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TN_MamaBear TrumpHell @gemcarey @JohnOSullivan36 I didn't know you guys were getting rolled, too, we've been working hard here in USA just to survive trumpism, and it ain't over yet! Seems this crap show is global, sigh. High fives across the seas, gals, keep up the good fight, don't let these patriarchal fanatics win! 👍👊 🇺🇸~Life=too short for all this drama./⚓Proud Daughter Of A Navy Vet ⚓/🌊 🇺🇸/Star Wars Fan for LIFE!/Earth Is My Deity-without her, no one lives 🤷‍♀️🌎
straczynski Los Angeles, CA No, because it's canon that Superman is vulnerable to magic. Krypto would have to save the day by biting off his finger and swallowing the ring, then flying to Mordor to crap all over Mount Doom. READ FAQ BEFORE POSTING Writer: Changeling, Babylon 5, Sense8, Together We Will Go (new novel) DON'T POST STORY IDEAS
Garytom68160723 Lynchburg Va @ParisaMichelle @MrFantasyMx @jonmachota Don't we hear it over and over though? Somewhere you say do we have better shot with Romo getting in shape in time for playoffs give him 1 shot ... I'd enjoy that more than the crap show I've been watching that seems only to get worse. Someone knows inside what's wrong Hokie.. Musician ..
ClipperBrown @Brideport_IPA @BluesElmwood @LaMonicaMJones1 What you're saying s crap. I know over 2 dozen computer languages on multiple platforms. I'm a certified solutions developer and engineer Retired Serial Killer (Never Caught), Former Male Stripper and Inventor of the Wheel
ozuijyu オーストラリア・ゴールドコースト In the late spring of 2006, My family and I got on a plane bound for Cairns, Australia- in the middle of nowhere ( compared to Tokyo, where I used to live). I haven't got any jobs and connections to people over there. On top of that, my English was crap back then. オーストラリア在住15年 ゴールドコースト在住|パン職人|Udemy講師(2コース)|英語の勉強はしてませんが英語を使ってる人|洋書(ノンフィクション)+Audible|洋楽+ギター|#Cambly オンライン英会話|ツイート内容はあくまでも自身の経験・体験に基づいており、異論は承知しますが議論はしません。
forkyoutwitt3r0 @mari26889057 @libsoftiktok Social media gave too many of these mentally unstable folks a voice n they banded together over... this crap. I guarantee if they just sought help they would look back at this behavior and get nauseous fork you twitter. U cant ban me. Suck my asshole
sandy_gujral London, England @Tony_Bee @doctor_oxford @BorisJohnson With crap pay and conditions and immense pressures on pensions of those who have worked for over 3 decades in the service ….. Experienced Consultant Urological Surgeon London/Essex. Cancer care, leadership, education, publisher, governance via IRM. Expectant Gooner golfer family man!
SticksInBundles Up there, somewhere @unhealthytruth This crap should be illegal. It happens all over, and is shady as hell Bingo bango bongo
StevenE14916154 Coruscant @MommaD11471 @badboyntx @gary_thoren @Damien57022248 Years ago I watched the Ring with my daughter and after it was over I called the house phone from my cel phone and scared the crap out of her. Just trying to make my way in the universe. I have a Shih Tzu. Love Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Harry Potter. Big Fan of Stephen King
lifenfavor2013 North Carolina, USA @90DayFiance @TLC Why is trashy bottom Angela on Pillow Talk? I prefer Michael and the Goof Balls over her bull crap!!! #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #90DayFiance *Black Lives Matter* 🐶 🐾 Mom/Proud Democrat ***Vote Blue***
Nightning_ DEMA Not to mention that he has 100% control over every level and everything I make. He also keeps the same systems he's had since like 2018 for rating crap. What I mean by this is that levels have looked the same for so long and nothing is changing. Goofball who's favorite color is blue!
