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SmoothCat Saint Petersburg, FL @WUTangKids Some of them had European accents as well. This crap is rampant over seas as well.. They fly into Florida and mix with the local crazies. Born in San Diego, CA. Graduate of Saint Petersburg college, FL. Cell Phone Sales, Programmer, Musician, Author.
traveldevil Everywhere @eternaldiletant @NickFondacaro Yeah, go over seas and take your shoes and belt off at an airport and watch everyone laugh at your stupid crap. Just because it is implemented doesn’t make it a good idea. I travel everywhere in the United States. I hold crappy companies accountable for their BS on Twitter.
beneux_robert Fort Smith, AR @Michael_F_B @FoxNews Well that's kinda messed up Cause we don't treat our immigrants or over seas people good In reality, nobody is forced to treat anyone good if they don't want. It's their country, they want to treat them like crap, it's their call and the Russian speaking people can leave When your health & life turns on you, you find a new light, even if it's dark. Be original, not a puppet, being a follower is not me. Anger is a gift
novogratz New York, NY Sugar is killing us in America. The average man and woman has gained over 30 lbs in the past 30 years. French women have gained 3 by comparison. They don’t eat the crap we do.Our country needs a real dialogue around obesity. Over 75 percent of Covid deaths were also obese. CEO, GLXY CN. Early Investor: #Bitcoin, @COMPASSPathway 🍄, @SpaceX 🚀 Board: #TheBailProject, @REFORM, @HudsonRiverPark. #SystemsChange #CriminalJustice.
RobertLindsay United Kingdom “Vlad things are getting pretty crap over here so I thought I might use the government jet to pop over if Truss isn’t using it and see if we can hot things up on your border…I’ll text you when I leave”
gregkellyusa The Fake News gave their fellow FRAUD a big pass on his LAME "plan" to stop gun violence. His ideas are just WARMED OVER CRAP from De Blasio. WATCH: Blasio and Adams, Partners in Crime Passionate about issues of gender and racial justice.....NOT (PS: that's President-elect Nixon in '68 on his way to transition HQ in NYC)
JohnGooner4 @TheNorfolkone @ArsenalHomerton Some mums do smother their sons to much but also phones and internet don’t help to much crap watched at a early age Seems this girls family put fame over their daughters well-being ignoring the boyfriend s bad behaviour Mad Old School Gooner Just going to post Arsenal stuff mainly pre Emiratess Armchair expert 🏆🏆 positive Arsenal vibes with popsicleney realism😇
AlyxxTheRat Sarpsborg, Norway Flowey from Undertale is the only video game villain that has legitimately scared the crap out of me. Not only did he crash my game and corrupt my save file, my net cut out at exactly the same time and for a moment it felt like he had taken over my computer. I'll never forget it I make games and music and tweet memes and boobs. Christian bisexual trans female furry. Born 1988. aka @TCHN0MNCR and Zone Tripper. Norwegian.
chimatronx Akron, OH @NotHoodlum Just give me a break. I am not quitting @Spotify over Joe Rogan's anti-vaxx nonsense, and I will not be forced into this crap! Anything is TRONically possible. | I sometimes get into fights with other people.| #AntiFandomMenace | #BlackLivesMatter
Ditchg41 @frostynuts1234 Hughesnet sucks they charge an arm and a leg and throttle the crap out of it when you go over. I signed up for star link it’s a $99 deposit and you’re on a waiting list and they ship you the stuff when it becomes available in your area. Always evolving.
USA3026 @WhiteHouse The company known for over working their employees for crap pay and over charging for their products! It's OK though! The unions that lay in bed with them will be glad to take your money and give you crap too! I call bullcrap Do not trust Democrats Do not trust Republicans Support the constitution Support anyone coming in as long as they do it legally
daniel12308549 @JohnArezzi I still feel like crap and it’s been over a month since the symptoms started 🤷🏻‍♂️
aimlessmagneto @ChristianConsrv @glen_mcgregor They peed on the Canadian war memorial, threw their crap all over Terry Fox, threatened a homeless shelter to get their food, crap on the street, threw cans at journalists, waved flags celebrating slavery and Naziism. So all in all, not a good reflection of your kind. Here for the politics, the pets, the sanctuaries I support and people I respect. Everything else I tune out. Troll block turned ON.
