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ifbacongrewont1 New York, NY @DruvBhagavan @JeromeAdamsMD @Peter_Julian The only misinformation being spread is that these vaccines are one, "harmless", we've already seen that to not be true, and two, they are effective, and the fact that more and more fully vaxxed people are still getting covid/delta, and some are dying, shows that was also crap The global nutrition narrative is wrong. So much is due to poor science study of the past century and many today are still stuck there. Trump sux. BLM Oliver
stacey_herbst @peter_berghmans @DrDenaGrayson @RandPaul Perhaps watch the full exchange and all the crap Dr. Fauci has fielded for the last year...then you might be able to understand, the doctor has reached his limit on responding to bullcrap! Died in the wool liberal, loves the USA, ready to save her!
ExpatCajun @Logo_Daedalus Peter Thiel having 5 billion dollars in a Roth 401k is just all you need to know. All the crap he lies to people about. And he runs the ultimate con to have 5 billion in a Roth. Citizens get owned everytime.
Peter_Jay_Jay Brighton, England @rock_chick72 @topical_talk @beverleyturner @BorisJohnson What she means is he keeps proving crap she likes as complete lies and she's not really happy with that. But hey ho some people just can't take being found out as liars and fools 🙄 Train driver for Gn/Thameslink.
Z_fubar_Z Indiana, USA @CalebJHull We need Republicans to stand up and ask the tough questions instead of taking to Twitter and bitching. Stop bitching grow a spine and expose this crap for what it is. Peter Gets one to two questions a day. Politicians have a platform. Use it or stop pretending your outraged. Dad to three great kids. Fiancé to an incredible woman and mother.
ispyjedi Milwaukee @Peter_Bukowski He needs to grow a pair and do an interview without all the cryptic crap. B a man and say what u need to say Wi lover, Minn hater. Twice born & blood bought! A guru of all things, at least in my own mind anyway?
audpro1 @socorros1765 Rebecca H. She literally turns crap writing into , if not gold, than silver, lol. Gives 110%. Finola H. She is amazing. I hated the Peter stuff, but I doubt anyone could have made that better. Genie F. is a treasure. I grew up with her, and when she cried, I cried. This is my soap opera account. If that's not your thing, don't bother following.
Arlanymor4 @Gallyspurs @Peter_Clark8 That is because Boris’s great grandfather was one of them and he thinks it’s the least he can do for them.Birds of a feather and all that crap Believer in democracy.Nothing more, nothing less.Born in Wales in the good times; before social media and the internet destroyed honesty and credibility
rubacky_peter @BetteMidler So true, the list of crap people will put in/on their bodies is so long and much more likely to hurt them over time than a dose or two of a vaccine that could save their lives. It'd be great if Fox News spent their broadcasts covering those stories.
Peter___Ward England @HeidiHollyberry @AdeleXHome @Stafs99 @LozzaFox Given that there are vaccines that are available that DON’T use mRNA, would you have that vaccine? Oh, and yes, I felt like crap for 2 days after my first dose, but side affects can happen with any medication. Especially when you have a combination of medications being taken. 2/ I write threads, post videos and use facts to form opinions! I don't expect to change the world, changing one person's view is to me a massive win. Libertarian!
Ironman_peter Australia @RoseBJackson @MrTVAus Until now Sydney people have never needed job keeper but they all took it when Victoria was in the sh1t. Its a shame they were greedy last year. Still a Crap situation, but step back and look. Maybe ask Gerry Harvey for some money back. 10x Ironman Finisher including Hawaii Ironman. Wedding Photographer, Twitter is like CB radio for people that can’t drive trucks
JenHA91 When Peter sees a tweet from a happy & hopeful person, Peter does NOT comment with negative crap, he just looks away. Be smart and be like Peter. ✌🏼 #LoveIsNotTourism
giannis4three Fiserv Forum @Peter_Bukowski Don’t want a small market to win. Promoting us doesn’t get them money either. Packers have nailed every draft these last 3-4 years but Schefter makes crap up and that’s what they ride with. Jordan=🐐 | Bucks in 6🦌 | Khris Middleton is good☄️ | Willy Adames for MVP | #fearthedeer | #thisismycrew | #gopackgo | #bucksinsix | #minshewmania ifb
Peter_Jay_Jay Brighton, England @badidas1984 @Paulhenleyabz @BenKentish Have you watched the videos of them? Half can't even string a coherent sentence together and chat about the great reset. They are all a bunch of simpletons who believe any old crap they read on Facebook. Train driver for Gn/Thameslink.