GamerMike919 Gamer Land why do so many people in anime (especially women) have no back support when piloting mechs and crap like bro i stay hunched over on my bed for like 10 minutes and my back hurts how are you controlling a giant robot like that im a gamer. i play video games. somewhat decent celeste player. read the morphs
theamazon1 Canada For all of the crap calls, bad luck and frustrating endings for the @Wpg_BlueBombers over the past 20+ yrs , this was bitter sweet and way over due. #Resilience #ForTheW #GreyCupChamps Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead
Lodesloane She/Her Gonna talk about why using that as an excuse to avoid giving him any real struggles over being gay is such immense crap, and specifically KK#2's treatment of the closet at some point. I'm just gathering my thoughts, still. World's greatest and prettiest Veronica Lodge fan.
Vince2pt0 @LegitFactCheckr @PhuckSea @ateenyalien You didn't know he was a supporter of BLM until after all this was over. I READ about the interview he did with the quack Tucker Carlson where he said that. So don't try that crap with me. And lots of people weren't happy he said that either. Never Trumper. Cincinnati Bengals fan. Patriot. This country belongs to all of us. USA! USA! USA!
Brianhipp Illinois @Justinredalen @NadineBabu Well, Rodgers and Adams seem to be trending towards staying. Packers have had the luxury of Favre/Rodgers for 30 years. That does paper over a lot of other bad crap. You try being old and having a nice hairline. Glad to be here, happy to be alive.
icon_blonde Blighty. @StructureInForm @KidofFormosa @jordanbpeterson @JustinTrudeau You’re really willing to inject yourself with experimental chemicals made by a private company in order to protect the healthcare system. When data is showing over and over how crap these “vaccines” are. catholic. pro-life. belieber. #sorrynotsorry ...partisan politics is for babies.
kevinsm17554523 northampton, middle england Anyone caught flytipping should be given a shovel and made to clear theirs and others crap up over 50 days minimum #flytipping #GMB Northampton born tax exile but bought up in MK .I am a genius bipolar maniac.worked Former adults with LD carer, railwayman, clearing bank operator
lollel397 @Deadaccount324 @blkrindou I was looking over a lot of vods and other comments like this and found that surprise surprise he has done nothing so until we get a quote or a screenshot we can just say that this is just a pile of crap meant to get people angry its innocent until proven otherwise not reverse.
NxsKevin California @NoahJOsborne @nxtgen8k @theRealJayDub2 @La_Butter @Nethilez @Griggity @SPgamer786 @Melo047 @Puertorock77_ @XcloudTimdog @KBG_Garrett900 @Knucklez504 Mmm mmm mmm I see you’re excited to play both as well! 2022 is gonna be a good year for gamers and a crap year for fanboys choosing one console over all consoles! Husband, Father, Web Developer, Gamer | Co-host of @NXScast | If it’s a game, I will play it | Part time trophy hunter | Xbox: MisterFontana | PS: GodofKaos
Staffymom724 Las Vegas, NV @GovSisolak pay attention to this! It’s time to knock off the crap gov. An emergency is an immediate and necessary action to save lives and property. Emergency is over. Mom, grandma, and great grandma. I support the Constitution & Bill of Rights, pro 2A
troy_s Vancouver, British Columbia @restlesspix It’s remarkable how it’s always the same crap over and over again. Who would have thunk that destroying the organized labour movement would have completely toppled the left tendencies of the Democrat party? Digital colour gadfly. Antihumanist. Antipositivist. Acolyte of moving / static pixel hermeneutics and thaumaturgy. Make creative things matter.
ChristineMVishi Kristin Davis, 56, says she's 'angry' about comments about her age and body: 'F*** you' via @YahooLifestyle It is a shame, but the whole world treats women over 40 like crap.
BigFatJaJa @AxioPlayz_YT It's not a joke.. it's total bullcrap! Everyday, over and over posts this crap. DO NOT BELIEVE posts like this!
