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iammjavyy10 Los Angeles, CA Lozano is playing for Napoli and scored , holy crap it’s going to RAIN ‼️ | Los Angeles, CA 🇲🇽 | CSULA 🦅 KIN MAJOR | “Ustedes tranquilos y yo nervioso” - Aurelio Casillas ☠️ |
Based_Jedi @janipoppers That's one of the few things my mediocre camera can't really record well - rain and storms. Audio is crap and doesn't record the visual of rain hardly at all. I've recorded deluges and it looks like a sprinkle. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Book Illustrator | Author | Portrait Artist | #writingcommunity
Another86574159 @hip_poet @_ReaalAmerican_ Its easier than that. All you need is a late night cable show and begin preaching some fundamental religious crap and the dollars will flow in like rain Here to vent about the criminals in charge! Progressive Liberal RESIST FASCISM ! CROOKED TRUMP FOR PRISON ! VOTE BLUE IN 2020 TO SAVE AMERICA !
Medic22222 God is putting on one heck of a show this morning in North TX. Rain, lightening and loud thunder. I love this weather. I will admit the 3:30 am wake up thunder scared the crap out of me. 😎
naughtyminx48 Northern Ireland Good morning my beautiful peeps😘wet,windy and stinking in the old Northern Ireland, the heat,rain and humidity kill me so I’m for shutting the door and watching crap lol,that’s my day,hope yours is happy and peaceful and if the suns shining with you I’m jealous lol luv Rosie🌹xx Lover off people💫hater off bullcrap🌟A lil bit off naughty and a lil bit off nice an ordinary woman living an ordinary life✨
agutierrezxalo1 @FaZe_Rain You're really gonna put friends between quotations after all they've done for you? All they are doing is watching out for you and you throw this load of crap out to the media. Lmao.. I'm just here for the poops and giggles, follow if you want.
rodtangeman seneca kansas @aarhar @KansasWheat this map is way off for northeast kansas in my area saying we had and 1.50, not even close, maybe climate corp should start putting out actual rain fall its pretty close at least. This noaa stuff is crap farmer/crop ins agent
PatRiot95900401 U.K. @lilboatbigwaves Typical British summer here colder wetter and more rain than winter time instead of shirt and shirts it is scarves and wooly hats same every summer in this crap hole must be all that Global warming lmao Trump supporter, Born again Christian, Q follower, MAGA, KAG, WWG1WGA, Trump for world POTUS,Trust the plan, Music Remixer
FxllenP With yo girl @FaZe_Rain Well one thing for sure is that they are NOT great friends and they all do there own thing and listen to themselves look at banks he bs he the bossman and he’s so rude if I were you I would quit and work hard like tfue he quit because banks was crap so he went on his own 21/artist🎨/Gamer/introvert
GrimmFated holy crap the rain is coming down hard. and im just looking at my jacket in my truck all the way across the parking lit #blacklivesmatter ! ! A.C.A.B ! ! Grimm's personal/rp twitter • 27 • She/they • 💛@sunieepo 💛 • Lovely icon done by @__faultier_ • 🔞No minors pls🔞
itsjustRicky_ Hornsey Rd, London N7 7AJ, UK @CFC_AS7 @mjsdotelements @fkkyouropinion @Cozymylez @jaelyn__rain @gnbiebs Africa tribal areas??? You have to be in africa to know this Look up the zulu attire and the masai attire.... these tribes live comfortably w/out our type of clothing. Rape is unknown to them, paedophiles are unknown to them. Only outsiders can take all that crap there. ⌐╦╦═─ 🄶🅄🄽🄽🄴🅁 🔴🔴 🄰♒♒♒♒♒♒🅂
MyBeautyfuljoy South Carolina, USA @SymoneDSanders a typical non-truther aka bullcrapter on Chris Wallace saying the PROTESTERS were following CDC standards. Maybe the masks that covered rioters head while stealing and setting fires is considered “masks” 🙄 Grab your rain boots the crap is deep in here! 💕Author, 🙏🏼 NRA, Character NOT Color, #BeBest, #AgreeToDisagree, #Respect, #MommaBear, #TruthSeeker 🚫 Porn #TrumpPence2020 ❤️JESUS ❤️
Krash420To Toronto Ontario Canada @NASCAR @TalladegaSuperS Get some wipers and rain tires already this is crap open popsiclepit cars and even bikes race in the rain 🙄 every week hype hype letdown 🤯 really would like to know what drivers think. go leafs go if I had my way it would be 420 all day everyday smile nudge wink wink know what I mean lol
unstableracefan Time to watch some golf instead of this crappy @NASCARONFOX coverage. And of course it's on rain delay too.. but 2019 golf is better than that 100 camera crap or whatever they call it
Plantzzman Derby UK Crap where did that rain come from last night. I forgot to bring the cat litter trays in while cleaning and now the litter is soaked ! Grrrr Horticulturist, anti incineration campaigner, love holding Derby council to account !
one2manyfandoms Da Region "Quarantine" Day 97: Dear Diary, My day was comprised of CHURCH!, thanking God for the rain He sent to wash the bird crap off my car, FB games, and the ever present black hole that is YouTube. #thatisall I'm a daughter. A sister. A Christian. A Princess. A friend. A Constitutionalist. A Patriot. A bookdragon. A geek. A nerd.
