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GillDoc5 Northern Ireland. @CanadianSyrup @LilyYog @MrsGeorgiosP @GeorgeMichael @AmazingLovelyGM @CLights7 @MSplendor @Msshiningsoul @GMlovelyYOG625 @zisekaiase @urso_gabriella @fanforalways @IsMe62 @sallyangel56 Yip I know wind and rain is crap 😁
eschneider Rain isn’t too bad to ride in but visibility is crap and the day is otherwise going not well, so we’ll pass on road hack. Live to ride another day. 🦄
Beefrick74 Arizona, USA @robreiner I am still not convinced . He is prone to a lot of crap or any myriad of things that could happen . So, everybody still get off that couch , rain , shine , long lines , early and vote Democrat up and down ballot. Searching for the return of decency , compassion for fellow man, and competence in the Whitehouse.
EngancheWorld Portland, OR @jentaub @ElieNYC @JulieZebrak One of the truly f'ed up things about our election is that it happens when the odds of crappy weather are pretty high. Close poll sites, choke of vote-by-mail, and pray for cold and rain. 1st thing on Dems 2021 list: end filibuster, pass John Lewis Act, end this kind of crap. The Emperor Has No Clothes, But Many Sycophants. History Teacher, Soccer Coach, Enganche World Cup Blog Writer.
GillDoc5 Northern Ireland. @CanadianSyrup @LilyYog @MrsGeorgiosP @GeorgeMichael @AmazingLovelyGM @CLights7 @MSplendor @Msshiningsoul @GMlovelyYOG625 @zisekaiase @urso_gabriella @fanforalways @IsMe62 @sallyangel56 Yip I know wind and rain is crap 😁
StewCElliott I get that the cause of this behaviour is terrible incentives and crap pay from their employer but it's still hard not to get mad at the individual drivers when they leave packages out in the rain or in the bin rather than take them back for re-delivery. Stevenage born, Somerset raised, formerly #rdg now Oxford-based, Lib Dem. 🔶📸. Come for the 🐈 & Simpsons Memes, stay for the Social Liberalism.
donoghue_angel @alydenisof what was it like being at @AnthonySHead house? by the way England is always raining and has crap weather and when it’s sunny we have a bbq or want it to rain and when it’s raining we want it to be sunny. And Christmas season we want it to snow. believer of the Mandela effects and conspiracies.and a rubbish psychic aspiring actress
donoghue_angel @alydenisof what was it like being at @AnthonySHead house? by the way England is always raining and has crap weather and when it’s sunny we have a bbq or want it to rain and when it’s raining we want it to be sunny. And Christmas season we want it to snow. believer of the Mandela effects and conspiracies.and a rubbish psychic aspiring actress
KentHC_WX Herne Bay, England (14m) @Wx_NickJ @WX_Central @connorluke18 @Met4CastUK Frontal snow is utter crap here too. You get the heavy rain and then the snow that doesn't even settle because of the copious amounts of rain beforehand. Showers are your best bet for anything here. Jamie 🌦 • K/HC Weather Updates & Forecasts For You ⛈️ • Frequent Updates During Extreme Weather 🌩️ • North Kent 📍
a_h_reaume Musqueam 2, British Columbia Me looking at the hourly forecast in Vancouver in the fall: Crap! I need to immediately drop everything and go for a bike ride now or I will be stuck inside all day because the rain is nigh. Move! Move! There is about a three hour window before the wetness comes! I'm a disabled writer and feminist activist with an MA in CanLit who is passionate about social justice, experimental fiction, and vintage clothes. She/Her.
its_mymelody OR/CA, USA Not even watching the race and this Charlotte roval is looking like some rain hell Talladega crap. ... I like it. It's so bad its good. Gamer, JPop/KPop extraordinaire, and violinist. Her own hero. She/Her. Former namesake of AtomicEdge IRC. The legendary Est fanatic circa 2002.
davissally62 Surprise, Az @InconvenientTr5 @mschlapp How can ANY sane person believe the crap suggested on Climate change solutions. There is NO proof that eliminating carbon gasses etc. will cool the earth, bring rain where it is needed, slow hurricanes, stop forest fires, stop hurricanes and floods. Hot in AZ, raining in WA
Shadowboxer50 "An attack upon our ability to tell stories is not just censorship - it is a crime against our nature as human beings." - Salman Rushdie Good Morning all my WHITE FRIENDS. So we got out voting place changed to our new city. The rain from Hurricane Delta is already beginning here in Alabama. I'm sitting inside nice and dry with the dogs, and it's Saturday. Crap. 😭😳 #DOGRIGHT - #PROLIFE - #2A - #FREESPEECH - #FACETIOUS - #SATIRICAL - "THERE'S A "CORN POP" IN THE WOODPILE IN ALABAMA SOMEWHERE"
Ganon_dilf Kansas City, MO @Squash_Robert My man! I love Tom Waits! Rain Dogs is my fave but Bad as Me is also v good. Orphans: Bawlers, Brawlers, and Bastards has his weirdest crap which automatically makes it great. Brittany || 25 || She/her || Nominated world's slowest doodler and fanfic writer.
