michell85639484 @GirlWonder3 @EnkJett @McCrerySteph @WereBells @DisneyFan_123 @GagnerStar @DFan76 @3xOscarWinner This whole thing is scaring the crap outta me! The anxiety I had pre-orange was off the charts but now.. my anxiety is out of this universe!! AND the more they show this crap on tv it adds fuel to the fire created by monster in charge I keep praying but forget to breathe.. 💜God My Parents Furbabies Ferrets Dogs KOALAS Animal lvr @ronniemcdowell1 @MauriceBenard @1SteveBurton #GH I'm loyal Deal w/Migraines/Chronic pain Depression
theartofadaml Minnesota, USA I’ve moved my PS4 downstairs to the family room where my PS3 is. Now with remote play for PS5 being on the PS4 and with my PS3 being fully back compatible I can play ALL of my PlayStation games on one tv. Holy crap. Illustrator and digital artist. Co-creator of @megadadsblog. For Mega Dads contact me at for art inquiry DM me.
geri005 @AndreasAachen @GoodDoctorABC Let me tell you what my problem is. When we go to bed and turn on the TV we want to forget the crap that our day was. Melendez could have died in a meaningful way, but now it seems like even @shorez can shrug it down to "crap happens" SW Developer. #TheGoodDoctor translator. Wannabe Filmmaker, Writer of #HighHopes E01-E08. Proud ASD owner and advocate. GAD/PD survivor.
AZ72378571 @sincerelykath @RichardGrenell @MSNBC @CNN Traditional media is lost. My local newspapers and TV stations are just as full of crap as cnn and its ilk 2020=1984. I block trolls and zombies.
TimWorth1 Bristol All I've done today is scroll FB, watch TV, snooze with dogs on my lap and a tiny bit of house work... Oh and munch on lots of tasty crap food 😋😜🤣😂🤣 I am a full-time carer for my wife of over 20 years and a passionate photographer and volunteer @avrbitton
FlipBit28 Australia @cautionrytailor @RealJasonGrant @GabeMusen @elonmusk Lol you think i care for right vs left. My only concern is being free to enjoy my life and for my family to do the same. All you guys want to do is drag everyone down with you. Grow up get a life go live it. I have Its a beautiful world out there. Stop buying the TV crap and live @FlipBit28 = Parler English. Traveler. Into Digital Assets. Entrepreneur. Petrol Head.
MzLadeeSuga Hᴏᴍᴇ ᴏғ Nᴏɴᴇ Oғ Yᴀ! Until the PS5 breaks some years in, I won't be using it for Hulu or any TV watching, lol. My PS4 is now a dedicated, Hulu box. That is ALL it will be used for, from now on! And btw? Even on my low end TV, the PS4 looks like CRAP. Can't wait to cop my new one. 😂 ♒AquarisGal #Queen #Engaged💍Fan of @DSVolition & @Naughty_Dog #IRaveAndRant #PlayStation #SonyFan💙#AdultingAndImmature 🤓 #BlackLivesMatter #CharacterCreator
iwuzabear United States A tv show that’s been on my list for sometime now is Ash vs Evil Dead and holy crap what an amazing show. Just finished season 2. It will be bittersweet when I finish season 3. Bruce Campbell is a legend. I once was a bear 🐻, but now I’m not. Now I spend most my time as a human talking about movies.
samg44667 Cleveland OH @tweekerbear If I’m completely honest I feel like crap. Got my Covid test this am. On the couch tweeting and watching tv and coughing.☹️I will be ok. I guess this is one way to get out of work. 🤣 I was suppose to work this weekend so I at least get to watch the Browns now Sunday.👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻 Sports Junkie/Brown’s Lover/Respiratory Therapist/Cares about ALL mankind/Dog lover!
rippa_1967 Albury, New South Wales @PMBarraclough @cheryl_kernot This is why I can't watch Q&A anymore, I constantly want to punch my TV. I can't cope with these people lies and bullcrap, they do it so much they believe their own crap.