Got_Nald One Firey Place God, how easy it is to love you. Emotionally it comes first to everything and practically it only comes second to breathing, but that too is debatable. Last year was crap. Nothing I said made sense. Everything I saw made me anxious. I may have even hurt you more over that time. Nald 69 An enemy of reality By Grace through Faith, as is said, or so. Music, Beach, Wood, Books, Sunset skies, Moon & Stars.
driverone44 USA / N.S. CANADA @FirstPogMoThoin @BaltimoreMrs Wow! They had immense power over Children! Some scared the crap out of me & others were so kind and yet we all survived to be better people with a good education! Veteran,F1 racing,Halifax wanderers, NHL,CFL,NFL,smooth jazz, ex drummer, cook,painter,gentleman,true blue,don’t care how many follows it’s not a contest!
AntoniaGaius @StandForBetter She's full of crap she says one thing and then just walks over to McConnell and does what he tells her to do. Sickening and pitiful. Artist photographer
chimatronx Akron, OH @anonymissmouse @Dannyjokes Just give me a break. I am not quitting @Spotify over Joe Rogan's anti-vaxx nonsense, and I will not be forced into this crap! Anything is TRONically possible. | I sometimes get into fights with other people.| #AntiFandomMenace | #BlackLivesMatter
chimatronx Akron, OH @KimLink64 @Dannyjokes Just give me a break. I am not quitting @Spotify over Joe Rogan's anti-vaxx nonsense, and I will not be forced into this crap! Anything is TRONically possible. | I sometimes get into fights with other people.| #AntiFandomMenace | #BlackLivesMatter
chimatronx Akron, OH @Dannyjokes Just give me a break. I am not quitting @Spotify over Joe Rogan's anti-vaxx nonsense, and I will not be forced into this crap! Anything is TRONically possible. | I sometimes get into fights with other people.| #AntiFandomMenace | #BlackLivesMatter
KittiMinxASMR Your Bed @Purgeiwnl My school was a little over $85,000 and some change for 4 years plus interest it was such crap Like back in the day I was in college that could buy a small house in a rural area #ASMR Voice Actor/ #VTuber || || 31yo - no kids 🔞✨ 🎁💖 see my website for content!
TigerShane1 Veono is a scam.... I hope they get what coming 😡 Over 50 days waiting and all I get is copy and paste crap 🤬🤬🤬.. people are starting to realise its a scam company and we never get our money back .. there so called team goes to jail and big bad bubba he's he's way with them😆
chimatronx Akron, OH @JustinInAtlanta @buzzerblog Just give me a break. I am not quitting @Spotify over Joe Rogan's anti-vaxx nonsense, and I will not be forced into this crap! Anything is TRONically possible. | I sometimes get into fights with other people.| #AntiFandomMenace | #BlackLivesMatter
marcotwentysix @Rickwoodward17 Yeah, this is getting stupid. Sure seems like It's almost over and we are cracking. But look at the crap we watch. I love playing hockey. work hard, play hard, stay hard. 615th follower of @StanleyCup. #NIBBLES #ForTheW #GoJetsGo
Puppiemaster UK @sirtflop Fanboys arguing over total crap, time for all to grow up and stop acting like school kids in the playground. Proper gamers don't care about systems, we care about games, and the only way you can play all the games, is by owning all the systems. Great games on all of them.