Mary0000 Балашиха, Россия @Valentino_XIII Sure, definitely agree with @TheNatural_05 here that snow is better than rain! But it has to stay real snow and not a messy watery dirty crap at 0/-5 degrees we also too often have here :( I'm fan, no press!!! European club basketball (NO NBA!!!)🏀 majorly, travels. And also Moscow photos as I work here and food photos at any moment of the day.
Proud2BScotBrit United Kingdom 🇬🇧 @Glescagal74 @theSNP The stagger Inn pub is across the road from the Drovers Inn. Public transport is crap up there. Waited over 2hrs in the cold and rain when I could've been seating having more of this. In 1707, Scotland became part of this great Union with England. We have achieved so much together. In 2014 we voted against breaking up this successful Union!
one_mannnn Don't worry people looking at this crap this Delta storm ain't crapt enjoy it outdoor BBQ whatever you guys need to do is just a little bit of rain and thunderstorm so it is no big deal man don't even sweat it and toy or storm chasers blah blah blah blah I am one down to earth God fearing Christian Human.I made this Spanish slang up. its a positive statement./Cudos/ (Koodos) cool to the 2nd power.
CowgirlWarrior I get around. 🌍🌎🌏 @PSadistisch @MomoaScrunchie @thesocialrejex @ScarletDeath18 @smanos1 @ACLU Every choice to eat like crap is a choice to get sick and die. And you can be as careful as possible. Buy the safest car and the best car seat and never drive in rain and only take the back roads and she can still die. And you still wouldn’t be consenting to her death. Evolve or repeat. 🌻 Views are all my own.
dicole24 @maritstiles OMG, what is this crap!?!?! My granddaughter attends a private school in the US and it’s 90% outdoors, rain or shine, but the staff has spent MONTHS planning this program. It wasn’t an instant pivot!!! Retired, but still passionate, educator. Traveller, reader, crafty person
Abigail61972496 Church graveyard Quincy Mass. @newsjunky2 @213NeverLanD @osage_or @emsops @MinnesotaExpat @StowBill @Lor_blueeyes @Badams820 @RobfromMO @claire131313 @VinceGottalotta @d1017baby @Lastplace_champ @rickyricardo_47 @TomDoubting @JonSmith922 @ShartaldTrump @rjocore99 @thetorchwoodhub @triadaxiom @Gram247 @grampazachary @VILVNV @VoiceOfReasonNW @TheChemo7582 @GailDow12 @gail_gw @stevenwynne15 @RapeMatters @Moeknows4 @ArchLuminous @giawthanku @wptawp @BDemocratsfor @ic_lib @dfalsept @NumbersMean @DementedMinx @ChiefLizWarren @DCooty @HairSammys @csuwildcat @riggletown @FaylonLinda @MollysMommy1212 @realeftypickit @Karen_Kong_ @cubancafecito @NitramLand @DNC What is your point that Trump is normal.? That you don’t deserve better than the crap President.? Your game you always circle back to - it don’t matter and you pick the dumpster fire in the White House. You are pissing into a fan. Get a rain coat. Advisor and wife to President John Adams, preachers daughter, mother of 6 wonderful children including John Quincy Adams
xoxo_taj_BOSS Murfreesboro, TN My tire is crap, so I’m definitely not gonna try to slide around and DoorDash in this rain tonight black. 🏳️‍🌈. woman. fat. it don’t get no better.
SONOFRAGENDLUV mutant oc | mv/ms | main acc @ArtisticCore “I don’t like rain,” he just states with a small pout. “I get that it’s all scenic and melancholic and whatever crap some songs would say about it,” he personally composed a few, yes, “But sun is life! Sun is energy! Sun is delicious!” He > ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❛ ʟᴇᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ be 🅢🅘🅛🅔🅝🅣ʟʏ ᴅʀᴀᴡɴ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ʙʏ ᴛʜᴇ รtгคภﻮє קยll ᴏғ ᴡ̤ʜ̤ᴀ̤ᴛ̤ ʏ̤ᴏ̤ᴜ̤ ʟ̤ᴏ̤ᴠ̤ᴇ ̤❜
shmouflon Colleague is a devout and practicing pessimist and made a comment about something “surviving this afternoon’s storm”. I was like “oh crap I missed a storm warning?!?!??” and checked to see there’s a 30% chance of 0.4mm of rain this arvo. ‘she said “the theme of this party’s the Industrial Age/and you came in dressed like a train wreck”’ | she/her
Rain_78 Oklahoma @marklevinshow Commission on Presidential Debates - this is a bunch of crap blind sided POTUS to go virtual? What’s the difference if they’re in two different places with “people present”-reporters-staff-family and each group can’t be together in a TOWN HALL? BIASED & PATHETIC !
SithRaider BayArea @wasimakramlive All this garbage you see is what the karachi rain water took from all the dirty Nalay and deposited right into the sea. All that crap goes right into the ocean. Terrible. I live in a world of numbers where life is ordered in neat little mathematical sets and equations. Engineer by trade, #RaiderNation, Black & Silver in my blood.