zxspectrum16k ÜT: 53.769341,-0.356211 HDR doing my bloody head-on. Destiny 2 on PS4pro and now on Xbox Series X just too dark to play. tried everything, changed TV and console setting. The weird thing is. HDR on the Series dashboard is crap, but Valhalla looks crap without it on ARGHHH For me it all started with getting a 'Grandstand Astro Wars' for xmas 1981, since than I have never stopped playing video games. enjoy what you do, always.
kencutch calgary canada Made the switch to @TELUS for tv and internet as they had provided a great deal. As I've always been told if it seems to good to be true it usually I'd. Totally the case here, was told I'd have faster internet than shaw, ya cause I have to use my data at home as theirs is crap golf snowboard fish have fun
beau_do @PlayStation Why is all this disney and apple crap stuck on my tv& video screen? I've never used them and never will... Wasteland Warrior
ShawnPuggerWill @Rogers Worst company. Sends email overstating what's owed. To be safe, make payment. Day later get email saying now have credit +$300. Now wants to go paperless and requests sign up for MyRogers crap. Just switched my phone from Rogers. TV and internet service is next. Bye bye Rogers. Professional in the area of sales. Problem solver. Tweets are my own.
Sphenn1 North East, England @DMinghella As George Monbiot said on TV yesterday Brexit is virtually over the line, No deal or forking crap deal it’s irrelevant as are the resignations of his two commandants Cummings and Cain and yes I would bet my mortgage on the ultimate puppet Johnson going early next year. Small business owner, currently having to hold down two jobs and permanently trying to come to terms with fact I pay more tax than Donald Trump!!! 🤬🤬🤬
P2DaB1 @realDonaldTrump To all his supporters, do you really believe everything he says and tweets? I don’t believe all of the crap that comes of my friends and work colleagues mouths. From an outsider looking in, the US is in deep trouble thanks to this moron and his reality TV approach to governing Super opinionated and think I’m always right but soo obviously not 🙄😂
zotato_chips Texas, USA Bro you can’t get mad at me for not being religious when you watch a “Christian” TV channel that literally says being gay is bad and will cause the world to end. I’m just trying to eat my cereal and I’m watching this old white dude crap on everyone. Hey!! I'm just mello & horn player 📯📊🧠🧺
Tyler55Davidson Florence SC @Station19 #Station19 Jesus Christ dude. Don't I watch TV to ESCAPE real freaking life???? I have watched EVERY DAMN EPISODE of the entire Grey's Anatomy Universe and this damn COVID, FACEMASK crap is making me erase it from my DVR before watching. Thanks idiots. Thanks alot.
StefyEstan London @IamTerryg Yo man, your tweet scared the crap outta me 🙄 I was watching my tv show and your tweet banged my screen, I thought you messaged me... And I'm like wtf dude, at this hour, when I'm watching my tv show, fo' real? Gtfoh. No one gives a flying duck what wizzkid is doing 🙄
JiffjoffI Clown World @EPoe187 @sullydish My wife was watching BBC other morning, and the disconnect hit me - I realized, holy crap, Trump WOULD sound crazy if all I saw was tv news My point here is that you're framing it incorrectly - much of these 'crazy trump lies' have some varying degree of basis in truth, and the Statistics, culture, history, baseball, dogs, film
sadelokeshi Kolkata, India we recently got fire TV stick and now everyone in my family is using my Netflix account and they messed up my recommendations because they watch all this crap that I didn't even know existed on the app she/her. I post my thoughts here sometimes. Interested in gender and caste studies, Dalit feminism, books. Dalit.
butes Ottawa, Ontario, Canada To distract from the end of the world, my guilty TV pleasure, @GreysABC is back tonight. A welcome distraction from the crap world right now. I'll prob PVR it, b/c, a pupper is just like a newborn and I'm forking exhausted, but, I'm excited nonetheless. Wife, Mom, Lover of all things Food and Fitness. She/Her.
bsullivan_ So much crap in the world today, but my kids woke up and immediately started playing Strong Bad Emails on the TV, so there is hope. Still unable to yodel. Tweets are typed in front of a live studio audience.

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