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steviegwilldo @Andrew38869359 @_Peter_Dow @jim63895391 @Scots_Woe_Hey @Squirrelsings @murdoch_charles @MarianD36515852 @Gypeitcheil @jilltrevail @caskndram @pete_nicoll @Wellthatsafirst @orton_adrian @nosretap12 @tolkens774 @IBoyd1966 @devilfruitbat @jimmyg1972 @Mountus @JohnPro63842862 @mclellan_derek It’s advice , not law . Her advice is crap , she advised we would have cheap bank , cheap electricity , free bike , more police , less kids in classes , more nhs beds. She lied about Nike , covered up care home and QEUH kids deaths . She’s the last I would take advice from Rangers till I die 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
peter_chemicali Barnsley, England @statsjamie It’s called “the great narrative “ unfortunately majority of the sheep will swallow this crap . Good point is that more and more people start to understand they’ve been lied ! 3rd shot now ! 4th with new variant ! And so on….. Music Dance and Electronica
WondersNorbit @1pckt @horusrage @haileyinmay7 @tk_the_kitsune @Ms_Calico93 @pray2pesci @Justice_Wins7 @MCCH2021 @RossGilroy @JustinCPorter @EricBonner31 @zypisfy @kester_lowers @DrLazerKitty @IMudlet @MucusMucous @TertiusIV @Simple_Shaman @Cern_lXXl @ooohglobbits @badgervindaloo @TakeThatDarwin @SecularSandwich @StillDizzy2 @BlueDragonsFang @peter_telecom @dirk_fasshauer @Richard18593976 @Wolfpak561 @PG13ScottWatson @SkepticSplinter @tklforgiven @CoercriSeareach @SonyaSeigel @laughchem @_BENEDIBRAVA_ @Alliste35661241 @globalist13903 @Chortling_Man @A_Damned_smith @OnkelFester @PraiseHisName50 @MDH_UAR @Baphomet555666 @RealAnonDouche @ZKomala @EdwardMKennedy2 @LeannEAF @SBuddie1877 @Superior2Logic Number of people in hospital from covid who are vaccinated compared to those who are unvaccinated is tiny so you are full of crap, and you know it, but everyone is lying just to make you look bad, all the hospitals are in on it because the Pfizer is paying them kick back. Weirdo. Evolved fish thingy from a yellow stars 3rd planet in the Orion spur.
TheGeekHoard @NoDictatorship9 @RWMaloneMD I will check it out. Dr. Peter McCullough is a brilliant man. It scares the crap out of the establishment when we have a half a dozen or more top scientists and doctors who are at the top of their fields saying the same exact things that the people asking questions are saying. A real enigma in a good way.
AndrewRChapman @HML_Sanders @SpiritKing11 @pray2pesci @kester_lowers @BlueDragonsFang @laughchem @A_Damned_smith @StillDizzy2 @dirk_fasshauer @zypisfy @1pckt @PraiseHisName50 @Wolfpak561 @WondersNorbit @Janetb172 @SecularSandwich @globalist13903 @SonyaSeigel @MucusMucous @TertiusIV @Justice_Wins7 @stathamgoat @Ms_Calico93 @MCCH2021 @RossGilroy @JustinCPorter @EricBonner31 @DrLazerKitty @IMudlet @Simple_Shaman @Cern_lXXl @ooohglobbits @badgervindaloo @TakeThatDarwin @peter_telecom @Richard18593976 @PG13ScottWatson @SkepticSplinter @tklforgiven @CoercriSeareach @horusrage @_BENEDIBRAVA_ @Alliste35661241 @tk_the_kitsune @Chortling_Man @OnkelFester @MDH_UAR @Baphomet555666 @RealAnonDouche @ZKomala That is your feedback. Start with your first claim and supporting, relevant evidence. Do what you said you would, not this crap. Melbourne, sci-fi, me. Don't buy a pig in a poke. Be skeptical. Don't buy into conspiracies. Secular humanism is superior because it is self-correcting.
