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Peter_Petrelli NYC @OnlyaGraham Oh crap he slashed me open! *the screen is all red and everything slowed down, Peter is trying to retreat D: * Nooooo! Just an average guy. Kinda. (RP account, not Milo, not associated with NBC, and I don't own Peter Petrelli!)
ArchibaldTweets England, United Kingdom I think that this scene is the scariest part of Back In Black for me. Normally, Peter would sneak into the motel room without alternating the cops but because of what's happened to Ant May, he just doesn't give a crap anymore and webs up a cop who was just doing his job. I really should get around to changing my bio at some point.
PureRockRadio Salt Lake City, Utah Amen... Carr was a real rock drummer, beat the crap outta them! The Cory Draper Show LIVE on Pure Rock Radio...Featuring Insane Talk & The Best of Rock! (801) 850-6969 - studio line
BottoneAnthony @angieBaby503 Guy kissing each other is friggin gross. Get a room and never let me see this crap. I think we will have a member of isis become president before a homosexual. The African. Americans are on point with their call to not support old Peter Love my Guns , my Glasses , my Bird and my Old Lady. In that order. My El Camino is pretty tight too.
Colorcoded_NL Nederland @hedgeforvideo @editblog @restlesspix @garyadcock @Peter_W_McAuley We are getting ready to use Hedge to filter all the MXF files from our FS5s. At the moment we do this manually within the Finder and batch file rename. But we use Premiere and don’t care about anything else on the cards, so just check if you need the other crap on the cards. Bastiaan van Oorde a Post-Production professional, VJ, Video Editor. Based in the Netherlands. Currently employed as a Senior Video Editor with DPGmedia
SilvaRecord @Jordan_Sather_ @Stephen37722821 @g_knapp @UfoJoe11 @Peter_Levenda Podesta is awesome. He’s done a lot for the UFO subject, unlike the fakes you support and chill with shoeless. Nothing has been proven against him. It’s all conspiracy crap like the stuff you sell to your fans. What’s this I’m hearing about bleach? I’m trying to understand the nature of reality, The Phenomenon, UAP/UFOs. Patreon&FB=SilvaRecord IG=DannySilvaRecord
cambridge_peter England, United Kingdom @the_dmster @moe_180 @AndrewKnight226 @Lockethenes1 @HodgesPhilip @hollyforry @audreybbonbon @I_Am_Chambo @Valleyman007 @hoddydod70 @Chrisballingall Try to educate yourself before tweeting CRAP! 'There is no such thing as “WTO tariffs”: the WTO does not itself determine tariff rates, and it does not require member countries to charge tariffs on their imports.' If you want to argue that being governed by people that Brits people don't elect is better than being governed by people ONLY British people elect don't bother.
rppfmmw Australia @Cointelegraph Gold bug Peter Schiff can get fu*ked. He wishes! $1,000...and this kind of crap comes out every time manipulators decide to drive markets lower. Raconteur, author, presenter/producer of Musical Waves contemporary jazz show on Rpp FM 98.7 & 98.3 FM Former member American Stock Exchange NYC
peter_rodrick Australia @Loud_Lass Have been using the NBN since 2013 both FTTN and FTTP and it's fine. Most people who have bad performance use crap telcos and blame the NBN on performance issues rather than their ISP. There's a difference between the two. Technology, photography, beer...
KeyWatkins51299 Maryland, USA @ThwipnTDKR @MattGordon2019 Well, yeah, but even Tobey and Andrew started off with crap suits. And he did use Tony's tech, but the design and features were Peter's idea. He only needed to use Tony's tech cause he was in a hurry. @DeVryUniv Student. Single. Fun-loving, artistic, friendly. #HTTR🏈 SC: keywatkins512.🔔 IG: KeyWatkins512.📷 FB: Key'Shawn Watkins.📘 PS4: KeyWatkins512.🎮🍕😎
hullaballumallu I can talk a lot of crap about my ex husband, but I would totally enter him to win an encounter with @StephenAtHome and Peter Jackson. The guy deserves it, since he read and reread Tolkien all though law school, and still made Law Review and got a job at a fancy firm. misanthrope. producer of ideas and things. i came, i saw and then i tweeted. coconut sell out.
