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RupertsConscie1 Wollongong @RoseBrennan12 @annacaldwell @richard_noone Pathetic gotcha crap to deflect from the real about you shine your big floodlights on Peter Dutton and his corrupt Border Farce, their incompetence re the Ruby Princess has cost lives and is much more important. And pay your taxes Murdoch scum. Progressive, tea drinking, book reading humanist. Here for the views and news. Against the bastardry of this Australian Government and it's media mates.
bongotrousers Wish I was very, very far away Last summer I read Peter Heller's "The Dog Stars", it's a heartfelt story about a couple of guys living in a #PostApocalyptic US, one of whom is a Cessna pilot. Not your usual zombie/killer maniac crap. Genuinely good and I had a mournful lump in my throat a couple of times. Fairly normal Setting the controls to lightly toasted muffins. Self-determinista.
peter_carmen People need not have crap shoved down their throats. All sorts of “experts” and the media have been trumpeting how the bug will change everyday lives,the workplace,healthcare etc etc. People need to go back as your lives were. Don’t be part of a new order. Dangerous
thebradfordfile America Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Valerie Jarrett, Sally Yates, Adam Schiff and Lisa Page currently thinking: HOLY CRAP. Barr knows EVERYTHING! Liberal hypocrisy is a disease.
KingBaconHair1 @BettyAngel89 Btw they made peter rabbit and more movie trailers and they are done making the trailer so don’t give us that Coronavirus bull crap oof I make roblox videos
peter_krenn st.louis @CHDWarrior33 @CHDWarrior33 crap to me and try to sabotage our relationship because she is a jealous little bitch and she would do anything to try to hurt me as you can see I love st.louis fc also and a Graves' disease survivor and st.louligan and soccer stat person. my passion for life and I’m madly in love with @Chdwarrior33
Peter_M_V @RhinoRedwood Sheer arrogance, narcissism, and hubris. The nom was his to lose, all he had to do was not crap on the Dem party, acknowledge he needed 2016 Clinton voters and Black voters, and act like he would appreciate and honor their support. This was a bridge too far.
Peter_Carey2012 Kidderminster Once this CoVID19 crap is over, the world needs to learn from it and take action to reduce the chances of anything like it happening again. I don’t mean just say ‘we need to learn from it’ but actually learn from it #coronavirus Engineer, Swimming coach, loves sport (but not tennis sorry).
chrisvdbergh @peter_tlouane @OranjeSwaeltjie @SueSimming Rather spread the crap you wish to talk over a number of tweets than try and cram so much crap into one tweet, makes it impossible to follow. Evolved. Adult. Male. Caucasian. Mammal. Primate.
RoxyRoxena @MongoLikeU @CarolForden @ODNIgov @niubi @realDonaldTrump So tired of this crap! Have you heard the store about Peter and the wolf. When certain channels have spent 3 1/2 years calling wolf, then people stop listen to peter. We are tired of gotcha.
DouglasGrs69 @PeterSchiff Peter please do a video on WHO the FED is, and how they can do this crap, are they part of the US Gov? TRY THINKING OUTSIDE the BOX! $$$$$$$$$$$ Makes the WORLD go WRONG!
JohnMurphy51 Ireland If I ever die and all this religion stuff is true St. Peter at the gate will be like the Irish media digging crap up on the Shinners and will send me to 'ell. Poor me. 'Twas the longer straw that broke the camel's back & it may have been the last one... Better grasp it quick!
peter_fk1 California, Scotland @R_O_B_C_H He honestly does think he is a celebrity. The media hype them up. They do as the please.Boost about there wealth. Praise each other like spoilt school kids. People are dying and the media are promoting this crap people must start to question by now what happens around them. ask why you feel manipulated. if you feel angry about something who will gain from it.
