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LadyCTG1234 @soproudofher I don’t need to watch cable tv, it’s crap. As for suites, I’d rather rub chillies in my eyes. And whar is this fake princess crap, she is not, and never will be a princess, when the divorce comes through she’ll lose her peerage as well. Love horses, love my family and love my monarchy.
quads_guy Fairmont,MN @TheSageDoctor Actually my Favorite was The Lucha Bros! I’m so over this crap with The Acclaimed. I don’t get the fascinating and them being so over. Their Gimmick is dry and their matches suck. I skip over them every time their on TV. Follower of Jesus, Evangelist, dad of 9 kids, works @CampingWorld, You'll never walk Alone! #AEW #SKOL #GODIS4U
SCBuckeye_G Simpsonville, SC @Ask_Spectrum @iitsdano @GetSpectrum This is total crap. I switched from Hulu to Spectrum AND upgraded my internet to a higher speed. The service is absolute worse than what I got from Hulu and that was with a slower internet connection! Every night the TV get extremely blurry and then freezes! It sucks Believer 🙏🏼 • 💍 • Dad to Two Crazy Boys • Golf ⛳️ • College Football 🏈 • ⭕️.H.I.⭕️- CrossFit 🏋🏽• Scotch/Bourbon 🥃
adgdhhyjtyj @RandomGaming_tv @Activision @CallofDuty Without a doubt support team is total crap.I faced just this same issues with my account and never got help. I was told to contact #jonnytech01 on instagram and they got it fixed..
robertrealistic Dublin City, Ireland @Independent_ie Irish independent. They let me read that crap about Varadkar and the tv licence and didn't let me read this .=>Irish independent is looking to get customers, click on my article .... subscribe, blah blah . Useless as RTE . GARBAGE articles with garbage titles Annoying
ChristinaAuria New York, NY @WillTheLandMan I will also say that this is the crap that absolutely gets my back up and has me wanting to throw down. I hate bullies. I don’t care if you’re a bunch of nerdy TV/theater/film people like me. I won’t stand for it. This is a community and I won’t accept crap behavior over nothing. Actress. Writer. Producer. Actors Studio Drama School Grad. Latina. Italian. Instagram: christina.auriana
girlinagale Ely, Little England @JudySBWriter I have untill end of July to decide about buying a BBC licence. Since my mum died and she of course would buy because André Rieu but to be honest my tv use is mostly surfing away from commercials. It's crap interspersed with gems. But this current debacle pees me off. Electronic music from a suitcase of synths.
BillyBo07460535 Missoula, MT @H0TT4LEXI What it is with this Netflix crap? Hot pussy beats watching a forking TV honey. I don’t care how big a screen it has. My dick gets big too and you can more options with it. I am what I am. It’s hard to change when it took so long to get to be this way.
LanbroCalrisian Mountain Dew @B8terDude @iam_kennybiggs @KevOnStage Read my first tweet. This is not the fault of 'kids these-days'. Where do you think kids learned this? Who bought them the ipads, and xboxes and all this other crap. Who decided that popping their kid in front of the TV was the same as a babysitter. Lord Cheeto of Mt. Dew | The High Honorable Fat Wizard, Leader of the Council of Obese Magus | Well-Fed Warlock | Corpulent Conjurer
ReginaButthead_ She/her 16 @shotgunpunz My dad watching Drake and Josh on the tv saying the show is crap 💀 Your favorite ballerina™ I retweet everything btw
WolfeToneEmmet @rtetwip @lawlor_aine @ThomasByrneTD @RTEOne Rte and gaago contract is a monopoly and should be broke up. Gaago is crap streaming service and isn't fit for purpose. If I could subscribe through my tv and watch it straight w/o need for internet, laptops, login nonsense then I'll pay straight away but gaago is garbage
jill52965 @atensnut I make a commitment to exercise everyday, but end up merely excercising my chewing muscles. Perhaps today I can do more. Seriously, for me, it is the TV's fault and most is crap. Today, I am going to exercise a little. Proud Republican. Grateful to God everyday. Pray we return to One Nation Under God. Treasure our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
longestsoloever New York, USA @EricLTrombone I have done so much random crap in my career - written bg music for tv shows - played on a cruise ship for a year - opened for Corey Feldman one time?? - whatever havoc I’m wreaking on YT rn - played gigs on Broadway I have no doubt the answer is “yes you can do both and more” Dean DiMarzo 🎸 I write bangers about video games. He/Him. Stream "The End Of All Things" NOW! 👇
TimReed40843610 @FBIColumbia Laugh my bottom off you're a joke the FBI's a joke y'all say you guys served to protect the American people meanwhile under the millions of Americans money is being stolen right now and what are you doing probably sitting at home eating donuts watching TV not giving a crap
theyhatemetoo Miami Beach, FL @ShooterCoal @PATCHnHrd My father visited the other day bitching I didn’t have the tv anymore , that crap is a huge black hole of time and just fills your brain with crap Only buy foreign stocks, Haitian mangoes, Mexican mamey , and French goat cheese.