alinastarkovas canada gotg is the connecting thread here. i look at the it kids and im like 'yes, the it kids'. i look at young peter quill and im like holy crap thats young rumplestiltskin lsdkjfs alex / she/her / 24 / queer aroace / the world moves for love; it kneels before it in awe
NomadTommyb United States @StephenAtHome what a waste of being in New Zealand and Peter Jackson. Is your ego so fragile and are you so needy that you had to bore the living crap out of your loyal audience with such total crap? Single worst segment in the history of late night tv. You saved ChevyChase. Award winning professional speaker and hospitality expert seeking great service, unique interactions and new experiences. common sense is too uncommon
plane633 @maspatel01 This newspaper, is out of touch and lives in the dark ages Peter Hitchens writes for this crap newspaper!! Its utter rubbish!! politics! Mental health. Addiction. Homelessness! Truth!
JTaylor58236152 @finnegan_peter @RepAndyBiggsAZ @RepRatcliffe Holmes is talking crap and that's a fact. The look of fear on his face is unbelievable Love cake, my Segway and my 47 geese!
slomka_robert London, England @cambridge_peter @PostTruthPaul @JTOpinions It's undemocratic to give people a vague option on the ballot paper which could be interpreted as Norway option or No Deal option and everything in betwee. Brexiters would have got away with it if the promised m great deal was negotiated and Parliament couldn't approve crap. Strongly *Against Brexit* disaster. East Londoner. Love travelling, football, history. WHU fan with friends among Chelsea&Arsenal fans - yes, it is possible !
geren_peter He is nothing buy Crap and Lies...some of us knew this all along.
_AnthonyByrne Surrey UK @peter_chave Very pathetic if you what I mean Rachel and it's a load of old crap! 💩💩 I'm a man who is hardworking, dedicated and is not willing to give up that easy in life. It's all about persistance.
TigerFanClint Upstate, SC @JacobFalcon23 Give me Peter any day. Everyone gives him crap about taking his eyes off Christ and sinking in the water... but dude was the only one who had the guts to get out of the boat. Someone came to arrest Christ and he cut the mans ear off... dude was a baller. Jesus! Clemson Tigers. College Football, 4th and 16, Star Wars, Former Nascar fan, 63-17, 56-7, Politics, Disney World
UDIWERTHEIMER Israel @MisterBitty_ @muellerberndt @RichardHeartWin @PeterMcCormack Peter has a bigger audience, and also it’s not about the size, it’s about quality. People who find Richard’s crap appealing are not going to help me in any way. I’m not trying to increase follower count. I’m running a business. His audience isn’t my target audience Bitcoiner. Coder. Adversarial thinker. Troll. Also toxic podcast co-host at @Reckless_Review. PGP: 1127 96A8 DFCA 1A96 C8B8 0094 9211 687A D298 9B12
kcsaphire San Francisco @Peter_Dickerson @glennkirschner2 @catturd2 All of you here who hate the dems..if Obama (or any dem) did one tenth of the crap Trump did and is still doing. They would ne tarred and feathered. You are all hypocrites. All About Obama
roseannebyrne Shoalhaven, NSW Australia @A_Writers_Nook @Peter_Fitz Tell her to grow up. And stop reading RW crap. I want back the Labor of Whitlam and Hawke, who cared about all of us, not just the ones they thought could win them an election. I’m not going away.
KeyWatkins51299 Maryland, USA @aplexs_21 @Scoofboy @ChibuikemMolok1 That's the problem, though. Other adaptations have all started with Peter's life being complete crap. Marvel and Sony wanted to try something new and fresh with Peter. Right now, his only concerns are being a high schooler and being Spider-Man. @DeVryUniv Student. Single. Fun-loving, artistic, friendly. #HTTR🏈 SC: keywatkins512.🔔 IG: KeyWatkins512.📷 FB: Key'Shawn Watkins.📘 PS4: KeyWatkins512.🎮🍕😎
BSPolice5 Toronto, Ontario @Peter_Tabuns Peter, the only outrageous thing is that people like you spew crap from the couch. Progress cannot be made with red tape and unrealistic rules that do squat to help the environment
Lemeeseethat @Ironhorse76 Amongst all the shifty crap he’s pulled, he also destroyed NYC nightlife. I used to work at Limelight and he kicked Peter Gatien out of the country. For that alone he can rot in isolation until his demise. VEGAN 🐄🐓🐥🦆🐟🐂🐑🐖🦃🦌🐇🐁🦔
CorsbieJason @SpiggottGeorge @Kathbum Peter Ellis was incorrectly convicted based on coerced testimony from children with no physical evidence. This trial has a crap load of physical evidence. Including the accused's photos of Grace's dead body and the fact he watched porn while taking them. Just here to watch the end of the world
rayclister Australia @MikeCarlton01 @Peter_Fitz I’m travelling in China at the moment and there are Christmas decorations in shopping malls and supermarkets. So much for the crap about the Chinese government clamping down on Christmas as well. Keeping on trying to understand the human race. Definitely not an easy task. Left of centre and proud to be.