cj_pryor Perth, WA., Hawkes Bay, NZ. @PeterBale @alfranken @NewsroomNZ Peter Bale. Your 'borowed headline' and gossipy, negative , click bait reporting implying that NZ polititains are purposely misinforming the NZ public during NZ's 4 week lockdown is the biggest load of crap Ive read on twitter. When are you going back to UK? Self employed Landscape Gardener
BenjaminEgge Peter evens is a snake oil salesmen and should be stopped selling this crap. @MikeCarlton01 @macsween_prue Views and Tweets are my own.
foiegras16 @Peter_Grinspoon Holy crap! Check out his twitter feed. If you thought his views on cannabis were bad, wait until you see how is selectively applying incomplete data to try and become relevant. Sad. Enthusiast
sloyoroll01973 Texas, USA @RepMattGaetz The fool knew about the virus in January, dum-dum. Remember, Peter Navarro sent him memos about it. He wasn't paying attention. And if your buddy Turtle McConnell gave a crap, he would've put the impeachment farce on hold. He didn't. Now sit down. I'm a Liberal. Critical thinking skills matter. I'm not for the faint-hearted. Warning: Read my tweets before following me. #resist JoeBiden2020🌊👍🏾
Moredumbtweets Connecticut, USA @HeidiNBC @NBCNews And thanks to Peter Navarro and his endless memos and emails the tale goes no knew this pandemic was coming cause everyone just sends his crap to spam or the shredder. Hate me,block me but this spending/tax cut bill will go down in history as Nancy Pelosi 2nd biggest f-ck up as speaker behind Mueller giving us 4 more yrs of 🤬
gullibleturkey Ontario's public health chief steps aside as COVID-19 fight intensifies | CBC News THIS is what happens when the CON govt came in and cut the crap out of public health with NO knowledge someone takes the fall but not the premier@celliottability@fordnation
peter_kimber london @campbellclaret How about the press actually ask some proper questions rather than the crap they keep asking, Why dont you draft some questions to be asked and send them to Peston but keep them short😂
CaryGirl1 Boston, Ma @Peter_Grinspoon I haven’t succumbed 2 eating crap yet. But, I’m @ the stage where I’m cleaning storage areas of a 2 family house that have remained untouched since the last tenants moved out 2 years ago. Our side had been a rental Today I found some safety googles and these: Photographer, MUA, Writer
Peter_M_V @m_mendozaferrer It'll never happen. The media needs to put his feet to the fire on this. Hopefully the gee-golly-gosh, Bernie-the-noble-idealist crap will be done soon and they'll do their jobs.
Pied_Peter Texas, USA @alexgt @Breaking911 They are on the take... BIG PHARMA LOBBY is working on an untested VAX and Sen Bill Cassidy is pushing for the VAX to go back to work or school. Do you know what crap is in it?? SARS, MERS, HIV, RAT, BAT, SNAKE... NO THANKS! I WILL NOT TAKE A DAM VAX. GATES IS BEHIND THIS FIASCO! The good opinion of mankind, like the lever of Archimedes, with the given fulcrum moves, the world. ~Thomas Jefferson. RT does not = Endorsement.
suzejm63 Norwich, England @JemimaPassmore @ghost_wales It dumbed itself down a long time ago. News and current affairs programmes started to look like Blue Peter. Patronising crap History Politics General News
DakotaLula Bring back Blue Peter where we can learn how to make all sorts of weird crap from egg cartons, duck tape and old socks. #ThingsToDoInLockdown #AnimalRights #HumanRights #TheResistance #ClimateChangeisreal Blocked by GemTrails and Jim Corr Must be doing something right.
oldmacallan @smh @Peter_Fitz But the game is crap to watch. Too many stoppages and the ball-in-hand time is getting worse. Make it watchable or let it die..