SheaRob16683893 @JimAron3 yall still not over him? he will get his just desserts for what he did outside the presidency and politics but that doesn’t negate what yall have pushed for with biden he is more of a criminal than trump and that’s pretty nuts to me. He’s pushing racist crap while saying he’s not risdraeli gears
MechaDragon101 New York, NY buutt let's just give her some headphones, like the over year ones. I'm sure most high socially peoppe wear those with their iphones and, crap I just gave her a headset and made her a game did I :l (He/Him) (Single) I put gaming headsets on my ponies cause I find it cute ❤️ OCs own: Cinnabyte, Lillybit, Skydrive (Avi by @Latia_122 Banner by @Qamar513410)
Mongrel_Nati0n Broadhust Park, Moston. M40 Sunday Express (23/1/22) says we should support Johnson especially due to his handling of the virus. Do their readers really believe the crap they write? Once the NHS took over we saw a vast take up of the vaccine. Nothing to do with incompetent Johnson and his cronies. #GTTO Republik of Mancunia. ex-MUFC. #WWGO and all the other Parasites FA allow. ex-Labour Party member. Palestine for Palestinians 🇵🇸 A EUROPEAN CITIZEN 🏴‍☠️
mrgazmaz @doctor_oxford stop talking crap Rachel, we've had enough of you. Now the tide is turning you might want to go into hiding along with Justin #Nuremberg2 . Tess Laurie has all the evidence you need and have been ignoring for well over 18 months, and you deny people a safe and effective remedy
littleredpotato #notstevenash @uhgoodaddy When this au is complete, imma go back and reread the crap out of it and cry/smile/be angry/cry/smile all over again. 💛🖤 she/her, reading, writing, laughing, napping, music #bts #army💜 #ipurpleyou #monstax #monbebe #blackpink #blink
bzref Boston, Needham, Nantucket, MA @MikeFromWoburn Truth. Stepping over a guy is BS and that’s why another official talked the calling official off of it. I used to rip into the “stepper” for that crap. It’s not wrestling. Sono stato in giro. Uomo in giro per la città. Pensionato NCAA ufficiale di calcio e baseball. Politica, sport, vendetta.
ProudPlantPapa 25-♊-Pan-he/him @KrunchieKrew @clintashlock @rodger Like, I'll take Toby Keith over this crap. Florida Georgia Line ruined any chance for arena country and country rap to have ANY redeeming qualities gimme your dying plants pan n proud 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
PickleRicksNFT look at this crap can't withdraw nano a coin already on @CorpDutchy and they can add ksm over night and withdraw are good... #SCAM #scammer #ScamAlert @nano @LTCFoundation @BTCTN @Bitcoin NFT collector on ETH/Poly and sol networks. Will throw any bad owner under the bus no issues. my collection so far
dryfly_whodat Midwest USA @tribelaw @MuellerSheWrote Ppl need to buck up - not crap our pants over BS he says. Way too many did (still are) and media is having a field day with it - we (not Trump) are mostly responsible for that See his crap for what it is and keep heat on - especially for 2022 midterms - it’s going to be a fight Aging industrial business guy avoiding crisis one beer at a time ... I block squawk and delete tweets - hate noise and nonsense.
NIICdog Philadelphia, USA @nebulous_dark Holy crap!! this is amazing! You know firsthand how wonky ive been for the same, and im sorry im trying to fix my programming and get over crap. I’d never put you through it and I’m so grateful to have the chance to be with you! ive wanted it for awhile and it’s been amazing! 😘 The one and only 🐺 🎤 🎶 | Taken forever by 🖤❤️@nebulous_dark ❤️🖤
robertbobmom Chicago, IL @Rizabellepow This was from the 90’s when all the pink and delft blue was in style. We also had stencils EVERYWHERE. 😬 I do love some of this new wallpaper though. I have to get over my PTSD from removing that crap. Union supporter, nerdy, I block Berners. 😈Your mom warned you about me.#NeverBernie #BidenHarris2020
chartsombus @Slang03341668 @renegar_ranch You think all the MSO’s are gonna crap out and black rock, thru iipr, is gonna take the market? I dunno... I hope we have cannabis brands like we do wine. Lots of big players, lots of variety, concentration over time Discovering new stocks that aren’t really new and claiming them as my own. Long US Cannabis. #msogang. Holdings by size: $crlbf $curlf $ayrwf $gtbif $tcnnf
DrRemple Walgreens parking lot Oklahoma @mcmastersteve @Fenceshui @dmilly83 @RutherfordHaye6 @TheoFleury14 Do you have any idea the kind of stuff he has put in his body over the years? He had no problem putting crap into his body from some d-bag in a flop house and he is worried a vaccine?🤦‍♀️🤡 Focused on Separating AB from Canada, making myself look like a fool, temper tantrums, and I am the biggest GHG emitter in Canada.