bradwres @HWrightComedy @aarjanistan @sensiblehuman96 the left is just absolutely terrible on ableism in general tbh. novara for eg still not addressed having Peter Singer on, who basically said disabled people can't be raped, crap takes on self dx, and piece after piece on Britney not centred on disability. It's a shame I wish I knew how to quit you (POV: you are Twitter)
Don_Alexander North Carolina, USA @brontecottage @ollysmithtravel @Fox_Claire Horse crap, via Stockholm Syndrome... Only those too lazy to research can ignore the no-mask gatherings, obvious control agenda, and absurd policies of the global elite. The scamdemic has been a tragic farce all along. Watch the vaccine, not the virus! Countering mainstream media lies, and the corporate-government masters who benefit from them...
trickypjmYT North Carolina, USA @SmoggyLamb49 @FavDockOfShame Peter Pan peanut butter is absolutely disgusting, it tastes like I had peanut butter mixed with crap and a tub of salt I am a Roblox YouTuber | 290+ Subscribers
AraneaHeres Peter uses jokes to mask fear and insecurity against his villains. He just talks crap because he knows he's gonna win. People buy that... right? ㅤㅤㅤ 𝘛𝘳𝘶𝘵𝘩 𝘪𝘴, 𝘐'𝘮 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘧𝘶𝘴𝘦𝘥.
anshuman_reuben Mumbai, India @reji_peter Guess that's why he was not spied upon ... too useless for any info besides crap and NSO would've been bored to death going through the data #Pegasus 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ~ Philippians 4:13 "Proud INDIAN 🇮🇳" वैसे कनपुरिया हैं ... रंगबाज वाले !!
mcvicar_peter @australian It’s not breaking the show was crap with him in front so I don’t watch it anymore and never will all far to left for me and when a liberal member comes on it’s just to bag the crap out of them
WomanOnTheShore Sydney, Australia @Peter_Fitz Morrison shows one can be an effective politician and a crap leader. Interested in the transition to a low carbon economy. Born on Waka Waka land.
seanair_iain A' Ghàidhealtachd, Alba @Peter_Hopton @Ianblackford_MP You’re going to crap yourself when you find out what The Right Honourable The Lord Robertson of Port Ellen KT GCMG PC FRSA FRSE said about Scotland and aliens and the collapse of the world order if Scotland left the UK in 2014 (a reminder - he is one of yours)
Chris_racCoons Delaware @DavidBSamuels Ah, crap- once Peter, Paul, and Mary are sharing a seat, it's gonna be another of those damned singalong trips. Where are our noise canceling headphones? We're here to remind Chris that bipartisanship doesn't have to mean eating their garbage. (They/them) #AnimalCaucus #GotALibraryCard
faisalrafi Pakistan @Huk06 Obviously, Hollywood is now an inefficient and corrupt industry, out of that 200m most of it goes to a handful and everyone else works on nothing hence the crap coming out of there these days, Peter Jackson actually helped break their back and vicious cycle with LOTR Producer, “I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery”, #MUFC #TheU #JusticeForChildren #Team⚔️
NICKOS_19 Uranus @george_a_3 @Peter_A_Kat Yet the clown commentators always compliment the crap out of him… “such a smart user of the footy” “you want it in Steele Sidebottom’s hands” “such a tank on him” and Pies fans are like 😑 Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. The trombones crunched redgold under my bed and behind my gulliver the trumpets three-wise silverflamed.
mcvicar_peter @theheraldsun Most people who were there for 1 minute wouldn’t care and lock them selves up for two weeks get real with the crap that people will self isolate
mcvicar_peter @theage Yes it’s the young peoples fault not Dans permit system. Oh and so what if they lied, once again his system checks are crap, he knew how contagious it was and he closed the boarders with no checking system just a piece of paper which now is toilet paper
MJBKNY New York @Economicpop101 @PeterSchiff Yep it’s been the same thing now since 2008. He wants time frames from the fed which I agree with him about but he won’t provide them himself. It’s a total joke at this point. I’m not trying to crap on Peter because I like him and think he means well. But the miners suck.
grinnyavery @SIOLoudcast Rather this than the bull crap that he's been spewing since the End of the Road Tour came about and 'How you never know who's going to show up!' 🙄 Peter and Ace were NEVER going to be a part of this.