PaulThomasp12 @callow_lee @PaceyPete Problem as a two ball keeping safe as looking after others is 4 and 3 balls will hold us up, but when a 4 ball lets a 3 ball through on 12 and they are on 16th fairway as 4 ball tee off on 14 😩😩 and we are waiting it ain’t fun. Started to rain as we teed off @bbcweather #crap Golf and blackthorn lover Paulton England @farringtonpark Past Club Captain once a red always a red
HarperMumzee Wichita, KS @juancgarciaa @the_resistor @realDonaldTrump @jack @Twitter On trumps go ahead make it rain on them crap authority. U do know @realDonaldTrump hired him? Yes trump hired him and then got mad cause Bolton basically told him to fk off cause he is a deranged psychopath who turned our country into a third world country Family First. A strong woman is someone who isn’t afraid to share her opinions and speak her mind. Navy Ombudsman 4 life. I need a Witch Wing 😎💥Stay Safe 😷🥰
CharlieIsBig Auckland, New Zealand @kman_au @superloopnet Superloop is crap....any bit of wind or rain ...and is always outages ...go with another provider ...these not nice people shouldn’t be in business...
BPR1954 @AJENews This is interesting considering that much of the rain forest is being removed to / and for bio fuel. Watch Planet of the Human and see who is behind this crap, all the big business and lots of money from supposed climate supporters who are making millions from this. Hypocrites.
_LebogangKhosa @WisaniOnline I use both rain and Telkom. I don’t know which one is worse because both their networks are crap and they take forever to respond to DMs. It’s a mess😫 Black carbonado 💎
GillDoc5 Northern Ireland. @CanadianSyrup @LilyYog @MrsGeorgiosP @GeorgeMichael @Lovely_Glambert @AmazingLovelyGM @CLights7 @MSplendor @Msshiningsoul @GMlovelyYOG625 @zisekaiase @urso_gabriella @fanforalways @IsMe62 Bloody drissley crap rain is wrecking my hair and it’s warm to 😁
LindaEpai457450 @DclareDiane This crap has been going on longer than that. Acid Rain and then the Ozone layer. I was a child and 69 now. These scams was to create ways to launder tax money back to the scammers. That is it in a nt shell and ppl need to go to prison for it. Hollywood too Married Christian, conservative. MAGA I block Trump bashers and idiots. NO PORN No Twitter pals or pickups. NO DMs
iSocialFanz Warrenton, Virginia You know it’s going to be a long day when you are googling “What to do when moving in the rain” You then realize all the advice is crap and start to outline your own content marketing advice... Then spend an hour on @lifehacker looking at packing tricks... Virtual Keynote Speaker. Millennial Digital Futurist. #GirlDad x3. #ADHD Superpowered. New Podcast: #PressTheDamnButton
noobsrock1321 Miami, FL The Last of Us Part 2 is a great example of how to ruin a beloved franchise. Rain Johnson and anyone else who directs great franchises should take notes from Neil Cuckmann and his horrendous SJW bull crap of a game. Miami Heat = Best Organization 🔥 I like video games and Avatar
RockingAusty United States of America Rain is a free car wash and it better get that giant bird crap off my car “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” Libertarian, Batman, lifting, basketball 🏀 RT doesn’t always equal endorsement 🦌🕊
ruthymoss Barugh Green, Barnsley. Heading over to Dovestones first thing tomorrow, forecast is crap, meeting up with friends from work that I’ve not seen for over three months and so looking forward to seeing them I really could not care less if it totally pisses it down with rain! 😊 Proud mum & trolley dolly. Gin loving Libra..indecisive, emotional, over indulgent & easily disappointed. 'when love is not madness, it is not love' #LUFC
BaddaszKslay New York, NY And I stand correct NY weather is crap!! I came out the house in sweater and leggings and it was so hot I had to take off my jacket now the rain gonna fall like wtf get it together please lashed_bykash
gemfifield The Cotswolds I went out for a jog and holy crap I feel much better for it. I mean my 5k time is now 50 minutes but just some fresh air and walking in the rain has worked wonders for my stressed brain. 29; PhD Music student; teacher; pianist, accompanist, conductor, singer; choral music geek; short-arse
MandaRDW Playing on a giant train set It's pouring with rain outside and Twitter is looking very negative this evening which makes me feel low, so I'm having pizza for dinner and then a gin, with crap telly and a lot of pampering stuff, before a seriously early night as I'm peeved with the super early wakeups. 100% tits and ambition, Liberal, West Ham fan. ⚒⚒ fork me, I'm good I swear liberally, zero forks given. The one you were warned about... All comments my own
BtLintheOffice Here’s my question about this cow: why does it escape? Does it really want to swim? Is it being mistreated? Does it crawl through 200 yards of muck and crap to emerge in the rain to meet its cow friend Andy in Zihuatanejo? law, baseball, sports media and contracts. Cheddar and scotch connoisseur. “Corporate Big Wig” according to random bloggers.