YukataSugata Japan If all that means is I have to plaster my hair back with a do-rag and wear the most waterproof crap clothes and rain boots I've got, so be it. I've got crap to do this weekend, and this weather cannot be allowed to stop me! I need to get some exercise, first and foremost! Based in Japan. I mainly use this account to document my dysfunctional work environment. Sorry if it's boring, but you've been warned.
tonksfilm she/her. ⚢. twenty. “i don’t wanna live without you. you make me wanna write love songs in the rain. you make me wanna be a parent. i don’t give a crap whose baby it is. i fell in love with you amelia and i fell in love with this baby. and that is what matters to me.” #DAKOTAJOHNSON: i don’t mind pussy
MikaiyahPinkst1 Palatine, IL @Nitara4MK11 @noobde No one cares and NRS doesn’t owe you crap. Be happy with what you got and shut up bro. We finally get rain again and mileena and you cry about a character who has no importance compared to the other 2 and Rambo is badass regardless so stop crying kid 🤷‍♀️ Classic
Ladypossum Here I am! @vrb1955 The weather here is going to be Crap tonight, really Crappy tomorrow and overcast (that's the word they use if they don't know if it's rain or snow- overcast). More Crap through the weekend. "T-shirt or sweater? Bitch you live in the Midwest you're on your own with that one." I'm a Aussie Cattle Rescue Dog (not a dingo stupid). I'm totally full of myself and rule this roost, I don't care what these other bitches think. NO LISTS!
L2niki @VictoriasTwitch Ramen would be much better, fresh ramen though! Not the packaged crap! Feel better. I always feel right as rain after chugging a bottle of ginger kombucha, if you can handle the taste it is so worth it. Some sun and pool couldn't hurt either! pro makeup artist, html/css/java learning, dog loving, video game enthusiast, king of the hill obsessed, hockey fanatic. #stlblues #noquitinny #occupymars
amelinkkkk she/her~blm do... I want you. You're the only person that makes me feel all the things that I thought I was too smart or too damaged to feel. You make me want to write love songs in the rain! You make me want to be a parent. And I don't... I don't give a crap whose baby it is. I don't want ✨this isn’t going anywhere ✨
Diazap1 Your service is a piece of crap @DIRECTV! A little rain and your service goes out during the last 2 minutes of the NBA finals!!! I'm cancelling like I should have long ago!
MrLukeyGeorge Chart music is f**king awful these days! Wall to wall rapping crap or that bloody cheesy "rain on me" by Gaga that has a backing beat that belongs in 90s! Best year for chart music was 2014. Prayer in C, Rather Be and Wish You Were Mine. Superior songs. 24 🎂 | Football ⚽| #LUFC💙💛| Movies🍿 | @Twitch 🎮 | YouTuber 📺
Rain_78 Oklahoma @dcexaminer @SpeakerPelosi It is beyond me that you DC Swamp Creatures can’t get it together for “”We the People”! 🇺🇸 DO YOUR JOB and do a streamlined bill pertaining to exactly what it’s intended for without injecting all the poison pill crap!!
cr4zyg3n3 @BardsFM The only time I got a Flu shot and that was ONCE in my life that whole winter I was sick almost every other week... haven't take it since and I don't know what a cold is or flu or any of that crap... and I built a cabin out doors no heat, winter, rain, South of Chile WAY SOUTH :)
thesupermummyth Peckham, London @DominicLavelle1 Definitely the best way to get around. Rain or shine, bike is best. The only thing that makes it crap is the infrastructure and the attitude towards cyclists on the roads. Author • Pilates and Mindfulness teacher • Commissioning Editor @watkinswisdom • Eco-anxious • Climate conscious * Pelvic floor health campaigner
GailCCallaghan Nowendoc, New South Wales @SallyRMelb Us on the Northern Tablelands of NSW need rain. Everything is green but dams are starting to drop and a fire alert appeared on my phone today (way to soon to be doing the fire crap again) The stress that app brings unintended I know, is scary Originally from New Zealand now living in Australia, married 25 years, two kids at university now so enjoying being child free for the first time in 20 years.
Newdoctoroliver Toulon, France @GreenScorpion64 @RiskofRain Along with RoR 2, I also bought Risk of Rain 1 on the Switch, and I just did a Monsoon run with the Miner, and... HOLY CRAP, I did not expect to survive such a trip! And Miner is PURE MELEE. It sounded like I would get pummelled to red paste... but no! French/English man who loves games, draws (Sometimes), and a cool guy to anyone... except dunderheads. Oh, and Racism IS NOT WELCOME HERE.
GetBakedGoBrow1 Modesto, CA @airedog @obj Again? What? 🤣 Just a bunch a gibberish. To me blah blah blah to you maybe something different but that means what? That Isiah guy is pretty smart rain n snow came from heaven 🤣 and won't return of course not duh Different world back then. Now that crap wouldn't fly. GO BROWNS! Browns! Padres! Duke! Sarcastic! Smoke Bowls n Love Everyone! Life's to short to Hate! Don't Be Fake! Be Real!

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