LindaBronte5 @grgkpln @HEB2205 @David_Speers Don’t write Crap! Very succinct and wise words from our illustrious ex female PM for the Murdoch gutter press, as well as Peter Costello’s Channel 9/SMH and Kerry Stokes Channel 7!
czyliMargaret Universe. @peter_gaitho @numlungzthe1 @ninjasniperpon1 @Ekieki136 @CMelonhead @sabri44220662 @jackiefriman_ We, The People should destroy this crap. EVERYWHERE !! Once and for ever !! Jeśli ktoś potrzebuje:mam kilka sprawdzonych od lat Metod Samoleczenia/Zapobiegania chorobom. Szybkie, bez skutków ubocznych. Mogą wyczyścić SZCZEŻUJE.
mcvicar_peter @abcnews Hang on if you have the vax I thought things will get back to normal or is it just crap. So what’s this telling us reported from the ABC that it’s not worth getting vax and just close boarders forever
EagleI20 @BerthanPete @Lenovo @linuxmint Yeah Peter been using Linux Mint for a few years now, it is so much faster as you can toss the anti virus crap away. For anyone who does not know you can download the free image make a Dvd and try it before you install.
Jarly29214161 @PamPetrakos Oh crap. She's gonna tell him about popsicle Pete and when she shows him, there will be no Peter....😭😭😭😭
LauraFegan5 @pedwards_phil It is a boring pile of crap that if you get to number 1000 you will have a blue Peter badge and an extra free jab. Devide and conquer...make them feel smart and you have got it in the bag. I love life
HornetBobthe @SkySportsGolf Their “open zone” analysis paralysis lasts forever. Too little golf too much crap. The adverts as well just make you miss Peter Alliss and the BBC even more ! Negotiator. Very proud husband, father and grandfather. Watford fan since 1954
mcvicar_peter @theage What a load of crap reporting and you your doing is baiting them to protest
PaulRob11880584 South Coast NSW @TheKennyDevine @SwannyQLD And after 10 years there is more crap written than ever before. But what do we expect when the media is controlled by Murdoch and Peter Costello running a protection racket for Scott Morrison.
goodheart_jacob Uniontown, OH @Sobers_boy He shouldn’t need permission in the first place! Spider-Man is his own hero, he doesn’t fancy tech or an A.I. Or any of that crap. And what makes Peter interesting as a hero is that he has to balance his normal and hero life. He/Him. I'm a gamer, a son, a brother, and a friend. and I'm ok with that.
mcvicar_peter @bubblytest @theage @ScottMorrisonMP Victorians have a premier with a whole lot of failures and now he’s at number 6000 but he won’t remember so all he can do is blame the feds for what his permit crap system failing oh that’s right the Vic gov have a disclaimer the permits are issued by the fed gov
QosmicRay Good fighter of old @UnicornRescue17 @leading_s @MatrixPirate12 @asklepius17 … a motto a while back. “Systemas Edax”. It started with systems as in “systems analysis and design”. Then I was taught six sigma (which is crap) and it was like Peter Parker getting bitten by the radio active spider. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”
LoriAnd91684621 @Green_Footballs @atrupar Peter Doocy is not a journalist, he’s an opinionist just like Ingraham, Hannity, Carlson, etc. They spew opinions and the more riled they getRepublicans, the more money and accolades they get. Why not verbally vomit Crap and laugh all the way to the bank? Honor, Self-respect, HA! Living in a strange time! Wife, Mom, Mema. Blessed. Too old to stay quiet anymore. Living in a state that’s being changed into something scary.