AmbroseBielecki @sravits I worked for the Cox owned Atlanta TV in 2005, with all the Katrina crap surrounding C Ray Nagin, one of my co-workers asked.. "why is he screwing up so bad" and I said "he used to be the president of Cox Cable in New Orleans" and I got "ahh, now I understand" certified Twitter troll, instigator, troublemaker, dad
GWizThe Earth @lee_chris04 @NBCSports @LPGA Oh, that's no debate. But nobody is turning on the TV because those two are playing. That's my point. If they were in the top 10? MAYBE. Tiger is the only golfer who can play like crap and people will still turn on the TV to watch. Not even rory has that effect. Hawkeyes. Vikings. Heartbreak.
dsandford125 Bexley Kent Watched Living last night. Crap film but Bill Nighy and Tom Burke were superb. So want your Logan books to be ( at least) on TV, I know ( your choice) you disagree but to my mind Tom is the perfect Logan. Old cynical honest and grumpy. Come on Bromley Wolves and Kent Cc
SinbadSailor69 @ABCPolitics ABCFD (ABC For Democrats) your blocked on my TV and now I have to block you on twitter! How long are you going to support this corrupt president? Take a good look at the bills he is talking about! Full of democrat PORK! The infrastructure bill 10% to rebuild and 90% green crap! Sailed the seven seas and had fantastic adventures! U.S. Navy (Submarine) Veteran! Supply Chain & Logistics Expert!
MalkyC01 @Midge1415 My point wasn't against you, it was the fact that so no mark actor is being given airtime to spout his right wing crap on TV. And his crape singing. Retweets & Likes are not endorsements. Who knows really? Things, I find of note. #refugeeswelcome 🇵🇸
Pappachuka These are my opinions @BarbaraMaple5 Ha ha ha they never called me back today. I figured. I have to look into Patriot Mobile. I also am trying to pin hubby down to cancel cable because it is so expensive and you have to add all this crap now for xtra. Already get free shows and movies with my TV and Roku + Love My Family! Love my Faith! Love my Country! Love President Donald J Trump! Want/Need our Country & Best President Back! Keep Dancing President Trump!
halamadrdynada United States @90sPlayers @Madridista_AFG Shut the fork up with nostalgia crap! My current setup with a 4K 120Hz OLED TV with PS5 and wireless controller is much simpler. Real Madrid is a feeling.
