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sdblue2 Connecticut, USA @ewarren Robbing Peter to pay Paul, as per usual Dem way. “There is no such thing as loan forgiveness. The government doesn’t pay these things. We Do.” And you’re a lying piece of crap like the rest of your cohorts.
comicwebs psd by @kaijucatedits. ᅠ ( it almost makes peter feel bad how he admires the gesture, not being able to make it up by giving alex a nice gift. he does deserve one, though. ) holy crap, i don't even deserve it … i'll try and make it up to you. ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ ᅠ
edinburghbrodie Edinburgh, Scotland @ianhamilton1982 @Peter_Hopton @LesleyRiddoch @ScotlandTonight We don’t hold rallies. We don’t wave flags and talk crap either. A tiny % of the population we’re interested enough to turn up, what does that tell you? Proud to be Scottish & British.Don’t support any political party. The SNP are the worst thing that’s happened to Scotland. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧
Peter_R_101 United States @HaraldinChina @Val_Voshchevska Wumao mumbling incoherent crap . US has enough weapons and production capabilities to fight 17 CCP-china and Russia together. America is the arsenal od@f democracies , and that’s why Xi/CCP always bows down to US Go with the flow
DecodeAzevedo Rio de Janeiro, Brasil @blurayangel NWH is, IMHO, a fan service, nostalgia driven, otherwise forgettable movie. It brings the MCU Peter to a tabula rasa, resetting all that "Stark pupil" crap and secret identity mess. Otherwise, is a joy to see all that guest cast again. Curtindo concept art, manga e quadrinhos, defendendo meio-ambiente, lendo gente relevante. O destino de negacionistas, extremistas e gente mal-educada é block.
whatsuptucson Tucson, Arizona HOLY CRAP 1300 donated / 2000 to make up short fall HUGE Thank you's to: Shelly Kim Daniel Rey Peter Cathy Margie Sandra Thank you for saving the day. And, Bubbas says thanks ❤️ Local Tucson info and events, news and emergency incidents. For ads or donations visit
mizzbritbrat07 Bay Area @BravoTV #realhousewivesofpotomac That is such crap, Wendy gif a drink thrown in her. All bets are off, Mia should of stayed out of the business with Peter and Wendy. Robin and Giselle are such hypocrites. Each day holds the possibility for a miracle. Im becoming a better me each day. You gotta love me lol. SmoocheS
MikeStroup10 @SamouraiDev @maxtannahill Holy crap, he actually said that? And recently? a) for all his 'intelligence' maybe Peter didn't realize you need to use TXID not address for the visuals. That confused me for a few minutes b) Or, he is extremely emotionally driven and his wife's boyfriend uses OXT B I T C O I N Plus macro, energy, and freedom
Mindlessdroid We fought for the Clone Wars @JustTalkWrestle I'll go real old school and say the Rock's grandfather Peter Maivia turning on Bob Backlund in a tag team beating the crap out of Skaaland and Backlund. More recent Windham turning on Luger and joining the Horsemen. The Clone Wars fan. George Lucas fan #CompleteTheCloneWars #CloneWarsSaved Black Sails pirate All mindless tweets are my own the odd good ones are too.
yourtimeisup20 Sydney, New South Wales @smh @Peter_Fitz What is dumber the article or the fact the Smh printed it ? Oh and fitz stick to your private school crap .
litnwbot Astoria, OR and the woods "Argh!" he shouted, voice tight. "Peter!" Wendy’s heart pounded erratically. "Are you okay?" She frantically searched for any sign of blood or a broken limb. And Peter was—laughing. Peter was laughing. "Holy crap, it’s cold!" Quotes from the YA novel: Lost In The Never Woods by @aidenschmaiden. Tweets every 3 hours. All quotes posted are credited to Aiden Thomas.