EdvardEnigma making someone answer with a maybe and then taking it as a yes for ur headline so people raise a fuss over it is crap reporting _sigh_
CryptoStonks6 @Kukicat7 No vaccine and No mask haven’t gotten sick once in the last 3 years. I feel bad for all the people who fell for this crap. Now the pandemic is over. And they still pushing these shots, as one final push for 💰💰💰.... Stocks and Crypto trader. Not financial advice. All tweets are for entertainment purposes only.
witchlet Scottish Highlands Typical respect for democratic votes from the dangerous ideology obsessed here. Same corruption that caused the SNP NEC to be taken over by unelected interchangeably affiliated ideologues and the gerrymandering of members' list votes that put mediocre crap in our parliament. Living under the paw. My L was never in. Transgender ideology heretic. Channeling primeval mitochondrial fury. Sturgeon Ultras+TRAs blocked. Saor Alba gu brath.
Beeker_54 Meridian, MS @IAMBARNINGHARD Everyone on Auburn Twitter is melting down and I’m over here like who gives a crap @IAMBARNINGHARD is back!!Also, Auburn went 12-11 the last two seasons with the guys who are transferring. Not like we were setting the world on fire. Might be the best thing for all parties) Aspiring member of Auburn Twitter.
Grubsweatcheers Winnipeg @BarbiturateCat 😂 I always feel like I need to apologize to friends in Ireland when there’s a big game and I’m non-stop tweeting crape for hours, and they’re waking up to my crap. Thankfully, most are rabid sports fans and forgiving of such stilted stupid tweets & over the top effusiveness. Cheery, oft weary, rarely dreary, contentedly beery.
yarnchicken Imniza Ska And I've started over with different, splitter yarn. There's some crap in my stash but I have an attachment to this one - I knit the 16yo a Wallaby sweater from it when he was very small. So long ago. Equal parts dumbass and badass. #ActuallyAutistic they/them
dru_sanderson Chicago, IL @RightWingCope Ah, the old fire pit in the front yard for drinking and smoking while posting bs on Facebook. They do look so oppressed with only a 2 car garage and house. I hope inflation doesn’t send them in to a shelter. So over this crap. WTF face is all I have left after the last 4 years.
GreysQuotesBot "You can have the worst crap in the world happen to you and you can get over it. All you gotta do is survive." -Alex Karev This bot is designed to generate random inspirational quotes from the many characters of Grey's Anatomy.
AWschedules Ho, ho, holy crap! Here's the FXX schedule for Christmas week. Enjoy holiday episodes of your favorite adult animated series throughout the week, and the season finale of It's Always Sunny of Philadelphia. Then on Christmas, the Griffins take over the channel all week long. Uploads TV schedules every once in a while from several networks. Also posts news for various channels. Run by @RealAWstudios (Not affiliated with any networks)
AenesidemusOZ Australia @crone_victoria @Ryanis999 @AustralisPiper @manchestermelly @motnevobrev @UniversalMind27 @AstroPythagoras @JJ21338337 @EricDanks2 @PPathole It’s just the same crap over and over. Nothing new. Aussie Sarcast, Pyrrhonist, Unbeliever, Democratic Socialist : Info/Comms Tech/Mgmt, Vollo Firefighter, Educator : Married : No fixed address : Born 316ppm CO₂
TimothyDDouglas Sacramento Yep, but with direct media like @YourboyQ254 it’s moist. Like hey let’s go over injuries, then let’s have tea, then let’s plug some lame crap then let’s be lame. Soft and sorry. Be real @YourboyQ254 Be interested. Be interesting. And all opinions are my own.
first_defender FEMA Region XIII @DebHowesNH Even (good) teachers would likely benefit from school choice Ever notice school funding goes up year over year, to ridiculous proportions, and yet (good to great) teachers are still paid crap? We should really stop relying on the enemies' platforms. PS — Sound money is fungible.
haughtbreaker Washington, USA Me: whoo! Managed to stumble my way through DMing my first session after lots of planning and now it's over I can relax Friend: can't wait until next week Me: oh crap I have to do that again? #dungeonsanddragons Moderately ok writer, doodler & crafter. Slytherin. Pisces. Genderqueer. Gay. Ace. Tired most of the time.
first_defender FEMA Region XIII @SOSchoolsNH Even (good) teachers would likely benefit from school choice Ever notice school funding goes up year over year, to ridiculous proportions, and yet teachers are paid crap? We should really stop relying on the enemies' platforms. PS — Sound money is fungible.
