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JohnDivney @PeterKrykant @atmccann @nytimes @maryaturner @arjmcauley Well done Peter, the whole world knows what you're doing and by default, how crap the official response is. No government likes being exposed like this. Marcus Rashford and Peter Krykant.... John from New Brighton. Artist and unrepentant lover of drugs, demanding choice in addiction treatment and a return to decently funded NHS services.
rockmangc @prayingmedic @Stone1962Stone I just wrote a song about this crap and I named a few, Clapper, Comey, Brennan and McCabe Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and don't forget Joe Biden (he be back in hiding) WHAT A STAR STUDDED FIELD!!! Love music. Wrote, "Joe Biden is Stealing by Proxy". Go to SPOTIFY, type in Greer Craig. 100% true, 78 years young! My next birthday, I'll be turning 35. i
GaryWaterman9 @SnowWithABlower @koopman_peter @thehill Do you have any idea how much Trump helped our economy and freedoms? You must be a socialist wanting free crap without making any effort
therin_peter @jessphillips You are such a hypocrite ffs enough of this self righteous crap, you supported a leader who let your own party members bully give death threats to a pregnant mp for 4YEARS and did nothing and it’s still going on today, many of your own MPs quit because of your parties bullying. Hard working, love music Elvis Frank Sinatra Beatles matt Munro Ella Fitzgerald, 2 great kids and 2 fabulous grandchildren. my best mate Winston
sonic_hedgemilf We wish you a Peter Griffin We wish you a Peter Griffin We wish you a Peter Griffin And a holy crap Meg Loves Homestuck Feferi Dislikers DNI Intelligent Dance Musician Cheapwad Audiophile Professional Expert VSTi Plugin Brain Mage of Life INFP-T 5w4
CooperKnox Bakersfield, CA @Ragnodrak Until Kingpin starts beating the ever loving crap out of Peter with his bare hands. That's when Miles comes in, and gives Kingpin the good old "shoulder touch". Livin' the dream
bisset_peter CA 6/12 NSW 6/12 @FoxNews What is wrong with you Fox? We don't want to hear this crap. Democrats are evil, Trump is greatest President ever and of course the election was stolen! Your job is to tell us what we want to hear. If we cared about the truth we never would have watched Fox in the 1st place
ballbhoy1888 @kevinwalsh1964 I was lucky to see her there around 2013. She brought a horse on stage and it proceeded to crap all over the stage just like when they brought the elephant on Blue Peter! Pro football, anti-nobody. Well almost!
kurtbensonoaks After all the crap she gave Peter and accusing him of cheating she goes and actually cheats with his nephew of all people SMH #Corrie Jeremy Edwards/Kurt Benson Fan Account ~😎 Huge fan of talented actor @jqedwards•❤️I love #hollyoaks and #eastenders ✨also an animal lover 🐱
peter_dozal Virginia, USA @cristiadu @haloofthoughts Fuel are notorious for not dealing with there KR talent well, that talent will not do well or quit the team, then join another team and crush it. Just look at Rascal and Decay. I think benching him had more to do with internal crap then him being bad.
jjamessmith2 @SonicsOnlyFans @_mrundead_ I admired the crap out of Daredevil (2019) for actually addressing this like adults. It wasn't Peter saying, "I've never killed and I'm here to end your career!" It was, "dude, you're spiraling. I've been there. Come back when you find yourself." It can be done! Gryffindor • DCEU • #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Co-host for All-Stars: Comics and Movies • GoodBoyWolf
BrettLackey5 @MLS Why does @MLS crap on @SportingKC? #1 seed in the West. First not Peter Vermes not in coach of the year and now this. 🤦‍♂️ Multi-Media Advertising Consultant. My opinions are my own and do not represent the views of my employer.
luuluu85 London, England @InnovationMatt @GrahamcoleAct Its weird i never suffred any bad comments .. altho in a girls world i did have a popular bro they all fancied and a dad on tv ... i got more crap for being a peter andre fan.. fair dues!! Hi I'm luu, Follow me ill follow you back :-) I am a fun loving chick that enjoys life and loves meeting new peeps or should i say tweetz haha! xoxo
NaaAmpomaa Tarkwa, Ghana Peter is full of crap Love and hip hop New York. Never,never,never,never give up ✊✊✊ Romans 8:38-39 ❤❤❤❤. Hillsong fanatic. Tom Brady Stan 😍😍
Hercules_Travis Austin, TX @mileskahn That is why, if you are a midwestern farmer you dont want Peter Navarro negotiating with China on your behalf. He is a dung beetle and a moron & like Giuliani there is no pile of crap he wont jump in. Thoughts of an independent couch cat. Fiscal Mod, Social Lib, Pro-markets, Pro-jobs, Anti-militarism. Education is the only real defense of democracy.