PaulSaysTruth1 Leicester, England You are becoming a laughing stock. But not for the right reason. All this anti-semitic crap and lies needs to stop. You do realise Noam Chomsky is talking about you and anybody else. You people should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. You remember the story Peter and the Wolf? 70 years old socialist JC4PM Palestine
marilynholnes11 Lancing & Normandy, Fran @VijiMohankumar @Mandoline_Blue I'm no statistician but, to me, the sums just don't work. It's not possible to maintain pensions, even at present crap level, and maintain the NHS just at it's current level by making this increase. It doesn't compute. You can't Rob Peter to pay Paul - it just doesn't work. Dual nationality British/French Retired writer politics & travel. Proud European - I fight brexit for us all. Massive animal lover & defender. Vegetarian
sugarbear456 @peter_dodgers @MDeskaTTU @BronxBombers992 @ajhinch @astros @JustinVerlander If they was cheating why couldn't there win at home yeah people need to get y'alls head out of the damn News-Press and find out before you start accusing people this is a bunch of crap
depass_danny Jamaica @FitzJacksonpnp1 Someone said to me last night. I bet Fritz is the one setting up peter to make him look foolish. And sure enough here u are doing ur best to justify the bulls crap. I hope Peter is on to u after this. VERY VERY PROUD 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
QueenYoungk Brian's heart ♥ This SEA Games is and will always be a representation of how unabashedly corrupt a politician is, regardless which political party he or she is in. And Sir Allan Peter Cayetano, please do us a favor of admitting your wrongdoings. The Filipino people aren't stupid. Cut your crap. I love Youngk's burger Traumatized by DAY6 JYPE Staff. Scarred for life 💔
peter_bucksey Altrincham @MartynBroonty @PlasFron @UnionMegan @TBPBoltonNE @Morrisons @brexitparty_uk Crap he man handled him and under the law he has the right to self defence. He should have dropped the store staff. Against indoctrination in schools. For reform of parliament. For elected House of Lords. Dislikes dictatorships. Love Europe, Hate the EU.🇬🇧
susansellers3 USA Peter, you're another assclown who write lies, you're rude, obnoxious and we have turned you alll of long ago. 75 million lost because of your made up crap! STRAIGHTJACKETS FOR THE DEMS, COOKIES FOR MY PRESIDENT. GREAT GRAMMA X4 Lets Make America Great Again!