jacktomalis Maryland It's a remarkable show of self restraint that @Acosta doesn't just haul off and belt Peter Doocy given all the crap he spews during these press briefings. Doocy is an embarrassment to everyone else in that room. Entrepreneur & start-up mentor. Healthcare, automotive & tourism areas. Writer/fmr journo. JHU alum. Go Ravens! The political blog:
Conradi_Peter Saint John, New Brunswick @KatieHerringt13 It's complete bullcrap. My son also got one at 2 a.m. And city hall hopes people will be ambassadors for Saint John when they pull this crap? @DonnaReardonsj Award-winning journalist. Diabetic. Loves life by the ocean, the Red Sox, the Maple Leafs, and the Oxford comma.
ChampionBan Mississippi, USA @JaxHarley5 @Eathbound420 @77SunnyAndClear @LaurieWalters19 @IamMultiversal @Trojandoc04 @RockHoppe77 @josfelines @ParsleyJane8 @yogafan108 @bjornson_peter @GregInNEOhio @dismantlegop @Kittypuppyme @beachlifelinda1 @Resister4u @itsjenjensworld @SilverSunny2 I know. They scare the crap out of me and we see a lot of them here, along with moccasins and copperheads. 🤢🤢 #RollTide #GQPsucks. I #FBR. Arrest the traitors. There’s another coup attempt coming so be aware. #BLM, #WomensRights all matter. Former LEO
Maxie_UK 🇬🇧 / 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 or 🇮🇹 @jhalcrojohnston @PeterGrantMP @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon @afneil It is shocking and all you'll get from Peter is a crap "apologies etc" Animal lover especially cats. Female.🙋 I am mostly in Scotland, travelling to rUK or bella Italia ❤ Centre right politics. Pro-UK. Vile tweeters blocked
peter_wd @jimidisko @AHeat74 @aparachick @Amaralee23 @BuggaThe Also, when you are referring to “all data”, there is good quality data and bad quality data. Data is analysed strongly, or sometimes perhaps poorly. Science helps to keep the crap out. Your mates keep trying to push it back in, then get upset when their viral videos are removed. I only follow 100 people. That's the way I roll. RTs are absolute endorsements and all opinions expressed belong to Paddy, a leprechaun I keep in my pocket.
bcrabl100 @KevinWNg But also, even as a specialist hypoxia biology lab, 25% of our HIF blots are utter crap. You should go and speak to someone in Peter Ratcliffe's group at The Crick. Opera singing, cancer curing. Scientist, singer, and songwriter. Dog dad, Sci-Fi, culture vulture, gardening, and drag race ... amongst other things 🏳️‍🌈
el_luter @marcsaysmarc @HWick_Chris @Jimbo12449841 @Schofield7Pete @CARogersNo1 @Swen_2017 @GreenwashTory @ConraddKonnrad @Rtti19311602 @ShaytanTruth @andrewsibley15 @susan04071 @DaveW1946 @wanderer_bolton @DFTBA_KING @ChrisTJones1966 @m1ssch13f @AndieHalihan @BlamesJinds @ClaremontGiddy @PatrickWimaxf @clark_roslyn @condimentset @PeteSchofield6 @TA_TheForce @SallyAnnC3 @of_flocks @Chloe0069 @Aspie66 @FairnessSeymour @stevedeg1 @ClareAdams @jJimCormeilles @TFBSully @cambridge_peter @kevtheknight2 @PaulC53246699 @a__cubed @billybirdbrain @Captain_Bold @theydonorient @oologist @alfietodd @ToryBrexitForMe @nigelgbrook @Ztx294 @HiromKate @FixLook @be_lefty @SteveMc26222763 May purposely got rid of her majority talking about fox hunting and other crap she was an arch remainer re tweets not an endorsement my tweets are my opinions may not be facts block or mute if you no like
Rshanka32874128 @Peter_Fitz And, the 30% drop in turnover to access govt help for businesses is crap. Small and micro businesses are struggling to make ends meet and a 30% drop in T/O directly threatens survival. These businesses just breakeven and will be dead by that drop in T/O. PM, just get this right!! Mature professional husband father grandfather and non-aligned opinionator

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