JimBUWDawg Fairfax, VA @travismillerx13 In other news, the @UStrack TV pay feed is crap quality right out of the gate, with the video feed locking up every 5-10 seconds. The audio is smooth and so I'm confident it's not a streaming issue on my end. Same for first three 800m men's heats. 🤦‍♂️🤬 is a married tax executive with two adult children and a grandson. Founder of Matrix Girls Basketball
VOTEWISLEY2025 @IrishTimes Well you will be down €160 next year because my TV is going and I mean it I'm not paying to watch crap and one sided debates and soft questions for some people no way
LisaBBFanatic TAKE TWO I'm not ok after watching Jungkook on my 85-inch TV. Wholly crap he is so fine, and the way he looks at you 🫠🫠 . Yoongi swimming watermelon and his legs. I'm in Deluluville. I will be here all day. 아포방포!! Walking hand and hand together in our Chapter 2 Let's be happy! Fan Account OT7 🔞 she/her
PghGuy77 Pittsburgh, PA @Tbabs17 I've worked at my store 8 and 1/2 years downtown, I can tell you stories, you don't need reality TV crap, just come downtown or come to my store it's all real and non-scripted...🤣 Funny thing is he was a black dude and he said he's tired of the black bitches looking down on him Ex FF&EMT🚒🚑 @Pirates STH,Cubs,Penguins,PITT, Florida State Seminoles,Roberto Clemente,Negro league baseball fan, f*ck Trump! Chf of ops @usemergalerts (UEA01)
LuminolNights 20 years ago, I threw my tv out and never had one for 12 years. This was mostly because of adverts for crap I didn’t want and the nascency of so called reality tv. Now my throwing arm is twitching again. This time the cause is sick, overwhelming, child & animal welfare adverts 💪 Locl Govt, DWP, & NHS - Green Party Member - ‘there’s truth that lives and truth that dies’ - Threads @154eb
smashed_munaf @JakeWSimons @naftalibennett @JewishChron @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking @BBCNews why have you apologised when being impartial you should be freely allowed questions pertinent to the evidence in front of you. Beggars belief! Why should I pay for my TV licence if this is the crap we have to read and see. One sided journalism
Leo19781561516 Dublin, Ireland @Independent_ie Who the fcuk says they are stars more like 🤡🤡🤡most of them reason I won’t be getting my tv license this year until something changes to much crap going on and no one is accountable!@fiannafailparty @FineGael @greenparty_ie
bellapromote @olliekai2016 @TheOldPoet @stkirsch Your idea of me "listening to TV people" is wrong. So you need to explain where I got my info from if I didn't listen to the government, didn't listen to Twitter Drs and Vaccine Advocates, don't give a crap about Fauci and those alike him. Don't even watch the news...1/2 I have so many questions about people's actions on social media. I'll block if necessary. debating shouldn't be a fight. Media Studies* Gaming acc; @EGal89
cambiecams @obsolete__units @lionel_idan Hey @lionel_idan , I'm embarrassed about my crap little TV. Is it OK to go steal a massive big 4k TV. No one understands the shame I have with this little LG Thats some grade A arseholery you spouted there. Is your aim to anger the population and ingratiate yourself to the .03%? All hope in SNP lost. Hope in an independent Scotland not lost. Pronouns : Get forked/fork off
SteveJeffries42 Houston, Texas @endofanerajc @HannahDCox My $15 meal (a meager one) plus tax plus tip is now $20, and I've paid 33% over sticker for dinner. Maybe that's just how it is. The good news is I can cook a $15 dinner at home that kicks the crap outta anything I can get for 15 going out. Forget $20! And I get to control the TV The acme of humor is satire.