AlexSBurton Vancouver, British Columbia @PeterMeiszner Thanks Peter. I would still encourage you to consider putting up with the crap that I am sure comes your way (and I am sure some of it is very hurtful) to allow those who don't follow you to communicate with you. engaged citizen, prosecutor, father, husband. Tweets are my own, (he/him) on the traditional lands of xʷməθkʷəy̓əm Sḵwx̱wú7mesh & səlilwətaɬ
nunnnnnyaaa New York @WendyOsefo Please know that GizHell started this crap. Granted she didn’t have a drink in her hand and didn’t meet with Peter but she asked the question that jumped everything off. And the way Rob acted after assault was even WORSE! Recording only you! Pitiful. New York City, born and raised but my blood is 🇭🇹🇭🇹!! INFJ, #2 Enneagram and Genealogy Enthusiast.
PeterBasylJones @JeremyVineOn5 @Peter_Shilton @SangitaMyska Football ant-racism is just pro-black crap. Serbia (6.8m) or Croatia (3.9m) could win this World Cup but could never be contenders if their youth systems were full of Nigerians and Jamaicans. Brazil's team reflects its country but you can't have over-representation.
Peter_rMendes @VanIslandJ It is more that the lawyer was agitated by the illegal redacted documents and crap being pulled by the liberals during these proceedings.
Peter_rMendes @JustinTrudeau With what money do we have to support the Ukrainian’s? Trudeau and his crap government have bankrupted Canadians.
Peter_Brace @quillerrees Front bumper looks crap and not aggressive at all. Hard to tell if it was sitting on your back bumper if it was a performance car!
NotoriousRBF Washington, DC @atrupar That Naomi and Peter should have to fight for privacy is the problem caused by editors publishing this crap. Former Early Childhood Educator. Current Charter School Board Member. #ToddlerMama #KnowledgeIsPower #KidsCanDoMoreThanYouThink
annieeRUok A. Peter talking mad crap about Wendy when she wasn’t there.. B. See’s Wendy at HIS restaurant and says nothing #RHOP 🤷‍♀️ I watch too much reality tv
Ginnion77 Western Colorado, USA @Emilylgoodin The WH didn't give Vogue an interview. Naomi and Peter did. Two days before the actual ceremony. Holy crap on a cracker you'll twist this. Two years ago I was called “the mouthpiece of overreach” it’s been great ever since. If you’re alive today thank a public health professional. (he/him/his)
Jonsei93 New York, N.Y @GunnerDobbins Peter: You make me sound like I was born to be some great hero or some crap! But I wasn't. And I'm not. I was selfish, I was a jerk. The only things I ever thought about were me and my uncle and aunt. And even after losing him and catching the guy who took him, I was still a jerk Christopher Jones, Male (He/Him), Black, Autistic, 28 years old. Loves comics, cartoons, movies and stuff. May be NSFW so 🔞
rorysalad another postcode Genuinely, what goes through the head of broadcasting executives when they continually rehire crap, deeply and consistently unpopular pundits like Peter Walton and Jermaine Jenas? turning horizons into battlegrounds 25, avpd loner, bi maybe idek
maraleia Chicago @AshleyRParker NO ONE gives a crap about Naomi and Peter's wedding other than to congratulate them except for you horrible DC access "journalists." You are making a mockery of yourself today. Political junkie, history, pop culture & science fiction geek. Left handed, cisgender, lesbian feminist, social justice activist & educator. She/Her
MaccaPolitical Mid North Coast NSW @Peter_Fox59 It's the public service Peter. Hard to walk in and sack and tongue lash without acknowledging all the built in employment protections. (+ cops can be devious) Like with health sector. Some crap managers but hard to prove reasons for dismissal. Dealer in ambitious but tenable issues. Removal of State/Territory Govt's a + Join Me Today. I try not to be condescending. That means talking down to someone.
