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SACitizen55 @eNCA Nope crap political and personal decisions made by Africans is the cause. The drought amplified the situation but is not the cause. Zimbabwe was already starving before the rain stopped. South African Citizen, Afrikaner, Boer! If you do not know our story, you will soon!
ShaunNewman2 Residents door-knocked as floods cut off town – with more rain to come | The New Daily bushfires, droughts, floods, duststorms, hail storms, consecutively and now cyclones....yes Tony 'climate change is crap.' Townsville, North Queensland.
Scotsal65 Glasgow, Scotland @BBCNewsnight please please please stop talking crap about climate change and the Brazilian rain forest. That idiot you had talking a few moments ago is taking crap. Please stop the bullcrap... Dad, drummer, song writer, singer, food lover, Scottish Nationalist and Indy Supporter........other stuff. SAOR ALBA.
BrinkleyDJustin @kkelly1124 @matthewwinters6 @jofalltradesb I think what she means is “what God allows will find you”... This ideology of karma is crap! Mathew 5:45.... Rain falls on the just and the unjust. Nothing to do with, “get what’s coming to you” #my2cents follower of Christ, husband, Dad, sports enthusiasts, Gator at heart;Hilltopper by degree, salesman AKA... Mr. Entertainment
219signs Crown Point, IN @elonmusk @_mantis_ I believe the "shininess" is good for rain, snow and ice to SLIDE right off! Also easier to clean/powerwash bird crap off. LOL Create Custom Signs, Banners and Decals ONLINE. Express Yourself and Get Noticed! Located in NW Indiana, Quality Products for OVER 40 YEARS! 🥇
eclecticwren Gulf Coast, MS I didn't know. Or care. Opened Breitbart and was deluged with crap said by the nitwits. First thought... Crud! it's going to be like acid rain today with all the vitriol that is going to be shared every where. The welfare state reaches a point-of-no-return when the number of people riding in the wagon begins to outnumber the number of people pulling the wagon. No DM's
drusincmur United Kingdom @SJJB55 @Carter7Raymond The only constant in all this fake crap is that taxes will go up, and who does that help? I’m still waiting for the ozone layer to disappear, acid rain to kill all living plants/animals, and the others that says we have 10, 11, 12, etc years. I’m waiting................ 🇬🇧 Scottish/British, 🇺🇸 ex US Army, lover of all things RANGERS. Trump supporter KAG and stand with Israel 🇮🇱Dislike far left and far right. No snp or EU
mtngirlforever Yall..... this weather sucks! Sunny, rain/flood, snow and back to rain all within a week! My head is a mess and I feel like crap but I'm planning on watching @911LoneStar live tonight bc I need to see this #tarlos date! #911LoneStar Just a southern fangirl Current shows: 911 Lonestar/Supernatural/All Rise Past shows/will still fangirl over: Rookie Blue/One Chicago/TWD #SPNNASHCON20
mena24a Texas, USA waking up and going straight to zumba.. laid down all day listening to emo music, eating girl scout cookies and watching the rain fall outside.. this emotional crap is what gets people hurt..back to myself tomorrow, please Dear God 🙏🏼.. ♡ vegan
_ian_w_ blantyre scotland Glad to get home. That weather was a bit crap to be driving a truck in! On top of the wind and rain there is heavy bouts of sleet causing slush on the roads. Also black ice causing a few problems in places. If you have to go out this morning... TAKE CARE! lorry driver & under achiever. love my family. Englishman adopted by Scotland #indyref2. Boycotting zionism. Just waiting for that single moment to shine.