squidlawd 18 // he/they @fionafranfeld thatd be painful actually Screw particles they find each other at the time point where otto is and r like Holy crap man OH GOD WOULD THEY EVEN REMEMBER MCU PETER...its ok they can be like that alt spidey helped us i’m literally just here to rt stuff
TanukiSSB saw the amazing spider-man 2 tonight and this was an actual film. the first is absolute crap but the second, it’s far from perfect … like very far lmao but, it has golden moments and the relationship between Gwen and Peter is absolute heaven la familia primero
BobDavi18457258 @PeterSchiff The decentralized Bitcoin network is 12 yrs up on the centralized crap coins. Bitcoin has no lobbyists in DC or anywhere. There’s only Bitcoin Peter and the next 10 yrs will reveal all! Happy & Healthy!
rellim_nodnarb Minnesota @t_tranquilo @BuildLinval @XsameoldcrapX @peter_marinello @nflrums @NBCSports Their entire D line was exposed against LAR. I like Pierce and Tomlinson, but they have nobody on the edge right now that will get a second contract at this rate. Crap depth. Again, that's largely on Rick. Whatever you think of me, you'll have plenty of evidence to back it up.
drockhutch The Gulf Coast @tedcruz You lying sack of crap.
horry_peter Conway, SC @CottonTurtle9 @palmetto_fan41 Now squirrel and raccoon that crap is nasty lol The swamp Fox’s 2nd in command . fluent in Gullah Retired LEO direct descendant of a Son Of Liberty
peter_migali Sea of tranquility @AJCGlobal Enough with this quanon crap. In my 69 years I’ve never met one, never seen one , only in brainless lefty msm fo you ever hear of them, they probably a small group of nobody’s who never make a sound. Go after antifa or sit down and shut up
USABornMale Madison, GA, USA @marceelias A great Peter and in a leftist piece of crap Not far right/left person. Build bridges/be constructive. I may not agree/doesn't equate to hate. Go deep/shallow waters don't test/think B4U respond.
PhillyFilmSoc Philadelphia, PA Zoinks! Who doesn’t love when friends team up to stop the villain?! Just like Peter, MJ and Ned in #SPIDERMAN: NO WAY HOME, now playing at the Philadelphia Film Center, we pulled together all our favorite Scooby-Doo style team ups! See the full list: A member-supported arts nonprofit, producer of the Philadelphia Film Festival (#PFF) & creative force behind @philafilmcenter, #PFSBourse & #PFSDriveIn 🍿✨
realMWMcKinney Oakland, OR Do a GIF search for Saint Peter or The Gates of Heaven or Judgment day... And the crap results. Eternity is a long time... Just saying... Former Lake Tahoe TV Station Owner K-MTN, Former Director of Marketing & Sales TCSN, Former Tour Manager/Talent Scout Hollywood HotBod - Singapore, USN Veteran
GunnerDobbins Arkansas, USA I would kinda make Ned the MCU hobgoblin…in that he’s brainwashed and Peter having insane ptsd from NWH fights and beats the crap out of him only to realize it’s Ned. And the real Hobgoblin used him as a test for his equipment he got..from mcu Norman “All I’m saying is: Larryboy could probably beat your favorite superhero with no prep time” He/Him 23
FiveFastCats @YAppelbaum @NicolleDWallace @Peter_Wehner I am so glad I am not the only who noticed this. Yesterday I was told a story where an Evangelical Unvaxed, Unmasked woman spread her virus to a newborn, a heart issue older man, and so many others before informing her host she had COVID! Enough of the Rapture Crap! Military veteran; Environmental and Animal advocate
peter_baxman52 Stroud @JamesPearceLFC We can’t have It both ways. Salah and Mane are crap so need replacing or how can we manage without them when the African cup is taking place. Shameful over reaction to a defeat. It’s called the Premnier Leauge for a reason. We can definitely win at Chelsea and go on a run. 100% Scouse. ex social worker and 7 years foodbank volunteer. I would rather pay £5 watching a local band than £70 in a stadium watching millionaires playing.