talk2counselor Nigeria Interesting to note that @renoomokri is on Arise TV @ARISEtv just to talk about Peter Obi @PeterObi. Is there no better topic to discuss than this crap? @ruffydfire and @abati1990 please know that Reno is a Traumatized Bigot . Anambra Ganduje Kaduna #TheCandidates Nigeria is locked in for PO
KingGridiron @swaggyjunior7 @Peter_1369 @PFF Miss me with the “better blocker” crap….Kelce is a fine blocker and adds tremendous value bc he is always healthy, and is always productive….It’s splitting hairs but Kelce has surpassed gronk Dallas Sports Fan Page…we talk it all |#DallasCowboys | #MFFL | #DallasStars | #TexasRangers
Peter_S_Bailey Oxford & Lantheuil This is bloody disgraceful. But then it's a modern trend, import shoddy crap from China for pennies on the pound. Give it a name like Burlington or Mayfair and charge premium prices. I want a Govt that 'actively' promotes on-shoring, fair pricing and low taxes! Gin-Soaked, Harmless, Coddiwompling Curmudgeon and Vituperative Old Cuss, well past his sell-by date! ...oh, and self-confessed Bailey Bridge nut!
LarsJLindahl1 Singapore @PeterSweden7 Peter lies in basically every tweet. Because he want the dumbest of his followers to pay him money for reading his crap texts behind a pay wall. Basically Peter wants money from morons. Don't be a moron. Don't pay him. Oh and Peter is not Swedish. Even that is a lie. Whisky saved me from sports. Strongly believe that religious superstition is a curse of biblical proportion.
Peter_R_101 United States @MakeARainPinbal @Wuliujushi @caitoz We’ve lived in CCP china for many years , we know the crap CCP is all about . And wumao , get over with . We call it CCP and CCP will be . If you don’t like it , go back to wechat and stay there . Loser wumao Go with the flow
IV_Aoratos King County, WA @OxfordBuckeye @nayjoobie @kmr_789 @GrantWahl Yep John has gone oh record saying how he feels Peter got a lot of crap for the situation and unfortunately had to face it down alone especially how it basically tanked his Olympic career though he qualified for the 72 Olympics Security guard and student in animation.
Ward97Steve @PiersUncensored @Redknapp @Peter_Shilton @MTLawrenson @piersmorgan @TalkTV 😴Harry 'full o' crap' Redknapp. Almost as boring and irrelevant as his son as a pundit. So. No thanks!!!!
Sample1Chris Denver, CO @YumaRebel @craigscolorado @Conrad_Swanson I used to have great respect for Peter but, once he started with the Birtherism nonsense and the MAGA crap, I stopped listening to him. Progressive Road Warrior, Pup Mom, Unrepentant Chocoholic, Purveyor of Snark
notthisone7 @CarneyBcarney93 @TaliesinEvitel @donaldjwl @Nerdrotics These leftists don't do their own research and just regurgitate crap from other popular leftists.Even if Stan lee didn't mind changing Peter's race, it would be common sense to keep his race the same way fans have always known them to be.
Mr_MKN Broward County People like to act like Wendy was the aggressor. Mia started that crap. What Ms. Peter and Wendy has going on does not affect Mia. That whole Peter is my sister crap is crap. And Wendy gagged you. A gentleman & a scholar | Beyoncé | #HeatCulture | Miami Hurricanes | #FinsUp | Fake Cologne Connoisseur
FinancialG33k @88playmaker @IamEddieO This. Wendy never thought to go get Peter and ask him what he said to Mia. Stop Eddie. The whole thing was planned. Wendy has words for days and she chose not to speak with the manager? Bye. It’s crap TV to make money and raise profiles.
SmileyFaceJonez United States @readingwme @mrsmiathornton @BellamiHair @LillyLashes @AmilleonLondon She needs a story so she tryna start crap worried bout what Wendy doing with her business endeavors makes u look like u sneaky link Peter whether u want to admit it or not. Just cause u gotta check in with Peter and u chose his resteraunt to go to dont mean she gotta check in.
gambler2 @tmthurston @Askwhyisit And where ta hell did they find guys named peter John Luke Matthew and Mark in the middle east?? Its all suck crap! Zero logic! All just fairytales If you are going through a rough part of your life and need someone to talk DM me if you think I'll give you money you're dreaming in Technicolor!