Tempus_Fugit0 Spain @lizzie_kristina I wasn't involved in the online fandom until a couple of years ago. I was a fan when Peter was cast but all the ageism and anti Moffat crap put me off and I just went and enjoyed his seasons on my own. It looks like it got nastier and nastier Fan account dedicated to actor Peter Capaldi. Occasional rants and rabbit pics. Geek and socially akward ace person who obsesses too much. She/her ⚫⚪💜
erydactyl_ Manchester, England @Rae_Cosmos Peter and Ash Coffin go a day without a crap take challenge 21 | Student | Bi | Feminist | she/her
PabloBonzo The Bay of Whitley UK Yet another movie that's apparently good years after being considered as "a bit crap" is getting a sequel for some reason. #Constantine2 Pablo's Vault of Horror every Wednesday 10pm-Midnight on Horror to plug? I'm your mug-You know who I am, I live in the weak & the wounded
BlackjkStewart The Bay Area @Rule62peter I think Reggae Pop is what ruined alot that hippy crap that Franti yoga Reggae crap. Bring back the heavy. Peter Tosh, Bounty Killer and Screw the Dont worry be happy crap! They wont play that here though. Scares ppl. Dynamic
jdstafford11 England @UniformCarla @therin_peter @kazbahellis Our Carla is keeping down with the kids with her love of Stormzy (surely heakes that crap up everytime he performs) and using expressions like " your not feeling him".. I don't think she talks street on real life lol M.d commercial insurance brokers
luriashrine Holy Kingdom of Lynnaea Alice in wonderland and Peter Pan as well as Cinderella and the little mermaid I have vague memories of those movies but esp alice in wonderland I played the crap out of that vhs tape holy crap I don’t shut up that’s my issue here / OC main account bc main got deleted bby I draw using my finger so art is not be the best haha!
67Jooles Crap journalism spouting out lies and false info from No.10. 👏👏👏👏 Thankyou Peter Oborne for being the sole voice of integrity in UK Media @OborneTweets #MediaBias #ScottishIndependence ASAP #FirstMinister Scottish
PeterMelissa19 Belfast, Northern Ireland @Peter_Melissa_ I'd be nothing without you I know this whole them closing things is crap but as u said to me before we didn't see each other for longer and we got through it were a brilliant couple i know other couples in times like this wouldn't ve able to cope and split but not us baby never Started a relationship with my future Wife Melissa King on 15.06.19 and couldn't be more happy than I am with her. I love her to bits ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍
crustyq @Libby92Lara If they had called it anything would probably have been ok..but without Richard D Anderson or Tom's not the same. To fit with the woke PC crap, we have a female Higgins and Peter don't mess with perfection :-) make it their daughter or son ffs. retired jedi and film fx's. still have all my fingers(just) and wheels glued to my ass.Just drop in and say hi,i dont bite..much
peter_mosby America @RealJamesWoods @2600Khz Sad thing is that people believe this crap and this person is the poster child of the left Masters Degree in Reality - Doctoral Thesis - How the Media and College Campuses are Destroying America Within
Bingebob2 @AdamSextonWMUR @jdistaso @WMUR9 @GovChrisSununu Every time I see "Sununu will be holding a covid brief at 3pm" it reminds me of the family guy episode when Peter asks someone if they had heard what the word is and everyone says "aww crap!"
sblogga Ile de Vancouver CB/BC @ArthurAtkinson0 How do we know? If it’s his crap column in the NatPost that could be anybody. In the 70’s my elder sister wrote and sent an article to MacLean’s: they wrote back and said they’d publish it if they could put Peter C Newman’s name on it. We never bought another copy of MacLeans. 🇨🇦🇬🇧🇮🇪🇫🇷B.A.👩🏻‍🎤Liberal. Old School/New School. Feminist. Geek. Loyalist. She/Her 🏳️‍🌈Ally🏳️‍🌈 BLM Some RT’s just FYI/Amusante
ChrisLee240 Melton Mowbray @Peter_Kirkham What a load of crap. Is he really a vet? He's not even Scottish. He's mumbling away and the "interviewer" doesn't know what he's talking about, saying that the piper walked in a straight line. We all saw him lurch towards the police line. Former Leics police offr. Married, 2 kids, 3 grandkids. Formerly Drac49 but lost my account to a hacker.Twitter are keeping schtum! Rough collies. CofE
6onthegoalline @OKnox Mine is Peter Griffin, “holy crap here comes Jesus and he doesn’t look too happy” Life is too short to drink bad coffee.
peter_jeno United States @LitaWords @jon_rauch They’re on a very dark road. We can move forward with actual progress. Help our country in areas that have been ignored for the past 4 years. Media needs to stop focusing and amplifying their crap messages, and instead flood the news stories with repair, healing and progress!
PoetLeSpeck @sab_peter @ElaineM11584892 That’s also how Scumo got elected. It was a deliberate tactic admittedly out of desperation when the LNP had nothing else to go with. Neither did Trump and the GOP. Just negative campaigning with the media in tow. People fell for that crap. Keeping your powder dry negates it. I am a wandering dreamer. I wonder as I wander and I ponder the wonder of the universe and all that lies within. I seek not fame nor fortune I leave no trace.