BillHutton504 The presstitutes can sure heap it on ordinary Canadians and have done so over the past 6 yrs. Now you see the anger & frustration the the majority face when you print the crap that the lieberal gov't spews from the sewer at parliament hill
dialoguer28 Pennsylvania, USA Nice halftime show going on right now. Can’t hear a damn thing they’re saying (and neither can they) with the live crap playing over them. Nice work fools. #AFCChampionship Catholic, sports enthusiast, designer-creative marketing and former believer that I had my act together
SHAZZIO11 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘Express Concern’ to Spotify Over COVID Misinformation via @thedailybeast THEY ARE SO FULL OF CRAP
always_vote CANADA .@checkupcbc for context, while you both sides the crap out of the issue by giving platform to these 'protesters' could you possibly mention that over 33,500 people in Canada have died from #COVID19 so far, and that figure has been acknowledged as a low estimate. Thanks. #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative/GOP/Tory, then budgets can balance themselves. Honestly. Never trust politicans who don't care if you live or die #WearAMask #GetVaxxed
Lucy382003 @laurenboebert You don't care at all, not even you dam care about Republicans lawmakers signed forged documents saying trump won, not even a word out your mouth about this. BUT IF IT WAS DEMOCRAT HOLY CRAP YOU BE ALL OVER AND SHUTTING THEM DOWN, YOU WOULD WANT INVESTIGATION, DISGRACE YOU ARE
UODuckfan1167 Salem, OR @CarlaHSands Fly them to @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer mansion and let them crap all over their floors 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
paraicotoole Dublin Ireland @GAA_BEO TG4 and nemeton have transformed gaa coverage and renewed interest in gaeilge. Im sure if something as simple as a cover would have sorted it, theyd have done it. They show games from crap parks all over the country and its a joy. Well done Time series big data and IoT. Cuala supporter, sports analysis and hurling, that's about it..Tweets my own ( who elses?) and retweet not an endorsement.
hooveDAO Rockland, MA I may be what was once called a communist, but I can not only expand and but also execute on your half baked idea and triple your earnings. I don’t want to hear any crap from you about your vision. You need cry time? Over there in corner. We do business at this table. look, yah do work, you control what you produced. It’s not difficult. Just, do good work.
MaiaLuneAgain ‘Awwww tell me what that awful carnivore did to you, I’ll go and tell them off whilst making myself look like a complete non self aware idiot’ 😂😂🤣🤣 that’s about the sort of crap I have to put up with on here 🙄 The bell for playtime is almost over children 😜 Feisty blah blah you know how it goes Not PC oh and I swear 🤷‍♀️ 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Anti Islam
doge_8bit Doge @dropiloot @BillyM2k You sound like some of those conspiracy nerds who do 'self research' and then bring their 'facts' public. Building is a game over an existing engine is what many games do. Maybe join some conversation and ask the Dev before your talk crap without knowing the project. Just a Doge
tomisine101 Texas, USA @Martin_Dempsey More happy horse crap from an over-ranked, over-decorated, window-seat warrior skilled at staff job voyeurism, military installation tourism, and ticket punching & with not even close to actual combat action wearing a Combat Action Badge who “fought” from a safe area in Iraq! 👇 Pragmatic Independent w/ Libertarian/Conservative views. US Army Disabled Vet, Loving Family Man, History Buff & World Traveler! A politics cynic and skeptic!
PapaB3ar1787 Florida & Thailand @Wu1f_tketkr @MrBlankName_ Lunatic doctors, nurses and hospital administrators still believe this crap. I just fired my doctor and dentist over their mask and vaxx policies. U.S. Army Veteran, Muay Thai/MMA junkie, former life coach, Tier 1 Reply Guy Q: Why can't you just be nice? A: Because the world isn't nice! #1337 ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