SockoPsycho Chicago, IL this is bullcrap, bob iger is now back in charge of Disney he makes me sick, and now I have to wonder if he will rehire peter rice and fork bring in more woke crap, woke te fork now I'm pissed im the chosen one. if its marvel comics, the MCU, star wars, aew wrestling, nintendo, ps4 and heavy metal then you got my attention, supporter of Mikey Sutton
imcrazy4bb pa @iMikos_ Wendy is a snake, she got backed in a corner with the truth of not answering Peter and she lost her crap ( as always ) and just starts screaming like a maniac. Always with the me and my man crap.🙄😏 love my family, my dogs, reality t.v, and trying to see every point of view.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐶🐕🌼⚘
juliepower Sydney, Australia Great interview with Peter Weir by ⁦@gmaddox⁩ Must be weird for Weir to see people with the “odd tattoo on the odd arm” incl carpe diem from Dead Poets society. (Imagine the inevitable errors; Scissor the day. Crap dem! Carp dies.) Sydney Morning Herald journalist
TheEvilDonut Holy crap. Been using @culturedcode Things for years and just discovered that the app uses natural language when adding dates and deadlines thanks to @peterakkies. Thanks Peter!  Person. Photographe amateur passionné. Argumentaire insultant/raciste/sexiste/demeuré résultera sur un blocage assuré. Français/English.
ChrisSt61561486 @morethanmySLE I'll bet you can't quote ANY Republican stating that is simply the Democrats ratcheting up for 2024....and, btw, Peter, the Democrats have been stealing from the SS Trust fund well over 50 years, you fool!
BigBenRV Dana Point, CA @GOATBoricua @BradyMcCollough Bryce has a %63 completion percentage and threw for over 300 yards 3 times this year. All for the most stable program in CFB. Caleb walked into a 4 win team with a crap ton of newness. There’s a reason Peter King said he’d be the #1 pick if he came out this year. …but go on Last account was suspended for saying “Food Porn” 🤣 Dammit Elon! I just like my meat! 🍖 😅 Raiders ☠️ Trojans ✌️ Angels 😇 BBQ 🥩 whiskey 🥃
B4everthankful @cryptoalex007 @CopperNew Man I hope nobody holds that crap anymore. When I first saw Peter talking from home with the “quotes on the wall behind him,” I knew it was a bad sign. Posers need that crap to feel/look more legit. Actually legit people don’t need ploys and props. Too bad. Pronouns are lame
gogs_peter @NEWSMAX @JohnnyTabacco Honestly , why not focus on some offense and go after the lefty’s and all their crap they imposed for the last 4 or 6 years. - pay back is a bitch !
Peter_Purbeck Purbeck, Dorset @SteveCJjones @KeasdenKate @Bull_of_the_Bog @jamesthetyke @WWTworldwide @Natures_Voice @LincsWildlife @NorfolkWT @WildKenHill Crap schemes like this are hard to kill off permanently. £Ms are spent on development and feasibility work for something that is never likely to be built. It becomes an industry in itself. Another bonkers example from the NW now in its 3rd or 4th decade Indebted to nature. Increasingly angry about the lack of political committment to tackle the ecological and climate crises #angerisanenergy Born at 320 ppm CO2
agnes_guano The Downstairs Lounge @ianpayn Having watched the Blue Peter incident, I can just imagine the elephant related humour in the theatre. "Look at that big load of crap onstage!" "Don't worry Mike and Bernie won't be long." British comedy record spinner and dissipated bon viveur.
Peter_R_101 United States @HerbKimseyRE @KimDotcom @chenweihua Nope but you are . Stop selling nuclear crap no one is buying . Go away loser . Man up . Russia lost and sanctions do work . Go with the flow
Henry69242220 @APompliano and ALL BITCOIN MAXIS . Just keep in mind what goes around comes around and don't be stupid acting smart with your not your keys crap. Bitcoin can become like gold and you can become like Peter Shift of crypto .
MnM052721 She saw her give me this crap and allowed it. Y'all need to do better. If peter still owns that place he's slacking. Had the nerve to tell me to taste it. Had i tasted it there, she would've worn it. Customer service in hood McDonald's are the worst. American with Puerto Rican roots. #bringback45

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