St_DenisArndt Milwaukee, WI This is really sickening and am tired as hell of this crap treatment of myself, that my mom knew of but nobody in my family seems recalls. At 4091 N Port Road, Robert Hunholz walked in went downstairs with helper carrying a TV down, into our house shop room. I saw him and ma Infinite GOD - Holy 🔊for, Equality=Peace. Love=Joy, Intelligence+Wisdom=ChoiceWay. YahwehWay on Smule, CASH💲app- $DrWho01
Detvix Cornwall. UK Holy crap so much is happening this month all at once. I’ve had 2 clients want me on short notice. I start training to work on a TV set for 3 weeks, and now I’ve booked my bus theory test finally 😅 wish this could mall have happened in the last few months lmao hi hello I like video games and photography
MichealLeAfton Butterfly Mansion Today is a deviating day, my dad called me a weeb. so basically I was wearing my demon slayer shirt and played ‘sweet dreams in sea major’ on the tv and he thought the French part was Japanese…? he said “stop forking listening to that Japanese crap, everyone at your school is- you can call me mike!! he/they 🍩❤️‍🔥 current obsession: Demon Slayer
jaimeco00835328 The so called, Freedumb State @mmpadellan I had to help my old Lab ogo over the rainbow 2 weeks ago. I'm relieved he didn't have to go thru this crap. The Yorkie is in my room on the bed, watching some TV. I bought a piece of foam AC insulation panel and covered the windows. It's almost sound proof! Free thinker. I'm free because I think. Resister,Dog Lover. No DM's.Galicia,San Juan,Florida. Tribel@4ever1world
dmm5157 Melbourne, FL @beingbecks78 @cblunt58 What's funny is one of my classmates in middle school claimed JCVD was in the suit in Predator. We thought he was full of crap and no one believed him. Now of days the internet brings all the trivia and turns out he was correct. Movie and tv show trivia is so much fun * Noles, Spurs, Astros, Cowboys for life *
realkarenfitz @Squish43172398 @RobertKennedyJr I have no TV and haven't for over 8 years BECAUSE of foxnews, thank you very much! I've always known what crap they are but occasionally tuned in prior to 2015. No regrets at all in tossing the TVs to the curb! Now there is no fakenews entering my home. So nice. Christian Conservative, America First 🇺🇸 woman. Trump won 2016 and 2020. Banned from Twitter 2 years for sharing the Truth. 2Chr. 7:14
dizzybluestone @carolvorders GB is not news and blabber crape TV are nothing but hate machines for the hate propaganda agenda for the government. I used channel edit to remove them from my grown kids TV's and neither of them have noticed... shows I raised them right cos they would never watch such crap Say's it like it is, Protector of Mother Earth, Warrior for Truth, Free Woman on the Land, Standing in Honour, One Tribe, Pagan dancer in the Moonlight.
bcck76 @Squish43172398 @ShirleyJHughes @AbbyJohnson You are incorrect. First, I don't watch TV, so there is no channel to change, secondly, there are people that are actively pushing it, you ever heard of a "pride" march? Third, my state was trying to push some of this crap this past session, and it had to be fought, hard.
PolitelyWest Oregon Coast & BC Coast Canada @socdrmali I visited my parents 82/83 today, talking about TV shows. My dad says everything is crap. Bonanza was on the TV and dad said, "Don't know why they didn't keep making this show." My mom looks at him and says, "They're all frickin' dead." She laughed so hard how fast she replied! Rick, positive & polite. Just laugh a little.. #BidenHarris #equality #gallantry USA/Canada Dual citizen. Truly content. "We are all just an unfinished poem©"
CrazyNG_TV Somewhere Holy crap, so I started using color palettes and it is such an eye opener for me, like I didn't think it would make a vast improvement with my models. Odd TV Vtuber that plays games | Youtube Streamer | Semi-Artist | Business: |
JackPianoman North Tyneside, England @elonmusk As an ignorant non-paying Twitter user, I have no idea what "data scraping" is. My main point of usage is to chat to my friends, or see what is happening on my favourite TV show. I've been a Facebook member since 2007, and never had to put up with the crap I've had to today! Home Carer. Pizzaholic, loves cats, bus/plane spotter/enthusiast. Sometimes plays 🎹 Johnny Thunder Fingers is my alter ego 🧀 🍕 👽🎶🛸 🥃🍷🍾🍻 🚍🚂 😉🙀
Absolutely_Tim7 Cullman, AL I missed the final out of the game because a stupid severe weather alert took over my TV and the only way to get it off is to get off my rear and unplug my cable box. The worst part about it is I don't even live in Jefferson county!! Stupid Spectrum crap!! I hate it! Just a simple guy with big dreams. I am second. Married to the beautiful @AmyNicoleBliss #ForTheA #RaysUp #WarEagle #DirtyBirds #GoJetsGo #LGRW

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