MilliganGlenne Chester, England @SkyNews @DominicRaab @KayBurley Get up in a great mood see the rain and you feel miserable. Turn Sky on and this montrous woman raises anger yet again. The illiterate Burley asking Hancock what’s more important Covid or Brexit. Really this standard of journalism is crap . Sky we deserve better! Keen Brexiteer. Looking forward to seeing our country thrive again. Beliefs: Hard work achieves results. You make your own luck in life .
Scottkeding What? Right now? @RAIN_STORM11 @Fueldog1 @AwulKimberly @traveler002 @Andrews2069 @Ana_Ssassin19 @Franchise2Mr @jimbo_always @missjulialee @Stevest39589292 @Consofcooking1 @myldsydeone @Tigertomjr @PaineVer16 @BrokeRoca @dawndawn762yah1 @Becca2631 @MOLEONE @PPPTCE @Vincenz42493578 @WhimsicalMeToo @History27361891 @Lo_Gannicus @RosaleeAdams @truthsearch1957 @RebelSister81 @Jeanetteisback @tk10jr88 @thedude77 @tangobella1 @ac_cibock @Angel1350852961 @Bob74068898 @Roe50 @RalphS24381648 @WasJimbo @catreadway @Black_Powered_ @bluenamicomin @AubigneMichel @RileyOHara7 @JonathanNightf2 @davidf4444 @amwcb6179 @DrkToLight @Juliegreen245 @wipslide192 @Tongo59020495 @mpg25mary @timetoact2 Yea, trump is going to win again and you know why? Because of all the bullcrap corona crap and rioting. It’s America’s pushback, and they’re going to take it. I've been around...
murah24601 2 Corinthians 11:1 Y’all can crap on “Protestant nonsense worship music” all you want...but at least they don’t have Rain Down or Though The Mountians May Fall or Immaculate Mary...and the list goes on 👀 (Rain Down is just the actual worst) 23 • Music Educator • Catholic • She/Her || #BlackLivesMatter #Pride #BenSoloDeservedBetter🦋
_andrewwiley Philadelphia @CaddieNetwork You need 9 golf balls. Any more and you probably shouldn’t be out there. Take out your rain gear and extra crap. If you wouldn’t want to carry that bag for 18 holes, they don’t either. If the sun is out, ditch your umbrella. NO CART BAGS. Phillies enthusiast. Karaoke aficionado. My beard is red. @LPGA & Merion Golf Club Caddie. #TTP #FBB
iselastellato Las Vegas, NV Crap!! I forgot: @the1975 makes me ooooooooohhhh so happy & @MacMiller (rip).. music in general. Playing my piano and Rain. Rain is awesome Educator for CCSD. I am the Chairwoman for the Teacher’s Health Trust. Mom of 3. Travel is my passion. I believe in magic!
rachoa71 Belper Writing off today. The prospect of more rain tonight is horrible. Came as close as we ever have to flooding today. Seriously, sometimes it’s all just crap. And I always, always try to see a bright side. The speck of light gets smaller. My view from here. And views I share. Pictures.
KudzaiChirindo Cape Town, South Africa @FaZe_Rain This guy is taking the piss now... All the people who care about him, support him and try to help him, but he still posting this crap despite all that. Smh bro... I'm starting a new revolution! Instagram: Just a kid from Africa.😌🇿🇼🇿🇦
HormoneFairy Milton Keynes Do you ever just sit watching the rain and realise how great your life is. That’s how I’m feeling today, apart from this lockdown crap I am loving every area of my life right now. Work, love life, family, friends, home 🥰 #lovelife #lockdownlife #menopausal #gratitude Certified Menopause Health Coach & Homeopath. Dutch Hormone Test Expert. Meet-ups. Anxiety & Depression Coach for Men & Women
Trish2807 @virginmedia guess what....a little bit of rain 🌧 internet gone ❌ This is absolutely ridiculous! Ask your next engineer if he can actually exit his van a knock on the door instead of looking out his window and seeing ‘no fault’ Dial Up was more reliable than this crap!
TheAspirant43 Now due to rain and corona red zone cant go to the any branch...ur online system is total crap..mental either close my account or help me out..

Things the world can do without.