Nawthethu USA @ItsStarryo_ Cool I remember when I used to make thouse back in my high school days I made a porter pot one and made a joke out of it saying have fun flying the crap out of it XXDD but over looks like you really hard on it ^-^
weirdsinceborn weird land @SimshadC The plot is itself so pathetic. I am okay with him doing this as far as he's happy and content with the work but as a viewer I prefer drooling over his good looks than investing my time in watching crap the makers show. biased for the ones I love
DontFightDucks October Country Holy crap, that stream was wild! thank you all so much! I'll be back Tuesday for Skyrim, and Wednesday for more New Vegas! We sent everyone over to @munchkinjesse playing Fallout 76, also fundraising for Fallout for Hope! Full Time Streamer with a focus on Bethesda RPGs, Phasmophobia, and more • Member of @MellowFellowsTV • Bi, Ace, He/They •
tuck1 St Louis, MO The last 2 weeks Bills, Bengals, Ravens, Raiders all lose twice and Steelers go 1-1 with a win over Baltimore. The Browns couldn’t ask for more of a sign to get their crap together. #browns @Browns unapologetic and sad Cleveland Sports fan
DominionYankee Virginia, USA @Rjb5150 @ABeltran1993 I never said they suck. The “% crap” is fact. Its numbers. And for you to buy your argument, you’d have to argue that the yanks expenses increased at rate much higher than revenues. Thats the only way to argue a reduction in %rev/payroll by over 40 pts (75-30). Yanks Fan
LiviaJones Hamilton, Ontario @redditships It’s a line from bottom lip over your chin. He is not only saying that he won’t like you (which is crap, he won’t even notice it after a week I’ll bet) but he doesn’t support your reasoning. Do it and see how he reacts. Tattoos are forever and this guy seems temporary Mislin and misunderstood. She/Her
Sunnyseamama Columbus, Ohio @bojomomma22 @BMBW fork, my crap knees claim my skiing life is over but regardless, their food was crap and I’d fly out west to smoke a fatty in Colorado before I pay them for fake snow and crapty hot dogs. They acting like they are some sort of fancy bottom resort worried about. “Safety” 🤦🏼‍♀️ PROUD American! Blue Line and Veteran supporter. #MAGA🇺🇸 #impeachDeWine
DemagogueWatch Massachusetts, USA @brianklaas @malinablue @MaxBoot Me, too. And, I am sincerely flabbergasted that the DNC has not mounted a concerted effort over the years to make sure crap like this doesn't happen. What. The. Hell???? Fighting mad progressive tweets about the danger to democracy of racial hate & Trumpism. Not a bot, see my replies. #ForThePeopleAct #JusticeMatters
levihasherpez @gptbrooke im grateful for an ever improving worldview and all the weird accounts all over the internet that i learn cool crap from. hope you feel better, brookerz. luh u. janitor at CERN who sometimes solves equations on blackboards
MonsterVetArt I’m with Carmen Sandiego @KatieRocs @MizShannonS My dad really ingrained how much cast irons are worth. I’ve gone through countless other crap pots and pans but these I’ve had for over 10 years. The middle one I’ve had for over 15. They’re part of the family. If my place ever burns down I know I can come back and get them. I have combat PTSD and a paint brush. Self-taught artist / Army taught gunner / 19K / No BM’s / LGBTQIA+, BLM MS Psy - Cis He/Him
fatalini1 Oakland, CA Yeahhhh these kids gettn away wit a lot now days!!! Perfect example of current situation! This kid asked his dad for Roblox and now he’s over there working to earn it! I ain’t giving him crap 🤣🤣🤣 La Vie est Belle!!!! 💍🇹🇴
brooklyngal04 New York City @Heather59261733 @dianecjones610 @BrendaT38349210 I agree. And I actually say it " Did you read the transcripts ". Then I say Johnny Depp was innocent. I am over this crap. Loves the Arts worked in Fashion. Reads anything Stephen King writes I am writing in Andrew Cuomo #NYTough

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