Peter__Jackson northern wastelands @DrSimEvans @BernaMeaden I might be a bit confused, but all that clean air we're aiming for....Doesn't it all get blown over Scandinavia and Russia and we get the crap coming from America? Absolutely despise Tories
DufauxZac Sonic punches Mario into Family Guy instead of minrcraft and peter says holy crap. I'm funny sometimes. Shulk Main
ZULU401 Sure doesnt look like Kansas.. @BrentJa96772508 @ItsBouquet @Peter_Fitz what masks do more than anything (as most are crap), they stop you touching your face with infected hands. While some skin absorption may be a possible transmitter, contaminated hands or gloves to eyes nose and mouth are likely 95% of the problem For those that wonder WTF is this guy on. Im a former engineer in the autistic spectrum, I dont have much in empathy thats how I was born, live with it
theonly_phil_j australia @newscomauHQ this is crap, look what you are putting people through, stop these lock downs and border closures. You cannot eliminate the virus. @ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP @AnnastaciaMP @GladysB @DanielAndrewsMP @MarkMcGowanMP @fanniebay Peter Gutwein @ABarrMLA A cripple, God, gaming & guns. Free Speech absolutist. "those who need leaders are not qualified to choose them" -Michael Malice
comicscube The Philippines @ElvingJack @RDMacQ Superman and Lois to me are the ultimate "They should be married" couple just because I really can't see Superman dating anyone else. I can see Peter dating other people. It'll end up a mess, and only MJ can deal with his crap, but it'll be entertaining-- We do comics stuff here: He/Him
MisterBrown_23 The warm confines of San Diego Jesus Mile 22 is one of the worst action thrillers I’ve seen a while. The plot is incomprehensible, the dialogue is terrible, and the editing is borderline atrocious. Peter Berg is better than turning out crap like this. Resident film critic for the nice folks over at @filmotomy. “It’s chaos - be kind.” Patton Oswalt
peter_deighan @lrelizabeta One kiss?...Louis was blessed, holy crap! After a military campaign there's got to be more than a peck and "your in my heart" love... a sower went out to sow... TLM...True worship of Jesus' Sacrifice SSPX
nickstilsley @benpricefanclub True on 2019 but the writors messed him over that year. Imagine if he did all the stuff that Adam and Peter do to woman he'd get so much crap from viewers Nick Tilsley and Ben Price stan account.
MabelnMaynard @marcorubio And you were giving crap to Rev. Raphael Warnock for quoting the bible. Self serving little worm. Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech. Peter 3:10. I am a Registered Nurse, a red headed leftie, a loving wife and mother, a camping fool, a Parrothead and an Okie living deep in the heart of Texas.
IanDobb Peter Pollard stated that @scottishepa only look at the #salmon farming companies history when considering new sites!!! How pathetic is that. How about what lives on/in the sea bed and the sea in that area that will be killed? What effect will the crap and chemicals have? Oh boy cars, sport, music, DRFC, travel, tech and increasingly opinions on environmental matters
patientsafe3 @DidierPittet @CollignonPeter Peter - please refrain from retweeting crap just to suit the fact that you have stuffed up in denying aerosol spread and the benefit of mask wearing. We must ask for your resignation You pose one of the current greatest risks to the health and welfare of Australians Stop together we’ll create the best environment for patient care
pauljtant Wathaurong Country @bendwilkins @Peter_Fitz @newscomauHQ That's crap and you know it. Most of the violence comes from right-wing militias. The statistics prove that, if you ever cared to look at them. Politically progressive dad. Ballafornian. Internationalist. Crystal Palace supporter. Currently improving my Italian and my rudimentary Portuguese.
rachel_lancett @BritishBakeOff Hermine should of made the final. One bad week and she's out. Rahul had a crap semi final, but was a talented baker and went on to win it. Same should of happened for Hermine. Peter to win now. This series has had the worst decisions! ❤️ The Forest of Dean ❤️Love Medieval History & The Anglo Saxon Chronicles. ❤️My family & Pooch
AbiKirk_ Devon, England, UK Hermine, really? Hubby and I are so irritated. Laura has been crap and at the bottom for the past 5 weeks and SHE STAYS?!!!! WTF!!! I hope Peter or Dave wins. #GreatBritishBakeOff Wife, Devonian, and a big fan of eating chocolate.
peterc83 Dublin, Ireland This is enough to make me never watch that crap again and I am not exaggerating. Absolute disgrace. Hermine deserved to be standing shoulder to shoulder with Peter in the final. I am furious! @BritishBakeOff #GBBO I love penguins. I adore Angelina Jolie. Yes, that is @marniethedog in my arms.
felixw1 UK So hermine has 1 crap week and goes yet Laura who has scraped through most of the competition and makes it to the final?!?!?! Dave or Peter to win!!!!!!!!!!! #GBBO #GreatBritishBakeOff Pull the lever Kronk...WRONG LEVER!!!!!!
dionlisle Silicon Valley Twitter Fleets makes me laugh because I recently signed up for TikTok and it is a ridiculous stream of teenagers dancing. No idea the point. NOW I have that crap on Twitter....god help us ! The Rosetta Stone between Legacy Banks and Fintechs driving innovation.
mabel94208257 @seanhannity Alec Baldwin is just as insane with his rants as Peter Fonda and Jane Fonda. Why do semi celebrities think any one gives a crap about their hate speech?

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