LunaAurora13 because Peter doesn't give a crap about Flash at all. their "dynamic" consists of Flash trying to berate Peter and Peter just brushing it off. which is why i like it Luna 21, transbian, she/her & xy/xyr, moon goddess. Currently posting way too much comics stuff
ShayRaiZ Spinning In Circles @peterdaou I'm done, Peter. I'm out. I cant staybin this party past my primary. Moderates have doomed this nation and I'm climbing out of the tent. 22yrs of my life has been wasted on a party that only serves the donor/corporate class and could give a crap less about the people. I'm a mix of happy hippy & sarcastic street-fighter. #FeedYemenNow #ClimateCrisis #MedicareForAll #JustSayNoToCentrisim #NeolibralismIsGoingToBeTheDeathOfUs
MarioLitano Miami, FL @KeithMcCullough Keith I wish call out another clown named Peter Mallouk runs a "family office" had ties with Tony Robbins. a bunch of my friends got sucked into his firm lost a crap load of money. Blames the virus, swears no one saw it coming and of a V shaped recovery. Supreme Leader of Inca Warrior, Gentleman, Entrepreneur, #1 Dad.
RupertsConscie1 Wollongong @RoseBrennan12 @annacaldwell @richard_noone Pathetic gotcha crap to deflect from the real about you shine your big floodlights on Peter Dutton and his corrupt Border Farce, their incompetence re the Ruby Princess has cost lives and is much more important. And pay your taxes Murdoch scum. Progressive, tea drinking, book reading humanist. Here for the views and news. Against the bastardry of this Australian Government and it's media mates.
ShaneCrixus Watching this Peter Gutwein address re:covid-19 and holy crap some journo's ask some really dumbass questions. Tasmanian music production & composition, sound design, audio/music tech enthusiast - but mostly just here to talk crap about basketball tbh..
RhondaMalick @peterbakernyt Peter piper pick a load of crap on Twitter! Peter wipe the crap off your face and open up your eyes and maybe you will see what the rest of us see! If not you can just choke on the crap you spread just make sure it’s from China and the WHO because they are just full of it🌺 grandmother of 4. love the lake and going fishing and boating retired “and love OUR President TRUMP 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇲🇾🇵🇷🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
BrandonTanimoto Wahiawa, Hawaii @LHtheDude Oh crap, I just realized that Netflix and Amazon lost the rights. IDK where to watch it, sorry 😞. Did you finish Peter Capaldi's run? That was great. The new Jodi Whitaker doctor is really hit and miss.. and miss... and miss. Cast is good but most of the stories are mediocre. Random asian living in Hawaii. Thinks he's funnier than he actually is. Powered by Schadenfreude and Gallows Humor 4CD #2439
hillierme Western Australia @Peter_Fitz I find it's the airline food that gets me the most. Eating dinners for breakfast to try and align me with my destination. Flying a lot means you eat a lot of crap. I probably already don't like you.
ekakoro_peter Tororo Boy I posted here that door to door mobile money distribution would have been the best option. No food transport costs and people wud get more for the money spent on this rubbish. I bet this crap costs more than the best beans in the shop. Indeed the needy poor deserve some dignity Public servant and Management Consultant
peter_kimber london @itvnews No they bloody havent, ITV you are full of crap. you are trying to drive a story/headline. The Gov have told the press time and time again that it wont be discussed with you until after monday.
N7GhostFire @M101News fork it. I’m done. Peter/Spider-Man’s married to both MJ and Felicia/Black Cat. Dick Greyson/Nightwing‘s dating Starfire and Barbara/Batgirl while they’re dating each other. If they’re gonna do these Tumblr fanfic level crap, might as well have the better fanfic romances. Here to laugh at it idiots on Twitter.
BamALam2016 Victoria, British Columbia @Pattihatestrump @GeorgeK49897278 yep and he tried to chat to me with a line of crap some time ago. the real keanu doesnt do twitter. but there's a fake peter frampton and a fake bruce springsteen that will tell you how beautiful you are and try and get you to send money to their churches lifelong learner n advocate
hmailandt3 Calgary, Alberta Always and forever CRAP. @GlobalCalgary just aired an interview with Dr Peter Hotez. Prominently displayed in the background, his book. 🤮🤮🤮 Entrepreneurs and Capital investment create a robust economy which facilitates and funds our Canadian Social Ethic - not the other way around.