OnlyBentley This evening turned to crap, went out to grab a few things for dinner, truck battery died. Walked home, asked a neighbor for a jump, no jumper cables, went to buy some, get to truck to jump it, Torrential rain. Soaked back home, and now my net is acting up. fml. I stream on Twitch, Youtube on youtube, and do my best to be the best I can be at what I do.
susan54fitz Scarborough, Maine @rozacalderon The weather is going to be crap. Save the aggravation of driving through rain and snow...unless you like that sort of adventure. mother, retired teacher, baseball fan, Red Sox Nation, AA Portland Seadogs & Celtics. Buffalo Bills & Sabres because I can't let go. Nature/Nurture
horrobin_joseph @999London @NetworkRailEUS And they keep on about HS2 what a load of crap,bit of rain bit of wind and the rail network stops dead.The continent has millions of tons of snow every year and keeps going UK network is not fit for purpose the same as HS2. Funny Disabled Veteran
SimpleSymon666 @MarkLevine7 @ITVCentral Wow! I wish it was like that here in #Coventry weve just got abit of rain and gusts now and then, it's crap compared to wherever that is! I wanna see floods, crap being blown off etc.... I'm me, Simples... I'll debate anything and everything, up for some bants. #CoventryCityFC supporter.
H42134555 @60Mins @MichaelEMann What a load of crap alarmist propoganda 60 Minutes. Michael Mann is a charlatan. Drought and fire are normal Australian weather events. Now we have rain and cool summer temperatures. Neither are evidence of climate catastrophe. Pragmatic, rational conservative concerned at the deterioration of civil society and the growing threat of socialist ideology.
MrDelfimCS Manchester, England This storm crap is being so over-dramatized. Just driven to work and aside from a few puddles, rain and wind, it's literally just another rainy day in the UK 😂 - ENFJ-A - 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇹 Geek. TV Show Obsessed. Film. Marvel & DC. Gaming. PS4. Switch. Oculus. Pokemon. Travel. Food. Music. Singing. Tech. Photography.
kendie Staffordshire my whizzy round things in the garden are whizzing at a fair rate of knots and my rain catcher is full .... I think it's safe to say the weather is crap so coffee and a read of my book I think. #StormCiara Love reading and taking photos. Currently learning to crochet and the art of pottery.
catedempsey @szabosolicitors We get rain in summer. It is normal. It floods near Narrabri at least 1 in 10 years because it is so flat. It floods in parts of Sydney and parts of Brisbane every other year. We are just crap at controlling water and *should* learn from history but apparently do not. Barrister-at-Law/ PhD in Economics/Commerce.
Michael27452480 South Carolina, USA They called for rain today in Upstate South Carolina...WTH is this crap! And I'm afraid to say what's next but I will... Hell, Fire, and Damnation! 2-8-20 Independent Thinker, Researcher, Innovator...
BrianMoureaux United States I'm listening to a country song at work about how rain becomes corn which becomes whiskey and then the singer takes advantage of his significant other. Why is this crap even produced anymore?
JennyLoisLloyd Hawkesbury @MikeCarlton01 Oh poor Rupert 🙂 This is icing on the cake! Already cheering as minor to moderate flooding expected at Windsor Bridge, so hoping it will damage their crap new bridge abutment and wash away rocks they dumped on the Francis Greenway wharf remains. Singing in the rain! #RMSLiars Artist, activist, climate change, destruction of heritage and historic precinct of Thompson Square from the Windsor Bridge Replacement Project.
Molten_KitKat Florida An anti racist left? And a radical democracy? Do Americans really buy this horse crap? You know who else will bring fire? God, He will make it rain down on the lot of them. @POTUS is winning because of this rhetoric they spew! Lover of God and Country. Defender of the constitution. KAG supporter. Happily married. It's thick out here....wear boots.
rowanleesmama RVA This weather is weird as hell today: it’s windy as crap. One minute the sun is so bright the next minute it’s cloudy about to rain & it just keeps going back and forth 🤯 I’m a mom.