GaryStJohn80 Dublin,Ireland I'm amazed by Peter Wright to be 2-0 down and using crap darts and not worrying to his better darts and romps home he's unbelievable he's going to win it I love sports movies music and a good laugh 😂
wrgleason69 Louisiana @peter_king Saints lose draft picks and were fined last year for covid violation. Greenbay and Rogers will probably win the Super Bowl and never receive punishment for all crap he pulled this season.
Vortex8500 United States @farahwld Is there a link? Whoever wrote that probably made that crap up. I need to see it. Stan Lee was the one who came up with the idea to marry MJ and Peter in the 80s and pushed it into the comics. He was super pro MJ later in life. Spider-Fan | Peter x MJ Watson/Parker warrior - true love forever!
teleguy68 Wisconsin, USA @JohnCaldie @Peter_Bukowski And GB scares the crap out of Dallas
drockhutch The Gulf Coast @tedcruz @ryanlongcomedy You sack of lying crap. How dare you.
ReddingWriting Portland, ME If this is accurate, they were literally going subvert democracy. Holy crap. l’m biased toward facts no matter who they offend. Including me. Love language = sarcasm. Run 2 Newsrooms in sovereign nation of Maine. @TEGNA @newscentermaine
trev12345_ United States I’ve had two reply guys lose their mind on me for passively joking about crypto (I was messing with Peter and made fun of cardano) and the reply guys lost their minds… does anyone understand when someone is trying to poke fun at something? Holy crap. Many people suck on here lol
OKIronMan4 Richmond, Virginia @BennettTomlin I don't follow Peter Thiel, I'm amazed someone believes that crap. The logical fallacies are most problematic. Oversimplifying an incredible global system of banking and finance to an event in 1921, for one. Fourth generation iron man, engineer and small business owner. Contrarian hacker of small scale manufacturing technology.
maicokid Cedar Rapids, Iowa @RSBNetwork Morons. This is The blonde duckass’s pandemic Screwup and into perpetuity. Stop throwing out crap. This isn’t free speech is hate speech. Peter handled it in the first place we wouldn’t be here. If I had it to do I charge him with voluntary manslaughter or being a selfish dick Veteran,Ice Fishin is my line..
junaid_v1 pakistan,LHR @IGN I just want to ask Peter dinklage, how much dumb writers payed for saying this dumb words. D&D ruined GOT because subvert our expectations is not creative writing but giving a satisfactory climactic ending matters. Season 8 was crap and worst ending in the history of planet Earth Hey ! You ! Wassup ? Chelsea FC 💙👍🏻
BettyFo00852178 @YAppelbaum @NicolleDWallace @Peter_Wehner Your full of crap and you lie for a living. Wow really lost touch with reality.
DefiantVitreous @MattysCrazyMind @rrrrrrredbelly @peter_king Yes. Useless. Statistically insignificant. Whatever you want to call it. Science doesn’t agree with the “if it saves one person” crap. No reason to go back and forth. You’ll find out quick enough that ultimately this will be treated like the flu. It’s the only way forward.
dlstump Reno, NV I don't find this Peter Navarro crap surprising, we all watched it happen and he is throwing Cruz and Gozar under the bus, but there were a lot more actors then these two. Jordan, Gaetz, Greene, Bobart, Graham to name a few. I think this is a cheap shot by Navarro to only throw "Speak Truth to Power" ~Adam Schiff #VoteBlue22 #VoteBlue24
DestiGrace1 Global Citizen This crap is so wild -> “Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Lays Out How He and Bannon Planned to Overturn Biden’s Electoral Win,” fingering #TedCruz #PaulGoasr #TrumpCoupAttempt #January6thInsurrection #TrumpInsurrection #January6thCommittee - Healer by profession & passion. Naïve enough to still believe in democracy and justice. Image of ocean floor Hopewell Rocks @ low tide - that sense of PEACE.