Peter_Bukowski @arountree27 Okudah over their crap show of CBs is a bigger upgrade than Young over Sweat/Kerrigan. And defense is about mitigating vulnerable spots, not stacking stars. Words: @SBNation, @PFWeekly, @DimeUPROXX Podcast: @LockedOnPackers The president once butt-dialed me. #Cuse
Psyberus @Roar__Bang @GeorgeTakei Same alt right crap with the same talking point and conspiracy theories. You actually tweet news from Voice of Europe, a far right white nationalist site, made famous by Peter Sweden, a guy most famous as a white supremacist Holocaust denier. You seem really nice.
DonnaSteffy @emptywheel @charlie_savage Ok last one.. I know I am messy..and in the weeds..and just too ..too ..whatever.. you know..really WHATEVER>>BUT THIEL>>I WAS A MAJOR bottom GUINEA PIG FOR ROBERT MERCER AND PETER THIEL>THESE GUYS WERE TESTING CRAP IN ME AT UCSD>OK>> so.. the sugar molecule
iowaowens20 Trump aide Peter Navarro warned 'as many as 1.2 million souls' could be lost to coronavirus: reports Trump is such a piece of crap, and the biggest liar ever. Asshole. @realDonaldTrump
mhdundek Peter Pettigrew was a piece of crap, but dude almost got eaten by a cat and still stayed a rat. That’s a level of commitment most men aren’t capable of. Technically Straight
TherealAlisham1 Tennessee, USA @MagicMeloni @SophiesHargitay The big picture is people post these things about her and Peter and dont think about how the internet is forever her kids are going to see this crap one day and that's disturbing and horrible that they would see things like that said about their mother and father you get it ? #Overachiever#MoneyMaker I Stan a humble Queen Mariska Hargitay This is an anti stabler account 🤭 I SAID WHAT I SAID 😏Barson shipper 😍
AmericanPurrl Central Arkansas @DaddyWarpig @Gitabushi @PCBushi @Emily30Red @AHelleneAuthor @NotJohnDaker @KKalvaitis @theNthJennifer @InAbsentia83 It's been long enough I may read this one again, but honestly the scariest novel I've ever read was Peter Straub's Ghost Story. Everything else by him was ok, but that scared the crap out of me. (I've read it twice, and was young/easy to scare, but want to see if it holds up.) Real Life Cat Lady, RN, Retired USAF Missileer. Siofra’s poor, put-upon caretaker. Bringer of Treats. I still try to be nice, but I'm old so don't push it.
davidkiley New York, USA @GOP. @VP is full of crap and is playing "cover the lies". Peter Navarro and Jared Kushner are idiot hacks. Procurement of COVID supplies should be centralized with DOD. Writer. Playwright. Actor. Director. Critic. Producer. My opinions are my own and do not represent any organization with which I am affiliated.
Peter___Ward High Wycombe, England @grantblowers @deanportertv @prwhittle You’re now using a strawman. I have valid reason and solid arguments behind my opinion, you making up crap is just that crap. As I’ve said, I’m allowed to have an opinion on anything I want, as are you. I like to support my opinions with facts. Got any facts against me? Gay, Veteran, PTSD, dyslexic, IT professional. I write long threads with the aim of challenging others to think and debate, so far... it’s not working 🤷‍♂️
Peter_the_Gr8 Halifax, MA @smithb9 @universalhub We have one in Halifax, MA and it's a crap shoot, every time you go in. When you find some chicken or steak or the precious toilet paper, you want to dance around in victory. Wearing a mask, of course. I wish I'd known they were going to announce these as the most toxic 2 weeks. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. - Spelling counts. Don't Panic! Courtesy Zealot Devout Atheist nearly a former Bruins STH RHAP patron ESTJ Trump is a con man