Carol_47_71 Swadlincote, England @things_royal @I_Phoenix_Rise The ironic thing is you never see Anne’s kids Zara and peter being clingons or Edwards kids. But Andrews kids definitely like the glory that comes with their title!! It’s a load of crap. Definitely weed out the money grabbers. Their all old enough and stupid enough to get jobs!! 💜 This is me ~ Nothing special 💜Mum to 3 grown up kids 💜Married 💜 Body slowly falling to bits 😂 💜 Love me or hate me I’m here to stay
HopeNotPC Britain @cassiemonoo @Laura_Norda @andywigmore @lindajanetk @guyverhofstadt Utter crap Peter and you know it. I loathe Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism and its adherents, with a passion. Pro-Brexit. FBPE Trolls will be blocked and reported if abusive
fyzzgiggidy Bizarro World @YourNerdWonder @ShadeLiesHeavy @theleakymind @thegothking @RealBebub And Semeti was having a much harder time and didn't deserve the condescending crap in response to that. Should he have ignored him? Probably. But George still started it on the very tweet Peter posted about having a hard time. The Hole on @GradedPointFive and Everyone's Favorite Werewolf! Over 0 years XP in Illustration/Graphic Design/Writing/Voice Acting (pfp by @LostLeanore)
SeanDaHam @peterdaou @TheBernReport THANK YOU PETER!!!! We already did this in 2016. Give us Bernie. Give us any strong progressive. But do not shove another milk toast centrist candidate down our throats and pretend they are the second coming. We see right through that crap! Dancing does not inspire me to vote 4 U #Progressives - #BLM - #Dreamers - Overturn Citizens United - #RaiseTo15 - #Medicare4All #Bernie2020
Innerfranklin @greg06897 Yup lol i think they just released the poll in hopes of increasing the whole narrative about Peter is surging and all that crap, otherwise they wouldn't released it The Pursuit of Justice | I love 1990s
AndrewKnight226 London UK @Lockethenes1 @moe_180 @HodgesPhilip @cambridge_peter @damienXTR @hollyforry @audreybbonbon @I_Am_Chambo @Valleyman007 @hoddydod70 @Chrisballingall They were appealing to racist Brexiteers fear of Muslims and/or people with different coloured skin coming to the UK. They pretty much said 80 million Turks would move to the UK if we voted Remain. I remember seeing that crap all over Twitter at the time. Remainer. #FBPE. Internationalist. Traveler. Thinker, Drinker. Trader. Liker of liberalism. Atheist. Environmentalist. Activist. Hate Nazis and #Brexit
dunser15 Ireland @hatton_peter @ManUtd I know I am just acting the Mick! I know he is trying to get rid of all the crap. It’s slow and painful. I just wonder will they look to Poch in the summer. golf fanatic, rugby mad, man u fan, , rugby referee, ex player,sopranos
OctoberRusted Death Zone, Mount Everest @4TheCommonMen @Jim_Jordan Do you care that Tim Ryan supports CAIR? Stop with the bs gym crap because only time it was mentioned was when Peter Strzok was questioned and since Pro Quid Pro turned into Extortion that turned into Bribery. Rest of time you didnt CARE.
AlexTheGeordie Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Say what you like about Peter Kay, but 'Why do mums buy crap pop?' is up there with the best of the comedy observations of all time. And I like PROPER comedians. Stuff-doer. Joke-cracker.
peter_chave South West, England @davemacladd And not one original idea. When he trotted out the, not tired but exhausted, Labour ruined the economy, crap, and then, Lliam Byrnes 'no money' note, my only thought was, the man's a fool. Capitalism is the pursuit of money, power and possessions at the expense of everything worthwhile.
Joe_UKSCN Devizes, England @climate_peter Seriously, it's the 'will you campaign for leave or remaom' Everytime he's asked it (and he's being asked repeatedly) his response is a bit crap and he looks like he's been stabbed 17 Years Old | Campaigner at the UK Student Climate Network #TeachTheFuture | Christian | 🌹 #JC4PM
chefboyifyoudon Usa @peter_agudelo @l3wdsenpai @EvoL_Kevin @Cloud9 @C9Zven Sona taric you mean. And yeah they played that a crap ton but it hasn’t been meta for a while. Once they got to traditional ad carries they fell short Officially blocked by Wil Wheaton
coponparole "tough rocks!" i shout, as peter winglin whines about his asthma while i punch him. the onlookers are unusually reserved, whispering to each other. after school, anthony comes up to me and says "we've found a new bully to get behind. he says 'tough crap!' " i stop breathing man for all seasons
HansonTrudee United States @GOPoversight @realDonaldTrump Peter Welch (D) asked if it was right to ask foreign countries to investigate Americans and/or political opponents —right? But it was okay to investigate , spy on and launch the dossier crap against Clinton’s political opponents Donald J. Trump. It’s just me.
mary6921RESIST @john_faidutti Holy crap 212 times!! You are a real dead head!! Amazing!! Saw Led Zeppelin! Yes! Peter Frampton Alice Cooper and many more!! Fun times lifetime Democrat! #Resistance please follow rebuilding my account 👍🏼😘🦋You all know me but must 🤫💃🏻💃💃🏿#FBR #Resistance 💙pray4Aris👏🏻👏🏽
ExterJohansson @MichaelSandstro @guardian Why is it so hard for folks to believe that this cowardly, sick piece of crap didn't want to face the music . He pumped,dumped and then choked on his own peter. Oops, I mean petard. Guards perhaps were negligent, exhausted, overwhelmed. I await the facts, however.

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