PaulWA14 Perth, Western Australia @Peter_Fitz hi @Peter_Fitz my comment after reading the bs contained in these 4 graphics would be twofold, how people write such utter crap and how can people actually believe it, the last one about the spanish flu was a cracker Still a cave dweller and feeling confident ‘22 will see an end to our useless, inadequate PM and his cohort of corruption
CherokeeAbbey So many Republican Senators are in deep crap! I hope they are expelled from Co guess and get jail time! i'm retired, Democrat, mother and grandmother! NO DM’S!!!! If you DM me you will be blocked!!!!
HeathenWombat United States @wisemanryder @randolf828 @Askwhyisit @DJVeronica @TheGod_Particle @kester_lowers @brad_feinman @pray2pesci @DishonestApe @swede_irish @PumaBare @mirandaisrisen @Frenchg11623069 @DrLazerKitty @ooohglobbits @3Vikings1 @ThinkyTexan @TJMair @MusoniusRufus @MurphyYuiko @Seculoid @bumpus_lumpus @TGeorgiao @TheCATheist @AprilLigeia @jon_hill84 @SLordDampnut @benusa567 @MucusMucous @_cynde__ @gotcankles @KerridwinR @tk_the_kitsune @1783Amer1can @camglamming @wpcguy @AtheismIsBad4u @Tsunami_64 @BucFansMatter @th1rt3en_TM @JustFreedom1776 @Dar42 @Baphomet555666 @WmManry @peter_telecom @RonaldM71579792 @Carniphage @S4R41_K44R @Chortling_Man @EverythingDoubt You can be reported for making threats, you know. I won’t bother, though, because I know there’s no substance in that one. Anyone who reads the bible and doesn’t conclude that it’s a load of hilarious crap is an idiot. Just another atheist wombat who enjoys harrying conservatives and anyone else who denies science. Australian-born US citizen, so don’t bother complaining.
right_wing2 USA @YAppelbaum @NicolleDWallace @Peter_Wehner Liz Cheney is as big a piece of crap as Mittens is and as McLame was. Conservative politics, Constitution, liberty, religion, Irish whiskey
Wolfpak561 new jersey @SecularSandwich @PraiseHisName50 @HML_Sanders @BlueDragonsFang @dirk_fasshauer @laughchem @WondersNorbit @Janetb172 @globalist13903 @SonyaSeigel @MucusMucous @StillDizzy2 @TertiusIV @Justice_Wins7 @stathamgoat @Ms_Calico93 @MCCH2021 @RossGilroy @JustinCPorter @EricBonner31 @zypisfy @kester_lowers @DrLazerKitty @IMudlet @Simple_Shaman @Cern_lXXl @ooohglobbits @badgervindaloo @TakeThatDarwin @pray2pesci @peter_telecom @Richard18593976 @PG13ScottWatson @SkepticSplinter @tklforgiven @1pckt @CoercriSeareach @horusrage @_BENEDIBRAVA_ @Alliste35661241 @tk_the_kitsune @Chortling_Man @A_Damned_smith @OnkelFester @MDH_UAR @Baphomet555666 @RealAnonDouche @ZKomala @EdwardMKennedy2 @LeannEAF They really are..and when you challenge them, just show us some sort of evidence they run away..praise his name is so full of crap.. lover of science and logic. also adore Siberian huskies, the Beatles, the Byrd’s and rock and roll...
OriginsD Gold Coast, Australia /Armenia Imagine how rich #Russia would be if it'd followed Peter the Great's vision and joined Europe? Instead, the Kremlin rapes its oppressed people (and others like Armenia), distracting with crap about the West being an invading enemy. Yet how did the USSR and Russia get so big? Armenian family (Armenian/ABC). Interested in charity (human rights, education and travel. RT ≠ endorsement.