ghiblifemme Power is out and it's storming so I can't work so I'm just in bed listening to the rain wishing my wife was here and hoping power is back before my phone can crap out on me Bunny🌹 27/Femme Lesbian🌹They/Them or She/Her🌹Happily Married to @butchvai💖🌹Side account @dollfemme
theangrycobbler @T2SydneyTrains 1 day of decent rain and look at the crap we commuters have to put up with! It happens every time there is rain like this. Over 3 hours from st leaonards to liverpool! Just crap @TrainsInfo
CanzyD Australia @hexsteph Ha, What I get from this is: Steph n Pete have waited until the last minute to put the crap out and now its raining and they still haven't put it out is to ask the people will council guys come the day they said they would? Heavy rain no, light drizzle yes, So you have no choice. Nothing to see here 😎
stantonms England, United Kingdom @Yorkshirebandit My car is sliding on greasy roads so no chance of getting the bike out, it’s not worth the effort for cleaning the salt off, and they mix the salt with something now to make it stick, give me the orange circle in the sky, some rain to wash the crap off the roads then I’m set life long biker, ex mechanic & currently aerospace manager
Bunny8093 West Virginia, USA @Dark_Rain__ @Stealth40k @DramakinsTv I mean. Smash does the same crap and on the daily. Least most of that is done with us now. And honestly the twitch chats are toxic no matter what fandom their from. Pretty tame in comparison imo. A girl who's crazy about anime and gaming.🎮👑👺
Andytj66 Hull @TheRobinsfromOz how bloody crap is this Sydney weather today here till Wednesday rain rain and more rain but I know you guys need it Married to my gorgeous wife @lesleyvj love my twin grandsons Tyler and Callum .
bnewbs16 Joliet, IL Holy crap. This is insanity. I’ve been by this area more times than I can count and this is usually slow moving, shallow water where you can clearly see the bottom. Unreal how much rain they must be getting. Content Marketing Specialist at @Panduit. Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks fan.
jimhwagner @jenniferlee_75 @USANUM1UNUM2 I live here too and it is just a crap day. 36 degrees with rain, snow and some sleet for good measure..............
AnEternalEnigma Close enough to Atlanta, GA The only time I really hate my brain is during rain/storms/tornado stuff. Of all the stuff I've seen and experienced in my life and shook off, it's the weather stuff that got me. And it ONLY happens at home. I could be driving in this crap or somewhere else and be 100% fine. The One and Only. @Twitch/@Discordapp/@Humble Partner. Voice Talent. Event Host. Party Starter. Business:
SeanNicholes Lord Gold's throneroom This non-stop thunderstorm crap is really making life hard. I haven't been able to use my computer most of the week, and it's supposed to rain four days out of next week. We are getting an entire month's worth of rain today. How can I get in on this snack hustle?
rickfoon Jasper Alberta @Norma_J_ i’m so sorry to hear that. it’s kind of a crap shoot in the wintertime unfortunately due to the weather and constantly changing walking conditions. at the moment everything is in ice as we had a bunch of rain last weekend. the fairmont Jasper park lodge has a large indoor area back on the Kool-Aid oh yeah
wendyemily2 central coast I have Fibromyalgia and today is a bad pain day. Been pretty crap for the past month actually between my Fibro & asthma when it's been smoky. The heat has been killing me. Nice to have rain today even if it's just a little bit. I'm going to try to nap, I need sleep. Much pain. Not a member of any political party. Left wing, latte sipping, socialist and proud of it! Concerned for the future of our Earth & my grandchild.
BarbieBiracial Florida,USA This is it y'all. I'm about to go to bed for the last time in a long time in my own bed 🥺. I'll be honest though, I'm starting to feel like crap and hope it's just stress related 😬. I'm also concerned about the rain we're having but I'll be fine. Allow me to adjust my crown 👑 I would say nice to meet you but I'm mean and I'm not trying to meet you 💜 Norman Freeman
TheNTRcollector United States @lana_rain It's the same crap. That's why NTR is my thing or if someone actually gets selected. The harem leaves it open for interpretation to pander for merch sales so it bugs me. However I do like the sister devil one and DXD xenovia and Koneko are bae. Not my drawings. I repost lewd to extreme art. and whatever the hell I want.
MiniBitofStory Georgia, USA @ClayTheAuthor My family will sit in the car and wait for the rain to stop before going in the house. The door is 12 steps away. It annoys the ever loving crap out of me. I'm introverted on the outside. I'm a #writer at birth. I criticize and judge. #virgo I #proofread / #edit. Want my help? #DM me.
johnnytorkustan پشت کوه @soureh_design People talk crap about Tehran but it looks beautiful with grey skies. And when the sky clears after a rain or snow you see the mountains all white. For an unplanned city with unplanned rapid population growth it is not so bad. Mostly just here to read the news