July46601605 Australia @anguswmackinnon @Peter_Fitz @TonyHWindsor @moral_crusader You're a Dr and posting this crap? Hopefully not a Dr in medicine. For informed consent. Coercion is not a choice.
douglasjamesgr2 @HebrideanUK Let’s cut all the crap we’re is he is missing he is drawing a salary that’s fraud let the snp tell us there is money not accounted for simple answer has peter done a runner and are the police looking for him. 🥃🇬🇧 Victorian,Not By Strength By Guile.
TheDirtyPolak @peter_king @NBCSports @SNFonNBC @ProFootballTalk I almost finished. Instantly rolled my eyes so hard at the Rodgers 2022 scenarios. Thats so lazy. Everybody has done these takes. Months ago. Be better than this crap. Every media person has such a hard on for anything Rodgers and drumming up stories is good for business. Live Music. Backpacking and Hiking. Dogs best friend. O|||||||O
JThrillMusic @TrueAchievement Lol mines not even close to accurate. It says I completed Peter Jackson’s King Kong TODAY 😂😂 and it says I’ve only played one Xbox series X | S game and I’ve had one since launch day wtf is this crap lol music is fun (pt 1) out now. rapper and @melikebees bass player
danielletobin51 @JoosyJew Peter Parker era😂😂😂😂 "Take your racist, anti-Semitic crap and shove it! You're garbage!" From a spiderman comic. Also clues in the issue suggest that Peter Parker is Jewish, and he's taking this fight personally. Jew-ish and proud. Working with teenagers. Making sure misinformation and hate doesn't spread to children of all religions and ethnicities. Plus Corbyn's 🤢
JohnSteen6 Doncaster @gfd101 @peter_fk1 @AgentP22 What a load of crap - I may not have your depth of intellect but I d believe in the Union. I have never said I am a Boris man and do hope that he departs but at moment I cannot see anybody able to take over from him. Now to watch the game
tigranhaas Terra and Stockholm, Sweden @asiageoff So agree, people like Steve Perry John Wetton Bobby Kimball Peter Cetera Greg Lake etc don’t need this crap…but hey Lennon McArtney maybe do/did. Let’s be honest, their voices were not God given as Steve Perry and Barbara Straisend were 😄 Assoc. Prof. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Former Director Centre 4 Future of Places; MIT Guest Scholar; KTH Digital Futures Faculty; CEO Awards Recipient;
Mr_Rieper47 @HPNN Beside, we all know that once the product is out all we will have people who will start to question Peter’s personal life and bad things he might have made. Like people bashing Elon for taxes for example. And all this crap will be so big that will make into the news…
JamesGriffin195 @peterjukes They are screwed Peter, Covid and the other crap is an excuse to control us. Keep the publics mind off Brexit. Covid? A poor man's SARS. Its a flu with a stomach bug even the BBC know drink Coca-Cola(phosphoric acid) lemon juice over salads (acetic acid kills the bug).
pestilent_one they / them When going through the last box of crap from my youth at my parents' place i stumbled upon black and white photocopies of Peter Steele's Playgirl issue that someone had mailed me. Love that pre-internet smut sharing. Makes blackened dirges for moody folks. THMPRSS // Gibrietas // Poxwalker // Coven of the Pestilent One. Stygian Oblong cultist.
KillerCriticMan Planet Vegeta @AllFather4551 @BlackMesaEmploy @MCU_Source And useless when compared to the iron spider suit that has answers to nearly everything. In every logical scenario where he still has the iron spider suit, Peter wouldn’t give a crap about using the black suit because it pails compared to iron spider. The Killer Critic is here so bad movies beware. DM this account for Auditions for Kingdom Hearts 3 Another Time Another Story:
IsaacYo66167546 @PeterZeihan And Peter is lapping this crap up. Hoping beyond hope it happens here. Traditional Western Civilization Matters!

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